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Author Topic: HANGRY & ANGRY Grassroots Pimp / Street Team / Campaign  (Read 18894 times)

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HANGRY & ANGRY Grassroots Pimp / Street Team / Campaign
« on: October 31, 2009, 07:42:45 AM »
First there was LEGENDARY STATUS in SEATTLE. Then we ASSPLODED in Los Angeles. Now hANGRY & ANGRY is going to get another dose of je ne sais quoi from :jphip: as they GO TO PARIS!

With H&A going overseas to Seattle, Paris, Berlin, Helsinki and London. Where would they go next? It's useless to just sit around and whine. TAKE ACTION!! Bring HANGRY & ANGRY to your area!! BY BEING A HANGRY & ANGRY Pimp  :pimp:

The worst thing is to be stagnant. Always be prepared whenever, wherever. Like a certain back up quarterback entering into the 2001 NFL season for an injured Drew Bledsoe, one Tom Brady went on to become one of the greatest quarterbacks ever.

This is not about JPHiP, it's about ALL THE ISHIYOSHI, HANGRY & ANGRY FANS AROUND THE WORLD and potential future ones. We all benefit from this.


  • Take a cue from back in the daze with Def Jam Street Teams:
  • known as Brand Ambassadors. Take the H&A Brand and spread it via social networking tools like facebook, twitter, myspace. Blogs, websites, forums, etc.
  • With twitter, we could have those TWITTER TRENDING TOPICS things with the hashtag #hangryandangry

    (personally, I can't stand it but whatever it takes to get Hangry & ANGRY into the spotlight)
  • You got H&A Gear? ROCK IT! Attire is another tool, which companies uses with Brand Ambassadors. The brand is displayed clearly on T-shirts, hats or pants.
  • Giveaways? Via twitter, blogs, forums, etc. I have Two KMKM CDs and a Sadistic Dance lunchbox.
  • E-How Article XD

The only thing we hope to get out of this is for H&A to tour in more cities across the world and their popularity increase.

This is a completely independent project BY FANS FOR FANS of HANGRY & ANGRY! Spread THE WORD! :otomerika: :yossi:


The new PV for "Top Secret" is HOT!

Be sure to get your copy of their latest album SADISTIC DANCE

10/30: Germany, Switzerland and Austria
11/02: Portugal, UK & Spain
11/04: France
11/06: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium & Poland
11/18: Japan & REST OF THE WORLD!!

Regular Edition: Amazon, Yesasia, CDJapan, HMV, JapanFiles, and other fine retailers.
Limited Edition CD+DVD: Amazon, Yesasia, CDJapan, HMV, and other fine retailers.
Limited Edition Lunch Box version (as shown): Hello Store USA or auction sites like ebay.

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