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Author Topic: Random One Shots: |NyanNyan's Bday SP| One Cliché Story [KojiYuu OS] (04/21/15)  (Read 37327 times)

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Re: Random One Shots: Only You [YukoRena OS] (May 31, 2014)
« Reply #60 on: May 31, 2014, 10:29:33 PM »
 :mon cute: why it is so sad?
I want part two. :bow: please

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Re: Random One Shots: Only You [YukoRena OS] (May 31, 2014)
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gloomy...and somehow brings back my old memories :err:

but still, it's a nice work :on GJ:

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Re: Random One Shots: Spiteful Feelings [MariMii OS] (Mar 11, 2015)
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@Zita: sorry, but I left it kinda open like that for my readers to decide on how it ended themselves
@bunny_rabbit: sorry for bringing your old memories back  :sweatdrop: but thanks for liking it  :roll:

A/n. This is for granny BbSis, a Mariko-sama birthday special~ Hope you like this~

BEWARE. Might contain swearing, making out and implying on sexual intercourse

Spiteful Feelings

"Another glass, miss?" A bartender asked and smiled in a pleasant way at the woman in front of him.

"Mhm, yeah." She looked at the name tag of the young man and sighed. "Two actually, Matsui-kun."

"Oh, call me Julian, miss~" The bartender said in a sassy voice and poured two glasses of martini for the lady. She seemed to be in a bad emotional state, despite her efforts to hide it. "You know, you can talk to me, if you need someone to hear you out."

"No." The woman shook her head and poured quite some amount of the martini into her mouth. "I will be fine tomorrow, I know it."

"Sorry to lecture you, I know it is not my business, miss, but you know that alcohol never helps and the next day it is always worse?" Julian asked in a serious tone and took one glass away, passing it to another bartender. "Give this to that cute lady over there in a red dress, say it is on the house."

"Mhm, did she perk your interest tonight, Julian? I thought you are faithful to Furuhata-chan." The female bartender asked but passed the drink to the beautiful lady. "This is on the house, miss."

"Oh, you don't need to lie, I know it's from Julian~" The lady in a red dress smiled and sipped from the glass. "Say to him that the red kingyo is not going to wait forever~"

"....Yes, miss..." The female bartender was confused but kept on her cyborg expression and retold the words to Julian who was still trying to carefully find out the problems of the lady in a business outfit. "Who is she, Julian?"

"My red kingyo but of course, Maya. My red kingyo." He smiled and turned to the business lady again. "You should head home and try to solve whatever matter it is after waking up, miss."

The woman just kept silent and watched the male bartender shrug his shoulders and walk to the rich lady in a red dress at the other end of the bar. The way the two looked at each other without saying a word spoke more than if they actually exchanged the common vocabulary.

"It is clear he is banging her every single night, no doubts about that. However, it is none of my business. I have my own problem to deal with. God, how do I get her voice out of my head?! She doesn't even exist!!!"


"Oi, Mariko, will you get rid of that skirt of yours? Such a sore to my eyes, yo!"

"Oi, Mariko, can your blouse get more old-fashioned than this one? I am sure the boss just waits for you to slip so she can dispose of you~"

"Oi, Mariko, you work here longer than I do but I seem to be more popular and loved around here. Just scram and let me get promoted."

And so on and so on. No matter what she did, the new public relation's manager Minegishi Kuu was like a sore thumb. He used every opportunity to make Mariko feel like she was an alien and he was the most human Earth ever has seen. She did admit her fashion style at work was not the best, but she had her reasons. It was a workplace after all, not a fashion runway. He hasn't seen her in personal life, he knew nothing about her wanting to become a fashion designer and slowly trying to achieve it by working here, at Dear J fashion line. Maybe she did not have a great work relationship with president Kashiwagi and it was clear the woman wanted to kick her out by any means possible, however, Mariko was best friends with owner Itano Tomomi and the woman even pushed her to not give up and continue working on her designs.

It all would be well if not Minegishi. He somehow managed to get on all her co-workers' A lists, he managed to do his job amazingly well as he was very outgoing and his ideas were modern and not too crazy at the same time. He was stylish, cool looking, was a hot topic between all women as they fought between themselves on who was next in line to get into his luxury king sized bed and make sure its sheets were not just creasy but stained also. The only problem for those women was the fact that Minegishi flirted with them all but never slept with any. His reasoning was that the guy does 'not mix work and private life', which to Shinoda Mariko was just unbelievable. Yet, it was true due to all women complaining about it to her.

Yes, they went to her and poured their hearts out, like if she cared about them or that Kuu guy. However, seeing how his reputation was better than hers all she could do was listen to their rants and hope that he just finally decides to sleep with them. Her life would be so much better without all complaints and cries she had to listen to. So sometimes, without even purposely trying, he still ruined and worsened her life. Mariko had so many reasons to hate him, she just honestly hated the guy to the point she dreamed of a car hitting him on the road or some building falling on top of him. That's how mad driven she was by the hate towards him. If only she could find at least one thing, one bad thing about him, it would be enough to wipe away that annoying smirk out of his face.

Sadly, he was mostly perfect. Mostly, because Mariko was sure he had something going on. There was something about Minegishi that Mariko felt was a mystery and she just couldn't figure it out no matter how hard she tried. She would usually drop the thoughts about him, yelling at herself inside her head for giving attention to that brat, but sometime later the thought of something about him bugging her would return inside her head and she would think about him again and again. She did talk about this to one of her close friends, Ooshima Yuuko, but very soon regretted it, hearing from the woman that it was all Mariko's inner woman wanting to get into the guy's bed. That was not it, like, never ever. She honestly felt there was something else, but what? She had no idea.

Luckily or unluckily for her, a day came where one sentence changed everything. Mariko was carrying important documents to events' budget manager Sato Sumire and in order to get to her office she needed to pass seventeenth floor, where Kuu's office resided. She was passing down the corridor and the door was slightly open. She suddenly heard a sentence and it made her halt to a stop. She even dropped the papers and checked if she has a phone in her pocket. Now was her chance.

"Do you think I can't handle a guy like you~?" A somewhat sultry husky female voice asked and then Kuu's laugh was heard afterwards.

Mariko smirked and opened a camera recording device on her phone. This was her chance. Her chance to catch a bad act from the 'perfect, good-doing guy' flirting while at work. She grinned and barged into office, not even bothering to knock on the door. Well, she was trying to catch him red handed, you don't knock when you want to incriminate someone, right? However, soon her grin was changed by a shock. She looked all around the office, double checked but there was no woman present in there. Kuu raised his eyebrow at her.

"Ah, sorry, one of my co-workers wants something, I'll call you later, 'kay?" Minegishi said to the person on the other end and hung up. "Oi, Mariko, has your mother never taught you what knocking on the door means? And what's with your shoes, does Yuki-chan not pay you enough for you to buy yourself at least decent ones?"

"Wa...." Shinoda was about to ask about the woman but making a fool out of herself really wasn't on her hobbies' list so she just shook her head, scoffed and walked out. While picking the documents she previously dropped, Mariko contemplated inside her head. She was so sure she heard a female's voice but her eyes saw no one but that brat Kuu in his office. She must have looked like some crazy to him, not that he had a different vision of her anyway. Quietly swearing under her breath Mariko rushed to Sumire's office, trying to push the haunting voice out of her head.

The problem was that the voice was too much her type. It was a voice she liked and longed for in her partner. She realized her concentration went down the drain and she was not even able to work on her fashion designs, because the voice was like some bug that rested inside her brain, eating it bit by bit every single day. Soon afterwards she started having dreams, where a woman with no face comes into her bed and whispers all kinds of nonsensical words in that husky sultry voice of hers. Mariko would wake up all sweaty after such dreams every night and it has gotten even worse, to the point where in those dreams she started having sex with that woman.

She just couldn't handle it all, especially today, when she passed out at work due to the lack of sleep and had another dream. There the woman pushed her against the wall, ripped her clothes off and massaged her body to the point where she moaned like crazy. Literally. Her secretary Iriyama had to shake her in order to wake her up. The poor girl had red cheeks and whispered to Mariko about her actually moaning while in her sleep. Anna decided to wake boss up despite feeling embarrassed, because she knew that if Minegishi or any other co-worker heard Mariko like that, it would be the end of her. So after work Mariko couldn't help but go to this club and get fully drunk. She hoped this would get her to forget the haunting voice, push away the haunting dreams and get back on track.


So here she was, watching Julian eating the lady in a red dress with his eyes, as if he wanted to bend her over one of the tables and satisfy them both. More like, Mariko was sure that was exactly what the bartender was going to do once the club gets empty, but it was none of her business. She wanted to get wasted, yet again, he was right, saying it will not help her deal with the problem. The woman was contemplating if she should go home or stay for another drink, when a few go-go dancers appeared in the cages at different parts of the club. They had barely any clothing on them, enough to cover private parts, but still leaving little to people's imaginations and their bodies moved along the music's rhythm like a flowing river. Mariko usually would not pay attention to such things, but one of them was nearly in front of her so she couldn't help but observe.

The girl had long wavy black hair, huge doll like eyes, her body was quite curvy and she was one of those shorter ones. Her expressions was so on point with the music playing and her body moved in such a seductive and yet classy way that Mariko just couldn't take her eyes away. The more she stared at the dancing girl, the more she felt as if she knew her for a long time. There was just something very familiar about her but Shinoda couldn't really think of what that something was. The woman was sure she never has seen the girl in front of her and yet it felt as if she saw her every single day.

She shook her head and stood up. She really was going crazy. First, imagining that female's voice and now fawning over a random go go dancer, even to the point of thinking that she knew her. Mariko decided to go home and get a proper night's sleep, maybe tomorrow things will really become better. She felt somewhat dizzy, but still knew she can get home on her own. She gave the female bartender her credit card, put in the digital security code - managed to put in the correct one from the second try. Not bad, she thought to herself and, after putting the credit card back into her purse, started walking out of the club.

"Michelle, where are you going?" Maya asked the go go dancer, who stepped out of the cage and was about to leave the club. "You haven't finished your round of dancing."

"I'll be back, there's something I have to make sure of." The girl said and hurried out of the club. Seeing the figure in a business clothing trying to unlock the car, she couldn't help but sigh. Why was she about to help this woman again? Well, she will have to answer this question to herself later, now she needed to act. "Hey, miss, I think you are a bit too unsteady to drive. Maybe I can call you a cab?"

At first Mariko thought it was her imagination acting up again, but then she saw the go go dancer in front of her, speaking again.

"Um, are you alright?.. You look pale..." She was not supposed to approach her, damn, she was not even supposed to meet her like this, ever. However, Michelle couldn't help but notice the eyes full of terror boring into her. "Wh...what... Did I do something wrong?"

"You..." Shinoda felt her body shaking. This voice that kept haunting her for days and weeks now was in a shape of this seductive go go dancer. Mariko felt like the world was spinning too fast around her. "Your's...."

"Miss...?" Michelle started and then saw the woman falling onto the ground. "Mariko!!!"

She woke up and even without opening her eyes she knew right away that the bed was not hers. She also knew that a headache was about to appear if she moved her head or any body part more than an inch. There was also this feeling of someone's body next to her and despite it being alarming, the woman didn't move or open her eyes. One, she hated headaches while in a hangover stage. Two, she could feel sun rays on her skin which basically meant her eyes burning if she only opened them. Three, she knew who the woman next to her was as she all of the sudden remembered what happened yesterday. To think that the random go go dancing she noticed in the club was the owner of that sultry voice...

"Are you awake?" The girl asked and sighed. "Sorry for bringing you to my place, but I just couldn't leave you there on the street after you passed out, and it's not like I know where you live."

"Nnn..." It was all Mariko could reply. She was too busy basking in that wonderful voice to pay attention to the words it was producing. "You were saying?"

"Never mind..." The girl stood up and put on the hoodie. "I'll go make some breakfast, you come down whenever you are ready."

After the girl left the room, only then Mariko dared to slowly open her eyes. After she got used to the light, she slowly got up. The headache was not as bad as the woman expected.

"Time to inspect your room, missy." Shinoda whispered and started looking around. Everything seemed like what a usual girl would have until a certain object caught Mariko's attention. It was too familiar to ignore it and she picked it up, shock and confusion written all over her face. While holding it she went downstairs into the kitchen and was about to ask about the object, but the view was too mesmerizing and she froze, unable to take her eyes away.

The girl was in a hoodie and white lace panties, swiftly moving around the kitchen, cooking breakfast and humming a random song. She was trying not to think of Mariko being upstairs, in her bed...or even the fact they slept next to each other the whole night. Now she simply needed to feed the woman, ensure there are no misunderstandings, see her off and all will be well. Nothing could go wrong if the woman doesn't stay for too long.

"Hey, you...tell me how this thing happens to be in your room?" Mariko asked, closing her eyes and shaking dirty thoughts out of her head. "Because I've seen this at my work before, and I don't really have good memories connected to it."

"What...?" The girl turned around and opened her eyes wide. How could she forget to put that tie away....? God dammit, nothing escapes Mariko's field of vision, does it...? "Um...I got it from one of my clients...NOT REALLY..."

"Explain yourself." Mariko was not buying the crap the girl was spilling to her and sat on the chair, waiting for the proper explanation. "I will not leave your house until you tell me the actual truth. How do you know Minegishi Kuu? Because this is his tie."

"I..." The girl turned off the frying pan and sighed. "I guess I cannot hide it from you... If only I didn't go after you last night...maybe you wouldn't have found out..."

"Then why did you follow me? And find out what?" Shinoda was confused. So there was a woman after all in Kuu's office at that time, but then where was she hiding? Under the table or in the cabinet? "Spill the beans, missy."

"My name is Minami, Minegishi Minami." The girl whispered and looked away.

"....." Mariko had no words. And then it all stood into places. "That's why you felt so familiar. You are his---"

"I am him. I am Minegishi Kuu." Minami cut the woman off and looked her in the eyes. "I speak the truth so now you can come and beat me or i don't know, do whatever you want to me, because I deserve it."


"If you don't believe me, just go look around the house. You will see the wigs and clothes and everything work related scattered throughout it." Minami sighed and plopped on the chair. "I thought I can hide it from everyone, especially from you, but apparently the fate decided otherwise."

"...Why are you lying to everyone about you being a guy?" Mariko was trying to get over the fact that the guy she hated the most in the whole world and the girl she wanted to drag to the bedroom and make love to was the same person. "What's so good about being a girl that pretends to be a bratty Ikemen guy?"

"Oh, so you also thought I was Ikemen after all~?!"

"I don't think you should be happy over something like this in a situation you are right now." Mariko retorted and crossed her arms. "So, answer my question."

"I just always was a cool girl back at school, treated more like a guy than a girl. I felt like a king and it was just so cool and amazing to be called a hot Ikemen. I guess, it all got into my head... I became cocky, thinking I can rule the world and whatnot..." Minegishi sighed. "I know I was wrong, I told myself millions of times to stop it all. However, once I started I couldn't end it. That's how I got into the position I am in right now. Job application clearly stated that they need a male. I decided to try my luck and here I am."

"Why were you so rude towards me?" Shinoda asked. She was not angry anymore. Okay, maybe she still was. At least, she didn't want the girl dead anymore.

" looked like the keenest out of them all. It felt like if I act nice towards you, you might find out the truth..." Minegishi laughed ironically. "And look where I am, you still found out..."

"Mhm..." Mariko just didn't know what to think or say. She was supposed to be angry, or that's what she guessed... Despite all that, the girl in front of her was as alluring and captivating. "Tell me one thing then..."

"Yes?.." Minegishi was surprised by the weird look Shinoda was giving her. For some reason her heart was beating really fast from just that look alone.

"Why...?" Mariko was not thinking anymore. The urge to taste those pinkish lips was too strong to resist. She stood up and approached the shocked girl. "No, screw that question. Instead, let me ask a different question."

"....?" Usually Miichan, that's how friends called her, would feel very Ikemen and cool. Usually she was center of attention where she acted like a prince or a playboy, making all the girls swoon. her heart was already shattered into millions of separate hearts, and they all were beating crazier than ever. Her mouth was dry and her body was all tingly.

"Bedroom or kitchen?" She pulled the girl up from the chair and gazed into those beautiful big eyes. Maybe after she satisfies her urges, maybe then she will be able to think clearly and sort out this mess. Now all she could think off was how badly she wanted to make love to this idiotic girl.

"...what...?" Mariko was too close for Minami to handle. It was enough that she crushed on this woman at work but never had a chance to show it one bit, so her fantasies becoming reality was a bit too much for her to handle.

"No, screw that too. We're doing it here." Shinoda spat out, frustrated at her urges more than the girl in her arms. She should be raging, going to Kashiwagi with the proof or even calling Itano. Instead, she laid the still shocked Minegishi on the table and leaned over her. "I deserve at least this for all the pain you caused me."

"...." Minami breathed hard, sweat already forming on her forehead. She felt like the heat in the kitchen went thousand degrees up and it felt like her body was rolling down the cliff for ages before Mariko saved her, because every inch of her skin was aching and in dire need to be touched and attended to.

"And honestly, I don't care if you want this or no. I am gonna devour you and then walk off like a boss." Mariko said and took off the hoodie, ogling at the round breasts the girl possessed. "Okay, how were you able to hide THESE? Never mind, ignore the question."

Miichan moaned and groaned as soon as Mariko's teeth nibbled all over her mounds. She could feel the woman's hands traveling all over her body and her sanity started slowly drifting away. This was crazy, insane and yet, it was amazing and wonderful. To be in Mariko's arms like that, to be for once monopolized and devoured and not the other way around; it was just perfect.

"This note, I leave it to you for a reason. I wanted to stay and eat you up again and again, fuck you senseless, even rape you while you clutch onto the windowsill, however... I realized I need to sort my thoughts and feelings out. I always had this dream of becoming a fashion designer. You made me realize I cannot waste my time and life as I've been doing it up till now. So I'm gonna go and realize my dream and you continue realizing yours. Then one day, after we both are successful, we will meet again. By then, I am sure you won't have to put an Ikemen act anymore and me... I maybe will be able to face the fact that I had feelings for you since day one I saw you in Dear J company. By then maybe I will be able to forgive you for all the hurtful words you said to me. By then I think I will be ready to let you into my now cold icy heart. By then.... No, I am sure that when we meet next time, I'll try to make love to you in the bedroom at least once. And I'll make sure that a bit later you have a chance to wear a wedding gown, created by me, at my wedding...

With spiteful feelings,


"人間みんな変態だから" - 古川愛李, SKE48 新高柳チームKII 「シアターの女神」千秋楽公演, 2014.04.18 <"Because all people are perverts." - Furukawa Airi, SKE48 New Takayanagi Team KII [Theater no Megami] Last Stage, 2014.04.18>

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Re: Random One Shots: Spiteful Feelings [MariMii OS] (Mar 11, 2015)
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Oh my f*cking gawd! ~

You have no idea of how hard I was needing this! I loved this OS from the bottom of my heart!  :love:  :heart:

At first, I tried to figure out who the girls at the club were, but when the flashback came, I forgot completely about them hauhuahauhau I have to admit that this rather submissive Mariko regarding the insults took me by surprise. But I like to think understood your choice in the end.

Minegishi Kuu was an asshole. He was a bully for sure. He should know better, bullyng is not the solution even if you want to hide something. At least Miichan learned that in the end. I really hope she did.

Poor Mariko, she was so hurt. It's totally understandable her reaction in the end. But this served her right as well. She learned something impotant. And she fulfilled one of her wet dreams.

I wonder how things would be in the future for them...

Just one question: why Miichan was working as a go go girl in that club if she had that job where she was desguised?

Thank you for this amazing piece of writing, Sakuchan~

Sorry about my lack of activity... I'm kinda stuck in life...

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Re: Random One Shots: Spiteful Feelings [MariMii OS] (Mar 11, 2015)
« Reply #64 on: March 12, 2015, 06:08:09 AM »
Oh my f*cking gawd! ~

You have no idea of how hard I was needing this! I loved this OS from the bottom of my heart!  :love:  :heart:

At first, I tried to figure out who the girls at the club were, but when the flashback came, I forgot completely about them hauhuahauhau I have to admit that this rather submissive Mariko regarding the insults took me by surprise. But I like to think understood your choice in the end.

Minegishi Kuu was an asshole. He was a bully for sure. He should know better, bullyng is not the solution even if you want to hide something. At least Miichan learned that in the end. I really hope she did.

Poor Mariko, she was so hurt. It's totally understandable her reaction in the end. But this served her right as well. She learned something impotant. And she fulfilled one of her wet dreams.

I wonder how things would be in the future for them...

Just one question: why Miichan was working as a go go girl in that club if she had that job where she was desguised?

Thank you for this amazing piece of writing, Sakuchan~

Mariko wanted to ask the same question but then she was like: screw this and yeah. So I'll leavevthis up to everyone to ponder and guess about. The names are easy. I gave some hints xD
"人間みんな変態だから" - 古川愛李, SKE48 新高柳チームKII 「シアターの女神」千秋楽公演, 2014.04.18 <"Because all people are perverts." - Furukawa Airi, SKE48 New Takayanagi Team KII [Theater no Megami] Last Stage, 2014.04.18>

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Re: Random One Shots: Spiteful Feelings [MariMii OS] (Mar 11, 2015)
« Reply #65 on: March 12, 2015, 08:10:08 PM »
Oh, it is magnificent! No words.
Honestly, having learned that Minegishi Kuu I almost closed a fanfiction without reading. I don't love when of Minami do the guy. But I'm glad, very glad that I have read to the end.

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Re: Random One Shots: Spiteful Feelings [MariMii OS] (Mar 11, 2015)
« Reply #66 on: April 21, 2015, 06:21:32 PM »
A/n. Thanks everyone for support and for reading my stories.

So here is another one.

This time it is NyanNyan Bday special. Sorry for being so late on it.

I hope Rine-chan and other KojiYuu shippers enjoy it.

The whole story is Yuuko-sama's POV.

One Cliché Story

Do you ever get the feeling as if your chest is about to burst into millions of pieces just from looking at someone you really care about?

One would think this is such a cliché question and really, the story is about to get as cliché as possible.

Or maybe not.

You see, ever since I was little I was told that one day I will become a huge star. Why, you ask?

Well, to put it in simple and really toned down words, I was always an energetic, all-over the place kid with various ideas and ways to express myself.

It never occurred to me, at least not until I reached university years, that the world is cruel, grey and throws you into the harsh reality once you become an adult, sometimes even earlier.

I was a bright kid, always dancing, singing, bringing to people laughter with my on-point jokes and having the ability to act and reenact whatever character or celebrity one would ask me to portray.

Sadly, once I became a university student, I realized there are many greater and beyond crazy levels talented people than me. I was nowhere near their level, and it was my first time dealing with rejection.

Not only I was rejected in any audition I took part in, I also had to deal with exams and expectations from people around me. All that pressure and fail auditions shaped me into the human being no one ever thought I will become.

They saw me as a star and now I was just an everyday worker at the cash register in a kid’s store. Life was dull, because I saw those kids with so-called ‘potential’ every single day and it reminded me of my younger days.

I had this belief that these kids will also turn out to be just the way I turned out and that those who achieve big goals and dreams are already born rich and special from day one.

It really bummed me, how parents gave their kids fake hopes by saying things like “yes, you will be a princess like her one day”, “I am sure you will be a great lawyer, sweetie~” “Oh, I know you have the talents to become a better singer than the Bratz dolls” and etc.

Why were they giving these fake hopes to the kids, if one day they were going to lose it all to the harsh reality of every day’s dullness and become worker bees like any other not so special kid?

That was what gave me headaches every day and I wanted to drop my job, really. It was tiring and it made me even grimmer than one could expect.

However, I had to put on a fake smile and pretend I am happy. I had to show only happiness and joy to the kids and their parents and it pained me greatly. I was suppressing too much and it all was about to explode one day.

Then something happened and my life changed completely.


Here is where I start wondering if you will see this as cliché as it is.

Many dramas, Mexican telenovelas, fanfictions and books; they all contain a certain twist in their stories, where from the darkest pit people are pulled out by another person and then they live happily ever after.

I don’t think happily ever after is something that actually happens, but I am sure of one thing. My life has changed from dull and grim into a happy and colorful one.

I am not so sure if I should start it with the words ‘one normal day…’ or with ‘it all started when…” or “it happened so suddenly…”. I just know that it happened and I couldn’t choose whether I wanted such a change in my life or not.

I also couldn’t choose whether to be affected by it or not, because it happened so fast and in such an unexpected way. It’s like one minute you are grim and dull and another you are mesmerized and with butterflies in your stomach.

I never thought I will be able to possess the dreamy smile and fluffy thoughts in my life ever again, but here I was, staring at the TV screen with my mouth agape, drool coming out of it and dripping on some toy the kid was about to buy.

What I saw in front of my eyes completely threw me over the edge and I was unable to move even one bit.

Imagine me being in animations series.

There my expression would be portrayed with jaw dropping and rolling on the floor, eyes jumping out of their sockets and forming into heart shapes, and my very own heart would explode into millions of pieces and scatter around the store like rose petals, while the person on the TV screen would have these I-am-flawless sparkles and would look simply gorgeous.

None of it happened, except me being frozen and letting go of all the anxiety and stress that I had been experiencing recently. See what I just did there? Well done, myself, well done.

Another thing was that the person in the TV was really gorgeous and you could clearly see those invisible sparkles that made you believe the person was actually flawless.

And to think it all resulted in me losing my job, since I let my saliva cover the kid’s picked toy and I was non-responsive for the rest of the day.

All I could think of was HER.

Kojima Haruna.

She looked like a fine cat that moved in a seductive way while on stage; her voice was delicious to my ears, her expressions were just perfect and her presence lured me in right through the TV screen.

From that day on I became a huge fan.


A hardcore fan.

I knew everything about her, everything that I was able to find out from various media sources. Her likes and dislikes, her personal life details, her goals in life, her eye color, favorite music and movies and, most importantly, her sizes.

GOD DAMNIT, her boobs were the heaven itself.

Well, I mean, I never nuzzled in them, though just from thinking of such opportunity I would nosebleed every time I thought about it.

I was even able to find a few friends through Nyandiction fever.

Um, NyanNyan – the nickname I thought off – plus addiction equals Nyandiction. Get it?

Anyways, every day I wrote her so many letters but I never dared to send them. I am sure the security wouldn’t even pass them to her. Mainly because they all had sexual content in them.

I honestly just dreamed of nuzzling in her boobies and having hot and passionate sex with her. That was all I cared about, being the delusional and delirious fan that I was.

However, I never thought I would ever meet her, well, unless you count the countless dreams I had of us meeting and making love to each other.

Yup, I was told I am a huge pervert and that an old man’s soul lived inside me.

I didn’t care at all, because I kind of agreed with that.

I don’t think denying it would have done any better than just admitting and drooling over her pictures and videos freely.

Like I said, at this point on my life has turned as cliché as possible because I actually had a chance to meet her.

And like in any most cliché story ever, she changed me completely.


It happened when I was going to one of the solo concerts that she was holding, called a fan meet.

I was happy to be able to see her from afar for the first time. Usually I wouldn’t have enough money to buy a ticket, since I bought so many merchandise.

However, this time I got a present from my friend. Takamina was also her fan, but not as hardcore. She had a huge crush on our mutual friend Acchan and it overshadowed anything else.

I felt pity towards Bakamidget – that’s how I call her – because she failed to see the perfectness of NyanNyan, but at the same time I felt very happy. The less people like her, the better it will be for me, since I would have more chances of being her No.1 fan.

So, thanks to Takamidget, I attended the fan meet for the first time in my life and I don’t even remember anything from it.

Seriously, I could only stare at her cleavage which resulted in me having a nocebleed.

Yeah, you might say that I failed, but I dare to object and say that I won.

I got her attention.

On top of that, I woke up in her dressing room with her sitting next to the couch and looking at me with a worried look on her face, her hands squeezing each other as if I was balancing on the life and death line.

I was fine, I mean, it was not the first time I had a nosebleed over NyanNyan and really not the last one. And I fainted so many times in the past, really, this was nothing.

Then it hit me.

I was in front of THE KOJIMA HARUNA and THE KOJIMA HARUNA was actually worried for me.

Then my eyes darted to where usually her cleavage would be, but to my disappointment it was covered with a sweater that she wore.

She was in her casual clothes, wearing a nice long skirt and having her hair tied in a simple low ponytail, revealing her beautiful ears.

Ah, how many times I dreamed of whispering words into those ears, I really cannot count…

And then she spoke. She actually addressed me. She said MY NAME.

“Ooshima-san, are you okay?”

I was stoned.




“…h-hai… I am…I guess…” I said, still shocked and happy at the same time. “B-but…how do you-?”

“-know your name?” She asked and smiled. “Simple.”

She went to her dressing table and picked a very beautiful box with a ribbon on it. It had a tag “precious letters” and I started to have this weird hunch. I was praying that it wasn’t what I thought it was.

Then she took them all out.

ALL of my letters.

I could tell they were mine, because I wrote all of them on pink paper and added pink ribbons on it. I also would add some handmade key-chains or phone-straps that I created myself.

“You can recognize these, right?” She asked with a dreamy smile on her face.

I was taken aback, because I thought she would hate me for having sexual fantasies about her. I could only slowly nod and wait for her explanation.

How did she get them if I never sent them to her?


Wait for it…

That could have been only one person other than me.


That idiot…

“I got them all in one package from your friend. She sent me a picture of you and explained how she always felt sorry for you never being able to meet me. She said she gave you a ticket as a present to attend a fan meet.” She started, smiling and sitting back onto a chair in front of me. “I read them all. And I realized something.”

“??” I could only stare at her with a questioning look on my face. I am not going to lie, I was embarrassed about the situation. Bakamidget didn’t know the contents of the sealed letters and yet she sent them. Here they were, in KOJIMA HARUNA’s box with a ‘precious’ tag on it. Of course, I was puzzled.

“You are the first fan I want hundred percent to thank. From the bottom of my heart. Really.” She said.

“!!!” My jaw was about to drop and my brain was about to overheat. What?

“Because…you are the first fan that doesn’t just say words like ‘you are the best’ ‘you are beautiful’ ‘you are like an angel’ etc… You actually are honest about seeing me in a sexual way and you express your desires and fantasies in an openhearted way.” NyanNyan smiled and it melted my heart.

For once I was able to see a slight pain in her gaze and I realized that she is as human as we all are. She must have had a huge burden and a lot of weight to carry on her own.

“They all don’t know me personally and they have these expectations and an image of me. They think I am this and that.” She said and I could tell she was about to burst in tears. “But you…you acted as if you don’t know me. You only voiced your dreams and fantasies of having my body because that is the one and only thing you see with your eyes and know that is real. I thank you for that.”

She started crying and I just couldn’t help it. I didn’t think, my body acted on its own and there I was, hugging MY NYANNYAN in my arms!!!

She hugged me back and started pouring all those held back tears out, while I rocked her in my embrace and whispered sweet and comforting words into those ears of hers that I always wanted to whisper into.

At that time I was not thinking about all that, all I thought about was giving her comfort and support. She changed me once again because I got to know her inner thoughts and all the pressure that she had inside her. It changed my view of her and from perverted dreaming it turned into supportive worshiping.

After twenty minutes of crying she somewhat calmed down and then I let her go, suddenly feeling embarrassed and at the same time happy. I looked apologetically at her, as if saying that I was sorry for hugging her without asking first.

My goddess just shook her head and smiled brightly.

She smiled at me!

I felt butterflies in my stomach from such a beautiful smile that I could see right in front of my very own eyes and not through a TV screen but personally.

“Nee, can I ask you something, Ooshima-san?” She asked with a serious tone of voice and I was startled by the sudden change of mood in the room.

“Y-yes?” I asked cautiously.

“Would it be okay if we met more occasionally?” She asked and hurried to explain herself before I said even a word. “I mean I really feel like I can be fully myself and you won’t judge me. I need that kind of person in my life so…would you please become my adviser?”


See why am I saying this is cliché? My life changed completely because of just that one person.

I really never ever thought I’ll be able to see colors in my gray life, but here I was, seeing NyanNyan every day and helping out with her career.

I was for once really happy because not only I was with my idol but also I was helping her out and it really made me happy.

I’ll be honest though, it made me crave for her body even more. Especially because now I was able to see that sexy body every single day. She would change in front of me as if teasing me, because like duh, I couldn’t do anything to her since I was working under her.

She was a celebrity, an idol.

I, a simple worker, just couldn’t advance and act how I wanted.

However, just being able to see her every day was already enough and even if I wanted more, it all was already an achievement to me.

My job was simple yet it required to know NyanNyan more personally than anyone else.

I accompanied her everywhere and was like her shadow, thus I got to know all sides of her and thus was able to advise her in the best way possible.

She rapidly went up in everyone’s eyes and even got cast a role in a big hit movie.

Seeing her making it successful I couldn’t help but get emotional every time she would take a step forward.

One thing though was that she never forgot to say that it was all thanks to me, a special No.1 fan who saw her for who she was and accepted a true Kojima Haruna wholeheartedly.

True, I loved all of her so much that it pained me sometimes. Over time I realized, you see, that I actually love her.

No, not as a fan.

I was in love with her.



Crazy in love.

And here once again let me remind you how my life is still being as cliché as any story nowadays, where it’s hard to come up with creativity since so many things have been done over the centuries.

There came a chance where all of my hard work and all of my struggles were about to be repaid.


I would usually sleep in the same apartment where NyanNyan did, just a different room. At the very beginning she used to have nightmares and I would fight with myself if I should go and check upon her but I would be too scared to do so.

However, it all finished when she started succeeding and climbing the stairs of idol industry. And thus I never got a chance to even once sleep with her in the same room.

Unless you count that time where I fainted and she watched me sleep while being worried.


Just to let you know, I still kept in contact with Bakamidget and Acchan.

They were fine and finally dating, mostly thanks to me achieving my goal of being close with my idol. It inspired Takamina and she confessed to Atsuko which resulted in fireworks and I assume hot night.

You ask, how do I know it all?

Well, if you suddenly start talking about how it would be nice to feel the warmth of Haruna’s body and your friend blushes in deep red and shoots a glance at her girlfriend, you know something is up.

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t tease her about it. So I would always make remarks and drop witty comments about how the two were probably having heated sex every single night, knowing how Acchan is hungry and lustful. Bakamidget and even Atsuko would deny it, but their expressions and reactions would always give it away.

It’s crazy, how me achieving my goal made Takamina achieve hers, but I was still failing in achieving something else.

Yes, maybe I achieved one of my dreams, to be close to my idol and to get to know her personally.

However, there was another goal, the original one that I was never able to achieve and thought that I probably never will.

My friends Miichan and Mariko-sama would call it ‘craving to bang her’.

I would disagree.

I had a better and nicer name for it, because I was the only one who knew my true feelings for NyanNyan.

I wanted to make love to her.

Then I wanted to confess my feelings, no matter the consequences afterwards.

If to be sincerely honest, I never had the guts to voice it all out.

Not to mention the fact, that I was not able to send the fan letters to NyanNyan and she only got them all thanks to that Bakamidget.

Thus this was where another very cliché plot line happened and you could probably recall it as being one of the scenes in your recently watched drama or movie.


It was one of those times where we both were tired after a packed schedule and were just resting in her house’s living room. We both were out of it, exhausted and drained of energy to the point where we didn’t even have the strength to eat, despite being really hungry.

“Yuuchan…” She called me out as usual.

The nickname she had for me was so cute and sweet it made my hurt flutter every time she said it. It just had that unexplainable warmth and comfort in it and I would always secretly imagine how she would scream it out while I make love to her.

“Yes, NyanNyan?”

I probably was the only one in this whole wide world – apart from her relatives of course – that was allowed to call her in a way I wanted and preferred. When I called her that for the first time – it was one week after I started my adviser job – while being excited to see her early in the morning, she blushed and looked at me in a flustered cute way. She had a puzzled but somewhat happy look on her face and asked me why I was calling her like that.

I explained how she looked like a cat to me and she couldn’t help but chuckle. Kojima-san agreed with the nickname I thought off and thus since that day it was the only way I called her. She even told to her fans that she had this nickname and that only I can call her that. Even though Haruna-san explained the reason being just the fact of me as an adviser having a need to be close in order to advise her in the best way possible, the fans had different thoughts.

From that day on KojiYuu became a thing, of course, to the fans only.

Oh, how I wished it was a real thing.

You have no idea.

It pained me to see her pretending to be cute around me and avoid my attempts to kiss her in public in a nice way.

I was sure if I was ever to do that in private, she would never forgive me.

Boy, was I wrong…

“Would you like to take a bath with me?” She asked in a tired voice.

I literally choked on air.


How one would not get heart attack if KOJIMA HARUNA asked you to take a bath with her?!

To see her in NAKED glory…

Yes, she changed in front of me, but she would never be naked, it was always SEXY, LUXURIOUS underwear that made me crave for her more.

Yet here she was, suggesting me this opportunity of seeing her naked.

What was the meaning of it all?

Or was she simply tired and wanted to relax and felt like a company would feel nice?

“A-are you-u sure-e-e?” I asked in a shaky voice, still in shock and unable to regain my senses to its full glory.

Yes, my senses were quite awesome but at that moment they were not present.

I could feel only lust and be in doubt at the same time. Was this all really happening?

“Un.” She simply replied and rose her tired body from the couch.

Seeing how she motioned for me to follow and started walking towards the bathroom I realized I might faint due to the overdrive in my brain but somehow was able to keep my outer cool.

As I walked into the bathroom and saw her only in underwear and about to remove it from her body, I literally just couldn’t hold myself back.

Nothing was of importance to me.

Nothing but her.

Kojima Haruna.

My idol and the one I loved wholeheartedly.

The one I craved to touch and make mine.

To my surprise, she responded my kisses and stripped me off my clothes without a second thought.

I am sure you all can guess what happened, right?

For those, who are dumb enough to have no clue – do such people still exist nowadays? – I shall explain.

Me, known as Ooshima Yuuko, and THE KOJIMA HARUNA, my dear NyanNyan, made love to each other.

First it was heated, uncontrolled and wild, while in the bathtub, with water splashing and moans and shouts echoing in the tiled room.

Then we moved to the bedroom and I claimed her once again, nice and slow, with love and care, passion and honesty.

I think I could easily call it one of the best days in my life.


See? This story is cliché.

I confessed to her afterwards, which was the next day because we were so into each other that night, we passed out from all the love making we did.

She accepted my feelings and returned them back, saying she also loved me.

Today I am known as one of the best actresses in Japan thanks to NyanNyan pushing me into achieving my childhood dreams.

Once she found out my life story, she right away said she believes in me and told me to apply to Acting School.

She left idol business and started a modelling career, working as a model for my friend Mariko-sama, one of the best designers I ever known.

And if you still are clueless, let me say it loud and clear.

Yes, we are now officially married.

Ooshima Yuuko and Kojima Haruna now are known as Ooshima Yuuko and Ooshima Haruna.

Then of course, there is a couple like Takahashi Minami and Takahashi Atsuko, as well as Shinoda Mariko and Shinoda Minami.

But those couples might appear in any other cliché or non-cliché stories.

I will not talk about them here.


Because this is my story.

The story of how a certain person was able to change my life completely from me just casting a glance at her and falling for her right away.

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We all know that sakura_drop_, doesn't like cliché pairings. But, THIS IS A MIRACLE! :on gay:


Nope, Sakura. No. I didn't enjoy it....I LOVE IT! \(^o^)/ I mean, come on, this is a typical 'fangirl-delusional-imagination-dreams'. You really did a good job for this one, I'm sure all the KojiYuu shippers will like it. ;) I really love how you displayed Yuko as THE HARDCORE FAN. I'm pretty sure we're both hardcore about Yuko. XD

So, uhhh....about the making-love-scene....are you writing it already? :glasses: I'M JUST JOKING! XD

I mean, you really don't ship KojiYuu like YuukoRena/AtsuYuu, but this one....this made me think if you ship KojiYuu like me and the others. XD But hey, THE QUEEN OF CRACKS, JUST MADE THIS AWESOME KOJIYUU OS!. I mean, come on, Sakura's been craving for my hugs. XD (So true~)

So yeah, I love your OS, Saku-chan. And about your request, let me just get out from my Writer's Block.  :cow:

It's funny how you displayed Yuko just like all the wotas out there. I can just imagine myself giving all the gifts and letters (EXCEPT FOR THE SEXUAL ONES) to Yuko and Haruna.

Great job, Sakura! Really!  :twothumbs

Looking forward for more :mon XD:

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Such a "cliché" story and yet, so adorably sweet.  :inlove:

Thanks for the KojiYuu fic Sakura-san~ it relaxed my mind by a lot after studying for quite a while~  :thumbsup

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what's gotten into me? I suddenly felt the urge of reading atsuyuu, oh guys don't mind me here  :lol: no comment yet, haven't read the whole thing
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good stuff as always! :D
hallo ... ds is ket

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its sooo swweeett!!! i like it!!!  :mon lovelaff:
Thanks for your update ...

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Hey there, I'm too lazy to edit my post  :nervous

Like I said..WHAT'S GOTTEN INTO ME?  :lol: oh please excuse my comment since I haven't been here for a long time, to be honest I rarely read fics but since it's you...  XD I am (mostly) lost with the keys technically speaking and on other hand, I'll try to be honest as much as possible, writers' POV wise :D here we go.

Yep, it's cliché, really really cliché.. but who cares? for my hamburger's sake, it's friggin' KojiYuu people. I love how you expressed the perverseness of Yuuko's mind. I can actually testify the accuracy.  :lol: it happens to me too...but just not to that extent since I'm not "OSHII"-ing Kojippa  :P

I feel the need to mention the length of the story, OHGAHD thanks for making this story "this short" you know me, I tend to drop stories if it's TOO long and too many segues XD (still depends on the writing)

It's lively, jiggly and fluttery  :lol: I need more stories like this, thank you! me be like...AtsuYuu prissss?  :grin:

 :deco: Tii
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Did you call kojiyuu shippers?.. HELLO! IM HERE!! ans thanx for this fluffy fic

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Hello... XD (me no good in giving comment T_T )

When you mentioned my name in fb, i didnt have the time to read T_T (even though i want to)

But now I have time to read! :D /

After reading....
Oh my god! It is so awesome!  :mon inluv: As expected from Saku-sama!  :kneelbow:  :gmon flowers:

Banzai!!!  :mon yeah:
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Thank you author- san

kOjiyuu rock!!!

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Uwahh.. Good job author-san ob the Kojiyuu fic.≧∇≦
Takamina's role was quite important too!
AH. The feels. (っ´▽`)っ
Once again, thank you for this fic! (⌒o⌒)
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*reading it like the 5th time this day* :mon wtf:


Kidding aside, I just can't get enough about it~ :mon inluv:


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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*Yawns*  :mon pissed:

*Slowly walks in*  :on crazygran:

HALLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!  :wigglypanda: (random dance... just wow)

So.... I really liked this fic! It was so sweet. I mean, I'm like Yuuko, so I can really relate... Milky's body..  :mon blood: (I should run now...)

Anyways, it made me thought "OFF" us.  :mon lmao:

It made my "HURT" feel nice  :mon lmao: :mon lmao: :mon lmao: :mon lmao: :mon lmao:

I should run now...  :on speedy: :on speedy: :on speedy:

WAIT! PAUSE! MY TEA!!! *sips*  :on drink:

Ahh, much better~~  :stuffed:

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