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Author Topic: The Deal - Ch.16 (RenaYuki, other pairings) 9/12/16  (Read 51511 times)

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Re: "The Deal" Ch. 11 Jan. 14
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aww my kojiyuu together thanx.. riku you are a pervet... devil pervert..

why why you erase the last part.. we gonna know.. we MUST know

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Re: "The Deal" Ch. 11 Jan. 14
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Owwwwww! Yuko and Riku owwwww!

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Re: "The Deal" Ch. 11 Jan. 14
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 :rofl: Aoi was their former team guy soccer Ace?!  :shocked: LoL with a bad breath and all *ROFL

Yuko&Riku in their second outfit was pure hotness no wonder why their respective team fainted...  :ptam-glow:

Finally Riku&Yuko are a couple hehehe one question Sok-san will there be AtsuMina?!!
Acchan might like Takamina if she turned back into a girl...or not  I'm just curious about how their love will be (if there are any)

Thank you for your update!

Arígatou!  :kneelbow:
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"The Deal" Ch. 12 Feb. 12
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Hey everyone sorry for the long wait. Haven't gotten a good internet connection.

It's been a while since I've update this, so here it is. It's not confusing. Sorry for any misspelled words didn't really have time to check.

Thank you everyone.

Chapter 12
Next day everyone is hanging out during lunch except Ren who’s off running away from his fan club and Yuki who has not come to school. “Hey, Riku and Mario what happened to you two?” Mayu asked. “Huh? What you mean?” Riku & Mario asked. “Well you two didn’t come home yesterday.” Mayu said. “Oh, that’s right. Now that you mention it. Miichan and Tomochin where were you?” Minami asked. “And Yuko where were you yesterday after the game?” Erena and Kumi asked. “With Riku-nayn!” Yuko shouted and clinged onto Riku. “Oi! Get off me!” Riku shouted as he tried to separate himself from Yuko but Yuko continued her advances towards him. “Wow, seems everything has gotten back to Yuko harassing Riku.” Lovetan said. “Not really. During class she’s much more serious.” Mario informed. “Yeah and I like that side better.” Riku said. “Really? Can I get a kiss now as a reward for behaving?” Yuko said as she leans in closer to Riku’s lips. “haha, seems she’ll never change her ways towards you, Riku.” Mayu said laughing.  “Okay! That’s it! Yuko come with me.” Riku said as he and Yuko left. “Hope he doesn’t make her cry like last time.” Eran said. “Okay, well that solves theirs now to Mario, Miichan, and Tomochin.” Sayaka said. “Oh and Tomomi.” Kumi added and smirked. “Huh?” the others said. “Well, Tomomi.” Kumi was cut off by Tomomi’s hand on her mouth. “Me, Michan, Mario and Tomomi were hanging out.” Tomochin quickly responded. “Oh. Well that explains why you all weren’t here.”

Riku & Yuko
“Yuko didn’t I tell you not to be perverted or clingy towards me in front of others?” Riku asked Yuko who was sucking his neck. “Yes and you told me that I would be punished.” Yuko said smiling. “Oh so you’re aware that I’ll be punishing you?” “Yes, I’m ready for my punishment now!” Yuko happily exclaimed. “Oh, that’s great.” Riku smirked and leased his dark/ pervy aura. “Uh oh. On second thought I just remembered I have something to do so I’ll be going now bye!” Yuko said running away from Riku, but he caught up to her. “HELP! SOMEONE! RIKU’S GOING TO HMMMMMM!” Yuko shouted as loud as she could but Riku covered her mouth and pulled her into an empty class. “Now it’s time for your punishment.” Riku said seductively. Yuko’s thoughts: Note to self Riku’s too much when his switch is turned on. Never ever be perverted in front of public only in private. Lord please save me from this.

Back to the group
“Hey did you hear Yuko just now?” Miichan said looking up. “Yeah.” Kumi and Erena said. “Maybe she was chasing Riku.” Mario said. “Yea, I think since I heard her yelling Riku.” Lovetan said. “Maybe Riku escaped and she’s searching for him.” Maachan added. “Yeah, that most be it.” Everyone agreed and left for their class.
While in class Acchan whispered to Minami. “Oi! Minami don’t forget you’re my slave today after school.”
“I bet you Yuko’s team beats Riku’s!” Minami said. “I’ll take you on! I bet that it’s a draw.” Acchan said. “You’re on! Loser does what the winner says.” Minami smirked.
“Ha! I win!” Acchan shouted. “You were lucky that’s all.” “No, the game ended with a draw.” “Just cuz the teams fainted.” “Still, I win.”
End of flashback
“Yeah, yeah. You don’t have to remind me every minute. You know.” “Just making sure and get rid of your girlfriend too.” “You don’t have to worry about her.” “What you mean?” “We broke up three days ago.” “Why?” “Stated going out with another guy.” “Whoa, didn’t know you rolled that way.” “No, not me! Her! She’s going out with a guy. Jeez” “Oh, well you said going out with another guy. So I thought.” “Yeah yeah. Just pay attention to class will ya.” Acchan’s thoughts: Why do I feel happy? Am I really attracted to this midget? Nah~ Ren’s my type. He’s so hot, knows how to fight, and gives this feminine feel. After school they’re all going their separate ways: Yuko & Riku off to practice (wait, why’s Yuko limping?), Tomochin & Tomomi shopping, Miichan & Mario arguing about Miichan’s endless stomach and how Mario won’t pay for all her food only 1/3 of it but she wants him to pay her whole diner, Lovetan & Maachan on a date, Ren off to who knows where, Kumi & Jurina & Mayu off to spy on Ren (wait why’s Mayu following Ren? Wait! Why’s he checking Jurina butt? Eeh~), Sae & Sayaka to the student council meeting (Sayaka forced Sae to join as punishment for not entertaining her well yesterday), Erena off with her new boyfriend, and finally Acchan & Minami are alone.
“Okay, so what do you want to do?” Minami asked in a let’s-get-this-over-with tone of voice. “Let’s go somewhere peaceful and relaxing, Takamina.” Acchan said smiling ignoring his tone. “Okay, Acchan. Wait did you just call me Takamina?” Takamina asked shocked. “Yes. Why you don’t want me to?” Acchan pouted cutely. “ no it’s just that it surprised me that’s all.” Takamina’s thoughts: Wow! Why’s my body acting excited? She just called me Takamina. Wait. Was she always this cute? Ugh! Minami focus! This is a punishment not a date. “Okay then let’s go.” Acchan graded Takamina’s arm and led him to a park nearby. “This is just the kids’ park near the school what’s so peaceful about this place?” “Wait, we’re not there yet.” Acchan and Takamina walked down a path near the back of the park after 10 minutes of walking they saw beautiful scenery . “Amazing. It’s so beautiful.” Takamina said in aw. “I know. Not many people like to walk deep pass the kids’ park. So there are rarely any people here.” “Oh.” Acchan looked at Takamina who had his mouth open and his tongue sticking out a little. She decided to slap up her hand closing his mouth which caused him to bite his tongue. “ITAI!” “haha, you looked like a dog drooling, so I closed your mouth for you. Haha” “Why you.” Takamina started chasing Acchan around. “Hey! Stop! Stop right there!” Takamina yelled as he chased Acchan. “Make me Short Midget!” Acchan shouted and laughed. “Oh hell no!” Takamina said upset he teleported in front of Acchan who was running full speed. He used his powers without thinking. She was shocked to see him do that and crashed into him; they both fell onto the ground rolling when they finally stopped Acchan was on top of Takamina. Their thoughts: What’s this soft feeling?

Student council room
“Sayaka I can’t believe you got such a hot guy to join and do our work.” A guy said eyeing Sae up & down. “Hey! I don’t know whether he’s gay or not. But please don’t make him.” A girl with long black said. “I agree with Rie. Don’t turn him gay.” Sayaka said. “Oh come on. That only happens…” “Whenever you set your mind to it. That’s why we are warning you. Don’t turn Sae gay.” Rie said. “Besides he’s my slave.” Sayaka said with a smirk. “Oh Gaw! If he’s your slave than he must’ve done something that didn’t satisfy you.” A girl with short black hair said. “True.” Sayaka replied. “If he can’t satisfy you than I don’t want him. Cuz my guys got to be strong and tough. That’s why they always have to pass your tests.” The guy said with a smile. “Poor dudes.” Rie and the short haired said. “Oi! Sayaka! I’m done with what you gave me!” Sae shouted. “Okay, now if you would please clean the unused classes and the storage room on the second floor.” Sayaka said more like demanded. “What?!” “You heard her.” The boy said. “Dude I suggest you do what she tells you unless you wanna have you a** handed to you.” The short hair advised. “They’re right, you don’t want her to beat you, well unless you’re a masochistic then that’d make Sayaka here a hard core Sadist.” Rie joked. Sae’s thought’s: No! I can’t heal myself like Riku and Mario. Why didn’t I get the power of healing? If she beats me up then it’ll take a while to heal like when I got beat up by that old guy. Can’t let my perfect body get injured again. “Okay.” Sae leaves the room. “Great guys now he thinks I’m a hard core sadist.” “You’re welcome!” The guy said and smiled. “Thank you for saying that.” The short hair girl said waving a recorder. “Oi, Yuuki you aren’t going to? You know.” Rie asked. “Yes, sell it to Sayaka’s masochistic club. I bet they’ll all love hearing her say she’s a hard core sadist over and over again.” Yuuki said with a big grin. “What’s this about a masochistic club?” Sayaka asked with her arms across her chest. “Oh, well a lot of male students who are fans for your violent side have created a club. They all dream of being hurt by you. You know in a kinky way.” Yuuki said not really looking at the now upset Sayaka. “Oh really? Well too bad you’re the one who’ll be having that pleasure.” “Huh?” Yuuki asked but noticed that both Rie and the guy were no longer in the council room. “Um. You know you’re starting to look like a crazy sadist right now, Sayaka. I think I should go. Bye.” Yuuki said and turned around to run but Sayaka got her and put her lap and spanked her.  After a few minutes of spanking she was freed and ran out the room cursing.   
“Why did I get such people as student council members?” Sayaka asked herself. “Cuz they seem to be the only ones who understand you.” Sae said coming into the room. “Well true, but they’re a lot to handle especially when they get a new toy.” Sayaka pretend to have a headache. “Haha. You know you’re more relayed back than I thought you were.” “Of course! What you think I was an uptight b**?” “Sort of but mostly a big sadist, cuz of the image you put as the student council president.” “Oh that’s understandable even though I have never shown my violent side to anyone at school. I usually eat bananas like a Gorilla and walk like one too.” Sayaka joked making Sae laugh. “haha. If you’re a gorilla then I’m a dinosaur.”  “haha. Well you look like one.” “haha. You know I think yesterday and today I’ve gotten to see a little of the real you.” “Oh really? And what’s the real me like then?” “An Idiot likes to act dorky and loves to be feminine but can’t cuz of how most of the student body see you which are manly and violent.” “Good point.” “Also you should really change your makeup.” “I don’t wear makeup.” “In that case put some on it’ll make you look less manly. I hope.” “Sure, but got no makeup sets.” “That’s cool, I’ll buy one. btw is that all for today?” “Yeah that’s all bye.” “Wait! What about that makeup set?” “What? You want me to go with you?” “Well of course! Now let’s go!” “Wait! Why you dragging me?” “Cuz you might run away. Besides won’t it be weird for a guy to be trying on makeup?” “I agree that would be weird well unless you’re a tr…” “Don’t you dare finish that sentence.” “Or what?” “Or I’ll show your fan club this video of you spanking Yuuki.” Sae holds up his Galaxy Nexus Android. “Wait, you have a Samsung?” “Yeah, don’t like to go with the flow. Besides they’re too many people with iphones.” “I understand.” She shows her own phone. “Is that a PRADA by LG?” “Yup.” “Nice.” “Thanks, well are you still going to buy me that makeup set.” “Of course don’t want people thinking I’m hanging out with a man in a shirt.” “really?” Sayaka starts to act as if she’s crying which Sae thinks she really is. “Uh oh. I really didn’t mean to make you cry. I’m sorry. Please stop crying I’ll do anything.” “Okay, buy me a week’s worth of Milo.” Sayaka said smiling. “Hey! You were faking?” “No, anyways week’s worth of Milo, please.” “Okay.”

Ren’s POV
I’ve been walking for a while and I can sense that Jurina, Kumi and Mayu are following. I need to get rid of them before I enter the club. I quicken my pace and slip into a packed restaurant then use my powers to change into my female form and join a group of girls who are walking out the door. Good thing, the restaurant was packed with girls. With that I managed to lose them, now off to the Club. Before I reach the club I turn back into my male form.
“Name please?” The Bouncer asked me. I say nothing just show him my VIP pass and lets me in. The place is packed but I go straight into the VIP area which is separated from the rest of the club, it’s very relaxing and comfortable. I like it here. 
“Yukirin! Come on, drink it!” “No! Tea, I don’t wanna drink!” “Come on! It’s only one drink, Yukirin.” “No! Natsu! I’m underage!” Yukirin? Nah~ It can’t be that Yuki, right? Wait! What is she doing at a club with two men? Most importantly WHY DO I CARE?

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Re: "The Deal" Ch. 12 Feb. 12
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riku nyan bad side ... like so much

and atsumina im so curious for that ;B

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Re: "The Deal" Ch. 12 Feb. 12
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Re: "The Deal" Ch. 12 Feb. 12
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WOW a lot of thing happened!
Rikuyuu is still WOW!!!!!
Acchan and Takamina start to like each other yay!!!!

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Re: "The Deal" Ch. 12 Feb. 12
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update soon cause i lov this i want to know more about Riku's pervy side lol

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"The Deal" Ch. 13 June 28
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Hey, everyone I know it's been a long time since I updated this fic. Hope it's not confusing. Enjoy!!!

Chapter 13

“Yukirin! Come on, drink it!” “No! Tea, I don’t wanna drink!” “Come on! It’s only one drink, Yukirin.” “No! Natsu! I’m underage!” “Come on baby.” They both say pushing the drink to Yuki’s lips. “No!!” Yuki yelled and slapped the drink away, spilling it on Tea and Natsu. “WTH!!!” They both stood up and looked pissed that their outfits were ruined. “You B@#%!!!” Tea yelled grabbing Yuki’s arms so she wouldn’t be able to move. “You’re going to pay for that!!” Natsu shouted grabbing Yuki’s chin. “S-s-stop, p-p-please stop. Don’t hurt me.” Yuki stuttered afraid. She has never seemed them act like this before. “Shut up!!”SMACK!!!Natsu slapped Yuki hard on her face then processed on kissing and licking the right side of her neck while Tea did the left side. She cried and begged them to stop and leave her alone. 
There were hardly any people inside the longue that seem to care what happens to the girl being violated by the two men. Not far from where it was happening were a group of 3 young adult men in their 20’s surrounded by 10 women, laughing and getting “hot”.  On the other side sat a young man who still wore his school uniform watching the entire scene as the girl begged and tried to escape from the two 20 something old years. He felt disgusted that he actually cared what might happen to the girl, but he felt more disgusted that the group of adults did nothing to help the girl as they watched the 2 grown men do such thing to a high school student.
(Yeah~ she’s a perfect 10. Has a great body, smexy, beautiful and lovely eyes. But still it’s immoral to advance on such a young girl and take advantage of her especially if she doesn’t want it.)
He stood up and walked to them. He quickly pulled the girl away from them and into his embrace her face buried in his soft muscular chest. She looked up to see his face, she was surprised as to who it was. “R-Ren?”  “You’re safe. I’ll protect you, Yuki.” He softly whispered into her ear causing her relax in his embrace before staring down the two older men. “Hey! What’s your problem!!” Both shouted stepping closer to them, Ren quickly pulled Yuki behind him to protect her from the two men. “Nothing, just protecting her from you animals.” He nonchalantly said with a shrug. “Why you little brat!!” One swung his fist towards Ren who gladly took the hit to his jaw while the other punched his right side. He fell back a few steps before pushing Yuki towards the exit but instead she tripped and landed gently on the sofa, he sighed before quickly turning his attention as the two men were getting ready to attack him. He quickly block he taller of the two’s punch grabbing his wrist quickly twisting it causing the guy to scream in pain. “Uuuugggghhhhh! Iiiitttttaaaaiiii!!!” “heheehe, does it hurt? Hahaha!!!” Ren laughed and giggle at the man’s cries of pain and screams begging him to stop. The other one charged toward Ren tackling him to the ground and pinning him down while punching his face again and again while the other got up. “Hehehehe. Hahahaha.” Ren giggled as he got hit over and over again. Ren got tired of being punched so he block the short guy’s punches and flip their position so now his on top beating the life out of him. The taller one seeing what was happening to the shorter one ran to Ren and locked him in a choke hold. This did nothing to Ren since he kept laughing that creepy laugh and kept raining punches on the shorter guy who was now unconscious and a bloody mess. He stopped once he was he felt someone biting his left shoulder. He turned and elbowed the taller guy in the gut. “Agh!” He fell back holding his stomach. “Hehehehahaha” Ren laughed as he saw the scared face the men had along with the group of people who were watching. “What’s wrong? hahaha” Ren asked as he bite his nails looking at them with murderous eyes. But he stopped when he suddenly felt arms wrapped around his waist and warmth spared through his body. What are these soft things pressing against my back? It’s heaven~ “Ren, that’s enough. I wanna go home.” Yuki softly spoke resting her head on Ren’s back. Ren turned around to face Yuki, his eyes soften when he saw her scared, sadden and worried expression he quickly pulled her in a gentle and comforting hug. “I’m sorry you had to witness that, again.” Ren whispered softly kissing Yuki’s forehead. “Let’s go home.” He smiled at her intertwining their fingers and walking out the club.
They walked in a comfortable silence until they got Yuki’s home. “Thank you.” “No problem.” Ren said letting go of her hand.  She began to walk towards her home but stopped and waved to Ren. “Good night Ren!” She shouted going inside.

Few weeks passed
Sae and Mayu seemed to have lost interest in making Yuki their wife since they started to hang out with Sayaka and Jurina. Same with Jurina and Kumi, they both gave up on making Ren theirs since Jurina started to hang out with Mayu more while Kumi started to spend more time with Mocchi. Acchan seems to have found someone very very interesting since that person can’t refuse her commands. TomoTomo and Mario & Miichan have become the schools funny prankster couples since they’re always joking around with each other. (Unfortunately Mario always stuck cleaning Miichan’s and TomoTomo’s pranks.) Riku and Yuko are known as the school’s smexy cute star couple with a supporting fan club (for both soccer and their love life). Ren and Yuki are still the same.   

The end of the school year
“Hey, what are you guys planning for the summer?” Acchan asked hugging Takamina. “Jeez, can’t you let go of me?” Takamina said struggling to get out Acchan’s grip. “No.” She smiled. “Anyway, answer my question.” “Nothing really.” Takamina replied. “Oh, how about you spend it with us?” Tomomi said coming closer to them. “As in spend my whole summer vacation with you?” Tomochin asked hugging his girl. “Yes.” Tomomi replied giving him a quickly kiss. “Hey! No fair!! I wanna spend time with my hubby too~” Miichan whined hitting Tomochin. “Oi! Why you hit MY Tomochin when you said you wanted to spend time with your hubby?” Tomomi scolded hugging Tomochin tightly. “He was the closest person.” “Anyways what made you thing it was only going to be us?” Acchan said. “huh?” Everyone asked. “My brothers and I will also be going.” Riku announced coming into the class holding Yuko’s hand. “Really?” Miichan asked. “Yeah.” “Alright! So it’s settled. We’ll all meet at Yuki’s mansion to discuss the details.” Yuko excitedly shouted. “alright, wait but not everyone would want to or be able to go.” Takamina reasoned. “Like?” Miichan asked. “Oh yeah, Mocchi and Kumi have to go back and spoke with THE DEVIL. While Erena will be with her boyfriend.” Yuko stated while Takamina facepalmed. “You mean their old man? Right?” Riku asked. “Huh?” Yuko asked him confused. “Yeah! Their old man!” Takamina quickly stated giving Riku a quick thank you look. “Oh~” Acchan and Tomomi mouthed. “Oh, that reminds me Maachan and Lovetan wouldn’t be able to go since their father took them to France.” Acchan stated. “Okay, so we’ll all go to Yuki’s after school.” Miichan said. “And we’ll bring Ren.” Yuko stated leaving their class with Riku.
Class goes by there’s 50 seconds left before the end of school   
“Finally!!! Summer vacation!!” Everyone yelled once the last school bell rang running out the school gates.
“Okay, let’s go to your mansion Yuki.” The gang said. “Huh? Why?” Yuki asked confused. “To plan our summer vacation.” Acchan said. “Oh yeah, I forgot. Okay, let’s go.” They’re all at Yuki’s mansion. “Hey Yuko and Riku weren’t you supposed to bring Ren?” Sayaka and Sae asked as they cuddled. “Oh shot! We forgot!!” “Doesn’t worry, Takamina will go get him.” Acchan stated. “I will? Yes, I will!” Takamina shouted after Acchan gave him a look. Without thinking he vanished in front of everyone and reappeared with a chained up Ren beside him. “And here he is.” “Bakamina!!” All immortals yelled at him. “What?” He confused. “Sweetie, you just used your powers in front Yuki and Tomomi.” Acchan explained. “Ooohhhhh~ my bad.” “Turn into a girl.” Acchan command and buff he’s now a girl. “Hey, you can turn back into you girl form!” Tomochin and Ren exclaimed. “Wait!!! You can turn into a girl like my Tomochin!!” Tomomi shouted. “Wait, you know what we are?” “Yup, Tomochin, Miichan, and Mario explained everything to me.” Tomomi stated with a smile. “You know how The Joker Family immortals, Wild Family Angels, and Dark Family Devils.” Yuki stated. “Yes!” Acchan and Tomomi replied. “Wait, how do you know?” Everyone asked except Ren who was getting out the chains. Yuki simply looked at Ren as he sat next to her. “Yuki has gotten herself into many troublesome situations.  It’s not that surprising that she found out. That’s all you need to know.” Ren stated nonchalantly sipping coffee. “True.” Yuki added also sipping her coffee. The others just stared at them dumbfounded.
“Anyways, what happened for you to be able to turn back, I mean control your power?” Ren asked turning everyone’s attention towards Takamina. “I can’t really control my power yet.” “What you mean?” “Takamina turns into whatever gender I want her to be. But I think I’ll keep her as a female since I like the way she feels and she’s sooo much more huggable and kissable.” Acchan stated clinging onto Takamina. “Interesting.” Riku said standing up and walking towards them. “Wow! She’s much shorter than her male form!” Riku exclaimed patting her head. “Hey! I’m not a pet!” Takamina shouted glaring at Riku. “You’re right you’re not a pet, you’re midget.” Miichan stated standing on Takamina’s other side. “I’m not a midget!” “Yes you are. Takamidget.” Miichan and Riku deadpanned. “That’s it! You’re both dead!” “Ah! We’re being attacked by a midget Monster! Run for your lives~! Ah! Hahahaha!!!” Both joked as they ran from Takamina.
“Anyways what’s the reason we’re here.” Ren asked. “We’re planning on how we’ll spend our summer vacation together.” Mario stated. “Okay, I’m not going.” Ren deadpanned. “You have to!” Sae and Mayu shouted. “Why?” Ren raised a brow. “Cuz we need you to be with Yuki since we’ll be with Sayaka and Jurina.” Sae explained. “What’s that got to do with me?” “Yuki’s father’s only letting her go since he believes this will be a good chance to finally choose who she’ll marry.” Mario explained. “Huh?” Ren confused. “My father’s hell bent on me marry one of them even though he knows that they are no longer interested in the marriage and already have someone. He's okay with them marring me and having affairs with other women as long as he gets into their family.” Yuki sadly said. “Yeah, and also the fact he has a contracted which stated that one of us has to marry her.” Mayu stated. “We just want to spend time as much time as possible before w…” Sae was cut off by a sweating Riku. “Wait up, I think you guys have forgotten something important.” “What?” Everyone asked. “That she chooses who to marry no matter whom, her father will support her.” Riku stated. “We already know that.” Mayu and Sae shouted. “Idiots, are you really that dumb or do I have to beat knowledge into your brains?” Riku sighed. “Huh?” “Okay it’s simple. We just need to introduce her father to someone with the same or greater statue than us and claim he’s Yuki’s boyfriend but doesn’t really want to get married until they’re both ready. Giving Yuki time to actually found someone she loves and love her back and the two of you the freedom to be with your girlfriends. Making the contract invalid and no longer needing to give him power over our businesses.” Riku explained to them then looked at Ren. “And I know the perfect guy for the job too.” He added while the others caught on.

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Re: "The Deal" Ch. 13 June 28
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Yes we know the perfect guy for the job *fufufu

“What’s wrong? hahaha” Ren asked as he bite his nails looking at them with murderous eyes. But he stopped when he suddenly felt arms wrapped around his waist and warmth spared through his body. What are these soft things pressing against my back? It’s heaven~

Ren/Rena I know what it is! It's called boobies!
OMG LOLOLLOL I'm so sorry don't mid me and my perverted mind OTL

Thank you for your update Sok-san !
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
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Re: "The Deal" Ch. 13 June 28
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"The Deal" Ch. 14 Dec. 08
« Reply #111 on: December 08, 2012, 09:48:37 PM »
Hey everyone, sorry I haven't update any of my stories in a looooonnnnnngggggg time. I know, this update might be confusing but for some odd reason I kinda ended up with this. Hope it still flows.
I hope to be able to update faster soon. I'll see y'all later.

Chapter 14

“How did I end up here!!!!” Ren shouted as Riku, Mario, Mayu, Sae and Tomochin passed him into Yuki’s father’s study. “Omg! This wouldn’t work. It can’t.” He told them. “It will! Just chill!” Riku slapped him. “Ouch! That hurt!” Ren glared at Riku. “Shut up! We need you to do this.” With that they closed the doors.
“How the hell am I suppose to do this?”
“Simple, just don’t kill my father.”
“huh?” Ren looked up and saw Yuki. “Oh, yeah.”
*giggles* “You shouldn’t worrying too much.”
*sigh* “I know. It’s just why did I have to be the one? There’s Tomochin and Takamina.”
 Yuki gave him a blank look. “Ren, they’re dating Tomomi and Atsuko. They’ve also have already met my father.”
“Oh~” He looks around. “So~” Looks around some more. “Wow, that’s a beautiful portrait of you, Yuki.” Ren smiled looking at an old portrait painting.
“Huh? Ah! That’s actually my ancestor. She was my Father’s great great great great grandmother.”
“Really?” He said looking at the painting and then Yuki. “You look exactly like her.”
*giggles* “Thank you.” She smiles and then frowns.
“What’s wrong?”
“You know, now that I think of it. You remind me of a young man that’s in a painting with her.” Yuki said in deep thought as she walked out.
“um, okay?” Ren just sat down waiting to meet Yuki’s father.

10 minutes waiting…

30 minutes later…

20 more minutes of waiting nothing…

Ren's POV
*sigh* “I’m sooooo bored~~~~~~~~~ Ah!!!! I’ve been sitting here for a damn hour already!!!!” I exclaimed closing my eyes and leaning my head back on the backrest. “Why does that painting look so fimilar?”

“Ren, stop staring at me.” She smiles. “I’m sorry it’s just that you’re so beautiful. I can’t take my eyes off you.”He said smiling and caressing her cheek. “You’re such a sweet talker.” She playfully hit his arm. “Only for you…” *cough* “Excuse me, but would you stay still? You must be in the same position so I may be able to perfectly paint the both of you.” The painter stated glaring at me. “I’m sorry, sir” She bowed her head. *chuckles* “Oi!! No need for you anymore. Just leave our portrait there and your equipment.”
“Ren, why?” She looked at me. I simply got up and walked to the painting stances and equipment. “Don’t move.” I painted staring at her beauty, with each stroke I made sure they were perfect and clean. *smiles* “Yuki, here.” I showed her the painting.   

“Hm~ her great great great great grandmother, huh? *chuckles* you really do look like her. *smiles* It’s as if you really are her. *sighs* Seems I’m starting to remember, huh.” My head starts to hurt.

“Who are you?” “I’m Ren the Trickster. I’m here to make the contract you wished for.” “You’ll prolong my life?” “Yes, but you must pay the price.” “I’ll do anything.” “Good. Now what’s your name?” “Julia Kashiwagi.” 
(Scene changes)
“Master Ren!!! Why?!” “My Lord Ren!!” “We can’t!!” Several burying faces shouted kneeing before me crying. “Is this what you want my child?” A male and female voices asked. “Yes mama and papa, I want to forget her. I want to fall and be free. Just the same as she is.” “But, what if you die?” “What if you fall and become human?!” “What if you forget who you really are?” “What if you meet her again?” Papa asked. “What if you fall in love with her again?” Mama asked. “What do you mean my lord/ Mastress?” They asked. “She’s unique, let’s put it that way.” Papa said pated the shortest male’s head. “Huh?”  “I will let it be. But neither of you know how unique she is to me.” I smiled. “But master Ren, who would take care of you?” 2 male voices asked. “Lord Ren, we will accompany you!!” 2 female voices stated. “No!! I must do this alone.” “But prince!!!” I left them there.  I must say good bye to her one last time before I leave.
I walked inside the beautiful garden knowing exactly where she would be. “Ren?” She said running to me and hugging me. “Ren, I’ve missed you so much!!” She kissed my lips. “I missed you too.” I kissed back. “Where have you been?” “I’ve been with my family.” “oh, I see. Anyways, is there something wrong?” She asked. “No, nothing at all.” I smiled and hugged her. Am I a coward for wanting to not feel the pain of losing you?
(Different scene)
“Ren? Did you know? Did you know this would happen to me?!” She cried and hit me. “I’m sorry, but you know what I am. There’s nothing I can do. I’m sorry.” I hugged her. “I know~ *sobs*” She pecked my lips before breaking the hug. “I sorry, but I can’t break the rules I’m bound to since birth.” “I know, don’t worry. I don’t hate you.” She smiles and walks away.
“Good bye, my Yuki. I wish to meet you in the future if possible.” I said as a lone tear fell down my cheek before disappearing. Agh!!!!! Pain. Pain. Pain. AGH!!!!!! ARG!!!! Everything’s white.   

“Agh..” I suddenly opened my eyes holding my chest. “Were those my memories?”
“OI!!! You brat!!!” I suddenly heard a scream. I looked up and then felt a strong punch to my stomach and then you to my jaw. Suddenly I was lifted off the chair and slammed hard onto the floor then punched. I looked up and saw 4 guys who looked pissed as hell. “What’s that for?” I got up and dusted myself off. “You, bastard!!!” A tall thin man shouted grabbing my collar.
 Suddenly the study’s doors busted open to reveal a very upset looking Yuki. “Sano, Nite, Natsu, and Tea leave my boyfriend alone.” She coldly stated glaring at them. Damn!! I’m ready not in the mood to do this shit now. *sighs* Wait, I can see black aura around Yuki.
“Yuki!! Calm down!!” The man grabbing me let go and was now trying to calm her down. “Why?!! Sano, why would you hit him?!” “Natsu and Tea told me he’s the guy that was harassing you non-stop at school. Right Nite.” “Yeah, that’s what they told us.” “What?!” She glared at the other 2. Wait, those are the 2 guys from the club. So they’re her brothers?! Wait, I can feel Yuki’s sudden desire to kill.
“Oi, Yuki calm down.” I quicky backhugged her. “See I’m fine. Their attacks didn’t hit me.” I stated. “Good.” She relaxed into me, placing her hands on mine. “By the way, isn’t the stalker they’re talking about that Aoi guy?” I asked. “Yup. *nod* Hey, now that I think of it. He’s still hasn’t been released from the hospital.” She said truning her head to face me. “Really? I don’t remember beating him that hard.” “Really? You dislocated his arm and leg along with giving him a lot of broken bones.” “Ah~~ Damn woman. Your name should be trouble.” “Why?” She frowned turning around in my arms and wrapping her hand on my neck. “Well, first of all when we met you knocked me out with a damn towel. Then I had to fight that Aoi guy, I got beaten up after walking you home, those guys I fought in that one alley, and those 2 that were harassing you in the club.”
“Interesting, I never thought my sweetie would be that troublesome.” A male voice said. “Oi, don’t get me wrong. That’s what makes every day with her unique and fun.” I said smiling at Yuki. “Aw~~ is the princess blushing~~~” I teased. “No.” she broke the hug, crossed her arms and did a upset ‘Hpmh!’
“Uh ho!! Did I upset ze princess?” I whispered into her ear. “Stop~~” She whined and pouted cutely. *chuckles* “Okay, sorry.” I smile and pat her head. “Ehem!!! You 2 are aware that we’re still here, right?” Sano said. “No, I totally forgot you guys existed.” I stated in a bored voice. “So, you’re the boyfriend?” The male voice from earlier asked. “So, you’re the bulter?” I asked. “No. That’s my daddy.” Yuki smacked my arm. “How was I supposed to know? I’ve never met your family.”     
After that, Yuki was pushed out the room and I was locked in with her father and 4 older brothers. I hope I don’t end up beating the life out of them. *sighs* What ws\as that earlier?

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Re: "The Deal" Ch. 13 June 28
« Reply #112 on: December 08, 2012, 10:10:21 PM »
hahaha ren is scard now that the first

Thank you for update

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Re: "The Deal" Ch. 14 Dec. 08
« Reply #113 on: December 09, 2012, 06:24:58 AM »
Thanks for the update. :) more rikuxyuko please :bow: :lol:

Silent reader for now

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Re: "The Deal" Ch. 14 Dec. 08
« Reply #114 on: December 17, 2012, 02:31:42 PM »
Interesting... So Ren knew Yuki from the past life... I'm pretty sure Yuki is the reincarnated of the Ren lover from the past.

Well very good plot hope u are going to update them soon.

Can't wait to see the next one and also thank you for the update.

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :theking

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"The Deal" Ch. 15 Dec. 19
« Reply #115 on: December 19, 2012, 04:36:49 AM »
Chapter 15

“Alright!!! Vacation time!!! Come on!!” Everyone was excited about their vacation while one guy just zoned out.
“Wohoo~~~~” Everyone ran towards the beach.
“Why be so excited? It’s just the beach.” Ren sighed walking away from the group. It’s been a week since he had that flashback and it seems he has gotten less friendly and talkative. He can’t stop thinking about it. He tries to force himself to remember what it was, tries to remember everything but can’t. There seems to be something blocking him from doing so. What did it mean? Who was he really? Was he still Ren from the Joker family? Was he still a trickster? Questions kept popping up.
Ren left everyone to have their fun while he walked towards the woods near the beach. “Why? Why do I feel like I’m not supposed to remember?” Ren whispered trying to remember. “Why?!” Ren shouted feeling his frustration grow. “Why? Why do these memories haunt me? Who was I really?” He asked himself as he walked deeper into the woods. “Why do I feel these feelings towards Yuki? *sighs* You 2 are really so alike. Well except this Yuki is much sexier and confident.” He smiled thinking of Yuki.

“Promise me that you’ll never leave my side.” “Yuki, you know I can’t do that. But I do promise you that I’ll do everything in my power to stay with you.” Ren caresses Yuki’s right cheek. “But I want you to be with me forever~” Yuki whined then cutely pouted. *chuckles* “You’re so cute~~” “I know I am~~~” *chuckles* “I’m sorry I doubted you back then.”
(Changes to a memory from much earlier)
Ren sat leaning against a tree waiting for Yuki to arrive. He started humming when he suddenly sat up. “Something’s not right. Insight!” His version turned white and he saw Yuki’s Father and men in a study.
“What do you mean?!” Yuki’s father yelled. “I’m sorry, but she’s cursed.” A man stated. “She’s been cursed by that man.” Another hissed. “What are you saying?! That man has been nothing but good to her!!” Her father shouted. “He’s not human!!!” Another man stated. “So?! They love each other!! That’s the only thing that matters to me!! Now leave!!!” He yelled at the men as he pointed at the door. “You’ll regret not listening to us.” “We’ll make sure that she’s punished.” “Don’t you dare do anything to my daughter!!!” Yuki’s father yelled as the men left. “Ren? Ren. Ren~~” “Huh?” Ren snapped out of his trace and looked at Yuki. “Princess, you startled me.” “really? Cos you looked pretty zoned out to me.” “Sorry, I was in deep thought.” Ren lied. 

(Another scene)   
Electric shocks came out of his body burning whatever was in a meter range around him. “What? How did I?” Ren was shocked. He had never excepted to hurt the people there. “Princess, don’t you see the monster he truly is?!” A man shouted as he looked at Yuki. “yuki, it’s not what it looks like.” Ren walked towards Yuki with pleading eyes. “Why?” She asked stepping back as he walked closer to her. She looked terrible by Ren. “Don’t come any closer!!!” A man stood in front of Yuki looking as he was her knight in shining armor. “You!!!” Ren hissed as his powers flowed thro his body. The man smirked as he held Yuki in his arms. “diaboli filius et dea (son of the devil and goddess)” He said and Ren disappeared.   

Ren was snapped out of his flashback when he hit a tree. “Ouch!!” He rubbed his face. “What the?! When did I get here?” He looked around and noticed it was already late. “Oh, I should probably head back now.” Ren turned around and was startled. “oh, I’m sorry. I didn't notice you.” He said to a beautiful woman. “It’s okay.” She smiled and caressed his cheek. “You’re a very attractive man.” She said smiling. "Um, thank you and you're a very beautiful woman." Ren smiled back. "Thank you." She smiled and suddenly captured Ren's lips. Ren instantly resisted and tried to push her away but he suddenly felt sleepy and weak. He slowly started to return the kiss, wrapping his arms around the woman and slowly laying her down onto the ground. They break the kiss for air. "That's a good boy." She smiled and kissed him once more. Ren's mind was clouding his eyes dark and clouded with lust. He began to kiss the woman roughly when Yuki's face came to his mind, he stopped and stared at the woman under him. She's not Yuki. I want Yuki not her. The last thing he remember's is seeing Yuki's beautiful face with tear fulled eyes. "Yuki." Ren softly whispered before passing out. This displeased the woman greatly.

Back with the group
Everyone was having fun and all when Takamina and Tomo suddenly stopped and had a worried looked. “Tomochin? Is something wrong? Chiyuu~” “Takamina!!” Tomochin shouted. “I know. I feel it too.” Takamina said looking at tomochin. “Hey what’s wrong?” Yuki asked worried. “Where’s ren? He hasn’t returned yet.” Tomo said looking around. “I have a bad feeling.” Miichan stated as she looked at takamina and Tomochin. Takmina nodded as he and Tomochin quickly spread their black wings and flew towards the woods.
“What?! You’re Devils?!” Everyone except Miichan and Jurina shouted surprised. “Miichan, there must be something wrong for them to use their real powers in front of everyone.” Jurina whispered. “I don’t know, but I have this bad feeling.” “So it’s not just me.” “Yeah, we must go and report this to Mistress.”
“Hey, Miichan and Jurina. What’s going-” Mayu and the rest turned to Miichan and Jurina but were surprised when they saw them disappear in what seemed like lightning. “What?!” Sae shouted. “They’re Angels?!” Mayu and Mario yelled. “How come we couldn’t sense their true nature?” Riku and Yuko asked. “I don’t know, but I feel like they’re keeping something from us.” Acchan stated.

Somewhere in Heaven
“Mistress!!!” miichan and Jurina shouted as they entered the Goddess chamber. “Yes?” She gentling smiled at her 2 angels. “We, we have something to tell you. It’s about Prince Ren, he might be getting his memory back.” Jurina stated. “And there’s this bad feeling. Along with him meeting who seems to be his past lover, Yuki Kashiwagi. And the fact that his presence suddenly disappeared.” Miichan stated worriedly. This made the beautiful Goddess frown.

Somewhere in the woods
“Where is he?!” Takamina shouted. “I don’t know!!!” Tomochin shouted back. “this is the last place where we sensed his presence.” Takamina paced around. “He cn’t just up and disappear like that.” Tomochin frowned looking at the ground. “wait, Takamina. Look.” Tomochin kneed down and touched footprints. “He wasn’t alone.” He stated as he looked at Takamina. “We must inform this to Master.” They suddenly disappeared into white smoke but little did they know they were being watched by someone.

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Re: "The Deal" Ch. 15 Dec. 19
« Reply #116 on: April 09, 2013, 11:31:36 PM »
Such a good fic... just one more chapter and ur done...... well, I don't know, but ganbatte yo~~ I kind of guessed Yukirena at the very beginning.... personally I like female Geki, but what ev... doubt this will be continued, but still waiting

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Re: "The Deal" Ch. 15 Dec. 19
« Reply #117 on: April 10, 2013, 11:03:49 PM »
Sorry didn't see your update until now.

Wah.. Ren is confused over himself....

Ah.. who was this person that trapped Ren in the past?

And who is this woman that wanted Ren by hypnotized him?

Ah... Takamina and Tomochin are keeping eyes for the Devil whereas Miichan and Jurina are for the Angel

Who was that person that observed Takamina and Tomochin in the area where Ren was last seen?

Was it the woman that was with Ren or the man of Ren's past?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the lovely update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: "The Deal" Ch. 15 Dec. 19
« Reply #118 on: April 11, 2013, 12:51:43 PM »
Please update soon! It's been over 4 months D:

Please *shakes shoulders*

It's a really awesome story!!

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Re: "The Deal" Ch. 15 Dec. 19
« Reply #119 on: June 28, 2014, 05:00:41 PM »
please continue....  :kneelbow: :kneelbow:

it's pretty interesting :mon determined:

I want to know what will happen next  :mon headbang:................

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