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Author Topic: Standard Limits- Chapter 4 9/14/2016  (Read 3338 times)

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Standard Limits- Chapter 4 9/14/2016
« on: August 20, 2016, 01:00:13 AM »
Chapter 1

“It’s that lady again.  She’s been drinking all night.  Yet her expression doesn’t change.”

Upon the voice shrilling, the first dark figure walked into the dimmed room.  The long jacket was taken off and given to the man up front, walking past everyone.  The strut quieted the crowd when the seat open next to the woman had been taken as the bartender was quick to note the full lips and drew a smile upon his slim cheeks.  He gave a quick wink and slid it over when the woman in question turned to view the long, black hair and full red lips that had brought light to the area.

“Kitahara…?  Rie-chan.  What are you doing here?”  The woman asked.

“I’m having a drink.  The other two will be arriving soon.”  Rie answered.

“Drink?  Why would you come to a sleazy bar?”  The woman asked.

“Yuko… I’d never leave you down and out.”  Rie answered with a smile when their eyes saw the entrance of the two walking in with knee high dresses, one in red and one in white.

It had been true that she took up drinking to get away from everything.  She wasn’t drinking in failure as much as where she was coming from in her mind.  The swirl of events started upon the emergence of a new threat she saw in the field.  Oshima Yuko wasn’t sure but her discovery brought a further downfall in the research with proof of correcting a theory in the field.  Despite her brain, she was doubted in front of the community as a whole.  Given the funds, she saw flushed it down the tubes with her advisor quickly sending in a resignation without cause.

“Oi Oshima.”  The voice roared from her left.

“Yuuchan… we couldn’t allow you to take on the weight after the discovery.”  The last of the women arrived, pulling up into the seat next to Rie.

“Sashihara and Yokoyama.”  Yuko quipped.

“We couldn’t allow such things.”  Rie asserted, picking up the tri-color drink in her hand.  “If we are going to be drunk, we are going to be drunk together.”

“Thanks.”  Yuko delivered her true smile.

Yuko was never sure of why she had friends like them.  She was the true senpai of the group when they managed to join together as roommates.  Being an advisor, she was amazed of having three awkward teenagers from different parts of the nation come together as harmonious as they were.  Yuko viewed the glue Rie as smart but not pompous as the others, wearing her emotions sometimes, it had been hard to feel for the woman to showcase her true talents.

Sashihara Rino was bursting at the seams to disprove herself from what she was known in her hometown.  Although most times in failure, Sasshi was able to stand out with just effort of trying.  The stories of the woman from Oita was beyond what she had expected and probably overly excessive but she was the first to go with straight drinks without the rocks.

The last one was the elegance and awkward ability from Yokoyama Yui.  Yuihan was quiet at first.  Melding with Rie was easier than to associate with Sasshi but once she felt the comfort in talking, she got to explain her town in Kyoto differently than what others had expected to be.  She was rebellious although cultured.  Yuihan also had the guts to take in a stray cat from the rain and brought it into the dorms for a bit before sending it off to the shelter for the time being, caring for it as its owner until getting it for possession.

“Rie heard you were hard on luck.”  Yui clicked, holding the glass of beer in hand.

“Yuko-sama would never allow such things especially others to push her down.”  Sasshi added.

Yuko decided to keep her lips tight around them.  It was a bit hopeless in her mind to kindly explain to the others about her situation.  Rie glared over and shook her head.  Yuko turned her head violently although Rie was quick to lift her hand to signal Yuko about the meeting.  She gulped the last bit of alcohol, placing the empty cup onto the bar, and stepped onto the floor.

The weight immediately shot to the bar as her eyes stared upon the bartender.  The sounds drowned out around her.  Yuko hated the moment.  The wish of having something around her to get her out of her misery had approached the peak when the body slammed onto the floor.  Pain was limitless but awaking to the sun the next morning had strained the eyes at first when she felt the cool pad weighing on the forehead.

“What happened?”  Yuko groaned.

“You fell to the ground.”  The voice echoed in her head.

“Why did you bring me here?”  Yuko asked, opening her eyes to see the face of her helper.

“The bartender offered to drop you off but I preferred you come with me.”

Yuko noted Rie for her hospitality but it was early to start upon a normal conversation with the pounding in her head, dropping her body back to the bed.  She gritted her teeth to the caretaker, observing her collared shirt and slacks before grabbing her book upon the counter.

“Where are you going?”  Yuko snarled.

“I have work.  You can stay here as long as you can but you’re free to leave.”  Rie breathed.  “I’ll see you later.”

“Before you go... what about the other two?”  Yuko pondered.

“They’re the same profession, teachers.”  Rie answered, placing the glasses into the breast pocket, and left the former advisor in the bed.

She lowered the pad over her eyes, letting her body rest into firm mattress.  Yuko thought deeply into last night.  It wasn’t the amount that bothered her as she was met with the past at the bar.  She spat angrily out into the room with the pounding of her head returning with a vengeance.  The neck arched with her body giving into the temptation of the darkness again.  Yuko always remembered the feeling since that day, it was too common to have the pattern again.  She awoke when the new pad came upon her head and staring at the owner of the room with her hair tied in a ponytail.

“Teachers… why?”  Yuko moaned.

“Because of you.  Since we’ve been under your care, it was easy to take on the profession without hesitation.”  Rie answered calmly.  “Maybe you should fill in with our position in the history department.  Just review the book and teach until you’re ready.”

She glared up with the words that seemed to draw her back.  Yuko was junior researcher for the society, dropped by them when the sponsor withdrew their money.  Teaching was never in the stars but she wanted something more before instead facing students.  Yuko, at worse would return to the college to take the research job there if the position had been open.  She closed her eyes briefly, letting out a breath.

“I’ll think about it.  Maybe, a position where I don’t have to face the future researchers.”  Yuko moaned.

“There’s an administrative position too.”  Rie added.  “We need someone to organize the teachers’ lounge.”

Yuko blinked and nodded.  “That sounds better.”

It was the best way to sneak in without anyone else noticing.  If it was just three of them, they could tolerate the aspect of a former advisor working in the lower role.  Yuko knew enough that she could bear that fact as she turned her eyes up to the ceiling again.  The one last thought came to her as she sat up and turned to the woman.

“I feel like drinking.”  Yuko grinned.

“We have sake and beer in the fridge.”  Rie spat.  “Sasshi and Yuihan insisted on alcohol when we brought you back here.  Also, they came over as well.”

The two pairs of eyes glanced into the room, waving to the former advisor in bed.  Yuko turned back and lifted her arm.  She knew that there was no way to not take advantage of the situation and jumped off the bed.  The first destination had become an obvious adventure into a new place to crash for the time being.  Rie turned to the other two to get items from the nearby store.  The eldest of the group, Rie, had her doubts for one thing but laying out before exiting the bathroom.

“Shower and bathe for a bit.”  Rie knocked on the door and turned back to the room to change her sheets.

Yuko admitted the wound was still fresh.  Amazingly, the three had found her in the bar although in nicer clothing than she was in with her bank account still holding up from the research grants.  The flow stopped but she kept a slew full of things in the old apartment for the time being.  She washed off the old layer from days before and took to the bath to rest.  The position was a new start.  Yuko sighed and remembered the day she had to get out.  It was a few days but staying in Rie’s apartment was something not in her standards.  The questions popped up with the concerns growing with the knock on the door breaking her concentration.

“Rie-chan… do you mind if I stay for a bit?”  Yuko sighed.

“Sure!  There’s a futon in the closet.”  The owner smiled.

“Do I also get an apartment?”  Yuko asked.

“I don’t think so.  However, for now the school will allow temporary access given that you are applying on a need basis.”  Rie answered, dropping the clothes on the floor.

Need basis opened the wound in her heart.  Rie always was the calm one and said it as it was but it killed her to know that.  Yuko wanted to be on her feet as soon as possible.  However, pride had dipped below her livelihood.  She pulled herself out of the tub and wiped up.  The only thing was enough to remind herself who she was inside and glanced down at the clothes.  The two items she needed was placed on her warmed body and walked out to greet the three with the unusual smirks given back at her.

“The only person above a C.”  Sasshi snickered.

“I’m close.”  Yuihan retorted.

“Paru would say otherwise…”  Rie widened her smile.

“Hey!  Paru and I have a great relationship.”  Yuihan placed her lips upon the cup.

“Paru?”  Yuko tilted her head.

“We’ll explain.  Just get a cup and relax with us.”  Rie shook her head as she took the seat.

Yuko felt comfortable since the day before graduation.  That was the last time she could actually be herself sans a shirt.
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Re: Standard Limits- Chapter 2 8/24/2016
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Chapter 2

Rie despite her status had escorted the last of the guests out and let the half-naked Yuko sleep upon the chair.  Setting the futon down was first, followed by the picking up the glasses and placed them gently into the sink.  Her eyes fluttered instantly with only the bottles left to collect, placing them in the middle of the table before getting the container for the glass items and sliding them into the container.

The clatter awoke her with her eyes peering away towards the light switch, turning off the living room.  Her bedroom was enough to fit a full dresser but the closet was behind it, blocked by the piece of furniture.  Rie strolled over to the bed, landing upon the fresh sheets, and tilted her head back.  Her mind was consumed with the aspect of the class she thought, creative writing.  It was away from the normal English lesson but always kept her students on her feet with the new assignments.

She was beyond what people had expected but to have a woman write about the hidden desires was hard to comprehend.  Rie had hid her awards as a student from everybody and on merit had developed a curriculum that was impressive to the headmaster.  She, however, was a writer first and a teacher second.  Rie had grown interested in the scene outside of the Tokyo limits and hid in the crowd with her mask of a Pomeranian to view the new aspect of pleasure and pain through the underground events.

Rie observed the aspect that caught her eyes years ago.  She started as a spectator only to join in a few months later.  It was different than what she expected however the draw had caught others and a fling had been exposed.  Rie hadn’t noticed the tall, lanky figure at first but after the brief show, the one with the Poodle mask had invited her to a party.

Only to know the person as Poodle was bad, Rie knew the rules however at the party was a bunch of women and one that stood out was the blue-dressed lady in the middle of the floor.  Rie walked up and introduced herself when a smile grew upon the woman’s face.  Her plain clothing did not fit in the realm but she was quick to pull her away.  The woman peered away when she swooped in for a kiss.  It felt like a lightning strike to Rie when she pulled back and brushed the stunned woman’s hair.

“The name is Aki.  Takajo Aki.  It’s nice to meet you.”

Rie knew too much going into herself that she had been exposed to the art form that was becoming known.  She had become an art piece for the people under Takajo’s guidance.  Akicha, as Rie knew her, was a bubbly person.  She was absentminded in the most part but Rie had also formed Akicha into an art piece that brought rave reviews.  Rie commented it was Akicha’s body that made the effort rather than her mind.  It was simply hard to portray without others commenting quickly.

She bit her tongue upon the critics and comforted her quickly.  Rie didn’t allow it to hurt further going to what was discovered upon her first time as casual partners.  Her body had triggers she found to drive Akicha crazy although it was the same with her when they went out.  Everywhere seemed viable to display their bodies but with school, it was difficult to find time and only text when needed.

Her eyes closed briefly when the doorbell awoke her from the distance and rushed out with Yuko still lifeless on the table when she saw the tall figure in front of her.  “Evening.”

“Whatcha doing here?”  Rie asked, pulling Akicha in the room.

“I wanted to see you.”  Akicha mumbled.

“You’re drunk.”  Rie sighed, grabbing her hand.  “You just came back from bar hopping.  How did you get passed the guard?”

“I flashed him.”  She smiled.

Rie shook her head upon that fact.  It was easy to have assets rather than her semi-flat demeanor as she dragged her past the sleeping, topless woman into her room.  Akicha plopped onto the bed as Rie flicked the light on, locking the door behind her.

“I’m going to be in trouble.”  Rie warned.

“I’ll find a way of getting you out of it.”  She smirked.  “I had to run away from my husband.”

Rie slanted her eyes that way when Akicha began her explanation of her new husband.  Akicha wasn’t looking into what he had as much as the drunken fellow had gave her an obligation.  She sought to look into what had been a bad investment on her side only to find the yakuza was written all over it.  Akicha couldn’t report it as she felt the police would come right over but by doing a simple elopement had covered a cost to wipe him off of debt.  Changing his name to hers had made him indebted to her.

However, Rie knew of the man with a sinking cost to his name from the art exhibits as he was introducing himself to the rest uncovered.  Hebi, as his name had indicated couldn’t go through with his poison upon the woman.  The annulment had been placed through enough to cover what would be a clean getaway.  Akicha, however hated the one thing and escaped without any given motion to stab him in the back to release out into the wild.

“Drunk and…”  Rie spat when she sensed her lips closing up to her.

It was over to think that her husband was like all men.  He couldn’t satisfy her as much as Rie could without any proper tool.  However, it was one quickie before escaping.  Rie pushed her out the window to the back staircase, stamping down the stairs to the ground as she ran off to the rising morning sun.  It was hard enough to have her over but now to explain the night of not resting well.  She closed her eyes and let the alarm go off.

Being late was better than no show as she woke up and showered before dressing for the day.  Yuko peered out from the futon as she greeted the woman, brushing the black hair to avoid the situation at hand.  Rie left the spare on the table for her temporary roommate and scatted off to the campus after the last bell.  With little prep time, she allowed them to do a free write and handed it in before the class was over.

Those hours were stressed by how her students, the cream of crop were doing mindless work while she got to prepare for lessons to work on their creative writing skills.  Rie exhaled at the assignments based off the curriculum and was awoken by the slamming door of a female standing at the door with her arms crossed.  The students were quick to drop the pencils to the table when Rie stood and bowed to the woman.

“Kitahara-sensei will be needed today.  Sashihara will be taking over for the interim.”  She announced as Rie bowed to the class and walked out while the substitute walked into the room.

“Yes?”  Rie stood erect towards the woman.

“Oshima Yuko… why does the name seem familiar?”  She narrowed her eyes.

“Miyazawa, she’s the lead researcher…”  Rie spoke when a smile came upon her face.

“I know that.”  She smiled.  “I’m wondering why she would apply here.”

Rie held the discomfort of explaining in front of her.  She held Miyazawa Sae to the higher standard.  The two people she didn’t want to cross was the history teacher for the third year students and Miyazawa Sae, the physical education specialist.  Sae wasn’t given the teacher certification but with her degree in kinesiology she could learn the various roles before the certification.  Without one, they couldn’t function as a school and Sae was determined to have it by the end of the school year with the online classes.  Rie watched Sae changed her expression and gave a firm nod.

“The one other person…”  Sae breathed.  “Maybe her.”

Rie snickered as Sasshi had taken over her class during her free period.  They were required to switch at any moment however it also meant a free period for them.  Given that they were given the free period, Sasshi was to teach after regardless while the other class to where she had to teach was given reprieve in case of emergency.  She walked down the hall to the lounge where the other woman had been deep in her book, lowered it to the teacher entering the room.

“Kitahara… you must tell me.”  She smiled.

“She was drinking at a bar and we wanted to help her.”  Rie started with the smile growing upon the woman’s face.

“Yuko was able to go that far but just the hard part was to be able convince bozos about her research.  She wants to do well but her position is petty.”  The woman explained with a chagrin.

“Akimoto-senpai, you have to accept that she’s in a bad place.”  Rie confirmed.

“I don’t want to see her here with her tail between her legs.  She can do better.”  Akimoto growled.  “Yuko knows Sayaka wouldn’t accept such behavior.”

Rie nodded.  She knew a bit of the history, assumed bitter but later it was a risky move of Sayaka’s part to allow Yuko to soar in the class.  Rie upon the employment with the school had talked about Yuko in front of everyone, inspiring her to become an educator.  Sayaka took it upon herself to tear it apart but restructure what the true picture was about the profession.  The first night alone was enough to fill a book of the former advisor for the three.  Sayaka admitted to letting Yuko take the prize at the start to gain the research side while she settled for the teaching profession.  Rie thought it wasn’t true that Yuko had gone ahead but later overhearing the talk about the issue.

“You have to allow her a chance.  Yuko will always be the one who will thank you in the long run.”  Rie confided.

The look in Sayaka’s eyes was quick but effective.  Sliding the bookmark, Sayaka exhaled out into the room and grabbed the folder from the desk.  “I know.  She deserves more.”
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Re: Standard Limits- Chapter 2 8/24/2016
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Sooooo interesting!  :shocked

I will be looking forward to future updates!  :twothumbs

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Re: Standard Limits- Chapter 3 8/31/2016
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Sooooo interesting!  :shocked

I will be looking forward to future updates!  :twothumbs

It'll dig deeper into the four in general so it'll confront all their problems

Sneaky Akicha.  :on lol:

More Akicha XD

Chapter 3

Yui finished her last class and returned to the lounge with Rie scanning through the first paper against the stack.  She had bit her lip since meeting her in school.  Yui was least confident in the job once they graduated but her high marks and testing led her to the career.  However, Yui was faced with furthering it when she met a fellow member in the meeting for a higher degree.

The brashness of the member matched her hair finely, the fire was burning from the start.  Yui sat in the back during the explanation as her pencil tapped the desk when she glared down at the requirements.  It was a hand she was never meant to play against with herself.  The job was enough for two years but Yui hated to consider a temporary position.

“I’ll be her partner.”  The voice called out when Yui shot her head up.  “This girl will be my partner.”

“Yokoyama, you will be paired up with Takahashi.”  The teacher shook her head.

“Takahashi Minami, at your service.”  She greeted when Yui stood hovering over the woman.  “I don’t care you are a foot taller than me, I’ll prove myself to how to be an effective leader.”

Minami had been different.  A leader yes, an educator no.  Yui sought to learn how to break away from the shell with a sense of learning how to present herself to the classroom.  The leadership qualities she learned quickly away from the antics Minami pulled.  Receiving the honor was enough to gain confidence and applied the teachings for the first year, accomplishing a full contract entering into the next year.  Yui cheered upon the news although she yearned to be better.

Minami had taken her as a friend and thought her more into life.  Yui never fully committed to the program but with a drinking partner, she couldn’t go wrong with her.  Yet, she had the career set in the school with her two friends.  They would drink together but as women, she wanted more, however she wasn’t a catch with the other sex.  Rie was quick off the boat and Sasshi always had given the appeal to men.  Yui sat with her drink when someone had slid into the seat with rosy cheeks and messed up hair in a bun.

“I’m done with men.”  The person uttered.

“What happened?”  Yui inquired.

“He never showed up.”

It was weird to her that someone had taken a seat next to her.  Yui reached out for the arm when she saw the eyes.  They were beautiful in her view and patted her head.

“I’m Yui.”  She greeted.

“Haruka.  Shimazaki.  Did your date ditch you?”  She asked.

“My friends are talking to some men.  I’m just nursing my drink so I can take them home.”  Yui smiled.

“Oh… do you mind if you drop me off too?  I’ll pay.”  Haruka placed the money on the table.

Yui waved her hand.  She liked Haruka for her honesty and started to learn about her in general.  Yui couldn’t stop talking about school although Haruka had mentioned she was on her own since graduating.  Once the other two returned, Yui introduced Haruka to their group before heading out to drop the first person, Haruka, off to the complex.  She liked the conversation, however, it was less than spectacular about the evening when she pointed over to the building to take her to.


She drove off after a quick gesture to Haruka.  Yui drove the rest back to the apartment and went their separate ways when she noted the vibration in her pocket.  The random number popped up on the screen when she saw the texts coming from the woman she met at the bar.  A smile grew upon her face as she started to talk and found a sense of pleasure in Haruka’s insight.  Paru, as she stated herself through only close friends, was blunt and held her own when it came to the opposite sex.  Yui had a sense to talk to the intellectuals before being tugged away by Paru.  It was having a an angel at times to divert her away from simple conversations but the truth would pop up if the man had proposed a date.  Paru linked her hands to Yui and pulled her in the other direction.

Paru had done it often, more than Yui’s expectations.  Rie also had gone into talking to Yui before being interrupted.  The woman was quick to defend that it was just conversation.  Yui sought the explanation in front of Rie when what had been the situation for a while came to the burst of passion running from the woman’s body, pushing her body forward, and drove Yui to the wall as their lips met.  Rie grinned upon the sight and walked off.  Yui stood frozen as she stared upon Paru wiping her lips before bringing her chin up.

“If you’re going to do that… I might as well start feeling the same way.”

Yui kept that feeling, jumping onto the train to head to the apartment complex after work.  She always reminded herself that it was fate to meet with Paru, who always held a careful smile.  Her weaknesses were as much as her strengths in the eyes of others.  Paru didn’t care much about what others had thought of her but always was conscious about her actions.  Yui sought to find a way to pay her back and also comfort the insecurities holding Paru back from being the person she should be.

She stepped off the train, holding the leather computer bag to track around the people heading towards the exit.  Yui was used to with the smells and sounds around her that the steps were naturally formed on the bottom of her worn out shoes.  She lowered her head to burst through the crowd when she glanced up and then jogged over to the area.

“Were you waiting long?”  Yui asked, receiving a kiss from her girlfriend.

“Not actually, just got off work.”  Paru formed a smile.

Paru had developed a sense with her blunt thoughts and with her degree in psychology, she took opportunities in the field to no avail.  She settled into a nearby shop where the school had sponsored her.  Yui couldn’t really persuade her to come into the central Tokyo with the situation with her living quarters and would just come out to visit once in a while with school either being on holiday or with enough free time to escape from the job.  The temptation was just controllable to seek Paru at times when she wasn’t stressed from the job.

“Anything interesting?”  Yui asked.

“Just boys being boys.”  Paru smirked.

“What about girls?”  Yui inquired.

She saw her partner tense up.  Yui knew the problem, grabbing her hand to drag her out to the nearby restaurant for a snack.  Paru was usually straightforward until it came to that day Yui had confronted her.  Both had thought to be a drunken mistake, playing out the fact that they never were friends to start with and eventually just went out.  The progression was meteoric to the point that Yui had stayed over on certain nights to entertain the fact of Paru experimenting on how she should experience their sacred dance.

“A few have sought my advice.  It seems taboo.”  Paru presented her insight.

“Unfortunately, it is.  But you do have me.”  Yui grinned.

It weighed upon both that it was hard to confess to the situation.  Wrapping her arm around her waist, Yui went for the usual afternoon set, and sat back with her fingertips dancing upon the side.  Her eyes glared back before removing the hand away.

“Is that really hard to overcome?”  Paru thought.

“I’m not sure.  I haven’t returned home in a long while since this job requires me to stay in Tokyo for the time being.”  Yui answered.

“We should tell our parents of our relationship.”  Paru commented.

“We?”  Yui raised her voice.

Paru wasn’t ready as much as Yui had been avoiding stating the relationship from the start.  It was maybe more towards marriage if she felt differently, letting it ride out but the further they dug, it was difficult to patch the ground they’ve created.  Yui kept the secret as much before Rie had noted how cute they were together.  Rie compared them to cats that just met, warming up to find a similar standard between them.  Yui hated it as much as she was right about the relationship, it was the familiarity that drove them closer when the food arrived.

“When it comes.”  Paru smiled.

“If you’re ready…”  Yui breathed.

“Let’s just eat.  I need some time to be comforted again.”  Paru nodded, twirling the fork in the pasta.

Conversations were almost like that most often.  Yui hadn’t mind the brief interactions but they were tough to decipher what was going through her partner’s mind.  It was a time to reflect by not trying to pry into Paru’s head as much.  Quietly eating the food, it was to glance around the area before having anything else to talk about until after eating.  Yui acknowledged the next procedure and walked to the nearby store to get something to get her mind off the day and accept Paru’s words again.
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Re: Standard Limits- Chapter 3 8/31/2016
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“Anything interesting?”  Yui asked.

“Just boys being boys.”  Paru smirked.

“What about girls?”  Yui inquired.

She saw her partner tense up.  Yui knew the problem, grabbing her hand to drag her out to the nearby restaurant for a snack.  Paru was usually straightforward until it came to that day Yui had confronted her.  Both had thought to be a drunken mistake, playing out the fact that they never were friends to start with and eventually just went out.  The progression was meteoric to the point that Yui had stayed over on certain nights to entertain the fact of Paru experimenting on how she should experience their sacred dance.

“A few have sought my advice.  It seems taboo.”  Paru presented her insight.

“Unfortunately, it is.  But you do have me.”  Yui grinned.

I like this part honestly. I don't know why~  :w00t: :lol: XD

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Re: Standard Limits- Chapter 4 9/14/2016
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^ I liked the dialogue to go with it, complex the relationship between the two.

A/N: I may not be updating this as much compared to other things but many find it quite underachieving but it is something to go forward with and if you don't know and over 18... PM me :love:

Chapter 4


Grabbing the duffle from the floor, Sashihara Rino escaped the room with the glimpse of the sunset from the outside.  A quick glance at the phone brought a sigh out of as she rushed out to the front exit.  She hated to the be the last one off the school ground but with the load of work, she was bound to be left with the stack at the end of the day to only return early to start on it before the cycle began again.

It was lucky to just escape but with Rie behind, it wasn’t a fear to leave to get to the train station to the location of solitude.  She ran for the train only to be beat and waited it out for the next one on the next platform.  Sasshi only noted to herself that she probably would have been mauled for the attitude although she was primarily the reason for leaving later with her carefree attitude.

Among the group, she had notched up the most in boyfriends from when she started back in middle school.  To her it wasn’t the number as much as what was happening behind the scenes.  Sasshi had always left a good impression among others with very little left to the imagination and finally gave up once the new hobby had developed.

The short ride over to the mecca of otakus had her ponder to why she had chosen it although when she was out with friends, she had gathered the attention despite what the others had viewed as distant in their levels.  Rie noted that the attention was needed rather than wanted for her but she kept it up with certain tricks in her book that kept them coming back.  It was also a life that she wanted to escape from most of the time and thus creating the persona had become a necessity.

She rushed off the train upon arriving at the station and headed into the stall.  The first items were the working clothing followed by the undergarments.  Sasshi would be the first to mention how comfortable it had felt with the freedom of being exposed under a knee-length skirt.  She slipped on the pastel green bikini and the oversized shirt with a face of a gorilla.  Slipping on the faded black pants was the usual chore with the buttons connecting to every part of the body before the silver and red mask.

Sasshi had usually formed it into a ponytail at first but eventually it became tucked under the mask.  Stuffing the clothes into the bag, she walked out to the sounds of the business people and then the droves of admirers outside the bathroom.  Greetings came with deep bowing from the standing or sitting position as she walked out to the streets of Akihabara.  The deep breath of the otaku town was never the same with the train rushing by at the top.  She had the rule to stop them from asking her real identity.

If asked… Sanshin Go had been her name.

Otakus were shy and even approaching them had prompted a distant behavior but they had followed her through the main street up to the convenience store where they bowed deeply to her quickly.

“Sanshin!  Another event?”  The clerk asked.

“Yes…”  She said in a low voice.  “Seitansai.”

“Whose one?”  The clerk pondered, ringing up the drinks.

“Mikako… Sugar Sweet.”  She replied.

“It’s her birthday… Wow she’s young.”  The clerk smiled.

“I’m not worried so much but here’s the money.”  She stated in the low voice, grabbing the bag with the group still tailing her.

Sasshi never let the encouragement get to her but hearing the idea of a fan club had prompted a bit of fundraising for her to appear in Sanshin Go uniform for the rallies and to return home via taxi to the apartment where the guard had always watched for her return.  The crowd was rarely rambunctious and upon the sight of the guard, they would peel away and walk into the room in peace.

The first drink was the lemon soda to preserve her voice as she continued the march with the followers to the venue down the long walkway.  The birthday show, seitansai, was usually serious with the other fans coming along but rarely brought a crowd with her.  Sasshi as her persona brought an extra fifty percent of the crowd, however she was also serious about her art and only the shows she cared for brought the crowds to near dangerous situations.

“Sanshin-san… ohisashiburi.”  The person at the front greeted.  “Mikako?”

“Yes.  They pay their own fare.”  She uttered.

“You heard… pay up.”

 Sasshi knew half would probably would follow through while the rest would wait outside.  The queue would be the first approach as her eyes slowly glanced up the first flight of stairs.  The end didn’t seem far with the echoes growing louder with every step as she turned up the third flight to the one guy waving towards her, guiding her up to the next flight to the end.  Sasshi bit her lip upon the line, admitting if she could have escaped from the school a bit earlier would have made it easier to take the first group of fans into the room.

Despite her masked persona, it didn’t bring a priority just a sense of mystery behind the mask.  As usual, the rumors would swirl about her being a shy, beautiful woman which wasn’t farfetched in her mind but the sense also had grabbed others to see why she was popular among the boys in school.  Sasshi glanced at the phone with the background of the group with the line swiftly moving up until the group was slowly brought in and she was taken aside to drop the bag off in the locker and paid the fee for storage as she walked down the corridor to the ballroom where the idol stood for handshakes.

She patted her hands onto the back of the shirt as a pencil-thin smile came upon her face.  Sasshi was quick to admire her as she had followed her from the back to the front.  The view was beautiful with her hair braided on one side in the white dress.  The idol jerked away.

“What’s wrong?”  She asked.

“Sanshin-kun… It’s embarrassing.”  The idol retorted.

“What do you mean?”  The question was returned back as she drew closer.

“Sashihara-san… I can’t believe you’re a fan.”  The idol whispered.

Her lips pursed as a smile came upon her face.  Sasshi wasn’t sure about the reaction although being neutral had left her bewildered by the admission.  She shook her head before moving off to the corner of the stage.  The staff quickly ushered the rest through the line with the performance starting with the background music thumping near her.  The question came straight into her mind about who Mikako actually was in her life.  She pondered over the thought briefly before the lights turned off and the start of the singing brought her into the mood.

The mask had covered the other aspects that people didn’t truly knew about her as through each song she would strip off clothing until getting to the bikini.  The encouragement from the group and Mikako honoring the fan known as Sanshin Go for coming to the performances whenever possible.  Sasshi heard the silence and knew what had been on her mind before she had said the name of the true identity.

The fun from years ago was the trigger to the emotional swing as Sasshi dropped to her knees.  The words shot through her heart quickly when the rest of the group had consoled her.  Sanshin glanced up and clapped for the birthday girl.  She had appreciated the effort when she stood and put the clothes back onto her body.  Sasshi raced down and out the emergency exit, keeping her head down until she bumped into the figure in the dark.  Round belly with thick glasses, staring down upon her.

“Sanshin… it has been an honor to have you come to the performance.  Mikako wants to extend an invitation for a party at her apartment.  Come as you are.  Food will be provided and drinks for both of you, her most dedicated fan.”  He elaborated.  “Here’s the address.”

She took the paper and stuffed into the pocket as she ran into the waiting taxi.  Sasshi glanced over to see a person next to her sit up and smiled towards her.

“To the complex!’  She moaned.

Sasshi immediately admitted who was with her and even in the right moment, she nodded and both were dropped off at the front.  The guard took the extra customer through the gate while Sasshi paid for the two.  Mikako was her next approach to finally shed the one item no one else had ever shown, her face to the idol.
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