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Japanese / Re: Kazusa Okuyama 奥山かずさ
« Last post by gravurezasshi on Today at 10:33:21 AM »
Weekly Big Comic Spirits 2021.11.01 No.46

The Official H!P Girls Threads / Re: The Juice=Juice Thread
« Last post by bluewind78 on Today at 05:26:32 AM »
Passing the "baton" of Juice's strongest members:

2013: Corporal Uemura Akari lifts LCDR Natsuyaki and CAPT Shimizu while Juice=Juice deploys aboard Berryz Koubou (CGN-54), while then-LT Kanazawa watches on laughing.

2021: Midshipman Matsunaga Riai lifted CAPT Kanazawa, while CMDR Uemura watches on filming it.

The legacy of weird Osaka members continues... I'm waiting for Ichika to do the same to future CAPT Danbara while futuree LT Matsunaga photographs the whole thing. Then again, that might well not be possible given how physically well built Ruru is.
Japanese / Re: Sawaguchi Aika 沢口愛華
« Last post by irwinner on Today at 04:27:43 AM »
[Young Magazine] 2021 No.47

Music / Re: Dua Lipa
« Last post by donnadiaz on Today at 04:23:35 AM »
I like her voice a lot. I'm not a fan of the child-like hyper-soprano vocals of Grande, and others female vocalists tend to start to run together soundwise (Ellie Golding, Bebe Rexha, Halsie, etc).
The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Band) SCANDAL
« Last post by muppet on Today at 02:08:20 AM »
Tik Tok performance

Haruna Ono san & Guitar

SCANDAL - TikTok LIVE 2021
Pairings YOOOOOO!! / Re: MaAyumi - Sato Masaki and Ishida Ayumi
« Last post by oaxiac on Today at 01:06:29 AM »

The AKBar48 / Re: The AKBar48 Postwhoring Thread
« Last post by Kellyquaxy on October 18, 2021, 08:50:58 AM »
Огромное сумма русских порно видео любых категорий насилу ли оставят вас равнодушным. Самые горячие телочки и самые громкие стоны – токмо здесь и сейчас!
Japanese / Re: Kanami Takasaki 高崎かなみ
« Last post by irwinner on October 18, 2021, 04:49:41 AM »
[Young Jump] 2021 No.46

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