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Japanese / Re: Runa Sawakita 澤北るな
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FRIDAY 2018.04.13

AKB48 Fanfics / Re: Lie (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 8: Lie & Truth [END]
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@four4four: Hm... Well........  :P Thank you as always :)

Hello! This is the last chapter! I hope you enjoyed the story, and don't worry, I'll be back with another in a few days :3

Anyway, have a nice reading!

Chapter 8: Lie & Truth [END]

“Where is Anna?” The guy shouted, pushing me to go inside the house.

I followed him, going to the crying girl. I wanted to ask who he was, why did he want to see Anna. But Anna’s expression when he was in front of her stopped me. He took her into his arms. I stayed here, looking at them.

“I don’t want to see you anymore.” She yelled, pushing him away.

“I don’t understand. Why? We were fine together, right?”

I still didn’t understand. Together? What did he mean? Who was him?

“I still love you.” He told her, touching her hair.

Who the fuck was he to touch my girl? I couldn’t tell her this. I was her girlfriend.
She made him removing his hand. The tears kept running on her cheeks, but they were silent.

“Go out from here.” She looked straight into his eyes. “I don’t want to see you anymore.”

“Anna, listen to me.” He paused a couple of times, but Anna’s eyes were still avoiding him. “We were together for a while. Did something happen?”

I had no words to describe the pain rushing in my chest. I would like to punch his face so hard even though it wasn’t his fault. He looked lost as much as me. Why did she do that?

“It’s over between us. Please, don’t ever come back.”

He stepped back and left the bedroom. He was sobbing. I turned around and reached him.

“I loved her so much. I don’t understand why she broke up with me.” He told me, wiping his tears away.

I remained quiet. This guy was Anna’s boyfriend, right? Did she cheat on me? Or on him? Why didn’t she tell me that she was already with someone? I didn’t understand. I was mad at Anna. She shouldn’t have hidden it.

“You’re Anna’s friend, right? Do you know if she sees or loves someone else?” He asked me, trying to understand.

Anna loved me, that was what she said. Did she? I didn’t know anymore.

“I-I don’t think so.” I only could answer.

I couldn’t tell him. I just wanted him to leave the place.

“She suddenly sent me a text a few days ago, saying she wanted to break up.” He took a deep breath. “I don’t understand her.” 

He cast a last glance at Anna’s bedroom and left, slamming the door. I locked the door behind him, resting my head on it for some seconds. I could hear footsteps behind me. I turned around and saw Anna, wiping her tears. I left like crying.


She didn’t answer. I let out a sigh, ready to leave.

“Don’t. Please Yuria, I need you.” She begged with a hopeless voice.

“Let’s talk.” I only answered, sitting on the couch.

She reached me and sat. I waited for her to talk first. I wanted to know. I couldn’t hate her. I loved her, I really loved her. But I was so mad.

“He was my boyfriend.”

We didn’t dare to look at each other. I remained to stare straight in front of me.

“Did you cheat on me?”

“I was already with him before to meet you. But I fell for you.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I was afraid of losing you.”
“Did you see him when we were together?”

“No, he doesn’t live in Tokyo.”

“So, you wanted to hide it from me.”

“I didn’t want to break our friendship Yuria. If I had told you, we couldn’t have been together.”

I bit my lips. Anna was right, I would have just hidden my feelings for her, but I was her girlfriend. Everything suddenly broke around me. Will she cheat on me like she did with her boyfriend? I didn’t imagine her doing that. She wasn’t like that. I looked at her. She was broken, the tears ran down her cheeks.

“I think I need some time to think Anna.”

She only nodded, I was ready to leave her, hearing the sobs behind me. It was too hard, it hurt to see her crying like this.
“I’m so sorry…”

“Anna please, stop crying. I can’t let you go if you don’t stop.”

She wiped her tears, smiling a bit. Her eyes were red, she looked pale. I couldn’t stay here. I avoided to look at her any longer and left. I rushed to reach my flat. Once I was inside, I leaned on the wall, closing my eyes. The tears flowed on my face, I burst into tears. Why was it so hard to be in love?
I couldn’t sleep. My mind was still full of thoughts. I wanted to think about what happened, but it looked impossible for now.
I decided to call Jurina. I lazily grabbed my phone and send a text to her. I asked her to meet me a café. I moved from my bed, reaching the shower. The water was cold, but I didn’t care. My mind wasn’t working right now. I cast a look at my phone before putting my clothes. Jurina accepted. I needed to tell her everything. When I was ready, I left my flat, praying to not run into Anna.

“Hello, Yuria.” Jurina smiled, giving me a quick hug.

I greeted her back, and we walked into the place. She looked at me as if she knew. She was my friend, after all, she could see quickly that I wasn’t okay.

“I’m listening to you.”

I told her everything about the accident, the complete story with Rena and Anna’s boyfriend. She was listening to me carefully, nodding sometimes. She looked focused.

“You love her, right?” She finally asked in a serious tone.

“Yes…” I turned my eyes away from Jurina’s. “But I’m afraid she’ll cheat on me like she did with her boyfriend.”

“Ex-boyfriend.” She immediately corrected me.

I stared at her stunned. She was right. So? What should I do now?

“Jurina… I don’t know…” She chuckled after my sentence.

“I don’t know either.” I let out a sigh. “Do what your heart tells you.”

“Sounds like a romance drama.” I snapped a bit coldly.

“It doesn’t matter.” She stuck her tongue.

I finally showed a slight smile. What did my heart say? I didn’t even know. I loved Anna so much, but I was afraid about the future. I needed to talk to her.

I waited a few days, collecting my thoughts.

“Yuria?” I turned around to the voice, seeing Yui. “You look thinking.”

“I have some personal issues.” I answered, managing to show a reassuring smile.

“Oh, you too?”

I raised an eyebrow, surprised by Yui’s sentence. 

“What do you mean?”

“Anna was crying earlier.” She paused a bit of time. “Personal issue.” She quickly shrugged.

I wanted to answer, but Anna came into the training room. She looked so upset. It was painful. I needed to talk to her soon.

The next day for the evening, I decided to meet her. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. It had been opened slowly. Anna stared at me, surprised. Her eyes were red and puffy, she looked tired. I could see that her cheeks were still wet. My heart tightened in my chest.
We couldn’t control our life or our feelings. I felt it now. I didn’t control anything. I couldn’t control anything. Anna fell in love with me. She didn’t choose it. I knew it. No matter if she was already with someone else. She couldn’t decide who she loved.

“I want to talk to you.”

She let me go in without saying a single word. I looked around, a stack of tissues was on the table. Did she cry that much? It wasn’t the right time to feel guilty. It wasn’t my fault after all, right…? We sat on the couch, she didn’t look at me, her head lowered. I just needed to tell her what I felt.

“Look at me.”

Usually, I would have lifted her chin up with my hand, but I didn’t dare to touch her. She raised her head, but her eyes still avoided to look at mine.

“I know you didn’t want to hurt me, but you did.” I paused a few seconds, taking her hand. “When I saw him, touching you, saying he loved you. It broke my heart. I want to be the only one in your life.”

Finally, Anna’s eyes meet mine, making my heart pound hard.

“I thought about it for the past days. But… I love you so much. I can’t live without you.” 

I saw a reassured smile on her face. I pulled her into a hug. She needed to say something now.

“Thank you, Yuria.” It was followed by a sniffle in my neck.

“Don’t cry. I want to see your smile again.”

“I’m so sorry for what I’ve done. I love you so much.”

We pushed ourselves away. I smiled and wiped the silent tears which were running over her face. I remained afraid. Will she cheat on me? This question was still in my mind.

“Yuria? Tell me what’s on your mind.” She told me in a concerned tone.

“I- Aren’t you going to leave me?” My voice was weak and uncertain.

“Trust me Yuria. Give me another chance…”

I was ready to give her one. I wanted to trust her again. 

“I will.”

We leaned slowly over, before tasting each other’s lips. I missed them so much. My hands unconsciously roamed over Anna’s body, pushing her against the sofa. I suddenly broke the kiss, she looked at me, stunned.

“One last thing. I don’t want to see you cry for the next weeks.”

She chuckled and nodded. I buried my face in her neck, and lied down my body against hers. I could stay here forever. Even though it was more comfortable when she was the one who was lying on me. I giggled, unable to hold it.

“Why are you laughing?” Anna asked, bewildered.

“Let’s switch.” I answered, standing up.

She left the sofa and let me go first. Her head resting on my shoulder, her arm around my waist and her breath against my neck. It was perfect.

“It’s really more comfortable like this.” She chuckled a bit.

“I was thinking the same.” I answered, smiling before kissing her forehead gently.

“I love you, I really do.”

“I love you too, Anna.”

I’ll manage to live with these feelings. I can’t control my life, but I want to try. Life isn’t a lie. Yes, life is hard and harder with lies. But life is something awesome and even better with love.

The End. 

Japanese / Re: Karen Otomo 大友花恋
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Pairings YOOOOOO!! / Re: The Bomber Squad/Suberizu
« Last post by Ambenya on Today at 08:35:13 AM »
Hello everyone!
It's been a long time now since my last post but I have a lot of new pics for everyone!

Just the two of them:

With Sakura:

With Fuku-chan:

With Akane:

With HoneyPon:

With T&C Bomber:

And with the rest of the group:
Japanese / Re: Arisa Komiya 小宮有紗
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Japanese / Re: Yuko Araki / 新木優子
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It’s a new Yuko san Page!  :deco: :cow: :wub:

This is a cosmetic CM, but done in the format of a drama. Complete with
English subs, Yuko is very impressive

新木優子主演・suisai WEBドラマ春編「毎日、ていねいに」
Japanese / Re: Marina Nagasawa 長澤茉里奈
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With Hazuki Tsubasa


Japanese / Re: Riria Kojima 小島 梨里杏
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I have never binge read so many fanfics from one author in forever! I seriously love your fics! I hope you update soon too, Every series you make leaves me wanting more  :panic: :heart: I usually dont leave a message since most of the fanfic threads I read are already dead hopefully you get up and running with this series again :) Im looking forward
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