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Sakurako chan as Work of Art

Looking to save the original photos that were used before
updating Sakurako’s photos

Okay, Kanazuchibo is terrifying... o_o"

I hope they'll be okay!
Duu x Maria


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Day 17 - Hikaru Utada can’t wait!

Song:”Can't Wait 'Til Christmas"
Release date: 2010年11月24日

宇多田ヒカル『Can't Wait 'Til Christmas』ライブ
That outfit  :shocked

@Minami-chan: Thank you!   :D

@keijuna: Thank you!   :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 34  :D

Chapter 34: Rena Left

In the morning

Atsuko opens her eyes and sees Minami is smiling at her a gentle smile

“Good morning Sunshine” he kisses Atsuko's forehead and said

“Good morning, Minami” Atsuko hugs Minami and said in happy tone

“How is your sleep baby?” Minami asks

“Very good, Minami. How about you?” Atsuko looks at Minami and asks

“Of course, very good because I have my lovely Atsuko next to me.” Minami hugs Atsuko tightly and said while burying his face on Atsuko's neck.

Atsuko laughs softly with Minami's action. They cuddle for awhile, then Minami said

“Ok baby, let's get up and go out. Last night everyone seems to worry about us a lot”

“Ok” Atsuko nods and sits up

“I will go back to my room” She continues

When she is about to step down the bed, Minami hugs her and whispers while nudging on Atsuko's neck


“My clothes are there, baka” Atsuko said

“How about you go to the bathroom with me? I will let you borrow my clothes” Minami whispers in her ear

Atsuko blushes madly at Minami's words

“B...baka, stop teasing me” She shyly stutters

“I'm not teasing, baby. I'm serious” Minami whispers

“Can we Atsuko?” He continues

His words make Atsuko blush madly. Her heart beats very fast because of this. Her face is getting real hot. Seeing her shy action make Minami feel amuse and cute. When he is about to say that he just tease her, he hears Atsuko's small voice

“It…it…it’s embarrassed, Minami”
Minami is very surprised with her cute reaction. He hugs her and pushes her down on his bed.

“What can I do with you, Atsuko?” He said while looking at Atsuko's red face

“If you keep showing me this irresistible action, I really can't hold back” he continues while bending down near Atsuko's face

“Minami” Atsuko shyly calls him

“I love you so much, Atsuko” Minami bends down and quickly captures her lips in a deep kiss.

Then he moves his kiss down to her collar and marks it making Atsuko moan in surprised. Then he looks up and smiles at Atsuko

“You are mine forever, Atsuko” he said

Atsuko blushes at his words. She nods shyly and said in small tone

“I'm yours”

“Huh? What did you say Atsuko?” Minami asks

He wants to tease her again. Of course, he heard her

“I'm yours” Atsuko said, a little louder

“Huh? I can't hear you” Minami said

“I'm yours, Minami. I love you” Atsuko closes her eyes and said louder

Then she opens her and sees Minami is smiling mischievously at her.

“You are just so cute, Atsuko” Minami said

Now she knows that he teases her.

“Minami, baka. You tease me again” Atsuko said in pouting tone

She pushes him out and steps down from bed. However, he hugs her from behind and said

“Baby, baby, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.”

“You always make fun of me” Atsuko said in pout tone

“Atsuko, I'm sorry. It's just you are too cute. I can't stop teasing you when seeing your lovely reaction.” Minami said

“Thamhmm…” when Atsuko turns around to say something, Minami once again suddenly seals her lips with his.

Then he breaks the kiss and said

“Don't mad at me, my queen”

Atsuko poutingly hits his chest and said

“Get changed quickly Minami. I’m hungry”

“Yes ma’am” Minami said

He smiles and walks to his bathroom. Suddenly he sees Atsuko stands up and shyly follows him from behind.

“What is it, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“Y... you said… that you want… me to come in… with… you” Atsuko shyly said

Minami smiles. He pins her to the wall and whispers.

“I want to, but if we go in there together, I don’t think we can get out soon.”

Atsuko blushes madly at his words. Minami laughs at Atsuko’s cute face

“Minami, you pervert” Atsuko hits his chest and said while blushing

“I became like this because of you. Take responsibility” Minami said

“Don't blame me. I don't know. You could say this to other girls” Atsuko pouts

“You are my first and only girl who I say something like this. I love you and only you. My heart belongs to you” Minami holds Atsuko's hands and seriously said

“Minami, I'm happy. I'm so lucky to have you” Atsuko said

“Me too” Minami whispers

“Ok, baby. Let's prepare and go down” He pecks Atsuko’s lips and said

“I’ll go back to my room, now” she said

“Ok, see you in a bit. I’ll wait for you in your room” Minami said

 “Uh” Atsuko nods

After Minami finished, he goes to Atsuko’s room and wait for her. Then they leave the room and walk to the dining room hand in hand. When Minami opens the door, everyone looks at them and giggles.

“What?” Minami asks when seeing their face

“Nothing” Jun shrugs and said

“We didn't say anything, right Mayu?” He turns to Mayu and said

“Yes, we also didn't say that they are so lovey dovey this early right Yuki?” Mayu said and turns to Yuki

“Right, we also didn't say that last night we were worry that certain someone sad, so we came and checked on her, but she wasn't in her room, right Rena?” Yuki said and giggles at Atsuko making she blushes and hides behind Minami

“Absolutely, we didn't say that she stayed at someone's room for the night, right Jun” Rena turns to Jun and said

“We didn't do anything.” Minami accidentally blurts out

This make the rest laugh loudly

“You said it yourself buddy” Jun said and keeps laughing

Their laughs make Atsuko and Minami blush madly.

“Minami” Atsuko holds his arms shyly

“Shut up, you all” Minami shouts

“Atsuko is my girlfriend. We are fiancé since birth. We are together is normal. Stop that laughing.” Minami shouts while hugging Atsuko

Then he pulls Atsuko with him out of the dining room. The four looks at them and starts laughing again.

“I can't believe Takamina is so fun to tease” Rena said

“Yes, Achan and him are matched perfectly. They are so cute to tease” Yuki said

“Right, we also never saw this side of him before.” Mayu said

“This is really fun” Jun said

In Minami's side

Minami pulls Atsuko with him to the outside, but when they just get there, Minami hears his phone rings. He takes out his phone and sees the caller is his father.

“Hello dad” Minami said

“Oh, ok. This evening right dad?”

“Ok, we will be there”

“Bye dad” he said and hangs up

Atsuko looks at Minami with confused look.

“What's it, Minami?” She asks

“My dad, he said that this evening, we will go to Takahashi mansion” Minami said

“Go to your house? For what, Minami?” Atsuko asks

Minami stays silent. He gives a sign for Atsuko to lean closer to him. Atsuko leans closer to Minami as he instructed.

“My dad called us there because…” Minami whispers to Atsuko's ear

Atsuko stays silent while listening.

“I-won't-tell-you” Minami whispers

Then all of sudden he pecks Atsuko's lips and moves back. Atsuko looks at Minami and pouts

“Minami, you trick me” she hits his chest and said in pouting tone

“Baka, baka, baka” she pouts while hitting his chest

“Ok, ok, I'm sorry baby” Minami holds Atsuko's hands and said while laughing

“Actually, I also don't know about that. Dad just told me that this morning we will go to my house” He said

“I see” Atsuko said

“Ok, come on, let's tell the rest about this” Minami said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

In the evening

The black car goes into the big garden of Takahashi mansion. Jun parks the car, and they go out of the car. Suddenly Mayu and Jun notice two familiar cars

“Hey Jun, aren't they are mine and your parents’ car?” Mayu said

“Uh, they are. Why they are here?” Jun said in wonder tone while looking at Minami as asking him

Minami just shrugs and shakes his head

“I don't know. My dad just told us to come here” Minami said

“I see.” Jun said

“There is one way to find out” Yuki said

“Yup, go in there” Rena said

Then they walk into the house together. When they are about to knock the door, a butler come out. He bows and greets them

“Welcome home young master”

“Hello Ms. Atsuko, Ms. Yuki, Ms. Rena, Jun-sama, Mayu-sama”

“Where is my parents?” Minami asks

“Master and Mistress is in Takahashi meeting room. They ordered me to take you there” the butler said

“Ok” Minami said

Atsuko holds Minami's arm and whispers in confused tone

“Meeting room?”

“Don't worry Atsuko. It will be fine” Minami pats Atsuko's head and said

The butler leads them through Takahashi big garden. After passing a small pond, they reach the place. The butler knocks the door and said

“Master, young master and his friends are here”

“Good, tell them to come in. You can leave” Kai said

The butler bows at Minami and the rest and leaves the place.

Minami holds Atsuko's hand and opens the door. They walk in and are surprised when seeing the whole place covered with darkness. Suddenly the door behind them closes strongly.
Minami quickly turn around with caution

“What's wrong?” He thought

“Minami” Atsuko hugs Minami's arm tightly because of scare

“It's ok, Atsuko. I'm here” Minami hugs Atsuko and said

He searches in his pocket to take out his phone.

“Young master, master said this is a serious business. He asked me to collect all your phones”

Suddenly he remembers what the butler said

“Jun, Mayu, do you have anything that can light up” Minami asks

However, he didn't hear any response.





Minami calls, but no one responses.

“What's wrong?” Minami thought

He can feel Atsuko's hands are cold and shaking because of scare.

“It's ok, Atsuko. Don't be scare. I'll protect you” Minami reassures Atsuko

“Let's go. I know a way out” Minami said

This place is very familiar to him that he can locate the direction by guessing his standing point

“Ok” Atsuko said

When they are about to go, Minami suddenly moves back pulling Atsuko behind his back

“Good job, you can dodge my bat in this darkness.”

“Who are you? How can you go into Takahashi mansion? Where is my father?” Minami asks

“Catch me and I'll tell you. If not, I will kill your little darling behind you” the man said

“I won't let you hurt her” Minami said

“Then catch me” the man said

“You told me to catch you, but you didn't give me a sign. How am I supposed to know where you are?” Minami said while stepping back

“So, what do you want?” The man asks

“Hitting the floor with your weapon” Minami said

“Sure” the man said

Them he starts hitting the floor. Minami listens to the sound while moving to the left side.

“What's wrong? Still can't find where I am?” The man asks

Minami slowly steps to the left side

“I see. Not that easy” the man thought

He rushes to attack Minami. Minami hears the sound and dodges the attack. He quickly catches the hand of the man.

“Atsuko, now” Minami shouts

“Ok” Atsuko said

Suddenly the whole room is lightened up. She notices the she is standing on a pole in the middle of the room. She looks down and sees Minami is kneeling down in front of her. He is holding a ring box

“I know that we already engaged by our parents. However, I still want to do this. I want to propose to you.” Minami looks at Atsuko and said

“Minami” Atsuko thought in surprised

“Atsuko, will you marry me?” Minami said lovingly

“Minami” Atsuko calls him in tear

“Yes, Minami. I want to be with you forever” Atsuko said

“Yay, I love you, Atsuko” Minami hugs Atsuko and turns around happily

Suddenly everyone rushes out and cheer for them. Minami puts Atsuko down and turns to everyone. They are Rena, Yuki, Jun, Mayu, Minami’s parents and grandfather, Mayu’s, and also Jun’s parents. Also, Atsuko's aunt, and Hinata.

Because of suddenly appearing of a lot of people, Atsuko hides behind Minami because of scared.

“Congratulation, Takamina, Acchan” Rena, Yuki, Jun, and Mayu said cheerfully

“Congratulation son” Kai walks out and said

“See Tamako, I said our son will marry soon, right?” he turns to his wife next to him and said

“Yes, my husband is the greatest. Congratulation, my son” Tamako said

“Finally, I can soon become grandpa.” Minami’s grandfather said

Minami smiles at his family and friends.

“Thank you, mom, dad, grandpa. Thank you everyone” He said happily

 “Ok, the part 1 is done. Now it's time for party” Kai said

“Party?” Atsuko looks at Minami

“Today we host a welcome party for little Atsuko, and also as you know, Minami also wants to propose to you” Minami’s mother said

“Takamina planned everything” she continues

Atsuko looks at Minami with surprised look. Minami smiles and holds Atsuko’s hand

“I wants to show you that no matter what, no matter how dark life is, I will always be with you and protect you. I know life can be very difficult and everyday is another challenging. However you always know that I love you, and I'll always hold your hand tightly no matter what” Minami kisses Atsuko's hand and said

“Minami, I'm happy” Atsuko hugs Minami and said

Everyone looks at them and smiles happily. Tamako walks toward Atsuko and Minami. She smiles gently at Atsuko and said

“Welcome back Acchan. You look just like your mother”

“You know my mother?” Atsuko asks

“Of course, we are friend for a very long time. Hinata, your mother, and I are friend since long time ago. Plus, your father is Kai’s childhood friend. We all are very close to each other” Tamako said

“Come here my dear” she smiles gently at Atsuko and said

Atsuko slowly walks toward Tamako. Then she bows and said

“Hello Mrs. Takahashi”

“Call me mom, you are Minami's fiancée. We are family” Tamako smiles and winks at Minami

They blush because of that, and their shy face cause the rest of people in the room laugh loudly. Then the party welcoming Atsuko is started. Now Atsuko is sitting next to Minami in the big table

“Minami, you know why I called you here?” Kai asks

“For this welcome party and for me to propose to Atsuko? ” Minami said in question tone

“Part of it. The other part is to talk about the engagement ceremony” Tamako said

“Engagement Ceremony?” Atsuko and Minami look at Kai with confused face

"Uh.” Takashi said

“Hinata, you are Acchan's only family now, so we want to ask you. Do you agree with the time and date that we talked?” Kai asks

“Of course. That is a good time, and Minami already proposed to Atsu. Plus, look at them, even when sitting, they won't let go of each other hand. They can't live without each other now” Hinata said

Minami and Atsuko quickly withdraw their hand and blush

“Minami is so romantic. Not like some certain people” Yuki teases Mayu

“Hey don't say that. I'm romantic in my way. I can be way more romantic than him” Mayu pouts

His action makes the group laughs loudly

“Ok, then now we will ask you two” Kai said

Atsuko and Minami still don't have a clue about what Kai said

“Today, you already proposed to Acchan. we already planned the day for your engagement. We will have it on the date of Acchan's birthday” Kai said

Minami widens his eyes in surprised. Atsuko is also very surprised. She can feel her face is getting red

“, this is so suddenly” Minami stutters shyly

“I see. Then you don't want that even though you already proposed?” Tamako teases

Atsuko looks at Minami with surprised look

“Of course I do. I love Atsuko, and I want her to be my wife as soon as possible.” Minami blurts out

This make everyone laugh again.

“Then we need your prove so that we can prepare that engagement” Minami's grandfather said

“Prove?” Minami repeats in question tone

“I already proposed” he continues

“Not enough.” Kai said

“Kiss, Kiss, Kiss” Jun said loudly

“Yes, kiss, kiss, kiss” Mayu follows Jun

Minami looks at the rest who cheering them to kiss while Atsuko looks down shyly. Suddenly Atsuko feels Minami holds her hand. He turns her to look at him. Atsuko's face now is very red. Her heart beats so fast. She sees Minami smiles gently at her. His gentle face makes her heart beats faster.

Then Minami leans down and kisses gently on Atsuko's lips. The rest of the group cheer for them happily

Awhile later

In Takahashi’s garden

Rena is standing by the lake looking at the sky. Suddenly she hears Jun's voice


Rena turns and looks at Jun


He comes and holds her hand tightly

“What's wrong, Rena? You seem strange. Is there anything bother you?” Jun asks

“Uh-uh, no…”

“Don't say nothing to me. I'm your boyfriend. The day I confessed to you, I already said that, I will always be with you and share your worry” Cutting Rena’s words and said

Rena looks down at the pond silently. Jun also stays silent waiting for Rena. After a few moment of silent, Rena looks up at him and said while smiling

“I'm really fine, Jun. I just still feel a little sad over what just happened these past few months. I can't believe things that had happened since we back here”

“However, I'm very happy right now because everything is good now.” She said

“More than anything, I have a very loving and caring boyfriend” Rena pecks on Jun’s lips and said

Jun smiles at Rena. He kisses her lips and whispers

“I'm also very happy to have a beautiful and warm hearted girlfriend”

Rena looks at Jun and smiles happily.

“Come on Rena, let's go inside” Jun holds her hand and said

“Ok” Rena said

Then they walk back into the room. Seeing them Mayu teases

“Where has the lovebirds been?”

“Of course we went out to spend our precious time together” Jun hugs Rena's shoulder and said

“Wow” Minami and Mayu said

“Honey, we should think about coming to meet Hinata to talk about wedding for our playboy son now” Jun’s father said

“Dad, I'm not playboy. You said thing like that will make Rena misunderstood me” Jun pouts

Everyone laughs at his quick reaction.

They stay there and play until night. Then they all go home

In the garden

Rena are standing there looking at the starry sky. Suddenly she hears Yuki's voice

“Rena” Rena turns and sees Yuki walking toward her

“Why are you standing here by yourself?” Yuki asks

“Just thinking” Rena said

“About what? That man?” Yuki asks

“Uh” Rena nods silently

Then silently fills the whole place.

After awhile

Rena speaks up again

“Acchan is very happy with Takamina...”

“Uh, seeing her happy, I'm also very happy” Yuki said

“Me too.” Rena said

“Also, Takamina protects her very good...” she continues and pauses

Yuki looks at Rena waiting for her to continue

“Yuki, I have a request” Rena turns to Yuki and said in serious tone

“What's it, Rena?” Yuki asks

“Please protect Acchan in my place for me” Rena bows deeply and said

Yuki widens her eyes in surprised.

“What are you saying, Rena?” She asks

“I don't have the right to be Acchan's bodyguard anymore. I can't face her after all the things that happened” Rena said

“I want to leave this place. I want to go far away”

“Rena, you know that Acchan will never think of you like that. She loves you like her real sister. You are you, and he is him. Acchan will never hate you because of that” Yuki said

“I know, but I do mind.” Rena said

“I do mind that my father killed her parents and her grandfather. I do mind that my father caused her to become an orphan. He even wants to kill her. I'm his daughter. I can't face Acchan” she continues

“Rena, …”

“Please Yuki, please grant me this selfish request.” When Yuki is about to convince Rena more, she cuts her words and said while bowing deeply

“*Sigh* You don't have to ask for protecting her, I will alway do.” Yuki sighs deeply and said

“However remember this, Acchan will be very hurt and sad if you left” She continues

“She will be fine. She has Takamina, and you by her side” Rena said

“But that doesn’t mean we can replace your place in her heart” Yuki said

“Yuki” Rena said

“Ok, ok, I will protect her my part and your part” Yuki said

“Thank you” Rena said

“I don’t know why you are so stubborn Rena” Yuki said

“By the way, did you tell Jun about this?” she asks

“Uh-uh” Rena shakes her head

“I don’t know how to start” she looks down and said


Yuki sighs and asks

“Then you want to just leave without saying anything?”

“Maybe” Rena looks up to the sky and said

“I know this will hurt him, but I don’t know what to do. After all, I still think he could find a better person than me” she continues

“Are you sure about that?” Yuki asks

“Uh, a daughter of a criminal like me doesn’t match with him?” Rena said

“*Sigh* why did you think of yourself like that, Rena? You know that…”

“I know Yuki. I know everyone will never think of me like that” Cutting Yuki’s words, Rena said

“However, I can’t get over myself. I can’t. So please, please let’s me choose to run away.” She continues

“One day, if I can get over that, I will be back” She looks at Yuki and said

“Ok, if that makes you feel better” Yuki said

“Don’t worry, I will definitely protect our little sister no matter what” she smiles at Rena and said

“Thank you so much, Yuki” Rena smiles and said

“Don’t thank me. I feel so guilty when hiding this from Acchan” Yuki said

“Ok, let’s go inside before everyone looking for us” she continues

“Ok” Rena nods

Then they go back to the house.

When Rena just steps in, Atsuko suddenly rushes to her and hugs her arm tightly. This makes Rena very surprised

“Acchan, what’s wrong?” Rena asks in surprised tone

Atsuko shakes her head while hugging her arm tighter.

Suddenly she hears Minami’s voice

“Atsuko, where are you?”

“Oh there you are” Minami said in happy tone when seeing Atsuko downstair with Rena and Yuki

Rena turns her glare to Minami who is walking down from the stair

“Did Takamina do something to you, Acchan?” She asks Atsuko gently

“Takamina, did you do something to her” She glares dangerously at Minami and asks

Minami shakes his head furiously.

“I didn’t do anything. We were talking in the room. Then Atsuko said she wants water, and goes down here. Feeling she gone for so long, that is why I come down here to look for her” he said

“Then why did she act like this? I swear if you make her cry, I will hurt you” Rena said

“Rena-neechan, Minami didn’t do anything. I just want to hug you like when I was kid. You always pat my head whenever I act spoiled around” Atsuko said

“I see” Rena laughs and said

“My little Acchan is still a kid.” she pats Atsuko’s head and said

“Yes, Acchan is still a little kid” Yuki pats Atsuko’s head and said

“Rena-neechan, can I stay in your room to night?” Atsuko looks asks

“Hahaha, Takamina is left aside.” Jun teasingly said while stepping down the stair

“Aww!! Poor little boy, do you need us to comfort you” Mayu teases Minami while patting his head

“Shut up, baka.” Minami said

“Rena-neechan, can I?” Atsuko asks again

“Of course” Rena smiles and said

“Yay, Yuki-neechan too” Atsuko said

“Yes, my princess” Yuki said

“Oh boy, then we will be lonely to night.” Mayu round his arms to Minami and Jun and said

Minami looks at Atsuko and sees a strange expression on her face. It is like she is scared of something


In the morning

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. She looks at her left side and sees Yuki is still sleeping. However, when she looks to the other side, she doesn’t see Rena.

“Rena-neechan” she thought

She steps down and sees a piece of paper on the floor

“Acchan, I’m sorry for leaving without saying goodbye.”

“Rena-neechan” Atsuko shouts and rushes out of the room

Her shouts wakes Yuki up. Yuki quickly chases after her

“Acchan, wait”

Atsuko rushes down stair. Seeing Minami, she asks

“Minami, where is Rena-neechan?”

“I don’t know, Atsuko. I just…”

Hasn’t finished his words, Atsuko already rushes out of the house

“Atsuko waits. Outside is raining” Minami chases after Atsuko

“Rena-neechan, please don’t leave Acchan” Atsuko thought while rushing under the rain


That is Chapter 34. Hope you guys enjoying reading it  :D
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Maria Makino X Miru Shiroma  :deco:

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