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Author Topic: The Curse of Lovebirds [Part 1] (Mayuki, Wmatsui, Saeyuki] 17/6/2014  (Read 34111 times)

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) - part 2]+POLL 30/11/2012
« Reply #20 on: November 30, 2012, 12:37:38 PM »
*sigh* no matter how much of a sadist i am.....I can't ....I don't want to see them like this. So please...happy ending?
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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) - part 2]+POLL 30/11/2012
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... *Ehrmm.. I expect more from you, Sayuki-san. So, you better put up a happy ending or I'll hunt you down! Lol jks~

Update soon :3
I'm the lazy author who rarely updates.

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) - part 2]+POLL 30/11/2012
« Reply #22 on: November 30, 2012, 12:55:35 PM »
NOOOOOOO! My heart!!!! :cry: Please a happy ending... please... :(
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Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) - part 2]+POLL 30/11/2012
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 :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) - part 2]+POLL 30/11/2012
« Reply #24 on: November 30, 2012, 01:38:09 PM »
At first im just wondering,why you will receive a lot of bricks from the readers?

Is it because you not update the other fic or something?

But but but (ah please calm down kuro-chan)

WHAAAAAT!!!? OH MY GOD WHY? WHY? WHY? sayuki-san? Why you love torture mayuki? WHY??

MAYU!! Please dont die!! (now im over react LOL)

SAYUKI-SAN! If if you wont make happy ending for mayuki, i will...i will...err...i will still read all your fic LOL

Hahaha this is actualy a great story,i love it,in the end of this part,yuki confess her feeling toward mayu,ah that part is so chessy that i love soo much,yeah im really love chessy thing,ah talk about chessy think,im remember another mayuki who really chessy,and worse the mayu have a same condition,dying LOL

Ah stop my blabering, now lets go to the point, yeah yeah im talk about that fic! Your Another fic that i love so much! The fic that i cant stand if there not in the first page...LOL

Am i too much? Hahaha thank sayuki-san,thank for the update LOL you know i love your fic soo much



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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) - part 2]+POLL 30/11/2012
« Reply #25 on: November 30, 2012, 03:35:15 PM »
I cried..  :angry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Please, don't make Mayu dead...  :cry:

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) - part 2]+POLL 30/11/2012
« Reply #26 on: December 01, 2012, 12:52:36 AM »
 no!!!!!! Mayu!!!!! You can't kill her!!!!

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) - part 2]+POLL 30/11/2012
« Reply #27 on: December 01, 2012, 02:29:05 AM »
There are so few MaYuki fics these days. Please give it a happy ending  :cry:

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) - part 2]+POLL 30/11/2012
« Reply #28 on: December 02, 2012, 10:47:55 PM »
Mayuuuu!!!!!!   :panic:

Please don't die!!!!   :cry:

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) - part 2]+POLL 30/11/2012
« Reply #29 on: December 07, 2012, 03:03:32 PM »
Thank you for liking my lame one-shot ^^; So here is the real ending for Destined Meeting, requested by most readers. Thank you again for all of your support for my stories. Please enjoy~

Destined Meeting [Final Part]

“Ne... Mama... Why don’t I have a father like my friends?”

“... Mayu-chan...”

“Am I just a weirdo like the others said?”

“No, of course not, Mayu-chan. You’re not weird.”

“Then why do I not have a father?”

“... You had... but he has gone to somewhere far away already...”

“Why? He left us? Why?”

“Mayu-chan, listen, he didn’t want to leave us like that but he had to. He loved us a lot.”

“But I hate him now. He left me and you alone.”


“I hate him!”

“Wait Mayu-chan! Don’t run! It’s too dangerous!”

“I’ll find him for you! I hate him but I’ll bring him back to you!”

“No! Mayu-chan! Watch out!!!”



“M-Mayu-chan... Y-you... a-are... s-safe...”

“Mama! Please don’t leave me!”

“I-I’m sorry... B-But It’s t-time for me... t-to go...”

“Mama! No!”

“P-Please... Live happily... for both... m-me and... your father...”

“Mama! MAMA! MAMA!!!!!!”

I shot my eyes open. I could feel my forehead and hair was soaked by her sweat. My breath was rapid and short. I just got a nightmare, one about my sad past. Taking awhile to adjust the new light and scene, I slowly observed my surrounding. The pip sound of the electrocardiogram machine next to me, several pipes and wires connected to my body and the smell of antiseptic medicine. I knew that I was in the hospital now.

Looking around more carefully, I noticed that it was the VIP room of her own hospital. I regconised the drap, the wall, the lights and the furniture in this room since I had many patients who were from rich families. Looking outside the window, it was already night. The sky was dark and there were only few blurry lights on the street.

Suddenly, I felt a warmth on my hand. I looked to my right, a smile unconsciously bloomed on my lips. There was my daughter, Jurina, sitting on a chair with her head on the bed sleeping sould and her little hands were holding my right hand. I looked at her and felt so happy that she was safe. She looked so healthy, might be my friends had taken care of her well when I was away. Softly, I caressed her hands with my right hand, feeling the softness and warmth of my beloved daughter.

A second later, the door of this room was opened quietly, allowing a person to step in. A mixture of feelings was growing inside me when I saw that person. It was Yuki, in nurse uniform with a clipboard on her hand. She looked more skinny and paler than the last time I saw her. I was so sad and guilty because of me, she must have been exhausted for taking care of Jurina for me. I was sad to see her pale face, happy to finally meet her again but then painful to once again sface the truth that she didn’t belong to me. I dreamed that she confessed her love to me but it was just a dream, right? The truth was... she already had a boyfriend...

“Oh my God... Mayu!” She gasped and called my name when she saw me awake. Seeing her condition, I didn’t want to bother her more so I gave her a weak smile and told her to quiet down.

She used her hand to cover her mouth then carefully took a look at the sleeping little girl. Luckily, Jurina was still deep in sleep. She sighed then when closer to check on me.

“Mayu, how do you feel right now?”

“Not so bad... But my chest hurts a lot whenever I move... and breathe.” I said weakly.

“Of course you should feel that. The bullet went through your chest. Luckily it didn’t hit your heart.” I saw her lips curl up into a fainted smile. She went to checked the wires, avoiding my gaze.

“How long have I passed out?” I asked.

“48 days to be exact. You worried us a lot, you know. Jurina visited you almost every evening until midnight.” Her eyes were softened. Her smile disappeared and I though I saw tears ready to fall in the corner of her eyes.

Suddenly, the flashback of my cruel words to her before the accident came into my mind. I didn’t know why I was so rude and heartless to her at that time. Everything in my mind was Jurina and also Yuki’s boyfriend so I lost my self-control and said something that properly hurt her a lot. She didn’t deserve it. I felt so guilty.

“Ne... Yuki...”

“Nani, Mayu?” She looked at me when I softly called her. I hesitated, taking in a deep breath before said courageously.

“I’m so sorry Yuki... about what I said in Disney Land... I didn’t mean it... I just-“

“It’s fine. I understand, Mayu. You don’t have to apologize.” She cut me off in the middle then smiled to me. “You were freaking out when Jurina was missing right? It wasn’t a right time for me to bother you and ask you nonsense questions at that time. It’s my fault to be exact.”

“No Yuki. It’s not your fault... I... It wasn’t only because of Jurina though...” I turned my head away from her gaze. I bet her eyes would open widely in her own overacting reaction.

“W-What do you mean by that, Mayu?”

I stayed silent. I was so confused. If I told her my real feelings, would I lose this friendship too? She had a boyfriend already... and what if she knew about my feelings, she would ignore me, disgust me. For me, it was fine if she did that to me but I didn’t want to ruin her relationship with that guy. Maybe because of me, they would break up. Who knows?

“Ne, Mayu. Is there something that you’re hiding from me?” She aked again. This time, I could feel the sadness and concern in her voice. I didn’t dare look at her now.

“Yuki... I...”

“It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me. But you should know one thing that, no matter what, I’ll always be by your side, Mayu. I’m always here for you.”

My heart ached again by her words. Why could she be so cruel to me? Her kindness was killing me by second. I’m not strong. I’m just a cold cyborg with a weak heart.

“Don’t say something like that Yuki... I don’t deserve your kindness.” I said in difficulty.

“Why not, Mayu?” She asked confusingly.

“Because...” Should or should not?... I would make my final bet then. I turned to look at her with my sincere. “I hurt you with my cruel words when I saw you with that guy... I was jealous... and hurtful at the same time... And because of Jurina also, I couldn’t hold back anger and jealousy any longer so... I blamed everything on you.”

“M-Mayu... You...” I could see her eyes went wide again; her mouth shaped into a big “O” with her hand covered most of it. I knew she would be shocked by my confession. But I couldn’t turn back anymore so I just moved on.

“Yuki, I have been hiding my feelings for a long time because I was afraid that I would lose my friendship with you and also ruin your relationship with your favorite doctor so I stayed silent. But now, I can’t take it any longer. I’m just a weak, vulnerable girl in the cold and emotionless cyborg mask. My heart aches so many times that I can’t bear with the pain anymore. So, I reveal all my secrets to you. Maybe you don’t want to be my friend anymore after hearing this but I just want you to know it.”

I took deep breath and looked into her eyes. I wanted her to feel my sincere love for her.

“Kashiwagi Yuki, I love you. I love you with all my heart. You’re the first and only one that shows me what love is. After 24 years being in the hell on the Earth, besides Jurina, you’re the only that can melt my frozen heart. Since the first time we met, my heart had already belonged to you.”

Suddenly, she cried. Yes for God’s sake, my confession just made a girl cry. I was so shocked when her tears kept rolling on her cheeks non-stop.

“Y-Yuki... I’m sorry... I didn’t know you... I’m so sorry... You must disgust me right now...”

“BAKA!!!” She yelled into my face, literally.

“Y-Yuki?” I called her name again and was shocked by her action once again. But this time, not because of her tear, it was her kiss that shocked me.

A light kiss on my lips, stopping me from saying anything else. I was so surprised by her sudden action that my eyes opened wide like Yuki usually did. My heart was beating so fast and loud that I could even here my own heartbeat in my ears.

I only gained back my conscious when her warmth on my lips disappeared. She pulled herself away and connected our forehead together. Her tears were falling down onto my face.

“Mayu, you’re the MOST stupid and dense doctor that I have ever met! How didn’t you realise my feelings for you, even when I gave you a hint about my favorite doctor?” She said in a low voice.

“Ehh? But... I thought it was that guy... I saw you and him... talking and hugging... and... he’s a doctor too...” I was so confused that I couldn’t even make my idea clear.

“Baka. Haven’t I told you before that I have a brother who is also working in this hospital? What’s wrong when I talk and hug my brother? Yes maybe he’s a doctor too but he’s not my favorite doctor.”

“B-But... who is your favorite doctor?”

Right after I finished my words, Yuki bumped her head hard on mine. Even I was lying on a soft bed but that headbump was really painful.

“Itai!” I caressed my head with my free hand.

“BAKA! Seriously, how can you be a doctor in your age when you don’t even understand such a small and obvious detail? The kiss means nothing to you?” She crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“Gomen... I’m just... confused right now... Does that mean... I was jealous for nothing?...”

“Exactly. You’re jealous of my brother, Mayu. Don’t take me wrong, I’m not interested in incest. I just accidentally ran into him in Disney Land when I was waiting for you and he was hanging out with his girlfriend.”

I tried to analyzed everything. My cyborg mind was overloaded by the large amount of shocking new information. Suddenly... I remembered something...

“Wait a minute... Yuki... Did you say something before I passed out in the valley? I think I heard someone‘s voice at that time.”

And there was my answer. Yuki’s cheeks immediately turned red. She was blushing hard.

“If I say yes?” She twisted her finger in embarrassment. She looked so cute at that time. If it wasn’t because of my injury and Jurina, I would have jumped off my bed and hugged her immediately.

“Then it wasn’t a dream, was it?”

“Indeed it wasn’t a dream...” She softly replied.

“So... do you mean it?”

“If not, I wouldn’t have kissed you. I should be the one who askes that question.”

“You know I’m a cyborg girl. I wouldn’t have said such a thing like that If I was just joking. But why didn’t you tell me your feeling first?”

“Because you’re always so serious during work and also so popular in the hospital so I didn’t dare talk to you about this. And you too, why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“Same reason. You’re popular too and I didn’t have courage to tell you. I was afraid that I would lose you and also our friendship.”

“You’re too timid and dense.”

“That goes the same to you, Yuki.”

We stared at each other for a while before both of us busted out in laughter. She was right. I was so shy by this new feeling that I didn’t dare tell her and as a cyborg girl, I was so dense to realise her feelings too and ended up hurting both of us. Why does destiny love to tease us so much?

“Ne, Mayu.” She stopped laughing then looked at me seriously.


I watched her coming closer to me once again. She caressed my cheek and looked into my eyes. A angelic smile bloomed on her lips.

“Promise me, never do such a stupid thing like sacrifice yourself for me or Jurina like that. We can’t live without you. Never leave my side, OK?”

“I promise. I’ll never leave you and Jurina, again.”

With my free hand, I gently pulled her head closer to mine, burrying our conscious into a passionate kiss. Forgetting all of our past misunderstanding, I could finally enjoyed my true happiness along with Yuki. My heart would no longer ache again. Because, Yuki and Jurina would be always there to cure it. Finally, I have my belief that this world is not so boring like it used to be.

“Hmm... Mama?”

Suddenly, a soft voice spoke, making us to break our kiss quickly. When Yuki turned away to hide her blushing cheeks, I looked down to my right hand and watched the little girl rubbing her sleepy eyes in a cute way.

“Mama?” She asked again, kept rubbing her eyes. She must be still sleepy.

“Jurina.” I called her name and smiled. My voice woke her up completely. She stared at me in shock and disbelief. However, those emotions immediately were replaced by joy and happiness.

“MAYU-MAMA!” She exclaimed cheefully then hugged my neck tight. Her small skinny arms accidentally pressed on my injured chest.

“J-Jurina... You’re... hurting me... Itai...” Hearing my  painful groan, Jurina quickly released me and sat back down on her chair. To my surprise, she was crying in front of me. Even her head was down but I could see her sparkling tears on her cheek. For the first time, I saw my energetic daughter cry in fornt of me.

“Hey, don’t cry Jurina. I’m still here with you. Don’t cry.”

“Mama... I’m sorry...” She said with her shaky voice. “I’m so sorry... I’m bad... Because of me... Mama got hurt...”

“There there, Jurina. It’s not your fault.” My quickly patted her head while pulling her head towards me and gently placed it on my healthy side of chest. “It’s not your fault, OK Jurina? Maybe I’m hurt but I’m still here with you right? That’s important. Don’t cry. You look ugly when you cry, you know Jurina.”

I giggled when the little girl pushed herself away from my hug then pouted cutely.

“You know what you can to for me if you blame yourself for my injury?” Jurina shook her head. “Smile. I always love your smiles so keep smiling for me, OK? When I see your smiles, I’ll recover faster so you don’t have to worry for me anymore.”

Quickly wiping her tears away, Jurina then gave me her famous cat-like smile before hugging me again, more careful this time.

“I love you, mama.” She softly said. I hugged her back and patted her head.

“I love you too.”

I could hear a giggling from Yuki. I looked at her and smiled to her. She saw it and smiled back. Finally, I found my real happiness. My reason to live in this world. There is always a reason for a person to exist. What matter is whether that person has found that reason already or not yet.

But right now, I had found mine. And I regret nothing.

“Knock Knock. Is the family reunion done yet? Can we visit our friend now?”

Several heads stuck out from the door with a mischievous smile. I realised that the Atsumina and KojiYuu had been witnessing everything in here, properly the confession section too. That was why they all had the evil grin on their lips.

“Too much cheese for Oshiriri-chan. I think I’ll need to cut off your cheese supply.” The squirrel, aka Oshiriko, smirked.

“Oi, Oshiriko, I learned that from you. You were much more cheesy than me when you proposed to Haruna-san!”

“Yeah yeah. Whatever. Recover quickly and get your oshiri off the bed. You have to pay Yuki-chan back a lot. She has been taking care of you for 48 days already.”

“I know Yuko-chan.” I smiled warmly. “I know I’m the luckiest person in the world.”


12 years later.

In a white church, two people, one short, one tall, were in a dressing room, preparing for a wedding. The shorter one was straightening the black vest and black tie for the taller.

“Geez, you can’t even tie your tie properly. Seriously, you’re still a kid.” The shorter complained and then fixed the tie.

“Okaa-san, stop calling me a kid already. Mou~” The taller one pouted.

“You’re still my kid, Jurina. And stop pouting. You look ridiculous. A groom shouldn’t pout like that.”

“Yeah I’m getting married so I’m no longer your kid, Mayu-Okaa-san. But I’m always your beloved daughter.” Jurina winked at Mayu then smiled.

The short woman giggled. At the same time, she finished her current task. She took a final look at the tie then stepped back. She observed her daughter and smiled.

“So, how do I look, kaa-san?” Jurina fixed her collar.

“Very handsome, dear. As always.”

“Thank you. You should be proud of your daughter because she gives you a lovely daughter-in-law.” Jurina said proudly.

“Yeah right. Rena-chan is kind and nice. I really like her but... I don’t want my daughter to get married so early.” Mayu sighed.

“What? I’m 18 and I’m already legal.”

“You’re just legal to marry. Why should you rush? Can’t you just wait until you graduate from university?”

“5 years of waiting are enough for me. I know she’s the one for me. Maybe she said she could wait but no one knows what will happen to us later on. So as soon as I can, I won’t let her go, okaa-san.”

“... I don’t know how you could capture her heart. She’s older than you, for God’s sake. 6 years is a huge number for an age gap.”

“Hey, Yuki-okaa-san is older than you too. 3 years or 6 years is no difference right? Since it’s just a number. And you know what people say, like father like son.”

“Oi! I’m not your father and you’re definitely not my son.”

“Hello~ I’m the groom today. And said who was dressing in the groom costume on her wedding.” Jurina stuck her tongue out.

“Just because Yukirin wants to be the woman in the family! And I like danso! I’m still a woman!” Mayu also stuck her tongue out.

“Whatever you said, otou-san. Groom Watanabe Mayu really made a show on that day.”

Jurina smirked. Mayu just gave up on fighting back. She sighed but inside, she was happy for her daughter.

“I’m happy to see you have finally grown up, Jurina. I guess you don’t need my care anymore.”

The smile on Jurina’s face disappeared, replaced by a cutely pout. The taller girl immediately pulled her mother into a warm hug.

“What are you saying, okaa-san? I still need your care, always. I’ve grown up doesn’t mean that I’m no longer your daughter. Maybe I can take care of myself and my family now but I’ll always need your advice and care to move on. No matter what, I’ll never leave you for anything.”

Mayu smiled warmly in the hug of her daughter. She slowly wrapped her arms around the girl and tightened their hug.

“You won’t leave me for anything? Anyone?”

“Yes. You and Yuki-okaa-san are my top precious people.”

“So... even it’s Rena-chan? Will you leave her for me?”

“Ehh???” Jurina broke the hug and looked at her mother in confusion. “Eh... I...Etou... I...” Jurina looked like a lost puppy that Mayu couldn’t help laughing at her cute reaction.

“Silly girl. I will never make you leave Rena-chan, especially for me. But I do want you to promise me one thing. Take care of Rena-chan. Don’t ever make her cry. Give her wanted happiness, OK?”

“Hai. You don’t need to say that though.” Jurina smiled.

*Knock Knock*

The door opened and a beautiful woman in white dress and a little girl in pink cute dress stepped in.

“Jurina, are you done yet?”

“Yes, I’m done, Yuki-kaa-san.” Jurina replied.

“Juri-nee-chan~ So cool~” The little girl exclaimed and ran to hug her sister.

“Haha. Thank you, Miruki-chan. You’re so cute.” Jurina kneed down to hug the little figure and gave a kiss on her forehead.

“Did Mayuyu-tou-san help you?” Yuki went to stand next to Mayu and asked.

“Told you, tou-san. You’re the father.” Jurina smirked at Mayu

“Oi! Jurina! Yukirin! I’m NOT THE FATHER!!!!”

“But Mayu-papa is a cyborg. And a cyborg papa is cooler than a cyborg mama, right?” The little girl tilted her head cutely.

“Not you too, Miruki-chan.” Mayu facepalmed.

Both Jurina and Yuki giggled at the angry but cute short woman. Yuki then walked to Mayu and pecked on her lips and wrapped her arms around her neck.

“You’re always my handsome and cute husband, Mayuyu.”

“And you’re always my beautiful and lovely wife, Yukirin.”

“Ewwwww! No cheesy moment in front of your daughter, please! I ate a lot of cheese pizzas with Sae-chan last night already. And your little daughter is here, for God’s sake! She’s only 10 years old.” Jurina stuck out her tongue while covered her little sister's eyes with one hand.

“Like father like son.” Yuki let out a small sigh then let go of Mayu.

“Why do people say that so many times?” Mayu mumbled in annoyance.

*Knock Knock*

“Hey, Jurina. The bride is ready. You should come out now.” A handsome ikemen in black suit said at the door.

“Got it, Sae-chan. I’m coming.” Jurina said to her best friend then turned back to her parents. She smiled to them, pulling them into a big family hug. “Thank you for everything, kaa-san. Even though you two aren’t my biological parents but for me, you’re the best parents ever. I love you.”

Yuki and Mayu shared eye contact before hugged their daughter back and smiled happily.

“We love you too Jurina.” Yuki said. “Now go to your soon-to-be wife. Don’t make her wait.”

“OK. You two should go too.” Jurina smiled then walked to Sae, aka her best friend and her best man.

As soon as the girl was out of their sight, the two hand interwinded and smiles were shared to the married couple.

“Shall we go now?” Mayu said to her wife.

“Of course. We don’t want to miss our daughter’s wedding, right?” Yuki smiled then kissed the other woman on her cheek before held her little daughter’s hand. “Come on Miruki-chan. Let’s go.”


Mayu smiled and watched her wife and daughter, biologically with Yuki, walked out. She didn’t rush to follow them yet. She took time to walk around the church. This was the place where she held her wedding with Yuki exact 11 years ago. Jurina was the one who chose this place and also the date. She wanted to marry her girlfriend for 7 years in the same church and same date with her parents so she would have a happy life like them.

Unconsciously, Mayu smiled at the thought of her daughter’s reason for choosing this church. She slowly walked along the hallway, heading to the main hall, where the wedding was taking place. The wedding music was echoing in the church. Soon, she had a clear view of the happening wedding.

On the red carpet, a beautiful raven-hair woman with bright white skin, lovely black eyes dressing in a gorgeous wedding dress, slowly walked towards to the priest and the groom. Mayu took a look of her future daughter-in-law. She had to agree that her daughter had made a good decision. Matsui Rena, a doctor in Japan National Hospital, where both Mayu and Yuki are working, is a shy but kind and nice woman. She is very famous among the staff in the hospital, like Mayu and Yuki. But what Mayu didn’t understand that how come such a shy person like Rena could ever fall for a charming player like Jurina? And even get rid of her playerness successfully, what both her and Yuki couldn’t do in 7 years? Rena is definitely a mysterious person.

Watching Jurina took Rena’s hand into hers and happily smiled, Mayu suddenly remembered about her own wedding. It was her happiest day of her life, when she finally bonded herself to her true love. 2 years later, their result of happiness was made. Watanabe Miyuki, or Miruki, was born and became their biological daughter. Along with Jurina, they were a happy family.

Looking to her side, she met the beautiful face of her wife.Even though there were wrinkles behind her eyes and some white strings on her raven hair, Yuki was still an angel to her like the earlier time. Mayu would never imagine she could have such a happy ending along with her first love like now.

“Watanabe Jurina, do you take this woman as your lawful wife who shares with you happiness, pain and sorrow for the rest of your life?” (I’m not a Christian and I don’t know much about Japanese wedding so... I just make this up. Please pardon me if I make it wrong.)

“I do.”

Mayu held her wife’s hand when her eyes locked on the young couple. Their fingers automatically interwinded.

“Matsui Rena, do you take this woman as your lawful husband who protects you from every bad thing or even sickness and gives you your happiness that you wish for until the end of your life?”

“I do.”

Mayu placed her head onto Yuki’s slim shoulder, inhaling the sweet scent of her angel.

“I declare you are now husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

The crowd cheered for the newlywed couple when they shared a passionate short kiss. At the same time, Mayu planted a kiss on Yuki’s cheek, earning herself the woman’s attention. She smiled warmly to her wife and received back a lovely smile.

“I love you, Yukirin. Forever and ever.”

“I love you too Mayuyu. Thanks for being in my life.”

Yuki sincerely said and leaned down for another kiss. A passionate kiss that full of pure love.


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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) last part] 7/12/2012
« Reply #30 on: December 07, 2012, 03:40:39 PM »
Thank you for a happy ending, Sayuki-san  XD. I love it!!!!
And while reading the last part, many questions bump into my head  :lol:. (How was Miruki born anyway?) Nah, that's fine.
Finally they understand each other's feelings. I'm super happy now!!!

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) last part] 7/12/2012
« Reply #31 on: December 07, 2012, 03:44:19 PM »
@clubhappy: Miruki was born exactly the same way as Sae's was born. For more detail, ask KojiYuu xDDDD

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) last part] 7/12/2012
« Reply #32 on: December 07, 2012, 03:51:25 PM »
happy ending...
thank you sayuki *winkwink

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) last part] 7/12/2012
« Reply #33 on: December 07, 2012, 04:50:36 PM »
Thank you Sayuki-san for a happy ending  :wub: :inlove:

MaYuki  :heart: :heart:

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) last part] 7/12/2012
« Reply #34 on: December 07, 2012, 07:45:32 PM »
Heart warming story...and yeah! I love the happy ending!!!  :) :) :)
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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) last part] 7/12/2012
« Reply #35 on: December 07, 2012, 07:56:40 PM »
Yeah! Happy ending! :wub:

Mayu was so sweet. :inlove:

Little Jurina is so cute!!!!
 I want to know how Rena get rid a Jurina's playerness!!!! :)

It was so good!!!!! Beautiful!!!

Thank you!
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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) last part] 7/12/2012
« Reply #36 on: December 08, 2012, 02:26:11 AM »
ow~ it's a beautiful end~

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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) last part] 7/12/2012
« Reply #37 on: December 08, 2012, 09:51:11 PM »
I don't know how many time I read this last part  XD
I loved it soo much    :inlove:
so I decided to comment  :P

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) last part] 7/12/2012
« Reply #38 on: May 08, 2013, 08:38:09 AM »
~Destined Meeting

~Hi Sayuki-chan! :D

~Sorry for late comment here. I only saw it yesterday [Destined Meeting] and I immediately copy it to read...

~It's an awesome! It's a great story!!!!

~MaYuki And WMatsui!!!!!!

~MaYuki is so sweet!!!!

~I also laughed at the edning part where Jurina tease her father [Mayuyu]

~I hope you make a one-shot and update your wonderful fanfic.... [PJ48 Gakuen and Let Me Be Your Heart]

~Thanks :D


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Re: Sayuki's OS Land~ [Destined Meeting (Mayuki) last part] 7/12/2012
« Reply #39 on: June 23, 2013, 04:14:28 PM »

 8) 8) 8)

30 DAYS !! Please !! 8) 8)

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