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Author Topic: It started in a wedding. (MariMii+Everyone) Ch 13 [06/06/12] MariMii + KojiYuu  (Read 71833 times)

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + I don't know anymore ;.;) Ch. 5
« Reply #40 on: October 07, 2012, 01:33:22 PM »
Mayuki......mou! they are soooooo~ sweet together!

even if its going slowly, their relationship is still dreamy......

thanks for the update!!!......2 Nyannyan?! I want one! you have 2 Yukirins or Mayuyus too? XD I want one~
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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + I don't know anymore ;.;) Ch. 5
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wahhh what an interesting turn of events  :w00t:
thanks for the update, i really liked this chapter  :cow:

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + I don't know anymore ;.;) Ch. 5
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Nice updated,
Like the moment of bathroom as specially Kojiyuu,
both of them is so funny,
some how wondering what happen to RAY suddenly left the show,
didnt even give any notice to KAI,

About Miichan's sister u can try to add not 1st gen member,
due to @kahem idea is not bad too, Tomochin or Chiyuu also can,
Regrading the boobs, I think is Yukirin and HaruNyan is the best after seeing few bikini photo from web.

Looking forward for the next update.

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + I don't know anymore ;.;) Ch. 5
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Hey o/

Sorry, it's not an update ><'

Kahem: Glad you liked the scenes o/ I spent a lot of time thinking about them^^ There will be more jelousy Kojihau o/ Thanks for the sugestion o/

Javs: Yeey! There will be more funny scenes I guess xp Yep, Sae and Yuki need to decide, but it's to hard for them to decide what they have. And things will keep going to be hard on them >< and because of you I spent my whole weekend watching akbingo, it was funny thanks xD

Yuukimoko: Wait until next chapter to see what I prepered for you ^~

Yuuzu05: Thanks for liking the chapter I thought was bit lame \o/ Hope you like the new things  that is going to show up o/

M00nchild: Thanks! I meant to explain why Ray left without a word, on way or another. o/ Thanks for the suggestion o/

Vicchan02: Thank you so much liking my story o/ I'm still confused about that too xD Your suggestion is saved and I'll see what I can di about JuriMayu^^


Thanks for reading! It encoureges me to keep writing^^

Here is the thing: Due to all changes I had to do on the next chapter, new things added and new supportive characters, I don't know if I can post it this week >< Or maybe I can divide it into two....

Plus, a huge college work is waiting to be done U.U"

Also, I wasn't planning to write Persona's POV, but m00nchild coment made me think about it. So... let know if you want it by answering the poll o/

That's it! I'll back to the chapter, so I can finish faster (thought I'm a slow typer person ¬¬)

Sorry about my lack of activity... I'm kinda stuck in life...

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + Mess) notice + replies + poll
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jejej so funny :D in this fic you can put kai and ray together.. because atsumina is inthere.. but i want saeyuki!! :D pleaseeeeee

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + Mess) notice + replies + poll
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Hi! Long time no see o/

As I took too long, this chapter ended up being the longest I've ever wrote o/ One curiosity about my writings: with this chapter, this fic is officially my longest story. :D

Calyrica said she think I'm crazy, because I added more characters. And I agree with her  :lol: Thank you, Calyrica o/

As you can see the poll results, I'll be not writing the Persona's point of view.

Thank you for being so patient with me \o/

I hope you like it! And I hope it's not too boring ><

Edit: I changed the twin into Milky.


Chapter 6

A tiny noise could be heard from far away. Minami turned to the other side of the bed, mumbling she wanted to sleep for five more minutes.  Then, she remembered that Monday would be a special day at work, and she couldn't just arrive on time like always. The directors of the dance company where she was a trainee at would announce some changes, and that also included promoting a few employees. That could be her chance to be hired, and it would put Minami close to her second dream, which had become her top because of Yuuhi's wedding.
Minami sighed and pulled off the bed sheet. She shivered when the cold air touched her bare skin. Yes, she was naked. Minami's thoughts travelled back to two mornings ago. She really liked to sleep without her clothes on, and back then, she had overreacted. She should apologize. But every time Minami looked at Mariko, she wanted to start a quarrel and call the woman strange nicknames. It irritated Minami. She stood up and walked towards her bathroom. After a fast bath, she packed her work clothes, got dressed, and headed to the kitchen.
"Good morning!" Minami greeted cheerfully. It was early, and only her mother was awake at that time. Her father and her sister were still sleeping.
"Good morning, dear. You are up early. What happened?" Mrs. Minegishi asked her oldest daughter while finishing the first part of the breakfast.
"Yeah! Today is a big day," the girl answered, letting her mother serve the food.
"I hope everything goes well" Mrs. Minegishi smiled, looking at her daughter. Minami was eating her usual amount of food for breakfast. That meant she was having large portions of every food available. By the time she finished, her mother had to cook again.
"Mou, nee-chan! You ate everything we had for breakfast again!" complained a girlish voice. The girl walked in the kitchen wearing her pajamas. Her dark brown hair was messy, and she seemed to have her bed on her back.
"Don't worry, darling. I'm cooking more," the mother simply said. The girl sat in front of Minami and served herself some toast.
"At least I have sense of taste," Miichan said with a childish smile.
"Hey! I have sense of taste!" the younger sister protested.
"Tomochin, eating toast with peanut cream AND blueberry jam just shows that you don't." Tomochin scowled at Miichan.
"You two, don't start fighting so early in the morning!"
"We're not fighting. We're just showing our love to each other," Minami said winking to Tomochin.
"Yes! I love you, my gluttonous nee-chan" Tomochin smiled, showing a sharp canine.
"Love you, too, my tasteless imouto." Then Minami remembered. "Hey, don't you have school today? Isn't it a bit early for school, anyway?"
"Not today. I have a photo shoot today. It's for a rising new brand, AkaNeko: RedCat. Their clothes are really cute, and I'm looking forward to do it!" Tomochin said gleefully. Minami asked herself where she heard that name. She put it aside and stood up.
"Good for you! Show me the shots later. I have to go! Don't wanna be late." Minami ran to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. "Bye! Itekimasu!"
"Iterashai!" Tomochin and their mother waved cheerfully.
Minami walked to the train station with a smile on her face. She loved her family so much, and she wouldn't know what to do without them. Tomochin was her sister, but they were not blood related. Minami's father passed away when she was little, and her mother married again to a widower who also had a child. Miichan was seven, and Tomochin was four. That's why Tomochin is called Itano Tomomi and not Minegishi Tomomi. Minami took the role of big sister with pleasure. Tomochin is an idol under the name Kyoko Tanaka, and Minami likes to buy every little thing related to her sister.
Arriving at the station, Minami sighed in relief because she would get an empty train. It wasn't rush hour yet. A few stops later, she stepped out of the station in front of the theater of the dance company she worked at as a choreographer trainee.

Elsewhere in the city, a cellphone rang. Persona's music filled the clean and neat room.   A slim hand reached out the from underneath the cover sheet and grasped the gadget. She answered without checking who was calling.
"Mariko! You have to come here right now! I had some insight and drew tons of sketches for your PokerFace line!" Haruna said in a high pitched voice. Mariko put some distance between her ear and her gadget.
"Good morning to you, too. Can you please lower your voice? I don't want to start the day with a headache," Mariko said groggily. She shifted on the bed and sat up. Then, she rubbed her face and hair in one large movement.
"Oh! Sorry. Good morning. So hurry up. I want to know if you like them," Haruna said anxiously.
"Isn't it today the photo shoot for the new collection with the PokerFace line included?" Mariko asked, looking at her naked reflection in her wall mirror. She smiled, remembering a certain girl’s overreaction two mornings ago. A tiny smile could be seen on the corner of her mouth.
"Yes! The staff members are already here to set things up. It will start at eight. It's just that I can't stop myself from sketching," Haruna answered, like she was thinking about her reasons.
"I think you have too much time to space out. Don't rush me. I'll be there at nine, or so. I have to go to the lab's office first. See you, Nyaro." She turned off the phone, smirking. Mariko started to call Haruna 'Nyaro' during yesterday's travel back. It was to tease about the Nyannyan thing. She liked it, though; it resonated well with Haruna.
Mariko stood up and dressed in a robe, wondering why she remembered Gachapin first thing in the morning. She expected not see the girl anytime soon. Minami gave her an irritating feeling that makes her want to strangle the girl. But Gachapin was nice when she was not calling her 'old mummy'. And Mariko really didn't want to receive a prank from her, because she won't be as nice as Yuuhi's father.
Walking towards the kitchen, Mariko thought about what she could have for breakfast. As always, she chose a healthy meal. She looked at the clock she had on her dining room: 7:30 am. It had to be a fast healthy meal, because she had to be at her office at eight. She prepared some fruit juice, sliced a papaya, and toasted two slices of whole-grain bread. Then, she took a fast bath, dressed up with formal, yet fashionable, work clothes, and drove straight to her office. She didn't have a driver simply because she hated people doing things for her, except when she asked for help.
When Mariko had almost arrived at the building, she saw an interesting scene. Rena was walking with a high school girl, who was desperately trying to hang on her. The two were smiling. Judging by the uniform, the girl was from a school five blocks away from the laboratory building. Straightening her eyes, Mariko recognized the high schooler: Jurina. Didn't that girl knew when someone needs a break? Mariko smiled grimly.
Mariko parked in her permanent parking lot. She greeted everyone on her way up to her office with a warm smile. Her employees admired her, but also feared her. Not in a bad way; it's just that Mariko made it clear who was the boss: her. And they showed respect.
The first thing she always sees when she enters her office is a large photo of her family. She smiled at her mother's and father's smiling faces. That was the only way she could see them now. When she was twenty, they died on an airplane accident, leaving the family business in her hands. Six years later she became the successful president of a corporation which researches diseases and studies, researches, and sells tomography machines: Shinoda's Medical Corporation. They were the best.
Mariko sighed, looking at a few folders that got stuck on her desk. 'Urgh. I skip work for one day and my assignments triple...' she thought. She sat down on her chair and quickly looked at the folders and ordered them by importance. Five of them were ordering dossiers, two of them were equipment request dossiers, and the rest was administrative paper. Mariko still had to go to Haruna's atelier.
Before driving to another part of the city to fulfill Haruna's wish, she headed to the Tomography Engine Research Laboratory.
“Good morning, Takayanagi-san,” she greeted the department secretary and walked in the laboratory.
"Good morning, Dr. Togasaki," Mariko said to a middle aged man looking at monitors. He turned his attention to her.
"Oh! Good morning, Mariko! And good news! That new type of receptors seems to be working well," he said enthusiastically. 
"Great! Now, where is Rena?" She asked, smiling.
"Matsui-san went to get more letterheads for the report,” he answered looking back at the monitors. Moments later, Rena walked in the laboratory holding a bunch of papers.
"Morning, Mariko. How are you?" Rena asked, smiling.
"Marvelously well. How was your walk to work?" Mariko smiled back. Rena blushed. Mariko grinned.
"G... Good. I.. Met Jurina on my way here..." Rena stuttered. Mariko saw her chance.
"Well, you know that she's a jailbait, right?" Mariko asked, grinning. Rena widened her eyes and blushed even more. "Be careful, okay? I don't want one of my employees getting arrested in charge of pedophilia."
"It's not pedophilia! Jurina is..." She started, but the truth hit her hard. 'Oh my god! How old is Jurina? She was wearing a school uniform today... Which school was it?' Rena thought, panicking.
"Then, have a good day you two. I have to go. Bye." Mariko left the amazed researcher and  panicked assistant trainee.
Satisfied, Mariko drove all the way to Haruna's atelier while thinking about Rena's reaction. She knew her friend hadn't thought about that matter. Mariko didn't mind who Rena had a crush on, but she wondered if Rena would accept an underage girl as a girlfriend, since she is a scrupulous person. 'Poor Jurina' was all she could think.
Luckily, a nearby parking lot was vacant. Mariko walked a block to Haruna's atelier. Mariko stopped in front of a three-floor-tall building and looked up. There was a plaque with the silhouettes of two stylish red cats and letters saying "AkaNeko: RedCat". The third floor was where Haruna lived. Mariko didn't want to go there for her own sake. Only god knows how messy that place could be. The second floor was Haruna's atelier, where she designed the clothes for her brand. It's was there where all her creations took form. The first floor sold the manufactured clothes of the accepted designs.
Mariko sighed and stepped in the building. A salesgirl recognized Mariko and directed her to the stairs that led to the second floor. The atelier had been tidied for the photo shoot, although it seemed that the session hadn’t started yet. Mariko looked at her wrist watch: ten to nine.
“Mariko!” Haruna said, gracefully jumping into Mariko.
“Calm down. Why haven’t things here started yet?” Mariko asked, trying to be patient.
“I wanted to wait for you!”
“I told you not to wait for me. Were you spacing out while talking on the phone with me?” Mariko hated when Haruna tuned off the world when they were talking about business.
“No! I knew you would arrive earlier then nine, so I asked them to wait.” Haruna explained.
“Yeah, ten minutes early…” Mariko said ironically, patting Haruna’s head. “Ok. Let’s start this shoot. Tomo~mi!” Mariko called to Haruna’s assistant. Two girls who were chatting looked at Mariko at the same time. The one with round cheeks and straight brown hair smiled and stopped arranging the other girl’s clothes.
“Mariko-sama! Thank the lord you arrived! This air-headed boss of mine delayed this shoot for too long. And—” Mariko raised a hand, making Tomo~mi stop.
“Okay. I’m here now. See if the model needs something else, and I’ll ask the photographer the same so that we can start.” The girl sighed in relief and nodded to Mariko’s order. The taller woman left to check up on the photographer, while the other girl walked back to the model.
“Kyoko-chan, do you need anything else?” Tomo~mi asked helpfully. Kyoko looked at her with curiosity. 
“Actually, yes.” Tomo~mi looked at the idol, waiting. “What’s your name?” Tomo~mi was stunned by the question. “It’s just that you’ve been here taking care of me for almost an hour. I should at least know your name. Right?” the idol smiled, showing her charming fangs. Tomo~mi blushed.
“My name is Kasai Tomomi,” Kasai said with sudden shyness.
“Hm… Kasai-san…” Kyoko thought that Kasai Tomomi was totally cute. She thought that from the very beginning.
“You can call me Tomo~mi, like everybody else,” Kasai interrupted.
“Eh! No. It’s too strange calling out my own name.” Kasai gave a puzzled look to Kyoko. The idol was bit surprised to learn that some people didn’t know her real name, because it wasn’t a secret at all. Every fan she had knew her real name, and also people who weren’t into her knew it, too. In fact, she didn’t know why she still used her artistic name. Kyoko looked over every inch of the other girl’s face. “I’m going to call you Chiyuu.”
“But everyone—” Kasai was interrupted.
“I’m not everyone. And I won’t call you Tomo~mi…” Kyoko made a funny face when she said the name. She leaned closer to Kasai’s ear and whispered sensually. “Because my real name is Itano Tomomi.” She leaned back with her teasing smile to find a hard blush on Kasai’s chubby cheeks.   
“Okay… Chiyuu is fine! So, let’s start this photo shoot!” Kasai said hastily and bewildered. Kyoko kept smiling at Kasai while they walked towards the photographer. When the camera started clicking, Kyoko turned into her professional self. But eventually, she looked for Chiyuu with her eyes. Also sometimes, she noticed the tall woman giving analyzing her with a gaze.
Mariko watched the model and Tomo~mi from afar. ‘Oh! What’s with these girls nowadays? This lovey-dovey atmosphere everywhere is getting me sick.’ She thought as she rolled  her eyes. When the photographer started clicking, she began to analyze the model. Kyoko Tanaka was a rising idol who was getting lot of attention lately. She fit Haruna’s creations perfectly. She knew how to look like cute, serious, and lovely. She even had a decent pokerface, in Mariko’s opinion, to match the PokerFace line. Kyoko Tanaka was approved. Satisfied, Mariko decided to head back to her office.
“Nyaro, I have to go back to the office. I won’t be able to lunch with you at Acchan’s,” Mariko said, patting Haruna’s head. The girl made an angry face. Mariko looked behind Haruna and saw an empty table. “What is the problem with that table?”
“Oh.” Haruna looked back. “I bought that table to put the fabric rolls on, but it came with a huge crack. It arrived right before we travelled.”
“From that website again?” Haruna nodded. “Haven’t I told you to go to a furniture store to buy this kind of thing?”
“This isn't the kind of shopping I like to do. It's the first time something like that happened. And their office is near here, anyway,” Haruna explained.
“So? Leave this laziness behind and go there to claim your rights! Do it this afternoon or tomorrow we won’t eat at Acchan’s,” Mariko threatened Haruna with a scary face. Haruna almost teared up. Mariko sighed and left, thinking she had to go back tomorrow to check up on things again.

She held her breath while rushing through the theater's corridors. It was stronger than her. Minami greeted the few people on her way with a head movement. She headed straight to the female locker room and found two friends changing.
"Good morning, Miichan!" Greeted the two at the same time. Minami smiled, finally breathing.
"Morning, Sasshi, Akicha!" She said, cheerfully walking to her locker. Sashihara Rino and Takajo Aki were two dancers from the permanent dance crew that Minami managed to get close with.
"Nee, Miichan. How was the wedding?" Akicha asked, finishing changing. Minami sighed.
"The ceremony went painfully fine," Minami said while undressing. The two knew about her crush on Yuuhi. "It was a beautiful wedding. And that Kayo girl has a really annoying friend. That old mummy keeps calling me Gachapin." Sasshi and Akicha looked at each other and tried to hold their laughter. Looking closely, Miichan really resembled the Fuji TV's mascot.
"Don't worry. You'll get over it," Sasshi said in a friendly way. She was ready for the morning rehearsal.
"Or not..." Akicha muttered to Sasshi, who giggled.
"Get over what? Yuuhi or the Gachapin thing?" Minami turned to the girls only in her underwear.
"Both!" Sasshi said. They were a bit surprised, since before the weekend, everything was about Yuuhi. Who was that woman and what she did to her friend?
"Miichan, you seem kinda off today. Is today’s announcement affecting you that much?" Akicha asked, worried. Minami wrinkled her eyebrows.
"Yeah! You usually pick things fast," Sasshi stated.
"Is it that obvious?" Minami asked, putting her work clothes.
"It's stamped on your face," Akicha answered. Minami sighed.
"Don't worry. You've been working hard. I'm sure they've noticed that," Sasshi tried to cheer her up.
"I hope so..." Minami finished changing. Then she wore her best smile. "Let's go?!" The other two girls nodded and the three walked to the rehearsal room.
The room was large and had two walls of mirrors. It was almost time, and just few employees were missing. The dancers started their warm up while waiting. Right on time, a secretary walked into the room and attached a couple of papers on the notice board. Minami decided to wait until the crowd surrounding the board dissipated. Then she approached and looked for her name. The nice thing about that announcement was that no one was fired. But the best thing was where Minami found her name: right beside the title Choreographer Assistant. She couldn’t hold herself. Minami smiled victoriously, gave a loud "Yeah!", and celebrated with a gangling dance. After that, she noticed a general notice to all promoted employees to go to the directors’ office.
With a wide smile, she faced the group of directors. They smiled at her as well. The one who was in the center started saying how much they were satisfied with her hard work. The one on the left side told her that she was chosen to take over the children's and teen's dance classes, since the current teacher was quitting. The one on the right said she had to use that week to attend the classes and get what was being taught. Her schedule would remain the same, since she was already doing most of the assistant work.
After signing the new contract, she headed to where the dance classes took place. Minami was happy. Now, she had an official job. Teaching was nice, and more than ever, she was close to achieve her dream. She will work hard as always and have lots of fun.
Minami knew the teacher she was going to replace. He was a very talented man in his thirties. So the rumor she had heard about him going to Europe was true. He deserved it more than anyone. When she arrived, the class had already started. She excused herself and the teacher introduced her.
"This is Minegishi Minami. She will replace me starting next week," he said. Minami bowed.
"It's Miichan!" a kid said cheerfully.
"You have to call her sensei." The teacher repremanded the kid.
"Okay. Miichan-sensei." The kid corrected himself. The teacher sighed defeated and continued the lesson.
Minami knew those kids. Once, she was asked to take care of a children's class because teacher was going to be late. The kids ended up liking the activity she came up with at the last minute.
The first class went smoothly, but at the end of the second class, Minami's phone rang. She thought it was bit strange, since her relatives and friends knew she was at work at that time. She excused herself to answer the call. It was from an unknown number.
"Moshi moshi?" she said, confused.
"Good morning, Minegishi-san," a male voice started. The guy knew her name. She didn’t like the direction this call was taking. "I'm from M Hospital. Your mother passed out in a supermarket. She's fine now and is going to be released soon, but the doctor needs to talk about her condition with a relative. So can you please come here?" Minami widened her eyes, worried.
"I'll be there in ten minutes." Minami hung up and explained the situation to the teacher. He let her go and said to take however much time she needed. She hurriedly took a cab and headed to the hospital.
Minami walked into the hospital reception area like a hurricane and went to ask the whereabouts of her mother. Minami found out that her mother was in the infirmary on the second floor. She took the elevator and followed the plaques that lead to the infirmary. She was so focused and worried that she didn't notice the glass door at the entrance of the infirmary.
"Itai!" Minami complained bit loud while caressing her forehead. With her other hand, she pulled the door and walked to the sector's reception.
As soon she asked about her mother, the nurse took the phone and called someone. A few minutes later, a man that seemed to be in his forties appeared. He introduced himself and took Minami to a room. He asked her to sit and started.
"Minegishi-san, your mother's condition seems to be serious. She said she was feeling pretty well before she passed out. And during the fast examination, I found that she's a healthy woman who doesn't seem to passing through stressful situations or the like." Minami just nodded. "I'll ask her to have few exams, and I need a tomography of her brain." Minami nodded again. Tomography was an expensive exam; will her family have money to pay for one?
"But is she fine now?" That was all she could think of.
"Sure. I'll take you to her now. But first." He reached his pocket and then handed a business card to Minami. She got quite confused. "A friend of mine leads the research of tomography machine improvements in this laboratory. He always needs people to test his ideas. The greatest thing is that it's free. You just have to sign the terms of compromise. Call the laboratory if you are interested."
"Thank you, doctor!" Minami was grateful that the doctor was a nice person. They shook hands, and then he led her to the infirmary room her mother was.
"Oh, dear, sorry to trouble you," was the first thing Mrs. Minegishi said when she saw her daughter. She was lying on one uncomfortable hospital bed. Minami approached the woman and gave her a tight hug.
"It's okay, mom. The doctor said you can go home," Minami said gently. Mrs. Minegishi slowly stood up, and they walked out the infirmary with linked arms. They met the doctor on their way out, and he handed Minami the papers needed to order the exams he had asked for. Minami put them in her bag and the two went to the exit. The daughter only stopped to pay the hospital bill.
While they were waiting for a cab, Minami decided to call that laboratory. It was almost lunch time, and she was starving. She took the business card, opened her cell, and dialed the number.
"Tomography Engine Research, Takayanagi speaking. Good morning." A serious, yet cute voice answered.
"Good morning, Takayanagi-san. My name is Minegishi Minami and my doctor said you might be looking for people to test," Minami said firmly, trying to hide her nervousness. 
"Indeed, Minegishi-san. Do you wish to make an appointment?" The girl said gently.
"Yes, please. When is your next time available?"
"Oh, you seem to be in a hurry..." The secretary got distracted by something on her side of the call. Minami couldn't comment Takayanagi's statement because the secretary started to talk again. "Doctor Togasaki said that if you are free now, you can come. He and his assistant will be waiting for you."
"Really?! We're free! We'll be heading there in a minute! Thank you so much!" Minami was so happy, despite the whole situation with her mother. It might be a lucky day.
"You're welcome, Minegishi-san. Do you have our address?" The girl asked.
"Yes. It's on the business card. Thank you. See you later." And the two hung up the phone. Finally, a cab appeared and Minami made the sign to hail it. She read the address to the driver, and in fifteen minutes, they were in front of a huge building.
It was a twenty-floor-tall building with huge capital letters saying ‘Shinoda’s Medical Corporation’. Minami didn’t even know that there was a huge building like it in that neighborhood. ‘Shinoda… Can it be…?’ She thought, but she didn’t want it to be true. Minami explained to her mother what was happening while they were on the cab, about the exams she had to have done. Minami paid and the cab left. That research sector was on the fifth floor.
They walked in the building and headed to the receptionist. They said they had an appointment at the Tomography Engine Research Laboratory. The woman phoned to the sector to check up. After receiving permission to go up, they took an elevator. The sector reception was like at the hospital. A cute girl was sitting behind the table. Minami smiled at her.
“Good morning. I’m Minegishi….”
“Hello, Minegishi-san!” the girl behind the table greeted with a shy smile. She took the phone and dialed four numbers. “Dr. Togasaki, Minegishi-san arrived. Okay.” She hung up and looked at Minami. “The doctor’s assistant will be here in a second to pick you up.”
“Well, actually, it's my mother who's going to have the exam,” Minami explained with a tiny smile.
“Oh, sorry! So Mrs. Minegishi, I’d like you to sign the terms of condition before you enter,” the secretary asked gently. Then a door opened, and a girl with a white coat and a pony tail walked out.
“Takayanagi-san, where is the patient?” the girl asked the secretary, not noticing Minami and her mother.
“They are right here, Matsui-san. Mrs. Minegishi was about to sign the terms.” Takayanagi pointed to the two.
“Miichan!” Rena surprised herself. Minami gave her a depressed smile. Then, Rena reached the other girl and gave her a tight hug. Minami couldn’t remember Rena being so caring. Maybe it was because Jurina spent the entire weekend on Rena’s back. She just returned the kind gesture.
“Rena-chan, this is my mother.” Minami started to introduce the two. “Mom, this is Matsui Rena.” The two shook hands gently. “Rena-chan, it's my mother who's going to have the exam.”
“Oh,” Rena slightly shook her head up and down. “Let’s go, oba-san. Can I call you oba-san?”
“Sure, dear. I’m glad you are my daughter’s friend. I feel safer this way,” Mrs. Minegishi said.
“Matsui-san, she hadn’t signed yet,” Takayanagi said, worriedly.
“It’s okay. She can do it when we're finished.” Then Rena turned to Minami. “Sorry, Miichan, but you have to wait here. It’s a part of the procedure. We’ll be back in twenty minutes or so.” Minami sighed.
“Right. I’ll sit there and wait.” Minami pointed at few seats, hugged her mother, and sat while her mother walked through the door with Rena. Minami leaned her back on the chair thinking she had to tell her father and Tomochin about her mother's condition.
Miichan was so worried that she didn't notice someone was watching her. It was lunch time, and this person wanted to ask a friend to eat together. She stepped out of the elevator and saw the girl sitting on the chairs near the entrance of the Tomography Engine Research Laboratory. She didn't expect that girl to be there; she didn't expect to see that girl anytime soon. Minami was wearing a worried expression that the women never seen before. She saw Minami get her cell out of her purse. But when the girl flipped open the gadget, it slid down of her hands and fell on the floor. The surprised expression Minami wore did entertain the woman. She smiled, shaking her head. Minami leaned down to get her phone back, but the purse, which was on her lap, fell on the floor spilling out its content. The woman held her laugh and decided to help Minami gather her belongings.
"Easy, Gachapin," Minami heard a known voice and looked up to see Mariko kneeling down. The taller woman started to help, and the smaller girl got quite confused.
"Old mummy! What are you doing here?!" Minami exclaimed throwing her belongings in her purse. The two stood up at the same time.
"I work here, dummy., Mariko said stabbing her index finger on Minami's forehead. Minami pouted and caressed the place where Mariko touched.
"Mou, how could I know that, you dinosaur? So, the name outside is...?" Minami started asking.
"Yes, my surname. It's family business," Mariko confirmed.
"Hmm... I knew there had to be a reason for you to be that cranky," Minami said looking at Mariko straight into her eyes. The two kept staring at each other for a while. Takayanagi watched the whole scene from the beginning. She was terrified about how the two treated each other, but mostly about how Mariko let Minegishi-san call her by almost offensive nicknames and didn't complain about it.
"Miichan, we're done," Rena's voice resounded behind the two. "Oh. Hello, Mariko!" Mariko and Minami turned to face Rena. Mrs. Minegishi was at the secretary's table signing the term.
"Rena, do you want to have lunch with me?" Mariko was straight to the point.
"Sure. Let me get my wallet." Rena accepted and walked back to the research room.
"Minami, dear." Mrs. Minegishi was done signing.
"Hey, mom. How was the exam?" Minami asked gently. Mariko got bit puzzled.
"It was fine. More comfortable than I thought it would be, actually. They'll call when they get the results," Minami's mother said. Then she looked at Mariko, smiling.
"Good. Mom, this is the ol..." Minami cleared her throat. "Shinoda Mariko. We met at Yuuhi's wedding. Shinoda-san, this is my mother."
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Minegishi," Mariko said offering a hand.
"My pleasure." Mrs. Minegishi shook Mariko's hand. "Thank you for being friends with Minami, and please continue taking care of her." She said, smiling.
"Sure. I'll do everything I can." Mariko said looking at Minami. Minami rolled her eyes.
"Mom, we still have to eat lunch. I'm not letting you cook today," Minami said, holding her mother's arms. The woman looked at her daughter and nodded. Then, Mariko realized how much the two looked alike. "See you another time, Shinoda-san. Say good bye to Rena for me," Minami said politely.
"See ya," Mariko said, smiling and shaking her hand, moving each finger separately. Mariko stood there until the elevator reached the first floor. Why were Gachapin and her mother there? Was her mother sick or something? Mariko was brought back to reality by Rena.
"Let's go! Where is Miichan? She left already?"
"Yes. They had to go eat. And you know what happens when Gachapin is hungry," Mariko explained. "By the way, she asked me to say 'good bye' for her."
"Why didn't you invite them to go with us?" Rena wondered.
"I don't know. It didn't cross my mind, really," Mariko said and pointed the way to the canteen. That was when Rena noticed something.
"Mariko, what are you holding?" Rena asked. Then, Mariko looked at her own hand. She was holding an identification card. She looked at it closely. It was from a dance company, and had a photo of a slightly serious Minami. Mariko knew that dance company. She used to watch their performance at their theater.
"Micchan might need it later!" Rena said worriedly. "I'll send her a message telling her to come back and pick it up."
"No. It's okay. I'll take it to her later," Mariko said, walking away. Rena was marveled her friend attitude. She decided to ignore it, slightly shaking her shoulders and changed subjects. When they arrived at the canteen, Mariko got a message. 'Don't be too hard on Harunyan ^3^'. It was from Acchan. Mariko sighed, smiling.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, she sighed and put a serious expression on her face. It wasn't so hard, since that business meeting was boring. She liked her job, but she hated these meetings in restaurants. It was uncomfortable, but not because she was the only woman in these meetings; it was because most of the men tried to hit on her and kept telling dirty jokes. Eighty percent of these meeting outside the office were about chatting about non-work related things and hiting on her. What were these old men thinking? That a young woman could only get a slightly high position on industry by going to bed with their superiors? She worked really hard to get where she was, so she faked enjoyment on their presence. She was used to do it. She learned to be a good actress, because being the General Selling Manager wasn't an easy task. She sighed again, faked a serious smile, and walked out the restaurant bathroom. She was so focused that she didn't notice she passed through someone she knew.
"Yuko?" A gentle voice called to the distracted woman. Yuko looked in the voice's direction.
"Acchan?! What are you doing here?" Yuko was surprised. They hugged each other.
"This is my restaurant," Acchan said with a smile. "Yuko, are you okay? You don't seem well."
"I'm okay. I'm just tired from this meeting. At least the food is good," Yuko sighed.
"Thanks. So, you're with the scheduled business meeting?" Atsuko wanted to know. Yuko just nodded. "Well, let me give you a hand then. Let's go," Acchan said, walking towards the tables. Yuko got bit confused, but followed her friend. Soon, they arrived at Yuko's table.
"Oshima-san, why did you take so long?" A man in a dark blue suit asked. Yuko no longer wore a tired expression. She was smiling and bowed her head.
"Sorry, sir. I just ran into a friend," She explained.
"Good afternoon. I'm Maeda Atsuko, the chef here. I hope you are enjoying our food," Acchan said politely.
"It is delicious. Congratulations!" said another man.
"Thank you. Well, as Yuko here is a good friend of mine, today the dessert is on the house. Feel free to order anything you would like. Excuse me now." Acchan bowed and walked away. Yuko was speechless.
"Well done, Oshima-san!" Another man said. Yuko smiled and bowed. She sat back in her seat and the chat restarted.
Atsuko went back to the kitchen to see if everything was going well. It was her lunch time, but she couldn't help being worried. She worked a lot to open that restaurant and she wouldn't let it close because of anything. She was waiting for Haruna to have lunch, and with that thought, she heard a noise at the back door. Haruna walked in, greeting everyone in the kitchen.
"Harunyan," Acchan started and the other girl darkened her expression when she heard the nickname. "Why do you keep using the back door?"
"Because it's closer to my house," Haruna answered. "And don't you start with nicknames, too," she complained.
"But Nyanyan is the best nickname you ever got. Come on; let's eat," Acchan said, smiling. Haruna sighed, giving up. They walked out of the kitchen and sat at the counter. Atsuko noticed that they had a good view of Yuko's table. "Hey, Harunyan,"
"What? And stop calling me that!" Haruna looked into Atsuko's eyes.
"Look who's over there," Atsuko said, pointing at Yuko's table with her head. "It's your number one fan." Haruna looked at the table and saw Yuko. Something shifted inside her. Yuko was the only woman at a table of five men. She was showing her smile and her cute dimples...
"Why did you show me that? You ruined my lunch, you know?" Haruna was pissed off. She looked at Atsuko, but kept the squirrel girl's table at the corner of her eyes. The group was laughing about something and one of the men touched Yuko's arm. Haruna frowned. Why? Why?! WHY?!
"I thought you would like to know. It's a business lunch. She's a good girl, you know. And she really adores you," Atsuko said while the food arrived.
"I don't want to know." And they ate in silence. Atsuko observed Haruna, and Haruna observed Yuko's table. The cat-like girl saw the same man trying to approach Yuko, who avoided each time gracefully. Then, they laughed again. Haruna wondered what kind of profession Yuko had, and why seeing Yuko like that ruined her day. When she finished eating, she left the payment and left for home by the back door.

Mariko headed back to her office after the lunch. She needed to dispatch documents and keep analyzing the dossiers she had on her table. But the sight of Minami's ID card, also on the table, was taking away her concentration. Mariko asked Rena why Gachapin was there with her mother. Rena explained the situation and gave her opinion about what she saw on the monitors. They used two machines on Mrs. Minegishi. One of them was meant to give higher resolution images with more tones of gray and textures. But Rena wanted to wait for the doctors' report, since she was just a student. The tall woman leaned back in her chair, sighing. She looked at her wrist watch: almost three p.m. She got her purse and her car keys, and drove to the dance theater.
At the reception desk, Mariko introduced herself as a friend of Minegishi Minami and said she wanted to return the ID card Minami forgot at her house. The receptionist informed ger that Miichan was on a stage for rehearsal. If Mariko wanted to wait and return the ID card in person, she could sneak in the theater and silently watch the rehearsal. That wasn't part of Mariko's plans, but when she remembered what awaited her in her office, she accepted the invitation. She turned off her cell phone and walked into the theater. She chose a chair in the last row and sat down.
Watching a rehearsal was a completely different experience. They had to stop, restart from the beginning, and follow instructions. Mariko recognized Minami in the front row dancing with the crew. Suddenly, she stopped and said it was wrong. Mariko wondered how Gachapin saw that. Does she have eyes on the back of her head? Minami showed them the steps again, and they agreed that they had made a mistake. This time, Minami watched the group and shouted instructions. Mariko was amazed by Gachapin's behavior and how everyone respected her. She watched Minami; every step, every expression, every gesture. She was bewitched. Mariko only realized that the time passed when Minami announced that the rehearsal was over.
Minami stayed on stage to chat with Sasshi and Akicha. She still had some time before her next assignment. Sasshi and Akicha saw a tall woman approaching.
"Yo, Gachapin," Mariko said when there were only the three girls at the stage. It was about three meters high, and there was no visible entrance up to the stage. Minami looked at her with an incredulous expression.
"What is your problem, old woman? Are you following me? Oh. I see... You fell for me, isn't?" Minami started teasing. The need to was stronger than her. Akicha and Sasshi now knew who that woman was. Mariko smiled smugly.
"Don't be silly. I'm here doing a favor for you. So don't place your expectations that high." Mariko said, smiling and showing the ID card.
"My ID card! Where did you find it? I looked for it like crazy," Minami exclaimed, ignoring what Mariko said.
"It was on my floor. You might have forgotten it when your purse spilled open," Mariko said, stating the obvious.
"Yeah, you might be right. Wait a second." Minami approached the edge of the stage and jumped. She landed firmly. Then, she stood up like it was nothing. Mariko was surprised by that. It was high, even for her. The tall woman handed the ID card to its owner.
"Thank you," Minami said, hugging Mariko like it was an automatic gesture.
"You're welcome," Mariko said, patting Minami's head.
"Hey, that was kind of like the Miichan we know," Akicha whispered to Sasshi.
"Yeah. But I still think that woman did something to her," Sasshi whispered back.
"Maybe it's what you said earlier..." Akicha put a hand on her waist end a finger on her chin.
"Which one?"
"Both, I guess." The two looked at each other. Maybe Miichan...
"Nah!" They said together, shaking their heads negatively. Akicha and Sasshi looked back at Mariko and Minami. They were already separated from the hug. Mariko looked up to the girl and waved. The two waved back. Then, Mariko turned around and walked to the exit. Minami parted from her friends and went to her next duty.

The photo shoot was still running, but Haruna needed to go outside again. She had to go to that website's office to claim her rights about the damaged product. Otherwise, Mariko wouldn't show up tomorrow. She knew her friend would appear one way or another; it was just an excuse. She left everything with her assistant, Kasai Tomomi, and took a cab to the office.
The office was the fourth floor of a business building ten blocks away from her house. Stepping out of the elevator, Haruna found herself impressed by the layout of the floor. Almost all of the walls and partitions were transparent. Maybe glass, maybe acrylic, maybe another material she didn't know.  She could see the employees working and chatting with each other. At the reception desk, she said she wanted to make a complaint. The receptionist was nice and led Haruna to a room with four transparent walls. She asked Haruna to wait there because someone will appear to hear her complaint.
Siting on a comfortable couch, Haruna recognized the silhouette of the receptionist and followed it with her eyes. She saw the receptionist talk to a well dressed woman, who nodded and looked her way. Unfortunately, that transparent material make the vision blur, so all Haruna saw was a woman's blurry face. She saw the woman walk towards the room she was in. Haruna took a deep breath.
"Good afternoon. What can I do for you, Miss...?" said a familiar voice, which this time was serious and deep, not squeaky and high pitched like Haruna was used to hearing. The question faded when their eyes met.
"Yuko! I mean, Oshima-san..." Haruna couldn't believe in her eyes. Today was definitely not a good day. Yuko smiled, showing the same cute dimples Haruna noticed at lunch time. She took a seat in front of her customer.
"I'm glad you remembered my name, Kojima-san." Yuko was really surprised, but managed to recompose herself fast. She crossed her legs, placing the tablet she was holding on her leg. Hearing her name through Yuko's voice was like getting a stake to the heart. Why? And why did Yuko look so sexy with that serious behavior? "So, what brings you here?" Haruna cleared her throat.
"Well, last week I bought a table to place some of my work material on. But when I was tidying it, I noticed a crack in the table," Haruna explained. Yuko heard her fiercely. Haruna was uncomfortable.
"Do you have the order number?" Yuko asked taping on her tablet. Haruna took out a printed piece of paper from her purse and handed it to Yuko. Yuko tapped on her tablet again. "I see. Kojima-san, we need to evaluate that cracked table and make a report so that we can replace your product."
"Okay." It was easier than Haruna thought it would be. "Any time is fine. There's always someone there on week days."
"Let's schedule it, then." Haruna nodded and Yuko tapped on the tablet. "We're available  this week Tuesday at 8 a.m., Wednesday at 4:30 p.m., Thursday at 11 a.m., and Friday at 9:20 a.m." Yuko read from her tablet. Haruna thought the earlier they do that report, the earlier she will get the replacement.
"Tomorrow morning is good," Haruna said. And she could swear that she saw a perverted smile on Yuko's lips. It vanished when Yuko passed her hand through her hair. 'That was sexy. No wonder those men were trying to hit on her at lunch...' Haruna thought.
"It's settled. Tomorrow morning. Is there anything else I can do for you?" Yuko asked, looking into Haruna's eyes.
"No," Haruna said keeping the eye contact.
"So, that's it," Yuko said, standing up. "See you tomorrow, Kojima-san." She offered a hand. Haruna stood up and shook Yuko's hand.
"Thank you, Oshima-san." Then, Yuko walked Haruna to the elevator and bowed, saying, "Thank you for buying our product." Haruna decided to walk home, since she had a lot to think about. Now she knew where Yuko worked.

She saw the man who was with her walk out of the snack bar. He was her editor. Being the good writer she was, she handed him the piece she had promised. She worked under various nicknames and had various hits under them. They discussed her ideas for her ongoing work, and she shared the new ideas she had thought about on the weekend. The best part was that their meal was paid by the company they worked for. She grabbed her phone and called a friend. It was almost the time when normal people got off work.
"Hey, Yuki! Wanna go somewhere when you're done with work?" she asked happily.
"Hey, Sae! I'd love to, but I have to do overtime today. Sorry. I'm sure next time I'll be free," Yuki answered with a sad voice.
"It's okay. I understand. Not everyone can choose their work hours like I do," Sae said, sighing.
"You're right. Aren't you a lucky girl?" Yuki said, smiling.
"Yes, I am. I'll hang up now. I don't want to interrupt anymore of your work. See ya," she said cheerfully. After hearing her answer, Sae turned off the gadget. She walked out of the snack bar, wondering where she should go next.
That snack bar was in a neighborhood that she wasn't used to, so she decided to walk around and see if she could find something interesting. She walked through it's commerce streets. She found a gaming store, which was now filled with students, food stores, and clothing stores. But a rustic plaque caught her attention: Aki's BathHouse. It was a long time since she had taken a bath at a bathhouse, and the thought of doing so at that moment brightened her spirit. She decided to try it out.
When Sae entered the bathhouse hall, she noticed that place was a hit. The counter was full of people, and the waiting room seemed full as well. Since she had nothing to do, she walked to the counter to hire the services of the bath house. She could use the time she'd have to wait to write something in her notebook. When she finally was able to see the attendant's face, she got a surprise.
"Sayaka?!" She never thought she would find Sayaka working in such a place.
"Sae! Good to see you!" Sayaka said while attending other customers. "As you can see, we have a full house today."
"Yeah! And it is good for business." Sae looked behind her and saw that the line behind her increased. "Do you want help?" Sayaka looked at her thankfully.
"Are you sure?"
"Of course! I have nothing to do now." So Sayaka let Sae go behind the counter and explained what the other girl had to do. Two worked faster than one. When was about seven, Sayaka had to put the 'closed' plaque on the door. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to handle the amount of customers they had.
Sae was enjoying working at the bathhouse. She discovered that the bathhouse was a family business passed down through generations of the Akimoto family. That was one of the reasons why that bathhouse was famous. Sae helped serve the food the customers ordered and entertained them with games and jokes. By the time everyone took their bath, Sae was extremely tired.
"Come on, Sae! Help me clean the bathroom, so we can use it." Sayaka said handing Sae a broom.
"Okay!" Sae shouted lively, raising the broom.
"Woah! I made you work like a mule, and you are still full of energy," Sayaka said, astonished. Sae smirked, not telling the other girl why she still had spare energy.
They washed the two bathrooms together, and Sae was surprised by how large they were. No wonder Sayaka had a nice figure! Anyone would have a nice figure if they had to clean that every day, without fail. When they finished, they went to the locker room to undress. Sae decided to only look when they were both undressed. She heard Sayaka calling her and turned. Sayaka was naked, holding two towels. Sae was unable to blink.
"What's your problem? Let's go!" And Sayaka threw one of the towels on Sae.
"Coming!" Sae said finally waking from her trance. 
First they had to wash themselves. Sayaka volunteered to brush Sae's hair and back. Sae happily accepted. Sae felt like she was the luckiest person in the entire world. Sayaka's technique was amazing! It was a professional's work. She lived in a bathhouse, for Christ’s sake! Of course she had learned every trick to make the customer happy! Sae returned the favor, though she wasn't as good as Sayaka. She tried to not stare at Sayaka's body for too long. She was aware of the idiotic role she played at the beach.
When the two finished, they got in the bathtub. Sae felt every inch of her body relax. She sighed. That was such a good feeling. Sayaka and Sae kept chatting until they felt like it was time to get out. They dried and dressed up. When Sae went to pay, Sayaka said it was okay, that Sae had already paid with her work. Sayaka advised Sae to use a drier on her hair when she got home, because she didn't want her friend to get a cold. They parted with a hug and Sae promised to come back anytime to help and take a bath.

She was looking at her painting, trying to remember which color she thought would best fit that part. The girl decided to go with any color she had on her palette. She would hold an exposition next month, so she had to paint and draw as much as she could to select the best ones. She heard noises coming from the living room. Her friend might have arrived. She shared a three-room apartment with a friend.
"Takaminaa~!" exclaimed a squeaky voice. Seconds later, a girl ran into the room and jumped onto Takamina. "You won't believe who I met today!"
"Calm down, Yuko! And watch out, this is oil paint. It's hard to clean if it gets on fabric," the small girl said, laughing. She liked her friend's enthusiastic behavior. "Who did you met today?"
"I met Acchan at therestaurant I went to for a business lunch," Yuko said, leaving Takamina and leaning on a desk. Takamina blushed a bit when she heard the name 'Acchan'. "She owned the place. We should go there some other time; their food is great!"
"Right. And how was work?" Takamina asked, looking at her friend.
"The business lunch was awful as it always is. But things at the office were great! AND..." Yuko made a pause just to make Takamina more curious. Yuko's face lit up. "NYANNYAN APPEARED IN THE OFFICE!" Yuko squeaked loudly.
"Woah! What did you do? Please don't tell me you jumped on her and tried to squeeze her boobs."
"No. I didn't do that. But I wanted to do that so bad! It was so hard to keep composure... She was wearing a short skirt and I did what I could to not look at her legs! And she wore a blouse with a square neckline..."
"Stop! Stop! Stop!" Takamina made an 'x' with her arms. "I don't want to hear your perverted thoughts! There's food on the oven, so go eat something."
"Horay! Takamina's handmade cooking!" Yuko headed to the kitchen.
"Don't forget that tomorrow's your turn!" Takamina shouted. 
"'Kay!" Yuko liked living with Takamina. She also liked Takamina's paintings, so she didn't mind being in a house full of them. She often buys a few to help her friend. They got along well.

When Yuki finally finished work, it was really late. She didn't notice the time flying. She didn't know that asking for a day off would accumulate so much work.  She liked what she was doing, even thought she was just a trainee. She worked at a Meteorology Center, and was aiming for the Governmental Meteorology Center when she finished her education. Yuki looked at the time on her phone. She realized that she had lost the last train. A taxi to her house would cost too much. She'd rather spend a night in a hotel and go back home in the morning to change clothes and go to her university. Yuki asked the security guard if there was any hotel near the Center. He said that there was only a love hotel near where they were. Well, a love hotel was better than no hotel. It was a few blocks away, and she could get there by walking. After getting the directions from the guard, Yuki called her mother and told her she would spend the night in a hotel because she had missed the train.

Walking while holding her purse in front of her through the deserted street, Yuki found the right place. The shining neon letters saying 'Fantasy Love Hotel' told her so. The first thing she saw in the hall when she walked in was an illustrated banner with the saying 'Welcome to the place where your fantasies came true~!'. The place was empty, except for a person reading something - and hiding her face within it - sitting behind the counter. Yuki approached and noticed the person was reading a light novel.

"Excuse me. I would like to have a..." Yuki started. The person looked over the top of the light novel and looked at Yuki. "Mayuyu?!" Yuki was surprised. The girl didn't show a trace of emotion. Instead, she took the phone and dialed four numbers.

"Onee-chan, there's a girl here saying that she wants you," The girl said into the phone while looking at Yuki. That was Mayuyu's voice, right? Yuki blushed at what the girl said. "I know you don't sell yourself, but she called me Mayuyu. You better get here, fast." And then, she hung up the phone. She went back to reading her light novel.

'What the...? What's wrong with that girl? Onee-chan? What's going on?!' Yuki thought, but she couldn't say a word. She heard the noise of the elevator, and then footsteps.

"This is better be for real! You know I don't like to be interrupted when I'm tidying a room!" That was Mayuyu's voice! Yuki turned to see the girl and got an unexpected vision. "Oh! Yukirin!" Mayu was wearing a white coat with BDSM clothes underneath. She blushed when she remembered what she was wearing.

"So she's Yukirin?! Onee-chan, why didn't you tell me that she's prettier in person?" The girl behind the counter asked.

"I did tell you," Mayuyu said.

"Right. That cosplay looks good on you. It would be even better if we had bigger boobs," The girl said. Yuki felt that her presence was being ignored, so she cleared her throat.

"Yukirin! I didn't know that you knew where I live," Mayuyu said.

"I didn't. I work near here and missed the last train. Wait... You live here?" Yuki couldn't believe that.

"Yeah! On the last floor with my sis. Ah! That's my twin sister, Miyuki." Mayuyu said, pointing at the girl behind the counter. Yuki looked at her. They had almost the same face.

"Milky deesu~!" Sayu said winking and making a 'v' with her fingers. She got dizzy. Love hotel, twin sister, BDSM clothes; that combination was too much for her.

"You never told me that you have a twin sister..." Yuki said weakly.

"You never asked. Well, now you know," Mayuyu simply answered.

"Why she didn't go to the wedding party?" That was the prized question.

"Someone had to stay and take care of the business. And I lost on the janken," Miyuki explained.

"You said you're here because you want a room..." Mayuyu started and looked at her sister.

"I didn't say it with those words, but yes, I want a room..." Yuki commented.

"Here's a deal: help us test the new thematic room of our hotel, and you can spend the night for free," Miyuki said grinning. How bad would that test would be? As long as she didn't end up raped, Yuki thought she could handle it.

"Deal..." Yuki didn't know why she was so unsure.

"Great!" Mayuyu smirked. Then, she walked to the laundry and came back with a cloth bag. "Wear this, please. Come with me. Miyuki, ask someone to stay at the reception desk and meet us up in the room." Yuki wondered what was in the bag.

"Don't need to say it twice!" Sayu said, getting the phone. Mayu and Yuki entered the elevator and headed to the room in question. Only then did Yuki notice that the building had ten floors.

On one side of the room was a huge round bed with black with red detailed sheets. On the other side was a weird chair. A part of the seat was missing, and Yuki didn't want to know the reason. There were straps for the legs, the arms, the torso and the neck. Yuki also didn't want to know what it was meant for. The room had a dark lighting and was decorated with spare straps, ropes, chains, whips, and all kinds of torture tools. And the ceiling was covered with a mirror. Yuki gulped. She was starting to regret that crazy idea of helping the twins. Mayu gave her the cloth bag and showed her the bathroom door. Yuki changed, terrified at what she saw on the bathroom. It was full of adult toys she never wanted to see in person. Next time, she would think twice before entering a love hotel. The clothes Mayu gave her were a leather corselet, a leather neck strap, and a garter-belt. Yuki never, even in her dreams, thought she would dress like that. When she walked out the bathroom, Miyuki was already there.

"Good! You have the perfect body for that costume!" Mayu said, impressed by how well she choose Yuki's cosplay.

"Nee-chan, she's better than I imagined!" Miyuki was amused.

"Now, Yukirin, sit here," Mayuyu requested, tapping the weird chair. Yuki walked over to the chair, embarrassed, and sat. Faster than Yuki's could think, Mayu strapped the girl in the chair. The only one she didn't use was the neck one.

"It worked, Nee-chan!" Miyuki said, applauding.

"Of course it worked! I wouldn't buy it if it didn't!"

"Thank god you're not taking pictures..." Yuki sighed.

"But we're recording," Miyuki said, pointing her thumb up. "It's one of the room's features." Yuki widened her eyes.

"She's kidding," Mayu said, looking at Yuki strapped in the chair. Yuki gave a mean glare to Miyuki, who smiled. "But it's true that recording is a feature of this room." Mayu opened the wardrobe and showed the recording equipment.

"Lord..." Yuki didn't know why she still was impressed. Miyuki approached Yuki and started to look at the tied girl. Yuki looked at her, puzzled. Then, Miyuki leaned in and kissed Yuki on her lips, making Yuki blush hard and her heart skip fast.

"Milky! Why did you do that?!" Mayuyu was bit angry.

"I guess I envied you. Yukirin's cuteness overwhelmed my expectations," Miyuki smiled innocently. "Come on! I know you want to do that, too!" Mayu blushed. Yuki turned purple. Then, Miyuki pulled Mayu close to Yuki and make the two kiss. Yuki had to confess to herself that she had wanted to do that since she licked the grape syrup off of Mayuyu's cheek. But now, she was between two Mayuyus, and her heart was beating twice as fast. When the two separated, Sayu gently hold Yuki's head, turned it to her side and gave a fast kiss on the tied girl's lips. "Now, we're even," Miyuki said walking away. Mayu cleared her throat.

"So, let's move to the bed." Mayu said, untying Yuki.

The recent happenings drained Yuki's strength. With a few steps, she threw herself on the bed. The twins smirked grimly. 'Oh, god. Why?!' Was all Yuki could think. Mayu and Miyuki got on top of Yuki, back to back. Mayu handcuffed Yuki's arms to the bed, and Miyuki did the same with Yuki's legs. Then, they turned to each other and clapped their hands together while smiling. Yuki didn't know where those handcuffs came from. She wanted to hide herself from embarrassment. She was in a love hotel room, tied in a bed with spread legs and arms, with two girls on top of her and looking at her shameful expression and in clear view of  ceiling mirror. What a great way to start a week... The twins got off of Yuki and laid on each side of the tied girl. They leaned closer to Yuki's body like it was a huge pillow. Then, looked at each other and hold hands, placing it between Yuki's breasts.

"Oyasumi, Mayu-nee." Miyuki said gently.

"Oyasumi, Miyuki-nee." Mayu answered gently.

"Oyasumi, Yukirin." The twins said together. It made shivers go down through Yuki's spine.

"Oi! Untie me! Please!" Yuki asked, but the twins seemed to be already asleep. She panicked at the thought that she had to spend the night tied up. Yuki struggled until she ran out of energy, and the twins still didn't wake up. When she passed out due to fatigue, the twins opened their eyes. The truth was that they were faking. They untied Yuki and spread an ointment on her wrists and ankles to prevent them from getting red. Yuki shifted to a normal position, and the two went back to the bed. They leaned closer, and Yuki embraced them unconsciously.

Yuki slowly woke up. The bed was comfortable, the sheets were soft. There wasn't any sunlight, and the bed seemed larger than her's. What time was it? She didn't know! There was any sunlight! She sat up fast, opening her eyes. She was in Mayuyus' love hotel's BDSM thematic room! That didn't even make sense! So it wasn't a dream... She wished she could forget that night, but she couldn't. It would terrorize her for years. Yuki looked around, and there was no sign of the twins. However, she noticed on the table, beside her purse and her clothes, sat a tray with food. She stood up and realized her that wrists weren't red, and neither her ankles. Yuki sighed in relief. She walked towards the table and saw a note.

"We hope you enjoyed your stay. We're sorry that we're not here when you wake up, but we had school. Enjoy the food and the room. And don't miss classes. Missing classes is bad! ;] You're welcome back anytime. love Graciously, Watanabe M. M."

It was obvious to see which part the twins agreed upon and which part each of them wrote. Yuki gave a tiny smile. She wasn't able to hate those two. She uncovered the food and started to eat. Yuki checked her phone. There were five missed calls of her mother and tons of messages. It was fifteen to nine. She totally missed her first class. Yuki called her mother and calmed her down. She told her she was so tired that she had over slept and that she would go straight to her class. The twins sent her clothes to the laundry. When did they do that? She took a bath, ignoring all of the adult toys. She walked back to the room, tangled in a towel, and read the note again. Only then did she notice that tricky word.

"School?! I'm doomed..." Yuki sighed, throwing herself on the bed.



That's it! What do you think?^^

One note: The new characters in this chapter are supportive ones. Tomochin, Chiyuu and Sayu are going to appear more often though.

See you next chapter o/
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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + KojiYuu + mess) Chapter 6 [26/10]
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nice & Great updated,
this update is about their work and school.
like how Sayu treat Yuki in 1st sigh,
Like the new character as well,
hope u update soon,

Looking forward for the next update.

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + KojiYuu + mess) Chapter 6 [26/10]
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2 Mayuyus?!?!!?

Thats heaven for Yukirin~

Thanks for the update!!! I love the Mayuki part~ Yuki was so lucky~
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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + KojiYuu + mess) Chapter 6 [26/10]
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The world is indeed a narrow place, isn't it... this whole coincidence happening as if they'd been destined to get connected each other, makes me confused and amazed at the same time. :lol:

Tomochin as Miichan's imouto, cute! Miichan is actually younger than Tomo in real life, but what the heck. Mii-neechan is also endearing!

Mayu's twin with Sayu as her name, immediately reminds me of this Source of inspiration for Sayu?

Overall, it's quite a detailed description of the main characters, this chapter.. (no wonder it got very long). Feels like reading a brand new title from you and I'm so eager to wait for upcoming chapters.

Nice effort, BbSis-san! :D

And imagining Mayu in BDSM outfit is a guilty pleasure. :lol:
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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + KojiYuu + mess) Chapter 6 [26/10]
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omg!!! kojiyuuu.. i wanna see a serious yuuchyan.. yeah serious yuuchan is so sexy.. and jealousy haruna.. like it!!

atsuminaaaaaaa im waiting.. :D

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + KojiYuu + mess) Chapter 6 [26/10]
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I'm loving the serious Yuko! :wub:  It does sound cool and sexy at the same time! KOjiharu might be really curious why Yuko didn't grope her this time, i hope there will be more of this pairing and Yuko should be more like this so she could get Kojiharu's attention for not being so into her!

Thanks for the update!  :)
Looking forward for the next chapter!  :thumbsup

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + KojiYuu + mess) Chapter 6 [26/10]
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I love Nyannyan part :heart: ! She think Yuko is sexy when she is serious. :love: She was jealous wahahahaha! :lol:

Mariko and Miichan are kawaii!!! :P

Sae is a good person, she helps Sayaka! :)

SaMaYuki is so hot :shocked! What was is?! Love it!!!! :inlove:

I love how you make each other meet their partner again, it is really great!! :twothumbs
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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + KojiYuu + mess) Chapter 6 [26/10]
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Woah. Most of us love a serious and behave yuuchan xD   :wub: and a jealous nyannyan  :twothumbs this is great update please! More kojiyuu please thank you!!  :bow: :bow: :thumbsup :heart:

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + KojiYuu + mess) Chapter 6 [26/10]
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hahahah!!!! so funny!!!!
Tomotomo !!!! yay!!!!

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + KojiYuu + TomoTomo) Chapter 7 [25/11]
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Hello! how are you?  8)

Here is the chapter and sorry if your favorite girl is not on it ><

Thank you Calyrica for the help again^^ Believe me, you help me more than just proofreading my fic^^

M00nchild: Yeah, that was basically it^^ the story had to flow somewhere, hadn't it? I'm glad you liked the new girls and the chap o/

Yuukimoko: heuheu That was your idea, actually =p Glad you enjoyed the way I did it^^

Aruka: Thank you so much! About Tomomi's age, I really forgot about that while thinking about the plot, though I knew she was older than Miichan xD My source of inspiration for Sayu was all the different kind of vibes I get from Mayu every time I watch a vid with her =p but then, searching names on AKB girls, I got aware of Sayumi^^ Mayu in BDSM was thw first thought I had when I thought about what she would do xD

Haruko: I like serious Yuuchan too! o/ You'll have bit of atsumina in this chapter hueheu Thank you for reading^^

Haruhi16: Serious Yuko is awesome! Totally agree with you o/ Let's see what Yuko and Haruna will do^^ Thank you \o/

Chanaline: Thank you! I'll work on Yuko's serious side and jealous Nyannyan o/ MariMii is cute on their own way o/ I guess Sae is Sae =p SaMaYuki? I liked it o/ This will be forever triangle! Glad you liked^^ Thank, it demanded me lots of thoughtful times...

Tam_atsu: I noticed that too xp Since I like Kojiyuu, of course there will be more of them o/ Thank you for reading^^

Kahem: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it o/ I've been into Tomotomo lately hauhauah

Everyone: Thank you for reading o/ I hore you're enjoying it, even if it's silently o/


Chapter 7

She woke up early again. Unlike the day before, Haruna had an appointment. She had to wait for someone from the website appear to evaluate the cracked table. Haruna went to the kitchen for breakfast, ignoring all messy state of her house. She always forgets that she doesn't live with her parents anymore. She doesn't have her mother to clean up her room and the entire house. The atelier was always clean because of Tomo~mi. Haruna sighed, thinking about how she has to clean up later. After her meal, she went downstairs to work with fabrics and the mannequins.
Half an hour later, Haruna's cell phone rang. She looked at the display. It was Mariko. She knew why her friend was calling.
"Hai," Haruna answered her phone.
"Good morning, Nyaro," Mariko greeted making Haruna sigh with displeasure. "Sleep well? I just want to know if you went to complain about the table."
"Yes for both questions. Why didn't you come here?" Haruna asked, sitting on her work table.
"And go to your messy house? No, thank you. When you clean it, invite me again, and I'll think deeply about whether go or not," Mariko said, teasing.
"Mou, stop being so mean!" Haruna complained, pouting. Then, she hear a noise and someone shouting downstairs, "Tadaima!" "Oh, Tomo~mi arrived." Tomo~mi liked to think of her workplace as her house as well, and Haruna liked that behavior from the girl. "And it's about time someone from the website come here to evaluate the table."
"Good. Time to hang up. I'll pick you up at half past noon. Bye bye."
"Okay. Bye-bye." And they hung up. Haruna saw Tomo~mi wearing a slightly confused expression. "Good morning?"
"Oh, good morning, Kojiharu," the girl greeted with a smile. "Oh, there's a couple downstairs saying they're from a website. Should I let them in?"
"Sure. Why they hadn't called?" Haruna asked, standing up.
"Well, we happened to arrive at the same time. So I told them to wait," Tomo~mi answered, placing her belongings on a nearby table. "I'll bring them." Then, the girl went back downstairs.
Haruna walked to the window and looked down. She saw an extremely handsome man in a gray suit, but she couldn't see the woman. She was standing in an angle that the plaque hid her.
"So I'll finally meet her. I'm so excited!" said the man cheerfully. 'Meet who?' Haruna thought.
"Shut up, Hiro-kun!" said a woman's voice. It was a serious tone, but Haruna found it familiar. They didn't have more time to chat because Tomo~mi appeared and guided them to the second floor.
Haruna turned to the door that lead to the stairs and waited. A few moments later, Tomo~mi walked into the atelier, followed by the handsome man and a woman Haruna didn't want to see. Yuko was there in the middle of her atelier with that serious sexy face and a skirt that showed two thirds of her shapely legs. Haruna wondered why she was having these thoughts. The three looked at Haruna, waiting for a reaction. Since they got none, Yuko decided to start.
"Good morning, Kojima-san," Yuko greeted, bowing. "This is Sato Hiroyuki, our merchandise appraiser. We're here to evaluate your table." The handsome man bowed as well. 'Why was the perverted squirrel so familiar with him downstairs?' was all Haruna could think about.
"Good morning, Oshima-san, Sato-san," Haruna said slightly bowing her head. "The table is on this way." She walked to the other side of the atelier, and the two followed her.
Seeing her boss take the lead, Tomo~mi started to organize the mess Haruna had made with the fabrics. Despite everything, she knew what Haruna choose and what she discarded. When she was tidying the corner the model used to do their makeup and take breaks, she found a wallet. It was against her principles, but Tomo~mi opened it to check whom it belonged. There was a family picture inside, and the girl instantly recognized the wallet's owner.
"Oh, my! Kyoko Tanaka forgot her wallet!" Tomo~mi shouted louder than she wanted. Yuko, who was turning on her tablet, heard a familiar name.
"Excuse me, miss," Yuko said to Tomo~mi, who looked at her. "When you say Kyoko Tanaka, do you mean the idol?"
"Yes. Kojiharu, where did you put her agency's number?" Tomo~mi said gently.
"I guess it's in the phonebook. What's her agency again?" Haruna answered.
"Miss, a wallet is a very important thing. Would you be willing to deliver it now?" Youko asked approaching Tomo~mi with a tiny smile. Haruna thought that everything was too suspicious.
"Yes!" The assistant said with a determined expression. Then, Yuko took a pen and a small notebook from her purse and wrote something on the paper. She ripped that sheet of paper out and handed to Tomo~mi.
"Considering she was working here yesterday until late at night, she can probably still be found on this address." Yuko informed.
"Thank you!" Tomo~mi said, deciding to believe on that strange woman.
"You're welcome." Yuko smiled, and then turned to Haruna. "Now, Kojima-san, I would like you to confirm some data." Yuko left her purse on a table and walked to Haruna only holding her tablet.
Yuko stood in front of Haruna and started to ask questions. Meanwhile, Sato was checking the table. Haruna tried to keep both under her gaze. But at some point, all she could see was Yuko in front of her. She was well dressed, and Haruna even liked the high heels the short woman was wearing. Since Haruna was also wearing high heels, their height difference remained the same.  Looking down, the tall woman realized how different the woman in front of her looked like from above. That serious face looking down focused on her work, and that pendant pointing down into her neckline was exciting Haruna... What?!
"Thank you, Kojima-san. I'll check the table with Sato-san now. Excuse me," Yuko said, lightly bowing her head.
Haruna stood there, observing. Yuko smiled at Sato-san. Not a fake smile like the ones at the restaurant, but a genuine one. He returned the smile. He was truly handsome, but to Haruna, he was just a guy near a sexy Yuko. The two turned to the table, and he placed a hand on Yuko's shoulder. 'Was that really necessary?' Haruna thought. She was too focused on Sato-san's big male hand pressing down against Yuko's back that she didn't notice the malicious smile he gave Yuko. Understanding his intentions, Yuko let Sato do as he pleased.
Yuko changed positions and leaned up on the table. Haruna noticed the short girl's skirt lift a bit, showing more of her legs. This was an extremely seductive movement. Haruna gulped. She couldn't take her eyes off of Yuko. Yuko touched the crack on the table, then Sato touched it, too, and their hands met. Haruna couldn't take it anymore.
"Aham!" Haruna cleared her throat. "Can I offer you something to drink? Water, tea, coffee?" She asked, trying to make a normal voice.
"I guess water is fine. Right, Sato-san?" Yuko answered.
"Yes! Water is fine." The man confirmed.
With a tiny bow, Haruna went to the small refrigerator she had in the atelier and opened it. She noticed that the atelier had run out of water. As yesterday was a busy day, neither her nor Tomo~mi remembered to refill the bottles.
"Sorry, I ran out of water here," Haruna announced looking at the two. Sato was caressing Yuko's hand shamelessly. The tall girl got so angry that she added, "but I have some upstairs. Oshima-san, could you help me bring down the bottle and the glasses?"
"Sure," Yuko agreed, even though she asked herself why Kojima-san needed two for that task.
Haruna showed the way to Yuko and let her go ahead. She didn't need to look up to see Yuko's butt. Its sexy yet natural movements were driving Haruna crazy. She stopped at the middle of the way to take a deep breath. Yuko stopped in front of a closed door and looked at Haruna. She thought the serious expression on Haruna's face was strange. Haruna stared at Yuko and resumed the walk upstairs. When she was in front of the smaller girl, she straightened her eyes. Faster than a blink of an eye, Haruna held up Yuko's arm above her head and threw the girl into the wall, kissing her furiously on the lips and pressing her body into the smaller one. Yuko widened her eyes, startled. Her brain entered a state of shock, but she responded the kiss with the same intensity. Why?! She was just trying to be professional, but that ruined everything. Haruna broke the kiss suddenly. What the heck she was doing?!
"...Nyan..." Yuko tried to say breathlessly. She was bright red, touching her lips.
"... Forget it! Nothing happened!" Haruna said, furiously opening her house's door. It hit deep in Yuko's heart. She didn't hide her sad face, and followed Haruna through the door.
"No! I can't forget a kiss like that!" Yuko said, hurt. She looked around and realized that she was inside an apartment. Haruna's apartment. She was in the middle of a messy living room. There were dirty glasses and plates on the table, used towels and clothes spread on the couch and on the floor. Yuko decided to ignore the mess and follow Haruna. "Nyanyan!"
"And now, you call me Nyanyan!" Haruna said, feeling irritated. She stopped walking when she arrived on the kitchen.
"You don't even like the nickname I gave you," Yuko admitted with a sad voice. Something clicked inside Haruna. "And I have to keep my composure when I'm working," Yuko explained. Haruna hated to admit, but Yuko was right on both matters. She took a clean glass from the sink and walked to the refrigerator. She got a bottle of water from it and filled the glass.
"Here is your water," Haruna said, handing the glass to Yuko. Their hands touched, and Haruna blushed. Yuko smiled and approached, drinking the water,
"I will take what happened as sign that you are giving me a chance," Yuko said, trying to hug Haruna, but the girl dodged.
"I guess Sato-san might be thirsty," Haruna said nervously and walked out of  the kitchen with the bottle of water. Yuko laughed, leaning on the kitchen's wall. When she finished her water, she washed the glass. But she was so distracted thinking about the kiss that she ended up washing everything that was dirty.
Haruna took a deep breath and tried to recompose herself before stepping back into her atelier. She found Sato-san leaning against the table he was analyzing earlier. He gave Haruna a bright smile while she served him the water. As Yuko was taking too long to get back, he started to explain to Haruna the procedures and the evaluation results. Several minutes passed and Haruna was almost about to go upstairs to see if everything was fine with Yuko when the short woman appeared. She was wearing a serious expression and acted like just had lost herself upstairs.
"I believe that Sato-san had already explained everything to you," Yuko stated. Haruna nodded. "So, thank you for having us." She bowed. Sato-san did the same.
"Are you sure that by the end of the week I'll have a new table?" Haruna asked, just to be sure.
"Sure," Yuko affirmed, heading to the table where she had left her purse. 'Perhaps she is more tsundere than me...' Haruna wondered.
"Thank you for your consideration," Sato -san said, intending to end that visit. Yuko joined him, and Haruna led them to the exit.
Haruna sighed, still amazed and confused about her action. Why did she kiss Yuko? Was she jealous? Could it be that she had already...? No! It couldn't! She didn't want that! But Yuko's lips were so soft, she was such a good kisser, and her body was so warm. Haruna felt it when she pressed her body against Yuko's. They seemed so smooth... 'Haruna! What the heck are you thinking?!' She thought patting her cheeks with both hands. Then, she lightly shook her head and remembered she had an assistant. She looked at the wall clock: half past nine. Why Tomo~mi was taking so long?

Tomi~mi was amazed by the accuracy of the directions that Yuko-woman gave her. The paper contained the address, local references, and a small simple map. When did she have time to write that much? The place was a few blocks away from a train station. So, she took said transportation, and not much time later, she was in front of a two-story ordinary house. There was a plaque with the name Itano written in it. Tomo~mi remembered that this was the real name of the idol. She took a deep breath and pressed the doorbell button. A few moments later, a girl with round eyes and cheeks and long dark hair opened the door.
"Good morning. My name is Kasai Tomomi and I work for AkaNeko: RedCat. Tana... Itano-san forgot her wallet yesterday, and I'm here to deliver it," Tomo~mi said trying to hide her nervousness. The girl stared Tomo~mi for few seconds, then grinned.
"Okay. Come in," the girl said wide opening the door to let Tomo~mi in. "I'm Minegishi Minami, but everyone call me Miichan," Minami said while they walked towards the kitchen.
Tomo~mi was puzzled by the different surname, but it was impolite to ask about it. She noticed that the house was western styled with simple design. They walked through an average sized living room. As soon as they arrived at the kitchen, she saw a woman who looked like to be in her forties.
"Hey mom! This is Kasai Tomomi and she is Tomochin's friend from work," Minami said, sitting back at the table to keep eating her breakfast. Before she could see how much Minami eats, Mrs. Minegishi asked her a favor.
"Kasai-san, could you please go upstairs and wake up Tomochin? She's already late for school and I don't want her missing too many classes. Her room is the second door in the corridor." The girl was startled by the request, but she just nodded and walked to where she had seen the stairs. The last thing she heard was Miichan's voice saying 'good luck'.
She walked up the stairs, wondering why Miichan would say such thing. At the end of the stairs, she found a corridor with four closed doors. 'The second one...' Tomo~mi thought. It was on her right side. She stood in front of the door and knocked. She got no response. She knocked three more times and still got no answer. Then, she checked the door knob to see if the door was unlocked. It was. She decided to walk in to keep up with her task. She understood now why Miichan wished her good luck.
The room was in a penumbra.  But after her eyes got used to the room's lack of luminosity, she noticed the room was a bit messy. It seemed its owner was doing something until late at night and left it untidy before got to bed. There was a big bed on her left and an uncovered, curled-up Tomochin sleeping deeply right in the middle. Tomochin was wearing a sexy black silky strapped nightgown. Tomo~mi's mouth opened a bit. She gulped. 'Her sleeping face is so beautiful. I could spend a whole day watching it...' Tomo~mi thought. 'No! You can't!'.
"Kana... Tomochin... Wake up." She decided to use the name everyone in that house called the girl. Her heart skipped a beat with her own words. Still, she got no response coming from the girl. "Tomochin, wake up!" She repeated a bit louder and leaned on the bed to poke the sleeping girl. Nothing. Then, she grabbed one of Tomochin's shoulders and shook it lightly. "Tomochin..." The sleeping girl suddenly shifted on the bed. Tomo~mi lost her balance and fell over onto Tomochin. But the girl didn't seem to wake up. Tomochin wrapped her arms around Tomo~mi and rolled over her. Tomo~mi panicked. Their faces were too close.
Tomochin was sleeping heavily. She was so tired from studying until late at night after an exhaustive photo-shoot session. She was expecting her mom to let her sleep until late. She was in her last year of school, and she deserved a break from all the work she had been doing lately. Far away on her dream, she heard a cute voice calling her name. She recognized the voice because she liked its owner: the cute girl from yesterday. Then she felt a gentle touch on her shoulder, and a shook. She decided to move and something fell on her. As she was dreaming about the cute girl, she fantasized it was that girl on top and hugged her. In her dream, she changed positions and got on top. Her dream was so perfect that she could smell the sweet scent of Chiyuu.
"Hmm.." Tomochin mumbled caressing Tomo~mi's cheeks with hers. 'So smooth...' She thought blushing. The other girl was lost in her own thoughts, startled and delighted with that sudden touch.
"Tomochin, wake up..." Tomo~mi said voiceless. Then, Tomochin realized: was she still dreaming? 
"Hm. Chiyuu... Are you real?" Tomochin asked in a groggy voice.
"Yes," she answered with a firm tone. Why she wouldn't be real? Unless the other girl was dreaming about her... Impossible!
"Prove it," Tomochin said with the same groggy tone, without opening her eyes.
"How? You're holding me." Tomo~mi started to panic.
"Kiss me," Tomochin said, smiling. Tomo~mi's heart start to race.
"I can't! I can't kiss an idol!" Tomo~mi said in a desperate tone.
"Why not? You're in my bed. It's not like I'll tell someone..."
'Why this is happening to me?' Was all she could think. She could feel Tomochin's breath on her face as she blushed. Then, she leaned closer and kissed Tomochin's cheek. The sleeping girl smiled, but still didn't open her eyes.
"Wrong place," Tomochin said. Before Tomo~mi could think of anything, she felt a warmth on her lips. Tomochin was kissing her on the lips. Her heart was skipping so fast that she thought it had stopped beating. The younger girl was on top kissing the older desperately. Tomo~mi was confused with her lack of struggle and with the way she was kissing Tomochin back. Soon, Tomochin started to make sensual movements with her body against Chiyuu's. It was too real, all these comforting and warm yet exciting feelings, to be a dream. Only when Tomo~mi started to hug and caress her gently, did something click. A pair of warm hands traveled to under her blouse and caressed her bare skin in a sensual way, making her shiver. Tomochin moaned and finally opened her eyes. First thing she saw was a pair of confused eyes.
"Chiyuu!" Tomochin sat up fast. She looked down and noticed she was sitting on Chiyuu's hips. Chiyuu's hands were on her waist, still under her clothes. She blushed furiously; Tomo~mi also blushed. "It wasn't a dream after all..." she mumbled. The two stared at each other for a moment without changing positions. "Chiyuu... I..."
"Don't!' Tomo~mi said, sitting up, but holding the other girl tightly to not let her fall. They got closer than they were before. Tomochin realized that Chiyuu was between her legs. "Don't say you're sorry, because I wanted it too," Tomo~mi said seriously, looking into Tomochin's eyes, making the other girl turn purple. "And I would do it again." Without a second thought, Tomochin wrapped her arms around Chiyuu's neck and kissed her again. Chiyuu hugged Tomochin with her arms under her blouse, making the girl shiver again.
"What brings you here?" Tomochin asked, breathless after the kiss.
"Your wallet. You forgot it at the atelier." Tomo~mi answered, caressing Tomochin's hair.
"How did you find out where I live?" Tomochin asked, enjoying the care.
"A woman named Oshima. She was there because of the table Kojiharu bought for the atelier." Tomo~mi answered, smiling. What was this melting feeling?
"Hm. Oshima Yuko?" Chiyuu nodded. "She is Onee-chan's friend. Remind me to thank her later..."
"What?" Chiyuu got confused.
"Nothing!" Tomochin gave a peck on Chiyuu's lips, making the girl blush. "I have to get ready for school," Tomochin said, getting of the bed, already missing Chiyuu's gentle touch. Tomo~mi stood up and rearranged her own clothes. When she saw Tomochin undressing, she blushed.
"I... I'll wait outside." Tomo~mi said, embarrassed. When she was reaching the door, she felt a hand on her wrist. She turned to see what Tomochin wanted and found her only in her pants. Though she blushed, she didn't avert her gaze.
"You don't have to," Tomochin said with red cheeks. They shared a comfortable gaze in silence. "Nee, Chiyuu. Can we keep doing this?"
"Doing what?"
"This." Tomochin leaned closer and kissed Chiyuu.
"Sure," Tomo~mi agreed, blushing. Tomochin smiled. "And please, stop turning me on, okay? You have school; I have work. Otherwise..." Chiyuu turned her gaze away.
"Otherwise?" Chiyuu just turned a bit, looked at Tomochin with her corner of her eye and smiled in a perverted way. Then, she left the room. Tomochin felt her body warm up and blushed completely.
Tomi~mi had to recompose herself before back downstairs. Back to the kitchen, she found just Mrs. Minegishi there, cooking again. What happened to all that food? Before she could think about it, Tomochin appeared in the kitchen in her uniform, greeting her mother. They sat at the table and Tomochin started to eat. Tomo~mi just ate toast to be polite; and watched Tomochin eat. First, the girl ate fried bacon and eggs with blueberry jam and peanut cream. Then, she ate one small slice of bread with ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard. Tomo~mi found Tomochin taste for food a bit strange.
When the younger finished eating, Tomo~mi decided to walk Tomochin to school. Before they left the house, Tomo~mi handed Tomochin her wallet. Then, they exchanged phone numbers. They talked animatedly along the way to Tomochin's school. Tomo~mi was feeling so light. She was enjoying this new friendship so much. But with all that already happened, could she still call it friendship?

A girl was walking rapidly through the school hallways, ignoring all of the squeaking girls on her way. She was in her first year of high school, yet was already that famous. She didn't understand why, though. It was between classes, and she was looking for a friend. She had a great idea and wanted help.
"Hey, Center!" She heard a known voice. She turned and saw a familiar face, but not the one she wanted to meet.
"Don't call me that, Sayu. You know I don't use it anymore," Jurina said bit upset. They were friends; Jurina liked her, but not as much as she liked the other sister.
"Why not? You've been the center of the attention lately. Let’s just say you're more reachable than our dearest idol." Sayu said smirking.
"Shut up, Sayu!" Jurina blushed. "Don't compare me to Tomochin."
"Okay, okay." Sayu raised her hands in a defeat signal. "She's there," she said pointing at the ceiling. "I'll get back to my light novel. Send her my greetings." Sayu smirked and walked back to where she was. Everyone always was amazed by how Jurina could identify the Watanabe sisters, since to  them, the two were identical.
Understanding what Sayu meant, Jurina run to the stairs that lead to the rooftop. She found the one she wanted to see lying on the floor with her arms crossed under her head, staring at the sky with a dreamy expression. She approached, but the girl didn't notice her.
"Are you planning to skip classes again, Mayuyu?" But the girl was turned off to the outside world. Jurina couldn't see another option. She kneed down near Mayuyu, leaned down her head and gave a fast peck on the girl's lips.
"Jurina! Don't do that!" Mayuyu shouted. Jurina smiled. "Hey! Why? Aren't you all over Rena-chan?"
"Yes! But you are so cute and I can't ignore that." Jurina explained, sitting next to Mayu.
"I thought you had already got over me," Mayu said raising an eyebrow.
"You thought right. Rena-chan is in my heart now, romantically speaking." Jurina patted Mayu's head.
"Good. Because all I can think about now is Yukirin," Mayu said blushing.
"Woah! Yukirin! She's hot and has big..."
"Don't you dare to finish this sentence!" Mayu intervened angrily.
"Okay! I got it!" Jurina noticed that Mayu was daydreaming again. "So, will you tell me what happened or will I have to ask Sayu?" Jurina knew that if Mayu didn't tell her the correct version of the story, Sayu would give her a dirty, well-detailed, and not so true version of the story. Mayu didn't like that because Jurina always teased her due to Sayu's stories. So, she gave up. After a deep sigh, she started.
"Well, yesterday night I was..." Mayu told Jurina everything: about the room, about Yukirin and about what happened in the room. And how beautifully Yukirin was sleeping when the two left for school.
"So, Sayu likes Yukirin as well?" Jurina asked just that. She was used to the creativity her friend had; sometimes Mayu shared her ideas with her. Mayu nodded. "Isn't that good? I mean, it's okay, since you two like to share things."
"Yeah. I don't mind sharing Yukirin with Sayuyu."
"See?! I didn't like to share you with anyone. That's why it didn't work out between us," Jurina said, smiling happily.
"Forget the past! Why did you wake me from my disillusions?" Mayuyu asked cutting that subject.
"Oh, yes! I saw yesterday on TV that Persona will appear on a variety program tomorrow at 7 p.m. So, why don't we have a party at your house and call the girls?" Jurina suggested cheerfully.
"Great idea! You call the girls. I get the food and tell Sayu." Mayu said standing up and stretching. "Let’s go. As a senpai in the last year, I don't want to give a bad example to my kouhai." Jurina laughed. And the two walked downstairs together.
Since Mayu's classroom was the closest one, she entered her room while Jurina kept walking. They parted, waving hands; and even few students in Mayu's class got jealous of her. She saw her sister with her nose buried in a light novel. She grinned with the thought that she would do the same later with a manga. Then, Mayu saw something unusual: Tomochin smirking widely, ignoring every boy and girl around her that tried to catch her attention. Usually, she wore a bored face and gave attention to everyone. As soon as Mayu approached, the ones hanging over Tomochin went to mind their own business. In truth, they admired the Watanabe sisters, but even though the two were so beautiful, they were scared of them.
"Yo, Tomochin," Mayu said, sitting on the chair in front of the girl.
"Hello, Mayuyu," Tomochin greeted, smiling.
"You're early today. What happened? How was the photo-shoot yesterday?" Mayuyu was just curious.
"It was great. Everyone there is very professional. And well, mom didn't let me sleep until late today," Tomochin explained.
"And it seems you liked it," Mayuyu smirked and Tomochin blushed. "Well, are you free tomorrow at 7 p.m?"
"I can't remember." And she had forgotten her schedule at home. Luckily, her manager had a copy. Or should it be the contrary?
"If you are free, come to my house at that time." Then, Mayu leaned closer to Tomochin's left ear and whispered, "You can bring the one who made you smile like that." And Tomochin blushed again.
 'Mou, l already blushed too much for a day, and it's not even evening...' Tomochin thought. She just nodded at what Mayu said. Mayuyu went back to her seat just in time to see the teacher enter the room to restart the class.

It was lunch time, and Yuko was feeling enough tiredness that was meant to be for the whole day. She wanted to eat and rest. Since she couldn't rest, the only option left was eat. So, Yuko got her bentou box and headed to the canteen, where there were comfortable tables for the employees eat their meals. On her way, a work friend approached, taking her away from her thoughts.
“Yuu-chan! Today was your turn to cook?” Sato asked cheerfully. He was also holding a bentou box. Sato Hiroyuki was Yuko’s best friend from work. He knew her preferences for women and helped her to be discreet about it. He was the only one from work that Yuko could talk to freely.
“Don’t call me in such an intimate way here! And, yes, it was my turn. How did you know?” Yuko scolded him with a normal tone of voice.
“Takamina always does a perfect bow.” Sato laughed charmingly and most of the single women around squeaked lowly. “Come on. Let’s get a distant table so you can tell me everything.” Yuko blushed a little and lightly punched Sato’s arm.
They took a seat at a very reserved table, at the back of the room, near a window. They were facing each other and opening their boxes.
“I’m impressed,” he started. “She is gorgeous! What did you do to make her like you?” He unfolded his chopsticks and started to eat.
“She doesn’t like me. She avoids me every time she can.” Yuko said with a sad face.
“So why did she want to you to help her? You know, she came downstairs alone with my water.” He noticed a change of color on Yuko’s cheeks. “Tell me, what happened? Did my teasing work? I’m curious here!”
“Yes…” Yuko looked to her side. He laughed playfully. “Mou! I was trying to control myself, be professional and NOT grab her to do some skinship! But what she did to me?!” Yuko lowered her voice tone and leaned near Sato. “She pinned me up against the wall and kissed me! She kissed me, Hiro-kun!!” He widened his eyes in surprise.
“Whoa! So it worked! Calm down, Yuu-chan. It's still lunch time. So you have a chance. Good! Now, tell me why you took so long to get back from upstairs?” He liked this hectic side of his friend. Sato noticed that Yuko hadn’t touched her food yet.
Yuko told him what she did upstairs alone. He was kind of amused because his friend didn’t seem to do this kind of thing with others. Then, Sato made Yuko stop to talk about this Nyannyan-girl and eat her lunch. Lots of work waited for both of them after lunch break. When the break time was almost done, Yuko got a message from Jurina. Its was about a party at Mayu’s house the next day after at seven to see Persona on TV. She confirmed her presence, but said that she had to do bit of work while there. Yuko went back to work with a distracted mind, just wanting to go home and rest. And maybe remember Nyannyan’s soft lips, hot body and…

As always, she walked in the building before the scheduled time. The salesgirls bowed in respect and one of them led the woman to the stairs. She found her friend sitting at the table, drawing. The atelier was tidy, which meant that Tomo~mi was working hard. When she opened her mouth to call Haruna, a voice called her out.
“Mariko-sama!” Tomo~mi shouted, running out of the door that led to the third floor. “It’s the end of the world!” The girl seemed shocked about something. Mariko grabbed Tomo~mi by her arms and shook the girl.
“Calm down! What happened?!” Mariko was bit surprised. Tomo~mi always was a calm girl. “What happened?!” The girl took a deep breath.
“I went upstairs to fill the water bottles and... and... the apartment was all tidy! There were no dirty dishes in the kitchen, no clothes spread through the living room, and no used towels on the couch! KojiHaru has cleaned her house!” Mariko widened her eyes in surprise. They both looked to the stylist and she seemed as confused as the other two.
“I didn’t…” Haruna was about to say to Tomo~mi to stop the teasing, when she remembered a small detail of her morning. She ran upstairs to check on the thought that passed through her mind.
“Tomo~mi, did she have guests this morning?” Mariko asked, hearing Haruna’s footsteps.
“Well, I guess it was just the couple from the website. They came to check the table…” She couldn't finish her sentence, since they heard Haruna scream. Mariko raised an eyebrow.
“Goddamnit, perverted squirrel girl!” Mariko looked at Tomo~mi, grinning.
“Tomo, what was the woman’s name?” Mariko asked, smiling sarcastically. She knew the answer, but wanted to confirm it.
“I guess it was Oshima… Yoki?... Yoko? ” She was trying to remember, but the only thing that came to her mind was the pleasant morning she had. “Yuko!” She remembered Tomochin’s cute voice saying the name. “Oshima Yuko. She was with one of the most handsome guys I’ve ever seen.” Mariko kept smiling.
“And what happened?” Mariko wanted to know.
“I don’t know. I left a few moments later to deliver Tomochin’s wallet that she had forgotten here yesterday,” Tomo~mi answered without much thought. Mariko raised her eyebrow again.
“Tomochin?” Mariko asked. But when the younger girl blushed hard she had her answer. “The model from yesterday.” ‘A forgetful model… Just like a Gachapin I know…’ Mariko thought with a silly smile. She shook her head to let the thought go away. Why has she been thinking too much about that girl?
“That Oshima-san seems to be friends with her sister,” Tomo~mi commented. Mariko was about to ask the name when Haruna walked in the atelier like a hurricane.
“Mariko! Let’s go! I’m hungry!” Haruna said angrily.
“Easy, Nyaro! Just because your girlfriend showed up here with a guy doesn’t mean that she's cheating on you,” Mariko teased. Haruna gave her a deathly glare.
“Shut up and let’s eat!” Haruna growled and walked out the atelier.
“I got it! Angry Nyaro! See you later, Tomo~mi.” Mariko left a slightly confused Tomo~mi.
The two walked the few blocks that led to Atsuko’s restaurant. Mariko forced Haruna to tell her about what happened that cause her to be so angry. Haruna preferred to be teased about something she said than about something that Mariko had assumed. She told Mariko almost everything; she just omitted the part where she kissed the girl. Mariko became amused by the fact that someone besides Tomo~mi had the courage to enter Haruna’s apartment, clean it, and not be paid to do so. Although Tomo~mi is paid, it’s not part of her job to clean Haruna’s messy house.
As soon as they arrived at the restaurant, Mariko’s cell informed her that she received a message. She got bit surprised when she saw who the sender was. Checking its content, Mariko saw a photo of Minami holding a VIP list making a face. It made her automatically smile. Haruna and Atsuko, who welcomed the two at the back door, got astonished by the face their friends was doing.
‘Since when Mariko can make a lovey-dovey face like that?’ Both girls thought at the same time.
Mariko, not knowing the face she was making, read the message. Hey Dino! To thank you for saving me yesterday, I put you name on Friday’s performance’s VIP list. Come and enjoy the show. My treat! ^3^. Then, Mariko zoomed in the photo and found her name on the list. She smiled again and typed a reply. Yo Gachapin! Impressed that you remembered my name! =o I wasn’t expecting any payback, but now you better take me to a fancy restaurant. >p. Then she turned her gazed to her friends just to find them with a strange expression.
“What?” Mariko asked, frowning.
“Who was that?” Acchan asked, wondering if her friend would answer her question. Haruna also wanted to know."
“It was just Gachapin,” Mariko answered indifferently, sitting at the counter.
“I didn’t know that you kept mailing Miichan,” Haruna said, a bit shocked. She still remembered how much she heard her friend complaining about the younger girl on their trip back.
“At least I didn’t let my perverted squirrel girlfriend tidy my apartment.” Mariko winked to Haruna, who blushed hard.
“What?!” Acchan asked with a suspicious smile.

In another part of the city, at the same time. Minami was preparing to take a shower after a long practice at work. She was a bit anxious about the message she sent to the old woman. She wanted to pay back the favor from the woman. If she really had lost that ID, she could have lost her job.
“Calm down, Miichan. She will replay you,” Akicha said patting Minami’s head.
“Who said I care?” Minami countered, pouting.
“It’s stamped on your face,” Sasshi answered smiling. But this time Minami didn’t have time to reply because her phone vibrated. Minami grabbed it in a second. “See?” Minami stuck her tongue and opened her phone to read the reply. Yo Gachapin! Impressed that you remembered my name! =o I wasn’t expecting any payback, but now you better take me to a fancy restaurant. >p. The girl laughed with the message and replied. Mou! Don’t say food related words! I’m hungry here! >< Don’t worry. I’ll take you to the best place I’ve ever eaten at! ^3~
“I’ll go first. I need to relax a bit under the hot water,” Minami said still holding her gadget. It vibrated again.
“Wow! That was fast!” Sasshi said, surprised. Minami ignored her friend and checked the reply. It was a photo of a beautiful plate of food and there was a paper napkin with ‘waiting for Gachapin, or not’ written in it. How dare you! You will regret teasing me like that! Wait until Friday! D< . Minami huffed and threw her phone on her clothes. She stripped and went to the shower.
Not much later, Minami’s phone vibrated again. Sasshi and Akicha looked at each other and picked up Minami’s phone to check the message. Uuuuu! I’m frightened. Wonder what you will do to me. >D. The two exchanged a grim grin, and then snuck into the shower area.   

Back to Acchan’s restaurant. Acchan and Haruna were amused by how Mariko was looking like a teenager exchanging messages. She didn’t even bother to tease Haruna because of Yuko’s incident. They saw when Mariko wrote something on a paper napkin and take a picture of her food. After a few minutes, she got an answer. Smiling, Mariko replied immediately. When the answer didn’t come right away, Mariko started to eat, but without take her gaze away from her gadget. Several minutes later, when Mariko was already wearing a disappointed expression, her phone rang. New message.
“Oh! God! Cough, cough, cough!” Mariko choked really hard. Haruna and Acchan looked worriedly at their friend. She was bright red and still coughing.
“Mariko! What’s wrong?” Haruna asked, trying to approach, but Mariko stopped her.
“I’m fine…” Mariko said, almost voiceless.
“Do you want a glass of water?” Acchan asked, standing up.
“No need. I’m fine, really,” Mariko said, a bit recomposed.
Acchan and Haruna restarted to eat their meals and talk. Then, Mariko turned her attention to what made her choke. Now, she was mentally prepared for it. She pressed the button to enlighten the screen and there it was: a photo of Minami, arms down with eyes closed under a shower with her hair down being wet by the current water; she was naked, wet and making a thoughtful expression. The photo showed the entire Minami’s upper body. Mariko didn’t know why, but her heart was skipping really fast. She thought Minami was truly beautiful on that photo. There was also a text on the message. She is thinking about that. Enjoy the view. *o* Courtesy of Akicha and Sasshi. Ps: If you tell this to her, we’re dead meat. So please, don’t ç.ç we will delete it afterwards. Mariko laughed internally. Truth be said, she enjoyed the view. She didn’t know why, but she zoomed in the photo to hide Minami’s top-less state and finished her meal while looking at her phone.
When the three of them were eating their desserts, three phones warned their owners that they had a new message. It was from Jurina. She was inviting them to a party at Mayu’s house. It would be the next day and it was to watch Persona on TV. The three of them confirmed their presence. After that, Mariko and Haruna left the restaurant to go back to their work lives.
It was the period between major meal times, and Atsuko was on her office going over some papers. She was also checking the profits to see if it permitted her buy few decorative items for the restaurant. She wanted few paintings. Luck was at her side this time. If the restaurant kept running with full capacity every day like what had been happening lately, she would soon be able to buy the paintings she wanted and add new food to the menu. She leaned back in her chair and sighed, thinking where she could find art galleries nearby. Searching on the internet, she found one in a direction she usually doesn’t take.
Atsuko changed clothes and left the restaurant with her manager. She took a left and walked to the art gallery. It was on the opposite side of Haruna’s atelier. It was also far from her house. She lived two train stations away from her restaurant, alone in a small, cozy apartment. The gallery was five blocks away from the restaurant. It had a single door that lea to beautiful, stylish stairs. Atsuko was really impressed by how large the place was. The walls where the paintings were shown were transparent. There was very charming illumination on every painting.
The girl started to analyze every single painting of the place. She found ones more beautiful than others, but there was always something missing. She couldn’t explain exactly what. That was when Atsuko saw a painting that screamed for attention. It was a night scenery of a shintoist temple. She felt ‘it’. Something switched inside her, her heart skipped a beat. Then, she looked at the signature. TKMN. Quite unusual name for an artist. Atsuko looked for an employee to get TKMN contacts. The employee said that TKMN liked to deal with the buyers herself, but he wasn’t allowed to give phone numbers. Atsuko looked at him like she wanted to rip him into small pieces. Shivering, he told Atsuko that the artist could be found in a private school near the next train station. Atsuko thanked him and left.
Atsuko left the train station, looking for any sign of a school. She happened to find a private day care center. She was about to look for another nearby place, since the guy said ‘school’, when she heard a familiar laugh. It was an unmistakable voice. She approached the gates and saw Takamina with the kids painting a huge frame with cheap watercolors. They were enjoying themselves. Then, a thought crossed Atsuko’s mind. Takamina might be that TKMN artist. She kept watching until the short girl noticed her presence. Though a bit surprised, Takamina let her in and asked her to wait a bit longer until she finished the class. Atsuko sat in a shade of a tree and watched Takamina with the kids.
After the class, Takamina was free to go back home. But this time, she had company. She didn’t know how, but Atsuko had found her at one of her workplaces. Though it was once in a week, the short girl liked to deal with that kids; they were so lovable. She didn’t know what Atsuko wanted, so she took her to a coffee shop nearby. It was a very delicate and comfortable place. As soon as their order arrived, Atsuko started a conversation.
“So, you're a painter.” Atsuko said more like a question. Then she drank some of her juice.
“Yes,”  Takamina answered looking at the girl in front of her. She didn’t know why, but the taller girl’s presence made her nervous.
“And a teacher at a kindergarten?” Atsuko kept with the questions.
“It’s kind of an experimental project. But the kids are enjoying it,” Takamina said, smiling. Then, a silence reigned over the table. Takamina’s eyes traveled through Astuko’s upper body. It stopped at Atsuko’s neckline.
“Takamina…” Atsuko called teasingly.  “Are you looking at my breasts?” she asked, smiling. Takamina’s eyes widened and Atsuko's smile grew.
“What?! No! I just…” Atsuko poked Takamina’s head.
“It’s okay,” Takamina blushed. “Can I see few of your paintings?” Atsuko said in a serious tone. Impressed, Takamina promised her to show her after their meal.
As she had promised, Takamina took her to a place where she could find tons of her paintings: her home. It was few blocks away from that coffee shop. They talked cheerfully on their way. Atsuko found Takamina’s place really cute and warm. It was also very tidy. But she noticed the apartment was being used by more than one person. Maybe Takamina lived with a boyfriend? She felt her heart ache a bit at that thought. Takamina led Atsuko to a room. During their walk trough the apartment, Atsuko found tons of paintings on the walls. But she couldn’t notice the signature. The room was filled with paintings and art materials. Then, she noticed what she wanted. Takamina’s signature was TKMN. She smiled at that confirmation.
“So, what do you think?” Takamina asked a bit anxious.
“Quite impressive. I had been wanting to buy few paintings from you, but now I want to hire you to paint a wall on my restaurant.” Takamina widened her eyes. “I already thought what it could be.”
“Acchan…” Takamina’s eyes teared up.
“How about that cave on the beach? It was a very beautiful view,” Acchan said approaching Takamina. They stared at each other. Both were blushing hard because of a certain memory, Takamina couldn’t turn her gaze.
“It’s a great idea…” Takamina said with a fainting voice. What was that? They were approaching each other slowly. Atsuko was about to hug the small girl, and maybe do other things…. What?!... When they heard the door unlock. They froze.
“Tadaima!” said a female voice. “Takaminaaaaaaaaa! Something really awesome happened todaaay!” continued the squeaky voice. Atsuko looked at Takamina with curious eyes.
“Okaeri!” Takamina said in a loud voice, but not screaming.
“It’s about Nyannyan! Mou, it left me so tired,” the voice said approaching the room. Takamina stopped to think; tired was definitely the word.
“Yuko!” Takamina shouted a bit desperate. “Don’t strip yet! We have a guest!” But it was too late. Yuko appeared at the door with her shirt unbuttoned. Yuko looked at their guest a bit confused. Atsuko widened her eyes. Takamina lived with Yuko? Did they have something? But wait… wasn’t Yuko head over heels for Haruna? So she's just messing with her friend? Tons of questions spun in Atsuko’s head while she looked at the uncovered fancy bra that Yuko was wearing.



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I hope it is very exciting fast update your story
I hope you make more moments MAYUKI  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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NICE SASSHi & AKICHA!!! What an expected gift for Mariko :)
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dont apologize in deed that was awesome... jejej yeah!!! kojiharu make the move!!! that kiss was OMG!! i want more this "I dont know why but i need to kiss you" more :D...

JAja marimii is amazing... all this story is great..

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yuko you are so.. sexy in that serious face love it!! and kojiharu love it too

And tomotomo part omg that sexy part its gorgeous..

mm i said before that i love your fic right?

i just have a observation or complain about this fic.. sometimes i feel so confused because you used "minami" name .. but Im used to "micchan" nickname.. so when I reading and read the "minami" part I think in takamina .... jeje i think only happen to me.. because in my mind takamina es minami and micchan is micchan.. T_T

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Aaahhhh sooo goood! This is getting so good! I'm really excited!

I love it when NyanNyan is the one making that kind of moves over others, in this case Yuko. That scene what just great. Posesive and jealous NyanNyan is the best.

TomoTomo, what can I say about that perfect ship? <3 One of my fav part of the new chap.

I also like Atsumina's part so much. Hope Minami isn't too dense x3

And MariiMii....So sweet and cool and aksdjh can't wait to see what happen between those two! Want more MariMii action in the future pleaaase~
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Who said you can win my heart so easily? Chapter 1 -part 2-[Hiatus]
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lmao, i dont even know where to begin. there were so many nose bleed moments  XD XD
thankyou for the update, it was totally hilarious  :bow: :bow:

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