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Author Topic: It started in a wedding. (MariMii+Everyone) Ch 13 [06/06/12] MariMii + KojiYuu  (Read 71833 times)

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looking forward on my atsumina hehehe

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  • i love Akb48 and Maeda Atsuko ❤ kojiyuu/atsuyuu
Wahh!! Kojiyuu is really the best!!!  :inlove: :inlove:
Thank you so much!!  :)
I love all the kojiyuu moments especially the kiss xD
Haha! Mou nyan-nyan is really tsundere! She dont even realize
That she like yuko xD :lol:
Im really excited for the next update!!  :twothumbs

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this fanfic is awesome, really everything is great!! heheh ^///^

you got all my favorite pairings and put them together in this amazingly well written plot ;w;

that's really really wonderful, i'm speechless...

thank you so much  :wub: :wub:
also i want you to know how much i'm looking foward to next chapter ^^

note: i saw your profile and it's written that you live in BR so does it means that you are brazilian just like me??? :cathappy:
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Waaaaaaah :D I fall for the kojiyuu moment!! Haruna is so funny!!! :lol: KAWAII and HOT!!!!

Mariko and Miichan are so funny and good job Akicha, Sasshi!!!! :twothumbs I really love this pair in you fic!

TomoTomo... Woah it is fast for her! XD

Astuko in the end was so funny!!! :rofl: What did she think about XD!!!! Yuko and Takamina... together??! No! They are just flatmate!!

We don't have the Mayuki's moment (or SaMaYuki's moment) What a pity! :smhid SaMaYuki will be forever triangle?? I hope nobody suffers there!

Make moore Mayuki and WMatsui!! But that if you can/want!
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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So many sweet and funny moment.
That fic awesome :heart:
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I ilke every story about how they meet again  :wub:
A bit shock about how mayuyu and yukirin meet again  :shocked
I am starting to imagine a few thing that will happen when they gather in mayuyu place  :drool:
I hope it's the same with what you thinking  :w00t:
Thank you for the update, will be waiting for the next update ^^

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wow the couples scenes are awesome and made my heart race ^^

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Okay i almost forgot to leave a comment on this story, i was reading this latest chapter on my phone when i was still in class and i was smiling like an idiot reading the Kojiyuu moment, and that KISS totally surprised me! I didn't expect Haruna to do such thing, like seriously! She's like the TSUNDERE QUEEN OF ALL! Well, she's totally jealous of that guy making a move on her Yuuchan  XD .

I do hope there will be more of it! That handsome guy should keep acting like she really likes Yuuchan so Haruna will always end up mad and jealous to death!  :lol: SADIST*

Thank you for the update! Can't wait to read more!  :thumbsup

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Minna! Thank you so much for the comments  :cry: it really made my day  :oops:

I'm so happy that I already started to write the chapter, maybe next week it will be ready. I'll try my hard to fast update it o/

For this week, I'll try hard to update my OS o/ it will come with a little surprise  :w00t: don't ask, I wont tell what it is.  :smhid Though I don't know if it will be good.  :banghead:


Yvet_951: I'll try hard to update fast  :thumbsup  there will have MaYuki next chapter o/

KojiYuu44: I agree with you! Well, who knows, maybe that photo will become Mariko's phone wallpaper hauhauha thank you, next chap will have more of them^^

Haruko: hehe ok! But apology is a bad/good habit of mine. :nervous  Well, it's on my plans work on this side of KojiYuu. Yeah, Takamina have to explain a lot heuheuh I hope Acchan believes in her  8) well, TomoTomo is... I don't know what TomoTomo is, but I'm glad you liked. Thank you for loving my fic :heart:  oh! I don't think you are the only one that change Minamis :P I don't know what to do, because I really like to call Minegishi Minami, Minami. Maybe it's because I'm used to call Takahashi Minami, Takamina :?

Suicchin: I'm glad you're excited! I like when Nyannyan makes a movement, mostly when she is not drunk :p Good that you liked TomoTomo, I was really unsure of that part >< I guess Minami is not so dense that she couldn't realize her feelings... And of course there will have more MariMii action!! Tons of MariMii action flows on my mind every day  :drool: and at least half of them I can't post here xD MariMii is the main fuel of this fic  :twothumbs

Yuuzu05: heuheuehueh And I had tons of nosebleeds writing! Had to back from my delusions every time just to finish the chap XD Thank you for liking it o/

Miayaka: hey don't lose all your blood! Left a bit for next chapter o/ or bring a blood bag refill >~ thank you for liking my fic o/

Tam_atsu: huehue thank you o/ Nyanyan is too tsuntsun heuhe I hope Yuko made her realize her feelings soon ><

Okotteru: Thank you! Thank you for the compliment ^^ It takes me lot of time to tie all the story together o/ I'm also making the money my parents spent paying me an english course worth XD I try my best for next chapter o/ And, yes, I'm brazilian o/ I didn't know you're brazilian too =o Mind if I ask from which part of Brazil you are? ><

Chanaline: Thank you :D I glad you liked KojiYuu and MariMii moments! My mind flows with this kind of moments XD TomoTomo being fast is a bad thing or a good thing? >< there will have MaYuki/SaMaYuki next chapter o/ yes, no one is gonna suffer, since Watanabe twins are used to share everything. Well, maybe Sae is gonna suffer a bit..... WMatsui for next chapter as well \o\

Pdpond: Thank you :heart:

Takamae: Thank you!! Hehe I myself can't believe yet that I could come up with that situation XD I hope I don't disappoint you ><

Kahem: Thanks o/ ehueheuhe I can see you like TomoTomo a lot :D

Haruhi16: Wow! I totally understand you! I hope it didn't make you do something embarrassing >< (it happened to me once XD) I'm glad you liked it  I feel that Haruna will have tons of jealous moments, Hiro-kun is a nice guy and he will help his friend >~ Tsundere queen? I don't know... Maybe? 8D

See ya :cow:

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Just read your fic lately. What an awesome fic that I miss all this time. Sorry...  :bow: :bow: :bow:

And so... comments...

Nyan-Nyan is so tsundere here.... :smhid, good thing Yuko is still around, and glad to see more mature Yuko here.  XD
And Takamina have a lot of explanations to do XD. As for my OTP, waaaa... XD Tomotomo`s progress is very fast. They made out in second meeting?  XD :inlove:
It's a bit weird for me to see that Tomochin became the younger one here though. But, don't mind it.

Last, hoping for your next update to come soon.  :deco:

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i love this fic ;) please update soon <3

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nice update,
This chapter was great,
due after the wedding I though it will be bored after that,
but seem like it make more interesting,
KojiYuu, TomoTomo & AtsuMina moment was nice,
and even Mayu and Jurina moment also pretty too,
Mayu & Sayu like Yukirin too,
And Mariko having a special gift from Akicha & Sasshi,
That was really great for Mariko, I think she wont blackmail Miichan izzit?
Really hope for the next update,

Really Really looking forward for the next chapter

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this is really interesting!
and more marimii is always good :D
its great how theres a few more pairings in the fic too :D
cant wait til the next update xD

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TomoTomo being fast is a GOOD thing!!  :D

You reassure me with MaYuki/SaMaYuki! :) Thank you!! :twothumbs
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Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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gah ~ cliff hanger, whats going to happen to the atsumina and kojiyuu coupling!!

btw, love how yuko just always love to strip haha

 can't wait for your next update  :heart:

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Wah...your fic is very good... has very nice story line too...

Hahaha.... Yuko... how are you going to explain yourself next... very interesting

I can't wait to see the next update...

And also thank you for the fic.

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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  • AKB48 *O*
I love this!! Please update!! more kojiyuuu *-*  :deco:

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  • atsumina for life....
still waiting.....hmmmm

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Re: It started in a wedding. (MariMii + KojiYuu + TomoTomo + AtsuMina) Ch 8
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Hello! I’m finally back with a new chapter o/ sorry for the long wait O/

Stv_wong: I'm glad you liked o/ well, Yuko will be switching to adult from childish and vice versa hauhauha well, yes, you'll see in this chapter o/ I guess liked TomoTomo in this fic o/

Mae: Thank you o/

Javs: Thanks o/ What do you mean with ultimate chapter? >< If it is what I think it is, well more thing like that will come ^^

M00nchild: Thank you! I'm glad I could surprise you in that way o/ well, Mariko won't do anything, she made a thing with that photo that maybe it will cause her trouble in the future :p

Pandah: Thank you \o/ Yeah, this fic has tons of pairing that drive me crazy hauahuhaua I'm glad you're liking it o/

VPANDAv: It will be fast settled :D I also like Yuko stripping hauhauhU

Cisda83: Thank you for the compliment o/ Will Yuko need to do that? You will se in this chapter :D

Nab: Thank you o/ sorry, but there won't be much of KojiYuu in this chapter ><

Chichay12: You don't have to wait anymore \o/

Tons of things happened that helped me to take too long on it and the main one was Chiyuu’s graduation announcement. It demotivated me and made me forget every TomoTomo part I had planned. No kidding ;.;

So, sorry if it’s kinda boring.

Thank you, Anonymousdowner, for the proofreading o/

I hope you all like it o/


Chapter 8

The atmosphere was about to become heavy. Yuko’s eyes traveled from Atsuko to her flat mate, then back to Atsuko. She analyzed the gaze the taller girl was giving her, and mentally laughed at the mixed feelings she found in it. Atsuko couldn’t believe her eyes. What was with that fancy bra? Was it usual for her to frequently strip? How come her Takamina watched Yuko undress every day?! What?! Her Takamina?! Since when was she so possessive over the midget girl?

The silence was driving Takamina crazy and nearly made her want to escape to her room in shame. She was used to the naked Yuko, but the naked Yuko in front of others made her feel totally uneasy—Especially in front of Acchan.

“Mou, Takamina! How come you didn’t notify me about having a guest over?” Yuko questioned, but her tone wasn’t exactly upset. “What would’ve happened if I had less on? Thank god it was just Acchan. It wouldn’t have been any good if I had exposed more to someone who wasn’t a friend!”

“So… Sorry… I forgot…” Takamina replied nervously. She approached Yuko and started to button up her friend’s shirt, but the intimacy between the two only annoyed Atsuko even more.

“Takamina, what are you doing?” Yuko asked Takamina as she eyed the shorter girl struggling with a button and trying to pass it through the hole.

“Closing up your shirt…?” Takamina answered distractedly. Yuko mentally face-palmed and smacked her friend on the head. “Itai!” Takamina retreated and clutched onto the area where she had been struck.

“Bakamina! Who do you think Acchan is? She’s a friend! There isn’t a need for any of that!” Yuko reprimanded the girl. A tiny but understanding smile formed on her lips however, when she took notice of Takamina’s furious blushing. Then, she turned her gaze to Atsuko, and the girl was making a few friends face. Yuko took a deep breath and smiled. “Acchan, don’t mind my friend here. At times, she can be a bit dense. So, are you planning on buying any of Takamina’s paintings?”

“Yes.” Atsuko replied in a dry voice and kept a suspicious eye on the two.

“This is great! Your restaurant will look even greater with Takamina’s paintings!” Yuko shot up her two thumbs up.

“Thanks.” Atsuko smiled and blushed at the compliment—the tense atmosphere slowly dissipating. “Actually, I’ll hire her to paint an entire wall at the restaurant.”

“Marvelous, Takamina! With that you’d be able to make another exposition!” Yuko exclaimed joyfully.

“Y… Yes!” Takamina still felt like dashing to her room, but remembered what her friend had said when Atsuko arrived. “Ah, Yuko, what was it that happened today that was so awesome?” Takamina smiled nervously hoping that the focus would transition from her to Yuko. Atsuko was kind of curious as well and sees Yuko’s face light up upon the question being instigated.

“Ah, yes!” Yuko made a dreamy expression. “I went to Nyannyan’s house with Hiro-kun to check the table and I didn’t know why Hiro-kun thought she was jealous, but when she asked to help her upstairs by the door of her apartment, she pinned me up and kissed me! She KISSED ME!!” Yuko voiced out hectically. “Why did she kiss me?! It’s not that I didn’t want to kiss her but I was working! I was trying so hard to keep my composure! It wasn’t fair! Then she ran when I tried to approach her! That Nyannyan! I couldn’t even head back down because I was so nervous and ended up cleaning her apartment.” Atsuko and Takamina shared a look. What could they possibly say about that?

“Oh!” Atsuko suddenly remembered lunch time. Takamina and Yuko looked at her bit confused. “That was what Harunyan was hiding!”

“What do you mean?” Takamina didn’t get it yet, but Yuko was curious.

“She and Mariko usually go to the restaurant to eat. While Mariko was exchanging messages with Miichan, she told the whole story. At least what she said it was the entire one. But when we were eating our desserts, Mariko insisted she was hiding something. And she was!” Atsuko explained.

“So, are you saying that she omitted the part where she kissed me?” Yuko asked with a bit of sadness in her eyes. Atsuko made an apologetic face and nodded positively. “Mou… I knew she hated me…”

Takamina tried to cheer up her friend. “Don’t get down. Maybe she’s just confused.”

‘Look who’s saying this to me…’ Yuko thought while Takamina patted her head. “I think I’ll take a bath and eat…” She smiled at Atsuko and walked out the room. Atsuko felt to relived. Now it was clear that Yuko WAS head over heels for her Haruna and she had an open path to Takamina’s heart.

“Ta. Ka. Mi. Na.” Atsuko called the short girl in spelling. Takamina looked at Atsuko with curiosity. Somehow, being called like that made her shiver.

“Hai…” She smiled unsurely.

“I’ll ask Kayo-chan the house for next month, so you can sketch the cave and let’s invite everyone too.” Atsuko said gently, approaching.

“Un! Let’s ask them tomorrow when they have a free weekend.” She agreed. Atsuko was close now.

“Thank you!” Atsuko said hugging Takamina tightly. Takamina got surprised by the sudden gesture and blushed. Her heart skipped fast while Atsuko’s good smell invaded her senses.

“We… Welcome.” The short girl said hugging the other girl back. It was such a nice feeling. She felt like she could do that all day long. Atsuko smiled. She was so happy that Takamina returned her gesture. The way her heart was beating fast told her she wanted more than a hug but she knew it was better to take things slower with the shorter girl.

“I have to go now.” Atsuko said releasing Takamina from the hug. She notice a bit of disappointment on Takamina’s face and smiled. “They need me at the restaurant.”

“True.” Takamina smiled helplessly. “I’ll walk you to the train station.” The girl said indicating the way to the door.

“No need. The station is close. Just accompany me to the door and go back to your painting.” Atsuko said smiling.

“Sure?” Takamina asked reluctantly. Atsuko nodded happily.

They walked silently side by side to the door. The atmosphere was calm and relaxed. The two stood in front of the door to do the farewell gestures. The hug was consensual and they hugged each other again successfully, but decided to kiss each other on the cheeks. Atsuko took a step forward, leaned closer to Takamina’s cheek. Though she wanted to kiss the taller’s cheek, Takamina got startled by Atsuko’s approaching and turned her head. Takamina stared closely at the deep brown eyes and felt soft warmth on her lips. She knew what it meant and it froze her. Atsuko couldn’t believe what was happening. She was happy, even though it was an accident. She could stay in that position forever, but she had a restaurant to take care of. So, she stopped the kiss and smiled.

“See you tomorrow.” Atsuko said patting the short girl’s head.

“See ya…” Takamina said mechanically as she opened the door. Astuko walked out giggling and Takamina closed the door. Yuko had finished her bath and went into the kitchen, but she found Takamina with a blank expression halfway.

“Takamina! What happened?!” She asked her friend, approaching.

“Ki… Kiss…” Takamina mumbled blushing. Yuko just grinned perversely.


She was lost in thoughts, wondering how she could make her characters meet again. She was having problems in concentrating. Her mind was switching between an attractive old friend and a new one with a hot well-toned body. Memories of all the fun and hot moments she had with that old friend spun on her head and were replaced by delusions of good moments with the other one. It was an endless circle. She was brought back by her phone ringing and answered without checking the caller.

“Sae!” It was her old friend.

“Hey, Yuki! What’s up?” Sae asked smiling.

“I just wanted to know if you’re going to the party at Mayu’s place.” Yuki’s voice was a bit unsure.

“Yes! I never miss a chance to party. Why?” Sae noticed that was something different with Yuki.

“Can you pick me at the Center, so we can go together?” Yuki asked with a weak voice.

“Sure! Do you know where the place is? I checked the address and it is near the Center.” Sae said normally, but she was getting puzzled.

“Yes… I have to hang up now. See you tomorrow.” Yuki said hurriedly.

“Yuki, wait!” But it was too late, Yuki had already hung up. Sae sighed looking at the phone, thinking it was too suspicious.


It was late at night and she was at her computer, searching for things related to work on the internet. She was searching about didactic with kids; about kinds of plays related with dance and together with articles about it. From time to time, her gaze turned to her cellular placed on her desk. That old woman hadn’t given any sign of life. She sighed and decided to send a message.

“Yo! Sorry for not being able to attend your show today, but we are planning to gather on Mayuyu’s place to watch the tv program tomorrow. So ganbatte!” Minami said while typing the message on her phone together with few emoticons. She looked for HinaKuu on her phonebook and selected it, sending.

Minami looked at her phone inbox and ended up looking at the teasing reply Mariko sent her that afternoon. ‘Uuuuu! I’m frightened, wondering what you will do to me. >D‘. She had sent a reply to that after she got out the shower. It was ’Don’t be too curious, old mummy! You’ll know when the time comes >}‘. She wondered why the older woman hadn’t replied to her. And the most important question: why she couldn’t stop thinking about Mariko.


During the same time on another side of the city, Mariko was rolling lazily on her large bed. She was having problems with sleep. Though her mind was tired, her body was filled with an energy she couldn’t exactly figure out from where. She sat up, making the cover sheet that was covering her slid down her bare upper body, leaving a light touchy feeling. Mariko leaned on the bed headboard sighing. Unconsciously, she looked at her phone placed on her bedside table. Hesitantly, she took her phone and pressed the button to enlighten the screen. Minami’s thoughtful face appeared on it and Mariko stared at the gadget for longest time.

“Why the heck aren’t you letting me sleep?!” Mariko shouted and moved her arm, intending to throw her phone on the opposite side of her room, she however, didn’t. She didn’t want to lose that beautiful picture. She would play cool with those two, Akicha and Sasshi, and keep that as a secret. Later, after receiving that picture in question, Gachapin replied to her, not knowing about her friend’s trick. Mariko was still stunned by the picture, so she couldn’t find the right words to reply the other girl’s innocent words. She sighed, placing her phone beside her pillow and laid down on the bed again to try and sleep.

She was in a dark place. Then, the sound of water dripping reached her hears. She looked around and saw a blue light coming from a single door in the darkness. She walked to the door and sneaked in. She felt her foots being wet by the flooded floor. She looked around to find the source of the water. Together with the shower, her eyes found a naked girl completely relaxed underneath it and approached, analyzing the girl. It was exactly how she remembered it, every inch of the girl’s body asking to be touched. She reached the girl’s neck with one hand, and cupped the girl’s cheek with the other. The girl opened her expressive eyes. The girl smiled blushing. She leaned down to place a kiss on the girl’s lips. She felt the girl’s hands on her bare body and her heart skipped fast. When their lips were about to touch, with her heart increasing the beat every millisecond… Mariko snapped her eyes wide open.

“Goddamn it, Gachapin!” Mariko shouted covering her sweaty face with both hands. She then turned her head to look at the digital clock on her bedside table. It was 5 in the morning. Mariko decided to stand up, take a bath and read until it was time she had to go to work.


Jurina looked up to the tenth floor of a building smiling. The neon letters Fantasy Love Hotel were turned off because it was daylight. She liked that place, for it was filled with good and not so good memories inside although she was strictly prohibited to left the tenth floor. The love hotel’s owners would get an assessment if the surveillance caught her there. The twins merely looked at her and smiled.

“Come on! We still have to tidy things up for the party.” The two said in unison. Jurina nodded and smiled.

The three walked into the building and hurriedly entered the elevator straight to the tenth floor. Well, Jurina was still underage. The door opened automatically and Jurina found herself in a familiar living room, if it could be called that. It was an ample room with a dinner table on the left side, a wooden bookshelf filled with books and mangas, a circled area with pads sprawled out on the floor in the third and last ambient, and two three-seater couches in the direction of two flat screens on the wall where video games were connected. There was also a short table centered in the middle. The twins liked to share things, but they weren’t able to agree about which game to play and Jurina laughed at the thought. On the left wall, were two doors together side by side. The one on the right side was Mayu’s room, it was filled with mangas, action figures and a computer. The one on the left side was Sayu’s room and contained books, light novels and also action figures, but only the ones that were from light novels. She also had a computer. On the right wall, there was a door that led to a huge bathroom and a door that led to a tiny kitchen. It was only for emergencies, like the one they had that last time. Usually, the twins ordered their meals from the hotel cookers. Giving a meaning look to the door that was on the left side of the third ambient and Jurina walked to Mayu’s room where she placed her belongings.

When Jurina had finished helping the twins move the pads of the second ambient to the third, spreading them around the center table, they heard the elevator noise. The mechanical door opened and Yuko and Takamina walked out to the living room. Takamina was holding a bag full of drinks, alcoholic one’s included. Yuko was holding a notebook bag, still wearing her work clothes.

“Hello, girls! We brought the drinks left over from the last party at our apartment.” Yuko said smiling. Takamina went straight to the fridge and placed the beverages in while Yuko went to the first ambient table and started to turn on her equipment. The three girls greeted back but then saw Takamina returning the twins a pleading look.

“Please, let me play One piece Kaizoku Musou?!” Takamina asked. At the plea, the two smiled in unision.

“Sure. We didn’t delete your saved file.” They replied together. Takamina smiled happyily and turned on the video game. She got her distraction for the entire night or at least, that was what she thought. Yuko connected to her office’s internet and started to work. Soon she would have to do a video conference with Sato Hiroyuki.


She had declined Mariko’s ride offer. She had to go to her university to have a single class, because it was an important one and searched for the direction to go to Mayu’s house on internet. It was fairly easy when she took Yuki’s workplace and used it as a reference. It was few blocks away from there. If anything came up, she could just ask for directions from a nearby person. Right on time, she found a building but it was no ordinary building, it was a love hotel. She checked the address countless of times but it was there. She decided to go with it, despite her shyness about entering in a love hotel alone.


Yuko was now on her video conference with Sato Hiroyuki while Mayu, Sayu and Jurina were playing One Piece with Takamina. The elevator door opened mechanically and a girly figure stepped out.

“Ano… Excuse me?” A shy voice asked. Jurina immediately looked at the new arrival and smiled widely.

“Rena-chan!” Jurina exclaimed throwing the joystick on the couch. She ran to the older girl and hugged her tightly in turn made Rena blush a little.

“Good afternoon.” Rena greeted, but the three girls seemed to be too immersed into the game. She heard a voice coming from the other side of the room, but she didn’t recognize its owner. Before she could check up on the person, and put a deep thought about the two Mayus on the couch, Jurina dragged her to a door that she didn’t even know where it led to.


She was waiting at the hall of the Center. Yuki was taking so long to arrive there, that she was starting to get irritated. Furthermore, there was that unexplainable reason about what was making Yuki so nervous. She could feel that her old friend was hiding something. She was so caught up in those thoughts that she didn’t even notice someone approaching.

“Sae!” Called a known voice, wrapping its arms around the girl.

“Yuki!!’ Sae exclaimed surprised. She then took a deep breath and asked. “Let’s go?”

“Un!” Yuki shook her head cheerfully and Sae found it really strange with the sudden change of behavior. The younger grabbed the older one’s arm and the two walked out the building.

They walked with Yuki talking nonstop about her day at college and work. Sae just nodded to every question Yuki did. Yuki was too talkative. Since the two knew each other for so long, Sae knew what that meant… Her friend was anxious. Something was making her nervous and Sae didn’t know what. When they turned a corner, Sae sighted a building, the only building in the street. She read the plaque and raised an eyebrow, looking at Yuki.

“I thought we were going to Mayu’s house, not a love hotel…” Sae said with a smile on the corner of her mouth. Yuki released Sae’s arm and sighed.

“She lives here. They are the owner…” Yuki was backing into her cheerless state.

“Really?!” Sae couldn’t believe in it. “They do?”

“Come on. You’ll see when we get in.” Yuki said dragging Sae by the hand. Yuki expected to see Mayu or Sayu on the counter. Instead, there was an old lady. “Excuse me; we are here for Mayu’s party.”

“Good afternoon. What are your names? I have to check on the list.” The older lady said gently.

“Kashiwagi Yuki and Miyazawa Sae.” Yuki understood that it was for their security, while Sae was looking attentively at every detail of the hall.

“Oh. You are the lady from Tuesday morning.” The old lady commented. Yuki smiled nervously when Sae gave her an interrogative look. “You can go, it’s on the tenth floor. Please, enjoy yourselves.” Yuki lightly bowed her head to the woman and dragged Sae to the elevator.

Yuki was totally nervous. She had never gone to the tenth floor and she didn’t know what to expect. What if it was a perverted place like the room they used that other night? She tightened the grip on her friend’s hand in anxiety. The door opened and she found herself in a quite normal living room. She saw Yuko at a table with a serious look on her face and decided not to bother her. On the other side of the room, she saw Mayu, Sayu and Takamina playing video game. Yuki cleared her throat and two of the three girls on the couch looked at her. Yuki blushed by the sight of that double perfect smile.

“What!? Am I seeing this right?! Two Mayus?!” Sae shouted, widening her eyes. She looked interrogatively at Yuki. The other girl just sighed.

“Nee-chan, that’s the other girl you talked about?” Sayu asked, looking specifically to Sae.

“Yes, Sayu. What do you think?” Mayu said looking at Yuki.

“She is ok. A bit boyish, but nothing out of ordinary.” Sayu said analyzing every inch of Sae’s body. The older girl felt her cheeks grow a bit warm.

“Mayu has a twin sister.” Yuki stated the obvious.

“I can see that!” Sae was becoming angry, but the idea of two Mayus was making her dizzy. The twins smirked.

“Come on, girls! Don’t leave me here alone! I’m dying here!” Takamina shouted distractedly.

“Woah! Let me play too!” Sae said forgetting the confusion of discovering about Mayu’s twin sister. She saw a joystick on the couch. Then, she walked to the couch, grabbed the joystick and threw herself on it. Yuki huffed angrily and sat on the empty couch.

Yuki was pissed off that no one was giving her attention and she didn’t even notice the elevator door open. The figure that stepped out the elevator greeted Yuko cheerfully and rushed to the third ambient.

“Sayuu~!” Said loudly a playful voice. Mayu grinned, Sayu flinched.


She parked in front of the three-floors building and honked. Two girly figures stepped out of a door and got into the car, with the taller sitting in the passenger seat. The three chatted all the way to the party’s address. The driver found it to be a really unusual place to hold a friend’s party. The shorter passenger volunteered to go to the reception desk and check their information. How come they would appoint a party at a love hotel? The girl sighted an old lady at the counter an asked.

“Excuse me, but is it here where Watanabe Mayu’s party is being held?” She asked politely. The old lady gently looked at her and smiled.

“Yes. Can you please tell me your name? I have to check it on the list.”

“Maeda Atsuko. I’m here with two more friends. They need to park the car.” Atsuko explained.

“Maeda-san, please tell them to park on oujou-sama’s private garage. It’s not being used regularly.” The woman said calmly; and then told her where the gate was. Atsuko nodded and went outside to tell the other two that they were at the right place.

“My friend’s names are Kojima Haruna and Shinoda Mariko.” Atsuko informed when she backed inside the reception. The old woman smiled and looked for them at the list.

“Good afternoon, Yuriko-san!” A voice together with a girl popped into the hall. Atsuko jumped in fright.

“Good afternoon, Miichan!” The old woman answered smiling.

“Oh! Hello, Acchan!” Minami said cheerfully. Atsuko smiled with a hand on her chest.

“Miichan, don’t scare me like that.” Atsuko said with fake anger. Minami smiled apologetically.

“Sorry. Let’s go?” Minami asked playfully.

“It’s ok. Well, I want to wait for the others.” Atsuko said smiling.

“All right then, I’ll see you up there!” Minami said smiling, not wanting to know who the others were. She waved to Yuriko and took the elevator.

Moments later, Mariko and Haruna walked in the hall. It was a very common hall, despite that huge banner with a quote full of multiple meanings. They greeted the old lady and followed her instructions. The three were wondering about of all places, why Mayu would choose a love hotel to hold a party. Their question was soon answered when the elevator door opened and a pleasant ambient appeared in front of them. Mariko, Haruna and Atsuko stepped out and looked around. It looked more like an apartment than a love hotel room.

Haruna’s eyes immediately found a small body in sexy work clothes. Yuko was sat down with her back straight and legs crossed. She was had on headphones and was looking at a notebook on the table. Haruna noticed that a handsome guy was on the screen and lightly furrowed her eyebrows at the sight. Her gaze then slipped through Yuko`s body. From that point of view, she could see Yuko`s blouse buttoned up to her breasts, leaving a larger neckline than necessary in her opinion. The short woman’s skirt was naturally pulled up by the position she sat in and the random movements she was doing with her legs. It was making Haruna lose her head again. Haruna greeted the ambient before that happened. She got quite disappointed when Yuko didn’t move an inch at her. She walked to where the others were with Atsuko and Mariko but found it to be an awkward situation

“Sayu~! You look so cute in a school uniform. Chyuu~” Minami was on top of Mayu, trying to kiss her, while the other girl was helpless pushing her away. There was another Mayu beside those two and this one was smirking, having fun with the entire situation. Mariko raised an eyebrow and felt a wave of rage flooding her insides. She felt a light pressure on her temples, before taking a deep breath and managing to hide her overflowing emotions. Haruna’s reaction helped in that too.

“Ee! What’s this?!” Haruna shouted widening her eyes. Everyone looked at her except Takamina, who seemed to be too distracted with the game to notice. This didn’t go unnoticed by Atsuko, Minami and Sayu simply stared at them with blank expressions, Yuki was with a cold expression, Sae was like someone who didn’t know what to do, and Mayu was still amused.

“Ah! Thank god you guys arrived. Is everyone here? Can we start?” Sae asked hurriedly.

“No. There are two missing.” Mayu simply answered.

“Where is Sayaka?” Atsuko asked.

“Why are there two Mayus?” Mariko and Haruna asked at the same time.

“Sayaka can’t come.” Sayu said, still under Minami.

“Probably because she had to work.” Sae said putting the joystick aside. Everyone looked at her wondering how she knew that. “What?” Mayu smiled with the corner of her mouth.

“Well, this is my twin sister, Sayu.” Mayu said ignoring Sae, while Minami finally moved out of Sayu. “She couldn’t go to the wedding party. She lost on janken and had to take care of the business. Yes. This is our Love Hotel and we hope you enjoy your stay.” Mayu stood up, opening her arms. Mariko, Haruna, Atsuko and Sae accepted the explanation.


There she was again, at that door that brought her sweet memories of the day before. Tomochin had asked her to accompany her on a party at a friend’s place. Her heartbeat was increasing with the moments of waiting for someone to open the door and she couldn’t stop smiling. Her smile widened even more when the one she longed to see opened the door.

“Chiyuu.” The younger girl smiled and pushed the older inside. As soon as she closed the door, Tomochin threw Tomo~mi on the door and kissed her. They kissed each other with such passion that they forgot about everything and just parted to breathe. They exchanged a look full of tenderness.

“But what if your mother sees us?” Tomo-mi asked breathless and worried. Tomochin sensually showed her fangs.

“She won’t mind then.” she said getting her purse that was on a table nearby.

“Oh! Really?” Tomo~mi was a bit surprised to hear that.

“Un ! She says we have to be happy regardless of anything and if you bring me happiness, she will support us” Tomochin said taking the other girl’s hand, who blushed hard. “Let’s go?” Tomo~mi nodded and the two walked to the station. Tomochin didn’t want to arrive at Mayu`s late.

They chatted the whole way, but inside Tomo~mi was thoughtful. She wondered if what the younger girl said was true. She made Tomochin happy? She knew that Tomochin made her happy, even if they had only known each other a couple of days ago. That feeling flowing over all of her body wasn’t new. She had felt like that before but this time it came stronger and the only thing that tortured her was that she wanted to know if the feeling was mutual. Tomo~mi was pulled out of her thoughts by a gentle squeeze on her hand.

“We are here.” Tomochin said in a low tone and looked carefully to both of their sides. Tomo~mi looked up and felt her cheeks burn.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit early for us to come into a place like this?” Even her voice tone showed how embarrassed she was and Tomochin smirked.

“Let’s get in fast. I can’t be seen entering a place like this.” She said dragging her partner inside. “My friends live here. They are twins, so don’t be surprised if you see two girls who look exactly like each other. Besides, I still don’t have the legal age to use a room here.” Tomochin sighed at the last part. “Just a few more months…” She whispered.

“I see… Come on, let me meet your friends.” Tomo~mi said gently, patting the other girl.

“Good afternoon, Tomochin.” said an older woman’s voice.

“Good afternoon, Yuriko-san.” Tomochin greeted back happily. “This is my friend Kasai Tomomi and we are here to Mayu’s party.” Tomochin felt an ache on her heart when the word ‘friend’ came out of her mouth. Tomo~mi felt the same.

“Go ahead. You know the way.” the woman said gently. The two headed to the elevator to go to their destination.

As soon as they stepped out the elevator, they sighted the group at the third ambient. Tomo~mi got quite surprised to see her boss and her boss’ friends there. Tomochin saw her sister’s face change and she noticed she was still holding hand with Chiyuu. She greeted everyone, but badmouthed her careless in her thoughts.

“Ha! I knew you two had something!” Minami shouted pointing at the two newly arrived girls. The two blushed hard. “It was the first time someone from Tomochin’s work appeared at the house besides her manager!” Her smile transformed into a perverted one. “And you two took too long to get back downstairs! You better make my sister happy or else… Ittai! Dino, why did you do that?!” Minami whimpered looking up to Mariko, who was now by her side. Mariko was already pissed off with Minami and that was the last drop. She walked to the girl and smacked her on the head.

“Stop it, Gachapin! Don’t you see you’re embarrassing them?” Mariko scolded. Minami opened her mouth. “No ‘buts’.” Minami pouted and they started a staring contest. Everyone stared at the two, before an awkward atmosphere officially appeared, Mayu decided to intervene.

“Miichan, why don’t you show Mariko a place where she can put her purse, like my room?” Mayu suggested. Without breaking the eye contact, Minami stood up.

“Fine.” Minami walked to the opposite side of the room and was followed by Mariko.


Atsuko took her chance to get near Takamina. She approached and sat next to the girl, but one continued to be distracted with the game. Atsuko called Takamina countless times and still got no answer. Was that game really more charming than her? Why did Takamina seem so bewitched by it? She didn’t even want to know. She was angry. How come Takamina didn’t give a single bit of attention? She stood up and stepped in front of the midget girl.

“Mi. Na. Mi.” Atsuko spelled out the name in a sexy way leaning her face closer to Takamina’s until their noses touch.

“A… Acchan!” Takamina frightened, leaned back. “When did you arrive?”

“I arrived a long time ago, but you seemed to be too distracted with the game.” Atsuko teased. “How about you turn off this game so we can interact with the others?” Atsuko smiled in a way that sent shivers down Takamina’s spine. Haruna, Sae and Yuki turned their gazes away from the situation, Mayu and Sayu kept observing, since everything was entertaining.

“Su…sure. Let me save it.” Faster than she ever thought she could, Takamina saved her game and turned off the console. She got quite surprised to see so many in the room. Atsuko sat back at Takamina’s side and held her arm, just to remind the short girl she was there and wanted attention.


While following Minami, Mariko wondered why she was acting like that. Maybe it was the same reason she saved that photo. Look at that small body walking ahead made Mariko want to pull the girl for a hug. Gachapin was small, but not tiny. She had a chubby body, even having a flat belly. She was soft and fitted perfectly in her arms. Mariko wondered when these lovey-dovey thoughts started to wander inside her mind. She was pulled out of her introspection momentarily by Minami’s voice.

“You can place your purse on the bed, but I suggest you place it on the pc chair.” Minami added in a warm tone.

“Right.” Mariko saw herself in a room with shelves filled with mangas and action figures. She never thought that Mayu would be an otaku. She sighed. Well, things of life. She walked to the said chair and placed her purse. Then turned to Minami and after a while, Minami broke the silence.

“Ne, why hadn’t you replied to my last message?” Minami finally had the courage to ask that. Mariko gulped. She didn’t know why she was having problems to think that way out.

“I was busy.” Mariko said dryly. It was the quickest excuse she could make up, but even she had to admit that it was bit lame.

“I’m not stupid, I know you’re lying.” Minami defied, making one step forward.

“How can you know that? You don’t know my schedule.” Mariko countered, also approaching Minami by one step.

“I don’t know your schedule, but I know you’re a slow eater. You’re about to start eating when I went to take a shower, and I didn’t take much time on it.” Minami continued in a low tone. They were unconsciously approaching each other.

“Oh! Now you can predict every step of mine! I didn’t know you were so in love with me.” Mariko teased. The two were really close by now.

“Why do you always think everything revolves around you? I’m not in love with you! And I’m not dense. I know something happened while I was bathing because Sasshi and Akicha were acting strangely when they got out the shower area. I just wanted to know what it was!” Minami explained. They could feel each other’s breaths on their faces. Mariko felt her headache get worse and the flashbacks of her dream weren’t helping. More than ever, she wanted to embrace the girl and take her lips.

“Even if it was something, no chance I would be telling you!” Mariko said fiercely leaning her head down. She would keep her promise to the end. Their noses touched and the two felt their heartbeat increase considerably. They could only hear their heavy breath and their own heart screaming. Mayu’s room suddenly disappeared and they could only see each other.

“Let’s go, girls! The program is about to start.” Mayu’s voice filled the room, breaking the spell. Mariko and Minami shared a disdained look and walked back to the living room.


The video conference was going smoothly. Since it was only the two of them, they could often stop to make a joke or talk about other things rather than work. But the two, especially Yuko, were in a hurry. She wanted to end work soon to join the others. And the work motive of that video conference was simple, yet delicate: discuss about the products that have been bringing too many complaints to the firm. Usually, this work is done in a conference together with all the directors and managers, but Yuko and Hiroyuki were so good together that the directors had entrusted them to this activity.

Yuko had noticed Rena arriving, but the girl didn’t seem to notice her. When Yuki and Sae stepped out the elevator, Yuko and Hiroyuki were talking about business and she was totally serious when it’s work. Minami arrived happily and greeted her, so Yuko greeted back, but almost together with Atsuko, Mariko and Haruna when they arrived as well.

“Hiro-kun, Nyannyan arrived.” Yuko whispered looking straight to the notebook screen, she smiled nervously.

“Calm down.” Hiroyuki said with his best smile. “If she greets you, just ignore her.” He advised.

“Why? I don’t want to ignore her. We don’t ignore the ones we like.” Yuko tried to keep a serious expression.

“It’s just to let her know how you feel when she ignores you. Besides, you can go all over her and do your skinship when we finish work.” He explained. Yuko heard the greeting from the girl they were talking about. She did what she was told to do. With that, she didn’t hear the mess Minami was doing in the other ambient.

“I want to see her… I guess I’ll have to wait…” Yuko sighed. That was when the two heard the noise.

“What’s going on there?” He was obviously curious.

“I guess it’s a mix of Miichan trying to kiss Sayu with the others discovering that Mayu have a twin sister.” Yuko said shrugging her shoulders.

“Miichan is doing this kind of thing? I simply can’t imagine that!” Hiroyuki said laughing.

“She does it a lot, but only in front of family and close friends.” Yuko explained with a perverted smile.

“Ouch! It hurt!” He teased.

“Shut up! You’re my friend, not hers. Oh! Tomochin arrived and she is with that girl from Nyannyan’s atelier. It seems that the sending of that the girl to her house worked out. Tomochin is not someone who forgets her wallet anywhere.” Yuko said with her wide smile. Hiroyuki laughed again.

“So this is an L reunion?” He asked amusingly.

“Or L to be. You see, I think Takamina is falling for Acchan and there is definitely something going on between Miichan and Mariko. The two passed through here to Mayu’s room and Mariko was looking at Miichan with hunting eyes.” Yuko was looking at the direction the two girls took.

“Tell me later what happened there! Yuuchan, how about we finish our video conference for now?” He suggested.

“Perfect! I can’t concentrate anymore.” They shared a smile and then said goodbye. Yuko turned off her equipment and saved it on the carrying bag.

Yuko sneaked to the third ambient and noticed that Haruna was standing with her back turned to the others ambient. She smiled widely, even knowing no one could see it and jumped onto the tall girl, saying ‘Nyannyan’ loudly. Haruna got startled, letting out a scream.

“Yuko!! Don’t do that!” Haruna complained trying to push Yuko away.

“Call me Yuuchan, Nyannyan!” Yuko said resisting.

“Mou, you don’t give up, do you?” Yuko was attached to her like a tick.

“No! I won’t give up on you! Even when you say you like me back, I won’t stop doing this and call you Nyannyan.” Yuko said fiercely. It made Haruna blush and for now, gave up the struggle. She walked with Yuko attached to her to the couch where Yuki was. Mayu noticed that it was almost time to start the TV program. So she decided to shout it to everyone who was away from the living room.


Jurina had planned things out this a whole day. That was the main reason she suggested the party. She wanted that moment with Rena. She dragged the older girl through the door that lead to the rooftop. It was a very plain place. There was a wooden bench and a patio umbrella attached to a wooden table. The chairs were nowhere to be seen but, the view was stunning. The twilight casted a glow of arrange all around the neighborhood and soon the stars would fill the dark sky like tiny glittering leds. Jurina only looked at Rena shyly.

“Why hadn’t you let me talk to the others first?” Rena asked in a normal voiced tone.

“You can talk to them later. What I have to tell you can’t wait.” Jurina was dead serious. With a free hand she fumbled around her pockets to find what she was looking for.  Rena just observed her with curiosity. Jurina smiled her cat like smile that Rena found herself enjoying. “Here, I made this for you.” Jurina said cheerfully and placed an object into the hand of Rena she was holding.

“Oh!” Rena was surprised, it caught her off guard. She looked at her hands and found there to be a necklace. It was a delicate silver chain with a heart shaped shell as a pendant. It was light pink with random brown streaks. It was very familiar to Rena. “Thank you, it’s beautiful!” Rena was about to put it around her neck, when Jurina gently took it from her.

“Let me do it for you.” Their hearts were skipping fast. “It’s that same shell I found at the beach. I made two necklaces. One, I gave to you and the other is mine. So now, we have matching necklaces!” Jurina explained as she finishes putting the necklace around Rena’s neck. She then turned to face the older girl and it was impossible to not notice that she was blushing. “I knew it would look perfect on you.” Jurina said smiling, placing a strand of hair behind Rena’s ear. The older girl blushed hard.

“Jurina, recently I realized I know nothing about you.” Rena said shyly.

“Right. What do you want to know? I’ll tell you everything.” Jurina said gently without turning her gaze.

“How old are you?” Rena asked after thinking about it for a moment. In the end, she wanted to know where she was putting herself into. She didn’t want to admit it, but she was starting to like Jurina.

“I’m fifteen, but I’ll soon turn sixteen!” Jurina said cheerfully. She kept looking straight into Rena’s eyes.

“You look older and I’m much older than you.” Rena was starting to feel intimidated by Jurina’s gaze.

“And? Who cares if I’m much younger than you?” Jurina kept her smile.

“The law cares. I can be arrested if they catch us together.” Rena rebuked.

“Are you insinuating that we are together?” Jurina teased.

“I’m just making an assumption!” Rena was starting to become desperate. She still didn’t have an answer for Jurina. The younger girl just kept smiling and cupped the older girl with both hands. Rena felt her heartbeat faster than it already was.

“Rena-chan, I love you. I’m sure now. Actually, since I met you on my way to school for the first time—especially after we met officially.” Saying this, Jurina leaned closer and kissed Rena’s forehead. Rena thought that the girl was going to kiss her on the lips, or perhaps it was just her own wish.

“What do you mean by officially?” Rena was really intrigued by that word.

“It means that I noticed you ever since you started to work at Shinoda’s Corporation.” Rena widened her eyes in surprise. “You see, we take the train from the same station and you also take the same way as me to go to your work place. My school is in that direction, just a few blocks away.” Jurina explained.

“How come I never noticed you?” Rena was kind of amused with this entire situation.

“Maybe because you’re too occupied in your own way and always seem to be too lost in thought.” Jurina guessed. Rena just sighed. Jurina passed a hand through Rena’s hair, stopping her hand on the back of the girl’s head. She pulled Rena for a kiss so fast that the older didn’t have time to struggle. “Please let me know when this stops, it’s just an assumption.” Jurina said that after they broke the kiss due to lack of air. Rena was speechless. She just nodded while Jurina grabbed her hand, intertwining their fingers. “Let’s go, they must be waiting for us.”

The two walked down stairs holding hands. They found the group gathered around the third ambient. Yuki was sat on the couch, together with Haruna while Yuko clung onto the taller’s arm. Mariko was sat on the couch arm, beside Yuko. Sae was sat on a pad and leaning her back on Yuki’s leg. Atsuko was linking arms with Takamina on the other couch. Sayu was on the other side of that couch and with Mayu on a pad in between her legs. Tomochin and Tomo~mi were sat each on a pad, with their legs under the short table. Minami were also on a pad, between Takamina’s left leg and Tomochin, supporting her head on the table with a half pout on her face.

“What happened?!” Jurina asked, marveling the silence.

“Nothing. We were just waiting for you two.” Mayu said in a normal tone.

At the same time, Minami felt her phone vibrate. She received a message. She furrowed her eyebrows when she saw who the sender was. “It’s for you to stop bothering me about not having replied to your message. >p” Minami looked at Mariko smiling with a pout, if it is even possible. Mariko was looking to the other side, obviously ignoring her. When she was about to reply, she noticed that there was another unread message. It was from Hinata. “Sorry to disappoint you girls again, but were not going to appear on that TV program. >< we have to fulfill a promise. Maybe it will be our last show. U3U
” Minami widened her eyes in surprise. How come she didn’t notice it before?

“Girls! HinaKuu sent me a message saying that they won’t show up in the program anymore.” Minami announced.

“Whaaat?!” Some said.

“No waay!” Others said. And some others didn’t even bother to reply.

“What a shame. Let’s watch the program anyway.” Sayu said turning on the TV. “And bring the drinks! And the snacks!” Mayu looked at her with reprehensible eyes. The other twin sighed. “Okay. Everyone help here.” So, everyone helped to place everything that was prepared in the table together with the drinks.

While they were watching the show, the alcoholic drinks started to be consumed. Yuko was the first one to drink, followed by Minami. Sae also filled a cup. Yuki wasn’t in the mood to drink. Tomo~mi didn’t want to drink in front of Tomochin, she knew she would become a bit pervert once drunk. And she also knew that this was the same reason KojiHaru wasn’t drinking. Except for Jurina and Tomochin, who were underage, everyone who wasn’t drinking had their personal motive.

The group observed that during the program not even once they mentioned Ray, the top-selling charismatic Diva. Once the program finished, they looked at each other like asking ‘and now?’.

“Let’s play a game!” Mayu suggested. “Let’s play ‘I never’.”



Next chapter will be the game and what happened after it.

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