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The Official H!P Girls Threads / Re: The Juice=Juice Thread
« Last post by bluewind78 on Today at 01:52:53 AM »
During TIF 2022, JUICE performed with only 6 members, with Rei and Yume out of commission due to Covid.

Still, that doesnt stop Riai from expressing how much she missed being together with Yume on their missions:

During the Hokkaido mission, Riai even made two octopus origami, one in pink and one in white, and pin it on her costume to tell the fans that LCDR Inoue and LT Kudo is still with them in spirit during their performance. When Future Smile was performed and the YumeRiai part came up, she held up the pink tako origami to remember Yume's part with her. When the MC part came, Riai asked the fans to light up their white and pink glowsticks which the fans are eager to comply. You can feel how tight this group is, and how deep Riai's love for J=J and the Family:

H!P Crapola / Re: The Hello! Project Postwhoring Thread
« Last post by oaxiac on August 09, 2022, 01:52:00 PM »
Chapter 17: Wmatsui

"Today has no meeting?" Yui and Macchun who was joining their girlfriends after school usually has duties, but today they seems to be very free. "Sayaka decided to free us up since there's a very special person he's meeting now." Through Maachun's explanation, they understood why the guys seems so free. "Milky-chan!"

"Jurina? Why are you here?"

"Rena-chan and your boyfriend Sayaka is now talking privately, since Rena-chan afraid I won't express it well." Milky was surprised by the entrance of Jurina as he came in and approached Milky with the skinship, where Maachun and Yui starting to peel him off her. "Don't worry I would never do anything to let down Rena-chan, plus if I done anything Sayaka would kill me since before I came he already warned me." Seeing Jurina sitting down as if he was the owner of the place had ticked off both Yui and Maachun.

"So........what's the matter Rena?" Sayaka had send off everybody since Rena wasn't comfortable talking with the presence of outsiders but Rena still sat down in silence looking at her tea, Sayaka went to fetch her a fresh cup as her tea turned cold. "It got to do with Jurina right?"


"Maybe when you're more comfortable talking to me then we can talk about it Rena." Rena held onto Sayaka to prevent him from leaving as she begin to talk. "My parents knew about Jurina........they wanted me to break up with him as they think he was unfit to become my boyfriend since they thought him as someone who was not serious in things."

"Looking at him for first impression, I can understand your parents for saying this."

"They warned me if I continue to keep this up, they will hurriedly marry me off to you. The engagement papers that our parents signed I brought it with me along." Sayaka was shocked that Rena was doing this to get out of the engagement, seeing the two original copies of the papers with her Sayaka who wanted to get out of it agreeable to help her. "Is this the only reason why you came here? There seems to have another reason why you came."

"Is about the school alliance, he knows that Tokyo and Osaka had joined forces and wants to join. But the school committee thinks without the alliance they can survived alone." Sayaka knows about the rejection that Sakae branch had gave a year ago and thought it because the president wasn't interested, but now is the rest of the school is against it. "Don't worry about it, these two matters solving it is very easy."

"What do you mean by easy?"

"Let's find Jurina first shall we? I'm afraid what he will do if we are alone for so long." Both of them left the student council as they walked towards the dorm as Jurina might be there as the only person he knows is Milky, and true enough he was there chitchatting with the girls while the guys were glaring at him. "Jurina!"

"Rena-chan!" Upon hearing Rena's voice, Jurina quickly ran towards her like a trained puppy. "So what have you girls have done with Jurina?" Sayaka now sitting down beside Milky, the seat previously Jurina was sitting down. "So what you guys talk about?" Milky who was cuddling Sayaka asked about. "That's why we are here, it's time for some tea break. I know a good place let's go." Sayaka pulled Milky away as Rena and Jurina follows them. "Sayaka!! We are here!" As the four of them arrives at the cafe, Yuu was shouting to get their attention which Takamina had to put a hand over her mouth to shut her up. "Stop disgracing us can you? This must be Jurina and Rena."

"This is?"

"Oh......I'm Takahashi Minami aka Takamina and this is Oshima Yuu or you can call him Yuu. We are from the Tokyo branch and since there seems to be some issue so Sayaka had asked us to come over to discuss about it." Upon hearing this both Jurina and Rena nodded their head. "About the school alliance because Jurina is now the school president and that's why we need to address this with the presence of you." Now Jurina seriously looking at Takamina and Yuu since it's a topic he was trying to avoid as everyone told him not to join the alliance. "From what we gathered from Sayaka and Rena, we want to address this matter that joining alliance seems to be something extra. But this alliance where we make important decision together like we have monthly meetings to talk about the happenings in the school on how to improve them, we usually don't make any decisions for other schools but we discuss to come up with solutions together."

"Plus it would be fun right? Meeting different people from other schools to help you grow, plus we go trips together often."

"Stop lying Yuu, the last time we went is because you wanted to go and dragged us along." Takamina and Sayaka hit on Yuu's head which the latter rubbing on the sore part. "Rena-chan what do you think?" Jurina looked at Rena who didn't speak up at all. "I think it would great to join since we get help when we need it, especially we are stuck and they could provide ideas to help us too." Jurina which then decided to join the alliance with Rena who also thinks is a great idea to join, Takamina brought out the agreement for Jurina to sign which one matter has been settled. "For the next matter which I think Sayaka is the only one that can settled it for you."

"I know that's why I wanted to suggest for a trip down to Nagoya, which we could have fun and to break this engagement matter too." Sayaka verbalised his thoughts while looking at Milky. "So it's settle, we will discuss about the dates later and maybe Sayaka you might have to be there first since this engagement thing might be able to settle as easy as we see." Sayaka nodded in agreement as all of them left the cafe to head back to their own school. "Are you sure you want to break this engagement? You and Rena seems to in sync everytime you guys talk."

"That's the reason why we want to break this engagement, we are friends and we have no romantic feelings with each other. Even if w got married, there are chances that we will cheat on each other but with you I don't want to cheat." Milky now wondering the reason of him unable to cheat. "'s you that I love, if there was an end to it I would want it to be infinity."

"Me too~"
The Official H!P Girls Threads / Re: The Juice=Juice Thread
« Last post by oaxiac on August 06, 2022, 05:48:29 AM »
Korean Shibal / Re: Korean Entertainment Postwhoring Thread
« Last post by JFC on August 06, 2022, 04:15:10 AM »
From the REACT YouTube channel:

K Pop Stars Try To Guess Their Songs In One Second! (ATEEZ 에이티즈)
The Official H!P Girls Threads / Re: The Juice=Juice Thread
« Last post by bluewind78 on August 05, 2022, 06:17:30 PM »
Akari: Riai, where are my 2 Lieutenant-Commanders? I've been looking for them all day and they weren't answering my messages.

Riai: Sorry, captain. I thought you knew. Danbara-san and Inoue-san are currently out on a simulation mission with Captain Miyamoto.

Akari: Sim? Not again with the M-Line! What mission is it this time?

Riai [grinning]: Future Smile

Akari: For goodness sake, Rinka if you keep on wanting to undertake special missions, you should'nt have left Special Warfare in the first place.


The Official H!P Girls Threads / Re: The Kudo Yume Thread (工藤由愛)
« Last post by bluewind78 on August 05, 2022, 04:08:45 AM »
OMG YUME!!  :shocked

Honestly I don't ever want to see her THAT WAY... she had always been that innocent, azakawaii successor of Manakan...but now.... DAMN!!  :drool:
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