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46GROUPS Fanfics / Re: nogizaka46 nanamai drabble
« Last post by clin-nolan on Today at 05:07:40 AM »
Short but sweet :heart:
It would be great if there were continuation :cow: :D
46GROUPS Fanfics / Re: nogizaka46 shiraishi mai x nishino nanase
« Last post by clin-nolan on Today at 04:56:16 AM »
Great prologue  :twothumbs
When I saw the sad news of the graduation I also thought of a fic in my imagination of how Maiyan took it and I'm glad you were writing this
I'll wait for each update eagerly  :heart: :heart:
Japanese / Re: Rina Koike
« Last post by Gonza on Today at 03:29:46 AM »
Here I give you another image of Rina Koike tied to a column.

When you watch that ^ clip, Mizuho has the cutest bell ringing expressions evah!

Anita Ward - Ring My Bell
Graduate Plaza / Re: The Mano Erina Thread (真野恵里菜)
« Last post by muppet on Today at 02:42:51 AM »
Best wishes to Erina san and her husband, as
this truly will be a bonding period with the two of
them living together in a vastly different culture
than home.

But will miss Erina and her Mano Piano for sure.

Even in the past few days, was watching a hit television drama and a new film,
and was very happy to find out that Erina was cast in both!

Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu, which starred Yui Aragaki, saw Erina play the best friend of Yui’s
character. Erina’s character was a young mom who has decided to separate from her cheating husband.

When you see Erina with the little baby who played her daughter, well you might comment
that Erina was very natural as a young mum

In BLEACH, as is typical in Japanese films & TV, you will find a group of adults playing high school students,
including Erina. Her character has a massive crush on the lead character, played by Sota Fukushi.

Have been a fan of Mano & Mano Piano since her early days at H!P, and will always associate Erina with her backup dancers

So Erina san, thanks for wonderful memories!
AKB48 Fanfics / Re: [OneShot] STREET LAWYER WATANABE (HvsV season 3)
« Last post by anzai4648 on Today at 02:16:28 AM »

AKB48 Fanfics / Re: [OneShot] STREET LAWYER WATANABE (HvsV season 3)
« Last post by anzai4648 on Today at 02:14:18 AM »
Fast update again!
And here I present you a love rival for Yuki........
Sawajiri Erika!

We see Mayu has several love rivals in the past, including her own brother, Sae.
Now it's time to give Yuki a love rival too.



     Mayu locked her eyes intensely on the two-hundreds pages document on her desk, attempting to read and analyze them as fast as she could and make a summary that must be delivered to her client by the end of the day.
     “Watanabe-san,” she heard her name being called and without even looking she already knew who was calling her.
     “Yes, Sawajiri-san?” Mayu replied politely and did her best to give the person a smile.
     “I need your help for a minute. Can you come to my room now?” the person, Sawajiri Erika, said while smiling sweetly at Mayu.
     Mayu was a bit startled. Again? But she just called me twice this morning. Why she calls me over and over again?
     However, being a good junior, Mayu complied. “Okay, give me a minute, Sawajiri-san.”
     Sawajiri nodded before withdrawing to her room.
     Mayu then let out a sigh as she put her document back into the binder.
     A frown was formed on her forehead as she was trying to figure out how to deal with this demanding woman. Refusing Sawajiri’s request would be impolite. Thus Mayu didn’t have other choice than to fulfil her request.

     After cleaning up her desk and throwing some trash into the dust bin, Mayu then got up and walked out from her room.
     On her way to Sawajiri’s room, Mayu met Takizawa, her senior back in the university.
     “Hey, Mayu-chan, where are you going?” Takizawa asked. But then he saw the pout on Mayu’s face, and he quickly grasped what was happening. “Oh, must be Sawajiri bothering you, again, huh?”
     Mayu didn’t answer, only kept pouting.
     Takizawa continued. “Tck! She obviously has the hots on you, Mayu-chan. Be careful. If you don't like her, you gotta to tell her.”
     “Yeah, sure.” Mayu nodded and walked away.

     Inside Sawajiri’s room.
     “What can I help, Sawajiri-san?”
     “Oh! Come on in, Mayu-san. Please take a look at my computer. I can’t find my files here. Probably it’s virus or something. I’m afraid my files are lost. Can you recover it?”
     “Okay.” Mayu entered the room and approached the desk.
     She grabbed the mouse and began to inspect the folders in the computer.
     She clicked a few things and after a moment, she said, “Your files are here, Sawajiri-san. They’re just hidden, not lost. You should change the properties of the folder to view hidden files in a folder. And also, this virus had changed the files extension so you have to change it back before you open them.”
     “Oh thank god, I thought they were lost. Mayu-san, you’re my lifesaver.” Sawajiri exclaimed in gratitude.
     “You’re welcome. Anyway, you should just ask the IT guy to come here and help you next time. You know I’m not the IT guy here.” Mayu said.
     “Well, they’re busy, and I need to find my files fast. And you’re also very good at computer. I’m sorry if I’m taking your time.”
     “It’s okay, I’m glad I can help you.” Mayu said while continued checking a few more things. “Your antivirus is outdated. Do you want me to update it?” Mayu asked.
     “Here you go. Everything is alright now.” Mayu said getting ready to leave.
     “Wait!” Sawajiri grabbed Mayu’s arm, causing the younger female to stop and startled a bit.
     “Can you show me how you did that?” Sawajiri asked.
     “Did what?”
     “To recover and find my files again.”
     “Okay, sure.” Mayu sat again, while Sawajiri stood and hovered behind her.
     “Here’s how you do it.” Mayu spoke. She felt Sawajiri’s hand on her shoulder, squeezing it gently. And it made Mayu felt a bit nervous, especially with Sawajiri standing close behind her. Mayu could almost feel Sawajiri’s breath next to her ear.
     Gulping, Mayu tried to stay calm and ignore Sawajiri’s presence. And after she finished with her explanation, she quickly stood up and withdrew herself.
     “That’s all, Sawajiri-san. It’s quite easy, right? Just make sure you update your antivirus regularly, or better make it automatically.” Mayu said.
     “Okay, thank you very much Mayu-san. You’re really helping.” Sawajiri said smilingly.
     “You’re welcome.” Mayu was about to leave again when Sawajiri suddenly came at her again.
     “Wait, you have a dust on your shirt.” The older woman said as she reached out her hand onto Mayu’s shirt, right on her chest pocket.
     Mayu flinched in response and almost jumped a step back, but Sawajiri grabbed her shoulder and made her stopped moving. Sawajiri then tapped Mayu’s chest a few times to clean the dust away. This action sent a sudden electricity shock for Mayu, and her cheeks flushed upon having such a close proximity with Sawajiri. She couldn’t deny this woman was indeed very appealing.
     “Done.” Sawajiri said with a smile.
     “T-Thank you…I gotta go...” Mayu stuttered and scurried away.
     While Sawajiri just smiled at her, and she was still smiling even after Mayu had disappeared from her sight.


Later in the evening.

     Matsui Rena stood on the balcony in her luxurious condominium, staring at her surrounding. Her eyes captured the sight of the starry night sky and the bustling city beneath it. The wind was blowing gently against her face, playing with her glossy, deep black hair. She was only wearing a black-laced slip dress at the moment. Her arms were rested against the railings as she locked her eyes on the beautiful sight in front of her.
     A beep was heard from Rena’s smartphone, indicating a new message had just arrived in her inbox. She slowly reached to check it and found it was from Jurina.
     [Rena-chan, I have to attend a drinking party with my business partners tonight. I will come home very late. Or maybe I won't come home at all and sleep at my office instead. Don’t stay up and wait for me, okay!]
     Letting out a sigh, Rena put the phone back to the table and returned to the balcony again. She was already used to getting this kind of message from Jurina. Rena knew Jurina was very busy, being a CEO and managing several big companies.

Matsui Rena with a black dress

     Matsui Rena already used to feeling bored. And lonely. And empty. She had been feeling like this ever since she was living under Shinoda’s patronage, though it wasn’t very acute. But after she retrieved her memories back, it had gotten much worse. Retrieving her memories was a good thing, but it also had many downsides. Now that Rena had a full control over her mind and a full conscience over her feeling, she become much more aware of her loneliness.

     After Rena retrieved her memories from Yuki’s sword, Rena’s mind suddenly was flooded by a lot of things. She remembered witnessing the tragic fate that happened to her beloved servant, Furukawa Airi, in the past. She remembered how she was forced to witness Airin getting tortured for information by her father’s order. She remembered witnessing how her brother had killed Airin and then killed himself in the midst of chaos of their failed uprising. And she remembered killing her own army, including her father, Lord Matsui Ichiren, and cutting them into pieces with her sword.

     She also remembered going to many battles and wars upon her father’s command, and killing 998 persons during those times. She remembered seeing the pain, fear, shock, and other unimaginable feeling that was seen in her victims’ eyes. They were all screaming, begging for her to spare their life, but Rena never complied to them. The only time Matsui Rena ever spared someone’s life was when she was about to kill Matsui Jurina. Back then, Rena was only 15 years old while Jurina was 9 years old, and both of them were still human. And now Rena remembered how she had spared Jurina’s life but killed all her family members, leaving Jurina as the only one to stay alive.

     If Rena could describe her life in a few words, that would be violence, anger, sadness, frustration, guilt, and pain. And if she must choose only one word, that would be pain. Which is ironic because Rena was unable to feel any physical pain. But then again, Rena chose it not because she’s feeling the pain herself, instead it’s because she’s the one who has inflicted those pain to all the people around her. She had caused pain for her servant. She had caused pain to all those 998 people that she had killed in the past. She had also caused pain to the family member of her victims. And most importantly, she had caused an eternal pain for Matsui Jurina. Not only had she killed Jurina’s family, she also made Shinoda sired Jurina and turned the younger girl into a vampire.

     There’s nothing could beat the guilty feeling, when a murderer realized how they had murdered the family of the person whom they loved the most. Rena’s guilt was unbearable. She couldn’t handle it. She couldn't face the truth that she had murdered Jurina’s family in the past. She couldn’t even bring herself to look into Jurina’s eyes and asked for her forgiveness. All Rena wanted to do was to die and kill herself in front of Jurina. That was the only suitable punishment for her. She knew her sins could not be forgiven and she didn’t deserve to live. But then Jurina decided to give Rena a second chance, that is for Rena to serve Jurina and be her slave for a hundred years in order to make amends for her sin.


Rena : “Jurina, I apologize, for everything I did to you in the past. I know my sins cannot be forgiven. But please forgive me, so that I can die and rest in peace.” /* took a sword and knelt before Jurina, preparing to takes her own life */
Jurina : “No. Don’t. Don’t do that.”
Rena  : “But I have to, Jurina. There’s no other way for me to make amends. I have to die.”
Jurina : /*smiled*/   “Rena, there’s one way.”
Rena  : “What is it? Tell me.”
Jurina : “Be my slave.”
Rena  : “........S-slave?”
Jurina : “Yes, Rena, be my slave, for a hundred years. After that, I will forgive you.”


     So now here she is, redeeming herself by serving Matsui Jurina and following the younger girl around, and doing everything Jurina told her to do. Rena vowed to Jurina that she would forever stand by her side, and protect her with all her might. Rena’s debt to Jurina was so big, that she wouldn't mind it even if she had to stay and serve Jurina for a thousand years to make amends.

     Aside from Jurina, the other person to whom Rena also felt very guilty was Kashiwagi Yuki. Her guilt towards Yuki wasn’t as big as her guilt towards Jurina because she didn’t kill any of Yuki’s family, but still, she owed an apology to Yuki. All the time she thought Yuki was the devil. And all the time she’s been trying and doing everything to hurt and kill Yuki. But because Jurina forbid her to kill Yuki, all Rena could do was trying to inflict pain as much as possible toward Yuki without killing her.

     And now after she realized what she had done toward the raven girl, Rena not also felt guilty, she also felt a sense of respect for Yuki. Because Yuki, unlike everyone else, had never showed her weakness to Rena. Rena had killed and tortured a lot of people in her past, either as a human (warlord), or a vampire (after she was sired by Shinoda). All those people were screaming in pain and begging for her mercy. But Yuki was different. In fact, she’s the only exception.

     The first time Rena learned about Yuki being different was when Umeda took Mayu as a hostage and ordered Rena to beat Yuki up (see Season 1 Chapter 19 Love Spell - Part 2 and Part 3). Back then, Rena was impressed, and more like intrigued, by how tenacious and determined Yuki was to give herself up and endure such a beating from her. Any normal human would have cowered and runaway from Matsui Rena whenever she was in her ‘spicy’ mode. But instead of running away, Yuki chose to stay there and let Rena/Gekikara beat her up in order to spare Mayu the pain. And during the beating, Rena had never heard Yuki cried or screamed. Not even once.

     And it was always like that, everytime they had a fight. Yuki never let out a cry or a scream. Rena too, had never cried and screamed when she was hurt, but it was only because she couldn't feel the pain. And so Rena wondered, did Yuki also have a syndrome like her? A syndrome of insensitivity to pain? Was Yuki also unable to feel pain? Rena was intrigued by this, and she thought Yuki must be having the syndrome too. It's the only explanation as to why Yuki never scream while she gets hurt and beaten.

     However, later, Rena found out that Yuki didn’t have the same syndrome as her. Unlike Rena, Yuki actually felt the pain, just like everybody else. And this made Rena become intrigued more. If Yuki actually felt the pain, then how did she manage to act like she didn’t feel it? What is it that Yuki has that makes her able to withstand such pain and torture?

     Rena could only rely on the last answer: the willpower. Yuki must have possessed a very strong willpower. One that would not be broken by anything in this world. Learning all this realization just made Rena respected Yuki more and more.

     And not only Yuki was strong-minded, she was also compassionate, merciful, and forgiving. The fact that Yuki forgave Rena for all the things that she had done to her in the past, it had proven the statement to be very true. As Rena remembered from her conversation with Yuki during their last visit, she now learned that despite her ‘black and cold’ exterior, Yuki was actually a very caring person. And Yuki cared about Rena more than Rena had expected.

     “Rena, how are you?”
     “You’re still having those bad dreams?”
     “Rena, I want to ask you something more private. If that’s okay with you.”
     “How is your relationship with Jurina? Is she… Is she treating you right?”
     “Because I think you deserve more from her, Rena.”
     “Rena, I just want to say this to you. If you need someone to talk, about anything, just remember that you can always talk to me. You can call me and visit me anytime.”

     Those were Yuki’s words to her. And she never expected those words would be coming from someone whom she had treated so badly in the past. If was as if Yuki had forgotten all those bad things that Rena had done to her in the past, as if those never happened. And that made Rena become intrigued and respected Yuki more. Because really, how can someone forgive their enemies so easily like that? It just doesn’t make any sense for Rena. For all her life, Matsui Rena had been taught (mostly by her own father), that one should never show mercy and compassion towards their enemies. Doing that would be considered as a foolish act, and it would only made yourself weak.

     However, after Rena met Yuki, all her beliefs including all those values that had been taught to her were suddenly reversed upside down. Yuki had shown to Rena that being merciful and compassionate didn’t make someone become weak. Instead it only made them become stronger. Indeed, only a strong-willed person can show mercy and forgive their enemies so easily like that.

     Strong as ice when facing her enemies, but gentle as snow in front of her friends. That was how Rena would describe Yuki. Rena knew she too was strong, even stronger than Yuki. But was she gentle? No. Matsui Rena was far from being gentle. She didn't know how to be gentle. No one has ever taught her how to be gentle. Her father was a merciless person, and she was taught to become like him.

     Although they’re both warrior, Rena knew she was very different from Yuki. Their difference was like heaven and earth. And it made Rena became more intrigued and more infatuated by Yuki. Rena then wondered if she could ever be a gentle person like Yuki. And she was kinda hoping for Yuki to teach her on how to become a gentle person like that. Rena didn't know whether it is necessary to be gentle, but from how it seen, it seemed really nice to be a gentle person.

     And as the night grew thicker, Rena continued thinking about her life, and drowning deeper in her contemplation.


     Few days later, on Saturday, Mayu and Yuki went to a car dealer shop and look for a new car to buy. They had planned to buy a car since months ago, but had to wait until one of them get the driving license.
     “Which one do you want, Yuki?”
     “Mmm… I don’t know anything about car. Why don't you choose it yourself?” Yuki furrowed her brows.
     Mayu let out a smile. “I just wanna know your preference.”
     “Yeah, but I really have no idea.”
     “Hm, okay then. Let's choose the model first, and then the color. How about this one? A Toyota Avalon? I like the shape. Or a Honda CR-V? The price is cheaper, it only costs 2 months of my salary.”
     “Choose the cheaper one.”
     “Okay. And what's the color?”
     “Tck! Of all those interesting colors, you choose black. Why not red or white or silver or green?”
     “Well, you know Black is my middle name.”
     “Okay, black it is.” Mayu said rolling her eyes.
     Together they then went to the counter to make the payment and complete all the necessary paperwork.

     An hour later, they were already on the road with Yuki driving behind the wheel. Mayu still had not taken any driving lesson and therefore she didn't have driving license yet. She was still very busy and had no time to do that, and therefore she asked Yuki to take driving license instead.
     “Great! Now we can go out for a date more often and I still can lie around and sleep here anytime. And you won't have to piggyback me home again whenever I fall asleep hehe~” Mayu chuckled as she buckled up her seat belt and lowered the backrest. She began to be relax and enjoy herself there.
     Yuki drove slowly and carefully so as to not give Mayu a sudden shock during the driving. She glanced at her girlfriend one more time before focusing back to the road. A smile formed upon her lips at a sight of Mayu lying and relaxing on her passenger seat.
     “Do you wanna go somewhere now?” Yuki asked.
     “Just drive around the town slowly and find what is interesting.”
     Yuki then continued driving slowly, while Mayu turned on the radio. She changed all the stations until finally she found a station playing her favorite anime song.
     “Mayu, do you me want to drive you to your office starting from next week?” Yuki asked.
     “Mmm…. No, I prefer taking the subway in the morning. But maybe you can pick me up from office if I finish very late at night.”
     “Sure, will do.”
     “But you will have to stay up late to pick me up. Is that okay for you?”
     “Of course it’s okay, Mayu. It's my pleasure to do that for you.” Yuki said with a smile.
     Yuki had been always worried every time Mayu arrived home very late. There were several occasions in past, when Mayu had to spend the night at her office because she missed the last train in the middle of the night. And it had happened quite often too during Mayu’s university years. Although Mayu wasn't a teenager anymore, Yuki still found herself worrying about Mayu a lot. Especially with the criminals, gangsters, robbers, vampires, and other supernatural creatures that  were always lurking in the night searching for preys.
     “When are you planning to take a driving lesson?” Yuki asked again.
     “Mmm… I don't know. Still have no time for that. I will just let you riding the car for now. As for me, I prefer riding you instead. Hehe~”
     “What!? Oh, shut up!” Yuki rolled her eyes and continued driving.

     After driving around for a while, they found a French restaurant and decided to have their lunch there. Mayu had developed quite a taste for everything French lately, after she spent 2 weeks attending law seminar in Paris last month.
     As they entered the restaurant, they were welcomed by a waiter in a black suit and bow tie.
     “Good afternoon, Mam. Have you made a reservation?”
     “Mmm...No, we have not.”
     “That’s okay. We still have many unreserved table. Where would you like to sit? Downstair or upstair?”
     “Downstairs, and near the window, please.” Mayu said politely while holding Yuki’s hand like a gentleman.
     The waiter led the couple to their preferred table and gave the menu list to them.
     “Do you need help for the menu?” asked the waiter.
     “No, thank you. We’ll decide it later. We would like to have an appetizer first. Ah, Yuki you will like this.” Mayu said as she pointed at an item in the menu. “We’ll have this, please,” she then said to waiter.
     “It will be served in no time. Please wait. And just push the button to call us whenever you have decided on the main menu,” said the waiter as he bowed and himself.
     Mayu and Yuki then found themselves indulged in the menu. However, because the menu was written in French and English, Yuki could only rely to the picture to get a grasp of what those dishes made of. Eventually, she decided to just let Mayu choose the menu for them.
     The appetizers were served not long after. They nibbled into it while looking at the menu to select the main dishes. After that they called the waiter again and made their orders.
     The couple then let their eyes wandering around to observe their surrounding. It’s a very classy French restaurant and the people who come there also looked very classy, amongst them were foreigners. The restaurant was also quite expensive. A ten thousand yen for lunch, and twenty five thousand yen for dinner.
     Suddenly Mayu’s eyes caught a familiar figure entering the restaurant. It was a woman around her thirties, cladded in a white blouse and loose pants, and looking very attractive. Her eye shadow accentuated her beautiful eyes. Mayu quickly took her eyes away from the woman, but it's too late because their eyes already met for a second and they already recognized each other.
     The woman wasn't alone. She was with another two women around her ages, whom Mayu had never met before. She then excused herself from her friends and then walked up to Mayu’s table.
     “Watanabe-san! I didn't expect to meet you here! What's the occasion?” Sawajiri greeted Mayu, seemingly delighted upon seeing her there.
     “Sawajiri-san, konnichiwa! We just happen to be around and we wanted to try the menu here.” Mayu replied politely. While Yuki just glanced at the woman, and then looked back at Mayu.
     “Oh, hello, Kashiwagi-san, isn't it? I remember you seeing you ar our office once. We’ve met before.” Sawajiri smiled at Yuki.
     “Oh, hello...Ummm....” Yuki looked up with a brief smile.
     “Sawajiri Erika, Mayu’s colleague in office.” Sawajiri extended her hand at Yuki for a handshake, which Yuki accepted.
     “Oh yeah, I’m sorry, I’m not really good at remembering names. Nice to meet you again, Sawajiri-san.”
     “Same here. Nice to meet you again, Kashiwagi-san.” Sawajiri said smiling. “Anyway, I’ve seen you a couple times with Mayu around our office. You two seem to be very close. Mayu, do you mind if I ask you something?”
     “Sure.” Mayu said, slightly frowning because Sawajiri had just called her repeatedly in first name basis and without honorific, in front of Yuki. And as Mayu stole a glance at Yuki, she saw the raven girl was sending her a confused, questioning look.
     Sawajiri spoke again. “Mayu, I remember you said something in the interview, about your friend or relative who’s been staying with you since you were in high school. I’m just wondering, is the person Kashiwagi-san?”
     Mayu was a little taken aback as she stared at Sawajiri for a moment. She didn't expect Sawajiri to ask her that question, and especially not in front of Kashiwagi Yuki.
     Mayu was hesitating for a moment, whether or not she should tell the truth. Answering yes would reveal her private life to Sawajiri. While answering no would make Yuki feel betrayed and belittled. However, Mayu also realized that as a lawyer Sawajiri was highly trained to observe and analyze people’s behaviors. Sawajiri must have noticed the unusual gestures, body languages, and the eye conversation between Mayu and Yuki. Mayu might have been able to hide it thanks to her Cyborg-like personality. But Yuki on the other hand, was a little more readable. The way she glanced and look at the younger girl, and the way she reacted when she heard Sawajiri calling Mayu in the first name basis, it provided undeniable evidences that Yuki and Mayu were more than just friends. And as a lawyer, Mayu too knew that Sawajiri knew about it.

     “......Yes, it’s her.” Mayu said as she decided to just tell the truth.
     Sawajiri smiled again. “Ah, just as I thought. You know, Kashiwagi-san, Mayu has been talking about you a lot in the office.”
     “Really? Ahaha.” Yuki smiled awkwardly.
     “Yes, really. Mayu even told us that if you didn't beat her up back then, she would've become a police officer, instead a lawyer, right now. You really have such a big impact on her, Kashiwagi-san.”
     “What!? How did- Mayu, you told them that!?” Yuki was surprised upon hearing that. She then glanced at her girlfriend, sending her a deadly glare.
     And Watanabe Mayu could only looked away.

     Fortunately just then, a waiter came to their table bringing the main dish on a tray.
     “Well then, please enjoy your lunch, and see you again in the office, Watanabe-san.” Sawajiri waved to them before returning to her friends.

     Yuki and Mayu followed Sawajiri with their eyes for a moment. And then Yuki stared at Mayu.
     “Mayu, did you really talk a lot about me, in your office?”
     Mayu let out a frustrating sigh. “No, Yuki, I didn't! And I don't know why she said that. Well okay, I did mention a little about you, anonymously of course, during my interview with her. But I’ve never talked about it again. Not to anyone.”
     Yuki furrowed her brows. “You know I prefer to be in the shadow for the time being.”
     “Yeah, I know. Sorry, Yuki.” Mayu said apologetically. And Mayu couldn't help but cursed silently, upon having to encounter Sawajiri Erika today in this restaurant. In fact, Mayu already knew Sawajiri was going to give her trouble when she walked in to this restaurant.

     Not only that, Mayu also felt very guilty now, for having revealed about Yuki to her colleagues. She knew Yuki didn't like to be involved in her social life. Being a lawyer, Mayu was bound to have a large circle of friends and a bright, colorful social life. She even had celebrities amongst her clients. While Yuki on the other hand, had been a lone wolf for almost her entire life. It took quite a long time before Yuki finally willing to open herself to the hunter girls back in Shizuoka (A/N: see Season 2 Chapter 18 - Yuki vs The Rogue Cop, in which Yuki openly shared her problems to Takamina and Miichan).

     So now why would Mayu expect Yuki to get out of her shadow and join her club? Except Mayu, Yuki basically knew nobody in Tokyo. Except Mayu, everyone in this city was a stranger to Yuki. That's why everytime Mayu is away from home, Yuki always feels lonely.

     Upon thinking about that, Mayu now regretted for having mentioned about Yuki in front of Sawajiri during their interview. Mayu really didn't have any idea back then, that she would be caught in the sight of this enfant terrible person named Sawajiri Erika. Even all her friends in the office now were saying that Sawajiri has the hots on her. And for Mayu, this means trouble. She’s already taken, and she doesn't want to have an affair with her colleagues/seniors/boss at work. Mayu already felt guilty enough for being too busy for Yuki, and she definitely didn't want to make it worse by having a dangerous liaison with Sawajiri Erika.



Sorry for not giving you a lovey-dovey WMatsui yet again. But I can assure you, once they have that ‘big talk’ between them, they will change into become the loveliest couple ever :lol:

As you see here, WMatsui couple is very contrasted with MaYuki couple. While MaYuki couple is already very stable and mature, WMatsui couple on the other hand is still unstable because they’re still in their initial stage. Jurina had not fully forgiven Rena for her sins. Her love for Rena is still questionable, and she still considered Rena as her ‘slave’.

Japanese / Re: Yuko Araki / 新木優子
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Yuko stars in this Nissy PV

He is Takahiro Nishijima, lead singer of AAA.
When he performs as a Solo Artist, he goes by Nissy.

Pictures 2 and 3 credit modelpress

Nissy(西島隆弘) / 「トリコ」Music Video
Nanase's dream left me confused since that part did not know her and now I am curious to know why she occupies the information that she stole from the computer and what she plans to do :?

if Maiyan can already feel emotions I hope she can be romantic with Nanase and show her once again that he loves her  :luvluv1: :gmon love2:

It was a good stuffed chapter and I hope you can update soon
Thanks as always and I hope that soon you can clarify more questions :twothumbs :heart:

I'm sorry for my bad English if I ever make any mistakes :nervous  :depressed:
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