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Author Topic: The Deal - Ch.16 (RenaYuki, other pairings) 9/12/16  (Read 51580 times)

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Re: "The Deal" Ch. 15 Dec. 19
« Reply #120 on: June 28, 2014, 05:23:21 PM »
uh oh what happened with ren?
ah, please update more sok! please please please hehehe
thankyou :bow:
Yo, i'm sastio! i like to read fanfics! :)
a silent reader :grin:

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Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Yagami Kumi, Okada Nana, Shinobu Mogi, Thalia, etc.
overall, i like all members hehe

every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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Re: "The Deal" Ch. 15 Dec. 19
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WOW!!! :shocked :shock:

i totally thought at first that it would be mayuki or sauyuki :luvluv2: but then... :tama-piss: it transformed into yukirena :on bleed: :nya: :shy2: :shy1: :luvluv1:

that chapter 11 kojiyuu moment is a blast :mon yeah: who would have thought that riku will initiate it :mon bleed2:

and that chapter 14 yukirena past they are meant for each other :mon lovelaff:

update it please :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow:
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Re: "The Deal" Ch. 15 Dec. 19
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Hello everyone.
 I know I've been gone for a couple years  :on chew:  :badluck: But I'm back to finish all my Fics.  :on study: I'll like the thank everyone that has left me messages and thanks yous. I'll do my best to update all my works

Thank you for your support.  :kneelbow: :kneelbow:

Here Chapter 16 Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

Chapter 16

“Ugh~ What happened?” A young man sat up in a bed holding his head. “Man, I feel like someone just drove a bus through my brain. Agh~” He looks around what seems to be a luxurious room.
“Ah! You’re waking.” A beautiful woman smiled at the young man.
“Huh? Um, who are you? Where am I? And most importantly, who am I?” Asked the young man.
“Oh honey~” The woman sat down next to him. :We’ve been thru this already.”
“Okay, then you wouldn’t mind explaining again. And why do you look like you’re a stripper?”
“Now that’s just rude~!” She pouted and caressed his face. “Besides you know this is my nightgown.”
“uh-huh~ And why exactly are you wearing that?” He swapped her hand away from his face. [Looking at her like WTF lady don’t touch me]
“You really don’t remember me?” She showed her best puppy eyes.
“Look old hag. If I knew who you were I wouldn’t be asking, okay?! Now answer my questions. And put some clothes on. Looking at you like that is just pissing me off for some unknown reason.” The young man was becoming impatient.
“Honey, calm down. The doctors said to not strain yourself in trying to remember. So just relax and trust me.” The woman stated smiling lovely at the man.
“Don’t look at me like that while youre wearing that.” He plainly stated getting out of bed and walking around. “It makes me wanna puke.”
“Charming.” She sweat drop. “Well since you seem to be able. How about we go out on a date.” She smiled leaving the room.
Blah~ :mon barf: Date with a hag like you no thanks but I’ll like to leave this room. It’s been a while since I’ve been outside.

Wild Manor
 “Where can they be?” “It’s already been 2 weeks and nothing.” “We’ve gone to hell and didn’t find Tomochin or Takamina.” “Same here. Mario and I went to heaven and couldn’t find any trace of Jurina and Minami.” “It’s like they disappeared.” “There’s no proof they ever existed.” “We can’t give up hope.” “They’ll come back.” “Don’t worry Yuki? We’ll find him.” Atsuko and Tomomi hugged Yuki. Everyone was present except the members of the Joker family. They had disappeared. No one had seen and heard from them since that day on the beach. Each pair had returned to their realm of origin in hopes of finding Ren.
Two shadows hided in the darkness watching the group as they fused about. “So when do you think they’ll come out of hiding.” “I don’t know, but the one thing I know. Is that that woman won’t be able to contain the prince for long. It’s only a matter of time he loses his patience.” “If that is so, we must report this to Master Zec. Can’t let him get away like last time.” With that they sneaked out.

Somewhere in Heaven
 “Mistress?” “Hm? Yes, Miichan?” “Why are you so calm?” “There’s nothing wrong.” “Aren’t you worry about Prince Ren” Jurina asked looking at the goddess. “Don’t worry girls, my son will be fine. He just needs to find himself again. His true self. In the meantime just go back to your friends they must be worried about you.” “Okay.” “But before you return. Please pay a visit to my Love. He asked for your help with some reading and was hoping you girls could go to the archives and help the boys out.” “Of course!!” “Have a safe trip.”

Neutral Ground between Hell and Heaven
“Takamina!!” “Did you find something Tomochin?!” “Yes!! Come over here and look at this.” He showed Takamina an old scroll. “What is it?” “Cant you see it?” “See what?” “Bakamina?! Look at the photos of the man. Doesn’t he remember you of someone?” “WHa… wait! He looks like the guy that caused that crusade against The Prince during the time he fall inlove?” “Yeah, but look at this. This was painted in the 1760’s around the time the Prince met the human Princess.” He showed him a painting of the same man. “How is this possible? A moral can’t lived that long?!” “A moral can’t but a moral that sells their moral for immorality can. They are able to live forever but they are still able to get injured or die.” “What you mean?” “What he means is that moral can live for forever if they sell their morality. But the price to that is they stand still in the space of time while they watch the ones they love live, love, move on, and eventually die. Leaving them alone.” Miichan answered as she and Jurina came to sit with them. “There’s only a few recorded deals of that nature in the scrolls.” Jurina stated. “Oh!! I remember now.” Takamina shouted. “What are you goin on about?” “Tomochin! Don’t you remember?! The Prince used to always make those deals. In fact he was the only one who can create the possibility.” “What are you talking about? I don’t remember none of that?” “Do you guys remember the time where the Prince would go out to the moral world when we had barely been put on his protection.” “Yeah, I remember we were all just barely coming into our powers.” Miichan answered. “Same with the Prince. No one knew what kind of power the prince would possess. Being born from A Goddess and Devil." “Wait, I think I’m remembering. That was also the time were there were a lot of people dying.” Tomochin frowned remembering. “Yeah, apparently the Prince had made deals with many people about becoming immortals but unfortunately many of them after years of watching death around them couldn’t take it anymore and ended it themselves.” Jurina stated. “I remember him tho.” Miichan stated looking at the photos. “You remember too?!” Tomochin asked. “Let’s continue researching more before reporting.” Takamina stated grabbing more scrolls.
2 Days Later
“How’s everything going?” The Devil asked walking arm in arm with his Goddess into the archives. “Master!!” “Mistress!!” “We believe we have found something that can help us found the Prince!” “That’s great.” “What have you found out?” “Master do you know this man?” Tomochin showed the photo of the man.  “Ah! Yes I remember him. He was the moral that was in charge of Ren’s protection and guidance in the human world. Why do you ask?” The Goddess replied. “Master, Mistress we believe this may be the one responsible for the Prince’s pain.” Tomochin stated. “If I’m not mistaken his name was Zec Gestel.”

Yuki’s POV
*Sigh* Ren where are you? I miss you. “Yuki!!! Come on! It’s time to go!!” *Sigh* “Going Father!!!” I grabbed my luggage and heading to meet my father. “Come on Sweetie. We don’t have all day our flight leaves in 2 hours.”  “Sorry father. I’m ready” We walked out and into the car, the drive to the airport  and flight was quick. “Father, how long are we gonna be gone?” I asked as we land. “Until you forget about that boyfriend of yours. I will not have you waste away waiting for him when there are many boys that will die to have his place.” Father stated walking to the car.

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Re: "The Deal" Came Back!! Ch. 16 9/12/16 (RenaYuki, other pairings)
« Reply #123 on: September 15, 2016, 07:44:14 PM »
I did't knew about this fic before but because your update I already known and I've already read this fic from start until your last update.
I like the story and because renayuki too.  :twothumbs
 I'll waiting for your next update & i'm sorry my comment is too long
 :mon sweat:

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