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Author Topic: The marimari memorial thread (Rest In Peace)  (Read 85477 times)

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Pour a little liquor for our homie
« Reply #180 on: August 13, 2006, 07:24:33 AM »
I dedicate #8000 to marimari.

Like I said in my message on the marimari Tribute Radio Show, when we reached out to all the "big names" to help us with our brand new forum, marimari was the only guy that stuck with us through thick and thin. He had no reservations whatsover and continued to believe in our positive philosophy. We learned so much from each other - we styled him "the biggest perv" while we learned his selfless sharing and teaching. We are proud to have such a classy guy like Kyle Bouvier in the JPH!P FAM.

marimari is more than just marimari name on a tracker. He is a man with a passion for Japanese culture and would share his knowledge and collections with anyone. He is the internet's finest hustlers. Photobooks, Digital Photobooks, Hello Morning Skits, DVD Magazines, Concerts, Liliput Kingdom, etc. etc. all proudly ripped and selflessly posted by marimari.

We will continue the sharing legacy that marimari has started. As Masa said "The world would be a better place if we had more people like you."

So the next time someone asks you who marimari is, you can tell him what we just told you.

We will be closing this thread after the marimari Tribute Radio Show cuz we felt it is time for closure. Let's all take off our sigs at the same time. We will always remember marimari in our hearts. Let us continue the legacy that he has built with his kindness, charity, and selfless helping 24/7.

The JPH!P Crack  Staff declare that July 30th will forever be marked on the JPH!P Calendar as marimari Memorial Day where we take the time to put up our sigs, and show our Kyle Pride.

On behalf of The Crack Staff, the entire JPH!P FAM, and Hello! Project fans worldwide - Thank you KagoBon and the Bouvier Family for allowing marimari into our lives.

marimari watch over us homie!
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