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Author Topic: Don't be ashamed when you love me (WMatsui fanfic) - COMPLETED  (Read 88073 times)

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me Chapter 9 : part 2
« Reply #60 on: August 02, 2012, 12:29:14 PM »
@miyumi :it's still early for the sports festival it will come wait  :bingo:
@Jori : of course it's interesting  :kekeke:
@yukofan : ho knows  :hehehe:
@lizzie : me too I hope so too  :wriggly: what I'm saying It's me the writer  :err:
@aruka : you think so much wait and see what is going to happen  :wahaha:
@epiclulz : I even don't know why churi rejected jun  :dunno: . and about Kuminon it's not easy to add a new couple  but  I'll try to add it in the chapter 10 or 11 I have somethings to talk about first  :sweat:
@Aya-chan : you should love the fic not me  :on lol:

minna thanks for all your comments it helps me a lot  :farofflook:

Chapter 9 : part 2

<< Jun’s room >>

*knock knock knock*

“ It’s Kyoka” 

Kyoka come in the room . Jun was up she was sitting on a chair reading a book .

“ It’s late Jurina now go to sleep “ Kyoka said

“ I really don’t have sleep” Jurina said

“ I heared about Takayanagi-san “ Kyoka said

“ That girl couldn’t keep his mouth ! “ Jurina said

“ no it was me who forced her and Rena is really worried about you “ Kyoka said

“ ……”

“ please Jurina it’s not the end of world . Takayanagi-san is your best friend an childhood friend . I think she would be shocked 

. but Jurina are you sure that Takayanagi-san will accept you ? don’t forget you are a girl . don’t worry us “ Kyoka said and  left the room

jurina was feeling really sad after kyoka-san left her room and jurina start to think about churi again and again, she couldnt sleep at that time then she closed the

book she was reading and return it to the book's shelf and went to her bed, she suddenly thought of Rena while she was sleeping next to her and jurina was

wearing her underwear only, "Rena-chan was really cute when she wakes up" jurina said to herself while blushing "what im saying now, i have to sleep!"

at the same time Rena was really worried about Jurina when she heard that her level has decreased and sports festival is about to come

"onee-chan, do u think jun-kun is fine?" Rena couldn’t answer Kanon and said "its not the right time to talk, its time to sleep"

"ok onee-chan, goodnight" kanon said disappointed

"goodnight kanon" Rena said

Rena left kanon's room and head to her room then she looked at jurina's room

 "i wonder... if she is fine?" Rena said to herself sadly and worried

<<next day at school>

"hey jun-kun! goodmorning" kumi said

"goodmorning kumi" said jun with a smile

"are you ready for the sports festival?" kumi asked

"mmm, i dont know" said jun with sadly voice

"what's wrong? you are still upset of what happened between you and churi?"

". . . ."

"excuse her jun it's her first time someone confessed to her and it was from you her childhood friend so she was really confused about it and-"

"by the way where is churi? i didnt see her this morning" jun interrupted kumi

"aahh, she is absent today" kumi said

"why? she is sick?" jun said worried

"no she isn’t, she went to America with her dad and she is coming before the sports festival"

"what she didn’t tell me about it" jun said sadly and looked down

"she thought you are still upset so she left without telling you"

*bell rings*

"we have to go to class now" kumi said



<<second period>>

"matsui rena-san!! wake up please" the teacher said angry but rena didnt wake up


"yes!" Rena said surprised and the class laughed at her

"she must be really tired" Jun said to himself

"it's the second period and you are sleeping?" teacher asked

"it must be working at jun's place is really hard" a girl said and all the class start to talk about it

"silence everyone" teacher shouted

<<lunch Break>>

"since churi is not there we will be alone" kumi said laughing

"i'm going to get things from the cafeteria, do you want anything?"

"no thanks, i already have my lunch box" kumi said

"ok i'm goin-"

"ah i forgot, get me some juice" kumi said laughing

"ok ok i got it" jun laughed

while jun was walking he saw airin alone and he knew she is Rena's best friend

"hey furukawa-san" jun called airin

"yes matsui-san" airin answered

"do you know where is Rena-chan?" jun asked

"she said she is at the rooftop but why you are asking" airin said jealousy

"i want to give her something, what does she like?"jun asked shyly

"what for?" airin asked

"i think she is doing her best lately and i want to give her thing to give her energy" jun said smiling

"aaa i see now, in that case..." airin said and then whispered in jun's ears

"WHAT!? seriously?" jun said

"yes" airin answered with a smile

<<at the rooftop>>

jun bought what airin asked for and went to the rooftop and saw rena was sleeping

"Rena-chan is so cute" jun said while blushing

"matsui Rena-san wake up" jun shouted

"yes sensei" Rena woke up and she saw jun was laughing

"ah it was you jun, dont scare me like that"

"sorry sorry" jun said laughing "that's why i came here" jun said smiling

Rena was nervous and jun showed his hand

"take it you wont feel tired" jun said with a smile

"eh!? i-it's a coffe" Rena said disappointed

"arigatou jun"

then jun shower his other hand "someone told me you love it so much so i bought you one"

"eeeeeh, a melon pan it's my fav" Rena said happily "arigatou~" while hugging jun

"ah, sorry i shouldn't do that at school" Rena apologized and jun was blushing

"n-no it's ok we are alone now" jun sat next to Rena

"who told you that i love melon pan " Rena asked

"furukawa-san" jun answered

"airin told you!!" they both laughed


"so how's your training now? the spots festival is next week" Rena asked

"i'm going to do extra training cuz the teacher said my level decreased" jun said

"you don’t have to force yourself like that" Rena said worried

" i will be Rank one this year so don’t worry" jun said smiling then jun remembered that kumi wanted a juice

"aaa, sorry Rena-chan i forgot something" jun said and ran to the door

"what's that thing you forgot" Rena said to herself

<<at school's garden>>

"you are so late jun-kun where have you been?" kumi said angry

"sorry kumi i had something to do" jun said

"take your breathe first" kumi said laughing and they sat together next to a tree

why yoou don’t have a lunch box? u should ask Rena-san to make you one" kumi said

"i have never asked her" jun said blushing

"it's ok, i will ask her for you then" kumi said laughing

"no i dont need your help" jun laughed

"do you like Rena-san?" kumi asked

"yes I like her, she is so nice to me and I was treating her so bad" jun said sadly

"but you are nice to her now and you bought for her a coffee and melon pan" kumi said laughing

"eh? you stalked on me?" jun asked

"no, the teacher asked me to bring the reports and on my was I saw airin-san whispering in your ears so I was curious and stalked you"

"so you stalked after all" both laughed

"no it was nothing, I wanted to ask her something about Rena" jun said

"you should have asked her Rena-san herself" kumi said with a smile

"ok I will do it next time" jun laughed

I hope that you liked it  :byebye: :mon bye:

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Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me Chapter 9 : part 2
« Reply #61 on: August 02, 2012, 01:07:32 PM »

i wonder what will be churi's reaction if she found out that Juju is actually girl :dunno:
And churi went to america ?!  :stoned:
Kumi the stalker   :shock:

Pls update soon    :gmon tears:  :kneelbow:
is a signature a biography ??
I like butter, Orange and Macros....:D
I like minecraft too.. :D I LOVE MATH <3
i have 2 oshimens in every group
it's rare for me to have an ace oshimen XD
but i have no friends :(

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me Chapter 9 : part 2
« Reply #62 on: August 02, 2012, 03:42:48 PM »
So Churi is in America now? Well good   :angry1:

Maybe now Jun can finally focus.  :on study:

Ahh imaging sleeping Rena is just so cute!  :nya:

Please update soon!  :farofflook:

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me Chapter 9 : part 2
« Reply #63 on: August 02, 2012, 03:56:23 PM »
Omg Churi is so evil... Somehow lol.

Airi!!! Don't you realise Jun is your rival???

Melonpan~ *thinks of kuchiutsushinomelonpan*

Jun, good luck in the fest!!!

Meanwhile, I'll think of ways to hijack your fic with Kuminon LOL JK

Really interesting now!!! How will everyone react when Jun says she's a girl'??

Forever hyper and waiting for your next update!

And plz make some Renairin too lol. Although its kataomoi for Airin ;_;

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me Chapter 9 : part 2
« Reply #64 on: August 02, 2012, 11:36:04 PM »
Soooooooo nice Jun in this chapter!!

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me Chapter 9 : part 2
« Reply #65 on: August 03, 2012, 11:08:24 AM »
Yeah I think the same, Jun can finally focus in Rena, right? and they live in the same house so gambatte Rena-chan :on asmo: Please update as soon as you can  :luvluv2:

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me Chapter 9 : part 2
« Reply #66 on: August 03, 2012, 11:48:17 AM »


I am a fan of AkB48.

I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me Chapter 9 : part 2
« Reply #67 on: August 03, 2012, 04:18:12 PM »
ahahaha gomenne mo-chan i just love u so much   :heart: :heart: :wub:

i hope u wrote the hot scene  :drool:

update soon   XD

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me Chapter 9 : part 2
« Reply #68 on: August 03, 2012, 06:07:57 PM »
just found this fic and..
mo-chan-san, you made me realize the power of WMatsui XD

Kuumin never failed to make me laugh XD
when will Jurina/Jun confess her/his love to Rena? :roll:

please update it soon :thumbsup thank you ^^

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me Chapter 9 : part 2
« Reply #69 on: August 04, 2012, 03:08:29 AM »
Mo-chan!! Arigatou this chapter was so good...

Churi goes to america! Rena-chan! Its your chance to capture Jun heart!!!


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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me Chapter 9 : part 2
« Reply #70 on: August 05, 2012, 05:08:21 PM »
mo-chan! Where are you?!  :OMG:

I want to know what happens between Jun and Rena!  :frustrated:

Please update soon!  :pleeease:

I miss you!  :gyaaah:

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me Chapter 9 : part 2
« Reply #71 on: August 05, 2012, 05:16:54 PM »
woow.. jun treated rena so well
airin told jun about melon-pan  :doh: (what's her side?) Jun is her rival!! i wonder she doesnt know ... poor airin

thanks for updating  :D

pls update soon mo-chan

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me Chapter 10
« Reply #72 on: August 05, 2012, 07:55:46 PM »
@ElleOranjii : yes Akane is in america now we will see her reaction when find out please cantinue reading  :bingo:
@anzai48 : ahhh welcome the legendery anzai-san I'm happy that you liked my fic  :on woohoo: . they sure will be shocked when they will know that the prince is a girl  :ding: and Jun/Jurina remember kissing and sleeping with Rena but She only don't know why she did it  :kekeke: 
thank you for the long comment   :kneelbow:
@miyumi ; it's for you that I did my best to finish this chapter today  :stuffed: thank you I miss you too I was waiting all the day for your fic to read it I love it so much  :shy2:
@epiclulz : Airin know that Rena love Jun she is doing it because she is Rena's bestfriend and she love her .  :bigdeal:
and why you want RenaAirin and kataomoi  :scared: I really don't want to make them suffer so much  :fainted:
@Minami-chan : I"m happy that you like it  :nya:
@Jori : you're right  :luvluv2:
@Wmatsui22 : we all hope it  :luvluv1:
@Aya-chan : I love you too . the hot scence is still early for it  :depressed:
@Trickster : I am happy for it . Yeah Kumi is so funny like always  :on lol: it's still early for a confession  :sweat:
@kurogumi : yeah it's their chance  :ding:
@lizzie ; like I said before Airin know that Rena loves Jun  :bingo:
Chapter 10 : 

<<at jun's villa>>

"Jun breakfast is ready" Rena said and entered his room but he wasn’t there

"eh?! where is Jun?" Rena said worried

"kyoka-san! Jun is not in is room"

"don’t worry Rena-chan, Jun is out for running" kyoka said

"this early! it's 7AM, he should be here to get ready for school" Rena said

"I know Jun will come back soon, he didn't tell you that he is training for the sports festival?" kyoka asked

"yes he told me but... he is forcing himself" Rena said worried

"don’t worry Rena-chan, he knows what he is doing"

*ring bells*

"I'm back" Jun said tiredly

"ah Jun-san, welcome home" kanon said smiling

"thanks kanon" jun replied

"Jun you are back, Rena was really worried about you" kyoka said and Jun laughed

"why you are laughing? because I was worried?" Rena said angry

"no it's just Rena-chan is cute when she gets worried" Jun smiled to Rena and she was blushing

"aahh~ I'm late I have to take a shower now!" Jun said

"yes you are very late, Rena-chan prepare the bathroom for Jun" kyoka said

"y-yes kyoka-san" Rena said then Rena and Jun went upstairs to Jun's room

"Jun-san likes onee-chan" kanon said laughing

"Rena is a nice girl" kyoka said

<<at Jun's room>>

"Jun the bath is ready... Jun?" Jun didn’t answer

Rena got back to the room and she saw Jun sitting while staring at the window

"Jun, are you ok?" Rena asked

"em? ah yes I'm ok, the bath is ready right? I'm going now" Jun said

Rena kept looking at Jun "what he was thinking?"

<< at school >>

"Jun I'm so proud of you, your level has increased" teacher said

"really?" Jun said happily

"don’t let your guard down and don’t be so happy, you have to train even harder for the sports festival"

"yes sensei"

<<school day ends>>

"hey Jun-kun let's walk home together" Kumi said

"I'm sorry Kumi i have to train now" Jun said

"i heard your level increased" kumi said

"yes but I wont let my guard down" Jun said smiling

"ok Jun-kun do your best then" kumi encouraged Jun

<<sports festival two days left>>

kumi calls Jun at 10PM

“hey Jun-kun can we meet now" kumi said

"what's wrong?" Jun said worried

"I will tell you when you get there"

"ok I'm coming"

Jun wore his jacket and head to the door

"where are you going this late" Rena said but Jun didn’t answer her

"hey Jun!" Rena shouted and followed Jun but Jun was so fast and he is already out and running

"Jun ignores me lately" Rena said sadly

<<a park near by kumi's house>>

"hey kumi, what's wrong?" Jun said

"take your breathe first and I will tell you what's wrong" kumi said

"ok tell me"

"actually... it's about Churi"

"something bad happened to her?" Jun asked worried

"you have to read this" kumi said

it was a letter by Churi from america

[[i'm sorry jun-kun i will be in America for the next two weeks]]

"what does that mean?" Jun said

"she wont be in the sports festival" kumi said and Jun was really disappointed


"hey Jun-kun it's really cold outside you want to go to my place?" kumi said while blushing

"I'm sorry kumi I'm late now maybe the next time" Jun apologized to kumi

"at least walk me home, it's dangerous for a girl like me to walk alone" kumi said

"ok kumi i will walk you home" Jun said laughing

the two of them walked home together

"you have a nice house" Jun said with a smile

"thanks Jun-kun..."

"Jun-kun... I-" kumi said

"ok see you tomorrow at school" Jun said smiling

"emm, see you tomorrow" kumi said sadly


"I'm back" Jun said

"where have you been Jun??" Rena and kanon said at the same time

"I was meeting a friend" jun said "you don’t have to worry about me"

Jun went upstairs to his room and he seemed sad

"Churi wont be there..." Jun said to himself sadly

<<the next morning>>

"Jun wake up" Rena said

"I don’t want to go to school" Jun said

"what do u mean u don’t want to go to school?"

"i want to skip school today"

"the sports festival is tomorrow u have to tra-"

"I don’t want to train... leave me alone" Jun said sadly

Rena closed the door and talked with kyoka

"kyoka-san Jun is not feeling well" Rena said worried

"I don’t know what's wrong with him suddenly" kyoka said "let's not force him to go to school and you get ready for school"

"yes kyoka-san" Rena said sadly and worried about Jun

<<at school>>

"hey haven't you seen Jun-kun this morning" a girl said

"no, no one saw him" another girl replies

"I heard Jun wont be in sports festival tomorrow" a guy said

"eehh seriously!?" another guy said

at the same time students were looking at Rena

"stop making rumours out of blue" Rena said

"aahh Rena-san you know why Jun is not here?" Airin said

"I can't say he doesn't want to go to school" Rena said to herself "he caught a cold, he will be fine by tomorrow" Rena said but Airin felt the sadness on her face

"Jun is always at first rank, i wonder this year he will-"

"I'm sure he will be first rank he trains so hard everyday" Rena interrupted Airin

someone comes from far and calls Rena

"heey Rena-chan"

Rena turned her head and saw kumi on her face

“ Rena-chan ?“

"yes Rena-chan you too call me Kumi so where is Jun-kun I didn’t see him this morning" Kumi said

"he caught a cold" Rena said

"ahh that's not good u, should take care of him more lately"

"sorry" Rena apologized

"no it's not your fault maybe it's my fault because I made him go out late at night"

"so it was kumi" Rena said to herself


"can I pay a visit to Jun-kun today?" kumi asked

"yes, you are welcome" Rena said smiling

"ehehe, thanks Rena-chan" kumi said smiling

"I didn’t know you are friends with Yagami-san" Airin said

"no we are not, its the first time" Rena said "let's go to class"

"ah yes" Airin said

<<school day ends>>

"I’m so tired today" Rena said

"yea math problems was so hard too" Airin said

"no not that, its about Jun" Rena said "I think all the school asked me about him and I keep lying"

"ahaha don’t worry about him he will be fine" Airin said and hug Rena

"thanks Airin" Rena smiled

Rena went home and saw kyoka was waiting for her

"what's wrong kyoka-san" Rena said

"Jun didn’t eat his breakfast and now he doesn't want to eat lunch please persuade him to eat" kyoka said

"y-yes" Rena said in a hurry

Rena went to the kitchen and made spaghetti with meat balls and went upstairs to Jun's room

"Jun, can I come in" Rena said


"the door is open I'm coming" Rena entered Jun's room and he was pretend to sleep

"Jun I know you are awake now please get up you have to eat"

"no leave me alone" Jun said

"Jun I wont leave until u eat your lunch" Rena said

"I said no!"

"I think I will give this spaghetti dish to kanon" Rena said

"wait!" Jun said

"what's wrong Jun?"

"I'm hungry" Jun said blushing

"good to hear that Jun" Rena said "ok Jun I will go downstairs" Rena smiled

"could you stay with me I don’t like eating alone" Jun said

Rena bring a chair and sit next to Jun's bed

Jun start to eat

"do you like it?" Rena said nervously

"yes I loved it!" Jun said happily

"I'm glad to see you happy Jun" Rena said smiling

"so did someone realize I was absent today" Jun asked

"everyone at school asked me" Rena

"sorry for that" Jun said laughing

"no it's ok I'm your personal maid" Rena said smiling and Jun start to blush

*ring bells*

"I think we have guests" Rena said

"who is coming" Jun asked

"kumi said she is coming to visit you"

"ok serve her some drinks and I will go downstairs" Jun said

"yes Jun" Rena said and welcomed the guest and it was kumi

"ah Rena-chan you are so cute on this uniform" Kumi said

"thanks kumi-san" Rena said smiling

"hey kumi" Jun said smiling "thanks for the visit"

"it's ok we are friends" kumi said

“ yes we are come and sit “ Jun laughed

“ thank you~” kumi said

“ here the juice and cake “ Rena put the cop assiette in front of Kumi

“ thank you Rena-chan” kumi said

Rena smiled to Kumi and Kumi smiled back

“ so how are you Jun_kun I heard from Rena-chan that you had a cold but I think you look better now “ kumi said and laughed .

 “ yes I’m in a good heath!!” Jun said laughing

“ I’m home !!’ “

“ ah welcome Kanon” Rena and Jun said

“ wow who is this cute girl ? you have Rena-chan and this lovely girl and you want Churi?“ Kumi asked teasing Jun

“ stop it Kumi !! “ Jun said

“ who is Churi ? you’re wrong Jun-san loves Onee-chan ! “ Kanon said laughing

“ stop it Kanon!!” Rena said angry

“ Onee-chan? Rena-chan!! Eeeeeeeeeeh this is your sister ! “ Kumi said surprised

“ you look surprised Kumi “ Jun said laughing

“ I didn’t know that Rena-chan had a little sister . Rena’s little sister you are so cute like your sister”  Kumi said

"so are you ready for the sports festival tomorrow?"

"yes I’m ready" Jun said confidently

"that's good then the teacher was worried about you and he hopes u do well tomorrow"




“ what was that !!”  Kanon said and couldn’t hold it and she started laughing louder

“ It’s kumi’s stomach “ Jun said an laughed as well

“ you’re so mean I’m starving . I was training for the festival and I didn’t go home or buy something to eat “ Kumi said and touch her stomach

“ you can have dinner with us if you want Kumi-san” Rena said and laughed

“ you too Rena-chan laugh at me but I accept your invitation” Kumi said and all other laughed more

“ mou..” Kumi said

<< after dinner >>

"I'm going home now bye Jun-kun Rena-chan" kumi said smiling

“ see you tomorrow “ Jun said and closed the door

“ Jun are you sure you want to go tomorrow? “ Rena asked

“ all is waiting for me “

“If you’re not feeling well I can talk to Kyoka-san” Rena said worried

“ Stop being worried about the other and think of yourself” Jun said and went upstairs

" Jun… “ murmured Rena

I hope you all will like it  :byebye:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me Chapter 10
« Reply #73 on: August 05, 2012, 08:46:51 PM »
junkumi?  :? :?
what kumi tried to say to jun ! confess ?! why she look sadly ??  (no... what i'm thinking right now)
BTW Airin is so kind... i know she loves rena but jun should know the one you loved  :angry:
(yes... it's churi ,right?   :cry: )

*sigh* for this chapter , I don't like the way Jun act to rena chan  :catglare:
she just worried you ASDFGHJKL:ZXBCNMCVV>>:<DSPDWDLCSFkld,v;,sv!!!
 :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: Kami-sama plz send someone who make jun jealous of rena plzzzz  :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:


Plz update soon neeee  mo- chan


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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me Chapter 10
« Reply #74 on: August 05, 2012, 08:57:13 PM »
Hooray finally an update!  :luvluv1:

Aww I'm so happy to hear I helped you finish the chapter.  :nya:

Ahh why Jun being mean to Rena! Poor Rena.  :fainted:

What is Kumi trying to do? I see your tricks Kumi. Lay Jun-kun he's Rena's!  :angry1:

Ahh I can't wait for the sports festival.  :onioncheer:

Another job well done mo-chan. Update soon!  :hee:

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me Chapter 10
« Reply #75 on: August 05, 2012, 10:55:39 PM »
New chapter! great...
poor jun... i hope that can do her/him best in sports festival.

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me Chapter 10
« Reply #76 on: August 07, 2012, 08:18:24 PM »
Oh Jun why are you so mean with Rena-chan?! :OMG: Thanks, great chapter, update soon please :wub:

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me Chapter 10
« Reply #77 on: August 08, 2012, 06:09:51 AM »
i see the poll and i dont know what to do
yes is fine because she is a girl.
no is ok because jun/jurina has many fangirl ;[];
i afraid of EFFECT... no  :bow: but someday the truth will revealed ....
Don't hurry for it...
plz make it for last   :panic: poor jun/jurina

and... *sigh*

ok... yes
that's it what i voted  :doh:

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@lizzie: about what Kumi wanted to say to Jun I even me don't know what is it confess? maybe but I wont make a JunKumi  :on redcard: I still thinking how make Jun jealous I still think about it  :on study: and about the poll I still do not know
@miyumi-chan: like I said to lizzie I don't know what Kumi wanted to say to Jun and I don't want to know too . yes! Jun-kun he's Rena's  :temper: the festival is in this chapter I hope you like it miyumi-chan  :hee:
@Minami-chan: you will in this chapter  :kekeke:
@Jori: Jun didn't mean to do it he is only sad and who in the face of it Rena-chan  :depressed:

hi minna sorry I took many days to finish this chapter It wan't really easy  :dozing: and I'm sorry I all confused you by what Kumi said   :depressed: so don't worry you all there wont be a JunKumi  :frustrated:
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Chapter 11 : The festival day

“ good morning Kyoka-san “ Rna and Kanon said

“ good morning Rena Kanon “ Kyoka said

“ where is Jun-san It’s today the sport’s festival as I see“ Kanon asked

“ I don’t know maybe he is not up Rena “ Kyoka-sa said

“ ok I’m going “ Rena said and went upstairs

* Knock! Knock! *

“ Jun are you here “ Rena said but no one answer

* Knock! Knock!*

“ Jun it’s Rena are you up ? “ still no one answer

“ I’m come in ‘ Rena come into Jun’s room Jun was in his bed awake thinking

“ ano Jun it’s th-“

“ aagh! You scared me Rena-chan! why you did not knock door” Jun said surprised

“ I’m sorry but I did it but you didn’t answer “ Rena said trying to calm him

“ what do you want ? “

“ you know today it’s the festival”

“ I’m not going “

“ what!?” Rena said shocked

“ yes and it’s my last decision “ Jun said coldly

“ wait you can’t do it”

“ why I can’t”

“ but you love running so much and it’s important  to you “

“ I don’t feel like I want to do it “

“ but but but if your mother comes and she doesn’t find you what will you do “

“ haha what my mother ? she never came to any game why would she come today ?” Jun sais an spear a mocking laugh

“ please come on let’s go to the festival . I’ll do anything please come with me “

“ why are you concerned by it you’re not even in the group “

“ but all count on you and they like to win like every year . I have something you may like it . come with me and I’ll help you to with Takayanagi-san “

“ haha interesting and what is your benefit in all of this “

“ mmm you have to help me for my exams I have problems “

“ as I thought you have something that you want at the end but you know that the exams ended so we can’t “ Jun said laughing

“ who said it’s for this year I mean the next and it will start after  1 month and it’s soon you know “

* ring bell*

Rena went downstairs to open the door
“ Hello you Rena-san where is Jun-kun I come to pick him to the festival “ the cute girl said smiling

“ T-Takayanagi-san what a surprise come in “ Rena said surprised

“ hello you must be Akane-san “  Kanon said

“ and you must be Rena-san’s little sister Kumi talked me about you “ Akane said smiling

“ come in Takayanagi-san you can wait Jun in the living room “ Rena said and guide Akane

“ It’s ok Rena-san I know where I can go I used to play many times here when I was young “

Jun came from upstairs wearing his track suit clutching his gym bag . Rena was really happy to see him ready . 

“ good morning Jun-kun “ Akane said

“ Churi!? What are you doing here I think you were in America  and that you will come back next week “ Jun said surprised

“yes I changed my planes and come back “ Akane said smiling

“ that good idea for coming back it’s it’s benefit for our team “

“ y-yes  can we go together then  “ Akane said disappointed
<< Flashback >>

“ what is your answer Churi ? “ Jun said


“ I’m really happy Jun-kun . I like you too but only as a friend I’m sorry Jun-kun” Churi said and run away

<< ends of flashback >>

“ I’m sorry but Rena-chan asked me first to go with her . let’s go Rena-chan “ Jun said at took Rena’s hand and they walked to the enters

and got in the car and the car left.

“w-what happened just now??” Akane said shocked

“ what Kumi-san didn’t say it to you why should I repeat it always “ Kanon said to Akane

“ what is it ?” Akane asked

“ you don’t know Jun-san loved Onee-chan “ Kanon said smiling

“ what!!? “

“ aouch! I’m late I have to go to the festival ! “ Kanon said and left Akane too

Akane was shocked by what Kanon said and shocked by what Jun did .

How could he go with Rena and not with her how could he prefer Rena to Akane the cutest girl in the school .

How could he go with his maid and lef his friend how could he leave  the poor girl to the rich one .

How could he change his love so fast. All of think turned in Akane’s head

<< the place where happened the festival >>

“ Jun-kun!! Jun-kun is here “ a guy said

“kyaaaaa!!” girls screamed 

“ why are you this you late !?“ 

“ say thank you to Rena-chan if it wasn’t her I wont be here”

“ Good job Matsui Rena you have to be our Manager “ the P.E teacher said

“ manager? “ Rena asked

“ but we have Churi “ Kumi said

“ it’s ok to have two managers “ the teacher said

“ thank you Rena-san it’s all thank to you “ a gay said

“ you saved us we can’t win without Jun-kun” an other guy said

“ we are all grateful to you” a group of guys said

“ no no I didn’t do nothing “ Rena said

“ is it good they all thanked you” Jun said and smiled to Rena-chan

Rena nodded her head and smiled back . at that time Rena felt really happy .

She was like a queen and all thank to Jun who made her this happy .

“ Jun-kun go and make the warm up” the teacher said

“ ok!”

All prepared themselves to  get ready to start . the festival started . Jun’s school won matches and fail matches .

the spectators were exited and shout and and yell and support Jun’s team .

“ good job Kumi then finally go Jun-kun we count on you you have to win this match or we’re gonna fail this year “ the teacher said

“ yes sir!” Jun said and went to get ready

“ Akane-chan why are you late didn’t you say that you will come with Jun-kun “ Kumi asked and drunk  water

“ It’s what I wanted to do but He didn’t want to go with me “ Churi said

“ what !? “

“ He said that Rena-san asked him first they went with her “Akane said

“ aaah “

“ don’t say “aah” how could he leave me I was worried about him and I returned so faster from America to Japan because of him I heard that he can’t go to the

 festival so I wanted to surprise him “

“ calm yourself Akane-chan “ Kumi said and try to calm Akane

“ how can I?? “

“ You know Akane-chan you are the first one who rejected him can you understand him a bite “ Kumi explain

“ but……” Akane said sadly

Jun did some  movements to get ready . When he turned his face to the public . He was so surprised to see it .

It was his mother sitting with others watching . Jun felt really happy .

It’s the first time that his mother came to watch him in a game he couldn’t believe it . 

After 4 min

“ Ready!! Go!”

And the race started and Jun run with all his might . the spectators were all shouting Jun’s name and it gave it to him more energy to run faster .

  When Jun sow the finish line he turned his head to the public and he saw his mother taking her mobile and talked with it and left .
At that time felt really hurt and  stumbled and fall .

“ Jun-kun what are you doing!!!!” The teacher yelled

Jun got up and continue running but he finished the second . Their school fail ! it’s the first time Jun failed in running

They lost the cup . All the work of a year falls into the water . All was shocked about what happened .

“ Jun-kun what’s going on what is this second you are second !? you’re our Capitan how could you fail how!! “ Akane yelled at Jun

“ It’s ok Akane-chan It’s not the time for th- “

“ shut up Kumi !” Akane shouted

Jun ran away to the changing room and left all shocked and disappointed .

“ Jun-kun! Jun-kuuuun!! “ Akane called him but he didn’t turn to her and left

“ can’t you be easy with him Takayanagi-san” a guy said 

“ what it’s my fault ? “ Akane said

“ I think yes “ and other guy said

“ What!!? “ Akane shouted

“ ok ok you all did your best it’s nothing we can win the next time it was an accident this time next year we will win I’m sure “ the teacher said

“ yeaaah!!! “ all the team said

Rena was really sad to see what happened behind her . Then she went after Jun to the changing room .

“ Is Jun is here ?” Rena asked a guy in his team

“ I think he is in his personal changing room” the guy answered

Rena klocked the door but no one answered she run out from the room and saw the same guy

“ He is not it his personal changing room!!” Rena shouted

“ Calm down Rena-san I saw him Just now he put his uniform and left “ the guy said

“ ok thank you “ Rena said and run where the guy said her to go.

<< in the running field >>

“ Kumi-san! Kumi-san! “

“ What is it Kanon-chan?”

“ what happened to Jun-san? And where is Onee-chan” Kanon asked worried

“ Kanon-chan so cute when she is worried…” Kumi murmured and smile

“ what did you say?” Kanon asked

“ no I mean I said it’s ok Jun-kun is a little bite confused about what happened right now” Kumi said

“ aah and Onee-chan? “

“ Hata-san from our team said that Rena is with Jun-kun so don’t worry!” Kumi said and smiled to Kanon

“ aaaaaah!! Kumi-san your knee is bleeding!!”

“ It’s ok Kanon-chan I always get injured”

“ be careful you should take care of yourself you are a girl and you have a beautiful skin don’t wast it” Kanon said and takes a tissue and put it around her knees
“ A-arigato “ Kumi said blushing

“ let’s go to the infirmary” Kanon said and took Kumi’s arm

*Doki doki doki*  Kumi thinking  “why does my heart pounding like a crasy don’t tell me that Kanon-chan I…”

  at the enters she saw Jun’s mother  and Jun .

“ how could you do it . it’s all your fault that I failed today why can’t you leave your mobile when you watch me ? “ Jun said crying

“ but Jun it’s an important businessman called me I can’t leave it “ Jun’s mother said

“ it’s important than me !! “ Jun said and and run away

“ Jun!! wait!!!” the mother shouted

“ It’s ok madam I’m going after him” Rena said and ran after him   

“ I count on you Rena “ murmured the mother

Jun stop running and saw that he was in a park some kids were playing . He sit on a bench .
Rena sow him she stopped to catch her breath then she sit next to him .

“ what are you doing here ?” Jun said and try to cover his tears

“ I’m here because I think that you need someone lend you his shoulder to cry “ Rena said  to Jun and open her arms.  Jun looked at her with hesitation .

“ come Jurina “ Rena said and smiled to her a beautiful smile

Jurina tighten Rena and started crying more and more .

“ hai hai there there “  Rena hold Jurina stronger then  stated to caress her hair .

The kids who was playing stopped and watch them .
“ Onee-chan why Oni-chan is crying “ a little boy said

“ he is hurt I’m comforting him “ Rena said smiling
“ Oni-chan “ a girl said

“ what is it little girl ? “ Jun said

“here take this candy please stop crying “ a girl said smiling to Jurina

“ Thank you “ Jurina taked the candy and ate it “ it’s really sweet I like it “ Jurina said

“ mou Oni-chan I gave you my candy why you cry again “ the girl said

“ sorry sorry “ Jurina said laughing and wiped  her tears

“ you’re calmed now “ Rena said smiling

“ yes I feel better now “ Jurina said

“ We have to say to you goodbye little kids “ Rena said and take Jurina’s hand
“ ok goodbye Onee-chan Oni-chan “ the kis said and return to play
“ bye bye . but Rena-chan where are we going ? “ Jurina asked

“ You will see “ Rena said and started walking holding Jurina’s hand

I hope you all liked it  see you :byebye:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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The sports festival FINALLY!  :onioncheer:

Jun lost? NOOO!  :OMG:

I'm sorry mrs.matsui but how dare you do that to her!   :scolding:

But's it's good thing Rena was there to comfort her.  :luvluv2:

Oh and also, WTF CHURI! First you reject and leave Jun and then come back and try out with him? That is low man really LOW! If I was there I would smack her until her face falled off! Ahh it's all her fault!  :angry1: :temper:  :on voodoo: :on kimbo:

Great chapter as always. Please update soon!  :farofflook:

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