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Author Topic: [4 Shots] Rivalry (WMatsui) - [COMPLETE]  (Read 7516 times)

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[4 Shots] Rivalry (WMatsui) - [COMPLETE]
« on: September 18, 2013, 08:23:50 AM »

"Get the hell out of my way!"

I gasp. I step aside and let those girls walk first. After all of them through me, I sighed. I look their backs.

They’re so gorgeous.

I turn away to get my lunch, but suddenly…


I bumped to someone, then I look down. Someone’s bento scattered on the floor. I suddenly squat to clean it. I notice that everyone’s attention goes to us.

"You can use my voucher. I’m so sorry, this’s totally my fault." I am bowing and thrusts my lunch voucher.

I can feel this canteen suddenly become so quiet. I close my eyes and keep bowing, waiting for some cursing words.

"I am losing my appetite. move away from my side!"

She push me away. I stop bowing and look at her back. She stop and sit in the same table with those bunch of the girls.

Oh no! Is she one of that group members?! It’s going to be hard days.



“Hey Ugly-Rena.

Don’t think because you share your surname with her, you can flirt her in that lame way! You just Pretending to bumped to her.

Go to hell!!”


See?! There’s almost a week passed but people still bully me.

I throw that letter to a ditch near way my home. I enter my house, calling somebody but there’s no answer. So, I just go to my room and sleep for some hours.

I’m looking to my watch. Ahh.. I fell sleep for 3 hours, now I’m very hungry.

I go to the kitchen, open the refrigerator. Almost empty. So I decided to eat Ramen near my house.

“Where are you?" I send a mail to my mom.

I hear my phone ringing. “Hello mom.”

“Hi sweety, sorry I forget to tell you that me and your father go to your grandpa’s house. He’s sick. I think we will here for two weeks. I left some money on your desk. Just call me if there’re anything else you need, OK?”

"OK mom. I hope grandpa get well soon."

Well… it’s going to be a lonely day. I got teased in my school, I don’t have any friend, and even my family gone. Perfect day!! Uggghhh..

I walk for about 5 minutes and I arrive in this restaurant, not such a luxurious place but.. I think their taste is the best.

I am looking for a comfortable table. I look to the corner and it’s empty.  Yes! I love quiet place and corner side is my favorite spot. Even in a class I always go earlier so I can get a corner chair.

I order my Ramen. “Extra Spicy, please.” That man nod his head. Spicy Ramen for a lonely day, great!

After my Ramen come, I eat that faster. I don’t want to walk in a midnight, I hate dark.

Half hour later I am ready to go home. I stand and accidentally looking to another corner side, someone looking me back. Then I go out from that place in hurry.

*10 minutes later*

I lay on my bed. I think I know who is it… but, it’s impossible to see someone like that in a small restaurant. It’s just my imagination.


I go to my locker, I need to take my History book. I almost late this morning. Maybe because I eat 2 bowls Ramen last night, I became too full and sleepy.

Oh my God. What is it agan?!

When I open my locker, I see some rubbish in it. I pick up my book, all my books are dirty. I see many scratch too. They’re overdo it. My tears suddenly fall. I cry in the silent corridor. No, I will not lost to them. I shed my tears and walk to my class.

In a class, I only focusing my mind to the lesson. Everytime a teacher ask a question, I raise my hand. Even though I didn’t have a nice body and pretty face, but I am so confident with my brain.

History class is over. I stretch my hands then I take off my glasses. It’s time to lunch. I take my voucher from my pocket and walk to the canteen.

OK, I already get my food. It’s time to find a table.

"Step aside from my way before you spill my food again!!"


I am about to get another table in my left, but someone push me from behind. NO!! NO-NO-NO!! NOT THIS AGAIN!!

I see my soup spill to her back. Her uniform become dirty.

"OH!! IT’S DAMN HOT!!" She scream and suddenly turn her face in to mine. "YOU AGAIN?! YOU’RE FU*KING TROUBLE!! You wanna have some fight with me? huh?!"

She yell at me over and over, I didn’t react to it. I almost get hit, I close my eyes, then I hear another girl’s voice, “Stop it Jurina. I don’t want to get a trouble just because of this silly girl.”

"You’re lucky this time." She whisper to me and looking my eyes with her scary look, she walk away from canteen room.

"I will not stop her again if I see you bother her again. Or… if that happen again, we will become your problem." That girl sit and her friends follow her.

Someone grab my hand and drag me to outside.

"You’re a new kid in here, right?"

I nodded my head.

"Don’t ever pick a fight with those girls. They’re very popular in this school. They’re really scary, especially Jurina, a girl that bumped to you, she’s from the rich family.. you’ll get a lot of troubles if she starts to hate you."

"But I don’t - "

"It’s your luck because Mariko-sama,the leader, stop her to hurt you. Bye, I have to go. I don’t wanna get a bad impact because of you." She walk away.

"Wait.. what’s your name? I am Matsui Rena."

"Miyazawa Sae. Nice to meet you, kohai." She smile and run to her class.


High school is so complicated.

Last week, one of my teacher said that I will be moved to special class. He said that my grades is amazing, and I will placed in superior class which consists of smart students like me.

I am proud to hear that, I tell my family, they very happy for me. This week I get a lot of popularity. No one dare to bully me again.

I hear from some students, it’s because I will registered to executive class that only have 20 students in it, selected student. Everyone who can graduate from that class will be registered and get scholarship to any university that we want, without a test.

Today is the first day I join to that class. I walk slowly on the corridor. I try to control my heartbeat and my breath. I knock that door and open it slowly.

"Excuse me sir."

"Yes? Ohh.. are you Matsui-san?"

I nodded.

"Please come, I will introduce you to other students."

I follow his steps and I stand in front of other students. I’m so nervous so I just look down to the floor.

"As I told you before, we get a new friend." Teacher whisper to me, "Here, introduce yourself."

“Ohayōgozaimasu, watashi wa Matsui Rena desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” I bow to them. No reaction at all, they stare me with a blank stare.

"Nice to meet you too, my pale-kohai!" I see her with a shock face. She stand and pointed to a empty chair. "You can sit beside me, it’s still empty. Is that OK, sir?"

"Of course. Matsui-san.. please sit down."

I walk to that table, 2nd row. I put down my bag and take a book. That girl still look at me.

"What?" I ask her with tiny volume.

"It’s great to see you again. You looks OK, no bruise at all." She whisper to me.

"I don’t believe that you have a same class with me. I thought you’re a senpai. Thank you….. Miyazawa-san."

She smiled to me, I smile her back. God, is she a girl or a boy? She’s so cool. She looks different with that glasses, so ikemen.

"Sorry I am late!"

Someone’s voice ruined my imagination. Who’s that girl? So nois-

My words stop when I look her. My lips can’t close like normally. What is she doing in here?! Wait.. Is this her class??? No way.. It can’t be. That another Matsui??!! Is she that smart?

I hide my face with my book. It will become a long 2 and a half years. I sighed.

"As I told you last week, today we will have some group work, 2 students for each group. We have 21 students, so there’s 1 group which contains of 3 students."

I see that teacher write some notes in that students list. I hope that I’m in a same group with Miyazawa-san, it’ll be interesting since I already know her before.

"I will read your name and your group."

I take a deep breath.

"I just realize that we have 2 Matsui in this class."

I gasp.

"Both of you in a same group. Please work together well… Next ………………."

I can’t hear anything else again. Why am I always stuck with that girl?! I see Jurina, she seems didn’t care. Welcome bad days!

"Pale-kohai… are you sick? You looks pale. Ah, I mean… become more pale than before." Miyazawa-san stare at me. I still can’t say anything. "I think that I know your problem."

Miyazawa-san raise her hand to get teacher’s attention. “Yes Miyazawa-san?”

"Sorry sir, you have not say my name. Am I not in your list?"

The teacher looks his list again, “Sorry, I seems forget to put your name. Well.. I will put yo-“

"It’s OK, sir. I will going with double Matsui team then. Is it a problem?"

"No problem. Miyazawa-san and 2 Matsui-san, you’re in 1 group."

I see Miyazawa smirking to me.

Wow. Such a clever girl. she decide her team by herself… so smoothly.

I see Jurina. I want her to see my disappointed face because we’re in a same group.

She’s looking at me too!! I almost fall from my chair.

No. Not me. She’s looking to Miyazawa-san.. a deep look.

=================== TO BE CONTINUED ====================

This chapter is about Rena P.O.V
She always get a bad day if she involved with Jurina. :lol:

And for next chapter, I need to focus to Jurina P.O.V

I like to make more than 2 chapters for all my fanfics, it’s because I want a reader know exactly the detail and story of each character. I think it’s interesting to see something from different P.O.V, it’s like.. same story, but has a unique meaning for each character.

Thanks for reading.
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Re: [4 Shots] Rivalry - Part 1 (WMatsui)
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2013, 12:01:02 PM »
Very interesting!!!  :twothumbs
I'm very curious about Jurina's POV!
Please update soon!  XD

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Re: [4 Shots] Rivalry - Part 2 (WMatsui)
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I run to mycar, I open the door in hurry. I looks around.

Nobody here. I can change my cloth here. Thanks to that random girl who give me her new shirt. It’s an advantage to have many fans in here.

What happened to that Ramen girl?! This is the second time she mess up with me. This is the second time too…. she makes me feels hungry in school. Why was Mariko there?! I can kick that Ramen girl’s butt.

You don’t have to worry Jurina, your fans in this school will do that revenge for you.. as usual.


I open my classroom door, there’s only one person there.

"Where is your uniform?" she ask me. I ignore her and I sit on my chair. She walk to my table and ask me a same question.

"Just take care your own business."  I simply reply her.

"Don’t be so childish, Jurina. You can’t act like this to me forever."

"Yes I can. You can’t call me like that. You’re not even my friend, Miyazawa-san." I lift my feet to the table and covering my face with my jacket. "Now go. I am sleepy."

Yes, We’re not friend now. I was your friend back then.”

I can hear those words, but I decide to pretend to didn’t hear.


————— 2 YEARS A GO ——————

"YOUR MOM, THAT B*TCH… cheating with my father!!"

"HOW DARE YOU CALL HER LIKE THAT!! That’s impossible." Sae grab Jurina’s collar.

" Huh… Is that your family’s hobby?! To take someone’s couple??!! Does your mom dancing in her room now??? She must be happy that my family come to end like this. THAT BITC-"


Sae hit Jurina’s face. “Don’t ever call her like that again!!”

Jurina hit Sae back, Sae fall. Jurina kick Sae’s stomach over and over again.

"You have her b*tch blood. You flirting my girlfriend, but I just silent and give her to you with sincere.. I forgive both of you, because of our friendship."

Jurina’s tears falls.

"But now, I can not forgive you anymore. I hate you and your mother. Don’t ever talk or show your face to me and my friends again. I will crush you if you do that." Jurina give her final punch. She left Sae in that floor.

************END OF FLASHBACK***************

"Jurina! Jurina! Wake up. Class was over."

I open my eyes slowly, I see Mariko standing in front of me. “Why the teacher didn’t wake me up?? Ahh.. I have a bad dream.”

"Wake you up?? As if they have a guts to bother you. Hahahaha. Let’s go to usual place."


I always feel bored in this school, no one can beat me. Why these people are so stupid?? What their brains use for? I even just read something once, I sleep in a class, and skip some classes.. I can simply get A.

If teachers give some question to class, I easily know the answer. I just too lazy to raise my hand and speaks a lot in front of these people.

At first, they always thought that I get amazing grades like that because of my money. Cihh.

"Today… I will make an important announcement."

I am not curious about that teacher’s announcement, I only interest if they announce that we got 1 month holiday. I am about to sleep again, I cover my face with a book.

"We have 3 students from this class who will moved to another class with other 17 students…. Matsui Jurina, Miyazawa Sae, and Takayama Suzuka will moved to exclusive class. These students has the best grades in our class. I hope they still can keep their achievement in their new class."

What the hell is it?! I raise my head. It’s gonna be fun. I smirked.

"That class will be begin in next week, your new classroom on 3rd floor, C building," After said that, the teacher go out from our class.

I see a lot of students shake Miyazawa’s hand, they congratulate her. I don’t need something like that, there is no celebration until I graduate from this school. I want to continue my study overseas, so I don’t need to see my father and Miyazawa face anymore.


"Hey Jurina!! You’re late in your first day. Your new class is waiting for you." Mariko and my other friends laugh hard. I ignore them and continue to walk to 3rd floor.

“You’re late." Someone talk to me in English. I see her with a big shock.

We even get a new teachers?? Foreigner teacher? Wow, this school being too serious about this.

“Sorry mam, I late about 5 minutes because I got a traffic jam.” I answer it in english too, I don’t care if my answer seems messy.

I’m looking an empty chair, at first I saw one beside Miyazawa.. I feel my head suddenly dizzy. But Miyazawa seems to know that I will not gonna take that chair, I saw her pointed another one empty chair behind this class.

Well.. at least I still can sleep everyday. My favorite spot. I smile to that teacher and walk to there.


"Tomorrow we’ll have a new friend from B class, she can’t join us today because she must skip school because of family matter. 21 students is a final decision."

I hope that new girl is super smart, because I want a strong rival. I’m bored to always win easily like this.

I went to Mariko’s class after my classes finished today. “Let’s go again.”

"OK." She walk to my car, after she get in. "How’s your class?? How about your ex-friend?"

I hate when people talk about Miyazawa to me, but just because of this is Mariko… I can easily talk about it. "We got a lot the foreign teachers, sometimes it’s frustrating because I can’t easily sleep in a class anymore." I sighed. "Miyazawa? She’s fine as long as she keep the distance for me."

"It’s been 2 years… I know that you hate her. I will do the same thing if it was happened to me, but -"

"If you wanna talk to her, then go. I will sure that you will not ever sit in my car anymore."

I hear Mariko’s sighed. It’s not fair to her, I already make her involved to my problem too long. I can’t keep stubborn. ”It’s okay for me.. you can be her friend again as long as you keep her far away from me.”

Mariko hug me from her sit. ” Thanks Jurina, you’ve grown so much.” She strokes my hair.


I can’t believe that I am late again. Lately, I thought myself is so stupid, Why?!

" Sorry I am late!" I knock that door, it’s lucky for me.. it’s my old teacher, so I just bow and walk to my sit.

I hear that teacher said that he want make some groups. I don’t care about my teammate, whoever it is.. I still can do all task myself, she didn’t need to do anything.

"I just realize that we have 2 Matsui in this class."

I gasp. I look around Miyazawa table. Oh, Is she a new comer that teacher told us yesterday? She’s Matsui too?

"Both of you in a same group. Please work together well…"

I don’t care about it as long as she didn’t bother me. I continue to playing game in my phone while he read all that list groups.

I heard that Miyazawa haven’t called yet. I hope she always forgetted by teacher until Miyazawa’s name deleted from this class member. I smile, until……….

"It’s OK, sir. I will going with double Matsui team then. Is it a problem?"

What??!!! Are you f*cking with me, Miyazawa?!! I am about to rushing to her and wanna hit her face until she covered by blood, like the last time we fight.

Just wait, Miyazawa.. your time has come. How dare you easily do this joke to me.

After I focus my sight to Miyazawa, I realize that someone eyes focus to me too. I turn my eyes for a little. That girl…. Matsui??!!! That Ramen girl who make me hungry twice?!

**************** FLASHBACK *****************

Last night, I came home late because I fell in slept in Mariko’s apartment. I didn’t know why today my father talk about it and mad at me.

"You are a girl!! You shouldn’t be that late to come home. Why are you so childish and stubborn, Jurina?! Didn’t you care about your safety?"

I really feel that my blood is boiling.

"Care? You talk about care in front of me? You even didn’t care about me and mom at all. Yesterday was my first late after 3 month, but you??!!! You always came late EVERY NIGHT!"

"Are you thinking when you said that?! I’m working.. I’m working for you, you should be happy."

"I always think about every word that I said to you. I am a smart person. So, I can’t wait until I am working and I can go home at 2 or 3 AM everyday. You still go to that b*tch’s home, right?"


I didn’t care about what he said next, I just stand and walk to outside. I drive my car.. I have no place that I want to go, I just need some fresh air.

30 minutes later, I found a small restaurant. I parked my car. There’s not many people inside, so I can sit and relax myself. I choose a corner table.

After my order arrive to my table, I cry… cry so hard. I cover my mouth with my hand, so other people can’t hear that.

I keep crying until someone that I know get in to this restaurant. I know her, she’s a girl who spill my bento in school last week. But, I’m not in a bully mood right now, so I hide myself.

I watched her carefully. actually.. she’s not an ugly girl, but why she’s so awkward in front of people? She’s just too thin and too pale. Is she sick? I don’t think so, sick people can’t drink 2 glass of sake and 2 bowls Ramen. She has a huge appetite.

I chuckled.

She suddenly stand at looking at me. Is she remember me? I’m afraid she will come to me. But thankfully she isn’t do that.

I didn’t have anything to do, so why not I follow her? You know, to find something that I can tease in school.

I follow her… I watch her steps.. I watch every single part of her body. But, I can’t find something to tease. Now, The more I look her, she looks even more gorgeous. I give up.

I already arrive in front of her house, She hardly to unlock her door because she’s freezing. I wanna help but before I get in, the door already opened.

*********** END OF FLASHBACK ************

I smirked. This is going to be fun.. really fun.

=================TO BE CONTINUED==============

This chapter is about Jurina P.O.V

I already done with Rena P.O.V in Part 1

For a next chapter… I will write some Sae and Mariko POV (maybe just a little part), and after that…. our WMatsui moment will be main topic.

I like to make more than 2 chapters for all my fanfics, it’s because I want a reader know exactly the detail and story of each character.
I think it’s interesting to see something from different P.O.V, it’s like.. same story, but has a unique meaning for each character.

Thanks for reading.
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Re: [4 Shots] Rivalry - Part 2 (WMatsui)
« Reply #3 on: September 18, 2013, 09:02:49 PM »
This is interesting! Rena got Jurina's attention already, but maybe Sae is going to be a problem, I mean if she is a bit vindictive; maybe just want to befriend with Jurina again...
Mariko's pov sounds interesting, as well as Sae's.

I'm really curious about how WMatsui are going to develop *.*

Thank you for the update o/

Sorry about my lack of activity... I'm kinda stuck in life...

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Re: [4 Shots] Rivalry - Part 3 (WMatsui)
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"Where is your uniform?" I ask her.

"Just take care your own business." She reply me with a rude tone.

"Don’t be so childish, Jurina. You can’t act like this to me forever."

"Yes I can. You can’t call me like that. You’re not even my friend, Miyazawa-san. Now go. I am sleepy."

Yes, We’re not friend now. I was your friend back then.” I said it in a tiny voice and leave her alone in a class.

****************** FLASHBACK*************************

"YOUR MOM, THAT B*TCH… cheating with my father!!"

I am really shock that Jurina will said something like that. That words still echoed in my head.

How can she thinks like that?! A negative think about my family. My mom and her father just an old friend… they’re became friends since in High School.

Like us, Jurina… We’ve been friends since we’re just a little baby and you ruin it in one day with that misunderstanding thing in your head.

I can’t hold my tears longer.

I have a same school with Jurina. Our school is very big, they have students from elementary school until Senior High School. It’s a good thing because we can have many friends.

But… Jurina has too much attention in school. Everyone like her. Everyone wanna be her friend. Everyone adore her. She’s rich, pretty, smart, good in sport, and friendly. Just perfect.

I am a victim. Everyone in class stay away from me. All students make fun of me, they bully me everyday.. they say like Jurina said, “I am a slut’s daughter.” I’m so depressing.

I can not run, I won’t.. I will prove to Jurina and to all people that my mom is innocent.

I should be in a Basket Ball Club. Before this thing happen, everyone praise my ability. But lately, my friends didn’t wanna be in a same team with me. I quit.

I face this situation for 2 months now. I don’t have friends anymore, but thanks God that the teacher did their job professional. I have no problem with my grades.

Someday, I fell sleep.. it’s too late for me to go to school. It’s OK for me to skip school today, no one care about me anyway.

I saw my watch, 11 AM.. I need to eat something. Where is mom? Ahh.. she maybe in the middle of work. I open my room’s door and I close it again. What was that?!

I peek them from my room, I saw mom cuddle with someone in a sofa. I know that my father has died for 5 years, but why she didn’t say anything to me about this men?? her couple.

It’s not my business, I wanna close my door and let them have their private time. I can talk about this with her later.

"Where’s Sae?? Isn’t too dangerous for me in here?" I am freeze. My eyeballs almost fall.

"Don’t worry.. she’s in school right now… same with your daughter. Don’t pretend to forget, silly."

I hear their laugh. I kneel on the floor. Sh*t, this is true. It’s happened. Jurina…. I am sorry.

*************** END OF FLASHBACK *************

Maybe our friendship can’t back again. I try to redeem my fault, but she’s already too far to be reached. This 2 years she already change too much, from an innocent girl to became a rude, love fight, cursing everyone, isolate herself (she only stick with Mariko), and bad students.

It’s my fault, I’m not beside her when that problem happen.. I’m too selfish. She has to face this alone and it hurt me too.

Last year I moved to my apartment, leave my mom alone.. I’m too angry about that and don’t want to see her face again.

End of Miyazawa P.O.V


"Where we heading to?! I already drive for about 1 hour!!" Jurina look her 2 passenger in behind sit. "Am I your private driver?!"

"NO!!" Both of them reply Jurina in a same time.

Mariko giggle.

********** FLASHBACK ***********

"Mariko pleaaasssseee…. I need you to ride with me. It will be an awkward time. Just for once. After our task finished today, I will drive you home." Jurina folded her hands.

Mariko laugh, ” So, you want me to be your mediator??!! Silly, I won’t do that. Did you just said science project?? I will absolutely sleeping after 5 minutes you open that book.”

"I don’t need you to do this project with us. I just need you to sit beside me. Mariko-samaaaa please come with me!"

"Okay-okay.. drive me home and buy be 2 box ice cream, deal?"

"Deal." Jurina drag Mariko to her car.

--------- Mariko P.O.V ----------

Finally, I will hear her voice again.... Sae-chan.
After Jurina and Sae fight, I can't do anything. I'm really sad.

When they didn't talk to each other, I forced to choose one of them.
They didn't said that I must choose, but they act like that.
If I talk to one of them, the another person will be mad.

But, I also can't ask them to stop quarrel because their problem was quite huge.

At that time, I decide to cling with Jurina instead of Sae, it's because Jurina is a little bit childish and    unstable.
If I leave Jurina alone without someone cheer her up, she maybe can't make it.
Jurina need me more than Sae.

I trust Sae. I believe she can handle herself. She mature enough.

But after all.... It's hurt to choose one between my friends.

I hope this problem will end up soon. I miss Sae.

--------- End of Mariko P.O.V ----------

****** END OF FLASHBACK ******

"Okay Jurina, calm down. We can go to my apartment, all of you can do this project there. I will buy you some lunch." Mariko try to calm Jurina.

"Okay then, we’ll going to Mariko’s place and finish our project as soon as we can. I don’t want to waste my time with both of you." Jurina turn back and drive again.

After 15 minutes drive, the finally arrive at Mariko’s place.

"A-Anooo… Ma-ma-mariko sama.." Rena said that while wringing her hands. " Your house is veeerryy pretty, bu-but.. where’s the toilet, please?"

Mariko laugh and then she strokes Rena’s hair. “You don’t need to be afraid or nervous to me, we’re not in school now. There, you just need to turn left from there.” Mariko pointed to her right.

Rena smile, “Thank you, se-sen-senpai.” Rena obediently follow that direction.

"Matsui-san!" Mariko call Rena, Rena turn back, Jurina feels that Mariko call her so she look to Mariko direction. "You are so cute when you’re nervous, Rena." Rena blushed and continue to walk.

Sae can’t close her mouth. Angry Jurina comes to Mariko, stepped on Mariko right foot. “Awwhhh! It’s hurt, Jurina.”

"Once again you do that, I will step my foot to your face!"

"Why? This is my home, I can do anything.. besides… it’s true that she cute, right? Or…… do you like her? Are you jealous?"

"What?! No!!" Jurina turn around and put down her bag.

"Ok, then I have right to do that again to another Matsui." Mariko grinned.

"Ano………" Sae finally open her mouth. Mariko and Jurina make a scary eye contact to her. Sae feel uncomfortable, ” Is it okay if I’m here? I mean… Both of you can do our project as far as you want. I can do the rest.”

"Do you insult my IQ?! I can finish that project alone, you can go." Jurina said that after she broke her eye contact with Sae.

"Wow.. wow.. relax guys. I already read your project task and that’s really complicated task. So, 3 of you better do that in here.. in the same time and place." Mariko try to calm both of them.

"Thank you, Shinoda-san." Sae smile at Mariko.

"Nice to meet you again… Sae-chan." Mariko smile back. "You can call me Mariko, like before."

"Ahhhh…!! It’s a bad day.. I stuck with 3 crazy people." Jurina groan.

——————————— 3 hours later —————————————-

"Dinner Time!!!" Mariko raise her volume when she comeback from somewhere and bring 2 big plastic bags with her.

No reaction from 3 of them. Mariko feels irritated, then she hit their head one by one. “Didn’t you hear your senpai? It’s dinner time!!”

"Okay okay Mariko!" Jurina pout and opened that bags. "Woww ramen??"

"You don’t like it?"

"No-no, I like it." Jurina smile.. It’s time to my sweet revenge.

Sae grab one, “Thanks Mariko, I extremely feels more hungry than usual. This task is so complicated.”

"I will do it for you." Rena take it from Sae’s hand and pour it to the bowl that Mariko’s gave to her. After it completely poured, she give that back to Sae. "Here your ramen."

"Wow. Thanks my pale-kohai." Sae smile at Rena. They stare each other for some seconds.

"Uhum Uuuhhmm." Mariko cough. "Rena-chan, can you pour it for me too?" Mariko give Rena her sweet eyes.

"Of course I can." Rena do the same thing to Mariko’s Ramen. "Here, Mariko senpai." Rena smile brightly.

Rena about to grab Jurina’s ramen too, but Jurina hold it tight. “No! You will spill my food again. I can do it myself!!” Jurina go to the kitchen alone.

Rena sighed.

"It’s OK Rena, she’s always like that. You will used to her soon." Mariko said that with her mouth that full of noodle.

”Pale-kohai.. let’s eat this in terace.” Rena nodded and follows Sae.

After both of them sit there. Mariko broke the silent. “Jurina.. eat your ramen. It’ll be cold soon.”

Jurina didn’t bother about what Mariko said to her. She focusing her eyes to the terace. She look at the in a cold eyes. She saw both of them laugh and smile together.

Mariko realize it, she put her bowl down. “You know the rules in my house. No fight allowed here.” Mariko said that in serious tone.

"Yes I know. I will not fight, but teasing someone is allowed here, right?" Jurina grinned.

Mariko looks confuse about what Jurina said.

"We’re done. Thanks Mariko, it’s a tasty ramen."

"No problem, Sae."

Jurina look both of them already back inside. Here we go. “You’re done with your ramen, Matsui?” Jurina smile.

Rena gasp, she never really talk to Jurina before. She only talks when Jurina angry at her. “Yes. But you haven’t eat your ramen yet.”

"Oh.. this? You want it? I didn’t touch it. I ever see you eat this for about 3-4 bowls. No need to keep your innocent-pure image in here."

Rena’s smile gone. Where her topic heading to? Sae and Mariko see her with their unbelievable eyes.

"You-you can eat 4 bowls?!!" Sae ask Rena.

"That’s not true, right?" Mariko also ask her.

Rena didn’t answer anything. It’s true that I have a big appetite, but.. how can Jurina know it? Is Jurina try to embarrass me here? Especially in front of Miyazawa-san? How cruel.

"You don’t have to shy Rena. Ohh… I saw you drank Sake too.. Do you want me to buy it? 2 bottles.. I’ll pay it for you." Jurina grinned again.

"Wahh.. I don’t believe you drink. We must drink together next time. You’re not as pure as I thought. It’s OK Rena, that not a bad thing." Mariko give Rena a big smile.

Rena look in to Sae direction, Sae still look at her with unbelievable eyes. Enough!! This’s enough.

Rena carry her bag and then leave that room without saying anything.

I did it.. Yeahhh… I love this kind of revenge. No fight. No sweat. No need much energy. Jurina grinned.

"What’s your problem. Jurina??!" Mariko raise her voice.

"What??!! I just try to be nice to her."

"Did you just tease her, Matsui?!" Sae walk closer to Jurina.

"Why?! Do you wanna pick a fight with me? I’m ready now." Jurina stand and stare Sae in angry way. "Don’t worry Mariko. I will fight her outside your apartment."

Sae is ready to fight with Jurina too, but she can’t make another problem with Jurina again. She was her best friend. Sae broke her stare.

"You already change too much, Matsui-san." Sae carry her bag. "You always face me in very rude manner, but I try to forget and forgive you because of our past quarrel.

Don’t you feel that I’m still hope you back? Don’t you feel that I’m still want to be your friend again? Or.. are you already blinded with your revenge to me?

We both know that our parents problem is NOT related to us, we even didn’t know how they start dating. We both know that!

We both know that you didn’t love Churi. You just play with her. So, why you put that blame to me??!! I don’t take Churi from you. Your ex-girlfriend come to me to make you jealous, then she knows that you play with her. Then you blame me??!! You call me a slut’s daughter??!!

OK, now I lose all my reasons to get along with you. I lost my reason to hope that we can be friend again. I give up. So, now.. don’t bother Rena again, I don’t wanna see you hurt someone that I love, just because you wanna hurt me."

"You like her? Matsui Rena?" Mariko ask Sae.

"Yes, Mariko. I want to make this clear. I want to Matsui Jurina know about her boundary." Sae look at Jurina again, "I will not bothering you again.. you can hurt me, punch me, kick me.. but… don’t ever think to touch Rena. See you guys."

Jurina can’t believe what just happened to her. I am the one who suppose to angry.. supposed to tease them. So why now all turn back to me??!! They humiliating me. Darn!


"Ramen-girl look at me!" Jurina grab my hand. "Why are you always run away from me? I just want to apologize about what happen in Mariko’s house last week."

“Apology accepted. Now go.”

Jurina scratch her head, “Where am I supposed to go? We’re in a same class.”

"Ohayou. Now.. I will collect and check your science project today. Please sit in your team." Then all of our friends stick with their teammate.

And I stuck with her. I look at Jurina, she sit in Sae’s chair. Pity for me that Sae sick today, Sae-chan always the one who make this girl stay away from me.

This Matsui always bothering me. But as Mariko said too, “You will be get used to her soon”. I think I already get used to her silly things, rude words, her teasing, her warmness, her cool, her pretty eyes, her soft skin…. Wait! What am I saying?! Focus Rena, focus!

It’s the first time for me to not think about my study. After an accident last week, we never do that project again. It’s okay, 3 of us can get a bad grades once. It’s like this our reminder about that quarrel. I try hard to thinking that way.

"2 Matsui + Miyazawa group!" The teacher call us.

I raise my hand and stand, “Sorry sir, we didn’t finished that project. This task is too hard for us.”

Jurina whisper to me, “Why are you said that lame answer? Do you think they will trust you?! I’m here, I can do everything.”

"What are you trying to say, Matsui Rena-san? Is that mean that 3 of you too lazy to complete the project that I gave to you?!" Teacher said that in a high tone.

"No sir. Don’t worry." Jurina walk to the teacher’s table and bring a box and a book along with her. "Rena just love to make a morning joke for us." Jurina said it in a funny way. All student laugh at it.

Jurina open that box. “This is our project, 3 of us make this together. We thought this was the best experiment to prove that Electromagnetic Theory is true …………………………..” Jurina explain the detail of that project by herself, in front of her classmate and teacher she do live demontration with tools in her box.

Our class is suddenly silent. Other students didn’t believe about what just they look and they hear. “Jurina?! Jurina in front of our class?! I’ve been almost 10 years have a same school with her… and this is the first time!”

I giggled when I hear students whisper about Jurina. She’s very cool when she make serious face like that.

"Excelent Jurina! Good job for your team." The teacher give them an applause, followed by their friends.

This applause is not for us, this only for Jurina.

Jurina back to her sit. ”See? I looks cool, right? I’ve told you.. I can do everything.” Jurina said it with a proud.

Ugghhh… whatever. She start boasting herself again. I smile.

I see a small paper on my desk, Jurina just throw it to me.

Read it." I hear a whisper.


Let’s go home together. (/ω\)

I want to buy you a dinner.

If you really accepted my apologize (シ_ _)シ,

you must not reject it. 

It’ll be difficult to taking you in another day,

Sae will keep you far away from me.

Can you?


Why she must write a letter? She can ask me directly. I shook my head. I put that paper to my pocket.

Yes, I can." I whisper it to her. I can see her YESS!! expression.

I hear bell ringing, it means school is over. Jurina whisper to me, “I will wait you in my car." Then she run.

I slowly tidy up my book in my table. Why my heart keep beating so fast? My chest like to explode now.

I walk more slowly, so I can control my heartbeat first. I see her car in front of the gate. Calm Rena, calm! She will not gonna bite you or anything.

"What took you so long?" Jurina pout.

"I go to the toilet first." I get in to her car, I see other girls stare me like she really hate me.

"What are you doing, baka?! Sit beside me." She pointed front sit.

"Sorry, but where’s Mariko?"

"She didn’t come with us, she has to go to some place."

I move to front sit. She start driving. I don’t know where she will take me. I just silent, and staring Jurina for a minutes.

I never realize that she’s so gorgeous. Usualy she always rude to me. But today, I can feel her kindness. Now.. I know why those bunch of the girls crazy in her. She’s a charming prince.

"Are you start to like me?" Jurina smile without turn her eyes from the street.

I’m so shock. I look away. ”No-no.. I just wondering where are you gonna take me.”

"Don’t worry. I won’t kidnap you. There’re many girls out there, they’re more sexy than you."

Akkhh.. I know that she ask me out because she only want to tease me more.

"We’re arrive!" She turn off the engine. "Wait here!"

"Ehh?! We won’t go inside?"

She close the door. I wait her for almost 20 minutes.

"Sorry to make you wait." She finally get in. "This is our dinner."

I confuse, “We will eat it here? In your car? Why don’t we just sit inside that restaurant?”

"No. We will have a dinner in a special place. I never invite my friends there, even Mariko haven’t too. Tomorrow is a holiday, right? Call your parents that you’ll late to go home."

She really trying to kidnap me even if I’m not sexy. "My parents went to my grandpa’s house since yesterday. I’m alone until next week."

"That’s good! We can spend our weekend together." She wink.

"I don’t want to."


"Matsui-san.. Matsui… Ramen-girl.. wake-up! we arrived. Rena-chan."

I slowly open my eyes. Where am I? Am I still in Jurina’s car?? I feel flying. “Waaa!!” I finally open my eyes fully. I’m in Jurina’s arms. “Put me down!”

"Okay." She release me… I mean.. really release me.

Uggghhhh. I fell down to the floor. This girl!!

"Where are we?" I ask dan wake up.

"My house." She climbed the stairs.


"Don’t worry.. this is my another house, only a housekeeper live here. There’s no my parents.. you can comfort yourself. Come here, I will show your room.”

Comfort myself?! Where no one around? Actually, I can enjoy myself if there is someone else in this big house. This is a fancy house, but it seems deserted.

"Hey. Did you hear me? Are you afraid? Then.. you can sleep in my room." She grinned.

"No. Thanks." I firmly reject it.

"So hurry up. I am hungry! I will heat up our food."

This will be my long weekend ever. Huufftt.

============== TO BE CONTINUED ==============

As usual.. when it comes to last chapter, I suddenly confused about how to end it in 1 part.. Became too much idea. =.=”

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Re: [4 Shots] Rivalry - Part 3 (WMatsui)
« Reply #5 on: September 19, 2013, 09:18:44 AM »
Omg! What Jurina is planning to do?! She actually kidnaped Rena!! It is a kidnapping even with Rena's consent.
Poor Sae >< I hope things go ok for her..

Thank you for the update o/ I can't wait to read the last part :)

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Re: [4 Shots] Rivalry - Part 3 (WMatsui)
« Reply #6 on: September 19, 2013, 09:25:14 AM »
Omg! What Jurina is planning to do?! She actually kidnaped Rena!! It is a kidnapping even with Rena's consent.
Poor Sae >< I hope things go ok for her..

Thank you for the update o/ I can't wait to read the last part :)

Actually.. it's not like kidnaped - crime.
Rena-chan just forced to spend a weekend with Jurina.  :lol:

Sae will be OK, but I won't give much detail about her.. Because ithis is WMatsui fanfics.  :P

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Re: [4 Shots] Rivalry - Part 4 (WMatsui)
« Reply #7 on: September 19, 2013, 07:16:34 PM »

I am going to go home, I am pretty tired. I spent my life today in school’s library to do my homework for Biology Class.

When I reach the school gate, someone poke me from behind. “Look at that.” She pointed a crowd, in the middle of parking area.

"What happen there? Why there’re so many people?" I ask her, but no answer. She only push me to the front of that crowd.

"Matsui??!! Sae senpai??!! What are you doing here?!"

I feel everybody’s eyes focus to me. I help Sae senpai to stand up and Mariko helps Jurina. “What did you do to her, Matsui??!!” I yell at Jurina.

"Ano pale-kohai.. this time, I am the one who kick her first." Sae senpai didn’t look to my eyes.

"Eeeehhh??!! Why senpai?"

She avoid her face from me. “Because……. she wanna take you from me.”

This is silly. Somebody please help me to run out from this school!! Help me to disappear.

Jurina look at me and said "Daisuki, Rena-chan." in front of these people.

"Please don’t leave me, Rena." Sae senpai hold my hand tightly.

"Are both of you already dating?" Mariko ask me.

Sae senpai still avoid my eyes, then I shook my head.

Jurina stand and walk around these people. “Look guys. All of you is our witness.. Miyazawa-san officially became my rival now. I will make Rena-chan become mine. Don’t ever think to bother both of them or I will be your problem. This is a fair play.”

I must be dreaming right now. I didn’t know what happened.. why Jurina suddenly changed her mind?! She supposed to be hate me, right? Is this because………

——————- FLASHBACK: 2 weeks ago ——————

Jurina force me to stay tonight in her house, but I insist to go home. I’m not really feel comfortable to spent a night in somebody else house… especially my enemy’s house.

"Oh come on Rena, it’s already too dark to me to drive… we need 2 or more hours to get back there. I’m sleepy."

"It’s your fault.. why did you bring me here? That’s just a reason because you know that my parents not there. If you didn’t know, I’m sure you wanna take me home even if it’s in a midnight."

"I want you to know me more…." Jurina avoid my eyes.

"Why should I?" I raise my voice. "I already know you.. rich, stubborn, rude, selfish, childish, arrogant, lazy-"

"See? You only saw my negative side. I know that I always make you angry, but… from now on…. I want you to see my other sides. So, you’ll not hate me anymore."

Arrkkkhhh. I’m sure there’re many people who hate you out there. Do you want to kidnaped them one by one to show how good are you?! Why I always become a victim?!

"Forget it. I wanna sleep!’ I yell at her and I want to sleep as soon as possible. So tomorrow will come faster and I can go home by myself. I can go by bus tomorrow if she still didn’t want to drive me home.

"Wait!" She grabs my hand. "I can’t let you stay in my house without doing anything. Let’s walk around."

You can walk around here, but you can’t drive me home? Perfect!! I’m too lazy and tired to fight with her again, so I just follow her. She bring out her motorcycle.

"Hold my waist!" She turn on the engine.

"Or what??"

"Or……" She suddenly speed up.

"Kyaaaa!! What are you doing?!"

"Hold me or you will fall." She grinned.

"This is your way to show me how good you are?"

"I haven’t showing it yet."

She close her helmet and I can’t do anything except follow her. I always helpless when I’m with her.

She ride it very fast. I’m afraid that I will fell, so I hold her waist more tighter. I hide my face behind her back because the weather so cold. I can smell her perfume. Now, I completely hug her and closing my eyes. I like it.. so comfortable.

"You can release your hug. We arrived. Ugghh…. it’s so tight. I can’t breath, Rena."

My normal sense back to my brain, I release her immediately. “Sorry.” I hope she didn’t see my blushed cheek.

"Mariko is right. You look cute when you shy." She laugh and walk away.

I completely played by her. I follow her. And…… I’m shock about what I saw. I can’t blink. I can’t close my mouth. “This is beautiful, Matsui.” I can saw lots of lights down there. So pretty.

"My home is located on a hill, so if we go up a little more … where we are now, we could see the view of the village below." She pointed at that village.

"You know Rena, you can call me Jurina.. it’s too confuse because there’re double Matsui here and I already call your name first. I know it’s rude but-"

I cut her words. I stand more closer to the edge of the hill. ”Ok. No problem. It’s my gift because you bring me here. This scenery is so beautiful, Jurina!!” I can’t hide my excitement.

"Yes, It’s beautiful Rena… beautiful like you." She peck my cheek.

I’m about to angry, but before I can open my mouth. She said, “We can look a sunrise from here too… clearly. Sunrise is beautiful too.”

Wait… No way!! You mean… “We will sleep here, Jurina?!”

"Yes, Rena. I already ordered my house keeper to set up a tent here, for both of us." She pointed to her right.

I saw a small tent stand there. It’s not just small… it’s tiny for me!! Jurina… you!

She get in. I saw her prepare a lamp, a mat, and 4 blankets. She said, “I prepare more blankets, so we will not freeze up here.”

"It’s only 2 of us?"

"Yes. Are you afraid? No dangerous people here, this is also owned by my family." She smile at me.

I am not afraid to other people. I am afraid of you, silly!!

My phone ringing, I saw who’s it. “Hello, Sae senpai!” I see Jurina pouted. “Are you OK, senpai? Are you still sick? How’s your fever?”

Wow.. wow.. easy pale-kohai. I’m fine, totally. How about your school? Is Jurina still bother you?

"Oh, our project is fine. And about Jurina…." She look at me and I stare her too. "She. TOTALLY. BOTHER me senpai. So, you must not skip your school again. Protect me." I grinned to Jurina. She looks angry and get in to a tent.

Actually, I call you because I want to ask you out tomorrow night. Are you busy tomorrow?

"Ask me out?? I’m not too busy tomorrow." I am so happy now. I still can’t imagine that Sae senpai ask me out.

That’s good. See you tomorrow. I miss you, Rena-chan.

Is this a dream??!! Sae senpai ask me out and she said she miss me! I will see my ikemen-senpai tomorrow. I smile.

Suddenly I feel a cold breeze blowing. Ahh.. it’s so cold. I get in to the tent. “Jurina, can we make up the fire? I see some wood there.”

"Ok, just sit here." She put a blanket to me. "I will make it."

"Are you sure? Can you do it alone?"

"Of course! I can do everything." She smile and get out from a tent.

I open the front of the tent and I saw Jurina bring some wood and put it not too far from me. She working on it. Actually, she’s nice. After a project this morning, I can feel her warmness again tonight. She looks cool in that serious face.

I sit more closer to the fire, but I still feel cold. “Jurina, I’m still cold. I will put more wood to this.” I want to stand up, but Jurina push me and put my blanket again.

"Just sit there and tell me if you need anything." She went to get some wood and make the flame more bigger. I feel warmer now.

"Is it warm enough?" She ask me and sit beside me.

"I feel warmer now. Thanks."

We just sit here, silent for few minutes until she broke the silent.

"This is ther first time I come here since years. Our family camping together here when I was 10 years old. After that, my family keep busy with their works. When I was about 15 years old, my family got a huge problem."

I look her face. She’s sad, very sad. I want to hug her but… "I hate your senpai!" I hold back. What happened with them?

"Her mom… cheating with my father……"

I am shock.. this is totally shocking. Why she must tell it here? Is it supposed to be our vacation? I give her my hug, I try to calm her.

"I can not do anything, Rena. I hate Sae. I want to make her suffering. I do it for these 2 years. But…… she was my best friend back then. If she’s hurt, I will feel it too. I’m confuse. I-"

"Stop it Jurina. Stop talking about it. I know how do you feels." I hug her tightly, I feel her cry in my shoulder. So, Sae senpai was Jurina old friend. I understand now why I always see flame in Jurina’s eyes when she looking Sae senpai in a class.

"Can we sleep now? I feel tired." Jurina release my hug and lay on the mat. I put the blankets to her.

I lay on the another side, but we still close. Why she didn’t bring a big one tent?! She’s rich!

It’s already 2 hours, but I still can’t sleep. I feel my body shivering. I look Jurina, she sleep calmly. She looks OK, but why my body over react to this?!

"Rena, are you OK? Are you still feel cold? I will make a fire again."

"It’s OK. Too cold out there. You will sick." I grab her hands before she stand.


I hold her hand tighter. I don’t want she walks out there, she will frozen.

She take off her jacket, “Wear this.” I take it at I wear it as she said.

"Are you OK without your jacket?" I start to worry about her.

"Just worry yourself, I am fine with this. I’m not as weak as you."

I want to kick her butt, but I have no power to do it, so I just grumble. She sit and wait me fall to sleep but I can’t. I already wear 3 blanket but I’m still cold. I hear she sighed.

"Come on. I will drive you home. I’m sure tomorrow morning you will be arrived at your house." She want to carry me.

I refuse it, “No. I wanna see the sunrise that you said. I don’t want to come here twice.. So cold in here.. How can you survive in this place?” I give her my weak smile.

"You will get a fever, Rena. We must go home!" She touch my forehead and my neck.

"No!" I really want to go home, but after she tell that story about her family.. I want her to remember again how camping feels like.

"I really don’t understand how your brain works." She scold me. She give me her blanket.

"No-no.. you can’t sleep if you didn’t wear your jacket and blanket." I give it back. She’s so gentle.

"I didn’t sleep with my jacket but….."

Eehh?! She sleep beside me and cover herself with these blankets. I can touch her cold skin. So smooth.

"..... but I will sleep with my blankets and with you." She smile, then hug me. I can feel her warm breath on my forehead and feel her heartbeat in her chest.

"Forgive me, but this is the only way to make you feel warmer. I can’t let you spend this long night with shivering."

"I will forgive you for this one. Thanks." I hug her back. She’s true, I feel warmer.

She kiss my forehead, I try to release the hug but she’s too strong. “You know, I only forgive your hug.. not your kiss. Let me go, Ju-“

She cut my words with her lips, I feel her lips, her soft lips. I want to release it go but Jurina hold my head and my waist.. I can’t go easily. She keep kiss me with gently. But her kiss become more and more passionate, I still can’t move.. I feel my heart beats faster. This beats too faster to be ignored, I can’t hold it anymore.. I kiss her back. I kiss her with passionate.

After she feel that I kiss her back, she stop. “I know that you will start to like me. My aura is too strong to be ignored by girls.” She laugh. “Now sleep, Rena. Take a rest, so we can be able to see sunrise. Good Night.” She peck my lips and she hug me with close eyes.

Is she always flirting to other girls like this?! I can’t believe that I easily tricked by her. I smile and let her hug me. Now, I able to sleep.


"Rena.. hey… wake up." She peck my forehead. "You looks OK, I’m happy that you didn’t get a fever." She give me a big smile and peck my lips.

I sit down quickly, “Can you stop kissing me like that?! I will not forgive you anymore!” I said that while pointing my finger to her face.

I don’t believe that she kiss me again, I lost my defenses if it comes to her. Even Sae senpai, someone that I like, never did this to me. She broke her kiss and drag me out. She led me to the edge. She hug me from behind.

She whisper in my ear, “Good morning, Rena-chan. I love our first night together.” Jurina giggled.

"We didn’t do anything! We just sleep!"

Jurina pointed something and I follow her finger. I saw a sunrise! It’s like Jurina said, so beautiful! This is the first time I see how amazing sky is.

We stand together for some minutes to see the sun more and more high, up to the sky. I let Jurina hug me. Thanks Jurina, because you show me this beautiful scenery, beautiful sunrise, and now I able to see how beautiful you are.

"This is beautiful.. but I have given up a lot of thing for this.” I release Jurina’s hug and walk to the tent. “Let’s go home. Sae senpai waiting for me.”

I pretending not to see Jurina’s face. After I said that, her warmness and her gentle gone.

"OK. I will drive you home." She said it in a cold way.

Sorry Jurina. I like Sae senpai first. You even didn’t like me… you just play with me so I can forgive you. You’ve got my forgiveness.

"Don’t be sad Jurina, I promise that I will accompany you if you wanna go here again. And the most important thing is: I already forgive you and we’re frineds now. Thanks Jurina. I will not only remember your bad things now."

She smile without saying anything.

She must be sad because we go home early, I know she wanna play here more. But I can’t do anything, Sae senpai ask me out tonight.

——————- END OF FLASHBACK ——————

So, Jurina didn’t sad because we go home early.. She sad because I will go out with Sae-senpai?! This is impossible. I will make 2 best friend quarreling again. Ughh.


This is the 3rd week since Jurina make the ‘declaration’. I hate being in a spotlight like this. I’m not feel comfort about the way students eyes look at me… it’s like ‘Why Jurina and Sae fight to get you? I am better than you!

They drove me home alternately, everyday. They become more-more sweet while their talking to me. They didn’t let me walk alone. They follow me to everywhere. They didn’t let me to touch my own homework. They didn’t let me to do our project, they always did it for me. I really do not have anything to do now.

What happen to them? They're too serious about this. I must decide it as soon as possible. I want to end this rivalry soon, but I become confuse about who should I choose. They’re too perfect for me.

I arrange a meeting with both of them and Mariko as a witness. This is silly, I know that. But I must end their quarrel soon, I want them become a best friend again.

"You know it’s hard for me to choose one from both of you. Before I make a decision, can you promise me to get along together? I want 4 of us become friend and I don’t want any quarrel happen again, especially because of me."

They silent, but finally they agree. They said they will accept my decision, I’m free to choose.

"Miyazaki…. I mean Miyazawa." Jurina call Sae.

"You’ve forgot my name?! Uso.."

"No. I just… feel awkward to say your name again… Sae."

"It’s OK Jurina. It’s good to us. Can we friends again?" Sae senpai smile.

"Of course we can. Like you said, our parents problem is not supposed to be our obstacle to be friends. We must face this together. Later, We will become a better parents than they are now."

They hug each other and they cry. Mariko also hug Sae senpai. It’s must be difficult for 3 of them, after almost 3 years.. they’ll together again.

Mariko give me a sign, she winked at me. I remember our planning before. I grab Jurina’s hand and forced her to release their hug. Jurina run with me to the park behind our school, leave Mariko and Sae alone.

"What are you doing, Rena?! I just hug my friend after 3 years!! I feel that I want to hug her for 3 years more!!" She pouted.

"So… you wanna hug Sae for 3 years? Well… I don’t wanna wait for 3 years to be able to hug you." Now, I am the one who pouted.

"You mean……. we are dating now??"

I can see her bright smile, same as smile that she gave to me when we saw a sunrise. Beautiful smile. Best smile that I ever seen. I want to kiss that smile.

I walk closer to her. I can see her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, and her lips clearly. I adore it for a seconds, then I kiss her. I don’t know how I get my courage, I just wanna touch her smile. I got it, I can feel her smile when I kiss her before it’s changed to my passionate kiss. My hands go to all over her body, then I put my hands around her neck. I feel her hands on my waist.

Now I am sure that she’s mine. I’m happy to be with her. I want to know her more, I want to be the one who know her most. I want to forget all negative thing that she ever did to me.

She broke the kiss. “Is this not too rude? To leave Sae like that? She must be upset.”

"Yes, she will upset.. but not too upset. There’s another confession, we can’t bothering them."

"You mean, Mariko wanna conf-"

I kiss her again. Her worries gone. Mariko-sama.. good luck!

=============== END ================

This is long. I can’t do anything to end it in this way. Like I said before, too much idea come when it comes to last chapter.

I hope you like it. :)

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Re: [4 Shots] Rivalry (WMatsui) - [COMPLETE]
« Reply #8 on: September 19, 2013, 08:04:39 PM »
Aaaaw how cute :heart

Jurina so cute~ I love their sweet moment in the tend *.*

I really really really liked it! Thank you for this o/

And I loled so much with that end xD in the end Mariko liked Sae :p I liked that twist o/

Thank you for this fic ;)

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Re: [4 Shots] Rivalry (WMatsui) - [COMPLETE]
« Reply #9 on: September 20, 2013, 02:58:43 AM »
Aaaaw how cute :heart

Jurina so cute~ I love their sweet moment in the tend *.*

I really really really liked it! Thank you for this o/

And I loled so much with that end xD in the end Mariko liked Sae :p I liked that twist o/

Thank you for this fic ;)

Yeahh... about Mariko like Sae.
I also laugh hard if I imagine that happen in the real world.. It'll will be funny.  :w00t:
But because it's a fan fiction, so... anything can be possible.  :lol:

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Re: [4 Shots] Rivalry (WMatsui) - [COMPLETE]
« Reply #10 on: September 20, 2013, 03:25:07 AM »
Yeah! Mariko liking Sae in real world would be hilarious :D
I agree with you! In FanFiction anything is possible! O/

Sometimes I think what if in reality the pairs we ship are all messed up? Like Rena in reality not date jurina or yuki or Airin or Yuko, the usual girls fans pair her with, she dates yuria or nakanishi or akarin :p

Sorry about my mumbling ^^"

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Re: [4 Shots] Rivalry (WMatsui) - [COMPLETE]
« Reply #11 on: September 20, 2013, 10:10:06 AM »
ah so cute hahaha :love:
Thanks anak panti-san :twothumbs

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Re: [4 Shots] Rivalry (WMatsui) - [COMPLETE]
« Reply #12 on: September 23, 2013, 04:34:12 AM »
woooo Mariko x Sae

i never imagine....

and do another one-shot!!!

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Re: [4 Shots] Rivalry (WMatsui) - [COMPLETE]
« Reply #13 on: September 24, 2013, 09:10:04 AM »
woooo Mariko x Sae

i never imagine....

and do another one-shot!!!

I'm not really good in writing a One Shot.
It's because I'm a detail person.. It's hard for me to start something and then ended it soon in one story.
But I'll try. Thanks. :D

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