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Author Topic: Because we're both girls [Mayuki]  (Read 8132 times)

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Because we're both girls [Mayuki]
« on: February 16, 2013, 08:06:58 PM »
I have had this idea a long time ago but was so lazy to write out, however i finally did it lol. This story bases on a plot of an oneshot manga i really like. However, i changed some of it and in the end, i realized i had changed "a lot", in my opinion  :nervous

So yeah, enjoy guys. If you want to read the manga, i believe the title is "I don't love you". I don't know why but i have the feeling the original was better than mine lol

One more thing, even this is a oneshot but i feel it a little too long

Because we're both girls

It was an early morning, the students were hurried to school, afraid of being late. However, there was two people didn’t mind about it, quietly stood behind the school. A boy and a girl.

“K-Kashiwagi-senpai…” the boy called out nervously

“P-Please go out with me, I have liked you since the first time I saw you!!!”

There was a short silence in the air, making the worried boy now even worrier. Since he was younger and nothing compare to the belle of school. A beautiful, smart and yet rich girl.

“Sure” she answered happily.

“Really? For real?” he looked at her amazed

“Yup, why not.” she smiled angelic “I have a feeling I might like you. And by the way, call me Yuki. Since you’re my boy friend now”

“O-Ok, Yuki-senpai!”

The first class hadn’t started, the teacher hadn’t arrived yet. It was time for students doing their chit chat in a morning. Especially the girls.

“Neh neh neh, do you know Yuki-chan just got a new boy friend today” said Yuko

“Oh really? Wasn’t her just broke up with her the one in class B yesterday?” Tomochin replied.

“Have you heard anything from her?” Takahashi turned to ask one of the four girls, the who are peeling and eating tangerine like an old lady.

“Since when the table becomes your kotatsu?” Tomochin frowned.

(Note : konatsu is a table covered with blanket, and heat underneath)

“Nope, I haven’t” she chewed a piece of tangerine “But I bet she will tell me soon”

As soon as she finished her words, her phone vibrated.

“Speaking of which here comes one now” Yuko smirked

From: Yukirin
Content: Neh neh I have good news.
I just got a boy friend   
I want you to meet him ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
“What did she say?” asked the pervert excitedly

“She wants me to meet her boyfriend during lunch”

“Are you ok with that?” said the midget

“I don’t see any problem”

“At first I thought you two are going out” Tomochin looked at the girl suspiciously

“We’re friends, friends” said the girl calmly as she showed her Cyborg smile, a bright smile that lighting the whole place.

“Her halo hurts my eyes!” Yuko covered her eyes shouted.

…Lunch time, on school rooftop…

“I’m so happy to have lunch with you, Yuki-senpai” the boy said happily.

“Hahaha Yui-kun is so cute”

“Just the two of us, sharing lunch. Like in dream”

“Two of us?”

“Yes, Yuki-senpai and me”

“Nope, my friend is coming too”

“Your friend?”

“Yes, my best friend”

At the same time, the rooftop’s door opened. Revealing a middle height girl, her black silk hair was tied up to two pigtails. She was wearing a cold face, but yet beautiful. Like an Ice Princess.

“Mayuyu!!!Over here! Over here!” Yuki waved the girl.

“This is my best friend Mayuyu” she hugged the girl “And this guy is my boy friend, Yokoyama Yui”

He bowed to the just came in girl, she did the same plus a famous Cyborg smile

“Please take care of her, Yuki’s a very precious to me”

“L-Leave it to me” he blushed a little, compared to Yuki, Mayu is also a very cute girl.

“But to be honest, I’m really glad that she found a guy like you. Otherwise she would cling on me crying non-stop, and mumbling the guy just broke up with her yesterday” Mayu nodded like a grandma.

“Mayuyu! Don’t say that in front of him!” Yuki blushed hitting the girl

“Ouch! Ouch! It’s hurt!!”

Watching the girls, Yui laughed

They’re so closed he thought, feeling secure But I’m glad both of them are girls

“If I’m continue with you, lunch will over soon” said the Cyborg “And I haven’t even started to eat yet”

“That should be mine line”

The two of them stopped fighting and started to eat, while eating. They all talked about things…things that only two of them know, like completely lost in their own world forgetting about the existence of Yui.

“Can you believe it? That’s what my mom said” Yuki said with the chopsticks on her hands.

“Well, you can’t help it. That’s Mama-rin’s personality. You should do what she asked”


“No BUT, eat your lunch”

“Arggg” Yuki’s unhappily did what Mayu ask.

“Oh yeah! Mom said she and dad will be going out during the weekend. She told me to ask you to come, only if you want to?” the belle completely changed her tone, as if the second ago she hadn’t mad at all.

“I really want to say no, but I guess I have no choice. Without me you can’t do anything properly” Mayu shrugged her shoulders while closing the bento that she finished.

“Hehehe I love you” Yuki smiled hugging the girl

“Anou…” a voice said “How about me?” Yui asked, he was being forgotten the whole time. It not he didn’t want to participate the conversation, he just couldn’t catch up with them. Yui had tried a several time to say his ideas, however everything he said didn’t match their conversation. Even if it matched, it only at that second. A second after, Mayu and Yuki would jump to another one.

“Sure, you can come with us you’re her boy friend anyway” said Mayu as she ready to leave.

“Ah! Wait Mayuyu” Yuki pulled Mayu’s sleeve down “There’s some food left on your face” as she said, Yuki licked a piece of rice on edge of Mayu’s mouth. That was so close like Yuki almost kissed a part of her lips.

The boy was speechless, his face all red. He didn’t know how to describe the scene he was watching.

“Thanks. I’m going to class first, having a test next period. You guys enjoy your time” Mayu waved without looking back.

“Bye bye~ work hard on your test!”

“Yes, yes I’ll try” she answered tiredly and disappeared leaving the awkward couple.

“Do you guys usually do that?” Yui asked, feeling weird to see his girlfriend being so close to someone.

“Yes, that’s how we show our friendship” Yuki smiled, back to her lunch.

“Neh, I’m wondering, what makes you two became close friends?” asked Yui, he wants to know more about Yuki. Also, her best friend.

“Well…long story” she began to remember “It was whole way back when we were in middle school”

…Years ago…

The class had ended, it was time for students to clear their class. Some were sweeping, some were cleaning the board, disposing…everyone all have a job, suddenly a girl stopped working and asked one of her friends.

“My birthday is coming, and my mom is planning to make a big party for me. Do you want to come?” a girl asked

“I love it!” the other one replied happily.

“Me too, can I come?”


“How about me?”

“I want to come too!”

A bunch of girls excitedly asking, they all gathered around one girl. As if she was a celebrity.

“All of members in our class are welcome to come” she said loudly.

“You mean also Kashiwagi?” one girl sudden asked annoyingly.

“Her? Of course not. I never concerned she’s as a part of us” the girl said mockingly, giving a girl who are sweeping in the corner a hate glare. Same as the other.

“A person uses money to buy grades like her shouldn’t even be in our class.”

Yuki was silence, she didn’t show any oppose but her eyes saying she was about to cry.

“She is the shame of our class”

“I heard she has a tutor at home”

“Then why does she need to go to school?”

“Just stay home already”

The girls didn’t even care if the rumor was true, they all making a common cause with each others. They didn’t mind about what Yuki would think, they were spoke out loud.

When the poor girl couldn’t take anymore and about to cry. All the bad talks sudden stopped…by bailing of water.

“Sorry, my hand slipped” a girl bailed dirty cleaning water to a bunch of girls.

“What the heck are you doing Watanabe?” the girl started everything asked angrily

“Ahh~ My clothes are all wet” her friend complained

“And dirty” another girl continued

“And stinky” Mayu added, making all of them gave her a death glare.

“You! I will remember this” she shouted pointing at them, as she left the room the other followed her.

The class immediately quieted down, all the girls were left, only two of them in the room.

“What a mess” Mayu said boringly “Hey you! Come and help me” she ordered, making the other girl a little surprised. She was the first person who had spoken to Yuki, even it wasn’t seemed so friendly.

Yuki didn’t say anything, she quietly followed Mayu, came and helped her. But still, there was an awkward silence between them.

“Neh” Mayu sudden called, making Yuki startled

“Why don’t you tell them the truth that you didn’t use your family money, but did it yourself?” the Cyborg looked into the ojou-sama eyes deeply, making she blushed.

“They wouldn’t believe it” Yuki eyeing the ground, continue the cleaning “This is not the first time things happen, it was the same as the other schools too”

“I have moved to a lot of schools and tried really hard to not have the same troubles, however, nothing changed” she smiled bitterly.

Mayu didn’t say anything, she took the wiper in Yuki’s hand.

“Doesn’t matter what everyone say, you don’t have to care about it.” she cleaned most of it, eyes on the ground “If they’re jealous with your grades, let them be…If they don’t want to be friend with you, I’ll be your friend…If one day they want to leave you, just remember, I’ll be always by your side… --- That’s what she said” Yuki smiled warmly, remembering the seriousness in Mayu’ eyes when she said it “Since that day, we always together, no matter I’m sad or happy, Mayu will be the first one I look for”

“I see…” Yui quiet amazed by the story, he didn’t know the belle of school had such a bad time. Also, the bond between Mayu and her making him even admirer about them.

…After school…



“Ahhh…C-Cold…” Mayu whining in the wind of fall.

“Come here” Yuki opened her arms, holding the girl tightly

“Can’t we just wait inside?” Mayu said in Yuki’s embrace

“Nope, we promised to meet here”

“Your phone is vibrating” Mayu took the phone out from the jacket of Yuki’s front pocket as they hugging each other

“A text”

“From Yui?”

From : Yui
Content : Dear Yuki-senpai,
 I think I’m too immature compared to you, especially after heard your story. I can’t talk to you yet, I’ll work harder to match you. Please wait for me, I’m breaking up with you.

“I got dumped…”

Oh no…This is not good. I haven’t prepared my mind to bear the flood yet… Mayu sweated.

“Hah…” Yuki let out a sad chuckle, she was laughing at herself “I should know he’s a sensitive person...” she stopped, trying to hold the tears

“But… it too late now”

She cried loud, her tears just like that flowing out, she was holding Mayu tight, now even tighter.

“Hey…don’t cry Yukirin, the tears will make you look bad …” Mayu gently said, holding Yuki’s face, contacting their foreheads together.

“…*sobs*…*sobs*…Uhm…” she tried to hold her tears.

“Next time, try to know someone before dating ok?”

“But… would he still be there by the time I got know him?” Yuki looked down sadly “Love is not visible…”

Mayu was frozen in a couple seconds after she heard the statement.

It’s because you have this opinion that why things always get so complicated. The Cyborg thought helplessly. She let out a sigh

“But you haven’t tried it right?” Mayu got closer to Yuki, landed her lips on wet spots of the girl’s face, cleaned away the tear “If that person wasn’t there, then I’ll be there for you”

“Uhm…” Yuki nodded, letting out a bright smile.

“I wanna watch a movie Mayuyu”


…At the movie shop…

“I thought we’re going to theater?” Mayu said looking around.

“Nahhh…There’re so many people in there” she put down a movie, grab another one “I want to have a private space”

Mayu only sighed, she didn’t know what to say with this girl anymore.

“I’ll be looking around at anime section, let’s meet in the checkout”


After shortly 15 minutes, Mayu waiting for Yuki at the destination. However, she was a little surprised to see the girl coming to this direction with a bunch of movies in her hands and…a handsome guy.

“Who is this?” asked Mayu

“Let’s me introduce you, this is Mii-kun, we just met at inside”


“I have too much movies so he helped me carry some of it” she pointing at a huge stack of movies in his hands.

“Is there anything that you haven’t told me?”

“Erm…” Yuki blushed a little, looking to aside

“Well, you see…he is…”

“Louder, I can’t hear”

“H-He…is…he is…”

“Her boyfriend” Mii-kun cut in, smile happily

I knew it!!!

Since it after school and still early, they went to eat something to understand more about Mii-kun

“Oh, so you are from the AKBingo Boys School huh?”

“You know it?”

“I bet in whole A.K.B High School, you’re the only one who doesn’t know.” Mayu sighed “That’s school only 5 minutes away from ours” then she turned to Mii-kun

 “So tell me Mii-kun, a handsome guy like you, what made you interested in this girl…?” they both looking at Yuki, who were busying with her ice cream. Even they’re looking at the same direction, same person, but in their eyes. There were two completely different images. In Mii-kun’s eyes was a beautiful goddess who’s enjoying her ice cream. And in Mayu’s eyes, nothing but a clumsy normal girl.

“She’s so perfect…from her white milky skin, to her attractive eyes, the elegant nose and those full lips. Yuki-chan’s like my ideal girl” Mii-kun said dreamingly.

Wait till you know all of her defectives…

“AH!” sudden shouted Yuki, she was too careless while inclining glass made all the ice cream spilled on her shirt.

“How can you be so careless?” Mayu facepalmed “Let’s go to my house, it’s close here”

It was a normal size house, designed in white with a cute small garden in front. Mayu was living with her sister, Watanabe Miyuki, their parents mostly work oversea so only two of them live in the house. By the time they got in, Miyuki also just came back from her university. She was in kitchen prepared some foods.

“Hi Yuki-chan!”

“Good evening Miyuki-san~”

“And this guy is…?”

“Yuki’s boy friend, his name is Minegishi Minami”

“Mii-kun for short” he replied full of energy

“Oh nice to meet you Mii-kun. I’m Miyuki” she seemed like him.

They gave each other a big handshake, looking at them, Mayu decided to ignore. She told Yuki to get in the bathroom, as she went to get some clothes for her.

“Can I use the bath Miyuki-san?” asked Yuki from inside the bathroom after saw the bath full of water.

“Sure, I just filled it” she shouted to the girl, made sure she’d hear it.

“Do you want something to eat? I’m making dinner”

“Nah, it’s ok. Thank you so much, you’re so nice” Mii-kun sweetly said.

They were talking about schools, friends, all kind of stuffs. Mii-kun was a person easy to talk to, also Miyuki, plus her humorous. Both of them were pretty enjoyed the conversation, until the noises in the bathroom destroyed the entire mood. 

“Yada! I’ll take a shower later!” shouted Mayu as she tried to get away from Yuki

“Come on, we haven’t bath together in awhile”

“It’s too small for both of us!”

“It’s ok, I’ll move aside for you”

“I said no is no!!”

“Come on, Mayuyu~” said Yuki, continued to pulled Mayu’s hand.

The floor was too wet plus Mayu wasn’t strong, she couldn’t resist but being pulled by the girl who’re sitting in the bathtub.

“Hahahaha!!!” laughed Yuki, looking at the wet girl

“” Mayu raised her head gloomily “Take this” she shouted beginning to ticklish Yuki, making she laughed out tears.

“Hahaha gomen gomen Mayu!!” 

“Not yet, I’m not done yet”


“Too late” Mayu smirked mischievous.

“No, no, not that place please” Yuki said freaking, her voice began to shake. Then, a scream was shouted, echoing over the place. No one knows what happened, except the two of them.

Mii-kun and Miyuki’s face redden, the air began to fill with awkwardness. They didn’t even know how to continue the conversation.
Tired of playing, Mayu widen Yuki’s legs to get in the middle space. She was sitting in Yuki’s embrace with her back facing the girl. Resting to the back, laid on Yuki’s chest, the Cyborg enjoyed the peaceful.

“This feel so good” she closed her eyes.

“Yeah…” agreed Yuki, as she rested her head on Mayu’s shoulder.

They both quiet for awhile, no speaking, no moving, just sat and enjoying accompany of each others. The time was like frozen, they didn’t know how long it take, but sure I was a long time.

“Neh, let’s get out”

“Just a little bit” said Yuki, as she buried her face in Mayu’s neck

“You don’t want to let Mii-kun wait for too long, do you?”

Yuki sudden froze after heard the statement, she had forgot about the existence of Mii-kun.

“Sorry for making you wait!” the ojou-sama said with a tone of full energy

“Huh? Mii-kun?”

“He went home” said Miyuki from the kitchen.


“Waiting for you two is like waiting to pay the groceries. Long and wasting time” she said, put a cleaned dish into cabinets.

“Wait! You had dinner already!?” asked Mayu surprised.

“What do you think? Wait for you and starve to death? I’m not that stupid” Miyuki said proudly.

“Ah! I have to go home. My chauffeur is here” said Yuki, who rushing to the door “Bye Miyuki-san~~”

“Bye bye Yuki-chan, come when you feel to!!”

“Sure, I’ll!!” with that she disappeared. Leaving the two Watanabe alone.

“Where’s my dinner?” asked Mayu, again.

“Mii-kun helped me finished it while someone was doing the lovey-dovey stuffs”

“W-What!?” the head flew out from Mayu’s ears.

Class was over, the students busied to pack their stuff and ready to go. However, there, in a back corner of the room. A group of multiple students were still talking, seemed like thay hadn’t planned to go home yet.

“Neh Mayu, who was the guy with you two yesterday? I saw him wearing AKBingo Boys School’s uniform?” asked Yuko interestedly.

“You mean the rich boy school?” Tomochin with her bags on.

“You mean Mii-kun?” she put her books in “He’s Yuki’s new boy friend”

“Ehhhhhh!?!?” both of them shouted in unison.

“What happened with the boys from yesterday?” the fashioned girl asked

 “They broke up”

“Whyyyy? He’s so cute” Yuko disappointed.

“Don’t worry, this one is really handsome” said Mayu in a monotonous tone, making Yuko and Tomochin gave her a creepy look.

“What’s wrong with you guys?” she said feeling strange.

“How can you say it with that face?” Tomochin facepalmed dramatically.

“If you’re ok with that, then fine…” Yuko also shook her dead helplessly.

Mayu was just looking at her friends, then she sudden remembered something.

“Where’s Bakamina? I don’t see her around”

“I heard she had a date today with…what was the name? Ma…eda Akiko?” Yuko made a fun sound at last word

“It’s Maeda Atsuko”

“Yes! That’s right, Atsuko!”

“But I don’t know where they’re going?”

“As if I know”


Boringly hearing the useless gossip from her friends, Mayu decided to look out the window. From the third floor, she had a nice view to look at everything going on in the ground. Suddenly, something caught her eyes which make her rushed out to the door

“Hey! where are you going Shiriri-chan?”


Was the only answer, Yuko and Tomochin confusedly looking to each other’s and shook their heads.

“YUKIRIN!!!” Mayu shouted to a figure not far from front gate. As she remembered the scene she just saw. Yuki was standing in the front gate talking with a guy, from the uniform. She could tell it was Mii-kun, Mayu didn’t know what they had talked.

However, the next second she saw Mii-kun went to one direction and Yuki went to the other one. Didn’t have to say, she could guess something happened.

 “Why don’t you answer me?” she touched Yuki’s shoulder, making she turned back, with a sorrowful face.

“Oh it’s you Mayuyu, sorry I didn’t pay attention” she quickly cleaned the tears.

“Are you alr---”

“I’m ok” a soft smile formed on her face, interrupted Mayu’s sentence.

“Okay…” Mayu let out a sigh, feeling better.  She believed in Yuki, she never lied to her.

“Wanna go to my house? Today the chef will cook you favorite curry?” said Yuki as she took Mayu’s hand tucked in her pocket.

“Really? I miss your chef cooking already” Mayu excitedly agreed.

“But before that can we drop by the art stores. I’m out of paints”

“No problem!” Yuki cling onto Mayu’s arm as they started to move

“But remember, don’t get lost, it’s a really big store”

“I know. I know, I’ll closely follow behind you. Don’t’ worry”

Why her statement makes me even worrier?...

…10 minutes later…

“I need this, and this” Mayu placed some paints in a iron basket “Let’s go Yukirin...”

No replies


She looked around and seeing no one.

“That trouble maker…”

…At the same time, somewhere in the store…

“I’m lost” Yuki looking around “Mayuyu is going to get mad at me” she sighed

“Nah, it’s ok. She can call me if she wants”

Yuki impartiality wandering around. But all of sudden she stopped, there was something on the shelf that really catch her eyes. Yuki intently looking at it, that didn’t even realize another shelf behind her back, was falling on her because of broken.

A loud BANG was created, immediately gained Mayu attention. She hurried rushed toward its direction, even she didn’t what happened, but she had a bad feeling. On her way, she heard a couple of comments that she wouldn’t like to hear

“I heard it’s a student of the famous A.K.B High School”

“Oh my god, it’s a girl right?”

 “The shelf is really heavy? I wonder if she’s ok”

Ignoring the comments of people, Mayu breathlessly running. She’s not an athletic person, and her body couldn’t take it. But she didn’t allow it to stop. Right the moment she arrived, her legs felt like it’s going to fall apart.

“Yukirin!!” Mayu shouted, ran toward the girl’s direction, checking as if she’s ok. There’re a lot of stuffs laid on the ground.

“Did you get hurt anywhere?” she carried the girl’s check

Yuki didn’t reply but sudden hugged the smaller figure tightly, her body was shaking.

“I-I—I got a confess”


“Ohhh~ So you saved her when the shelf fell down and then confessed to her right after that” a women asked

“Yes, at the moment I saw her I even thought she was an angel” a light blush appeared on the new coming guy face.

“Angel? You mean our Yuki?” the women burst out laughing

“What do you mean by that?” Yuki checks redden.

“I agree with Mamarin, I see no angel in her” Mayu said while eating her curry.

“Don’t play along with her Mayuyu!”

A huge table with four people laughed and talked happily.

“What is your name again?” Mamarin asked

“It’s Sae, Mizayawa Sae” the boy smiled charmingly.

“Yes, Sae-kun. You’re welcome to come here anytime”

“Okay mom, we’re going to watch a movie. Please excuse us” Yuki said stood up

“Let’s go Sae-kun”

“Ok” he followed behind

“Your daughter is grew eh?” Mayu said as if she’s Mamarin’s friend.

“Yeah, she has growth a lot, now even bringing her boyfriend home” she replied dramatically.

“Yup, the kids are growing too fast recently” both of them nodded, agreeably

“ARE YOU COMING OR NOT?” Yuki shouted from upstairs

“Okay! Okay!” Mayu shouted back, began to move from her seat.

As Mayu’s shadow faded away, a whispered could be hear…

“I’m glad that Yuki has someone like you by her side”

“What are we going to watch?” Sae asked from his seat, a single couch, then he took a look at the other two girls. Who were in a couple couch.

“Ask your girlfriend, but I think it doesn’t matter anyway. Since she’ll be doze off in the middle of the movie”

“I won’t today”

“You always say that” Mayu looked to the other way, avoiding to argue with Yuki.

The movie started and ended, 2 hours and 45 minutes just like that wastefully passed. Mayu reached the remote and turned the TV off. She sighed and looked at a heavy living creature on her shoulder.

Just like Mayu said, Yuki had fallen asleep during the movie. She was hugging Mayu and resting her head on the girl’s shoulder, making her couldn’t even move.

“This is sucks” said the Cyborg

“Hey Sae come here”

“Yes?” he came not so happy, this should be his seat. He was dating Yuki but why he had to sat all along by himself. Especially seeing Mayu with Yuki like this, made him really jealous.

“You’re her boyfriend right?”

“Yeah, I guess”

“Then why don’t you take her to her room? I can’t move if she clings on me like this”

Heard Mayu’s words made Sae a little surprised, she’s nicer than he thought. Sae was about to take Yuki to her room, but the moment he touched her, Yuki opened her eye sleepily. She rubbed it cutely.

“Huh? Sae-kun?”

“It’s time to go to bed” Sae said sweetly

“Oh…” she yawned

“Are you going home?” asked Yuki, who turned to Mayu’s direction.

“Yeah, it’s getting late” the Cyborg stood up, checking her watch.

“Okay, good night” Yuki kissed Mayu on the check, then Mayu did the same. Sae had no idea what to say while looking at them.

“L-Let’s me help you to your room princess” he stuttered

“Sae-kun is so sweet” with that, Yuki and Sae walked to one direction while Mayu quietly walked down the stair. Waiting her there was Kashiwagi’s Butler.

“The car is waiting for you outside” the old man bowed to her,

Mayu smiled then walked passing him “You don’t have to do this. My house is close to here, I don’t need a ride. If you want, give that guy a ride” Mayu pointing to the back with her thumb, to Sae, who just walked down out of the blue.

Out of the mansion, Mayu sighed looking up to the starry night sky, she put both of her hands to the jacket’s pockets.

Tch, this is so cold she thought to herself

Let’s hurry home, I don’t want to catch a cold

As she fasten her feet, a voice called her from behind.




“Please wait!!!” a guy in uniform ran to her, trying to catch his breath.

“Oh Sae, what’s up?”

“Let’s me walk you home, it’s dangerous at this hour”

Mayu thought for a couple seconds then replied “Ok”

They both walk in silence until Sae couldn’t take anymore and asked.

“What is the relation---??”

“We’re friends, friends” Mayu cut in


“Because we’re so close, that’s why people always misunderstood” she smiled.

“Oh, I see” Sae let out a sigh of relief.

“Like I thought, since you guys are both girls, it’s impossible right?” he laughed at himself

“Tomorrow is a weekend, why don’t you take her to a date?” asked Mayu sudden as she showed two tickets to Nezumi Land “I just got this from someone, as a thank you gift”

(Note : Nezumi Land, a Japanese way to say Disney Land)

“Really? Thank you so much Watanabe-san!! You’re such a nice person” Sae jumped in joy, holding Mayu’s hands.

“Haha your welcome” she smiled “Ah! This is my house”

“Good night!!”


*click* sounds of the door lock, Mayu threw her shoes off and the bag at the front door.

Because we’re both girls huh?

…The next day…

“I’m sick” Mayu laid tiredly on her bed, talking to the other end of her phone.


“Yesterday I was chilled, because of staying outside for too long. The wind blew was too much for my body to handle”

“That’s terrible, how are you feeling now?” Yuki asked worriedly

“…” Mayu stopped, thought for a second If I’m telling her how I’m really feel then she might rush toward here right away… her sweat dropped

“Nah, I’m feeling ok”

“Great! I’ll come to your house right away!” with that, the phone immediately went off.

Mayu looking at her phone helplessly,

Is she really get what I just said??

“Who was that?” asked Sae who came with two ice creams in his hands, and a Micky’s ear on his head. He looked at Yuki began to pack up her things confusedly.

“It’s Mayuyu, she caught a cold”

“Wait” he stopped, and then continued “Don’t tell me you’re going to her side right now?”

“Yes, will you go with me?” the ojou-sama asked innocently.

“Isn’t it just a cold?”

“But I can’t leave Mayu like this” said Yuki as she stood up,

“You’re coming right?”

Sae was silence, he looked on the ground for a while, before spoke again.

“I’m not going”

“Why not?” she still smiling, hadn’t got the situation.

“I’m your boyfriend right? Then stay with me” he said calmly.

“But…Mayu needs me”

“Between me and her, who you think would need you more?”

This time was Yuki’s turn became silence, she did not reply but quietly looking at Sae.

“Will you stop being close friend with her?”

His statement made her stunned

“From what I’m seeing, you two are so strange. Even you guys always saying you’re close friends, however, it doesn’t seem like that. Friends, sisterhoods , lovers, they don’t even act to the way you act. So close, so understanding, so important to each other”

Yuki was silence looking at Sae, she’s showing no emotions on her face.

“You know, Sae-kun…”


*ding dong*

*ding dong*

*ding dong*

*ding dong*

*ding dong*

*ding dong*

*ding dong*

Mayu madly lifted her body up to the door, she didn’t know who would that be but one thing for sure was she’s going to punch him in the face, for harassing crime. However, the first thing she saw after opened the door made all of her rage went away.

Looking at the melancholy Yuki, Mayu could tell what happened.

“Get inside, its cold out here” she said holding the girl’s hand leading her in.

Even she was sick, but Mayu still had to go around and prepared drink for the spacing girl.

“Take this, it will warm you up” she unlinked Yuki’s hand and placed a warm cup in, quietly holding the drink, Yuki continued looking on the ground.

Slowly, a sparkling liquid dropped. Yuki began to cry, she could not take it anymore.

“…Why? You’re so precious to me but why no one understands it?” she held the cup tight

“I know it’s my fault, the reason why everyone always left me…But…I just can’t help thinking about you… If something comes up, Mayu’s face will just pop up in my mind. Whenever I do something, I will remember about Mayu. When I’m sad or happy, Mayuyu will be the first person I want to see.” she stopped to take a breath, crying made her out of air.

“You are my comfort, my reliance, my whole world…but…they just don’t get it.” Yuki turned to the girl, closing the distance between their faces

“Everyone left, Mayu…” she closed her eyes sadly, eskimo kissed Mayu

“…No…That’s not it…even if the whole wide world abandoned you. I’ll always be your side, remember?” she let out a soft smile “And also Mamarin, Yuko, Bakamina, Tomochin, Miyuki and many, many others they would do the same too”

“We love you, Yukirin…A unique, only one Kashiwagi Yuki in the world” Mayu closed her eyes, connected their foreheads.

“Um…I love you too…” Yuki smiled warmly, she cried again, but the tears of joy

“But Mayuyu…”


“Your forehead is so hot”


“Because…I’m sick…” said the Cyborg helplessly.

Hearing it, Yuki immediately pushed Mayu on the sofa, with her on top.

“I’ll go and buy some fruits, medicines, and ice cream. DON’T.YOU.DARE.TO.MOVE”


“REST!” was what she said, then disappeared like blow of wind

I was about to tell her, Miyuki already got all of it in the kitchen before she went out… thought Mayu

But…doesn’t matter, sometimes being a patient is also nice…

Mayu was walking to school, her cold hadn’t completely gone yet. However, she felt she wanted to come to school. Being at home made her felt bored, she wanted to change the air. Also seeing someone.

As she arrived the school, still in the campus. A voice already called out her name, shouting loudly from upstairs. Making she couldn’t help but feel trouble


“You’re too loud, even in the morning” she murmured at the last part.

“Listen to this!!!” Mayu was listening

“I just got a confess!!”


“No way...”

Mayu scratched her head helplessly

“Get your butt up here, there’s so many things I want to tell you!!!!” shouted Yuki happily, hadn’t seen the girls in a couple days already made she missed her

“Okay, okay, wait there. I’m coming”


I wonder when would she improve? thought Cyborg as she went up stair.


“Huh?” feeling someone behind, Mayu turned back. It was a waka-sama, a real one. His skin was pale, a black silk long hair, with fashioned style. He didn’t look like an athletic person, but more about reading and literature stuffs. He also had a little mole on left check, if people don’t look at it clear enough, they probably would not see it.

He smiled charmingly, “I won’t lose” then disappeared. Even before Mayu could react.

“Who is this, I ask…” Mayu haft opened her eyes

But then she let out a victorious smile and then murmured

“However, if you dare to, try it. But I have to warn you, what mine will always be mine…”

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Re: Because we're both girls [Mayuki]
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2013, 08:41:32 PM »
oh dear yukirin, so many boyfriends but so many break ups  :gyaaah:
awww mayuyu is so sweet, she will always be with yukirin  :luvluv2: :onioncheer:
love the fic  :farofflook:
please make more mayuki  :kneelbow: :pleeease:
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Re: Because we're both girls [Mayuki]
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2013, 08:42:33 PM »
eeeeeeehhhhhhhhh finish ???? any next chapters was that an oneshot ???

please write a next chapter  :bow:
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Re: Because we're both girls [Mayuki]
« Reply #3 on: February 17, 2013, 12:16:22 AM »
that's 4 boyfriends (or 5) in one chapter. it was kind of impressive but Yuki is quite dense to her feeling.
But I like this story; the development is not like "Ah! I really really like her" kind of plot... it's more like friends developmening to lovers kind of thing but both (i think) still think think that the other one is a precious friend.
And is it a oneshot? the [fin] thingy push me off. If it's not... pls do update.

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Re: Because we're both girls [Mayuki]
« Reply #4 on: February 17, 2013, 01:06:55 AM »
wow I love it  :wub:
I think yours is more interesting than the manga :grin:
if it's ok I wanna a continuation to see how will be the match between Mayu and the mysterious handsome guy (who made me think about Rena XD ) who want to win Yuki's heart  :grin:
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Re: Because we're both girls [Mayuki]
« Reply #5 on: February 17, 2013, 01:33:52 AM »
wow so many boyfriends!!!  :catglare:

luckily Yuki has Mayu always  :wub:

MaYuki :inlove:

Thanks for the OS!! :bow:

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Re: Because we're both girls [Mayuki]
« Reply #6 on: February 17, 2013, 02:10:08 AM »
Nice fic and drawing .... Thank you

Yuki is so innocent somehow... she knew that Mayu is her most important person... but she didn't know how much....

I think Yuki love Mayu but since people always say 2 girls can't be together so her feeling for Mayu is only friendship... while it was more than that....

Yuki accept people confession to quickly... every single guys seem to know that Yuki love Mayu the most... so that's why they broke up...

I hope you continue this fic...

I want to know who is this guy that challanging Mayu.... I think he's trying to say that he would make Yuki choose him and not Mayu anymore....

I want to know how and what's going to happen.

Mayu seem to treat Yuki as her daughter... and friend... I don't think she knew her feeling for Yuki except friendship.

They are both dense...

 :wub: :inlove: :heart: :yep:

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Because we're both girls [Mayuki]
« Reply #7 on: February 17, 2013, 02:34:32 AM »
so cute  :inlove:
please continuous this
mayuki  :wub:

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Re: Because we're both girls [Mayuki]
« Reply #8 on: February 17, 2013, 02:56:48 AM »
I wasn't sure about the ending but then cisda83 confirmed what I thought.

I like how things develop between them, they're so close and dependent on each other (more like Yuki relying on Mayu).
I wanna see happy MaYuki, so please continue this :wub: lol

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Re: Because we're both girls [Mayuki]
« Reply #9 on: February 17, 2013, 04:06:25 AM »
i know this is a OS...
but i can't understand the last part.. *sigh

pls!!!part 2 >_<
 :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

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Re: Because we're both girls [Mayuki]
« Reply #10 on: February 17, 2013, 04:10:17 AM »
i know this is a OS...
but i can't understand the last part.. *sigh

pls!!!part 2 >_<
 :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

I agree!! Hope there's a part 2 for this fic.

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Re: Because we're both girls [Mayuki]
« Reply #11 on: February 17, 2013, 05:55:55 AM »
I feel so face-palm right now...

It's not that the fic isn't worth reading, it's just that... Yuki is such a dense person! *Face-palm

Seriously, I want a continuation! I want Mayu to win! xD

Well, it's up to you really. But I think most of your readers would love it if you post up another part~

I got the feeling that I should bug you in Twitter :TrollFace:

Thank you for the 'unique' OS  :deco:


I read it again and somehow understood...?

The problem with Yuki is that she really is dense! I mean, can't she just accept the fact that she loves Mayu more than a best friend? Or hasn't she realized that yet? And Mayu, I think she needs to realize that Yuki and her are quite similar in a way. They both don't know they love each other more than that. And is the last guy Ren? xD And I guess it's quite wrong for same-sex relationship. I think Mayu is trying to protect Yuki and stay by her side because she loves her? Idk where this is going lol. I just need to figure out what happens next! I need part 2 pleaaase xD
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Re: Because we're both girls [Mayuki]
« Reply #12 on: February 17, 2013, 08:13:03 AM »
Wow! This one-shot is just beautiful...

But Yuki and Mayu are so dense! I can see that Mayu really loves Yuki and Yuki loves Mayu!!

Why Yuki have a lot of boyfriends XD She have one day and the next day another guy... It is too funny, I don't know why but it is too funny!

Thank you for this One-shot! Hope for part 2! Even if it is a one-shot...
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Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: Because we're both girls [Mayuki]
« Reply #13 on: February 17, 2013, 02:30:00 PM »

I really like this! I think a part 2 is a must.

Mayu and Yuki seem like they are already in love but not realizing it at all because they are both girls and the idea is not so natural in this world. Maybe something should happen that will finally make them realize.

Yuki keeps being dumped by guys after they see mayuki interaction. It's maybe because guys automatically see that Mayuki actually swing for each other.

Yuki's latest boyfriend during the last part. The one who challenged Mayu. Would he be Matsui Ren-sama perhaps? The only way I think that he will win is if he has a little brother named Jun who will win Mayu's heart. Hehehe!

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Re: Because we're both girls [Mayuki]
« Reply #14 on: February 17, 2013, 03:41:50 PM »
LOL .. I'm imagining. . about what will happened if Mayu got a boyfriend LOLOL

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Re: Because we're both girls [Mayuki]
« Reply #15 on: February 17, 2013, 03:47:08 PM »
I agree with above comments. The only way to make them/Yuki realise their/her love is to get Mayu a boyfriend!!
Ren-Jun addition would be perfect :fap

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Re: Because we're both girls [Mayuki]
« Reply #16 on: February 17, 2013, 03:55:48 PM »
I really enjoyed it  :ptam-ok:
Please make a continuation :kneelbow:
even though it's a one-shot make it two-shot  :bingo:
But thanks for the nice story  :farofflook:

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Re: Because we're both girls [Mayuki]
« Reply #17 on: February 18, 2013, 04:09:11 PM »
Thanks for the story! one of the funniest Yukirin ever! Can there be more chapters, please?  :twothumbs

The last guy should be rena, right? with a little mole on his left cheek hehehe  :P
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Re: Because we're both girls [Mayuki]
« Reply #18 on: February 19, 2013, 01:25:56 AM »
I have an announcement, unfortunately I won’t have a 2 part like most of you guys asked. I had decided to end the fic here.

I had put a lot of hints of how Mayuki will end up in the future, but seemed like not a lot had noticed it. Maybe because it’s not clear enough I guess, and I’m sorry about that.

But anyways, after read all the comments I decided to analyze the fic hahaha. You’ll see where those hints are.

Firstly, Yuki knows how important Mayu is to her, but she hasn’t realized that she loves Mayu just like most of you guys already noticed that. However, she is getting to understand it. In the part Sae and Yuki have a fight, Yuki was the one who breaks up. This sentence : “You know Sae-kun…” showing that Yuki was taking the initiative role. Not Sae, and it’s a big development. Because, it always is Yuki who got dumped. And now she’s starting to realize how much she loves Mayu and doesn’t like people to say about their relation or interrupt it.

Secondly, about Mayu, she did know her feeling for Yuki. “We’re friends” is  her pretext, even she said it a couple times during the fic. But you see, in the end after Ren or Rena left. Mayu let out a victorious smile and confidently accepts the challenge. From here, you can say Mayu knows her feeling for Yuki, she is playing a lover under the cover of best friend. She knows Yuki is hers and all they need is time for Yuki to realize that.

Thirdly, Mayu isn’t afraid of losing Yuki. She understands very well that Yuki’s heart had completely belonged to her and only hers. It all shows through the conversation between Mayu and the girls. She never worried whenever Yuki has a boyfriend, or goes out with someone. Because she knows even if Yuki did, in the end she will come back with her. That is just one of the steps helping Yuki notices her love for Mayu.

Soooo in conclusion, (sound like I’m doing an essay) Mayu and Yuki will be together for sure. The adults aren’t really seeing that as a problem. A typical example, Mamarin, she supports them. Even they’re both girls. Yuki, with a dense character like her, gender won’t be a matter. And Mayu, sometimes she would think about it, however, in the end Yuki will be what she cares the most.

The reason that I chose the title “Because we’re both girls”, first was to confuse the readers. And it worked really well, even beyond my imagination ^^! That’s why I have to explain everything, and I’m apologizing about that. Second was to say how advantage when two people are girls. In Mayuki’s case, that’s Mayu, she can hug, kiss, skinship or even taking bath together, officially but no one can say a word about them.

Also, I think some of you guys already knew but some are still wondering about the last appeared guy. I’ll say it’s Rena (Ren). The hints are, black hair, pale skin, a waka-sama or ojou-sama in a female way, and the most important, a mole on left cheek. DC2805 had pointed it out :]

And last, last thing I want to say also apologize. That is there’s a mistake in the fic, the last sentence instead of “However, if you dare to, try it…” it should be:

“However, if you dare to, try it. But I have to warn you, what mine will always be mine…”

If I had this from the start, I bet some of you guys wouldn’t be so confuse about the ending this much  :nervous

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Re: Because we're both girls [Mayuki]
« Reply #19 on: February 19, 2013, 01:44:45 AM »
Thanks for the explanation. :D
But I still want a part 2  XD

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