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Author Topic: (Feb 12) Killer Queen: Chapter 9 (Atsumina)  (Read 42438 times)

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(Feb 12) Killer Queen: Chapter 9 (Atsumina)
« on: November 01, 2012, 09:24:25 PM »
Hey, hey!
Sooooo... I actually started writing this last June but I didn't want to post it until I haven't written a decent amount of pages. Life has been busy so I didn't have that much time to write but I've been bored today... so I decided to post it. Besides, Kuumin announced her graduation  :cry: and I decided that I needed to take my mind off things.
Anyway, I wrote about one of the mainstream pairings because I had that story in mind and they seemed the most fitting for it. I'm not telling you which one though, not in the prologue at least. A lot of other pairings and girls will come in as the story continues. 

The prologue is somewhat short but the chapters are going to be longer. Tell me what you think about it?


A park, 4:00 AM

The park was empty as she arrived. She checked her watch and then sat on one of the benches by the playground, staring at the swings.
Things had gone smoothly, way too smoothly now that she thought about it. The guards that were ordered to protect her victim had proven themselves to be a lame joke, an insult to the skills of a professional killer. It had taken her exactly 7 minutes and 40 seconds from stepping into the building to firing three well- aimed bullets into the girl’s head. Well, one bullet would have been enough but she liked to make sure the job was really done. She had left the building in 4 minutes and 8 seconds, meaning there where still 8 minutes and 12 seconds left for her to get to the park. She was quite sure that the time had passed just like that and that her partner should have arrived by now.
Yet, the park was empty, causing the young woman to nervously fiddle with the phone in the pocket of her leather jacket. She knew that there was no point in calling.

Everyone is on their own in case something goes wrong.

Really, it was suspicious. If her partner wasn’t going to show up in the next five minutes she had to return to the head quarters immediately and report the other woman as missing.

Please, don’t make me cry for you, my love.

Suddenly her head jerked up as she heard noises coming from the bushes. Immediately she got up and called
No answer. The sixth sense she had developed after years of training sent a tingling sensation through her body, warning her that something was about to go terribly wrong. For a second she stood in front of the bench, listening into the darkness, only to dodge the fist that came swinging at her in the blink of an eye. She slipped through the man’s arms like an eel and started to run.

I may not be stronger, but I’m faster.

She couldn’t risk shooting her gun and wasting her last bullet like that. Instead she headed towards the street lights of a quiet living area. She counted the steps she took on the pavement. The men behind her were breathing heavily but controlled. There was no doubt that they were well trained and that there were more of them than she thought at first.
From the corners of her eyes, she spotted one of them coming from her right side to get her, so she turned sharp left, escaping into a smaller street. She threw herself into the next garden to the right, crawling into some blooming bushes. The houses shadowed her from the moonlight, making it easier for her to blend in with the darkness. She crawled through the flowers and jumped over some fences. She even got her jeans wet in some garden pond she had not seen in the dark.
The steps of her pursuers soon blended in with the sounds of the night.
Looking up she saw an open window, easy to reach by climbing up on a fire exit.

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Re: Killer Queen: Prologue
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2012, 05:24:26 AM »
Well, well. That was quite interesting, but... Nakagawa? Nakagawa Haruka? (That was her full name was it not... OR IS HERE ANOTHER NAKAGAWA!?) +w+ Haru-san?~

Other than that, is there any other way to address you other than fffff-san? LOL. ^-^"


All of you can call me Cross! (Honorifics are nice, but I'd rather not with too much formality. o w ob!)

You can try to contact me at my blog on tumblr, andreabutts. I also have another blog that you can try to contact me with if andreabutts is not replied within two days, callmeawota.

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Killer Queen: Chapter 1 (Atsumina)
« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2012, 09:09:12 PM »
Here's chapter 1! It's quite long and I fear that I won't be able to update too often because I'm somewhat slow at writing and I don't have that much time either, but I'll try! I checked the grammar and everything but I'm convinced that there will be some mistakes. I hope you'll still like it! (Italics are the thoughts of the protagonist of the chapter)
@ O r i g a m i: You're so kind! Thank you! ( I just hope I won't disappoint you)
@ Crossing Crossroads: Yep, that's her. Anyway, just call me Fiffi. I hope you'll like chapter 1...

Chapter 1

Takahashi Residence, 04:13 AM

Minami woke up because strange sounds came out of her closet. She blinked into the darkness of her room. A cool breeze sweeping in through the open window and the growing fear in her heart caused her to tremble.
“Hello?” she called out softly from the relative safety of her bed. The noises didn’t stop, but she didn’t get an answer either. “I-i-is someb…”
“Aah! Found something!” an unfamiliar voice interrupted her, causing her to scream and shoot up in her bed.
“Whaaaa! What… Who… Aaaah!” Minami stuttered and then decided to just scream without bothering to form words.
“Oh, shut it”
A dark figure stepped out of the closet, but Minami couldn’t make out any details because the person stayed in the shadows. Judging by the voice, the intruder happened to be female, a fact that calmed Minami down a bit, yet she still decided she would better follow the stranger’s orders.
“Better” the girl in the dark said as Minami stopped her screaming. “You wouldn’t want anyone to come in and catch us in action, right?”
 The tone of the girl was playful but Minami could tell that something actually bothered her. However she didn’t think about it too much as her mind tried to process the situation.
“I told you to be quiet! No talking, alright?” For a moment the girl stepped into a faint ray of moonlight. She was nothing outstanding, a slim figure dressed into a leather jacket with a black shirt underneath and dark jeans. Which were kind of wet. Her barely shoulder-length hair covered her face. In her left hand she held an old shirt of Minami.
“What are you doing?” Minami blushed bright red as the unknown girl suddenly started to strip her clothes off.
“You can’t possibly… eeks!” Absolutely overwhelmed by the strange and embarrassing situation she slid under the covers and buried her face in her mattress.

Don’t look and it’s gone.

The bed shifted underneath her, but Minami ignored it.
“Ne, how’s that?” she heard a voice close to her ear. A cold hand slid around her hips as the other girl pressed her body on hers.
“Nooooo!” desperately she tried to jump out of her bed as she realized that the stranger, this… this… pervert was laying next to her. She didn’t get far. Uncoordinated as she was her foot got caught in the covers, causing her to crash face forward onto the floor. This could only be a nightmare of the worst kind.
“I see your panties” the other girl announced dryly, causing Minami to wish she could just die on the spot. If she hit her head again, maybe she could pass out. But how should she defend herself in that case? She should just make a run for it.

One. Two. Th-

The girl in her bed had just grabbed her ankle.
“No. Screaming. Got that?”
“Y- yes” Minami uttered in defeat as the girl started to pull her towards her with almost inhuman strength.
“You’re my girlfriend if someone asks” the dark figure now wearing Minami’s shirt ordered.

I feel powerless.

“Sweet! Now come to bed!”
Psycho. Early in the morning nightmare. Perverted devil disturbing my dreams.
Minami stifled a scream. For a second she thought about alarming the neighbors but they wouldn’t hear her as they were sleeping, being the good citizens they were.

Other than this THING!

“Don’t you dare to touch my thighs!” she threatened and hoped to sound somewhat fearsome.
After all she couldn’t give in without a fight. She had her own pride after all.
“Shut the hell up!”
Minami already regretted speaking up as she heard the threatening voice. 
She went into escaping-reality-mode and closed her eyes. Hopefully her imagination wouldn’t bother her with horrid ideas about the identity of that stranger.

She’s kind. She’s not a criminal or a vampire or a rapist disguised as a female.

Takahashi Residence, 05:10 AM

Atsuko watched the sun climbing the sky behind the clouds. The worries about her partner made her stomach twist but she knew that there was nothing she could do other than returning to the head quarters. She had called Kumi after the girl next to her had fallen asleep. The little idiot had panicked causing Atsuko to almost throw her phone against the wall. She was worried and didn’t need people who weren’t able to save her girl. Only the steady heartbeat of the person next to her had kept her calm.
Finally, she had been able to talk to Mariko who had ordered her to stay hiding until dawn. Of course Mariko didn’t know about Atsuko’s special hiding places. There was no way she would have allowed to endanger people that didn’t have any relation to the job. Atsuko couldn’t care less. If she was able to stay in a comfortable bed with a warm body next to her to keep away the fears she didn’t mind.
She had done it before after all. The first time she had had no other choice but later on she always choose this method of hiding. Once she had snuck into an old lady’s bedroom who had confused her for her childhood friend who died back in 1957. She had talked to Atsuko the entire night and cried bitter tears when Atsuko told her that she had to leave again. Really, it had been a sad scene.
This time, Atsuko felt that she was lucky. In a situation like this with sorrows filling her heart this was just was she needed.

Really, this girl is quite something.

Normally the people into whose house she broke were scared and trembling in fear, but this idiot she stumbled across here was basically embarrassed. Yet she smelled nice. Strawberry shampoo if Atsuko was to guess. She snuggled closer to the unknown girl, feeling her twitch underneath her hands. Ah, she liked idiots way too much.

Haruka is a childish idiot after all. And still… I love her.
When I get back to the head quarters she will come running towards me and hug me and kiss me and ramble how the love of her life saved her. Surely she has a new love once more and I’ll just watch and smile my bitter, cold smile.

Atsuko sighed deeply. She had always been one to face the bitter reality. The years of killing had made her heart harden and her features frozen. Only Haruka, her childhood friend was able to make her smile secretly with her sweet kisses and hugs that annoyed Atsuko just as much as she loved them.
“Say, what’s on your mind?” Atsuko whispered into the ear of the girl next to her. She knew that she couldn’t be sleeping, who would sleep with an unknown person in the same bed?

C’mon, take my mind off things.

“Don’t talk to me. Don’t be real” The voice sounded sleepily. Atsuko had good chances to disappear without that girl ever knowing that she hadn’t been a dream. But somehow she wanted to stay present for her.
“But I am”
“No, you’re a nightmare”
Once again, Atsuko was impressed. Playfully, she pulled the girl’s ponytail making her whine in fear as she fully woke up.
“You’re stupid, prude and unfashionable. But I like you”, Atsuko said then she slipped out of the bed. “Thanks for letting me borrow your shirt and your bed”
Atsuko was aware that the ponytailed girl watched her carefully while she was getting dressed. She could almost feel the eyes burning into her skin.
“You enjoy seeing me like this?” she asked without turning around.
“Eh? Eeeehhh? I… I… NO!”
“Suuure. Anyway, see you!” Atsuko flashed the girl her trademark smile, then she jumped out of the window. Her knees and feet made painful contact with the lawn as she landed skillfully. She groaned quietly before she got up and looked around. The grass was still wet as the sun hadn’t yet risen fully. It was only sending some weak rays through the clouds. The night was still dominating.
“Uuuumh… are you alright? That’s quite a fall…”

Aah, she’s just too cute and caring. I hope she won’t cause a ruckus; I don’t have the time to deal with her.

Without looking back at the window, Atsuko made her way back to the street. She crawled through the same bushes as an hour ago and the farer away from her hideout she got, the heavier her heart became.
As soon as she arrived at the head quarters, the ponytailed girl was erased from her memory. Her partner was everything that mattered now.

Travel Agency Kuramochi Travels, 08:00 AM

Minami felt sick as she made her way into the building. She had gotten up right after her visitor left because there was no way she could rest afterwards. The incident had caused a throbbing headache that wouldn’t be silenced, not by water, fresh air or pills. It had bothered her from the moment she got up, while eating breakfast, on the train and as she arrived at work.
She hurried up the stairs and opened the door to the office. The windows of the room seemed to be freshly cleaned as the morning sun shone through; the expensive carpet underneath Minami’s feet was spotless as well, just like the white leather couches and the polished desk. Minami inhaled the scent of the sweet yet unobtrusive perfume that lingered in the air. It seemed that her co-worker, the customer consultant hadn’t arrived yet as her seat was still empty. Minami walked through the fancy room into the corridor behind it, which was a lot smaller and not quite as shiny. She didn’t work with the customer’s themselves as she didn’t fit the optic categories as Kuramochi-san said.
“Good Morning!”
She greeted her secretary as she finally arrived in her own office. After all there was no way she could drag her down with her mood.
“Good Morning!” Maeda Ami, Minami’s secretary answered.

I’m just glad she isn’t late again.

“So, what’s to do today?”
Minami tried to sound cheerful as she sat down to look at her paperwork. The small desk was covered with various folders and sheets. The poor tiny cactus located in the middle seemed to drown in an ocean of paper. She was currently dealing with some stuff regarding complaints of some customers. Her headache could only get worse.
“Seems like they filled a lawsuit?”
Ami scratched the back of her head as she passed Minami the papers and a cup of coffee. She wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box but she tried to do her job properly, something Minami definitely appreciated. For her, hard work had always paid of. Kuramochi Travels was a highly recommended travel agency in the upper levels of society since they only worked with expensive hotels all around the world. Minami was glad to have gotten a job at this place. Yet sometimes, the customers with their high expectations would complain about simply anything.
“Have you already informed Kuramochi- san about it?” Minami asked.
“No… I thought you would do it? I’m really sorry!”
“It’s alright Ami. I’ll just go and talk to her”

Aah, meetings with Kuramochi-san are always quite embarrassing. Really, it’s not my day. I’m surely dreaming just now.

Minami stepped out in the corridor, just to bump into someone.
“Oi, Takahashi! What are you doing?”
“Eh? Eh? Miyazaki- san! Show me some respect!”
Minami groaned as her younger co-worker’s rudeness increased the pain in her head, making it almost unbearable. Miho was doing paperwork, similar to Minami, but she managed to keep herself not quite as busy.
“You were the one who bumped into me” Miho clarified, her arms crossed.
“Yeah, I’m sorry…” Minami waved her hand.
“Eh? That’s not like you, to act like this”
“I’m really sorry, Miyazaki-san, I’m just a little troubled by some things”

Can’t she let go already? I’m not in the mood today but I don’t want to offend her either.

“I understand”
“Eh? Really?” Minami asked surprised and full of hope. Miho just gave a quick nod and started to hurry down the corridor into her office, leaving the older girl to stare after her in surprise. Standing in the doorframe she turned around.
“It’s obvious that you’re not well. You look like shit, Takahashi”
And with that she was gone.
Minami was left in the corridor, once more somewhat embarrassed by her co- worker’s behavior. But she couldn’t get rid of the feeling that she heard concern in the other girl’s voice.
“It hurts!” she whined and touched her aching head. “There’s no way that I will continue like this the entire day! It’s all because of that nightmare of a girl!”
Sighing she made her way towards her boss’ office and knocked.
“Come in!”
“Good Morning Kuramochi- san. May I bother you for a minute?” Minami asked as she stuck her head into the room.
“Yes, of course”
Kuramochi Asuka sat comfortably in a huge chair behind her desk and fiddled with her hair, obviously bored. Gracefully she motioned for Minami to sit down, a smirk on her lips.
“What is it, Takahashi-san?” she asked and leaned forward.
“I- it’s a lawsuit?” Minami stuttered. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but something about her boss made her feel uncertain.
“Mmh. Again? Let me see”
“Here” Minami handed over the paper and watched the other woman’s expression. She did not flinch. Kuramochi-san was the kind of person who was always at ease, never panicking or confused. Also, Minami had never seen her actually work, but somehow she did a great job with the business.

I’m sure she doesn’t have a headache. But she didn’t have creepy visitors last night and if she did she surely dealt with them differently. She would probably act the same way that woman did, sweet at one second and cold the other second.

“Takahashi- san?”
“Oh, I’m sorry” Minami lowered her head to apologize for not paying attention.
“It’s alright. I think you should be able to deal with this. Just contact our lawyers” Asuka passed the paper back at Minami, her hand resting on Minami’s arm for one second too long.
“Yes. I will do that” Quickly, Minami got up, blushing like mad.

Just like that stranger today, just like that stranger. Ah, headache.

“You’re cute when you’re flustered, you know that?”
“Eh?” Minami quickly flew the scene, she bowed at the door and muttered “Excuse me” and then she was gone.
Asuka’s laughter rang after her as she almost ran down the corridor.

CoF Headquarters, 08:26 AM

Atsuko played with the string attached to her cell phone. Mariko had ordered her to rest, something she really did not want to do when everyone was out looking for her partner. She felt like a child because they had put her on the couch in the meeting room, given her a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. Then they were gone and she had nothing to do.
She could listen to the secretary and the cleaning lady chatting in the hallway but their talk didn’t keep her busy. Sure she cared about clothes but just not that much.

Really they should talk about something more challenging. Global warming or politics or something of that kind.

“Kumi!” Atsuko finally yelled as she couldn’t stand the heavy atmosphere surrounding her anymore.
“Oh, yes?”
Atsuko wondered how a girl this clumsy could be that fast as soon as one of her adored assassins called for her. Really, Kumi who happened to have the job of the secretary, cook and maid, stood next to her in the blink of an eye.
“Get me some rum into my hot chocolate”
“Rum” Kumi frowned in her adorable way.
“Exactly” Atsuko glared at the poor girl causing her to stumble because she hurried to the small kitchen. She then turned around to face the cleaning lady who had followed Kumi into the room. The girl flushed bright red even though she didn’t say a thing.
“I should get back to work” she finally announced as she slowly got frightened. Atsuko nodded and then sank back on the couch. She had had a headache ever since she stepped into the headquarters and a heavy feeling in her chest. The best medicine would have been fighting and the rush of adrenaline, the excitement she got out of her job. An illegal car race or sneaking into other people’s beds would have worked as well, but she was ordered to stay. And even Maeda Atsuko wasn’t dumb enough to disobey Shinoda Mariko.
“Where did Tomo~mi go?”
“You got my rum?”
Kumi nodded absent minded as she poured it into the hot chocolate. It was quite a lot she put in but Atsuko didn’t mind at all.
“Have you seen Tomo~mi?”

Of course I have seen the cleaning lady. I just sent her away. Idiot.

“Maeda- san?”
“Get lost” Atsuko turned to the wall behind the couch.

Nakagawa Haruka, get the hell back here!

Travel agency Kuramochi Travels, 12:00 AM

Minami looked up from her papers as Miho stuck her head into her office.
“Join us at lunch”
“It’s fine if you go, Ami” Minami offered to her secretary who looked at her questioningly.
“You too” Miho insisted and stepped into the office. Minami sighed and held up some paper, hoping to stop the girl from bothering her.
“Don’t worry. I’ll just continue a little with my work here. I didn’t get everything done yet”

Stupid headache. Stopped me from working today. 

“No way”
And before Minami was able to realize what happened to her, Miho had already grabbed her by the hand and pulled her up from her seat. Even worse, she had Ami take her other hand, something the secretary did while constantly giggling as she helped to drag Minami outside.

Really now?

Absolutely defeated Minami followed the two insisting girls into the small break room where she already saw Kashiwagi Yuki, the ever-perfect costumer consultant. Her dark hair was pinned up neatly and she wore a blazer in the same light pink as her pencil skirt. As usual at the beginning of the week she sported a new pair of heels, simple white ones this time. She was the one person who made Minami feel small even though she didn’t do anything at all. Yet she still appreciated her as a colleague, even as a friend.
As usual Yuki was accompanied by her secretary Watanabe Miyuki, another all-perfect girl, who she was busy talking to, obviously telling a story she illustrated with soft moves of her hand. Minami could definitely see why she was picked to talk to all of the high class customers.
“Oh, Takahashi-san” Yuki smiled as she looked up. “I haven’t seen you around all day, but Myao told me you were sick: How are you doing?”
“You told her what?” Minami looked up at the girl who was still holding her hand. Miho shrugged.
“You do look sick” Miyuki stated, getting an approving nod from the other three girls. Only Minami shook her head and waved her hand.
“No way, no way, no way. It’s just a headache”
“Kuramochi- san said so too, didn’t she Myao, Milky?” Yuki nodded at the girls.
“She did, she did”
“She said you ran away from her office in the morning and wondered if you suddenly had to puke or something of that kind” Miho elaborated.
“Oh, did you?” Ami stared at Minami with her eyes open. “Don’t tell me that Takahashi-san is married and starting an own family?”
“What?” Minami looked at her secretary without any clue what she might be talking about. Yuki was obviously having one of her big wide-eyed reactions, Miyuki smiled knowingly and Miho frowned. “Ooooh, oh, no, no, no” Minami finally caught on. “I’m not … having a child or anything of that kind, no, no, no way.
Seriously is that the only thing you guys think about?”

Oh gosh, how embarrassing.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Takahashi-san!” Ami bowed deeply as she apologized. “I really am. I just thought that that could be the reason why you were in such a bad mood all day, you know? Really, I’m sorry!”
“It’s fine, it’s fine. Let’s not talk about it anymore, ne?” Minami got even more embarrassed by the younger girl’s embarrassment. “Let’s eat!”
Much to Minami’s displeasure, Miho didn’t feel like dropping the topic anytime soon.
“If Takahashi…”
“… Takahashi really had a child that would be bad, wouldn’t it? Imagine it would be a boy and she would keep putting ribbons on his head”
“I wouldn’t do that!” Minami defended herself, carefully touching her ribbon, just to check if it still was in place.
“And if it was a girl she would be uncomfortable with you around when showering because she would see you as a father, not as a mother” Miyuki mused.
“It’s true, it’s true!” Ami exclaimed before covering her mouth when she realized what she had said. “I’m sorry, Takahashi-san”
“But there’s no need to worry. It’s not as if Takahashi will be in a relationship anytime soon”
Silence followed after Miho’s comment, before black-hearted Yuki couldn’t help but burst into laughter.
“Eeeeehhh?” Minami whined as she saw her colleagues almost drop to the floor. “You can’t be serious!”
“I’m sorry, Minami. But it’s just too funny, you know?” Yuki reached out to the other girl who frowned at the offered hand.
“You know, I’m in a relationship actually!”
Silence. Then hysteric laughter.
“Really now, Takahashi, really now?”
“No need to say it twice”

‘If someone asks, I’m your girlfriend’ Didn’t she say that? Didn’t she? Wait, what am I thinking? But… that’s what she said. Yet, I don’t know her… That’s stupid Minami, like your biggest fail yet

“I have a girlfriend you guys!”

Oh damn, I said it. Ah, headache.

“Okay, now that’s unexpected”
“Hell, you really are a dude, aren’t you?”
“Aaah, this is great, Takahashi-san!”
“Ah, y-yeah” Minami laughed nervously.
“You mind introducing us to her?” Miyuki asked mischievously and tilted her head to the side.

And that’s exactly the question I feared. Thanks a lot Watanabe-san.

“Why would I introduce you guys?”
“We’re your only friends. Duh” Miho sighed and shook her head in disbelief.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Minami sighed in defeat. “Ah, headache!”
“Again?” a worried look crossed Miho’s face.
“Guess your girl is grumpy then, right?” Yuki asked.
“What?” Minami looked at her confused before taking her chance. “Yes she’s been… bothersome and kind of… demanding, and clingy and greedy and in a bad mood! You really don’t want to meet her. You don’t want to meet her at all, right Ami?”
“Eh?” the poor secretary looked around for help as she was suddenly pulled into Minami’s attempt to escape the situation. “If Takahashi-san says so…”
“Exactly. See? Now let’s eat because otherwise lunch break will be over”
“This is so not over, Takahashi” Miho announced, making Minami shiver in fear.

CoF Headquarters, 02:08 PM

Atsuko woke up because someone was shaking her.
“Acchan… Acchan, wake up, please”
“Please… wake up”
Immediately, Atsuko was awake. There was something in Mariko’s voice that was unusual. She sounded shaken.


“I’m sorry, Acchan” Mariko rubbed Atsuko’s knees comfortingly. She knelt in front of the couch that Atsuko had slept on and looked at the other girl worryingly.
“Really, I’m sorry”

No way, no, no, no. Not happening. Never. How? Why? Who would? Oh dear Lord!

Atsuko’s thoughts were running wild in her head, her feelings completely numbed. Without her noticing her breathing got heavier and her heartbeat increased noticeably.
“Oshima, get me a plastic bag” Mariko ordered.

Weird. She only calls us by our last names when something bad is going on.

From that on everything was a blur for Atsuko.

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Re: Killer Queen: Chapter 1 (Atsumina)
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I even don't know how or where to begin...

Of course, this
“Oshima, get me a plastic bag” Mariko ordered.

I like it the best! Not the context of it, but the name in it!!  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Yuko-sama, a doctor!!!  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Biased mode aside, I love your writing style. And Acchan's character here is just  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

I also love how you portrayed others. So Mochi likes Takamina, Myao is not respecting her seniors, Ami also likes Takamina, and MilkYuki?.. If only it happens... Well, ...  :wub: :inlove: :inlove: Never mind...  :nervous

I love how they made fun of Bakamina, I laughed so hard  :rofl:

And Atsumina scene was  :rofl: :rofl:

I wonder how they are going to meet... They have to, as Bakamina has to introduce her girlfriend  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Mariko-sama is awesome, I believe... Now I'm waiting for my Yuko-sama to make this story even more SLFHSEIGFAERFwFOVN AWESOME  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Thank you for this update!!  :bow: :bow:
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Re: Killer Queen: Chapter 1 (Atsumina)
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really awesome first chapter :D I love you're wiriting style :) Looking forward to what happens next & excited for Atsuko and minami's 2nd meeting ^^ Poor acchan though when she learned bout Haruka :(

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Re: Killer Queen: Chapter 1 (Atsumina)
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poor acchann -_-..

but ilove the scene in mu mind was so smexy... yeah I add a few of details :D

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Re: Killer Queen: Chapter 1 (Atsumina)
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This is my first time commenting, but this was amazing!
I can't wait to see more interactions from the girls, especially when Mocchi finds out about Takamina's "Girlfriend"

Thank you for writing this so well.

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Takamina is my spirit animal XD

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Re: Killer Queen: Chapter 1 (Atsumina)
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It's Great

Your fic interest me ^.^

Hope you update soon.

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Re: Killer Queen: Chapter 1 (Atsumina)
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It's really awesome and has an interesting plot. I find it fun when you make Atsumina meet like that (poor Takamina) :wahaha:

Can't wait for the next chapter and thanks for your hard work :on GJ:

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Re: Killer Queen: Chapter 1 (Atsumina)
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MN? HARUKA? HARU-SAN? EKRJSLDMF? I don't want Haruka dead if she is... :cry: She... I mean... This is the only fic that I can recall has Haruka in it, and she ends up dead? *cue DiVA's Cry?*

OHTHEFEELSFORACCHAN. Nu, it's okay, Atsuko. Stahp. Don't cry. Go find your new favorite stranger to comfort you every night in bed. OKAY? DERN'T CRY ACCHAN.

Lol though. Takamina, how many 'fail' levels can she create? Acchan has successfully hypnotized Takabaka. :heart: Keep it that way, Takabaka. LOL.

But yay~ Aamin is in this. :P :heart:


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Re: Killer Queen: Chapter 1 (Atsumina)
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This is really interesting!!!
AtsuMina moment was so sweet and funny!!! Poor Minami having Kuramochi as her boss.. :d
Is Haruka dead??? Plastic bag?? Is she going to kill her??
Please update soon!!!!

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Re: Killer Queen: Chapter 1 (Atsumina)
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Tnx for the update

Love It!!! :heart: So interesting


PLease Update Soon

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Re: Killer Queen: Chapter 1 (Atsumina)
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It's awesome.. :thumbup
But poor takamina poor acchan :banghead:
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Re: Killer Queen: Chapter 1 (Atsumina)
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One word - SASUGA!!!!!

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Re: Killer Queen: Chapter 1 (Atsumina)
« Reply #14 on: November 09, 2012, 11:33:25 AM »





I am a fan of AkB48.

I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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Re: Killer Queen: Chapter 1 (Atsumina)
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Waiting for new update   :cow:
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Re: Killer Queen: Chapter 2 (Atsumina)
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@ sakura_drop: I'm happy that you liked it that much. Yuko is not a doctor though... I hope she'll turn out to be a cool character nevertheless!Yeah
@ arrow27: I'm glad that you like my writing style, I'm not always sure about the grammar and such but I try!
@ O r i g a m i: Still awesome? Then I have to try to live up to that expectation, huh?
@ Haruko: You're free to do so because I'm certainly not good at writing them. But it makes me glad if it works with your imagination  :P
@ ikun1216: Your first post?  :shocked I'm feeling honored...
@ ChoyShinhwa: I'll try to keep it interesting, I promise.
@ hidden_player: The meeting of those two was actally the first thing i had in mind and then it turned into a full-grown fic...
@ Crossing Crossroads: Yeah... sorry 'bout that but sacrifices are inevitable to keep this story going. Aamin just showed up in this fic while I was writing (at first the secretary was someone else) but then I thought: "Oh that's good, that's good!" and here she is.
@ TakaminaBG: She is, yes. And Mariko wants a plastic bag because Acchan is hyperventilating. She's one of the main characters, I need her pretty much alive, so fear nothing! (Okay, that sounded stupid)
@ dark48: Thank you! I'll try to keep it that way!
@ miayaka: Two words: Thank you!
@ Wmatsui22: Hello! Thank you so much!
@ Pdpond: And you get your new update! Here we go!

Chapter 2

In front of Kuramochi Travels, 06:05 PM

Minami’s headache hadn’t vanished as she had hoped. Sighing she looked up at the office building she just left. Work had literally been hell today, also because of those people who claimed to be her only friends.
“Takahashi! Takahashi!”
And here we go.
“Are you trying to ignore us or something?”

Kind of? Why so persistent Miyazaki-san?

“Oh hey. I didn’t see you there” Minami said, trying to sound cool.
“Isn’t that something the old creep says in that porn movie, you know which one I mean?” Miyuki questioned Yuki.
“What???? Honestly, Milky, I have no idea what you’re talking about”
Minami felt her face getting hot.
“You’re a man after all” Miho announced and put an arm around her surprised co-worker. “Where shall we go then? A restaurant? Bar? Club?”
“Well, you don’t want to go back to that greedy and clingy girlfriend of yours in an instance right?” Yuki explained as she saw Minami’s dumbfounded expression.

What have I gotten myself into now?

“Great! Let’s go then!” Miho smiled, grabbed Minami with one hand and Ami who just stood by awkwardly with the other and dragged them along.
“I’m just going to text my cousin. I promised to spend some time with her. Is it fine if she comes along?” Miyuki asked.
“Of course! The more the merrier!”
Miho sure was in high spirits. Ami was giggling out of some weird reason, Miyuki busy texting and Yuki was humming to herself. Minami was simply dragged along and she was not sure if she shouldn’t wish that there really was some annoying girlfriend who could save her from those people.

Restaurant The Old Coin, 06:50 PM

Minami was glad that her friends didn’t drag her to some weird pub. The restaurant they finally decided on was located not far away from Minami’s home, something she was certainly glad for, just in case she needed to escape quickly. It was a small smoke filled room that mainly served western food and although it tended to look a tiny little bit weird it was pretty tasty. Minami recommended it because nobody seemed to be able to come up with a better idea.
She greeted the owner as they walked in.

Don’t embarrass me old friend.

“Good evening, Miichan”
“Takamiiiina!” Minegishi Minami came out from behind the counter to give said girl a bear hug, resulting in the smaller girl’s feet being lifted off the ground.
“Who’re your friends?”

Maybe I shouldn’t have come here.

“Miyazaki Miho, Kashiwagi Yuki, Maeda Ami, Watanabe Miyuki and…” Minami stopped as she spotted a person clinging to Miyuki’s arm she had never seen before.

She wasn’t there a second ago, I swear…

“I’m Watanabe Mayu, Milky’s cousin, nice to meet you! Call me Mayuyu!” The girl bowed with a smile plastered on her face that would be described as sweet yet seemed somewhat emotionless to Minami. No, even dangerous.
“Oh, you’re cute!” Miichan grinned. “And Milky is cute as well” she quickly added as the other girl started pouting.
“Yay!” the two girls said, clapping their hands and smiling brightly.
 “Anyway, what can I get you? Cutlets? Steak? The pasta is good as well, oh and don’t get me started about the pizza! Or maybe fish? No, no wait! The specialty of the house: Shrimp Creole ” Miichan looked at everyone with a smile full of expectations. Yuki smiled politely before she asked:
“What about assigning us a table first? And you sure have a menu don’t you?”
“Eh? Oh, of course! Yeah, sure, sure, this way please, this way!”  Miichan happily ran through the restaurant, pushing chairs out of her way not caring if people sat on it. Minami could have sworn that a little boy dipped in his plate with his head as Miichan pushed him out of the way. However she decided that it was better not to look back to see if her eyes had deceived her or not. 
“Is this table fine with you?”
“It’s great” Minami smiled at Miichan and gave an approving nod before looking at the others “It’s alright, isn’t it?”
They nodded and sat down.
“So… it’s Takamina?” Mayu asked curiously. “Nice to meet you!”
“It’s actually Takahashi Minami. Minegishi Minami is a good friend since kindergarten, that’s why she’s calling me by that name” Minami quickly explained, feeling uncomfortable with all of her friends staring at her.
“Cute” Miho said with a smirk plastered on her face. “Guess you have friends after all, right Takahashi? But there’s no way, I’ll believe that story about a girlfriend”

Aaahhh, here we go again. Why? Why me?

“A girlfriend?” Mayu asked. Suddenly her curiousness was awoken. “Really?”
“Y- yeah” Minami muttered shyly. She was quite shocked at the younger girl’s bluntness; after all she just met her.
“Ah, that’s cool! You know, I’ve been thinking about getting a girlfriend as well!”
“Eeeeehhhhh?” Yuki stared at the girl in confusion. “Really?”
“Yeah! You interested Kashiwagi-san?”
“What? No! Not at all!” Yuki blushed deep red and for once Minami was quite satisfied to see her perfect co-worker totally flustered, although she didn’t like the whole awkward situation at all.

Seems like I won’t be the one who’s getting embarrassed tonight.

“Back to Takahashi then”

Someone save me?

Suddenly a loud voice rang through the restaurant.
“Raise your hands everyone! Police!”

That’s not exactly what I meant. Just my luck I guess.

Suddenly a troop of policemen appeared in the door. All of them were heavily armed and had raised their weapons. Customers jumped up from their tables, the waitress dropped the plates she was carrying and a drunk man threw his glass through the room. A small woman who had her head resting on the counter looked up and sighed annoyed before going back to her half-sleep. Ami, Miyuki and Yuki stared at the policemen wide-eyed, Miichan was nowhere to be seen, Miho was on the floor curled up as a ball and seemed to be screaming and Mayu… well, Mayu didn’t care at all. She barely flinched, making her seem even creepier than before to Minami.
“Everyone! Against the wall!”
Minami quickly pulled Miho up and shoved her against the wall closest to their seats. Miichan came crawling out from underneath the table were she had been hiding and Mayu took her chance to grab Yuki’s butt in the common confusion. Everything was even worse than Minami could have imagined. Miho was staining her shirt with tears of fear as she pressed her face into the smaller woman’s shoulder. She was a coward after all. Silently Minami patted her head while observing the policemen. They were obviously controlling the people closest to the door but didn’t find whatever they were looking for because they stepped farther into the room.
“What’s this?” Ami whispered.
“They are looking for something or someone” Mayu explained “Probably following an anonymous hint. That hasn’t been planned for long. See? They don’t know how to properly handle their guns, the way this guy is holding it is completely wrong. If this was planned they would have gotten well-trained people to do the job. Seems urgent.”
Everyone gaped at Mayu.
“Why do you know these things about guns?” Minami asked in a small voice. She earned a chuckle and a sugar-coated smile but didn’t get a proper answer.
“We should find out what they want, right?” Ami whispered as one of the men approached them. Yuki nodded.
“Milky and I will take care of that”
“Miss, could you empty your pockets please?” the officer addressed Miyuki who quickly obeyed. She handed him her huge purse as well.
“Don’t be surprised because of what you might find” she gave the man a beaming smile. “I have no idea what I put in there. Guess I’m a messy girl after all… But there’s nothing that could shock you, right? After all… an officer like you… young and strong… you’ve seen it all, haven’t you?” She tilted her head and fluttered with her eyelids.
“Uhm, I guess?” the man answered, not sure how to react to the obviously flirting girl.
“I knew it! Yay!” she clapped her hands as if she just won in a quiz show. “You’re so… I have no words” she sighed.
Minami was fascinated and disgusted at the same time by the interaction between the two people.

So that’s how you do it.

 The officer had even forgotten about the purse he still held in his hand. Instead his eyes were wandering up and down on Miyuki’s body.
“Oh. Thank you, I guess but I’m on duty now, so… But later I could…”
He blushed and started to roam through Miyuki’s bag.
“Was that an invitation? I’m so happy! Isn’t it great, Yuki?”
“It is, it is!” Yuki stepped forward and bowed in front of the officer, allowing him to get a great view at her cleavage. “I’m almost jealous” she said jokingly and startled the poor guy completely. He wasn’t able to comprehend that suddenly there were two hot girls flirting with him.
“Say, would you mind to tell us what’s going on?” Yuki asked and tilted her head to the side.
“I’m sorry, I’m not authorized to tell anything. Your bag is clean Miss. May I ask for the other bags too?”
“Oh thank you” Miyuki purred. “I’m glad you didn’t mind the mess”
“You can check my bag” Yuki offered. The man nodded and quickly took it accidentally brushing the woman’s hand. “Eh? Your hands are so cold!”
“Oh… that… yeah”
“It must be tiring to check all of the stuff” Miyuki mused. “Is it really necessary? I wonder what is going on here…”
“As I said, I’m not authorized…”
“Of course! We understand, we understand!” Yuki cut him off “I just wondered if it will be alright to walk home alone tonight”
“Do you live around here? If so it could be dangerous”
“Eeeeeehhhh?” Minami stared at the man. “Why?”
A sharp pain in her leg interrupted her.

That hurts!

“Aaah! What-“
 “Don’t interrupt their information-gathering” Mayu hissed into Minami’s ear and gave her a dark look that caused the midget-sized girl to close her mouth immediately.
 “A- Italian pizza, I want to order pizza, I mean that’s it. That’s what I just said. I wasn’t hurt or anything, so wasn’t. Yeah. That’s it… Miichan! Pizza!” Minami mumbled and tried to rub her leg without catching any attention.

Did this Cyborg-girl just kick me? What have I done?

“Anyway…” the officer looked at her and the crying Miho who was still clinging to her. “Seems like you guys are clean. I see you later?” he shyly asked Miyuki who gave him a beaming smile that changed into an angry expression as soon as he turned around.
“You messed up Takahashi- san!”
“I did?”

So that’s why they are the ones handling the customers and not me. Damn. I fail.

CoF Headquarters, 08:07 PM

Atsuko counted the cracks in the ceiling. Just to take her mind off things. Mariko had put her to bed rest after she had broken down and claimed that she needed time to mourn. To Atsuko this idea seemed really bad. Mourning meant drowning in sadness, in the waters of an endless ocean of tears that pressed on her chest and cut her breath. Hell, she hated it.
“78, 79, 80. Or did I count that one already? I wonder… 81, 82, 83… oh forget it!”

Can’t sit still, got to move, got to run, to fight and sweat, and to forget.

She massaged her temples and sat up in her bed. Her room looked like a luxurious prison cell; it was small, there were no windows and only a naked light bulb hanging from the ceiling, but the concrete floor was covered with a stylish black carpet and the furniture hadn’t been cheap either.
The CoF Headquarters were located on the third floor of an old factory. The lower floors were abandoned just in case somebody stumbled in by accident. It had been decided after an incident with a few teenagers who had come in as a test of courage that hadn’t gone well.
 Mariko-sama had put up the newspaper article that dealt with their deaths right across the toilet so everyone had the headline “Furukawa A. (18), Takayanagi A. (16) and Hata S. (19) found dead after claiming to have found proof of supernatural activity in old factory!” right in front of their eyes a few times each day. It was a constant reminder to keep a low profile and Mariko’s way of paying a tribute to her organization’s victims. Atsuko hadn’t been a part of the troupe at that point of time but she knew that it had caused a lot of problems and even brought her mentor Oshima Yuko to jail. She didn’t stay there for a long time though.
Afterwards the stairs to the third floor had been hidden and as the windows were bricked up, nobody was able to tell that a secret community had claimed the building. The occasional noises people could hear when the assassins were experimenting with grenades in the basement quickly earned the factory the reputation of being haunted, successfully keeping the neighbors out.
To Atsuko the place was the home she never had and even though she would never admit it she felt that the people living and working here were her family. Well, anyone but that new annoying girl who just knocked at the door of her room.
“Go away” Atsuko ordered.
“Mariko-sama sent me to bring you dinner” the voice sounded awfully cheerful regarding the situation and made Atsuko seriously think about getting up and landing a harsh punch on that blabbering mouth.
“Tell her to send anyone but you and maybe I’ll eat”
For a moment silence filled the air but then the steps hurried away.

Why didn’t you pick a fight? Haruka would’ve talked back at me in her adorable oblivious way and you are not even able to occupy my mind for a brief minute.

Sighing Atsuko went back to counting the cracks. When she arrived at 134 and couldn’t find anymore cracks to count and all she could do was thinking about getting a handyman to fix it she finally heard another voice calling her.
Surprised she raised an eyebrow.
“Didn’t you say something about drowning your mind in alcohol?” she asked.
“I did, but the police searched the entire restaurant. Don’t know who gave them the hint that I was there. Can I come in?”
“Yeah” Atsuko answered, knowing that this woman was much more persistent than anyone else around. She heard the door open and closed her eyes. Sometimes listening was better than seeing. The plate flapped as it was placed on the single table in the small room.
“I got you something from that restaurant. It looks disgusting but it’s good”
“It is?” Atsuko answered, her eyes still closed as she felt the other woman sit on the bed next to her.
“If you don’t eat it now, it’ll get cold. Come on, I’ll keep you company”
The woman patted Atsuko’s head and ran her fingers through her hair.
“Really? Are your underlings actually alright if you aren’t with them?”
“Oh, the Twin Towers will be fine by themselves. They actually need some private time to work some things out, trust me. Yeah, I can imagine what they are doing… together… alone…”
“You’re such a pervert Yuko”
“Of course I am. But you should really eat now”
“No” Atsuko opened her eyes to look at her friend. “I don’t feel like it. Just let me stay here and go back to your underlings. You don’t know how much time you’ll have left together” She smiled bitterly.
“You never know” Yuko said quietly, an unusual serious, even sad expression on her face. “After all that’s our job, right? Our victims… they too have people to mourn for them. It’s only fair if we experience the same pain”

It’s not. It’s not fair. It can’ be.

“But life has to go on. You’ll get a new partner in no time, Umechan isn’t that bad actually and then you’ll fight and you’ll forget and somehow the throbbing pain will become numb and you’ll bear with it and accept it as a part of yourself. Trust me; I know what I’m talking about”
“I don’t like the new girl” Atsuko answered, successfully ignoring Yuko’s other comments. “She’s small and way too lively”
“Sounds like me” Yuko got up from the bed and yawned. “Since I can’t get drunk, I might as well go to sleep. Or take a peek at my Twin Towers…. Tempting, tempting… Enjoy your meal, Acchan” she winked at the girl and disappeared into the corridor, silently and carefully closing the door. Once again everything was quiet.
Atsuko continued to stare at the door even after Yuko had already left for five minutes. There was no way she could eat now, but sleeping wasn’t an opinion either. She was restless and before she even realized what she was doing she was heading out. In the hallway she bumped into Kumi who gave her a worried look but for once was smart enough to keep her mouth shut.

Somewhere has to be a place where I can stop thinking, somewhere I’ll feel good.

Restaurant The Old Coin, 08: 44 PM

Minami ate another slice of pizza knowing very well that Miichan was watching her. Aside from some regulars she and her colleagues were the only customers to stay after the police incident. Miichan had begged them to stay because she wouldn’t have any business otherwise and since Minami couldn’t see her childhood friend sad she had convinced the others. Miho had not wanted to look like a coward as soon as she had wiped her tears away and Mayu seemed to be more than pleased and so they agreed.
“It’s tasty, isn’t it Takamina?” Miichan said enthusiastically.
“Great” Minami mumbled. It actually was but Miichan seemed to weird Miyuki out and made Ami giggle. Yuki was slightly embarrassed by the girl next to her, Mayu, who kept making suggestive offers that caused her to laugh into her pasta. Minami was even more embarrassed to listen to this conversation, sometimes with Miyuki butting in, making her cousin’s advances even worse. Miho still hadn’t fully recovered and picked up her pride. She sat silently and tried to look tough by glaring at Miichan who didn’t even notice her. Minami thought that was actually somewhat adorable.
Suddenly the door opened, making Miichan jump in surprise.
“Come in, come in!” she ran straight towards her new guest and knocked another customer, a woman who was just leaving, over. The poor woman on the floor grunted before putting her oversized hat back into place. She got up and snorted into the sleeve of her shirt that had stains all over it and Minami didn’t want to know where all these came from. Somehow, the woman caught Minami’s gaze and gave her a smile. Awkwardly she smiled back but then looked away. There were always some strange people in Miichan’s restaurant and that person was definitely one of them.
“If she came running at me like that, I’d probably leave right away” Miho commented, finally recovering. Ami and Yuki burst into laughter, causing Mayu who had just been talking to Yuki to glare at Miho because she had stolen the woman’s attention.

She’s scary. I better look away, I don’t want to see anyone die here.

Shifting her attention to the door, Minami found Miichan talking to an oddly familiar figure. A girl in a black leather jacket leaned on the counter and seemed to be off in her own world why the restaurant owner was probably advising her Shrimp Creole. As if she was sensing Minami’s gaze she suddenly looked up.
No way.
The dark haired girl’s lips curved into a weak smile as she found Minami looking at her. Quickly, Minami lowered her head. Just to pretend she didn’t see anything. Or maybe the stranger wouldn’t recognize her at all. After all the pizza was the most interesting thing in the world. She didn’t even look up as silence fell over the table and a familiar female voice behind her asked:
“Could I sit with you?”
“Sure?” Yuki questioned.
“And who would you be?” Mayu asked as the woman who sat down next to Minami who was still staring at her plate with the last slice of pizza. Really, it was the center of her cosmos because her confusion would have overwhelmed her if she tore her gaze away.
“Get me a glass of red wine and some bread” the woman ignored Mayu’s question.
“Of course”

She’s even able to make Miichan mumble…

Mayu’s question got ignored, but the girl was not going to give up that easily.
“I asked who you are” she repeated impatiently.
“A friend of hers”

She’s not pointing at me, is she?

“A friend of Takahashi-san? Really?” That was Ami.

Oh yes she is pointing at me.

“We are quite close”

Is it just me or does she sound down?

“Really?” Yuki exclaimed. “I mean that’s great! I’m surprised!”
“Sooo… you are the mysterious girlfriend, aren’t you?” Miho mischievously asked.
Silence full of expectations.

Oh, please no.

And before Minami realized what she was doing, she got up and grabbed Atsuko’s hand.
“Let’s go home” she ordered, dragged the stunned girl with her and left equally stunned friends behind while Miichan was dropping the wine bottle as they passed by. The last thing Minami heard before they left the restaurant was her childhood friend’s desperate call:
“Aren’t you going to pay?”

Takahashi Residence, 09: 20 PM

Atsuko was staring at a ceiling again but this time there were no cracks to count. Her original plan of getting drunk was ruined but this was just fine. The sadness was still almost unbearable, but the thoughts weren’t conquering her mind as cruelly as before. She looked up as the bedroom door opened. The midget came in with cookies and something that looked like tea. Still, wine would have been better.
“What’s your name?” Atsuko finally broke the silence.
“Takahashi Minami” the answer was almost not audible.
“Call me Acchan”
“Yes” Minami offered Atsuko a cookie.
“No” she shook her head.
“It’s good”

Really, what’s with this girl? Taking a stranger home to offer her cookies?

“Oh, alright” Minami stumbled, a scared look on her face. Atsuko almost felt guilty. Almost. She continued staring at the ceiling and wondered if she should make some stupid comment just to see that other woman blush, but couldn’t come up with anything. Instead she asked:
“Do you know what’s it like to feel like your dead?”
“Dead. Numb. With a head full of dark clouds. Like someone stole the sun from the sky”

What do I think I’m doing here?

“I guess”
“Really?” Atsuko asked harshly but this time she didn’t scare Minami.
And that was all she said but somehow it made Atsuko feel better. After a long break with both of them staring into different directions, Minami finally gathered her courage.
“You can tell me. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to strangers, you know?”
“How would you know?” Atsuko glanced at Minami and saw a painful look on her face, but she didn’t feel like regretting what she just said.
“I … had a younger brother. He was reckless, you know? Always going too fast with his motorbike, hanging with the wrong people. He died in an illegal car race. As an older sister I should have protected him, but I failed”

Why is she telling me?

“I should have seen that something was bound to happen. I could have realized where this was going to end, because people who live like that die young. Isn’t that true?”

It is. Oh, Minami, trust me I know a lot about early deaths. I’ve been the cause of some of those…

“Sometimes… innocents die too” Minami continued unaware of Atsuko’s sudden attention.  “Because of sickness or because there are people who just kill them. Because they are reckless and endanger others, or for their own pleasure… I really, really, hate those people, you know?”
“You do” Atsuko concluded, sighing deeply.

So you must hate me.

“Yesterday” she told Minami, “There was a murder in this neighbourhood. That’s why the police showed up at this restaurant earlier today” She smiled bitterly as she saw that all color drained from her opposite’s face. She continued in a soft voice knowing that she was giving of a scary aura. “She was shot. In the head. Three times, completely accurate. Her name was Sato Amina and she had the bad luck of serving the wrong person. Isn’t it cruel?” she inched closer to Minami and brought her own face to the other girl’s. “But at the same time her murderer’s partner who tried to kill Amina’s mistress was murdered. Is the murderer allowed to grieve? Or was it fate? Tell me Minami, is this world nothing but cruel for those who die as well as for those who survived?”
Atsuko watched as Minami licked her dry lips and tried to form words.
“Where you… the murderer?”
“Ah, I’m glad. Sorry for assuming… I wouldn’t think… Ah, you wanted to scare me with that story, right?” Minami finally said and chuckled nervously. “Are you sure you don’t want a cookie? You know, they are quite good! I’m not the greatest cook whatsoever, but Miichan helped me make them and even though she may be difficult to deal with, she’s actually nice! Trust me! And my friends are nice too. Most of the time. Well, we work together but everyone gets along just fine”
Atsuko stared blankly at Minami who tried her best to talk her nervousness away, while cleaning up the room. She was quite amused when the smaller woman almost slipped on her own drawings that scattered on the floor. But she just couldn’t seem to be able to smile.

I don’t want to hurt. I don’t want to feel.

“Y- yes?”
“Make me happy, alright?”
“Well, I’m your girlfriend after all” Atsuko smirked.
“Oh! Oh! Oh! No, no, no… they just thought… I told them…well…” Minami trailed of, searching for any kind of correct way to express what she meant. The familiar heat was already making its way to her face.
“Do you want a cookie?”
“Are you trying to change the topic?”
“No! I’m…” Minami blushed even redder if possible “… trying to make you happy”
Atsuko stared at the cookie.

This girl is TOO weird.

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Re: (Nov 10) Killer Queen: Chapter 2 (Atsumina)
« Reply #17 on: November 10, 2012, 03:21:35 PM »
Nice Chapter!!!
hahah Takamina :D

Tnx for the Update!!!

Please Continue

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Re: (Nov 10) Killer Queen: Chapter 2 (Atsumina)
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This atsumina story is different.. i feel it different.. a good one of course :D.... aww minami is so sweet.. and the miho´s character love it!! :D... like always.. i miss her in the akb fandom.. :D

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Re: (Nov 10) Killer Queen: Chapter 2 (Atsumina)
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Hmmmm... Takamina, what are you doing?
Yeah taking a stranger to your home is weird, but this..... she is..... I mean....
I'm glad they met again, and they are in Takamina's bedroom and Acchan wants Takamina to make her happy.... hm... :on bleed:
Please update SOON SOON!!!

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