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Author Topic: [N46] THE BEST IN ME IS YOU (6/6) + UNFORGOTTEN PROMISE (CH7- 26/2/17)  (Read 5008 times)

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Re: [N46] THE BEST IN ME IS YOU (6/6) + UNFORGOTTEN PROMISE (bonus-18/2/17)
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thanks for bonus fic :wigglypanda:

sht! I can imagine every sentences and it makes me can't stop giggling!!
lol i feel poor with manatsu. don't worry manatsu, you still have "manatsu respect gundan" :D

someone tag me on ig and you can see it:

btw thanks for watched it :on lol:
and keep spirit for your thesis!!

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       “Thank goodness Reika-chan. The wound was not as deep as I think it would be.” Fukagawa Mai commented as she cleaning the wound on her patient and changed the bandage to new one to prevent infection.

      Reika nodded with a smile. A while ago, they had a brief time to know each other. She was told that they – she and her savior, had been here for two days now. And the doctor had to close her clinic because her clinic was in huge mess like it just being invaded by some intruders, but the true reason is she was shorthanded since her assistant, Naachan still on holiday.

      Reika had to apologize on behalf her savior’s nasty action of breaking the door several times but the female doctor that she was forced to call Maimai insisted it was nothing since her clinic was old and small, and she planned to make renovation in the future, the process was fasten by what had happen. Reika smiled to herself after Maimai had move from her seat to clean herself. Reika glanced to her side where she found her savior tensed with dark aura.

      Reika wanted to say something but seeing the tension around her, she decided to keep it for herself for now. Reika didn’t know her, but the girl with same height save her twice though she actually think the first one can be considered as an abduction but the fact that the other girl donated her blood just to save her from blood loss was a real deal. Her train of thought was then got cut by Maimai’s friendly voice.

      “Naachan is coming after this, and I told her to bring some shirts for both of you to change.” They exchanged smiles; Maimai always has the warm smile on her lips that Reika found was beautiful like angel.

      Maimai gave a look to the other girl who said nothing since two hours ago and signaling Reika to talk to her, she too can’t help but to notice there was something in the dangerous girl’s mind. The girl was too dangerous that she gambled her own life in the night just to hide the gun that always in the girl’s hand away from her sight, afraid that the moment the dangerous girl woke up, she would shoot her in the head. But it changes nothing since, the girl had another weapon which a combat knife slipped on her left boot, explained why she didn’t notice it at the first time. 

      Notice the hint, Reika nodded with a smile, understand of what the older girl meant before she again missing from her sight into her office facing the treatment room. Maimai probably too scared to be in the same room with the other girl whom until now she didn’t know her name. Deep there, Reika was scared too, but she was more than grateful to scare of her for saving her life. So she recollected her mind and sat side by side with her savior, pray that it was not a mistake. Yet, the first sentence she heard had made her stunned in her place.

      “Who are you?!”

      It was so fast that the moment Wakatsuki uttered the question is the same time she turned to Reika and forcibly pushed her down to the sofa. They are now lying down on the sofa with Reika below Wakatsuki and their distance was just an inch away, feeling each other breath.  If anyone saw them, people might think they were in the middle of something, except Reika had her wound being pressed with so much strength and knife on her throat.

      Reika felt her wound start to bleed again from the pressure. If it was not for the sharp knife on her throat, she will fight back but she had no other choice but to stay in that position awkwardly.

      “Who are you?” Wakatsuki repeated the same question, pressing harder on Reika’s body, not even second care blood that start dripping from her fingers. Eyes blared with some fire which Reika failed to see a while ago.

      “I thought you know me.” Reika struggled to answer, afraid that if she moves the knife will cut her off. She didn’t dare to look at the other girl’s face, too scared to meet in the eyes.

      If Reika braced herself at that time, perhaps she will see a glint of sadness and hope in Wakatsuki’s eyes.

      “I need to know your real name.” Wakatsuki suddenly retreated and stand feet away from Reika, eyes hinting some guilt.

      Reika didn’t take much time to quickly stand on her own feet, scared of the girl might do soon. She can’t predict the girl like her anymore, not when her decision to talk to her was a clear mistake.

      “The song you sing last night.” Wakatsuki recalled. “How can two different person singing to the same song? Unless you both the same girl.” She reasoned with cold voice.

      But Reika was too busy and furious to even pay a little attention to Wakatsuki. She grimaced in pain when she realized her wound got worsens.   

      “Are you Sakurai Reika?”

      The sudden name that came out from Wakatsuki’s mouth had made Reika’s feet turned to jelly and fall to the old couch again, eyes blankly stared into distance, like she just saw a person woke up from death. “No one ever mention the name anymore.” It is true, so that’s why it caught her off handed and unable to control her tears anymore, it soon blurring her views.

      Wakatsuki leant to the wall for some support, though she hasn’t heard the answer but the sudden silent told her everything. That what she pray was coincident was just a pure coincident but it turned to be such cruel reality to her. She almost killed Reika, that old friend she only had back during her childhood.

      “Maimai, I brought the shirts, and why the door..” A girl came in with a bag of shirts on her hand but a knife flew to her face silenced her at once and it ended up cutting her hairs. Her face turned pale.

      It was too fast that the second Maimai came into the room again after she heard her assistant’s voice; she found the girl glued to the wall with knife stuck two inches higher than her head and some strands of her hair flying into the air. Maimai gasped while running to her pale assistant, she paid an unbelievable glare to the dangerous girl on her way but choose to ignore the girl for her much more important assistant. Bet that she must be in shock.

      “Naachan!” Maimai called her assistant few times but the girl named Naachan seemed out of her mind already to even hear the calls until a slap soon bring her back. Naachan gasped to the reality with tears glittered in her eyes. She hugged Maimai, glad she was alive again and the older girl calmly patted her back.

      “Shhh, it’s okay Naachan..” Again, Maimai shot a deadly stare to dangerous girl but she was softened when she realized the unstable state in the girl’s eyes. If she was in the right mind, she probably wouldn’t miss her target and Naachan will be dead by now, Maimai thought.

      MAIMAI has missing from the room long time ago with excuse to get something from her house which just 30 meters away from her clinic. Of course it was a lame excuse because she didn’t need her assistant, Naachan to follow her but Maimai sincerely thinks her two visitors seriously need to make up for what might happen during her absence this morning.

      Naachan, firstly dissatisfied when Maimai couldn’t make up a reason for dragging her along to her house when what she wanted to do the most is demanding an answer from Wakatsuki for giving her heart attack this morning but the girl say nothing than looked away.

      “I will explain to you later.” Maimai said while desperately dragged Naachan behind her and missing from the broken door. Naachan shot another glares to Wakatsuki who just sit by the window in Maimai small office, blankly stare to the outside.

      Now, only two of them were left in the clinic. Wakatsuki was sitting on the window, but she occasionally steal a glance towards Sakurai Reika who sat on the sofa in the main treatment room across the office where she was, sometimes she sighed and stare to outside again.

      Unlike Wakatsuki, Reika was clearly confused, her face sunk in between her knees. She had enough of crying and groaning, scared of what actually happen to her. In just two days, her perfect busy life was in mess, she was chased by killer who surely wants her dead, being shot, witness a cruel killing scene with her two eyes, being kidnapped and now bit by bit her past was revealed by that heartless girl she thought as her savior. She didn’t know how the girl knew her real name, but she can tell it will be do no good for her and her Nakamoto family and it scares her so much.

      Since long ago, Reika was told to not remind of her old family again as she now carry a big responsible or more likely burden to her for being main heir of the family. Nakamoto legacy surely prioritize their honor so anything that related to her past was deleted from every database existed in this country. So when someone threw out her real name, it sends terror down to her stomach.
      Whoever she is, she must be someone from her past since that is the only time Sakurai Reika was alive. But she can’t think of anyone, she was confident that her adopted father warned all residence of the orphanage about this thing. Except for one girl who manage to slip away two weeks before.

      “Yumi-chan.” She quietly recalled and paid a devastated look to girl. Her guess must be hit on the right place when her savior was flustered.

      Somehow, hearing the name with the same tone made Wakatsuki’s eyes gleaming with hope. She didn’t expect her to remember. 

      Reika formed a smile when her charged was confirmed with the other girl silence. Yes, it has to be only her to know and still used that name. “I thought..” Still Reika couldn’t process of what she should say because for her it sounds rude. She actually thought Yumi already dead. She sighed.

      “I waited for you that day.” She shamelessly confessed once she was calmer. The thought of meeting the girl named Yumi gave her comfort out of nowhere. And of course she waited for Yumi, not only that day, she always waiting for her to come back even it takes months or years even after she was adopted by Nakamoto family and forced her to forget her past.
      Indeed she deleted all her past but the name was not only her past. Wakatsuki Yumi was her only friend and it will forever remain in her memories. What her eyes couldn’t believe is the state she is in right now. Whatever Yumi went through must be cruel to even change once cute small girl into some kind of unbeatable beauty beast.

      Wakatsuki looked up, somehow can’t believe the confession, her lips curved a weak line of smile. “I’m sorry for not coming back. I just, couldn’t.” She looked down again, searching for words or excuse to be said. Should she just said that, she almost died that day and someone save her which then turn her into a girl that kill tons of live for the past 10 years? And two days ago, she supposed to kill Reika too but for some reason she can’t do that? Of course she couldn’t say so, even her appearance describe everything about her.

      Unconsciously, she bring her knees to her chest and buried her face in between, she silently cried, throwing all the guilt she carried in her deepest heart. She didn’t wish to meet Reika in her state right now, or she actually prayed she never met her again in this years, she didn’t want her to see her ruthless side.

      Wakatsuki looked up when she felt a hand reaching for hers. Her eyes met Reika’s warm gaze and smile, like she didn’t care about what she had done to her. Like Wakatsuki was hypnotized by the touch and gaze, she stood close to Reika with her two wobbly feet until they can feel each other hot breath. Without saying anything, Reika pulled Yumi into her embrace. She cried but Wakatsuki was too blank to response but she eventually return the hug.

      “I don’t know what you are but you save me twice and I miss you Yumi.”

      “I don’t think it was this easier looking for you Waka.” A familiar cold voice said, giving a rush of tremor in Wakatsuki’s blood.

      Wakatsuki’s body stiffened as her eyes catch a glimpse of Nanamin leant to the door with a hideous smirk on her lips. She quickly released their hug to turn around and protectively stand before Reika, giving the girl no chance to say a word. 

      With Wakatsuki alarming behavior, Reika could sense another danger was coming for her as she caught the tall girl equipped with two combat knives in her boot and gun in the holster. She gulped, when will people stop from chasing her? And what actually was wrong?

      “I guess you still didn’t know what happen on the outside right?” Nanamin cocked her head to one side. Still she had her unusual sinister smile. “Ahh, I thought you can go far but, you’re still my apprentice after all.” She had her one hand cover for her small mocking laugh.

      With Nanamin didn’t move from her spot, Wakatsuki stay and wait for more little time. Her hand still attached to Reika’s. 

      “While chasing for you, I’m thinking of what possible way out you would choose before finishing your target.” Received no answered from the girl, Nanamin continues to challenge her in most subtle way.

      “And since I taught you how to think of a way out.” She smirked as she remembering how she could be here in one night. “So you were really here, making love with a girl?” She looked pass her once used to be apprentice’s shoulder, towards the girl whom supposed to be dead by now. She smirked again, feeling amused by the fact that she found hard be accepted before.

      “Ahh, you still haven’t killed her?” Nanamin pretended to be shocked with her wide eyes and two hand covered for her mouth. She could win an Oscar award with that acting.

      Hearing that, Wakatsuki annoyingly clench her teeth and both fist as she cautiously closing their distance. “Stay there.” She whispered to Reika as she quietly stole a concern glance to her.

      As Wakatsuki told her, Reika stay back while watching her old friend silently making her way. Their eyes meeting at the half way and she sent an encouraging smile. 

      Wakatsuki stopped when they were separated by one meter and she was far enough from Reika to not overhear their conversation.

      “You came for her.” It was a statement, Wakatsuki had known all along that somebody will eventually come for Reika because she made a huge mess days ago so they had to make sure the target was terminated before they could claim the prize. It was expectable in this business.

      “You failed your assignment.” She supposed to be mad, but she has an unusual calmness in her voice, that alarmed the younger girl more.

      “You should listen to me Nanamin.” Wakatsuki thought, maybe she could negotiate.

      “I have seen and heard enough to judge.” She took out her knife and playfully threatening the younger one. She was serious.

      “If you’re coming for her, you need to walk over my body first.” Wakatsuki got tensed. Everything was so obvious now. Nanamin was after Reika, but she wouldn’t allow that as long as she was alive, and she didn’t plan to die anyway.

      Like a psychopath person, Nanamin was laughing. Somehow the sentence like a joke made for her to laugh. “Since when you’ve changed your career? You should be protector instead. But anyway, that’s was my original plan. Finish you first and she will be next.” Her laugh died as she fixed her stance and met in the eyes with younger girl as, her way of saying she was serious.

      Even if Wakatsuki expected that to come, but the sentence still able to make her off guard which she quickly hide it with a sickening smile, didn’t want Nanamin to sense a slight fear in her since she knew how serious the older girl right now. The fire in Nanamin’s eyes was different than what she saw during their first fight recently.

      That time, she was sure Nanamin just being Nanamin who always punched her face for doing something that made her lost patient. Nanamin was the kind of girl with short temper and Wakatsuki had grown used to that kind, because one thing she knew, Nanamin never released her final blast to her no matter how hard she tried. The older girl whom Wakatsuki respected so much is only teaching her lesson of life and she grateful for that.

      But now, there was only determination in Nanamin’s eyes, she will release that final blast today. Its either the younger girl could bear it as she usually did or not, because one thing she knew, Maiyan wasn’t here to stop her dearest friend, just two of them with their inevitable fight of life.

      “Shall we?” Nanamin’s face hardened as she threw a knife to Wakatsuki which the latter then catch it in mid-air. Nanamin was an expert killer, so she had enough observation in milliseconds to realize the younger girl was unarmed. And she was the kind of assassin that appreciated a fair fight, well they might use fist but it was wasting time and gun was just less fun. So she preferred knife which just 30 cm long, enough to send agony their victim.

      As soon as the knife fall into her grasp, Wakatsuki had herself readied in her fighting stance before paid a little glance towards Reika. Their eyes met and she shot an assuring smile to the girl. She only had one thing in her head; she will protect Reika with all her might.

      “That’s so admirable of you Nanamin.” Said Wakatsuki as she launched towards the older girl, but Nanamin was beyond ready to predict the first attack and slide almost at the same time. Wakatsuki flinched.

      “Not really.” Nanamin smirked again and slashed her knife sideways, Wakatsuki managed to jump out at very last minute.

      From spectator view, Reika could tell that the taller girl has the upper hand with inhumane speed and agility while Wakatsuki was in doubt. They have knives but they still used every parts of their body to restrain each other. Whenever Wakatsuki Yumi attacked once, the taller girl will return it triple. Wakatsuki slayed her knife higher but instead received knee kicks and punches on her ribs which sent her smashing the aquarium on the side. Yet is doesn’t fade her spirits as she quickly rose on her feet and fled to Nanamin, the latter then broke coffee table as she fall.

      In any minutes, the small space turned into completely mess. Broken chairs and table splattered everywhere, glasses from aquarium laid down together on the floor with dead gold fishes belong to Maimai, the doctor surely will go crazy if she look at their fate and Reika swore she saw the old wall from the heated fight. 

      “You’re weaker now Waka, love makes you so?” Nanamin wiped sweats that brittle from her skin, body full of bruises but she was nothing compared to Wakatsuki who looked far than wrecked. Fifteen minutes of fight undeniably sucked energy out from their body.

      “You surely talked a lot now..” Before Wakatsuki able to inhale refreshing breath, another high kick came to her face; she dunked and sliced Nanamin on her ribs as she sneaked beneath the older girl. The cheap attack was pretty severe when Nanamin’s black shirt ripped and blood dripped from the long cut.

      Taking advantage of Nanamin short impairment, she sent a nudge from the back. But Nanamin quickly recovered and turn around at the same time giving a slash towards Waktsuki. This time it gloriously cut the girl at her neck and blood oozing from the spot.

      The deep painful cut clearly took a place in Wakatsuki, she stumbled backward and met the broken aquarium as support; her sight got blurred for seconds.

      “What did I said? Never lose your focus.”

      Reika gasped when she witnessed the scene, she wanted to help Yumi but frost when her eyes meeting with deathly glare from Nanamin.

      “I should finish this sooner. Got a lot work to do.” She sheathed her bleeding combat knife, taking out her semi-automatic revolver, checking the bullet and stop half-way to give a threatening look to Reika who watching them all the time, sending the message ‘please patiently wait your turn’ before continued her steps towards injured girl. 

      Wakatsuki hissed in pain while pressing on her wound, luckily it does not strike at human fatal point which could send her to hell due to blood loss. “I can’t afford to fail.” She mumbled to herself while struggling to stand on her two feet before a low kick hindered her from doing so. She pitifully looked at the fish suffocated from lacking oxygen. Pathetic.

      “Who kill my fishes?!”

      A loud crack was heard and followed by strong thud when Maimai’s voice occupied the messy space.

      Wakatsuki weakly looked up in surprised, expecting Nanamin to aim at her but the view was then replaced by Maimai fuming face holding a flower without vase. Naachan at the back was totally flustered. Wakatsuki looked down and found Nanamin’s body lay together with pieces of broken vase. Maimai just hit Nanamin with a ceramic vase. Still, in that unconscious state, she was unbeatable. 

      Ignoring Maimai’s spooky eyes, Wakatsuki form a line of smile, admiring the older girl and being grateful at the same time. Admirable.

(A/N: Sorry for a very late update, I finished this part around a month ago but still need to be fixed, and here you are. So who you admire at the last? Nanamin or Maimai? And tell me, how you want this story to end? Like seriously, tell me what you want, a little romance or well idk, hahha. Feel free to drop critics guys!)


@wakasama__: Thanks for your support. glad that you like the bonus, sometimes i just want to write something randomly as a way to release tension (might as well write more).

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      “Reika, are you singing today?” Ikuta glanced over as she caught Reika walked down to their underground studio. “You wrote new songs?” Received no answer from the shorter girl, Ikuta leant back and saw Reika distributing music sheet to their band member. Seeing that, Ikuta knew her answer already, plus today is Wednesday.

      “I did. Just finish it last night. But no worries, you guys can rock it.” Reika put out her thumb confidently and passed the last sheet to Ikuta on the old dusty couch. Ikuta perplexed a little but once Reika quirked an eyebrow with such confidence she finally scan the paper. 

      “That’s look good. I can rest for today right?” Himeka, the girl with twin tail who nestled loyally in Ikuta’s arm happily chirped after took a brief time to read the notes and notice it is one man singer song. Reika didn’t need her and Ikuta to sing all of her songs too because every Wednesday of last week each month is a special day served just for Reika to sing.

      “Yeah, you can rest for today princess.” Ikuta smiled to her girl while patting her head, lovingly pampered same age, Himeka. The girl then snuggled back into Ikuta’s embraced.

      Reika’s lips curved upward to the usual scene she saw every day, though she not supposed to feel that when Ikuta used to be her lover too. But the past is the past and she has no left over feelings to the jerk like Ikuta anyway. They are now merely bandmates who enjoyed music like no other. That mutual agreement is more than enough.

      Reika then walked over her other bandmates whom tried to practice the song she just wrote. Mahiro, the guitarist expert and Maimai as a bassist and also the oldest in the band seems having no difficulties at all with the new song arrived and Reika satisfied with two of them. Soon after that, she checked Asuka, the youngest and passionate drummer in the band. The small face girl also skillfully slammed her drumstick and matching with Mahiro and Maimai tune. They have perfect combination, what was left now is only Ikuta, their lead vocalist together with Himeka. But since Ikuta was a pianist genius, she will never fail to replace Reika spot as keyboardist. Reika was sure about that so she flop her body into another couch at the corner of the room, silently singing the lyrics which only she knew inside her head.

      For a small unpopular band like The Lunatic – the one they called themselves, they used to perform at various place, either they were invited or wherever they go, they will always get thunderous applause from their spectator, but they never understand over Reika judgement to perform in a small park near the hospital like this every time she want to sing. Not only the park was little bit secluded from other people, it also was filled with old folks and sick people everywhere they landed their eyes on. It has been like this for almost one year already, yet they never get to question Reika, the one who in charge of their songs.
      Though deep there they’re hoping that Reika will spill everything in head, but the time seems never come. Reika don’t even say anything, so they believe that by stand by her side doing this thing together will make Reika realized of their concern. Maimai as the oldest in band was sure, by time Reika will disclose her true reason once she ready. While for Ikuta, the best she can do is silently back up her ex when she need her to.

      At early days, Reika used to fill in Ikuta’s spot for having severe cold and Himeka bad mood. Sure the clumsy girl messed up their songs with her nervousness and out tune voice. So they swore they never let her sings again even in small range people, but two months later out of nowhere, Reika insisted on singing again, and her chosen place was also the first time she messed up, which is this small secluded park.

      However, judging by her determination, her bandmates deeply pray she won’t ruin their performance again and as second chance for Reika to clean up her tarnished image. Surprisingly, Reika not only good but she also gets herself small circle of fans which of course erased all of her bandmates perspective on her.

      By time, all of their bandmates approved her request to sing every Wednesday in the final week of each month.

      As usual that morning, the park was filled by patients doing their routine of exercise and most of the patient are at golden age – the basic why they always called this place Old Folks Parks, and after setting up their entire instrument, they greet every people who happen to pass by their usual spot though less audience than they usual have does dispirited the desire a little bit. But seeing how happy Reika is, they encouraged each other with warm smiles.

      “Let’s do this for Reika.” Maimai mouthed the words to all of her bandmates she called family.

      “Ikuzo.” Asuka and Mahiro replied simultaneously, while Ikuta only nodded with eyes tied to Himeka who sat far away from them as audience this time.

      And as sun hiding within the clouds on sunny winter day, Reika’s healing voice starts to echo all the space. Once Reika sung her own song which they never heard of the lyrics but only the music, they knew the reason behind her intention. It is not usual deafening upbeat and depressing songs they used to perform, but it the song that could send everyone into their past of sweet memories and forget the problems they face in their life. It always like this every time Reika being front face, they reluctant of playing but as Reika sung, they felt relieved. The soothing lyrics matching well with the melancholic melody which when Reika sings, everyone was smiling. 

      It might look that they are the one who healing broken soul of their audience, but on the contrary, the smiles on every faces revived the deepest souls within themselves; unknowingly, each of them sincerely smiling. Indeed, music connects everyone who can listen, that is what they understand that time.

       “You girls can go home first, I have things to settle.” Reika waved as soon as they ended their performance, people gradually missing and they too started to tidy their things.

      “Good job today Reika-chan.” There come Maimai holy smiles.

      “Urgh, she always missing after we finish.” Asuka cannot help but grumbled at irresponsible attitude of Reika who missing right away and not helping them clean up. “Where would she go?” With her hands busily arranging her drum set, frown could be seen on her face clearly. Being the youngest in band, Asuka sometimes can be rebellious too. 

      “Sou da!” Mahiro replied with her thick Kansai-ben dialect but again her hands still busily cleaned up. 

      “Horra you two! It’s not like she was like that every day, give her chance to slack off too.” And it always Maimai whom stopped the two bickers against clumsy Reika. Indeed it was true, because every time they performed, she went missing into deepest part of the park, nowhere to be seen again as her small body swam into not too many old folks around.

      “Haip haip.” Both Asuka and Mahiro straightened their body like they received commands from their superior and made Maimai no longer can hold her laugh, three of them laugh together. Well, actually they don’t really mean the words they said. Being bandmates for almost five year already had them to understand each other personality and character.

      Under a tree, there is Sakurai Reika, the girl who appeared cheerful on stage but now anxiously clutching a hot pad, begging for some warmth in February. Hours passed by but she kept waiting for indefinite things she wasn’t sure herself. People who pass by her then eventually ignore her after greeting her with friendly acknowledging smile. If at early days they would always asked her why and she will always return with big smile which now they need no more than a smile to stay connected. Yet, Reika don’t even budge an inch from her spot, the usual spot she sat over a year now.

      Today was 22nd February, and exactly a year has passed since she met that person, the girl with snow cap that changed her whole perception against life, the girl who turned her into the present Sakurai Reika that once always doubting herself of what she do. The girl she doesn’t even knew her name.

      “It was a good song.” A girl at next bench besides her suddenly interrupted Reika’s train of thought for that day. But that time, Reika only glanced over annoyingly, feeling degraded by her sentence. She knew what the girl was talk about; obviously it is from her horrible singing today. It was not even good songs, she screwed up and even embarrassing her bandmates too before ran into deepest part of the park and cry for hours regretting why she even thinking she able to fill Ikuta and Himeka vocal for today.

      “I don’t know why you are crying. But I found your voice really beautiful, I wonder how many heart you have change?”

      Surprised by unusual calm voice, Reika find herself glanced curiously to her side, noting every point she could take from the girl appearances. She can’t help but to judge the girl for saying that. Reika, since she is the genius in the band, always has her own pride which she could never accept people views on everything involving music, and this girl can never break that tough pride of hers.
She must rarely see any band performance before; Reika smirked as the thought crossed her prideful mind. She don’t even need to mention the girl’s plain appearance with  a brown long coat to keep her body warm through cold winter and black snow cap covered her shouldered length hair, just the same as anyone else. Reika finally scoffed. 

      “I was thinking of refusing my surgery next week. Thanks to your singing, I found my courage to face it.” The girl turned to her, eyes stared straight passing Reika’s shoulder.

      For once, Reika stunned by the orbs that turn brown when the dim light glittered crossed it. And Reika was sure she wasn’t seeing things, the girl smile.

      “With your beautiful voice, I was sure, you’re beautiful too.” The girl sincerely said as she stood up and Reika again flustered on her spot as she watched the girl unfolded her plastic stick,. “If my surgery go well, can we met again? I will be here every Wednesday.” The girl smiled again, eyes looking into straight line but a smile plastered on her face, revealed a single dimple on her cheeks. Reika swore, it the most beautiful thing she saw in her life.

      “Sayonara.” The girl bowed before left with her stick stomping along the road as she slowly walk leaving Reika perplexed upon the view. The girl is blind. Somehow, Reika’s lips curved with a smile, now she has reason to believe with her words earlier.

      And that’s how she kept on waiting for the girl at the same spot once in a month. She couldn’t make it to every Wednesday since she was not lead vocalist in her band, but she was promised to sing every last Wednesday every month, her sole intention is she wanted to inspire anyone that came to watch or only listen to her song and today is a year after their memorable meeting. But the girl is nowhere to be found again, and Reika almost give up on waiting.

      The thought of the girl might not survived in her surgery last year did crossed her mind but she didn’t have any courage to accept it so she keep on waiting and praying that one day they would meet again.

      As the sun slides it ways to the west horizon, Reika sighed and lazily turned on her heels, her waiting again found no ending.

      “Are you Sakurai Reika?” A breathless voice stopping her steps and Reika turn almost instantly, hope of seeing the girl again but only to be disappointed again.

      “Yes I am.” Reika drew herself a smiling face as the girl with light brown hair walk to her.

      “I’m Nishino Nanase, can we talk little bit?” Nanase walked over Reika.

      Reika saw a glint of desperation in Nanase eyes and before she could answer, they already sat on her spot before. Silent enveloped two as Nanase not talking right away despite she looked like in rush before. “So, what can I help you?” Reika couldn’t stand the awkwardness.

      “Err, I don’t how to start..” She already here but Nanase was still contemplating on the idea of talked to Sakurai Reika.

      “About what?” Reika suddenly felt nervous by Nanase hesitation, like something big about to come. She watched the girl as she still doubting herself, isn’t she is the one offering the idea of talking? “I’m leaving then.” Reika already pulled herself up, ready to leave but Nanase grabbed her hand.

      “It’s about Yumi.”

      “Come again?” Frowned was seen on Reika face as the name reach her.

      “Eh, you don’t know her name?” Nanase looked up in surprised and Reika’s quizzical looks explained everything. “The blind girl who always sit there every Wednesday.” Nanase pointing towards another bench beside them, Reika follow her line of view and unconsciously sat back.

      “Her name is Wakatsuki Yumi.” Nanase fidgeting.

      Reika nodded, processing a piece of information inside her head but she was not really listening. Somehow, Nishino Nanase presence here telling her something bad is coming and she still unprepared. Along Nanase long story of how Wakatsuki Yumi got herself into severe accident years ago from saving a dog on the road that eventually turn herself into a helpless blind girl, Reika was drown in her own world and only able to catch Nanase last sentence.   

      “The surgery went well, but since then she never woke up and tomorrow will be her last chance.” 

      “What do you mean?” Without Reika realized her eyes swelled in tears and she is not alone in this case, Nanase too sobbing with her own story. Their eyes meet in split of second; there is a drop of relief in Nanase’s eyes which she doesn’t know where it came from. 

      “They decided to switch off the machine that supports her life.” Nanase almost choked with the sentence, tears streamed down her cheeks. Eyes still flickered with the last memories she could recollected during Yumi last week as energetic girl, though she was blind. Nanase couldn’t forget how joyful Yumi is at that time when she decided to finally undergo the surgery to fix her vision again.

      Nanase also couldn’t believe her hearing because it not only took her years of convincing but Yumi steel head is really hard to be break. Wakatsuki Yumi stays positive on how her blindness helping her heart to see more colours in her life. How irony it is because that time Wakatsuki Yumi was completely blind, what colours she expect to see other than darkness? So, as Yumi happily chirped that she will have her surgery, Nanase felt weirdly annoyed at herself because when she asked why, Yumi said a girl that sing in the park changed her mind, the singer gave her new light that she eager to watch. How a girl that Yumi barely know her face can change the stoic personality like Wakatsuki Yumi?

      Then eventually, Yumi was sent into surgery room with a smile on her lips, it hurt Nanase heart actually, afraid that she might never see that same smile again. And it turn to be true, though the surgery of fixing Yumi vision went well, but due to excess bleeding on her head from her previous incident, Yumi now in deep coma.

      By that week, Nanase found her feet already ran down to the park almost every week, searching for the girl with healing voice as Yumi described to her before. She asked people nearby, but they said it was the first time the band performed there and might never came back again. Yet Nanase don’t give up, because she believed that the promised the two girls made is something precious in its way. A year of searching for the singer, Nanase finally found her at the very last minute. Sakurai Reika is the only hope Nanase wanted to hang on, if Reika could change Yumi’s mind, she might also be able to tick off the dead brain of Yumi, because deep there Nanase confident, Yumi is waiting.

      “Can I meet her?” Reika’s voice quivered as the words slipped off her lips. Her view of Nanase nodded with a smile almost covered by her own tears. Who is this girl who took half of her life tears to be wasted merely in an hour? Reika wanted to know this Wakatsuki Yumi.

Can you come at the hospital near the park we performed today, tomorrow? Please.

      Reika was typing the message and sent it to Ikuta as two of them walk along the silent dimly light corridor, Reika slightly fall behind Nanase. She then slipped her smartphone into her side pocket. As they got closer to the room of meeting sleeping beauty Wakatsuki Yumi, Reika found herself sweating profusely that her hand was wet all the time. She quietly scan Nanase back, the girl hasn’t said anything ever since they stepped into the hospital aside from an order to follow her. Reika pondered how long Nanase have gone through this hardship alone? Because at this time, her feet almost gave out as her eyes catches a figure sleeping on the bed with wires all over her body and a machine flicking on her side, proof of her being living girl inside.

      “Please, make yourself comfortable..” Before Nanase could finish her words, Sakurai Reika already ran passed her without waiting anymore moment. Watching how the girl found her spot beside Yumi, Nanase quietly walked out and closed the door.

      It felt weird to Reika as she grabbed the girl hand into hers and all she can felt is warmth yet frozen, how weird it is? Thinking that how the girl only stranger in her life, yet it felt like the girl was something to her; something that filled the hole inside her soul, something that complete pieces of puzzle she long lost and something want to hold so dearly within her grasp. Wakatsuki Yumi completed her whole life with just a short meeting.

      “Hello there, Sakurai Reika des.” Reika suppressed the tears by biting her own lips. She couldn’t afford of crying in front of this girl. Not now.  “I never know your name, but I was told that you’re Wakatsuki Yumi. So from now on, I will call you Wakachuki!” Reika laughed while wiping the tears from her eyes. She smiled.

      “Still remember our first meeting? On the park last year? You promised to meet me again. I do wait for you every Wednesday you know?” Reika pouted and keep talking to herself, hoping that a piece of her words could reach Yumi’s subconscious mind. And just like that, Reika couldn’t stop from telling the sleeping beauty girl various story even got no responses she still won’t stop.

      “Actually, I’m not the lead singer in the bad, I’m keyboardist. But that day, my friends lost her voice, I filled her spot. Even that time I spoiled the song, I glad it reach your heart.”

      “Originally, I wrote all of the songs we performed.”

      “I came to sing here once in month on Wednesday. I want to meet you so badly.”

      “My birthday on May 16.”

      “If I was given chance chose my field of study, I want to study on history.”

      “You know, I’m the most poncotsu girl in the world. I always spilled hot chocolate every morning and I always lost my way to home.” Her laugh sounds so bitter. 

      “I’m spoil child.”

      By the time slipped past midnight, Reika already lay down beside Wakatsuki Yumi unmoving body. She wrapped her hand onto Yumi’s cold skin and slid herself under the same blanket unknowingly. For the last time, Reika sincerely prays that miracle will fall upon them and Yumi woke up the next day, lovingly stare at her, cheekily smile at her though she don’t know how the girl looks like but she just imagines how beautiful Yumi is. And all of her hopes play in her dreams once she drifted into the farthest land of reality.

      “Please wake up.” Tears unconsciously fall into her cheeks as she mumbled in her sleep. She was sleep talking, but it is her sincere request.

(THIS GONNA BE LONG A/N: Yeah i know i shouldn't do this so frequent but am i always wanted to write things that inspire, though this barely be one that inspire. And, as write this.. i can't write the ending, feel kinda hurt by what i'm might write, so i will leave it here. Yet, i don't know when i'm gonna continue this.. well, too much fic to take care of? Haahaha you all can surse at me LOL..
anyway, i will finish all those fiction soon, but that soon may be take time. will you wait? 

btw, i found a very interesting story about NOGI on tumblr, idk if i can do this but i'm gonna post the link here so you guys can check how amazing the story is..  :wub: :wub: )
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I'm really sorry for my late comment author-san :banghead:

I'm so glad wakatsuki finally knows who is reika actually. But why nakamoto group want to reika forget her past? who is nakamoto group? and who exactly sakurai reika? :?
FCKKKK! maimai you're the real MVP! thanks for saving my wakarei. only maimai could handle nanamin for real :onionwhip:
I'm so looking forward to the next part. I hope you still continue this fic author-san :)

about short story (i found us).
Thanks for making another fic about wakarei (again).
This is the first time I read a fic with story like this. I mean, this is the first time wakatsuki became sick. usually wakatsuki was cast into a tough woman, good-humored, mischievous (yankee), or being a male :lol: but I love it. This is really touching. I hope she wakes up from his coma soon. whether this fic has a part next?

Thank you author-san! Once again sorry my late comment :depressed:

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I like Ikuchan in Shakiism too, with Ikuo I can’t really like him because he has many girls. I can’t stand that kind of person  :nervous

Akimoto sensei knows how to manipulates people to kill for him. In a way it’s pretty smart of him to take those broken kids under his wing and make them loyal to him because they’re thankful of him somehow.

Oh, a one-shot. Waka, why are you asking Reika for food? It’s safer if you cook it yourself.
I can understand why Waka wanted to keep their relationship to themselves. It’s private after all. Also, Waka must have treasured it so much, she might feel it’s becoming less important if she doesn’t keep it between them.
It’s just frustrating for the shippers  XD

Really, Waka? You might as well kiss Reika if that’s how you’re gonna question her. But finally she knows Reika is that same girl.
And Waka, how dare you throw a knife to Naachan?? It’s Naachan for God’s sake!  :on redcard:
 :hiakhiakhiak:  OMG, priceless! MaiMai is something else. Now she only needs to switch Nanamin loyalty to her. And then Nanase can work her magic on Maiyan next.

I’m loving the IkuHime!  :wub:
Wakachu better be waking up if the one-shot has a sequel. The pokontsu captain and Nanase are waiting.

I know it’s late, but good luck with your thesis!

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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