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Ruru plays the piano in this
H!P Crapola / Re: The Hello! Project Postwhoring Thread
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Pharaoh no Haka Sneferu rehearsal
The Official H!P Girls Threads / Re: The °C-ute Thread
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The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Ebisu Muscats
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-Ooooooh...that SKE-SDN reference...and Yua is quite okay with it.
The beats and rhythms are fine for most of it. But the A-gonna chorus rhythms aren't enough to merit being a chorus. Consider Take Off Is Now, where the chorus is furious and dense with the rhythms, and so are triumphant as a chorus. I don't mind a down-tempo chorus, but you have to earn it with either a god-tier melody or rhythm (see Ariana songs), and A-gonna is not that.

Another western comparison would be "I Slay" chorus from Beyonce's Formation, the finisher to Lemonade. Its arrangement and rhythms sound deceptively simple on first listen, but are actually very layered and always have a counter-rhythm and new shiny timbre filling every space. A-gonna is flaccid because it has way too much empty space, which works as a hook, but not a chorus, especially when the pre-chorus had way more interesting things going on. It really does build up to a disappointment. If they really wanted to justify that chorus, then the structure of the rest of the song needs to lead to that. Start furious in the verse and then build downwards. Instead, the structure is literally an increase in the rhythm density and the melody heading upwards.

Hell, the perfect counter-example is already there in this single: Are You Happy is superior on the rhythms in every way.
I'm happy for the update.
Isn't the Hawaiian T shirt became small to Jurina? I mean it has been 3 years .
Anyway that "I still loved you" IS AMAZING my stomach has butterfly just because that line.
Fluffy as I expected~
Thank you sopcharo San for this brilliant update!
I'm waiting for the next update~
Am ^ onboard with what J-Triumf is saying about the beat and rhythm strengths of the song.
And in another departure from the standard presentation is the outfits that the girls are wearing -

gives the MV a
nice departure from the standard shiny sequin Idol Bare midriff look (although Maria still shows off that remarkable
waistline). These are fashionable Young Women, and would guess that they enjoy this opportunity to express their taste...
So I did a thing last night. XD

This is gonna be a special 2-part YuuNaa one shot. But there's a twist... Nana is a yandere in this.

So~ yeah! Enjoy! lol


Part 1 - Eden's Apple *Naachan's POV*


Things dear to you…

People dear to you…

You must protect them…

No matter what…

February 4th. Today is cold, and the weather report calls for flurries of snow in Tokyo. Today is another peaceful day. Me and my beloved Yuu-chan are wrapped in a blanket together watching TV.

Ahh~ today, too. I have her precious smile all to myself!

“Nee~ what are you grinning at?” she pokes my cheeks and chuckles.

“Sorry! It’s just so warm…”

“Ahh, still, I want a kotatsu,” she pouts. How cute! I would absolutely buy us a kotatsu. If she asks me, I’ll buy 10 kotatsu!

“I’ll make some hot milk.”

“Thanks, Naa-chan~”

Today’s breakfast was hot milk. Dinner will be curry rice. Today is a lazy, warm, peaceful day with Yuu-chan.


February 14th. Today is Valentine’s day! That special day where girls make chocolate for the ones they love. Of course, I got up early to make chocolate for my lovely Yuu-chan!

I try not to make too much noise while she’s still asleep in the other room… Ahh! I wanna see her! I want to hurry and see her adorable sleeping face!

As soon as the chocolate was done, I tiptoed straight to her room.

“Yuu-chan~” I called out in a whisper, tapping her shoulder. “Good. Mor-ning.”

She stirred awake, her hair was slightly messy. But she’s still so cute!

Her sleepy eyes immediately lit up when she saw the chocolate! She started eating without any restraint. Even with chocolate getting on her face, she’s so cute~

Today was a sweet, happy day.


March 13th. Spring is just around the corner. Soon me and my adorable Yuu-chan will be able to see the cherry blossoms together! I can’t wait for that…

“Nee, nee, Naa-chan!” she calls to me across the room. “Look!”

“What?” I see her folding paper. Is she making origami?

“Tada~” she shows me a crane that she made. It’s so cute! And so well done!

“Wow, it’s really good! I wanna try too!”

“Here, I’ll show you then!”

Today Yuu-chan taught me origami. Today was a fun, carefree day.


March 30th…

“I’m going to the convenience store! What do you want?”

“Pudding, please!” I answer to her as she heads out the door.

“I’ll be right back!”

She’ll be right back… She’ll be right back… So why can’t I calm down? It’s only been 15 minutes. 15 minutes since I’ve not heard her voice…

I try to reason with my thoughts.

“There must be a long line at the convenience store…”

“Maybe she can’t find what she’s looking for…”

“She must have gotten lost since it’s so dark out…”

She’ll come back… She has to come back… My heart is racing…

Unable to swallow my fears, I reach for my phone and text her.


Again… again… I must’ve sent 5 texts already..!

Where is she?!

I ran out of the apartment and found her in an alleyway. There was a man whose face I can’t see trying to assault her…

Get away… Get away from her!


I can’t clearly remember what happened next. But when I came back to my senses, the man was collapsed on the ground, with a knife in his abdomen… My blood on his hands…

“Don’t touch her…” I remember saying over and over.


Yuiri… Yuu-chan’s crying. I immediately hugged her, comforted her. I kept telling her everything was going to be okay.

Those things that are dear to you…

They must be protected…

Or other people will try to hurt them…

So I must protect her…

Even if I must kill…


April 8th. Today is another peaceful day. With my beloved Yuu-chan, always by my side.

She never leaves my side. We must always go places together. With a red string tied around our fingers to keep us connected. Even now, I never leave the house without a knife.

Today we saw the cherry blossoms together! Yuu-chan was so lovely and cute in her yukata! She won me a water yoyo, too.


I kiss her as the fireworks begin to go off. Her flustered face was so cute, I might die! Even when she got mad at me, I couldn’t help but find her so cute!

I love her! I love her so much! I love her…

I love her… more than anyone else.

I love her… so much… it makes me crazy…

No one else can have her… no one can touch her… No one must hurt her…

Yuu-chan is mine.

Today, too, mine and Yuu-chan’s happy, peaceful, lovey-dovey days will continue. Forever.


A partial inspiration for this was the manga "Happy Sugar Life", a yuri manga Naachan herself has read and the main character of is a yandere. I also remember Nana saying during her interview for Koi Kojo that she wants to try portraying a character who has a dark side.

The idea for this came about when I was talking with @MayukiIsLife about writing a Keya fic with a yandere premise, but I jumped the gun and did YuuNaa anyways. lol

Yuiri's POV part will be out tomorrow! Be sure to leave a comment! Feedback is much appreciated!
Welcome / Re: ASK a JPH!P Forum QUESTiON!!??
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Thank you guys for the help.
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