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Author Topic: The Devil Inside Me (WMatsui) - Chapter 6 (31/12/2013) (HIATUS)  (Read 18086 times)

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Re: The Devil Inside Me (WMatsui) - Chapter 4 (25/11/2013)
« Reply #40 on: November 25, 2013, 07:47:48 PM »
Kill that guy :angry:
Rena where are youuuuuuuuuuu. :cry:

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Re: The Devil Inside Me (WMatsui) - Chapter 4 (25/11/2013)
« Reply #41 on: November 26, 2013, 02:43:03 AM »
@anakpanti: Wow...get in line...
I want to kill that guy, too... :angry:
It's worse than Mayu, because Jurina is just a child here... :angry:
Well, maybe it will only be the two of them to solve this problem? But, who knows? Maybe I'll change my mind... ;)

You don't have to worry about the 2 of them, though...
Mariko-sama and Juriboy are the best assassin and together, who knows what can they do?

And Jurina did get what she want. She only want to get her attackers' file, right?
And she got it... :grin:

About Rena-chan, I'll see what I can do..
But, I can assure you next chapter will be very interesting... ;)

@Kirozoro: Yeah..Jurina is an assassin. Rena will be fine, for now..
Stay tune for the next chapter... :grin:

@RenshuChan: Errr....he's not Aki-p, just some random man..
Yeah...Juriboy only belongs to Rena-chan !!!
All hail WMatsui !!!

@Haruko: gomenasai if it's too short... :bow:
I'll try to write longer for the next chapter..
I still need to improve my writing skills...

@kuro_808: Our Juriboy won't run.. :grin:

@mo-chan: Arigatou... :cry: :bow:
This is my first story after all..
I'm afraid it's not good enough.. :nervous

@Zita: I want to kill that man, too... :angry:
Rena is somewhere.. :lol:

Thank you guys for your support... :bow:

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Re: The Devil Inside Me (WMatsui) - Chapter 4 (25/11/2013)
« Reply #42 on: November 26, 2013, 04:24:27 AM »
So , Jurina work inside a Police Station and she is a Assassin...

INTERESTING ~ Continue Please  :twothumbs

And thanks for the Wonderful Chapter 4 , Can't wait for Chapter 5  :twothumbs
WMatsui lover ....JURINA & RENA

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Re: The Devil Inside Me (WMatsui) - Chapter 4 (25/11/2013)
« Reply #43 on: November 26, 2013, 04:34:16 AM »
@xxx220: You'll know what happen to that man, maybe in next chapter?  :nervous

Jurina didn't work in the police station, she just sneak in and pretending to be an intern..

She just disguise herself so she can get the files of her attackers... :nervous

Thank you very much..

I'm glad that you like it... :grin:

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Re: The Devil Inside Me (WMatsui) - Chapter 4 (25/11/2013)
« Reply #44 on: November 28, 2013, 10:22:23 AM »
Everything started out so cute and fluffy and perfect between WMatsui.
Then I knew things would get dramatic. xD

Jurina was an assassin, how kakkoi. (ノ≧∀≦)ノ But how dare she abandon Rena like this? orz I'm really looking forward to read how Rena is going to handle the whole situation. Keep writing~
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Re: The Devil Inside Me (WMatsui) - Chapter 4 (25/11/2013)
« Reply #45 on: December 14, 2013, 05:12:42 PM »
@Luffel: Yeah, right??
Well, hope this chapter will answer your question about Rena..

Special thanks for imteedee and supermaji for their help...  :bow:

And thank you for all the comments, the silent readers and the thank you clickers...

And for those who want to know about what happen to Rena, hereby I present you...

Chapter 5

   Matsui Rena slowly opened her eyes then turned to her right side, hoping to see the woman she loves the most, instead she was greeted by the empty spot beside her. She closed her eyes then tightened her grip on her blanket, pulling it closer to her body. Cold. It’s cold without Jurina beside her. She missed Jurina’s soft lips on her own. She missed Jurina’s warm body that shielded her from the cold morning air. She missed Jurina’s soft voice, waking her up from her slumber. She missed Jurina’s charming smile that greeted her every morning. She felt empty without her.

   “Jurina… I miss you,” whispered Rena sadly.

Everything was like a dream for her. One moment they seemed to have a perfect life together. They were happy with each other. But, suddenly her world was turned upside-down in just one day. It turned out that Jurina is not the person who she thought she was. Jurina lied to her, about her past, about herself. She didn’t even know if the younger woman’s name is really Matsui Jurina. But, even so, she couldn’t bring herself to hate the younger woman. She loves Jurina too much. But now, Jurina is gone and she didn’t know if the younger woman would be back again or not. She could only hope that she will be okay.

*knock* *knock*

Rena turned her head towards the door as Yuki’s head popped in.

“Rena…” called Yuki softly. She got in, closed the door behind her then walked towards the bed. She plopped herself down on the bed beside Rena.

“Yukirin…” uttered Rena sadly. She moved closer towards Yuki. Yuki then pulled Rena to her embrace as Rena started to cry.

“Yukirin… I miss her. I miss her so much. It hurts,” sobbed Rena. Yuki just sighed and without saying anything, she pulled Rena closer to her. She tightened her hold around her and rocked their body back and forth, trying to calm her down. She was angry at Jurina for making her best friend to become like this. She never saw Rena like this before. Broken and lost. Not even when she found out that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with one of her friends.

More than a week ago, Rena suddenly called her early in the morning while crying uncontrollably. She immediately rushed out from her apartment to the hotel Rena was staying. When Rena opened the door for her, she was a real mess. Her clothes were disheveled and her hair was messy. Her eyes were red and puffy. Tears trailed down on her cheeks and as soon as she saw Yuki, she immediately latched herself onto her then sobbed uncontrollably while mumbling about Jurina leaving her. It took Yuki about two hours to calm her down. It pained Yuki to see the state Rena was in. She seemed so small and fragile. Yuki then brought Rena to her apartment and since then Rena had been staying with her until now.

Yuki had tried several times to ask the other woman about what happened between her and Jurina, but she only said that Jurina left her, nothing more. Yuki finally gave up and just offered her shoulder for her best friend to cry on.

After some time, Rena finally calmed down. Yuki pushed Rena away slightly from her then wiped off her tears from her cheeks with her thumbs. “Go, wash your face. I already prepared breakfast for us,” spoke Yuki softly.

“Un… thank you so much, Yukirin.”

Rena slowly got out from the bed then walked towards the bathroom while Yuki watching her carefully. Damn you, Jurina. How could you do this to her? You better have some really good reasons for leaving her or I’ll smack you endlessly for hurting Rena like this when I finally meet you.


“Rena… Rena… Hello, earth to Rena,” called Yuki while waving her hand in front of Rena’s face.

“H-huh?” Rena startled out from her daydream. “Oh, Yukirin… What do you need?”

Yuki sighed. ”Nothing. The customer was talking to you, you know, but you seemed off to your own world without care about everything around you.”

The customer who tried to talk to Rena just left, leaving the two of them inside the bakery now.

Rena looked down then mumbled, “I’m sorry.”

Yuki put her hands on Rena’s shoulders. “Rena…I’m worried about you, really. You’ve been spacing out a lot ever since she left. I know that you love her so much and she hurt you a lot by leaving you. But, you can’t be like this forever. You’re ruining yourself, you know.”

“I know… I know… I’m sorry. I just…”


“I’m worried about her,” confessed Rena.

“You’re worried about her? She left you! Why are you the one who’s worried? What’s wrong? What happen, Rena? Please tell me… You’re freaking me out here. Please, Rena… you know you can tell me anything,” begged Yuki.

“I- I can’t… it’s complicated.”

Their conversation was suddenly interrupted by a bell chime, indicating an arrival of a customer.

“We’ll talk about this later,” hissed Yuki before she turned around to face the newly arrived customer.

“Welcome. May I help you, miss?” greeted Yuki cheerfully.

“Hi, err… sorry, but I’m not here to buy anything. I’m here because I’m looking for Matsui Rena,” replied the customer nervously.

Rena suddenly jerked her head towards the customer when she heard the customer mentioned her name. When she saw the customer who was standing in front of the counter, her eyes widen in surprise and her mouth opened a bit.

“Ahhh…Rena!” shouted the customer happily when she saw Rena.

“A… A… Airin?!” exclaimed Rena in surprised.

The customer who was standing in front of her is none other than Airin, her long lost best friend. Furukawa Airi, usually called Airin, was Rena’s best friend since she was in junior high until senior high. Back then, both of them were inseparable. But then when they were on their 2nd year of senior high, Airin had to move because of her dad’s work. At first, they tried to keep in contact with each other, but it became more and more difficult for them to stay in contact as they became busier with their own works and activities until finally they stopped contacting each other.

Rena stood still on her spot, too shocked to move when Airin walked behind the counter towards her then pulled her into a tight hug.

“I’m back, Rena. I miss you so much,” whispered Airin.

“Airin…” mumbled Rena softly as she moved her hands to hug her back.

*cough* *cough*

Yuki cleared her throat, making the two women turned to look at her. Airin slowly released Rena then turned to face Yuki, but she kept her left arm wrapped around Rena’s waist tightly.

“Hi…” greeted Airin.

Yuki raised one of her eyebrows at her before turned to look at Rena. “Do you know her?” asked Yuki while gesturing her head towards Airin.

“Yes. This is my childhood best friend, Furukawa Airi.” She then turned to Airin. “This is my best friend and also a worker here, Kashiwagi Yuki.”

“Furukawa Airi, but you can call me Airin. Nice to meet you, Kashiwagi-san,” said Airin cheerfully while extending her free hand to Yuki for a handshake.

Yuki grabbed Airin’s hand then shook it slowly. “Nice to meet you too, Airin-san. You can call me Yukirin.”

 “Airin is fine. No need for formalities. Ano… can I borrow Rena for a moment? I want to talk to her. We have a lot of catching up to do,” smiled Airin as she pulled Rena closer to her.


“Thanks a lot!” uttered Airin as she grabbed Rena’s hand and dragged her towards the exit.


Airin brought Rena to a café near the bakery. After they sat down and placed their order, Airin spoke up first, “It’s been more than 7 years since the last time we saw each other. You look more beautiful now, Rena.” She smiled softly.

“Ah, thanks,” replied Rena softly.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” asked Airin worriedly. She reached out to hold Rena’s hand.

“No, nothing. I’m fine,” answered Rena quickly while smiling slightly.

Airin narrowed her eyes at her. “You’re lying. You can’t lie to me, Rena. I know you very well. Something is bothering you. What’s wrong?” Airin then squeezed Rena’s hand softly.

“Nothing. It’s nothing,” replied Rena while faking a smile. She didn’t want Airin to get worried about her.

Airin didn’t believe her at all. She knew that the smile that Rena gave to her right now is not her real smile, she was faking it. Well, she knows Rena like the back of her hand. Rena seems troubled about something. But, she decided not to press her anymore as she didn’t want to ruin their reunion.

“Rena, I have some good news for you. Guess what?” asked Airin while beaming brightly.

“What?” Rena raised one of her eyebrows at her questioningly.

“Well… I’m working as a police officer now and several days ago, I was transferred here, in Nagoya. You know what that means?” teased Airin while wiggling her eyebrows.

“W-wait… Wait a minute… You… You’re a police officer?” asked Rena in disbelief.

“Yeah… Pretty shocking news, right?” asked Airin while rubbing the back of her head shyly. “I’m still a Sergeant though. I still need to learn a lot of things,” added Airin.

 Airin then clapped her hands excitedly. ”Well, that’s not the point. The point is, because I was transferred here, it means that we can meet each other again. We can even meet each other everyday now,” exclaimed Airin cheerfully.

Rena replied softly, “That’s good to hear.”

“Yeah, right? Don’t worry, Rena. I won’t leave you again,” stated Airin as she grabbed both of Rena’s hand while smiling happily at her. Rena can’t help but smiled as well when she saw Airin’s smile. And this time, she wasn’t faking it. This was the first time she smiled again, her real smile, after Jurina left her.


   Rena and Airin chatted for hours. They talked about their past and about what happened to them after they were separated. Just like the old times. When Rena told Airin about her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her with her friend, Airin was mad. She apologized to Rena because she wasn’t there to protect her at that time. And they laughed together because Airin kept cursing about Rena’s ex-boyfriend for several minutes while calling him names. But, Rena never mentioned about Jurina to her.

   They finally went home when they realized that it was getting dark outside. Airin walked Rena home. When they finally arrived in front of Yuki’s apartment, Rena was starting to walk inside the apartment building when suddenly Airin called her. Rena turned around to face Airin only to be pulled into Airin’s embrace.

   “I’m really glad I can meet you again, Rena,” whispered Airin softly to Rena’s ear. She then let Rena go without waiting for her reply. “You better go inside now. It’s starting to get cold outside,” smiled Airin warmly.

   “Un… Thanks for today, Airin.” Rena bid her goodbye to Airin then walked inside the apartment building while Airin watched her slowly disappearing inside the building.


Jurina will be back in the next chapter...

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Re: The Devil Inside Me (WMatsui) - Chapter 5 (14/12/2013)
« Reply #46 on: December 14, 2013, 06:11:58 PM »
iiya~ It's really good to see an update from this fic  :inlove:
Jurina you better move your ass before Airin confess to Rena  :smhid

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: The Devil Inside Me (WMatsui) - Chapter 5 (14/12/2013)
« Reply #47 on: December 14, 2013, 08:46:32 PM »
iiya~ It's really good to see an update from this fic  :inlove:
Jurina you better move your ass before Airin confess to Rena  :smhid

yeah! hurry up jurina!!

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Re: The Devil Inside Me (WMatsui) - Chapter 5 (14/12/2013)
« Reply #48 on: December 14, 2013, 11:25:29 PM »
This is going to be fun after J will be back. :w00t:

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Re: The Devil Inside Me (WMatsui) - Chapter 5 (14/12/2013)
« Reply #49 on: December 15, 2013, 10:09:53 PM »
Please update soon

I want to know when Jurina come back ><

What will happen next to Wmatsui?

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Re: The Devil Inside Me (WMatsui) - Chapter 5 (14/12/2013)
« Reply #50 on: December 16, 2013, 05:43:53 AM »
This is bad... I have a feeling that Airin will hunt Jurina cs.  :(

So... Yukirin and Airin are in Rena side. I feel relieved that Rena isn't alone, especially when I read about Yukirin.
I'm sure that Yukirin can take care of Rena very well.

Wait a minute... WMatsui, YukiRena, RenAirin... Rena have a lot of pairings here.  :lol:

About Jurina... I'm still anxious about what happened and what will happen to her and Mariko.

I'm waiting for chap. 6.  :)
Thank you for your update.  :twothumbs

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Re: The Devil Inside Me (WMatsui) - Chapter 5 (14/12/2013)
« Reply #51 on: December 16, 2013, 08:34:11 AM »
@mo-chan: sorry, for the late update..
I'm busy with assignments and my other fanfic.. :bow:

Yeah, Jurina has to move fast before Airin snatch Rena from her..  :lol:

@Haruko: AGREED !!!

@Zita: *cough cough*
The fun will start in the next chapter...  :grin:

@Kirozoro I'll try to update it as soon as possible
What will happen?
It's a surprise.. :grin:

@anakpanti: ahhh.. I don't know about that  ;)
Yukirin is Rena's best friend, I'll do the same if I was Yukirin
And yes, she'll take care of Rena  :grin:

Rena is like everyone favorite girl, isn't she?

You'll know about what happen to Jurina and Mariko in the next chapter..  :grin:
Please be patient for the next chapter  :bow:

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Re: The Devil Inside Me (WMatsui) - Chapter 5 (14/12/2013)
« Reply #52 on: December 17, 2013, 03:03:57 PM »
I know it's not necessary to comment on this but LOL

bring JuJu back please? and my Mayuyu if possible?  XD :lol:

my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: The Devil Inside Me (WMatsui) - Chapter 5 (14/12/2013)
« Reply #53 on: December 18, 2013, 03:56:40 AM »
hey olive29-san... :)
I just finished reading this fic~
awesome~ Jurina is an assassin!!!  :twothumbs
hope she come back to Rena before Rena move on to Airin the police officer! :o
poor Jurina's past.. :(  that man is aaasrghhhh!! kill him for me!!
and the last, where there is Yukirin, there must be Mayuyu/Nezumi too~~~!!  :cow: :cow: :cow:
see ya!!  :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: The Devil Inside Me (WMatsui) - Chapter 6 (31/12/2013)
« Reply #54 on: December 31, 2013, 03:54:09 AM »
@imteedee: I'll see what I can do.  ;)

@chiqinna: Chiqinna-san.. I'm glad you like my fic..  XD
You'll know about what happen to that man in this chapter  :grin:

Thanks for imteedee-san for the support  :bow:

Thanks to all the silent reader, thank you clickers, and the comments.

I'm sorry if there's any grammatical error in this fic..  :bow:

And for all of you who wondering what happen to that man... you'll see what happen in this chapter. This chapter also contains a bit of Jurina's past.

Also, I forgot to mention, but Jurina is 23 years old in this fic.

Hereby, I present you all..

Chapter 6

“No… don’t… don’t…” cried Jurina while clutching the bed sheets tightly. She was tossing around her bed. Tears streaked down her cheeks.

Mariko woke up with a startle because of Jurina’s cry. She immediately got out from her bed then walked towards the younger woman’s. She crouched down beside Jurina’s bed then reached out to shake her shoulder, trying to wake her up. “Jurina… Jurina… wake up…“

“No… please… please… let me go,” sobbed Jurina.

“Jurina… Jurina… wake up… it’s just a dream. It’s okay. You’re okay,” spoke Mariko softly while moving her hand to caress Jurina’s head gently. Even though the room’s temperature was cool, but Jurina’s body was drenched in cold sweat. Suddenly Jurina opened her eyes then jerked up from the bed while breathing heavily. She seemed in a trance with tears still visible in her eyes. Mariko stood up then sat in front of Jurina slowly, careful not to startle her. Jurina’s gaze was empty and her expression was unreadable.

“Jurina… Jurina…” called Mariko softly.

Mariko’s voice pulled Jurina out of her trance. She blinks rapidly before her eyes finally focused on Mariko who was sitting in front of her. Concern was visible in the older woman’s gaze.

“Hey… are you okay?” asked Mariko softly.

“I’m okay,” replied Jurina. But her voice didn’t sound very convincing. She inhaled deeply to calm her breathing then said again, with more convincing voice, “I’m okay.”

Mariko stared at Jurina’s face worriedly. “Are you sure?” Her voice was full of concern.

“Yes. It’s okay. I’m okay. Sorry for waking you up, again.” Jurina forced a smile to Mariko. It had been the third time for that week Jurina woke Mariko up with her nightmare. The older woman felt helpless. Jurina’s past was something she could never comprehend. She couldn’t imagine the pain she had been through as a kid. There’s nothing she could do besides stay with the younger woman until she calmed down.

Mariko pondered for a bit before decided to speak again, “I think it’s already stop.” Jurina looked at her questioningly. “Your nightmare,” added Mariko.

Jurina chuckled slightly, “No. It never stopped. Well, it did stop when I was with Rena-chan, but ever since I left her, it has started again.” She ran her hand through her hair in frustration then added bitterly, “I guess I’ll never move on from my past.”

Mariko looked at her sadly, but said nothing. After some time, she patted the younger woman’s head softly. “Go back to sleep. We have works to do later.” Jurina nodded weakly before lying down on her bed. Mariko stayed beside her, waiting for her to fall asleep when suddenly the memories of their first meeting came back to her.


12 years ago

23 years old Shinoda Mariko, one of the best assassins in the world, was hired by a rich businessman to kill a drug lord and all of his guards whose responsible for the businessman’s only child’s death. So now here she was, sitting in her car that was parked on the roadside while keeping her eyes on the drug lord’s mansion in front of her, as if waiting for something to happen at that mansion. Once in a while she would glance at her watch then looked back at the mansion. Suddenly all of the lights in the mansion died. Seeing what happen, Mariko immediately got out from her car then walked towards the mansion, a Glock with silencer in hands. She was wearing a night vision goggles to help her looked in the dark. After she got inside the mansion, she immediately killed all of the guards before proceeding to look for the owner of the mansion, her main target. When she got to the 2nd floor, she could hear the man’s voice, shouting for his guards. Mariko smirked. He made her job easier by shouting like that, because she didn’t have to look for him anymore.

Mariko slowly made her way to a room at the end of the hallway, where the shouts came from. When Mariko opened the door, her eyes widened at the sight in front of her. There was a young girl – a kid – lying on the bed, only in her underwear. Her target - the drug lord - was standing not far from the kid, only in his boxer. Mariko wasn’t stupid. She knew what happened or what about to happen there. Suddenly she felt anger rising inside her. Without warning, Mariko raised her gun and shot the drug lord on his leg. He fell on the carpeted floor below him, screaming in pain. Blood flowed out from his wound, staining the carpet red. Mariko then walked inside the room with her gun pointed towards the man’s chest. The moon that illuminated the room through a small window within that room made her visible to the man and the girl’s eyes. The man’s eyes grew wider when he saw Mariko.

“Who are you?” asked the man while grunting in pain. “Who asked you to do this? Let me live and I’ll double your pay,” continued the man. Mariko didn’t say anything instead she slowly walked towards him. Gun still pointed on his chest. “No… no… please… please… let me live. I’ll give you anything. I’ll pay you double, triple than the person who hired you. Just let me go, please,” pleaded the man.

“I’m sorry, but I won’t betray my employer. Besides you disgust me,” growled Mariko before shooting him once on his chest and once on his head, killing him.

After finishing her job, Mariko turned around to look at the girl on the bed. The girl was sitting on the bed now, watching Mariko. She flinched when she saw Mariko looking at her. The girl was afraid and Mariko didn’t like it at all. She reached out to calm the girl, but the girl backed away until her back met the headboard, her eyes shifted to Mariko’s hand that was holding the gun. Mariko followed her eyes and finally realized that she was still holding her gun. Mariko immediately secured her gun in the holster on her hip then took off her night vision goggles.

“It’s okay. I won’t hurt you,” said Mariko softly while walking slowly towards the girl. Mariko stopped a few centimeters away from the girl. Looking closely at the girl, she felt her throat tightened. The girl was very thin. She could clearly saw her ribcage sticking out. Her eyes were bloodshot and there were bruises all over her face and body. Some of them were yellowish, indicating they were inflicted on her from a week ago. But some of them were bluish-purple, indicating they were inflicted on her just recently.

Mariko reached out to try to touch the girl, but the girl flinched and quickly moved away from her touch. She was trembling in fear.

“It’s okay. You’re safe now. Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you,” uttered Mariko softly. She stretched her hand out to the girl. “It’s okay. I won’t hurt you. Trust me.” The girl looked at Mariko’s outstretched hand then at Mariko’s face. Mariko’s eyes looked sincere. She could feel Mariko’s kindness through her gaze and she felt like she could trust the woman in front of her.

“You’re safe now. No one is going to hurt you again. Don’t worry. You can trust me. I won’t hurt you,” spoke Mariko again.

The girl slowly reached out to hold Mariko’s hand. Mariko smiled at her then clasped her hand gently. “Thank you for trusting me. I’m Mariko. Shinoda Mariko. What’s your name?”

“Matsui Jurina,” whispered the girl softly.

End of Flashback

Mariko woke up from her daydreaming and stared at the sleeping woman in front of her. Your past. I wished you could forget about it. She then moved to kiss Jurina’s forehead before going back to her own bed.


Later, that night

“Why don’t we just go to his place, knock out everyone who get on our way, grab him then torture him until he spill out the information?” grumbled Jurina while parking the black Audi.

Mariko sighed heavily before explained to Jurina for the umpteenth time, “Because this is easier. His place is heavily guarded…” Mariko raised her hand to stop Jurina from interrupting her when she saw the younger woman opened her mouth, “…and I know that we could handle them, but the only thing we want is information, Jurina. I don’t want to waste our resources only to fight against some lowly guards. Besides there’s the risk that one of us could get hurt if we just barge in like that.”

Jurina and Mariko were in the parking lot of a nightclub that was frequented by Sato Noboru, a money launderer and arms dealer as well as the boss of the three person who tried to grab Jurina before, their target.

Jurina rolled her eyes at Mariko’s explanation. “Hai… hai… whatever you want, Mariko-sama.”

Jurina turned around to grab a bag on the passenger seat behind. She rummaged inside the bag while Mariko checking out her appearance at the mirror. Finally, Jurina pulled out two earbuds then gave one to Mariko. Jurina then pulled out some equipment from the bag then set it inside the car as Mariko finished up.

“I’ll be going now,” informed Mariko.

“Be careful, Sado,” warned Jurina.

Mariko smirked then opened the car door, but before stepped out from the car, she turned around to face Jurina and teased her, “You don’t have to worry about me, kiddo. I’m not the one being hunted here.” Mariko let out a chuckle as Jurina rolled her eyes at her.

“See you,” waved Mariko while stepping out from the car.


As soon as Mariko stepped inside the building, several eyes already started leering at her. Despite Mariko is already in her mid thirty, but she still looked gorgeous.

“Sado, can you hear me?” Jurina’s voice was heard through Mariko’s earpiece.

“Loud and clear,” replied Mariko.

“Okay. I’ve got visual on our target,” informed Jurina. Jurina hacked into the nightclub’s security cameras to find their target and also to keep an eye on Mariko, in case she need her help.

“Where is he?” asked Mariko while her eyes wandering around the crowded room, looking for her target.

“At the bar. 2 o’clock.”

Mariko looked at the bar. Her target was there. A man in his mid 40s dressed in gray suits was sitting there, chatting with two women. Four men in black suits stood around them, guarding the man. Mariko then walked towards the bar and sat down several seats beside her target.

When Mariko sat down at the bar, her target, Sato, noticed her right away. He often came to the nightclub, but he never saw her before. Besides, Mariko surely gave a different aura from other women in that nightclub. He immediately ditched the two women who had been talking with him then approached Mariko just in time as the bartender asked her for her drinks.

“You can order whatever you want. It’s all on me,” voiced Sato when he came near her. Hearing his voice, Mariko immediately spun around to face him. Sato was sitting beside her with his guards standing closely behind him. He was staring at her while grinning widely. Mariko raised one of her eyebrows. “Thank you for your offer, but I can pay it myself,” declined Mariko politely.

“No… please, I insist. I can’t let a beautiful lady like you paying for her own drinks,” uttered him playfully while giving her a wink. On the other side, Mariko heard Jurina gagged and exclaimed loudly, “What an old-fashioned pick up lines.” Mariko had to restrain herself from laughing when she heard Jurina’s comment.

Mariko then pretended to ponder for a bit, before shrugged, “Well, if you insist.” She turned to face the bartender and order her drink.

While waiting for her drink, Sato tried to streak a conversation.

“I’m Sato Noboru,” introduced Sato to Mariko.

“I’m Tachibana Kaoru.”

“Ah, a beautiful name for a beautiful lady,” exclaimed Sato. He then proceeded to take Mariko’s hand and give it a kiss. As for Mariko, she had to fight back the urge to punch his face. Meanwhile, Jurina who was watching the whole scene through her laptop, laughing out loud when she saw the situation Mariko was in.

“I never saw you before. Are you new here?” asked Sato while holding Mariko’s hand.

“Yes. I’m here for my job. I’m staying in a hotel near here. I feel bored and then I decided to come here,” answered Mariko.

And the conversation flowed from there. Actually, it was a one-sided conversation, because Sato kept the conversation around himself, trying to impress Mariko with his story. He also tried to flirt with Mariko several times, which failed badly. Mariko had to pretend that she enjoyed their conversation and held herself from cringed everytime he tried to flirt with her. After some time, they had decided to call it a day and Sato offered Mariko a ride to her hotel.

When Sato’s car stopped in front of Mariko’s hotel, she thanked him then proceeded to get out from the car. But, when she reached out to open the car door, she suddenly halted then turned around to look at him. “Do you want to come to my room and have a drink?” asked Mariko seductively. “Sure,” answered him enthusiastically without thinking. Sato then ordered his guards to wait for him before following Mariko out of the car.

Mariko then guided him to the hotel room that Jurina had booked beforehand. As soon as they stepped inside the hotel room, Sato hugged Mariko from behind then tried to kiss her. But, Mariko stopped him.

“Easy, tiger. The night is still long. Why don’t we enjoy it slowly?” whispered Mariko seductively. Sato gulped then nodded slowly.

“Good. Now, let’s take off your jacket.” Mariko helped him took off his jacket before pushing him towards the bed. As soon as he fell on the bed, Mariko immediately sat on top of him then started unbuttoning his shirt.

“You have a nice body. I like it,” whispered Mariko sexily while running her hands on his exposed chest. Sato started to feel aroused, so he moved his hands to touch Mariko’s thighs. But, Mariko grabbed his wandering hands then pinned it above his head.

“Oh… no… no… no… no touching, yet,” warned Mariko. She then reached out to open the drawer on the bedside table and pulled out two handcuffs from it.

“What are you going to do with those handcuffs?” asked Sato curiously while eyeing the handcuffs.

“These handcuffs are for safety reason. They’ll keep your hands from wandering around until I allowed it to,” explained Mariko while cuffing each of his hand at the edge of the bed.

“Oh… kinky. But, I like it,” teased Sato. But Mariko said nothing. After she finished securing his hands, he looked at her expectantly, waiting for her next move. But, he was confused when Mariko climbed off his body. At the same time a knock was heard from the door.

Sato’s eyes widened. “Who is it?” asked Sato to Mariko, starting to panic because he didn’t want anyone to see him in that state.

“Oh, I believe it’s just room service,” answered Mariko cheerfully before walked off to open the door. Mariko looked through the peep hole and saw Jurina stood in front of the room. Mariko opened the door for her. When Jurina walked into the room, Mariko suddenly grabbed her arm, stopping her on her tracks. “Restrain yourself. Don’t let your emotion control you,” warned Mariko before letting her go. Jurina didn’t say anything and got inside the room with Mariko following closely behind her.


Sato heard voices came from the door. He tried to get up and sat on the bed, but the handcuffs limited his movement. He could only raise his head a bit when he heard several footsteps walked into the room. His eyes widen when Jurina came into his vision.

“You…” exclaimed him.

“Ah, apparently you know who I am. That’s good. It means I don’t have to introduce myself to you,” said Jurina calmly as she made her way towards Sato. She then sat on the bed beside him.

“What do you want? Don’t you know who I am?! Release me, now!” demanded Sato angrily.

Jurina chuckled slightly. “Oh, I know exactly who you are, Sato Noboru.” Jurina grabbed his face harshly, making him looked at her in the eyes. “But, apparently you don’t really know me. That’s why you only sent some amateurs to attack me that day.” Jurina released her hold on his face then patted his cheek mockingly. “But, don’t worry. They’re lying in the morgue, now. And you’ll join them shortly, if you don’t give me what I want.”

"What do you want?” hissed Sato.

“You know exactly what I want. I want to know who asked you to kidnap me. If you tell me, I promise you, I’ll let you go,” answered Jurina while leaning slightly towards him.

“You think I’ll tell you?” Sato huffed then snickered, “In your dream.”

Jurina curled her fist and gritted her teeth when she heard his answer. “We can do this the easy way or the hard way. It’s your choice. I only need the name of the person who hired you. And then you’re free to go. Don’t make this hard for the both of us,” warned Jurina. But Sato stayed silent.

Jurina sighed then shook her head slightly. “Why people always choose the hard way?” asked her to no one.

Jurina then took the pillow that rested beside Sato’s head and without warning she pressed it on his face, smothering him. He struggled to free himself, but with both of his hands handcuffed, he was hopeless. Every few seconds, Jurina added more pressure to the pillow, suffocating him slowly. After one minute, his movements started to slow down. Mariko who watched the whole scene silently, finally made her move. She came to Jurina’s side then grabbed her hand, stopping her from further killing the man.

“Stop it! You’ll kill him,” hissed Mariko. Jurina reluctantly removed the pillow from his face. When the pillow was removed, he immediately gasped for air.

“So, what’s your answer?” asked Jurina coldly while holding the pillow.

Sato was gasping heavily and he looked at her in fear. “I’ll tell you… I’ll tell you…”


How was it??

I hope you like it, guys !!!! :grin:

Forgot to add..

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Owh nooo.!!! You hang it out,,just to tease me up. . . .how crue you are. ! ! But,,I reaLLy Like it. . . Update soon. . I think,the LoveLy moment is when Jurina said,,the nightmare stop when she with Rena-chan. . . Kyaaaa. . .

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Omg why u stop in the mid way of their mission ><!

Thx for the update

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I'm sorry if this is sudden..

But, I want to put this fic in hiatus for a while..

I need time to recover from Yuko-san's graduation announcement..

Also, I want to make a fanfic as a tribute to Oshima Yuko.

Hope you guys understand it.



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UPDATEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin: is here
Thanks for that.
Take your time. :)


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