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Author Topic: The Game of Life [Chapter 13 -PARTS-] D - Minami, Yuki  (Read 21976 times)

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The Game of Life [Chapter 13 -PARTS-] D - Minami, Yuki
« on: June 13, 2013, 09:48:22 PM »
Yo, the name's Ashura and I'm here to test my limits.
Basically my kami-oshi is STILL Acchan so my fics will most definitely involve her~
And I'll refrain myself from posting too much AtsuYuu fics >w>

Anywho, here goes nothing



   Once upon a time, in a distant future where robots, squirrels, cats, dogs and gorillas live in harmony, there is a school. A school built for troublesome students all around Japan. This school, as stated above, has many different... qualities. And the students live in peace and harmony. Where nothing could ever be wrong. A school of perfection. Wanna know the name? Well, read.

Girl A :"SAY THAT AGAIN, BASTARD AND I'LL @(@#& YOUR %(@@&# IN A %(@#&!"

   Well, at least the students are merry...

Squirrel-like girl :"Yay~ Argue more~!" A random bystander appears
Girl B :"Y- Yuko-san!"
Yuko(?) :"Eh? What?"
Girl B :"T- Thanks for your hard work today!" she bows deeply
Yuko :"Hm? Yeah, I guess. Though I basically did nothing but beat some yakuza." she says as she remembered the expression of the yakuza when she bent their pistols... Which one? Saa...
Girl A :"Huh?! So YOU'RE the head of this joint, huh?!"
Yuko :"Not really." she denies it immediately
Girl A :"Keh. Since she was all being polite and stuff to you, then you must have a high rank here. Then imma gonna take yah down!"

   Girl A grabbed an steel pipe out of nowhere and tried to hit Yuko on the head

Girl A :"HAH! How'd ya like d-"
Unknown girl :"Hey hey, who said you could hit Yuko-san like that so easily?" Another unknown girl appeared
Girl A :"What the-" before she could finish the unknown girl has already punched Girl A in the skull making her lose consciousness.

Yuko :"Oh, what were you doing here, Sayaka?" she asked the unknown girl
Sayaka(?) :"I told you not to cause too much trouble inside our school!" she hits Yuko lightly
Yuko :"Ouch, that hurts, you gorilla!" she rubs her own head to make the pain go away
Sayaka :"Who are you calling a gorilla, you beaver?!"
Yuko :"I'm more of a squirrel! If I knew you were going to hit me, then I'd rather get hit by that steel pipe. Less pain"

Midget :"Hey, Yuko. Acchan's calling us." yet another nuis- I mean, unknown girl
Yuko :"Oh, Bakamina. Huh? Acchan's back from her trip?"
Sayaka :"Oi oi, you're calling the one who ruled over hell with such a cute nickname?"
Bakamina(?) :"Who cares about that! And who's Bakamina?! My name's TAKAhashi MINAmi, or Takamina!"
Yuko :"Yeah, yeah, Takamina, Bakamina, Paper. Who cares what you are"
MINAmi :"I DO!"
Yuko :"Will you marr- Bah, too late."
Sayaka :"You should stop getting so easily teased, Takamina. Or else you'll grow shorter."
Minami :"At least I'm not a giant gorilla"
Sayaka :"Say that again, punk." she glares at Bakamina

Yuko :"OKAY! Enough of that! Acchan needs us!" she flees towards the direction where 'Acchan' would be
Sayaka :"Stop running off on your own!" she follows after Yuko, then Bakamina as well


   They were running towards the library, the place where the school's top would gather. The most terrifying room which nobody would DARE to enter. They say that if you enter once, you'll never come back alive.

Yuko :"I'm here, my love!"
Yuko's lover(?) :"Huh?"
Yuko :"Acchan~!!!" she hugs her lover
Minami :"Wait, she's not your lover!"
Yuko :"She is! Right, Acchan~?"
Acchan :"No, I don't date people shorter than me."

   Hearing that, Minami and Yuko were heartbroken.

Minami :"WAAA!!! Acchan's cruel!!!"
Yuko :"Heh. I don't care bout Acchan, I have NyanNyan"
Sayaka :"You should stop pouting if that's true"
Yuko :"Shut up, space ape!"
Sayaka :"When did my rank got an upgrade?"


   A total of 9 people were gathered in the library. These 9 people are the school's most powerful vanguard and conquered the area in less then a period.

Atsuko :"To start it off, I'll do a roll call"
Sayaka :"We already know each other so there's no n-"
Atsuko :"We'll start from the lowest rank. Watanabe Mayu."
Sayaka :"So you ignored me..."
Twin-tailed angel :"Watanabe Mayu, AKA Mayuyu here! Though it really hurts when you call me the lowest rank, senpai..."

Atsuko :"Next, Kashiwagi Yuki."
Girl with an aura of darkness :"Yukirin here~!"
... So much for the darkness.

Atsuko :"Kojima Haruna."
Cat-like person :*spacing out*
Atsuko :"..." she writes 'Kojima Haruna or my friends call me NyanNyan here, yoroshiku~' on the cat-like person's face and she still hadn't realized it

Atsuko :"Next is..."
Minami :"Wait, she's gonna cry when she realizes it, you know..."
Atsuko :"Takahashi Minami."
Minami :"So you're ignoring me as well... Here!"
Atsuko :"..."
Minami :"W- What?"
Atsuko :"Hm? Is Takahashi absent?"
Minami :"No no no, I'm clearly right here in front of you!"
Atsuko :"Oh, sorry. Forgot you were so short. Did you get shorter?"
Minami :"... Acchan's such a sadist..." she pouts
Atsuko :"Next is..."

Atsuko :"Miyazawa Sae."
Energetic girl :"...Here..."
Yuki :"Eh? What happened with her?
Sayaka :"A foreigner asked her directions."
Everyone :"Ahhhh..."

Atsuko :"Akigori."
Sayaka :"Hey! I told you to not call me by that nickname!"
Yuki :"We know, Akigori."
Yuko :"No need to get so flustered over a name, Akigori"
Everyone else :"Akigori"
Sayaka :"Err... Fine!" she sits and pouts.

Atsuko :"Shinoda Mariko."
Big-sis type girl :"Hey, you should call your senpai with a -san"
Mayu :"Blame yourself for repeating the year AGAIN, Mariko."
Mariko(?) :"You wanna start here?" she glares at the cyborg girl

Atsuko :"Oshima Yuko."
Yuki :"She just ignored the two..."
Yuko :"Here."

Atsuko :"Maeda Atsuko."
... Silence.
Atsuko :"She's absent again, huh... She never comes to school." the girl, Maeda Atsuko, sighed.
Everyone wanted to do a tsukkomi but refrained themselves.

Atsuko :"So far only Mayuyu answered the roll call normally"
Yuko :"Eh? What about me?"
Atsuko :"Now onto the topic of today."
Yuko :"You sure LOVE ignoring people, huh?"

Atsuko :"The topic is, the yakuza wants to hire two snipers to take out the president."
Mayu :"None of us are good enough at sniping."
Yuko :"Sounds like an easy job."
Minami :"You don't even know how to shoot a water gun."
Yuko :"And I'm proud of it."
Yuki :"I'm surprised nobody even cares about the president..."
Mariko :"Well, he's not Japanese. Even I would beat him up."
Sayaka :"True."
Sae and Haruna :"..."

And then Haruna woke up from delusion land.


   Outside of school, two students are standing and looking at the school's plate.

Younger girl :"So this is our new school, huh, Rena?"
Rena(?) :"AKB Gakuen... This is gonna be so fun, Jurina~" She hugs the younger girl, Jurina.
Jurina :"Yup!"

   As the two entered the school, the girl, Maeda Atsuko, looked at them through the window of the library while trying to calm Haruna down.

[To be Continued(?)]
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Re: [Parings undecided] The Game of Life [Prologue/OS]
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2013, 10:07:40 PM »
intresting :3
i hope the pairing is atsumina  :grin:

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Re: [Parings undecided] The Game of Life [Prologue/OS]
« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2013, 01:07:54 AM »
make unusual pairings please...or at least YukoRena :luvluv1:

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Re: [Parings undecided] The Game of Life [Prologue/OS]
« Reply #3 on: June 14, 2013, 04:18:09 AM »
Ahaha :lol: I don't know i just love Acchan being a sadist! :twisted: :wub: Acchan my-pace! Hehe

WMatsui? I wonder what are their roles in the story. Will they get in trouble? Seems Acchan got her attention to them.. What will happen next? Can't wait :fap

Thank you for the new fic :bow: :thumbsup :twothumbs

Looking forward to it.. Keep it up! Gambatte ne~ :fap

INTERESTING~ :twothumbs \m/(^o^)\m/

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Re: [Parings undecided] The Game of Life [Prologue/OS]
« Reply #4 on: June 14, 2013, 10:21:43 AM »
Ah... Yankee story again... and Atsuko were the head...

The low-high rank: Mayu, Yuki, Haruna, Minami, Sae, Sayaka, Mariko, Yuko and Atsuko...

Yeah... Atsuko really liked to ignore people... she only care to put her words out...

Ah.. WMatsui were joining AKB Gakuen

Eh.. they were hired to kill the president... What school was this...?

Yankee or Assasins school?

About pairings, I hope it's Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, WTower and MariMii...

But if WMatsui were siblings and if it's going to be AtsuYuu... Then TakaHaru, MaJuri, YukRen, WTower and MariMii...

Can't wait to see what's going to happen next

Thank you for the interesting prologue

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [Parings undecided] The Game of Life [Prologue/OS]
« Reply #5 on: June 14, 2013, 10:50:55 AM »

Atsuko :"Maeda Atsuko."
... Silence.
Atsuko :"She's absent again, huh... She never comes to school." the girl, Maeda Atsuko, sighed.
Everyone wanted to do a tsukkomi but refrained themselves.

That just killed me xDD please have YukiRena! *bows*

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Re: [Parings undecided] The Game of Life [Chapter 1]
« Reply #6 on: June 14, 2013, 10:00:35 PM »
Thanks for the comments (and likes)~

WotaOtaku~, I don't know bout that but let's see what happens~ XD

cisda83, it's a yankee school but their influence over the area and the under world is massive. And no, I'm not going to use AtsuYuu in this fic since I'm restraining myself but I'm still going to make some AtsuYuu moments~ MUAHAHAHA!!!

kenjoy12, i know, right~ She's such a sadist, even in real life =w=.

bunnyrabbit, whoa. No YukoRena... O.O But yeah I'm thinking of making unusual pairings.

blackwhite, sadly, there shall not be any AtsuMina QwQ probably some AtsuMina moments here and there but Acchan's partner is already decided.

   And thanks all for the love~ Not in that way XD

Chapter 1

   A wonderful Sunday morning in class 1-A, the class which gathers the smartest girls, ranging from age 12 - 37.

Skinny girl :"LOOK IN THE DAMN MIRROR!" another girl joins in and throws a punch at the girl

   Anyways, they're such proper ladies.
   The teacher comes in but that changed nothing. Behind him are two girls, wearing the school's uniform.

Teacher :"Please, quiet, class."
Teacher :"*sighs* Today, we have two new transfer students joining our class."
Mustached girl :"It's Fall, you idiot!"
Teacher :"Anyways, you two, please come in." the teacher signals the two who are standing outside to come in and introduce themselves

Rena :"My name's Matsui Rena, pleased to make your acquaintance."
Jurina :"The name's Matsui Jurina. I'll kill anyone that gets close to Rena-chan."
Rena :"J- Jurina!"
The whole class started making a fuss and getting ready to beat the two new transfers.
Jurina :"Hey, teacher."
Teacher :"W- What?"
Jurina :"I think today's lesson is Physical Education. If not, then I'll just teach them the real P.E. With my fist."
Rena :"So we need to tame this whole class? *sigh* I at least wanted to make some friends in class"
Jurina :"You already have me" she gave a reassuring smile at Rena and watched her blush


   The hallway is one of the most quietest place during lesson hours... is what most schools are like. But in this school, the students are ALWAYS lively...

Drill-hair girl :"Hey, where the hell is my underling?!"
Brawny girl :"MY MUSCLES ARE SCREAMING!!!!!!"
Girl with broom :"Oi, what did you just look at me? YA WANNA GO AT IT?!"
Girl with bucket :"Ya wanna taste my bucket wrath?! COME AT ME!"

   that is, unless...

Everyone :"!"

   All of the girls in the hallway became quiet and made way because they heard a creaking door. They knew that in this school, they purposely never broke doors or damage them, because they wanted a warning.
   7 girls came out of the library, one by one.

Minami :"Oh, they're so quiet."
Mayu :"Blame Mariko for scaring them during the start of the year"
Mariko :"It's their fault for being too noisy."
Yuki :"You shouldn't get mad over something so trivial..."
Sae :"Finally! That meeting took hours!"
Sayaka :"And you were spaced out during all of it."
Haruna :"Yeah, you shouldn't space out, Sae-chan"
The other 6 :"YOU'RE ONE TO TALK!"

   The girls in the hallway greeted them and bowed their heads as if they're from a yakuza clan. One of the girls abruptly asked Takahashi Minami, since she was the one that is most easy to talk to.

Girl :"Thanks for your hard work, senpai."
Sae :"Oh~ Such a good girl~" she pats her head
Minami :"Oi, she was talking to me..."
Girl :"Senpais, umm, where's Oshima-senpai and Maeda-senpai?"
Sayaka :"They're discussing about something."
Minami :"As I said, she was talking to ME!"
Girl :"I see... I've never met Maeda-senpai before... I've never even seen her fight but she became the strongest Ace in this school, being stronger than all of you senpais... Does she even ex-"
Sae kicked the locker so hard that all of the contents, from magazines to dolls bursts out from it.

Sae :"One more word about Atsuko and you're dead meat." she glares at the what seems to be a first year. ALL of the second and third years never dared question of the Ace's existence.
Minami :"You seem to be a first year... Listen, we may have given you the freedom to do whatever the hell you want in this school but if you crossed the line, you're gonna face not only Sae but all 9 of us, including Maeda Atsuko herself, got it?" the girl nods in fear with tears in her eyes
Mariko :"If you get it, leave. IMMEDIATELY!" as she shouted, the girl ran for her life


Yuko :"Hm? Was that Mari-chan?"
Atsuko :"Probably. Seems some first year asked if I exist or not."
Yuko :"Whoa, what kind of hearing do you have?!"
Atsuko :"No, I was hearing it from a speaker I secretly put on Takamina."
Yuko :"... You said you don't date people who are shorter than you..."
Atsuko :"I don't. I'm just abusing Takamina."
Yuko :"Between all of us, you're the weirdest..."
Atsuko :"I must know what my teammates are doing. Here, I have one stuck on you as well." she points at Yuko's breast
Yuko :"WHEN DID YOU PUT IT THERE?!" she says as she stripped and searched for anything suspicious
Atsuko :"Oh yeah, I forgot to put it..." she placed a tiny chip with a speaker on Yuko's breast, making it look and feel like she's groping her
Yuko :"Yaan~ Acchan's such a pervert~"

   The two were actually talking about the connections with the mafia and the requests and problems within their territory before they heard Shinoda Mariko shouted

Atsuko :"I'm going to go out for a bit, need anything?"
Yuko :"Cola. Wait, Let me go with you~"
Atsuko :"No... clean this room up... It's all because of your NyanNyan's tantrum... And put some clothes on" she looked back and forth between the messy library with tables and chairs all scattered and the naked Yuko
Yuko :"No, it was clearly your fault that you drew on her face like that..."
Atsuko :"I'm counting on you." she left through the window
Yuko :"WAA! Acchan's a sadist! Slave driver! Rapist!"


   The girl, Maeda Atsuko, walked towards the vending machine which was located outside a first year classroom and saw two girls walking closely with each other. One of them has a princess-like aura and was eating melon bread and the other looks like a cute puppy following the melon bread-eating girl like a faithful puppy. Atsuko thought that the two looked so cute and since she has never saw their faces before, knew that they're new transfer students. They passed each other and Atsuko's eyes met with both of them. She was squealing inside by how cute the two are. After they passed each other, She then saw that a classroom had a broken window and a fat girl fainted outside. It was weird since that classroom didn't have a broken window before. Seeing girls get beat up is a daily occurrence in AKB Gakuen and frankly, she didn't care about the girl. She looked through the window (or what was left of it) and just smirked...

   The classroom was left in ruins. The teacher was cowering, covering his head in fear. The students are all scattered on the floor, some fainted, some badly wounded, some were trying to get up but couldn't. She saw the the tables and chairs were scattered from more than one direction so she indicated that it was done by more than one person. She then looked at the blackboard and her deduction was spot on. Her grin grew wider. The cause of this was nowhere to be found. Maeda Atsuko laughed out loud and just continue to the vending machine. She bought a cola and orange juice.

   "I've got to hand it to the ones who caused that mess..." she says remembering the writing on the blackboard, 'THE TOP IS OURS!!!'
"...One of them had TERRIBLE handwriting." she opened her can of orange juice and drank it.

[To be continued...]


Wew. Managed it somehow.
I love how Yuko reacts to Acchan's joke~ And how cute Jurina is~ My mind is imagining puppy-like Jurina clinging to Rena and trying to kiss her~
What do you guys think~? XD

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Re: [Parings undecided] The Game of Life [Chapter 1]
« Reply #7 on: June 15, 2013, 12:34:20 AM »
I'm not a fan of the script style... but wow... that was pretty great...
lol, acchan's character is different from how you usually see her...
must be sad being called the weakest...
sae died due to being asked directions by foreigner... lol...
poor sayaka... akigori gorilla...
Even though Acchan says she'll never date anyone shorter than her... hehe.... BTakamina! fight!

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Re: [Parings undecided] The Game of Life [Chapter 1]
« Reply #8 on: June 15, 2013, 02:17:44 AM »
Hohoho! This is goin to be fun! :fap :twisted:

Atsuko liking what just happen and she knew it was the WMatsui who destroy or defeated the class! Yeah! Acchan's definitely a sadist! :nervous

What will happen next? There will be a war in AKB Gakuen! Can't wait! :fap Ohmyhosh i'm already! Ahaha

Thank you for the update :bow: :thumbsup :twothumbs

THIS IS WAR~ :twisted: :twothumbs \m/(^o^)\m/

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Re: [Parings undecided] The Game of Life [Chapter 1]
« Reply #9 on: June 15, 2013, 09:59:22 AM »
Ah.. so It's not going to be AtsuYuu... What's the pairing going to be...? Can't wait to find out

Jurina already picked a fight in her first day of school.

Ah... Minami was the friendliest... but still scary...

But Mariko was the scariest...

Eh... Atsuko put a hearing device on Minami and Yuko...

Why did no one know Atsuko's face... even discussing whether she existed or not?

Ah.. Atsuko liked both Jurina and Rena's cuteness...

Well the one with the bad handwriting was Jurina right?!

What Jurina and Rena going to do to become the top?

Would they challenged the known fighters starting from Mayu then to the next... until they reach Atsuko?

Can't wait to see what's going on next

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [Parings undecided] The Game of Life [Chapter 2]
« Reply #10 on: June 15, 2013, 07:27:19 PM »
Thanks again for the comments and likes~
Though I also wanted reader's suggestions or something to make it more interesting, if you know what I mean =w=

Shinoki, I'm using this style because it's easier and seems much more cleaner/neater compared to a straight novel style. Plus ya can't get rid of habits... Should I try it??? And yeah, Takamina WILL fight for it.

kenjoy12, expect a war!!!! but I don't think Acchan knew that it's actually WMatsui though. And yeah, S Acchan is SUPERB

cisda83, most of what you're asking will be revealed in this chap. The pairing? Still didn't decide >w>... And as for the one who wrote on the blackboard, I'll leave it to everyone's imaginations~ OwO/

Chapter 2

   It's after classes and everyone has left school except a few individuals. Some of them are in the library taking care of work. The girl who was known as the Ace is looking out of the window.

Mariko :"Hey... What the hell are we doing..." she drops her piece of paper
Sae :"We're folding cranes?" she says as she has finished folding another one and grabs another piece of paper
Yuki :"Mariko has a point..."
Minami :"Why ARE we folding paper cranes in the first place?" she looks at Maeda Atsuko
Sayaka :"Well, it's Atsuko's orders... Hey, she's spacing out again." she says, pointing at Kojima Haruna
Mayu :"I got it." she hits Kojima Haruna with a paper fan she found lying around somewhere
Haruna :"Ouch! That hurts, Mayuyu..." she covers her head, soothing the pain
Yuko :"YES! I've finally finished 1!!!!" she raises the wrinkled and torn paper crane
Everyone else :"... (What a sad girl...)"

   Atsuko, realizing something, searched all over the library, making the others curious because she really hates books even though she looks like the type who always read in their past times.

Minami :"Acchan? What's wrong?" she looks worriedly at her weird best friend
Atsuko :"Did anyone see the student transfer report that was lying around here because I threw it away thinking that it doesn't have anything to do with me?" she asks the girls
Minami :"Oi oi... Sasshi worked hard to gather the info, you know..."
Mariko :"Who cares. It's Sasshi."
Yuki :"Why did you need that, Maeda-senpai?" she asks her senior
Atsuko :"I need to know which class the students were transferred to."
Mayu :"It's class 1-A, senpai." she says, recalling what she read from behind her senior's shoulders
Atsuko :"What are their names?"
Mayu :"They're-" before she could finish, the door was kicked open.

   Two figures were seen, both of them are the ones Maeda Atsuko has seen before

Atsuko :"Oh, you two are the cute girls I passed by this morning"
Rena :"C- Cute?!" she fainted
Jurina :"Don't fall for her, Rena!!!" she shakes the other girl, trying to get her back to her senses
Atsuko :"Eh?" she looks confused

   The other girls (except one) were looking at the two intruders with anger. Rena came back to her senses and looked at her seniors' direction.

Mariko :"What did you come here for?" she asks the two intruders
Yuki :"Forget that. They need to pay for the door."
Sae :"With their bodies."
Haruna :"Is it just me or does that sounds kinda perverted?"
Sayaka :"Not only that..."
Minami :"They insulted Acchan..."
Mayu :"That was a compliment, actually."

   The younger of the duo stepped forward and looked at the seniors

Jurina :"WHICH ONE OF YOU HERE IS MAEKAWA NATSUKO?!" she shouted confidently
Everyone else :"Who?" Rena asked as well
Atsuko :"My name is Maekawa Natsuko."
Her teammates :"WHEN?!"
Jurina :"I see... so you're the school's top, huh..."
Natsuko :"Some people even called me Natsuko the Unko (Poop)"
Minami :"No, your name's Maeda Atsuko! And that's clearly an insult!"
Jurina :"Natsuko, Batsuko, same things."
Atsuko :"She's right." she says to Takahashi Minami while pointing at the junior.
The girl could only sigh in defeat

Jurina :"I challenge you, Natsuko! To a duel! For the top!"
Atsuko :"Okay."
Everyone was shocked
Mariko :"Oi oi! How can you accept so easily?!"
Sae :"At least tell her to beat the others first!"
Mayu :"Senpai! If you just accept like that, then people will think we're REALLY weak."
Minami :"And you! Transfer students! You should at least challenge us, Atsuko's unders, first!"
Haruna :"And use the door! Not kick it!"
Sayaka :"You're still on that?" everyone protested...

   The two transfer students looked at each other

Rena :"Told you so."
Jurina :"But that would take too long!" she pouted
Atsuko :"Then let's do this." everyone kept quiet to listen to her words

Atsuko :"Any one of you two will fight Mayuyu, who is the junior that I like the most. If you win, as revenge, I will fight you. Both of you." she added
Both :"Okay!"
Mayu :"EH?! Why me?!"
Everyone else :"Ganbaro~"

   Matsui Jurina was chosen to fight her. The two stood, taking a battle stance at the center of the library, facing each other. The first one to attack was Jurina. She tried to punch Watanabe Mayu in her face but she nearly dodged it and countered by striking palm at Jurina's stomach. However...

Jurina :"Was that all, midget?"
Mayu :"?!"

   Mayu instinctively backed away from the younger girl but to her surprise, the girl grabbed her arm and pulled her. Jurina then punched the girl right on the her right skull. Mayu, with her instincts to the max, managed to lean towards towards the left, minimizing the damage but still was thrown away by the impact. She was bleeding.

Atsuko :"That's enough." the girl said, looking down.

   Hearing that, Jurina stopped her pursuit for Mayu and looked at the Ace. Rena, who was watching the fight stood beside Jurina.

Atsuko :"Come at me..." she says, still not moving
The two girls looked at each other, confused
Atsuko :"Now." she says in a tone that made not only the two new transfer students, but her own teammates including Mayu, shiver to their bones.

   Not wanting to know what she's planning, the two ran towards Maeda Atsuko's direction and each tried to punch her. But...

Both :"!" they were suddenly thrown away and their heads were pinned to the ground by the silent Maeda Atsuko

   Both of them were struggling trying to get up but it was useless. They didn't move an inch no matter how hard they try. The two looked into Maeda Atsuko's and saw the eyes of a predator. The blood-shot eyes of the lion king protecting his clan. The two transfer students were scared, they have seen a lot of scary things in their lives but none of them can be compared to the fear of looking into the girl's eyes right now.

   Watanabe Mayu, who was lying on the ground tried to stood up. Akimoto Sayaka and Kashiwagi Yuki helped her back on her toes.

Mayu :"S- Senpai, I'm fine! There's no need to worry!" the girl says with a wry smile.

   Maeda Atsuko looked at Mayu with the same eyes and seeing this, Mayu shivered and felt fear as seeing her the devil king himself right in front of her. She gulped and continued

Mayu :"R- Really! T- This amount of blood w- wouldn't h- hurt at all~!" She jumped around awkwardly trying to prove it with an awkward smile

   Maeda Atsuko releases the two and slowly approached Watanabe Mayu and hugged her.

Mayu :"S- Senpai?!" she blushed madly
Atsuko :"I'm sorry..." she was crying a little

   Even though Maeda Atsuko was known as the strongest LIVING THING in the area, she is actually someone who cared very deeply for her comrades. Before she entered the school, she was soulless, beating people half to death and even caused some of them to remain traumatized to this day. After she met the people she really cared for, she changed for the better. She's calmer, merrier, happier and nicer.

   Atsuko parted from the hug, wiped her tears and looked at the two speechless transfer students.

Atsuko :"Haha, sorry about that." she laughed it off "I was the one who proposed it but I grew scared... I was scared if you would hurt everyone... My instincts kicked in and that just sort of happened" She gave a wry smile and continued
Atsuko :"Say, what's your name?"
The two, who was still in fear, forced their voices to come out
Jurina :"M- Matsui... Jurina..."
Rena :"M- Matsui... Rena..."
Atsuko :"Haa~ Are you two related?!" she asked, shocked
Both :"N- No..."

   Atsuko realized the awkward atmosphere and hugged the two,
"I'm sorry" is what she said but what can be heard by the two Matsuis, are the whispers of the devil...



   Everyone looked at Yuko weirdly. Atsuko broke away from the hug

Yuko :"Eh? Why the stare? And oh! Are those new students?!" she came towards them and looked at them curiously.
Yuko :"THEY'RE CUTE!!!!" she instantly hugged the two

   Everyone couldn't hold it in anymore and laughed.

Yuko :"Eh?! Why's everyone laughing?!" the tiny squirrel was lost
Mariko :"You.. Really.." she laughed again
Minami :"HAHA! There goes the awkwardness!"
Sae :"BWAHA! My stomach's hurting!!"
Sayaka :"Can't.. hold.. laughter.." she also bursts out laughing
Haruna :"Y- Yuu-chan's such an idiot.." she says with tears in her eyes from laughing too much
Yuki :"S- She's more stupider than Haruna!"
Mayu :"Sorry... That was too damn funny.."
Yuko :"EH?! WHAT'S SO FUNNY?!" she looks around and nobody even cared to answer her

Atsuko :"Hehe, that was a good laugh." she turns towards the two again and gave them her angelic smile which made them blush
"Welcome... to AKB Gakuen!"

[To be continued]
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Re: [Parings undecided] The Game of Life [Chapter 2]
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@AshuraX - Not WMatsui? Now you made my curiousity strucked out! :fap Yey! War!

WMatsui came and.they destroyed the.door.. Poor door :lol: Anyway, Maekawa Natsuko! Where the heck did that came.from! And Acchan acknowledge the name! Watta! Ahaha.. The whole chapter was hilarious! What's.with the making of cranes? :lol: Poor Mayu got beaten she's really not into physical, why! :shocked Scary Acchan WMatsui were thrown.. Even though she's superb sadist she really cares alot for her teammates! Acchan saikou! :fap Ohmygosh! Yuko! Seriously! You never fail to put laugh and smile.on everyone faces..! :fap

Seems WMatsui joined Now i wonder who is the opposing team that will start the war between AKB Gakuen? There's no pairing yet? Well, just go with flow it'll come..

Thank you for the update :bow: :thumbsup :twothumbs

FUNNY~ :twothumbs

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Re: [Parings undecided] The Game of Life [Chapter 2]
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Getting interesting...

Atsuko was so busy huh?

She was being funny, angry, cry, calm and then happy...

Yuko was so concentrate with paper crane that she did not notice the entrance and the fight of WMatsui

Poor WMatsui.. they were so scared of Atsuko... and being called cute by everyone...

What's going to happen next

Can't wait

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [Parings undecided] The Game of Life [Chapter 2]
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I don't actually mind what format it's in as long as it's interesting
poor Mayuyu
how can they get the name so wrong...
They actually in truth replaced two of the kanji characters in her name when it suddenly turned into maekawa natsuko..
lol YUko

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Re: [Parings undecided] The Game of Life [Chapter 2]
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bwahahahaha...this is hilarious... so comical :on lol:

Maekawa Natsuko? Natsuko the Unko? nandeyanen?! :on lol:

no YukoRena eh? well...let's see how unique the pairing will be :hehehe:

man...can't stop laughing :on GJ:

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Re: [Parings undecided] The Game of Life [Chapter 3]
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As usual, thanks for the thanks and comments~ And of course your reactions for it~

kenjoy12, well I hope it will... And don't think WMatsui would just give up on the top just like that =w=

cisda83, of course. Acchan can be hella scary sometimes OwO

Shinoki, my guess is that they've heard of it from someone they beat up and Jurina mistakes the name since she was in a hurry. Rena remembered it though XD

bunny_rabbit, muahaha! It SHALL be unique!

   I've decided on the first official pair, it's gonna be MariMii. Why? Cause I can't seem to separate them O.O''
   If anyone has suggestions or have a good pairing in mind, (so far it's YukoRena, YukiRena and AtsuMina, but I'll probably only go with YukoRena, though. It interests me for some reason... Though their pairing chapters is still far away... Oh, and also SaayaYuu >w>) please tell me your suggestions, opinions, expectations and so on, since, as you may know, I'm a beginner. Opinions from the readers might change this for the better.

   This chapter will focus on the interactions of WMatsui desire, Acchan's presence as well as her and Mariko-sama's life. This may contain some heavy drama scenes or something, so it'll be a letdown for people who hates reading XD
   Anywho, next chapter STARTO da~!

Chapter 3

   It was Sathday morning, the day after Maeda Atsuko's rage. Two figures can be seen on AKB Gakuen's courtyard. One of them, eating a melon bread and the other one only sitting there, looking down. The one eating the melon bread asked the sitting girl.

??? :"Jurina, what's wrong?"
Jurina :"Nothing, Rena..."
She knew that when her best friend says that nothing is wrong, that means something is bothering her. She remembered what happened last night
Rena :"Is this about Maeda-senpai?" she asked.
Jurina shivered at the mention of the girl's name. It sent shivers down her spine and made her feel depressed

Rena :"Do you still think it's possible to take the top?" she asked another question, seeing that the younger girl was scared.
Jurina :"It's not impossible..." she says looking confident
Rena :"I think both of us would have no problem dealing with each of the Kami8, but..."
Jurina :"I know." She interrupted the older girl and explains "Maeda-senpai is too strong..."
Hearing this, Rena smirked.
Kami8 is the title given to Maeda Atsuko's 8 teammates. Maeda is known as the Ace and the Kami8 are the ones who took charge in dealing with certain jobs that she couldn't handle.
Rena :"She DOES have a weakness though."
Jurina :"Weakness?" she was curious as to what the older girl said.
Rena :"Let's put that aside for now. The only thing you're lacking right now is motivation, Jurina-chan." She continued to nom on her bread

Jurina :"There's no way I'm giving up here... We already promised her, right" she looks at Rena with a nostalgic look
Rena :"Good of you for not forgetting."
Jurina :"YOSH!" she stood up and looked pumped her fist in the air "LET'S BEAT UP MAEDA-SENPAI!"
??? :"Ohhh~ So you two want to beat Acchan that much, huh~?" before they realized it, someone was sitting next to where Jurina sat earlier. She was looking at them with a sadistic grin
Both :"M- Mariko-sama?!" the two backed away from her but alas, it was futile.


   Takahashi Minami was walking through the hallway, patrolling and checking for anything out of the ordinary. She saw a girl dragging two other girls away. It was Shinoda Mariko dragging Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena to the library. She decided to just ignore it and pray that Mariko wouldn't do anything... weird. She continued patrolling and a wild cat and squirrel appeared! The squirrel was chasing the cat with a drool on her face. The cat was seriously running for her life, seeing as the squirrel is far stronger than her so running is the only option.

   The cat looked at Minami and asked for help. She hid her body, which is clearly bigger than the midget's, behind Minami. The squirrel stopped her pursuit and glared at the midget. She was used to her glares so it doesn't scare her one bit. Just then the savior arrived. It was a gorilla and an energetic dog. Even though the squirrel is far stronger than the two, she could never escape them for some reason. It was as if the two are her guardians. The gorilla scolded the squirrel to not scare the cat too much and restrain her perverted desires. Yet, the squirrel pouted and looked away. This made the gorilla angry but the dog calmed her down, seeing as the squirrel didn't do anything to the cat, yet. The midget decided to calm everyone down, so she told the gorilla, cat and dog to bring the squirrel to their nest. They agreed and dragged the squirrel along while she was throwing a tantrum.


   In the library, Maeda Atsuko was discussing with Watanabe Mayu and Kashiwagi Yuki about the information they have gathered.

Atsuko :"Sorry for asking you to this while you're still recovering, Mayuyu." she patted the girl on her head, trying her best to make it heal faster. In reaction, the girl blushed and looked down
Mayu :"I- I don't mind at all, senpai..."
Yuki :"Senpai, I think you should stop that." Atsuko realized that the tone in her voice and her black aura means she was jealous of her for being to close with Mayu.
Atsuko :"Haha, sorry I was patting your lover on the head without permission~" she smirked at the two
Yuki :"W= What are you talking about, senpai?!" she protested, with her face all red.
Mayu :"Senpai, we're not a couple. Yet." she looked at Yuki seductively
Yuki :"Eh?! What do you mean, 'yet'?!" she pointed out, her face being as red as a tomato
Atsuko :"Good luck, Mayuyu!" she gave Mayu a thumbs up as Mayu gave her one as well
Yuki :"M- Mou... You two are teasing me too much" she pouted
Atsuko :"That's because Yukirin's cute~ Right, Mayuyu~?" she cuddled with Yuki and looked at Mayu who clung to her as well
Mayu :"Yup~ That's why I love Mama~"
Yuki :"Y- you two~" she gave up and hugged the two as well
??? :"Err, sorry for barging in?"

   They looked at the direction of the voice and saw Mariko, Jurina and Rena walking through the doorway (since the door broked down due to Jurina's kick the day before).

Atsuko :"Mari-chan? And welcome, you two." she welcomed the two Matsuis.
Rena :"S- Sorry for intruding"
Jurina :"Senpai, what are you doing...?" she says pointing out that her senior was clinging to her junior in an affectionate way
Mariko :"It seems we're disturbing them. Carry on." She says, teasing them
Atsuko :"Roger." she hugged Yuki tighter and rubbed her face in the younger girl's breast
Yuki :"S- Senpai?!" she was shocked by her senior's sudden action
Mayu :"Ah, senpai, not fair~" she pouted, wanting to plant her face in Yuki's breast as well
Atsuko :"Make way for your elders~"
Mariko :"Okay, I think you should stop now or these two would get the wrong idea" she says, pointing out at the two Matsuis' direction.
Atsuko :"Hai hai," she parted from Yuki and sat on the chair by her most favorite window. That chair was known as the Ace's chair, seeing as that chair was never sat by anyone in the 6 years the school was established except Maeda herself.

Atsuko :"So what's wrong?" she asked Mariko, currently in her business mode
Mariko :"Just wanted you to know that the kids wanted to take you down"
Matsuis :"Urg..."
Atsuko :"Hohoh~ Tell me more~" She snapped out of her business mode and entered her S mode
Mariko :"They were talking about something and Jurina here shouted 'Let's beat up Maeda!' or something" she says, while patting Jurina's head.
Atsuko :"Pffttt, that was lame" she only smirked
Rena :"W- We'll beat you someday!" she looks at the Ace with determination
Jurina :"No! I'll beat you even if I have to do it myself!" The younger girl glared at the Ace
Hearing this, Atsuko's grin grew wilder and hugged the two out of nowhere
Atsuko :"Aww~ You two are so cute~ Instead of beating me up, why don't we get to know each other more and more~?"
Yuko :"With your bodies?!"

   Oshima Yuko, Takahashi Minami, Akimoto Sayaka, Miyazawa Sae and Kojima Haruna entered the library. Yuko was the first one to enter. She was actually dragged by Sayaka before but when she realizes that the two cute transfer students are in there, she broke free and ran towards the library, hearing what Atsuko said while she was hugging the two. Thus chaos came and starts the teasing of Atsuko and Yuko. Sayaka kept Yuko under control and Minami kept Atsuko under control. Sae, being the flirt she is, started to get to know the two better while Mayu and Yuki went lovey dovey with each other. Haruna wanted to tease the transfer students as well but ends up being teased by Yuko instead. Mariko went to her seat, which is one of the closest to Atsuko's, and started typing on her phone. Even though the two Matsuis didn't want to admit it, but they feel like they're really at home there. They felt really comfortable with all their seniors by their side, joking around with each other. At first they thought the top 9 of the school was really scary and adult-like, but seeing them like that puts a smile on their faces.

   Atsuko signalled everyone to take a seat because she is going to start the discussion again. The two transfers were about to leave but was stopped by the Ace

Atsuko :"Hm? Where are you two going?" she asked the two as if the question was obvious
Jurina :"Er.. Outside? You're all going to start a meeting, right?" she states the obvious
Atsuko :"Don't mind it. You two are strong enough to beat Mayuyu so take a seat."
The two were surprised but decided to take a seat anyway

   Everyone was seated at the long table. Atsuko was at the end of the table, her back facing her favorite window. From Atsuko's left side, seated was Mariko, Yuko, Sayaka, Yuki, and Jurina. From her right side was Minami, Haruna, Sae, Mayu and Rena. Jurina suddenly raised her hand.

Atsuko :"What is it, Jurina?" she has already entered her business mode
Jurina :"Err, senpai. I've been wondering but why did nobody in the school, except us, have never seen you?" she asks the question that was still lingering in her mind
Rena :"Oh, I was wondering about that as well, senpai."
Atsuko :"Oh, that." she pondered. "To tell the truth, in this school, the name Maeda Atsuko doesn't exist."
Both :"EH?!"
Jurina :"Then you really ARE Maedawa Katsuko?!"
Kami8 :(Who the...)

Atsuko :"I think you're trying to say Maekawa Natsuko and no, I'm Maeda Atsuko, of course."
Rena :"T- Then???"
Atsuko :"I deleted the school's data about me. I'm basically still in this school, yet I didn't go by the name Maeda Atsuko"
Jurina :"Ehhhhh??" she seems lost
Atsuko :"Well, let's just say that I've never given my name to anyone in school, except for you guys."
Rena :"Then what is your name when others see you?"
Atsuko :"I don't give them any name."
Jurina :"Then?"
Atsuko :"They beat me up."
Both :"EH?!"

Minami :"Don't get her wrong. She let the others beat her up."
Rena :"Then why didn't senpai fight back?"
Atsuko :"If I fought back, they would realize that I'm a little stronger than them and rumors would start circulating about how I'm the one on the top. At first nobody knew who the top was, but because of a CERTAIN SOMEBODY, they realized that the Ace's name is Maeda Atsuko." she says, glaring at Sae, who in response, looked away.
Jurina :"But, why would you hide yourself?" she asked with curiosity
Atsuko :"I don't want people from my past to know my real name." She says with a nostalgic tone

   Everyone kept quiet, as if to let the Ace indulge in nostalgia. Mariko broke the silence and showed Atsuko the display on her phone. It was a picture of two girls eating ice cream together. Atsuko smirked as she saw the picture and what was written below it. "Hey, old hag! It's been a while~ I'm with Tomochin right now! She says she missed Acchan~ How are you two doing these days? I hope you're not causing trouble AGAIN..."

Atsuko :"Mii-chan and Tomochin? That's rare~"
Mariko :"Tell me about it."

   Most of the girls in the library wore a smile on their faces, seeing Atsuko smile so naturally. But what was shocking to them, and the transfer students, was the smile on Mariko's face. It wasn't her usual sadistic smile, it was a genuine smile. She looks really beautiful when she smiled like that. She looked at the display of her phone, still giggling. Atsuko, realizing that, turned and looked outside the window at the scenery. Even though the school is a mess, the scenery outside is really peaceful. Atsuko felt a hand, carressing her head, making sure not to damage her hair.

Mariko :"They'll be fine." she carasses Atsuko more gently
Atsuko :"Umu..."

Jurina was whispering to Yuki, who was watching Atsuko and Mariko with a smile
Jurina :"Yuki, who are they talking about?"
Yuki :"Hey, I'm older than you, show some respect." she sighed but explains it to her anyway "Minegishi Minami, known as Mii-chan and Itano Tomomi, known as Tomochin, are childhood friends of Mariko. Maeda-senpai met them while she still couldn't control herself. It was Tomochin that befriended her and changed her little by little. An accident occured, in which the yakuza came and tortured Atsuko's best friends which almost made Tomochin and Mii-chan lose their lives. Mariko went berserk and beat 4 of them half to death. Atsuko, who finally made a new friend couldn't take it and reverted back to her old self, killing everyone of the clan in sight. She was supposed to be taken to juvenile prison but the government was too scared of her and then decided to put the two in this school."

   Jurina listened to the story and understood

Jurina :"Does... Does Mariko-sama blame Maeda-senpai for what happened?"
Yuki :"Who knows... But looking at those two," she looked at Atsuko and Mariko laughing as they talked about the old times
Jurina :"I see..." she smirked as she saw the two.
Jurina :"Does everyone in here have a reason why they were put in the school?" she asked her senior again
Yuki looked at the younger girl with a motherly smile, but that smile indicates that she shouldn't ask anymore. Jurina bit her lip and kept quiet.

   Everyone heard of their conversation but kept quiet, since Atsuko doesn't mind it. Rena thought to herself 'I wonder what happened when Maeda-senpai and Mariko-sama met the others?', she thought she could ask Mayu but refrained herself since it is not her place to ask and also because Mayu was crying.

[To be continued]

Man, that took longer than expected...
Ah well, that's all for this chapter and eh? Why's my angel cryin?! OAO
Don't cry, Mayuyu! Or else I'll cry as well QAQ

And please suggest and comment your opinions~ I'm looking forward to it >w<
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Re: [Parings undecided] The Game of Life [Chapter 3]
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yeyy Marimii whooo I want them please pair them up in your fic ^^

so acchan had a sad past  :cry: :cry: :cry:

I want to know more ^^
Love AKB

Love this Pairing
                                And more ^^

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Re: [Parings undecided] The Game of Life [Chapter 3]
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Friendship that's a wonderful thing ever could happen in one's life.. :)

Mayuyu! Don't cry! She really love her senpais especially Acchan! Aww.. I want to see Tomochin and Miichan! Ahaha.. MariMii~! :fap But the way Acchan skinship on Yuki! Watta! hang-out with Yuko too much! Ahahaha.. :lol: I can't wait to see your pairing! Hehehehe.. Ah WMatsui still wanting the top eh? Well gambatte ne~ I'll just cheering the both side~! Cuz i love them all! Hahaha :wub:

Thank you for the update :bow: :thumbsup :twothumbs

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Re: [Parings undecided] The Game of Life [Chapter 3]
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The 9 top of the school... full of flirty... and perv.

Most of them liked cute people...

Ah... Who was the person that WMatsui promised... to take down Atsuko?

Who were the people from Atsuko's past that she was trying to avoid?

What was Atsuko weakness...?

Yeah... MariMii... is been decided as the first pairing...

I like Mayuki... they were so cute together... and seem to like each other too...

Can't wait to see the next

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [Parings undecided] The Game of Life [Chapter 4]
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Argh, was so tired last night that I forgot to update this fic...

Elo, yup I will, since I've already decided on it.

kenjoy12, Tomochin and Mii-chan will appear in this chapter! (probably) and yeah Acchan's a closet pervert but since she hangs out with Yuko a lot, she became more open to it XD

cisda83, whoa, too many questions. No, MaYuki won't be a pair... Though they really do love each other~

And of course thanks for the comments, positive feedback and likes~

This chap will most likely focus on MariMii and TomoAcchan~ I think... That's what I'm thinking right now but for some reason I feel like introducing the antagonist of this story... Ah well, let's just see how it goes~

Now go go go~

[Chapter 4]

FLASHBACK : 3 years ago

I urged the bored girl to make her move. She didn't falter at all and just looks at me in disgust. That made me really mad inside. I took the initiative and ran towards her with amazing speed and punched her, but she avoided it and counter-attacked me with a roundhouse kick. I managed to block it by grabbing her shin. While she was surprised by my quick actions, I punched her straight in the face. It took a direct hit, of course.
"Hah, so much for the untouchable queen!" I provoked her more, while she was still in a daze.

   The girl touched her cheeks, that was bleeding from my powerful punch, and smirked. This time, I was the one in shock. Before I could make my next move, she was already right in front of me. She grabbed my head and slammed it to the wall. She seemed to have held back since I didn't feel much pain. She then punched me in the stomach and kicked me in the back, causing me to fall to the ground. She looked down at me with an emotionless face.

"Tell me, why did you want to fight me?" She asked, still looking emotionless. I answered her with a pissed off tone "Huh? Isn't that obvious? It's because I want to beat you!" She was looking at me, this time, looking a little surprised. "Why do you want to beat me?" "Because you're at the top right now. If I beat you, then I'll become one of the most well-known yankee in the neighborhood!" I looked at her with confidence. She could only sigh. "Must be nice to be thinking like that so easily."

   As she was walking away, two figures came inside the abandoned building. "What happened, Mari-chan?!" One of them helped me to stand up, ignoring Maeda. "Ah, shut up, Mii-chan. Why is she even here, Tomomi?!" I glared at the other girl that came in, Itano Tomomi. "Don't blame me, she wanted to see her precious Mariko." She shrugs as she says that. I could feel myself blushing, but continued to glare at Tomomi. I got up, with the help of Mii-chan and looked at the figure of Maeda Atsuko, walking away.

   "Hey! Our fight isn't finished!" I shouted at her back, but she didn't turn around and continues to disappear from our sight

   "Whoa, what's wrong with her?" Mii-chan looks at the direction Maeda went and pouted. I could only give a wry smile and looked at Tomomi, who is looking troubled. "What's wrong, Tomomi?" I asked her.

   "That girl... She looks lonely..."

End of flashback


   Maeda Atsuko and Shinoda Mariko are waiting for their friends in the abandoned building which the two met for the first time and dueled each other.

Mariko :"They seem to be taking their sweet time."
Atsuko :"Don't get so mad, or are you possibly worried that Mii-chan's having 'fun' with Tomochin~?" She teased the older girl
Mariko :"Of course not. There's no way that would happen." She looks around worriedly.
Atsuko :"Right~ Oh, there they are." Atsuko pointed in the direction of the building's entrance, which 2 figures can be seen there

Tomomi :"Ah, sorry, you two. The hospital wouldn't let us go."
Atsuko :"Tomochin~" She hugs the girl tightly, seeing as she missed her so much
Tomomi :"Acchan~ Did you behave like a good girl while I was in the hospital?" she looks at the younger girl, who is only a week younger than her, with a smile
Atsuko :"Yup!" She says, burying her face in the older girl's chest

Mariko :"Hey, you two could be lovey dovey some other time. And what do you mean the hospital wouldn't let you go? I thought they already gave you permission."
Mii-chan :"Mii-chan and getting permission doesn't go well together." She says, sticking her chest out with pride
Mariko :"You two should take care of yourselves more..." She says, sighing at the two's misconduct
Mii-chan :"Says the sadist."
Tomomi :"Says the one who fights the most."
Atsuko :"Says the girl who had to repeat a year."
Mariko :"Okay, shut up." She says looking away, as if pouting


FLASHBACK : Two weeks after their first contact

"M- Monster..." The man fell to the ground.
As usual, I was beating up the people who challenged me, thinking they could beat me, since I'm a girl.
I sighed and headed over to the riverside to wash their blood off of me. I could feel somebody approaching me. I usually don't let suspicious people get near me but I decided to just let it go since I didn't feel anything dangerous from her. I was near the riverbed, washing the blood of as the girl sat next to me and peeked at my face
"Hey, could you tell me your name?" she looked straight into my eyes, curious.

   I decided to just ignore her and continue. She kept pestering me over and over. I remembered her. More like I remembered her petite mouth. She was one of the girls that was with the taller girl who challenged me earlier. I think her name was Tomoki?

   "Hey, my name's Itano Tomomi. Now can you tell me what's yours?"

   'Ah, it was Tomomi.' I thought to myself and continued to act as if I was ignoring her. She pouted. She dipped her hands with the river's water "Ei!" and put her hands on my cheeks. I looked at her angrily. She just laughed, too much, covering her head playfully, waiting for me to hit her like a child. I decided to just walk away.

   As I did so, she followed me. 'What the hell is this girl planning?' I thought to myself and looked at the girl as if I'm looking at a new form of species. The girl just kept on following me, without a care in the world. She talked to me about fashion, food and even the town we are in even though I didn't say anything before or during her talk. She just kept on talking about whatever she has in mind. I even entered the forest but she STILL followed me and kept on talking.

   That is until I reached my home. "This is my home, so can you leave?" She looked at me in surprise. I can't blame her. My home is actually an old cave in the forest. She opened her mouth and asked me. "So this is your home?" I didn't answer but she realized that I was serious. She then took my hand and suddenly asked me. "Hey, wanna stay at my place today~?" she says, with the most sincere face I've ever seen. I couldn't even answer her and she dragged me off. "Let's go~" She was brimming with energy. Seeing this, I decided to just let her do what she wants. "I'm Atsuko... Maeda Atsuko". I finally said it.

   "Atsuko, was it? Ermm... Then I'll call you Acchan~!"
That was how I made my first friend

End of flashback


Mii-chan :"So, how was your school?"

   The four friends are in a restaurant. Whenever they hung out together, they would always go to that specific restaurant and talked about various things. Atsuko ordered a glass of ice tea as the other three ordered parfaits. Tomomi fed Atsuko her own parfait. At first Atsuko protested and doesn't want to be spoiled too much, but as time passes, she was taken down by Tomomi's pleading eyes and cute pout. While those two are busy with each other, Mii-chan asked that question to the oldest girl of the group.

Mariko :"Hmm... Lively, I guess?" She gave her a simple answer
Mii-chan :"Did you two cause any trouble?" She looked at her with a doubtful gaze
Mariko :"If you mean Acchan, of course she did. You can't find an Acchan without troubles." she chuckled a bit
Mii-chan :"You sound like there's something interesting happening lately."
Mariko :"Well, kinda." She remembered the two new transfer students
Mii-chan :"So, did Acchan manage to get some friends?"
Mariko :"Of course. She even found some comrades and of course some kouhai that she likes." she was talking about the Kami8 and the two Matsuis
Mii-chan :"I see... That's good, then." She lets out a relieved sigh
Mariko :"You're always worrying about Acchan..." She muttered a bit
Mii-chan :"Huh? What was it?" She didn't hear Mariko clearly
Mariko :"Nothing."


   When they finished their parfaits, they ordered a sundae. Mariko and Tomomi couldn't eat anymore, but they ordered some anyways. Atsuko didn't order it since she has no money, but Tomomi treated her and ordered for her.

Tomomi :"Ah, remembered the first time I introduced everyone to you, Acchan?"
Atsuko :"Hm? You mean when I went to your home the first day we met?"
Mii-chan :"Haha! I remembered that! This old hag was all angry and jealous since it took 4 years for her to actually get invited to Tomomi's!" she pointed at Mariko
Mariko :"That was before I realized of her circumstances. That time, I was angry since Tomomi became friends with someone as crazy as Atsuko without even consulting me first" She remembered the fight between her and Atsuko
Mii-chan :"Proves that she is WAY stronger than you. Even in Tomomi's heart~"

Tomomi :"Ah, it took weeks for Acchan to finally open up to me, though. Even though she accepted to live with me"
Mariko :"Took her 3 months to open up to us." Mii-chan nodded at her statement
Atsuko :"Well you know how I was back then. I can't really open up to people just like that."
Tomomi :"But you made up a nickname for me though. That made me really happy and embarrassed at the same time."
Atsuko :"I just felt like Tomochin's cuter than Tomochan. So yeah"
Mii-chan :"Wasn't it because of her chin?"
Atsuko :"Heh." She only smirked

The sundae they were waiting for finally arrived.

Mariko :"Wow, you two are really similar..." She looked at Atsuko and Mii-chan, eating their sundae.
Atsuko :"Hm? Waddya mean?" She swallowed and looked at Mariko, confused
Tomomi :"Mari-chan's right. You two can eat way too much. I'm worried what would happen invited you two to the free buffet I went to." she remembered all the food that was served
Mariko :"Ah, that. I was invited, though."
Tomomi :"Because you can control what you eat, unlike those two."
Mariko :"They sulked for the whole week. Mii-chan didn't talk to me at all and avoided me."
Tomomi :"It was the same with Atsuko. She didn't hug me at all and stayed a couple of meters away from me."
Atsuko :"It was Tomochin's fault for not inviting me but invited Mari-chan instead."
Mii-chan :"How could that old hag get all the food yet we could only drool at what you two told us"
Atsuko :"Right?"
Mii-chan :"Right"
Tomomi :"Okay, okay. I'll invite you two whenever I get some opportunities in the future." She patted Atsuko's head
Atsuko :"Yay~ That's why I love Tomochin~" she hugs the older girl
Mii-chan :"Hooray for food!"
Mariko :"Show some self-restraint, will you..."


Atsuko :"Hey, can you two go out the day after tomorrow?" she asks the two hospitalized individuals
Mii-chan :"We can try"
Tomomi :"Why do you ask?"
Atsuko :"How about you two come and visit our school?"

[To be continued]

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