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Author Topic: [Movie] Aaron Kwok, Nicholas Tse, & Rain to be in first HK 3D action movie  (Read 1825 times)

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LOL!! if you seen Kungfu Cyborg: Metallic Attraction, look out! :lol:

Aaron Kwok, Nicholas Tse, & Korean star Rain to be in first HK 3D action movie

3D movie "Avatar" earned HK$170 million in Hong Kong, making it the best movie at the HK box office. 3D movies have become the new trend today, the first Hong Kong 3D horror movie "Child Eye 童眼" is currently in production . Recently the decision has been made to invest HK$200 million to shoot for an ancient action 3D IMAX movie "Martial Arts - 武林" (Tentative Title) directed by the Pang Brothers. Since the movie is on a huge budget, of course the stars for the movie must have class too. The film production company has intentions in asking Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korean stars to be in this movie. The new "Best Supporting Actor" Nichalos Tse, Aaron Kwok, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Korean star Rain and Jay Chou are the current candidates. At the press conference yesterday, the boss of the film production company (Lam Siu Ming) admitted to the there are plans. He expressed: "This movie is focused on the theme of heroes, talking about the male lead going out to save people. We hope to find an actor that has enough class for the male lead."

3D movies requires high-tech computer graphics. Mr. Lam expressed that he met up with the "Lord of the Rings" and "Avatar" special effects specialist Richard Taylor in Hong Kong. Asked if he'll ask Richard to help do the special affects for "Martial Arts"? He expressed: "Under consideration, but I hope that there will be a good 3D special effects person in Hong Kong. 3D is the current trend, hopefully Hong Kong can take advantage of the 3D special effects. "

Taiwan's sweet pop star Rainie Yang, Elanne Kong and Shawn Yue will be starring in the new 3D horror movie "Child Eye", which will start late September. The movie will release in October for the Halloween Bash event. There will be "Child Eye" haunted house and "scary" big promotions for the movie.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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I thought that True Legend will be the first HK 3D action movie
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