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Author Topic: [EVENT] Rika Ishikawa 30th Birthday party!! (1/19/2015)  (Read 6218 times)

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[EVENT] Rika Ishikawa 30th Birthday party!! (1/19/2015)
« on: January 18, 2015, 09:09:34 AM »
Rika Ishikawa 30th Birthday party!!

Every year on January 19 we celebrate the birth of what brought us here together and helped FORGE this mighty community :hipheart: through her positive training, we live our lives to be better people! HAPPY!! MISS RIKA ISHIKAWA!! Our Lord and Saviour... 梨華ちゃん梨華ちゃん :heart:  :otomerika:

Check out Past Years Birthday threads!! Let's see DEM CAKES!!

29th (2014)
28th (2013)
27th (2012)
26th (2011)
25th (2010)

and more in THE ARCHIVE!



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PARTY HQ at CHUUUUCH and at #ChuuchofCharmy @ :jphip:

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