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Author Topic: My Kuchi Utsushi Butler. Chapter 5 (YukiRena) //Apr 26\\  (Read 19536 times)

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Re: My Kuchi Utsushi Butler. Chapter 5 (YukiRena) //Apr 26\\
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A/n. Okay, so this is more Rena centered and I hope you guys enjoy it. This continues on from where we left last time. Um, another thing, it has less strong language and more inner emotions. New characters appear, we will see them more later in the future ;)

As I will keep saying on every update from now on (LOL) wMatsui version is different, so please check it out on AKBlasphemy48

So, I want to dedicate this I guess? LOLOL enjoy~

My Kuchi Utsushi Butler

Chapter 5

WARNING. Contains genderbender, smut, might contain strong language. The smut will go to the perv section so dun worry, mods, no violation of rules :)

Rena was having a hard time inside the memory lane while dreaming, and her body just couldn't keep still. If she knew about her shuffling she probably would feel sorry for Yuki, who before couldn't sleep because of his memories, and now because of this beautiful ohimesama tossing and turning too. The raven haired girl hugged Yuki tighter while still deep in her sleep and as if knowing he returned her hug with his firm embrace, Rena stopped squirming as much.

FLASHBACK, 5 years ago

Being still in a recovery state and in a deep sleep as well, it didn't mean that the girl had no recollection of what happened before she fell to it. Since the day she was born Matsui Rena was a spoiled pretty princess who everyone loved and adored. Despite not being able to feel pain due to her mother having difficulties giving birth, the white porcelain skin and long raven hair owner had quite a joyful life. Yes, maybe her nannies changed too much over the years, but it was only because they never managed to spoil her in a correct way. It all changed one day when she was thirteen years old. Her parents employed yet another nanny and day by day they were more and more impressed with her abilities to tend to the spoiled princess. On the other hand, Rena liked this nanny the least out of them all. The nanny was not bad, maybe even the best out of all she had in her not so long life, however... Despite being young, the Matsui girl just had quite a keen sense and she just had a hunch the nanny was somehow too good... Too good to be true and thus she was very well aware of the too sweet behavior that the nanny possessed. Of course, over the time she got used to the nanny's well polished nature and had forgotten about her worries from way before.

She had no clue that her premonition was true and that one day Rena will regret trusting the sweet nanny. The girl could just so well remember being out in the park, where Suda-nanny took her on a bright summer day. Rena was fourteen and usually all kids of her age would be more curious about make-up, books or music, hanging out with friends and even dating. However, young Matsui was a spoiled princess who had no friends and thus she enjoyed being alone and playing with her dolls. At that fated moment she was taking a bite of the ever so delicious spicy cracker and waiting for her doll to reply to her random question, when suddenly a huge man's hand stuffed the whole bunch of those crackers in her tiny mouth and then gagged her with some smelly clothing. She couldn't remember anything else afterwards, but in her now slowly-returning-to-active mind the image of nanny grinning at her face and then kissing one of the men was becoming very clear. Rena wanted to get up and go find them, especially that sly Suda Akari, and then kill them all with her own hands. It seemed as if the more awake the girl was becoming, the more insane mentally she was turning.

One day she slowly opened her eyes and found herself in a huge comfortable bed with soft mattress. She wanted to lift her head from the pillow and look around the room she was in when a man walked into the room, surprising her completely. Her eyes probably shot wide open as the male stared at her with an eyebrow raised and had a questioning look on his face. At first Rena wanted to scream and shout but was unable to do so for two reasons. One was that her body was too weak and her throat was too dry. Another was the memories of a gentle caring voice that she heard while being in this deep sleep. Rena looked at him with pleading eyes and then she heard him speak in a very gentle and relaxing voice. She realized it was the same voice she kept on hearing all the time so decided he was her savior. He had to be. He must have found her all used by those men and tossed away somewhere in the woods. He must have brought her to his place and taken care of her. Unless why would she be in this huge bed with soft mattress and the tray full of deliciously smelling food in front of her?

As days went by and the girl was slowly recovering, she heard from Yuki some parts from what was happening while she was out of it. Since she had recollection of her memories before the kidnapping, Rena somehow realized he was omitting things he thought she might find too hard to deal with. The princess understood his point of view, however, she was tougher than he thought. Trying not to show her inner thoughts and revealing over the curious part, she kept on pressuring Yuki to tell her all the details he missed out. In the end the man gave in and told her all of it, leaving only the most gruesome details out. All that time the girl kept on clenching her fists tighter and tighter until the story time was over. She felt sorry for him for than for herself and it was making her feel more and more hatred inside. Was it okay that he noticed her being tensed and hugged her? Was it okay for her to feel at peace while in his arms? It felt as if all what happened was a dream for those few comfortable silence minutes while in Yuki's embrace. Rena didn't know what was right or wrong, and she didn't really care. The hug was just what she needed.

Despite all Yuki's efforts Rena's mental state was not getting better, on the contrary, day after day she kept on remembering the tiniest details of her kidnapping moments. She could just feel the taste of spicy crackers in her mouth, she could feel it live and thrive within her body, resonating as a venomous need of revenge. The girl found Yuki's story so painful and mind blowing that the more she thought about it, the more she felt the need to go out. She was sure the man missed out on a certain detail, and he was unaware of what she discovered while pondering day after day. Rena just knew he left the little boy alive, judging from what he told her of his revenge and her rescue. There had to be some way to find him and make sure he is dead, for one day he could come with an ulterior motive and kill unsuspecting Yuki in his sleep. The girl just didn't realize her mind was going more and more crazy and that she slowly has been losing her inner self to the vengeful insanity. The plan started brewing in her head and Rena just had to wait for the perfect timing to make it work. To think she was a fourteen year old...

It so happened that Yuki was unable to notice Rena's changes because she was good at hiding it all under innocent demeanor. One could say it was thanks to Suda-nanny that the girl knew how to manipulate someone by outer appearance while having different ideas inside and hidden. So when one time Rena ever so innocently asked him to bring her some spicy crackers, he didn't think she had any ulterior motives but to eat her most favorite food ever. The princess has her recovery process over, except she still stayed in bed, making sure to add few days of additional recovery just in case. Since the day she was able to speak Rena kept on saying to Yuki that she had no recollection nor of her kidnapping, neither of anything up to the point where she woke up. The man believed her and, finding out she wanted to feel the taste of her childhood snack, followed her wish, not knowing that this simple task would bring hell of immense proportion out to the very daylight. He got a pack while on his way back from the caretaker's job and gave it to her once back home while smiling, to which Rena replied with a smile too. Even so, deep in her heart she felt her plan finally coming to fruition. She just needed to taste one of them and see if that brings any important memories she might have missed that could help her in finding the little boy.

Be that as it may, the girl herself didn't know the proportion of her mental harm and just one tiny bite of the spicy cracker was enough to make her go crazy. She was safe enough to taste it when Yuki was away at work. However, some time later she regretted making that decision because after the so well-known flavor entered her taste buds, all the memories hit her like an earthquake and her mind shattered into the tiniest pieces, as if it was made of glass. She lost control of her body or mind, completely shutting herself out of the reality around her and some other entity took over. The different person inside her pushed the body on running and running, until it reached another town. It didn't even have any purpose, other than the most important one, at least to the crazy being that it was at that moment. To destroy.

What people saw that day was not a girl who ran away from mental hospital or her pursuers, nor a girl who was just fine a while ago and now all of a sudden was crazy or not in her right mind. They didn't see a girl. They didn't see a human. What they saw was a monster at its finest. Eyes bloodshot red joined by a vicious smirk, with lips formed into a grin and teeth constantly chewing on the body's own nails and flesh, giggling and laughing in a maniacal way as if it was all that mattered. Her hair was half onto her face, her clothes torn and dirty with blood stains all over them. Her identity was unknown due to the drastic change in her looks thus no one thought of her as of the princess, they just didn't recognize her as a human being. No matter how many of the few braver people tried to approach her and negotiate with her, they were beaten badly and wounded to such extent that some were balancing on the verge of life or death. However, no one wanted to use a gun on the girl, even if she was a monster in their eyes.

Regardless of all that, there was one courageous person who saw through the monster and had an idea of a great misery that the girl could have been going through. She was one of the underrated doctors who used weird means and treatments to heal people, so her clientele was that of the low number. The woman stepped out from the crowd and used an arrow, whose sharp end was dipped in a sleeping drought. It was thin enough to not hurt the girl but strong enough to knock her out. The scary monster fell and the chaos stopped, that's how other people saw it. The doctor simply took the girl into her house and treated her in best way possible. However, now that the girl was all cleaned up and calmly sleeping, something about her bothered the doctor greatly. Iriyama Anna could have sworn she saw the girl's face somewhere and it just bothered her to no end. Few days later, while going back from one of a few of her clients she saw a poster in one of the street boards and it hit her. The King and The Queen announced The Princess missing. The girl on the poster was Matsui Rena. That girl who Anna took care of, while others just wanted to get rid of her, was The Princess.

It was very important to be discreet about this matter. Iriyama had to let The Royal Family know the girl was a live and well but it was dangerous for the news to get into the wrong hands, especially after what the doctor witnessed. That was the sole foundation for her decision to send the most trusted person in the world to The Palace to give the news directly to The King and The Quuen. There was a reason why Anna relied so heavily on Kawaei Rina. Not only were they lovers, best friends and coworkers - Rina was her assistant; but also the silly girl was the one who would never share a secret with anyone other than those in need. Even if tortured and threatened to be killed, she would still keep her mouth shut no matter what. If needed, she would take the secret to the grave. Why? Because Riichan - that's how Anna called her precious lover - was a mute. She made her feelings and emotions known through expressions, and that was how the two communicated. In the town the girl was called Bakaei because she didn't feel like sharing her honest expressions to anyone but Iriyama, and thus acted like the most dumb person on this Earth while in front of the townspeople.

While Kawaei was away on her task, something happened that changed Iriyama's view of the girl in her house. A man visited her one day, claiming he knew the girl and he just wanted to see if she was well. At first the doctor didn't want to believe his words, but when he retold the whole story of what he and the girl had been through, she let the man see the girl in bed. To both of their surprise, Rena was awake and confused of her whereabouts. She had no recollection of what she did that day, not even the tiniest memory and was slightly taken aback by Anna's story. None of them knew that spicy crackers was the cause since Rena failed to remember anything from that fated morning or anything onwards. She did tell them she had vague memories of wanting to take revenge on the boy - and felt greatly ashamed of wanting to hurt an innocent boy - but how she got to the state, she was still clueless and oblivious. On the other hand, that made Yuki realize the girl was still completely affected and in pain from what she had been through and when Rena went back to sleep, he consulted Anna about it.

The doctor agreed something had to be done, in some way the memories just had to be taken away. She told him about the girl's real identity only at that point but assured they still had a few days before The Royal Family comes to take her back in. Yuki suddenly knew that maybe taking Rena somewhere peaceful and quiet might trigger her memories to a slightly different level and he was determined to at least try. That was how the next day they both went for a walk and he took her to the uninhabited lace in the forest that he found while traveling to find her. It was lavish, full with flowers, trees and serenity. Somehow, while being there, Rena realized she could feel those dirty hands all over her body and she couldn't keep quiet about it anymore. She knew she was very young, however, she didn't know if she was tainted or not. No matter what, she wanted the memories to be erased, if better, replaced by something more pleasant. The princess turned to Yuki with determination in her eyes to ask for something embarrassing, but something very important to her. He had to make love to her, he had to change her memories. It had to be him and no one else.

END OF FLASHBACK, 5 years ago

Hearing gentle cooing just next to her ear she knew it was Yuki waking her up. The princess lazily opened her eyelids, only to see his face right in front of her. She blushed, thinking back to her memory of that time when he asked him to take her memories away. Seeing his handsome features she couldn't help but extend her hand and caress his cheek, her finger brushing his lips and feeling a sudden intake of breath reverberate through them. His slightly surprised expression soon turned into that of  a hungry wolf and it made her heart beat like crazy. Yet it lasted only approximately a minute, and then Yuki returned to being a proper butler he was. He retreated and pulled away the covers off of her, making Rena hug her naked self in embarrassment and excitement at the same time. It was a bright sunny morning and a pleasant bath time was awaiting her.


@wmatsui fanfic.: what can I say, you cannot hurt Sakiko-sama anymore, she is dead LOL and here is le next chapter, hope you enjoy it :D

@Raven_faith: SABICCHAN~~~ yes yes it is different muahahaha~ thanks for le comment~

@kevinwkl: DAMG, how am I supposed to reply to this huh? I laughed so much while reading and rereading it so many times, your comment that is... the names you came up with oh god...  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

so um, my reply will be short. I am happy I made you feel this way about this fanfic LOL keep reading and commenting~ It makes my day to see people enjoying what I write, to make them feel the emotions characters feel  8)

and of course they would censor it XD
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Re: My Kuchi Utsushi Butler. Chapter 5 (YukiRena) //Apr 26\\
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Dang.....that's absurd...=='
I reread it with wmatsui ver..make it alot more depressed~
Anyway...thanks for the update
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Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
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Re: My Kuchi Utsushi Butler. Chapter 5 (YukiRena) //Apr 26\\
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everyone have their hurtful part, and we try to forget them, and move on.

wait, what I'm saying?


hehehheheheh *faint *

I'm fainted so i can't write anymore, wake me up when next chapter come.

Edit:  Comment, when someone ask me to comment, am i like O_o what i should i write ?

i don't talk much, or you can say i don't have much things to say.

so thats why my heart asked to my brain.
" What should i write?? "

my brain replied." Write what you feel."

but the problem is i don't know what I'm feeling.

(Now I'm writing what I'm feeling )

I'm imagining Yuki as boy, i wonder how does he look.

truthfully i can't imagine her as boy,i never say her in danso, Yuki was always beautiful and sexy girl to me.

How does her abs look alike that make Rena drool?

*imagining Yuki as boy and her abs that make Rena drool*

*imagining *

*imagining *

*imagining *

*imagining *

*failed *

i really want to see her in danso.

I really wanted to get kidnaped by Yuku. xd

well leave it.

Ahhh, when Yuki feed Rena melon pan with her mouth. *dreaming Yuki feeding Rena*

i wonder if this fic is angst or romantic or others.

Rena come on stop being jsunder and make Yuki yours, you will not find amazing prince like her

(Oh, did i said her!!)

oops i forget that, RenaYuko is Shaku-sama favorite couples so What if she drag Yuko here as Rena prince?

Yuko and Rena enjoying their sweet moment in garden, while Yuki is watching them from far and curshing Yuko.

who knows it make greet fic xd

i should be careful, what if secretly she write Rena Yuko beside Rena yuki!!  No one will be notice it because only 'i' is missing, reader will think Author make mistake she will correct it later xd.

*just joking *

Whoa first time i comment that looong, well i know it is not that long but i did my best xd.

*Still imagining Yuki as boy*

So what will going to happens next,waiting or maybe can't wait for it, Yooooosh.

*Imagining their sweet kiss*

*Wishper* Shhhh, actually i like rough kiss.

*vanosh *
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Re: My Kuchi Utsushi Butler. Chapter 5 (YukiRena) //Apr 26\\
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I can't imagine yuki's male ver with how girly she is ! And yuki's character is weird ! Maybe because In fanfics which i had read before yuki is yukirin, black or a playgirl ! So maybe yukirena make love when rena is 14 years old just because rena want replace bad memories (-o-") Thank you for updating and please come back asap !!!         
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Re: My Kuchi Utsushi Butler. Chapter 5 (YukiRena) //Apr 26\\
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'Despite not being able to feel pain due to her mother having difficulties giving birth'
When I read this I was like so she doesn't feel pain because her mother had difficulties giving birth... Ok? It means that her mom squeezed out all her pain receptors out of her when she was squeezing Rena out? Yea. Sounds legit. My mom squeezed all the logic out of me and left me with bullshits as well when she was squeezing me out. So yea.. It's definitely possible. And I'm proud to be left with nothing but bullshits.

How dare that human disturb Rena's snacking time while playing with her dolls!? Damn it! You ruined everything! The doll was about to confess his love to Rena and you just have to appear out of nowhere and force her to sniff your grandma's dirty sock! Yuck! Wash that shit at least. Or wash your granny's feet Dayum, that shit is so smelly, it made Rena pass out. And of course. She woke up in someone else's bed. And I'm assuming this prince charming of hers saved her before anything bad happened? HOPE SO. And there's a tray full of delicious food set up for her. Damn. I wanna try getting my nose stuffed with some smelly sock and get kidnapped so that a random prince charming comes by and save me. And voila! FREE DELICIOUS FOOD. Or I could just be kidnapped and appear dead on tv the next day. LEL. I'm a guy and I want a prince charming to save me. So what? It's food. I'm gay for food.

Aww.... So a single spicy cracker would ignite her insanity... You're 14 year old, Rena. What can you do? Fight with your talking dolls? ...... Actually that would work very well on me. I hate talking dolls. #nightmares Yuki did a very SMART move bringing those spicy crackers to her. SMART MOVE INDEED. COME YUKI. COME CLOSER. I GIVE U CLAP *CLAP...............................CLAP................................CLAP......................................* now have my middle finger. *inserts midfing* why did you do that?????? I dun care if u dunno. What you did could bring down the whole country! I'm out. *flies to Mars and continue typing there.* Shit, the air here smells like shit. Just like granny's smelly sock. But at least I don't smell Rena's wrath here. Phew..

Red-eyed Rena? Hmm.... Where have I seen this before.. Sounded awfully familiar LOL. An underrated courageous doctor who used weird means and treatments to heal people, so her clientele was that of the low number. Would you have a large amount of patients when people know you use your tongue as a stethoscope? OMGLOL A doctor using an arrow? LOL What doctor is that? I wanna learn my archery skills from her. Ho.... Annin realized that the Geki was actually the princess.. Her eye of courage helped her a lot in the process. Sounds like a superhero to me lel. Wait... Courageous person who uses an arrow to knock out someone else... Am I watching an episode of Arrow here? LOL

Question. Does her look really change into a monster? Or does she just look like a super crazy Rena whom nobody would think it is actually Rena?

Annin and Riichan in a relationship. Why am I not even surprised. But the fact that Riichan was mute, caught me off guard. And back to the bed, Rena wakes up once again and finds out that she did some shit but just don't quite remember what was it and the cause of it. But the fact that nobody knows that a simple spicy rice cracker could cause such a turmoil is scary. Anybody could have offered her a spicy cracker randomly out of good intention and he/she would just end up half dead, not knowing what he/she did wrong.

They be like "Hey, do you want some spicy crackers? ^^"
"Yeah, sure.. Why not? ^^ *grabs and bites* *le gasp!*"
"*le gasp le gasp le gasp*"
"Are you okay?"
"*le gasp le gasp le gasp le gasp le gasp le gasp*"
"Do you need a doct- *got stabbed with a spoon on the eye* AHH MY EYE!"

Shit like that could happen. Innocent people would be hurt lolz And the innocent boy Yuki left to survive will not last long if Rena eats another spicy cracker.

Yuki brought Rena to a place full of flowers. Smart move. When you see flowers, it reminds you of bees which reminds you of stinging which reminds you of pain which reminds you of torture. See the relation? Or maybe I was thinking too much LEL

OMG Did she or did she not ask Yuki to make love to her at the age of 14? Dafuq. What a way to erase those memories away. Bad move. You're 14, woman. I mean girl. You're still illegal. Be happy there ain't no rules like that during that time. There's plenty of ways for you to erase your memories.. Take me for example. You wanna know how I erase my memory? I use an eraser and rub my forehead hard. When a red mark appear on it, I stop rubbing and grab a peach. Then I will break it in half and let the juice cover my fingers. And as I look at myself in the mirror, I swipe my thumb over my forehead and chant slowly. "SIMBA...."
#lionking #rafiki #cantwaittobeking #simba #BAAAAAASOWENYAAAAAAAMAMABEATSEBABAAAAAA(sing it. i know u want to)

Conclusion : Not a bad chapter. The Gekikara part was the WTF moment of this chapter. She literally messed some shit up. So a lot of people were hurt in the process and what I'm curious about is the fact that they will find out about Rena's Geki personality sooner or later right? How would they deal with this matter? They be like "THE PRINCESS IS A MURDERER!" Hope it doesn't happen. But if it does.. It's gonna be full of drama and how Yuki would be the one helping Rena escape once again. Keep up the great job. And one last thing. OI CRICKET UPDATE FAST OR FACE ZE CONSEQUENCES, BITCH!

This is Kevin signing off~ CHIAOZ~!!
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