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Author Topic: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 11 26/12/2016  (Read 11980 times)

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Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 11 26/12/2016
« on: September 17, 2016, 04:12:44 PM »
 May 25, at an orphanage.....
            A young 8-year old Shiraishi Mai went with her father to a charity event held by their company for the Bemars Orphanage.
   The young lady was still in her softball uniform because her father excused her in their practice game. With a softball in hand she sneaked away from the party that was going on inside and went to a garden at the back.

   “Hmmm…. I don’t know why father forced me to come here when I could be practicing how to be a better pitcher.” Mai grumbled softly while tossing the ball in her hand. She then decided to pitch the ball straight ahead her but it curved.

   Mai came running to the direction where ball went.When she picked up the ball near a tree when she heard low sniffles, she saw a little girl sitting behind a tree crying.

   “Are you okay?” Mai asked as she knelt down to check the little girl. The girl looked up to Mai with tears in her eyes. “it huwt….” the girl replied.
   “ Where does it hurt?” she questioned back, curious as to why the kid was crying.
   “ Here…. it huwt here….” the girl said while pointing to her chest, and started crying, “Mama, Papa! You pwomise Nanase!!! Don’t weave me awone! Waah!” she wailed and seemed to be having a hard time to breathe.

    Mai didn’t know why but seeing this little girl cry made her lonely as well, like something within her wants to see this girl smile and never make her sad again… Mai wanted to protect her, from that moment she decided. So she tightly hugged the little girl and whispered to her, “Shh… don’t cry anymore. I’m here, I won’t leave you.”

~~~~~~~~~~ This is my first time to write a fanfic, and it's a nogi fanfic, i've recently started liking and knowing them... hope you'll like it~~~~ Ajan05 :cow:
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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~
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One of my fave pairing.. Update soon author.. :D
I really love this kind of story where the older one is protecting the younger one..

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Chap. 1~18/09/2016
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Chapter 1
   Nanase’s crying subsided while still in Mai’s arms. “Reawy, you won’t weave me?” she asked the older girl. Mai hummed and nodded her head.
   “What’s your name?” she asked. The girl looked up to Mai, “ Nanase….”
   “Sou, Nanase- chan, I’m Mai. How old are you?” she answered back. Nanase held out her hand and showed her fingers, “Fwive…. Ma…i….yan…” she uttered, “Maiyan!”, Nanase  repeated happily this time and embraced the older girl tightly.

   Mai was surprised by the sudden action, with Nanase rubbing her tiny head on her chest, she found it cute that the five year old girl gave her a nickname. “That’s right Nanase, I’m Maiyan.”

   “Nanase-chan! Where are you?” someone yelled from afar.

   Hearing this, both girls turned their heads from where the voice was coming from, Mai stood up and held out her hand to Nanase, “Let’s go?”

   Nanase held Mai’s hand, the two went to where the person is when they got closer Nanase ran to the lady, “ oh thank goodness you’re okay Nanase.” the Sister said, and noticed that someone was with the little girl. “ Shiraishi-ojousama.” she bowed to Mai.
   “ It’s okay, Sister you don’t need to do that. Nanase-chan and I were just in the garden. I found her crying a while ago.” Mai explained. “Maiyan!” Nanase went to her and wrapped her tiny arms around her waist.

   The Sister was surprised by this, “Well, this is the first time I saw Nanase this happy and have taken a liking to someone since she came here two years ago.”

   “Two years ago? Is she already an orphan Sister?”
   “ Yes ojousama, she was brought to us after the accident that happened to them 2 years ago on this day, you see it’s her birthday today. From what I heard from the reports, they were on the way on a vacation to celebrate her birthday but sadly their car crashed into a truck, luckily her mother covered her and she managed to survived. Ever since she came here she rarely talks and smile, she cries often, especially on this day,perhaps it still reminds her of the incident.”  Sister explained.

   While Sister was talking, Mai noticed that Nanase started to quiver, so she knelt down so she was eye level with Nanase and patted her head, “ Don’t worry, I’m here.”

   Still patting Nanase’s head, she smiled and softly said “Happy Birthday, Nanase….” she then took off her cap and gave it the birthday girl.

   Nanase smiled, “Thank you” she buried her face in the crook of Mai’s neck and murmured “I wike you, Maiyan…” Mai hummed while grinning and enclosing Nanase in her arms.

   Sister, who was watching the interaction between the two young girls somehow knew that this two would have a deep connection to each other over the years to come…

~~~@akbcoupleshipper: thank you very much for commenting.....
       To the readers thanks also... :kneelbow:


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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 1 18/9/2016
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keep coming nogi authors!! yey!! :D
maiyan is <3 Keep it up!! Thanks  :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow:

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 2 21/9/2016
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Chapter 2
On the way home….
   Mai quietly sat at back of their limousine with her father when he asked, “Who was the girl with you at the orhpanage earlier?”
   “Her name is Nishino Nanase, father.” she answered. “Nishino?”, he again questioned for the surname was familiar to him. He wanted to know who made his daughter give away one of the things her mother left her before passing away. “Hmmm… I see you gave your cap to her”
   Mai smiled before saying, “It was her birthday today father.” He noticed the smile Mai had and was relieved to finally see that face again because after the death of his wife, his princess changed a lot.
   “Then why don’t you bring her to our amusement park after your school tomorrow?” he offered. “Really?” Mai asked ecstatically.
   “Yes, think of it as my birthday gift to her, you could also invite your friends.”
   Mai engulfed her father in a hug, “Thank you so much…”

At Shiraishi Residence
   Entering her room, Mai was not surprised at all that someone is in it and playing her xbox, that someone paused the game then turned to owner of the room who just came in and greeted, “Okaeri!”
   “Hora, Wakatsuki, how many times have I told you not to enter my room while I’m not home.” Mai sighed. “Eh…. don’t be so stingy Mai, we’re cousins after all.”  Yumi complained. Mai just shook her head and went straight to her bed to lie down.
   Seeing this, Yumi was shocked, “Wait a minute… you’re not throwing me out of the room?It’s weird… did you eat something strange at the event a….”
   “ Ne, Waka why didn’t you go with Oji-sama at the charity event?” Mai cut-offed while sitting up.
   “Well, he also wants to excuse me from our practice game but I told him that I had to bring Reika to her violin practice after the game. So he let me stay…” she answered while resuming her game xbox.
   “Do you want to go together to the amusement park tomorrow?” Mai asked.
   Yumi suddenly dropped the controller and quickly turned her head to her cousin, she was again startled because she knew that Mai made a promise to herself never to go to the amusement park since her mother died. “What d…did you s..say?” she stuttered.
   “I said if you also want to go to the amusement park?” Mai repeated and unknowingly smiled because she thought of Nanase.
   Wakatsuki was speechless and couldn't blink her eyes, when she noticed the smile that she thought she would never see in her cousin’s face again. “Ah!!!”, she stood and ran to Mai, “Tell me!!! Something must have happened in that event that made you Mai again! Come on tell me!” she happily said while shaking her cousin.
   Mai was taken aback because Yumi suddenly became hyper and started shaking her like there’s no tomorrow. “Alright,alright…. Just stop doing that, and by the way I’ve always been Mai, mou, you’re becoming Airhead Waka again…”
   “To…ni….kaku, just tell me already” the latter persisted.

   “If you really want to know, I met a little girl.” Mai smilingly answered.
   “ Eh… what’s her name?” she teasingly asked.
   “Nishino Nanase…. it’s also her birthday today that’s why I want to bring her to the park tomorrow, Father already gave his permission…” Mai continued and told everything that happened earlier at the orphanage. Once she finished, Yumi said, “But for you to give that cap to her… it’s amazing knowing where it came from.”
   “I also still don’t know why, but somehow when it comes to Nanase I just wanted to be by her side and protect her always, Waka. That is what I decided.” Mai relayed.
   “Ja, the do just that and I’m sure you’ll find out the reason somehow.” Yumi knowingly smiled. After hearing her cousin’s feeling, she somehow knew that Mai finally found someone special to cherish because she herself felt the same way towards Reika…

--------took a little while to update because of work, and studies, been typing it late at nights.I'll try to update again soon....
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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 2 21/9/2016
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Yay! Thanks :D  :cow:

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 2 21/9/2016
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wowww yeah.. more NOGI fanfic..

welcomee  :welcome  :welcome

i'm new too, btw this is good..

keep updating, i want to know how the story expand..

WakaRei :panic: :panic: waka even walked reika to her practice.. they already sweet with each other since little??

good job author-san!  :twothumbs

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 3 24/9/2016
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Chapter 3
The next day at the orphanage, in the Head Sister’s room
   “Thank you very much Shiraishi-sama for donating to this orphanage.” Sister said. “It’s nothing Sister.” he answered.
   “May I know the reason for your visit”
   “I just wanted to know about an orphan here that is Nishino Nanase.” he said.
   “Ah, Nanase-chan, well she came here two years ago after a car accident.”she replied. “Did you happen to know who her parents was?” “Yes, Nishino Yuuichi and Nishino Haruka the famous painters.”
   “ That’s why her surname was familiar.” Shiraishi said.  “Do you happen to know them?” the nun questioned.
   “Ah, yes we’ve met a few times. Nishino Yuuichi and I went to the same college. But I didn’t know they had a daughter. It’s been a long time since we last saw each other before the accident. Sister, I leave Nishino Nanase in your care, I’ll support her financial care so if she needs something don’t hesitate to ask me.” he stood up and bowed down.
   “I also heard from my daughter that it was Nanase’s birthday yesterday. So as a birthday gift, my daughter wants to bring Nanase to the amusement park together with her friends later after school. Will that be okay?” he continued.
   “Really? I’m sure Nanase-chan will be extremely happy to see your daughter again” Sister happily said.
   “And my daughter as well… then I’ll be taking my leave now.” Shiraishi spoke.
   “ We’ll get Nanase ready for later. Thank you very much. Take care Shiraishi-sama.”

In the meantime at Nogizaka Elite School….

   Mai and Wakatsuki are about to go to their softball practice, “So after our practice we’ll be going to the orphanage then to the park. Waaah… I can’t wait to meet Nanase-chan!” Yumi squealed, Mai was walking ahead of her, “Ne, ne, Mai is Nanase-chan very cute?” after hearing this, Mai abruptly stopped, “Mai?”, Waka noticed something changed in her cousin’s aura when Mai turned around and coldly stared while smiling and answered “Why yes she is Wakatsuki…” Yumi gulped, seeing the stare and the somehow creepy smile made her scared for her life and probably for their in coming practice… “Ah sou….” she nervously replied.

   Meanwhile Sakurai Reika was also on the way to watch the softball practice when she saw her two childhood friends talking in the hallway.She went to them, “Hey! Mai, Wakachu! What are you two talking…” she cut herself off because she noticed Yumi was quivering slightly and had a scared face on, while Mai was smiling. “Wakachu are you okay? You’re looking a little pale.” Reika worriedly asked while holding Yumi’s cheek, Waka then turned and her a puppy face, “Reika…” she said while praying that Reika noticed her distress.

   “Oh it’s nothing, Reika. She was just asking how my cute my new friend is, right, Waka?” Mai answered sweetly, and walked ahead of them.
   Yumi sighed a breath of relief,but she suddenly shivered. When Reika spoke, “Eh… really?” Turning to Reika, Waka once again gulped for Reika was glaring at her. “R…Reika…” her voice trembled. “Bring this…” Reika shoved her violin case into Wakatsuki and ran to catch up to Mai.
   Wakatsuki was left alone for a moment, “What’s up with the two of them, why are they glaring at me all of a sudden?”, she grumbled before yelling, “Hey! Wait up!”

At the softball field
   The players were preparing their equipment and warming up for the game. “Ne, Mai… why is Wakatsuki following Reika like a lost puppy?” Fukagawa Mai asked “She’s just too dense to notice I think.” Mai replied. “Really? Haha… perhaps Waka did something again to upset Reika.” Eto Misa looked to where WakaRei was then shouted to Yumi, “Oi, Waka! Did you do something weird again?! Hahaha!” Fukagawa pulled Misa’s ear, “Kora! Misa-misa,if you keep on doing that you two will end up fighting and getting hurt again!” she scolded. “Itai! Itai!!!! Mai-mai it hurts! Alright,I’ll stop it.” Misa whimpered while covering her reddening ear.

   From where Wakatsuki and Reika are, “Hey, Reika… come on, don’t ignore me please… I’m sorry if I did something wrong.” Yumi says while following Reika who is preparing equipments to be used, when they heard Misa, “Oi, Waka! Did you do something weird again?! Hahaha!”. “Tsk, You’re gonna get it later from me…” Wakatsuki whispered to herself but Reika managed to hear it.
   Reika was about to go to the dugout when Yumi hugged her from behind and said “I’m sorry okay… I can’t stand it that you’re not talking to me. I’ll buy you later your favorite cake when we go to the amusement park. I promise.” Yumi said. Reika couldn’t stop the smile forming on her lips as she recalls that Wakatsuki would always give her sweets whenever she was upset, crying or they had a fight ever since they were toddlers. “Alright, you’re forgiven…” Reika said while turning around. “But don’t think that I did not hear what you said to Misa a while ago.”, she then pulled Yumi’s ear. “Itai! Reika, let go please…” Yumi begged her, “Mou, Wakachu,how many times have I told you to stop starting a fight with her.” she continued while letting go of the other’s ear. “But she’s the one who started it.” Waka grumbled while also holding her red ear. “Hmmm… did you say something?” “hm, it’s nothing. Ja, Reika, coach is calling us to line up now” Yumi left the dugout.

   All the players were lined up, Misa and Waka were standing next to each other when the coach stopped in front of them, “Eto! Wakatsuki!”, when she noticed their red ears, “Yes, Coach!” both of them answered. “What’s up with that?” Coach asked while pointing to each of their ear. Mai who was standing next to the two giggled. Waka and Misa glared at Mai before answering at the same time, “Allergy??” after that their practice has started.

~~~Yay Chapter 3 done.... next chapter would probably be the amusement park... and I'll be introducing the other characters as the story expands... ~~~Ajan05
PS. Thanks for the comments, it makes me motivated to write...
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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 3 24/9/2016
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very interesting! looking forward for more :D  :cow:

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 3 24/9/2016
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Wow, NanaMai sure is a popular ship.
Aww Kid NanaMai being adorable with each other from the first meeting <3
I like the idea of Waka being Mai’s cousin, it’s new.
Jealous Mai and Reika combined, bad for Waka.
Why am I not surprised WakaRei being gay for each other since children?  XD  even though Waka is being dense like always.
When I read this I almost forgot they’re still children, it felt like they’re already in middle or high school instead.
Anyway nice to see more Nogi fic around, keep going you're doing good  :thumbsup

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 4 29/9/2016
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Chapter 4
   After the practice, Mai also invited Misa and Mai-mai to go with them to the park but both of them had had to take care of the younger siblings of Fukagawa so they declined. “Zannen, it would be so much fun if they were able to go with us.” Waka sighed, which Reika answered back, “Well, it can’t be helped right, Fukagawa-san has to take care of her younger brother and sister.”
   Mai was already at the front gate when her two childhood friend arrived. “Oooh… someone’s excited…” Yumi teased her cousin. Mai just turned her head away from the two with her faced a bit red when they heard a car stopped. “Let’s go.” she said to Waka and Reika and got into the car followed by her cousin and friend.

At the orphanage…
   Nanase was waiting at the lobby while drawing on a sketchpad with Sister sitting beside her. “Eh, Nanase-chan you’re very good at drawing.” she praised the girl. Nanase nodded and said, “Papa and Mama used to draw with me.” keeping the drawing in her pocket. The sound of a door closing made them stop what they’re doing and look at the front door.

   “Maiyan!”, Nanase beamed and ran to where the older girl is before enveloping her arms again in Mai’s waist. Mai laughed a little before putting her hand on Nanase’s head and saying, “Hey, Nanase. Did you miss me already?” “Yes I did, Maiyan is it twue that we’ll go to the park.” the other replied while letting go of Mai and looking up at her. “Yes, we’ll do a lot of fun things together with my friends also.”

   With that both Mai and Nanase faced the front door, Wakatsuki and Reika approached the two. When they were near them, Reika bended down a little to Nanase’s eye level and greeted, “Hello there…” being shy Nanase quickly hid behind Mai while peeking her head a little to see the new comers. “It’s okay Nanase, this is my friend Reika.” Mai assured.
   Nanase went near to Reika, “I’m Sakurai Reika. O namae wa?”, Reika held out her hand. Nanase shook her hand before shyly introducing herself “Sou, Nanase-chan ka? You’re very cute.” Reika said to which Nanase smiled widely, after hearing this Wakatsuki looked to Mai in panic, because she remembered the moment when she said that Nanase was cute her cousin glared at her, but Mai was simply smiling at the two, so she scratched her head and wondered why Mai was cold at her that time.

   “Hey, Wakachu!” Reika called again. Waka was broken out of her trance when she heard Reika calling her. “Eh? What is it?” she asked. “I said why don’t you introduce yourself to Nanase-chan?” Reika answered. Nanase was looking up at Waka while they were talking, Yumi was behind a bit of Reika. Yumi then ran to Nanase and said loudly “ Hi Nanase-chan! I’m Mai’s cousin, Wakatsuki Yumi! but you can call me Waka! Ne, are you excited to go to the park?” Hearing Yumi’s loud voice Nanase ran to Mai’s back again while covering her ears.
   “Mou,Wakatsuki, you’re scaring her, lower your voice. It’s alright Nanase, she won’t hurt you.” Mai once again assured. “Reawy Maiyan?” Nanase questioned and Mai simply nodded.
   “Hora, Wakachuki, say sorry to her.” Reika told Yumi. “Nanase-chan…” Waka started while getting something from her pocket, “I’m sorry for scaring you, here.” she held out her hand that has a candy to Nanase. The little girl took the candy and said, “Nice to meet you…”

   ‘Yokatta, she forgave me,  I had a feeling that if Nanase did not forgive me, Mai would probably end up hanging me upside down *gulp*.’ Wakatsuki thought to herself.

   “Ja, shall we go?” Mai asked to which Nanase nodded to. “You go with Reika first in the car Nanase, I’ll follow after I say goodbye to Sister.” she said. Nanase went to Reika and the two went in the vehicle. While Yumi decided to wait for Mai. When her cousin approached, “Eh, demo, to think she would give a nickname, that’s so cute, Mai…yan!” Waka teased. “Be quiet Waka. And just so you know, only Nanase is allowed to call me by that nickname.” Mai returned. “Hai! Wakarimashita!” Wakatsuki saluted before following her cousin and the other two in the car.

At Shiraishi Amusement Park

   “We’re here, Shiraishi, Wakatsuki, Sakurai-ojousama.” the driver said after opening the door. “Yatta! Let’s go.” Waka cheered while being the first one to get off. Helping Reika get down  from the car. Mai was next and held Nanase’s hand while the other was getting down.
   “Sa, what shall we do first?” Yumi asked. “Well, let’s ask Nanase- chan.” Reika continued. The three of them looked to Nanase, to find the girl looking at something. Mai saw the arcade booth, “Do you want to go there Nanase?” she was answered by a hum. “Then let’s go.” Mai took Nanase’s left hand and reminded her, “Don’t let go of my hand, okay?” “Okay” Nanase responsed. They went ahead to the booth with Reika following them but she noticed Yumi wasn’t following, she looked back and saw her standing still so she went back to ask her what’s wrong but she saw Yumi was pouting, “What’s the matter Waka?” Yumi had her puppy face on, “Reika…” she called while holding out her hand. Figuring out what the other girl wanted Reika couldn’t help but laugh and smile at Yumi’s childish behavior, she held Yumi’s hand and playfully said, “Mou, Wakachuki tara, don’t let go of my hand okay?” “Hai!” Yumi replied and smiled victoriously while both of them follow Mai and Nanase to the booth.

~~~~Next chapter would be the continuation of the amusement park and perhaps a time skip to unfold the story~~~ Ajan05

@Wotagei: THANK YOU very much for the drawing, it really really really made me happy.... to know that someone liked my story,it inspired me to continue writing this fic thank you so much....
@chocolatepandastarlight: Thank you for always commenting and reading....
@wakaten: Thanks, I've also read your stories about WakaRei, that's probably why I decided to post my story here.
@pretend_2besome1: Thanks for reading my story.
To all the readers: Thank you Hope you like it.

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 4 29/9/2016
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 :cow: thanks for update.

Thanks, I've also read your stories about WakaRei, that's probably why I decided to post my story here.

 :mon sweat: ouchhh i didn't know i have that kind of power.. thanks for reading my story anyway.. you're welcome  :mon squee:

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 5 07/10/2016
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Chapter 5

   “Which do you want, Nanase?” Mai asked while looking at Nanase staring at the stuffed toys that were displayed as prizes for the game.
   “I want that one, Maiyan.”,Nanase pointed out to the mini-whale stuffed toy.
   The game was to pitch a ball at the center of the target, three balls were given to the player but Mai only took one and pitched magnificently that left the owner shocked.
   “Maiyan, sugoi!” Nanase cheered.
   “Congratulations! That was an amazing throw! You can take the 2-meter sized teddy bear for hitting it for the first try young lady.” the owner said.
   “Thank you very much, but I’ll take the whale doll instead.” Mai calmly answered.
   “Are you sure?” the owner asked back, while getting the whale that is on the top and handing it to her.
   “Yes, sir, I am very much sure. This is the one she likes.” Mai said while glancing at Nanase. “Here, Nanase. It’s another gift from me for your birthday.”, the little girl hugged the doll immediately.
    Reika spoke, “So what are you gonna name the doll, Nanase-chan?”
   Nanase looked to Mai who was smiling at her then to the doll before saying, “Koketani,his name is koketani. Thank you for giving him to me Maiyan.” she beamed.
   “Alright! Then I’ll get Reika that teddy bear!” Yumi exclaimed. She managed to hit the target on her second. “Here, Reika, for you.” she said while barely managing to hold the bear because of its hugeness.
   “waah… thanks Wakachuki, but how are we supposed to walk around with this?” Reika explained.
   “hehe… I forgot about that. I was so focused on getting the bear because I know how much you love them…” Yumi said while scratching the back of her head a little.
   “I like the bears you made me on my previous birthdays.” Reika thought back, and said with a smile, “Why don’t we put the bear in the car first and we’ll follow Mai and Nanase after.”
   Waka agreed to that and spoke to her cousin, “Ja, we’ll meet up with you later.”

   Watching her friends go, Mai once again held Nanase’s hand and said, “Why don’t we ride the ferris wheel next?”
   “Okay.” Nanase answered.

In the ferris wheel…
   “Wah….takai…. tonderu mitai…”Nanase mesmerisingly said while they near the top and almost leaning to the glass door.
   “Be careful, Nanase…” Mai reminded.
   “Hai!” Nanase said while taking a seat opposite of Mai, she put her hand in her pocket to get the drawing she made a while ago and quickly said, “Ano… ne, Maiyan, I also haf a gift for you.”
   “Eh? A gift for me?” Mai was surprised when she heard this, “Ja, what is it?” she continued. Nanase took out the drawing and gave it to Mai.
   “Wow! Nanase, you’re really good in drawing…” Mai praised, “Is this me?” she pointed to a girl drawn with a cap while holding the other girl’s hand.
   “Yes, and the other one is me, so we’ll always be together Maiyan.” Nanase explained grinning widely.
   Mai stood up and hugged Nanase, “Thank you, I’ll treasure this forever.” Mai told her.
   “Ne, Maiyan, can we go here again next time when it’s your birthday?” Nanase innocently asked.
   “Then, how about this Nanase, why don’t we go here every year on our birthdays?Promise we’ll go here every time it’s our birthdays…” Mai offered her pinky finger.
   Nanase entwined her pinky finger with Mai’s and hummed in agreement and answering back, “Pwomise…”

   After the ferris wheel ride Waka and Reika joined them and went to the carousel. Yumi lost to Mai in rock-paper-scisscors so she had to buy their snacks, while Reika and Nanase chose to ride carousel. Mai had to wait for Waka near the ride and watch over the other two while they were in the carousel.
   “Maiyan!”, Nanase called when the horse she was riding came into where she can see the older girl when the ride was turning around she looked back to Mai…
   Mai looked to where she was being called and saw Nanase was looking a bit anxious when  the ride was turning around so decided to run and follow Nanase so she won’t lose sight of her during the ride while shouting, “Smile, Nanase, smile! Happy birthday, Nanase!”

~~~and updated.... I decided to finish the amusement park chapter first and the on the next chapter would be the time skip...~Ajan05

P.S. 1) the doll concept was thanks to Nogizakatte doko? the episodes where there was the ne wo dokkiri where i saw Nanase's doll since kinder named koketani and the episode where Reika won the huge 2-m teddy bear from Chiharu....hehe...
2) Once again, thanks for the messages and tips.... May you find this chapter to your liking even though it's a bit short... :cathappy:

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 5 07/10/2016
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an update!!  :ptam-shy:

hahaha lolss at the view of Reika carry huge teddy bear on her back,

well, you have improved so much!!  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

good job author-san! update soon!  :luvluv1:

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 5 07/10/2016
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because she remembered the moment when she said that Nanase was cute her cousin glared at her
Oh you poor ikemen  XD
I can’t wait to read the growing up version. But at the same time, kinda dread it...because anything can happen between those years.
I just hope the relationship gets better, instead any of them getting separated.

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 5 07/10/2016
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thank you for the story :inlove:
hope they still sweet like that in the growing up version :roll:
just a simple otaku and silent reader

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 5 07/10/2016
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I can't wait for the next chapter. I would definitely want to see the grown up version of themselves  :P

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 6 23/10/2016
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Chapter 6
After 6 years, May 25 at the Park…
   “Happy Birthday Nanase!” a now 15-year old Shiraishi Mai yelled while following a 12-year old Nishino Nanase on the carousel.
                After the ride the two were holding each other’s hand while walking…
   “Ne, Maiyan? Why won’t you ride the carousel with me? It’s been like that since we were little…” Nanase asked pouting a bit.
   “Well… its because that way I can look after you Nanase.” Mai answered looking straight at Nanase’s eyes.
   For some reason Nanase suddenly felt shy and averted her eyes from Mai, she somehow felt her cheeks blushing.
   “Nanase? Are you alright?” Mai asked.
   “Ha? I’m…I’m okay. Why?” Nanase questioned back.
   “Well, you’re face is a bit red.Do you have a fever?” she held Nanase’s face and put her forehead on Nanase’s forehead. “You’re not hot..yokatta”
   Due the sudden closeness, Nanase’s face got redder, “I’m fine, Maiyan…. you’re too close.” she barely whispered.
   Mai who didn’t hear it clearly said, “Hm, what is it?” while still having her forehead on Nanase’s.
   “It’s nothing! I said I’m fine, sorry to make you worry Maiyan. Let’s go to the ferris wheel.” Nanase said while pulling away and walking ahead.
   “I wonder why she’s like that all of a sudden?” Mai thought while catching up to Nanase.

In the ferris wheel
   “Hai! Happy birthday!” Mai said while giving her present.
   “Wah…arigato Maiyan.” Nanase said.
   “Can I open it now?” she asked to which Mai nodded to. As she opened the gift, it was a silver bracelet with the letters “M.N” engraved on it.
   “Do you like it?” Mai enquired as she went near and took the bracelet from the box to put it on Nanase. “There, it looks good on you.” she said.
   Nanase held her left hand where Mai put the bracelet and answered, “Thank you.I also have a gift for you Maiyan.”
   “Really? But it’s your birthday.” Mai said.
   “I know, but I want to give you this. Here.” Nanase held out a necklace.
   “But Nanase, that is your mother’s locket.”
   “Yes it is, and I want you to have it Maiyan. So you won’t forget me when you and Waka are in America for the softball scholarship program.” Nanase sadly said as she tried to hold back her tears and trying to smile.
   Seeing this, Mai put on the locket and hugged Nanase tightly and said, “It’s okay Nanase. You don’t have to act strong in front of me…”
   After hearing this Nanase cried and hugged back, “I’m scared Maiyan, what if you don’t come back.”
   Mai laughed a little when she heard this and said, “Nanase no baka, there’s no way I’ll forget you. I’ll always come back to you like I promised when we were little and besides Nanase there’s something I’d like to tell you.”
   Nanase looked up to Mai, “What is it?”
   “I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a long time… Nanase, I really really lo…” Mai was cut off by the ringing of her mobile phone. “Mou… why now?” she thought as she picked up the call.
   “Moshi moshi, this is Ma…” she wasn’t able to finish as her cousin’s voice boomed over the phone.
   “Hey Mai! Mou, where are you and Nanase?! I’ve been waiting here for an hour. Reika’s recital is about to start, you both promised her to watch it.” Wakatsuki said over the phone.
   “That was today? Okay we’ll be right there.” Mai answered back and hung up.
   “Who was that?” Nanase asked.
   “It’s Waka, she reminded us about Reika’s recital. Let’s go?”
   “Oh right. I almost forgot. Yeah we better go now.” Nanase said, “By the way Maiyan, what is it that you wanted to say to me before Wakatsuki called?”
   Mai suddenly felt her cheeks getting hotter so she avoided Nanase’s gaze and said, “It’s nothing. I was about to say we’re really late for the recital,right, that’s it. Let’s go.”
   Mai took Nanase’s hand and went out of the ride. “I’ll definitely tell her next time…” she promised to herself.

~~~ and i'm back... hope it's worth the wait for you all, if it's not then it's okay. i've been busy with my work/job and studies at the same time these past few weeks, and i've been sad because of the announcement of graduations of Nanamin (been playing sayonara no imi repeatedly on my laptop and phone) and Paruru but i'll try to update again within this week...~Ajan05

P.S. Thanks for all the comments it really makes me happy. :byebye:
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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 6 23/10/2016
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“Yes it is, and I want you to have it Maiyan. So you won’t forget me when you and Waka are in America for the softball scholarship program.” Nanase sadly said as she tried to hold back her tears and trying to smile.
a separation gift huh :hehehe: are? maiyan and waka will going to america? cool~ please comeback soon, naachan is waiting for you maiyan! :on thumbb:
then what about reika? got separated from waka too? or going to america? :?

that waka.. why you must interupt nanamai moments?! :scolding:

i've been sad because of the announcement of graduations of Nanamin and Paruru
everyone are sad too, just support for their carrer after graduate :on drink:

thanks for the update^^
just a simple otaku and silent reader

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 6 23/10/2016
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"I really really lo-"
gaaaaaaa!!!! :banghead:

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