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Ruka-channnnn, thank you very much for leaving a comment! <3 I was contemplating on posting stuff on this site because tumblr had a limited audience and I wanted to keep my fics in a thread for easy tracking. Spellbound is almost done! Still contemplating on making in a multi-fic or not.   :cow:

, I'm super glad you enjoyed them! Where Do I Belong was supposedly multi-chapter, but I kinda loss my will to continue it because of the change in circumstances. It was written in 2013 so the events are starkly different from how things are now. All the other fics are OS. Only Blue Rose Rebellion is ongoing (Three Shot). Spellbound is still under evaluation for a multichapter or OS. Thanks for dropping a line!
Japanese / Re: Saki Suzuki
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[鈴木咲] 咲とさとがえり 鈴木咲 写真集

Movies / Re: Wonder Woman (2017)
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Girls' Generation / Re: The HyoYeon Thread
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Girls' Generation / Re: The HyoYeon Thread
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Japanese / Re: Random Japanese Ladies
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Future Girls

Name: Miko Nishio / 西尾美恋
Nickname: Mikorin
Birthdate: 2002年9月 17日
Home town: Hiroshima
Blood Type: B
Height: 160 cm
Activities: 'Popteen' model, and appears on NHK's 「すイエんサー」
Agency: Platinum Production

A short introduction clip:

You made me happy this afternoon.
When I have seen the fics you uploaded and have not read, it has been exciting.
Personally the one I liked the most was WHERE DO I BELONG? (Fiction). Are they all OS?
I like fanfictions that focus history on reality. In them as Idols.
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