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Author Topic: [AtsuMina]How You Stole My Heart - Chapter 6 pt.1(2015/10/24)  (Read 29787 times)

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mmm interesting

now you have all my attention


update ASAP!!

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Hey I love the story flows.
Its catch my attention here.
I waiting for ur updated..
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No problem. The story is really good and it's AtsuMina too.  :onioncheer:

Yuko is obsessed in the Phantom Thief and Atsuko is getting curious about Minami.

Two genders in one body.  :ding:

Waiting for your next update Haru-san. Thanks.  :kneelbow:

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I wonder who the phantom thief is

But i guess it was Takamina

The story remind me of D.N Angel anime

Please update

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Wow. Interesting plot.
Yes yes. Please update regularly.
Twice a week sounds good :DD
You're very good regardless this is your 1st time.
Thank you so much.
48G FTW. Yoroshiku.

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JANJANJAN!!~~ Geez it's been a long time since I've left a comment here in the forum. XD
Just wanna express my amusement over this fic. I wish you could update the next chapters. Haha /demanding much? XD
I think it's very interesting now that everybody's implying that this will be like DNAngel, I wonder how it'll be applied to your story. Or what more twists you could add. Aw :heart: I am very much anticipating for your updates. Yay

Much love <3

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@cisda82: You say that Atsuko is attracted to both Minami and Kai, since it seems to be like that or something. :) Yeah, Minami and Kai are in the same body; now all that's left is to find out how they transform, that will be revealed in the future chapter. Yuko is pretty adamant of finding out who he really is and where did he usually come from  :P. Next chapter will take a while :nervous, I hope you can still be patient a little more and still look forward to it :). Thank you very much for reading and leaving a comment XD.

@Chichay12: I would never abandon something I just started; no matter what, I would always try my best to complete every chapter I had planned; it just needs some proper time that's all. :) I will always be back with an update, but in this case not much of an update at the very moment :nervous. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. XD

@Minamiyuki: Yes, this story is based on an anime name D.N.Angel. And yeah, Kai plays as dark; about the enemy, I have something in mind for it to appear in my story. Thank you for taking the time to read and leave a comment XD. Please still look forward to the next update :) XD.

@Yuseichaaan48: Is it interesting? I'm happy you found it interesting. The anime is called D.N.Angel; my story is only based on it, I'll make it different somehow. Thank you for reading and commenting XD.

@chemicalstar: Thank you for finding this fanfic interesting and thank you for reading and leaving a comment. XD

@chiqinna: Yes~ It's a phantom thief fanfiction. I'll try my best to update as soon as I can; please still be patient. :) Thank you for reading and commenting XD.

@Archer1992: I'm very glad to get your attention :lol:. You're welcome and thank you for reading and leaving a comment. XD

@noah minami: Thank you for taking interest, for reading and leaving a comment. XD

@Feat: Thank you for finding it interesting. Yes, Yuko is trying to find the phantom thief's real identity, and Atsuko is really finding out why was she thinking about Minami after the kiss between her and Kai.  Thank you for taking the time to read and leave a comment XD.

@Korizoro: Well, everyone suspects Takamina being the phantom thief so...I actually don't even know the answer :lol: I'm just playing. I guess, it's pretty much obvious; don't you think? The story is about D.N.Angel, but as I've said in the beginning it's only on it; not completely or maybe :lol:. Thank you for reading and commenting. XD

@karenchan: Thank you for finding the plot interesting. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I can't make an update regularly; especially if I had to update every two weeks :(. With you saying that, it just adds more pressure and stress to my already stressful life :(. Don't get me wrong, I would really love to make an update every two weeks but life and reality are two ginormous boulders in my way to actually make it happen :(. So thank you for reading and commenting XD.

@Keisthename: You're not the only one demanding an update at the moment :lol:, I'm just currently very busy right now; however, I can assure you, an update will soon come; I just don't know when yet. I hope you can still be patient until then. :nervous Yeah, it will be like D.N.Angel, but different in some ways. :) Please still look forward to the next chapter. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment XD.

(A/N): I apologize if I haven't updating anything lately :( :bow: :bow: and I apologize for forgetting to make an announcement before; reality and life has been a huge ITCH with a capital B what with the midterm exams and bunches of school work I have yet to complete before my submissions :banghead: :banghead:. You can also blame me for being a lazy bum and preferred relaxing during my break rather than pressuring myself by writing some more short stories and currently ongoing fanfic. :P :nervous. I should really scold myself for that. But can you really blame me? I sincerely want to write to please my readers; yet, life is being unfair right now and I'm already pressured and stressed with all the work I had to do. Please understand and I promise to write once winter break starts and post them as soon I have completed them. Please be patient a little more before the time comes. Thank you very much for understanding. :bow:

Yours truly, your pal, Haru_Jei-kun. :)

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Re: [AtsuMina] How You Stole My Heart - Replies, apologies and announcement
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Chapter 2 – Suspicion

After my little encounter with the phantom, I entered the mansion called home and was greeted once again by the family butler and maids. Greeting them back, I walked straight to my sister’s room; though once I did entered her room, it seemed to be a bit different comparatively to the last time I went in not really long ago. The only thing that didn’t seem different was the sight of my sister; staring intently at her computer screen, which I was also welcome with, as her fingers typed furiously on her keyboard. Her desk was filled with books, from big to small, and papers scattered all over it. I then took notice of the wall right next to her desk covered with papers taped to it; showing printed pictures and writings.

“Oh. You’re back.” She said; taking notice of my presence in her room. “Shouldn’t you be in bed? It’s already past midnight.” She playfully asked; spinning her chair towards me as she stretched her arms.

“Right back at’cha.” I replied; rolling my eyes at her. She should also be sleeping at this hour; examining her room, I could tell she was working whatever she was doing from this morning until now. I should probably be the one saying that to her. Walking towards her, I stared at her wall masked with a bunch of papers as I said, in a somewhat scolding matter; pointing my thumb at her wall. “I was only out for about half an hour or so, and all of a sudden, your room is a complete mess. You did all this while I was gone?”

She shook her head left and right as she opened her mouth to answer and explain. “Nah. I did these in the library; I was just arranging the stuff I found in order while you were gone.” I bet you she skipped school to do all this research. Not like the college care or anything.

Staring back at the wall, I went to it and leaned forward; taking a closer look at the writings and at the printed paintings and pictures; they were all just about Dark Kai.

“Are these just all about Kai-san?” I asked her the most obvious question; of course, they were all about him. However, just staring at her half covered wall and her desk filled with opened books and papers made me think otherwise a little. How could all of these information were just about Dark Kai? There were at least dozens even hundreds of different information on her wall. Literally!

“Well, these are all I found so far; there are much more I haven’t found yet.” She answered with a hand behind her head; staring at her desk while laughing sheepishly and added, “I’m just doing a background check.”

There are more?! Just what the hell is this guy? Since everybody knew little or not at all of whom he was, I thought they would have little information of him. I was pretty sure all these info were just events of every thievery and what kind of artifacts he stole back in those days until present days.

“Though, I did discover something interesting about the legendary phantom thief.” She announced as she looked at me; smiling widely.

Curious, I stood quietly on my spot, silently urging her to continue and explain every detail she had discovered; wanting to know more about the mysterious blond boy. Standing up from her rolling chair, she walked towards me with a book in her hand; flipping it to a certain page and gave it to me, only to find a picture of a painting, from what I can see was a body with black wings and the figure’s face purposely blurred. Was this unknown being supposed to be Kai-san?

“Did you know Dark Kai’s very first appearance was in the early years of the 15th century?” She asked; her arms crossed over her chest.

“How do you know that and how can you be so sure?” My head turning to face her, I asked as she grinned while pointing at the corner of the page and told me, “Check the date of the painting.”

Looking closely at the printed artwork in the book, there was a date of when the painting was made cited at the bottom right corner of the page; I read the small writing out loud and my eyes were like saucers as I spun towards my sister, who had a grin on her lips only to grow wider when our eyes made contact.

“This painting was called the Dark Angel where the artist himself has actually seen a young man with black angel wings in a distance, which we can all assume was Dark Kai; this piece of art was the very first painting about his discovery of the phantom thief. Back then, paintings took months even years to complete; which meant that earlier than that said year on that painting was the phantom thief’s very, very first appearance.” She explained concluded; adding, “But, that’s not all; what I’m about to tell you is much more shocking than this one.” She went to her desk; rummaging through the mess and upon finding what she was searching for, she passed me a full page photo of the blond thief, “As you already know, this is a clear picture of Dark Kai from last night's robbery, which is the current phantom thief.” I nodded; urging her to continue further in her explanation as she gave me another photo of the same mysterious blond boy, taken in a full body portrait into the night sky and the face was still clear to see, but the quality was a tad different than the other one.

“Why are you giving me two different pictures of Kai?” I pointed out confusingly; looking at my sister straight into her eyes.

“That’s the thing.” She pointed at the photo I’m holding in my left hand and obviously stated, “This is the current Dark Kai…” She then pointed at my right hand and finally indicated, “…and this is Dark Kai; two decades ago.”

“What!” I exclaimed; knowing very well my eyes looked like an owl’s.

“And that’s not all; I kinda made a photocopy of a picture in one of grandpa’s old case files without dad’s permission, and…” She showed me another photo; it was in black and white and a bit blurry, but there was no mistake, it was another Kai. “This is Dark Kai before the last one.” She added pointing the picture in my right hand.

Now, I was completely and utterly speechless. Looking at the pictures again and again and again; all three Dark Kai in the photos were definitely and exactly identical to one another. Just what did it mean? Were all three Dark Kai the same person or were they duplicates?

“The phantom thief could be either immortal or the current Kai-san could be one of the original Dark Kai’s descendants; but, I highly doubt on the first since it’s very impossible and the latter is a very small chance of being true.” She said as she sat back down on her chair again; looking up at me. “Despite the thought of the latter was most unlikely; however, every time I stare at those pictures, they reminded me of someone; someone I met, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it, so I asked a good friend of mine to make a facial scan for me and four came very positive.”

“Four out of millions of people in this country? How would you know where they are?” I questioned as I approached her; standing right in front of her while giving back the pictures.

“I already know who it is; which was really surprising since I’ve just met that person today and three out of the four are actually related. Fortunately, one was too old to be the current Dark Kai and two are currently overseas which leaves us one person left who is still currently living in the city.” She took out one last photo in her bag and slapped it on her desk. Staring at the picture, I was stunned once again; but that’s…

“Takahashi Minami.”


That couldn’t be. Sure, I did suspected her since the night before; but, it didn’t made sense at all. She’s a girl after all. However, saying that made me think otherwise after what Yuko-nee told me.

“Who knows, she could disguise herself as a boy to take the phantom thief, Dark Kai’s place during the night.”

Heaving a deep sigh, I spun my body in my bed; facing the windows as I looked at the curtains where the moonlight could be seen through it. My eyes drew towards the entrance of my balcony as a flashback of how I first saw Kai in person appeared before my eyes. Thinking about it too much made me tired as I unconsciously fell asleep.


I was now in my classroom, sitting at my desk as I lay my head in my crossed arms on my desk; trying to get a little more sleep before class would start. Maybe it was a terrible idea to stay up really late and chat with my sister for overly an hour about her research and discovery about the young blond man, rather than taking my full beauty sleep and rest my body. I had at least five hours or less of sleep which wasn’t enough, especially for me; at the moment, I was clearly exhausted and a bit cranky. While sleeping uncomfortably on my desk, I heard footsteps behind me; walking towards me.

“Are you okay Acchan? You seem more tired than yesterday.” I heard Tomochin asking; worry evident in her voice.

“Yeah, did something happen?” Miichan added; taking a seat at Takamina-san’s desk, facing me.

“Well, I was just chatting with Yuko-nee and lost track of time and ended up sleeping quite late.” I answered; looking up from my crossed arms.

After that little chat with my friends, I resumed sleeping; make that, trying to resume sleeping as Tomochin and Miichan talked to each other near my desk; leaving me be. Seconds later, I heard the door of the classroom slid open and for some reason, my head shot up to look at its direction like it wanted me to look over the door and there, passing by that door was Takamina-san appearing in class as she approached her desk; formally greeting us.

Shaking my sleep and exhaustion away, I looked at her curiously. Honestly, I think she couldn’t be the phantom thief; she just couldn’t. Kai-san and Takamina-san are two different people; I couldn’t imagine Takamina-san to act like Kai-san at all.

“What the…!” Takamina-san suddenly said; staring inside her bag as if she saw the most scariest thing in her life.

“What’s the matter Minami?” Tomochin asked as she approached the small girl who quickly closed her bag and holding it protectively in her arms; taking a step back, cautiously.

“Oh. It’s nothing.” She nervously laughed which looked really suspicious.

“You must love your bag so much to be holding it like that.” I commented; standing up from my seat and taking a few steps closer to her as well as she fidgeted on her spot; grinning sheepishly

“Oh this? I-it’s nothing, really.”

Suddenly, without even thinking, I grabbed a hold of her arm; surprising her as I dragged her out of the class, earning a couple of curious glances from the other students as I walked down the hallway while holding Takamina-san’s arm.

“Eh? A-Atsuko-san?” I heard her calling my name confusingly and asked, “Where are you taking me?”

“I just need to make sure of something.”

Arriving at the girl’s restroom, we entered in a cubicle as I slightly pushed her to the wall; shocking her from my sudden action. I quickly locked the door and spun towards her; leaning over to stare at her closely, our faces a few inches apart. Truthfully, I could thoroughly see the resemblance of Kai-san’s face in Takamina-san’s; the only difference was their hair colour and the colour of their eyes. Despite the resemblance, they were also somehow very different at the same time; the feel of their personality were very off.

Looking deeply into the girl’s dark brown eyes, they definitely have a different feel to Kai-san’s sharp blue ones; hers looked very innocent and childish while Dark Kai’s looked so mysterious and mature, their auras were opposite to the other. My eyes soon glanced down to land on her lips and all of a sudden, after staring for a few seconds, I had a quick flashback of my first kiss with the young blond boy as I remembered the feel of his soft lips on mine; a sudden heat went rushing to my head and I squeaked at the memory making Takamina-san flinched slightly.

“Atsuko-san, are you alright? You’re all red. Are you coming down with a fever?” She asked worriedly, her head slightly tilted to the side looking all cute; like a cute little boy asking if his friend’s was hurt.

Internally shaking the images off my head , I averted my gaze away from the girl’s worried one and quickly unlocked the cubicle and walked out without answering her question and without looking back while ignoring her calls.


Class started after that somewhat embarrassing scene in front of Takamina-san, and during class, I was more concentrated to the girl seated in front of me, who kept staring at her bag strangely, than the lecture the teacher was teaching. Somehow, every five to ten seconds, she kept glancing at her bag which seemed to be really weird and very suspicious.

Two whole class periods has been like that; me intently staring at Takamina-san’s back as she glanced worriedly at her bag every now and then.

The bell rang; signalling the end of class and the beginning of lunch and as usual, Tomochin and Miichan grabbed a chair nearby and sat by my desk as they opened their lunchboxes and began eating the goods in it. We talked about numerous things until I saw Takamina-san shyly heading towards our way with her bag in hand. Weird much.

“Um…Tomochin, do you have a bit of money for me; so I can buy lunch in the cafeteria?” Takamina-san asked shyly; facing my best friend on my right.

“Why? Doesn’t you’re mom always prepare you lunch or did you forget to bring it? That’s unlikely of you, you know.” Tomochin asked as she went through her bag; handing her ex-girlfriend a thousand yen bill.

“Thanks; I’ll pay you back tomorrow. Yes, my mom still prepares me lunch and no, I didn’t forget it.” She replied; thanking Tomochin for the small amount of cash and added while presenting her bag in front of us; heaving a depressing sigh, “She ate my lunch.”

“Your bag ate your lunch?” My brows creased to a frown at her odd excuse.

“No.” She answered me as she opened her bag and something came out of it; a small furry head peaked out of bag and cutely meowed. “Nyaachan did; she probably snuck into my bag while I was eating breakfast this morning and ate my katsudon during our classes.”

Tomochin squealed as quietly as possible as she discreetly took the kitten in her arms and the kitty happily purred in my best friend’s embrace. Takamina-san politely asked the three of us to watch over the cute little kitty as she went down the cafeteria to buy her lunch. When she came back, she came back with a couple of wrapped breads and a small carton of milk in her arms; she gave the rest of the change back to Tomochin as she took her chair and turned it around to face me. Takamina-san began eating her food as her little kitty noticed its master with more food in hand and jumped off of Tomochin’s arms to join the shorter girl; positioning itself on her lap as her little paws and head rested on my desk, eyeing at Takamina-san’s lunch.

“Damn you little glutton.” Takamina-san playfully growled under her breath as she ripped a piece of her bread and fed it to her cat that ate the piece very happily.

“You know, the last time I saw Nyaachan, she still has the same size as now. Doesn’t she grow?” Tomochin asked; resuming eating her lunch as Takamina-san nodded while drinking her carton of milk.

“Was that the reason why you’ve been staring at your bag every damn time in class?” I questioned which caused her to widen her eyes.

“H-how did you know?” She asked; stuttering and stunned.

“You’re sitting in front of me; of course I would notice that.” I simply answered. It was sort of obvious with the way she kept staring at her bag anxiously every damn time.

"It was that obvious huh. I was just afraid that Nyaachan might jump out of my bag and would just cause trouble for me and it would be hard to explain the teacher why I had my pet in my bag." Takamina-san glanced at the small cat; smiling affectionately at it.

After half an hour, lunch ended and a new period of class started.


When class finally ended for the day, it was mine and Takamina-san’s turn to clean the classroom; she was sweeping the floor as I cleaned the blackboard and wrote afterwards the necessary things for next class while the little kitty was lying comfortably on Takamina-san’s desk; sleeping soundly.

“Your cat is very cute Takamina-san.” Awkwardly opening a conversation with the other girl, I turned to her; watching her picking up the dirt on the floor with the dustpan and threw it in the trashcan.

“There is no need for formalities; we’re classmates aren’t we? Takamina or Minami is fine.” She said; smiling and answered, "She is, isn't she?" I nodded in response.

“Then, you can also call me Atsuko or Acchan.” I told her as she nodded happily. “Um…Takamina, is it true that you use to go out with Tomochin since the end of middle school till freshmen year of high school?” I asked curiously. I know the question was kind of stupid especially when I already knew the answer; I just wanted to make sure for that fact.

“Tomochin told you guys, didn’t she?” I nodded at her question as she placed the broom and the dustpan away in the storage closet; turning to face me. “To answer your question, yes we did; but that’s long history now. We’re just friends; nothing more, nothing less.”

Nodding at her answer, I soon changed the topic after a few seconds of silence.

“Say, do you know the legendary phantom thief; Dark Kai?” Asking her curiously, I examined every movement and every reaction she made; so far, not a single reaction or any weird movement appeared when I asked a simple question.

“Not really; all I know was what the people talked about in media.” She answered easily without any suspicion.

“If you were him, hypothetically, why would he steal famous artworks?” I asked; wanting to know that if she really was the phantom thief, why she would steal pieces of art. Was it to just take part of her collection or sell it somewhere at a huge price.

“Hmm…That’s a tough question; honestly, I have no clue why he would do that but I’m pretty sure he has his reasons to.”


My sister came to pick me up instead of my driver after my cleaning duties; she told me we would stop by the library just to return the books she borrowed the day before. When we arrived at the library, she asked for my help to carry the books and when I saw the pile in her trunk, I swore I felt a sweat drop dripping on my temple; they were at least many dozens of books in the trunk of her car.

After at least forty-five minutes of carrying books back and forth to the library, my sister and I went at a café nearby; treating me to tasty sweets for helping. Can’t let those treats go to waste. And how can I say no and resist them especially when I’m not the one paying for them.

“So…” I suddenly heard my sister said as I looked up from my piece of cake. “…did you check upon Takahashi?” She asked.

“I did investigate a little; but I seriously think you’ve got the wrong person.” I answered; drinking my cup of tea to clear my throat.

“What makes you say that?” She frowned as she leaned forward; urging me to continue further into details.

“They have different personalities and the vibe of their auras is completely unlike to one another like they’re two different people; maybe their resemblance was just a coincidence.” I finished my cake as the waitress took our empty plates and cups; placing the bill on the table.

“You sound like you’ve already met the phantom thief.” She commented; paying for our food and left the café; slowly heading towards her parked car.

“What are you talking about? Obviously, I never met the guy; I just assumed it was by looking at his eyes in the picture you showed me last night.” I lied; reasoning.

“Plus, how can it be a coincidence? Three people of the same family have the same face of the legendary phantom thief; the current one could be Takahashi Minami; the last Dark Kai could be a man that could possibly by her father, and the Dark Kai before the last one could be the older man which could also possibly be her grandfather.” She reasoned which still made me doubt that Takamina was the mysterious thief. The way she talked about the phantom thief in our conversation during our cleaning duties, was most definitely not a lie.

Stopping by my sister’s car, she was about to fish out her keys and unlock the door, when suddenly, something or someone trapped us in a very tight hold as they covered our noses and mouths with a handkerchief. I struggled under the tight grip but, I smelled something funny on the thin clothe and then all of a sudden, everything turned very dark and went blank.


On the cold tiled floor, my eyes slowly opened and blinked; adjusting to the darkness. Sitting up, my head felt quite heavy as I realized my hands and feet were tied up by a thick rope; I looked around, trying to find my sister. I sighed in relief when I saw she was just lying on the floor also tied up by her hands and feet, still unconscious.

Examining my surroundings, we were inside a large empty room; the floor was dirty and the walls were painted with numerous of graffiti. We were probably in a warehouse or in an abandon building. Hearing grunts by my side, I dragged myself; approaching my sister as she also woke up. Groaning slightly in pain, my sister slowly sat up as I helped her up.

“What happen?” She grunted as she looked around. “And where are we?”

“I don’t know.” I replied as I stuck myself to her, afraid.

Suddenly, sounds of footsteps were heard; step by step, approaching at our direction. The door opened and four men appeared with a smirk on each of their faces. I went behind my sister like she told me to; starting to feel more afraid than when I woke up a few minutes ago. What do you want from us; why did they kidnap us?

Two men came at my direction while the two other men went to my sister's; separating us as they untied the rope from our feet, pulling us up to stand and went out of the room. Walking down the stairs, I found another man standing there alone seeming to be expecting and waiting for us. The man was probably the boss and I feared of what would happen to me and my sister.

“Well, well; looks like you girls are finally awake.” The man said; turning to us as an evil grin was plastered on his face.

“What do you want?” My sister growled; trying to push away the men holding her as the mastermind of our kidnapping laughed.

“Ooh, feisty; I like that. Don’t have to be hasty; we just want to play…” He walked up to my sister; cupping her chin in his hand. “…with your bodies.” My sister tried to remove his grip on her chin but the man had a tight grip on it as he ordered his followers, “Boys, you can take the tall one; I’ll take care of this one.”

The man took hold of my sister’s body as the two men who were holding my sister walked up to me; joining their two other friends as they harshly pushed me to a dirty mattress.

“Don’t you dare touch her; ‘cause I swear to God, I will fucking kill you!” My sister exclaimed; struggling under the man grip, seeing the four men hovering above me as they ripped my uniform open and touched my body in inappropriate places which made me cry and squirm, trying to get away from their filthy hands.

Two men were touching my breast; kissing my neck as the two others were licking my legs, hands going up my skirt, groping on my thighs. I cried louder; tears falling from my eyes, trickling down my cheeks as I tried as best as I could to fight them off and move away from these perverted men. However, with my hands and legs tied up tightly, there was no chance I could escape from them; there was nothing I could do.

“Oh. Don’t be like that; I promised she would feel good and enjoy the pleasure afterwards, just watch and enjoy the show.” I heard the boss laughing maniacally as I suddenly heard a light thud and someone running towards my way; seeing my sister pushing the men away from me.

“Why you little bitch!” One of the men yelled as one of them held her from behind while the other took out a knife and stabbed the side of my sister’s stomach.

“YUKO-NEE!!!” I screamed; witnessing my sister being stabbed before my eyes as I immediately went to her side, pushing the men away from her while putting pressure on her wound, trying to stop the bleeding but it didn’t seem to be stopping any time soon which caused me to panic.

The boss punched the man who stabbed my sister and yelled at him while kicking him continuously until the man stopped moving. “Now how am I supposed to have my fun with an injured girl?!”

The leader of the group walked angrily towards our way as he separated me from my sister which made me scream for her. The boss looked at me mischievously and began to undo my undergarments; I struggled under his hold, making it hard for him to remove them as the last three men joined him to help.

“I’ll just have my fun with you instead.”

DON’T TOUCH HER!!!” My sister screamed from the top of her lungs.

Suddenly, the men including the leader were pushed away from me; opening my eyes, I looked at my surroundings and saw the men were a couple feet away as they struggled to stand up. Looking up, I found the phantom thief standing behind me seeming very angry. He removed his jacket and placed it over my shoulders as he also removed the rope from my wrist. When seeing the red rings around my wrist, I began to rubbed them; massaging the slight pain away.

“Who are you?!” The leader asked angrily; earning nothing but silence as an answer, he growled as her commanded his last three men, “What are you guys doing? Attack him!”

Kai-san told me to stay put as all three men grabbed metal bars and pipes from the floor and begun to charge at the blond boy. The boy dodged every attack the men swung with their weapons as one of them attacked from the side and Kai-san caught the pipes in his hand without any effort as he elbowed the man on his chest and twisted his body; delivering a kick on the head, making the man fall and fainted from the hit. The two left charged at the same time as the boy ran to them; jumping into the air and kicked both their heads, falling down with a loud thud. They groaned in pain as Kai-san punched their faces hard making them unconscious.

The boss laughed and clapped his hands in amusement as he commented, “You brought my men down so easily without sweating a single drop of sweat; I’m very impress.”

Kai-san just stood silent which angered the man even more.

“I’m complimenting you and you just…” And just like the speed of light, the man was already down with Kai-san’s hand on the man’s face like he just pushed the man’s head; hitting it on the hard cement.

“I do not talk to the likes of you.” I heard the blond boy said; averting his eyes away to find mine as he walked up to my sister; removing the rope from her wrist as he held her in his arms.

Remembering my sister’s injuries, I quickly ran toward them as I watched worriedly at my sister gritting her teeth in pain. Noticing Kai-san was leaning towards her face, I stopped him and exclaimed; trying to take my sister away from his hold as I cried, fearing for her life.

“What do you think you’re doing?!”

“Don’t worry; I’m just going to heal her. Trust me okay?” He said sincerely; his eyes staring into my mine, trying to sooth them.

Stopping my attempts to take my sister from the blond boy’s arms, I nodded my head in response; knowing that I could trust him completely. With that, the boy came face to face with my sister again; watching him leaning down. My eyes were like saucers as I watched Kai-san pressed his lips upon my sister. A really bright light appeared on my sister’s still bleeding wound; the light slowly getting smaller and smaller until it disappeared.

I let out a sigh of relief as my sister’s eyes opened, though she flinched when she came face to face with the phantom thief and a blush appeared on her face; she moved away from Kai-san’s embrace as it was his turn to wince in pain, holding the side of his stomach. It was then we realized he was beginning to  bleed.

“You’re bleeding! Did you get stabbed by one of those guys too?!” I asked worriedly; going by his side.

“No; I transferred your sister’s wound to my body which was how she was healed in the first place.” He said as he tore a part of his shirt and tying it around the newly made wound on his side. “Come on; I’ll take you girls home.”

“You sure haven’t change at all.” Suddenly, a voice was heard from above as we all looked up at a large window and a figure was seen who seemed to be a bit familiar. “Why don’t you just finish them off?”

“You! You planned this didn’t you?!” Kai-san replied angrily; his eyes wide in shocked as the unknown person chuckled at his accusation. I assume this unknown person and Kai-san know each other.

“Now why would I do that?” The figure said as they giggled which seemed to piss the blond boy more. “We’ll meet again, Dark Kai.”

The mysterious figure fell from the window; surprising me, but suddenly, we saw something flying and disappeared. Was that another angel look-alike like Kai?

Kai-san calmed himself down as he told us to follow him outside. Outside, a black panther cub with big angel wings seemed to be waiting for us; Kai-san gently grabbed a hold of our waist as he commanded us to hold on tight while the little panther disappeared into the air and landed on the boy’s back, sinking in and became his black wings.

The blond boy flew off into the already dark sky with us in his arms; my sister kept staring at him in amazement. Arriving at home, Dark Kai landed smoothly on the ground and gently set us down.

“Thanks for saving our lives; we will be in your debt.” Yuko-nee thanked the blond boy as he shook his head; replying, “No need to repay me.”

All of a sudden, we all heard an angry voice behind us as we turned towards the source of the angry voice and found my father; shooting daggers, obviously at the blond boy beside me and my sister.

“What are you doing here Kai? And why are you with my daughters?!” He growled protectively; grabbing both my arm and my sister’s, bringing us behind him.

“Dad it’s not like that!” My sister and I stepped up removing our father’s grip on our arms as our father spoke back, “I’m talking to him not you!”

“I just save their lives from being raped by kidnappers.” Kai suddenly said; shocking my father as he stared at us and noticed my ripped uniform while I covered myself with Kai-san’s jacket. That got him speechless. “Instead of focusing on just capturing me, why don’t you do your job as the protector of this city? If it weren’t for me, who knows what would happen to both of your daughters.”

The phantom thief quickly flew away after saying that to my father.


Another day at school, and I was tired again as I chatted with my two best friends. Thank God I had an extra set of my uniform and I was very thankful I was still alive today. Last night’s experience was very frightening and terrifying; obviously, I don’t want anything like that would happen to me again.

My sister was also alright as she left home early; going to her car were she left it by the café.

Hearing the door slid open, I saw Takamina entering the classroom; looking very tired as well. All of a sudden, like yesterday, I grabbed her arm and dragged her to the girl’s restroom as my two best friends called for me. Locking the cubicle, I stared at Takamina who got really nervous and confuse; unlike yesterday, I slightly lifted her shirt to see if she had the wound Dark Kai had last night, however, there was no injury on her stomach, not even a single scar.

“Acchan, what are you doing?” She asked; removing my hold on her shirt as she brought her shirt back down.

“It’s nothing.” I replied; internally sighing in relief and walked away.

To be continued


Finally, the second chapter is here!!! Yay! :lol: It's not my winter break yet, but I was surprise to actually have time to write and sort of proofread this chapter. :lol: XD
Anyway, I really do hope you like this one since I kind of wrote this in a quicky or something like that; I had a little bit of a problem with this chapter, I sort of have a mini write's block :P :lol:. Yet, that doesn't matter anymore since I just finished it :twothumbs.
I just have two more exams to do before winter break starts and I would finally have plenty of time to write chapter three and my short stories. :)
For those who are wondering about my short stories, please be patient; I have already started writing but didn't have time to finish what with all my exams and all but I promise, when all those are finish, I will post them immediately. So worry not, for those who made a requests to me, I did not forget you nor will I ever be :lol:.
Please don't hesitate to leave your comments or ask any related questions to the story. XD
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Re: [AtsuMina] How You Stole My Heart - Chapter 2 - Suspicion(2013/12/03)
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This is really interesting !!
I wanna know if Kai is indeed Takamina and how can she heal with a kiss
I wanna know more about when TakaTomo were dating!!!!
I get the feeling Yuko is gonna fall in love with Kai. And I believe Atsuko is gonna fall for him too
Update SOON!!!

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omg that was really interesting plz updte asap i like this story takamina so mysterious!!!!!

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Wah Kai save Acchan and Yuko what a hero

I wonder who is the person that talk to Kai

Can't wait for the next ch

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well well... now Yuko might have a crush on Kai...

Yuko is very good at investigating... she was correct to assume about the identity of the dark angel KAI...

Who is this other dark angel...?

What's going to happen to Kai, Yuko and Atsuko next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Seem like there is 2 different phantom thief ? I bet the other angel alike is Haruna ?
Anyway nice update. Thanks

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Wahhhh. I really like this fic.

Kai saved them, thankfully.   :thumbsup

Wonder who that other angel is? :?

A love triangle.  :inlove:

Atsuko keeps on dragging Minami inside that cubicle.  :lol:

I can't wait for the next chap. Thank you and please update soon.  :bow:

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Damn mysterious. I LOVE IT
48G FTW. Yoroshiku.

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Hey Kid! Looks like I didn't comment on this one yet. :lol:

Interesting story man! XD I didn't get to watch the anime, since it's really not my type; but I will try to watch it just to get the idea of it since everyone in here seems to know what you're talking about. :lol: :P

Anyway, this chapter is quite longer than the last two; however, it was really good, made me want to know what's going to happen next.

I sure also want to know about TakaTomo as well, I'm really curious about their past relationship. :P And do I sense a love triangle as well? What with Kai saving Atsuko and Yuko's lives and healing Yuko from her possible death of blood loss; I get the feeling that Yuko will fall in love the Kai.

School's almost finish and winter break is nearing, so I'm looking forward to the next one pretty soon. XD

Peace out lil' bro. :lol: :P
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@TakaminaBG: I'm glad you find it really interesting, I really appreciate it XD. About Takamina being Kai, you will know more about it in the process of the story; and the healing kiss, I think you can figure that out yourself; if you can't figure it out, just use your imagination. The past of TakaTomo will be reveal bit by bit in future chapter and last but not least, about Yuko and Atsuko falling in love with Kai, I think it is best if you read future chapters. I'm sorry if I sound sort of mean that way, but it is always better to read than to ask :lol:. Thank you for reading and commenting XD

@mikaellitsa: Thank you for finding it interesting :). Takamina is mysterious isn't she? Thank you for reading and commenting XD.

@Kirozoro: The mysterious person will be revealed in a couple of chapter. I gave a few hints in the next chapter, so I will give a guess. Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment. XD

@cisda83: Yuko is smart just like in real life. The other mysterious figure will be revealed in the next couple of chapters, maybe a little earlier; you knows, we'll find out in the process of the story. You think Yuko might have a crush on Kai? We'll see about that :P. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. XD

@Sydney W: You're very welcome and thank you XD. About the other mysterious angel, you'll have to find out like everybody else. Just keep guessing until the name of that person is revealed. Thank you for reading and commenting XD.

@Feat: Thank you, I'm glad to hear that and you're very welcome as well :) XD. Yeah, thankfully Kai saved the sisters right? Keep guessing the mysterious person in your mind or whatever until it will be said in one of the chapters. Thank you for reading and commenting XD.

@karenchan: Is it that mysterious? I'm happy to hear you love it! XD Thank you for reading and commenting XD.

@RJay: Come on! Seriously?! :lol: Thanks man :). Never thought I'd hear that from you; I feel like I'm being praise by my aniki :lol:. It is getting longer right? I feel like every time I write a chapter of something, it keeps getting longer and longer. I think I will have to cut the chapters in parts :(. No one is forcing you to watch it, but just to get a little of an idea, it is better to watch it. It's not my kind of anime either, but I found it really yeah... :P. Love triangle? We'll see about that. Who knows what will happen right? Thanks again bro! XD :lol:

(A/N): I'M SO SORRY FOR BEING LATE!!! :bow: :bow: :bow: School has been taking most of my time that I didn't get a chance to write and post something for my readers and silent readers out there. My homeworks kept pilling up one after the other that I didn't have time for myself to relax a little :angry:, and I just finished my mid-term exams. Anyway, I'm in my spring break now and I finally got to rest and to relax, and I started writing again! YAY! :lol:. Well, I feel that this chapter was getting really long(almost reaching 10k words--at least) that I had to cut it into parts(I hope you don't mind). So enjoy the next chapter XD.


Chapter 3 – Long Lost Lover pt.1

Many weeks has passed since that horrifying night and since then, after Kai-san brought me and my sister home, telling my father that we were kidnapped; my father—the Chief Commander—had hired two professional bodyguards for our protection. I didn't mind my bodyguard guarding and protecting me all the time, but I had to say, constantly being watched really bothered me a lot. I didn't like them following me all the time, and my friends had been wondering what the deal with the bodyguard was. As a matter of fact, my personal bodyguard followed me everywhere I went; to school, going shopping and hanging out with my friends, staying outside my room; this just bugged me a whole lot and it felt like I needed more personal space and privacy.

Anyway, since then, Kai-san's popularity have reached sky high. My father had been bringing more and more men into every event of the robbery to guard better the targeted objects. Unfortunately for him, Kai-san would always find a way to slip right under his nose, escaping without showing much or any effort at all. However, these past couple of days, he hadn't made an appearance; not even once. And during those past few days, the media had gone restless, and all wondered what would his next target may be; they even tried to find out where was his whereabouts. Even the twins—Miichan and Kuu—had been quite frustrated since they got nothing new to write about in the school's newspaper club, and since articles of Dark Kai seemed to be the hottest topic in school—especially for the girls—the school's newspaper were sold out every time something new came out to obviously check out the news about the phantom thief.

Maybe, just maybe, he was just in a break or something; even supernatural beings, or whatever he was, would need his rest. It was either that, or there was nothing new nor anything special to steal in the city and he was just waiting for new artworks to find and arrive in different museums or in other places. Somehow, I was betting on the latter.

Though, I really had been wondering, that night, who was the other person that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Remembering the sound of their voices, I could possibly tell that unknown figure was a boy, and somehow, it sounded suspiciously like Kai-san's voice. There was no doubt they knew each other, with the way they interacted together, they obviously knew each other. I did ask myself what kind of connection those two had. Were they friends or were they enemies? I bet on the latter. But who knew, they must've been friends in the beginning and something must've happen between them to become enemies.


Homeroom started once the school bell rang for the beginning of class. My homeroom teacher entered the classroom and passed a stack of papers on every row in the class for every student to have a sheet of paper. In the sheet of paper, it was written that the art teacher in our year had planned us all third years in the school a small field trip to an art exhibition in a popular art museum on Monday. It also said that it would help us get a little inspiration for the upcoming project the teacher prepared for us this semester; to finalize our marks for this term.

My homeroom teacher explained all the basic steps we had to do to go to the trip like show the paper to our parents and get it signed, and bringing it back to her before the specified date of the field trip.

Not long after the teacher's explanations of the important details of the small trip, she announced the end of homeroom and told us to do some self-study until next class would start before leaving the classroom. Like most of the time, some actually took the time to study while others didn't and gathered around their own group to chat. Miichan and Tomochin joined as well as Takamina and Kuu. If you were wondering, Takamina became a part of our group after we befriended each other couple of weeks ago, and just like Yuko-nee said, she was quite interesting despite the lame jokes she gave and clumsy actions she did, she was still interesting in her own adorable and dorky way. We became really close as well.

"Ah~ Where the hell would the phantom thief be? It's been overly a week since he hadn't shown himself, even more. Not even a single clue of his whereabouts nor a single notice of him." Miichan complained as she lightly banged her head on my desk as I patted her head.

"Tell me about it; it's been really boring too. Usually, he appears twice or thrice a week, sometimes even more. What are we supposed to write for the next school's newspaper? The phantom thief became the most popular and hottest topic since he appeared in the first place." Kuu also whined as he mimicked his younger twin beside him while Takamina did the same action as me, patting her best friend's head softly.

"I'm mostly certain he would come around by next week for another appearance." Tomochin said as the twins lift their heads at the same time, both frowning at her.

"What makes you so sure about that?" They both said in unison which mentally made me giggled at them. Most of the time, these things normally happened in animes and dramas, but seeing it live was quite funny; twins in synch.

"Weren't you listening in homeroom? This upcoming Monday, we're going on a field trip to an art museum for an art exposition, and you do realize that that means new artworks in the museum of art. Which concludes, if he finds something to his liking or anything interesting in particular, he would most likely to steal it without any doubt with an audience." Tomochin answered, explaining her argument.

"When you say it like that, it actually makes sense. Now I'm seriously looking forward for next week, and I can't wait to finally have my story." Miichan said excitedly, feeling all fired up as he eyes lit up with expectation.

"And I really can't wait to ready my camera and get amazing pictures, maybe even better, videos." Kuu added, also feeling the same as his sister.

"You guys won't get any of that until next week. So what do you think about the trip though?" I asked, wanting to know their opinions, thought my expectations to the twins’ opinions were quite low since I already knew they were not really interested in those kinds of things, but I was more curious about what Takamina and Tomochin would think about this.

"Not really excited about it, but at least, we won't have to do any school work during that day." Kuu answered honestly as he leaned back on his chair with his hands connected together behind his head.

"Yeah, looking at paintings and sculptures are really boring, and visiting a museum is not really our thing." Miichan added as her brother nodded in agreement. I told you, I was right about them twins.

"I'm okay with it, but I'm pretty sure Minami here is more excited than anyone in this class, heck, perhaps more than anyone in our year." Tomochin smiled as I turned to her.

"Of course I would be very excited, why wouldn't I be? My family had had this love for arts for many generations." Takamina explained quite enthusiastically as she grinned proudly; I could've sworn she was glowing after saying that.

"You know, somehow, I keep forgetting you're the president of the art club." Kuu wrapped his arms over his best friend's shoulder, pulling her towards him while pointing accusingly at the girl sitting on my right. "And how did you know that this little pipsqueak would love these kinds of things? If I recall, only I know about her more than anyone in this school."

"Hey! Who you calling a pipsqueak?!" Takamina yelled as she tried to break away from Kuu's hold around her neck, but to her dismay, she failed. "I may be small but I'm not that small!" She added, only to be ignored by the four of us; well, except for me perhaps.

"I think that makes you second, since I know her more than you do." Tomochin replied, emphasizing the 'I' as she placed both her elbows on my desk and rested her chin on her entwined hands, smirking slightly.

"What do you mean? I don't ever see you hanging out with her at all." Kuu retorted, obviously not liking how someone knew his childhood friend more than he did, sort of how like how kids argued about whose father was the strongest. With how Kuu looking too oblivious about the relationship between his best friend and the girl in front of him made me think that no one told him about it and was kept in the dark while the rest of us knew.

"You didn't tell him Miichan?" I asked as she blinked, thinking about it and suddenly, she placed a hand behind her neck, rubbing it while smiling sheepishly.

"Ehehehe...I forgot."

"What didn't you tell me" Asking his sister curiously, he turned to her, frowning; ignoring the cries of his best friend in his tight hold. Seeing Takamina like that made me feel sorry for her and also made me giggle. She was so adorable.

"Don't ignore me!" Takamina shouted as she successfully broke Kuu's hold on her and sat back on her seat only to be grabbed once again by none of other than Tomochin.

My fanged friend grabbed my smaller friend's arm and pulled her towards her, clinging onto her. Without giving a small girl a second to react, she placed a chaste kiss upon her cheek. The innocent kiss on the cheek left the only boy in our group wide eye and mouth slightly agape, seemingly to look shock and bewildered at the same time. Takamina didn't seem to mind as she just placed her hand on the cheek where her past lover landed a kiss on and quietly sat back on her chair, mumbling incoherent words.

"We were lovers." Tomochin confessed for the two of them as Kuu's jaw dropped to the floor and his eyes bulging out of his sockets.

"Lovers?! You guys are dating?!" He exclaimed after recovering from his disturbing shocking state, earning curious glances from our classmates.

"Were. Past tense. We were dating. I don't see the big deal about this." Takamina answered calmly; however, I could see very well her cheeks were slightly pink. How cute; she was embarrassed at the admission. This may not be a big deal to her and Tomochin, but it was a huge deal for us when Tomochin told us about her past relationship with Takamina.

"It is a big deal! Why didn't you tell me?!" Kuu grabbed a hold on the girl's shirt with both his hands and began to shake her violently. With all the yelling and the scene in front of me, it earned everybody's attention in our classroom and all looked very confuse. Honestly, I couldn't blame them.

"We kind of agreed not to tell anyone." She replied, forcefully pulling herself away from her best friend's grip.

"But we're friends since we were children; you're my childhood friend—my best friend! How could you?! I thought we're pals for life man! You're supposed to tell everything to your best friends; that's what friends are for!" And Kuu lost it; he was totally losing his cool now."


Once school was finished for the day, I found my father outside the school gate, waiting for me. Ever since Kai-san hadn't shown for the past couple of days, my father had some free-time to arrest some other crooks, and picking me and my sister up from our schools. Since he hadn't been around a lot, days like these could give him the chance to interact with his daughters, and I also missed him around the mansion. Maybe the legendary thief should take more breaks more often.

"Hey sweetheart. How's your day?" My father smiled at me as we hugged tightly while he kissed my forehead.

"Just the usual." I instantly reached into my bag and took the paper for the field trip and gave it to him.

"Oh! You're having a trip next week. That sounds exciting. I'll sign it once we get home." He folded the paper into four and placed it in his suit pocket as he opened the passenger seats door for me to enter the car. I saw my father nodding at my personal bodyguard, most likely telling him he did a good job and excused him to go to his own home. When my father was home like these past couple of days, our bodyguards would just stay at their own homes and rest, but when he would stay overtime at his office or when another case of the thief, our bodyguards would temporarily live at the mansion with the rest of us; which I didn't like at all.

Once entering the car, I saw my sister already inside, reading a book. She was so fixated on her book that she didn't notice me; only did I called her did she took realization of my presence inside the car.

"Hey! I didn't see you there." She said as she went back to her book.

During the whole trip to our home, the car was filled with comfortable silence, where no one talked to each other as I watched the scenery outside the window of the car, waiting to get home.


The week had passed rather quickly, and finally, the day of the field trip arrived. All students gathered together as we entered the museum. The museum tour guide gave us each a pamphlet and a map of the building. For a couple of minutes, the tour guide guided us to every room and introducing the artworks all over, and when they were done with their tour and their explanation of each pieces of art, the art teacher and our homeroom teacher gave us the permission to roam around a little longer to find more inspiration among the most interesting masterpiece in our eyes.

While I wandered around the museum by myself, I admired the artworks in every room in this building; some were very beautiful and some were odd looking as well. Entering in a different room that was quite spacious, I found Takamina, standing in front of a stand right in the center of the room. For some reason, she looked shock upon seeing a certain masterpiece in that stand, and soon that look turned into a slight frown. Approaching her discreetly, I scared her by slapping both my hands on her shoulders which made her flinch and gasped in slight fear.

"Geez'uz! Acchan, you nearly got me a heart attack." She took deep breathes as her hand rested on chest, calming her probably speeding heart.

Instead of replying back, I glanced at what she was staring a while ago and found a jewelry inside the glass box; it was really beautiful, yet kind of a little big. The necklace had two white wings of an angel or a dove maybe; its body was oddly shaped like a sword as two blue agate stones in perfectly formed ovals were seen outside its body.

"The Agate Links?" I said the name of the large jewel out loud, getting the small girl's attention back to the masterpiece.

"Yeah; it's beautiful isn't it?" I nodded, agreeing with her as she turned to look at me and said, "Did you know the Agate Links isn't an artwork created by an artist but in fact, just an ordinary pendant from way back at least a century ago? Nobody knows where this pendant came from nor who the creator of this necklace was; from what I heard, the creator is really mysterious and they always hide into the shadows."

"If it is just a normal necklace like you say it is, why is it class as a historic masterpiece?"

She smiled at me like she already knew that I would ask that question. She looked at me and turned back towards the object and answered, "The reason why it is here is because there is a story behind it. This pendant is a really unique jewelry; the creator made this necklace for someone very special to him."

Silence stood upon us as I urged her to tell me the story. She opened her mouth once again and finally did decide to tell me.

"Back in at least a hundred years ago, there was a princess named Takigawa Hanako, also known as Ray. Ray symbolized the rays of the sun shining upon a small town where her father ruled in, giving the people the warmth and light in their souls. She was very tall, elegant and beautiful; her long raven hair was reaching her lower back, making her look like a goddess. Everyone in town loved her, even the children loved her; the way she spoke and sang to them grabbed their hearts, especially the heart of a certain young man. She was the perfect woman to any man in the world; she would be the perfect heiress after her father. Princess Hanako had many suitors to choose from, but she was never interested in them at all; she wanted someone who would love her for who she was and not for what she was—to love her as a person and not as just a princess.

One night, a young man with jet black wings and golden hair travelled back to his home after a tedious night of burglary, he would pass by a window still shining while the rest of the world slept. Inside, a young lady would stare at the town from her window as she sighed, searching for something. No one knew what, but that light was like a peak that cut through the darkness, calling out the young man, drawing him towards it; to find out what sort of person was trapped inside that mansion. The young woman noticed someone outside her window as she opened it cautiously, asking who was there. The young man didn't know how to answer her and replied with a signature charming smile saying he was just a friend, wanting to keep her company for the night.

Night after night, the young man would come by her window after his job as theft; the young man would talk to the princess naturally and casually, so she wouldn't feel lonely. Every time the young man came by, the young woman never asked who he really was nor did she questioned his work; she enjoyed spending time with this stranger who had become a dear friend to her. The young man noticed that the girl before him was strong but she was nonetheless frail, and the way she smiled at him, fulfilled him in ways stealing never could, making her laugh gave him his life a meaning he was searching for.

In the end, she was the one who saved him from loneliness; the young man with black wings had never had someone to love nor did he have someone to love him back, and for that, he wanted to give something in return—something that would show her what her smile meant to him; an object to which could represent his sincere feelings towards the young woman.

One evening, he found the princess in her room, sleeping soundly in her bed and placed the pendant outside her window, wishing she would find it in the morning. As fate would have it, she died the next day. She had an incurable illness that no one in town knew about it, not even the young man. The winged young man was devastated when found out about the news; the whole town mourned her death including him. All he wanted was to spend one last night with her and see that smile one last time before she passed away. Since then, the young man never found love ever again and became ever so lonely once again with only his partner by his side, supporting him."

Before I knew it, the story was already over; she smiled sadly at the end of her story as she nodded at the displayed pendant and added, "That pendant was the young man's creation; the creation of his true feelings towards the princess who had become someone so dear and precious in his heart. The wings represents his own wings and the white color of those wings accentuates his true love, and the two agate stones symbolizes the two of them; and when both people come together, the stones will shine a bright light which reveal their affections to one another."

"That's a really sad story." I commented, knowing how the young man felt; I could probably tell the young man was Dark Kai, what with his physical description described in Takamina's story. I didn't know Kai-san had such a dark past, losing a lover must've been really hard on him. When I was still a little girl and at such a really young age, I lost my mother who also had incurable sickness which was now curable. Up until now, I still missed having the warmth of my mother wrapped around me, protecting me in her tight embrace. I couldn't imagine myself losing another person really close and very dear to me again. Remembering how much I cried the day at my mother's death and funeral, I didn't think I would be able to live again if I lost my father or my sister.

"At first, I was so shock to actually find the pendant here, and seen it right before my eyes for the first time; this necklace is a really rare and a one of a kind jewel." She said and resumed, "The story had actually in fact, turned into a novel as well, and was sold really well; most people would think this as a fantasy genre kind of story. I'm not really sure if I told the story correctly, but I think you can guess who the author is."

"I presume Dark Kai-san, right?" Turning towards her, she grinned at my answer which I couldn't tell if I was right or wrong. The descriptions of the young man was blatantly obvious.

"Wrong!" What? That couldn't be right; I was absolutely sure my answer was correct. How could I be wrong? "The story itself talks mostly about Dark Kai's way of life and his secret love life, but the narrator told the story in the third person's point of view, which meant there was a third party; the narrator—who I suspected them to be the author of the book—witnessed every scene of the two main characters since the very beginning, and had described it in perfect detail. The author was like Dark Kai; mysterious. In the book, he only wrote his initials in it and nothing else—T.M. was the only thing that was written in there."

"Just how do you know all of these things?" I asked, seeming to look at her suspiciously.

"You can actually find the book in the public library. Of course, it is written in a different version compare to the original; you can't find the original story anywhere. If I remember correctly, my dad kept the original book somewhere; my ancestor lived during that time and had gotten a copy for himself and we have kept it for a very long time." She crossed her arms over her chest as she looked up unto the high ceiling.

"Do you think you can lend me that book? I would like to read it."

"I don't know; my dad kept it somewhere in the basement and it's very old, I'm not sure if that's a good idea to lend it to you without my dad's permission." She had a look of uncertainty while thinking if it was a good idea for me to borrow that, but it also depended on her father's approval. Since she said it was a very old book of at least a hundred years old, it was understandable that she or her father wouldn't let anyone touch that book. I was seriously interested in the story and I wanted to know more about it, since it showed more mysteries of the thief and I was most certainly sure that Yuko-nee would love to have this kind of information.

"Please~ I promise I won't break it or crumple the pages." I begged as my lower lip jutted in a pout and my eyes giving her my cutest puppy look which seemed to make her blush a little.

"I-I'll think about it." I smiled at her response and found it really cute that she stuttered a little. She let out a small sigh of relieve as she placed her hands inside her pockets, turning towards the pendant with a hint of pink on her cheeks. Suddenly, I saw her blink a couple of time as she tilted her head slightly and pointed towards the glass box. "What's that over there?"

Looking towards the glass box too, I noticed something on the right side of the box; it was a small card. We both called the teacher and they called a museum staff, telling there was something placed near the historical jewel. One of the staffs reached for the pink card and retrieved it as they saw the content inside the card. All of a sudden, the color of their faces drained and a look of panic was seen as we looked over his shoulders to see as well. What was written on that little pink card you say? It was a notice from the phantom thief. How could Kai-san place that notice when there was a bunch of people visiting the exhibit? I meant, from what I heard, all the artworks in the expedition were made public just this morning before we arrived. Kai-san was probably one of us in this museum right now, but I haven't seen him anywhere. The staff bolted away probably warning the owner of the building about the card from the legendary thief.

All too quickly, at least a dozen guards appeared out of nowhere, surrounding the Agate Links. Immediately, I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture of the pendant before we were swept away from the area. I glanced another look at the screen of my camera, making sure I got the shot, and my eyes widen like saucers at what I was seeing; I looked back towards the direction of where all the guards were circled around the stand. It couldn't be. My eyes were probably playing tricks on me or maybe it was just my imagination.

To be continued


Well that's it for now :). Again, really sorry for the delay and hadn't been on and updated anything new for the last 3-4 months. But I hope you enjoyed it so far XD.
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