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Japanese / Re: Ai Shinozaki
« Last post by mylife2001 on Today at 02:34:39 PM »
Ladylove Forum / Re: [Poll] Maki Horikita vs. Meisa Kuroki
« Last post by Snowy696 on Today at 02:31:44 PM »
Maki is a better actress and also with better looks than Meisa.

Clear no brainer for me  XD
Ladylove Forum / Re: Themed Idols: Spine Fetish
« Last post by bergdog24 on Today at 02:31:09 PM »
Lindsay Lohan

Ladylove Forum / Re: [Poll] Baywatch Babes
« Last post by Snowy696 on Today at 02:03:56 PM »
Carmen, Gena Nolin and Krista Allen were my favorites.

Yasmine and Donna D'Errico in the second string.

Why is Stacey Kamano not an option? If I recall correctly she has Japanese heritage as well :w00t:
Ladylove Forum / Re: [Poll] Jessica Alba vs. Megan Fox
« Last post by Snowy696 on Today at 01:58:15 PM »
Tough call!

Depends on the day and mood but today Megan  :D

Ladylove Forum / Re: [Poll] Hayden Panettiere vs. Kristen Bell
« Last post by Snowy696 on Today at 01:55:48 PM »
Kristen is slightly more appealing but why reject one when there is a "love them both" option  :P
Japanese / Re: Ai Shinozaki
« Last post by 71214n0 on Today at 01:07:59 PM »

From which movie are those pics from?
General Discussion / AI system for sogana script
« Last post by Y70 on Today at 09:25:08 AM »
A couple of Vietnamese lads have won a nationwide competition in Japan for developing an AI system that can read the Sogana script, a historic form of cursive kana that is the parent script of modern day hiragana.

Sogana was derived from an older script known as manyogana which in turn was derived from kanji.  It's one of the stepping stones needed to show that even thought modern kanji and hiragana look completely different they can be traced back to a common ancestry.
AKB48 Fanfics / Re: Lie (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 4: Sadness & Pain
« Last post by four4four on Today at 07:59:27 AM »
Well, I guess I wasn't wrong about there being an accident then. :P

Annin why are you upset?  :?
Yuria was so worried about you.  :cry:

Ahhh, Yuria, don't you know that drinking because you're sad is a terrible idea?
I hope your "saviour" is who I think it is or you will have a lot of explaining to do.
Japanese / Re: Ai Shinozaki
« Last post by craaaash on Today at 07:33:59 AM »

Hi, If you're OK, can you please use other img services? That 'imgbb' site is something wrong. AT here, Thumbnails are ok. But I can't see any pictures in new tab. So I turned off adblock but there is no different.

Thank you.
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