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Author Topic: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) [COMPLETED]  (Read 41697 times)

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Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 5 12/09/15
« Reply #20 on: September 12, 2015, 05:10:32 AM »
Aaah i want moree ! ! !
Pleasee update fast haha
Thanks for the update

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Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 5 12/09/15
« Reply #21 on: September 12, 2015, 12:09:39 PM »
hoo.. rena will live in jun's house, what will happen now? :kekeke:
oh no!!! takamini will be fine right?!
update soon author-san!!!!

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 5 12/09/15
« Reply #22 on: September 16, 2015, 11:59:24 AM »
Oh... would Minami believe that Atsuko is Aachan now?

What's going to happen next?

Who is this person that knew Atsuko and the boss of the kidnapper?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 6 19/09/15
« Reply #23 on: September 19, 2015, 01:54:13 AM »
@AI712, @phoenix0i, @tong99826, @purnamazaki, @key17, @cisda83!!   XD

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :)

Here is part 6  :D

Part 6

4:00 a.m. in the morning

In front of the ICU room

Acchan is standing and looking at Minami through the glass window.

“Acchan, Let me take you home and rest.” Yuu said

Acchan shakes her head

“I will stay here” She said

“Acchan, you are tired. You didn’t sleep for all night. Plus you were drawn out a lot of blood. You should rest” Haruna said

“I’m fine. I want to be here with Minami” Acchan said

Her eyes still fix on Minami.

“Acchan, the doctor said that Minami will be fine. He just has to stay in the ICU for 24 hours for the doctor to check on him.” Mario said

“...” Acchan just stays silent

“Acchan,” Miichan call her

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. Everyone just go back. I will be here” Acchan said

Mario, Miichan, Yuu, and Haruna don’t know what to say. They just sigh in worry

“Ok, then Acchan, we will go home now. Tomorrow we will come again” Yuu said

“Uh, see you guys later” Acchan nods and said

Then they all left

In the morning

In police department

Rena slowly opens her eyes. She realizes that she is in someone's office. She quickly sits up. She sees Jun is sleeping on his deck. Then she remembered the incident that happened yesterday

"That's right, I was attacked. Jun saved me and took me here." Rena though

Then Rena looks down. She sees the jacket

"It is Jun's" Rena though and smiles to herself

She takes the jacket and puts on him. However, he wakes up. He sits up and greets her

"Good morning Rena" Jun said while rubbing his eyes

"Good morning Jun. Sorry for waking you up" Rena said

"It is ok. I'm the one who should say sorry. Sorry for making you wait here. You must be really exhausted." Jun said and stands up

"It is ok. I'm fine. Today is my day off anyway. I can sleep as long as I want” Rena said and smiles

"That is good. Come on let's me take you to my house, Rena" Jun said and holds her hand

Then Jun takes Rena to his house. After 20 minutes, Jun reaches his house.

"Good morning master" the security greets him

"Good morning" Jun said

The he opens the gate for Jun

“Your house is very big and nice” Rena said in amaze tone.

"The garden feel so good" Rena said and takes a deep breath

“Thank you. Welcome to my house, Rena” Jun said

Then they go into the house

“Welcome back master Jun” a butler bows and said

“Sebastian, she is my friend, prepare for her the best guest room for me.” Jun said

“Hello, my name is Matsui Rena, nice to meet you.” Rena said

“Hello Miss Rena, nice to meet you, too.” Sebastian said and bows

“Call someone to make her breakfast and prepare everything for her ok. I want her to be comfortable." Jun said

"Yes, Master." Sebastian said

"Rest well, Rena. I will go to my uncle house a little. I will be back later. Just see this as your home. Don't hesitate to ask my butlers or maids to do something for you. “Jun said to Rena

"Are you leaving now?" Rena asks

"Yes. I have something to asks my uncle" Jun answers

"But you haven't eaten anything yet" Rena said

"I'm fine, don't worry Rena. If I'm hungry, I will just buy some fast food on my way" Jun said and smiles

"Skipping breakfast is not good. Eating too much fast food is also not good for your health. You are a police, so you should consider about your health more" Rena seriously said to Jun

Jun looks at Rena with surprise look. Realizing what she just said, she looks down and blushes

"S...sorry Jun…" She said in low tone

"Hahaha… it is ok Rena. Now I see that doctor is very suit you." Jun laughs and teases Rena

"Sebastian, prepare breakfast for me too. I will eat with Rena." Jun said

"Right away Master" Sebastian said and bows

Then a maid comes and leads Rena to her room.

After awhile

Rena and Jun go to the dining room

"Master, here is your food." a maid said and puts the plate in front of Jun

"Miss Rena, this is yours" another maid said

Then they start eating and happily talking with each other. When they finished eating, Jun stands up and said

“Rena you should go to your room and sleep more. I think last night, sleeping on the sofa is very uncomfortable, right?" Jun said

"Uh, thank you Jun. " Rena said and smiles

"Ok, I will..." When he is about to say something his phone rings

"Hello... you found it. Good. Take some people and go there right away before those criminals escape" Jun said

"Ok, inform me when you done" Jun said

"What is it Jun?" Rena asks him

"They found the car and the old factory.  Police go there and investigate right now. I also can based on that location to find my cousin” Jun happily said

“That good Jun” Rena said and smiles

 “Uh, all thank to your pictures Rena. Thank you." Jun happily said and hugs Rena tightly.

Rena is taken by surprise

"'re welcome." She shyly said

She can feel that her face is getting hot. Realizing what he is doing, Jun jumps back and said

"S...sorry, I was too happy" Jun said while blushing.

" is ok, I don't mind" Rena said and smiles

Then an awkward silence fills between them.

"I...I will go back to my room now" Rena breaks the silent

"Ok, I also have to go now." Jun said

When she is about to go upstairs, Jun calls her and said

"Rena, tomorrow is Saturday, do you want to go to see a movie with me?" Jun asks while scratching his head

"Ok, I'd love, too" Rena turns around and smiles.

Jun can feel that his heart just skip a beat.

"Yay!" Jun shouts in his mind

"Now, back to the main business" Jun thought and goes out

In the Maeda's mansion

"Hello master Jun" a maid said and bows

"Where is uncle?" Jun asks

"He is in his office to do some paper work." a maid said

"Ok, I will go there to meet him" Jun said

Jun comes to the office and knocks the door

"Come in" Akio said

"Hi Jun, did you have any news?" Akio asks

Jun turns and closes the door

"What happened Jun?" Akio said in curious

"Uncle, I caught some of the men that kidnapped little cousin." Jun said in low tone

"Really Jun, do you know where Atsu is?" Akio hurriedly asks

"They said that little cousin ran away from them." Jun said

"So, she is really missing now?" Akio stands up and said

"Yes." Jun nods

"Uncle, I suspect that the person who behind this is very close to your family." Jun said

"What?" Akio asks

"In the picture I found, I saw that little cousin is the one walk toward them. And through their confession, they said that their boss told them to wait for her to come by herself" Jun said

"Uhm, uncle, do you know anyone who hate you or want to go against you?" Jun asks

"Uhm….I don't know." Akio answers while thinking all the possibility that can appear.

"I see. I will investigate more about it." Jun said

"What should we do now Jun? Atsu is nowhere to be found?” Akio worriedly asks

"My people just found their place. I will order police to go near that place to find information about her." Jun said

"Please do it as soon as possible, Jun. Maybe she is in danger, right now." Akio said

Next morning

In the hospital

In Minami’s room

Acchan sits next to Minami’s bed and holds his hand. She rests her head on the bed and sleep soundly. Mii-chan, Mario, Haruna, and Yuu sit and talk with each other while waiting for Minami to wake up.

“Thank goodness that he is ok” Yuu said


In the ICU room

"How is he now, doctor?" Mario said

"His condition is stable now. We will move him to a normal room. He will wake up soon." the doctor said

"Thank you very much doctor" Yuu said, and they all bow before him

"No problem. That is my job." he said and leaves

End flashback

"Poor Acchan, she is very worry about him. She did not take any sleep yesterday even though she looked really exhausted." Haruna said


"Why did those people attack them?" Mario said

"Don't know. We have to wait for him to wake up." Yuu said

"Anyway, they are safe now is all the matter." Mii-chan said

"Uh" they all nod

Minami's POV

I slowly open my eyes.

"Where am I? Is this the hospital?" I though and I sit up

"Agh..." I groan in pain

"That right, I was shot. That is why it's hurt." I thought

"Acchan, Acchan, where is she?" I thought in panic

"You are awake, Takamina" I hear someone said

I look at the direction. I see Mario, Mii-chan, Yuu, and Nyan Nyan are here

"Hey, guys" I smile and greet them

"Don't “hey” us. You was about to go with the dead god you know" Mario said

"However, you are lucky; the bullet did not hit any of your important organs. If the bullet goes up 1mm, you are in big trouble." Yuu said

"I see" I said

"And thank to Acchan that you are alive. You received a lot of blood from her" Mario said

"Acchan donated her blood for me" I thought


“Acchan, where is she?” I worriedly said with a high voice

“Keep it down. Do you want the girl who is sleeping there to wake up?” Miichan said

I feel something holding my hand. I look down and see that Acchan is resting her head on my bed and sleeping. She is frowning and moving her head. I stroke her hair to comfort her

"Luckily, you are ok now. If something does happen, we don't know how to comfort her." Nyan Nyan said

"I'm glad that you are ok and thank you Acchan" I smile and thought

"She was very worry for you. She did not get any sleep yesterday. When you were shot, she cried a lot. We did a lot of thing but she still cried hard. Until the doctor said that you are ok, she calmed down a little. She really is exhausted." Yuu said

"Baka" I thought and caress her face

"You all stay here with him. I will go and call the doctor." Mario said and leaves the room

"What happened to you two?" Yuu said

"We were attacked by three men when we were walking back home. I fought all of them. Then one of the men got mad and shot. Then I got shot." I said

"I think I will skip the part that they are looking for Acchan" I thought and look at Acchan.

"Is that all? Who are they? Why did they attack you guys?" Yuu asks me in doubt tone

"Yes, that is all. I don't know. Maybe they are thieves. They properly want to steal money from us." I said

"Really?" Yuu raises his eyebrows and asks

"Uh" I nod

Then the doctor comes in. He checks my condition.

"How is he now, doctor?" Mario asks

"He is fine now. He recovers faster than I expect." the doctor said

"Maybe he can discharge soon." he continues

Then he leaves the room

"That is great Takamina" Mario said

"Mii-chan and I have to go back to school now. Evening, we will come back to visit you. See you later." Mario said

"Ok, bye thank you" I said

"I think we should go too. I have some business to attend. See you later" Yuu said and leaves with Haruna

"Thank you, see you later" I said to them

Then they all left the room. I look at the angel is sleeping soundly. I wish that this moment can last forever.

"I want to see this peaceful face forever." I thought

Last night. Their target is her. They also have gun.

"What really happened to you, Acchan? Who are they?" I thought

"Anyway, I will protect you no matter what Acchan because you are the most important person in my life." I smile and caress her face.

I slowly bend down and kiss her forehead

“I love you” I whisper in her ear

Then I sit back and watchlook at her sleeping face.

After awhile, I see that her eyelids are moving. I think that she is about to wake up. She sits up and yawns

"So cute" I though

"Hi Acchan” I call her

"Hello Minami" She greets me back while rubbing her eyes

Suddenly she stops. She looks up in surprise

“M…Minami?” Acchan calls me in surprise

"Huh?" I smile at her

“You are awake” Acchan stands up and hugs me tightly

“Minami, I’m so glad.” She said and buries her face on my shoulder

“Uh, I’m awake now. Sorry for making you worry, Acchan” I said and pats her head

"Are you thirty Minami? I will get you something for you. Are you hungry Minami? I will find something for you to eat...." Acchan keeps asking me worriedly

Her face is so cute when she looks like this. I take her hand and pull her closer to me. Then I kiss her lips.

"I only want this" I said and smile to her

“She looks down. Is she shy?” I thought

"I...I...I will get you some water." Acchan said and rushes out of the room

“Acchan, wait” I call her, but she already left

I lie back and smile at her cuteness

End Minami’s POV

Outside of the room

*Badump* *Badump* *Badump*

"Minami kissed me. He kissed me" Acchan thought while feeling her face is getting hot.

Suddenly, she bumps into someone

"Ah... Sorry" she said and bows

Then she looks up

"Ah, it is you" Acchan smiles and said

"I want to talk to you" the person said

In Minami's room

Minami's POV

"Acchan is so late? What is she doing?" I lie on my bed and thought

"I should go and find her" I said and stand up

When I'm about to go, I hear a knocking sound

“Come in” I said

“Hello Takamina” Akira greets me

“Hi Akira” I greet her

“I heard Mii-chan said that you are awake, so I come here to visit you” she said

“Thank you” I said and sits up

“How are you doing Takamina? Are you ok now?” She asks me

“I’m fine, now. Thank you. My injury isn’t too bad” I said

Right now I’m not in the mood to talk. I want to go and find Acchan. I still haven't confessed my feeling to her yet

“Was she scared because I kissed her so sudden?” I thought

“I screw up everything” I scratch my head

“Takamina, are you ok?” Akira asks me

I forgot that she is still here

“Ah, sorry I’m fine. I feel a little tired.” I said

“Do you need any help? I can be here to help you?” She asks

“No, thank you. I just need to sleep” I answer

“Ok, then I will go now. Get well soon” She said

“Thank you again for coming here” I said to her

Then she leaves the room

Acchan's side

Acchan sits on the corner of the waiting hall in the hospital. She uses her hands to cover her ears. She bends down and cries silently

“You are the reason that he got shot”

“You are his burden”

“Everything you have done is always causing him trouble”

“He does all of that just because of pity.”

"You should get away from his life"


Acchan comes to Minami’s room, but she doesn’t come in. She hides behind the wall and peaks into the room

“He is reading something. He seem to be fine now” Acchan thought

Suddenly someone calls her


Acchan jumps in surprise

“M..Mii-chan, Mario” She calls

“Why did you stand here? Why don’t you come in?” Mii-chan asks

“Ah, sorry, I have to go now” Acchan said and leaves immediately

“What’s wrong?” Mii-chan looks at Mario

“Don’t know” He shrugs and walks in

“I heard you guys just call Acchan, right?” Minami stands up and asks

“Uh, but she left” Mario said

“Why?” Minami asks in confuse

"I don't know" Mario shakes his head

“What’s happened?” Mii-chan asks

“I don’t know. This morning, she still acts normal. Then, she said that she will go and bring me some water, but she didn't come back. I looked for her everywhere, but I can't find her anywhere.” Minami worriedly said

“I see. That is weird” Mario said

“Acchan” Minami worriedly thought

At midnight night

Minami's POV

I woke up and looks around the room

"She still doesn't come back here. Where is she now?" I thought while stepping down from my bed.

I don't know why but something inside me telling and urging me to walk out of my room. I listen to my instinct. When I open the door, I see a small figure cowers beside my room’s door.

"Acchan" I thought in surprise

I sit down to look at her

"She is sleeping"

"Why don't you come into my room?" I whisper and touch her face

"She is cold. Her body is shaking" I thought

Then I carry her into my room. Luckily my wound didn't hurt so bad that I cannot carry her. I put her on my bed. When I’m about to step down from the bed, she holds my clothes tightly.

"Don't leave me" She is sleep talking

"See who is the one saying that." I thought

"You are the one who left me alone the whole day" I whisper and pinches her cheek

Then I lie down next to her. She snuggles closer to me. I round my arms around her waist and pull her closer. She buries her face on my chest. I can feel her hot temperature. Maybe she got a light fever.

"Acchan, what happened? Why did you let yourself get cold like this?" I thought and hugs her tighter

Then I also slowly fall in sleep

Somewhere In the forest

“Those cops look for us everywhere. Those two idiots, they spilled out everything” The boss said

“Luckily, I made a move soon. If not we all end up in jail right now” He continues

“That girl, she is in the hospital right now. It is hard to catch her there. You two keep observing the hospital. Looking for a chance to capture her ok” He said

“Yes, sir”

Then they leave the place.


I hope you guys enjoy reading this.  :)

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Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 6 19/09/15
« Reply #24 on: September 19, 2015, 04:09:15 AM »
oh! wmatsui!!!! that's nice jun! hehe
so.. who's that man? i hope jun will capture them soon!
update soon author-san! :) :) :) :)

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 6 19/09/15
« Reply #25 on: September 20, 2015, 03:26:13 AM »
Yeaaay jun and rena will date
 :twothumbs :inlove:

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Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 6 19/09/15
« Reply #26 on: September 20, 2015, 11:37:10 AM »

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Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 6 19/09/15
« Reply #27 on: September 20, 2015, 01:46:38 PM »
yay! wmatsui!! :ding:
what will happen next?

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 6 19/09/15
« Reply #28 on: September 22, 2015, 10:36:05 AM »
Oh... Atsuko is in very dangerous position

Why did Minami lie to his friends about the attack?

What about Atsuko, Minami and Akira?

Can't wait to see what's going to happen next?

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 7 26/09/15
« Reply #29 on: September 26, 2015, 12:32:37 AM »
@key17, @purnamazaki, @kazuko, @AI712, @cisda83: Thank you!  XD

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :D

Here is part 7  :)

Part 7


In the morning

In the hospital

Acchan slowly opens her eyes. She realizes that she is in a room

"Where am I?" she thought and sits up

“Minami’s room? How can I get here?” She looks around

Suddenly a voice startles her

“Why did you sleep outside of my room?”

She turns around and realizes that Minam is lying next to her

“M...Minami” She stutters

“Why am I here?”*cough* Acchan said

“You are sick now. That is because you slept outside. You know that outside very cold right.” He said and sits up

“Let me see your temperature” He said and leans closer to Acchan

His forehead touches hers.

“I…I…I’m fine” She said and leans back

Then she steps down from the bed. However, because she stands up so sudden, she feels dizzy and loses her balance. Minami quickly steps down and catches her.

“I told you that you are sick. Don’t get up so fast like that” Minami worriedly said

“I..I’m fine, thank you Minami. I will go out a little” She said and rushes to the door

“Wait Acchan” Minami rushes to her

He catches her hand and pulls her back. Then he blocks her way.

“Tell me why did you avoid me?” Minami said

“I’m not avoiding you” Acchan said in low tone

“Liar” Minami said

“I’m not lying” Acchan said in small tone

"I really have something to do" she said while trying to avoid Minami’s gaze

"You are sick. You will not go anywhere. You should lie down and sleep now" Minami said to her

"I'm fine. I....I... had an appointment. I should go now." she said

"Liar" Minami said while frowning

"It is true" she said and looks down

Minami lifts her face up, and looks directly at hers

"What is your appointment?" Minami asks her

"I...I…it is none of your business." She said

"Answer me, what is your business?" Minami said again

"I.I...I have to go shopping with Nyan Nyan" She said

"Really?" Minami asks while raising his eyebrows

"Uh" Acchan is shaking

“She is scared. Somehow her scared face looks so cute.” Minami thought and smiles to himself

"Liar" Minami said

"Why?" she said and pouts

"Today Yuu and Nyan Nyan go to Tokyo for his work. How can she go with you?" Minami said

"I...” Acchan looks down

"So, the truth is you want to avoid me" Minami said

"No, I'm not" she said and shakes her head

"Why did you avoid me, Acchan?" Minami softly said to her

“Please Acchan, tell me what really happened. You act very strange.  Acchan, what really happened?” he said in sincerely tone

“Do you know that it is very hurt when I saw you slept outside my room cold and shaking? What make you act like this?” he continues

“I...I…” Acchan looks down

Suddenly Minami drops down on the floor and holds his stomach. He groans in pain. Seeing Minami lying on the floor frowning, Acchan immediately bend down next to him

"Minami, Minami, are you ok?" she worriedly asks

"I'm ok. You don't have to bother yourself because of me. You are avoiding me anyway. Let's me just die in pain." Minami said and turns away

"Minami don't say thing like that. Let me help you to go on the bed. You just recover. You should rest more." Acchan said

"I won't go anywhere until you say the reason why did you avoid me?" Minami said

"Ok, I will tell you. However, you should get on the bed first" Acchan said

"No, you say first. Why did you want to leave? Do you...." Minami pauses

"...hate me?" Minami said in small tone

“…” Acchan stays silent

“Did I scare you because of that kiss?”

“...” Acchan still stays silent

“So, that is true huh.” Minami sadly said

“The truth is I’m really happy about that” Acchan speaks up

Minami widens his eyes in surprise

“What did you just said?" Minami asks

“I’m very happy when you… kiss me” Acchan shyly said and blushes

“So you don’t hate me?” Minami happily said and turns her face to look at him

“Uh” Acchan nods

"I do not hate you, Minami. Recently, I just realize another thing Minami...” she said and looks down.

Minami catches her face to look at him and asks

“What is it Acchan?” Minami gently asks

“...” Acchan stays silent and shakes her head

“Then let’s me tell you this first” Minami said

Acchan looks at him with puzzled look.

“Do you know why did I suddenly kiss you, Acchan?” Minami asks

Acchan shakes her head.

“That is because I love you, Acchan” Minami caresses Acchan’s face and gently said

Hearing that tear unconsciously rolls on her cheeks. Seeing Acchan is crying Minami panics.

“Don’t cry Acchan, I’m sorry for scaring you. If you don’t have any feeling for me, it is ok. I’m sorry” Minami said while wiping her tear

Acchan shakes her head

“I’m very happy, Minami” Acchan hugs Minami tightly and said

“I’m very happy that you love me.” she said and buries her face on his neck

Then Minami breaks the hug and gently looks at Acchan

"Then why did you avoid me Acchan?" Minami lifts Acchan's face up and gently said

"I thought that you help me all those time just because of pity. Therefore, I don’t want to be your burden. I don't want you to hurt because of me. It is not worth" Acchan said and sobs

Suddenly he pushes her down and pins her on the floor

“M...Minami” Acchan calls in surprise

"Who told you that you are my burden? Who told you that I just feel pity on you? Who decide that saving your life is worthless?" Minami said

"I...I...” Acchan don't know how to answer

Minami bends down and kisses her lips

"I just told you right, I love you, baka. I do everything is just for you. Remember that." Minami said and kisses her forehead

Acchan doesn't know what to say. She is very happy right now. She hugs Minami tight and cries like a kid on his shoulder.

“I love you, too Minami” She said and buries her face on his shoulder

“Really Acchan?” Minami happily said

“Uh” Acchan nods while blushing

Then Acchan remember something. She looks at Minami and asks innocently

"You don't feel hurt anymore?"

"Hahaha… I tricked you. I'm not hurt" Minami said and pulls Acchan up

"Minami, do you know how worry I am when I see you drop down on the floor. Don't ever use your health like that again" Acchan said in tear

"I'm sorry Acchan. However, that is the only way to stop you. I don't want to lose you." Minami said and wipes Acchan's tear.

“I love you Acchan” Minami said and kisses her lips

“I love you, too” Acchan said and kisses him back

Outside of the room

A figure stands there and angrily holds her fists. Suddenly someone pats her shoulders

“Mii-chan, Mario” the figure turns around and calls

“Akira, why don’t you come in?” Mii-chan asks

Then she turns to the room. Mario and Miichan take a look

“Oh, Takamina finally confessed huh?” Miichan said and giggles

“That guy. Finally huh” Mario said and chuckles

Then they left the room

On their way

“Are you ok, Akira?” Miichan asks

“I’m ok” Akira said and smiles

“I’m happy for him that he can find someone that he really loves.” She continues

“I knew that he doesn’t have any feeling for me. Therefore, I gave up my unrequired love from long time ago.” she said

“Good to hear that, I hope you can find a good man for yourself” Mario said

In Tokyo

In the evening

In the movie theater

Jun and Rena step out of the movie theater.

"How is the movie, Rena?" Jun asks

“I really enjoy it.” Rena said

“The movie is really exciting” she smiles and continues

"Glad to hear that. I just worry that you don’t like action movie" Jun said and scratches the back of his neck

“No, I really do like it. Actually I really enjoy watching action movie” Rena said

“Really? Will you come with me next time?” Jun happily said

“O..o..of course if you have time.” he continues

“Of course” Rena smile and nods

“So, Rena where do you want to go next?” Jun asks

“It is up to you” Rena said

“Are you hungry, Rena?” Jun asks

“Uhm… a little” Rena said

“Let go to eat something first” Jun said and pulls Rena to his car

While Jun is driving, his phone rings

“Hello, what is it, Natsu?”Jun said

(We went and checked on that place. I got the report.) Natsu said

“Uhm… send that report to me. I will read it. If I need something else, I will call you” Jun said

(Ok) Natsu said

Then he hangs up

“Sorry Rena, I have some business to do. I will take you to my house now.” Jun said in disappointed tone

“It is ok, Jun. Your work is more important. You can pay me this dinner another time” Rena said and smiles

“Really? I will” Jun happily said

Then they go back to Jun’s house

Jun quickly rushes to his office to see the report. He turns on his laptop and read through the report

“As expected, no one is there. They escape before that” Jun said

Then Jun sees a picture of a stack of newspaper. Jun clicks on it and looks through it

“Sakai Haruto” Jun thought in surprise


“Daddy, what are you doing?” Young Jun asks

“I help uncle Akio investigate about his company. He said that he suspects someone in his company sell the company top secret out.”

“I see. Did you find anyone that suspicious?” Jun asks

“The man named Sakai Haruto; the police follows him these days.” His father said

End flashback

“Isn’t he still in jail? Does he have any relative?” Jun thought

Then he calls Natsu

“Hello, Natsu”

“About the man named Sakai Haruto, can you investigate about him for me. Does he still in jail?” Jun said

(Ok, Jun) Natsu said

"Another thing, can you also investigate about his family background? I want to know if he still has some other relatives or something" Jun said

(Ok, I got it) Natsu said

"Thank you Natsu" Jun said

Then he hangs up. Jun leans back and caresses his temples. Then Jun takes out his phone

(Hello, son) a man speaks up

"Hi dad" Jun said

(How are you doing, son?) Jun's father asks

"I'm good. How are you and mom, dad? Where are you and mom now?" Jun asks

(We are doing well. She really enjoys this long vacation. We are in Italy now. Did you find Atsuko?) His father asks

"Uh-uh, not yet. However I got some new information" Jun said

"Dad, when you investigate about Uncle Company’s case, do you know any information about Sakai Haruto?" Jun asks

(Why did you ask so sudden? Aren't he still in jail?) Jun's father asks

"When the police investigated that place, they found a lot of old newspaper about that his case. Does he have any relative?" Jun asks

(I remember when I investigate about him. He graduated from a famous university. He lives with his mother and sister in a small town. About his father, there is no one know about him. We just got the information that his father used to be a normal worker. After he was laid off, he becomes a drunkard. He used to abuse him and his mother. He left them when his sister was 3 and he was 17. He moved to Tokyo alone after his mother died one year later.) his father said

"I see. By the way, what did he do that time, Dad?" Jun asks

(He stole Akio company's new product plan and sold it to other company. I caught him red handed when he was about to give the actual plan to the other company)

(However since your uncle want to give him a second chance, I didn't make it into an actual case until that incident) He continues

"I see. That is a despicable man. He still did that after uncle just forgave him" Jun angrily said

(Uh, I’m really satisfied when I can throw him into prison) His father said

(If you need more information, I will call my assistant to find the case and send to you) his father said

"Ok, thank you dad. I will hang up now" Jun said

(Ok, goodnight son) he said

"You and mom have fun. Bye" Jun said

Then he hangs up

Next morning

At Jun's house

Jun is sitting in the dining room and eating breakfast. Rena steps in

"Hello Miss Rena" a maid greets her

"Hi" Rena smiles and greets back

"Hello Rena,” Jun greets her

"Hi Jun." Rena greets and sits down

"Miss Rena, here is your breakfast" A maid said

"Ok, thank you" Rena said

Then they start eating and talking to each other. After a while, Rena finished her breakfast. She stands up and prepares her things

"Are you about to go to work" Jun asks

"Uh," Rena nods

"Since I have to go to police department early today, I will take you to the hospital" Jun said and stands up

“Also, I will order some police to protect you at the hospital.” Jun continues

"No, I cannot trouble you like that" Rena said

"It's ok. It is not trouble at all." Jun smiles

“However, If you feel that way, how about go with me to the amusement park this weekend” Jun said and smiles at Rena

Rena looks at Jun with surprise look

"Ok," Rena said and smiles.

“Ok, that is decided. Let’s go to work now” Jun said and pulls Rena with him

In the Central hospital

In Rena’s office

She is looking at the window and smiling while remembers what Jun said in the morning. Unknowingly, there is someone in nurse outfit walk into her room. The figure looks at her and grins

"He looks so cool and handsome, right?" The girl said

"Uh" Rena unconsciously nods

"What make you look so happy?" the girl continues

"He invited me to the amusement park with him this weekend" Rena still doesn't notice

“What do you like about him?” She asks and giggles

“He is very nice and gentle, somehow a little clumsy.” Rena said and smiles

"Hahaha... Our Rena is in love" the girl sudden laughs out loud

Rena startles and snaps out of her thought. She turns around to see who is laughing

"Saki" Rena calls in surprise

"When did you get here?" She asks

"Long time ago, but you still spacing out and think about your boyfriend" Saki said

" boyfriend? Jun is not my boyfriend." Rena said

"So his name is Jun huh? Call by first name basis too." Saki said and giggles

"Wait, how did you know him?" Rena asks

"I saw he walks out of his car and opens the door for you." Saki said

“And you just told me everything about him. He invited you to a date this weekend. He is also nice and gentle.” Saki said while imitate Rena's voice

“Stop it” Rena shouts in embarrass

" is not what you think. He is police. I witness something in a case. Last time I was attached, so he lets me live in his house to protect me. This morning, he also goes to work early, so he just takes me here. That is it" Rena said

“I see, no wonder I see some police walk around hospital” Saki said

“Uh, he ordered them to protect me” Rena said

“Remember to be careful ok, Rena” Saki worriedly said

“Uh, I will. Thank you” Rena said and smiles

“By the way, why did you are here?” Rena asks

“I have some patience’s information to give you.” Saki said

“Thank you Saki” Rena said and takes the papers

“I also want to ask you to go to eat lunch with me” Saki said

“Ok, give me a sec…” when Rena is about to say something her phone rings

“Hello Jun” Rena said

Saki stands there and grins

(Are you free for lunch Rena?) Jun asks

“You want to ask me for lunch. Sorry Jun I…”

“It is ok, Rena. you just go with him. I forget I have another appointment.” Saki whispers and winks at Rena

(Are you busy?) Jun said

“Ah no, I’m free now. When will you come here?” Rena said

(About 30 minutes) Jun said

“Ok, I will see you later” Rena said

Then she hangs up

“How romantic. Maybe I should find for me a boyfriend” Saki said and leaves

“Saki” Rena said while blushing

At police department

After hanging up the phone, Jun leans back to his chair and is humming some melodies. Then he hears a knocking sound

“Come in” Jun said

“Did you find anything about him, Natsu?” Jun asks

“Yes Jun. We came to the jail. Sakai Haruto was released 2 months ago.” Natsu said

“What? I thought he still have to stay for some years, right?” Jun stands up and said in surprise

“He was released sooner because of his good behavior.” Natsu said

“I see” Jun said while frowning and sits back

“Where is he now?” he asks

“At this moment, we still don’t know yet. We still investigate about him.” Natsu said

“Ok, if you have any news about him, inform me immediately.” Jun said

“Yes, I will.” Natsu said

Then he leaves the room. After that Jun comes to the hospital and takes Rena to the restaurant nearby for lunch. Rena and Jun order food and eat. Rena sees that Jun is still working while eating

“Jun, why don’t you put that aside and eat properly?” Rena worriedly said

Jun is still focusing on his work

“Jun, if you invite me here for lunch and then doing this, leaving me here and talking alone. Then I will leave.” Rena angrily said

Then she stands up

“Wait Rena, I’m sorry. It is just I want to find my cousin sooner.” Jun said and catches Rena’s hand

"You still can’t find any new about her?" Rena asks

"No yet. I ordered a lot of police to look around, but still no news about her" Jun sighs and said

"Don't worry Jun. I'm sure that you will find her soon." Rena said and smiles

"I know but this morning I just got some clues about the one that might be the kidnapper. I’m very worry. I don’t want the history repeat again" Jun worriedly said.


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :)

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Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 7 26/09/15
« Reply #30 on: September 26, 2015, 03:28:31 PM »
what? what kind of history? update soon please!! i want to know!
ahh.... i always love wmatsui XD XD

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 7 26/09/15
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Well Sakai is out... but who is his sister?

Are they all involve?

Why did Atsuko go to him in the 1st place?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 7 26/09/15
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Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 7 26/09/15
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More!! More!!! More!!!!  :inlove:
So sweet Atsuko and Kai  :twothumbs

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Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 8 03/10/15
« Reply #34 on: October 03, 2015, 12:36:54 AM »
@key17, @cisda83, @kazuko, @Dianalrs: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  XD

Here is part 8  :)

Part 8

In the restaurant

"You still can’t find any new about her?" Rena asks

"Not yet. I ordered a lot of police to look around, but still no news about her" Jun sighs and said

"Don't worry Jun. I'm sure that you will find her soon." Rena said and smiles

"I know but this morning I just got some clues about the one that kidnapped her. I’m very worry. I don’t want the history repeat again" Jun worriedly said.

“What do you mean Jun?” Rena asks

“His name is Sakai Haruto. I suspect the kidnapper is him. He hates my uncle very much because my uncle fired him in the past. This thing happened before. Atsuko was taken away from my hand” Jun said

“That time she was only 5, and I was 12.” Jun continues


Jun’s POV

I just went back from my grandma’s house after 2 months of summer vacation. This is my new school year. My school includes from preschool to high school. Today my uncle is busy, so I will go home with my little cousin.

“Jun-nii, where is papa? Or Koji?” my cousin asks

“He and your mama have an urgent business. Koji is with them. Therefore they cannot go to school and pick you up.” I said

“Oh. So I will stay at home alone today” She sadly said

“Atsuko, today Jun-nii will play with you. Is that ok?” I bend down and said to her

“Really, Jun-nii? You will play with me” She smiles brightly and happily said

“Of course” I smile at her

“Yeah” she jumps and hugs me

“Atsuko, it has been 2 months since I come to your house, right?” I ask her

“Yes, Atsuko miss you a lot. Today, I will show you my garden of tomatoes. Mama helped me plant them.” Atsuko innocently said

“Wow Atsuko, you plant tomatoes. You are a good girl” I said and pat her head

“Of course” Atsuko smiles and said

“I heard that you just bought a dog and named him Cocoa, right?” I ask her

“Uh... Papa bought it for me when we went to a pet shop. Cocoa will play with me whenever Papa and Mama aren’t at home” Atsuko said

“I see. I also want to be friend with him. Can you introduce me to him?” I said and smile to her

“Of course, he is very friendly” Atsuko smiles brightly and said

After walking for a while, we reach her house. When I’m about to call her security to open the door for us, someone pushes me down and snatches Atsuko away from me

“Atsuko” I shout

“Anyone comes out here, Atsuko is caught by someone” I shout

Then the gate opens. A lot of men rush out and surround the man

“Release Atsuko-sama now” The chief of the bodyguard shouts

“Call Maeda Akio here, if not I will kill his daughter.” The man shouts

“My uncle is not at home. Give me time, I will call him back” I said

“Ok, I will give you 20 minutes.” He said

I rush to the house and call uncle. After 20 minutes they comes back

“Papa, Mama” Atsuko calls them when they rush out of their car

“Atsu” My uncle and aunty call her

“Haruto, I’m here. What do you want? Release my daughter now.” My uncle shouts at him

“Haruto? He is the one that father suspicious” I thought

“Give me 1 billion as indemnification money and tell the police to let me leave Japan. Then I will release her” Haruto said

“I did not do anything or harm you. Why did you want me to give indemnification money for you?” my uncle said

“You fired me. My girlfriend because of that left me. I have nothing now. I need that money” Haruto shouts.

“I was very generous when I did not turn you into police when you stole and sold my company’s secret. I thought that you were still young, so I gave you a second chance. My brother in law is correct. I made a bad choice.” My uncle said

“Shut up. Give me 1 billion now, or I will cut her throat” He shouts and places the knife closer to Atsuko’s throat

“Papa, Mama” Atsuko calls in tear

“Atsu” My aunt call her in tear

“Stop, don’t do that. I will order people to gather that money for you” My uncle said

“You better make it quick. I don’t have much patience” Haruto said

“That is a big money. How can I gather that quickly? I need 1 hour” My uncle said

“Don’t lie. A president of the biggest group in Japan doesn’t have that much money in his hand. Don’t joke with me” He starts to lose his patience

Then he raises his knife. Suddenly sound of gunshot appears.

“Father” I shout when I see my father standing afar with police

Haruto’s arm is shot. He drops his knife. The chief of the guard rushes to him and takes his hand. I quickly rush to Atsuko and hold her. The police rush to him and press him on the ground.

“Maeda Akio, one day I will make you pay for this.” The man shouts while struggling

“You ruined my life. I will take revenge one day.” Haruto shouts

“Take that man to the police department” my father said

Atsuko is shakily crying on my shoulder. I take her to her parent.

“Papa, Mama” She hugs them and cries very hard

“Atsu, don’t cry. Mama is here” My aunt said in tear

“Atsu, it is ok now. You are safe now. Papa is sorry. You were scared right” My uncle said and pats her head

Then my uncle comes to my father

“Thank you, brother in law. If you weren’t here, I don’t know what to do.” My uncle said

“No problem Akio." My father said

“Uncle” I call him and look down

“What is it, Jun” My uncle asks me

“I’m sorry. I didn’t take good care of Atsuko. It was my fault that Atsuko is scared like that” I said in low tone

“It is ok, Jun. That thing came so sudden. Not only you but even an adult who is in that situation still cannot do anything. Don’t blame yourself ok.” My uncle pats my head and said

“I still have to bother you to play with her when we aren’t home.” He smiles at me and said

“Thank you uncle” I smile and said to him

End flashback

“After that she got a trauma. She always had nightmare and easy got sick too. Plus, she was extremely afraid of stranger. I see her as my little sister. Seeing her like that makes me very mad at myself. If I were more careful, she wouldn’t be in that situation.” Jun sadly said

“Jun, your uncle is correct don’t blame yourself about that. That time you still a kid and that thing happened so sudden” Rena worriedly said and holds his hand

“After three year, she slowly forgets the incident. Although she acts more cheerful, she still has some trauma about that. Therefore, two year later, my uncle sent her to study abroad in New York with the hope that she can fully forget about that.” Jun said

“If that is just some normal kidnappers, they will just need money. However, if it was him who kidnapped her again, that will be a big problem. With his grudge to my uncle, I don’t know what he will do to her. Although she ran away from him, she is still missing. Maybe he will look for her and catch her once again. Therefore, I want to find her quickly so that she doesn’t have to experience those things again” Jun said

“Don’t worry Jun; I believe that Atsuko is still safe right now. I have confident that you will find her soon without any harm” Rena smiles and said

Jun looks at Rena’s eyes

“Thank you Rena. I hope so, too.” Jun smiles and said

“Sorry Rena, you have to listen to my story and can’t not enjoy your lunch” Jun said

“It is ok, Jun. I’m very happy that you share that story with me” Rena said

“I also very happy to eat lunch with you” Rena continues

“Really?” Jun smiles and asks

“Uh” Rena shyly nods

“Then we will eat lunch like this every day” Jun happily said and eats his lunch.

At the hospital

Minami walks around the hospital hall to look for Acchan.

"Where is she going?" Minami thought

"Why did she always run off to somewhere? I should tie her hand with me so that she doesn't run out of my sight" Minami thought while looking around

“Last night she also acted so weird.” Minami continues


At night

Acchan is lying next to Minami. She snuggles closer to him while Minami hugs her and strokes her hair.

"Acchan" Minami calls her

Acchan looks up

"What is it, Minami?"

"I wonder..." Minami said

"Huh?" Acchan looks at him with puzzled look

"What make you think that I think of you as a burden?" Minami looks at her and asks

"..." Acchan stays silent

''Also what make you think that I'm only feel pity on you?" Minami continues

"..." Acchan once again keeps silent

"Acchan" Minami calls her while caressing her face

"I'm sleepy, Minami." Acchan said and buries her face on his chest like a puppy.

Minami looks at her with confused look. Then he smiles at her

"Ok, my puppy. Goodnight" Minami said and kisses her hair.

End flashback

He goes out to the hospital's park. He looks around the place. Suddenly he hears someone's voice

"So you broke your promise."

"That sound familiar" Minami thought

"I promised that because I thought he didn't love me. I'm his burden" another girl voice appears

"Acchan?" Minami said

Minami walks toward the sources of the voice.

“But after all you are the cause of his injury. Did you forget that?” the girl shouts

Minami comes to the corner of the park

“Akira, Acchan” Minami thought

“I...I…” Acchan looks down

"You caused his injury. Is it not enough? Do you want him to die?” Akira shouts

“So she is the one that say all those things to Acchan” Minami thought

“Akira, why did you shout at Acchan?” Minami said and steps out

“Minami” Acchan turns and calls

“Takamina, what are you doing here?” Akira asks him in surprise

“I come here to see what you are doing behind my back” Minami angrily said

“Since when did you become my personal manager? Who give you permission to control my life?” He continues with a high voice

“Minami” Acchan holds Minami hand and calls him

“Calm down Minami. She is just worry about you” she continues

“I don’t need that kind of worry.” Minami raises his voice

Then he turns to Acchan

“Acchan, so she is the one that say all those things which made you avoid me, right?” Minami asks

Acchan looks down and silence

“Answer me, Acchan” Minami lifts her face up and gently said

“Yes, that is me. I said those things to her so that she can get away from you” Akira said

“You… why did you do that?” Minami said while trying to calm down

“Because she is annoying. I hate her” Akira shouts

Hearing that Atsuko holds Minami’s arm tight and looks down

“How can you say that to her? What did she ever do to you?” Minami said in anger

“Why did you so protective to her? She is just a stranger to you. A trouble stranger” Akira shouts while pointing at Acchan

“Acchan is not a stranger to me. She is my girlfriend now. To me she is very important. I will do everything to protect her” Minami said while holding Acchan’s hand tight

“Therefore, don’t bother her with those nonsense. Burden, pity, worthy, I, myself, decide that.” Minami said

“Since you are my childhood friend, you knew what I hate the most right. I hate people step on my private life. I will control my life, myself.  Don’t ever step on that boundary” Minami continues.
“If I ever see you shout at her or hurt her again, even you are my childhood friend, I will not forgive you.” he continues

“Let’s go back to my room Acchan” Minami said and pulls Acchan with him.

“But Minami….” Acchan stops and looks back at Akira

He pulls her close to him and kisses her lips.

“Or you want me to carry you back” he said

She stuns at my action. Her face is all red. She shakes her head

“How cute” He thought and smiles in his mind

Akira angrily holds her fists tight. Her eyes are read because of anger. Tear fills her eyes. She looks up

“Why don’t you realize my feeling for you?” Akira shouts at Minami

He turns to look at her

“I knew, but I don’t see you that way. You are no more than a childhood friend to me. However, now, I have to think about that once again. I feel disgust with your action. I can never imagine my friend will do this” Minami said and walks away

At the back yard

“Why did you always interfere with my life? Why don’t you disappear already” Akira angrily thought

Inside the hospital

"Why didn't you tell me that is Akira’s action?” Minami sits next to Acchan and asks

“I don’t want you to angry like now” Acchan said

“But you were saddened by those words.” Minami said and strokes Acchan’s hair

“Uhm” Acchan nods slightly and looks down

“Acchan” Minami calls and turns her to look at him

Acchan looks at him with confused look

“From now on just trust me ok. Don’t listen to other. I love you. You should only remember that” Minami said and smiles at her

“Uh” Acchan smiles and nods

After 2 day

Minami’s POV

I finally discharge from the hospital. Now I can go back to my home

"It is so good to be home" I thought and lie back on my bed

"I wonder what Acchan is doing" I thought and walk out of my room

I hear some sound in the kitchen

"She is cooking?" I thought and walk in

I see she is chopping something

"Can she really cook?" I thought in doubting


As expected, she cuts her hand. I rush to her and ask

"Acchan, are you ok?" I take her hand and look at her bleeding finger.

"Minami, what are you doing here?" She asks me in surprise tone

"Let's go and treat your injury" I said and pull her to my room to take my medical box.

"Minami, I'm fine. It is just a scratch. You should be relax now" Acchan said

I just stay silent and pull her with me. I take bandage and cover her finger

"What with that cooking thing, Acchan?" I ask her

"You are hurt, so I thought I will cook something for you" Acchan said

"Do you know how to cook?" I ask her and smile

"No," she said and shakes her head

"Then how can you cook?" I ask her

"I saw you chop the meat the other day. So I copy what you did." she answers

"That is why you cut yourself like that." I said and point her injured finger.

"That is just an accident" she pouts

"Ok, then what will you do next?" I tease her

"I...I..I  will read the book" Acchan said

"Can you really do that?" I ask her.

"Of course" Acchan looks at me and answers confidently

"Do I need to prepare some medicine before eating" I said and teasing tone

“Minami,” Acchan hit my chest lightly and pouts

I hold my chest and lie on the floor

“Ahh… Acchan, it is hurt. You hit my injury” I groan in pain

“Minami, are you ok? I’m sorry. Are you ok?” Acchan panicky said

“What should I do now, Minami?” She asks me and sobs

“” I breathlessly said

“What is it, Minami?” She asks me while holding my hand

I pull her down and kiss her lips. Then I broke the kiss and said

“I need that” I said and pinches her now red cheeks

“Minami, you tricked me. I hate you. You made me worry” Acchan pouts and stands up

"Wait, Acchan" I catch her hand and pull her to sit on my laps

I rest my chin on her shoulder

“I’m sorry, don’t hate me” I said and kiss her cheek

She keeps silent. I guess her still mad

"Don’t mad at me, please.” I said in pleading tone and bury my face on her neck

“…” She is still silence

“How about I will cook for you omelet rice, and you will forgive me?" I said

"But you are just discharged from the hospital, you need to rest." she turns to look at me and worriedly said

"I'm fine now. I can do everything for my Acchan" I said and smile

"But you have to rest. Your injury is not small. I will cook" She strictly said

"But I don't want to bandage all ten of your fingers." I said and kiss her hand

"What do you mean?" she pouts

How cute

"But I really want to do something for you" she said while playing with her fingers

"I have another plan" I said

"What is it Minami?" She looks at me and happily said

“Let cook together” I whisper in her ear and caress my face with hers

"Ok, Minami" Acchan happily said

“Then let’s go, Acchan” I peck her lips and said

Then we go to the kitchen and happily cooking and eating together.

In the forest

“Good, you did a good job” The man said to a figure stands in front of him

The figure smirks

“Thank you for good information. When I finished my work, she is all your” The man continues

“Deal” It said

In the town

Next evening

Minami’s POV

I walk back to my house after school. When I open the door, I stun at what I see. The house is all messed up.

“Who did this? Is those men the other night did this. How did they find my house?” I thought

Then I run to my room and Acchan’s room to check. They were all messed up. Everything is broken and scatters the place.


Hope you guys enjoy reading this!  :)

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Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 8 03/10/15
« Reply #35 on: October 03, 2015, 12:52:02 AM »
Uwaaaaahhhh don't take Acchan away from minimi mT^Tm  Authorchi  :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:,and thanks for the update I hope Jun will find acchan soon  :rofl: :grin:

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Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 8 03/10/15
« Reply #36 on: October 03, 2015, 02:50:40 AM »
I wonder who did all that things, hope Acchan will be fine.
Jun, hurry up and find your sister before they do something bad to her!!!
That Akira, I wonder if she cooperates with those guys... Minami, protect Acchan!
Update soon, Author-san. I'm waiting for your next update :D

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Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 8 03/10/15
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Noooo why'd they have to take Atsuko away from Minami :angry:

Jun needs to hurry up and make a move on Rena so there can be some Wmatsui love  :banghead:

Can't wait for the next chapter and keep up the good work. Bye bye :peace:

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Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 8 03/10/15
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ahh!!! someone!! call jun please!!
update soon!!

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 8 03/10/15
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"Wait, Acchan" I catch her hand and pull her to sit on my

"Don’t mad at me, please.” I said in pleading tone and bury
my face on her neck

" “Then let’s go, Acchan” I peck her lips and said

:oops: :love:

Neee.... that atsumina scene, though

they are in love, they even slept together awwww
make something more, author-san
make them an unforgetable moment
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