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Japanese / Re: Mio Imada 今田美桜
« Last post by Horlicks on Today at 01:34:24 PM »

Japanese / Re: Nagi Nemoto 根本凪
« Last post by Horlicks on Today at 01:34:11 PM »

i don't even know what i'm supposed to feel, most likely are fluffy and fun but still......poor ashu, i want to hug ashu, can i adopt ashu ?

but overall of course it's fun and what's that "hikaru"? nice and cool name indeed, perhaps if some miracle happen to me, can i borrow some of your characters name ? (but i don't know for what purpose that is) hahaha

p.s : i really miss some ridiculous or fluffy or funny and touching father-son moment of shakure king and 'his' 'son' now (sorry for my kami-oshimen for calling her shakure, i don't want to be killed by her chin)  :lol: :D
The Official H!P Girls Threads / Re: The Juice=Juice Thread
« Last post by oaxiac on Today at 11:28:50 AM »
Japanese / Re: Asuka Kawazu 川津明日香
« Last post by fjroev on Today at 09:47:31 AM »

AKB48 Movies & TV / Re: [TV] BNK48 Show
« Last post by muppet on Today at 09:33:27 AM »
Going to jump ahead to ep 12,
Because Eng Sub!

A trip to Pattaya, and lots of fun in a Haunted House, and
a modified Water Polo game

Jennis on Blue team and Piam on orange team

AKB48 Movies & TV / Re: [TV] BNK48 Senpai
« Last post by muppet on Today at 05:21:55 AM »
AKB48 Movies & TV / Re: [TV] BNK48 Senpai
« Last post by muppet on Today at 05:06:24 AM »
Ep 10 Part Three

Narumi Kuranoo joins Cherprang, Jennis, and Music....

BNK48 Senpai ep 10 Part 3
Majisuka Gakuen / Re: The Majimuri Gakuen Discussion thread
« Last post by winner on Today at 04:07:06 AM »
Totally missed this from Katomina's insta.  :nervous

and... Lily's friends from Tokyo

Mizuki - Matsuoka Hana
Kasumi - Obata Yuna
Rira - Yamamoto Ayaka
(thx lionel90 @stage48)

random characters are random :lol:
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