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These are more trailers.
As you see, I already have 60 trailers here. But I only manage to make actual appearance from 2 trailers, so far. Other trailers must wait, and they will appear somewhere in the future, and far in between.


TRAILERS #51 - #60 (PART 6)

Now let's catch a glimpse on how Jurina will flirt with everyone :lol:


Jurina comes at Mayu after school, in a broad daylight. She’s using the sunlight antidote so that she can walk under the sunlight.

Jurina : ”Hey, Mayu!”  # jumps and hugs Mayu#
Mayu  : “Yaaaaaaah!!! Go away!!” #screams and tries to push Jurina away#
Jurina : “Ouch! Don't be so rude, Mayu! I’m not here to bite you!”
Mayu  : “What do you want then?”
Jurina : “I want to play a game.”
Mayu  : “Not interested.”
Jurina : “I will give you fifty thousand yen if you win.”
Mayu  : “Okay, let’s play! What game?”
Jurina : “Chess.” # takes out a chess board and starts placing all the pawns#
Mayu  : “Alright. Come on, let's play. Eh! But I don't have any money! What if I lose in this game?”
Jurina : “Well, if you lose, you just have to let me kiss you. And don't worry, I promise I won't bite you.”
Mayu  : What? Kissing? No, I can't do that. Yuki will get mad if she knows I'm kissing Jurina. But… but the money, it's so tempting. What should I do?
Jurina : “So, what do you think, Mayu? Still wanna play?”
Mayu  : “O-okay. Let's play.”

A moment later, Mayu lost.
Jurina : “Yaaaaay!! I win!”
Mayu  : Damn, I lost! Now Jurina is going to kiss me. Hufff!! I guess there's nothing I can do about it. It’s okay Mayu, it's just a kiss. At least I don't lose my money to her.
Jurina : # leans in and starts kissing Mayu#
Mayu  : Oh my god! She’s really a good kisser! # blushes and mentally facepalms herself #
Jurina : # still kissing Mayu passionately#
Mayu  : Oh boy! What am I thinking! Huffff! I better not tell Yuki about this. # continues kissing Jurina #



Jurina pay a visit to Akane in her dental clinic. (A/N: Remember, Akane here is a dentist.)

Jurina : “Good evening, Akane!”  # smiles sweetly and gives a bouquet of flower to Akane #
Akane : “Good evening, Jurina! You're so sweet, thank you~”  #takes the bouquet and put them on a table#
Jurina : #smiling# “You’re welcome, Akane.”
Akane : “So, Jurina, why are you coming here? Do you have any crook teeth again?”
Jurina : “Err...No, I just want to visit you, and maybe, we can talk if you’re not busy. And after you finish working, I want to walk you home, Akane. You know it’s dangerous for a beautiful lady like you to walk alone in this late at night.”
Akane : “Oww! Thank you, Jurina! Come on in. You can wait in my room.”

Jurina enters the room. The two then sit and start chatting. Not long after, they hear a sound of bell ringing. They have a visitor.

Akane : “Oh that must be my patient! Atsuko Maeda.”
Jurina : “Who!?”
Akane : “Atsuko Maeda. She’s been visiting me regularly to fix her teeth. She's a vampire, but don't worry, she's a good person. You can wait here while I-”
Jurina : “Atsuko Maeda!? Oh man, I gotta hide!” #starts crawling under a desk to hide herself#
Akane : “Jurina, I’ve told you, she's a good person. You don't have to hide.”
Jurina : “No! I have to hide! I have to hide! I can't let her see me!”
Akane : #confused# “Alright then. Just stay here quietly while I’m tending her, okay?”
Jurina : “Okay.”

Acchan enters the room and has a discussion with Akane regarding her teeth/fangs. Acchan then sits on the hydraulic chair and Akane begins to examine her teeth. And all the while, Jurina keeps hiding under the desk, trying to hide herself from her older sister.



Milky   : “Hey, Jurina, come here, I want to talk to you.”
Jurina : #comes closer# “Talk about what, Miyuki-san?”
Milky   : “I heard you talking to our Big Daddy about Nishishi. You’re scheming something. What are you planning, Jurina?”
Jurina : “No. I’m not planning anything.”
Milky  : “Liar. I found this. #throws something at Jurina#  You can't deny it anymore. You’re planning something to frame Nishishi. You really want to make Akimoto thinks bad about Nishishi, right?”
Jurina : #sighs# “I guess I can't deny it anymore.”
Milky  : “You scum. Get out of this house and leave this city before I tell everyone about you.”
Jurina : “Oh, is that a threat, Miyuki-san?”
Milky  : “Yes. This is a threat. You have to leave now and don't ever come back to this city again.”
Jurina : “Hm, no, Miyuki. I think you're really not in a position to threaten me. I know I’m not the only despicable person here.”
Milky  : “What do you mean?”
Jurina : “Here. I found this yesterday from inside your bag. #throws something at Miyuki#  This is a solid evidence to prove that you also have a bad intention to this family. You’re planning to turn Takumi against Nishishi, right?”
Milky  : “....”  #gulps#
Jurina : “Now, now, Miyuki, because we now have something in common, why don't we put our dispute aside, and starts working together? How do you think? And let's not try to betray each other. If you dare to betray me, I will bring you down with me. Let's work together, Miyuki. Let’s pull the strings together.”
Milky  : “A-alright, Jurina, let's work together.” #pouts#
Jurina : “Good. Anyway, I’m curious? What is your motive? What drives you to do this?”
Milky  : “Well I… I hate this family. Akimoto did something to my mother. He made her commit suicide. And no one else knows about what he’s done to her, except me.”
Jurina : “Oh, that’s sad. I’m sorry to hear that.”
Milky  : “Yeah. And you, Jurina, what is your motive?”
Jurina : “Me? Oh, I just want to be a lord.”
Milky  : “A lord?”
Jurina : “Yeah, not really a lord. I mean, I just want to be on the top.”



Jurina, Annin, and Airin are in the middle of sneaking into a big house in order to kidnap an old woman. She’s been living alone in that house after her husband died few years ago.

Airin    : # picklocking the window on the roof and then entering the house by hanging onto a rope #
Airin    : “Okay guys, come on in!”
Jurina and Annin follow Airin, also by hanging onto a rope like a field agent going in a mission.
Jurina : “Wow! This is cool! I feel like shooting an action movie right now!” #slides down fast and almost clashes against Annin#
Annin  : “Hey, careful, Jurina!”
Jurina : “Sorry!”
The three of them then land themselves smoothly on the floor.
Airin    : “I will search for the key and wait for you at the front room.”
Annin  : “Jurina, you come with me to the bedroom and help me fetch the granny.”
Jurina : “Okay.”
They go inside the bedroom and find the old granny there.
Granny: “Who are you?”
Annin  : “Hi, Obaachan. Don't worry, we’re not bad people. We just want to take you somewhere. It's a very nice place.”  #smiles at the granny#
Jurina : #glances at the photos on the table beside the bed# “Obaachan, is that your granddaughter? She’s pretty.”
Granny: “Oh, yes, she is. And yes, isn’t she so pretty?”
Jurina : “Very pretty. Can I have her number? What’s her name?”
Jurina : “Ouch!” #rubs her head#
Annin  : “Focus, Jurina!”
Jurina : “Alright, sorry!”
Annin comes closer at the granny and puts a chloroformed handkerchief on her mouth, causing the granny to faint. She then attempts to carry the granny outside.
Annin : “Jurina, help me here- Hey, what are you doing?”
Jurina is staring at the DragonBall figurines collection on the cupboard. She then grabs them all and carries them in her arms.
Annin : “Jurina, what are you doing? Put them back!”
Jurina : “Can I take this? It’s very rare collections of DragonBall Z.”
Annin : #comes at Jurina and smacks her head again# "No! Put them back! We’re only here to fetch the granny. We're not stealing anything from here. Put them back!”
Jurina : “Ouch! Tck! Alright! Alright! I'll put them back! Geeeez!" #rubs her head again#



Takumi : “Jurina!!”  # rushes at Jurina and grabs her collar #
Jurina   : “Takumi-kun… What-” # attempts to let go #
Takumi : “Stay away from Kanon and Yuria. I’m warning you!”
Jurina   : “But-”
Takumi : “I don't like it when you always clinging around them. Stay away from them!”
Jurina   : #smirks#  “You- You want me to stay away from them both?”
Takumi : “Yes.”
Jurina   : “Tck! So greedy! Why don't you just pick one and let me have the other?”
Takumi : “What!?” # pulls Jurina closer and raises his fist, ready to punch her, but then he pulls back #
Takumi : “Tck! If you weren't a girl, I would’ve hit you right now!”

Takumi then pushes Jurina hard against the wall before stomping out from her room.



After Akimoto Yasushi killed Sayaka’s comrades by ordering his men to put a bomb inside their car, Sayaka then goes rogue and turns to the hunter girls.

One day, Sayaka trains Mayu and Sasshi how to fight. She demonstrates to them how to defense and attack using some basic moves in martial arts.

Sayaka : “Here’s the first lesson. When someone attacks you and you cannot run from them, try to fight back by attacking their weakest point. Eyes, nose, neck, knees, and-”
Mayu    : “Boobs?”
Sayaka stares at Mayu, giving the Cyborg girl a ridiculous look.
Mayu    : #grins# “Well, I know someone whose weakest point is their boobs. Here~”
Sayaka : #rolling her eyes# “Mayu-chan, you pervert. But yeah you’ve made your point Mayu, although I’ve never heard anyone else mentioning about it before.” #smiles at Mayu#
Sayaka : “Okay, so I will demonstrate how to attack the weakest points that I’ve mentioned.”
Sayaka : “For eyes, try to gouge, poke, scratch, or punch them with your fingers or knuckles. It will blind your opponent for a while and you can take this to your advantage and run from them.”
Sayaka : “As for the nose, use the heel of your palm to strike up under his nose, and put your strength into it to inflict more pain. Sasshi, come here. I will show it to you. Like this.” #asks for Sasshi’s help to demonstrate how to strike a nose#
Sayaka then proceeds demonstrating how to strike neck and knees.
Sayaka : “Those are the parts of the body that are most sensitive when hit. Now here are the parts of the body used most effectively for inflicting damage: your elbows, knees, and head.” # continues with the demonstration #
Mayu    : #stares in awe at Sayaka#  “Wow! Sayaka-neechan is awesome!”
Sayaka : #smiles# “Now how about you two try it yourself? Try to attack me, and try to defend yourself against me. Don’t worry, I will do it slowly and gently.”
Mayu and Sasshi then come to attack Sayaka. And Sayaka counters them in a slow motion so that Mayu and Sasshi can see clearly what she’s doing.
Mayu    : #feeling excited# “Wooah, I never think fighting can be so easy like this!”
Sayaka : #smiles at Mayu and Sasshi# “Well, it’s not easy, but it's not that hard too. Everyone can learn it, including you.”
Mayu    : “Yaaay! Sayaka-neechan, please teach us more!”
Sayaka : #smiles# “Sure, Mayu. But I’m curious though. Did Yuki never teach you about this? I mean, she's a very good fighter. She should've teach you a thing or two on this.”
Mayu and Sasshi seems to be hesitating to answer.
Mayu    : “Errr…. Well, she’s tried to teach us once. But she gave up.”
Sayaka : “Eh!? Why?”
Mayu    : #shrugs# “Err… maybe it’s because either we’re bad students, or she’s not a good teacher. Or both.”
Sayaka : #smiles empathically# “Oh, you’re not bad students for me.”
Sasshi  : “Mayu is right. Yuki always thinks that we are weak and that we won't be able to learn how to fight. And maybe she’s right. Mayu and I are the weakest here.”
Sayaka : # turns at Sasshi and smiles# “That's not true. You two are not weak. Come on, girls, you have to be a bit more confident of yourself.”
The girls continue their training for another hour. After that, Mayu asks Sayaka.
Mayu    : “Neechan, what is your favourite moves? I know Yuki likes to kick a lot. But I rarely see you using your legs while fighting. What is your favorite move then?”
Sayaka : “Oh, mine is a shoulder throw.”
Mayu    : “Wow! Can you show it to us?”
Sayaka : “Okay! Let me show- Wait, this is gonna be a bit rough. I need another volunteer here.”

At that moment, Yuki happens to pass by them.

Sayaka : “Hey, Yuki!? Can you come here for a second?”
Yuki      : #comes closer# “Yes? What can I help?”
Sayaka : “I need a volunteer. I want to demonstrate something to these girls.”
Yuki      : “Okay.”  #unsuspecting, and letting Sayaka pulls her#
Sayaka : #suddenly lifts Yuki up onto her shoulder and flips her and smashes her onto the ground#
Yuki      : “Ouch!”
Sayaka : “Now that is a shoulder throw. It's one of my most favorite moves.”
Mayu and Sasshi : “Wow! Awesome!”
Yuki      : “Grrrr!” #tries to stand up while clutching onto her behind and glaring at Sayaka#




Sasshi is walking alone in an alley after finishing her works in the auto-mechanic shop. Suddenly Gekikara comes and attacks her. Sasshi then gets beaten up badly by Gekikara.

Gekikara : “Tell me, where is Yuki?” #holds Sasshi’s collar#
Sasshi     : #trembling in fear# “I- I don't know! Please let me go! Please!”
Gekikara : “Don't lie to me! You know where she is. Tell me!!! Tell me where is Yuki!!”
Sasshi     : “I don’t know! I'm telling you the truth. I swear, I don't know where she is!”  #starts crying#
Gekikara : # takes out a pencil and breaks it into two, then threatens to shove it into Sasshi’s nose #
Sasshi    : # trembling and crying even more #  “No… Please stop… Please…”

Suddenly, Yuko appears with a big gun and aims it at Gekikara.

Yuko       : “Put that pencil down and let her go. Yuki’s not here.”
Gekikara : # turns at Yuko # giggles #
Yuko       : “I’m warning you, Gekikara. Put that pencil down, or I’m gonna blow your head off. I’m serious.”
Gekikara : “Where is Yuki?”  #bites her bloody nails#
Yuko       : “I’ve told you. She’s not here. You have to wait until she comes back tomorrow. Now be a good girl, put that pencil down and let Sasshi go!”  # keeps aiming her gun at Gekikara #



Inside her room, Furuhata Nao is packing her stuffs into her backpack. Her companion, Azuma Rion, then comes into her room.

Rion : “Nao, where are you going?”
Nao  : “I’m leaving, Rion.”
Rion : “Where?”
Nao  : “....”  #stares at Rion#
Rion : “You’re going to meet those hunters?”
Nao  : “Yes. And I will stay with them.”
Rion : “What? Nao, you can't be serious, right?”
Nao  : “I’m serious. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. We’re not in the good side. I can't stay with this family anymore.”
Rion : “But- But- Nao, we have swore to stay loyal to our family. You can't betray us, Nao!”
Nao  : “Rion, you know I’m right about this. Akimoto Yasushi is a bad person. He’s the devil here. I can't fight for him anymore.”  #starts to leaves#
Rion : “Nao, please don't go! Please don't leave me!”
Nao  : “So come with me, Rion. Let’s stand and fight for the good side.”
Rion : “..... No, I can't. I’ve made a blood oath to stay loyal to Akimoto. I can't break my oath.”
Nao  : “Okay, then. Bye, Rion!”
Rion : “No, wait! I can't allow you to go!” #blocking Nao’s way#
Nao  : “Rion, step aside.”
Rion : “No.”
Nao  : “For god sake, Rion, I’ve saved you from that werewolf yesterday! Now step aside and let me go.”
Rion : “......”  # confused, not knowing what to do #
Nao  : #eyeing Rion from top to toe#  “Rion, this is the last time I will ask a favor from you as a friend. Please, let me go.”
Rion : “.....”  #slowly steps aside and makes way for Nao#
Nao  : “Thanks, Rion. Goodbye. And see you in the battlefield.”

Rion can only nod and watch as Nao walks away. Her heart aches upon seeing her best friend leaves. They’re friends before, but due to their different ideals, they have to separate their way.



Tomomi    : “Tomochin, we have a serious issue now.”
Tomochin : “What is it?”
Tomomi    : “Takamina and Miichan insist to invite both of us to come to their party next next. It’s a barbecue party on a beach, and on a broad daylight. Takamina wants you to come. And Miichan wants me to come. They insist to come and pick us next week. And they already get very suspicious on us, because we always bail out at the last moment every time they invite us.”
Tomochin : “Hm. Let's runaway and hide from them for a while.”
Tomomi    : “We can't. If we don't come, they said they will change the date for they party, and they will invite us again. They’re really expecting us to come.”
Tomochin : “Hm. We have only one ring.”
Tomomi    : “Yeah.”
Tomochin : “Oh, I have an idea. Let’s steal Acchan’s ring and borrow it. Only for a day, of course. After the party, we can return it again to her.”
Tomomi    : “Wow! Good idea, Tomochin!You’re genius!”  #kisses Tomochin#
Tomochin : “Thank you.”  #kisses Tomomi back#



Jessica Jung has just finished her shower as she steps out from her bathroom. And she’s shocked upon seeing a stranger standing inside her room.

Jessica    : “Who are you? What are you doing here? How do you enter my room?”
Tomochin : #ignoring Jessica’s question# “Jessica Jung, you’re going to have to go with me.”
Jessica    : “What!? No!! I’m gonna call security!!”  # pushes the button on the wall to call the security #
Tomochin : “Go ahead. Call them.”
Jessica    : #stops# “Eh!? It's not working!?”
Tomochin : “Now Jessica, I’m giving you two choice, either you come with me in an easy way, or a hard way. Your call.”
Jessica    : “No! I won't come with you! Get out!”
Tomochin : “Well, I guess it’s the hard way then.” #comes closer#
Jessica    : “Stay away! Don't come near me!” # grabs flower pots and vases and throws them at Tomochin #
Tomochin : #dodging the vases and keeps coming closer#
Jessica    : #starts screaming and throws everything around her at Tomochin, including shoes, sandals, plates, bowls, ornaments, etc.#
Tomochin : #dodging effortlessly and grabs Jessica and punches her hard on her face #
Jessica    : #falls to the floor, knocked out cold#
Tomochin : #digs out her phone# “Tomomi, I’ve knocked her out. Hurry come and pick us up in the front gate.”

Tomochin then puts the unconscious Jessica above her shoulder, and carries her in a fireman’s carry. She then heads to the front gate where Tomomi is waiting for her in the car.


Which trailers do you think is the funniest and most intriguing?
Television / Re: The Doctor is in! New Doctor Who
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Movies / Re: The Movie Trailer Thread
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Graduate Plaza / Re: The Mano Erina Thread (真野恵里菜)
« Last post by Sayuki91 on September 18, 2018, 11:40:57 PM »
On 09.18 (Tuesday, Japan/Tokyo time),
Eri updated her blog and Insta.

Eri wrote that when she updated it,
She is already in Spain.

She has already moved to Spain,
and brought along a dog as a pet in a long flight from Japan to Spain.

Eri also wrote that her works are finally settled for now
and she started a married life,
and she wanted to do her best to support her husband.
Eri wrote that although she visited Spain several times,
she is still new and unfamiliar with Spain,
so her husband will help with things in there.

※Source: Insta of Eri (written in Japanese)


Eri is no longer here in Tokyo...

I do not know about everyone else,
but as a fan of Eri who has been supporting and rooting for Eri since her early days in Hello-Pro,
I suffer a great lost.

I got this very bad feeling since before marriage announcement
and when I watched 2 performances of Eri (solo performance and Hello-Con)
and the recent news about sudden graduation of Eri from J-WAVE AVALON along with many posts in Insta and Twitter.

It might be a happy news for everyone,
but it is a very sad news for me.

To fellow fans of Hello-Pro and Eri,
Please do not scold me for saying I do not like it.
Welcome / Re: Why do not I have access to this topic?
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^ what do you mean by it?
Movies / Re: The Movie Trailer Thread
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Mary Poppins Returns

Movies / Re: Captain Marvel (2019)
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