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Author Topic: Unknown [Gone] Ch.14 22/05/2012  (Read 41382 times)

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Unknown [Gone] Ch.14 22/05/2012
« on: November 20, 2011, 10:00:55 PM »
Hey guys. I was working on "The Deal" XD but ending up writing a new different fanfic. :hiakhiakhiak:

Hope you like it. :on woohoo:

Ch. 2
Ch. 3
Ch. 4
Ch. 5 & Ch. 6 Part 1
Ch. 6 Part 2
Ch. 7
Ch. 8
Ch. 9
Ch. 10
Ch. 11
Ch. 12 Part 1
Ch. 12 Part 2
Ch. 13 Part 1
Ch. 13 Part 2
Ch. 13 Part 3

Chapter 1

In life there are hardships.  The fact or emotions that are left after those hardships show how well one handled them.  During those hardships some people may believe that everything will be fine and that worse things will not occur.  They just act like nothing is happening, but when that attitude becomes a problem the only way to resolve it is to face it and try to find the better side of it.
My best friend’s only family, her grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, through the whole process my family and I were there to support her. And throughout that she still kept her light hearted attitude toward everything and smiled. She never showed her sadness or worried. I was with her when she finally broke down.
We were in the waiting room waiting to signing in when the doctors had come towards us and notified her about her grandmother’s passing. She held it in until we had reached her apartment, once in she dropped to the floor and started crying and screaming. I dropped down next to her and hugged her; I wanted her to know that I’m here for her. I heard her choke on a sob I quickly tighten my hug on her. We were like that until she had finally calmed down. She told me that she would be alright.
It’s been a week since her grandmother’s death and also since I last heard or saw her. My family and our friends and I are attending the funeral. I turn and see her standing with a picture of her grandmother in hands. She has red swollen eyes, seems she been crying nonstop. But there’s something different about her, I don’t know what exactly changed but I can feel it. When she no longer had the attend to greeting everyone I approached her. I was about to call out to her when one of her male friends came and stood in my way. “Hey, um do you wanna go on a date with me sexy?” “ugh, NO! Can you not see we’re at a funeral and not at a club?” What a jerk can he sense the feelings in this place? UGH! “Oh? So if we go to a club then you’ll accept?!” “N. O. NO! Now go away!” When I turn my attention back to her, I find she’s gone. I look and ask around but nobody seems to know where she went.
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Re: Unknown (still thinking about a title)
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2011, 10:17:33 PM »
I wonder which pairing is it

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Unknown [Gone] ch.2
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Chapter 2

“Hey, Atsuko-nee?”
“Hm? Oh! What’s wrong Mayuyu?”
“Did you see her?”


After not being able to find her I ask my parents if they knew where she was. “ Mom, Dad, have you seen Minami?”
“What do you mean she isn’t she greeting the guests?” My dad answer confused.
“No Dad. I already look for her but she’s nowhere to be found.” I had tried to hide my worry but it seems I failed because my mother noticed.
“Don’t worry, Atsuko. You’ll see her at home. Okay?”
Oh that’s right. My parents took custody of her since she’s still underage and has no family. Then I’ll just wait until we get home.

*At home*

“Honey Did Minami come with you?” Dad asks mom.
“No, I thought she went with you. So I brought Mayu and Atsuko with me. Why?” Mom asks dad worried.
“What’s wrong honey?” Mom approaches Dad begins to calm him down.
“What’s wrong Dad?” Both Mayu and I asked in unison. Concern written on our faces.
 “It’s just that when I got home I went to Minami’s room to check if she was already here. Because you said that she wasn’t at the funeral. But when I saw that she wasn’t in there, I guessed she had gotten with you guys to come home. But as your mom said she’s not with you.” He looks down and you can tell that both my parents are worried about her. Then I notice Mayu isn’t next to me anymore.
“Mom! Dad! Atsuko!” Mayu comes running from Minami’s room screaming and panicking.
“What’s wrong?” I asked confused.
“It’s. It’s.” She keeps repeating.
“WHAT IS IT MAYU?!” I yell at her, which causes her to straighten up and clear her throat.
“It’s just that none of Minami’s things are in there anymore.” She said it with a matter-of-fact tone. That pissed me off.

“WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?”I said it with angry bitchy voice.
*gulp*” I-I-I sa-said that none” *gulp* “of Minami’s belongings are in her room. She seems to have come by and took them” Fear was sensed in her voice.
“What?” I still kept my tone from before.
“Atsuko, don’t talk that way to your sister.” Dad said but I ignored him and kept glaring at Mayuyu.
Oh God I’m gonna be murdered by my older sister and right in front of our parents. Mayu thought. *cough* “Well, the only thing I found was this note written to us by her.” I immediately took the note and noticed Mayu tense up the moment we made contact. I turned towards my Dad and see my mom glaring at my dad.
“Honey?” She uses her scary yet calm voice that gave both me and Mayu chills.
Mayu’s thoughts.
So this is where sis got her scary from. Note to self never ever angry these two women. Or might be the next unsolved murder case.
“Y-yes?” Fear can be sensed in his voice. (poor dude, got too many strong scary women)

“May I know how you missed the fact that Minami’s things were gone? When you just said you had gone into her room?” That scary yet calm voice again.
“Yeah, Dad! Especially when the note was taped to the door, it was the first thing you notice before opening it.” That’s my little sis. Mayu glared at our dad and her voice icy and cold.
 Dad was surprised by Mayu’s voice that he stuttered. “I-I’m s-so-sorry.” He then started crying. We left him and went to the kitchen, we sat down that the dinner table and read the note.


To the Maeda Family:
   I am truly sorry, but I cannot stay with you.
   I’ll be okay. So don’t worry. Peace out.
   See ya whenever I can see ya!
            Minami Takahashi

What the hell? All three thought. Is this really our Minami? They tilt their head to one side. Mayu and Atsuko end up hitting their heads together.
“Is this really Minami’s writing?” Mom asked with disbelief in her voice looking at the note.
“Yes it is Mom. You know her writing. But I understand where you’re coming from.” Mayu answered mom also looking at the note in disbelief. 
“This really is Minami’s hand writing but the words and sentences the writing itself doesn’t go with… how do I put it?” I said unsure.
“Her style!” Both mom and Mayu answered with a matter-of-fact tone.
“so what do we do now?” Dad spoke with a broken voice from the doorway.
“Oh! Honey~” Mom responded with a sweet voice that made my dad smile but then quickly turned into a frown. “Done crying?”
Ouch! That’s gotta hurt! Both Mayu and Atsuko thought making a ouch face to their father.
“Hey! You two!”
“Yes, Ma’am?!”  Oh Shit! We’re dead meat. Both Mayu and Atsuko thought.
“Well, the only things we can do is wait until she come back. But knowing Minami she will be attending school which starts up in 3 days. Right?” *sign* that was close. Both Mayu and Atsuko thought.
“Yes, mom” both Mayuyu and I reply.
“Good. Knowing that there’s no way she won’t attend school. I’m sure you’ll see her there. Okay?”
“okay mom.” We said and left our parents to have their own chat.
“You think she’ll be okay? Atsuko-nee?” Mayuyu asks me worried.
“I hope. Hopefully mom’s right and she attends school on Monday.”

End of Flashback
“Did you see her?”
“No, She didn’t even call in.” Both heave a sign.

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Re: Unknown [Gone] ch.2
« Reply #3 on: November 21, 2011, 01:50:23 AM »
Nice...sounds interesting!please do continue

Poor Takamina :cry:

Lol at Atsuko's dad, I kinda feel sorry for him:P

I can't wait to know what will happen next!

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Re: Unknown [Gone] ch.2
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Oh! It's interesting!!! XD
But poor Minami :(
I want to know what happen next :panic:

Please update soon :bow:

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Re: Unknown [Gone] ch.2
« Reply #5 on: November 21, 2011, 08:15:14 AM »
What happened to Minami????
ROFL poor father!!! Alone with scary women xD

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Unknown [Gone] ch.3
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Sorry for the wait.

Chapter 3
Minami’s POV

After crying my eyes out in my best friend’s arms, I told her I’d be fine. After she had left *ring**ring*
“H-he-hello? Minami speaking.” My voice cracking with every word.
“Hello? Hello, Minami?!” A man spoke over the phone.
“Yes, may I help you with something?”
“It’s me! Your father!” the man was excitedly.
“Ehhh?! Excuse me, but my father’s dead.”
What a disrespectful man.
“No, Minami. I’m alive mom just… I mean your grandmother told you that to protect you.”
“What do you mean?” I’m confused. Grandma told me my dad dead in a car accident.
“Mom told you that I dead in a car accident so, you wouldn’t have any contact with me. She wanted you to make your own choice.” My ‘Father’ explained.
“What do you mean my own choice?” I’m hella confused now.
“Okay. Here’s the thing I’m an undercover agent. I don't work for the police directly I work for the Chief of defense, so you would have been in danger if mom hadn’t said that I was dead in order to take custody over you. Ya know corrupted cops and whatnot. Do you understand somewhat?” There’s worry and honesty in his voice.
“Yes, I understand. Please keep going.”
“That’s great to hear. Mom was right you are an understanding person.”
 “Grandma did?” I surprised by his comment.
“Yes! It’s not like she hide you from me, who do you think paid for all you girls things. If I remember correctly neither one of you works.”
“Oh! So you’re the person that grandma always talked.”
“Yes. She’s told my so much about you, including the fact that you resemble me.”
“Hey! It’s not my fault for having boyish features.”
“I know.”
“Great now that we got that cleared. What’s choice I have to make thing?”
“Oh, that? You can either choice to stay with the Maeda Family or come with me, but that means you’ll be in danger.” Seriousness showed in his voice.
“What do you mean by come with you and danger?” I asked concerned.
“Well by coming with me you are stating that you want to become an undercover agent. BTW your grandma was a retired undercover agent. One of the best if I may add.”
“Yeah. It’s like the family business. In fact you used to have five uncles until a week ago, but by were assassinated.”
That cannot be grandma only gave birth to one child and that’s dad.
“What?!That cannot be you’re an only child”
“Your right, but they were trained by mom as was I. So we became brothers.”
“Oh. So I would continuing the family business if I go with you?”
“Yes, but you won’t be alone.”
“What do you mean?”
“Your cousins, their daughters will be with you cuz I’m taking care of them.”
“Also underage I see.”
“Yupz. Well you have until your grandmother’s funeral. Give me your answer by then. Bye.” *chick* dial-tone.

Did he just hang up on me? Well more importantly. HOW DA HELL AM I GONNA REACH HIM? He didn’t even give me a phone number.

At the Funeral

I haven’t slept in about three days and cried all night last night.
I’m standing here with my grandmother’s picture in hand. I then process to greeting the guests, I stop when I see Atsuko coming towards me but she’s stop by one of my guy friends’ friend. I was about to call out to her but stop when I felt a hand on my shoulder turning me around to see someone who looks a little bit like me.
“Hello, Minami. My, how you’ve grown.” “Hello? And you are?” “I’m your father.” Big Grin “Dad?!”
“Yes.” Nodding “BTW can we go somewhere private?” “Of course, follow me” “Okay”

We’re now in my room at the Maeda Family’s home. “So have you decided?” he asks eagerly. “Yes!”” Great, so what’s your decision?” “I’m going with you.” “Are you sure? What about the Maeda Family? Won’t they be worried?” “Don’t worry Dad I’ll leave them a note.” We got all my stuff and left a note. We arrived at the airport and sat in our seats until our plane took off. “Btw Minami do you know how to fight?” “Yes. Why?” “That’s good.” “Wait. Why?” “U’ll know when we get there.”
Crap I’m starting to regret my decision of continuing the family business.


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Re: Unknown [Gone] ch.3
« Reply #7 on: November 22, 2011, 07:42:00 AM »
she's running away to run the family business... LOL..  :lol:   Secret agent... nice!!!  :twothumbs

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Re: Unknown [Gone] ch.3
« Reply #8 on: November 22, 2011, 07:54:59 AM »
Wow!!! :w00t: Takamina as a Secret Agent!!! XD
It's cool!!!! :thumbsup
I want to know who are those Takamina's cousin is XD
I can't wait to read more about this!!! :thumbup
This is gonna be so interesting :peace:

Please Update Soon :bow:

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Re: Unknown [Gone] ch.3
« Reply #9 on: November 22, 2011, 08:17:02 AM »
More and more interesting ^^ but Acchan!!!!

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Re: Unknown [Gone] ch.3
« Reply #10 on: November 22, 2011, 08:17:47 AM »
whoooaaaaaaa, sugeeee~ takamina the secret agent  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :w00t: :w00t:

now i got the feeling her cousin is yuko?!  XD XD

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Re: Unknown [Gone] ch.3
« Reply #11 on: November 22, 2011, 05:05:40 PM »
could it be takamina cousins are yuko, miichan, mariko, haruna, sae ?

let guess... please update the next storyline... thank you.

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Unknown [Gone] ch.4
« Reply #12 on: November 23, 2011, 01:03:07 AM »
Hello, everyone I just reading a few updated fanfic which inspired me to write. :shifty: :shy1: I hope you like this chapter.  :on GJ:

Chapter 4

Atsuko POV
“Oh, Maeda-san. How may I help you today?”
“Ano.. sensei have you heard anything about Minami?”
“Oh you don’t know? I thought because she was staying with you and your family you would know.”
“Would know what?”
“She quit school and went overseas to continue her education there. So you nor your family knew about this?”
“Oh now I remember she had mention something like that. Sorry sensei.”
“Oh that’s understandable, well with everything that happened that is.”
“Yes. Well if you’ll excuse me I have to attend class.” “Oh by all means go.”
Why didn’t you tell me you were going overseas Minami. Aren’t we best friends? I would have gone with you if had just asked me. I can’t stand not being able to see you or hear your voice. I miss you so much.


“Okay we’re here, Minami.” They enter a huge mansion. Once inside Minami was hit with an unknown object. “Hey! WTH!” Then she was about to be attacked again but dodged it turned around to up cut the attacker but they were now a safe distance from her. “Wth?!” “What? Never know when you’ll be attacked, ya know.” Replied her attacker. “Oh btw I’m Haruna Kojima. Nice you to meet you.” She bows. “O-oh I’m Minami Takahashi, but you can call me Takamina.” She was about to bow when she sensed another presence she turned graded the person by the shirt collar and flip them hard having them land on the cold hard floor with a loud *Thump*. “Who are u? N what do u want?” “Whoa! easy there tiger. My name is Minami Minegishi. Everyone here calls me Miichan. Takamina can you let go now?” “Why?” “Cuz there’s someone else behind ya.”Miichan said with a smirk on her face. Takamina does a 180 managing to dodge the hit then did a round house kick which connected with the back of the person’s head but didn’t knock her down. “Hehehe. Is that all you got?” Takamina’s thoughts How can someone withstand a hit as hard as that? Is she a Demon? Nah, maybe she’s high. She is giggling, so that’s possible. Her father’s thoughts: Wow! She’s talented. Mom you were right she’s a great fighter, just hope she can keep up with these five.
“Rena! Stop it and introduce yourself.” Out of nowhere two more figures approach them. “Sorry” the one named Rena bows to Takamina. “My name is Rena Matsui. I think I got a little too excited. Hehe” She scratches the back of her head while slightly sticking out her tongue.

“A little? Are you sure Rena? It seemed to me, like you wanted to kill her!” Miichan deadpanned. “Anyways, I’m Yuki Kashiwagi.” Wow she looks like a princess just like Rena. Better be careful around them. Minami thought. “And I’m Sayaka Akimoto, the oldest.” Whoa she looks strict, seems my fails will be unacceptable. Takamina thought to herself. “Wait the oldest?” “Yes, by three years.” “By 3 years…so you’re 17?” “Yes. Btw Haruna is the second oldest, 15, Rena and Yuki are your age, 14, and Miichan’s the youngest, 13.” “If you have any more questions you’ll have to wait until trainings over.” Dad added after Sayaka was finish. “Wait. Training?” *Fail face* “Yes! You have to train before you can go on missions with us.” Haruna answered. “Oh. Okay.”

Lesson # 1(Trainer Sayaka & Miichan)
Sayaka’s speech before the actual lesson:
Reflexes are the way your body behaves when it needs to act without thinking. They can be either natural reflexes (such as quickly recoiling your hand when you touch something way too hot) or taught reflexes (such as not dropping that very expensive or precious Starbucks just because it is too hot). Training your reflexes may be successfully accomplished through endless repeating of the movements. During this process, the constant actions to certain stimulus will be converted in subcontinent triggered actions (reflexes).
Actual lesson
“Sayaka, I understand all that but why does that have to do with Miichan straddling me on the bed and handcuffing my wrist to the headrest, my ankles to the footrest and to top it all of Miichan holding a whip in hand, huh?” “Well that’s easy.” Sayaka answers. “Haruna please explain.” Miichan asks Haruna. “Well people’s reflexes can either be natural or taught, so we’re going to teach you how to escape from multiple restrictions.” “Thus explaining why you are in your current situation, right Haruna.” Miichan added. “Oh! Yeah! And we also thought it would be fun to torture you, Takamina.” all three had a devilish smile aimed towards Takamina. “Wait. Wait. Wait! that’s not fair! Three against one isn’t fair!” “Well your enemies aren’t going to tell you what they are going to do to you. You know.” Yukirin speak was a matter-of-fact voice. “That’s true. Well all of us except Haruna can get out of those. Just try it…unless you wanna have us torture you. That is.” Rena added innocently and tilted her head at the last word. “No!” “Then you have 6 minutes to get outta those.” They all turn to face Minami’s father. “What r u waiting for? Do you not mind being torture?” he added which made her quickly learned how to pick locks and figure out what were the escapes. Good thing that I’m a quick learner. and once I do something I tend to remember how to do it. “Wow.” They all said amazed. “Uncle I didn’t know she could pick locks.” Haruna said. “I’m more amazed by the escape routes she formulated in such a short.” Sayaka added. “Wait! How did Takamidget get out of me straddling her without me noticing” They all turned to Miichan who was still in her position on the bed. “Whoa didn’t even see that coming” They deadpanned. “Ok. That’s enough let’s go to lesson #3 since she already learned how to formulate escape routes. Miichan call her to come back.” “Happy too.” “Sayaka, I’ll leave her and everyone else in your care. I have a mission related to the assassination of your fathers. Okay?” “Okay Uncle.”

Minami’s thoughts: Are they chasing me? Is it clear? I can’t believe I’m already out the mansion gate. *ring**ring*
“Yo! where are u? It’s time for your next lesson, better be here in 3 minutes. If you know what’s good for you.”
“Oh I’m in front of the mansion gate. I’ll be right there.” *chick*   

“What the?” Miichan said. “What’s wrong?” Yuki asks concerned. “She’s in front of the Mansion Gate.” “What?!” They all say surprised. “That’s about 4 miles from here.” Haruna said. “Wow, that’s faster than you Yukirin.” *smack* Rena deadpanned and Yuki smacked her for that. “Of course, She was in a hurry to protect her purity from Miichan, hahaha” Sayaka added making everyone burst into laughter.
“What? Did I miss something?” Minami said panting and confused to why they were laughing. “Oh it’s nothing.” Haruna replied. “O-okay. Btw where’s my dad?” “Oh he had a mission relate to our fathers’ assassinations and left. So I’ll be taking care of you.” “Okay.”


I'll update ch. 5 sometime by thur. 11/24.
 :on woohoo: :on woohoo:


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Re: Unknown [Gone] ch.4 Nov.22
« Reply #13 on: November 23, 2011, 01:12:55 AM »
WOWWW!!!! taka so versatile...  :ding:  so cool!!!!  :glasses:

can't wait for the next lessons...  :on lol:

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Re: Unknown [Gone] ch.4 Nov.22
« Reply #14 on: November 23, 2011, 04:18:46 AM »
 :w00t: Takamina so cool!!!!!!!!

I wonder what the next lesson will be XD

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Re: Unknown [Gone] ch.4 Nov.22
« Reply #15 on: November 23, 2011, 04:22:54 AM »
Wow! Takamina is so talented!!!! Just so KOOL!!!!!!!!!!!! :inlove:

Haha.. she surprised everyone with her talent!!! XD

I can't wait to read about the next lesson!!! :thumbsup

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Re: Unknown [Gone] ch.4 Nov.22
« Reply #16 on: November 23, 2011, 08:44:58 AM »
Wow gg Takamina!

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Re: Unknown [Gone] ch.4 Nov.22
« Reply #17 on: November 23, 2011, 09:37:29 PM »
Waa! That was fun! Takamina sure is quick!

Thank you for your update!  :bow:
Have tumblr have twitter. Just ask ^^

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Unknown [Gone] ch.5 & ch. 6 Part 1 Nov.24
« Reply #18 on: November 24, 2011, 04:19:27 PM »
Hey guys I'm updating two chapters. I don't know when I will be able to update either of my fanfics. :?

Hope you like it.  :lol:

Chapter 5

Lesson # 3 (trainer Miichan & Haruna)
Miichan’s speech before practicing:
Always treat every firearm as if it were loaded. No ifs, ands, or buts. Even if you know the gun is unloaded, still handle it as if it were loaded. Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction away from others more importantly us. In a direction where a negligent discharge would cause minimum property damage and zero physical injury. Even the most experienced gun handlers like Haruna and I break this rule sometimes. It’s more dangerous when people don’t even know they’re doing it. So the safest direction to point the gun is always downrange. If you don’t know what downrange, it’s as long as there aren’t any people it’s downrange! Always keep your trigger finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you have made a conscious decision to shoot. Always be sure of your target, backstop, and beyond. You want to be aware of what’s in your line of fire.
Actual practice
“Miichan I understand what you said but why are you handing me a small gun? Can’t I get a medium size one?”
“Haruna would you please explain to our midget cousin here why she’s getting a Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket Pistol.” Miichan asked Haruna in an even voice. “Well, that’s easy. It’s cuz of your small stature of course.” Haruna deadpanned. “Hey! That’s not fair. Just cuz I’m small doesn’t mean I can’t handle shooting a normal size gun!” Minami argued back. “Yeah, yeah, Takamidget. Just shoot the damn gun already.” Miichan said with a let’s-get-this-over-with-so-I-can-eat-my-cakes. “Okay.” “Minami remember to always be sure of your target, backstop, and beyond. You want to be aware of what’s in your line of fire. Now point at the target and shoot when you’re ready.” Haruna instructed.
While Takamina was getting ready. “Sayaka what do you think?” Yuki asked. “I think she’s going to do well since she did great enough in the first lesson to skip the second lesson.” “I’ll disagree with you Sayaka. I think she won’t be able to handle a gun.” Rena argued. “I’m with Rena. I think she might accidently kill one of us.” Yuki added.
Few seconds later they heard a gunshot and a *KAAAA*. “Minami! Wth! You nearly shot me!” Miichan yelled. “I think the recoil was too strong for her to handle. We need to create guns suited for her stature.” Haruna murmured. “See told ya!” Rena said excitedly. “Btw, guys do you know what made that Kaaaa sound?” Yuki asked all of them. “Don’t kno..” Miichan was answering when a big bird hit and landed on her. “Miichan!” they all called. “Bakamani! YOU’RE DEAD! Yuki and Rena give Minami her next lesson!” Miichan yelled. “Okay!” Yuki and Rena answered with a devilish smirk. “Wait what about my gun lessons.” Minami asked. “It’s okay, we’ll continue later. But your next lesson still deals with guns.” Haruna said and also gave an evil smile to Minami.
Lesson #4 (trainers Yuki & Rena)
Yuki’s speech: …
“Wait! I can’t do that!” Minami yells to Yuki, but Yuki gave Rena the signal to begin. “Minami! Listen if you don’t dodge then you’re dead!” Rena yelled from the mansion second floor balcony. “Oh! Btw Takamina, Rena’s using real bullets, so yeah you might dead if she hits you.” “What?!” Minami begins to panic and runs around in circles. “Oh. It seems your training has began. Yuki, Rena I’ll be joining you in training her.” Miichan said already pointing her gun at Takamina. “Wait! What?! No fair! What have I ever done to you?” “Are you really asking? You shot nearly shot her a little while ago.” Haruna reminded Minami of what she did during their training. “Oh. That. Sorry?” Minami said. “Well anyways I’m joining too.” Haruna added with a grin. “Sayaka! Please help me out here.” Minami begged. “Sorry, no can do. Besides its good training for you in case you ever have multiple enemies shooting at you.” After Sayaka was finished Minami heard *p-tafffff*
And felt enormous pain in top right shoulder. “AHHH! WTH!.” She yelled to Miichan. “Hey! Have you forgotten you’re in the middle of training, here!” Yuki retorted. “Yeah! And lucky for you Sayaka is having us use rudder bullets instead of real ones.” Miichan added. “oh btw that’s for nearly shooting me! Bakamina!” In that moment Minami sensed a shift in her cousins, they were no longer playful and relayed back but instead hungry for blood, hungry for her blood. After 5 straight hours of running away from them, she had finally managed the skill of dodging (more like predicting where and when it will come) bullets. Minami’s thoughts: Oh God what have I done to earn this punishment? And passes out. After this lesson it took her 2 months to Fully recover before her last lesson.

Lesson # 5 (Trainer Sayaka)
Well let’s just say she didn’t have an easy time learning varies martial arts and fighting skills. She got a few broken bones. After 4 months to once again full recover, she had mastered most of the martial arts and fighting skills, as well as how to shot a gun (with a lot of modify done to varies sets of firearms/ guns by Haruna and Rena, so she won’t be blown away each time she fired.) 

Please tell me if it's confusing. Here:

Chapter 6 Part 1

5 years passed

Minami where are you? It’s already been 5 years since you unexpectedly disappeared. I hope you’re safe wherever you are. I love you.

It’s already been five years since Minami had joined her new family and the last time they heard from her father. She found out a lot about her new family members. For example Sayaka is a master in most martial arts; Aikido, Judo, Chanbara (sword fighter), Karate, Kendo, karate, mixed martial arts. She’s also the informant of all our missions (gathers all the information needed to do the mission) and goes undercover alone most of the time in order to get more info. Haruna is the seductress, weapons expert, bomb expert (more like bomb crazy manic), and racer/ drifter. Rena is a level 3 spicy food lover, a speed demon and computer genius; hacks, creates virus, navigates when they’re in a tight spot, and also creates legal documentation for them. Yuki is also a level 3 spicy food lover, a speed demon, but she’s the main actress of the group (she does most of Miichan’s crazy ideas) and sometimes the seductress in the group when Haruan’s busy (bombing). Both are speed demons so they can’t handle when they have to sit in passer seat of Haruna’s Lamborghini Sesto Elemento or Sayaka’s  Pagani Huayra. Miichan’s a weapons expert, mastermind of crazy stupid ideas that work most of the time, likes to tease/ taunt the enemy, doesn’t like speed that much and loves cake (in every mission she has a cake with her. I mean she actually carries a cake with her during missions). All five have at least an advanced understanding of weaponry and martial arts including Takamina. She’s able to get out of tight spots and formulates plans very quickly and the seducer of the group.

Red 1-Takamina       Red 2- Haruna   
Green 1- Sakyaka     Green 2- Miichan   
Blue 1- Yuki              Blue 2- Rena         
No3b- Red 1, Red 2, Green 2
Backup- Green 1, Blue 1, Blue 2.

“Red 1, what’s ur location?”
“Blue 2 do you copy? Red 2, Green 2 and I are located in an abandon warehouse near the abandon coal factory.”
“Red 1! What the hell are you talking about? Don’t you see all those armed man! We’re surround! Hello? Unless ur blind?”
“Green 2, Calm yourself the hell down and stop screaming into the damn mic.” Blue 2 heaves a loud sigh
“Blue 2? Sorry.”
“Well if we can’t get out I can just blow this place to kingdom come” Red 2 says with a huge grin.
“NO!” all members tell her. “Red 2 we are to rescue Tomomi Kasai not to kill her.”
“Okay fine. Btw Blue 1 what is your position?”
“I’m chilling in a tree pointing my custom made M24 bolt-action sniper rifles at the room that contain Ms. Kasai. I also have a good view of a escape route I’ll give the coordinates to Blue 2. Do you copy? Over.”
“Yes, Team no3b out.”

“Green 1, Do you copy?”
“Blue 2, I’m in position. I’ll take care of these guys now. Over” Green 1 pullout a mask put it on and set three flash and smoke grenades on in the main center of the Warehouse. She and team no3b took this chance to knock out or kill every one of the Guards in there. While Yuki shot (headshot) the guards guarding the room. Red 1 went to the room with Green 1 & Green 2 securing the pathways (making sure the coast was clear) while Bomb crazy Red 2 placed bombs in critical areas of the building.
“Ms. Tomomi Kasai?” Red 1 asked the hostage.
“Mommy? Is that you? Chiyuu~”
“And we’re not your mom.” Green 1 replied.
“Who’s Chiyuu?” Green 2 asked turning to Red 1.
“Don’t Know and Don’t care! You guys just get her the hell out of here before Red 2 blows the whole place up with you in it.” Blue 1 & 2 said in unison in a panicking voice over their transmitters.
“What?!” all three yelled.
“Tomomi’s confuse. Chiyuu~” Tilting her head to one side pouting.

Hoped you liked it. please comment if any Questions. Thank you :kneelbow: :byebye: :byebye:


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“Mommy? Is that you? Chiyuu~”
“And we’re not your mom.” Green 1 replied.
“Who’s Chiyuu?” Green 2 asked turning to Red 1.
“Don’t Know and Don’t care! You guys just get her the hell out of here before Red 2 blows the whole place up with you in it.”
LOL...  :lol:   this is funny~~~

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