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Girls' Generation / Re: Breast SNSD
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It's triggering but it's really good.  :twothumbs
AKB48 Fanfics / The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 6 (05-26)
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IT’S JUST the second week of the semester but to Fumie it already felt like a month has passed. A lot of things already happened in a short period of time. She got herself involve in scenarios that she never wished to be in at this time of her life.

She received a confession, got into a forced relationship that only lasted for two days, got into a fight with a famous young actor and now being challenged by her producer. All of this didn’t give her leisure to rest during the weekend.

Fumie is walking down the slope from her home when she gave out a deep sigh. She agreed with Haruna’s challenge but until now she hasn’t thought of anything to succeed with the challenge. She searched for information about the twins on the internet and as expected, Natsu outnumbered Fuyu in terms of data. He is widely-known anyway; he even got an international fanbase. There are a lot of facts and trivia about him in the internet. On the other hand, Fuyu is just known as a rookie model with striking looks.

On her research, Fumie found a forum about Fuyu and she found a lot of unconfirmed data about the lad. She found out that Fuyu’s obsession is not known to the public. His fans that aren’t from NHG just know that he is having some issues with life that’s why he doesn’t seem motivated. Haruna was right when she said what happens inside the campus stays in the campus.

She’s surprised that the photos of her together with Fuyu aren’t visible when she self-searched. It seems like the rumor and gossip page of NHG isn’t connected to any search engine and is really private.

Fumie paused with her walk when the door of a familiar house suddenly opened. Fuyu came out of the house biting a slice of bread. His hair is unfixed with all his bed hair on the loose. Even his neck tie isn’t properly tied. On his hand is a pack of milk.

Fumie watched him lock the house and even made sure that it can’t be opened. With the marvelous smell being around, it got Fuyu’s attention and he sniffed to make sure making him turn to where Fumie is. The girl froze on the spot and she doesn’t even know what she must do.

Fuyu, on the other hand, just looked at her and gave out a small bow. After that, he dashed out of the gate and went down the slope without looking back.

Fumie felt a slight pinch in her heart. She slapped herself to wake up from reality.

“Don’t feel bad, Fumie! This is what you want, right?” she reminded herself and started walking towards the bus stop.

The bus arrived just when she arrived on the bus stop. She was thankful that it saved her from the awkward silence with Fuyu if they happened to wait for it longer.

Fuyu let her rode the bus first and she sat on her usual seat. She watched as Fuyu made his way towards a solo seat, leaned his head on the window then sleep. Fumie slapped herself once more for expecting that Fuyu will come and seat by her side. How many times does she have to slap herself just to remember that she drove him away?

Fumie released a sigh while looking at the guy who is in a deep sleep. She is thankful that she isn’t the type that is so pushy. She’s glad that Fuyu respects her dreams and he is true to his words that he isn’t going to bother her. The only problem now is she. She could feel herself being pulled in by something.


MIYU and Maki couldn’t believe what they just heard. They looked at each other to confirm that they heard the same thing.

“Are you sure about that? Why the sudden change?” Miyu asked.

“Did you realize that you are really meant for King over the weekend? Are you going to be the new Adam and Eve now?” Maki seconded, thinking about a lot of wild things.

Fumie sighed. “No… I just thought that what Matsui-senpai told me is true. I don’t know much about Hoshizora-senpai at all but just like others, I judged him and even thought that he is crazy. That is something that a proper idol shouldn’t do.”

The two slid to their seats powerless. Hearing the word idol from Fumie also means that the FuFu couple won’t be back together.

“Why are you guys acting like that?” Fumie asked, pouting. “All I want to do is to help the brothers to patch things up with their relationship.”

“Waah~” Miyu rolled her eyes in disbelief. “Now you want to play hero? Please decide in which career you are really going to take.”

“Come on, Miyu…” Fumie sulk down to her desk and buried her face to her arms. “After hearing their story from Togawa-san, I just can’t stop thinking of how Hoshizora-senpai could look at Matsui-senpai as his brother again. I have a brother, too, you know? Family members are very important.”

“So, what are you planning now?”

“That’s the problem.” Fumie scratched her head. “I couldn’t think of any plan. I know I’m not in the position to do this for them. I’m not even their friend.”

A triumphant laugh was then heard from Maki who is laughing like a detective who have finally solved the case. She is even covering the right side of her face in a fashionable way. The two gulped. Seems like the chuunibyou has come up with a plan.

“I think I know who can help us with this.” Maki smirked.


MUSIC is filling the whole hallway during that after school time. The band called the Phantom Note is currently on their break from plugging their new album to the public but they are still practicing their songs even if they are in school.

The three girls sneaked to the area where only legible members of the light music club can only enter. They peek into the studio and they saw their target singing his heart out while playing his guitar.

“Are you sure about asking help from him?” Miyu asked while clinging to Fumie. “Why don’t we just go directly to the two guys? I’m sure Hoshi-senpai will listen to you if you talk to him, Fumie!”

Fumie looked at her friend with doubting eyes. “Togawa-san is right. I think Yamamoto-senpai knows more about the two. I believe he can help us and please…” she sighed. “Stop calling Hoshizora-senpai that way.”

Maki advanced to the front door of the studio by rolling like some sort of special agent. She looked to her left and to her right to make sure there are no enemies. She turned to her comrades and, with a serious look, gestured for them to follow her. The two girls slapped their forehead then followed the other girl.

The music stopped playing and they heard laughter from the inside. It seems like they are on a break now. It’s a good chance to talk!

“Let’s enter the enemy base now, guys!” Maki was about to kick the door open but luckily the two other girls caught her.

“W-W-What do you think you are doing, Togawa-san!?” Fumie whispered but almost shouting.

“I’m going to break the door open to surprise our enemies—“

Miyu covered Maki’s mouth. “We are here to ask for help, remember? Stop being a chuunibyou for once!”

The door of the studio suddenly opened which caught them off guard. Aki came out, looking at them curiously. His bandmates are peeking behind him. The two were frozen in such a way that they look like they are kidnapping Maki. The chuunibyou immediately set herself free.

“The enemy boss has come o—“ Miyu was fast to shut Maki’s mouth again.

“S-S-Sorry about this girl!” She apologized while trying to look at Aki. Her face is so red.

Aki looked so surprised. He looked at everyone until his stare landed to Fumie. His brows twitched a bit.

“S-Shingyoji-san?” he called. “What brought you here?”

“I-I am here to ask a favor… it’s about Hoshizora-senpai and Matsui-senpai…” Fumie went straight to her point.

“About Fuyu and Natsu?” he asked to make sure which Fumie answered with a nod. It seems like it piqued his interest. He looked back at Miyu at the corner of his eye. The girl immediately looked away right after their stares met. Aki smiled then turned back to Fumie. “Tell me more about that, Shingyoji-san.”


“SO YOU basically want Fuyu to start treating Natsu like a brother again?”

Fumie nodded at that question of Aki. They were welcomed inside the studio to talk about the favor. The other members of the band went out to get some fresh air. They were made to sit on stools while Aki sat on the beatbox.

“I heard their story from Togawa-san. It made me feel like I want to help them.”

“He~?” Aki smirked. “Sorry but can I ask you what you are going to get in helping them? You have already turned Fuyu down, right? Why is it that you want to help them now?”

Fumie was taken aback. Can she answer that she was just challenged by her producer that’s why she is doing this? “W-Well, I—“

“Well~” Aki stretched. “I like your plan. I have been trying to do that but I keep on failing. I want to help you with that.”

The girls smiled after hearing the affirmation from Aki. The guy was also pleased to see them smiling but he noticed that there is still one girl that can’t properly smile in front of him.

“So, what is your plan?” Aki asked.

Another villainous laugh was heard as Maki slowly rises up from her seat. She’s on her signature pose again. “At this point in time, you can’t deny that you all really need the perfect lab creation. There will be no better idea coming from someone who has already died but was brought back to life and became the most perfect zom—“

She was not able to finish her sentence when she saw the three casually getting out of the room.

“D-D-Don’t you think it is getting moist here, Yamamoto-senpai?” Miyu asked.

“Let’s go to a café somewhere? Would you like that, Shingyoji-san?”

“I don’t mind. Please tell me more about Hoshizora-senpai and Matsui-senpai.”

Maki gritted her teeth and her eyes started to get teary due to embarrassment. “At the very least LISTEN TO ME!!!”


cut: :panic: Are you having fun?  :cathappy:

FUMIE was welcomed by the mouth-watering smell of sukiyaki being cooked. It was already around dinner time when she went back home due to training and this is what she exactly needed.

She found her parents in the dining area who seem to be expecting for her to arrive. She was welcomed by a kiss by her mom which she gladly received. Her father even pulled the chair for her to invite her to eat. She saw her father’s bionic arm again which she has already grown used to seeing.

“Are we really having this feast?” She asked right after taking her seat. She couldn’t believe that they are having sukiyaki at just a normal day. As far as she could remember, there is nothing special during that day.

“We just want to celebrate the fact that you haven’t lost your way ever since we came back to Japan! Omedetou~” her mother explained. The couple even clapped for her as if they are really rejoicing about Fumie’s success. The girl gave out a forced laughter.

“So this is for me not being a ponkotsu, right?” She scratched her head. Her parents just gladly nodded at her question. Fumie sighed but then she smiled. At least she is getting used to travelling alone now. She could finally shake off the ponkotsu title.

“My daughter is finally a grown-up!” Her father was smiling from ear to ear and nothing could make her happier than this. Her father has already got out of the mud of trauma from the war. He was once a Lieutenant Colonel of the Japanese Army but he got severely injured at the last encounter he had making him lose his arms.

The government repaid his bravery by giving him bionic arms but it was the trauma that is hardest to deal with. It was his toughest fight especially when someone special died because he couldn’t protect him.

Fumie looked at the vacant seat beside her. She smiled faintly. That reminiscing smile wasn’t able to escape her parents’ eyes.

’It would be nice if Nii-san was here.’ is what that smile means, right?”

Fumie’s eyes widened when she heard that sentence from her father. She tried to deny the fact that she’s thinking of her brother because she was afraid that it might open some wounds. They have never brought out her brother’s name for a very long time.

“It’s okay Fuu-chan…” Her father assured her with a smile on his face. “Everyone feels the same. No matter what happens Hayato will remain a member of this family.”

Fumie bowed her head. “I’m sorry for ruining the atmosphere.”

Her father reached for her hand. That cold feeling from the bionic hands may not be able to send the warmth her father is intending to send her but it can surely make her feel the love. She looked up to her father and he is smiling to her.

“It’s not bad to miss someone but I believe Hayato will be mad if he sees we are being sad like this again. How about let’s be happy so that he would also be happy wherever he is now?”

Fumie smiled. She straightened her back and filled her actions with energy.

“Yosh! I will eat a lot of sukiyaki even if I am on a diet. I’m going to eat Nii-san’s share!”

Her parents only laughed at her. They all grabbed their chopsticks and started eating. Her father continued teasing her about her being a ponkotsu while her mother was busy protecting her from her father’s allegations. It was a lovely dinner and she would really love to go back to it if ever there was a time machine.

It was the first time after how many years that they talked about her brother without getting engulfed with sadness. She could finally say that their family is having progress now.

Fumie was in the bath when she remembered her mission about the twins. Their meeting earlier with Aki somehow gave out a good result. They will go with Maki’s plans. The autumn guy was kind enough to help her but she could feel that he is observing her actions.

“Natsu will be very happy if he gets to know about this. You might even become best friends with him.”

She remembered those words of Aki that seems to be really challenging her. She could feel that Aki somehow knows why she is suddenly doing this for the two. But she could also see that Aki is enjoying something else.

Fumie dipped herself deeper to the tub until only her eyes are above the water. She remembered her brother once again and no matter how many years have already passed the wound left in her heart still stings. Everytime she thinks of him, it still tightens her chest.

“This is why the two of you should hurry up and fix things…”


FUYU DROPPED himself to his bed after taking a bath. It is still a bit cold but it didn’t bother him. He just let his topless self to enjoy the comfort given by his bed. It has been another long day for him. Studying in the morning and working at night aren’t really easy to do. That’s where his pride would lead him.

He suddenly heard his stomach growl. It seems like the food he ate earlier isn’t enough to keep him alive through the night. He stood up to get his phone to order some food.

He turned on his phone only to see that his mail is almost exploding again. He kept receiving offers from different modeling companies but he really doesn’t have interest on modeling. He gave it a try but it never made him happy. For him, it is better to tend a small family store in the neighborhood than to fake smiles in front of the camera.

He scanned the other mails and saw another frequent visitor on his mail.

“Is this General Togawa again?” He asked himself but then he was surprised to see the first name. It was his childhood friend, Maki. “Maki? Maki the perfect zombie?”

He opened the mail only to get even more surprised. His eyes widened.

Greetings to you, lord of Ice and Snow, King of the Northern Lights!

“What!? Is she seriously calling me like this until now?” His lips almost curved into a smile after reading that one of a kind greeting.

I, Maki-0048, the perfect zombie is inviting you to come into my castle and spend the time in tearing up our vocal chords in front of a machine that will score you lower than zero and throw you in the pits of hell if your voice sounds rubbish.

Let’s entertain ourselves with the machines that my father, the greatest living scientist, has bought in cold cash to teach me the happy emotion and also the feeling of unending frustration

“Man… Her letter is so deep.” Fuyu sighed, feeling a bit of a headache.

I will be pleased if the King of the Northern Lights would come and grace us with his presence this Saturday at 10 o’clock in the morning! The meeting place is at school. The Perfect Zombie, Maki-0048, will wait for you together with my minions and also with the princes of Summer and Autumn.

And when I say minions, here’s what I am talking about.

With great curiosity, Fuyu scrolled up only to see a picture that instantly melt his icy heart. He could feel his cheeks and ears burning, his heart racing.

Maki sent her a group picture she took with Fumie and Miyu. Miyu is flashing her fisher smile while Maki is on her normal chuunibyou pose. On the other hand, Fumie, who is kind of squeezed by the two in the middle, is smiling but looks a bit troubled. Well, it seems like it is her signature look. It makes her smile looks like it is very fragile and important.

Fuyu’s thumb almost burnt when he hit the save button for the picture. He bit his lips still surprised of what he has done. The lad pouted to himself and while still staring on the screen, murmured, “Well, there are three of them, right? I’m not a complete stalker, right?”

He suddenly remembered the time he went to follow Fumie to her practice area and stood outside to wait for her and then follow her in going home. Fuyu’s face burned even more. He took his eyes away from his phone and brushed his hair backwards revealing the birthmark by his forehead.

“I am really getting crazy.” He sighed while hopelessly smiling to himself.

The lad went back to his phone and scrolled up to read the end of the message.

If this picture does not convince you to come to my castle, I guess nothing will. But remember that ignoring the invitation of the perfect zombie will bring forth a generational curse to your bloodline. Now, answer me, King of the Northern Lights, are you going to come?

Fuyu suddenly remembered the words Fumie told him the day he got rejected. It always gives a huge blow to him whenever it comes back to his mind.

He slowly typed his response and with much hesitation, he pressed send.


The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Band) BAND-MAID®
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AKB48 Fanfics / Re: OTPs Shots (Original Parings)
« Last post by Puririnpha on Today at 02:39:31 PM »
OMG yuki is psycho :shock: :shock:
She really madly in love with mayu  :wub: :wub:
What will happen if mayu know yuki who kill her best friend because she didnt like jurina?
Will  you continue this fic author-san?   :welcome :twothumbs
Girls' Generation / Re: Breast SNSD
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【Weekly SPA!】2017.05.30

AKB48 Movies & TV / Re: [Dorama] Tofu Pro Wrestling [2017.01.21]
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Oh AiSae is cool 8)

Namida iro reminds me maybe of some Buono! songs; it sounds like the kind of relaxing song that doesn't get a lot of hype, but I end up listening to a lot lol
Japanese / Re: Anri Sugihara
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Tokyo Walker+ 2017 No. 12

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