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Author Topic: FAndoM48's OS Collection (KojiYuu, MaYuki, AtsuMina, WMatsui & others)  (Read 26602 times)

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Yahho~! It is I, FAndoM48 or most likely known as Potato Kouhai (I'm kidding, no one calls me that).
Anyway, if you hadn't noticed, I have been making fan-fictions as a member of this forum for about five months now.
I've been thinking a lot these past few weeks after someone recommended me the idea, and decided that I'd open up a thread to dump all my OS fics in XD
And plus, coincidentally, this is my 48th post! Hurray~!

And so without further ado, welcome!

Here are my OS' scattered in this forum so far:

Breathe ( Yuko x Torigoya)
Just Being Beside You ( Shibuya x Dance )
Secrets and Radio Stations ( KumiYuri )
The Endless Sky and You ( Nezumi x Center )
Present ( Shibuya x Dance )
Going Too Far ( FuruYanagi )
Love ( Nezumi x Center )
Reward ( FuruYanagi )
Private Event ( RenaKei )
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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread
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"Hey, Jurina, can you do me a favor?"  Rena asked, nudging her seatmate, her tone as if she was in a rush.

Jurina, ever her faithful friend, nodded, "What do you need?"

Rena breathed out in relief and practically dropped a thick pile of test papers on Jurina's desk.

The younger girl looked up quizzically, "What do I do with this?"

"Those are all my exams from this whole semester. Record them all on this notebook."
She placed a yellow notebook on top of the pile and two black pens.

"I'll give you a kiss on the cheek after my meeting at the student council, I swear."

And with that, the elder Matsui grabbed her bag and left the classroom in a hurry.

Jurina merely smiled her off.
She'd do the task even without the kiss.
She loved Rena, after all, and would do anything to make the girl happy.


Jurina yawned and streched her arms, shaking her weary wrists.

"That was a lot of writing," she giggled to herself, proud of the gorgeous work she made on Rena's notebook.

It was the early afternoon, and the sun was just beginning to set.
Jurina was alone in the deserted classroom that belonged to her and the elder Matsui.

She glanced at her wristwatch, still wondering why the said girl wasn't back yet.

She pouted a bit, and walked around the room in large strides, hoping to get rid of her boredness.

A few minutes later, the door swung open, and Rena stepped reluctantly inside.

"Ah, you're still here?" she smiled, "Did you do it?"

Jurina nodded and drew her lips into a pout playfully, as if reminding Rena about that kiss on the cheek as her reward.

Rena didn't get it and tilted her head slightly for a few seconds before speaking, "Thanks a bunch!"

The younger's lips disappointedly curled into a small smile.

She strode back to her seat to get her bag, while Rena picked the test papers.

"Of course she's joking," Jurina mentally slapped herself, "She never kissed me on the cheek, and she never will."

She grabbed her bag and looked back at Rena, who was smiling at her.

She smiled back and adjusted her bag's strap on her shoulder, but as she was doing so, she was caught off guard.

She felt a gentle hand brush her shoulder, and the next thing she felt was a soft peck.

On the lips.

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (08-19-15) Kiss - WMatsui
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Ahhh iam glad that you make a list of your fic,
Its make me easy to find your fic hehee..
I love your kojiyuu fic and wmatsui. Keep writing author san (idontknowyourname) hehee..

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (08-19-15) Kiss - WMatsui
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Yes this is sweet..  :inlove:
Please write more about wmatsui and Jurimayu author-san.. :bow:
And do you planing to write a long shot? I would love to read it.. :w00t: Cz your writing style is great.. :twothumbs

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (08-19-15) Kiss - WMatsui
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*save spots
Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
Live in the land of Wmatsui and Mayuki...
World of fantasy..World of Lalaland~

            (っ´▽`)っWmatsui~Mayuki ♡ (。’∀’。)

Tend to forget things but not mah fav author and fics

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FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (08-21-15) Important - KojiYuu
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@shanju - Thank you~ :D You can call me Kou XD It's short for Kouhai/Kouri
@Raizel - Thanks~! :3 I'm actually thinking of making an SKE48 fic based on the Kataomoi PV. It'll be a long-shot  :)


It was an average day at AKB48's theater.

"Yuko! Give that back!"

Yup. Such an average day it was.

"Make me!"

Yuko stuck her tongue out at the older girl as she ran around the backstage, keeping Haruna's phone close to her chest and out of reach.

Haruna, who wasn't very athletic, easily lost to the short squirrel's hyperactive agility.

She groaned. She was irritated. Mad. Furious. Annoyed. Every other word that described her fury.

"Fine!" She shouted, "If that's how you're gonna be, then keep the damn thing!"

The girls around them stopped talking to wonder whatever the heck that loud voice was.

All they saw was Yuko standing in place, dumbfounded and feeling stupid for bringing herself too far as an angry Haruna stomped her way towards the dressing room, slamming the door shut the minute she entered.

"What did you do this time, squirt?" Takamina, being the first who became concerned and gained enough mind to process everything that happened, approached the taller midget.

Yuko blinked. Once. Twice.

Did her Haruna really leave her like that?

"Yo, don't stare at the door like that. Nyannyan ain't coming out, you know. It was your fault."

Cheers to the midget for making Yuko feel worse.

"Gee, thanks for the comforting words," Yuko glared.


Haruna leaned against the door, trying to regain her calmness.

"I heard that," said Mariko out of the blue, startling the other tall airhead.

The queen of comedy was fixing her make-up before the other bursted in.

"It was Yuko," Haruna huffed.

"Who else would it be?"

Haruna groaned inwardly.

"She took my phone, Mari-chan!"

"Oh no," Mariko gasped fakely.

"Don't say it like that," Haruna's eyebrows furrowed.
 Is Mariko going to be like Yuko too?

"You know how important my phone is to me! It's my life!"

"You know she just wants your attention, Nyannyan."

"I know, but--"

"You've always been busy with your phone and video games," Mariko unexpectedly broke into a senior-like lecture.
"And even though you two barely see each other, you choose to ignore Yuko just to update your Instagram. If Yuko did the same thing, wouldn't you try to get her attention too?"

Haruna still couldn't believe the older girl's unexpected change of character, but succumbed to her words since she was in fact correct.

Mariko smiled.

"Besides, is your phone really that important to you?"

The older said, opening the door slightly, enough for Haruna to take a peek outside.

Yuko was in a far corner of the backstage, sitting cross-legged on the floor, taking frequent glances at the dressing room.
She looked troubled.

It didn't take a while for Haruna to realize what she had done.

She exited the room, silently thanking her best friend and walked towards her squirrel.

"Make us proud, Nyannyan," Mariko grinned widely, mentally pumping her fist.

Oh, what a great job she had done.


Yuko wondered solemnly.
"What if Nyannyan hates me?"

It was possible.

"What if she'll never let me grope her again?"

That'd most likely happen.

"Stupid phone," she groaned, tightening her grip on the device in her hands, "Stupid me."

"Stupid who?"

Yuko got startled and out of reflex, raised her head and found Haruna towering over her, expressionless.

"I'm sorry," she managed to utter.

Haruna sighed and crouched down and extended her hand to Yuko, silently asking for her phone.
Yuko, of course, being sane enough, handed it back to its owner.

After Haruna safely pocketed it, she took Yuko's arm and helped her up.

"D-Does this mean you're forgiving me?" Yuko asked, eyes filled with hope.

Haruna looked back at her small partner, "Don't get the wrong idea. If you do that again, I'm kicking you out of my apartment."

Yuko happily grinned to the newly formed rule.

"Can I still grope you?"


Haruna felt Yuko's arms wrap around her waist.

"How about this?"

She pouted a bit.

"That'll do."

The squirrel grinned her widest grin yet, and continued cuddling her Nyannyan.

Perhaps, that goofy smile on that idiot's face was more important than her phone.
And since she was the only one who can make her smile like that, it was very important.
Very important, indeed.

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (08-21-15) Important - KojiYuu
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AHHH~ I miss KojiYuu :depressed:

Thanks, Kouhai! :mon inluv:


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


For more gayness and sweetness, visit the FuuMiru Thread and KojiYuu Thread!

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (08-21-15) Important - KojiYuu
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Ohh ok, kou san.. hehe  :on GJ:
Kouhai? I think your writing skill like you already senpai hehee
Yeayyy its kojiyuu again >,<
I love kojiyuu and atsuyuu and wmatsui
And this os is so sweet,
Make me relax after read this, hehe
Thanks kou san..  :byebye:

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FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (08-22-15) Our Song ( FuuMiru )
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@ChibiRine - I miss it too. Thanks, senpai~!
@shanju - Hehe~ Thanks! I'm glad you liked this. :D You're welcome~~

Our Song

"The next song will be my turn too!" Fuuko said excitedly for the fifth time that night.

The young girl had dragged Miru Shiroma all the way to a karaoke joint right after a performance at the NMB theater.
Why Fuuko was still as energetic as a kid who engulfed a crap load of sugar, nobody quite knew.

Miru watched her, sitting on the couch in the private room they rented.
She'd been watching her for a long time now, since she had nothing else better to do because Fuuko had been hogging all the songs to herself, and they were only given one mic.

"Your turn again?" She sighed.
But it wasn't like she was tired of the other's singing, it was just that she wanted to sing too.

"Why not?" Fuuko pouted.

"You've been karaoke-ing all night, and I only got one turn. Why am I even here?


The  girl frowned.

Honestly, Fuuko's frown was the last thing Miru ever wanted to see.
Her frown always looked so damn solemn and pitiful; heck, even if she's faking it, she could easily get anyone to do what she wants.
That's how great her acting skills are.

"Why don't we duet?"

Miru's eyes re-focused on Fuuko's face, which was finally rid of that horrible expression.

"I think it's a nice idea. What about you, Mirurun?" She smiled.

'That's better,' Miru thought to herself.

"I do too, but we only have one mic. What do we do about that?"

Fuuko thought for a bit, and without noticing, that wretched frown surfaced back onto her face.

Going back to Miru, the younger panicked, although concious not to show any sign of it.

"How about we share it?"

"Nice idea~!"

Fuuko trotted off to grab the songbook, skimming the pages, humming a familiar tune.
Looks like she decided the song to duet beforehand.

She went ahead and set-up everything, with Miru watching curiously.

The title came up.

'Boku dake no Secret Time'

"Doesn't this bring back memories?" Fuuko grinned.

"Of course it does," said Miru, "We filmed it this year."

Fuuko pouts, "Don't ruin my moment!"

Miru just smiled and joined Fuuko in front of the television, her hands grazing the older's which held the mic.

The lively music begun, signaling the start of another memorable night for the two.

It's my first time writing about these two so I might be kinda bad at it, and I decided to write this after I got curious and played Fuuko's route in AKB1/149 Renai SSK XD
She was too friggin' adorable, calling herself Fuufuu and other things. I never knew Yagura was this cute //fangirls  :luvluv1:

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (08-22-15) Our Song - FuuMiru
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OMG. OMG. OMG! :mon inluv:

FuuMiruuuuuuuuuuuuuu~ :luvluv1:

I. LIKE. IT! :hehehe:

Now, FuuMiru is really cute, eh? :dunno:

Fuuchan being the cute one and Mirurun as the sexy one. :farofflook:

I am so lucky that I influenced you~ MUAHAHAHAHA! :on gay:

Waiting for more KojiYuu, FuuMiru, and RenaKei from you~ :mon bye:


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


For more gayness and sweetness, visit the FuuMiru Thread and KojiYuu Thread!

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FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (08-24-15) Two Roses - WMatsui
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@ChibiRine - I'm more lucky to have been influenced by you XD Mirurun is real sexy, I agree. I'll wait for more fics from you too~ o w o

Two Roses

Another concert with AKB48 was nearing its end.

Jurina Matsui of SKE ran to the backstage after an enthusiastic performance of Oogoe Diamond to change costumes.

After a quick change, she noticed something at the corner of her eye.

It was Rena; laying among a pile of discarded clothes, sleeping.

Jurina flicked her eyes to the TV displayed in the dressing room.
She still had a bit of time, since her seniors were doing an MC.

Without any other hesitations, she walked towards the other Matsui and made herself comfortable on the floor beside her.

She gazed at the sleeping face of the older girl.

It was at these kinds of times that Jurina was able to observe her face deeply without getting shooed.

She looked peaceful.
Peaceful despite the hardships SKE was currently going through, with all the members graduating and all.
During the past few months, they had lost Kumi, Mizuki, Kanako, the two Shiori's, and a couple few loved members.

Jurina was glad that Rena was able to sleep so peacefully like this.

Observing her a lot more, her features completely dominated her senses.

Beautiful fair skin.
Gorgeous long black hair.
Everything of Rena Matsui.

"...If you were a rose..."

Jurina absentmindedly began singing.

"...that enhanced this vase..."

She grazed Rena's hair with her fingertips.

"...I'm fine with just staring at you for eternity..."

She started stroking her hair.

"...Even without touching..."

The lyrics didn't quite match her current situation, but nevertheless, she continued her touches.

Rena let out a soft groan before opening her eyes.
Being fully awake.

"Ah, sorry," Jurina immediately apologized the minute it came to her that Rena was concious, and withdrew her hand.

"Wh.. What were you doing?" She asked.


"The MC's nearly over!" One staff member called.

"I-I'll talk to you later!" Jurina shuffled to her feet in a rush, and ran back to the stage.

Rena sighed.

The music started; She watched on TV as Jurina performed another cheerful performance with tons of cheering fans.

"...Two roses..."

She sang softly from where the younger girl left off.

"...If you were a rose, let me see it here with my own eyes..."

Jurina wholeheartedly sang, jumping and dancing with such enthusiasm that even the fans can't help but scream and shout lively.

"...Even if that flower was to wither and fall..."

Rena smiled.
It was her turn to gaze at Jurina as if she was an extraordinarily irreplaceable diamond.

"...Your everything is dear to me."

Fanfic inspired by Hentairin and the gang HAHAHA,  I miss them </3

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (08-24-15) Two Roses - WMatsui
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it's good!  :mon thumb:
write more about wmatsui!!  :mon squee: :mon squee:

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (08-24-15) Two Roses - WMatsui
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FuruYanagi pls or Iwanaga Tsugumi x Airin.... I love those two together XD Tsuuchan being Airin oshi and all that XD

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (08-24-15) Two Roses - WMatsui
« Reply #14 on: August 24, 2015, 01:57:09 PM »
Akkk wmatsui >,<
I will miss this couple so bad,
Because only 5 days remaining until rena chan graduation..
Hmmm now you make me remember that again kou san  :tantrum:
Can i request atsuyuu? >,<
Good job kou san  :mon thumb:

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FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (08-30-15) Valentines ( AtsuYuu + AtsuMina )
« Reply #15 on: August 30, 2015, 08:41:15 AM »
@key17 - Will do! Right after I get over Renahyon's graduation. :depressed:
@MaYukiIsLife - I've heard about Airin and Tsuuchan~! I'll try doing a fic of them XD
@shanju - Rena-chan's graduating already :'( Have some AtsuMina. And a bit of AtsuYuu.


Yuko purposely collided her body against Minami's short figure, trying her best to leave the other girl in the dust.

"I'm gonna get there first, midget!" She cackled deviously.

Minami recollected herself and picked up her lost pace to keep up with Yuko.

"Not if I get there before you do!"

Both girls sprinted to Atsuko's apartment, the bags slung on their shoulders shaking from their intense running.

The said apartment came into view, and that was enough to motivate the two idiot midgets to dash with all their might.

A loud crash was heard by the nearby townsfolk as two bodies crashed into another.

Yuko raised her head from the stone floor, feeling her right cheek heat up a bit as a bit of blood trickled from it.
Minami, on the other hand, was lucky enough to land on the chest of whoever it was she and Yuko had hit.

The shorter midget took her words back when she realized exactly who it was.



Valentines Day.

Oh, how Yuko loved that day.

It was a day where she would take Haruna out for a date.
Just the two of them.

But on a certain February the 14th, Haruna flew to Paris for an advertisment recording.
Yuko was left alone to celebrate.

Well, at least she thought so.

A thought grazed her mind, and she realized that she hasn't visited her in a while.

She went ahead and put some pants on, freshened up, and went out to hang at Atsuko Maeda, fellow ex-AKB48 member's place.


For some weird reason, at around 5AM on the same day in your average public park in Akihabara, AKB48's General Manager was sleeping on a bench.
How she was able to sleep in the cold park without being found out was a complete mystery that no one bothers to solve.

She awoke with a jolt and checked her wristwatch.

She looked around the bench and found the park starting to open its doors.

"Just in time," she smirked.

She casually walked towards the entrance of the park, avoiding being too flashy.
But since she was 148.5 centimeters short and her shirt's pattern was camouflage, she wouldn't be noticed immediately even if she wanted to.

As expected, the usual flower shops were getting themselves cozy near the gates.

Minami gave off a small, proud laugh.

It was that time of the year again.

She was going to surprise Atsuko, and hopefully, she would like it better compared to the previous year's 'incident'.
Let's just say that they weren't allowed to step into McDonald's for a year because of it.

This year, she was sure she would be able to give Yuko the best Valentines' ever.

Wait a second.


The said girl turned to the direction where she heard her name.
The squirrel's eyes widened.

"Takamina! What'cha doing here so early?"

Yuko was standing by a flower stand, obviously buying flowers, but unknown for whom.

Minami trotted towards the other girl to buy a bouquet too.

"I'm buying flowers for Acchan," she said, giving the vendor the money for the flowers.
"How about you? Buying some before Nyannyan comes home?"

Yuko giggles softly, "She isn't coming back in a week, sadly."

"Funny, who else would you give flowers to?"

"Acchan, of course."

Minami stared, dumbfounded.

That was when Yuko got hit with the bullet from realization's gun.

"Oh," She mumbled.

Without a few seconds passing, Yuko scrambled to her feet and started running, forgetting the bouquet she was supposed to get.

"Oi, Yuko!" Minami shouted and ran too, also leaving her own flowers for the surprise.


Minami glared in jealousy as Atsuko carefully treated the small cut on Yuko's cheek.

They were in the living room of Atsuko's apartment; Yuko and Atsuko sat on one couch, and Minami sat on the opposite.

Yuko just smiled smugly.

"What the heck did you two think you were doing?" Atsuko frowned and gently put a band-aid on the wound.

"Yuko's cheating on Nyannyan," Minami grunted with srunched eyebrows.

"Am not," Yuko replied.

Atsuko just giggled.

"Takamina, you know Yuko just wants company, right?"

Minami puffed her cheeks.

Atsuko gestured the girl to sit on her lap.

Minami hesitated, but succumbed to her desires and stood up anyway.

"There we go," Atsuko breathed, snaking her arms around Minami's body, "Still jealous?"

"Nope~" The midget hummed.

She turned to Yuko, who was calmly observing the two.

"Oi you, get jealous over me too."

Yuko grinned, "I don't have to."

"Why not?"

"Acchan's mine. She can do that to me anytime. Right, Acchan?"

"Why you--!"

Atsuko laughed and restrained Minami from probably strangling Yuko.


"No surprise this year, Minami?" Atsuko smiled questioningly.

Minami's own smile faded into a disappointed frown.
"Apparently, no."

"Why, what happened last year?" Yuko butted into the conversation with some ice candy from Atsuko's freezer.

"Don't go that far, Yuko," Minami said, "You do not want to know."


"Look, Takamina, you really don't have to get jealous about anything."

Atsuko did her best to comfort her girlfriend that night.
They were just getting ready for bed.

"But you two have been flirting all day!" Whined the midget, rolling around and making a mess of Atsuko's bed.

Atsuko sighed.

"I love you, though."

Minami stopped and looked at Atsuko, one eyebrow raised, "I know you love her too."

"That's true, but I love you more."

Atsuko leaned down and placed a soft kiss on Minami's cheek as proof.

Minami hugged Atsuko as an "I love you too".

A few minutes of silence passed before Atsuko broke it.

"I love Yuuchan most, though," she giggled.

Minami playfully slapped Atsuko's shoulder, "Hey!"

"I'm kidding! I'm kidding!"

Yuko emerged from the bathroom, fresh from a shower with her toothbrush in between her teeth.

"She ain't joking, squirt," Yuko winked jokingly.


"Hey, Takamina, I kissed Acchan first~!" Yuko grinned, making herself comfy on the bed while showing her kiss scene with Atsuko during Heavy Rotation to Minami.

"Acchan kissed me too! Behind the scenes!" Minami drew her tongue out in an irritating manner.

Yuko crinkled her nose and puffed her cheeks at the action.
She then grabbed Atsuko, who was browsing her phone in between them, and pulled her into a small kiss.

"Ha! I beat you, midget!"


Atsuko was confused and regretted whatever she got herself into.
She could not believe she was going to put up with them for a whole night.

But in another way, she was glad the two people she loved were getting along.

Well, if by getting along, you mean fighting each other for Atsuko's love, then indeed, the two midgets got along well.

It's been a few days since my last post~! School interfered and I'm doomed for my Physical Education class.  :err:
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it~! I believe I have a long way to go before making a fic that makes sense XD


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Yeahh, iam so gloomy this past few days,  :err:
and now
48G without rena...  :on cloudeye:
But, lets foget about that, even rena graduated, she still in my heart..  :cool1:
Thanks for writing atsuyuu fic, hehe i know its atsuyuu and atsumina but i love them. I love yuko and takamina interactions, so funny  :lol:
Waiting your next os, kou san.. thankyou

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FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (08-31-15) Scream ( Shirogiku x Kurobara )
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@shanju - Yup, a 48G without Rena is sad. But let's face it. Rena will do great as an actress  :D


"That's it!" Kurobara giggled, "Scream some more!"

She kicked the nearly unconcious student on the floor in front of her.
The girl whined, letting out a loud painful scream of despair.

"Scream!" She shouted, "Scream! Scream! Scream!"

It, of course, didn't take long for the bloody mess that was once a proper-looking person to pass out.

It didn't take long for her torturer to notice this either.

"Useless!" Kurobara groaned, stomping on the unconcious body.

The girl was bored.
Which was bad news for the gals at Gekioko.

Shirogiku left her alone in their usual room.
Which was also bad news for the gals at Gekioko.

Kurobara kicked the walls, stomped on the floor, and made a mess of the classroom she was in.
Other students were too scared to check what was up.
They knew too well.

"Damn it, Miru, where are you?!" She shouted, half desperate and half annoyed.

Out of sheer coincidence, the door slid open, and entered Shirogiku, the bastard that our maniac was undeniably missing.

Her black and white cardigan was dirty, the sleeves were stained by blotches of maroon.
A bunch of red dashes were scattered on her face so randomly, she looked like she was from some tribe.

"Where have you been?" Kurobara asked, brows furrowed annoyedly, taking note of Shirogiku's bloody figure.

"I wrestled a Yabakune runt for a bottle of ketchup," the other girl grunted, licking her lips free of the red substance.

Kurobara's eyes silently trailed to Shirogiku's sleeves.

"Ketchup bottle shattered," she answered, knowing Kurobara too well; well enough to read her mind, apparently.

"How about you? Had fun while I was gone?"

Kurobara caught her glaring at the unconcious body at the middle of the room.

"Not fun enough. I want to hear more screams. More groans. More desperate cries."

The mere thought made her laugh manically.

"Shut up. You remind me of that annoying girl who stole my lunch in middle school," Shirogiku rolled her eyes and shuffled her mind for that name that slipped the grasps of her brain.

"I forgot that bitch's name. Genki kyara? Geki cola?"

As Shirogiku spoke her mind, and the usual angry state of her eyebrows lessened, Kurobara's crazed grin widened.



Kurobara called.

"Scream for me."

Shirogiku's eyebrows knitted back together in disbelief.

Kurobara simply looked her in the eyes, her own filled with menace.

Surprisingly, it wasn't the first time she told those words to her literal partner in crime.

But the last time she said those were when they first met.

Shirogiku, for the first time in quite a while, smiled.

She took Kurobara's hand hand into hers, and pulled on it slightly as she walked backwards, until her path was impeded by the wall.

She placed the other girl's hand near the side of her head, pressing against the flat surface so that Shirogiku was pinned between the wall and Kurobara.

With an evil smirk that mirrored the others, she looked into Kurobara's intrigued eyes and whispered.

"Make me."

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FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (09-04-15) Graduation - WMatsui
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@ChibiRine - Can't do smut, apparently but I'm trying XD


The rain poured hard one particular night in Sakae, Nagoya.
That one particular night turned out to be SKE48 member Rena Matsui's final theater performance.

Puddles splashed and caused ripples everywhere as Jurina Matsui rushed through streets that were scarce of people.

She nearly ran into a post for a number of times due to the way the rain was affecting her vision, but nonetheless, Jurina continued running anyway.


"Please! I'll perform extra at the the theater, I swear, just please get me the night off today."
Jurina pleaded continuously to her manager at his office.

The man in front of her sighed.

"Jurina, your schedule is too tight," he explained, "If I clear your schedule for tonight, you'll work too much tomorrow. Your body might not take it so well."

Jurina groaned at the righteousness of it.
Indeed, she couldn't take another trip to the hospital after everything that happened.
But still, it's her only choice.
She has to grin and bear it.

"It's okay. I'll do it. Just please. Please. Give me the night off."

Her manager pinched the bridge of his nose and thought of another way.
He couldn't let this girl get too strained.

"Here's what," he said, catching the girl's attention, "I'm lessening your activities with AKB—photo shoots, TV shows, etcetera—and doubling every activity of yours with SKE. They need you more than ever with Rena gone and all. They'll need a leader until they can at least stand on their own feet. This means you'll be more present in SKE48 theater performances than before. Is that okay?"

Jurina's face lit up.

"Of course! That'll be great. Thank you so much!"

The man smiled.

"You really love Rena, don't you?" He asked.

The girl blushed a bit before the corners of her lips curled into a gorgeous smile, "I do."

The manager's eyes flicked to the wall-clock.
"You'd better get going before the next train to Nagoya leaves," he said.

Jurina almost swore when she became aware of the time.
"Ah, I will, I will!"

Since Nagoya is pretty far from where she was; Akihabara, she'd have to catch a few trains, buses, and cabs to get to the theater.

Before leaving her manager's office, she made sure to thank her manager tons for the favor he just did.

> < > <

Sooner or later, Rena's manager entered the office.

"Did Jurina ask for the night off?" She asked.

The man nodded, "You know, I actually like those two together."

The woman by the doorframe scoffs, "Tell me about it."


Rena sat alone in the backstage, watching the patterns the raindrops made on the window.
Tonight was the night she would officially be leaving the group.
As expected, the feeling of sympathy for the other members surfaced the minute her juniors bursted into tears in the dressing room.

Without noticing, she fell into the habit of biting her lip as she continued thinking about an SKE without her.
Yes, it might be more lively.
Her juniors might have a chance at outshining her.
Moreover, the fans might appreciate the underrated members' capabilities for once.

But along with the reassuring thoughts that came to Rena's mind, she pictured what she always dreaded.
It wasn't an SKE without Rena, but rather, it was a Jurina without her.

Surely, she would be a lot sadder.
Her usual smile would fade.
She'd be less... Jurina.

And that was when she became worried.

She would be entrusting SKE to her.
At that state, how would she lead the beloved members she would leave behind?
How would she take care of them?

"Rena-san, it's almost time!" One of the staff members called.

"I-I'll be right there."

Her voice was unexpectedly trembling and a few tears made their way out of her eyes.
She quickly wiped them away before stepping back on stage to perform.


Jurina scratched her head anxiously.

There was traffic.
The heavy rain was closing a few roads.
The theater performance was half-way from being over.

"Mister, I'm dropping off here." She told the driver of the taxi she was on.

"Are you sure, miss? It's raining pretty hard out there. It's best to stay inside."
"I'm kind of in a hurry, but thanks Mr. Driver."

Since she payed for the fee already, it was perfectly fine for her to exit the taxi and run off ahead to cross the road.

The rain started falling hard.
Jurina was wearing but a black cap, a shirt, sneakers, and jeans.
She would catch a cold at that rate.

It would be a long run before she reached the theater.

But since she was already running as fast as she can under the rain, it was obvious that she didn't care.


The theater performance was nearing its end.
Rena ran back to the backstage to change into the dress she wore on her final concert; her graduation attire.

After a quick change, she found someone panting heavily, raindrops streaming down her damp hair and clothes; rain water pooling under her figure.

Rena gasped at the sight and almost didn't recognize her.

"Jurina?" She called.

The called girl removed her hat.


She walked closer to Rena, keeping their conversation to themselves.

"You look beautiful," Jurina said breathlessly.

Rena softly giggled, "I'd say the same to you, but..." Her eyes scanned her body fully.
She was dripping wet.
More wet than she'd previously presumed.
Mud covered her shoes and legs.
"...What happened?"

"Long story. We'll talk later."


They heard Akari, who was doing the MC at that time, speak.
"...Without further ado, please listen to this certain song."

It was Rena's cue.

Jurina pressed her forefinger against her lips with a mischievous smirk, and winked.
"I'll be waiting."


Rena locked the door to her room.
She turned around to Jurina, who was on her bed, still wondering how that dress suited Rena so much.

"You'd better have a good explanation for coming to the theater like that. In the rain, even. What the heck were you thinking?"

Jurina just smiled.


Rena blushed a bit.

"I-I'm serious."

"I am, too."

Rena pursed her lips.
She was playing a losing game.

"So, graduated already, huh, Rena-chan?"
Jurina stood up from the bed to approach her.

"Yup," The other Matsui said, "How do you feel?"

"Sad. Really, really sad. I'll miss you," She said calmly.

Jurina grabbed her hand.

"But I'll take care of the idiots for you," She smiled slightly, "It would be the least I could do."

For a second, Rena thought that Jurina finally grew up.
Finally got rid of her childishness.
But she figured it out sooner or later.
She figured everything out.

She placed her palm against Jurina's cheek, the younger girl being startled.

"You can cry right now, you know. It's no use pretending."

Jurina stared into Rena's eyes further before lowering her head slowly.
Rena could feel the young girl tremble.
She expected this.
But the next thing though, she didn't see it coming.
The other really was full of surprises.

Jurina was laughing.

She lifted her head back, "I'm not pretending."

She grinned widely at Rena; a grin she has never seen before.

"I'm not a kid anymore who'll cry over everything. I've changed, Rena-chan."

Rena smiled back and pulled her into a hug, "Have you changed that much?"

That was enough to send the smiling Jurina into tears.

She was sobbing in mere seconds.

"...Do you really have to graduate this soon?" She voiced out in a sob, her own hands climbing up Rena's back to tug on the fabric of her gown in desparation to keep her Rena from possibly disappearing.

Rena caressed the back of Jurina's head, still smiling.
So she didn't grow up that much after all.
That kind of bothered her a bit.

"Stop your crying. I'm not going to make dinner in this outfit. And plus, it's wet with Jurina tears." She laughed, feeling a few tears in her own eyes.

"But you told me it's okay to cry," Jurina half-whined.

"It is, it is. Continue, but let me change first--"

"I don't want to~!"

It was then that Rena took her words back.
It wouldn't really be bad if Jurina stayed like this.

She... Graduated. :depressed:

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