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Author Topic: [AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi 8 (11/8/16)  (Read 100665 times)

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Re: AtsuMina: Kowai! part 2 with Yuko (One-Shot Incomplete 6/26/14)
« Reply #20 on: June 26, 2014, 02:58:42 PM »
OMG!! What did I just read??!! XDD 
kowaii!!!   XD

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Re: AtsuMina: Kowai! part 2 with Yuko (One-Shot Incomplete 6/26/14)
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Acchan is so scaryyy.... but somehow, I like that possessive and crazy for Takamina Acchan..
Maybe I‘m a little bit insane too... XD

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Re: AtsuMina: Kowai! part 2 with Yuko (One-Shot Incomplete 6/26/14)
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kowaii meccha kowaii :shocked
but that's funny LOL
poor yuko  :lol:

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Re: AtsuMina: Kowai! part 2 with Yuko (One-Shot Incomplete 6/26/14)
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Well... I hate this Acchan, poor Yuko she doesnt deserve this :c

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Re: AtsuMina: Kowai! part 2 with Yuko (One-Shot Incomplete 6/26/14)
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HOlly Sh*t... dont mess with acchan O_O

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Re: AtsuMina: Kowai! part 2 with Yuko (One-Shot Incomplete 6/26/14)
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Remind me not to dare to mess up Acchan  :lol: :lol:   :shocked :shocked

Angry Acchan is meccha kowaii 
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[AtsuMina] Kowai! part 3 with Yuko (One-Shot Incomplete 6/29/14)
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@Everyone: thanks for commenting. I love me my possessive crazy Atsuko too. I find that trait really attractive  :wub: but for the one who said they don't like it... well...

Here's part 3 with some lovey dovey AtsuMina scene :D

Heads up, part 4 won't be update soon since I'm quite stuck hahaha

anyway enjoy  :twothumbs


Kowai! part 3


A girl woke up with sweats all over her body. She examines to see if there was any mark, but none of them were left behind. She then checks her wrist, but there were no bruises either.

“Was that a dream?” She decided to get off the bed and went into the bathroom.

“The dream felt so real…” She looked at the mirror to observe her face. There were no traces of her crying at all.

She was standing for a few minutes, trying to replay the realistic dream inside her head, remembering that there was something she needed to confirm…

“Acchan took a bag of chips yesterday…”

She walked towards her kitchen, slowly reaching for the cabinet, as she was scared to find out the truth. What if that bag of chips isn’t there? Then that means…

Yuko swallowed hard, closes her eyes, and opened the cabinet. She took a moment before opening her eyes to search for the snack…

There it was, sitting exactly where it was yesterday, brand new and unopened. She sigh out in relieve, and laugh at herself.

“There’s no way Acchan would do that, even if she loves Takamina a lot.” The squirrel continues to crack up as she heads to the bathroom again to take a shower. Her and Haruna will be having lunch with the other couples, and just thinking about it, brought a smile to her face.

Even though she had only just graduated, she already misses all her friends. Though as she was taking a shower, she can’t help, but to rethink about the dream. She felt bad for rejecting the friendship, but she meant what she said about Takamina being her only comrade.

In the midst of showering, she shivered greatly, thinking of the last thing the ex-ace had said to her.

Don’t disappoint me, Yuko, or I’ll be back… with more…

Yuko paid it no mind for it was only a dream to her. She got ready and went to meet her girlfriend, wanting to spend time alone with Haruna before spending with the others.


Two girls in bed were cuddling together while they were asleep. The long hair girl was lying on the other’s shoulder, snuggling close to her neck, while the short hair was just content by being wrapped around her girlfriend’s arm.

Both of them are already awake, but neither of them knew. They both just want to stay in the comfortable position that they are in, even though they are aware that they have to get ready soon.

The short hair girl decided to wake her angel up by kissing her girlfriend softly around the face. Though, said girl continues to pretend that she’s still sleeping.

“Atsuko~ okite~” Takamina nuzzle her nose against Acchan’s, making the girl scrunches hers up. The leader laughs at her cute girlfriend, kissing the sleeping beauty before she gets smack by the girl.

“Mou~ Miiinaaamiii~” The actress whine adorably, pouting her kissable lips, while still closing her eyes.

“Ooo-kiii-teee~” The captain pecks her girlfriend after each syllables, trying to get the girl up.

The ex-ace finally opened her eyes to stare at her petite girl. The person in front of each other’s eyes both made them held their breath.

For Takamina, the moment Acchan opened her eyes, she can see all the love and the care that the girl has and still have for her. The dark brown eyes that only looks at her and no one else, and the face that has no make-up on, is still as perfect as ever.

For Atsuko, the moment she opened her eyes, she can see the love of her life in front of her smiling sweetly. The genuine smile always gets to her because of how cute it was, especially the dimples. She will always make this goddess happy, protect her, and support her.

“Kirei desu…”


The girls said it at the same time, making them both laugh, but the soukantoku recovered first. She looks down at her ace, admiring the girl’s smile. She leant in to give her girlfriend a sweet tender kiss. It wasn’t a quick peck or a long hot make out session. It was just right to convey her feelings across.

“I love you too, Atsuko.” She embraced the actress, enjoying the warmth that the girl emitted, feeling sleepy at the same time. She heard giggles coming from her girl, making her look up.

“What’s so funny?”

“You, silly~”

“How?” The soukantoku didn’t know what she did to cause the girl to laugh. She tilted her head to the side in question.

“You wanted me to wake up, but look at who’s about to fall asleep.” The girl continued to chuckle.

“Mou~ its comfortable here… in your arms…” The leader emphasize by snuggling even closer to her girlfriend.

Acchan smiled while patting her girlfriend, smoothing out her hair. Times like this are what the ex-ace enjoys the most. It was just the two of them, being in their own world, with no distraction. She reaches her left hand out and intertwines it with the girl’s right.

Takamina look up again, watching how their hands mold perfectly together. She lean down to place a kiss on her girl’s knuckles, then back to staring at the beauty in front of her.

“We have to get ready now or we’ll be late.” The captain tried to stand up, but was pulled back down into an embrace.

“Atsuko~” The girl whines to her girlfriend even though she didn’t even bother to escape.

“It’s fine if we’re late, they won’t be there early anyway.”

“We need to shower though…”

“We can always shower later… together~” Acchan whispered seductively into her lover’s ear, making the girl blush.

“Ah ha ha… I think someone is calling for me.”

“Minami~ you know as well as I do that we’re the only ones here.” The actress pouted her puffy lips, giving her best puppy eyes to the small girl.

“Why you gotta be so cute Atsuko?” The soukantoku shook her head, can’t believe that she’ll give in easily to the ace every time.

“Hehe, you know you love me.” The ex-center smiled brightly, making Takamina smiled too.

“Yes, I love you, and only you.” The leader said sincerely, causing her girl to turn red.


Both girls came closer to each other’s face, closing their eyes, and shortening the distance between their awaiting lips. The touch was electrifying, giving them the same feeling and sensation as when they first shared their kiss together, leaving them both breathless.

“Let’s go Atsuko.” Takamina stood up, holding her hand out for the girl to take.

“Hmmm, so shower later then?” Acchan asked innocently.

“Hai, hai.” The captain gave up.

“Yay~ Minami~”

Both girls went to get themselves ready for the get-together with the other members. They finishes up, leaving their apartment hand in hand, walking towards their destination.


“Do you guys see what I see?” A short girl asked her friends while staring at a certain couple.

“Yes. They’re sooo cute aren’t they?” Mariko replied, swooning over how cute the couple is.

“They’ve been walking and stopping for the past 10 minutes, and they still haven’t reached us yet!” said the short girl frustrated.

“Just let them be, they’ll see us eventually.” Miichan just shrugged it off, continuing to watch her girlfriend take pictures of the couple.

“We all supposed to hang out today… Aren’t you a bit annoyed, Tomochin?” The short girl tried to find a partner in crime.

“Nope, besides, they don’t get to see each other a lot…”

“Yeah, Tomo feel bad for them too.” Chiyuu said, referring herself in third person, holding onto the duck lip girl’s arm.

The girl was about to asked her twin tower friend, but decided against it since they seem to be fawning over the couple too.

“Don’t you find them adorable, Yuuchan?” Haruna asked, while looking at the couple with her friends.

Said couple is none other than the captain and ace duo, who is also known as Takahashi Minami and Maeda Atsuko. The two were holding hands, whispering and giggling with each other, window shopping at the same time.

“I gue-“

“Hey everyone~” The couple finally saw their friends, and walked over. Acchan gave each and every one of them a hug except for Yuko.

“How’s graduation?” The actress asked, staring at the squirrel, while smiling a bit differently.

No one seems to catch the weirdness, continues to watch them, waiting for the asked girl to answer. Though said girl was having a quick flashback of her dream, making her sweat slightly, as she look at the ex-ace.

“I-it’s tiring, b-but its needed t-to be d-done.”

“Why are you stuttering like that Yuuchan?”

“Yeah, why are you stuttering like that, Yuko?” Acchan asked, reaching out to touch the squirrel’s shoulder, but said girl flinched.

Everyone watches as the new graduated girl was acting off. They couldn’t understand why the girl was being like that towards their friend.

“What’s the matter with you, Yuko?” Takamina asked, feeling a bit irritated that her girlfriend was just being worried, while the comrade was being rude.

“It’s okay, Minami, she’s probably sick or something.” The taller of the two tried to calm her other half down, at the same time with no one watching, looking at Yuko with a smug face.

“Let’s go eat everyone…” Mariko stepped in, trying to break the ice.

Since the AtsuMina couple knows where to go, Takamina held onto Acchan’s hand and walked towards the café first, leaving the rest behind.


So yeah, how you like my cute and adorable AtsuMina? :heart:

Comments are appreciated ^_^
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Re: AtsuMina: Kowai! part 3 with Yuko (One-Shot Incomplete 6/29/14)
« Reply #27 on: June 29, 2014, 12:15:31 PM »
Too much sweetness   :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:  XD XD XD

I'm having a toothache now  :lol: :lol:
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Re: AtsuMina: Kowai! part 3 with Yuko (One-Shot Incomplete 6/29/14)
« Reply #28 on: June 30, 2014, 04:17:40 PM »
so it was a dream, or..?  :? :?

ah I'm curious now..

please update soon and more TakAtsuko sweet moment :heart:

thanks for the update :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: AtsuMina: Kowai! part 3 with Yuko (One-Shot Incomplete 6/29/14)
« Reply #29 on: July 02, 2014, 12:03:41 AM »
so it's just a nightmare  :P
lol yuko, i don't no why i felt funny about her :lol: she got scared of acchan that much  :O
yuhuuu i like "lovey dovey" atsumina  :mon dance:

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Re: AtsuMina???: Nisemono (Coming Soon)
« Reply #30 on: July 16, 2014, 07:18:19 PM »
I'm working on a new fanfic and created a poster for it :D
Hope you guys will look forward to this  :thumbsup

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Re: AtsuMina???: Nisemono (Coming Soon)
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third person??  :shocked .......or??
dare??  :huhuh

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Re: AtsuMina???: Nisemono (Coming Soon)
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Nice XDDD.  But whose the 3rd person?

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Re: AtsuMina???: Nisemono (Coming Soon)
« Reply #33 on: July 19, 2014, 02:58:32 AM »
ill never make minami sad thats the only sure think even if i  love acchan no thnx im good hahaha
o good i feel sorry for yuko hahaha but its was funny at the same time...somehow?? :P  :P good job  next chap soon plz :P

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[AtsuMina???] Nisemono 1 (8/28/14)
« Reply #34 on: August 28, 2014, 11:05:37 AM »
I don't really got much to say...
Just trying something new out, so hopefully y'all in for the ride even if it's boring...
anyway please continue on...



“Do you like AKB?”

“Un, doushite?”

“Who is your oshimen?”

“Hmmm, Takamina.”



“Yokatta desu.”

“Eh? Naze?”

“You’ll start working with her from now on.”

“Eh!... Eh!... Eh!!!”

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing like that, it’ll be normal and fun for you.”

“When is it? Why all of a sudden? What about my own work?”

“You’ll meet her next week to start shooting. I don’t know the details, so I can’t tell you, and you’ll still be continuing your usual work. Though, she’s probably more important than these things, so let us know if the usual conflicts with her.”

“A-ah, u-un, hai wakarimashita.”

“Good. Now let’s go.”

“Where we going?”

“You got work for a few days before you can take a break. Then you’ll have a meeting to prepare to meet her.”

“Sou desu ka...”

The two left with one of them still couldn’t believe that they’ll be working with Takahashi Minami, soukantoku, and leader of AKB48.


*knock knock*

“Come in.”

“Hai, sorry for disturbing.”

“Ah, Takamina, come sit.” The soukantoku came in slowly and sit across from her boss, not sure what to expect since he requested for her suddenly.

“Akimoto-sensei, why did you call for me?” The leader asked, but the old man continues to look at her with a smile on his face.

“Takamina, you realize that you can be with anyone, right?”

The question had made the captain stunned. She couldn't understand why this subject was being brought up; let alone thinking about being with someone at the moment.

“Yes, but I’m in AKB-“

“You know that rule doesn't apply to you.”

“I understand, but only management and I know that. If I were to suddenly date, it would seem I broke the main rule…”

Yasushi knew that, that was the answer coming from his favorite AKB member, and this only helps further his amusement.

“I just want you to be happy, Takamina, not being stuck with AKB because you feel that you have to.” Akimoto truly meant with what he said. He felt bad for keeping the girl in AKB for so long. He did say that AKB=Takamina, so he’s afraid that if the girl graduated, AKB would be over. 

“Thank you sensei, but I think I’m fine…” Minami bows in respect.

“Okay, but remember, it is okay if you do find someone. You will still remain in AKB until the day you want to graduate.”

“Hai, arigatou gozaimasu.”

“Onto a different subject, there will be a new program starring you and a permanent guest next week.”

“Eh? Hontou desu ka?” Takahashi was a little surprised by what her boss had just shared.

“Un, and I want you to meet them at your restaurant, privately. Can you close off that day?”

“Eto… Akimoto-sensei… I have to close off for the whole day?” The soukantoku didn’t mind using her restaurant as a place to meet this guest, but she would lose profit if that happens.

“Don’t worry, Takamina, the company will pay you for it.” It seems Yasushi knew what Minami was thinking, and reassured her that she’ll still be able to earn her income.

“Ah, hai, what’s the new program about?” The captain thought it was strange to suddenly have a new segment. She also wonders why it had to involve her when she has so many other things to handle.

“You’ll see when it comes.” The old man was being mysterious, and that is one of the thing that the short girl didn’t like about her boss.

“Can I know who it is?”

“Hmmm…” The silence was killing the leader as she wants to know why this man is being so secretive for.

“I can’t tell you who it is…” Takamina feels the need to rip her hair out of her head, but Yasushi interrupted before it happens.

“But… you can wear your normal clothes, no need to intimidate people.” The old man chuckled, while the soukantoku look at her boss with disbeliefs. She thought he was gonna tell her something to at least ease her mind, but all he told her to do is look nice.

“Wakarimashita, is there anything else Akimoto-sensei?”

“Yes, your work schedule will start to change as well, and you’ll get more free time.” The captain didn’t know if getting less work is a good thing or bad thing, but she decided not to think about it.

“Sou desu ka? Arigatou gozaimasu.” Minami bows, then take her leave, but before the door was completely close…

“Oh, and Takamina.”


“Hope you will have fun.” The short girl was now more confused than ever. What did he mean by that?

“Hai.” She bows one more time then took her leave. She went back to her office to continue doing her paperwork, but the subject was still on her mind. She couldn’t get it out of her thoughts and so she texted her close friends to eat lunch together, hoping that not all of them were busy.


“Why did you invite us all of a sudden, Takamina?” Shinoda Mariko, an older sister like friend to the soukantoku, asked.

“Is there something wrong?” Minegishi Minami worried about her friend from the same unit.

“You can tell us anything, Takamina.” Kojima Haruna was also there as she was trying to get away from a certain squirrel.

“Guys, let her speak first, you’re all pressuring her.” Akimoto Sayaka came as well, for she was also concerned.

“Takamina, are you okay?” Itano Tomomi took the time out of her schedule to meet up with her first best friend.

“I’m fine guys. I’m just worried about something…”

The five friends looked at each other before looking back at the leader. They know that Minami has a habit of worrying, but if it got to the point of calling them out, it must be something major.

“Akimoto-sensei called me to his office today, and told me that I’ll be involved with a new segment, but he didn’t give me any details about it. Except that I’ll have a permanent guest…”

Everyone thought that it was weird too, but was it enough to be that worried about it? They all look at Takamina to see if she was going to say anything else, but she didn’t.

“Is that it, Minami?” Mariko asked what everyone else had in mind.


The quietness caused the friends to communicate with their eyes to each other, waiting for the captain to open up again.

“He brought up dating out of nowhere, asking if I ever thought about it…” The soukantoku finally look at her friends one by one, eyes filled with confusion.

“Have you?” Miichan wonders.

“No… not since…” The leader caught herself before saying too much. She loves her friends dearly, but they didn’t need to know more about it.

“Since?” Tomochin wanted her to continue.

“Nothing, but no, I never thought about it.”

“Why would Akimoto-sensei even asked you about it? He knows we can’t date in AKB…” Sayaka was also confused about the matter.

“Yeah… idk…”

Again, there was silence, each and every one were in their own thoughts, trying to come up with solutions for this weird behavior by their ex-boss. Though, one in particular was just observing the young captain because she knows the secret.

“Minami come to the bathroom with me.”

“Um, okay?”

The two girls went to the bathroom with the older one locking the door. Yes, it was Shinoda Mariko who knows the secret that Takahashi Minami is keeping.

“It’s just the two of us now, tell me what’s wrong.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about?” The short girl showed confusion.

“I know you can date, Takamina, it was never in your contract.” The taller woman cut to the chase, leaving no way for the younger girl to escape.

“H-how did you find out?”

“I overheard it a long time ago. Was there anything else that the old man had said?”

“He told me that even if I were to be dating, I’ll still remain in AKB until I decided to graduate, but Mariko… no one knows about this… it’ll look like I’m betraying AKB if I dated…” Minami didn’t know what else to say. This matter was just put upon her a few hours ago, and she still couldn’t calm down.

“Does he know about you… and…”

“There’s nothing between us, Mariko, not since she…” The leader became even more upset thinking and talking about the unspoken subject.

The older girl embrace the little captain, letting her knows that it is okay, and that she will be there whenever the girl may need her.

“Let’s go back before they think something happened." Takamina pulled away and look at the mirror. She walked out of the bathroom with Mariko in toll.

“Ah, Takamina!” Miichan yelled out.

“Nani?” The captain was surprised by the sudden loudness coming out of her friend.

“We, might have an answer to Akimoto-sensei’s mysteriousness.” Minegishi, Tomochin, Sayaka, and Haruna, all looked at the short girl with anticipation of her reaction.

“Okay? What is it?” The reaction the soukantoku has was not what the girls wanted to see.

“We thought you might be more excited about it…”


“Forget Miichan. We want to know if the guest is a guy or girl.” Haruna took over the explanation.

“I-I don’t know… sensei never told me…”

“Gah! He didn’t?!” The gachapin girl was being dramatic, as the others were just shaking their heads.

“He didn’t tell me anything for me to prepare, except that I’ll meet that person at my restaurant, and he asked me to close the business down for that day…”

No one said anything for they didn’t know what to think either. They are all confused by the secret that Yasushi is keeping away, but nothing could be bad, right? He wouldn’t do anything to harm his favorite AKB member, would he?

“Takamina, it might be some big surprise for you, like back at Tokyo Dome when Acchan graduated.” Sayaka said, trying to cheer the short girl up and be positive about this situation.

“Maybe Sayaka is right?” Tomochin also read the mood and tries to make friend feel better.

“Un~ I’ll just have to wait and see, right?” Minami was determined to forget about it for now so she can continue enjoying her lunch with her friends.

Though, Mariko knew that the girl was only putting a mask on so that they don’t have to worry about her, but she just continues to watch Takamina as she also let it go.


“Sorry for disturbing…” A person walked into a meeting room.

“Come, sit, nice to meet you?” A man, slightly chubby, with glasses asked.

“Eh!  Akimoto-san?” The person was shocked to see none other than the producer, of the popular idol group, AKB48 sitting in one of the chairs.

“Why is it so surprising to meet me?” The old man laughs, talking to one of his colleague.

“E-eto, am I in trouble?” The person asked, they’re pretty sure they haven’t done anything wrong, and they’re super confused.

“Iie iie, you’re here for the meeting to work with one of my girls, Takahashi Minami right?” Yasushi continued to chuckle at this lucky person.

“A-ah, hai, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” The person shyly said and bows in respect. They then took a seat, but were kind of uncomfortable being in front of the famous producer.

“Tomorrow, you will be meeting her, but you’ll be meeting her at her own restaurant.”

“Eh? Takahashi-san has her own restaurant?” The person was surprised to hear the young talented soukantoku has her own business.

“Yes, what was shown on Mujack, is all true.” The producer calmly explained to the guest.

“Sugoii desu…”

“Takamina will wait there for you in her normal clothes, so feel free to wear whatever you want.”

“Hai.” The person nodded their head, but made a mental note to look good for the AKB leader.

“I believe this will create lots of chaos…” The producer continues to be amused.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand…”

“Starting tomorrow, you will **** our soukantoku, Takahashi Minami.” The old man smiled at the person, but was completely serious with what he had just said.

“Ah, sou desu ka… EHHH!” The person nodded, until they realized what they just heard.

“Are you not interested?” Yasushi scrunches his eyebrows, thinking that he might have made a mistake.

“Iie, it’s not that… just… why me?” The person would love the opportunity, but considering the industry they work in, they don’t think they are suited for it.

“I think you can make our Takamina relax and happy. I don’t want to see her overwork and I believe it will work out.” The old man said, seeming to be like a father figure, but also too entertained at the same time.

“Hai, I will do my best.” Determination can be seen clearly on the person’s face, and that’s what Akimoto likes to see.

“I don’t want you to do your best. I want you to make it happen.”

“Hai.” The person bows, too scared to look at the producer’s face.

“Alright, thanks for letting me in this meeting, we have to catch up sometimes.” Yasushi turns to his colleague and shook their hand.

As Akimoto Yasushi left, he turns around one more time.

“Oh, and please do enjoy yourself as well, I don’t want you to think this is a force.”

“Hai.” The person bows again as they stood up. They watched the friendly, yet scary producer, walked away.

The person left the meeting afterwards, thinking of what to say, of what to do, and what to wear when they meet AKB48’s leader.


Today was the day where Takahashi Minami meets her partner for the first time. She is quite anxious and wondered if she looks alright.

Since it was a warm day, she decided to wear black leather shorts that show off her smooth creamy legs, a see-through white blouse that shows her black spaghetti top, and a white open toe heels with gold chains dangling around the ankles. She was sexy, but she wasn’t very confident.

She went to her shop, Queen’s Bath Resort, and met up with the filming group. As polite as always, she greeted everyone, as everyone says hello back. She looks around to see if she can find her partner or at least guess who they may be, but she couldn’t see anyone who looks different.

“Eto, where is my partner?” She asked one of the staffs.

“Sumimasen Takahashi-san, they are running a little late, but we’ll be starting in 5 minutes.”

“Ah, sou desu ka, arigatou.”

Five minutes went by, as Minami went to the outside porch to start shooting. The director told her to introduce herself and say what she wants to say.

“3…2…1… Action”

“Konnichiwa, AKB48 no Takahashi Minami desu.” The girl waved her hands at the camera.

“We are shooting a new segment here at my restaurant today, but I have no clue what it is about.” She laughs a little at the silliness.

“I’m also supposed to have a permanent partner here with me, but they are late, and I have no clue who this person is either.” She started pouting her lips, looking really cute.

A staff member handed the soukantoku a letter, wishing for her to read out loud.

“Hmm, I just got a note from staff-san. I wonder what it is…” She unfolded the paper and started reading.

“Dear Takahashi-san, this segment is for you to have fun and maybe have a little action in that area… Eh? What does that mean?” The leader looked at the camera in confusion.

“This show will have you go on dates with your partner… Ah, sou desu ka…” The captain nodded her head until it struck her.

“EH! Deeto?!” Takamina eyes went wide. She was definitely super confused, as the staff urge her to continue reading.

“As you already know, the dating rule does not apply to you, and so we hope you enjoy this partner of yours… Eh? I will be dating my partner? Who is it?” She starts to understand why Akimoto Yasushi kept it hidden from her.

“Your partner is none other than the ace… Ace? A-Atsuko? Eh? Atsuko?” There’s no way it’ll be, Maeda Atsuko, her longtime ex-partner. Not since she decided to date the kabuki actor.

“She is well known and skilled in many ways…  Eh? It’s a she? It’s not Atsuko, is it?” Minami continues to discard the thought of it being Acchan.

“Please turn around now to meet your date.” The moment she finishes reading the note, she immediately look back, and was face to face with none other than the girl she’ll be working with.

“Hajimemashite Takahashi-san.” The girl smiled sweetly at the soukantoku, causing the young leader to have a raise in heartbeats.


So yeah, that's chapter 1... I know it's boring since it's only an introduction...

If you have any question, feel free to leave a comment ^_^
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aarrrghhhh lezperv-san please please please continue this story >.< I really curious about the girl that become Takamina's partner. if it isnt Atsuko, then who is it??? :tantrum:

*sigh I hope you will update this story soon lezperv-san ^_^

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Eehhh!? Dare?   :shocked :?

Thank you for this fic. Please continue. :D

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AH... why why... you end this chapter....

Now I'm curious with who is this partner...

ACE, FEMALE, POPULAR and TALENT in lots of area....

WHO is it indeed.... very curious....

Really Takamina can date... and its not applied 'NON DATE' rule in her contract?

And Takamina has a restaurant.... the one I saw when she was cooking with Tomochin?

Lots of questions....

Can't wait to find out the answers

Thank you for the new story

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Author-san, You make me curious and Confused now  :tantrum:

please update soon  :mon dance:

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Re: AtsuMina???: Nisemono Chapter 1 (8/28/14)
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AH!!! who is that girl  :shocked Takamina gonna date someone!!!??  :panic:
i think she's not Acchan right? (try to guess from the conversations haha)
waiting to know who is she  XD

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