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Re: [Louise-sama] Home | Chapter 4 [Multiple pairings]
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Warning: Curses ahead.
Happy reading!

by Louise-sama

Our lives are different from each other, but the red strings of fate weaved our paths together.

Chapter 4

“Your hands are trembling," Sayaka pointed at Sae's hands which are holding a gun, “Scared?”

“I never get scared," Sae answered calmly. "I'm just feeling ecstatic is all. It's been a while since we've handled an interesting mission, you know." It was her usual reply.

"I beg to differ," Sayaka chuckled as she pulled out a knife from its sheath. She knew Sae so well. And to see her shaky hands as now, Sayaka could tell how terrified Sae is. "This Keita might be the one you've been looking for," she paused while examining the blade of her knife, "what are you gonna do, huh?"

Sae paused and stroked the mouth of the gun. "Whether it's my own hands or other's bullet gets him, he must be stopped."

The two's eyes met, both sizzling in anticipation for the upcoming encounter. The two officers of Tokyo Metropolitan Police smirked and bumped their fists as if reading each other's minds. That’s what you get from partners working together for three solid years.

Sayaka casually placed her knife in her pocket and tied her hair in a sleek ponytail. "Cover my back, will you?"

Sae smirked and clutched her gun. "Aye, Captain!"


Sae was known to have the strongest sense of promise among the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. But that was until an hour ago. She was separated from the pursuit squad when she chased after the serial killer Keita alone inside the estate owned by his exclusive prey for the night, deliberately disobeying Yuko's strict command to stick with the group. She could recall the way Keita raked his hair with his hand. She was taunted. And she fell for it.

It was dark in the storage room she is currently in. The surrounding area is hauntingly quiet—too quiet that she could hear drops from the distant leaking pipes, and the blood from her own wound splattering against the ground. Making unnecessary movements could bring her fatality, knowing that she is alone with a professional serial killer who had been under the close watch of the Japanese Police. It aches but she knew it was not the time to complain.

Her eyes suddenly landed on the lifeless body lying two meters beside her. It was the head cook of the estate who was shot in the head twenty minutes earlier. Sae cursed under her breath. Her clumsiness took the poor cook’s life away. The security measures of the estate had been utterly destroyed. Even the maids and gardeners were slain. The only room untouched by the killer was the main bedroom where the target and his wife sleep.

Sae slowly crept away from the storage room and went past to the kitchen. She landed the floor badly as she was tripped by something on the floor. Bending slightly, she looked down and was welcomed with an unpleasant stench of dried blood when she saw another corpse lying on the ground with a knife stabbed on its chest.

"Happy Halloween to you too," she muttered dryly under her breath.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps getting louder and louder, indicating someone's approaching. She ducked down and used the kitchen counter for cover. She clutched her gun tightly, waiting for the person to draw nearer… nearer... patiently waiting for her prey to reach a favorable distance.

Just when the sound came to a halt, she quickly pulled the trigger of her gun—"Fuck," she hissed when she missed—the gun was kicked from her hand. Fortunately for her, the target was someone she knew so well.

"What were you thinking, Sae?!" hissed a tall woman with her long, black hair held up in a ponytail.

"...Sayaka," Sae identified the person who was now grabbing her collar. "You scared the hell out of me!"

"And what—you think you didn't scare me when you rushed inside here alone?"

Sae forced herself out of Sayaka's grip and stepped a foot back. "I couldn't wait for that Oshima's damn orders! That officer doesn't even know what she's doing. This estate is near-dead! See? Just look at the corpse behind you. They talk about her like she’s a god but I can prove it all wrong. That girl's a coward, Sayaka!"

"You're not being professional here. Now don't be so stubborn and let's get back to rest of the squad!" Sayaka gritted her teeth as she yanked Sae's arm.

"No! I won't leave until I avenge my father!"

"Don't act rashly!" Sayaka growled back. "We don't know how strong Keita is but Oshima does."

"You're just saying that because you weren't the one who got her father killed!"


The gunshot stopped their bickering. The two officers pulled away immediately. They crouched and leaned against the marble counter for cover.

"He found us," Sayaka whispered, making Sae roll her eyes. Of course. With their heated argument moments ago, even a near-deaf grandpa could have notice them.

"Oshima to Akimoto. Akimoto. Do you hear me?" a voice from Sayaka's radio roared. Sayaka picked it up and brought near her lips.

"Go ahead. This is Akimoto," she said.

"Have you found Miyazawa yet?"

Sayaka glanced at Sae and found her partner crunching her eyebrows when she heard the voice from the other line. "Yes, she's with me."

"Good. Hold your position. I'm coming in for you. We're commencing Plan B."

"He's alone. We could get him now," Sayaka retorted.

"No! stick to the plan. He's a cunning man. We cannot let him get away this time."

Sayaka paused. She didn't respond right away but then she heard Sae click her gun. Sae is being stubborn again. She knew she had to do something to stop her but their leader on the other line was demanding an answer. Confused, Sayaka decided to give in. "...Roger," she said.

She considered relaying the message to Sae, but even before she could end the call, her impatient partner had already rushed her way up the staircase.

"Shit..." Sayaka murmured and threw the radio away, missing the last words of their leader.

"Don't step out of your cover! He's right behind—!"

As she chased after Sae who was aimlessly running, she heard someone behind them and she turned around, only to see a gun pointing at Sae's direction.

"Sae, watch out!"

Without thinking twice, Sayaka got in the way and used her own body to cover her short-haired friend.

The sound of a gunshot roared throughout the estate and Sae found herself shutting her eyes in shock. When she opened her eyes, she saw Sayaka, clutching the side of her head, blood oozing out like a spilling milk.

"...Sayaka?" Sae whispered, voice shaking in mixed horror and fear.

She turned around and saw Keita pulling out a pistol aiming at her direction but as the mixed anger and adrenaline overtook her, Sae triggered her gun towards the masked man.


Three gunshots roared as one against the estate's hall. Several footsteps grew louder as bodies collapsed on the cold, bloody floor.

"Captain! Miyazawa is down!"



"Sae... don't die!"



Kashiwagi Yuki woke up and found herself screaming her heart out. Her body was bathed with her own sweat, and her hands clutched tightly onto the sheets of the mattress. She turned around and found that she was alone in the room she shares with her girlfriend.

"Sae..." she mouthed breathless. "Oh, God," she cried and buried her face on her hands, "please don't let her die..."

The picture of Sae getting hit in her nightmare entered her mind.

"Sae, please be alright..."



"Actually, I have someone that I like."

"...You do?"

"Can I trust you about it?"

"Who is she, senpai?"

"I like Yukirin, Mayu."



Mayu opened her eyes as the sun crept up to her face from the window. She just had another dream that she had been dreading to recall. Surprisingly, there was something today that she didn't feel angered about it for the first time. She rolled over the bed and got up to find her slippers with her cold feet. In an instant, her nose was filled with a pleasant smell of toasts and butter coming from the kitchen. She wore her slippers and walked to her door. Just when she was about to turn the knob, she went back to check herself in the mirror, brushing her slightly messed up hair quickly. It’s been a while since she felt this fresh and satisfied. She stepped outside her bedroom and walked to the kitchen.

There she saw a taller woman wearing a blue shirt with its sleeves rolled up perfectly to reveal her toned arms under her apron. Mayu watched her taste the broth and smile in satisfaction. She wondered why she had trusted someone so easily to allow her inside their sharehouse. Indeed, it was a sharehouse—welcome for anyone who is willing to share the rent and bills—but Mayu still gets to decide whom she can co-reside. And today, she finds it amusing that the new housemate is already being comfortable with using their kitchen for the second time.

"Good morning," Mayu greeted from her spot as she leaned her slender back against the wall.

Jurina turned around and smiled to acknowledge the smaller girl's presence. "You're early."

Mayu nodded slowly. "Nightmare."

"Doesn't seem to me," Jurina replied as she motioned her duck lips to Mayu's face, "you're smiling, in case you didn't know."

Mayu touched the sides of her lips and found that she was, indeed, smiling. She chuckled lightly and joined Jurina in the kitchen. "What are you cooking, dear chef?"

"I was thinking of making an omelette," Jurina replied.

"Oh," Mayu nodded. "Need help with that?" she motioned to the potatoes.

"Yeah, I could sure use some help, but..." Jurina paused and gave her a doubtful smile. "...You...uh...can you...cook?"

"Nope!" Mayu replied quickly in a precise proclamation, "it doesn't interest me at all!"

Jurina laughed and lowered the heat of the stove. "You made it sound like you're proud of it."

"Not really. But at least I can help you chop the potatoes," Mayu proposed.

Jurina stared at her for a moment, deliberating in her mind what to answer. While a company seems tempting, the idea of entrusting the chopping of potatoes to a rich woman with no interest in cooking definitely presents trouble. Mayu brushed her hand against Jurina ever so slightly. Yep. She smells trouble.

"Well...?" Mayu asked as she wiggled her eyebrow playfully.

Jurina was too hesitant to give her a chance but she did it anyway. She carefully handed the knife to the petite beauty. "Okay, ojou-sama. Try to impress me."

Mayu rolled her eyes with Jurina's remark and snatched the knife from Jurina's hand. "Brace yourself 'cause you're about to witness the smartest way to chop these potatoes," she said, making Jurina stifle her laugh.

Jurina checked her broth for a moment and went back to attentively watch Mayu slice the peeled potatoes. "Ooh...not bad," she noted. Mayu does know how to slice the potatoes, with, for a lack of word.

"I told you, I can do it," Mayu proudly said while turning her gaze away from the potatoes she was chopping.

"Fine. Just be careful not to cut y—"

"Ouch!" Mayu suddenly cried, taking Jurina by surprise.

"As I was saying..." Jurina murmured before walking to her side.

"B-blood...blood...I'm draining...oh, my..." Mayu was mumbling in panic. She was holding up her cut finger away from her while shaking furiously.

"Hey, hey, calm down first, will ya," said Jurina while rubbing Mayu's shoulders to ease her down.

"Wipe it off...wipe it off... Please, I don't want to die just yet!" she started crying and Jurina couldn't help but laugh at her. She's so cute, she mentally noted.

When she first met Mayu, she noted her to be a cold, emotionless girl who thought she held all the bitterness of the world. But now, she looks like a kid who is afraid of her own blood. Mayu sobbed and Jurina thinks her heart just melted.

As much as she wanted to see the girl at her current state more, she didn't want to be a bully and let her whine all day. She reached for Mayu's hand and brought it closer to her face.

"H-Hey, what are you doing?" Mayu shouted as Jurina dipped her head lower until Mayu couldn't see her own finger anymore. She felt an unfamiliar soft pair of muscles suck the wounded part gently. Mayu started to feel hot on her cheeks as Jurina closed her eyes, as if enjoying the least of their situation, which was—for Mayu—the most uncomfortable situation she could never have imagined she would take part of at the moment.

Sensing Mayu's shaking finger inside her mouth, Jurina glanced up to Mayu and saw her furiously reddened face. Smiling, she gave the smaller girl's cut one last kiss and pulled away. Making sure Mayu saw her lick the smudged blood on her own lips to further tease her. "There, all clean."

Mayu's reddened face burned even more as Jurina grinned sheepishly. "What have you done just now?!" she growled.

Jurina scratched her head as she tried to contain her laugh. "You were begging for me to wipe it off but I had no napkin so I used my mouth instead."

Mayu eyed her scornfully. What kind of sane person would use her mouth to wipe of blood in place of a napkin or cloth?

"H-hey, don't give me that face. It's not that big deal," Jurina stuttered while waving her hands in retreat. Mayu pounced her but Jurina blocked her assault. Mayu continued assaulting her and Jurina was protecting herself while giggling.

"What's wrong with the two of you? Shouting at each other this early," Milky called from the other side of the kitchen while yawning.

Mayu quickly pulled away from Jurina when she realized their close proximity and turned around to greet Milky. "G-good morning!"

"My, my, are you two cooking?" Milky asked as she approached the two.

Milky's door opened and Sayanee stepped outside. "Sweet! I smell breakfast!" Sayanee yelled as she entered the kitchen gleefully.

Mayu and Jurina greeted her and Sayanee leaned over the counter allowing Mayu to notice her outfit.

"That smells really tasty, Jurina. Are you done yet?" Sayanee asked as she grabbed a slice of toast.

"Almost. Do you girls want coffee? You drank too much last night, I bet your heads still hurt," Jurina said.

"Don't worry. Sayanee and I are used to drinking alcohol," Milky said as shep playfully clung to Sayanee's arm.

"Wait a second," Mayu raised her voice to get the attention of everyone. She had a knack of calling everyone’s attention. Suffice to say, everybody kept silent and turned their eyes to her. "Was it just me... or did I see Sayanee exit your room?" she asked Milky.

Silence befell the kitchen as eyes swept from Mayu, to Sayanee, and Milky.

"...Yeah, so…?" Milky answered slowly while scratching her elbow, which Mayu noted as a sign of her discomfort. Years of co-residing together, Mayu wouldn’t be wrong on this one.

"And why is Sayanee wearing your shorts?" Mayu further asked while pointing at Sayanee's legwear. She was absolutely sure that it was Milky's. In fact, it was her present for Milky's admission to a lingerie brand. Milky never really allowed anyone borrow or even touch her clothes before especially if they're from Mayu. So why is Sayanee wearing her shorts? Was Mayu missing something?

"E-Eh?!" Jurina shrieked. "Did you two happen to...?" she couldn't finish her own words because ...the idea was choking her. If her suspicion was right then she’s definitely not cool with that. Because she’s jealous.

"Um...we..." Sayanee and Milky exhanged looks at each other.

"Well?" Mayu and Jurina asked in unison with impatience and cruriosity.


The sound of the boiling dish, however, brought contrast to the stiff atmosphere. It was until then that Yui stepped into the kitchen and broke the silence.

"...Jurina, your dish is boiling over."

Everyone turned their gazes to Yui—who seemed clueless about their topic by the way she walked in between Sayanee and Miyuki and casually rubbed their backs—then all eyes turned to Jurina.

"Oh," Jurina snapped from her confusion and turned to her cooking. "I'll be done in a minute. Someone, please set the table."



After Jurina left for her ...daily business, the four remaining girls in the table were still silently eating as if talking will take away their lives. But Milky doesn't seem to be so entertained by the way everyone's eyes would occassionally steal glances at her and Sayanee between their eating. She then turned to the person beside her who shares the same discomfort as her.

"Does it still hurt?" Milky asked Sayanee in the most silent whisper possible. Little did she know that the straight-faced Mayu could still read from her lips what she was saying.

"What hurts?" Sayanee whispered back.

"Your foot. I think I stepped on it last night while..."

"Oh," Sayanee said in realization, "It's fine. Don't worry about it."

Mayu cleared her throat, earning the attention of the whispering girls.

"So… tell us, why did you two come out from the same room again?" she asked. It seems like she had no intention of dropping the topic right away. On the other hand, Yui, who was sitting beside her grinned all knowingly.

The two girls subject to the question looked at each other, communicating in their minds how to answer. "We don't quite remember."

"Oh, please. Don't try to cover up now," Yui interjected. "I saw what happened, you know," she said and winked at the two.

"Y-You did?!" Milky and Sayanee shouted in unison.

Yui smirked and nodded. "Yep."

"What part¬ did you actually see?" Milky nervously asked.

"Hmm... Try guessing then," Yui taunted. "It's somewhere in between... Mariko and Haruna had gone home a little tipsy. Mayu and Jurina had gone to their own rooms after talking about some things we didn't know and you two were the only ones left in the living room. I understand you hadn't seen each other for how many years—let alone you never mailed or called each other. You missed each other, I know that too well. It was dark and quiet except for the sound of the chimes. A very romantic atmosphere, definitely. You were both so intoxicated and I can say that you were just caught up in the moment," she narrated, drawing random figures with her chopsticks in the air in the process. "So basically, I saw everything. I know everything. I couldn't possibly blame you though," she finished, sounding all compassionate.

Sayanee and Miyuki stared at her with their mouths agape. On the other side of the table, Mayu had dropped her carrot sticks on her plate while gravely staring at the two.

Miyuki stole a quick glance at Sayanee and bored her eyes down at her plate in embarrassment. "I can't believe you actually saw us having sex..."

"Wait a minute. Sex?" Yui bobbed her head and everyone's surprised stares landed on her. "Apparently, I didn't see that. I just knew that you two kissed but, I
didn't know that you got that far! My, my, what an interesting way to reunite," she said while smirking all the way. The two girls knew that smirk so well—the Yokoyama smirk of victory.

"EH?!" Sayanee and Milky exclaimed in unison. They couldn't believe that Yui had just made them spill what they were hiding under.

"So you two really..?" Mayu eyed them with a scandalous look on her face.

Then, the air was once again, stiff.

Jurina's cooking was good. That was what the girls' taste buds noted. But the spilled revelation suddenly became jucier than the sausages. Then Yui spurted a laugh, indicating that she had been holding it in for the past five minutes when the dining room fell silent.

"I'm sorry about that," she said, resisting her laugh all the way. "The food is nice, you know, but I better get going. I still have work," she said and stood up. "Sayanee, don't forget your work shift, alright? You'll start tomorrow."

"Ah, t-thanks. I'll keep that in mind," Sayanee said and waved at Yui.

As soon as Yui left the house, Mayu cleared her throat.

"That was really...disturbing. I didn't know you had that kind of relationship," Mayu remarked. She took her glass and drank the water wishing it was alcohol instead.

"We're just friends!" Milky quickly reacted. Sayanee glanced at her with hurt eyes.

"Friends...with benefits?" Mayu questioned almost innocently. She had a sweet, melodious voice, but at the moment, it was irritating to Sayanee's ears. That was very judgmental of her.

"We were just drunk. We don’t have that kind of relationship," Sayanee defensively raised her voice but still managed to keep her cool.

"Not because this is a sharehouse, it doesn't mean that you can do everything you wanted. We're adults, and we have to bear responsibility of our actions," Mayu continued, silencing the two girls. She turned to Milky. "Milky, you do know exactly what I mean," she sternly said.

Sayanee turned to look at Milky who had flinched upon Mayu's words. What is she talking about, she wondered.

"Hai...I'm sorry," Milky replied softly and submissively. She must admit, she felt guilty. She has a boyfriend and she cheated on him with a friend.

Mayu sighed heavily, still unconvinced with Milky's answer. "Nevermind that. We'll figure this out some other time," she said. "I'm going to school."



Yui released a heavy sigh. Her head still hurts from drinking last night. If it wasn't for her good control in drinking, she would definitely end up like Sayanee and Milky. She can't afford to let that happen. There were just so much at stake if she had given herself in to Sayanee's nagging to drink all the glasses alcohol she offered her. She stopped in front of her flat's entrance, suddenly recalling what happened last night.

They were laughing. She couldn't honestly recall what they were laughing about but she could remember the smiles on their faces. Then all of a sudden, Sayanee turned serious and stared at Yui intently.

"Yuihan..." Sayanee called her and touched her hands. Her tone was soft, in contrast to her cool and uptight facade. "...I missed you so much."

Yui stopped laughing and stared at her. Their eyes met, talking to each other in a language that only their hearts knew. "...But -- Milky missed you so much too,"
she replied while withdrawing her hands from Sayanee's touch.

Sayanee paused for a while. Her mind was still processing what she had just heard. Then after a few seconds, she laughed weakly. "I know..." she reached out for the wine bottle and poured herself another glass. "Of course, I missed her too. For three years, we hadn't seen or even talked to each other, afterall."

Yui listened to her carefully and poured herself a glass of wine. "You should really let her know," she said while shaking the glass on her own hands, "or at least make her feel that."

Sayanee swept her glance across the room and spotted Milky who was having a conversation with Mayu in the corner. "...Do you think she can still forgive me?" Sayanee asked her friend. Her friend. Her everything kind of friend.

Yui nodded stiffly in response. "She loves you. There's no way she can't forgive you."

"Sorry, was partly my fault too."

"GO DIE, YOU CRIMINAL!" A raging shout snapped Yui back to her senses. She turned to her side and found an old man holding a knife in front of a girl—the thin girl who was her neighbor.

"Excuse me," Yui interjected, "Ojii-san, what's the problem?" The old man glanced at her and Yui saw his unusual eyes.

"This girl over here is a daughter of a criminal!" he yelled.

"What?" she asked in confusion.

"Her father killed my son!"

"Calm down, mister. How did you know it was her father?"

"Everyone from this neighborhood knows about him,” the old man said as a matter-of-factly. “He hardly goes home because he's hiding from the authority. He is a murderer!"

Yui sighed. "So?"

She doesn’t know if it’s because of the recent happenings or because she couldn’t bring herself to believe in the man’s argument.

"What kind of reaction is that?" the old man scoffed.

"Rumors aren't evidences. Unless you have a proof that this girl's father committed those atrocities you mentioned, then I can sympathize with you. But since your reasons are all hear-says, you have no rights to hurt this girl,” Yui argued and glanced at the thin girl. She doesn’t meet her eyes. “Besides, if it was really her father, then it's still not her fault, is it?"

"It's all the same! A murderer's blood runs through her veins. I should stop her before she turns like her father."

"Do you really think this girl would do something like that?” Yui glanced at the girl again. She isn’t even reacting. “You said it yourself. Her father barely goes home. This girl's living all alone."

"Just why are you siding her? And why are you talking to your elderly like that?" the furious man must have given up and turned his anger to Yui instead.

Yui raised her phone to the man’s face. "If you still won't stop hurting her, I wouldn't hesitate to send this picture to the police. Sir." And there, she emphasized the ‘Sir’ to the man’s frustration.

The old man hissed. "I'll let it slide this time but I'll get back to avenge my son. Mark my word, kid!" he shouted before storming off.

"Nuts," Yui mused. She turned around and looked at the girl. "Hey, are you okay kid?" she asked.

She didn’t get a reply but at least the girl is now staring at her.

"Don't mind the old man. He was probably drunk. Or who knows, maybe he's facing alzheimers's. You know," she chuckled to herself since the girl was still silent. It felt awkward waiting for the girl's response so she proceeded to observe the girl's clothing. She mentally took note how baggy the girl's uniform was for her. She looked so thin and unhealthy. Her eyes looked so dark and hopeless. Maybe it's better to leave her now, she thought. She doesn’t look grateful anyway.

Before she could take a step, the girl's broken voice stopped her.

"Thank you..."

Yui's heart skipped a beat with the fragility of her voice. She turned around again and found the girl's eyes, staring directly at hers.

"You're welcome," Yui immediately responded. "You're welcome," she repeated as she recalled the voice of the girl.

The girl tried to stand up but fell down again.

"Are you okay?" Yui asked as she offered the girl a hand. The girl just nodded and stood up, this time, successfully. Yui's extended hand was left hanging and she pulled it back to her side.

The girl gave her a look of ‘you-can-leave-me-alone-now’ but Yui still wanted to look after her.

"Are you sure you're okay?" she asked. The girl turned around and approached the entrance of her house. Yui remained grounded on her spot, still unyielding to get a response. Fortunately, the girl made a quick glance at her and spoke before walking inside the house.




Rena was shuffling uncontrollably in her seat. Her eyes were on the paperwork but on frequent times, she would sneak curious gazes on the thing that was on her table—an eye-catching, mouth-watering melon pan! She gulped hard while scratching her neck. What in the world is a melon pan doing in there? It was just two feet away from her, but she couldn't bring herself to grab it especially when she noticed a letter beside it. Maybe it was just a prank; maybe it wasn't really for her; maybe...there was a bomb inside it! She coudn't possibly tell without peeking at it. Finally, she decided to pause from her work and checked out the heaven-sent bread. Heaven-sent. That's probably the best way to describe it.

"You can't see me but I can. I'm your star in broad daylight," she read the note.





Nobody knows she likes melon pan! Even if it gets obvious, she never told or admitted it to anyone—not even Yuki. Except for a person she knows.

"...Jurina?" she whispered, but as soon as her own voice reached her ears, she shook her head. "No, it can't be," she chuckled.

"I haven't seen her for three years...I wonder how she's doing?" she whispered to the wind while reminscing the promise they made on the day of her departure.



Meanwhile, Jurina was still hiding among the bushes. She had been waiting for Rena to show up from the window. I wonder if she noticed the melon pan, she thought. There is no way for her to enter the school. She looked too mature to be a student. Good thing a kind girl agreed to help her.

"Hm. Takamina-san is a little late today,” she mused. “Where could she be?"

“A-Ano…” a gentle voice stopped Jurina from her reverie. It was from the girl who helped her.

"Oi! Riku, isn't it?" Jurina asked while pulling her inside the bushes. The girl found her new position awkward as Juria tried to squeeze her in.

"Uh, no, it's.. Riho. Abiru Riho," she corrected the taller girl.

"Oh, Riho. Thank you for helping me out."

"It's nothing. Sory for bumping with you last time. I wasn't careful."

"Don't worry about it! And you can just call me Jurina," she winked.

"Ju-Juri-Juri-kun..." Riho muttered shyly.

"Juri-kun?” Jurina repeated and laughed. It sounded funny to her ears. She tried echoing it in her head and laughed again. “If you feel comfortable calling me that, then call me Juri-kun."

"O-Okay, Juri-kun..." Riho smiled. A very small smile. But in her head, she was squealing so hard.

Jurina drew her face closer to the girl when she noticed that the girl was staring blankly. "You're a little weird, you know. Why are you getting all red?"

And Jurina swore she saw steams escaped Riho’s ears.



"That's strange...Why isn't she there yet?" Maeda Atsuko asked herself with worry. It’s about time her midget of a lover shows up from her favorite view. It was a game they both agreed in. Staying from a distance. Smile and wave at each other. They’re not allowed to phone each other. Just do the same routine every day. Minami got the shorter end of the stick with the condition but she accepted it anyway. By this, Atsuko gave her promise that if she could pull it through for three years, Atsuko would give her a yes. Today was supposed to mark her last week of waiting. But today was her first absence. And she lost her streak.

"Acchan," Rena and Yuki called. In this school, only Rena and Yuki ever call her by her nickname.

"Oh, gracious!” Atsuko jumped from the window, very much surprised from the presence of her two faculties. “You surprised me there! Why didn't you knock on the door first?"

"We did thrice but it didn't hear us, did you?" Yuki asked.

"Oh..." Atsuko realized. Rena and Yuki sighed.

"...What are you peering at, Acchan?" Rena asked a little curious.

"T-That's none of your business!" the Principal answered defensively. It made the two girls taken aback and slightly confused. Rena was just asking.

"I mean.. that's nothing,” Atsuko forced a laugh, “don't mind it."

"You're acting a little weird today, Acchan."

"That's not true!" Acchan shouted defensively.

"Anyway, why did you call us for?"

"Oh, yeah. I almost forgot," Atsuko snapped and she shuffled the folders on her desk. She handed the folders to the teachers. "As faculties of Akibahara Middle School, I'm appointing the both of you for a special task."

"Task? What is it about?" Yuki asked.

Atsuko gestured them to flip the folder. Rena read the profile aloud.

"Shimazaki Haruka."


"Takahashi-san? Where am I?"

"You're in the hospital. You were hit during the mission, remember?"

The scenes from last night flashed back to Sae's mind. From the time she rushed towards Keita to the moment she fell to the ground.

"Where's Sayaka?"

The question thrown at the short General was like a rope, choking her. And as she stole a glance at the wounded police officer lying on the hospital bed, Takamina knew the pain she will inflict the moment she answers.

"She's still alive," she started and as she glanced at Sae again, she saw how her lips curved up to a small smile, "but there's no saying for how long she will stay alive."

This time, she didn't have to glance at the expression thrown at her.

"What do you mean?" Sae nervously asked.

"She was almost brain dead. Good thing her first aid was done by a pro," Takamina replied carefully. She doesn’t want to mention Yuko knowing that it will make her uncomfortable again.

"What about Keita?"

"He got away."

The revelation stomped at Sae’s heart. She can’t think of anything but regret.

"... I'm sorry. It was all my fault."

"Yes. It's a good thing that you know that. You basically blew out this mission,” Takamina replied trivially, hoping lighten the mood. As the head of the police, it’s her duty to moralize her allies. “But don't blame yourself. Anyway, he's badly wounded too with his hit."

"He was hit? I remember missing my bullet," Takamina saw the hope in Sae’s eyes.

"It was Yuko who did," Takamina replied.

"...Oshima-san?" Sae asked in disbelief. Takamina glanced at Sae. She thought it would make her mad. Sae was a little unsatisfied but she was calm.

"She may not look like it but she's really good. I've told you about this before, Sae. You need to learn to trust your leader."

"Oi, squirrel. What are you staring at?" Mariko scolded Yuko as she followed her stare.

"Nyan Nyan's oppai had gotten bigger again, don't you think?" Yuko spoke gently. Her eyes were locked to her heart’s desire.

"What a pervert," Mariko sighed. She feels like giving up on her perverted squirrel of a friend. But she didn’t remove her stare. She knew Yuko was right anyway.

"Aw c'mon. Don't tell me that you didn't notice! With a size like hers, there's no way you cannot mind to stare!" And that was Yuko’s bluntness that gets Mariko every time. A perverted. Squirrel. Of a friend.

Mariko turned her slightly flushed face away from Yuko. "Of course, I know that! But stop comparing me with the likes of you."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Yuko protested.

"Tokyo Metropolitan Police failed the latest mission last night, failed to stop the mysterious killer Keita. Five officers were injured including the station's elite officers, Miyazawa Sae and Akimoto Sayaka," the news reporter announced from the TV.

"Were you there last night too?" Mariko asked Yuko.


There was a pause before Mariko could get a reply. Yuko sounded serious. She wasn’t even looking at the TV screen. Mariko wants to cheer her up but she knows Yuko is very hard to please.

"What the heck,” Mariko started. “Failing your first mission after so long. Isn't this a sign that you should quit your job?"

Yuko remained quiet. "No," she firmly replied, "maybe it's telling me to keep going. After all, that bastard shot my new grunts."

"What's the deal with earning an army of grunts? You're definitely earning them as pawns in your and Takamina's stupid game. Let me remind you that all of your comrades before died because of your bad leadership. This might not be any different from your—"

There was something in the way Mariko worded her joke that Yuko found it offensive. "Will you stop talking like you know everything? You know nothing about the things Takamina and I do as peace keepers so better stay here and brew your suckish coffee in this suckish place!"

Yuko stood up and slammed her coins against the counter. "I'm outta here!"

Everyone inside the cafe remained silent as they watched Yuko kick the door before exitting.

"Yuko!" Haruna called and removed her apron to follow her.

"Haruna!" Mariko shouted firmly to stop her and she succeeded.

"Mariko, we should stop her!" Haruna said worriedly. The customers of the cafe were too stunned with Yuko's actions and suddenly, they feel like they're witnessing a television drama.

"No, let her go. She probably needs time to cool down," Mariko answered a little softer and leaned forward against the counter.

Haruna stared at her for a moment and witnessed how Mariko pulled her hair using both of her hands. The murmurings of the customers grew louder, making Haruna snap to reality. She apologized to the customers and assured them that everything's fine. The customers agreed and went back to their own business. Afterwhich, she returned to the counter and comforted Mariko.

"What happened?" she asked softly.

Mariko paused and rested her forehead against her hands. "...I think I said too much."

Haruna approached her back and massaged Mariko's shoulders. "Don't go blaming yourself," she whispered to her ears.

"I'm such an idiot, Haruna. I shouldn't have brought that thing up!"

Haruna hugged her from behind and rested her forehead against Mariko's nape. "Hey. It's gonna be fine, okay?"

Mariko nodded and reached for her hand.



Mayu has listed in her mind all of the things she has to and wanted to do. Not a bucket list. More like a happiness list. She won’t be dead anytime soon afterall. She can’t be. Her life is just starting to make sense. She listed things like going to parties, getting a portrait, singing in karaoke, dress up like an idol, going to anime conventions, and… falling in love among other things.

She was beaming. Until her eyes met their horror.

On the other side of the street, Yuki stood.

"Mayu..." she breathed, unsure of the sight blinding her eyes. As soon as the street lights shifted to walking signal, Yuki immediately stepped ahead of the pedestrians and welcomed Mayu with an earnest pace. Mayu on the other hand held the stare deeply while walking straight. The crowd began bumping their shoulders but the two girls didn't mind. Yuki had lots of things in her mind that Mayu cannot decipher. Her stare was a lot different from when they last met each other in the restaurant. Meeting half-way, they stopped walking.

"Mayuyu, I have something to tell you. About the other day—"

"Please look ahead. You might trip on your own feet if you keep staring at me like that. Kashiwagi-san," Mayu said. Cold and composed. She doesn’t seem bitter about their break up anymore. But Yuki noticed the icy gate she built up between them.
Yuki watched her walk away across the other side of the street.

"Ka-Kashiwagi-san…?" Yuki repeated to herself her ex-girlfriend’s remark. It stings.

Looks like she needs some explaining to do.

Just a little more, Yuki. I can finally move on. I hope you've found your happiness. I'm still trying.

Louise-sama | Home | Chapter IV | つづく

Thank you for reading.
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Re: [Louise-sama] Home | Chapter 3 [Multiple pairings]
« Reply #41 on: February 07, 2015, 12:04:00 PM »
*spazz* *spazz* *spazz* OG MY GOD THIS CHAPTER SO AWESOME!!!!! Mariko, how can you say that to Yuuko-sama... >___> and u should tell her about u and Haruna going out/having an affair... *sigh*

That stupid Sae ruined the mission... Good thing Yuuko-sama is awesome and was there to give an amazing first aid to Sayaka...
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Re: [Louise-sama] Home | Chapter 3 [Multiple pairings]
« Reply #42 on: February 08, 2015, 01:37:54 AM »
Mayu ..decided to move on  :cool2:  :frustrated: :pleeease:
I don't get it  :grr: why yuki broke up with mayu  :scolding:
At least I'm happy cz mayu was surrounded by good friends  :mon exhaust:
Thx for your update  :on cny1:

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Re: [Louise-sama] Home | Chapter 3 [Multiple pairings]
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You're back......

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Re: [Louise-sama] Home | Chapter 3 [Multiple pairings]
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@sakura_drop_!! Good to see you dropping by! :D Wow you're spazzing!! That's like an overwhelming compliment from you T^T Also, Mariko isn't bad so don't chastise her lol xD

@Yhuiii: Mayu decided to move on, yes. But I guess she's just trying to steel herself. It's only been months since their breakup so. Yuki has reasons too. Let's just hope it's not something stupid xD

@hakase309: I'm glad you found this update a hope for my return, lol. I'm actually glad I finished this. I wrote this like last November 2013. Was just too busy in the university. I'll try to update more for you. If you have requests... PM me *wink* LOL.

I dunno which pairing in this fic strikes the readers most. I'd like to hear from you if I have time. That will help me improve my writing of the character developments.

Thank you, guys. More powers to the fandom :)

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Re: [Louise-sama] Home | Chapter 3 [Multiple pairings]
« Reply #45 on: February 17, 2015, 06:46:18 PM »
Hi im a silent reader and its my first ever reply :)) MariHaru's my otp so i really liked that things between them are being revealed in the last chapter. I really like the story, every pairing was interesting and it had me read it all from the beginning up to now. Keep it up! Looking forward for your next update! :)

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Re: [Louise-sama] Home | Chapter 3 [Multiple pairings]
« Reply #46 on: February 17, 2015, 09:33:46 PM »
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! UPDATE SOON!!!!  :mon tantrum2:  :mon tantrum:  :mon headbang:

I really love this story...and chapter 3 left me hanging...  :mon dunno:  :mon duh:
I can't figure what it is that Yuki wanted to tell Mayu...and what Mayu will do to move on...

So PLEASE!! I want- no scratch that- I NEED to read the next chapter!!!!  :mon ghost:  :mon yell:
...Soooo yeah...please update soon!! X(  :mon whimper:  :mon squee:

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Re: [Louise-sama] Home | Chapter 4 [Multiple pairings]
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Ummm...Louise-sama...I'm kind of slowly losing hope here....
Are you going to update the fanfic??
I mean...this fanfic did a really great start and it would be such a pity to not see how it progresses...
I hate to sound so desperate but....I kind of am....
So please just give us a sign!!! Please update Louise-sama!!!

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Re: [Louise-sama] Home | Chapter 4 [Multiple pairings]
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Ahhhhh~~~ I love this fic   :heart:
I hope you update it  :nervous

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[Louise-sama] Home | Chapter 5 [Multiple pairings]
« Reply #49 on: August 26, 2016, 02:54:38 AM »
But first, replies.

Hi im a silent reader and its my first ever reply :)) MariHaru's my otp so i really liked that things between them are being revealed in the last chapter. I really like the story, every pairing was interesting and it had me read it all from the beginning up to now. Keep it up! Looking forward for your next update! :)
Thank you for reading and leaving a comment :) but our MariHaru would have to wait, mmkay? Okay.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! UPDATE SOON!!!!  :mon tantrum2:  :mon tantrum:  :mon headbang:
HAHAHA. I tried but I kept losing momentum so I'm sorry for that. Please forgive meeeee.

Ahhhhh~~~ I love this fic   :heart:
I hope you update it  :nervous
It flatters me that you always read my updates. This is for you :)

by Louise-sama
Our lives are different from each other, but the red strings of fate weaved our paths together.

Chapter 5

“I’m still amazed how you could prepare all of these,” Sayanee said as she had just finished a bowl.

“Really now, what kind of girls are you? I’ve known how to cook since I was in grade school,” Jurina kids while chewing the meat in her mouth.

“No way,” Miyuki exclaimed in both disbelief and amusement.

“This is good…” Mayu admitted absentmindedly. This response earned her a glance from Jurina.

“Oh, thanks,” Jurina shyly replied. “Good to know our Ojou-sama is enjoying my cooking, eh?”

Mayu rolled her eyes. She couldn’t tell if Jurina is just being sarcastic or not.

“Really though,” Milky interrupted. “I think you’d make a good wife.”

The way she said it made Jurina choke a little. She nervously turned to Mayu—who had her eyes on her carrots—for any response.

Carrots remind Mayu of a certain someone she met days ago in Mariko’s restaurant. Yuki is practically everywhere, she thought. She swallowed the orange vegetable and smiled at Milky.

“I guess so.”

And although Mayu answered absentmindedly yet again, Jurina’s face heated up at what she heard. She didn’t expect to receive a compliment from the smaller woman.

After the bountiful dinner, the four girls gathered in the living room to watch television. Mayu sits beside Jurina on the couch. The Watanabe-property could only fit three people simultaneously. Sayanee—who took the seat first—offers the seat to Milky but she said that unless she sits with Sayanee, she will not sit on the couch.

“Well, sit on the floor,” Mayu says, coldly. Thinking that the two are just delaying everyone from watching her favorite lesbian prisoners.

Sayanee is upset about what she heard. This is when Jurina stood up to give space for both girls. Mayu puffed her cheeks in dismay—partly because she’s jealous of Milky’s and Sayaka’s flirting and partly because of the absence of Jurina’s heat. When nobody seemed to object, Jurina sat on the floor right beside the couch.

Mayu shifted uncomfortably on her seat, seeing Jurina on the cold floor. She leaned forward and whispered to Jurina’s ear.

“Are you okay?” Mayu asked softly.

“Yeah, sure,” Jurina assured her. Seeing the slight wrinkle in Mayu’s eyebrows was oddly satisfying so she decided to tease the usually stoic-faced gril. “Aren’t you being clingy?”

Mayu paused for a bit. She stared at Jurina who had a smug look on her face. ‘Did she just tease me?’, she thought.

“I was legit concerned about you and you’re… flirting with me?” she made sure to his a little louder so the other girls could hear her.

“I-I wasn’t—” Jurina stuttered which made the other girls around them snicker.

“Are you two going to flirt all night or are we going to watch TV?” Sayanee teased.

“Just turn it on,” Mayu yelled, feeling a little victorious that Jurina was taken aback by what she said. Her attention comes back to a red-faced girl. “Two could play that game.”

Jurina grunts and Mayu smirked. The younger girl couldn’t believe that Mayu took that seriously. ‘Whatever,’ she thought. Maybe it’s a sign that they’re really friends now.

She took a quick glance at Mayu.

‘Actually,’ she thinks, ‘I like this side of her.’

Miyuki switched on the television and browser through the channels. Everyone focused on the large screen. She stopped abruptly when the news flashed before them.

The news report covered the Tokyo recent Metropolitan Police encounter with a criminal with an alias of Keita. Officer Ooshima reported the critical condition of the two elite officers named Miyazawa Sae and Akimoto Sayaka. The estate, which is shown, is practically a haunted house now since the massacre of a prominent businessman in their city, his family, and his employees. It was messy and dreary.

Mayu shuddered at the mention of Sae’s name.

Jurina noticed the sudden shift in Mayu’s posture.

“Are you okay?” she asked as she gently touched Mayu’s knee, “You look pale.”

Mayu looked at her and nodded hesitantly before eyeing back at the television.

“That’s one badass killer,” Sayanee commended and chuckled. This earned her a deadly glare from Mayu which Sayanee took as a signal to stop.

In the middle of Mayu and Sayanee’s sticky staring contest, Milky frantically dialed her boyfriend’s phone number. Her fingers trembled against the screen of her phone.

“Hello? Haruto-kun? Are you alright?” she asked.

Sayanee averted her eyes to Milky who waxed pale while talking to the guy who stole her from Sayanee. Jurina did not miss the way the punk girl clenched her fists when she heard Milky say she missed him.

“I’ve heard the news. Yeah, that place. That’s where you went, right?” Milky whispered, concern is evident in her tone.

Sayanee retracted her stare in defeat. She still couldn’t believe that Milky actually got herself a boyfriend while they were apart.

‘I mean,’ she thinks, ‘I know we broke up after parting but I never stopped loving her.
Sayanee sneaked another glance at Milky.

“Why was it so easy for you to forget me,” Sayanee whispered a little louder than intended but Milky was too occupied to hear it. Mayu did, however—and noticed how the situation is hurting the Osaka-local.

The call continued for a few minutes as the atmosphere turned dark and sour. After the call ended, nobody spoke a word except for Jurina who suggested that they watch a film instead but the other girls seemed uninterested. Although dejected, Jurina doesn’t want to see her friends getting drowned by unfortunate news.

“Why don’t we just get to know each other?” Jurina suggested eagerly, “You know, like, secret-sharing. We do that a lot in high school.”

“Ever heard of ‘#adulting’? That idea sounds lame,” Sayanee outright rejected the idea, clearly still moping from earlier.

“That doesn’t sound so bad,” Mayu butted in. Sayanee glared at her. She knows what she’s doing. Mayu isn’t really in favor of Jurina’s idea—she’s just countering Sayanee. “I mean, we live together now. Better dig some criminal records from your closets.”

Mayu doesn’t plan to irritate Sayanee. She just wants them to patch their relationship. Maybe Jurina’s idea would be a good start.

“And why are you staring at me like I’m an ex-convict?” Sayanee chided Mayu.

“Now, now, Sayanee. Mayu got a point. I’m down for it,” Milky patted her friend’s back, oblivious from Sayanee’s brewing annoyance towards her. When Milky felt that Sayanee shied away from her touch, she hugged the girl from behind.

Mayu could tell that someone’s really upset.

After a few petting and convincing from Milky, Sayanee finally folded.

“Only if there’s alcohol,” she said.

“I’ve prepared some,” Jurina interjected heartily.

The other girls sat amused at the youngest girl. Tonight, she’s proven herself to be the peacekeeper of the group. They sat in a circle and began pouring down alcohol on their own glasses.

“I’ll go first,” Jurina declared after chugging down a glass. Everyone else listened carefully to the youngest girl.

“So I came to Tokyo to fulfill a promise.”

“With a boyfriend?” Milky half-guessed. She turned to Sayanee who nodded in agreement.

However, the question made Mayu’s heart skip a beat. She never really considered Jurina to be straight. But as the question rang in her head once more, she slowly caught Jurina’s feminine features. Jurina’s cheeks turned red, and although she doesn’t want to admit, maybe Mayu is blushing too.

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” Jurina admitted as she nervously glanced at Mayu. Her eyes grew a little wider when she noticed that Mayu had been staring straight at her.

“With a friend then?” Sayanee asked.

“I wouldn’t say friend, exactly…”

The way that Jurina stuttered caught Sayanee’s and Mayu’s attentions. Jurina is now looking at everywhere but her friends’ eyes. Sayanee also noticed the little curve on Jurina’s lips behind her hand. 

“Bestfriend?” Milky asked innocently.

“Milky, no. Can’t you tell? Our Jurina here made a promise with her girlfriend,” Sayanee corrected Milky who squealed in surprise as realization washed over her.

“Jurina, you’re gay?” she asked dumbly and Sayanee sighed.

Mayu felt relieved. Jurina is gay. She likes girls.

Then it finally hit her. She can’t be happy about it. Jurina has a girlfriend. Hard to admit but she found it a little disappointing.

“I dunno… I mean, I love her,” Jurina admitted shyly.

Correction, she loves a girl.

Mayu suddenly feels sick.

“Now, that’s a confession,” Sayanee remarked.

“But we’re going through a rough patch in our relationship lately,” Jurina felt the need to correct herself when she noticed that Mayu had bitterness painted all over her face.

“Before I came to Tokyo, we wouldn’t talk. She didn’t want me to contact her.”

“Did you ask her why?” Mayu asked, honestly concerned.

“It’s her job. Said she’s busy. But it makes me doubt a little. What if she found somebody else? Why don’t I get a single text from her until now, right? So I visit her in the school where she teaches to confirm my suspicion.”

“And?” Milky asked impatiently.

“And I catch her a few times with her co-teacher.”

“Having sex in the school?!” Sayanee joked as she ground her hips in the air. The three girls laughed at her except for Mayu who looked very disturbed.

“No, silly,” Jurina giggled, “but they do hangout a lot.”

“And it bothers you?” Milky inquired.

“Hell, yeah. They always go together. Not to mention, the other girl is really pretty.”

Sayanee nodded her approval and whispered, “I feel you.” Milky patted her shoulder and offered another glass which Jurina took.

“Well, you’re pretty too.” Mayu interjected.

Everyone shot a stare at her. She raised a brow at the sudden attention given to her and realization washed over her. The petite girl is suddenly worried that she’s giving away her newfound attraction to her roommate. Luckily, Milky isn’t smart enough to pick up what Mayu meant.

“I think it’s no secret that Mayu is gay too,” Milky snickered.

Jurina forced a laugh to conceal the confusion inside her head. Although disappointed, Mayu laughed along when she noticed that what she said made Jurina a little uncomfortable. Milky finds delight in the sight and propped herself between her friends and hugged them both.

However, Sayanee is much sharper than Milky when it comes to picking up flirting signals but plans to let this one pass.

“What about you, Mayu?” Sayanee asked.

“What about me?” Mayu asked nervously.

“What’s something that you’re keeping from us?”

Mayu paused and squeezed her brain for anything but her growing fondness of Jurina. Milky, who is supposed to know everything about Mayu by now, waited patiently for an answer too as she knows that it’s possible that Mayu is still hiding something from her. Finally, Mayu remembers that time with Sae and Yuki back in high school.

“I had a crush on this senpai back in high school,” Mayu started, “who had a crush on my bestfriend.”

Everyone chugged down a glass of alcohol as they listened carefully to the petite woman. Sayanee poured herself another glass and finished it up in an instant.

“That sounds complicated,” she slurred.

Mayu took another glass for recalling how stupid she was before. She started speaking again to further complicate the scenario.

“My bestfriend, whom I had a crush going on for years.”

The four girls took another swig and began snickering at the situation.

“And here I thought I’m the unluckiest girl when it comes to love,” Sayanee jokes.

“Like you know anything about love,” Mayu retorted.

“I recall Sayanee saying how much she loves me,” Milky interjected teasingly and nudged Sayanee in the ribs.

Sayanee had an I-still-love-you-baka-look all over her face and took another swig. Jurina and Mayu noticed this and looked at Sayanee sympathetically and then each other. Milky continued to be clueless about Sayanee’s frustration so Mayu continued talking to save the girl.

“If you guys want to know, we’re all a part of the basketball club,” she continues.

“You play?” Jurina asks as she pours herself another glass.

“Back then? No. But I learned how to,” Mayu replied.

“Maybe we can play sometimes?”

Mayu took the glass from Jurina’s hand and chugged down on it, thinking Jurina is asking her out.

“You stole my drink,” Jurina snickers while pretending to be upset.

“You stole my heart,” Mayu casually replied and both of them froze immediately. Mayu’s mind blacked out totally at this point and mentally cursed herself. She’s been acting really strange tonight. Good thing Sayanee was quick to pick up the situation.

“Woah there, lesbos. Enough flirting, I need to hear the rest of the story,” Sayanee broke the ice.

“Forget it. Just a pickup line,” Mayu forced a laugh and Jurina laughed too.

“That’s what I thought. It was so OOC for you to say,” Jurina said and took her glass from Mayu’s hand. Mayu watched her fingers gingerly as she did.

“Anyway,” Mayu started, “Senpai was the star player of the team. Her name, Sae.”

The three other girls took a few seconds to register the name in their heads and recall the name of the police officer who was shot in the news report earlier.

“And your bestfriend was Yuki,” Milky guessed.

And there was another pause.

“As a daughter of an influential man, I didn’t have any genuine friends except for Yuki. The three of us were actually childhood friends. Yuki’s mom worked for our house so she would always visit there and play with me. Meanwhile, Sae’s father was a business associate of my dad. Sae would always join us when she was around. She was really cool back then. Always looking after us. I used to call her onii-chan because she looked like a guy. We all got along, until… Sae’s father was assassinated. We never got to see her again. I was really depressed but Yuki had always been there to comfort me. It went on for years until I realized that I got so dependent on her. When other girls bully me, she would stand up for me. I thought I didn’t need anybody else in my life.”

Everyone paid careful attention to Mayu’s story-telling, especially Jurina who looks really engrossed by the way Mayu delivers her story… and the soft bangs that hang gingerly above her long lashes…

“When I would still get bullied a lot, and saw that Yuki would constantly get hurt for defending me, I asked to be transferred with Yuki to another school. We didn’t know Sae was there. We didn’t even know she was famous because we were never into sports, you know. And when she talked to me, my longingness for her just came back instantly. She invited us to the club and I gladly obliged. I worked as a manager together with Yuki and I’d get special attention from both of them.”

“I can’t believe you’re a player,” Sayanee blurted out.

“Shut up, you idiot. Let me finish,” Mayu replied.

Meanwhile, Jurina couldn’t focus anymore so she just continues to drink on her own.

“But just when I thought that Sae liked me too, she told me she likes Yuki.”

This is where Sayanee laughed so hard and jumped at Mayu.

“Get off me!” Mayu scoffs but felt that Sayanee is already sobbing above her.

“Sayanee,” Milky tries to pull her up but Sayanee won’t let go of Mayu.

“Fuck love, right?” Sayanee cries to Mayu.

“Oh my God, Sayanee, you’re drunk,” Mayu scolds at her. But deep inside she knows exactly how Sayanee is feeling.

“I’ll take her to bed,” Milky says as she tries to carry Sayanee with all her might.

“Milky,” Mayu calls her friend as she looks at Sayanee, “you really need to talk to her.”

Milky looks into Mayu’s eyes intently and nodded.

“I plan to,” she said and dragged Sayanee into her room.

Jurina watched them and continued drinking. She was interrupted when Mayu cleared her throat.

“I think you had too much drink too,” she said.

“It would be a waste not to finish this up,” Jurina jokes.

“Wanna hear the rest of the story?”

“I kinda know what happened next,” she said as a matter of fact.

Mayu unconsciously swallowed her spit. She wonders what Jurina is thinks about her now.

“And you think I’m disgusting for hitting on Yuki as a revenge?” the smaller woman asked, nervously.

“Mayu, trust me—no judgments,” Jurina tries to convince her.

Mayu smiled a little at how considerate Jurina is.

“From what I’ve heard, Sae was just leading you on in order to have you help her court Yuki. You didn’t pursue Yuki just because you were heartbroken. You did because you didn’t want Sae to hurt Yuki’s feelings too. And in the process, you fell in love with Yuki instead,” Jurina further explained.

“That’s absolutely right,” Mayu answers.

“But Yuki left you for Sae so does that tell us Yuki loved Sae from the start?”

“I really couldn’t tell—she never told me.”

“I’m pretty sure Yuki loved you.”

Mayu paused for a a while. Of course, she did. Yuki’s smiling face showed up in her head. She could almost hear her say three sweet words… but she’s left her.

“It doesn’t matter now, anyway.”

Mayu felt confident saying that. It’s a shame they turned out to be this way. She still loves Yuki—just not the same love she had for her before. For now, Mayu is happy focusing on her studies. But once Yuki shows up in front of her door, begging for her to bring her back… Mayu will cross the bridge when she gets there.

The silence in the room finally got to Mayu. Sayanee and Milky is gone now. She glances at Jurina who’s staring at her own glass. Her cheeks are flushed red and Mayu is amused.

“She still loves me, right?”

Mayu could sense the uncertainty in Jurina’s voice. The taller girl really wanted to know. Mayu wishes she knows the answer.

“Do you still love her?”

“I still love her so much,” Jurina started, “it hurts that she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore.”

Mayu reached for her soft hand, gently caressing with the tip of her fingers. Jurina’s eyes found her and Mayu realizes she likes this.

“You’ll be okay.”

The corner of Jurina’s lips slowly tugged to a smile. Mayu thinks she looks like a puppy with the smile of a cat.

Yui is pacing down the street with sore muscles. She wants to get a car but her life isn’t very stable at the moment. Her salary is pretty decent but still not enough to buy herself things that she would normally get if she were still famous. Fame. The same reason why their band disbanded. She sighs.

She’s near her house now and very excited to rest her feet and—she sniffs inside the paper bag on her hand—fill her stomach.

When she arrived at the gate, she noticed the same girl from last time. Ah, she looks pathetic sitting there, waiting for nothing. Yui decides to talk to her.

“Why are you always outside your house?”

Paru looked up to her but didn’t say anything. Realizing she wouldn’t get a response, Yui walked to her.

“Hungry?” she asked.

No response.

“Are you fond of waffles?”

Yui swears Paru’s eyes glimmered for a moment.


Yui handed her the paper bag and the girl reached out hesistantly.

“Can I sit beside you?”

Paru nods.

Yui didn’t expect it but is overjoyed. She sat beside her as Paru munched on the waffles with a slight blush on her pale cheeks. Yui could almost squeal if she keeps staring so she decided to leave the little girl now.

“I’ll go ahead.”

Yui walked away without looking back.

She didn’t hear Paru mutter a shy ‘thank you’.

"Sae, you're back."

Yuki said as her girlfriend emerged from the shadows. She opened the shabby door wider.

"Yuki," the beat up officer called her girlfriend.

"What's wrong?"

As Sae heard the concern in Yuki’s voice, she voluntarily collapsed to her girlfriend’s arms. Yuki was caught outbalanced by the impact but used the door for support.


Sae’s voice cracked and Yuki feels bad for what happened. She heard the news.


Yuki embraced Sae a little tighter. Although she isn’t so fond of how Sae is treating her lately, Yuki folds when Sae is vulnerable like this. She pulled the muscular girl’s head down to her shoulder which Sae sniffed dearly. Yuki just took a shower after a stressful day from work and the pleasant scent of her hair is filling Sae’s lungs. Sae took pride of this and started kissing her girlfriend’s shoulder blade gently up her neck.

"Sae. Wait."

Realizing that they are still standing at the doorway, Yuki felt the need to push her wounded girlfriend away. Sae, however, found Yuki’s resistance more arousing and started to feel her up in private places.

"What are you doing?"

Yuki removed her girlfriend’s hands from her breasts and stepped back to a safer distance. However, Sae doesn’t want to stop where she left off. Although wounded, she grabbed Yuki’s hands and pinned her against the wall.

"Sae. It hurts!"

From there, she began to snake her hand up inside Yuki’s nightgown and began to caress areas that she thought Yuki would like. Yuki struggles to break free but Sae isn’t letting her. When Yuki thought she’s hopeless, tears started flowing down her flushed cheeks—not from pleasure but disgust.

She hates the way Sae is feeling her roughly now. She hates the way Sae is being overprotective. Obsessive, even. She hates the way she hates Sae who is her fiancée but still loves Mayu even though they’re not together anymore. She hates to admit but she regrets choosing Sae. And Mayu is now moving on from her. With these thoughts, she started to sob and Sae stopped her actions.

Sae removed her hand between Yuki’s legs and stared deeply into her eyes. Yuki couldn’t see through her. Sae’s eyes are dark as her intentions. But when Yuki embraced her, she stopped thinking about anything and allowed Yuki to stroke her hair.

She still feels the jerk when Yuki sobs. Suddenly, came back to her senses and felt fear for hurting her lover. She’s scared that Yuki might leave her too. And so, she hugged Yuki tighter than usual.

"Yuki, please be mine only."

Yuki was taken aback and couldn’t speak.

"Don't leave me," Sae said a little demandingly. Yuki doesn’t like it but Sae’s mind is too clouded to realize this.

"It's alright, Sae," Yuki assured her and Sae finally relaxed. Yuki felt relieved and started to walk Sae to their bedroom. She laid her down and tugged her under the blanket. However, she noticed that Sae is still gripping her arm.

"I'm here. I'm right here."

Sae seemed to be content with this and drifted to sleep instantly.

Yuki sighed in relief and traced the red mark on her arm where Sae had been gripping her. She left the bedroom and grabbed her phone. There, she locked herself up and dialed her friend’s number. She doesn’t want Sae to know she’s been calling other people even if it’s work-related.

“Hello?” the voice croaks from the other line.

“Hey, Rena-chan.”

“Yuki? Are you crying?”

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