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Author Topic: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "It's a Love-Hate Business! pt 3" (WMatsui & Mayuki)  (Read 76339 times)

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Compromise" (KojiYuu & SaeYaka)
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“Oshima Yuko?”


“You are by now found guilty by the court for the act of slander between the managements. The courts hereby sentence your execution in 3 hours from now. You are now allowed to be dismissed.”

The girl paced slowly out of the room, her head stoop low, her fists grasp tightly; blood started to seep out of the thick skin of her palm. She feels nothing. There’s nothing left for her. Not when death is waiting for you with wide arms. She should be restrained under court’s order but the girl is a special case. The director had pleaded for her freedom before her punishment is due for the sole reason of covering up the scandal. Yeah, no one knows of her verdict except the magistrate, management and herself. Why? Because she isn’t at fault, at all. This was a game played by the upper positions, those ruling the government with dirty politics. Now, here she is, with nowhere to run to as she is stuck inside the AKB quarters.


Well, at least she has friends to spend her last time on earth… Yuko put up the happiest smile she could muster as she turns to greet Haruna.


Sayaka trudges through the forest, her eyes on the lookout for any of the guards or allied forces patrolling in the vicinity. She couldn’t get caught by them. She is, after all an outcast. A most highly wanted fugitive; a bounty with first-class reward had been place on her head, dead or alive. How did she become one? Simple. She refused to continue working with them; the so called allied government. The result was she is to be banished from the land forever. Only the word banish here is to become some sort of bait for the new recruits to play catch and kill games. She had been surviving in the woods alone all this while, people could actually see her as the new Rambo of Japan. She even befriended the animals, monkeys and gorillas mostly, as she feel obliged to protect them for compensation of giving her a shelter to live.

She sighs in relief as she neared a hiding spot known only by her and few others. Yes, she still keeps in touch with her fellow friends who have the same thoughts of the government. She reaches for a gadget inside her back pockets, reading once again the message received yesterday by her long parted partner. Everything is according to plan. Now she just had to wait for her.

A rustling sound from her back alerted Sayaka. She hides behind a rock just to make sure it’s not some soldier on patrol. However, a familiar face appeared from behind the bushes.

“Sae!” the tan girl greets her bestfriend delightfully, only to be responded with a grim, distraught face by the short-haired girl.


“They told me to come back.”

Sayaka turns to her friend with wide eyes; a little bit glad Sae had finally been called back from Shanghai. During their meetings before, the girl would always look heavily exhausted because of her travelling back and forth between Shanghai and Tokyo. Sae never complained but Sayaka knows she’s probably under a lot of stress, especially with the government pressuring her with no ends.

“So why the gloom face, Genking?” Sayaka tries to lift up the mood by a lame joke. Sae smiled bitterly, thinking back on the sole purpose she’s back.

“I would be happy, if I’m back in Tokyo… but I’m not.”

“What do you mean?”

“They ordered me to be in charge of the troops in Nagoya.”

“What the hell?”

“Oh hell it is….”

Silence took over. Both of them were deep in thoughts, with Sayaka trying to comprehend everything she was told.

“Can’t you reject them? Like what you did before?”

“…that’s another thing…”

Sayaka furrows her brow as a grim-looking Sae bits her lip; contemplate on telling her the truth.

“They’ve arranged everything perfectly. I… was caught in the dirt. They said I was giving out information to the enemy. They even caught me, who apparently someone in disguised, on tape…  I would never do something as degrading as selling out secrets to the enemy! They told me they would reveal everything to the president if I reject the “offer”. How kind of them…” Sae spats with mock.

“Sounds complicated enough.” Sae throws a pebble as far as she can, hoping her troubles would follow suit. Sayaka heaves a deep breath trying to think of some encouraging words.

“You know, I heard Nagoya’s diplomats are not as corrupted as ours… perhaps you could build a new life there.”

“It’s not that easy. And to think they would welcome a fellow Tokyo official to lead their troops? I don’t think so…” Indeed, things were complicated. To live in the harsh environment of corruption and overused power makes them a threat to other states. Sayaka takes a deep breath before stating out what she’s been thinking since the first day she was out casted.

“Join me.”


1 hour left

“Where are you taking me, Yuu-chan?”

“You’ll know soon, NyanNyan.”

They both jog steadily up the hill, hand in hand. Upon arriving at the top, Haruna’s jaw dropped to the ground, amazed by the view in front.

“AMAZING!!! I never knew this place exists! It’s a really wonderful view!”  Haruna claps her hands in delight. Yuko grins gleefully; glad that she can show Haruna this place before she leaves… leaving this world forever. Remembering what’s waiting for her in about an hour, Yuko gulps before reaching out for Haruna’s hand.

“Hey, I heard you got transferred back to Platoon A. That’s great!”

“Ah! I was about to surprise you with that but you beat me to it…” Haruna pouts a little. The squirrel chuckled amusedly.

“But I was hoping you would transfer to mine, though… That way, we can spend more “private” times together.” The girl wiggles her brow teasingly. Haruna merely slapped her arm lightly.

“You and your perverted thoughts…”

They share a loving stare for a while before Yuko diverts her eyes to the view… time is running out. She had actually planned of confessing to Haruna right here, at the hill. Only, the time is not now. Not like this when she is about to leave her love. It will be too cruel for Haruna, to hear her confession just to acknowledge she is about to be put into a death sentence soon. But the world is a heartless place, after all.

“Hey, NyanNyan…”


“Now that you’re back together in the same platoon with Takamina, could you do me a favor of taking care of the midget?”

“Hmm? Why?”

“You know… she’s having a hard time right now. After that tragedy with Acchan, she’s been living all her life keeping everything to herself.” 

“I know… that poor girl.”

“And while you’re at it, why don’t you start showing your true feelings to her, NyanNyan? I’m sure Takamina would love to have you as her company…” And again, the flirty squirrel nudges Haruna with her elbow a couple of times. The teasing resulted in Haruna blushing incredibly red.

“Wh-what are you saying, Yuu-chan!!! That’s im-impossible! I’ve never had any feelings for that Bakamina…”

“Then why are you stuttering right now…~” Yuko giggles as she sees the timid Haruna trying to hide her red face.

“Stupid Yuu-chan…” I only like you…

Oh, if only Yuko has a telepathic power right now, she would probably roll down the hill in happiness. However, Yuko makes her eyes believe that Haruna has feelings for their troop leader, Takamina. So why not just tell her feelings now? They’re unreciprocated, after all. Better let them all out before she regrets one more thing in her short life. She keeps staring onto Haruna’s face. Oh how she love it if that blushing was meant for her. If those eyes were for her to stare, those plump lips for her to kiss… those soft lips. Maybe she should just kiss her right now. She'll make excuses after that and blame Haruna for tempting her... I’m sorry for this, Haruna.


“Yea- HMMP!”

Just as Haruna turn her head sideways, her lips met with Yuko’s. Her eyes widen from Yuko’s sudden action, but she eventually calms down and begins to enjoy the sensation of both their lips mesh perfectly together. Both can feel sparks and lightning flashing behind closed eyes with a giddy feeling like butterflies swarming inside their tummy. The sweetness and soft texture of Haruna’s lips were wonderful, Yuko didn’t mind one bit if that’s the last memory she would remember before a bullet strike her heart.

Yuko pulls away, leaving Haruna in a dazed state. She was actually waiting for more from Yuko but a sudden commotion from below caught their attention. They see Takamina and Mii-chan rushing to their side with two soldiers not far from them.

“Yuko! Why didn’t you tell me about this?!” Takamina shakes Yuko’s shoulder furiously. The leader’s face struck with disappointment and sadness. Mii-chan steps in between them, holding Takamina firmly as she calms her down.

“What’s…going on?” Confused, Haruna tried asking while exchanging look with the three of them. Yuko however, just stayed still. She keeps her gaze on the ground, unable to look at them straight in the eyes…

“I’m sorry…”

Before Haruna could ask more, the soldiers from before had caught up with them and grab Yuko ruthlessly, binding her hands with a handcuff.

“Platoon K Captain, Oshima Yuko, you are to be brought back to the quarters to undergo your death sentence right at this moment. Any act of objection or hostility is considered a crime and will be brought to justice immediately.”


“Join me.”

“Saya-chan…” Sae was speechless with the proposition. Never had she thought of being an outcast like Sayaka. She had always imagined herself to be the one of the officials that would someday lead their troops to the right track, away from all scheme and misconduct played by the government. She wants to be the savior of everyone along with others, especially Sayaka. She can be the trump card playing outside the field to help them in throwing the terrible government.

“Think about it. There’s no restraint, no pressure. Well… except for the soldiers on the lookout for the bounty but heck they’re amateurs. We can easily outrun them. We can form another troop with other outcasts, maybe asking for Takamina and the others to join us too. We can start an opposition group after that. We can work together… you and me; the most famed legendary mighty Twin Towers. Just like old times...” Sayaka’s hopeful and determined face makes Sae’s heart melt. It had been a long time since she last saw that face. She missed this Sayaka.

“You’re still as ambitious as before, Saya-chan…” Sae grins as she bumps her fist on the latter’s arm.  Sayaka return the punch back and without knowing it, they were throwing back fist-bump and tickles with each other while laughing wholeheartedly. The times where they had once acted like this were long forgotten as both have their own lives to live. Precious memories of their moments together suddenly came resurfacing again in each other’s mind. After countless of laughter and giggles, they laid down on the grassy ground. The sky is blue contrasting the green leaves shadowing them from the bright sunlight.

“What’s gonna happen to us now, Sae…”

“Probably some kissing and love making?” Sae grins innocently, avoiding another attempt of Sayaka to punch her.

“You’re crazy, you know!”

“Only for you~ Hehe…” Sae grabs Sayaka’s hand that was punching her, intertwining their hands together in a tight lock. “You know I still love you, right?”

“Sae…” Sayaka can see sincerity deep inside Sae’s eyes as they keep on staring one another in a loving gaze. Unknowingly, their head keeps getting closer every second, every inch shortened increasing their breath, waiting in anticipation for which lips will meet first. Sae was just about to close her eyes as she felt the other’s warm breath on her lips when her gadget suddenly vibrating in her pocket.

“Damn… sorry…” Sae takes out the gadget, finding it peculiar for the caller to contact her at this time.

“That better not be a girl…” Sayaka grumbles loudly as she picks herself up from the ground, dusting her back from dirt.

“Well, Mii-chan can be considered a boy… Hello? Miyazawa talking…”

The tan girl stands beside the other, trying to listen to their conversation.

“What? Okay...” Sae ends the call with a worried face.

“Yuko… they’ve taken her! She’s sentenced for death!”


“Take your positions, soldiers!”

Takes a deep breath, Yuko…


Everything will go smoothly…

“Aim your guns!”

You want to be free… right?



Everyone turns their head to the owner of the loud voice. Takamina steps out from behind her troops that are present on the ceremony with rushed steps, stopping in front of the Director. She stands still in a straight posture with eyes glaring the man fiercely. He held a deep sigh before signaling to the leader of the firing squad.

“Hold your fire… what is it, Takamina? I don’t have time for any more interruption.”

“Sir, my apologies. As the leader of my troop, I can’t help but to wonder the reason for the execution of Oshima Yuko. Why am I not informed of this, sir?”

The man only look intently towards Takamina behind his glasses, trying to intimidate the leader of AKB troop but she was unfazed with him after years of working under his care.

“All I can say is this is an order from the court and the magistrate. There’s nothing further for me to tell.”

“But, sir-“

“You may proceed, soldier.” Takamina continue glaring the man. Even if she’s the leader, she doesn’t have the power to oppose the Director. Her fate would be the same with Yuko if she dared to interfere with the execution.

“Ano… excuse me?” another interruption. But this time it’s from the person to be executed. Yuko braved herself to ask a favor.

“Could I say something… you know, as a last wish or something? Isn’t that what they always do before executing the criminal?”

The firing squad looked at each other. True. She should be given the privilege to at least say some last words. The all waited for the Director to voice out his order.

“Hmmm… Fine! Just don’t take so much time.”

Yuko flashes her squirrel smile before changing her façade into one that is full of anger.

“I just wanted to say… GTH, Management!

Just as she screamed the last word, a figure jumps in front of the firing squad, taking down three of them with her knife.


“Am I late for the party?” The girl proudly stands on top of the fallen men with a glorious pose and a stunning smirk.

“Sayaka, behind you!” as she turns around, the man suddenly stopped moving, falling down right after with a pool of blood on his back.

“Why do you have to screw a party without waiting for me?” Sae whined as she stood on top of a wall with guns in both hands.
“What? Not my fault you’re slower than me…”

“Tch. Show off…” Sae jumps down from the ledge to untie Yuko from the pole of death, as everyone calls it.

“Sayaka… Sae… what are you guys doing here?”

“Trying to save our lil bro, of course!”

“It’s been a while, Yuko!” Sayaka salutes in a cool way towards the small girl. After releasing Yuko, Sae gives a big hug to her old partner, with Sayaka following behind, squeezing the life out of them as Yuko’s feet were hanging from the ground.

“Team Shinyuu reunited!!!!” She screams in high spirits at the presence of the three of them together. However, their reunion halted as more soldiers appear before them.

“Time for party!”

Takamina and the others could only watch in anxiety and worry. They wanted to help them but the Special “World Order” Forces had blocked them from joining in and decided to take matters into their own hand as the Director summons them.

“I only need Miyazawa.” He directed the captain of the Special Forces as he bowed before running to his squad to give out orders.

Meanwhile, the trio were having fun with all the beating, shooting and slashing, it seems like they’re winning the battle. However, they don’t know the fate they are about to face in this game called destiny. One of the troops had his eyes on Yuko all the time, with a sniper on hand. He’s just waiting for the time to pull the trigger.

Haruna saw the sniper. She traced the sniper’s view and the target made her heart stop.

Yuko… No!


Hearing her name being called by her love, Yuko turns around to find the owner only to felt her world stop spinning. She could feel a bullet piercing right through her left shoulder, followed by three more on her body. The pain was overwhelming, but seeing the crying face of her NyanNyan was more agonizing than getting shot.


Haruna break through the human wall of the Special Forces and runs for her squirrel. She instantly hauls the lifeless Yuko into her lap, embracing the life out of Yuko with tears flowing freely down her cheeks.

“NyanNyan… have I ever tell you that you’re beautiful? I think the angels I’ll be meeting would feel envious of you as I told them about my NyanNyan…”
Haruna laugh slightly at the joke Yuko gave her despite her face is a mess of tears. The small girl never stops trying to amuse her, even until the end of her time. Haruna sobs uncontrollably, caressing the already pale face of her secret love.

“I never get to tell you this but… I always loved you, NyanNyan… Always… The kiss from before… was magical I feel like I’m gonna die in happiness…” Yuko chuckles with a short breath. Her view starts to become blurry as she reaches out to touch Haruna’s cheek.

“I was hoping if I could get another kiss from you… Just, one last kis-” Even before Yuko was finishing her sentence, Haruna had already prepared herself for the last kiss.

She smacked her lips with Yuko’s, sensing the same sensation she felt before trying to resurface again for the last time. Yuko smiled in locking lips, trying to remember the taste of Haruna’s lips. They shared a deep, passionate kiss as tears flowed down both cheeks. It was a beautiful feeling for them. Neither wants to pull away as the need to be with each other increased. But Haruna can feel the lips on top of hers began to lose their strength. Haruna pulls away feeling the warmth from Yuko’s hand slowly disappear, as it falls down limply by her side. Haruna was speechless and she regrets that. She regrets that she couldn’t even reply back the latter’s feelings for her. A scream of sorrow and remorse reverberates on the open field.

The twin towers watched the scene in anguish. Angered fueled their already burning heart, resulting in both of them going berserk with the killing, taking down anyone standing on their way. But the troops were way too many. They start to lose strength and agility, their movements becoming sluggish and restrained. Sae realized that they’re not trying to take her down; instead their attacks were mostly directed towards Sayaka. Of course, they need her, not Sayaka who is already a criminal. Sae tries to find a way to save her lover as she pushes the tall girl away.

“Sae? What the-“

GO! Go now before they kill you too!”

“What? But-“

“Please… for my sake, Saya-chan. Please…”

“What about you?”

“I’ll be fine! Just go!” Sae charges forward, distracting the troops before signaling Sayaka to escape right now. Reluctantly, she jumps over the walls, running into the woods to hide herself. Sensing no one following, she jumps to the top of the tallest tree to keep on watching the horrifying scene.

From the distance, she could make out the horrifying scene happening. She could do nothing. Nothing at all for her friends. Only letting her tears roll down, falling down together with pain and rage she had held inside all this while…    

A/N: Ummm... long-shot, anyone? :sweatdrop: Never knew it could be this long. That's what you get when you try to put two pairings into one fic. Sheesh! :doh:  And there's actually many hidden scenes in here that if you think thoroughly enough, you can relate everything that's been happening, altho not all of them. That would need another crazy million words of long shots  :lol: :P
Hope it's not too draggy or something... for the YuiParu, IDK if I could make it cause my mind is in a state of... emptiness. I'm out of ideas as the days of shuffle went by in a blink. Time sure feels short nowadays :huhuh

Anyway, Lots of  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: for everyone reading the SAGA and my other OSs! :twothumbs



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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Compromise" (KojiYuu & SaeYaka)
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Compromise" (KojiYuu & SaeYaka)
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "The Star of My Heart" (MaYuki & WMatsui)
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This is a compensation for not posting on Valentine's day. So I kinda made a sequel from the MaYuki fanfic. And if you had read it before, you'll probably know that another pairing is also featured in it...This time it's White Day! :roll: So, ENJOY!  :peace:


On Valentine ’s Day…

A tall girl with a ponytail hair walked along the hallway with a smile etched on her face with bags full of chocolates and sweets on both hands. No one knows if the smile is sincere or fake but either way it is truly a wonderful smile to look at. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why she had gotten so many Valentine’s gifts by her admirers and fans. She reached for her shoe locker, not expecting anything else except for her shoes, of course. However, what she found inside was a bar of expensive, high-class brand chocolate with a pink stamp-it note. It was nothing than the ordinary compared with the others but what caught her eyes was what written on the piece of paper.

To: The most admired and cherished president…

Give me a kiss, and to that kiss a score
Then to that twenty, add a hundred more
A thousand to that hundred, so kiss on
To make that thousand up a million, treble that million.
And when that is done, let’s kiss afresh; as when we first begun.

From: I don’t think you wanna know…  :P

Oh, she doesn’t want to know alright. She already knows…

- - - - - -

Mayu can’t help but feel giddy today. She had been all smiles since the alarm clock went off. Wait, screw that. She’s been smiling since yesterday actually. It’s like her cheeks automatically lift up bringing together the edge of her lips to form a sunny smile on her face. Only a cyborg could do that… Meanwhile, a puppy-like creature named Jurina is pacing around her with a worried face. Her action had made Mayu’s head felt slightly dizzy. Gritting her teeth in annoyance, she pulls PupJurina by her ears.

“OWOWOWOW!!! What was that for?”

“For ruining my mood. What’s up with you?”

“I got a major problem!”

“Oh, the cool and collected JyuriBaby have a major problem? This is new…”

“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing.” Mayu replied nonchalantly as she continued walking to her class with Jurina tagging behind her.

“Hey, Mayu… What should I do if someone has a crush on me?”

“Isn’t that what you’ve been doing every single day?”

“I flirt with them, not the other way! That’s my rule…”

“Who’s the girl?”

“Ummm… Riho-chan…”

“Wha…? You serius?” Jurina nods her head fretfully.

“Damn, you’re lucky! That girl is a keeper. There’s no way you can’t fall for her.”

“That’s the problem…” Mayu halt her step, looking at Jurina with judging eyes.

“Don’t tell me…”

Mayu kept her stare on the girl as the latter lets out a defeated sigh, her shoulders slump in the process.

“I… like someone else.” The puppy girl scratched her nose coyly, her eyes looking everywhere except Mayu’s.


Somewhere else...


Rena rubs her nose, trying to ease the itchy feeling as Yuki opens the door of the long forgotten storage room.

“You okay?”

“Yeah… this place is a bit dusty.”

“I wonder why we have to do the cleaning duty…”

“We’re the student council representatives; of course they’ll hand over the dirty job to us.”

“Shouldn’t it be the opposite?”

Rena pondered for a while, a finger under her chin as she thought of the logic Yuki had just said to her.

“Why didn’t I think of it earlier…?”

Hearing Rena’s statement made Yuki stifle a giggle. She wondered how did her friend get her position inside the student council if she is acting a bit… dumb? Okay, not dumb… Perhaps, naïve? No… that won’t do… innocent?

A slap broke Yuki from her thoughts. She shoots a glare at the culprit, “That hurts.”

“Then start working! We have to finish early.”

“Oh, yeah… I had to meet Mayu today.”

“For what?”

“Today’s White Day so I’m going to give her something.”

“Oh gosh you guys sure act like a couple…”

“We’re not! Well… not yet.”

“What’s holding you?”

“Ummm… I’m waiting for Mayu to confess since, you know… she wears the pants.”

“I thought you’re the guy?”

“No! Like… ewww! Can’t you see how lady-like I am?”

Rena lets out a laugh as she shakes her head. Sure Yuki is lady-like but she’s one you don’t want to mess with when she’s in hell-mode. Your life will end in misery.

“What about you, Rena-chan?”

“What about me?”

“Don’t think I didn’t saw the shortcakes you brought this morning.”

“That’s my lunch.”

“Yeah right and your melonpan is the side dish. Don’t try to kid me, Rena…”

The girl feigned ignorance, sweeping the floor in a haughty manner. But she can’t run from Yuki’s keen observation, all thanks to Mayu. It’s like her skills of observing had upgraded into advanced level since she started hanging with the cyborg girl. Besides, she had known Rena for so long, she can read her friend like a book.

“It’s for her, right?”

“W-what are you talking about?” Bingo! The way Rena stuttered showed that Yuki had successfully hit bull’s-eye. She put aside the ragged piece of cloth, wiping her hand with a clean one before resuming cleaning the windows.

“Honestly, you guys look cute together.”

“I don’t need to know that, thank you.”

“Oh, come on! Stop denying yourself…”

“I’m not! Look, she gave me chocolate on Valentine’s Day so I’m just getting even… That’s all…”

Yuki nods her head in a laidback manner, not buying whatever excuses Rena is giving her.

“So… when are you giving it to her?”

Rena exhaled deeply, once again the problem surfaced in her mind. It had been nagging her since the day she decided to make the shortcake. And now, she has no idea how to give it to her.

“I don’t know…”

With a playful glint in her eyes, Yuki hung her arm on Rena’s neck.

“No worries… you can count on me.”

- - - - - -

Mayu was tidying her things when Jurina rushed towards her seat, hiding under her table while trembling like a scaredy puppy.

“If someone is looking for me, just say I’ve jumped down the window okay?”

“That’s suicide…”

“Oh, actually I should be doing that…”

“Then jump.” Mayu opens the window widely without an expression on her face.

“Thanks a lot, BEST FRIEND!”

“Just helping my buddy.”

Jurina glared daggers towards her so called bestfriend with gritted teeth, thinking of any possible ways to drag her friend together on her suicidal act. However, a voice of doom sounded from the door of their class.

“Jurina-honey, where are you? Come here, puppy! Let’s take you out for a walk…”

Mayu glanced towards the door, watching Riho as she scans the classroom for a certain girl/puppy. On the other hand, a loud whimpering sound could be heard from Jurina.

“Save me!” the girl whimpered.

“What’s the catch?” Jurina widens her eyes, not believing this girl can actually ask her for some sort of payment right now.

“Anything! I’ll buy you anything after school!”

“Hmmm… deal. Hey, Abiru-san!” Mayu walked away from her seat as she blocked the latter’s view from the hiding girl.

“Watanabe-san! Glad to see you! Have you seen Jurina?”

“Oh… haven’t you heard?” Mayu wears a sad face…


“Jurina got injured. She broke her leg for jumping down the window. She’s in the infirmary right now.”

“Eh?! My poor puppy! I got to see her… thanks, Watanabe-san!” Riho sprints her way to the infirmary as Mayu signaled to her friend ‘Line Clear’. Jurina followed suit, running out of the class to anywhere she can, as long as she can hide from Riho.

Feeling her stomach growling, Mayu heads out to the canteen but the presence of a goddess walking in the hallway like a model with the sun shining its ray from the window halted her step. She swiftly turns her back on the beautiful being, her heart thumping in a wild beat. She takes a couple of breath, trying to calm her racing heart. Rubbing her clammy hands on her skirt, she chants some words before the goddess shouts her name.


Hearing the voice she had been longing to hear since yesterday makes her twirl like some Disney’s Princess story. Her face beams with light.

“Yukirin!” with both hands under her chin and a slight nudge of her knees, she greets her bestfriend/senior/crush with a blinding smile,“What are you doing here?”

“Meeting you, of course.”

“Oh! Ehehehe…” The giggle was sickeningly girly that if Jurina was present at that time, she would have throw up her lunch.

“Say… you free after school, Mayu?”

“Ummm… I’m free.” Only for you… wait. Did I promise someone this evening? Ah, screw that.

“Great! Well… wanna hang out together? It’s been ages since we’ve last spent time together…”

Are you serious? I would love to!!!

Mayu was jumping and rolling in her mind but she acted like she is thinking with a serious face in front of her crush.

“Hmm… I guess.”

“Alright! Meet me at the gate after school.”

Yuki wears a subtle devilish smirk in front of the clueless Mayu as she proceeds with her plans.   

- - - - - -

“What is the egg face doing here?”

Jurina said loudly on purpose, the question actually directed to her bestfriend. Mayu could only muster a tight smile as Yuki tries to pacify the said egg face. All of them were gathered in a café as planned by Yuki. She had suggested for a double date but now, the plan had backfired. Rena was literally fuming with Jurina’s presence and things are about to get heated.

“Yukirin, I don’t think this café allow any PETS in here.”

“Such a pity. The president can’t even differentiate between a human and an animal.”

“Ugh, I don’t think I can stand the fleas flying from this puppy here…”

“Hey! I'm sensitive with that subject!”

Rena grabbed her friend closer, glaring the poor girl straight into her eyes.

“You said everything is under control...” Rena said with gritted teeth.

“Ahahaha… well, I’m not a fortune-teller.”

“But how am I supposed to-“

Before Rena could finish, someone cleared her throat.

“You do realize there are at least two more people in this table?”

Yuki smiled in apology while Rena proceeds in shooting lasers to the girl from her glaring eyes. Yuki nudged Rena’s side, trying to calm the fuming girl. Feeling slightly guilty for ruining the evening for Yuki and Mayu, Rena decided to excuse herself to the ladies for some anger management.

“Sorry, nature calls. I’ll be right back.”

“It’ll be better if you’re gone forever.” Jurina said with a small voice but Rena caught her loud and clear. She decided to ignore the conceited puppy before she unleashed her inner Gekikara.

“That was harsh, Jurina.” Mayu reprimanded her bestfriend for her childish act but the latter keeps her tough front, paying no heed to Mayu.

“I think Mayu is right, Jurina. You’ve really gone too far... Besides, I was the one who insists with this double date…” And now Yuki joined Mayu, trying to put some guilt into the kid’s naive heart. Taking a deep breath, Jurina drops her shoulders in defeat.

“Fine… I’ll talk to her…” Jurina step away from the table towards the restroom. And now, there’s Mayu and Yuki. After sending Jurina with her eyes, Mayu keeps her gaze on the tablecloth, somehow finding the checkered design interesting. Yuki on the other hand, could feel the tension brewing in air. She is as nervous as Mayu but they can’t keep quiet for a long time.

“Mayu are you okay?”

“Huh?” Not ready with the question, Mayu maintain her expression as cyborg as possible, if that’s even a word.

“You seemed a little quiet today…”

“Ah, no! I was just thinking about something…”

“I’m right here if you want to talk.”

Mayu would talk of course, if it doesn’t concern both of them. The thing is, Mayu had been thinking about them. About Mayu and Yuki. MaYuki. Oh, how good it sound coming from her mouth. If only she could tell the world that she wants Yuki to belong to her. Only her. Then MaYuki would become the talk of the school and everyone would feel envious of their relationship. They would overcome any obstacles and troubles antis would throw and they would stand still by each other side until love conquers them all. Oh, how lovely it would be…



“You’re daydreaming again!”

“I did?”

Yuki giggled from her dumbfounded face. She can’t help but to think an airhead Mayu is really cute and adorable. The latter could only scratch her head in embarrassment, laughing along with her senior.

“Oh! Before I forgot…” Mayu watched as Yuki rummage through her bag for something.

“Here it is... Happy White Day!” She hands out a white box with a transparent cover, showing a pink colored chocolate with a star shape. There’s a drawing of a face but it was smudged and weird looking, like it was made by an elementary kid.

“It’s nothing much but I hope you like it. I made it myself, you know?”


Mayu can’t help the fluttery feeling she felt inside. She was deeply touched that Yuki had made a chocolate for her on White Day. She took the box and handled it with utmost care, as if it was a fragile package.

“I… don’t know what to say, Yukirin…”

“That’s okay. Sometimes, action speaks louder than words…” what Yuki said had triggered something inside Mayu’s mind. What did she mean… Wait! This is…? Mayu gulped. But before she could do anything, Yuki had already acted on her own will.

As a pair of lips came in contact with her skin, Mayu suddenly felt herself floating in cloud nine. The softness of her crush’s plump lips touching her left cheek lingered as her eyes widen from surprise. Mayu could feel her heart thumping in frenzy… This was just a kiss on the lips, but the reaction had made the cyborg fly to the outer sky, reaching another universe.

“I was thinking of doing this on Valentine but I was so busy that day, I couldn’t find the time to meet you.” Yuki averts her eyes sideways, her hands starting to sweat with the nervousness. A blush creeps on her pale cheeks.

“Thanks for the cookies the other day… It was really good!”

Mayu tried to keep her cool despite her flustered state right now. “That was nothing… ahahaha!”

“You’re really cute…” The words came out of Yuki’s mouth without warning. The blush deepens on both cheeks.

“So… what’s with the star?”

“A symbol of our friendship… and because you are the star of my heart.” There’s a glint of honesty shown on her eyes as Yuki said those words. But Mayu is a smooth talker, she replied smoothly as she looked deeply into Yuki’s eyes.

“And you are the moon to my heart, Yukirin... Cause stars and moon can’t live without each other…” Okay that was cheesy… smooth talking there, Mayu.

They were both staring lovingly into each other’s eyes, basking in their own MaYuki world just when the duo decided to interrupt their moment.

“Oh gosh! I can’t stand the love blooming in the air!”

“Just get married, you two!”

Yuki could only muster a shy smile as Mayu smacks Jurina’s head with a fist.

“Way to ruin the moment, cockblocker…”

“Ooooh, chocolate!” Jurina attempted to snatch the chocolate away but Mayu again smacked her hands.

“This is mine! Go get yours from Rena-chan…”


Crap. Mayu thought in her head as all eyes turn to Rena. “W-what are you talking about, Mayu?”

Mayu tried to think of some excuses but Jurina beat her to it. “You got something for me, Miss President?”

“Its… ummm… well… arrgh! Fine! Just take it!” Rena rummaged her bag for the paper bag before throwing it to Jurina. The latter caught it smoothly with a smirk on her face…

“What’s with the gift?”

“Oh don’t act like you don’t know…”

“I… don’t?”

“That branded chocolate with a pink note inside my shoe locker?”

“Oh… Oh! That! Wait… How did you know it was me?"

"No one would dare to give a kiss poem to me except you..."

"Did you... eat the chocolate?”

“Of course I would eat it... I don't like to waste. Why?”

Laughter reverberates in the café as the girl fall into a fit of giggle. Jurina tell the most unpredictable news to Rena between her laughs, “The chocolate was expired!”


“I can’t believe you ate it!”

“Why you… How could you?!”

“Hey… not my fault. You should have checked the expiration date first. Everyone knows that…”

“But no one gave out an expired chocolate on Valentine’s Day!”

“Congratulations, then.. You’re the first!”

“Grrr… Give that back!”

“Nuh-uh! I wanna taste the luuurv you put in this cake… HAHAHA!”


“Love you too~”

As the Matsui bickered with each other, Mayu and Yuki shared knowing looks as they stealthily escape from the heated scene. They walk by the sidewalk hand in hand, talking whatever nonsense they could make, giggling and laughing without a care in the world while sharing affectionate stares with each other once as they wandered into a faraway land only known by the couple named MaYuki.

A/N: I'm not feeling well these days coz of the heavy haze goin on in my place. The weather is quite bad too. The heat is rising up with the absence of rain for a month, even the water supply is being rationed daily. Right now we're just waiting for the rain to fall down real soon. Have you ever experienced this? My advice is to drink a lot of water to keep your body always rehydrated and keep praying for some miracles to happen...  :thumbsup

Ahahahahaha was that some educational talk going on?  :sweatdrop: I gotta get some sleep soon... :doh:



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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "The Star of My Heart" (MaYuki & WMatsui)
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Mayuki!!~ Wmatsui!!~ Saikou!!!

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "The Star of My Heart" (MaYuki & WMatsui)
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AHhhhh!!!!!! I'm getting diabetes   :mon lovelaff: :imdead: SO MUCH SWEETNESS over flowing!!!!!!!  :shy1: :shy2: :luvluv1:
I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :on lol: THANK YOU!!!!!  :kneelbow: :mon inluv: :mon love:
Ahhh! mayuki! Wmatsui! THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "The Star of My Heart" (MaYuki & WMatsui)
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That harsh WMatsui

More mayuki
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Come Back Home" (AtsuMina)
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“Flight JA480 for Paris will be departing in 1600 hours. All passengers please..."

"Take care, Minami..."

Atsuko is hugging Minami as tightly as she can, trying to remember her lovers soft and firm outline before Minami goes for her business trip. The midget is going to Paris for 2 weeks and Atsuko couldn’t help but to already miss the girl. Minami on the other hand, starts to feel suffocated with the death hug. Sure, she’s going to miss her Atsuko too but it's not like she’ll be leaving for the Moon...

"A-atsuko... You're c-choking me..."

"Ah! Sorry..." Atsuko let go of her midget slowly, unwilling to separate from her warmness.

Seeing a frown forming on her lover’s face made Minami’s heart ache. She doesn’t want to leave a sad Atsuko. Minami reached for Atsuko’s chin, pulling herself up a bit to leave a soft kiss on Atsuko’s forehead. The latter closed her eyes as she enjoys the loving gesture. Then a kiss landed on her left cheek followed with her nose. Opening her eyes, Atsuko gulps in anticipation as she watches Minami tilts her head, closing their distance with a kiss.

The gesture was simple, but it was full of love. An act that can never be describe with words.  And right now, Atsuko wish she would never have to pull away. She pulls Minami closer by her jacket, their soft lips connected together as their longing to be with each other increase. The longing was overpowering both of them but they had to part soon as both begin to lose their breath…


“Yeah… wow…”

They both smile goofily as if they had just experienced their first kiss when the actual truth was that that was the millionth time they had kissed one another.

“Take care of yourself, Minami…”

“Oh, geez… it’s like you’re sending me to war. I’m just going for a business trip, Atsuko…”

“I know… but I just can’t help to feel…” A finger landed on Atsuko’s lips, stopping her words.

“Hey… I’ll be fine. Don’t worry… I’ll be back before you can even miss me.”



Minami grasp Atsuko’s hand before kissing it lightly like a gentleman, sealing the promise with her action.

“I love you…”

“I love you too, Minami…”

Yuko came into view as she tapped her business partner for her attention.

“It’s time, Takahashi-san.”

“Ah… okay. I’ll be going now, Atsuko. Don’t miss me too much, alright? Make sure you eat on time and get enough sleep. Lock the door after you get inside the house, okay?”

Atsuko can’t help but to chuckle from Minami’s over protectiveness. Minami had always been taking care of her since the day they first met. At first, Atsuko was annoyed with her nagging and all but now she can’t help but to feel some sense of secure feeling whenever they are together. And she’s going to miss all the fussing her shorty lover always did.

“I know… I’m not a little kid anymore, Minami!”

“Ahahaha!  Well then… See you later, Atsuko…”

“See you later…” Atsuko nods her head with a smile, waving her hand to Minami’s direction as she passed through the departure gate. They never said goodbye with each other, thinking that it means they would never get to see each other again after the word is said. But how wrong it was for them…

- - - - - -

A girl is bawling with cries of sorrow on the couch inside her house. The room is dark, only the light flickering from the television can be seen. She is hugging her knees with a phone clutch tightly to her chest. The mood is glum as the sound of cries echoes in the dark living room. Then, her phone vibrates. It is for the nth time already but the girl never answered any of the calls. She ignores the ringing gadget and continues holding it in her clammy hands.

“… the plane has been reported to disappeared from the radar and is now missing. All efforts of finding the plane is being…”

Again, the television has been showing news after news of the missing plane that had just departed that evening. The girl couldn’t help the tears flowing uncontrollably as she heard the endless news. Of course, that flight was the plane her lover had got on that evening, the flight taking her Minami to Paris. Atsuko could never believe her eyes when she watched the news that night. It was only 5 hours since Minami left. She could still feel the warmth of Minami’s hug, the snuggled and security feeling enveloping her being from the short midget. The feeling of their hearts pounding against each other. The way their bodies mingle perfectly with each other. The kiss, most probably the last one, she had with Minami. The softness of her lover’s lips, her hot breath, and the taste of slight cherry sweetness of Minami’s lips she loved so much. Now she will be missing every single Minami she ever had and she don’t how she’s going to live without her stupid midget in her life.


Another buzz came from her phone. It wasn’t a call, but a message. She wants to ignore it. She doesn’t want to deal with anyone right now, even her bestfriend. But somehow, her instinct had been telling her to check her phone. Oh, whatever… it’s not like she would have anything to loss, not after her Minami was reported missing together with the aircraft. Perhaps it’s good news…

Atsuko slides the screen. Her eyes widen as she read the sender’s name. Her hand trembles in anxiety as she open the message…

Not long after, a knock sounded from the door. The person outside continues knocking impatiently as her face wears a grave emotion. Her eyes are slightly red signifying she was crying a moment ago. No one opens the door nor is there any answer from inside. She knows Atsuko is home. She could hear the television loud and clear. Feeling frustrated and worried, the tall girl backed away a few steps.

“Sorry, Acchan… but you made me do this.”

The girl lifts her leg, giving a strong kick to the door to slam it open. She steps inside but the room is dark, only the sound of television and crying can be heard. Her hand fiddles the wall for the switch. Once the light flickers open, her breath hitched with the heart breaking sight. Atsuko is curled like a ball of mess. She is sobbing in short breaths, her face covered with tousled hair. The tall girl rushes to her side to pacify the poor girl.

“Acchan!” the latter raises her head, looking at the person that calls her name. The red messy face full of tears breaks the tall girl’s heart. Mariko pulls the girl into her embrace. Atsuko grabs her jacket tightly as she cry out all the tears she has left.

“Mari-chan… Mari-chan…! Minami, she… Minami… she promised me...”

“Shhh... It’s okay, Acchan… I know. It’s okay…”

Mariko hushes the girl to calm her down. Even Mariko doesn’t know what to do in this situation. She had never faced this type of loss. The type where your friend had gone missing, not knowing whether she’ll be back alive. Heck, she doesn’t even know if Minami is still alive. She doesn’t want to think of the opposite, but everything she had heard from the news implying that the plane indeed had crashed. That Minami might not be coming back after all. That Minami is gone.

Her tears flow from the thought. She knows she have to accept it but not until the officials has announce the truth. Not until the aircraft is to be found. She holds down her sobs as she remembers the main purpose she’s there. It is hard for her to accept Minami’s loss but it must be harder for Atsuko. The girl had been depending on the midget all the times they have been together. Right now, Atsuko needs someone to give her strength and Mariko is willing to be there for her.

Atsuko had finally calms down a little. Her breathing has turn to normal and it looks like she had fallen asleep as Mariko heard the light snores coming from the latter. She gently pulls Atsuko from her hug and slowly lays her in a comfortable position. She reaches for the blanket on the side cabinet that was always used by Minami when Atsuko chased her out of their room after a fight. Mariko chuckles as she remembered the days Minami would come complaining about how she had to sleep at the hard couch for a week. But her smile turns bitter as she realized there will be no more midget annoying her with her lover’s quarrel. No more short stupid midget for her to mess with.

A gleam of light from Atsuko’s hand caught her attention. Atsuko’s phone. She is clutching the gadget tightly like her life depends on it. Mariko slowly pulls the phone away. She was about to put it on the table when the message caught her eyes. Her face scrunches in confusion as she read the senders name. Then, the tears once again flow freely from her eyes. She can’t believe it… the content had made her heart shatters into million pieces. It is such a beautiful confession and declaration but reality had turned it into a tragic love between two wonderful people in her life. Right now, she could wish for nothing more than for the midget to be back home safe and sound with Atsuko.

Time: 05:48 PM
From: Stupid Minami :heart:
Topic: I’ve missed you already My Atsuko :love:

Atsuko!!! I’m inside the plane now! Haha sorry I got super excited when I’m above the sky. I wish we could watch the breathtaking scene from the plane together, but I don’t know... Listen, Atsuko… there has been some complication with the plane and they are trying to land it somewhere near. If possible, we can land safely. The pilot is a skilled aviator so no worries there, my dear Atsuko!

Hey, Atsuko… you know, the reason why I join this business trip to Paris was that so I could bring you here next time. I remembered the days when you would be watching the travelling shows with excitement, jumping in place while pointing around ‘I want to go here!’ or ‘That place is beautiful!!!’. Hahaha you really look like a kid. Since then, I had made a vow to myself that I would be taking you travelling all around the world, showing you all the magnificent views you have been eager to see. 

Truthfully, Atsuko… I was planning to propose you there, in Paris. It’s the city for lovers people said. How cheesy, huh? I have already picked the rings too without your knowledge! Together we’ll visit the town, gardens and museums. Anything you want, Atsuko… then we would have dinner in a restaurant with an outdoor table while facing the beautiful Eiffel tower. There will be a group of performers playing classical songs while I propose to you… it would be the loveliest night for both of us.

Hahaha I’m such a cheeseball for having these imaginations. But seriously, Atsuko… I hope we could be together forever, in life and death. Wait for me, Atsuko… I did promise you I’ll be back, didn’t I? I’ll come back home to you soon… I love you, my Atsuko.

:cry: Keep calm and keep praying. We're waiting for you, MH370~! :plane: :peace: :plane: #prayforMH370
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Come Back Home" (AtsuMina)
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lol mariko has a lot of leg power to break open that door.

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Come Back Home" (AtsuMina)
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you made me tear up  :gyaaah: it was sooo sad, and I feel sooo bad for Atsuko too  :fainted:

I hope you could continue it and bring Minami back  :prayers:

Please write more AtsuMina  :kneelbow:
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Come Back Home" (AtsuMina)
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I was study with so many people around ur story  made me cry do something about it plzzzzzz bring minami back and safe!!! :cry:

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Come Back Home" (AtsuMina)
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You made such a sad ending story

Would Minami come back?

Very heartfelt letter from Minami to Atsuko?

Can't wait to see more Atsumina

Thank you for the OS

  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Come Back Home" (AtsuMina)
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when i read JA480..  MH370 (first come to my mind)
Just like the story and HM370 its so sad :gmon tears:

But still hoping and praying that the all passengers of MH30 are safe

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Come Back Home" (AtsuMina)
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MAH HAATOO  :mon waterworks:

Poor Acchan....  :mon hanky:

Haha, Mariko-sama quite strong  :mon misch:

I also hope that all passengers are safe...  :mon prayer:
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Come Back Home" (AtsuMina)
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OMG! I read this~ ~  :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
I hope they found the plane soon...

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Come Back Home" (AtsuMina)
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Minami  :cry: :cry: :cry:
Atsuko  :cry: :cry: :cry:
Why o why?  :banghead:

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "KitKat no Dorei" (WMatsui)
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Special for an ANNOYING 'ICEMEN' KID/PERVYMONKEY/LITTLE DEVIL/A CERTAIN POKEMON that has been struggling with her college life, with weekends full of works and no time to spend with her idols (and me :P), all i want to say is.....

YOUR LIFE SUCKS~!   :wahaha:

Ok sorry bout that... so this one is for others too that have been preoccupied with life whether in work, college, school, ANYTHING!! If you feel like wanting to do it, for sure you can go through any obstacles and reach ur GOALS!!! no matter how many times you've been taken down, don't hesitate to get back up and start anew! Your future will surely wait for you :twothumbs  So, cheer up~!!! Put a smile on ur face n shove those worries away  :thumbsup

p/s: sorry lame title ahahaha :roll:


Oh god… the things people do to get a diploma…

I drank the third bottle of RedBull down to the last drop, but it’s like my body is so immune to the “energy” that it doesn’t seem to have an effect anymore. I was slowly killing myself with all the stress and caffeine. But even if I have to be in a wheelchair just to get that damn diploma, oh then hell yeah, I’ll do it. Right now, I only got a month. The only goal I have in mind is to walk to that stage, get my diploma and leave college life forever. It’s not like it’s a bad thing. I actually thought college is one of the best years in my life. But when you’re a senior and just days away from graduating, you are just itching to get things over with.


I groan not only because I was so tired, but because that was my last bottle of RedBull. I still have a long way to go before I’m done with my studying for the night. And without my drug, I would not make it through the night or break of dawn. I staggered downstairs to the dorm study hall, searching for the infamous vending machine who is like a drug dealer to me. I was about to put on some coins when the sound of someone crying almost scare the crap out of me.

Oh God… Oh God… Oh God…

I close my eyes and silently prayed I would not see a ghost, but the good thing is I probably won’t be too sleepy if I see one. All I need was that scary background music as I slowly turned my head to see who was making that noise.

I let out a huge sigh of relief when I realize that it was just a girl who’s sitting a few tables away. From where I was standing I could see her biting her lip, maybe trying to stop the tears while madly erasing whatever wrong she’s done.


I swore to God, she was the most gorgeous girl I have ever laid eyes on.

“Ummmm hi…” even with her teary face and her red nose, she still looks so adorable. “Oh, I’m sorry… did I bother you from studying?”

“Oh no no no no…” I shake my head so hard I felt like my head is about to fall off my neck. “I’m just...ummm… Ahhh here…”

I gave her a KitKat bar.

“Chocolate always makes people feel better.”

And I thought she was gorgeous earlier, but the moment I saw her smile I finally knew how it feels to have your heart skip a beat.

“Thank you…”

“I hope you don’t mind me asking? But are you okay?”

She was quite for a little while…

“Ahhh yeah… well… no… I have been trying to do this all night but it just doesn’t seem to…”

I could see her eyes brimming with tears again probably from all the frustrations.

“I just feel so hopeless that’s all… I’m like trying to balance these things but I never could.”

I took a glance of her book. She was a freshman in accountancy. I could do this with my eyes close.

“I tried going on tutorials but it’s like everyone got it except me… I don’t know maybe it’s just not meant for me…”

Well if we get married I’ll make sure I’ll do all the work…

Wait… married? Is this how serious it is Matsui Rena? I just met the girl and I’m thinking of marrying her already?

“Well if you don’t mind, I could help you out…”

“You will do that?” She smiles hopefully…

Anything so I could see you smile again.

“Yeah…” I took a seat beside her. I have two tests line up tomorrow but here I am, ditching it all for her.

It took us almost an hour for her to finally understand it, not that I mind… in fact, I wish we could just stay there forever.

“Thank you… thank you so much, senpai…” She bows down politely, “I should get you a chocolate too!” She excitedly digs through her bag, looking for some coins. “What kind would you like?”

Your phone number that’s what I would like….

“Oh… no, it’s okay… Anything I could do to help.”

I’m such a liar since I have all these secret agenda.

“Well, I’m getting you one anyway… just wait here, senpai!”

It was almost 4 in the morning but she looks like she just woke up from a good sleep with how bouncy she is.

“Here…” she hands me a KitKat bar. “Thank you so much again, senpai…”

I smile as I look at the KitKat bar. I should be the one thanking her because right now, I don’t feel like I need any RedBull at all.


- - - - - -

“Ummm… so who among you guys want some KitKat?”

I don’t know if it’s because it was 3 in the morning and all my friends are dead tired from this project, but I’m pretty sure they were all looking at me crazily. I don’t blame them. I’m Matsui Rena, the girl who holds it in going to the bathroom just so I could finish my work. I was a workaholic.

“Well, I’m still going to get some… any of you guys want anything?”

“OH! OH! OH!” Masana raises her hand excitedly, “I want some Chachos, some KitKat bar and diet coke please!”

And soon everyone joins in… I really didn’t pay attention to any of their orders. Right now, all I want to do is go straight to that vending machine.

- - - - - -

I stop myself when I realize that I have been fixing my hair for the whole trip to the study hall. What am I even doing here? I’m not even sure if she’s going to be there… I swear I thought I was going to start skipping with how happy I was to see her. I thought I was so happy then but when I saw how amazing her smile was when she saw me, I thought I was going to die from happiness…

God damn it… I have a crush…

She waves her hand and who am I to say no to that?

“Hello, senpai… I ummm… I got you a KitKat bar…”

I felt my heart racing at the thought of that. She got me a KitKat bar? Does that mean she was expecting to see me? That there was a point in her day that she thought of me? Well, not as much as I was thinking of her, but that’s a start.

“It’s ummm my thank you for helping me out. We had a quiz today and I did good for once. So, thank you senpai…”

“Oh, anytime Jurina…” I should be getting my friends orders right now, but instead I find myself sitting beside her. “Is this more accountancy stuff?”

“Oh no, senpai… I’m trying to finish up my English essay. Ummm… if you’re not busy, senpai… is it okay if you check it for me?”

I could imagine my friends going to stab me if they find out I was ditching them for a girl.

“Sure… I don’t mind…”

We switch spots and I was in front of her laptop. I was doing well, when she scoots her chair right beside me. She was so close I could feel her breath in my cheek.

“So ummm…”

I turned around to face her, I didn’t really pay much attention to it but when I turned around I find myself staring at her. She didn’t wear any hint of make up. And though her eyes were still beautiful, I could see tiny bags forming underneath it. Never had I seen someone who looks so lovely…

“Ahhh yes senpai?”

I quickly look away when I find myself getting caught staring.


Curse you, you damn phone.



I quickly pull away the phone before Kuumin can make me deaf with her screaming.

“Ummm… senpai, I’m so sorry… I didn’t know you were busy.”


Curse you, you damn Kuumin.

“Well, I’ll just see you tomorrow.”

All my thoughts of murdering Kuumin quickly fade away at what Jurina said.

“Yes… tomorrow…”

“Good night, senpai…”

“Night… thank you for the chocolate.”

Her eyes disappear into a smile and I wished so bad that I don’t have to go. I see her staring at her laptop and I wished my heavy breath didn’t sound so obvious how I didn’t want to leave. How crazy it is to just wish to be this close to someone you just met?

- - - - - -

“Looks like someone is paying attention to herself lately…”

I try to ignore whatever Masana is trying to insinuate.

“Oh! I thought I was the only one who noticed it…”

Oh great… now Churi joins in too?

“It’s not like it’s a bad thing Rena-chan… in fact that’s awesome!”

“I don’t know what you guys are talking about…”

“It’s like before you look like a cranky old hag.”

“Gee thanks for your honesty Kuumin…” I responded sarcastically…

“Well, yeah I got a point… but now you look like you’re a kid for once. You know... happy, make up, trying to look good for someone I think?” Masana pried hoping to pry out something from me.

“There’s nothing…”

Jurina has been my everything. Oh God… I’m so cheesy…

“It’s like you have been so lovey dovey and crap… ooohh… Rena all lovey dovey!”

I walk ahead of them not wanting to be a topic of discussion any further. I was doing quite okay when I saw my girl (okay I was being delusional she wasn’t mine).

“I’m going to get some KitKat…”

“Huh? What’s with you and your obsession to KitKat?”

I didn’t have time to answer Churi as I hurriedly stride over to the vending machine. Of course I tried to walk as calmly as possibly even if I was about to break in a run.

“Oh, senpai…”

Jurina looks so surprise as she found me huffing me while lined up behind her in the vending machine.

“Oh ahh… hi Jurina… I was running that’s why… cause I was ummmm…” Great, think of a lie now! “because I want to get some KitKat before I go to class and don’t want to be late.”

“Oh… okay…” Jurina turns back to the vending machine and got a KitKat. “Here, senpai…”

“What? You don’t need to…”

“It’s okay…” Jurina shrugs before smiling happily. “That’s for you being so nice to me…”

“Oh… ummm… thanks…”

I look up and saw my friends act all lovey dovey and crap, obviously trying to annoy me in my moment of pure happiness.

“Well, I’ll see you later tonight, senpai…”

“Ahhh yeah… later…”

She made me breathless again when she smiled her goodbye. But my smile quickly turns into a look of hate as I see my so called friends dancing all choco no dorei obviously trying to annoy the living daylights out of me…

Time to look for new friends…

- - - - - -

Me and Jurina have been studying together for two weeks. And what used to be just a crush have blown out of proportions that I was afraid that I might not even be able to handle it. Truth was, I couldn’t… I had fallen in love with her and I don’t think there would be any way out, not now, probably not ever. She was too bad for me… how her littlest reaction from the softest smile, the slightest glance and our tiniest interaction could either make or break my day…

I start to remember how dangerous a crush could be… and with her I could never find a balance. It’s either I need to see you or I need to see you… no other choices except those two. The moment I wake up I miss her. I look forward to seeing her. She will never know how much KitKat I have to stomach just so I could steal a glance of you, or if I’m lucky get to talk with her. And how our conversation would turn out could spell what my rest of the day is gonna be… sometimes I feel okay, but the rest of the time I walk away with a KitKat bar and a heart screaming how stupid I am... Why can’t I be such a smooth operator?

I gently laid my jacket on her as she fell asleep. I was a bit sleepy too but it all went away especially now that I could finally just shamelessly look at her. What happened to me before? To the one who’s like marking every day in her calendar as I come close to graduation day? Now all I want is for everything to stay still, especially when I’m with Jurina. Why does she have to be a freshman when I’m about to leave? Why now?

I leaned in closer, softly brushing the hair falling out on her face. I quickly pull away when I realize this is quite creepy. Now I just stared some more. I saw her soft pinkish lips parting open as she snores softly. I find myself leaning closer, wanting to feel her lips on mine when I stop… I was creepy, I should be in jail.
Well, maybe it is good though if I’m graduating because I don’t think my heart could actually take it if ever she doesn’t feel the same way. I mean what if I’m just misreading things? What if all I am to her is just a senpai? Could I take that? Could I be just her senpai?

I wish I could tell you Jurina, that I think I have fallen for you… cause I’m starting to write this ridiculous stories in my head and you seem to be always in it. How your every step and every move has some effects to the palpitations of my heart. The farther away, the slower my heartbeat gets and the closer you are the faster it beats. But then it would suddenly stop when you’re this close to me…

I wish I could tell you, Jurina… but right now, is there even a point?

- - - - - -

“Jusk ask her out…”

“What?” I turn to Masana who was busily eating my leftover KitKat bar.

“Invite her to your party. I mean it sounds innocent enough so she might agree to it.”

“But I…”

“What are you so scared of?”

I heaved a deep sigh. Before my fear was not graduating, but now it’s the fear of losing Jurina.

“I don’t know if she likes me the way I do…”

“Yes you do.”

I turn to my bestfriend surprisingly, Masana swallows her last piece of KitKat before answering me.

“People always have this question, how do I know if she likes me or if he likes me… but I think the answer is always so obvious. There is nothing in this world that is more obvious than someone in love. They don’t even need to say anything because it’s in every way they act, the way they steal glances, their smiles… Rena-chan, you… you got it so bad and it would be such a shame if you just don’t do anything about it. So, just try… and if it doesn’t work out well, at least you’re graduating.”

I was too busy thinking of how I act around her that I couldn’t even think if she likes me. But if I was so obvious like Masana says, could it mean that she knows?

- - - - - -

This was it. I was going to ask her to this party, that my friends are doing for me since they say I’m such a huge dork for being the only one in our group to graduate a magna cum laude. I wasn’t a word type of person. I was more of all about numbers, so I couldn’t even explain how nerve wrecking this asking her out thing is…

I wish I could explain my disappointment when I saw our “usual” meeting place empty. There was no sign of her, of Jurina, her books, her puppy pens and notebooks… it was empty.

I tried the next night…

And the night after that…

I was thinking if I should just text her, but I thought if she just walk away without even saying goodbye, what more if I text her? Would she even bother to reply? Disappointment has just step into the boundaries of heartache.

- - - - - -


I could see Churi looking at me so sympathetically. I don’t blame her. It was my party but I look like somebody just died, well me. But come on I’m supposed to be mature. I shouldn’t let something like a crush or love or whatever it is I’m feeling to just let me down like this.

“It’s okay, Churi… I’m okay…”

“You aren’t… but hey, that’s why we’re here. To help you out when things in the heart doesn’t work out.”

“Ohhhhh Renaaaaaaa~”

I scowl at the sound of Kuumin and her teasing voice. But it immediately went away when I saw who just stepped into the room.

Jurina looks so unsure if this was the right place. Well, she’s so used to seeing me like a studious senpai, not a party senpai.


I growls as Kuumin jumps in front of Jurina, making the latter jump away in surprise. How dare that Kuumin?! I know Jurina longer and I don’t even call her Juri-chan yet.

“Do you like SKE’s Choco no Dorei?”

“Ummm… Yes?” Jurina says surprisingly…

“GOOD! That’s you and RENA’S theme song… Play it, Masanya!”

And soon the song just flooded into the room. Jurina looks at me with a questioning look when she sees my hand locked with her. I brought her to my room, not only to escape choco no dorei but to finally have her to myself.

"Oh ummm… senpai, this is for you…”

“Oh wow…” I could smile amusingly as she gives me a KitKat bouquet. I’m sure Masana would enjoy this. “Thank you… you came…”

“Ummm… Kumi-senpai saw me in school and invited me…”


“I wasn’t really planning to go…”

Heartache has gone to the point of heart break.

She looks up to me with those puppy eyes and I wish I don’t have to look at them. Because I’m pretty sure it was obvious how much this was hurting me right now.

“I didn’t want to go because I don’t know how to tell you…”

“Tell me what?”

“Ummm…” she takes a shaky breath and I could see tears starting to filled her eyes, “That I didn’t pass… I ummm… 3 points away from passing and I couldn’t even…”

Jurina’s gaze has suddenly turned to the floor as tears starts to fall.

“It’s just that I feel embarrassed because you’re so smart and kind and beautiful, and you were helping me so much…” Wait… she feels this way about me?

“You know how much I dreaded accountancy but after I met you, I felt like I want to try harder. I want to prove myself to you.”

She remains steady but her arms have now wrapped around her.

“I heard from the classmates that you were running for magna cum laude and I… I felt like I don’t really… ummm… deserve to be with you if I couldn’t even do something simple as doing a balance sheet.”

She finally returned my gaze…

“So, I wanted to pass… I wanted it to be my goal so I could finally ask you out. But I didn’t… I was so disappointed, not because I failed but because I couldn’t. I could never measure up to you. I want to be deserving of you… and I realize I never will.”

She wipes away the tears that have now fallen mercilessly. I pulled her hands away, wiping those tears with my own hands before pressing a kiss on that wide forehead I have been wishing to kiss for so long.

“I swear to God, Jurina… accountancy has nothing to do with how you make me feel.”


I lay a kiss on her eye as she flutters those lashes.

“The only thing that could disappoint me is when you’re not next to me.”

I smile when I finally saw her lips curve into a soft smile.

“You don’t know how much my heart beats the crap out of me when I don’t see you…”

She smiles when I nuzzle my nose on hers. I press our foreheads together, as we finally find ourselves smiling.

“My mind is filled with a bunch of stuff, with graduating, what’s going to happen next. But there is not a second when thoughts of you don’t pop in my head. I don’t think my heart would ever let me… You, Jurina…”

I tilt her chin up so I could stare into those puppy eyes that I have fallen for.

“I have fallen for you.”

And as I lay my lips on hers, I felt my broken heart just gluing its pieces back together. I pulled tightly, not ever wanting to let go of her arms around me, of her kisses, of Jurina.

And KitKat doesn’t even come close to how sweet Jurina’s lips is. And right now, there is nothing more obvious that how much I have fallen for Jurina. And with the way her tongue dances with mine, I could finally feel it. It was obvious too…

- - - - - -

I felt like I was swept the entire week until graduation day. I was busy with last minute requirements, interviews for job offers, booking a hotel for my parents. I have wanted to take Jurina out to a date. But I have been so busy we just end up buying take out and eating back at my dorm. I was as busy as before. Only difference this time is I got a hand to hold, a lips I could kiss everytime, and Jurina who made me smile effortlessly.

People say I smile different now. I just tease them because I was a magna cum laude. But they all know that it wasn’t the award that was making me smile as much as now. I’m in love and it was obvious…

I scan the crowd for familiar faces when I was up on stage. I swear it was Kuumin who was screaming that I should buy her dinner. But I smiled more when I saw her, clapping so proudly as she sees me.

“RENA-CHAAN!!!” I laugh as Jurina jumps excitedly in my arms… “Congratulations!”

“Where’s my kiss?” I pouted…

“Your parents are here…” she whispers embarrassingly.

I turned to my parents and both my mom and dad were nudging us to kiss. Even they know how in love I am. I pucker my lips and she gives me a quick peck on the lips, kissing me shyly before blushing. I receive a few hard slaps and jokes from the gang before we started walking to our cars so we could eat out and celebrate.

“So, now what?”

“What?” I turned to Churi…

“Now that you finally graduated, what’s the plan now, Rena-chan?”

I couldn’t help but smile at the question, squeezing the hand of my girl.

“Right now all I want to do…”

I stare shamelessly at Jurina, and this time I’m proud to say I have every right to. Jurina blushes from my obvious gawking before turning away shyly. She looks too cute that I just had to kiss her again.

“All I want to do is take my girlfriend out on a date.”

I turn to my girl as she squeezes my hand, and for a second there we were lost in our own world. Yet, people around could clearly see.

We were simply in love, all because of a bar of KitKat.

Magna Cum Laude: With high honors. Used to express high academic distinction

A/N:  :byebye:  :luvluv2:


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