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Author Topic: Gomennasai (Chapter 4A) [July 3, 2018]  (Read 25581 times)

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Re: Gomennasai (Chapter 3) [March, 6 2015]
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So heart wrenching!  :ptam-hbk:
Author-san, where forth arth thou?!
Please update! My heart can't take it not knowing what will happen next!  :ptam-cry: :gyaaah: :fainted: :imdead: :mon waterworks:
Anyway, your fic is so good!   :twothumbs
Right in the kokoro  :heart:

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Re: Gomennasai (Chapter 3) [March, 6 2015]
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:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Re: Gomennasai (Chapter 3) [March, 6 2015]
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almost 3 years.. where are you... :pleeease:

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Re: Gomennasai (Chapter 3) [March, 6 2015]
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Ne author san when will you update??? I really want to know what's going to happen to mayu and her siblings... *pout* Will she die? Will sae and yuki learn to 'forgive' mayu and get over their big ego's to save their sister? Or will it be too late?? Hmm so much questions that needs to be answered and it can only be done with updates haha XD take your time tho lol no rush!

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Re: Gomennasai (Chapter 3) [March, 6 2015]
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what ill happen to mayu :dunno:

Mayu don't die please  :ptam-cry:

At least Yuki cares a little for Mayu  :bingo:(Sae is a jerk for not caring for her little sister!!!!! :angry1: )

Update it please  :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow:
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Re: Gomennasai (Chapter 3) [March, 6 2015]
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Chapter 4A

Soundtrack Chapter 4A : Dome The Star 8-眼淚的願望 Praying with Tears

Author’s  POV

Sae came into the room with mixed feelings, you could say he was very curious about the coversation that he had before. Why did Mayu need that money? These thoughts continued to fulfill his head until he was dizzy.

"AARRRGHH !!!" Sae shouted as he ruffled his hair.

Yuki who heard the cries of his brother comes straight into Sae’s room.

"Oniichan are you sick? Please don’t make me afraid!"

"I’m just tired Yuki. Somehow I really miss our old life." Sae said tearfully.

"Sae-niichan, you have to be strong. I’m able to withstand the grief because I have you. You are the only that i have now, so please don’t be like this Niichan. You make me sad." Yuki was crying too.

Things became touching. Two siblings are crying because of how their lives has changed after losing their parents. Then what about Mayu? She was fainted but slowly gaining her consciousness and she immediately taking the medicine, so that the pain didn’t recur constantly.

"Ganbare Mayuyu!" The young girl stared at her own reflection. It looked pale and bit more thin then it used to be. She came out of her bedroom and heard something from her brother’s room. Mayu walked forward trying to approach Sae’s room, though she was scared, She ventured to open the room and tried to get closer to those who are upset it.

"Sae-niichan, Yuki-neechan.. Why are you crying?" Mayu asked cautiously.

"M-mayu? What are you doing here?" Sae was surprised by the presence of Mayu.

"I heard the sound of crying." Mayu cleared.

"Mayu-chan, why? Why should our mama and papa? Why it is not you?" rambled Yuki,  she was asleep at Sae’s lap.

Sae and Mayu shocked at Yuki’s delirium. Especially Mayu. Her sister word’s was stabbing her heart. Although Mayu has realized that Yuki didn’t like her but it still hurts when she heard so much hatred toward herself. Mayu decided to get out of the room and ran out somewhere, certainly she messed up this time.

Sae's POV

Whoaa, Yukirin said those words? I was surprised but that's good to let her know how much we hated her. However, her pale face looked really sad, especially when the tears continued to flow after hearing Yuki’s sleeptalking.

"Mayuyu, you have to be strong no matter what." I murmured to myself. To be honest I really love you, but my heart is too broke when I remembered that you are the reason of our parents death, Mayu..Mayuyu, my beloved sister.

Mayu’s POV

God, why Yuki-neechan hates me so much? Hate is very close to love, right? If Yuki hates me then it is a sign that she also loves me right? God what should i do? I keep running and wondered to myself. My feet has brought me to this park, where I used to play here with my siblings.

Flash Back

"Niichan, I'm hungry ."

"Hahaha, Mayuyu how can you? We already had a breakfast before came to here." Yuki laughed and hugged me.

"But I’m stilI hungry, i want to eat kaarage.." said the younger girl.

"Ja, wait here, Yuki will buy kaarage for Mayuyu."

"Hurry up Niichan, I'm very hungry.."


Yuki had gone for a long time, The little Mayu was waiting for Yuki but she did not come back. That child afraid if her Neechan left her. She cried. She thought Yuki would never go back and had not loved her anymore. This thought may sound stupid, but it was a nightmare for the naive little girl like Mayu. She was sitting on bench and suddenly someone closed her eyes, of course The young Mayu was screaming hysterically. After the person took off her hands, Mayu saw her. It was Yuki. That child immediately stood up and hugged her sister.

"Neechan, don’t leave me again." Mayu said, weeping.

"Mayuyu-chan, gomen ne… I'm sorry there were so many people at the shop.” Yuki embraced her little sister. “It was immposible to leave my beloved sister, Mayu know that Yuki love you right. Whatever happens, Yuki will always be with Mayuyu, because Mayuyu is my cute little sister. Please don’t cry." Yuki tried to calm Mayu down.

"Niichan..You promise? Right? You're not lying?" Mayu sobbed, tried to convince herself.

"I promise. Whatever happens, Yuki will always be a big sister who protect Mayuyu." Yuki hugged Mayu for a long time. She patted her little sister’s back softly. The little Mayu loves to listen the way Yuki breathe, her warmth hug, she feels save.


“Hahaha looks like someone in hungry ne,” Yuki laughed.

"Yuki-neechan, feed me.." kekekeke

"Alright here we go…open your mouth ..Aaahhh."

* end flashback

Yuki-neechan, you lie. You said you will continue to love me no matter what happens, but why you throw me like this? I want you to remember what you said earlier in this park when I'm afraid to lose you… Neechan.. I really miss you and also with Sae-niichan, I miss you both.

"I don’t need a liver donor! I just need to live well as what Sae-niichan said and then immediately following mama!"

I’m holding my chest tightness because so many wounds here, yes in this heart. After strengthen myself, I went home and I saw Sae-niichan brought a large suitcase. My suitcase. Wait, what was happened?

"Niichan.. Why you carrying my luggage out the night like this?" I was confused

"This bag contents your clothes. Go to our other house, it is not far from here. I can not stand to see my sister tormented with your presence anymore." Sae went inside the house after throwing my suitcase without any hesitate.

"S-Sae-niichan ...g-gomen.." I just stood in there, seeing my brother bear expelled me out of my own house.

Author’s POV

Mayu cried. She constantly saying sorry eventhough Sae might not hear it. Mayu is too tired, she sat in front of her house. It's hard for her to leave her own family. She still loves Sae and Yuki. Shinobu-san saw Mayu and approached the crying girl.

"Mayu-san please do not cry.. I want to cry too whenever I see your tears." Shinobu spoke while looking at her sadly.

"Shinobu-san.. hikss.. can-.. can I hug you? You're the only person who still cares about me. hiks ". Mayu sobbed.

"Of course, whenever you want, I'll hug you, come here.” Shinobu gives Mayu a warmth hug. Her heart shattered when she realized that all those happy days in Watanabe’s Family was over since 3 years ago, especially for Mayu. She still remember the moment when Mayu was born and how Sae and Yuki were adored their little sister so much. Everything has changed. Shinobu couldn't believe that Sae kicked her own little sister out in the middle of night like this. This is just too cruel.

“Please wait here for a while, I'll take you to the other house." Shinobu standed up and saw Sae who was showing a furious face.

"Shinobu-san!!! If you help her, then I will fire you. Not only that, I will destroy everyone who try to protect my mother's killer!!" Sae warned.

To be continued

 Dear readers, please don't hate Sae or Yuki... just blame the author instead

Hello minna-san, i'm back  :sashiko: ... after all these years  :peace:. Please let me know If you willing to help me proofread this fic, :bingo: send me a PM :k-wink: Thank you! :shakeit:
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Re: Gomennasai (Chapter 4A) [July 3, 2018]
« Reply #66 on: July 04, 2018, 12:55:55 AM »
Are you going to follow the fan fiction?
That would make many of us very happy, both those who write and those who are just readers.
I'm sorry I can not help you, I'm not a native English speaker, so I can only really show my support with these messages

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Re: Gomennasai (Chapter 4A) [July 3, 2018]
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yeay an update ^^ thank you for continue this story..... :twothumbs

woaaahh sae.. yuki,.... :bleed eyes: how cruel.. he kicked mayu out  :doh: :bleed eyes: what will happen next?  :panic:

i hope things will get better  :farofflook: 

gommen author-san  :mon pray2: my english is so bad i can't help you :on cloudeye:

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Re: Gomennasai (Chapter 4A) [July 3, 2018]
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Omg you finally come back!!!!

Please do update more!!

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Re: Gomennasai (Chapter 4A) [July 3, 2018]
« Reply #69 on: July 22, 2018, 10:24:49 PM »
Thank you for the update I look forward to more~
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