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Author Topic: [OS] Unanswered Questions  (Read 17423 times)

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[OS] Unanswered Questions
« on: December 28, 2012, 11:54:48 AM »
Karupin's OS


Nothing’s Change (Kai and Ray OS) New Year SP (below)
Unanswered Questions (MinamixAcchanxRay) *latest*

Nothing’s Change (Kai and Ray OS) New Year SP

It's been years now since Kai and Ray worked together and also be together. ..... in a special way of relationship. There are no words needed to say as all of the people around them in the showbiz industry and also their fans see them as a couple even though their denying it. There are rumors before that they were living in the same apartment and it really became the talk of the town when Shukan Bunshun published an article and pictures of them going home together, hand in hand. But since the photos are not clear enough, the stated scandal was ignored later on.

Their 'unclear' relationship began on the mid-episodes of their 2008 drama, Mendol. It all started when both of them felt a strange and weird feeling when they have a 'special scene' or even they were just together. The two became great friends and treated each other more than that even though their drama already ended. They spent their free days together, the holidays, or almost every day, they were together. For the past two years, they really became like a couple though they did not confirm it in public and even on themselves.

People think that they were perfect back then and they should get married but all of those thoughts vanished and replaced by a disappointment because of sudden shocking news happened on the start of the year 2011. It was reported that Ray or Takigawa Hanako gets married to the actor Nishina Masaki. The sudden marriage confused a lot of people as all of those times; they thought that Ray and Kai were together. The press asked the two about it but they just stated the same answer, 'There's no such thing like 'relationship' between us'. And when Kai asked about his reaction on the woman's marriage he just answered "I'm happy for her".

It took a long time for their fans to take what happened to their 'expected' couple. Some of them were still wondering what really happened between the two and why they became so distant to each other. The others thought that Ray might cheated on Kai or she just realized that she didn't love Kai. Their questions remained unanswered but as the time passes by, they gave up on it when their idols always remained silent about it.

Kai continued on being an actor and singer at the same time in spite of those controversies about him and Ray while the woman on the other hand took her break as she and her husband stated that they want to spend their newlywed life far away from entertainment industry. The blond received major awards on his acting and topped the prestigious charts on every single that released. The following years become a very successful years for him but there are still issues that were trying to put him down.

One of the issues is his rumored relationship with AKB48's former ace and center, Maeda Atsuko which became not a rumor anymore when they announced their relationship in public. The fans said that the former ace might graduated because of Kai but she denied it on her interviews and said that she just wanted to pursue her dream, being an actress. Their relationship only lasted for 7 months. Both parties said that they were busy to be in this kind of relationship. They don't have much time to be together so they decided to end it up without any hurt feelings.

Another peaceful months for Kai had passed. He is now lying on the couch while continuously pressing the 'next channel' button on the tv remote control. He doesn't have any work for today so he decided to spend his day inside his house..... Which seemed not a good idea as he just making himself bored. He's like having a finger workout by pressing the buttons on the remote then when his eyes met a certain name flashed on the screen, he quickly stopped and read the latest news.

'Famous singer and actress Ray and actor Nishina Masaki will divorce! According to numerous sources close to them, the couple has already separated"

Kai's eyes widened in shock as he quickly stood up from his relaxing position and exclaimed "EEEHHH? Doushite??!!"

Then a sudden announcement from the TV program made him even more shocked as he didn't expect it.

"On the next episode, we'll have here Ms. Ray for the interview! And also please look forward for Kai-san's performance here! See you on New Year's Eve!"

"EEEHHH??!! How come my manager didn't tell me about it??! Me and R-R-Ray? In the same show again?! I. . I can't. .... I can't do it" Kai fell to the couch when he felt his weaken knees because of that announcement. He doesn't know that after those years, he still can't face the woman who made his heart broken.

When Kai finally get over on it, he took out his phone and dialed his manager's number.
"Hey! Why you didn't tell me about it?!" He exclaimed when he heard that the person on the other line answered it.

"I didn't? Maybe I forgot... Now you know it already. Is that a problem?" His manager innocently answered as he already know what his talent mean.

"You should've informed me about it! Oh god Yuu, even though you're my best friend and manager, I will kill you! You know that I can't face her!"

"Relax man. .. Until now? It's been years already Kai"

"Yeah until now! I. . I just can't take it" he frowned.

"I thought you already forget about her. I'm sorry. ...."

"So is that mean that you're going to cancel it?" he asked. hoping for a positive response.

"Of course. ...... NOT! You'll go there no matter what happens! You're going to promote your single there!"

"But Yuu!"

"Ja~ I need to go now. Nyan-nyan is here. Goodluck!"

"Hey! Wait! I don't. .... ugh" Kai sighed. Once again, his manager did unfavorable thing to him. Now he needs to prepare himself for his performance and of course for his possible meeting with Ray.

It's been a week already but Kai can still feel this nervous feeling inside him. This performance is not the same of his previous performances. He doesn't know why but he can't calm himself as he keep on walking from here to there. He's now inside the room that was assigned to him with his dizzy manager.

"Can you calm yourself Kai?! You're making me dizzy!" his manager complained.

"How can I calm myself if I know that, that woman is just in the opposite room?!"

"For your information, she's not in her room. ..."

"Really?" He stopped.

"Yeah. .. Because she's on the stage now, having an interview; and you will be called next to perform there! Hahahah! You're dead Kai! Are you ready?! Haha!" Yuko teased the man and made him even more nervous and scared.

*knock! knock!*

A sudden knock from the door interrupted them. "Kai! Here it is! I can feel it, you're now going to perform! Haha! Come in, the door is open"

"Ano. .. Kai-san, get ready. You'll be on air now after the commercial" The staff reminded him shyly.

"H-Hai. .. I'm going now" the blond nervously responded then starts to walk to the stage while holding his chest to calm himself.

"Ganbatte Kai!" Yuko cheered but he just receive a deadly glare from the man.

He pass through the cameras, lights and sounds while looking steadily at the ground to avoid seeing the woman the he doesn't want to see. He positioned himself at the center of the stage, facing his back from the cameras, holding the mic that he will use but still, not bothering to look up. The staffs same as the host and the woman beside him noticed that the blond is acting weird today.

"Kai-san... You'll be on air in 3. ... 2. .... 1. ..... Go!"

Kai remained immovable. He's not moving from his previous position even though his song is now currently playing.

'What should I do now? I'm. ... I'm nervous. ... but I need to sing! Come on Kai! You can do it! Just don't mind her!" the man encouraged himself then finally, after a few seconds, he looked up and turn around to sing. It seemed that everything go on slow motion when he looked up and saw the woman's face smiling at him. Their eyes met for a very short of time but it still made Kai's heart to skip a beat.

He managed to sing his song perfectly without making any mistakes from his moves and also hiding his nervous expression. After a few notes, his song ended as the staffs and the host gave him a round of applause. Kai bowed and gave a smile before leaving the stage. As he reached the exit, he sighed in relief but before he could go to his room again, the host asked something to the woman that made him to stop.

"That was great. Right Ray-san?"

"Uhn" Ray nods with a smile. "His voice never fail to amuse me. I still love it"

"Woah! We did not expect that statement. Does it mean that you still love him? That's why you divorced with Nishina-san?"

"Owh. . No comment for that" Ray blushed.

After hearing that from the Diva, Kai continued on walking to his destination, to hide and avoid on remembering their past. He closed the door and lean his back on it while having a frown face.

"Nice job Kai. So how was it?" Yuko asked. He felt guilty on what he did to his friend because of his situation right now.

"Nothing's change. .. I still can't forgive her..."

"Do you still love her?" he asked again but the man didn't answer as he just go to his table and buried his face on it.

"I'll take that as a yes. .."

*knock! knock* Both of them look at the door and waiting for someone to come in.

"Kai. .. It's me. .. Can I come in?"

By hearing the familiar voice, Kai stood up from his seat and starts to panic. "What should I do?! The heck! Why she's here?! Yuu! Help me! Hide me from her!" he asked for help to his friend but when he looked at the place where he is earlier, he's gone.

"Oh Ray-san, come in. Kai is here" Yuko already welcomed his unwanted visitor.

'Oh great. You're really helping me Yuu!' he thought.

"Thanks Yuu. Can I talk to him for awhile?"

"No! I don't want to! I don't want to talk to you!" Before Yuko could respond to the Diva, the blond quickly said those words in an obvious angry tone.

"But Kai. ... Please.."

"No! Come on Yuu. I want to go home! I guess my work here is done!"

The blond dashed off and pass through her without looking at her. Ray saw and feel the mad aura of him but these things should not stop her from having a talk to him and explaining everything. The blond fade off from her sight as she just remain on the same position. 'Kai. ... Let me explain first. I still love you and I never did what you think'

After Kai and Yuko parted their ways, Kai drove his car towards his apartment then go inside his room and try to forget all of the happenings earlier. 'Damn it! Why does my New Year needs to be like this?! This is a bad start! Aargh! I don't want to see her again! I don't want to talk to her or hear any lies that she will say! After what she have done to me?! After she left me to marry that man without saying any reason?! Now, she wants to fool me again?! Na~! I will not allow her to do that again!'

Kai rested his back on his bed. He opened the near window beside and the lights coming from the fireworks caught his attention and made him to forget his 'Ray problem' for awhile. The fireworks continued on making a loud sound yet showing colorful lights.

*Shoooosh! Boom!*

The sounds continued. Kai is enjoying these as he close his eyes and wait for himself to fell asleep. But then, suddenly, a memory flashed on his mind. This scene reminds of him and Ray when they spent their night together while watching those fireworks at the rooftop. Kai was lying his head on the Diva's thighs while the woman was stroking his hair playfully.

'We looked so in love before...' he thought but he quickly shook his head to clear his thoughts. 'No! That's all lie! I should've not think about it!'

Kai opened his eyes and look outside. There are no fireworks anymore as all that he can see is darkness of the night. He takes a look on his watch but there's still 30 minutes left before the New Year. 'I guess they're saving those for later' but right after it, a loud sound can be heard so he look again at his window but unfortunately, he found none.

"Eh? Where did it come from?"

*Tok! Tok! Tok!*

"Here's that sound again.. Where did it come from? How stupid I am to think that it was a firework"

*Tok! Tok! Tok!*

The sound echoed again inside his room then it was followed by a voice, a familiar voice. "Kai, let us talk. I want to explain thing to you. ..."

"What the?! How did she know about this place?!" Kai realized that the sound was coming from his door and the voice that talked to him was the woman that he doesn't want to see again.

"Please Kai. .. I know you're there" she begs.

"How did you know about this place?! I told you already, I don't want to talk to you! So please leave me alone! Don't ruin my New Year!" Kai scowled.

"No! I will not leave here!" Ray insisted.

"Ugh. Okay fine! Do what you want but I will never let you in or talk with you!"

Right after the blond shouted at her, Kai noticed the silence so he thought that the woman left already. 'Thank god she left already' He lays his back again and ready to sleep but he was interrupted when he heard someone sobbing from outside.

"Kai. ... I know you can't forgive me for what I've done to you but please, listen to my explanations first. .." The woman started her words while sobbing. Ray is still in front of his door and sitting next to it. The blond remained silent and decided to listen to her words.

"I don't know what to say because you know that I'm not good with this. I just want to say sorry first before anything else.... I know you thought that I cheated on you or played on you but that is wrong. I never did that and I WILL never do it. I left you before without saying any words and I get married without telling you. But Kai, believe me or not, I was just forced to marry him. .... I did that because I don't want you to be hurt by them. My own father threatened me that he will make your career vanished in an instant if I will not marry his friend's son. I really don't want to do it but I care for your career and I know that it is important to you. ... so I had no choice...."

Ray stopped when she can't hold her tears anymore. She tried to stop it but remembering what she experienced really made her tears to fall even more. Kai can hear her sobs and by hearing a woman crying, it's just making his heart soft but in this case, he needs to stand on his belief. This woman made him cry more than that and made his heart broke and tore apart.

He doesn't know if he will believe on what Ray said so he asked, " Then if that's the case, why did you divorced with him? Do you want now to ruin my career?"

If only ruining his career is all that they need just to make Ray be with him, he probably take that consequence just to be with someone he love. He can lose his career but he can't take on losing Ray on his life.

"No. .. I don't know what happened to my ex-husband, it's just one day, he talked to me and said that I'm now free from him. I guess he already realized that all those time, it is YOU that I really love and not him. ..." Ray stood up and wiped her tears.

"I'm here to explain and I'm not expecting for any response or anything from you. I just want to clear myself on you. I don't want you to look at me as a bad person or cheater or something. Once again I'm sorry and I. .... love you. I promise not to disturb you again..."

Ray starts to walk to leave with flowing tears from her eyes. She's never been like this for a man or for someone. She's not the type of person who will say sorry, beg and cry like this but when she met Kai, everything's changed. She will do anything for him but in this kind of situation, she knows that inspite of wanting him back, she needs to accept the fact that the man she loves might not love her anymore. After a few more steps, Ray was stopped by a sudden grip from her hand as she quickly turned around and received a hug from a certain small body. Her heart skipped badly when she felt that embrace again after a long time. She can't believe that this is happening right now as she also didn't notice that her tears are now flowing uncontrollably because of happiness.

"Don't leave me again Ray. ..."

"Kai. .." she hugged back.

"Ray. .. you should've told me about it. ... so we've made solutions together. .... I can give up my career just to be with you. ..."

"Kai. .. I'm really sorry" Ray tightens her hug to the man.

"Sshh~ You don't need to say sorry. I understand it all now. .... Ray, I love you. Please be with me again"

Kai looked up at her, wiped her tears then cupped her cheeks. Ray nods while having a smile on her smile. Finally, what she wanted for a long time came true. Two of them will now live together, happily, just like before. Their eyes locked to each other as both of their faces are now moving closer. They slanted their heads and closed their eyes when the distance between them fades. Once their lips met, the electricity that they felt before when their lips first met, came back just like their mendol days. That power that's making them to want more, taste and feel those soft lips.

After a few seconds, Kai make his lip move to deepen their kiss which was responded back by the Diva. Moving their heads from left to right, the Diva slid her tongue to the blond's mouth as it touches the other tongue. In spite of having a small tongue battle for dominance, Ray suddenly moaned between their kisses when Kai pull her waist closer to him as she can feel the 'something hard' on him. The blond's lips move down to her neck and start making marks on it but he was interrupted by Ray when she noticed that they're still at the hallway.

"Someone might see us here. .." she said when Kai gave a unsatisfied look.

"Then let's continue this inside. .." he smirked then immediately lift the woman. They head back to Kai's room just like a newlywed couple who will have their honeymoon in this cold night.

Continuation at the Perv Section :twothumbs

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Re: [OS] Nothing's Changed -KaixRay New Year SP-
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2012, 01:05:41 PM »
I like it. I don't see KaixRay very often this days. :D
I really like the story plot. They are together again! Ah!!! So cute!!
Now -------> goes to comment in the perv section!  :hiakhiakhiak:

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Re: [OS] Nothing's Changed -KaixRay New Year SP-
« Reply #2 on: December 28, 2012, 01:07:25 PM »
 :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1: i love kaixray...... thank you for lovely new years fic  :)


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Re: [OS] Nothing's Changed -KaixRay New Year SP-
« Reply #3 on: December 28, 2012, 01:22:36 PM »
i really miss kai x ray pair..
this fic really made my day..
karu!!!i lab u..XD
 :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

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Re: [OS] Nothing's Changed -KaixRay New Year SP-
« Reply #4 on: December 29, 2012, 04:10:05 PM »
kai really in love with ray, even though he already get acchan he still love ray. how sweet  :heart:  :heart:
even i like acchan for his girlfriend, but as long as acchan and kay didn't get hurt each other, it's ok for me.  8)
anyway your fic is great.  :twothumbs
please continuee

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Re: [OS] Nothing's Changed -KaixRay New Year SP-
« Reply #5 on: December 29, 2012, 05:54:26 PM »
It is so nice to see someone write about them *.* Since I love them so much *.* :heart:

This os was so cute! Thanks!

I'm not sure if I'll read the perv continuation xD but thank for it anyways o/

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Re: [OS] Nothing's Changed -KaixRay New Year SP-
« Reply #6 on: December 30, 2012, 06:17:43 AM »
Nothing Change

-Hello. Karupin12-san.

-I really like your OS [Nothing Change]

-A KaiRay pairing

-I really love it!

-Nice plot you have there!

-You’re a great writer

-I hope you have another one!

-Thank You

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I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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Re: [OS] Nothing's Changed -KaixRay New Year SP-
« Reply #7 on: December 30, 2012, 03:42:37 PM »
Wow...great fic  :wub:
I really wish there kai and acchan in real life  :nervous

I don't mean that I don't like kai and ray
I just wish real kai and acchan

Thank you ^^

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Re: [OS] Nothing's Changed -KaixRay New Year SP-
« Reply #8 on: January 09, 2013, 02:41:37 AM »
Very nice one shot 'Nothing's Changed'. Thank you

I like the way you include some of the reality to this fic.

Like the real wedding and real... that I know...

How about the rumour takamina is closed with Hanako.... I don't think is real, right?

Anyhow... it's very great story there...

Can't wait to see your next creation

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [OS] Nothing's Changed -KaixRay New Year SP-
« Reply #9 on: January 09, 2013, 06:37:41 AM »
Yay! A KaixRay story!  :luvluv1: Such a rare pairing to see nowadays.
My first introduction to AKB48 was from the Mendol Idol series so this pairing has a special place in my heart, :love:

 I can't get into the perv section . . .  :stoned:

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Re: [OS] Nothing's Changed -KaixRay New Year SP-
« Reply #10 on: January 29, 2013, 09:13:39 AM »
i love this fanfic. but why I cannot read the perv section. are you already delete it?

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Re: [OS] Nothing's Changed -KaixRay New Year SP-
« Reply #11 on: January 29, 2013, 09:50:32 AM »
i love this fanfic. but why I cannot read the perv section. are you already delete it?

Because u dont have access there, thats why u cant read it...  XD

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Re: [OS] Nothing's Changed -KaixRay New Year SP-
« Reply #12 on: January 30, 2013, 10:58:10 AM »
this fic is so great
I always like KaixRay since I watched Mendol :roll:
thanks for your update :deco:

*try the best to take more post to go pervy sec*
\\(''^0^)// Sou-chan  \\(^0^)//

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Re: [OS] Nothing's Changed -KaixRay New Year SP-
« Reply #13 on: January 31, 2013, 09:43:55 AM »
i love this fanfic. but why I cannot read the perv section. are you already delete it?

Because u dont have access there, thats why u cant read it...  XD

how can i access it? do you mind to tell me?

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Re: [OS] Nothing's Changed -KaixRay New Year SP-
« Reply #14 on: January 31, 2013, 10:00:40 AM »
i love this fanfic. but why I cannot read the perv section. are you already delete it?

Because u dont have access there, thats why u cant read it...  XD

how can i access it? do you mind to tell me?

u can read this link...

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Re: [OS] Nothing's Changed -KaixRay New Year SP-
« Reply #15 on: February 05, 2013, 09:40:31 PM »
i love this fanfic. but why I cannot read the perv section. are you already delete it?

Because u dont have access there, thats why u cant read it...  XD

how can i access it? do you mind to tell me?

u can read this link...

oh..thank for your info. it's help me alot.

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Unanswered Questions
« Reply #16 on: July 10, 2014, 06:17:37 PM »
*phone ringing*

“Ugh~ who’s this butthead ruined my dream” Minami sighed as she reached her phone lazily. She answered the call but before she speaks, the caller shouted. “Kai!! Where are you?! I've been waiting here for hours!”

“Oh shit!” Minami opened her eyes widely and look at the clock in her room. It’s already 1:00 in the afternoon and she’s totally late with her lunch date with Hanako. They were dating or meeting each other since after the play that they did in their college theater where Minami played as a man named Kai and became Ray/Hanako’s love interest. Their love story didn't end up on the stage as it continued and became real behind the curtains.

“Ne! I told you not to call me Kai anymore”
“I can call you anything I want! What are you doing? Overslept again?! Be hurry or else you won’t see me in a week! Have you forgotten ….” Minami cut Hanako’s words.

“Yeah yeah I know. I’m sorry okay? I’ll be there as fast as I can. Wait me, okay? Ja~” Minami scratched the back of her head after she ended the call.

‘I dreamed about her again and THAT scene again. I wonder why. Am I looking for answers? Atsuko …. What are these signs? Should I talk to you? It’s been a long time but why am I dreaming these now? I hope this is the right time for us to talk. To clarify things’ Minami thought before standing up and getting ready herself for her date with Hanako.

For the past two days, Minami was always dreaming about her asking Atsuko for an answer but it is always interrupted by a call or any sound or sometimes by just waking up suddenly. Deep inside her, she really wants an answer for her questions and she’s hoping that those answers can come up on her dreams but unfortunately, those events are always happening. Maybe she really needs to talk to Atsuko to hear what she wants to hear.

After another hour of preparing and driving to their meeting place, Minami finally saw Hanako with an irritated face. She felt nervous as she knows what will happen right after she sits down next to her. Minami gulped before greeting “Hi! Sorry I’m late”

Hanako gave the midget a murdering look. She was about to talk but the midget interrupted her with a kiss on her lips. “Stop. I’m sorry okay? Here, for you” Minami gave a rose. The tall girl blushed and became nice as the fierce look on her face earlier fades. “Thanks god it worked” Minami thought.

Both of them ordered their food. While waiting for it to arrive, Hanako started a serious conversation. “You know what ….”
“No I don’t know” Minami answered teasingly.
“Mou~! Let me finish! This is serious!”
“Hehe. Okay continue“ she chuckled.

“Dad told me to go with him in a business trip because I can learn more about our business on that”
“Then? I know it already. It’s just for 1 week or less”
“No. The schedule changed last night. Dad decided …” Hanako was interrupted by the waiter. “Ma’am do you want a drink or something while waiting for your food?”
“Yes pls. Give me a coffee” Hanako looked at Minami again. “Where am I? Oh as I’ve said, there’s a change of plan. The trip will take ….”
“Ma’am, iced coffee or not?” the waiter asked again.
“Give me hot coffee!” Hanako answered; a bit irritated. “The trip will take more than 2 weeks. I don’t want to go but Dad insisted that I need to. I don’t want to leave you. I’ll miss ……”
“Ma’am excuse me? Decaf or not?”
Hanako’s eyebrows twitched and said “Do you really want to know what I want?”
“Yes ma’am” the waiter answered.
“Hey. Chill out Hanako. Please leave us mr. waiter. I don’t want you to get killed” Minami said but waiter teased the irritated woman again. “Get lost now or later?” Then run away.

“Let’s eat in another resto! Let’s go Kai!”
“I told you …. Okay let’s go” Minami didn’t continue her words as she knows that the lady’s mood will get worst.

“Hahahahahaha!! You did a great job there” another tall woman said.
“But manager-san, it is a bad reputation for our resto” the waiter said.
“Nope. I can handle it, don’t worry”
“Okay Ms. Shinoda. If you say so. I’ll go back to my work now”
“Uhn. Get lost …. Just kidding” Shinoda Mariko smiled liked a witch.

Hanako and Minami continued their conversation inside the car while heading towards another resto. Hanako will leave Japan for 2-3weeks with her father. She needs to learn all about their family’s business as she is the only child that will manage it. Minami agreed on it as she had no choice. It is for the lady’s future. They spent their day eating, cuddling, kissing then eating again inside the car. Minami wanted to spend their last day together in a theme park or anywhere else, but the tall woman insisted staying in the car on a parking lot. The midget knows Hanako very well. She knows what the tall girl really wanted but she can’t give it to her. Not in this kind of place! What will the others think if they saw a shaking car?!

On the next day ….

From: Hanako

Good morning. I just want you to know that I’ll be leaving in a few minutes now. I don’t want to call you ‘cause I don’t want to disturb your sleep. See you soon my love. I love you and I’ll miss you.

PS: Behave there! Ignore those girls around you or else I’ll kill you!!

Minami smiled after reading the last part of the message. She was about to stand up and get her breakfast when her phone rings.

“Moshi moshi”
“Be ready! Pack up your things we’ll pick you up there in 15mins!”
“Oyy!! Who’s this??!”
“Miichan. Bye”
“Huh?! What for? What’s going on?!” Minami asked but the line was already cut off.
“Damn that Gachapin. What’s with the trip now?” she sighed.

Minami packed up her things then waited outside. A familiar van arrived in front of her. Her guess is right, it is Mariko's van. The door opened showing her friends: Miichan, Mariko, the lovers KojiYuu and MaYuki and a special person that she didn't expect to see there smiling at her, Atsuko. Minami shivered and felt intrigue. 'Why she's here? Why she's smiling at me? Is she not mad at me anymore or anything? Why my heart is acting this way? Oh damn stop smiling at me or else I might collapse right here'

"Oy Minami! You looked like an idiot staring at a beautiful woman in front of you named Atsuko Maeda!" Miichan said directly that made the others laughed. "Hop in now!"
"Stop it Miichan! Let's go!" Minami blushed and quickly get inside the car. She sat down beside Atsuko as the others make way for her. 'Damn these guys. I don't know if I'm framedup by them or not'

After a few hours of travel and sleep, Minami wake up only to find out that her other friends are now gone but there's only one left. A woman hugging her arms while sleeping peacefully. 'She looks more beautiful now' Minami thought. She touched Atsuko's face and stopped when the sleeping woman finally opens her eyes.

"Minami" Atsuko called.
"A.. cchan"
"Minami... Your hand…. it's cold"
"Oops I'm sorry. Ah eh, let's go. The others already left us. Hehe" Minami chuckled nervously.
"Wait Minami..." before the midget opens the door, Atsuko grabbed her wrist, pulled her then hugged her tight. "I missed you"
"Nothing. Let's go" Atsuko smiled like nothing happened before she left the shocked midget.
"What was that?" the only words that Minami said to herself.

The place where they will stay is owned by Yuko's father. The reason for staying? None. They just want to relax or maybe help out Minami and Atsuko clarify things that happened before. It was midnight already when they finished roaming around the island. They decided to have a camp fire and play truth or dare while having a drink. One by one, as each of them became tipsy, they left Atsuko and Minami alone near the seashore. Minami looked at Atsuko who's sitting beside her. 'Maybe this is the right time to continue the scene on my dreams' she thought.

"Ne acchan. Can I ask something?" she started.
"hmm?" Atsuko answered without looking.
"Lately, I'm bothered with my dreams. Actually I'm bothered with everything. ..." Atsuko looked at her as she continued "…. with what happened to us before"
"What do you mean?"

"I want to know why you ignored me for a long time? I did everything to please you though I didn't know what was the reason for ignoring me, but all I got was nothing. You left me hanging"
Atsuko chuckled a bit "Let's just say you've been sooooo numb and did not consider other's feelings"
"Huh? Please tell me everything straight to the point 'cause I don’t understand!" Minami grabbed Atsuko's shoulders while looking directly to her eyes.
"You're drunk. Let's talk tomorrow" Atsuko avoided the midgets look.
"No I'm not drunk and I don't want to talk tomorrow. Let's settle this now! I don't want to think about this anymore!"

"I loved you. I'm in love with you before but what did you do?! You're the one who have thrown everything!" Minami was shocked with the sudden confession. "What are we before? Friends with benefits?! answer me!!"

Minami felt guilty for everything. She knows now what Atsuko mean. She threw everything that they had and shared when she started meeting and dating Hanako. She didn't even consider or think what Atsuko will feel. The worst part is it was her who ignored Atsuko first and her feelings for her.

All that she can give to the woman crying now is a kiss as an answer. The midget kissed her hard as Atsuko replied the same. Their tongues touched that made the kiss hotter but before anything else would happen to them, Minami broke it.

"I'm such an idiot for not trusting my instincts. I thought. ... I'm sorry for being such a coward. I loved you since the first time that I saw you, before we became friends, but I was afraid to confess. Scared that you will reject and avoid me after that"

Atsuko cupped the midget’s cheeks. “What makes you think that I will reject you? After the sweet things that I did for you. Those hugs and kisses that I gave, is it not enough to show that I like you too? I can only give those to the person that I love the most. That is you Minami! I love you until now!” Atsuko kissed Minami for the second time.

Both of them spent their night together in one room; feeling each other’s breath and warm body. On the next day, early in the morning, a knock from the door made Minami to wake up. She carefully removed Atsuko’s arm around her to get up and check who the hell knocks the door and disturbed them.

“Takamina! Takamina! Atsuko is …..” Yuko was panicking to tell Minami that Atsuko is missing but as her eyes see a person inside lying on the bed, she immediately gave the other midget a wide grin on her face.
“Oy Oy! It’s not what you think!” Minami blushed. “Go now! We’ll meet you at the dining area!”
“Okay~ I hope you enjoyed your ‘meal’ before breakfast” Yuko winked.

Minami goes back to the bed to wake up Atsuko. She rubbed her thumb on the angelic face to wake her up but it seemed that she is the one who has been woke up twice by the sudden wrap of arms on her neck before Atsuko kissed her. “Good morning” she greeted.
“Ah anou. Good morning. The others are waiting for us. They are worried about you since you did not sleep in your room”
“Because you didn’t let me sleep in my room” she smirked.
“Oyyyy!! I …. Ah nevermind. Let’s go”

The two had their delicious breakfast with teases from their friends. All of them are insisting that ‘something’ happened to them after they left and they continued doing nasty things inside Minami’s room. Atsuko and Minami denied all of their accusations but of course, none of them believed.

A day passed again. They spent it swimming on the beach, riding jet skis and boats, picture taking and many more. When the night came, Minami carried Atsuko in her room again since Atsuko’s room is too far. She lay down in bed and took her phone to check it but it’s too late as she quickly fell asleep. Early in the morning, another knock from the door made the midget to wake up.

“Stop! Yes she is here again. Atsuko is here with me” Minami stands up and opens the door while rubbing her sleepy eyes. To her surprise, the person in front of her is not the person that she expected to see. It wasn’t Yuko or other people in this island. It is Hanako with tears on her eyes in front of her.

“It is not what you think Hanako” Minami tried to explain but the tall girl walks out.

“This is a big trouble” Mariko said. She is with everyone in the place when the guards informed them when Hanako entered the area. They saw Atsuko standing outside the door while her eyes glued on the running Minami.

“Hanako wait!” finally, Minami managed to reach her girl’s hand. “Let me explain”
“There’s nothing to explain Minami! Is this the reason why you didn’t contact me for days? Are you happy when I left Japan?! So you can be with your bestfriend?! Or should I say, lover?” Hanako cried harder.

Minami felt guilty. She admits to herself that she really forgot to contact her girl. She’s now ashamed of herself. “I love you Hanako” she let out a tear.

“Love me? You should’ve thought about it before doing this! Before hurting me!”
“Wait! Don’t leave me!”
“Why? I guess this is the right thing for us. I know you’ll be happy if I leave you. Just continue what you are doing there” Hanako went inside her car and closed the door in a hard way. She cried even more when the car started to leave the place as well as the woman that she loves the most. Maybe this is the right thing to do for Minami to realize what she needs to realize.

Minami went back to her room. She packed up her things as the others let her do it. This trip is now over. The midget left the place right after she finished packing up. Left no words to her friends and specially Atsuko.

Weeks passed by, Minami only spent her days inside her room. Eating, thinking then eats again her favorite katsudon. When she finds out that Hanako arrived back in Japan, she fixed herself and get ready on going to the woman’s place. She’s now ready to face her and say everything that she thought and realized on the past few days.

“My Lady, you have a visitor” the butler informed Hanako.
“Who is it?”
“Me. Let me talk to you please” Minami showed up.
“Butler-san please leave us alone”

Right after the butler left, Hanako can’t help herself to hug the midget and say “I miss you” but sudden events from the past flashed back in her mind that made her release the midget.
“Listen Hanako, I’m so sorry for what I’ve done, for hurting you. I’m here to explain everything. I’m here to fix this relationship. First of all, nothing happened between me and Atsuko. It’s just we slept in the same room, that’s it. Nothing more. Second, I’m sorry if I forgot to contact you. I admit I was carried away with the activities that we did in that place. Third, I was carried away with Atsuko, with the answers that I’ve been longing to hear from her. I thought that those answer can fulfil a blank part in my life. I was troubled with my dreams before you left. I was bothered why Atsuko avoided me before and that’s the reason why these things happened”

“So I guess that you’ve got a good and favourable answer from her. What now? Where do you think this conversation will lead to? What do you expect to hear from me?”

Minami walked closer to Hanako who is sitting on a couch then hold her hand. “I want you to know that I don’t feel anything for Atsuko. I realized it when you left me. I realized that all I need from her is an answer. The feelings that I felt for her before was already gone. The most important for me now is you and us. I want you to trust me again, please” Minami looked deeply in the lady’s eyes.

Hanako kept silent for a while. “If you betray me again, I won’t give you another chance.”
“Don’t worry, Atsuko is the only one that I needed answers hehe”
“Baka! Even if you need answers or not, I want you to stay away from those temptations! Didn’t I tell you to behave?!”
“I know, I know. I promise I’ll behave. Oh I forgot ….”
“I also need answers from you”
“What answer? What is your question?” Hanako was confused what the midget means.
“There’s no question. I want you to answer this.” Minami moved her head until her lips met the woman’s lips. She gave her a kiss that shows how much she misses Hanako. The kiss was quickly responded by the tall woman and thought of “I wish she needs more answer from me. This is just like an answer in a short quiz. I’ll give her an essay answer that will show, describe and feel everything in me” (AN: I hope you know what I mean here XD)

Before Minami went to Hanako, she met Atsuko and talked to her.
-Atsuko’s POV-
It hurts but I need to respect her decision. She’s no longer in love with me. Maybe Hanako is the right person for her. If only I had the guts to tell her what I really feel just like Hanako, she’s probably mine now. I missed my chance. I thought spending those days with her is a great idea but it turns out not. I should have continued avoiding her.

-END-  :cow:

If you're a loyal Atsumina fan, then here's an alternate ending  :deco:

Alternate Ending:

Weeks passed by, Minami only spent her days inside her room. Eating, thinking then eats again her favorite katsudon. When she finds out that Hanako arrived back in Japan, she fixed herself and get ready on going to the woman’s place. She’s now ready to face her and say everything that she thought and realized on the past few days.

“My Lady, you have a visitor” the butler informed Hanako.
“Who is it?”
“Me. Let me talk to you please” Minami showed up.
“Butler-san please leave us alone”

Right after the butler left, Hanako can’t help herself to hug the midget and say “I miss you” but sudden events from the past flashed back in her mind that made her release the midget.

“Listen Hanako, I’m so sorry for what I’ve done, for hurting you. I’m here to explain and tell everything that I’ve realized. I don’t want to end this relationship in that kind of situation. I admit, at first I just want an answer from her. Why she avoided me before because that’s really bothering me these past few weeks. But I never thought that finding those answers will open up an unfinished business with her. I never thought that this feeling for her was still inside me.”

“Please stop Minami. I don’t want to hear those hurtful words from you. I understand already that you still love her. Maybe I was blind before because I didn’t notice it. You know what? I want to blame you right now! You should’ve not made me fall in love with you! You should’ve followed your feelings for her before. You’re such a coward for not confessing it to her”

“Hanako, trust me, I loved you. What I showed you and felt for you was real”
“I know. But still, it is not the same with your love for Atsuko. Go now and talk to her. Be a man”
“Thank you Hanako and I’m sorry”
“I said go now!” the woman turned around. As she heard the door closes, her tears flowed uncontrollably.

Minami knocked when she reached Atsuko’s place. Right after the door opens, the midget hugs Atsuko tight. “Mi .. Minami?” the woman was confused.
“Atsuko, I want to tell you something; words that I kept to myself before and until now. Maeda Atsuko, I love you. Can you please answer another question from me?”
“Ha? Nani?”
“This.” Minami moved her head until her lips met the woman’s lips. She gave her a kiss that shows how much she regrets keeping her feelings for Atsuko to herself. Minami carried the other woman in a bridal style towards her room. She lie her down and said, “Shall we continue another unfinished business?” Minami smirked.
“Of course” Atsuko smirked back. “But let me say that ‘I love you so much’ first”

-END-  :cow:

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Thank you for the alternate ending.
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Poor atsuko for the first ending, poor hanako for the second ending :lol: :lol: :P
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I love AtsuMina, but I like Kai x Ray too! If only there are more long stories of Mendol.. Without genderbending that is =X
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