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This was funny and interesting all the way through~ thank you for writing it.
Haha, the birth of SakamichiAKB. Meanwhile, Nogi-nee-sans are being normal, but are suddenly dragged into the situation, looking at the related groups with a feeling that they missed a lot of chaos.
@Keyaki--Otaku: *hands over some tissues* Thank you for reading. Yuichanzu deserve happiness! which is why, the next Yuichanzu I write will definitely be happy.
@four4four: Yuichanzu are madly in love. They're so precious. Lol, sorry, I'm going to ramble a bit.
For what happened with Zuumin, I want to say that Yuichanzu managed to be happy together during a proper human lifespan for Zuumin, but Zuumin's life was cut short by illness. After they got married, Zuumin's health began deteriorating from illness, and not wanting to worry Pon, she went off alone one day, and by the time Pon found Zuumin, Zuumin was already gone.
I didn't really think of the specifics of how Zuumin died, so a car accident could have been it.
The crack on the screen is partially symbolism, partially emphasizing the wear and tear of time, and partially from Pon throwing an angry fit of denial that Zuumin was gone. She regretted it afterwards, but luckily, the phone survived. Pon wouldn't let it die no matter what because she wanted to cling onto her memories together with Zuumin even though Pon kind of falls apart in grief.
More trivia than anything else, that phone was also something that Yuichanzu bought on a date together.

Getting away from the sadness, TechiPe! This is totally a crack ship, isn't it? I wrote a light hearted and random one shot set in the TokuDare universe.

Stabbing with Chopsticks and Love Sickness

Hirate Yurina sat in her desk group during lunch, eyeing Watanabe Rika eating. After the whole ordeal with their teacher, Tokuyama, the class had miraculously come out whole and well. Rika’s cry and attempt to take responsibility made the class see the strange girl who clung to her plushie Karaage in a different light, and the class began to interact with her more.

As Yurina had sat in the same table group as Rika during the incident, the short haired detective girl couldn’t help but be drawn toward Rika. The way that the false-culprit of the murder held herself was intriguing.

For a moment, as Rika chatted with the headphone wearing Shida and giggled, squeezing Karaage, Yurina felt a tinge of jealousy. She wanted to monopolize Rika’s time and find out more about the mysterious girl.

Soon enough, Shida left. Rika noticed Yurina’s stare and smiled, somewhat confused. Yurina’s eyes widened a little as she noticed what she was doing and averted her eyes for a moment, almost childishly pouting. Rika smiled even brighter in response, squeaking Karaage in delight.

Rika asked, “Hirate-san, are you going to eat that?”

Yurina looked down at the bread in her hands and realized that it was a little mangled, squished by her hands, which had unconsciously been holding it tightly. She loosened her grip and wondered if she wanted to eat it anymore.

Seeing Rika’s curious gaze, Yurina couldn’t help but nod, “Yea.” She stuffed the bread into her mouth; she felt a little self-conscious being watched.

“Hirate-san is cute.” Rika giggled.

“Actually, you can just call me Yurina, um, Rika.”


The short haired detective girl nodded slowly, watching Rika’s reaction. Luckily, Rika seemed happy to call Yurina by her name.

Rika stabbed her chopsticks into her bento’s rice again as if using them like a fork. Putting that glob of rice in her mouth, she hummed a song happily to herself. Yurina smiled while watching Rika, completely unaware of her classmates’ warm looks and the apathetic group’s snickers that they should just kiss already.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Class dismissed for the day. Each clique was heading out. Watanabe Risa and Nagahama Neru were going on a makeshift date with their other friends, Ishimori Nijika and Saitou Fuyuka, tagging along to make sure that they didn’t do anything strange. The two Yuis in the class were laughing over new lyrics.

The class rep, Sugai Yuuka, called out to Yurina, “Hey, Techi, do you want to go karaoke?”

Yurina shook her head, “Maybe next time.” She spotted the somewhat pushy Moriya Akane getting pushed by the headphone wearing Shida toward Yuuka. Having long deduced Moriya’s crush on Yuuka, Yurina silently cheered them on.

Rika had already headed out, leaving for somewhere. Although the class had started making friends with Rika, they still weren’t all that close, and Rika wasn’t often invited for outings in the spur of the moment.

The short haired girl exited the school building.

She walked through town by herself, looking at shops and whatnot. There was a place with cute accessories and a collection of blue whale shark plushies from an aquarium in Okinawa, and it just made her think of Rika.

Yurina stopped in the shop and bought a plushie.

“What do I name this?” She wondered aloud.

Then, she shook her head. She couldn’t believe how much Rika had been on her mind recently, and she couldn’t quite figure the reason out. Holding, the whale shark plushie, Yurina continued her way along. Her house was close enough to the school that she could walk there if she really wanted to.

Passing the grassy area near the river bank, Yurina suddenly heard a cry.

That was Rika’s voice, “G-give it back!”

Some delinquent boys were bullying her, the leader sneering as he held her phone, which was playing something on the screen, “Haha! What’s with this? Some dumb videos?”

“Please give it back!” Rika told them while on the verge on crying.

The lackey snatched Karaage out of her hands, “And, some stupid plu-”

Before Yurina knew what she was doing, she had slid down the grassy hill leading to the river bank and walked over to the group, giving the delinquent leader a good, hard kick to the shin, “Give them back to her.”

Rika exclaimed in a whisper, “Yurina…!?”

The boy who was kicked hissed in pain and threw a sloppy punch toward the short haired girl. Yurina calmly evaded that punch and gave him a cold glare, asking him how dare he bully her girl.

“Give them back to her.” Yurina repeated coldly, stepping into their space like a wolf into the den of a bunch of cowardly hyenas, “And scram.”

“Why should we, you little bitch?” Another boy spat in her face, charging at her.

She slipped to the side again and gave him a kick as well. However, Yurina was aware that she couldn’t take on the boys in a fair fight and get away with it. She slipped a hand into her pocket and pressed a small bluetooth device.

“Who knows? The police should be coming any moment now.” Yurina spoke nonchalantly. One of the delinquents managed to punch her in the shoulder, sending pain through her body, which she winced and tried to hide away.

On her signal, the sound of police sirens started blaring out from nearby.

The delinquents froze. One of the lackies cried out to the leader, “S-shit! Dude, we better get away!” The other lackies also nodded along to that statement.

The leader scowled, throwing the phone at Rika, hitting her, and had the other guy throw Karaage back, “Take your stupid dog-thing and phone back then!”

The delinquents retreated with tails between their legs.

Once the delinquents were out of sight, Yurina pressed the bluetooth in her pocket again.

Yurina asked Rika worriedly, “Rika, are you okay?”

“I’m okay, but… Yurina, your shoulder…” Rika shook her head.

“It’s okay. It doesn’t really hurt at all. Ack!” Yurina put on a mask of bravado until Rika suddenly poked at Yurina’s shoulder.

Rika murmured, “...thank you…”

Yurina went up the hill to retrieve her phone, bag, and a portable speaker, revealing her scheme where she put a recording of the police on to trick the boys. What she needed that for in the past was a secret. Rika followed Yurina along.

The two of them took a seat on the grassy hill leading down to the river bank.

Feeling curious as to how Rika was holding onto the phone desperately along with Karaage, Yurina inquired, “What were those videos?”

“Precious treasures.” Rika replied quietly.

Yurina peeked over. Those videos were actually the gags that she and her classmates had done and allowed Rika to film all that while ago during the Tokuyama incident. They were nostalgic but ultimately embarrassing.

“Oh.” Somehow, Yurina couldn’t think of a good thing to say.

Rika squeezed Karaage, letting him make a squeaking sound to Yurina.

Words flew out of Yurina’s mouth, “I’ll make you more precious memories from now on.”

Rika’s eyes widened.

The typically cool headed detective girl felt herself get flustered. She fumbled through her bag and brought out the blue whale shark plushie that she had bought just a while ago. She tried to change the conversation.

Yurina gifted the plushie to Rika, and it was thus named Aoko.

They chatted for a while and watched as the sun set.

Yurina looked at Rika’s phone awkwardly and asked, “By the way, are you ever going to delete those gag videos?” The gag that she did was still embarrassing to think of.

“Nope.” Rika shook her head. She pressed Aoko’s mouth onto Yurina’s lips with a small giggle.

The class had been left alone by the teacher for a period of study hall. As would be expected from the chaotic group that hid their teacher’s dead body and panicked in trying to solve an outlandish mystery, they weren’t properly studying.

Risa and Neru were flirting out right in the back of the room. Yurina finished up some homework from another class before she looked up, noticing Shida chatting animatedly with Rika.

Yurina shook her head. Even though she clenched her pencil tighter, it was a good thing that Rika was getting along with their other classmates. Just because she wanted to monopolize Rika’s time didn’t mean that she could.

However, Yurina couldn’t keep her gaze off of the chatting pair.

When Shida got a little touchy-feely with Rika, Yurina couldn’t take it anymore. She got out of her seat and walked over to Shida and Rika. Yurina smoothly separated Shida and Rika, sending Shida an unhappy look.

The blue headphone wearing girl raised her eyebrows before grinning. “Good luck, Techi.” She ruffled Yurina’s hair and walked away casually.

Rika looked at Yurina in confusion. She held Karaage and Aoko, moving them as if they were confused as well.

Yurina grabbed onto Rika’s wrist, not wanting to let go. Even though she knew that she was probably bothering Rika, Yurina didn’t want to let go.

The classroom seemed to go silent, eyes on the odd pair.

Yurina confessed, articulating her words clearly, “I like you.”

Surprised for a moment, Rika didn’t say anything in response. Yurina deflated on the inside, but she put up a strong front because she didn’t want to guilt Rika into anything. Then, to her surprise, she felt soft lips on her own lips.

Yurina’s brain couldn’t quite catch up.

Hiding their faces with Aoko and Karaage, Rika gave Yurina a small peck on the lips. When she finished the chaste kiss, she blushed and hid her face behind Karaage, giving him a soft squeeze and a squeak that meant yes.
Pairings YOOOOOO!! / Re: H!P Girls in the shade of Nomura Minami's chin
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Minami san discovers this thread...

...and invites Ayapan to join her

#the final day

Sugai : dance??

Neru  : check!

Yuihan : costume??

Sakura : check!

AKanen : personality swap??

Yuichanzu : check! check!

Sashi : finally guys! We all ready for the single!!

Akanen : lets go!!

Sakura : wait, look!

*black Mercedes suddenly appear, a not so cute Oji san get out from it*

everyone : AKI P???

aki p : seems like you all ready

Akanen : yes Sir!

Sugai : wait why you salute him

Yuihan : we never been more ready sir!

Sayanee : wait why you salute him too ?? is this a new code??

Aki P : good good but the thing is, the project is canceled

Yuihan : that’s right sir we are very ready- um wait what

Aki P : the project is canceled

Sugai : ahahha that’s funny, coz I think I heard he say the project is canceled

Aki P : yeah the project is canceled

Sashi : you kidding right

Aki P : nope, this morning I eat some chocolate parfait then I tough … switching concept? Its so yesterday so yeah I cancelled it hahahha

Yuihan : *psst psst* can we kill him?

Aki P : um Yui.. I hear you

Neru : yeah I have this rope here that I always bring with me- don’t ask why

Aki P : err girls

Akanen : we can put his body in the locker

Manaka : like Tokuyama sensei- no one will notice

Jurina : he is fat it wont fit. thou we can mutilate him first

Sakura : oh nice I happen to have this giant knife in my bag

Oda : ill take his legs

Yuihan : come on girls

Aki P : g-girls??

Due to his wise consideration (totally not driven by his survival instinct and afraid of death). The project is canceled, but Aki P acknowledge the girls effort, thus a new sub unit is born.

This is a tale how a subunit known today as  SakamichiAKB  was formed

Or so ~ ;p

---- the end ------



uhuhuhuhu but Kitarie is graduating leaving me and sashi crying alone in the corner coz no idol ever be gonna be like rie!!!!

@four by four

#13 lol , M for Mannnn pls be true

#14 random fan that too clingy with Jurina- members spotted her trying to give a mold-color drink to that fan after HS event (thankfully stopped by yuihan)

#15 thank you for stick around, its the last one :)


hehe welcome, and thank you for stop by

Pairings YOOOOOO!! / H!P Girls in the shade of Nomura Minami's chin
« Last post by resop2 on March 17, 2018, 08:51:04 PM »
Now that the Tagu-tree has been uprooted, many of the H!P girls now find shade in Nomura Minami's chin.  And, while this seems like a childish insult, Minami has always had this as a charm point and also gets teased by other Kobushi Factory members over this.

On the other hand, a strong chin is a sign of strength.  Nomura Minami, a girl would looks the idol world in the eye, sticks out her chin, and says "give me your best shot".

These are some of the girls who like Minami:

Takeuchi Akari


Nomura Minami:

(In the blog Takeuchi mentions that Kobushi Factory is just as foolish as ANGERME.)

Taguchi Natsumi

Minami: 'Never gonna let you go Gooch!'

As reported by AMPED on JPLOP

"Greeting ~Nomura Minami & Taguchi Natsumi~" 1st Blu-ray digest

shipment date is January 2017

If loving Minami is wrong,
Natsumi doesn't
want to be right...

Minami to Natsumi:

I really like your peaches,
want to shake your tree!

Hirose Ayaka

New Page!  :welcome

Minami Nomura X
Ayaka Hirose

Hamaura Ayano

Minami Nomura
Ayano Hamaura

Ayano chan and Minami chan
get seriously serious

Wada Sakurako

Minami Nomura & Sakurako Wada

Any Kobushi Factory Kombo
Is Kawaii, Kinetic, and a Keepsake

Minami and Sakurako

Makino Maria

Maria & Minami
Fated for
Kawaii Greatness

Kaga Kaede

Kaede x Minami
Must be a Kawaii Factory

Asahi Tasaki

Dream Team!

Asahi Tasaki san
Minami Nomura chan

Rin Hashisako

Minami Nomura & Rin Hashisako

Ono Mizuho

Millennium Babies (born in 2000)
will turn 18 this year!

Minami & Mizuho!

Minami Nomura 2000年2月10日
Mizuho Ono 2000年9月29日

Wada Ayaka:


Minami & Ayaka


Kobushi Factory

Q: What's one thing you'd bring with you to a deserted island?

Nomura Minami:

Wada Ayaka-san!!


Kobushi Factory

Q: If you could make a bride out of a Hello Pro member, who would it be?

Nomura Minami

Wada Ayaka-san would be the best.

Girls' Generation / Re: The SooYoung Thread
« Last post by Sartarn on March 17, 2018, 07:41:08 PM »
click to enlarge

Re reading Go figure again ❤
*whisper* still waiting for the next update *blush* (////w////)/
The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Magical Punchline
« Last post by LarcKen on March 17, 2018, 03:38:44 PM »
BTW just in case, this is the graduation announcement stream recording (starts around 15:00)
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