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Author Topic: [CHI] Robynn & Kendy  (Read 5064 times)

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[CHI] Robynn & Kendy
« on: September 03, 2012, 09:12:25 PM »
Fucking gotta pull this outta the Chinese music thread IT's 2012!! Let's strum to the sounds of:

Robynn & Kendy

(l to r: Kendy, Robynn)

Robynn & Kendy, singing girl group from Hong Kong consisting of Robynn Yip and Kendy Suen. Began in July 2011 as YouTube cover artist sensations, now making their Universal Music major debut!

August 30, 1986 (Robynn)

Robynn worked for Autism Training Center for Children in the United States attack study in university, majoring in psychology, and return to Hong Kong.

WHOA! her FB profile:

Ever since her first feature Wong Fu Productions short film "See Through - One Days:HK", Robynn started posting videos on Youtube. Through Youtube, she made friendships with fellow internet and local musicians, gained performance experience.

Robynn released two MVs as an independent youtube artist. The first MV and song was co-written with Canadian singer-songwriter Jian Choo, "What I'll Tell You Everyday". The second MV was "When the Sky Falls", which was professionally produced by Lupo Groinig, as a prize for winning Brand New Star -- a contest hosted by Hummingbird Music.

On July 13th 2011, Robynn established a new channel "RobynnAndKendy" with Kendy Suen, and released a series of covers. On January 10th, 2012, Robynn and Kendy officially announced their signing with Universal Music Hong Kong, in the hopes of finally releasing their original work to show the world!

March 10, 1986 (Kendy)

majoring in Economics, and obtained a Royal the Music Vocal eight Diploma and Diploma in Music Performance School of Music in London. Return to Hong Kong has served in the financial sector.

Official Youtube
Robynn's Facebook
Kendy's Facebook
iPhone App

Let's hire them for our next event:

Dope acoustic stylings!

CHECK OUT! Robynn and Kendy came across them at the Leslie Cheung tribute concert 《ReIMAGINE LESLIE CHEUNG》 and hey - they were on his label Universal so why not. but they reinterpreted his hit 同道中人 in a sweet pop folk way AND I WAS LIKE NEED TO PIMP!

Robynn & Kendy,香港唱作女子組合。 由Robynn Yip與Kendy Suen組成。 2011年7月開始於YouTube發放改編/翻唱作品, 現為環球唱片旗下歌手。由於Robynn & Kendy的曲風與at17比較相似,因此被稱爲新at17。

1st Album 同名大碟《Robynn & Kendy》(2CD+DVD)
release:2012年6月13日 (7月13日 2nd edition)

go to 2:59 for acoustic goodness

AV-BiWeekly Robynn and Kendy

You know they gonna be stars when they design hotel rooms:

and their self-titled debut, released June 13, 2012 (2nd edition July 13, 2012)

Quote from: Yesasia
Arguably Canto-pop's best-kept secret in a long time, Robynn & Kendy are making their highly anticipated major debut! Robynn Yip (winner of the Brand New Star 2010 singing contest), meet Kendy Suen (composer of the theme song for the movie Love in a Puff). Both talented musicians sharing similar musical tastes and aspirations, the two girls got together last year and recorded several duet remake songs that became huge hits on the Internet, and they had only been around as a unit for a few months before being signed by Universal Music. The duo's self-titled first album comes on two CDs, one for original songs and the other for covers. The original disc includes their chart hit "Novel with Coffee" and the Pong Nan-penned "Over the Wall", while the cover disc features "You Are My Woman" (originally sung by Andy Lau), "Things You Don't Know" (Leehom Wang), and "Those Years" (Hu Xia).

CD 1
1. 翻牆
2. 不用太趕
3. 小說伴咖啡
4. 生活與生存
5. Sunset
6. 那些回憶 (國)

CD 2
1. 你是我的女人
2. 怎麼捨得你
3. 思念是一種病 (國)
4. 你不知道的事 (國)
5. 那些年 (國)

DOWNLOAD via ihonhon

Love the sweet melodic guitar tunes, they aren't the idol friendly look - just G.O.O.D. damn music.

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Re: [CHI] Robynn & Kendy
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2013, 08:43:00 AM »
环球音乐公布旗下歌手莫文蔚、梁文音、吴雨霏、MR乐团、Robynn & Kendy、张敬轩、东山少爷、郑建鹏等歌手贺岁照。wishing you a Happy Chinese NEW YEAR!!

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