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AKB48 Fanfics / Re: RinoRie FF - Be happy always ( prologue )
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Be Happy Always

Chapter 1

I am Yokoyama Yui, the general manager of AKB48 group. I have two best friends whose names are Kitahara Rie and Sashihara Rino. Lately I spent most of my days with Rie instead because Sashi was really busy with her schedule. And now I was eating my dinner with Rie at my house just like how we often do

“ Yui..?”

“ Yes?”

“ You know? It’s already 3 weeks since the last time we hanging out with Rino”

“ Yes, I know that, She has been really busy lately”

“ You are right” she said sadly

“ Let’s call her after we finish our meal then”

“ Okay” she said with sparkling eyes

After we finished our dinner and already cleaned the dishes, I voice called Sashi. Three rings had sounded and she hadn’t answered the call. I saw Rie’s sad expression after the call ended without any answer and decided to call Sashi one more time and finally she answered it

“ Hello”

“ Hello Rino… “ Rie said happily

“ Hey… Rie, are you with Yui now?”

“ Yes I sleep over her place tonight”

“ Have fun then”

“ Hey Sashiko… Do you have any job tomorrow? Want to go shopping with Rie?”

“ Hmmm… Let me see… I am free at the afternoon tomorrow”

“ Then you can go right?”

“ Hmm… I think so, Eh? Are you not joining us Yui?”

“ No… I have a photo-shoot tomorrow afternoon”

“ Oh… I see. I must go now”

“ Okay Sashiko”

“ Sleep well you two” Sashi said and hang up the call

After the call ended, Rie looks so excited and her eyes sparkling from that overwhelming excitement. Yeah… I actually knew that Rie has a crush to Sashi but she hasn’t made any movement yet. I already knew that since I became friend with them 3 years ago. Rie’s action and her eyes whenever she with Sashi is very cute

“ Let’s go to the bed Rie”

“ Okay, Good night Yui”

“ Good night”

At the morning we woke up late because actually we didn’t have any job today. And about the photo shoot, it was a lie. I wanted Rie to have some fun with Sashi, I knew that Rie missed her so much, so I don’t want to bother them.

“ Yui… Which clothes do you think I must wear this afternoon?”  Rie said as she showed me two kinds of clothes

“ The left one more suits you”

“ Okay, then I will wear this later”

She looks so happy and I happy to see that. Then suddenly it was pouring really hard outside and after 2 hours it still didn’t stop. The clock already showed 3 p.m. which means Rie must go now

“ Here… “ I said as I handed her an umbrella

“ What about you? You said you have a photo shoot today”

“ Don’t worry, I have another one” I lied, the other umbrella was borrowed by Kojima Mako

“ Thank you” she said and left me

Not so long after her departure I heard a phone rang. The sound was not the same as mine. And I immediately went to the direction where the phone was and found out that Rie had left her phone. I looked at the phone and saw a message from Sashiko

Hey, Rie… I am reaaaally sorry… I can’t go with you today… My manager just told me that I have another schedule today…
I am really sorry, maybe another time?

I don’t know what to say. After I read the message I looked at the clock and if I wasn’t wrong Rie just left 6 minutes ago, I thought I still could catch her. I ran out of my house and went to the street, still wearing my home clothes and my sandals. I ran as fast as I could and not minding the pouring rain already made my clothes wet. And after running for meters a saw Rie was walking

“ Rie..!! Wait” I tried to stop her and she looked back to my direction, I could see she was startled

“ Yui?! What are you doing here?” she asked me as she pulled me so that the umbrella can protect me from the rain

“ Here… You left your phone”

“ Eh...? Thank you”

“ You have a new message Rie” I said and she looked at the message

She looks sad, but she tried to smile and asked me to go back to the apartment. After we arrived there, she ordered me to take bath so that I wouldn’t catch cold. After I finished the bath I came to the living room where she was. She was reading a magazine that later I found out Sashihara was there. I approached her and sat beside her, she startled

“ Want to eat something?” I asked her

“ No… I am not hungry”

“ But you haven’t eat anything for lunch yet”

“ It’s okay Yui, I am not hungry”

“ What a stubborn girl you are, let me cook something for you then”

“ Hhhh… I can’t stop you, right?”

I went to the kitchen and cooked some food for her, after the meal done I brought it to her. She looked at it for a while and after some minutes of hesitation she took the spoon and ate the meals. She continued to eat it until the 5th spoon then sighed

“ What’s wrong? Is it not good?"

“ No… it is delicious but somehow my stomach doesn’t allow it”

“ Okay then, you already ate half of it so just take some rest” I said and took the dishes to the kitchen

When I arrived she already leaned down in the couch. She put her left arm on her closed ayes, not wanting to see the light. She always does that whenever she frustrated

“ Hey… Rie” she still didn’t move from her position

“ Hey… What’s wrong?”

“ She already promised but she didn’t come” she said. I felt a little pain in my heart to hear that

“ She has a job to do, doesn’t she?”

“ But she said yes”

“ She is busy, Rie”

“ But…”

“ I want to meet her so bad”

“ We can meet her tomorrow or let’s call her”

“ I already called her but she didn’t answer it”

“ I feel lonely Yui” she said again. The pain in my chest got more hurt

“ You have me, I am here”

She moved her arm and looked at me. The sadness painted on her face

“ But you miss Sashi” I said

“ You love her, right?” I asked her with all of my courage

“ From where did you know that?”

“ You said that yourself”

“ Eh..?! I don’t remember saying that to someone”

“ Yeah… You don’t but your actions do”

“ Eh?!”

“ Whenever you are with Sashiko your eyes sparkling, do you know that?”

“ Really?” I just nodded my head in answer

“ You are right Yui, I already have crush to her since our first meeting”

“ A long time love, huh?” I teased her, and her face reddened

“ Hehehe… She is really kind”

“ I am kind too, though”

“ She is funny”

“ My laughter is funny too”

“ Hehehe… Your laughter is number one” she said then laughed so hard

“ Eh? Didn’t you say that you have a photo shoot today?

“ No, today is my day off”

“ Eh?!”

“ Let’s don’t talk about it, want to watch a movie? I bought some CD yesterday”

“ Okay!!!”

And with that we watched some movie until midnight, she already fell asleep. I woke her up to ordered her to sleep in the bedroom. After she woke up and went to the bedroom I turn off the TV and prepared to sleep when my head felt really dizzy. I lay down on the couch, not wanting to disturb Rie’s sleep. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep

To Be Continued

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I think I just saw Yuria Satomi's Twitter account.

Go give her a "Follow"

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Oh Damnnnnn. This is lit XD it's a really nice story. Quite deifferent from other stories I had read! Thanks for this wonderful story and I hope you do get a chance and/or an inspiration (I guess haha) to write a new story. ^^

Keep up the good work!
Manaka san
Shakes off the rust-

She's back in the game!
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