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Wonderful oneshot... ahhhhhhh, Techiiiiiiii!!! I think Techi works oddly well for a tragic heroine, but... my heart is in pain from reading this. Ah, this was a wonderful oneshot. Fufu, I'll look forward to more of your work in the future. I'm always happy to see more Keyakizaka46 stuff.
She Was Never Really There

“Run. Just keep on running. Don’t stop, Hirate Yurina,” I told myself as I was running.

I didn’t know why I was running. All I could remember was that I had to keep on running and never stop. What reason did I have for running like this? Was I being chased? Was I chasing someone else? I didn’t have the answers to my own questions.

The city lights blinded me as I ran down the street. People stared at me as I ran pass them. Their gazes felt threatening, as if they were targeting me. I sped up my run as I tried to escape them.

The next thing I knew I was running down a dark alleyway. The darkness terrified me. I could feel something lurking in the shadows. Someone or something was definitely waiting for me. I had to escape them.

The headlights from the passing cars illuminated the bridge that ran over the river below. I stopped running as I made it halfway across the bridge. All the running finally caught up to me and I was exhausted. I tried to catch my breath, but I suddenly felt a push from behind me.


I have been stuck in this hospital ever since that incident. It wasn't so bad at first. My friends and family visited me often. I was happy to see them. But one day they suddenly stopped visiting.

It felt lonely not being able to see them. I felt threatened by the people in this place. There was a feeling in my stomach that told me I couldn't trust them. But there was one person that I knew I could trust, Nagahama Neru.
Neru was the first person to talk to me when I arrived at this place. She still accepted me even after hearing about what happened to me. You could even say that she became the light that dispelled the darkness from my heart.

“Yurina-chan, what are you doing? You look lost in thought.” Neru asked as she sat down across from me.

“I was just thinking of something...” I replied as I looked down at my hands.

“Ne, Yurina-chan,” Neru placed her hands on my hands as she moved closer to me. “You can tell me anything that is on your mind. I am here for you.”

I felt my face redden as Neru held my hands in her hands. Her gaze always made my heart beat faster. It was hard to break eye contact once she gave me that gaze.

“I have just been wondering… Have you ever thought about leaving this place? Like running away?” I asked.

Neru let go of my hands as she put her hand under her chin while tilting her head to the side. It was her thinking pose. For some odd reason, I became fond of it. To be honest I became fond of everything that she did.

“Hmm… I wonder about that.” Neru replied mysteriously.

I wanted to ask about what she meant, but a nurse walked up to us. She was the nurse who normally checked up on me throughout the day. My stomach told me that I had to be careful around her.

“Hirate-san, what are you doing?” The nurse asked me.

“I am just talking with my friend here,” I replied as I turned to look at the nurse.

The nurse gave me an odd look. She checked her wristwatch before taking out a pen out of her chest pocket. She began to write something down on the clipboard in her hands.

“Okay. Thank you, Hirate-san. Don’t forget to continue eating properly and drink plenty of water,” the nurse told me before leaving.

I turned around as the nurse turned the corner out of view. My heart raced as I saw where Neru was sitting. Her face was a mere inch away from mine.

My eyes widened as I stared into her eyes. They were staring deeply into mine. I could smell her scent from how close we were from each other. It was a good fragrance. I really loved it.

Not this again. My heart was beating rapidly and there was this feeling that existed. I know what it meant. But I kept on telling myself it was not normal to have these kinds of feelings. Especially towards another girl. But I just couldn’t stop it. These feelings kept on returning whenever I talked with Neru.

I always denied these feelings. It never felt normal to me to be this close to any of my female friends. For them it felt normal, but I always shied away from that kind of skinship. But with Neru, it felt oddly comfortable.

“Pft… Ha ha ha ha,” Neru began to laugh as she backed away from my face. “Yurina-chan you should look at your face. You are as bright as a tomato. I love teasing you.”

“Neru!” I yelled as I pouted.

Neru leaned towards my ears and whispered, “I can also never get enough of that pouting face of yours. It’s cute.”

“Cute?!” My eyes widened with shock. I felt my face getting even redder.

“Oh, it’s time for me to get going. I will see you later,” Neru said as she got up.

“Okay, see you later, Neru,” I replied as I waved at her.

She was the only person who could make me feel this way. But all of it was teasing anyways. There was no way she could feel the same way as me. I let out a sigh as I stood up to return to my room.


“Yu… rina… Yurina… YURINA-CHAN!” I heard as I was shaken awake.

I sat up on my bed in shock. My eyes adjusted to the darkness of the night. I was surprised to see Neru standing beside my bed.

“Neru? Do you know what time it is?” I asked as I let out a yawn.

“Get up. We are getting out of here,” Neru commanded with a serious tone.

“Eh?” My eyes widen as I heard Neru’s reply.

She grabbed my wrist and started to run out of the room, pulling me with her. Her hand was soft and small. I wanted to feel her touch in my hands. My face flushed red when I realized what I was thinking.

“Now is not the time,” I thought as I shook my head to get rid of the thought.

We ran through the halls. Everything was enveloped by the darkness of the night. The only source of light that I could see was the flashlight that Neru used to guide us through the halls.

There should be nurses on duty, but I could not hear anything. There was always at least one nurse who would be at the nurse’s station, but I saw no one when we ran by it. This situation didn’t make any sense to me.

It was oddly silent. Even for a hospital at night, there should be more signs of life. There was clearly something wrong, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. The whole way from my room to the stairwell was void of life.

Neru turned off her flashlight as we entered the stairwell. Each landing had a red light to illuminate the stairwell. They were flashing and spinning, but I ignored that.

Neru was oddly quiet. I have never seen her like this silent before. It stayed this way as we climbed the staircase. We finally reached the roof after what felt like an eternity of climbing stairs.

Neru let go of my wrist and placed her hand on the doorknob and twisted it. The door opened and she walked out onto the roof of the hospital. I followed along behind her.

The moonlight covered only half of the roof. It was odd considering that the moon was over our heads. We continued walking until Neru reached the moonlit portion of the roof and suddenly stopped, leaving me covered by the shadow of the moon.

“Neru… Is there something wrong? What are we doing up here?” I asked.

Neru turned around. It was the first time that night that I got a clear view of her face. She looked radiant as the moonlight shone on her face.

I could feel my heart skip a beat. My left hand moved up to my chest to calm it down. This isn't a normal reaction. I shouldn't have these kinds of feelings.

“Yurina-chan… I have something important to tell you,” Neru said with a serious expression on her face.

“Hm? What is it Neru?” I replied.

Neru began to walk towards me. Her gaze focused on me. She never once looked away. My eyes couldn't move away as if it was captured by her gaze.

She eventually reached me and stood in front of me. There was a moment of silence between us. I was about to say something, but Neru suddenly hugged me. My body tensed up.

“Yurina-chan,” Neru began to whisper into my ear. “I am not quite sure how to say this… But… I love you, Yurina-chan. The moment I laid my eyes on you, I was captured by you. I knew right away that I had feelings for you. I guess you could call it ‘love at first sight’? Please become my girlfriend.”

My eyes widen in shock as Neru tightened her grip on me. I didn't know what to say. It was beyond abnormal for me to have these feelings. But for her to also have the same feelings? I didn't expect that.

But what should I do? I always told myself that these feelings were not normal. But the feelings are mutual. It's normal to return the same feelings, right?

My body relaxed as I gripped Neru’s shoulder to pull her off of me. I stared directly into her eyes. Her deep eyes were beautiful. They were the eyes of the girl that I loved after all.

“I love you too, Neru,” I say, much to Neru’s surprise.

Neru jumps at me as tears fall from her eyes. I didn't consider her the clingy type, but I return her embrace. We stay like that until I couldn't hear any tears come from her. I hold her shoulders to pull her back so I can get a clear look at her.

My eyes fell towards her lips. They were a reddish colour. I never looked at them like this before. My heart told me that I was captured by them.

Neru seemed to realize what I was looking at and closed her eyes. She was ready to accept my feelings for her. I close my eyes and move closer to her.

Just as our lips touched, I suddenly felt the roof disappearing underneath my feet. I realize what was happening. After all, there was a smile on my face.

“She was never really there.”
Hello all!

I decided that I wanted to try writing some OSs.

Hopefully I write something coherent.


She Was Never Really There
H!P Fanfics / Re: An Annoying Paradise - Daria ch 3 - Aim for the Lace!
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Quinn's transition to the new school has not been an easy one.  And now the fashion design guild wants her to design a dress for the guild week show and she not allowed to accessorize it.  No-oooooh!  This is too cruel.  It's An Annoying Paradise - Daria Chapter three: Aim for the Lace!, it's a complete turnover story.

(end promo)

An Annoying Paradise - Daria -- part 3 - Aim for the Lace!

Jane looks at Daria.  "Something is wrong."

"Is my posture off?"

Jane crosses her arms and then points down the hall of TFAS from their lockers.  "Don't you see?"

"I see Quinn."

"But, what do you not see?"

"Oh, I get it, there isn't a crowd of boys pestering her."

"Bingo.  This calls for an intervention."

Jane and Daria walk over to Quinn who is putting stuff in her locker.  The line up on either side of her and slam their hands into the lockers around head level with Quinn.  (1)

Quinn looks up startled.  "What's going on?"

"I think my Sister was replaced by a zombie.  I don't see any fan boys surrounding you."

Jane nods.  "And, you haven't made fun of my outfit in a week."

Quinn looks sad.  "I'm sorry.  I've been overwhelmed by the fashion design guild."

Jane smiles.  "So, they have weird ideas on accessorizing?"

"No-oooh, they only talk about how to build very plain things from scratch.   Whenever I look at one of their diagrams I automatically start accessorizing the piece in my head and I don't absorb how to make it."

"Talk to your guild leader.  I am sure they will know what to do."

"Okay.  But, the boy thing is harder.  No one approaches me."

Daria looks hard at Quinn.  "You're not wearing makeup.  That might be why."

"No, I am so overwhelmed that I no longer project cuteness from within.  Putting on makeup for me now would be like you putting on makeup."

"Hey!  I might eventually have to do that."

Jane comforts Daria.

Quinn sighs.

Jane raises an eyebrow.  "How are the other former fashion club members doing?"

"Stacy cries herself to sleep every night.  Sandi and Tiffany don't call me."

Daria nods.  "You know, maybe you need some female friends who could raise your spirits."

"Like who?"

Daria looks around.  "Oh, Natsuko!"

Natsuko comes running.

"That scary girl?"


"Natsuko, this is my sister Quinn.  She's having problems adjusting to the school.  Could you help her?"

Natsuko smiles radiantly.  "Leave it to me!"  Natsuko smiles and raises her eyebrows trying to look cool.

"I guess it's okay."

"Meet me at lunch at the cafeteria."


Natsuko and Quinn sit down at a table with their bentos (2).

Quinn sighs.  This school is just so strange to me.

Natsuko nods.  "How was it like in your previous school?"

Quinn smiles and looks nostalgic.  "Me and my three friends used to run the entire school.  Whenever I turned around there would be a crowd of boys there waiting to grant my every request.  We would dress like princesses and break hearts like movie stars."

"So, you take after your sister?"

Quinn almost spits out her food.  "Puuuuuu-lease!  My sister and her friend were outcasts in our previous school.  They didn't have a single friend."

"Oh, come on."

"It's true.  The only reason that they took Daria instead of me was that Daria wouldn't have to give up a full schedule of dating boys."

Natsuko thinks about this for a while.  "So, you're disappointed that you came to this school and no one wants to date you even though you can date?"

"At this rate I should have been an idol trainee."

"Well, I would like to say something encouraging, but ..."

"But what?"

"This school isn't really a good place to find a date, especially if you're a girl looking for a boy."


"Look around the cafeteria.  Who looks good?"

"That table over there looks promising, however I would need to check to see if their cars were up to standard."

"Those are trainees from Jeneral Entertainment. (3)  They are not allowed to date girls and,"  Natsuko leans over and whispers, "they probably don't want to either."

"Oh, no!  They're like the boys in my fashion design class?  This is a tragedy."

"Me and my friend Minamo do stuff together all the time.  We don't find it that tragic."

"Such a bitter pill to take.  My life is over."

"Maybe you could come out with us some time?"

"Natsuko, it wouldn't be the same.  It is the height of pleasure in being a girl to order a guy around and have him spend money on you.  I couldn't ask you guys to do that and it would feel weird if I did."

"Are you poor?"

"No, the joy is getting money that you don't need."

"We can't help you with that, but the offer is still open."



Quinn gets up to leave at the end of the Fashion Design guild meeting.

"Miss Asamura?  We need to have a talk."

Quinn looks down in despair.  Even though Risaki was only a couple years ahead of her in school, she would have the power to suggest to the faculty supervisors that Quinn wasn't working out.

"I hear that you are having problems with dress design."

"Yes.  It's true.  I cannot stand to see a plain dress so I have to draw cute accessories for it."

Risaki thinks about this for a minute.  "Let's do a little game.  I want you to draw me a dress in the Betsy Johnson style, only I want you to first draw the accessories first."  Risaki gets a piece of plastic and some colored markers to use.  "Go."

Quinn nods and gets to work.  Ten minutes later, "Taa daa!"

"Wow.  You drew a dozen different accessories."

"Well, maybe they need to be edited down."

"Don't worry."  Risaki gets another sheet of plastic and places it over the first.  "Now draw the dress.  You don't have to draw over the accessories."

After another ten minutes.  "How is this?"

"Great!"  Risaki takes away the bottom sheet of plastic.  "Now, connect the lines.  We'll then put the first sheet over it and it should look the same."

Quinn looks at the second sheet of plastic and the sheet starts becoming larger and smaller as if she is having a hallucinogenic experience.  "I'm scared."

Risaki puts the second sheet over the first.  "They're still here."

"Okay."  Twenty minutes later, after painstakingly putting the first sheet of paper over the second after every single small line is drawn on the second, Quinn finishes.  "Here."

Risaki puts aside the sheet with the accessories.  "Great!  I think you have talent, Quinn-chan." (4)

"But, that was so scary!"

"But, you got through it.  We're having our first show in a five days.  Stacy has already designed something appropriate.  I want you to show as well."

"But, show what?"

"Starting tomorrow, you will be creating the dress that you just drew.  The accessories are not needed."

Quinn stares ahead in horror.  "Will I ever get to show my skill in accessorizing?"

"Quinn-chan, in advanced dress making you will learn about adornment, where you can customize your dress with things built directly on the dress, like different fabrics and custom dress parts."

Quinn rolls her eyes.  "Well then, I guess I will aim for the lace!" (5)

Risaki face plants, then smacks Quinn in the head with a sheet of plastic.  "Baka!"


Daria sees Minamo walking in the hall.  "Oh, Minamo?"


"Umm, do you know a seventh grade girl who goes here, Haruko?"

Minamo looks like she just ate something unpleasant.  "Tall?  Acts ditsy all the time?"


"Stay away from her at all costs."

"I can't, we take lessons together.  We're both remedial."

"She's big trouble.  She ditches class, she dates boys, she goes to clubs on nights when they are not all-ages, and ..." Minamo whispers, "... she even uses slang."

"Wait, how does she get into those clubs?"

"There are many clubs in the area who are really sleazy.  They think nothing of a twelve year old girl drinking alcohol."

"That's horrible."

"Don't let her corrupt you Daria-sama."  (6)

"Umm, just Daria is fine.  Don't worry.  If I want to get in trouble I already have Jane."

Minamo smiles.  "That's a relief."

"So, why is she still a remedial?"

"She never tries.  She never practices and she never does homework.  I am amazed that she hasn't been kicked out if school or the Hamony Project trainee program yet."

"Well, I will tread carefully around her then."



Stacy and Quinn sit next to each other in the fashion design guild class.

"So, Quinn, what do you think of my design?"

Quinn looks at it for a second and turns away violently.

"Oh, no!!  Quinn, was it really that bad?  You can lie to me if you need to."

Quinn tries to regain her composure.  "Stacy, your design is fine.  It's just that I have a problem looking at things that aren't accessorized."

"Well, maybe you could come up with a better lie than that."

"But, it's not a lie.  Here is my dress design.  I had to draw accessories first on a transparency to get through the drawing."

Stacy looks at the drawing.  "This is so cool!  I wish I could design like you."

"No, Stacy, you must not think that way.  Your design is fine.  The world doesn't need two Quinn's but it does need a Stacy."

Stacy starts crying.  "Quinn, this is the happiest day of my life!"



Daria gingerly walks out of Ai-sensei's dance class.

"Wait up!"  Haruko runs up behind her.  "What are you doing tonight?"

"Probably a lot of limping.  Those mamba steps did a number on me."

"Strange, I didn't have a problem."

"But, you weren't doing it correctly."

"What, are you a smarty-pants, or sumting?"

"No, but I noticed that whenever Ai-sensei looked in your direction she had a stink face.  If you were doing things correctly she would have cried tears of happiness."

Haruko sticks her tongue out.  "So, what else besides limping?"

"I will being going to my friend Jane's house.  She's been unofficially coaching me.  I need to give her all of my homework from our real coaches so she can bully me into doing them.  Then we will probably watch Hen Kanashii Sekai. (7)"


"Oh, what are you doing that is so exciting?"

"Clubbing.  I know of a great club.  There are a lot of big wigs from the entertainment industry that go there.  Harmony Project doesn't recognize my talent.  I am a miracle girl.  There's no way that I won't be a huge star. I'm sure that if I network enough I will find a producer who can use me if T doesn't wanna.  You should come."

"Haruko, I'm just an eight grade girl.  I know nothing of the entertainment world.  I don't even want to be a performer.  I want to be a writer.  I don't have any ambition at all compared to you.  But, even I know that clubbing would be a horrible idea.  A producer who hangs out at bars that serves alcohol to kids is not a producer who is going to make you into a star."

"You're right, you know nothing."  Haruko, slightly upset runs away.


Risaki pulls Stacy and Quinn aside.  "Okay guys, your designs are approved, and you have the materials and the equipment needed to make the dresses.  If you like, we can get some of the girls in the modeling guild to be your pin up dummies."

Stacy starts imagining Tifany asking her every thirty seconds if the dress made her look fat.

Quinn starts imagining Sandi insinuating that it was very bold of her to go with so outdated a design.

"I think we can find regular people to do it."

Risaki nods.  "Well, if you change your mind, just call me."


"They were ready for a good night sleep, but boy were they were disappointed!  It was the futons that flew away, next on Hen Kanashii Sekai. (8)"

Jane turns off the TV.  "Well, young disciple, I am afraid that you will be doing your practice solo the next couple of days.  I need to paint something for my class."

"That's okay.  I think I might be over the period where you have to catch me to prevent me from falling over every thirty seconds."

"They grow up so quickly."

"At least I won't be a burden to you."

"In three days I will be so bored I will be crawling to your place."

"We'll see."


"Oh, Natsuko?"  Quinn catches up to Natsuko in the hall.  "Do you have a second?"


"Um, I was wondering if you were free tonight?"

"I think so."

"Well, I am making a dress and I need a pin up dummy.  I know this is a horrible imposition but it would mean a lot."

"Where would we be doing it?"

"My place."

The place where Daria-senpai lives??  Natsuko has to hold back a nose bleed.  "Of course!"

"However, please don't be upset if I don't look at you a lot."

"No big deal, I get that a lot."

Quinn face plants.  "No, I meant that I don't like looking at dresses without accessories."


Jane sits at her usual table during lunch.  A tall girl approaches her.

"Excuse me, are you Jane Lane?"

"Why yes I am.  Are you the girl who the modeling guild sent over?"

"Yes, my name is Rikoko."

"I haven't seen you before at school."

"I'm on the first floor."

Jane does a double take.  "Wait, you're in elementary school?"

"Six grade."  Rikoko makes a peace sign.

"Well, that doesn't matter much.  I just need you to sit for a painting."

"Okay.  Do you have glasses I can wear to pose in?"

Jane looks shocked.  "Hey, by any chance could you also be a Harmony Project trainee?"

"An official one!"

"Do you know my friend Daria?"

"Daria-senpai is so cool!'

"This could get interesting."


Daria practices dance steps and exercises in her room.

"Daria, are you in there?"

Daria opens her door.  "Quinn, no dates tonight?"

"Ha, ha, ha.  Very funny."  Quinn throws a one piece swimsuit at her sister.  "Put this on and come to my room."  Quinn walks away.

This is too weird to pass up.  Daria changes and comes to Quinn's room.  It looks like a disaster area.


Daria sees Natsuko who also in a one piece swimsuit.  Quinn has placed fabric over some of the swimsuit and she is sewing the fabric together.  "Stacy needs a model."

Daria sees Stacy in the corner.  "I have to warn you, I did this once before for a bridesmaid dress and the dress maker complained the whole time that I had no figure."

Stacy chuckles.  "Daria-senpai, that was before your idol training.  You look just fine now."

"I do??"  Daria looks in the mirror.  Wow, I will have to thank Risa-sensei.  "Well, let's get this over with then."

"Hopefully I won't stick you."

"If you do I will cast a magic spell on you to make you unfashionable."

Quinn raises an eyebrow.  "Daria!  Don't cast magic spells on my friends!"

"Okay."  Daria sees that Stacy has gone from shivering in fear to an expression of relief.  She also catches in a mirror that Natsuko is staring at her non-stop.


Sandi and Tiffany sit backstage in a badly lit dressing room.

Risaki walks in with Quinn and Stacy, each holding a dress.  "Good afternoon models.  These are the dresses you will be walking in.  Please put them on and then I will instruct Quinn and Stacy how to adjust them.

Sandi makes a stink face.  "Adjust them?  I don't understand why all dresses are not made with me in mind."

Sandi and Tiffany put on their dresses behind a folding screen then come out.

Tiffany looks in the mirror.  "Does this dress make me look fat?"

Sandi rolls her eyes.  "Quinn, I think it was very brave of you to go with so outdated a design."

Quinn and Stacy shudder.


Daria and Jane walk along the painting exhibit.

"And, this one is by me."

Daria stares long and hard at the painting.  "What is it?"

Jane face plants.  "It's a girl."

"Is this expressionism?"

"This is Dada-ism."

"Is that another way of saying that you got frustrated?"

Jane blushes.  "Well, yeah.  But, the guild accepted it.  I guess I will have to work harder since they won't buy that excuse twice in a row."

"So, was your model not good enough to work with?"

"No, she was too good.  Completely professional in every respect and with no bad angles.  It ate at my self esteem.  And, she was only in sixth grade."


"Did I mention she was a member of your fan club?"

"Wait, won't your parents pay for your tuition even if you're not in a guild?"

"It's a matter of principle for me."

Daria looks the clock on the wall.  "Oh, we better hurry, the Fashion Guild is going to have their outfits walked soon."

"Joy, joy."


"Ladies and gentlemen, the Fashion Guild and the Modeling Guild is pleased to present the guild week fashion show."

Applause.  Then loud trendy music starts playing.

"First up, basic dress design.  Walking first is Sandi, walking in a dress designed by Quinn."

Sandi, looking bored and angry at the world walks up and down the catwalk.

"Next up, Tiffany, walking in a dress designed by Stacy."

Tiffany, looking self conscious and nervous walks up and down the catwalk.

Daria nudges Jane.  "I don't know anything about fashion shows, but didn't that look a little off?"

"Oh yes."


Jane and Daria walk into a ramen shop a block from campus.

"Daria-senpai!"  Natsuko and Minamo run over to them.

Daria, though tired, tries to smile.  "Thanks for inviting us to the wrap party."

Minamo blushes.  "Actually, it was an indirect invite.  Rikoko wanted us to come."

Daria and Jane are lead over to a table where Rikoko and an older girl sit with a lap top.

"Guys!  I am so happy you could make it."

Daria smiles.  "No problem.  Oh, do you want to, you know?"

"Of course!"

Daria lends Rikoko her glasses and Natsuko, Minamo, and the older girl take pictures while Rikoko goes through a bunch of poses.  Daria, however is oblivious to this.

"Here are your glasses back."


"Oh, this is Haruno-senpai.  We're waiting for the footage of the fashion show to download from the wired.  Do you want to watch it with us?"

Jane smiles.  "Sure, let us order first."


Jane and Daria slurp their ramen.  They are joined by Quinn and Stacy who look very worried.

Haruno smiles.  "Okay!  It's ready.  Gather round."

Jane watches the video.  "Haruno-senpai, I am not an expert at modeling, but I notice a huge difference between the walks if Sandi and Tiffany and the walk of Rikoko."

Haruno makes a face.  "Well, I was thinking of letting those two go.  After the show they left in a snit.  Sandi even complained that her dress was out of date and Tiffany complained that her dress made her look fat.  I have never heard such talk from models before."


"Yes, miss Quinn?"

"I would rather you not can them."


"Looking at the footage, Sandi has a point.  The design is outdated.  But, now I will work harder to improve."

Stacy nods.  "And, my dress did make her look fat."

Haruno rolls her eyes.  "Baka!  Tiffany hasn't been doing her stomach exercises.  A real model keeps her core tight during her walk."

"All the same, I think I can improve things so that even someone without abs of steel will look good."

Haruno nods.  "Very well, but if I get complaints from other designers, they're history."

Daria nudges Rikoko.  "So what did you think of the painting?"

Rikoko starts headbanging.  "It was metal!"

"You didn't mind it looked nothing like you?"

"That's what pictures are for."


Assignment 2:

Subject: Asumura Quinn: She is nauseatingly perfect in appearance in every way.  In a normal school she would be Miss Popularity, but at this school she doesn't stand out.  But, behind the bouncy hair, perfect complexion and stylish clothes lies actual substance that will occasionally appear when it is not being vigorously suppressed.  I hate her, but admire her sometimes as well.

Note from Enchi-sensei: Don't forget to mention her figure!

To Be Continued

(1) This actually has a name in Japanese: "Kabedon" (wall slam).

(2) A bento is a boxed lunch.

(3) I guess when it was pointed out that their name was misspelled they just simply went with it.

(4) Calling Quinn "Quinn-chan" is slightly talking down to her.

(5) Quinn is making a horrible pun on the manga/anime "Aim for the Ace!" a tennis drama.

(6) The -sama suffix is Minamo trying to be as respectful to Daria as she can.

(7) "Hen Kanashii Sekai" means "Weird Sad World."

{8} Like the show "Sick Sad World" on Daria, the show Hen Kanashii Sekai relies on promos consisting of very lame (old man) puns.  Here the phrase "the futons that flew away" is pronounced "futon ga futton da".

Here's the real update. ENJOY READING~!!!!!!!!


Final Chapter: Densetsu no Sakana

Phase A: Hammer and Anvil

City of Laoag, Ilocos Norte, Philippines; 6 days later, Sunday, 3:00 am

A large cargo ship, sailing across the night coast of South China Sea, has arrived at the Port of Currimao in Laoag City, the Northern Gateway of the Philippines. The supposedly entry point from the northern countries has been turned into a naval base used for importing and exporting arms, weapons, military vehicles and personnels, and guarding the land against any invasions from the sea, and serving as dockyard for warships and naval ships. Six anti-submarine frigates, four anti-aircraft corvettes, three anti-armor destroyers, two anti-ship battlecruisers, two anti-fortress battleships, and one nuclear-powered aircraft carrier guarded the Port of Currimao. At the coastline, four bunkers are stationed 100 meters apart, with six battle tanks are in standby. This kind of defense makes any attempt of invading the country or escaping from the country nearly impossible, whether it is from air or sea.

One patrol frigate approaches the cargo ship to inspect the cargoes. The frigate crews went to each container and using muon scattering topographic cargo scanners to inspect the containers.  After they see no suspiscious, they let the cargo ship enter. It passes through the gap of the defense line of the battleships before finally arrives at the port. After docking, the containers are unloaded from the cargo ship by the container crane then loading to the container-loading vehicles. Two purplish red containers were currently unloaded from the ship and being loaded to a single semi-trailer truck. The driver inspects the paper that contains the information of the goods he will deliver. He read the name of the destination of the delivery: Northpoint Alliance Motors Corp. After that, the truck runs to the silent nightly road.


Northpoint Alliance Motors Corp., Airport Road, City of Laoag, Ilogoc Norte, Philippines; Sunday, 4:00 am

After unloading the two purplish red containers, the semi-trailer truck leaves the building. Two forklift trucks are carrying the containers to the storage yard. Placing the containers beside the other ones, the trucks leave the place. After that, the lights inside the storage yard are switched off, which it followed by a several minutes of silence. Suddenly, two clicking sounds appeared on the purplish red containers, and then the doors were slowly opened. Later, a loaded gun came out from the container; pointing on each path in case of any personnels appeared. When no one’s coming, the gunner lowered down the gun.

“After ten hours of sitting inside the container in naked, we’re now finally here.” The girl said with a blush.

“Y-y-yeah. We are here now, Churi.” ‘Luckily there are no lights lit up, or else…’ Another girl in naked bashfully said.

I know guys we are all embarrassed from seeing each other naked in flat 10 hours. But right now, we still have a job to do. We should carry out our equipments and prepare for meeting with our informant. Yuria, Kumi, Paruru and Yuihan, please take out the heavy supply crates from the container.” The muted girl commanded telepathically.

“Hai~” Yuria, Kumi, Haruka and Yui went inside the container.

“Yurichan, ano, you’re beautiful.” Kumi bashfully said while carrying 3,000 kilograms crate.

“Ano, you too, Kuuchan.” Yuria blushed.

“You two, do that to your own room after this.” Yui monotonously said.

“Yui, you have such a fine abs, you know.” Haruka smiled.

“Y-you, you don’t have to say that.” Yui blushed. Then she saw Yuria and Kumi staring at her with a smirk plastering on their face. Yui raised her eyebrow before saying ‘nevermind’ then continued her work. Yuria and Kumi chuckled at Yui’s reaction.

The four powerhouse girls slowly put down the supply crate to the cemented ground. After setting the portable armory, Atsuko called everyone.

Ok, guys. Ready?

“REQUIP!” Everyone said. Light started to surround them, brighten the whole storage yard. After 30 seconds, all of the officers are wearing their respective modified uniform. Atsuko ordered everyone to prepare for 20 minutes. They went to the portable supply to get their own weapons and equipment.

“To think that this country have muon scanners. They really don’t like illegal immigrants. Luckily, Yuko-san tampered those scanners using her magnetism.” Rena said. She put her four lightsaber hilts to her thigh holster that was under her skirt.

“I must admit, their security is pretty tight. With those high-advanced ships roaming around the seas of Philippines, it may look like a giant dome covering the whole country.” Jurina said.

“Sasshi volunteered to stay in Japan to guard the country right? Also Erepyon?” Aki asked.

“Yup, she also said that she want to contruct a tower specializing for extradimensional scanning and transfer. And for that tower to be fully operational, she needs the Space Component.” Rie said.

“So after we’re done in this mission we should bring the Space Component back home.” Aika said.

“Yup, and also, she said that the tower would be the secured container for the Space Component.” Rie said.

“It’s been a long time since I lived here. How nostalgic.” Erica sighed.

“Erica-san, how long did you live in this country?” Yuko asked.

“14 years, I lived somewhere on the large island in Laguna de Bay. I loved the serene hills there.” Erica said.

Ne, Erica. That house…” Atsuko said.

“Yup, that’s our next destination after we meet our clandestine forces right?” Erica suspended her two soul weapons on her back then carried two nodachis on her hand.

“As far as I know, there are two individuals in that team, one of them is Atsuko-san’s cousin.” Airi said.

Yup, and to meet them. We need to create an attention. Kitarie, Akicha, Aichan, and Churi will you please open those two green containers.” Atsuko smiled at the four junior officers. Rie, Aki, Akane and Aika went to their respective container, and then revealed the hidden keypad on the container. After putting the correct 7-pin codes. The side of the containers opened revealing a set of sports bikes, ranging from lightweight to superbikes.

“Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMW, Yamaha, Ducati, Honda, MV Agusta; are you kidding me?” Mayu asked.

“Well, it’s our cousin’s gift for getting in Philippines without being detected.” Erica smiled.

“Reminds me of this country is known for their superior hover technology.” Akane said.

“Well, I imagined of all police forces with hovering police cars chasing wheeled bikes.” Airi smiled.

“This is interesting.” Yuki whispered to Mayu. She went to Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R and carefully inspected the body. “Really interesting, are all these bikes possessed advanced state-of-the-art technology?”

Yes. All of them are made from ultra-reinforced lightweight carbon-fibre coated titanium-magnesium frames for ultimate endurance and durability. Those bikes are equipped with gravity stabilizer technology, allowing us to riding on near-impossible roads, such as transmission cables or the side of the building; also, making our bike lighter by decreasing the gravitational attraction to the ground, allowing us to do any kind of tricks we think. They are also equipped with militarized technology such as radar, jammer, gps, and biometric technology that only us to use it, and mirage technology to hides our bikes as well as riders from any detection. Enough to challenge PNP’s ion plasma-propelled hover police hypercars and superbikes.” Atsuko explained. She went to Suzuki Hayabusa then inserted her right thumb to the fingerprint scanner near the speedometer. After three scans, the bike went on. When she saw the crates are completely empty, she flicked her finger, which the crate conflagrated extremely fast that even no ashes are left.

Now then, shall we start?


Cagayan Valley Road/Pan-Philippine Highway, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan Province, Philippines; Sunday, 4:56 am

A group of police officers is currently patrolling in night. Their hovercars are gliding above the asphalt road while searching for the offenders and traffic violators. One of the police, sitting beside the driver, was holding a LIDAR gun. He points the gun to each hovercars he notice and read the car’s speed on the monitor.

They heard a series of roaring sound of engine that was increasingly louder as it getting nearer. The police officers suspect that there are some illegal racing of hovercars or hoverbikes. However, to their surprise, it’s not the thing they’ve expect. A series of high-powered wheeled superbikes suddenly appeared from behind and passingly dashed at high speed. The police officer who held a LIDAR gun surprised from what he read, 400 kilometers per hour.


Pan-Philippine Highway, Ilagan City, Isabela Province, Philippines; Sunday, 5:07 am

“Ah, here they comes!” Airi said. From their side mirror, they saw dozen of police hovercars chasing to them.

“Wow, what a fast response. They thought that no common police cars can catch a motorcycle moving at 400+ kph speed, so instead they match it with their own hypercars.” Erica said.

Just as plan, everyone!” Atsuko said.

“HAI!” Everyone readied their respective weapons. Watanabe Mayu riding Kawasaki Ninja H2 with Kashiwagi Yuki on backseat. Takayanagi Akane riding Ducati 1199 Superleggera with Furukawa Airi. Maeda Atsuko riding BMW S1000RR with Oshima Yuko. Ota Aika riding Suzuki Hayabusa with Takajo Aki. Matsui Jurina riding MV Agusta F4 RR with Matsui Rena. Yokoyama Yui riding Yamaha YZF-R1M with Shimazaki Haruka. Kitahara Rie riding Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade with Tonooka Erica.  Lastly, Yamamoto Sayaka riding Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R with Miyazaki Miho. The rest, Kizaki Yuria used her motorized skates and Yagami Kumi used her motorized skateboard.

“Now then, shall we start?” Erica jumped out of the motorcycle, allowing herself to be passed by police hovercars. Before they call a warning to the speed offenders, they surprisingly saw a girl jumped out of the vehicle.

Before the police hovercar were slow down, Erica suddenly vanished after her feet touches the ground. She instantly appeared alongside the hovercars.

“神鳴流「二刀連撃斬鉄閃」[Shinmeiryuu: Nitō Rengeki Zantetsusen (Gods’ Cry Technique: Dual Sword Successive Strike, Iron-cutting Flash].” Erica unsheathed her two nodachis from her back and slashing the two police hovercars. When she place her feet to the car, it suddenly splitted into two. The other police hovercar that was hit by her previous attack was also separated into two. Then she land on the top of the moving police hovercars.

I thought that you’ve killed them.” She heard Airi’s voice from her IRIS.

“Nah, I just disable their car.” Erica said. Several police officers started to shoot her, which she deflected all of it using her two swords. Kumi suddenly appeared from the fight and kicked the hovercar’s propeller, sending the vehicle crashing to the post.

“By slicing the car into two eh?” Kumi smiled. Erica flash-stepped back to Rie’s motorcycle. More police officers still shooting at them.

“This is annoying now.” Miho pulled something between her hands, revealing ultra thin strings.

“Angrebsstryke Kategori #01: Slangebøsse (Assault force Category #01: Slingshot)” With near precision, she disabled all of the hovercars by destroying all of the pulse propellers.

“Finally, all pipe down.” Miho retracted all the strings back to her bracelet.

“Wow, Myao-neesan is really annoyed.” Yuria said.

“Beats me.” Mayu said. She inspect the road for the remaining police forces they will encounter.

“Looks like later in the sunrise, the police will respond in full force, with SAF, SWAT and SRU in heavy package. Or worst, they may be even send Armed Forces of the Philippines” Rena said.

“Let’s meet them.” Haruka grinned.


NLEX/SCTEX Mabalacat Interchange, Mabalacat City, Pampanga, Philippines; Sunday, 5:57 am

The Generals of Japan SDF are now arriving at NLEX. As Rena’s prediction, 12 Philippine Air Force’s Boeing AH-64 Apache are currently chasing them along with some animal-like creatures with weird appearance.

“To think that they sending Chimerae against us. Kinda cute though.” Airi commented. One of the Apache helicopters fired salvo of missiles, which the girls avoid all of those missiles. Haruka jumped from Yui’s motorcycle and kicked the incoming missile, sending back to the attack helicopter. She instantly flash-stepped to the other helicopter, then firing sonic boom that destroys the helicopter. She threw her Bo to the nearest helicopter, smashing through the rear rotor. Haruka instantly appeared where the Bo is; then picked her weapon. She swing the Bo to the main rotor, causing the helicopter to plunging its destruction.

One of the Chimerae, with the head and front limb of a lion and rear limb and tail of a horse, lunged towards Akane and Airi’s ride. Akane tilted her motorcycle, causing the attack to be miss.

“I’m sorry to do this but I have no choice.” Airi fired several kinetic-powered bolts to the Chimera then exploded causing the flesh and blood to splatter. Erica instantly appeared, standing on the Rie’s motorcycle backseat. She resheathed her sword back, followed by ten Chimerae sliced from head to toe into two. Rie summoned arrays of sword, firing them to the rest of attack helicopters, destroying all at once.

“I can’t use lightning here. Two of the Chimerae have resistance to electricity.” Yuko gritted her teeth.

“Leave that to me.” Rena instantly disappeared from Jurina’s motorcycle. On the top of bull-like Chimera, Rena swung her lightsaber, slicing the body. She flicked her finger, causing the Chimera she sliced explode with the incoming Chimera unfortunately involved in the blast.

Atsuko saw a crimson butterfly passing by.

Everyone, we’re nearly reaching the rendezvous point.” As soon as she said it, she heard a female voice speaking in Latvian accent.

“Dimantu Cietoksnis (Diamond Fortress)” All of them saw five crimson butterflies gliding in the center of the highway. Ten meters before they approach those butterflies, the air slowly crystallized and formed into a crystal wall in which it slowly rises. After three seconds, four corners of crystal walls and ceiling are now surrounded the girls. The crystal walls refracts the light of the sunrise, preventing from being seen from the outside.

“We’ve unexpectedly thought you’ve come this early.”

“Far from our estimation of their arrival. Those Chimerae are hard to deal with.” Two girls appeared in front of them. One girl has two crystallized blade sitting on top of each of her gauntlet.

“Anyways, welcome to Valenzuela City. I’m your guide, Miyawaki Sakura.” The girl with crystal blade said. She let the crystal blades dematerialized, disappearing into thin air.

“And I’m Watanabe Miyuki. It’s good to see you again.” The scarlet-eye girl with Vertical Maneuver Gear said. “Sayanee!” Miyuki run to Sayaka and hugged her.

“Yo, Milky.” Sayaka replied with a hug to Miyuki.

“So how do we escape with this exitless diamond castle along with the pursuers outside?” Yuko asked.

“There’s one method.” Miyuki tapped the side of her eyeglasses.

“Milky, you’re planning to use that?” Erica asked.

“Actually, yes. I already marked the location where we land. So we can escape here without notice from the outside.” Miyuki closed her eyes then removed her eyeglasses.

Milky’s gift eh.’ Atsuko smirked.

Miyuki opened her eyes, revealing her scarlet-iris eye transformed into red-iris eyes with three tomoes.Then her left eye transformed from tomoe to biohazard symbol-like pattern overlapped by three straight tomoes while her right eye transformed into ripple-shaped pattern overlapped by three spiral.



Traffic Control Department, MMDA Headquarters, Makati City, Philippines; Sunday, 6:37 am

The room was filled with multitude of computers along with many monitors attached to one wall.

“So they’re here.” Sandara said. She leaning on the table while watching on one monitor that was capturing live image of the diamond fortress. The diamond fortress shattered into dust, revealing nothing behind.

So they’ve deciphered my message. Goodluck, Rena and your friends. They have expected your arrival and already finished preparing the trap if you try to save Minami Takahashi and Haruna Kojima on the day of their execution.’ Sandara went to the door and exited the room.


Unknown Location; Unknown Time

A 2nd year high school girl lying down on the grassy shore of the river. Her eyes are closed while contemplating something. She lift something right in front of her face, revealing four cards.

“It’s been three months since I’ve won that war.” She rotated her hand that holds the four cards to the back of her hand. A red snowflake-pattern embedded on the back of her right hand. After several minutes, she stood up and put the cards on the hip car holster.

Hey master, I think it’s time to go back, right?” She heard a childish girl voice from her mind.

“I know, Saber. Berserker, I need you later for my mission.” The girl said.

Understood, master.” She heard a deep girl voice.

“Lancer, Rider, you will be on stand by. Be ready when everything is not on our favor.”

As you wish, master.” She heard two male voices.

What about me, master?” A childish girl voice speaking from her mind.

“Just watch. Your powers are somehow too powerful for this mission.” She said.

Okay~” She heard a pouting sound that made her giggle.

“It’s time.”



The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Ebisu Muscats
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^ agreed. her face and when she looked to the other Muscats.
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AKB48 Fanfics / Eccentric (MonaRisa, TechiNeru +) [Checkpoint 17 (Nov. 23, 2017)]
« Last post by Shinoki on November 23, 2017, 06:05:05 PM »
@mooza: Thank you for reading! I'm glad you're enjoying the story. I'm glad you have so many questions, but those questions will take a while to be answered. Techi's backstory will be pretty painful too. (Ahh, I had been thinking that perhaps I wasn't blatant enough about my "Neru is mysterious" and "Techi is sad" set-up)
@RyoZakiji: They'll kiss one day. But I don't think I answer any more questions here.
@Kairi65: MonaRisa love! (speaking of MonaRisa, it was Manaka's birthday, and... ngh, there was some cute MonaRisa stuff she posted in her mobame about Risa sending her a birthday message and pretty literally: "As expected, I like Risa.")
@MaYukiIsLife: Yuuka's going to get sadder soon. Somehow, right after I wrote the previous chapter, I thought to myself: "How do I make Yuuka's life more painful..." But, I'll fix it too, so don't kill me. Haha. Enjoy this chapter~

Checkpoint 17

In the end, Hirate Yurina and Nagahama Neru decided not to continue intruding in Akane’s room and started heading back to their own room.

Neru casually asked, “Yurina-chan, if you had to kiss me, would you kiss me?”

“Eh?” Yurina nearly stopped in her steps as she looked at Neru in confusion.

“Like if you had been asked in the King’s Game to kiss me.”

“Kissing is something that people in love do right?” The short haired girl smiled wryly, “I don’t want to do something you don’t want.”

Neru replied, “I wouldn’t really mind.”

“It’s okay. There’s no need to say that.”

“Yurina-chan, I wouldn’t mind. Would you not want me to kiss you?”

“Neru.” Yurina started her reply calmly.

The short haired girl walked on ahead. Neru couldn’t help but feel the distance in the hallway between herself and Yurina seemed wide. They weren’t holding hands at this moment and Neru wanted to take Yurina’s hand, but she knew that if there was anyone to do that, Neru wasn’t someone who deserved to after what had been done.

Yurina said, “Don’t say that to me.”

“Oh.” Neru mumbled as she followed after her roommate. Yurina looked exhausted, and somehow, that was nothing out of the ordinary but just something that Yurina didn’t let people see very often.

“A kiss is for someone you love, so you don’t need to waste it on someone who won’t be loved.”


“Let’s head back to our dorm room.”

Neru put her hand on her head in exasperation. She thought wryly to herself that she had messed up. Then, she went after Yurina and the two returned to the dorm room together.

—Because —————— can’t have love.

Moriya Akane flopped onto her bed, her friends having left and luckily cleaned up their mess after themselves. They left with a final congratulations for her tennis victory and gave her the remaining party favors and snacks. Akanen had put those snacks and the mikan she got from Oda Nana through Yurina and Neru into the kitchen, a small one attached to the dorm room that was a bit bigger than the bathroom.

“Sorry if we were too rowdy, Yuuka.” Akane said to Yuuka who was preparing to go to sleep.

Yuuka smiled and shook her head, “No, it’s okay. It was fun playing those games with everyone.”

“That’s good.” Akane heaved a sigh of relief and extended a metaphorical hand out toward her roommate, “If there’s anything bothering you, you can feel free to tell me.”

“Akanen, I…”

Akane looked toward Yuuka. The former didn’t interrupt the latter but instead waited for Yuuka to continue.

“I guess I’ve been a little homesick recently.”

“You’re from Tokyo right?”

“Yes. It’s a little weird being homesick when home is so close by, but I miss my parents.” Yuuka fumbled over her words when she reached the topic of her parents but quickly deflected to Akane, “How about you?”

“This is probably the first time I’ve been away from home for so long.” Akane replied, “But, I kind of expected that I would be a little homesick because Miyagi could be closer to Tokyo.”

“Do you keep in touch a lot with your family?”

“Just the normal amount, I think.” Akane thought to herself for a moment. “My dad doesn’t text me like Mii-chan’s dad does.”

“It seems nice how Mii-chan’s dad sends so much.” Yuuka sighed.

“Penguin big service.” Akane jokingly said, referring to Koike Minami’s dad who always sent weird good morning messages with penguin emoticons that Koike would complain about.

They chatted for a bit more before turning in for bed.

The sun was barely just up when the sports clubs started morning practice. Like always, Moriya Akane attended morning practice with the tennis club. She had just finished jogging when another member of the tennis club came up to her.

The member requested, “Moriya-san, can I ask you a question?”

“Okay.” Akane shrugged, not seeing why not.

The clubmate thought for a moment, trying to find a good way to phrase the question, and then asked, “Sugai-sama, is she related to the Sugai Company?”

Akane raised her eyebrows in surprise. She didn’t know the answer to that question, so she could only respond, “I can’t answer that.”

“Sorry for bothering you then.” The club member sheepishly bowed and ran off again.

Akane stood for a moment, letting a frown grace her face. She had heard of the Sugai Company before somewhere, but she had never thought to connect it to her roommate.

She stood quietly, trying to pull up where exactly she had heard of the Sugai Company before. Not remembering, Akane pulled out her phone to search up the Sugai Company.

The main news articles she found on the business were nearly a year old, and they all talked about how the technology company had a merger with another company and many people from the Sugai Company were laid off. There were some rumours about why the merger happened such as internal strife or the CEO being sabotaged.

Clicking around in sites, she found an article on the Sugai family who ran the Sugai Company. Strangely enough, the rival company that the merger happened with was also owned by a branch of the Sugai family.

“Eh?” Akane let out a noise of surprise as she saw Yuuka’s name.

Unexpectedly, Yuuka was a part of high society. Akane pondered to herself for a moment about a story where a princess was cast away from her position down to the ground but eventually she would be swept away by a prince back to that golden royalty.

Then, Akane shook her head. In the first place, that imagery didn’t suit Yuuka. Rags to riches or riches to rags, Yuuka seemed like a normal person and even though Akane didn’t know much about company mergers, she was pretty sure that people didn’t plummet into poverty from a merger but rather had back-ups or could find new jobs.

“A prince…” Akane huffed, feeling a little irked at the thought of Yuuka’s possible future boyfriend. “I don’t like that.”

Akane put her phone away, and she continued her morning practice with the club, jogging some more.
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