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Author Topic: [kyun's OS] #17 - Deserve Love - (Yoshida Akari x Kishino Rika) [5/20/16]  (Read 15437 times)

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Re: [kyun's OS] #8 - Arcade - (Yamamoto Sayaka x Fujie Reina) [9/3/15]
« Reply #20 on: September 03, 2015, 11:15:15 AM »
Reinyan tweeted about the basketball game she had with Sayanee LOL so much fun and this is a 'cute' fic. Looking forward to next updates

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Re: [kyun's OS] #9 - First Kiss - (Kinoshita Momoka x Mita Mao) [9/4/15]
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And yet another really, really, really short NMB fic.

First Kiss
Pairing: Kinoshita Momoka x Mita Mao (NMB48)

Two girls sat in the break room, watching as the ending scenes from a boys’ love visual novel passed by on a laptop.

“Phew, finally finished Kenji’s route,” said Mao, with a grin on her face.

Momoka, the purple-haired girl besides Mao, sighed. “I would say I can’t I believe you like this stuff. Or that you brought your laptop to work to play. But… it’s you.”

Mao pouted and said, “Ah, come on. Didn’t you enjoy the parts with Kenji and the transfer student?”

“I wasn’t really paying attention, but I’m going to say no.”

“WHAT!? We need to replay the scene again. Let’s start with the kiss between the two,” said Mao with enthusiasm evident in her voice.

Momoka took control of the mouse and closed the visual novel before turning off the laptop. Looking back at her co-worker, she said, “Mao, that stuff is all fake. Nothing like that ever happens in reality.”

“Yes, it does.”

“Which parts?”

“Umm… the kissing.”

Momoka asked, “Was your first kiss like this then?”

Mao paused and looked down at the floor after Momoka’s question. It didn’t take long for Momoka to realize what was going on here.

Momoka meekly asked, “You’ve had you’re your first kiss already, right?”

Not wanting to be around Momoka anymore, Mao ran out of the break room and started her afternoon waitress shift. Momoka started her shift as well and could see how dejected Mao looked. Mao looked uncomfortable and lifeless throughout her shift, forgetting customers’ orders and dropping plates. This last until the café closed for the night.

After all the employees were finished cleaning the café, the only two employees left were Momoka and Mao. Mao was ready to leave the café, but Momoka blocked off the entrance.

Momoka said, “I think we should talk.”

Mao replied, “There’s nothing to talk about.”

“I’m sorry about asking you about your first kiss. It’s perfectly alright to not have had your first kiss yet.”

“Momoka, you don’t need to patronize me. I know it’s pathetic. I know it’s embarrassing. I know…”

And then Momoka kissed Mao. Mao could feel the passion and warmth and she loved it. And Momoka loved it as well. Unbeknown to Mao, this was Momoka’s first kiss as well.

After the kiss, Momoka smiled and asked, “How was it?”

Mao blushed. “Better than a visual novel.”

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Re: [kyun's OS] #10 - Hard Times - (Yokoyama Yui x Shimazaki Haruka) [9/20/15]
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Hard Times
Pairing: Yokoyama Yui x Shimazaki Haruka (AKB48)

Yamamoto Sayaka sat lazily on the living room couch as she listened to the tick tock of the grandfather clock in the room. The clock read 11:50PM. She was dressed in her pajamas and she usually would have been preparing to go bed at this time. Tonight, however, she was staying up to wait for her friend Yokoyama Yui to arrive. Yui had texted Sayaka that she needed to see her as soon as possible.

The doorbell rang and Sayaka got up to answer the door. She opened the door and Yui abruptly entered the apartment, taking a seat on the catch. Sayaka could only give a late “Please come on in” to her friend.

Upon sitting down, Sayaka could see a nervous energy coming from Yui. She asked, “What’s wrong, Yui?”

Yui put her hands up to her face and said, “Sayaka, I am screwed.”

“What happened?”

“I got fired from my job. Company downsizing.”

“That’s awful, Yui. Sorry to hear that.”

Yui stood up and started pacing in a straight line in front of the couch. “It took forever to get that job, especially after all the hard times Haruka and I had been through.”

Yui had come from a wealthy family, but her parents did not approve of her meeting falling in love with the “commoner” Shimazaki Haruka in high school. Upon graduating high school, Yui announced to her parents that the two would be getting married. That announcement led to her parents renouncing their daughter and cutting off all contact with her. Without much money, the two eloped and moved into a small apartment together. Both Yui and Haruka worked odd jobs together included as maid café waitresses until Yui finally found an office lady job at a newspaper company three years ago. Finally feeling her and Haruka’s life becoming stable, Yui tried to convince Haruka to go to university to pursue her dream to become a biomedical engineer. And after much persuasion from Yui, Haruka complied. Haruka was now currently attending university and doing an unpaid internship at a prominent IT company.

“I don’t know what to do, Sayaka. Without Haruka working full-time, my job was the only thing paying for the rent and all the bills me had.”

Sayaka replied, “I know it’s tough, but you’ve been through hard times before. I’m sure you’ll find another job soon.”

“Not as good as that one.”

“Maybe you could ask your parents for some money.”

Yui gave Sayaka a death glare so intense that if looks could kill, Yui would be on death row. “You know that isn’t possible. Haruka would kill me if I even tried.”

Sayaka thought for a few seconds and said, “I think I can use some music connections to hook you up with some job interviews. Sorry to say, I don’t have any money to loan you.”

Yui ran up to her friend and gave her a hug. “That’s okay, Sayaka. Thanks so much, Sayaka.” Looking at her watch, Yui then said, “I should get going. I’m starting a part-time job tomorrow. Doesn’t pay nearly enough, but it’s a start.”

Sayaka nodded and showed Yui to the door. Before exiting the apartment, Yui paused and turned around to Sayaka.

“One last thing, Sayaka. Please don’t tell Haruka about this.”

Sayaka responded, “You haven’t told Haruka about losing your job?”

“If Haruka found out, she’d probably quit school and go get a paying job. She’s so close to graduating. I don’t want anything to stop that. Especially not me.”

“I don’t like you lying to Haruka. It isn’t right.”

Yui put her hands in a praying stance and pleaded to her friend, “Please, Sayaka. Do this for me.”

Sayaka sighed. “Fine. You owe me.”

“Thanks.” Yui left Sayaka’s apartment and made her way home. Luckily for her, Haruka was fast asleep and Yui simply climbed into their bed and fell asleep.

The next few days were really tiring for Yui. As Haruka left for university and her internship in the morning, Yui left to work at various part-time jobs. She would use her breaks in between jobs to attend the job interviews Sayaka had hooked her up with. It would be late at night when Yui would return home. Haruka would ask Yui if something was wrong and the conversation usually would not end well.

“Yui, where have you been? It’s already 1AM.”

“Haruka, not this again.”

“But you look really tired. I’m worried they’re overworking you over there at your job. Have you had any dinner?”

“I’m fine. Just stop, Haruka. I’m trying my best.”

Haruka bowed to apologize and said, “I’m sorry. I know you’re doing your best. I just…”

Yui interrupted, “Just shut up! I’m going to bed. Good night.”

“Good… night… Yui.”

Yui slammed the bedroom door close and Haruka cried herself to sleep on the couch. When trying to fall asleep, Yui asked herself, “What am I doing to her?” Yui, too, would cry herself to sleep.

At the end of the month, the rent was due and despite all her work, Yui hadn’t gathered enough money to pay it. She sat on the couch, completely despondent, until Haruka arrived back home from university. Upon entering the apartment, Haruka had a huge smile on her face. Her face quickly disappeared as she could sense something was wrong, seeing Yui sitting down completely still, head down.

Haruka walked up to Yui and asked, “What’s wrong, Yui?”

“I screwed up.” Yui followed that sentence with a loud sob.

Haruka sat down next to Yui and started patting her back “What do you mean?”

“I lost my job. And I’ve been working part-time jobs to try to pay the rent. But we still don’t have enough money to pay the rent.”


“And worst of all, I’ve been completely neglecting you. I’m so sorry, Haruka.” At this point, Yui had stopped trying to repress her tears and she was bawling a river of tears.

“Yui, I love you. It’s going to be okay.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Yes, it will be. We’ve been through hard times, but as long as we have each other, we can make it through this.”

Yui tried to look though her watery eyes and saw Haruka approach and hug her.

Haruka continued, “Besides, we definitely have enough money to pay the rent.”

Yui stood up in disbelief, “Huh?”

“My internship actually ended two weeks ago. They decided to hire me as a full-time employee. I’ve been trying to tell you lately, but you always seemed so tired.”

Yui couldn’t find the words to describe how she felt. So she decided simply to give Haruka a kiss. As the two passionately kissed, the two girls started to roll around on the couch. Eventually, Haruka ended up on top of Yui. After the two parted their lips, they continuously said “I love you” to each other before repeating the kissing over and over again.

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Re: [kyun's OS] #11 - Diet - (Yoshida Akari x Kishino Rika) [12/5/15]
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Pairing: Yoshida Akari x Kishino Rika (NMB48)

Rika stared at the contents of the mail package sent by her mom and sighed. Inside was her mom’s signature homemade cheesecake. She had eaten that cheesecake many times as a child and she could remember vividly how perfectly sweet and rich the cheesecake tasted. One bite of it and you couldn’t help but have more.

“It looks so perfect,” said Rika to herself, sighing once more. “But I know I can’t eat it. Not if I want to stick to this diet.”

As Rika was about to put the cheesecake in the refrigerator, the front door opened and a tall, beautiful girl entered the apartment. “I’m home,” said the girl.

Rika smiled at the sight of her girlfriend of 3 years, Akari, entering the apartment. She replied, “Welcome back! How was your photoshoot today?”

Akari answered, “It went really well. The shoot’s going to be in next month’s issue. You’re going to buy it, right?”

“Of course!”

“Thanks!” It was then Akari noticed the cheesecake in Rika’s hands. “Ah, is that your mom’s famous cheesecake?”

“Yeah, her cheesecake arrived today in the mail.”

“Awesome. Why don’t we eat it after dinner, Rika?”

Rika stared at the cheesecake, wondering what to do. She hadn’t told Akari she was on a diet. Rika knew if saw Akari eating the cheesecake, she’d be tempted to eat it too, ruining her diet. Thinking of what to do next, she decided to resort to drastic measures: skipping dinner altogether and going right to bed.

Rika said, “Actually, I’m feeling tired. I think I’m just going to go to bed now, Akari. Sorry.”

Akari frowned at Rika’s response, but then gave a half-smile. “Ah, it’s okay. We can always have the cheesecake later. Get some rest, Rika.”

Rika went over to her room and flopped right on the bed. She went under the covers and tried her best to fall asleep. Her hunger, however, made it very difficult for her to fall asleep. She just stared at the ceiling for hours until she finally fell asleep.

And this pattern of skipping dinner with Akari continued for the next month. At first, Akari thought it was simply Rika being fatigued from work. But she later wondered if something else was going here.

Eventually, on a day-off, Akari decided to visit Rika’s office to see what was happening there. She also prepared a homemade bento for the two to share. She entered the office building and took the elevator up to Rika’s floor. Akari approached the receptionist and the receptionist greeted her with a smile.

“Hello, miss. My name is Yamaguchi Yuuki. How may I help you?”

“Ah yes, I’m looking for my girlfriend, Kishino Rika. I’m Yoshida Akari.”

Yuuki turned around and saw the office of Rika was still empty. “She must still be at that board meeting.” Yuuki then looked back at Akari and gave her another smile. “Ah, so you’re the Akari that Rika talks about all the time. You’re even prettier than she describes.”

Akari couldn’t help but blush at the compliment. “Rika really talks about me a lot?”

“All the time. She always says you’re the greatest thing to ever happen to her.”

Akari sighed. “I wish I felt that way.”

Yuuki asked, “What do you mean?”

“Oh, nothing. I don’t want to babble on about my personal problems.”

Yuuki gave yet another smile and replied, “It’s fine. I think a good listening ear could be really good for your stress.”

Seeing that Yuuki was ready to listen to her problems, Akari said, “It’s just that Rika and I haven’t seen much of each other lately. I always have modeling work until late and now Rika keeps skipping dinner and heading right to sleep. I think she’s really trying to avoid me for some reason and I’m starting to feel really… lonely.”

Akari tried to continue speaking, but tears were starting to form in her eyes. Embarrassed by the well of tears ready to explode, Akari turned away from Yuuki and tried to recompose herself. All of a sudden, she was engulfed into the embracing arms of another person. Akari looked to see who it was and it was Rika, also with tears in her eyes.

Rika said, “I’m so sorry, Akari. I never wanted to make you feel lonely. I love you.”

“Then why have you been avoiding me lately.”

“It’s not you I’m trying to avoid. It’s the food. I’ve been on a diet for the last two weeks.”

“But why? You’re already beautiful and perfect.”

Rika looked over at Yuuki and without saying anything, Yuuki nodded her head in confirmation. Rika turned back to Akari and said, “I have something to show you in my office.”

Rika escorted Akari into her office and closed the door. In the corner of the office was a beautiful, white wedding dress. Akari was immediately attracted to the wedding dress and stared at the ivory lace and the intricate patterns on the dress.

“That was my mother’s wedding dress,” replied Rika. “It’s been passed down from generation to generation on my mother’s side of the family.”

“It’s stunning.”

“Yes, it is. And everyone who’s worn that wedding dress has gone on to have a long, happy marriage. Akari, can you close your eyes for a minute?”

Without hesitation, Akari closed her eyes.

After a minute or so, Rika said, “Okay, you can open them now, Akari.”

Akari opened her eyes and saw the most beautiful thing in the world to her, Rika wearing the wedding dress. Every part of the wedding dress perfectly fit Rika and the two girls couldn’t help but cry together.

It fits, Rika thought.

Right then and there, Rika got on one knee and asked Akari, “Will you marry me?”

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Re: [kyun's OS] #11 - Diet - (Yoshida Akari x Kishino Rika) [12/5/15]
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That was interesting to consider to go through the sacrifice of food to fit in the dress :3
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Re: [kyun's OS] #12 - Christmas Date - (Kitano Hinako x Hori Miona) [12/25/15]
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Christmas Date
Pairing: Kitano Hinako x Hori Miona (Nogizaka46)

After an exhausting dance routine, Kitano Hinako lied down on the bench inside the dressing room. Her dance unit had just finished their routine for the school Christmas charity event and she had given all her energy to making sure that routine was a hit. And the standing ovation from the audience indicated the routine was a huge hit. After finally getting comfortable lying down on the bench, she quickly fell asleep.

After a bit of sleep, Hinako slowly woke up. As she rubbed her eyes to get her vision in check, she was suddenly surrounded by darkness. Her eyes were being covered by someone’s hands, as that someone stood directly behind her.

“Guess who?”

Hinako smiled. Some things never change, thought Hinako. Of course, the mystery girl covering her eyes was her best friend, Hori Miona. It was a habit Miona started doing to Hinako since they first met and neither tired of it.

“Miona,” answered Hinako.

Miona released her hands from Hinako’s eyes. “That’s right.”

The two girls laughed at their strange ritual. Hinako looked around the rest of the dressing room and noticed nobody else was there. “Where’d everybody go?”

“They all left for the night. Himetan and Maichun had Christmas dates to get to.”

“Lucky them,” said Hinako.

“They wanted to wake up for a congratulatory toast, but I told them not to wake you. You needed some rest after so hard you worked.”

“Thanks, Miona. Have you been here all this time, waiting for me to wake up?”

“Yep, you looked so cute in your sleep.”

Hinako blushed and put her hand on her chest to try to control her breathing. She could feel her heart racing and decided to ask Miona the question she had been trying to ask her all month.

“Hey, Miona. Are you doing anything tonight for Christmas Eve?”

“Nah, my parents are still overseas, so I’ll be home alone.”

“Do you want to spend Christmas Eve with me at my apartment?”

Miona smiled immediately and replied, “I’d love to. Thanks so much, Hinako.”

The two girls left the school and walked over to the market to get some ingredients to make Christmas dinner. After gathering the vegetables and meat, they stopped by a bakery to pick up a small Christmas cake to eat for dessert. Eventually, they arrived back at Hinako’s apartment and started cooking.

“Can you make the soup, Hinako? I’ll go cook the beef.”

“Gotcha! No problem.”

And Hinako and Miona worked together in perfect symphony to complete cooking the meal. Miona grilling the prime beef and the mixed vegetables, and Hinako making a hearty vegetable stew. When all the food was finished cooking, the two girls set the food on the table.

“Wow, it all looks amazing. Let’s eat,” said Miona.

Hinako nodded and the pair started devouring the food. Despite knowing Miona for almost three years, Hinako was always surprised how much and how quickly Miona could eat. She could see the delight Miona took in savoring the delicious beef. And seeing Miona so happy made Hinako happy as well. After dinner was over, Hinako brought out the Christmas cake and put two lit candles on it.

“What’s the candle for, Hinako? It’s not either of our birthdays.”

“You don’t want to make a Christmas wish?”

Miona looked puzzled. “I didn’t even know you were allowed to make a wish on a cake for Christmas.”

“Might as well though, right?”

Miona gave a playful flick to Hinako’s forehead to make fun of her silliness. Miona always enjoyed how Hinako could always make things feel so light-hearted. Hinako always made Miona feel comfortable and positive about life. Miona was so grateful that Hinako’s presence could be uplifting to her.

After a little playing around, Miona, with a huge smile on her face, said, “Let’s make our wishes then.” The pair proceeded to blow out the candles. “So what did you wish for, Hinako?”

“It’s a secret. I can’t tell you.”

“Guess I can’t tell you my wish either then,” said Miona, with her tongue sticking out. “Come on. Let’s eat the cake now.” And just like the meat and vegetables, Hinako and Miona devoured the cake in no time at all.

With all the food finally finished, the pair decided to watch some movies. “I brought some DVDs,” said Miona. “And since it is Christmas Eve, how about we watch Elf?”

“Never seen it before, but sure.”

So the two sat down on Hinako’s couch and watched Elf. The two continuously laughed throughout the movie and Hinako wondered why she never watched it before. After the movie finished, Hinako thanked Miona for finally getting her to watch Elf. She asked, “Do you have any other movies, Miona?”

“Sure, let me put it in the DVD player.”

Hinako started looking at her phone, while Miona put the DVD inside. When Hinako finally saw the title of the movie Miona put in, she couldn’t help but shriek in horror. THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE

Miona had always been a huge fan of horror films and Hinako had always found a way to avoid going with Miona every time a new horror film came out. This time, however, she had no chance to escape.

“Is something wrong, Hinako?”

Hinako, not wanting Miona to know that she was scared, simply shook her head. Miona pressed play and the movie began. Hinako hoped that she would be able to survive through the film, but it didn’t take long for Hinako to scream in fear.

“You’re scared, aren’t you?”

“Nnnn…nnno…” Right after Hinako’s scared response, the sound of the chainsaw started up and Hinako quickly closed her eyes. “Fine, I’m scared. Don’t make fun of me.”

With her eyes still closed, she could feel the unexpected warm embrace by Miona from behind her. Miona softly said, “I won’t make fun of you. I’m sorry I put on Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I didn’t know you weren’t good with horror.” Miona softly kept patting Hinako and the two stayed embraced until both fell asleep.

After a bit of sleep, Hinako slowly woke up. As she rubbed her eyes to get her vision in check, she noticed that Miona was still asleep. You look so cute in your sleep, Hinako thought. And there Hinako finally decided.

“When she wakes up, I’ll finally confess to her,” said Hinako to herself. And Hinako went back to sleep next to Miona, confident that she would soon be her girlfriend.

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Re: [kyun's OS] #13 - Closure - (Iriyama Anna x Shiroma Miru) [12/28/15]
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Pairing: Iriyama Anna x Shiroma Miru (AKB48)

Iriyama Anna still wondered why she was inside this restaurant, sitting across from her ex-girlfriend, Shiroma Miru. Miru had texted her out of the blue, asking to meet up so they could talk. The smart thing, Anna thought, would be to ignore the text message. Anna didn’t want to think of relationships of the past and her girlfriend, Yuria, would kill her if she found out she was going out to meet an ex-girlfriend. But not hearing from Miru in almost a year, Anna was curious to find out why Miru would ask her out now.

They had finished eating their dinner and outside of one of them asking the other for salt or soy sauce, neither had exchanged any words. Anna looked at her watch and realized it was getting late out. Yuria would be angry if she returned home late. Anna rose from her seat and said, “Thank you for the meal, but I think I’m gonna go.”

Miru stood up to stop Anna. “No, please stay. I really need to speak to you.”

Anna sat down. “What is it, Miru?”

After staring at Miru, Anna could feel a sense of nervousness coming from the younger girl. Miru took a sip of water to calm her nerves and started speaking to Anna. “I called you out here to let out all my feelings. First, I wanted to apologize to you about disappearing from your life. I know I hurt you and I really regret running away from our relationship.”

Anna gulped at the sound of Miru’s words. She started to remember how much she cared and love Miru.

Miru continued. “I thought a lot about you over the last year, Anna. How when we were together, you treated me with kindness and love that no one else did. It really meant a lot to me.”

Anna could feel the tears starting to form. She lowered her head, hoping Miru wouldn’t see her starting to cry. Unfortunately for her, the words that came next from Miru would make that impossible.

“I know I rambled on for a bit, but what I really wanted to say is… I love you.”

Anna lifted her head up to stare back at Miru with tears starting to form. “Why… why are you telling me this now?”

Miru could see the tears falling from Anna’s eyes, but she continued her calm and composed speech. “Because I might never get the chance to say it again.”

“Wh… what?”

“I just received a job offer in America and I accepted it. I’m leaving in a couple of days and I wanted you to know my feelings.”

“Miru, I have a girlfriend already and I love her dearly.” Even though Anna had cared deeply for Miru, she was telling the truth. Ever since Yuria arrived in her life, Anna had become a happier person. She was grateful to have such a wonderful girlfriend like Yuria.

“As do I.” The response by Miru took Anna by surprise. “Her name is Yagura Fuuko and she’s moving in with me in America. I love her dearly and can’t imagine being without her.”

Wiping away her tears, Anna softly said, “But I thought you said you love me.”

“And I do. Even though I love Fuuchan with all my heart, I will always love you as well. Of course, I don’t expect you to reciprocate that feeling, but I wanted you to know before I left.”

From there, Anna’s phone rang and it was Yuria, screaming about how it already past midnight and she wasn’t home yet. Anna reassured her girlfriend that she was on her way back home now.

After seeing Anna hang up the phone, Miru said, “I guess we should call it a night.”

The two paid for their meal and left the restaurant. From there, the pair walked the three blocks over to Miru’s house. They arrived at the front porch of her house.

Miru said, “I know it came out of the blue, but thank you for joining me for dinner.”

At a loss for words, Anna simply nodded. Thinking she needed to say something, Anna replied, “I wish you the best in America. I’m really gonna miss you.

Miru smiled. “Thank you, Anna. Good night.” Miru then embraced Anna and gave her a kiss on the cheek.”

Anna stood there stunned. By the time Anna had regained her senses, Miru entered her home and closed the door. Anna started her walk home, feeling confused and uneasy. Anna’s phone started to ring again constantly, but Anna was so lost in her thoughts during the walk home that she didn’t pick up any of the calls.

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Re: [kyun's OS] #14 - Chocolate - (Naiki Kokoro x Kamieda Emika) [2/13/16]
« Reply #27 on: February 14, 2016, 02:24:35 AM »
Pairing: Naiki Kokoro x Kamieda Emika (NMB48)

“Still not perfect…”

Naiki Kokoro sighed after taking a taste of the chocolate she had just made. She was in her kitchen, making chocolate for tomorrow, Valentine’s Day. She had already finished making preparing chocolate for all her senpai… except for one person. Kokoro wanted the chocolate for this certain senpai to be extra special, but after 3 batches now, she didn’t feel the chocolate was perfect for her yet. Hanging her head in disappointment, she felt someone take the chocolate she had just tasted out of her hand. She immediately rose up and saw her friend take a bite of the chocolate.

“Wow, it tastes pretty good to me.”

Kokoro smiled as her friend Kawakami Chihiro enjoyed the chocolate. “I know it tastes good, Chihiro. But it isn’t perfect.”

Chihiro took another bite of the chocolate to confirm the taste once again. “If it’s not perfect, it’s pretty close.”

Kokoro once again smiled at the compliment, but said, “Still not good enough for her.” Looking at Chihiro’s side of the kitchen, she asked, “Are you finished making your chocolate for Keicchi?”

“Yep, thanks for all the help. I’m sure sis is going to love it.”

“Then why do you still have your apron on?”

“Well, since you helped me so much with Kei’s chocolate, it’s only kind that I return the favor. Until your chocolate is perfect. For your confession tomorrow.”

“Thanks, Chihiro!”

The two girls spent the whole night, making several different batches of chocolate. They experimented with milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, almonds, caramel, marshmallow fluff, coconut, and many more ingredients until Kokoro finally found a combination she felt was perfect for her senpai. Worthy of confessing her love for. After finishing the chocolate and packaging it into a heart-shaped box, the two girls fell asleep in Kokoro’s living room.

The next day, at dance practice, the two girls along with other girls started to exchange their Valentine’s Day chocolate with their fellow dance members. Chihiro gave Kei her chocolate and in return, Kei gave her a hug. Kokoro gave chocolates to her senpai, saving the last one for her dance team captain, Kamieda Emika.

Over her short time with her team, she grew to appreciate all the things Emika did for the team. Eventually, that appreciation had grown to love.

Emika was extremely popular among the dance team members, so Kokoro decided to wait until the end of dance practice to give her the chocolate. All the other girls had left the dance studio after practice had ended. Chihiro stayed behind to give Kokoro the courage to give Emika her chocolate and confess her love to her.

Kokoro approached Emika from behind and unaware of what to say, tapped her on the shoulder, causing Emika to turn around to face her.

With a smile on her face, Emika asked, “What’s up, Kokoro?”

Kokoro’s mind went blank and she couldn’t find any words to reach her mouth. She stuttered something inaudible and Emika grew concerned for Kokoro.

“Are you okay, Kokoro? Is something wrong?”

Kokoro quickly nodded and shook her head in succession, still unable to find words. She nervously grabbed the heart-shaped chocolate box from her backpack and gave it to Emika.

“Ah, is that a Valentine’s Day chocolate for me. That’s so sweet, Kokoro. Thanks. Oh, I have to go now. I’ll see you at the next practice. Bye.”

Emika waved goodbye to Kokoro, as Kokoro stood there, waving back, purely by reaction. She had been unable to confess or say anything to Emika and tears staring to form as Kokoro cursed her inability to confess her love to Emika properly. Chihiro walked over to Kokoro and gave her a hug to try and comfort her.

“Don’t worry, Kokoro. I’m sure you’ll be able to confess to Emika in the future.”

Kokoro cried into Chihiro’s chest for several minutes before thanking Chihiro for comforting her in her time of need. Chihiro brought her over to her house and two started ending all the chocolate leftovers they had made, as the two planned for the next time Kokoro could confess to Emika.

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Re: [kyun's OS] #14 - Chocolate - (Naiki Kokoro x Kamieda Emika) [2/13/16]
« Reply #28 on: February 14, 2016, 02:49:51 AM »
happy valentine !

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Re: [kyun's OS] #14 - Chocolate - (Naiki Kokoro x Kamieda Emika) [2/13/16]
« Reply #29 on: February 14, 2016, 02:57:50 AM »
Aww a bit bittersweet... :(

Hope she can confess soon
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Re: [kyun's OS] #14 - Chocolate - (Naiki Kokoro x Kamieda Emika) [2/13/16]
« Reply #30 on: February 15, 2016, 08:03:16 AM »

Gooooood job, Kyun-san~  :cow: KokochanXEmichi is awesome!  :thumbsup

Please make more NMB fics~ Pleeeeeeeeeeassee~ More Team BII pleeeeease~~  :bow:  :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Best Friend 2.0
Pairing: Yamamoto Sayaka x Ogasawara Mayu (AKB48)

“Done. And sent!”

After hours and hours of research and writing, Ogasawara Mayu had finally finished her philosophy paper and sent it to her professor to be graded. She had worked harder on this paper than any other school assignment before and she felt a sense of pride at finishing the task at hand.

Out of exhaustion, Mayu fell back on her bed and stretched out her arms and legs. Due to the philosophy paper taking up all her time, Mayu had neglected watching her beloved comedy videos. Now that she had finished her paper, the girl nicknamed Maachun by her friends went about watching her backlog of comedy videos.

After about half an hour of watching, Mayu’s phone rang and Mayu looked at the name of the caller. Yamamoto Sayaka, Mayu’s best friend. Mayu paused her comedy video and answered her phone

“Hello? Sayaka?”

“Hey, Maachun. Are you busy at the moment? Can I come over?”

“Sure, you know you’re always welcome here. Just finished my paper, so I’m just relaxing.”

“Nice. I’ll be there in about 15 minutes.”

The two hung up their call and Sayaka arrived at Mayu’s apartment. Mayu let Sayaka in and noticed the yellow summer dress Sayaka had on. Maya couldn’t help but notice how good Sayaka looked in that dress. “Looking good there. What’s the occasion?”

Sayaka blushed and said, “Thanks. I actually have a date later tonight and I wanted to ask for your help.”

“What’s up?”

“Well, I’m going out with Fukumoto Aina. And I know you’re friends with her, so any advice on what to do for our date?”

Mayu put her hand on her chin, deep in thought. “Ainyan, eh?”


“Oh, that’s the nickname I came up for her a long time ago. Hmm, Ainyan is really athletic, so maybe doing something sports-related might be good. Oh, and she loves eating meat, so maybe some Korean beef might be good.”

“Ah, gotcha. Thanks, Maachun.”

“No problem.” Mayu gave a playful punch to Sayaka and the two playfully pretended to fight with another.


After a few minutes of talking to Sayaka on the phone, Mayu let Sayaka into her apartment. She quickly noticed the stylish clothes Sayaka had on. Mayu gave Sayaka a quick look up and down, head to toe, and she was very impressed. “Looking stylish there. You have a date tonight?

 Sayaka could only grin at the question. “Yeah, with Watanabe Miyuki.”

“Milky, huh? I’m impressed. Wow, talk about a contrast of styles.”

Sayaka blushed. “Yeah, any advice, Maachun? I know you two were pretty close in high school.”

Mayu put both her hands on her chin, deep in thought. “Milky is really a fun girl to be around. Maybe you two could go out dancing together. Perhaps you can even bring out your rare sexy side, Sayaka.”

Sayaka smiled and then retorted, “What do you mean by rare?”

Mayu pretended to run away from Sayaka and Sayaka in turn tackled Mayu onto her bed. The two laughed as they played around on the bed.

After a couple minutes, Mayu interrupted, “One last thing.”

“What is it, Maachun?”

Mayu looked down for a second before picking up her head to look directly into Sayaka’s eyes. Sayaka knew that look. Dark Maachun, Mayu’s serious side. Sayaka gulped, wondering what brought about that serious side of Mayu. Mayu cleared her throat to speak. “If you break Milky’s heart, you will regret it.”

Sayaka could only stare blankly at Mayu’s eyes before nodding to confirm her understanding. Sayaka did not want to know the wrath of Dark Maachun. Not again.


“And posted.”

Mayu had just finished posting a selfie from her recent vacation on Instagram, when the doorbell to her apartment rang. “Wonder who that could be.” Mayu slowly started opening the door and Sayaka ran into inside before the door was completely open. “Whoa, Sayaka. What’s up?”

“I have a date in fifteen minutes with Fujie Reina and I completely forgot. I have nothing prepared.” Sayaka started shaking Mayu. “I completely screwed up and now she’s going to hate me. Please help me, Maachun.”

Mayu gave Sayaka a slight slap in the face to jolt her back to reality. “Dude, relax. I’ve seen you and Reinyan hang out together and she seems pretty chill. Just go shopping with her and I’m sure two will have a good time. And try to get her some Tweety Bird merch. You know she loves that stuff.” Sayaka simply nodded at the advice and Mayu ushered her to the front door. “Good. Now hurry. You don’t want to leave Reinyan waiting.”

Sayanee smiled, “Thanks, Maachun. You always know the right things to say to me.”

Mayu grinned, “That’s what best friends are for.”

“I’ll pay you for this. I promise. Oh, I think I know the perfect girl you could go out with. I’ll try to hook you two up then.”

“You’re going to be late,” Mayu scolded.

Sayaka looked at her watch and waved goodbye to Mayu before starting running towards her meet site with Reinyan.

Mayu closed the door to her apartment and went to lie down on her bed. Drips of water starting welling up in Mayu’s eyelids. And as she allowed the tears to fall freely, she looked over to the framed photo of herself and Sayaka on her desk. She stared intently at the cherished photo of the two together. And she remembered the words Sayaka had just said.

Oh, I think I know the perfect girl you could go out with.

“If only you knew that perfect girl was you,” said Mayu to the photo. Mayu took the photo from the desk and held it close to her chest, in a sense hugging it. “And yet I hope you and Reinyan get together, so that I can finally give up on you.”

And just like with Sayaka’s dates with Fukumoto Aina and Watanabe Miyuki, Maachun cried herself to sleep.

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Poor Maachun :(

Hope she could let it go or confess
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Re: [kyun's OS] #16 - Back Home - (Ota Yuuri x Sutou Ririka) [5/2/16]
« Reply #33 on: May 03, 2016, 12:32:57 AM »
A short NMB story based loosely on the Niji no Tsukurikata music video from the Amagami Hime single. Hope you enjoy.  :)

Back Home
Pairing: Ota Yuuri x Sutou Ririka (NMB48)

Ota Yuuri lurched forward on her school desk. She looked over to the clock in the classroom and calculated it had been two minutes since she last looked at the clock. Usually the ideal student, Yuuri was having a particular difficult time paying to the teacher’s lecture about philosophy. All the teacher’s rambling about German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche did was remind Yuuri of the girl she would finally be reunited with later that day. Sutou Ririka, her girlfriend. Nicknamed Riripon, she had been away on a short student exchange program in America for the past month and today was the day she would be returning home.

Riripon would have loved this lecture, Yuuri thought, holding back a smile. Riripon was really into philosophy, just one of the strange intricacies that attracted Yuuri to her. Riripon was different than any other person Yuuri knew.

Yuuri looked over to her classmates to try to distract herself from her thoughts. To her immediate left was one of her good friends, Shibuya Nagisa. She was trying her best to pay attention to the class and Yuuri could easily see Nagisa's trademark smile and positivity radiating the room. Behind Nagisa was her own girlfriend, Yabushita Shu. In contrast to Nagisa paying attention to class, Shu was fast asleep, using Nagisa's body to block the teacher from noticing. Yuuri couldn't help but smile at the sleeping girl.

Yuuri returned her focus to the front of the class and saw the student in front of her had dropped her pencil. Yuuri picked it up and tapped the girl on the shoulder.

"Kokoro, you dropped your pencil. Here you go."

The girl, Naiki Kokoro, fixed her glasses and turned around to face Yuuri. Kokoro was Yuuri's next door neighbor and they had been childhood friends since as far back as she could remember. Kokoro smiled at Yuuri and said, "Thank you, Yuuri." Kokoro turned back to the front of the class to pay attention to the lecture again. As expected from the smartest girl in the class, Yuuri thought, once again with a smile.

The sound of the school bell signaling the end of the school day snapped Yuuri's attention back to the front. After the students stood and bowed, the teacher left the room and the students started to gather their belongings and get ready to head home. Yuuri, however, went over to the closet in the room to gather a broom for herself and Kokoro. The two girls had cleaning duty and Yuuri wanted to complete the cleaning as quickly as possible to make sure she was in time to see Riripon.

As the two girls started cleaning the classroom, Yuuri and Kokoro heard familiar voices speak to them.

"Man, it sucks that you two have cleaning duty today," said Shu.

Nagisa butted in, "Especially on the day of your lover's return, Yuuri."

Yuuri rolled her eyes at her friends' comments. Kokoro giggled at Yuuri's reaction and said to NagiShu, "We could finish even faster if two help us out."

Shu shook her head, with her hands in an apologetic praying position. "Sorry, the convenience store is giving out free ice cream today only. Me and Nagi have got to take advantage of this chance."

Yuuri facepalmed at the response and Kokoro burst out laughing at the reaction. Kokoro replied, "I see. Have fun, you two."

Both Nagisa and Shu nodded and left the two girls to finish cleaning the room. Thanks to their intelligent planning, they finished the cleaning very quickly. The two girls finished the cleaning and walked over to their bikes.

"Thanks for helping me with the cleaning, Kokoro."

"No problem, Yuuri. You heading home now?"

"Nope, I have someone I need to see," said Yuuri, with a huge grin on her face.

Kokoro simply nodded and went ahead. Before she left the school, Kokoro turned to Yuuri and with a smile, said, "By the way, tell Riripon I said hello."

After Kokoro left, Yuuri looked over at her watch and got on her bike to head towards the train station.


"Another book complete."

Riripon put the book back into her bag. She had just finished her third philosophy book on the train ride home and Riripon could tell from her window seat that the next train stop would be her stop.

Riripon thought back on her past month in America and all the fun times she had. She had gotten to see the landwarks in Washington D.C. She had been able to visit New York City and see Times Square. And she gotten to see the majestic view of Niagara Falls.

Can't wait to tell Yuuri about it all, thought Riripon.

The train conductor announced that the train was about to board the platform of the next stop. Riripon gathered her belongings and started heading to the train exit.

After the train finally stopped, Riripon exited the train and looked around at the empty platform. Riripon sighed at the sight of no one on the train platform.

I thought Yuuri would be here to welcome me, Riripon thought dejectedly.

All of a sudden, Riripon's eyesight went blank and a familar voice whispered into her ear.

"Guess who?"

Riripon smiled and enthusiastically said, "Yuuri!"

Yuuri released her hand from Riripon's eyes and the two girls hugged at their reunion.

"I missed you so much," said both girls at the same time, eliciting a huge alugh from both of them. As they were laughing, Yuuri moved in front of to Riripon and closed her eyes, motioning for Rirpon to kiss her. Riripon, sensing the moment, closed her eyes and prepared to kiss her girlfriend.

The expectation of sensation from Yuuri's lips, however, was replaced with the sensation of water falling on their heads. Confused, the two girls opened their eyes and saw the culprits of the water on their heads. Water ballons thrown by Nagisa and Shu.

Shu said, "Hey, you two lovebirds! Kokoro said she baked a cheesecake for Riripon's return home. Better get home first before we eat it all."

Yuuri stomped her foot to the ground as Nagisa and Shu ran away towards Yuuri's home.

"Feels good to be back," said Riripon, with a smile.

"Yeah." Yuuri kissed Riripon on the cheek. She then held Riripon's hand and said, "Let's go pay those two back."

And Yuuriripon ran after Nagishu determined to get their revenge on the two.

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Re: [kyun's OS] #16 - Back Home - (Ota Yuuri x Sutou Ririka) [5/2/16]
« Reply #34 on: May 03, 2016, 02:10:16 AM »
The cute couple taking down the Kusogaki :lol:
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Short NMB fic that I wrote instead of going to sleep. Don't know why.

Deserve Love
Pairing: Yoshida Akari x Kishino Rika (NMB48)

As the apartment elevator slowly went up and up, Kishino Rika stared anxiously at the elevator doors. After the elevator reached its designated floor, Rika ran out of the elevator towards her destination. She reached apartment 348 and frantically started pounding on the door as hard as she could.

“Akari! Open the door! Akari!”

The door opened and Rika’s best friend, Yoshida Akari, opened the door.

“Hey, Rika!” Noticing that Rika was out of breath, Akari asked, “What’s wrong?”

Trying to catch her breath, Rika entered Akari’s apartment and tried to compose herself.

Confused, Akari continued, “I was in the middle of making dinner for Kei. Would you like to join us?”

Rika shook her head and after finally regaining her composure, said, “I have something to show you. I was having lunch earlier and I saw this.” Rika took out her cell phone and waved Akari to come over to watch something. She went over to her Videos and played the most recent one. The video showed Jonishi Kei, Akari’s girlfriend, sitting at a café table, unaware that a camera was filming her.

“Ah, Kei. You’re here already.”

A younger girl in a white sweater approached Kei. Kei waved to the girl, before standing up to hug the younger girl.

“Ah, I missed you, Miru.”

Miru immediately went over to kiss Kei and the two cherished the lovely touch of their lips together for many seconds as the video suddenly came to an end.

Immediately after the video ended, Akari went over to sit down at the dining room table. Rika went to sit down next to her, hoping that the contents of the video had not destroyed Akari’s spirit. After several minutes of silence between the two, Rika had to ask, “Are you okay, Akari?”

Akari shook her head. Her voice trembled as she tried to get some words out. “Why… why did you show me that?”

Confused, Rika replied, “I couldn’t hide that from you. You’re my best friend.”

“Why would my best friend try to ruin my relationship with my girlfriend?” Rika could hear the hurt in Akari’s voice. “Why would you do that?”

“Your girlfriend is cheating on you. You deserve to know that, Akari.”


Rika stood up from her chair after Akari’s remark. Akari stood up and continued speaking, voice trembling and tears starting to well up in her eyes. “I… I already know Kei is seeing other girls. That… that she sometimes spends the night at their houses. That… that I’m not good enough for her. Why must you remind me of this? Why must you remind me how pathetic I am? Why…”

Rika locked her lips onto Akari’s lips to silence her monologue. Rika’s eyes were starting to tear up just like Akari’s. After a couple seconds, Rika brought Akari in for a hug. “You’re not pathetic. You’re a wonderful, amazing person. And you deserve better than this. You deserve someone who’s going to love you. And I’ve loved you from the first time I met you.”

Akari separated from Rika’s hug and started shaking her head while sobbing more and more tears. “I love you, too, Rika. But no matter what happens, I’ll always love Kei. Even if… she hurts my heart so much, I can’t help but love her.”

“But why? Why can’t you just break up with her?”

“Because I love her.” Akari turned to face away from Rika. “If only I had met you first, Rika.”

Rika slumped to the ground and the two girls cried in each other’s arms until they were all out of tears.

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That heartbreak at the end  :(
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