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Author Topic: Umeda Ayaka's Multiverse (#02: Burned Feathers) [11.10.2016]  (Read 7518 times)

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Umeda Ayaka's Multiverse (#02: Burned Feathers) [11.10.2016]
« on: January 03, 2016, 06:48:57 AM »
Hey, Minna-sama. Since it's my dearest oshi's 27th birthday... Let me start a new thread~  :peace:

And this thread will all be for the Plum Goddess, Umechan!

 :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda:


01: Her Real World (see below)
02: Burned Feathers

Time Space #01

Her Real World


A life as an idol is fun but definitely tiring. It has been nine years living like this. There were times that I feel like wanting to quit, because of the hectic schedule and those times where I experienced being stalked by some fans, but remembering all the fun experiences makes me not want to.

Experiences such as the scenery made by the thousands of glowing light sticks when we have concerts. It was so beautiful to look at, somehow making me think that they’re stars and that I was singing beyond the clouds. Even the cheering of the audience makes me smile for no reason… It wasn’t the popularity that I’m aiming. It was rather the appreciation of the people when I’m doing the thing I loved the most, and that is to perform.

But the most important of all is the friendship formed inside the group. I met plenty of wonderful people. You couldn’t imagine how different individuals each of us are but because of one thing we were united…

Also, because of this idol business, I met this particular person who made me love my idol life more. Pretty and tall, she is shy and she tends to be a baka sometimes but it was those characters of her that made me like her…

She was younger than me yet most of the times I was the one acting childish. I was glad that for a long time we have been in the same team, giving us more time and chances to be together.

Nonaka Misato became a special girl to me. We became closer and closer that we even send mails to each other every day. I can only look at her with the eyes of a man. If I was born a man, I swear I would want to marry her. But since I’m a girl too, that wouldn’t be possible…

Even after she left the group, we kept in touch with each other. It was not as often as before but receiving a word from her never fails to lift my spirits up.

Just like now…

I flipped my phone close after reading her mail. She was asking me if I’m free for the whole day. Of course, who was I to reject an invitation that I was secretly hoping for? I replied in the affirmative and asked where we’ll be meeting. I received a reply from her quickly and a smile was painted on my face as I prepared myself for the date… Good thing, I don’t have anything scheduled today.

I did the usual sequence of preparations of myself but got a hard time on deciding what to wear. I’ve got bunch of clothes piled out on my bed, from dresses up to jeans and jumpsuits… I can’t seem to decide. She has seen me in almost any type of clothing. She has even seen me in my underwear only. That’s how close and comfortable we have been with each other…

I glanced at the clock and realized that I don’t have much time left. For the last time, I looked over my clothes. My hands reached for a pair of ripped jeans and body-hugging shirt. I was quite bothered because it somehow shows my curves and those things that I lack became a bit noticeable. I changed the shirt into something of a larger size, making me feel more comfortable. A pair of sneakers would look nice with these.

After dressing myself, I grabbed my cap and backpack. Travelling to the location wasn’t really a hassle since it only took me about 15 minutes. I came just in time.

I entered the small coffee shop, gathering little attention from the few people sitting near the front door. My lips were formed into a smile as I quickly roamed my eyes to look for Misato.

She was sitting on a certain corner at the far end of the room with her eyes fixed on me already. I quickly walked towards her and was greeted by her sweet smile as soon as I sat on the chair opposite hers.

Though she had changed her hairstyle, it was still the same Misato I knew since before. Her hair was longer and dyed in a darker color. She don’t have the bangs she used to have before, instead some of her hair was gently tucked behind her ears.

“Hisashiburi, Umechan…” Said Misato.

“Hisashiburi, Micha. Sorry for making you wait…” I said apologetically.

“Don’t worry. You came in time and I just came in too, just a few minutes before you arrive.”

A smile was my sole reply. I can’t help it though; just her presence would be enough to make me happy. “Anyway, why do you want to see me?”

“No particular reason actually, I—I just wanted to see you today… I guess.” Misato cannot look straight into my eyes, and her action made me blush.

I don’t want things to feel awkward so I jokingly pinched her cheek and laughed. “Kyaaah~ That’s too sweet of you!”

A pink colour was painted on her cheeks as she touched the spot I pinched. “Ittai…” She mumbled as she glared at me. I stuck my tongue out to tease her more.

“Anyway, I ordered for the two of us already…” Said Micha shyly.

“Great…” I said.

After dishing out the delicious cake and coffee, we decided to do our favorite hobby: shopping.

It was funny. We share many similarities: both of us came from the same prefecture, both are left-handed, and we both love shopping!

We stopped by plenty of stores and got all that we needed until we both felt our feet already painful from walking all around…

It was about five in the afternoon already when we decided to leave the mall and take a stroll downtown to the train station…

The afternoon breeze felt very refreshing as it gently brush on my face. I stole a glance at her; she was smiling as she looked at the path in front of us. Her eyes reflected the color of the setting sun.

“Misato…” I called out her name all of a sudden. She turned her head to look at me as well as flashing a really sweet smile. The picture of that moment was indeed very beautiful that it almost melted my heart. Right at this very moment, I wanted to tell her what I feel for her… that I love her.

But at the same time, I got scared… What if after I tell her that, she rejects me? If that happens… I wouldn’t be able to see her smile at me again. I was afraid to lose her. So, I refrained myself from the surge of the overflowing emotions inside my heart.

“Hm?” Inquired Misato, making my heart skip a beat.

“N—Nothing…” I faked a laugh and none of us spoke again until we reached the station.

There was only a small crowd of people waiting for the train. We easily boarded an empty train car and sat on the metal bench. I let out a yawn as I look out of the window.

She seemed to notice it and said, “You want to sleep? I’ll wake you up when we reach the stop.”

Misato patted her shoulder and brushed her hair out of the way. I took it as an invitation which I gladly accepted. Leaning my head on her shoulder, the contact made my heart race. The stillness of the moment was to be remembered forever…

After a few minutes, I still found myself awake. “I don’t feel sleepy anymore…”

“It’s fine. You can lean there until we reach the stop.” Said Micha. I swear I was blushing really red right now. Good thing she can’t see my face from my position.

“Thank you…” I manage to smoothen my almost shaky voice, the fragrance of her hair enveloping my nose…

How I wished we never reach the stop. If only moments like this could last forever…

But no, fate is sometimes a bit cruel.

We shortly reached the stop. I lifted my head and stood up.

“Bye bye… Until next time…” I bid my goodbye before walking to the door and leaving her sitting there alone.

“Bye, Ayaka… Thank you! Take care.” I vaguely hear her say as she waved her hand.

I waited at the flat form until the train drove again. By the window, I can still see her… getting farther and farther away from me for each passing second.

I let out a sigh as well as a bittersweet smile…

Oh, my coward heart…

When will I be able to tell her everything?

When will I be able to be true to what I feel?

When will I be…? I wonder…

Yeah, guess I know when…

When my coward heart… doesn’t beat anymore.


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Re: Umeda Ayaka's Multiverse (#01: Her Real World) [03.01.2016]
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2016, 07:21:45 AM »
That was pretty good with the art

Good Job!
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Umeda Ayaka's Multiverse (#02: Burned Feathers) [11.10.2016]
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2016, 04:11:49 PM »
I know it's been moooooonths since I last updated this. Forgive me. But since Umechan graduated, I've had a hard time finding some inspiration...

But yeah, I guess I'll be lurking every once in a while. XD

@kuro_808: Thanks~ Guess I'll be adding artworks on every story here.. XD

Time Space #02

Burned Feathers


"It was hot." I murmured to myself as I fell closer to the dark pit. I stretched out my hands but no matter how much I try, I can't grasp anything. I tried to hold on... I tried to be as sacred as how we are supposed to be. But still, I ended up falling down this abyss.

What did I do?
What did I not do?

I heard a loud thud as I reached the destination. A small cloud of smoke appeared right on the spot. It was hotter than I expected.

"Ittai~" I gently touched the spot and rubbed it soothingly. Then, I heard a soft giggle somewhere...

I roamed my eyes along the dark place but there isn't anyone around, but I can still hear the giggling. "Who's there?" My voice echoed inside the dark pit.

"Up here, angel~" Said a mysterious voice. I looked above me and a devil was floating with a sly smile on her face...

"Who... Who are you?" Have I seen her before? I wonder... She somehow looks familiar...

"Oh~ Has three years been that long, Umeda-san?" She grinned at me. I'm trying my best to remember her but...

She flew near me and cupped my face. "Maybe you should take a closer look so that you'll remember~"

The sculpture of the face and the features looked really familiar. Even the irises, except that they are purple-colored now. Then, she smiled at me again before giggling...

"M--Miyuki!!" I screamed in amazement as soon as I remember the person.

"At last~" She said before moving behind me and hugging me from behind. "Anyways, what does an obedient angel like you doing down here?"

I turned my eyes away and thought about the happenings again. Why am I here?

"I guess, you can relate, Miyuki."

"Don't call me Miyuki. I'm Warukii~" She pouted before hugging me tighter.

"I'll call you with whatever I want." I sighed and struggled from her. "I don't understand why I'm here. I just did what I think was the right thing to be done."

"I know..." She whispered to me and let her bat wings envelope my thin body. "I've watched all of you for the time I was here."


"It's Warukii, Umeda!" She said, strangling my body tighter with her wings.

"Fine! Just let go of me already, Warukii!" She did let her wings out of the way but remained gently hugging me.

"An angel must obey the laws of heaven. An angel must obey the laws of God. An angel must obey... Obey... Be obedient." She whispered. "I didn't like that. I don't want to obey to things that I don't understand... I know you think like that, too, Umechan..."

"Yeah, we're on the same boat, Mi--Warukii..." I looked away, blushing, because her breathe lingers in my skin. "How did you survive here?"

"The Hell is a place that is easy to understand. People are here because they didn't comply with the laws of God. Angels are thrown here once they disobey, and likewise, devils are naturally here. Here, at the Hell, souls suffer, scream, cry, beg, and regret the things they've done before. But they'll realize that it's too late to regret and that it is the place they really belong to."

"Do you believe that you belong here?" I asked her...

"I don't really know... But having someone like you here relieved me a bit." She answered softly.


"I didn't want to suffer alone. It's greedy of me but... That's what I want." Milky said.

I smiled and looked at her. "Then, help me live here. I guess I'll be staying here with you."

"Yes, you'll be in my care now." She said then winked. I cannot resist myself and nudged forward, kissing her lips. She was surprised but smiled at the kiss... I closed my eyes and I remembered one memory when we were still in heaven, as angels...

Flashback (Three years ago...)

"Nee, Umechan~"


She stepped foward and looked at me with confused eyes. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure... What is it?" I smiled at her to relieve her...

"What if you want to save one soul from hell? What would you do?" She asked.

"Well, we basically can not do that, Milky... Only the God can decide on who stays where and such. We're just devouts, his instruments." I plainly said.

"Oh... Even though you've heard the screams of agony?"

I nodded. "We cannot disobey the laws of God. You know what's supposed to happen to you if you do."


"Would you forsake your wings just to save one soul? If you really can save it?" I asked her. Her eyes were blue and they are more lustrous than ever. She smiled at me. I didn't need to hear her words because even the look at me were more than enough for an answer.

"Well, then... Good luck, Miyuki." I said before she started walking away from me.

"Thank you, Umechan..." She smiled and waved her hand at me.

I watched her walk away, farther and farther from me...

"Will we see each other again?"

End of Flashback

"We really did see each other again." She said after the kiss.

"Are you reading my mind?"

She shook her head and grinned. "You're just too easy to read, I guess."

"Hmph!" I pouted. Milky sneakily kissed me.

"Sneaky Warukii~"

"Yes, I am!"


Is this a weird pair? XD
Well, I'll appreciate your feedbacks my dearest readers. :)

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Re: Umeda Ayaka's Multiverse (#02: Burned Feathers) [11.10.2016]
« Reply #3 on: October 11, 2016, 04:20:18 PM »
It was quite entertaining and funny between the two honestly
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