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Author Topic: [AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi 8 (11/8/16)  (Read 100665 times)

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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 6 (11/27/14)
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@Drakon: Ah, so you don’t like Kai x Atsuko either?
Ep. Do not see the point  make of a girl a boy. What good in Minami with appendage between his legs?
In addition, Kai it is Nami. And Nami with Ray. No way otherwise.

Oh, Atsuko became reasonable? It is trusted hardly. Interestingly, as far as her enough?
Good update!

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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 6 (11/27/14)
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Atsumina FTW  :lol: :lol:

Sweet Acchan is too adorable

Can't take it anymore *runs aways*  XD XD
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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 6 (11/27/14)
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Probably Atsuko's mission is not to make Takamina fall in love with her again, seeing how she's never fallen out of love with her, but to make her regain the trust in Acchan's love for the second time - something in which Utan is having an upper-hand at the moment. It's a long way, but since Takamina still loves her, if she's sincere she will succeed ( and I want her to succeed).

Sad to hear that you will be gone for a quite a long time but school should take priority. Get all A's and come back with an update XD

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[AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi Chapter 1
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Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi

Chapter 1

A Certain Shiroi Tenshi POV

As I’m staring down at the humans below me, I wonder what it’s like to be in a relationship, I wonder what it’s like to have someone by your side, what kind of feelings are involved? I look at them with interest, trying to feel what they feel, trying to mimic their emotions, but sadly the loneliness that I felt still remains.

Have you ever heard of the legend where creatures or humans used to have two heads, four arms, and four legs? One day, lighting struck them and they were forced to split into halves. Everything that was together is being separated. The most important thing that made them whole was the heart that they’ve shared. After being split apart from their partners, they never felt happy or completed like they used to be because the other half of their hearts are missing. The only way that they can ever feel joy again is by reuniting with their other halves, which is also their soul mate.

I’ve seen humans who have found their soul mate and even some of my angel friends have found their soul mate. I look at them, smiling and laughing with each other, enjoying their eternity together. To say that I’m not envious of them would be a lie. I am happy for my friends, but I still wish I could find mine and be completed. There can only be one soul mate for each individual, and I sigh, not knowing how longer I have to wait.

I have lived over 3000 years, but my appearance doesn’t match my age at all. I’m quite young looking. You would think I am just a 19 years old girl who couldn’t protect herself. Little did you know that I am actually the most powerful and strongest angel out there.

My friends and I are known as the Shiroi Tenshi. We are all dressed in white. I know it sounds cliché, but that’s just how it always has been. The only difference is that each of our outfit is based off of our ranks.

The highest rank of angels is called Pure. I am the only one in the Pure rank. I’m the one to hold all the angels together and look after them even though there is an angel who I have to report to. My outfit consists of gold cuff bracelets on both of my wrist. The white blouse with no sleeves that are made out of thin soft fabric, which could be considered see-through, but not enough to see what, is underneath. Short white skirt made out of the same material and gold sandals.

The next rank of angels is called Saint. There are three people in Saint. Their outfits are made of thicker material. The white blouse is a short sleeve and instead of a skirt, they wear short pants. They wear gold cuff bracelets, anklets, and shoes.

Then the rank called Noble. There are two people in Noble. Their outfits are made of even thicker material. The clothes consist of long sleeve blouse and long pants. They wear gold shoulder plates, knee plates, bracelets, and harden boots.

Finally, there are the Underlings. They’re a lot of them and their clothing is pretty much covered up. Though there are a couple common things to our outfits. Our upper back is fully exposed for our white wings to be release easily and each of us carries a long sword that is strapped to our waist.

I bet you are wondering why can’t the outfit all be the same. This is because the higher rank you are the less clothes you need when you have to fight. The clothing will only get in your way and restrict your movement. Plus, you’re strong and are capable of protecting yourself.

The Shiroi Tenshis are the most powerful beings in the world. We hold the key to billions of life including us angels. The Holy Dagger is what it’s called, a blade made from the purest of element. It is a pleasant yet dangerous dagger.

As you know, we Shiroi Tenshi are forbidden from committing a sin. We can only be kind and caring to all creatures. We treat all creatures indifferently. Even though sins are forbidden, we are capable of opening the gate to our own demise.

The key to opening to such a gate is none other than the Holy Dagger. We Shiroi Tenshi rarely use this blade. We only use it when we need to sacrifice our own blood. By doing so, we have committed our first sin. The first sin will take away the innocence of the angel.

No one would sacrifice themselves unless the situation is called for. The situation is when the human’s soul being captured and turned by the evil power. The only way for us Shiroi Tenshi to save those humans and bring them back to light is by giving them our blood.

Thus once you committed your first sin, more will follow. The angel will slowly plunge into the darkness and become one of them…


A Certain Kuroi Tenshi POV

Ah, look at those pathetic humans, running around and having fun, not knowing that their lives are gonna be in danger. As much as I hate those weak things, I need them to become more powerful to take over the underworld.

That stupid perverted creature that we serve, called queen, doesn’t belong on the throne. All she ever does is running around molesting younger girls. Who would serve under that irresponsible woman!

Well I’m certainly not and so are my friends.

We are all sitting around in my castle, formulating a plan for me to overthrow the queen. Even though I am the youngest out of them all, they all respect me and support me.

I am super spoiled and loved by them. They are all like my sister, especially one of them; she has always watched over me and helps me. Since I’ve always been picked on for being different.

I am very young; well, young to our kind of species. I guess you could consider me as a newborn since I’ve only lived for 666 years, but don’t you dare underestimate me because I can kill you as fast as a blink of an eye. Anyway, I’ve always been picked on because I am more powerful than those my age. My power can match those of the 2nd rank. Especially when I lose it, then my power matches those of the 1st rank.

Speaking of rank. Our rank is pretty much the same as those ‘oh so perfect’ Shiroi Tenshi, even our clothing style are the same, except ours is in black and silver not white and gold. I swear that they are copying us! The only difference is the name of our rank.
The highest rank is called Sinner. I know the name is very cliché, but it’s the only best way to sum up our killing power. There is only one person in that rank and it’s the sister who watches over me. Even though she takes care of all the other angels, she still has to report back to that ‘queen’.

The 2nd rank is called Wrath. There are four people in Wrath including me. Considering my age, I should be in two ranks below this, but since I’m strong, I was placed here.

The 3rd rank is called Tainted. There is only one person in it. Even though she could rank higher, she doesn’t kill as much.

Finally, the last rank is called Slaves. I bet you can guess why they are being called Slaves. They are the demons that we command to do our bidding. 
Us Kuroi Tenshi are far more superior than the Shiroi. Even hell, the place we live in, is much more interesting than those white shiny clouds that they live on. We have black and red roses down here. They are beautiful and yet deadly, just like us.

You probably think we are deformed looking with skin thick as a rock and horns on our head. NO! We look nothing like that. We look like any other normal girls except we don’t grow old and wrinkly like they do. We are beautiful, sexy, and hot girls in their teens. I bet you are jealous, I bet them Shiroi are jealous too! Not that I have seen them before, but I bet they are all ugly.

As I’m sitting there quietly, listening to the plan that they have, I notice that the sister who watches over me was holding hands with one of my close friends. I turn to the other side and see another two holding hands.

I snarl quietly in disgust. It’s not that I’m not happy for them or support them. I just don’t like the feeling of love nor will I ever fall in love. I don’t think it is necessary. It will only get in the way.

I sigh, looking up at my rose collection. Each color is in each glass to keep it from withering. I look at the last glass, but it was empty. I have almost every color except for one; it’s the white one that only grows in heaven.

Thinking of heaven makes me mad. The two things that I want the most is up there behind those sealed barriers. The only way for me to break those seal is to become stronger.

I smirk. Watch out Shiroi Tenshi and ‘queen’. One beautiful girl is about to have her fun, let the game begins…


Third Person POV

Humans are doing their daily routines. Going to work, going on a date, and going to school. Nothing is bothering them except from the drama that other humans created. They are all living freely, not aware that they are being protected from any evil force that could corrupt them.

Even though the Shiroi Tenshi are doing their jobs to protect these weak humans, they are not that worried because there was a truce between the Shiroi Tenshi and Kuroi Tenshi. The truce has been going on for 1000 years. They will live in peace and no harms will be done to the humans. A war will break loose if the Kuroi Tenshi were to go back on their words.

The Kuroi Tenshi are also living their lives, having fun, and honoring their truce with the Shiroi Tenshi. Though, none of them knows that there is a group of seven Kuroi Tenshi girls who are planning to break that treaty. One of the girls from the group hesitated to join in this plan for she is afraid that something will happen to her beloved. She has no choice, but to follow the leader, who is also her best friend, to keep an eye out for the upcoming danger…

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[AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi Chapter 2
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Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi

Chapter 2

Atsuko POV

I sat there listening to all of our plans formulate. Its finally high time we all show that Queen what a true ruler really is. I smirk, writing out our little ideas to create one big plan.

That stupid Queen. Does she really think she has what it takes? No! Why? Because, A: She's old. B: She's a pervert and C: She cares more about her "looks" than anyone else!

Her generation is over. It's time for a new one to begin.

"Acchan?" a certain Gachapin suddenly sounded.


"You haven't spoken for several minutes," my sweet caring sister-like friend said.

"...Ah, Sorry. I was just... thinking."

"So, what's the plan?"

After a few moments of thinking, I slowly got up and walked towards the window. I looked and saw the so-called Queen's castle, thorny vines with beautiful black roses seeped into the walls and surrounding the entire area.

Black roses are very common in this world, but they are dangerous to humans and to the angels. It can poison their system, paralyze them and weaken them greatly to the point of death...

What a perfect idea.

"We poison her."


"Mayu, I want you to get us a map of every inch of the castle and a timeline on the Queen's schedule, that way we can time everything just right."

"Got it," said the little hooded cyborg as she was chewing her gum.

"Yuki, you'll have to get all the ingredients to conjure the potion."

"Yes ma'am," the pale skinned girl said while she was reading her novel.

"And finally, Yuko, you'll help me conjure the potion. I'll send it to her alone."

"A'ight," the squirrel teeth girl said, lying down on the couch. "But, what do we say it is?"

"Hm… We say it's a peace offering... from the Shiroi Tenshi."


"Almost done. Now, the final ingredient."

I held my hand out as Yuko handed me a withered black rose bud. I dropped it in and watched as a puff of smoke floated out. The smell is disgusting. The taste is stomach wrenching.

Perfect, I thought with a smirk on my face.

"It's finished now."

I took a small crystal bottle and let the red liquid flow into it. Closing and sealing the lid, I placed it in my pocket and headed back to the window.

I heard the door open and saw Mayu walk in.

"What's the status?"

"She's taking her nap right now. I wouldn't visit her right now; she gets cranky when she doesn't get her 'beauty sleep'. She should be ready in about two hours."

"Great," I said sarcastically. "Two WHOLE hours of waiting... But, it'll all be worth it. Very soon, I'll be the ruler of the underworld. And, don't worry, everyone. I promise you'll all have the highest royal positions. You all are my future subjects, after all."

"That's good to hear, Acchan."

"And perhaps, next we can take over the human world."

"Then, we'll take down those stupid Shiroi Tenshi. We'll be so strong, they'll surely surrender."

I know it sounds cliché, but after one little giggle, all of us had burst into a chorus of evil laughter. When it’s finally silent, I turned to face everyone once again.

"The time for a new generation of darkness is about to begin."


Third Person POV

A lone figure slowly walked towards the beautiful, rose covered castle. She gripped the bottle tightly in her hand. She smirked, giggling softly as she remembers her precious little plan. Soon, all her dreams will come true.

As she was about to open the door, she had a strange feeling that someone was watching her. She looked around and didn't see anyone, so she shrugged it off and slowly opened the door.

"Queen Megumi~."

Her voice echoed off the walls. The door closed behind her as she walked towards the empty throne.

"Meetan~! My Queen?" she called again. "I have a present. From the Shiroi Tenshi."

Atsuko's eyebrow twitched as she looked around the empty room.

Where is that old hag?

She gripped her fist tighter and started to walk again, she then stepped on something. A vine.


The vine suddenly slithered forward like a snake and wrapped Atsuko's ankle. More vines flew out and started wrapping around her other limbs. It squeezed tight around her stomach and neck, making it hard for her to breathe. She unconsciously let go of the poison vial.

A snap of someone’s fingers was heard and the vines released her, dropping her to the ground. She started coughing as she tried to catch her breath. She saw the bottle roll on the ground and stop at Megumi's heel.

"My Queen... What is the meaning of this?"

"You tell me."


She walked down and stepped on the vial, crushing it. Smoke came up as it burned the ground.

"So this was your plan all along. She wasn't lying."

"Wh-what are you talking about, Meetan? I wouldn't do anything to hurt you, my dear Quee--"

"You can cut the act," she said in a loud voice. "She told me everything."


"That friend of yours. I forget her name."


"You can act dumb all you want, but it's no use, Atsuko." She picked up her long staff and tapped it hard on the ground. "Maeda Atsuko, you are here by banished from the royal palace and are to be confined at your castle. You should be ashamed of yourself."

Atsuko stood up again, her eyes widened.

"What?! You can't do this!"

"Actually, I can. Y'know why? Because, I'M the Queen. Not YOU. Now, get out of my sight before I decide to kill you."

Atsuko gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. There was some fire forming in them. Megumi snapped her fingers again, and Atsuko was back outside the castle. She banged on the door, but there was a strong force field around it.

"Meetan, you can't keep this up forever! This will all--"

"End," a voice suddenly sounded.

Atsuko turned her head and saw a young girl hiding behind a wall.

"Everything ends. No matter how many times you start over, you never forget it. It always ends."

Atsuko recognized the girl. She was a Slave named Paru.

"Paru? What are you doing here?"

"I saw... everything."


"I saw your little squirrel friend come into the castle a few minutes before you came and she ratted you out."

Atsuko's eyes widened.


"And not just her. Yuki, Mayu, Gachapin, even Mariko-sama came."

Atsuko backed away, shaking her head.

"No… You're lying."

"I'm not. I feel sorry for you, Acchan. All of your friends betrayed you in the end. And, they promised you they'd always be with you."

"They... betrayed me?"

"Like I said, everything ends."

Atsuko couldn't believe what she was hearing. It was making her heart break, but at the same time, she felt a burning rage inside her. Fire formed around her and her eyes started glowing red. She clenched her fist, covered in fire, and she punched the wall, creating the dent.


Paru smiled. What Atsuko didn't know was this was all part of her plan. Maachan and her were spying on them, and Paru told Megumi everything so she could rank higher than her fellow slaves. Everything was going good so far.

But then, it ended. Atsuko growled and grabbed her neck. She was going absolutely crazy and lost it. She was in Sinner mode. Paru was struggling to get free, but it was no use. She was too strong now. She finally lost feelings in her arms and her last breath gave out. Atsuko's powers finally calmed down and she dropped Paru's lifeless body to the ground.

She looked at the castle again before she ran off and flew into the sky. She got back to her mansion and saw it was completely empty. She locked herself in her room, closing herself up in the dark. Her eyes flashed red again.

"Those traitors... I'll show them... I'll show ALL of them."


Minami POV

I watch my friends as they are trying to concentrate on their powers. Since I’m in the Pure rank, I have to train the ranks below me, but mostly train the Saints since they are the future Pure.

“I can’t do it!” complains a girl with the tiger like tooth and duck lips.

“I have to agree with Tomochin, it is kinda hard.” Sigh one of the twin towers with long hair.

“Okay, I’ll show you guys again and watch carefully.” I showed them again on how to concentrate their powers to the palm of their hand. It was an easy task for me; it didn’t take long till a white with a tint of pink energy appears on my palm.

Both of them are amazed as they can feel the strength and power coming from my ball of energy. I then manipulate the ball and cover my full hand with it, making it sharp.

“See, after you guys can conjure your energy, you’ll be able to make use of it as a weapon.” I look up from my hand and smiled at them.

They look at me with disbelief and I just chuckled at their expression.

“Come on, Sayaka and Tomochin, try again and after we’ll spar.” They both snapped out of their trance and nodded.


“Tomochin, attack from above after I distract her,” whispered Sayaka to Tomochin.

I can see that they are planning something, to lay an attack on me, since they haven’t ever damaged me before. I smirk, as I wanted to see what they have up their sleeves.

“Are you guys done planning yet? We have other things to work on, you know?” I laugh, as I saw them both jump from hearing my voice suddenly.

I can see them both nodded at each other and then Sayaka disappeared. I can sense her behind me and turn around to dodge the slash of her sword.  Sayaka kept attacking me non-stop and I just kept dodging without my sword being drawn. It seems she is getting angry because I evade all her attack easily.  She kept being on the offense and I don’t see Tomochin anywhere…

Ah, I see what they are planning now, heh, they shouldn’t be so obvious. I gave Sayaka an opening. She quickly thrust her sword towards my face; I duck down and punch her in the stomach, knocking all the air out. She dropped her sword and I was about to side kick her head…

“Now,” yelled Sayaka

Tomochin appeared above and plunge her sword down fast, but I move aside to disarm her and throw her at Sayaka. Both of them fell hard with the taller one taking more damage for being the shorter one’s cushion.

I stood at the same spot with my left hand on the hilt of my sword and right hand on my waist. I shake my head thinking that they still have much more to learn.

“Are you guys okay?” I ask concerned. Walking towards them with my hand held out to help them up.

They got up and look upset. They both look at each other to confirmed what they both thought of the sparring.  They turned to me and asked…

“Did you gave us an opening on purpose?” Sayaka asked, slightly hurt while Tomochin seems angry.

“Yeah, I did… You guys were predictable; the both of you should have attacked together so that your opponent will have difficulty of keeping up, instead of having one of you creating an opening. If you were to deal with an angel of higher rank, you both would have been dead.”

“You shouldn’t have done that! I know we are still weak, but we don’t need you to play with us!” Tomochin said angrily.

“Gomen ne…” I turned away, feeling bad, walking towards my sacred place.


Third Person POV

Sayaka sigh and nudged Tomochin. Both of them look at Minami’s retreating form feeling sad that they couldn’t have done better. Tomochin felt guilty for yelling at her caring leader. They both rushed forward putting their arms around Minami.

“I’m sorry, Takamina, I know you were just trying to improve us…” said Tomochin tearing up.

“Yeah, we should have done better, sorry…” Sayaka bowed towards Minami.

Minami smiled looking at her friends. She patted Tomochin on the head to calm her down. She looks at Sayaka and nodded.

“It’s okay, guys, I know you were trying,” said Minami. 

“Can you give us another chance?” Both Sayaka and Tomochin said seriously.

“I won’t hold back this time though,” chuckled Minami.

Sayaka and Tomochin looked at each other and swallowed. They’re somewhat regretting for asking for another chance at sparring with their captain.  The thought that ran through both of their mind is ‘shit, we are gonna have sooo many bruises’.

“Alright, come at me with everything you got.” Minami said with her serious face on.

Both Sayaka and Tomchin lunge forward with their swords in hand. Sayaka swipe her sword towards Minami’s head and Tomochin towards her legs. Minami in the mid of back flipping trying to dodge both of their attacks, but they both continue to slash non-stop, she uses her hand to spin around kicking both of them in the face. She then landed on her feet getting ready for the second attack. Minami smiled seeing that her friends are really trying to cut her.

After 20mins…

The girls with swords in their hands are breathing hard, sweats dropping down their forehead. They both look up at their captain, but the short girl was in the same state as they first started sparring. Minami doesn’t have any sweat on her body nor breathing hard. Her sword was still not drawn, sitting there by her waist mocking the two girls.

“She is not normal, how can she not be tired,” asked the tomboyish girl.

“Chiyuu doesn’t know either, but she is our leader for a reason,” said Tomochin’s lover.

The lovers of the girls in training have been watching them from the beginning of the second sparring. They both are amazed by the power that Minami held. They both wished that they didn’t have to be trained by her in the future.

Sayaka and Tomochin both dropped their weapon to go head on with Minami. Sayaka got to Minami first, trying to land a punch on her stomach, but the shorter girl flipped her. Tomochin jumped in the air to kick her leader on the back, but Minami took hold of her leg and throw her down to the ground.

The taller girl stood up and run towards her captain. Minami disappeared and the next thing you know, Sayaka was beaten badly, lying on the ground trying to stay conscious.

Minami turned to look at Tomochin with a smirk on her face.

“Um… we can stop here, Takamina…” said Tomochin, slowly walking backward towards her girlfriend, panicking.

The girl with the ribbon shook her head and disappeared. Tomochin thought she was safe, until the impact of Minami’s punch knocks the living daylights out of her; she fell to the ground clutching her stomach.

Sae and Tomomi runs over to their fallen girlfriend, caressing their face and kisses them on the lips.

Minami felt uncomfortable being there to witness their love, so she went to the only place that makes her feel better. She left without a trace…


Minami POV

“Ah, Takamina, what brought you here?”

“Am I disturbing you, my queen,” I kneel down on one knee to greet her.

“Takamina, how many times do I have to tell you, just call me Mai-Mai and no need for the kneeling,” Oshima Mai scolded me.

“Well, you are the queen, Mai-Mai. I’m just doing what I’m supposed to and to set an example for the others...”

“You know well enough that the only people who can be here at the rose garden is me and you.” Mai said teasingly, putting her arms around me.

I blushed not knowing what else to say. I look at the white roses that only grow in heaven. Looking at them makes me feel calm and not as lonely as before.

“Tell me what’s wrong, Takamina, I know you only come here when you need to feel better,” Mai said as a matter of fact.

“Seeing Sayaka and Tomochin with their girlfriend, makes me feel –“

“Lonely… and you want to find that same happiness.” I nodded, walking towards the white roses to smell them.

“You know, you aren’t the only one without their soul mate. Haruna is in the same situation as you.” I turned around to look at Mai, knowing that what she said is true.

“Don’t feel so bad, Minami, I know you will eventually find them… I really like it when you put your hair down,” she said, stroking my hair. She only uses my real name when she is being serious.

I continued to look at the roses. I picked one of them up to admire the soft petals and fragrance. I held the rose in my hand, cherishing the pure beauty of it.

“I do let my hair down, Mai-Mai, but I’m always working so it needs to be tied up.” I smiled at Mai since I’ve explained this to her for the 1000th time.

Suddenly, the bell of the church rang. Only Mai and me can hear it since it was designed for the higher rank angels. I tucked the rose into my sport bra since it’s the only place to keep it and turned to look at Mai.

“I’ll handle it, Mai, don’t tell anyone that I’m gone.” I took off before she could say anything.

It’s been a long time since the bell has rung. I hope it was just a mistake, but knowing that it was build just for this purpose, it can’t be.

Why is a Kuroi Tenshi going on to earth?…
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[AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi Chapter 3
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Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi

Chapter 3

Third Person POV

As Minami flew down to earth, she can see that there are humans who are turning into demons.

“Who did this?” The Shiroi Tenshi wondered curiously. She quickly uses her energy to cleanse the people of the evil power to return them back to normal. There are many of them, as she cleanses them all together.

“Do you know who caused this?” Minami asked a few humans, but none of them seems to know. People are staring at her weirdly for they have never seen anyone wore the kind of clothing she is wearing. They all seem to be attracted to her aura and beauty, couldn’t take their eyes off her.

Minami continue to fly around and help those in need. She tried to sense for the source, but it seems that the culprit covered their traces well.

The short leader kept on wandering, curing those human, but some of them are way beyond help. The only thing left for her to do is purge them.


Atsuko POV

Hm? That's strange... Something's off... My powers aren't as strong as before. In fact, they're decreasing. I turned and saw only one of my demonic minions. Where are the others?!

I ran back to the area and saw all of the demons were gone, the demon skin burnt and melted off from their skin. I looked up and saw a tall shadow coming from the distance. I ran closer and saw a human staggering to escape.

"I won't let you..." I speeded straight up to her and grabbed her neck. She was shivering in fear, trying to break free, but I pinned her to the wall and prevented her from escaping. "Look into my eyes."

I looked deeply into her as I watched her eyes slowly turn red. I inserted one of my sharp claw-like fingernails into her hand and injected my blood into her. Demon blood. She started to spasm and her skin turned ugly and pale. Fangs grew from her mouth and her eyes became nothing but blood red orbs.

I let her go and lifted her chin, staring into her eyes once more.

"Find the other humans. I need more souls."

It nodded its head and ran off into the dark. Then, I noticed something on the ground... Something that made my blood boil.

I slowly picked it up... it was a Shiroi Tenshi feather.

"A Shiroi Tenshi is trying to RUIN MY PLANS?!?!?!?!?!?!" I growled as my hand formed a tight fist and punched the wall hard. "I won't let that happen!!!"


Minami POV

There are many demons that tried to attack me, but I dodge out of the way. I fired my ball of energy at those minions and all at once, they exploded, disintegrated into dust.

More demons came out of nowhere trying to hold me down, they keep stacking on top of each other to keep me lock up, but I was too strong for them. I focus my energy all around my body and release it. All the demons, that was within my radius, shattered into pieces.

I look around to see if I can find the suspect. I saw a shadow injecting their bloods into the human. I ran towards them and to my surprise, I see a young demon girl.

“Are you the one who’s been doing this?” I asked her, even though I have already known the answer.


Atsuko POV

I just stood there, face to face with that Shiroi. I chuckled in the back of my head. One, she's a midget, and two, she's way too MANLY to wear that outfit...

The outfit of... Huh? What the hell kind of outfit is that? Those Shiroi Tenshi really ARE copying us. Her outfit looks like... that of a Sinner... All except for the colors. What is she, really?

Pfft, besides, she doesn't even look that strong. I'll beat her easy.

"Are you the one who's been doing this?" she asked.

I scoffed. "So what if I am?"

"We made a truce. All Shiroi and Kuroi Tenshi are to never fight again. Why are you doing this?"

"You Shiroi Tenshi think you understand all creatures, but you don't." I walked closer to her, playing with all the little minions at my feet. "See, Hell's not exactly paradise. Not yet, anyways. There's someone I need to get rid of... I want to become of higher power... I want to become the Queen."

I looked down at the midget and smirked at her.

"But I can't do that without two things. Your Holy Dagger..." I pushed her down into a puddle of murky water, ruining her oh so perfect outfit. "And souls. Human souls."

"And you've taken all these people's innocence away?"

"Humans are all the same... Born innocent and pure, like you stupid, butt-ugly creatures, but slowly and surely... they will all fall into the darkness. They commit sins that cannot be erased, and become one of us. I'm just speeding up the process."

She gave me an angered glare and prepared to punch me, but I blocked her hand and twisted her arm tight.

"Now, if you can be a kind girl and give me the dagger, that way no harm will come to you or your precious friends."

"Like I'll let that happen!"

She grabbed my other arm, and to my surprise, she twisted it behind my back and pinned me down. Woah... She's a little stronger than I expected... But I've got these demons. I've been feeding off their human souls.

She doesn't know what's coming to her.


Third Person POV

As Atsuko was being held down by Minami, she stayed in that position until she can feel more humans’ soul going into her body. Her minion was scattered around turning more human into demons.

“Do you really think you can stop me, huh, you Shiroi?” asked the young demon, buying times.

The Pure rank Tenshi raised her eyebrow, not sure on how to answer to the Kuroi’s question. She took a moment to contemplate. She knows that she’s the most powerful and strongest angel out there. There is no one who can match up to her, well, not that she is aware of…

 “Yes, I know I can,” she answered confidently. Minami was not aware that Atsuko had a plan and that she was just stalling.

“So tell me, what will you do to me? That is IF you can beat me, Shiroi.” Atsuko smirked, waiting to catch the short girl off guard.

Minami frowned, not liking how the demon keeps calling her Shiroi. Even if they are enemies, she doesn’t see any reason why they can’t be civil and at least address each other by their names.

“What’s your name?” The Pure angel asked, tilting her head curiously.

Atsuko was caught off guard. She was dumbstruck by the innocent question. She doesn’t know whether she should be honest or if she should lie. What is up with this question? Is the Shiroi planning something? Many thought was running through Atsuko’s mind, and then she decided.

“Atsuko… Maeda Atsuko desu” said the Wrath angel cutely pouting.

Minami smiled sweetly as she got her answer. Being nice and kind is in the nature of the Shiroi Tenshi. Though, Atsuko is still an enemy, Minami can’t help but be gentle towards the demon girl.

“I’m Minami, Takahashi Minami, and Atsuko is a really pretty name.” the Shiroi Tenshi said honestly.

Atsuko blushed, not understanding why the blood is rushing to her cheeks, completely forgetting the position that they were in. She snapped out, getting angry at herself for being distracted, and take the opportunity to flip Minami.


Minami POV

Atsuko caught me off guard and now I’m on the ground. I sigh, for I know that there will be a battle between her and me.  She tried to punch me, but I caught her hand.

“Can we not fight? I don’t want to hurt you or these humans around us.” I asked her, hoping that she would agree, though to my dismay…

“NO! You will not stop me! No one can stop me from my desire!” she yelled, getting angrier, trying to punch me with her other hand which I also caught. Out of frustration, she head-butted me, making me dizzy for a few seconds.

I heard a laugh and got up clutching my head. There was Atsuko, laughing at me for not expecting such an attack. I smiled at her while watching her laugh. She seems so young, yet something is driving her to do these horrible things.

She stopped laughing and disappeared, sensing her presence near; I raised my left arm up colliding with the side kick that she aimed for my head. From the look on her face, she seems shocked that I can block her attack so easily. She jump back getting ready for her next move.

She pulled a small knife from her thigh strap and throws it at me. The next thing I know, she was in front of me jabbing. I dodge them all and she disappeared again. I turned around putting both my hands up as she did a jump kicked. She landed on the ground and move back.

She probably thought that I was gonna hit her. I sigh, as I really don’t want to get into a fight or hurt anyone.

“Atsuko, can you please-“ she dash towards me with high speed before I could finished, her left arm pulled back trying to punch me once she is near, but I step out of the way.

Seeing that she couldn’t stop her movement and was about to hit the tree, I bend down and pushed myself hard off the ground. I sped towards the tree and made it just in time to be her cushion. Though the impact wasn’t that great, I could still feel a little pressure on my back as it collided with the rough bark. I still held on to her as we both fall back sliding.

I hit the ground pretty hard with her added weight, but I’m glad that she doesn’t seem to be injured.

“Hey, Atsuko, are you okay?” I ask concerned.


Atsuko POV

Why can’t I seem to land any hits on her?! What is she?! I’m getting more frustrated as she kept on dodging all my attacks. Freaking Shiroi Tenshi, coming here to ruin my plans.

I step back getting ready to perform my high-speed punch that not even the Wrath rank Tenshi can dodge. I crouch down putting my energy towards my feet and push myself towards the Shiroi, pulling my left arm back with my energy around it, getting ready to smash her face.

I grinned as I know she won’t be able to dodge it, not someone who looks as weak as her. Almost reaching where she stood, I brought my arm forward slowly, next thing I know, she was gone and I couldn’t stop myself.

I closed my eyes knowing that I would crash into the tree ahead. I waited for the impact, but instead of the hard tree, I collided into something soft and warm. I was confused. I don’t understand why I am not hurt.

“Hey, Atsuko, are you okay?” I heard a concern voice asked.

I slowly opening up my eyes and was face to face with none other than the Shiroi Tenshi named Minami. Wait a minute! Did she catch me? Did she protect me? Why the hell would she do that?!

Minami smiled sweetly at me and letting out a sigh… of relieve? Looks like she was glad that I didn’t get injured.  Why does she care? She supposes to hate me and kill me! We are enemy!

“I’m glad you are okay, Atsuko.” She chuckled lightly and put her right hand on top of my head. I don’t understand her! Why is she being nice to me?! Did something hit her head? OH, WAIT! Something probably did hit her head when she was holding me.

I finally snapped out of my own thoughts and realized the distance between our faces. I blushed again as I can see her brown eyes and face clearly. She is too close, way too close!


Third Person POV

Atsuko hurriedly stood up and Minami stared at the girl with her head tilted to the side, looking confuse.

“Atsu-“ The young girl stepped on the older angel’s stomach hard. Minami is still staring at the girl confused as to why the girl is trying to hurt her. 

"Shut up!" Atsuko growled still blushing and digging her foot in harder.

Minami doesn’t feel a thing; she took a look around seeing the innocent humans around her being transformed into demons. The short girl grabbed onto Atsuko’s foot and pushed the taller girl back, standing up, making the Kuroi Tenshi fall down.

"Ow~ my butt!" said the young demon.

When Atsuko got up, she looked at the Shiroi Tenshi and saw that her face was red. She was blushing hard. Atsuko suddenly realized what happened and pulled down her skirt.

"You saw, didn't you?! You TOTALLY saw!!!" shout the taller girl embarrassed.

Minami was looking at the ground, finding it to be more interesting than looking at the said girl face.

"Y-y-y-y-you saw my panties, didn't you?!?!?!" Atsuko continues to shout feeling the blood rushing up to her cheeks.

"...At least they were cute…" pouts Minami, thinking of her own under garment, which also consist of bra and cute panties, but right now she’s wearing sports bra and boy shorts.

"Shut up!!! Shut up!!! Shut uuuuuup!!!!!!" Atsuko's face was burning, flushed with embarrassment and anger. She ran up towards Minami and start hitting on the shorter girl’s chest. The shorter girl stood, dumbfounded, not sure on what to do.

As Atsuko stopped and looking up into the older girl’s eyes. Minami saw red aura emitting from them. A red energy was releasing and surrounding the younger girl’s body. Atsuko clothing starts to burn away slowly forming into the true uniform of a Sinner rank Tenshi.

Minami stared at the girl with interest and amazement. She had never seen something like this before in her 3000 years of living. She looked around, seeing most of the demons growling in anger as they can feel their master’s rage.

“Atsuko, please stop th-“

The demon girl lifting Minami off the ground as her anger grew higher. The older angel struggled to release the strong hold, but to no avail. She then focuses her energy on to her feet and pushed herself away from Atsuko, using the girl as leverage. Minami did a back flip as she bounces of the girl and landed on her feet.

"You have been a nuisance to us for the LAST TIME, SHIROI!!!!!!" yelled the Sinner girl.

Atsuko looks around and smirk, seeing many of her minions surrounding the two. She created a ball of fire in her hand and shoots it at Minami, before the angel could get up, knocking her back down.

"Every single one of you, kill her!" The master commanded her minions as she was leaving the site.

Minami slowly got back up, surrounded by an army of red eyed demons. She gritted her teeth and clenched her fists into a tight ball, readying for another fight.


Atsuko POV

“ATSUKO!” I heard Minami yelled my name, but I ignored her. I continue running away to collect more humans’ soul. I can’t afford to be distracted right now. Not when my goal is almost close to being completed.

I inject more of my blood into these pathetic humans and commanded them to gather more souls. I stood there looking around, to my left and to my right; I can see my minions attacking those humans. I closed my eyes to feel the energy running within my body as more soul is being captured.

I can feel it; I can feel the power within me. That damn queen will be damned. I giggled at my own joke. When did I become so corny? I shrugged and continue to watch the despair that is happening on earth.


Minami POV

I can’t believe Atsuko just left. I look around me and am fully surrounded by her minions. Where is she going? Is she trying to capture more humans’ souls? I must stop her.

“ATSUKO!” I yelled out to her, but it only triggers the demons to attack me. I can’t be bothered with them right now! I shoot out my ball of light into the demon’s vital point. Slowly one by one disappeared as I continue to shoot them.

I was too focusing on attacking the demons that I forgot to defend myself. One of minions manages to scratch me on my back. I turned around and punch straight through it, turning it into dust.

"Come at me..." I yelled out to them.

They heard me loud and clear as one of them charged forward, raising its sharp claws. I quickly turned and dodged his attack. I elbowed his back and knocked him to the ground. As I held him down, I could see some of his face was still a bit human, but his eyes were completely red.

I can still save these people. I placed my hand on his head and tried to heal him, whispering some soft words of incantation, but...

He was still growling. In fact, he was struggling more than ever. Atsuko's spell must be strong.

Then, I felt it scratch my cheek and it was so hard, it knocked me to the ground.

All of them ran up to me and kept attacking me one by one. I felt them scratching, stabbing, biting...

Just... pain... pain... pain...! PAIN!!!

"STOP!!!" I screamed, but none of them listen.

More of the minion started to jump on me, holding back both of my arms and legs. I released my white wings and flew up to the sky with speed, dropping those demons on the ground. I take a look around the area and to my surprised; all of them had already turned into a full demon.

I fly around hoping that I can still save some of the humans left, but no matter where I went, it was already too late…


Third Person POV

Back in Heaven, Tomochin was helping Chiyuu controling her powers while Sae was caring for her girlfriend, Sayaka.

"Sayaka, you need to be more careful..."

Sayaka gave her a confused look. "Huh?"

"Mm, well, I know you're strong, but... I still worry about you." She leaned in and gave her a peck on the cheek, followed by a sweet, deep kiss on her lips. The two were making out, until Tomochin noticed something and called out.

"Hey." She looked at them, now lying on the ground and shouted louder. "Hey!"

They stopped suddenly and looked over to her.

"Guys, where's Takamina?" asked Tomochin

Everyone looked around, noticing that Takamina was no longer in sight.

"I don't know..." said Sayaka

"She was just here a second ago." Sae said confused.

"Maybe Takamina-chan went to take a break. Chiyuu did watch her and saw how she used a LOT of her strength up."

"So, we just have to wait here for her?" Sayaka asked.

Tomochin shrugged, "I guess. Now, why don't you two lovebirds get up here and start practicing, too? We all wanna rank up, right?"

Sae giggled and held her girlfriend's hand as they walked up. Tomochin pulled out her sword and handed Chiyuu and Sae some weapons, too.

"Let's impress Takamina when she gets back. We'll show her." The duck lips girl smirked.

"Yeah! Let's go!" The short hair girl agreed enthusiastically.


Minami POV

I’m sorry everyone… Mai, take care of them…

I looked up into the heaven, shedding a single tear. I look down at the earth again, surrounded by demons as they keep producing more.

There is only one thing left for me to do… I chuckled bitterly, never in 3000 years of living would I ever thought it would come down to this.

Closing my eyes, I created a ball of white with a hint of pink energy between two of my hands, focusing it in the middle of my chest.

“Je suis Takahashi Minami et au nom de Dieu, je convoquer le saint poignard pour purifier les démons!” I chanted.

Clasping my hands together, crushing the ball of energy, I slowly separated them as what I needed appears. I look at it with sadness and gripped it hard.

“This is it…”

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[AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi Chapter 4
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Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi

Chapter 4

Minami POV

Ugh... my head hurts... What happened to me?

My heavy eyes slowly opened and I found myself in a dark room. I held my head and got up, looking around. I don’t recognize this room. This is definitely not my room or my castle. Where am I? Why is it so dark in here?

I got off the bed and walk around the room. There are pictures, many pictures of different girls. Their outfits are similar to our Shiroi Tenshi’s. It dawned on me that these girls are the Kuroi Tenshi.  Why am I here in the castle of a demon? Who does this castle belongs to?

I continue to take a look around, but I can’t find any clues of whom the owner might be. I clutch my head, trying hard to remember what happened and how I ended up here…

“GAHHH, Why can’t I remember anything?!” I let out my frustration.

An image quickly ran through my mind and I suddenly realized something. I felt my chest and looked at my hand... there was no blood.

"I'm... ALIVE?!?!?! But how?!" I’m shocked.

I saw a window and ran to it. I opened it wide, looking around at my surroundings. The dark cloudy skies tainted a dark magenta, the red glowing full moon, the fire spewing from the ground like lava, and black roses. Many black roses, I admire the beauty of it then snapped out.

“I'm in Hell!” but… how? How did I get here? I slowly backed away, holding my head. I leaned up against the bed and sat down again, trying to recall everything that happened.

All I knew was that, when I got to Earth, I saw the humans being turned into monsters by...

“Atsuko!!!” I yelled her name unintentionally. Oh god, she must've did something to me!!!

“Ah, it seems that you are awake.” An average height demon came into the room greeting me. I step back, not knowing what I should do. Do I attack her?

“Hey, hey, I’m not here to hurt you” she said to me calmly.

“Who are you? What do you want from me? Is this your castle? Where is Atsuko?” I filled her with many questions because I needed answers.

“Woah, woah, slow down. I’m Atsuko-sama’s servant, Kuramochi Asuka, nice to meet you,” she smiled at me and holds her hand out.

“I’m Takahashi Minami, nice to meet you too.” I smiled back and shook her hand.

“I’m sorry I can’t answer your other questions, but Atsuko-sama had instructed that once you are awake, I am to bring you to her. Please follow me.” She led me out of the room into what seems like the main hall. 

We continued to walk and I notice she kept glancing at me. Is there something on my face? I touched my face, but nothing seems to be on it. I turned to look at her and she’s still looking.

“Um… is there something on my face, Kuramochi-san?”

“Iie, iie, nandemonai and please call me Mocchi.” She turns away. Is that a blush on her face? I scratched my head, not sure if I saw it right.

“Here we are, Takahashi-san, Atsuko-sama is waiting.” She showed me the door.

“Arigatou Mocchi and please just call me Takamina. What room is this?”

“Hai, Taka…mina and it is Atsuko-sama’s room.” She then walked away and I think I saw her blushing again. I shrugged it off.

I saw the door was slightly cracked open, so I walked over and pushed it slightly, making it creek. The sound echoed throughout the hall, so I gradually pushed it more and slipped through, shutting it behind me.

"Ohhh, I see that you are finally awake."

My head quickly turned to the side and saw Atsuko sitting there with her arms folded on her desk, smiling evilly at me.

"Atsuko... What on earth did you do to me? How did I get here?!"

"Don't you remember? Heh, I saved your sorry butt, Shiroi."


I suddenly felt an immense pain in my head; I clutched it and kneel to the ground, seeing all the visions flashing through my eyes.


“Je suis Takahashi Minami et au nom de Dieu, je convoquer le saint poignard pour purifier les démons!” (I am Takahashi Minami and in the name of god, I summon the holy dagger to purify the demons!) I chanted.

Clasping my hands together, crushing the ball of energy, I slowly separated them as what I needed appears. I look at it with sadness and gripped it hard.

"This is it."

I gripped the Holy Dagger in both of my hands and aimed the tip of my blade towards my chest. Closing my eyes and taking in one last breath, I thrust it down and stabbed myself, right in my heart. I felt a great pain spread throughout my body and my wings slowly gave out, sending me plunging head first to the ground.

I felt a cracking sound and then more pain erupted in me. I could feel the warmth of my body slowly slipping away as my blood kept seeping out of my body.

I weakly opened up my eyes and out of the corner of it, I saw a young girl. She's not fully transformed yet... Not completely hopeless...

"C-c-come here..."

She slowly walked over to me, kneeling down beside me. She was shaking in fear, probably trying to fight the demon blood.

"D-drink my b-blood… it’s okay d-don’t be scared. I can h-help you."


"H-h-hurry… it's the only way... P-p-please..."

I tried to raise my hand up, but I couldn't move an inch of my body. The little girl slowly lifted my hand to her mouth and started licking the blood from my palm. Eventually, I saw more demons surrounding me and as darkness took over my vision.

“Avec mon dernier souffle, que le sang qui coulait de mon âme ira à ceux qui en ont besoin. I, Takahashi Minami, j'accepte mon sort.” (With my last breath, may the blood pouring out of my soul go to those in need. I, Takahashi Minami, accept my fate) I chanted one last time.

So much pain... Guess this is how it feels to commit your first sin. I chuckled and cough up blood, leaving a trail down my mouth.

I closed my eyes as they are getting heavier, falling into what would be a deep eternal sleep.


Atsuko POV

As I was watching the pitiful little humans suffer, I felt a surge ran through my body. My powers were growing weaker and I felt myself losing connection with the minions.

I concentrated my mind to track the source of the problem and was able to find the exact location. I teleported to the scene and saw the humans running away in fear when I got there. When the area was cleared off, I saw the Shiroi Tenshi lying on the ground, her clothes stained completely red. There were streaks of dried blood everywhere on her body and her face was pale.

I walked over to her and put two fingers on her neck, feeling for a pulse... but there was none. All her blood had drained out. She must've stabbed herself and made the demons all drink it.

I looked at her chest and saw a white smooth stone with diamond-covered hilt... The Holy Dagger! She stabbed herself ONCE with it and it was instantly used up?!!!

When I reach out and touched it slightly, it disappeared into dust, flying away with the winds. I punched the ground in anger.

"DAMN IT!" I yelled out in frustration. I turned my head back to the dead Shiroi and noticed something. She was pale, but not ghostly pale. Her hand twitches slightly...

She wants to live…

This Shiroi sure is stubborn; I chuckled, as an evil plan was flowing into my head.

I hate her... I hate Shirois... But, she could be of use.

I bit the tip my finger and drew a star on her chest where her heart was located with my blood.

"Yo, Maeda Atsuko, estoy usando mi sangre reclamar Takahashi Minami como mi personal esclava!” (I, Maeda Atsuko, am using my blood to claim Takahashi Minami as my personal slave!)

The star glowed a bit and then disappeared, seeped into her veins. I was satisfied when I can feel her pulse again and the color of her face came back.

"Estas mio ahora."(You are mine now) I smiled.


Third Person POV

Minami slid down to the ground against the wall, her head still pounding from the memories. Atsuko walked over to Minami and kneeled down next to her, pulling her shirt to reveal a marked shape star on her chest.

"See, I marked you~. You belong to me now, Mi-na-mi~" giggled Atsuko.

Minami pushed her away and tried to run, but suddenly felt her feet sticks to the floor. Her knees stiffened and she couldn't move at all.

"You~ can't~ move~," Atsuko teased in a singsong voice. She raised her hand up and swung it, making Minami turn to face her.

"Now, come to me." She moved her finger, beckoning Minami with a come-hither motion, making her inch forward bit by bit until she was right in front of Atsuko.

"Release me, at once!"

Atsuko looked up a bit with a finger on her chin. Looking like she was really thinking.

"No." the young girl said cutely.

Atsuko held Minami's chin with her index finger, looking at the older girl in the eyes. Her deep red eyes glowed brightly and the light entered Minami's own. The Shiroi’s eyes suddenly widened and glowed blood red. Her entire body became weak and limp, like a rag doll.

"Kneel before your Master." Atsuko smirked.

At the command, Minami's knees buckled and fell to the ground, still staring into the Kuroi eyes sleepily.

"Now, kiss my hand in submission."

Atsuko held her right hand out in front of her, waiting for Minami to finally submit. A Shiroi Tenshi for a slave equals a dream come true. No, more than a dream come true, like ruling all the realms. Atsuko giggled in the back of her mind. Oh, the wonders she is thinking of.

Minami looked down at the hand, her eyes caught sight of a ring on Atsuko’s finger, a small silver ring with red ruby on it. The beauty of that color hypnotizes her. She slowly raised her hand up to hold Atsuko’s and then right at the touch, Minami felt a shock inside of her.


She shook her head, snapping out of the trance and stood back on her feet.

"No, I won't!" The shorter girl said determinedly.

Atsuko was shocked. How did she resist? She closely examined the white winged girl. Even with the red dress, the star mark, there was no weakness or darkness in her. No signs of submission. She was still incredibly strong.

What IS she?!

"Atsuko, I will never submit to you. I'm going home."

Minami ran down to the main hall and saw the entrance doors. She ran down as fast as she could to burst through the doors, but crashed into some kind of force field.

"You~ can't~ get out~," Atsuko sing again. "I put wilted rose buds ALL over this castle. You're in Hell now. Shiroi can't get in and YOU~ can't get out. Plus, they wouldn’t even hear you, if you tried to call for them. Your screams would only echo around the castle.”

"Please, let me go. I have no business here and you have nothing to do with me."

"Oh, but I do..." Atsuko speeded over, shocking Minami. "I repeat; You. Are. My. Slave. Deje la noche dure por siempre"

Minami's eyebrows rose up in confusion. This wasn't the first time that she heard Spanish. It is a normal language for the Kuroi Tenshi, but she had NO idea what Atsuko just said.


"’Let the night last forever’. All hope is lost for you." Atsuko grinned.

Minami narrowed her eyes at the younger girl.

"Je prie pour que rien de bon ne viendra de vos décisions." (I pray that nothing good will come out of your decisions)

Atsuko's eyebrows twitched. She turned and glared at Minami. This wasn't the first that she had heard French. It is the Shiroi's language and she heard that prayer before.

"You wanna say that again?"

"I got more. Liete latupa-" (Save me-) Before Minami could complete that last prayer, Atsuko clenched her fist in front of her and made her silent. Literally, her mouth was shut tight and she couldn't open it. Her words of prayers were just muffled screams.

Atsuko's eyes turned red again, for a few seconds, surprising Minami. She didn't want to provoke that horrible Sinner form to come out again.

"Not one more word..." The master hissed.

That was the last thing Atsuko said before walking off to her room.


Minami POV

Atsuko had left me and went back to her room, I think. I’m still standing in the same spot, not knowing what I should do, now that I’m stuck here for god knows how long.

I look at the surrounding, it is actually not a bad place, I walked to what I think is the living room. There is a lot of sitting places, but one stood out; I assumed that is Atsuko’s spot. The chair looks like a throne, black and silver with red rubies on it, looks really comfortable.

I continued to look around the living room; a certain spot caught my undivided attention, the collection of roses contained in each protective glass case. They are beautiful and there are six different colors sitting on the display with one empty glass. Red, pink, yellow, orange, lavender, and of course black. I guess the missing rose is white.

I remember putting a white rose in my sport bra. I was about to reach for it, but notice that I am not wearing my usual outfit. What is with this red dress? How did it get on me?...

“Was I stripped naked?!” I speak out loud. Wait a minute I can talk now? I can talk now!

I snapped my finger to change what I was wearing. Ah, back to my comfortable normal Pure rank clothing, but instead of sports bra and boy shorts like before, I’m wearing my normal bra and cute pink panty.

“That was really cool” I heard someone said behind me. I turned around and saw Mocchi. Her face was red for some reason.

“Oh, hey Mocchi, do you know what happened to my clothes before I was in the dress?”

“Y-yes, they are in your room, Atsuko-sama didn’t want to get the bed dirty so she zapped you into one of her dresses. She wanted me to throw your clothes away, but I figured you would want it.”

“Thanks Mocchi, for not throwing it away.” I smiled gratefully at her. I look back at the roses’ collection.

“Oh, by the way, do you know about these roses?” I asked her, wanting to know more about Atsuko.

“Atsuko-sama likes roses’, she collects them and put them in those glasses to keep them from withering. Though, she is only missing one, which is the white one that can only grow in heaven.”

“Does she happen to tell you what she wants to do with me?” I turned back to look at her.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know.” Mocchi bows.

“It’s okay, what do you usually do around here?”

“I usually clean up with another servant; she is actually preparing your room right now. Would you like to meet her?”

“Yeah, I would like that…” I scratched my head; “um… can you show me to my room, I’m still not used to this place.” I laugh awkwardly.

“Ah, hai, this way.” She waits for me to catch up to her, leading me to my room. The distance was a bit far; the silence was making me a bit uncomfortable.

“I don’t know if you realized this, but your room is actually next to Atsuko-sama’s” Mocchi suddenly spoke up.

“Oh, I see.” I answer her casually, until what she said registered into my mind.

“EHHH!!! NANI?!!! I opened my eyes wide, mouth agape. To say I was shock would be an understatement.

“Hontou desu ka?!!!!” I put my fingers onto my temple, rubbing it in circular motion. I can’t believe my room is next to Atsuko’s. I sighed in defeat and heard a giggle next to me.

“Hai, Atsuko-sama said to put you into the room next to her… Takamina is really funny.” She continued to laugh; I smiled as the awkwardness disappeared. We continued walking to my room and finally reach the door.

Mocchi opened the door and we both step in. I saw a girl fluffing my soon to be pillow. It seems she doesn’t notice us behind her. I took a long look at her and noticed her pale skin, collaborating with her long black hair, and she's pretty thin, too. I also noticed that her arms and legs had a few bruises on them, and even a few scars too.

Did Atsuko do that to her?

The tall girl next to me started coughing to get the other girl’s attention.

“Eh, M-Mocchi...” The girl softly spoke out, turning her head to us. She noticed me standing next to Mocchi and started backing away. "Wh-who's that? W-w-why is she here?"

"Atsuko-sama brought her."

"She... did?"

I saw she had a fresh bruise on her cheek that was still red. There was even a scratch that was still bleeding. I rushed over to check on her, but she was backing away in fear. Even when she finally touched the wall, she was trying to press into it more to get out.

"Hey, don't worry. I won't hurt you." I spoke softly, trying not to scare the girl. I grabbed a tissue and started dabbing away the blood on her cheek.

"What happened to you? How did you get all these bruises and scars?" She was still shivering, even had her head turned so she wouldn't look at me.

"Did... Atsuko do this?" Her eyes widened and she looked at me a bit.


"Why would she do that?" I am quite disappointed in Atsuko, I didn’t think she would torture her servant.

"She... she knows I'm weak. She just gives me a little punishment if I do something wrong is all... N-nothing big."

"It IS big. She should treat you better. She should give you some more kindness and not hurt you if you make a simple mistake!"

She winced a little at my raised voice and turned her head again, this time, shutting her eyes behind her long bangs. It seems she had a huge habit of biting her lip, as she did a few times when we were talking earlier. I also noticed a slight tear flowing down.

"...Oh... I'm sorry, I..." I felt bad for scaring the girl.

I felt Mocchi touch my shoulder and she pulled me back a bit, whispering in my ear.

"Don't worry. Rena's just a little shy. I'll talk to her, you just wait back there, 'kay?"

"Oh, okay..."

I walked back to the other end of the room and leaned up against the wall. I just watched as the two girls talking and examined all of Rena's movements. She looked a lot more comfortable talking to her, probably because she was scared of me... or Shiroi Tenshi.

Must be a Pacifistic Kuroi. I've never seen one so... meek before.

I saw the frightened girl talking to Mocchi, but I couldn't quite hear what she was saying. Her voice is so small, but it's kinda cute. It suits her look and the way she shyly rubs her arm... That cute little smile and her pink cheeks...

Wait... is she looking at me? I blinked rapidly to see if I was seeing things.

She looked down a bit as she was biting her lip cutely again before looking back up at Mocchi. I wonder what just happened. Anyways, I'm glad to see she was feeling a little better and was smiling.

After they finished talking, they came back to me.

“Hi, ano... I'm sorry about earlier... It's just; you're the first Shiroi Tenshi I've ever seen or met.

Wow. Go figured.

“Um, I’m Matsui Rena, Atsuko-sama’s servant.” She bowed politely.

“Ah, Takahashi Minami desu, Atsuko’s…” I didn’t know what I was to Atsuko, I mean, I know I’m her slave, but I don’t think I wanna say that.

“Atsuko’s…?” They both said, tilting their head to the side, confused.

“Eto, eto…” I was panicking, not sure what I should say. Do I say I’m her friend? Do I really say I’m her slave? What should I say?!

“Um, Takahashi-san, daijoubu desu ka?” The shied girl asked.

“Hai, daijoubu desu yo, Matsui-san.”

“Just call me Rena, Takahashi-san.”

“Then just call me Takamina too.” I smiled at her. It seems like they both had forgotten about my slip up.

I walked around the room observing it; this room was different to the room I woke up in. I looked around to see if I can spot my clothes, but couldn’t find it.

“Ne, Mocchi, where’s my clothes?”

“They are in the closet.” She walked over to one of the doors to show me a walk-in closet. The clothes are all red or black or silver.

“Whose clothes are these?”

“They are yours silly, Atsuko-sama instructed us to get you some underworld clothes.”

“Uwah, I don’t want them, I’m fine with mine.” I scrunched my eyebrows looking at the clothes. I know I won’t even wear them, look at these, they are too revealing.

Both Rena and Mocchi giggled. They signal me to follow them out of the room. Rena pointed to the door across my room.

“This is the bathroom; you have to use this one instead of the one in your room.”

“Eh? Doushite?”  I scratched my head confused.

“I don’t know, Atsuko-sama had instructed it.” Rena opened the bathroom door and we all walked in. The bathroom is spacious. The bathtub is huge and there is a big shower cell too. Glasses covered the shower cell, but it is translucent. A full length mirror on one of the walls and two sink, each with a cabinet on top in a different wall. 

“Wow, my bathrooms aren’t like this at all.” I was amazed. The bathrooms in my castle are big too, but this is extra big for some reason.

“Well, Takamina,” we are all walking back to my room, “we’ll leave you alone now. We still have some other stuff to do and its pretty late, you should rest, but-“

“If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to call me, uh- us.” Rena said, interrupting Mocchi, with a tint of red on her cheeks.

“Thank you, both of you, Rena and Mocchi.” I smiled at them with the usual smile. They are the only one who is nice to me so far.

“Good night, Takamina” both of them said leaving the room.

“Good night.” I closed the door and walked towards my closet. I went in to look for the white rose, hoping that it is still there, still searching through the dirty clothes and… found it!

“Good thing, it wasn’t damaged too badly.” I walked in front of another door, which has to be the bathroom, and walked inside. The bathroom is smaller, but it had what I needed.  I filled an empty vase with water and put the rose into it. Leaving the vase in the bathroom, I walked back out.

I yawned. I guess I’m getting tired from all that is happening. I snapped my fingers to change my outfit into sleepwear, which is a tank top and short shorts. No way in hell will I wear what Atsuko wanted. I went to the queen size bed, lying on the left side, slowly slipping into slumber…


Atsuko POV

I walked back into my room leaving Minami behind. She can walk around or Mocchi will find her. I went to my desk, sitting on my chair and staring out of the window. I like looking at the night’s view; it calms me down and seems to be peaceful.

I sigh, my mind wandering back to what that little imbecile Paru had said. Did my friends really betray me? I pounded the desk. Just thinking about it makes me mad.

“EHHH!!! NANI?!!!” I heard someone screamed, that must be Minami. What is she screaming for? I pulled out my laptop from the desk to check the security cameras. I click a few buttons and one of my walls separated to show a big flat screen TV. I can see Minami and Mocchi clearly, the sound are also great.

You can never be too careful. Who knows if some stray demon will go into your house and rob you or if your servant are taking things from you, they could be spitting into your food and you would never know.

I have the cameras everywhere except for the bathrooms, Minami’s room, and my room. I don’t see the need to see my servant naked and Minami’s room happen to be another room that I stayed in.

Hold on a minute! When did Minami change her clothes? How did it become all new and clean again? Did Mocchi wash it? OH MY GOD!!! Look at what she is wearing!!! I finally noticed that her clothes are kind of see-through. She’s wearing a pink bra and cute pink panty. WAH! How can she walk around like that?! I know her clothing is exactly like the Sinners, but Mariko’s and mine isn't see-through! 

I heard Mocchi said while laughing, “Hai, Atsuko-sama said to put you into the room next to her… Takamina is really funny.” I giggled as I can see Minami’s face expression clearly and it was hilarious. I guess I would be shock too. Wait, Takamina? Why is Mocchi calling Minami, Takamina?

I continued to watch them. Seems like they have reached Minami’s room. If I remember correctly, Rena should be in there cleaning up and preparing, right now.

Minami has a weird expression on her face, she seems to notice the scarred mark that I left on Rena and… Was that disappointment showing? Why should I care? I am just punishing Rena because she did something wrong. I wasn’t picking on her at all!

Why does Rena act so frightened?! She acts like I punished her every day. You’re making Minami think I’m some kind of psycho, which I am not! I can’t believe Mocchi didn’t say anything about it either! Are they trying to betray me as well?!

I was getting infuriated until I heard, “Ah, Takahashi Minami desu, Atsuko’s…” I blushed after hearing what Minami had said. Eh? Atsuko’s? Why did she say Atsuko’s? Atsuko’s what? Well, she is my slave; she probably didn’t want to say that, or do you Minami? Will you admit that you are my slave?

“Eto, eto…” I chuckled seeing Minami panicking from the hall camera. Hehehe. What are you going to do now? Will you say it? Say it, Minami, say it! I’m being so hyped up over a simple thing, but having a Shiroi Tenshi as a personal slave is quite a big deal…

“Um, Takahashi-san, daijoubu desu ka?” 

“Hai, daijoubu desu yo, Matsui-san.”

“Just call me Rena, Takahashi-san.”

Damn it, Rena! Why does that brat keep ruining things? I wanted to know what Minami was going to say! Gah! Now I will never know! Wait a minute. Eh? Minami said to call her Takamina. Is that her nickname? Is that what she preferred to be called?

I heard Minami asking for her clothes. Seems like Mocchi didn’t throw it out like I told her to. “Uwah, I don’t want them, I’m fine with mine.” Mine? Last time I checked, it was only that dirty outfit that she wore and the new one that she had on right now. Why did she want her clothes?

Ah, finally, I can see them heading to the bathroom now. “Eh? Doushite?” I smirked after hearing her asked the servant. A few thoughts ran into my mind. I giggled at one of my thoughts; this will surely be fun.

She said that the bathroom is big. It is only that big because I customized it. Also, how big the castle you live in depends on what rank you are.  Hmmm, how big is her castle? What rank is she?

They walked back to Minami’s room. I can’t believe what I am hearing and seeing. Rena actually speaks up. She never does that; she’s usually a quiet girl. Call me? What did she mean by call me? Does she like Minami? They just met though…?

I see Minami saying good night to them with a smile on her face. Why is Minami being nice to them? Does she like them too? Are they already getting closer?

I didn’t want to think anymore so I got ready for bed. I snapped my finger to change into a long thin t-shirt and short shorts. I went into my in-suite bathroom to brush my teeth while formulating a plan.

I hopped onto the right side of the bed and tucked myself in. Oh, Minami, I have something fun planned for you. You’ll see it soon enough, I hope you will like it~…


Minami POV

"Hahahahaha!!! Take this! And this! Come on!"

"Haa... Atsu.. ko..."

"That's it. Cry more. I wanna see that pretty little sad face of yours."

"Atsuko... stop..."

"Ufufufu... OK."


"I'll stop... when I BREAK you!!!"


I popped up from the bed, gasping for air. My breathing slowly started to calm down as I held my chest. I wipe the sweat off my forehead after breathing in and out a few more times.

"Oh god... it was just a dream..."

The door slowly opened and I saw Mocchi and Rena.

"Takamina, are you okay?"

"We heard you screamed."

I screamed? That really was an intense dream.

"Quite loud, actually. Did you have a nightmare or something?"

I cleared my throat a bit and got up.

"Uhh, yeah... But, don't worry. I'm fine." My head was still filled with the dream.

"Really? You don't need anything-?"


My eyes widened and I turned red in embarrassment.

"Well… I guess, I am a little hungry."

"OK. We have some chores to do, so we'll inform Atsuko to feed you. You just wait in the lounge room for her."


Great. Just great. I bet Atsuko's going to do something weird to me and feed me a bunch of gross food. I walked down to the lounge room, lucky enough, the kitchen was right next to it. I was a bit scared to go take a look so I decided to wait. I sat on the couch, looking around.


Ugh... I'm so hungry~!

I laid flat on the couch, staring up at the endlessly tall ceiling. This castle is HUGE, y'know. Not as huge as the church in Heaven, but still pretty huge.

Anyways, I bet you're wondering why I'm hungry? How is food the one thing to stop me, the only Pure rank Shiroi Tenshi? Well, I'll tell you why.


I can't eat anything, or it'd be a sin.  As if I didn't already commit one.

There's nothing I can do. I bet if I go back, that is if I even can, everyone will think that I betrayed them and would never want to talk to me again. Though the Shiori Tenshi are very forgiving. However, when I look down at the star on my chest, I’ve become more uncertain of them ever forgiving me.

I heard the sound of her heels echoing as she is walking down the hallway.

"Hey, did I hear a werewolf or somethin' down here. You okay?"

I pout holding my stomach while looking down, I felt a little embarrassed that my belly is growling really loudly.

"Hehe! Alright, alright. I guess I need to feed you~."

"I'm fine..." My pout remains, as I don’t want to give in.

"Angels gotta eat, right? If you're gonna be my slave, I can't let you starve." She walked over to the counter and took something in both of her hands... The shape and the color scared me to my core. "Ooh~, what do we have here?"

No! Not that! ANYTHING but that!

She walked over and sat on the other couch in front of me. In both of her hands were big, ripe red... apples. Apples!!! Of all the things, she chose those!

"One for me..." She took a big bite out of it, making me cover my ears from the crunching sound. "aaand, one for you." She threw the apple to me, but I lifted my arms up to block it and it hit the ground. I quickly lifted my legs up and kicked it away from me.

Atsuko was just looking at me with a weird expression on her face.

"What? You don't like apples? Or... are you SCARED of them?" she asked before giggling and taking another bite.

"Atsuko, don't make me eat that, please."

"Wait... so the rumors are true? Shiroi Tenshi can't eat apples?"

I sat my feet back down and clenched my fists.

"There are two things a Shiroi Tenshi are forbidden to eat: 1. Apples. 2. Meat. And we especially can't eat anything from Hell."

"Wow~" she said sarcastically, then, stepped on the apple, crushing it with her heel.

"I refuse to eat anything." I said stubbornly. She scoffed, banging the couch before getting up.

"C'mon, there must be something!" She opened the refrigerator and looked through the cabinets. "Grapes?"

No! Not happenin'.


Uuuugh, I HATE Umeboshi! Never ever wanna eat one in my life.


Don't you know the story of Persephone?! Nuh-uh-UH!!!

She groaned again and reached in deeper.

"All I have left are these!" She banged down a bowl of some sort of berries. White berries with black leaves and seeds. "Now, it's your choice. Eat or starve. Which is it?"

I took a closer look at them and instantly recognized what they were. Besides the color, it was obvious, but they were probably rotten or out of season... whatever they were.

"Are those... strawberries?"

"Yeah." She took one from the bowl and started sucking it. "So what?"

"It's just..." It's just their white; the leaves are all dry and crusty. The seeds are black and the insides are red, but more than normal. "Th-those aren't natural strawberries."

"Oh? And what does YOUR iffy-spiffy strawberries look like?"

"Red. All red. Green leaves. Golden seeds."

"Well, THESE are only good when they're white. If they turn black, they'll be bad and even very poisonous." She chuckled a bit. The chuckle that sent chills up my spine. She walked closer to me, waving the strawberry in her hands.

"You see, strawberries are nature’s intoxications, Shiroi. They can make even the most stubborn beasts fall into a trance of ecstasy. They'll become victim to the taste and beg for more."

You think you can use THAT to tame ME?! I won't be tamed. I WON'T!

I still hold onto my stomach. It was aching in hunger. I swallowed the saliva in my mouth down, trying to contain myself. I bite my lip unconsciously.

"C'mon~. I see it in your face. I know you want it." She smirked.

My hands are starting to shake a bit, but I clench them tighter.

"Don't fight it." She whispered.

I gritted my teeth, growling in anger. She just clicked her tongue and started to walk away. I'm trapped, I'm alone, and I can't help it now. I've already committed a sin, so it wouldn't matter if I just commit another to stay alive. It won’t be as bad, now.

“...W-wait..." I stretch my right hand out to her.

The heels stopped and she turned to me, a smile on her face.

"...I'll.... I'll do it... I'll eat the strawberry, but just one."


Atsuko POV

Fiddling with the little berry in my hands, I smiled from ear to ear hearing what a good... hehe, I mean, bad girl she's becoming.

"I'll eat the strawberry, but, just one."

"Good girl."

I went back to the counter and started cutting the strawberry into four pieces. This Shiroi is not quite ready for the full effect, yet. It's always good to start things at a slow pace. I took one of the wedges and walked towards her.

"Now, open wide. I'll feed you," I said sitting down beside her.

"I-I can feed myself."

"No, no. You just leave everything to me."

She was starting to back away from me in fear, but I was able to corner her to the couch and held her chin with my right hand.

"Say ah~."

She pursed her lips together and slowly took the fruit in between her teeth, sucking it.

"Now, come on~. Eat the nice strawberry."

I slid it into her mouth and covered her lips closed so she couldn't spit it out. She grabbed my hand, trying to resist, screaming into my hand.

"Uh-uh-uh. You gotta eat it."

She shut her eyes tight and tried to remove my hand again. I brought my other hand up and held her down so she couldn't fight me, resulting in me being on top of her. After a while, her struggle stopped and her eyes popped open. I smirked.



Minami POV

Oh god... Please. Please help me!

I don't want to eat this horrid fruit. I tried to fight her, but she deliberately slipped it inside my mouth and made me eat it. She covered my mouth up so I couldn't try to spit it out. I tried to make her let go, but she just wouldn't stop.

This fruit... This evil fruit.... tastes...

It tastes... odd. I chewed it up more in my mouth and the juices suddenly exploded inside. My eyes popped open tasting the flavor. It was this wild burst of delicious flavor on my tongue that made my spine stiffens. I felt my body shudder, chewing up the small fruit. Atsuko finally let go of my mouth and hand. In my head, I screamed, "Run!"

But... Oh, it tastes so good...

I slowly swallowed the strawberry and was breathing heavily. My eyes slowly opened, but only halfway. Eating that one strawberry wedge made me so... weak. I heard Atsuko's voice again.

"Now, be a good girl and you can have more."

That's the last thing I heard before she got up off me. I heard the hard clicking of her heels again. They were echoing inside my head and the room was spinning. I was so dizzy and sleepy. I couldn't explain it, but I started losing vision again as my eyes fluttered shut.


Third Person POV

After Atsuko had left, the others patiently waited in Yuko's castle for her return, or at least, word from her of her triumph... but, it's been almost two days, and nothing happened. Everyone was doing something different, minding their own business, but there was only one girl moving around. It was a cute little puppy girl with black hair and a cute smile that can make anyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Yuko turned to the puppy girl in her cutesy maid outfit.

"Jurina, don't rush. You can rest."

"Oh~, Yuko-sama, what if Atsuko-sama comes? She'll be royalty soon, right? I want this place to look best."

"Don't worry. It's fine. You just west you cute wittle puppy head~" she said in a cute voice while rubbing her head.

Jurina smiled and creep over to, a certain cyborg like, Tenshi.


"..." No response came from the cyborg girl.

"Mayuyu, do you wanna play with me?"


"C'mon, don't be so cold, Mayuyu~~~!"


"Mou..." She slowly crept down and sneaked to a certain troll. "Mariko-sama~"

"Yes, Jurina?"

"Can I tell you a secret?"

"Do you HAVE a secret to tell me?"

Jurina nodded innocently. Mariko came closer, but instead of feeling Jurina's soft whispers, she felt a warm and gentle peck on her cheek.


"Ah, Jurina's kiss devil character is out again," Mayu said, finally noticing her.

"I wub you, Mariko-sama~! "

Mariko couldn't help, but pat her head and smile seductively.

"Mariko style," Yuko said. "Bravo."

"Hahahahaha..." a mysterious voice echoed in the room. Everyone was shocked, looking around to try and find the voice. "Wow. So this is what a group of traitors look like. They're not as strong as I thought. No wonder, Queen Megumi isn't dead."

"Wait, what?!"

"Megumi is still alive!"

"Yup, but, my little sister got killed and your friend went missing. Lucky for you, I know where she is."

"Who are you?! Show yourself!"

Yuko was listening carefully. "Little sister." "Friend." "Missing.” And then the Kansai accent. She knew immediately.


A young girl stepped out of the shadows, smiling.

"You sure are smart, Oshima."

Jurina jumped up in fear, but her eyes were burning in anger.

"Who are you? How do you know us?"

"Hey, now, don't worry, Matsui-san," she said. "Your friend, Atsuko, is safe. I can show you where she is, if you trust me."

"Tell us who you are first."

"Alright, if you say so. For starters, my name is Yokoyama Yui. I believe you know my younger sister, Paru."

"Paru got killed?"

"Let's just say, Atsuko's Sinner mode got out again. Anyways, she went to Earth, and I saw her go back to her home, but..."


Yui pulled out something in her pocket.

"I found this fall from the sky when she flew down." In between her fingers was a single white feather.

"It's a... a..."

"Shiroi Tenshi feather!" Everyone exclaimed.
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[AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi Chapter 5
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Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi

Chapter 5

Third Person POV

"Why is this here? Does that mean there's a Shiroi in our realm?!" Yuko said, looking at the feather.

"If that's true, she might have done something to Atsuko!" Mariko said worriedly.

"This is a... real... feather," Jurina said, slowly trying to touch it, but Yuko drew her hand back.

"Well, perhaps if that is true, we'll have to get there fast. We don't know how long we have until that Shiroi brainwashes your friend."

"Brainwashes?" all of them surprised by what Yui said.

"You get too close to a Shiroi, they'll be able to... break your being and change you completely. For all we know, she could me mind-wiping her and making her good as we speak. You gotta go before she makes her think you're her enemy."

Yuko gritted her teeth and clenched her fists tight.

"I'll go, but everyone else stay here."

Mariko's eyes widened. "What?"

"I can take 'em by myself. Don't worry about me."

"But, I'm a rank above her, and if she goes into Sinner mode, you won't be able to defeat her."

"Guys, I'll be okay... I can reason with her. She's my best friend."

Jurina bit her lip a bit and stepped forward.

"I'm going, too! I gotta be a bodyguard for Yuko-sama!"

Yuko smiled a bit.

"Alright. Don't hold back, 'kay?" Jurina just replied with a nod. "Let's go!" They started running towards Atsuko Castle.


After Yuko and Jurina left, Mariko turns to face the group. “We need to follow them, I’m afraid Atsuko might hurt Yuko, and if she’s in her Sinner mode then we need to be there to stop her.”

Everyone nodded and follow after the squirrel girl. They reached the castle and saw Yuko trying to talk things out with Atsuko, but seems like the taller girl is getting madder and madder.

“Is she already brainwashed?” Miichan spoke out, knowing that everyone has the same question in mind, but was too afraid to ask.

“Let's hope not…” Mariko answered with fear in her voice.


Atsuko POV

I left Minami on the couch seeing that she slowly went unconscious. I guess the little wedge is still a bit strong for a Shiroi. I went over to the counter and pop the extra wedges into my mouth, enjoying the juicy sweetness of the strawberry.

After finishing it, I walk back to my room. On my way there, I heard Mocchi called out.

“Atsuko-sama, Yuko-san is here to see you.”

What great timing, I don’t have to waste my effort into looking for them. “Mocchi, are the others with her.”

“Not that I can see of, Atsuko-sama”

Well, I guess having one to deal with now is better than none. The others will probably come later anyway. I walked pass Minami and went to the front door.

There, Yuko is standing, looking… worried? She should be! She betrayed me! They all did!

“What do you want, traitor?!” I hissed with anger in my voice.

It seems the squirrel was taken back, “Acchan, daijoubu?”

She dare asked if I’m okay? I’m getting more irritated by each second. “You betrayed me, all of you, and you act as if nothing had happened?!”

I laugh out loud…


Third Person POV

Everyone winced at Atsuko’s laugh, confused to why she said they betrayed her. They all know that the laugh was sarcastic and that the young girl is about to charge towards Yuko.

“D-do you g-guys feel that?” Miichan asked, feeling really scared at the moment.

They can all feel the dark aura emitting and see the red energy coming from Atsuko. Everyone is afraid for the squirrel’s life.

“Her aura is even darker than mine…” Yuki commented, also afraid like Miichan.

“Quiet down and be ready, we don’t know how strong she’ll get.” Mariko said as she prepared herself to get in between them if needed to be. She knows that once Atsuko is in her Sinner mode, it is all over, there is no way to stop the girl unless she killed her target or get locked up for a few days by them.

They continued watching as Yuko tried to get through to Atsuko.


Minami POV

I felt a surge ran through my body, and immediately opened my eyes. I look around noticing that I’m not on the couch anymore. I’m in some kind of room, its white and smells like… hospital? Am I in a hospital? Why am I here?

“Oh, it seems you are awake.” A girl with the white coat said.

“Am I in the hospital? I didn’t do anything though!” I touch around my body to see if I’m hurt anywhere, but I’m not. All I did was eating that wedge of strawberry. That’s it; it must have been the strawberry!

“You are not in a hospital, you are just in Atsuko-sama’s infirmary. I found you unconscious on the couch and brought you here.” She smiled at me then out of nowhere, “Tch, least you could do is thank me.”

I’m confused, this girl was nice just a moment ago and now she’s all irritated… “Thank you for bringing me here.”

“Yep, no problem, by the way I’m Takajo Aki.” She is smiling again…

“Nice to meet you Takajo-san, I’m Takahashi Minami.”

“Ugh, no need to be so formal, just call me Akicha.” She’s back to being irritated again. What is this girl’s problem?

“Uhn, then just call me Takamina. So am I okay? Do I need to take anything?”

“Nah, you are fine, did you hit your head or did you eat anything that made you unconscious?”

“Yeah, I think it’s the strawberry that I ate, I can’t really eat food from hell, but Atsuko wants me to.” I pouted

“Over time, you’ll get used to it, other than that you healthy.” She started touching my biceps. “Maybe more than healthy…” she kept on squeezing, making me feel uncomfortable.

“Do you know where Atsuko is?” I asked her to change the subject. Thank god, she stopped.

“I heard she got companies, probably her friends?” Atsuko’s friends, it is probably those girls from the pictures that I saw. Why are they here to see her? Are they gonna torture me? Will Atsuko be okay?...


Atsuko POV

“I don’t understand what you are saying, Acchan.”

I looked at her, grabbing her by the collar. "I don't wanna hear another word from you." I hissed

She gulped. Ha! She's scared of me now.

"Acchan... I don't want to fight you."

"If you don't, why did you come here?" I growled as I threw her down. She got right back up.

"Acchan, do you have a Shiroi Tenshi with you?"

Wha-? How did she know?

"I found this," a certain Osaka girl said as she held up a single feather.


"Acchan, we are just here to help you get back to normal. That Shiroi's brainwashing you!"

...Huh? Where in the name of hell did she get that from?! Brainwash me? If anything, I can command HER!

"Atsuko-sama..." I saw a little puppy servant shyly standing behind Yuko.


Damn it, damn it, DAMN IT ALL!!!! Why is everyone AGAINST me?! I was gonna do good for all these people, and they BETRAYED ME!!!!!!!

"Why are you all...?"

"Atsuko-sama, please don't let the Shiroi's words trick you. We're your friends."

I growled and gripped my fists.

"LIARS!!!!" I was about to attack them, but then Mocchi and Rena stopped me.

"Atsuko-sama, what are you doing?"

"These people are TRAITORS!!!"

"No, we're not!"

I broke the two girls off and stared at them once more. I chuckled, having an idea in mind.

"Well, I guess I shouldn't fight alone."

"Acchan..." I heard Yuko's voice once more.

"Mocchi, take the Osaka girl. Rena, you have the puppy."

"Hai, Atsuko-sama"


Third Person POV

Atsuko standing on the steps of her castle, watching her servants fight as she concentrated on her energy for her own battle against her so-called best friend.

Both Mocchi and Rena have met their matches. Each delivering a blow, but was countered by their opponent. Mocchi battles Yui above ground, their movements are quick to the human’s eyes, but all the Kuroi Tenshi can see it clearly. Rena, on the other hand, battles Jurina on the ground. Both of them use their strength to out punch each other.

Atsuko smirk as she sees that her servants have the upper hand in the fight. This was an easy battle, she thought. The shoulder length hair girl stared at her opponent with fire burning in her eyes.

Yuko stared back at her best friend, but with worried eyes. “Acchan, we can stop this, we can help you…”

Atsuko lunge forward with speed to punch Yuko, the squirrel was a bit too slow, and it was connected to her jaws, knocking her down hard. Yuko rolled on the ground a few feet away from the hiding group. She rubbed her jaws, not believing that Atsuko had just hit her.

Yuko became serious since she knows she couldn’t get through to her best friend. She wiped the blood off of her lips and looked at Atsuko. The taller girl disappeared to Yuko’s back, sensing the presence behind her; she turned just in time to block another punch from Atsuko.

As the battle progresses, Atsuko’s aura became heavier, almost reaching her sinner mode. Mariko and the others took notice, worrying for their friend’s life. The older Kuroi look at everyone and nodded her head, signaling that its time for them to step in.

The gang jumped out of their hiding spot and stood between Yuko and Atsuko. The squirrel was all bruised up, while Atsuko was still intact.

“What are you guys doing here?” Yuko was shocked to see her friends.

“We were worried about you, baka.” Mariko answered back.

“Now that all you traitors are here, I’ll finish each of you!!” Atsuko said while turning into her Sinner mode. She was getting super pissed at seeing her betraying friends.

They all swallowed hard as they saw Atsuko’s wrath outfit turning into the Sinner's one. Mariko steps forward, trying to reason with the younger girl.

“Acchan, it's me, let's stop this okay?” Mariko said gently.

“How many times do I have to tell you all that you’ve betrayed me?!!!” Atsuko’s aura became visible, black with a tint of red, looking like lighting.

The younger girl charge forward, all the under rank Kuroi stepped behind Mariko, scared for their life.

The older girl uses her own energy to clash with Atsuko’s, both stood in the same spot as the intensity of their power is pushing back and forth. The clear all black aura of Mariko’s fighting against Atsuko’s black/red.

All the others are watching them, not knowing exactly who would win, though they are rooting for Mariko.

Atsuko starts wavering after a long period of time, even though the girl is strong for her age, she is still too young and inexperienced.

Mariko’s energy starts pushing Atsuko’s back, overpowering the younger girl until it hit her, making the cute Kuroi fly a couple of feet backwards.

Atsuko, lying weakly on the ground, was surrounded by her friends. She saw them reaching out for her, not knowing that they only wanted to help her up, but then her head shot up looking back after hearing someone yelled angrily. 



Minami POV

I have this weird feeling inside of me. I can’t put a hand on it, but I think it have something to do with Atsuko.

“Ne, Akicha, do you happen to know why they came for her?” I asked worriedly.

“Tch, does it look like I have a clue?” God, she went back to being rude again.

“Um, I guess not…” I really don’t know what to say to this girl.

I walked around the infirmary since I can’t get the upset feeling out of me. I’m really worried about her. Call it master and slave connection or call it a gut feeling, but I need to go find Atsuko. I think she’s in trouble.

I rushed to the front entrance and walked out, the sight in front of me made my blood boils. I yelled out without thinking…


It seems that I was sooo mad, I was unaware that my energy came out, and covered my whole entire body. All I can see is Atsuko lying weakly on the ground with her friends surrounding her, it seems like they are about to beat her up even more.

I quickly disappeared next to Atsuko, as it seems the other Kuroi Tenshi were distracted by my outburst. I picked her up, holding her tight in my arms, and disappeared back to where I stood before. I can’t believe she is sooo light. I settle her down onto the steps.

“Atsuko,” I touched her cheek with my right hand, caressing it, “are you okay?”

She didn’t look at me, but nodded without saying a single word, which made me even more worried.

“Atsuko, where are you hurt?” She finally looked into my eyes; it is probably showing concern and anger at the same time. We continue to stare into each other’s eyes until she speaks up.

“Minami… I feel sore… and pain everywhere…” she said softly. I wrap my other arm around her, protecting her and healing her at the same time with my energy.

Feeling the anger rising up in me again, I looked at the group of people who hurt Atsuko, even though they called themselves her friends.

“They will pay for this.” I growled out as my aura was booming, turning visible to everyone’s eyes.

I look back at Atsuko and her eyes are wide, probably shock from seeing me angry or shock from seeing my power.

“Atsuko, you stay here, okay? I just needed to do something real quick.” I smiled when I saw her nodding up and down like a child, looking adorable with those puppy dog eyes. I patted her head, smoothing out her hair, but she pouted. I giggled at her cuteness.

“I promise I’ll be right back, okay, Atsuko?” I kissed her on the head and she stopped pouting. I stood up and face the others, anger evidently on my face.

I, then, disappeared…


Atsuko POV

I was on the ground, too weak to move an inch, but I heard Minami’s voice.


I blushed after hearing her yelled out. I can’t believe she just said ‘My Atsuko.’  Before I realized what was happening, Minami was already by my side, settling me down onto the steps, and asking if I was okay.

I nodded without looking at her; I didn’t want her to see my red cheeks, but she could probably feel the hotness coming from it.

She continued asking if I was hurt anywhere. I finally looked up into her eyes; I can really see that she is worried about me.

“Minami… I feel sore… and pain everywhere…” I told her and she wraps her arm around me. I was confused at first until I felt the warmness coming from her body. Slowly I felt a little better, I wasn’t aching as much as before, it seems like she is healing me. How does she do that?

I was really comfortable in her arms and started to drift off, but then I heard her growl and her warmness intensified. Out of the corner of my eyes, I can see her aura. It is white with a tint of pink, I think it suits her, but I was still shock to see it. Also, I don’t think I have ever seen her angry. Does Shiroi Tenshi even get angry at all?

Minami told me to stay put and that she had something to do. I nodded at her, but I didn’t want her to leave me. She patted my head and smoothed my hair out. I pouted, I like her warmth, and it makes me feel safe.

I heard her giggled as she promised me to be right back. She gave me a kissed on the head and it surprises me. She stood up and face towards the others. I can only see her back from here.

Next thing I know, she disappeared before my eyes…


Third Person POV

All the Kuroi Tenshi turned to look at Minami after she yelled. All their jaws dropped seeing that the Shiroi Tenshi is really in their realm and are with Atsuko. They were all too shocked to even move. They have not seen a Shiroi before except for Mariko, but even she never saw one that is completely filled with anger.

Minami took the opportunity to rescue Atsuko, even though the younger girl’s friends were just trying to help her as well.

All the Kuroi snapped out of their trances and realized that both Minami and Atsuko were in front of them on the steps. They look back and forth, confused as to how the Shiroi even came to get the girl.

“I-is she s-strong?” Yuko stuttered out, looking at Mariko.

“I don’t know.” The older Kuroi kept a straight face even though she was wavering in the inside.

They can only stand in their same spot as the scene between Minami and Atsuko happens before them. Their eyes went wide seeing the Shiroi touched the younger girl with affection.

“Are you guys seeing what I’m seeing?” Miichan asked dumbfounded.

“It’s in a Shiroi nature to be kind and gentle.” The older girl informed, without keeping her eyes off the people in front of them.

They nodded in understanding as they heard the Shiroi asking if Atsuko was hurt anywhere. The younger girl answered and was quickly wrapped into Minami’s arms.

The Kuroi was afraid that their friend might even be more brainwashed and was about to walk up to them, but stood still…

“They will pay for this.” 

They heard the low growl as they can also feel an immense power releasing. They all shivered due to fear as they can see Minami emitting her aura.

“Oh my god, she’s coming for us, s-she’ll kill us all!” Miichan spoke up again, the people surrounding by her nodded in agreement. Only Mariko who kept calm even though, she was also a bit scared.

They all saw the last interaction between Atsuko and Minami. The younger girl pouted not wanting to leave the safe comfort of the older girl. Minami actually giggled, which made the other Kuroi even more afraid. They know Atsuko is cute, but they didn’t expect to hear a Shiroi’s laugh in a serious situation like this.

What made them even more shock is that the Shiroi promised to be back by Atsuko’s side after doing something real quick, and kissed her on the head.

Minami is now standing facing them, fire burning in her eyes. If people didn’t know she was a Shiroi, they would think she had the intent to kill.

“Are you sure Acchan is brainwashed?” A question was thrown out, but no answer was returned as the Shiroi Tenshi disappeared…


Minami POV

I have always been serious towards work, towards training the lower rank angels, but never towards the fight. If I were to use my full potential, I’m afraid that I might hurt them, so I always contain myself.

This is the first time in a thousand years where I will be serious in a fight. These Kuroi Tenshi have hurt Atsuko and they need to pay for their sin.

Anger consumed me as I disappear to my first target. I can sense the level of power that they possessed and aimed for the weakest one first.

The girl with the twin tails came up in my radar. I appeared in front her and jabbed her in the stomach before she could even sense me. She falls to the grown clutching her abdomen.

The next girl that came up is a gachapin look-alike. I came up to her side and punched her in the face, knocking her down harder to the ground.

I flipped over to the princess-like Kuroi and roundhouse kicked her. She stumbled a few steps backward, still standing. I finished her off by jumping on her with my legs wrapped around her neck. Using my body weight as I rolled back slamming her to the concrete floor, still sitting on the body as I made eye contact with the two last standing angels.

The squirrel-like girl pulled out her sword, getting ready to face me. I smirked as I can see the fear in her eyes. I know that she’s not strong enough to defeat me. I never had to draw my sword before and it will remain that way.

I flashed, standing in front of her, she blinked a couple of times before slashing me with her sword. She was way too slow and I don’t feel like playing. I appeared behind her, about to chop her neck, but the other Kuroi warned her…

“Watch out, Yuko!” 

The girl managed to turn around in time to block my attack, but that didn’t faze me. I spin kicked her, making her drop to the ground. I held my hand over her body and shot out a ball of energy, causing the squirrel underneath to cough up blood.

The last angel drew her sword and thrust towards me. I side step and hold the blade between my fingers. She looked at me with wide eyes.

She tried to pull her sword away, but my grip was too strong. She then pulled out a small knife from her thigh strap, trying to stab me with her left hand, but I held her wrist tightly in the air.

She glared at me while trying to remove herself at the same time. I suddenly yawned and out of habit, I covered my mouth with my right hand, letting go of her wrist. She tried to stab me again, but I just flick the knife out of her hand.

The Kuroi seems mad now as she focused her energy into her hand, forming it around her fist, attempting to punch me. I held her fist with ease, stopping it before it comes into contact with my face.

“Let go of me! Leave Atsuko alone!” she yelled out while struggling.

Her outburst fueled my anger. They all hurt Atsuko and yet, are telling me to leave her alone? I growled and threw her high up into the air. I jumped up and grabbed her neck with my left hand, pushing her hard down towards the ground with impact, breaking and denting the concrete floor.

“You hurt Atsuko... and you…will… pay!” I hissed out, raising my right fist up, forming a hard cover around it.

I started punching the Kuroi in the face. I didn’t stop even after seeing the blood and bruises. I continued knocking the girl, until I felt two arms wrapped tightly around me, telling me to stop.

I felt calm all of a sudden and looked up, seeing her worried face.



Third Person POV

Minami disappeared before everyone’s eyes. All the Kuroi Tenshi take a look around to find her, but with no luck.

They continue to watch out for the Shiroi, but the next thing they knew, Mayu was down holding on to her stomach. It happened so fast that they didn’t realize that the next victim down was Miichan with a big bruise on her face.

They finally caught sight of Minami as the Shiroi finishes up Yuki, sitting on the girl while looking at them.

Yuko felt intimidated by the girl with the ribbon, drew her sword, getting ready to face the angel.

Minami flashes herself over, standing in front of Yuko. The squirrel took a few seconds to realize that the Shiroi was face-to-face with her. She freaked out and starts slashing with her sword. She was too slow to notice Minami being behind her, getting ready to attack.

“Watch out, Yuko!” Mariko yelled out.

The squirrel was able to turn around and block the chop that the Shiroi would have delivered to her neck.  Though, before she could even blink, Minami had already swiped her legs forward, making Yuko fall back.

Minami shot out a ball of energy from her palms, not leaving enough time for the girl underneath to recover, making Yuko cough up blood.

The Shiroi was not scratched, nor sweated, not even a hair was out of place. She was in the same perfect condition as she started.

Mayu, Miichan, and Yuki, still on the ground, together with Mariko, stared at the scene before them. They have never seen any Tenshi holding such an immense power alone.

Who is this monster? Was the only question that ran through everyone’s mind.

Mariko thrust her sword towards Minami as the Shiroi finished beating up Yuko, but her sword was held between the shorter girl’s fingers.

Shock was apparent on Mariko’s face. She tried to loosen up the grip on her sword, but the Shiroi held it tightly. She then grabbed the small knife from her thigh strap to stab Minami, but she held on to the Kuroi’s wrist with ease.

In between the struggling, Minami yawns, letting go of the girl’s wrist to cover her mouth. Mariko took the opportunity to try and stab her again, but the Shiroi just flicked the knife away like it was nothing.

The older girl got mad and attempts to punch Minami with energy focused around her hand, but the shorter girl clasp her fist without any effort.

All the defeated Kuroi watched as Mariko is having a hard time defeating Minami. They all finally understood how Atsuko would fall victim into the brainwashing. If it were by someone strong, like Minami, then there would be no escape.

“Let go of me! Leave Atsuko alone!” Mariko being the older sister-like friend that she is, she just wanted to help Atsuko return back to normal, but she didn’t know that it made the Shiroi even madder.

Minami burst with anger, releases more of her energy, making her aura grew bigger and wider. All the Kuroi felt the sudden outburst, starts shaking in fear. They could all see the monstrous power that the Shiroi is releasing, afraid for the comrade’s life.

The Shiroi threw Mariko high up in the air. She jumped up and grabs the Kuroi’s neck, crashing them both down to the ground, creating a giant dent around them.

“You hurt Atsuko... and you…will… pay!” Minami said before her fist-covered energy came down to Mariko’s face.

Yuko, Yuki, and Mayu watches as their friend keeps getting pounded. They tried to move their body, but were too injured. Miichan couldn’t do anything except for crying, seeing her girlfriend bruised up and bleeding.

The fight was over between team Mariko and team Atsuko, with the winner being the cute young Kuroi, but Minami didn’t stop attacking.

She continues to punch the older angel, as everyone thought the taller woman wouldn’t survive, until they suddenly felt the Shiroi’s aura dissipated. 

They were all surprised by the sight of… Atsuko…


Atsuko POV

Minami was gone, she was out of my sight, and she was fast.

By the time I was able to locate her, she had already defeated Mayu, Miichan, and Yuki. I was completely surprised, it hadn’t even been a minute, and yet she knocked a Tainted and two Wrath rank angels down easily.

Yuko was up next, I know she has no chance in beating Minami, but she was able to last a little longer than the others due to Mariko’s help. Though it wasn’t long till she got injured severely, coughing up blood, by Minami’s ball of energy.

I watch Minami as she starts fighting with Mariko. She stopped her sword so easily. I've never seen anyone do that before. Then, she blocked her other hand from stabbing her with the small knife. I don't think I've ever seen anyone this strong. It's amazing.

She flicked the knife away from Mariko’s hand and captured her covered fist. Everything was fine, until Mariko yelled out…

“Let go of me! Leave Atsuko alone!” Leave me alone? Why did she say that?

Minami’s aura intensified even more, it grew bigger and wider, it is massive. I have to admit; I got kinda scared for a sec and even shivered a bit too.

I have to keep in mind, not to make her mad in the future.

She threw Mariko up and then jumped after her, pinning her down by the neck. The floor below them breaks as they landed hard.

“You hurt Atsuko... and you…will… pay!” Her eyes looked so... serious… so full of anger… I can’t explain it… Can Shiroi really get this pissed?

Minami threw her covered fist down, punching Mariko’s face multiple times. Even after Mariko started coughing up blood with bruises formed on her feature, she didn't stop. Her eyes were just burning with anger as she kept hitting her, over and over again.

"Minami..." I called for her, but she didn't respond.

I just can't let her do this.

"Minami!" I tried again, still no answer.

"Minami, stop!" I raised my voice, but she’s not stopping.

I tried to stand up with my weak body, even though I was a bit wobbly, I have to get to her. I need to stop her.

“Minami, please stop…” I let out tiredly, stumbling my way over to her.

“Please stop…” I said one last time before reaching her.

I wrapped my arms tightly around her, whispering, “Minami, please…”

She suddenly stopped and looked up at me, surprised.


She remained silent and released her grip. Mariko slowly crawled away, coughing, and letting the air back into her lungs.

I finally let the exhaustion took over and fell. Minami caught me in her arms, sending me her warmness.

"Why did you make me stop? They hurt-"

"They betrayed me... I know..." I looked at the taller girl as she held her neck, looking over at me. “But… Mariko is still my caretaker. I don't know what I'd do without her..."

Minami still holding me in her arms picked me up.

“W-what are you doing?” I blushed, looking up at her.

“I’m carrying you to your room so you can rest.” She looked down at me and grinned, showing her cute dimples, which I have never seen before. Is this her genuine smile?

Before she takes us back, I turned to glare at the group.

"We will finish this later…" I hissed at them.

“Let's go, Minami~” I told her and she chuckled, I love being spoiled hehe.


Minami POV

Atsuko had stopped me from beating the tall Kuroi. I don’t understand, why did she make me stop?

I saw her collapse and quickly catch her in my arms. She is still weak from her injuries, and yet she stumble all the way over here. I used my energy to heal her up and make her feel better.

"Why did you make me stop? They hurt-" I wanted asked her, but she interrupted me.

She told me that Mariko was her caretaker. Mariko must be the Kuroi just now. So she has been taking care of Atsuko… I guess I went a bit too far… I feel a little guilty now…

Atsuko seems to be really exhausted, so I picked up her, wanting to help her to her room.

“W-what are you doing?” She asked, looking up at me. Is that a blush?

“I’m carrying you to your room so you can rest.” I smiled at her, showing my deep dimples, a genuine smile that I rarely show anyone else.

I was about to start walking, but she speaks up, telling the other Kurois that they will continue this later. She then turned to me…

“Let's go, Minami~” She said cutely and I chuckled at her adorableness. I can’t believe I’m spoiling her…

I carried her up the steps, and was about to walk through the entrance, but then I remembered something. I turned back around, searching for Mocchi and Rena, there they are…

“Mocchi, Rena, let's go. I’m gonna need you guy’s help to take care of Atsuko.” They both walked up to us and smiled, nodding their head in agreement. I smiled at them and then we all walk through.

I continue to carry Atsuko to her room, settling her down on the bed, and then cover her with the blanket.

“You rest okay? I’m gonna go ask Mocchi to make you some soup.” I was about to walk away, but I felt my right hand being pulled. I turn to see Atsuko holding on to me.

“Will you come back?” She asked in a tiny voice and pouted. I look into her eyes and it seems to show… fear? I don’t know. I got closer to her and pat her head. This girl is just so cute and always seems to make me sway.

“I will, I’ll be back with the soup.” I replied gently.

“Promise?” She’s showing me her puppy dog eyes.

“Promise” We smiled at each other. I notice the wrinkles on her nose, it is really adorable, I hope to see it again.

I tuck her in and went to look for Mocchi…


Third POV

All the Kuroi gathered over to Mariko after regaining their strength. They look at the state Mariko was in. She was all bruised up, bleeding, and a hand mark on her neck.

“Mariko, are you okay?” Miichan asked concern, hugging the girl tightly.

“Miichan, it hurts…” Mariko complained, even though she actually likes the embrace.

“Who would have thought the Shiroi would be that strong.” Yuki commented.

“Yeah, I was sooo weak, I couldn’t even land a mark on her.” Yuko said, feeling bad.

“Don’t beat yourself over it, Yuko, we all tried our best.” The oldest Kuroi comfort them.

“I think that Shiroi was being nice…” Mayu thought out loud. The people around her heard her comment and stared at the girl weirdly.

“Nice? What part of her beating all of us up was nice? Look at Mariko!” The gachapin girl raised her voice.

“Let her explain Miichan.” Mariko rubbing Miichan’s back, calming the girl down.

“Have you guys notice that she went for the weakest one first? Which is me and she only jabbed me in the stomach to keep me down. Then, Miichan, but it was only a little harder. Yukirin got a fair amount. Yuko was hard and then you, Mariko-sama. Yours was intense until you told her to leave Atsuko-sama alone, then she went berserk…”

“Now that you mentioned it, you are right. Shiroi wouldn’t attack for no reason-”

 “And Atsuko is the trigger for her to attack us in the first place.” Yuko finished Mariko’s thought.

They all look at each other then at Atsuko’s castle. Each has their own thought regarding the two.

I want to know more about that Shiroi…

I’m gonna get the both of them back…

Both that Shiroi and Atsuko is scary…

I need to get stronger to stand a chance against the both of them…

What is the relationship between Atsuko and that Shiroi…

“Okay guys, let’s all go home and rest, we’ll come back another day to check on Atsuko.” Mariko told the others.

Mayu and Yuki head back to their castle together, with the cyborg girl clinging on to the princess girl.

Followed by Yuko and Jurina, with the latter helping her master home.

Lastly, Mariko and Miichan went back to their castle, hand in hand.


Atsuko POV

Minami carried me into my room and settled me down on the bed. She told me to rest and that she’ll go ask Mocchi to make me some food.

I didn’t want her to go. I don’t know why, but I feel strangely comfortable with her being next to me, holding me, and warming me. I held on to her hand, stopping her from going away.

“Will you come back?” I mumbled and pouted, not wanting to be alone. She came closer to me and patted my head. I like it when she does that. It makes me calm.

She told me that she’ll be back with my soup, but I want to make sure that she’ll come back, so I made her promise me. I know she’s the kind of person who wouldn’t break a promise. Besides that fact that she’s a Shiroi, I just think that she values those kinds of things.

“Promise.” We both smiled at each other. She is showing me her dimples again and they are really deep. I like it. I like seeing them. I’m probably showing my wrinkled nose right now, but I don’t care. I haven’t smile like this for a while now.

She tucks me into bed and walk out. I was really tired and thinking of sleeping, but I wanna wait till she comes back. I’m also waiting for the food since I haven’t really eaten anything, besides the strawberries.

I got bored, so I turned on the TV. I flipped through the channels to find a good drama to watch.  Even though I don’t like human beings, I do enjoy some of their entertainments.

I finally stopped at a channel. It seems the drama is showing their first episode. This seems interesting; it’s called Majisuka Gakuen.

I guess I was so into the drama that I didn’t notice the time passing, since Minami is already back with my tray of food.


Minami POV

Mocchi was in the living room with Rena, both chatting animatedly. I approach them…

“Mocchi, Rena, you guys alright?”

“Yeah, we were just talking about our fight. How is Atsuko-sama?”

“She’s resting now, but can you guys help me make her soup? I think it’ll help.”

Both Mocchi and Rena nodded in agreement. We all walked into the kitchen and they started pulling the ingredients out. I stared at the product, I can recognize some of them, but the colors are so different.

“What are we making?” I asked, since I saw meat, vegies, and some noodles.

“We’re gonna make udon, do you want some too, Takamina?

“No, I am good, you girls go ahead and make some for yourself.” I shook my head, since I can’t eat meat, nor eat much of anything from hell without being unconscious.

It would take at least 30mins to finish the food, so I went back to my own room. I went to the bathroom to check on my white rose, it’s blooming prettily, and very aromatic. I then stripped off my dirty tank top and short shorts, changing into a new set.

After finishing, I walked back to the kitchen, it seems they just finished with making the udon.

“Ah, Takamina, I’m just gonna bring this to Atsuko-sama.” Mocchi said, but I took the tray out of her hand.

“No, its okay, you and Rena enjoy your udon. I’ll bring this to Atsuko. You guys should rest after eating.” I told them and smiled.

I walk towards Atsuko’s room, balancing the tray in one hand, and opened the door with another.

“Atsuko?” I whispered incase she’s sleeping.

“Hmmm?” She said while watching some drama on TV.

“Oh, you’re still awake? Here is some udon, eat up.” I brought the tray over to her and placed it on her laps. She looks up at me weirdly…



“Feed me?”

“W-what? No, I’m not gonna feed you.” I was completely surprised by the request.

“Why not?” She pouted.

“Y-you can do it yourself.”

“But I can’t move my arms, I’m still too weak.” She said, which makes me worried.

“Fine…” I sighed and took the tray off her laps, moving it over to her bedside table. I sit on the edge of the bed before picking up the bowl of soup.

I used the chopstick to pick up some of the udon, I blew on it, and bring it to her mouth. She slurped it up, making the soup sprayed on her face. I took the napkin and wiped it off her. She acts like a child and I find it amusing.

“Oishii, you should try some.” She smiled and said enthusiastically.

“You know I can’t, Atsuko…”

“Come on, just a little bit, you have to get used to them. Why not start now?” She does have a point, if I’m gonna live here and stay here for a long time, I might as well start practicing.

“You eat some more, okay? I’ll try some afterwards.” I used the spoon to scoop up the soup. I blew on it again and then bring it to her lips. She drank it and I continued to feed her with the udon, beef, and veggies.

“Minami, you should eat some now, I already finished half of it.”   

“Hmmm, okay” I start off easy, by scooping the soup. I slowly sipped it while Atsuko was watching me.

“Well?” She inquired.

“It's really good.” We both smiled.

“Try the udon now.” I listened to her and slurp up a string of udon. I nodded my head, telling her that it was also good.

“Now the meat and vegies.” she giggled.

“I can’t Atsuko, meats are against the rules, and I just don’t like vegies…” I feed her again until she finishes it.

“Well, Atsuko, I’ll go back to my room now.” I told her. I picked the tray up and was about to leave, but she spoke.

“No… don’t leave… stay.” I look at her. Her eyes are pleading me.

“But you need your rest…”

“I’ll feel better with you being here.” She said, still badly injured. I guess, I could stay to heal her up. I set the tray back down and sit on the edge again.

She scooted over to the middle of the bed and pats the space next to her. I looked at her confused.

“Come here and join me.”

“EH!” I was surprised by what she suggested.

“What better way to help me heal than being beside me?” She does have a point. My power works better when I’m fully engaged.

I had no choice, but to scoot into bed, under the blanket. I held my right arm out to her and she immediately clings to my body. We both settle down onto the pillows, but she settled her head onto my shoulder instead.

I started to heal her as I wrap my arm around her. She snuggled in closer to me and drifted off to sleep. I look at her face and tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

I lay my head back down, starting to feel tired. I continue to heal her as I yawned, my eyes slowly closing. It seems I’m also drifting off to slumber land, but this time, with Atsuko beside me…

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[AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi Chapter 6
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Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi

Chapter 6

Third POV

A few days have passed and the Kurois went to Atsuko’s castle again. This time, they went as a group, with no intent of fighting. Those who had experienced Minami’s power, basically all of them, don’t want to experience it again.

They knocked on the door and were greeted by Mocchi.

“Mocchi, can you tell Acchan that we would like to see her? Tell her we just wanted to talk.” Mariko told the young servant.

“Hai, Mariko-sama, please come in and sit.” Mocchi left the group after telling Rena to make some tea.

The girl walk towards Atsuko room, knocking at least three times, but no answer was heard. She opened the door and walk in. The sight in front of her made her stunned. She blushed hard looking away.

There on the bed sleeping was not only Atsuko, but also Minami. The two of them are sleeping very closely with each other. The young Kuroi had her head on the Shiroi’s shoulder, her arm and legs wrap tightly around the girl’s body.

On the other hand, you would think that Minami is uncomfortable, but she seems to sleep soundly. Her own head was facing and lying on top of Atsuko’s. Her right arm hugs the younger girl’s back, her left hand holding on to the arm on her waist.

Mocchi had no idea how to wake Atsuko up when both of them are connected. She’s afraid that if she wakes one up, she’ll wake the other too, but she got no choice.

“Atsuko-sama” she whispered, but got no response from the sleeping girl.

“Atsuko-sama, wake up” she tried again

“Hmmm” Atsuko murmured.

“Atsuko-sama, please wake up.”

“Hmmm, Minami… ten more minutes…” Atsuko mumbled, not realizing that her servant was trying to wake her up. She snuggled in closer to Minami and continues to sleep.

The Shiroi had woken up due to the ruckus and look at Mocchi.

“Morning Mocchi, what’s going on?”

“Mariko-sama, with the others, is here to see Atsuko-sama to talk.” Mocchi told the girl.

“Okay, can you tell them to give us 30 minutes? We’ll be out there soon.”

Mocchi walks out of the room and before she closes the door, she saw Minami waking up the sleeping Atsuko.

The servant went back to the living room to inform the others of the wait. Mariko seems to understand, while the others couldn’t believe they have to wait a little longer.


As they were talking, Jurina thought she heard something coming from down the hall. She walked down and saw a room with the door slightly open. She saw a familiar pale Kuroi, sleeping on the floor with some newspaper covering her. She was shivering from the cold and tossing and turning on the floor.

"Who can sleep like that?"

She was about to leave, but heard the sound that brought her here again. She looked back inside the room, and found out it was in fact Rena, mumbling in her sleep. Without thinking, she stepped in and tiptoed closer to the girl. As she came closer, the mumblings became clearer.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry..."

"Eh?" She knelt down and saw the sweat on her forehead. She then realized the girl was having a nightmare.

"I'm sorry...! I'm sorry...!"

"Hey, wake up. Come on, wake up now. It's just a dream," she said shaking the girl. "Hey, wake up, girl."

Rena's eyes slowly opened again, and she sat up from her laying position. She was shocked to see the girl suddenly beside her and back away slowly.

"You okay?"

Rena's lips were shaking, her hands clutching on the blankets to cover her up. She recognized the girl. She was the one who beat her up days ago.


That girl, the girl who looked at her with black eyes that seemed endless. A cat-like smile that was charming, yet devious at the same time. Rena just stood there, frozen.

"Who... who are you?"

"My name is Center." the young girl spoke in a cool voice. This voice made her heart skips a beat.

Rena backed away slowly, still staring at the girl's entrancing eyes.

"Wh.. wh-what do you want?"

Jurina, or Center in this case, came closer to the poor girl and held her chin, their faces inches apart. Such thoughts inside Rena's head made her blush.

"I came for Atsuko."

Rena snapped out of her trance and pushed the girl away.

"I-I can't allow that."

Center chuckled and came close again.

"I will go to any means necessary." she said again before she delivered a powerful blow to Rena's stomach. Rena fell to the ground, clutching her abdomen. Center tried to punch her again, but Rena rolled backwards and made her blows make contact with the ground.

Rena pushed the ground and stood back up again, but Center dashed towards her, punching her stomach again. This time, Rena protected herself with her arms and flew back to hit the wall. As she fell down, she saw the girl fly down to punch her again, but Rena rolled over again and the ground cracked and shook below her.

Center had flown back from the impact, but she just pulled her hair back and rushed to her again. Rena got up and quickly dodged all of her punches. She increased her pace, coming closer and grabbing her arm, pulling it behind her.

Rena gritted her teeth, then started kicking her knee to make her let go. She felt Center kick the back of her own, causing her knees to buckle, and she threw her back, sending her flying all the way into a tree. She fell to the ground, staring at the girl as her head slowly raised and she met her eyes again.

This time, she was scared looking at them. They were piercing into her like cold shards of ice.

"I told you... I'll go to any means necessary."

She came closer and closer to the poor beaten Kuroi, who was now trembling against the tree, softly pleading, begging for her to stop.

"S-s-s-st-stop... P-p-p-please... S-s-st-stop..." she rose her arms up in front of her to protect herself, and then a bright light from her bracelet shone in Center's eyes. She covered them with her arm and shut them tight.

All of the sudden, she felt a pulsing in her head that caused her chest to hurt. There was a high-pitched ringing in her ears that were somehow able to interpret sounds. Voices even.

There were visions in her head. It was her, fighting a group of girls. They surrounded her, attacking her one by one, but then she saw a bright flash of light, and later felt a pain at her stomach. Her world became dark once again.

The whole time, Rena was watching the whole scene unfold. Center was rolling on the ground, holding her head and groaning in pain. When it was all over, she was breathing heavily, sweat forming on her forehead. She looked up at the pale Kuroi once again, staring at her with her cold eyes. She heard the others call for her, so she just shook her head and left, not saying a word.

End of Flashback

That girl, the cold-hearted girl with dark eyes, the girl who made her heart skip a beat...

The girl in front of her right now was not that same girl. Her eyes were filled with light and kindness.

This was not Center.

"Hey, are you really okay?"

"Um... I-I..."

Jurina looked and saw all the bruises and scars on her body.

"Who did that to you? All those scars..."

Rena backed away when Jurina tried to touch her and examine her body.

"A-Atsuko-sama... punishes me when I... d-do something wrong..."

Jurina got up and walked into the bathroom. When she came back, she had a first aid kit with her. She opened it and started bandaging all of her fresh and raw wounds.

"Why does Atsuko punish you this much?"

"I'm not the strongest Kuroi Tenshi. I'm only a Slave rank, so I can't do anything."

"I'm a Tainted. I become a Wrath when I turn into Center."

"Eh?" She suddenly got confused by what she was saying.

"I'm not really like that. Center's just a part of me that comes out when I fight. In real life... I'm not strong at all." She tied some gauze onto her arm. She then saw a fresh wound Center had made when she punched her on the cheek. She took some cotton and cleaned it off, but Rena flinched. "Hey, stay still..."


She giggled. She never saw someone so flustered. She came closer and placed a soft kiss on her wounded cheek, making the pale girl blush.

She placed a bandage on and started to pack everything up.

"Um... Center? Or, should I call Jurina...?"

"..Oh. Jurina is fine."

"Jurina... there's something.. or someone I should warn you about... She's a powerful Kuroi Tenshi... Probably more powerful than Atsuko-sama... She's like a demon.. she's just... evil..."

"She's that bad."

"She's violent... She keeps fighting even if you beg for mercy... She's an animal that can't be tamed... Even if she helps you.. it's almost impossible to stop her."

She came closer, rubbing the girl's back, as she was shivering in fear a bit.

"Is this coming from past experience?"

Rena nodded in response, then came closer to her, lowering her voice.

"Whatever you do, don't call for..." she looked around to see if someone was listening, then whispered, "Gekikara."


"She's extremely dangerous... And, never ever ask her if she's mad. It only makes her go more insane."

Jurina nodded and held her hands. "Okay."

Rena was blushing again. She was closer to this girl than ever before, and it wasn't in a fight. She was with a sweet, innocent puppy, in contrast to the intense fighter she faced before. She smiled slightly.

"Thank you... Jurina."


Atsuko POV


I happily sat in my chair, wearing the most perfect dress a girl could have. The table was covered with nothing, but sweets. My milk tea was also sweet, none of that bitter stuff. My faithful dolly companions sat around me, smiling and having a good time as I stuff my face in cake and ice cream.

As I was eating the cookies and milk, I heard a faint sound coming from somewhere.


"Hmmm?" Ignoring it, I continued eating, but then heard the sound again.

'**tsuko-sa** *ake u***'

I covered my ears, trying to block out the noise. I pouted, trying to run away from the noises in my head.

I tried to register who's voice that was, but it was still too fuzzy.

Most likely, it was Minami.

'Atsuko*** **ease wake up'

"Minami~, give me ten more minutes!"

The voice finally went away and I resumed my party.


As I kept eating, I heard footsteps coming from behind me. Someone touched my shoulder and I turned to look at the figure.


"***tsuko... Atsuko, wake up."

"Hmmm...?" I open my eyes slowly; the sight of Minami hovering over me with a sweet smile, made me blushed.

“Atsuko, I gave you 10 minutes already. You have to get up now.”

"Minami..." I pouted, not wanting to move out of this comfort zone.

"Mocchi told me to wake you up. It seems your friends are back to see you.”

"You mean... Mariko and Yuko...?"

"Yeah and the others we fought, are all here. They just wanna talk to you."
What? It has only been a few days and they’re already back? I don’t know what to do... I don’t want to see them yet…

Minami cupped my right face with her left hand, caressing my cheek bone.  I look up at her, staring into her light brown eyes.

“I know you’re probably confused, but you’ll know what to do when you see them. I’ll be here to protect you, so don’t worry, okay?”

How does she know? Can she read my mind?  She said she’ll protect me, but is it because of the bond, or is it because she wants to?

I continue to stare into her eyes, contemplating if I should ask her. Her eyes show such kindness, but will she answer my question? What if the answer is not what I want to hear?

I want to know...

“Minami?” I looked away, not sure on how to ask her.

“Yeah? Atsuko, what is it?” She sound concerned.

“When you said… you’ll be here to protect me… why did you say that?” I look back up at her, she seems to show confusion.

“What do you mean?” She asked, tilting her head to the side. If it weren’t for the question, I would have found that cute.

“Is it because of our bond… master and slave… or…?” I lost the courage to continue.

“Yeah, it’s because of our master and slave bond.”

I knew that would be the answer, but to hear her say it, kind of makes me sad.  Now I wish I’ve never asked her.

I got up and out of her arms, rubbing the sleepiness out of my eyes.  I nodded tiredly, telling her okay, and continue to get off the bed. I turned to head out of the room towards the bathroom, but Minami stood in front of me, blocking my way.

“What?” I asked with irritation. My mood completely went down, and I don’t feel like playing around at the moment.

Minami continues to look at me, which makes me even more annoyed. I tried to walk pass her, but she stepped in the way again.

“Minami!” I said with a warning tone, but she still didn’t budge.

Finally, she walks up to me, leaving only a few inches between us. I looked away, still upset. She puts her right hand on my left cheek to make me look at her.

“Atsuko.” She said my name softly. I looked into her eyes, it seems to show some kind of emotion, but I couldn’t grasp on what it is. All I know is that they are captivating, and I don’t want to break the contact.

Minami came closer and hugged me. She held me tightly in her arms, but it wasn’t uncomfortable or suffocating, it just felt right. I wrapped my arms around her neck as we both rest our head on each other’s shoulder. I closed my eyes and inhaled her scent, the same scent that I fell asleep with at night for the past few days. I feel so calm and relaxed that I’m drifting off to sleep.

“Atsuko, even though it’s our master and slave bond, it’s mostly because I want to.” What she said had got my attention, and made me awake again. I can feel her squeezing my waist as she continues.

“I want to protect you because I don’t like seeing you get hurt. The other day when I saw you lying on the floor, something inside me just snapped, and made me go crazy. I don’t know why and I can’t explain it, but you’re important to me.” I can’t help, but smile and blushed at what she had just confessed. I didn’t know I was important to her; it makes me happy to hear it.

Minami pulled out from the hug to look at me. She gave me one of those dimple smiles and I gave her a nose wrinkle one back.  We both ended up laughing without knowing why.

“Come on, we need to get ready, the others are waiting.” She reminded me. I have completely forgotten about Mariko’s group.

“Ugh, do we have to?” I whine and pouted. She was laughing again.

“Why are you laughing at me?”  I continued to pout, but looking away from her, feigning mad.

“You’re just really cute, Atsuko.” I blushed and bite my bottom lip, containing my smile.

The next thing I know, Minami had picked me up into her arms, carrying me towards the bedroom door.

“W-what are you doing?”

“I’m spoiling you for the last time today.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re all healed now, so I’ll be going back to my room, but before I do that, I’ll completely take care of you.” She smiled down at me while continuing our way to the bathroom.

“Atsuko, relax and let me do all the work, okay?” I nodded as she carries me to the bathroom and closes the door.


Minami POV

I knew Atsuko would want to sleep in, so I told Mocchi to give us 30 minutes to get ready. For the next 10 minutes, I observe her sleeping face. She has such an angelic feature, I can stare at it all day, but I must wake her up now.

Even the way she wakes up is cute. I don’t know why, but my heart is fluttering. I told her about Mariko and the others being here to talk to her, though, she seems to be worried. I cupped her cheeks and looked into her eyes, conveying my thoughts.

“I know you’re probably confused, but you’ll know what to do when you see them. I’ll be here to protect you, so don’t worry, okay?” I tried to comfort her, hoping that it would be enough to calm her down.

It’s been a few minutes, and yet, she is still silent. Did I say something wrong? Did I upset her?
“Minami?” She called my name, but looked away. I’m worried, not sure what was going on, and answered her.

She turned to look at me with seriousness, asking why I would protect her. I’m lost and confused, not sure on what she meant, but she continued asking. I understood now, and told her it was because of our bond.

Atsuko suddenly got up and out of bed. Is she upset? I got off the bed, blocking her way to the door.

“What?” She asked with such a cold tone. I guess she is really upset, and I don’t like it one bit. She tried reaching for the door again, but I continued to block her, which makes her angry.

I don’t want her to be sad or angry because of me. I don’t know why, but my chest ache seeing her like this.

“Atsuko.” Please look at me, don’t shut me out.

She finally looked at me, is that tears in her eyes? I’m sorry to have caused you pain. I hugged her tightly in my arms. It took her a moment, but she wrapped her arms around my neck. I smiled, knowing that she still accepts me. We rest our head on each other’s shoulder. I like how we fit perfectly.

I must tell her what I truly meant when I told her it was our bond.  I just really wanted to protect her, though, I can’t explain why. These feelings are new to me, and I’m not good at expressing them, but I must try for her.

After telling Atsuko my thoughts, I didn’t know if my answer was enough for her, so I pulled out from our hug. I gave her a smile, hoping that she was satisfied, and she smiled back. This is the face that I want to see.

We busted out laughing for no reason, but it wasn’t awkward or anything, it was just comfortable. I reminded her of the guest, but she whines, not wanting to see them. I laugh at how adorable she is. Atsuko pouted even more and acted as if she’s mad.

“You’re just really cute, Atsuko.” I told her honestly. I feel like I need to start sharing my thoughts with her more to prevent both of us from being hurt.

I’ve decided to spoil her, making up for what I caused and because I’m moving back to my room today. I picked her up to carry her to our bathroom. Our bathroom… I wonder how long it’ll remain that way…

Even though she acts like she doesn’t like it, she wraps her arm around me. Atsuko can be such a tsundere sometimes, but that’s what’s cute about her.

As we reach the bathroom and got in, I settle her down on the counter. I took both our toothbrush and put the paste on. We both brush our teeth normally, she sitting on the counter while I stand facing her, but then it turns into a contest to see who brushes faster. I let Atsuko win because I get to see her smiling face.

I walked over to the shower to turn on the water. She likes to let the water warms up before she hops in. It seems I have forgotten some things.

“Atsuko, you go and take a shower, I’ll get your clothes and bring it here.” I turned towards the door after telling her, but she pulled me back.

“You know…” She said while moving closer to my right ear, “You can just join me… and...Get our clothes later~” She whispered the last few words, making my whole body shiver. I cupped my ear as she tickled it with her warm breath. My face is probably turning red since I can feel the heat coming from it.

“I-it’s o-okay, you go on ahead, I’ll be right back.” I left as quickly as I stumbled out those words.

After closing the bathroom door, I put my hand on my chest, feeling the fast rate of my heart beating. This is dangerous, really dangerous. I took a few breaths, in and out. Finally calming myself down, I went to get Atsuko’s clothes.

I came back with her usual Wrath ranked outfit. I can hear her moving around and washing herself. She started singing some song, but it sounds really familiar.

“Sorezore no mado kara
Aoi tsuki wo nagame
Daradara nagadenwa shinagara
Nandemo hanashita” I do know it, it’s one of my favorites.

“Onaji you ni miete mo
Chigau keshiki nanda
Kizuite wa ita kedo
Furetaku nakatta sora...” I stepped into the bathroom.

“Zutto zutto soba ni ita kara”

“Hanarebanare nante”

“Yada Yo”

“Souzou dekinai…” We both sang together, harmonizing really well with one another. It sounds perfect.

“You know that song too, Minami? I thought I was the only one since the others doesn’t seem to know it…” Atsuko asked from the other side of the shower glass door.

“Yeah, but it’s weird how my friends doesn’t know it either. “ I’m thinking really hard on how I know this song while others don’t.

“It’s not like I heard it somewhere, I just know it…” What Atsuko said had surprised me.

“I just know it, too…” Atsuko finally finishes with her shower. She opened the glass door, stepping out. I immediately turned away, handing her the towel.


“Y-yeah.” I walked around Atsuko, without looking, to get into the shower. I closed it, and started stripping off my clothing. I throw my clothes over the shower door and turned the shower on. The hot water hitting my body felt amazing. All my muscles relaxed and it feels like bliss.



“You forgot to get your own clothing~” I was stunned. How could I forget to get my own clothing?

“Oh, well, that’s okay. I’ll just zap it on when I’m done.”

“No, let me pick something out for you, please?” Even though I can’t see Atsuko’s face right now, I bet she’s pouting, and I can’t resist that pout.

“I’m sorry, Atsuko, I just don’t feel comfortable with it.” I really don’t want to wear the red, black, or silver color.

“Too bad, I’m getting it anyways.” Atsuko left, slamming the bathroom door. I sigh, not knowing what to do with her. One moment, she’s all sweet, the next, she’s all commanding.

I shut my eyes, and let the warm water runs down my face. I feel so relaxed, not having to worry about anything at the moment, but I can’t stop wondering about my friends up there.

Have they noticed that I’ve gone missing? Did Mai-Mai say anything to them? I feel bad being stuck here and not up there, guiding them, but there’s no way out.

I guess I was deep into my thoughts that I didn’t realize Atsuko was back until she stood behind the shower glass door. Even though the glass is not see-through, you can still make out the body behind it.

“Y-yes, Atsuko?” How long has she been standing there? Was she talking at all?

“I said, I brought you the clothes, but I guess you weren’t listening.” She sounded upset, or am I just being paranoid?

“Sorry, I was just thinking…”

“About what?”

“About my friends-“

“You miss them?” Why does she sound so cold?

“Y-yeah, I miss them-“

“Fine!” I heard the bathroom door slammed again. I sigh, again, feeling a little headache. I really don’t know what just happened. We were just having a conversation and then it turns into this. What is going on? I scratch my head, feeling frustrated.

I stayed under the warm water for a little while longer before stepping out. I dried my body, but my hair was still wet, and looked at the clothing Atsuko had brought me. I really don’t want to wear it, but I don’t want her to be more upset with me. I guess… wearing just the black shorts with red stripes should be enough.

I zapped on my pink bra and panty first, and then zapped on my Pure rank blouse. I look at the black shorts one more time, finally putting it on me physically. I turned to the full length mirror and examine myself. I look pretty good, not bad at all.

I walked out of the bathroom, looking for Atsuko. I heard a loud voice in the living room and headed there.

I hope Atsuko would be satisfied with this…


Third POV

Atsuko went to get the clothing she wants Minami to wear, but halfway back, she felt bad for forcing Minami to do something she doesn’t like.

She went into the bathroom, at the same time, telling Minami that she’s back with it. The Shiroi didn’t answer her, and so she went close to the shower glass door. Behind the glass, she can see Minami’s feature perfectly. Even though she can’t exactly see all the details, but just knowing that behind the door is a naked Minami, made Atsuko blush.

The shorter girl finally took notice of the Kuroi and apologizes for not listening. Curiosity got Atsuko asking for the reason. Minami replied honestly, telling the girl that she misses her friends, but the girl got mad. She was mad because she was jealous, she doesn’t want Minami to leave her. Atsuko left, slamming the door, which kind of startled the captain.

The Kuroi continues walking towards the living room, mumbling to herself, forgetting that the others was there to see her.

“Who got you angry?” Mariko spoke up, seeing the young angel.

Atsuko was surprised to see all of her friends there, staring at her. She felt a little embarrassed that they had to see that.

“Acchan~” The squirrel-like girl hugged her best friend, happy to see that she was fine.

“Get off me!” Atsuko said, and pushes Yuko away. The girl looks up at her best friend with sadness in her eyes. The shoulder length hair girl felt a little bad for doing that, but she remembered that they had betrayed her.

“You guys wanted to talk, so talk.” Atsuko walked over to her chair and sits down, waiting for the others to take their seats.

Mariko looks at her comrades, confirming that she will be the one to talk to Atsuko with the help of Yui.

“Okay, I don’t know what happened, but we didn’t betray y-“


“No, Atsuko, Mariko is right.” Yui contributed, stepping out of the shadow.

“Yui? What do you mean?”

“It’s my younger sister, Paru, she has the same goal as you. She wanted to take the throne too, but she has to take you out before she can do that.”


“She tricked you…” Yuko spoke up, pouting.

“We tried to tell you, but…” Yuki added.

“My sister has the ability to manipulate people and make them believe what she said was true. She lied to you about your friends, and told the queen on you. “

“I can’t believe I listened to her…” Atusko was dumbfounded by what she had just learned. 

“Don’t blame yourself, Acchan, it’s just a big misunderstanding.” Mariko smiled to her sister-like friend.

Atsuko took notice of Miichan hiding behind Mariko with her head poke out.

“Neh, if you are still brainwashed, please don’t hurt us.”

“What?” The young Kuroi was confused by what the gachapin girl had said.

“Yui said that you are brainwashed by the Shiroi Tenshi.” Mariko told her.

“Don’t let her control you!” The squirrel hyped up.

“She’s really strong.” Yuki commented.

“She’s scary…” Miichan’s scared.

“Where is she?” Mayu being curious
“Woh woh, guys, one at a time. Mariko, Yuko, I’m not brainwashed or being under control. Yuki, she is, isn’t she? Miichan, don’t be scared, she’s really nice. Mayu, she’s taking a shower right now, I think she’ll be out in a moment.”

Everyone went silent by Atsuko’s answers. They didn’t know what to make of it. Why does the girl seem happy talking about the Shiroi?

“Are you sure you aren’t brainwashed, Acchan? You were really out of control.” Mariko wants to confirm.

“I’m not brainwashed, and I’m sorry for not trusting you guys.” Atsuko starts tearing up.

“It’s okay, Acchan, we know it’s not your fault.” Mariko stood up, walking over to the girl. Atsuko stood up, and was being hugged by the older angel.


After Atsuko left, Minami continued to take her warm relaxing shower. The girl tried to understand what went wrong to make the Kuroi mad. Was it all about the clothing or was it something else? Either way she’ll find out from the girl.

She stepped out of the shower, drying herself, but her hair was still wet. She looked at the clothing Atsuko had brought her, and decided to just wear the shorts to make the Kuroi happy.

After checking herself to see if she looks good, she went to Atsuko’s room to look for her. She went to the closet, then the bathroom, but couldn’t find the young girl anywhere. She then heard of a loud voice.

“Don’t let her control you!”

Minami quickly rushes to the living room, seeing Atsuko crying with the older Kuroi’s arms around her. She thought her master was being hurt by the same girl a few days ago, releasing her heavy aura.

“What did you do to my Atsuko?!!!” Minami hissed with fire burning in her eyes.

All the Kuroi froze, feeling the same aura that they never wanted to felt again. They all shivered, remembering the battle that happened to them when they last sense the Shiroi’s energy, missing the claim that the Shiroi had on their friend.

Both, Yuko and Miichan, went behind the older Kuroi to hide. Yuki stood in front of Mayu, trying to protect the girl, but said girl was interested in seeing the Shiroi.  Atsuko still in Mariko’s arm, felt like she had just done something wrong.

They all finally took a closer look at Minami, even though the girl scrunches her eyebrows; her appearance had captivated them all. The one who got affected the most was none other than the master of the Shiroi.

“M-Minami~?” Atsuko stuttered out, taking in the appearance of her slave. Minami’s hair was long and semi wet, her blouse see-through with her cute pink bra, and her black/red shorts that the Kuroi had picked out for her. Minami was breathtaking, a definition of perfection.

“Did she hurt you again, Atsuko?” Minami was getting ready to attack the Kuroi, but the shoulder length hair girl stopped her. She tackled the Shiroi, wrapping her arms around the shorter girl’s neck.

“No, Minami, everything was just a big misunderstanding~” The angel wrapped her arms around her master, looking at the other Kurois. All of the girls felt uncomfortable under Minami’s gaze, but they certainly notice how the master and slave are closed with one another.

“Then why were you crying?” Minami looked at Atsuko with a sad expression, wiping away the taller girl’s tears. She cupped the young Kuroi’s face with her right hand, caressing the girl’s cheek.

“M-Minami…” Atsuko blushed at the show of affection from her Shiroi. They both stared into each other eyes, forgetting that the others were present. They were in a world of their own.

The other Kurois looked at each other, not sure on what to do. They were all wondering if something is going on between Atsuko and the Shiroi. One of them in particular has an idea of what will happen.

*Cough Cough* Mariko faked, trying to get their attention. They both turned to look at Mariko with arms still around each other. Atsuko got even redder while Minami was in a confused state.

“Atsuko, you didn’t tell me why you were crying…” Minami pouted, not receiving an answer from the girl she wanted to protect. Atsuko looked at her slave and find her to be really cute. The young Kuroi’s heart started to flutter, but she didn’t understand why.

The master took hold of her slave’s hand and brought them over to her friends.

“Minami, it turns out that my friends didn’t really betray me, it was a work of another Kuroi.”

“Really? Where are they? Do you want me to take care of it?” Minami’s concerned.

“Awww, Minami, you are so sweet~. Don’t worry about it; I’ve already dealt with her.” Atsuko said, smiling and feeling happy that Minami was so quick to protect her.

“Minami, I want you to meet my friends.”

“O-okay…” The Shiroi didn’t know how to face the friends that she had beaten.

“This is my sister-like friend, Mariko, she’s been taking care of me.”

“It’s nice to meet you and see your face clearly, without me being pounded.” The older angel teased.

“I-I’m really sorry about that, I thought you hurt Atsuko…” The short girl felt bad.

“I was just joking. By the way, I’m Shinoda Mariko, you can call me Mari-chan or Mariko-sama.”

“Ah hai, Takahashi Minami desu, you can call me Takamina. Again, I’m really sorry about hitting you.” Minami bows in apology.

“Minami~ Come here~” Atsuko beckons the Shiroi over to meet her other friends.

“Yes, Atsuko?” The short girl walked over to her master, standing next to the Kuroi.

“I want you to meet my other friends. This is Oshima Yuko, Kashiwagi Yuki, Minegishi Minami, but we call her Miichan, and –“

“Watanabe Mayu desu, but Mayu is fine. It is really cool to meet you.” The cyborg girl jumped in front to shake hands with Minami.

“Ah, hajimemashite, I’m Takahashi Minami, but you can call me Takamina.” The Shiroi smiled and shook Mayu’s hand. Atsuko, on the other hand, was glaring at the cyborg girl. Yuki sense the tension rising up, pulled Mayu back before she feels the Kuroi’s wrath.

“So you’re the famous Shiroi, you don’t look bad at all, in fact quite pretty.” Yuko commented, stepping closer to Minami.

“Thank you. You look good too.” The Shiroi said back, not wanting to seem rude. Atsuko took the compliments wrongly, started to release some of her energy subconsciously.

The other Kurois felt it and shivered, especially Yuko, the hair on her neck was sticking up. Minami has also sense the change in Atsuko mood, stood next to the girl, and wrapped her arms around the master’s waist.

Minami didn’t know why Atsuko’s mood changed, but she has a slight clue on the reason. She knows that communication is the key to prevent the similar misunderstanding from earlier.

“Atsuko.” The Shiroi snuggled closer to the Kuroi, laying her head on her master’s shoulder, and embracing her tighter. The taller of the two calmed a little, but the fire in her eyes is still evident.

“You’re the prettiest.” Minami whispered, not wanting the others to hear her.

Atsuko was completely tamed with a hint of blush on her cheeks. She finally encircled her arms around the Shiroi’s neck, hugging her close, and laying her own head on the shorter girl’s shoulder.

“Hontoo ni?” The Kuroi asked, sounding very insecure.

“Hontoo yo… You’re beautiful.” Minami reassured Atsuko, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek before pulling back, and smile. The master reciprocated the same expression.

The whole interaction was watched carefully by the other Kuroi Tenshi. A few of them have an idea of what will happen between the two, while the others are confused. One specifically, fear of the outcome, and wanting to do something…

“So, Acchan and Takamina, want to tell us how all this happened?” Mariko said, pointing at the two while flicking her index finger up and down.

“What do you mean?” Both of them asked.

“Why is a Shiroi here in the underworld?”

“That’s a long story; I think we should all sit down.” Atsuko said sitting in her rightful place, while the others does the same thing. Minami wasn’t sure on where to sit, decided to stand next to Atsuko’s left.

After a few minutes had passed, no one said anything.

“I thought we’re talking about me being here?” Minami asked.

“Yeah, but seeing you standing there is weird, and kind of scary.” Miichan replied, with others nodding their head.

“Eh? Why am I scary? Atsuko?” The Shiroi turns over to look at her master with puppy dog eyes.

“U-um… because of what happened a few days ago… y-yeah…” Atsuko stuttered out, looking away.

“Mocchi.” Mariko called out.

“Hai, Mariko-sama?”

“Can you find a chair that suits Takamina, and bring it here?”

“Hai, I’ll be right back.” Mocchi bows, and went to find a suited chair.

“Well then, while we’re waiting, let’s start.” Mariko intrigued.

Minami and Atsuko looked at each other, not sure on who should be telling the story. The Shiroi decided to do it and let the Kuroi relax.

“I was up there, talking to my queen in the rose garden, until we both heard a bell rang-”

Rena and Jurina suddenly came in to the living room, everyone was quiet as they all looked and noticed that Rena was shyly clinging behind Jurina.

"Uh, Jurina, what cha doin’?" Yuko asked as she saw the two closed together.

"Oh, Rena was just a bit shy about talking to everyone."

"Come 'ere, Jurina," Atsuko called out. "I want you to meet Minami."

"Eh? Oh?! You’re the Shiroi!” Jurina surprised.

"Hai, my name's Takahashi Minami, but my nickname is Takamina." She held out her arm and shook Jurina's hand. "Are you another one of Atsuko's maids?"

"Actually, I'm Yuko-san's maid. But, yes."

"Rena, is everything okay?" Atsuko asked. 

Rena just nodded as she was afraid of replying to her master, while clutching onto her clothing. Minami could clearly see that she had been crying, too.

Mocchi came back with an exact looking chair as Atsuko’s. The chair was black and silver, with red rubies on it. She set the chair to Atusko’s left, making it seems like there are two heads of household, instead of one.

“Thanks Mocchi.” Minami smiled making the tall girl blushed.

The Shiroi snapped her fingers, turning the chair white and gold, and turning the red rubies into pink spinel stones. The Kurois around her was amazed by the simple action.

“How did you do that?” Yuko asked, very curious.

“Um, I can’t explain… It’s just something you learned with lots of focus…”

“Ne, Mariko, can you do that?” Miichan nudges her girlfriend.

“No… I can’t…” Mariko felt a little embarrassed for not being able to do that.

Minami settled down onto her new chair, which was really comfortable. She turns to her right to look at Atsuko; said girl was smiling sweetly at her, which she reciprocated.

“Mocchi, can you bring us some food?” Miichan asked, feeling hungry.

“Hai.” Mocchi took her bow and went to get food for everyone.

“Takamina, continue with the story.” Mariko said.

“Ah, okay. My queen and I heard the bell rang, that hasn’t been rung for a thousand years. It indicated that a Kuroi Tenshi had come to earth. I told my queen that I would come down to check on things, and that she shouldn’t tell the others.”

Every Kuroi nodded their head in understanding. Though they couldn’t understand why she doesn’t want the others to know, and also, they all wondered what rank she is in.

Mocchi came back with some food. Everyone was enjoying it except for Minami, who couldn’t really eat the foods from hell.  Rena wasn't eating very much either. She was sitting in the corner of the room, eating only a piece of stale bread.

Minami thought it was a little saddening to see her not eat as much as everyone, so she took her plate and set it down beside her.

"Here. You're not gonna grow up and get strong, if you don't eat properly."

"I-I..." Rena turned her gaze away from the plate of cooked meat, but the Shiroi just thought she was ignoring her.

"Go on, Rena. You wanna become strong for Atsuko, don't you?" Minami encouraged.

"I... I-I don't eat m-meat..."

Rena kept glancing over, still seeing the meat she hated so much. Whenever she looked at it, a horrible vision flashed into her head, threatening to bring out the monster in her. Minami saw how she was shivering, trying to keep whatever was bothering her from coming out. She was starting to hyperventilate as she pushed the plate away and curled herself into a tight ball.

"I... I'm sorry, Rena. I didn't mean to--"

"It’s okay..." she said with tears coming down from her eyes. "I'll be fine."

"Mou~" Yuko came up and patted her head, pulling out something from her pocket. "Here. A little bird told me that you like melonpan."

At the word melonpan, Rena's eyes lit up as she grabbed it from Yuko's hands and started eating it happily.

"Eh? You really do like it, don't you?"


Takamina leaned closer to the Kuroi. "Who told you?"

"Acchan did. Better keep a few melonpans around in case she needs encouragement or she looks like she's gonna starve to death. Also, the only meat I've seen her scarf down was when it was this super spicy chicken. Rena likes spicy food." Yuko advised.

"OK, I'll keep that in mind." Minami smiled at Yuko, but she’s smiling more at the fact that Atsuko was caring towards her maids.

“Minami~” Atsuko called out, not liking the proximity between her slave and her best friend. The Kuroi had a slight fire in her eyes, but was completely extinguish, the moment the Shiroi came running over immediately.

“Hai~” Minami smiled sweetly at her master, causing the young girl to blush.

“I think you should continue on with the story.”

“Un~ “

“Actually, before you continue, I believe we all want to know why you don’t want to tell the others and what rank are you?” Mariko got the nods from the other angels and even Atsuko.

“I don’t want others to know because I don’t want them to worry, and since they are young, they don’t really have any experiences with the Kuroi Tenshi.” Minami explained.

“What about your rank?” Yuko hyped up.

“Um… I rather not tell you guys…” The Shiroi doesn’t want to let the others know that she’s the leader, the captain, the only Pure rank angel above.

“Why not?” Mayu asked.

“I-I don’t feel comfortable with it.”

“Okay, we respect that, please continue.” Mariko said.

“I went down to earth, seeing many of the humans turning into demons. After a while, I found Atsuko injecting her blood to a poor soul. We battled it out, though I wasn’t really trying to fight. Finally, I sacrifice myself using the holy dagger to save mankind. Then Atsuko uses her blood to save me… so now I’m her slave…” Minami told the short side of the story. She doesn’t feel it’s necessary to tell the Kurois of the other stuff.

Everyone was silent. Atsuko was thankful that Minami didn’t told the entire story.

“Is that it?!” Yuko stood up.

“Uh, yeah, why?”

“I thought there would be more action!” Yuko was really disappointed.

“Yeah, I thought there would be something more too…” Miichan chirped in.

“That’s all there is to it guys!” Atsuko spoke up, silencing everyone.

“I think it’s really cool to have a Shiroi as a slave. You did good Acchan.” Mayu gave the Kuroi a thumb up.

“Thanks Mayu. It’s getting late; you guys should stay the night.” The young girl offered.

“Thanks Acchan.” Mariko said.

“It’s nothing. You guys know where your rooms are.” Everyone started heading towards their room.

“Neh, where does Takamina sleep?” Yuko being curious.

“I sleep in the room next to Atsuko’s.” Minami answered.

“Tch, really? I thought –“

“You thought what, Yuko?” Atsuko gave the squirrel a scary smile which shuts her up immediately.

They all finally reach their room and all at once.


Atsuko and Minami were the only one left, standing at their room’s door.

“Oyasumi, Atsuko.”

“Un~ Oyasumi, Minami.”

They both smiled at each other and went inside to their room.


Minami POV

Today was a long and tiring day. I really liked Atsuko’s friend, they seem really nice. I look outside the window and at the moon. I wonder why we’re enemies…

I yawned and went into my in suite bathroom. The rose is completely healthy now, and blooms nicely. I sniff the rose, recalling my home place, right next to the rose garden. I would go there often, just to clear my mind. I miss that place…

I snapped my fingers to quickly change into my sleeping clothes. I was too exhausted to change them physically. I hopped onto the bed and already feeling like its heaven. I shut my eyes, getting ready for sleep to take over, but something seems to be missing. I turned over to my right, breathing in and out, like I usually do.

My body is dead, but my mind can’t seem to cooperate. I don’t know why, but something just doesn’t feel right.

What is it?...


Atsuko POV

After saying good night to Minami, I went into my in suite bathroom to do my rituals before going to bed. I took my make-up off and brush my teeth, running the day’s event through my mind.

I know all of them have each other’s, but are they interested in Minami?...

I changed into my sleeping clothes and went to my bed. I lay down on top of my pillow, but it doesn’t feel comfortable for some reason. It feels weird, like I am missing something to help me sleep.

I turned to the left side, the place where Minami had occupied for the past few days. This bed seems so big now.  I scooted over to that empty space, trying to fall asleep.

It smells like her…

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@lurker17: Hmm okay, I believe you -_- and no worries; I will still update Shiroi x Kuroi if people would still want to read them after knowing that it’ll just be me writing it.
@black_maa: I have no clue what I’m writing in each chapter each, but I guess, I’m just stringing everyone along for the ride :P I can’t really say who Minami will pick either, so it’ll remain confusing to all of us haha. Thank you, will try my best with school even though I hate it, and I noticed you changed your avatar. Who is it or what anime?
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@Drakon: The whole fact of Minami turning into a boy, Kai, is what makes me pissed off lol. I also agree that Kai = Nami which doesn’t not = Minami because even though we both know it’s Minami, their character is slightly different. Thanks :)
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@Tanchan: Well, Atsuko wasn’t really aware of Minami’s feelings, so she thought the girl had fallen out of love with her. You’re right though, the mission will be more of gaining trust, but also re-being in love with Atsuko. She’ll want to show Minami the great feeling they have when they’re together and all that. Yes, I’m well aware you want an AtsuMina ending, while everyone else is find with either. Awww thanks, I can’t get all A’s back, but I’ll be back with the hope of passing all my classes haha.

I'm supposed to be on break until school is over, but i'm pretty sure we've all heard the sad news coming from one of our favorite girls...

Takahashi Minami aka Takamina, had announced her graduation on 12/4/14, AKB's 9th year anniversary. She said that she'll graduate the same time next year in 2015, so we only have 1 year left to support her and show our love.

I honestly cried this morning after finding out because it was just 'out of nowhere,' and it's a few days after the fake graduation too...

Anyway, please enjoy the long awaited update on Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi. If you don't remember and want to reread them... well, I upload chapter 1-6 right before this, so just scroll up and re-read them :)


Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi

Chapter 7

Third Person POV

Minami woke up from her restless night of sleep. She’s too tired to open her eyes fully. She quickly grabbed her towel and went to the bathroom across the hall to take a shower.

She was too exhausted to notice the bathroom was being used; she walked in putting her stuff on the counter. She started brushing her teeth, still not noticing the clothes discarded on the floor, and the water running.

Her eyes were still not fully opened as she finished with her cleaning. She started taking off her clothes, one by one with her tank top and bra first, followed by her pants and panty. Minami covered her mouth with her left hand as she was yawning and reach out with her right to pull the shower glass door.


On the other side of the shower glass, the moment Minami stepped in; Atsuko had already noticed and started observing the older girl.  It amuses the taller girl that the Shiroi hadn’t notice someone was already using the bathroom.

Atsuko grinned, shaking her head, not believing an angel like Minami would be vulnerable like this. She continues to watch the shorter girl through the glass door, even though it is translucent, she can still make out of the movement.

The Kuroi still standing in the same place with water running down her backside, started to blush, as she saw Minami stripping. She hadn’t really seen anyone naked before. The taller girl continues to watch, as Minami reaches her hand out to open the shower glass door.


Minami stepped into the shower and closes the door behind her. She reached out to turn the water on, but couldn’t find the knob. She continues to roam her hand around not noticing that she had been touching Atsuko smooth wet skin.

Atsuko stood dumbfounded, she can’t believe Minami still hadn’t notice that she was in there and now she is being molested by the shorter girl. The Kuroi leans her head a bit to the side so the water can run onto Minami’s face.

Minami finally felt the warm water running down her features, stopped her exploration for the knob. She stepped in closer to Atsuko; they are both now face to face with the Shiroi’s eyes still closed. 

An idea had popped up into Atsuko’s mind; she smirked and stepped even closer to Minami, waiting for the girl to open her eyes. The shorter girl felt something came into contact with her body.

Minami reached out and her hand was placed onto Atsuko’s hip. She rubbed her hands up and down feeling the smooth wet skin beneath her, not understanding why it was curvy. She then moves her hands to Atsuko’s back, still rubbing up and down, feeling the same smooth wet skin, but with added lean muscle and shoulder blades. I don’t think I’ve ever felt a wall or a shower stand like this before… is this new?

Minami slips her hands slowly down Atsuko’s back, all the way down to her nice cute round butt. The Kuroi was blushing really hard, she didn’t expect the shorter girl to touch her, let alone groping her… groping? Indeed Minami is now squeezing Atsuko’s butt, the feeling was quite new to Minami and she actually likes it. She continues to squeeze a few more times, until it registered into her head that walls and shower stand surely does not have something soft and round like this.

The Shiroi finally decided to open her eyes and came face to face with none other than her master, hands still on the butt. Atsuko face was flushed red; she was biting the bottom of her lips cutely, while looking down shyly. Minami’s eyes widened in shock, she can now see clearly and it took her a moment to react because of the taller girl’s cuteness.

“Gah!” Minami quickly step back, but slipped and fall on her behind.

She looks up from the ground, seeing everything that Atsuko has to offer with water still running down her body, as she finally reached up to the taller girl’s face, she swallowed really hard, afraid that she might have to face the Kuroi’s wrath.

“I-I-I didn’t know y-you were u-using the b-bathroom.” Minami blushed and stuttered, looking away from her master’s sexy body. She has completely forgotten that she was also naked herself.

Atsuko smirked seeing the Shiroi’s red face.  She bent down to Minami’s level, holding the shorter girl’s chin to look at her. They both stare into each other’s eyes, captivated by what they see. 

The Kuroi slowly lean in, inch by inch, as she continues to stare into Minami’s lighter brown eyes. However, the shorter girl is panicking; she was too stunned to move. I-is she trying to k-kiss me? It’ll be my f-faausto k-kisu!

As Atsuko is getting closer to her lips, Minami closed her eyes to brace herself, but at the last second, the Kuroi move to the older girl’s right ear.

“Ne… Minami,” Atsuko whispered huskily. Minami couldn’t help, but to shiver to the sexy voice.

“Do you like what you see?” The master continues to whisper into the slave’s ear before blowing it slightly, causing the girl under her to gasp.

“Because I like what I see…” Atsuko laid her right hand onto Minami’s tone abs, caressing the smooth soft skin. The Shiroi finally opens up her eyes to stare at the hand on her body. She looks back and forth between Atsuko and the hand a few times before it registered into her mind that she was also naked.

Minami turns completely red and started to cover up her body with her arms. She tried to back away, but her back hits the glass door. She looks at Atsuko, she feels like she was a prey about to be eaten by her predator. For once, she was actually scared for her life, actually more like her purity.

Atsuko saw the frighten look in the shorter girl’s eyes and couldn’t help, but giggled in the inside. She never thought teasing Minami would be this fun. Did she really think that I was gonna do something? I kinda want to though…

Minami still unknown to the fact that this was just a joke starts struggling to open the door while still shielding herself from Atsuko’s gaze. She was finally able to open the glass door and burst out.

“A-Atsuko, gomen, p-please continue with your shower. I’ll u-use it l-later.” Minami bow then turns around to rush out of the door into her own room, leaving Atsuko behind.

The Kuroi saw Minami’s cute butt as the short girl ran out, as Takamina forgot to cover her backside. Atsuko stood back up and chuckled, going back to the task at hand before the Shiroi had interrupted her.

Atsuko stands under the showerhead, warm water running down her perfect body. First, down her angelic face, to her soft neck, the valley of her amazing round breast, her gorgeous abs, down her tone legs, and finally to her cute red painted toes.

“Ahhh~ It feels good~.”


Minami, on the other hand, was a nervous wreck. She reached her room and closed it, leaning her back against the door. The Shiroi closes her eyes and take a deep breath, images of naked Atsuko constantly popping up into her head.

“Damn it!” She let out another breath before zapping on a new tank top and short shorts.

Minami starts working out in her room, doing push-ups and sit-ups, to take her mind off of her master’s wet body, but it didn’t work. Atsuko’s smooth tone body still pops up in her head.

The Shiroi decided to work-out outside of the castle. She walked up to the front door, bracing for impact, but she was able to reach it. She opened the door and stepped outside. She didn’t know that Atsuko had already taken the spell off so that she can roam around.

The captain got into the horse stance, standing there with both her fist on the side for a few minutes, concentrating on her energy. As she punches her fist straight forward, her energy releases with it, exploding the boulders.  She continues to do that a couple of times, breaking all of the surrounding rocks.

The ruckus was heard by the other Kuroi Tenshis. They went out to the front of the field witnessing Minami’s power. None of them made a sound, they didn’t want to be on the receiving end of the attack, and end up like the crumbled stones.

Minami stood up straight, focusing her strength towards her feet. She jumped and did a spin kick, releasing the sharp energy, splitting a bigger boulder in half. The cut was clean and smooth.

Acchan is so lucky to have the Shiroi…

Holy cow, I could have died…

Bakemono da…

If this is her true power, then I am really weak…

Just what is this girl? Maybe she can teach us a few things…

Each of the Kurois has their own thoughts while watching Minami. The leader was well aware that she was being observed from the beginning, but continued with her exercise anyway. She had to get rid of the image that doesn’t seem to want to go away.

Minami tries one last time. She uses both of her hand to form her ball of energy. She searches for a faraway wall and aims at it. Normally with this move, she would use her own hand to push the ball towards her target, but that would have been too much power. Another option is that she could morph the ball into any shape or weapon she wants, and uses it as a replacement for the real things. Though, she settles for throwing it instead. As the ball connected with the rocks, a gigantic dent was created.

Mayu, Yuki, Miichan, and Yuko dropped their jaws, while Mariko kept a straight face. The Shiroi smirked, and went towards them.

“Something wrong, guys?” Minami asked, sweat glistening on her skin.

There is certainly something wrong, but none of those eyes or the person herself noticed it.  Takamina’s aura had slightly changed from what she had before. Her usual energy is white with a hint of pink, but now, the white has turned silver-ish.

What can that possibly mean?


Atsuko POV

After Minami left, I went back to cleaning myself. This warm water helps me relax as I couldn’t get much sleep last night. I reach my right hand up to my left chest, placing my palm there. Why was my heart beating so fast?

Images of naked Minami ran through my mind again as I spaced off. I shook my head to clear the image, but her tone abs and muscle are just captivating. I reach down to my belly, rubbing it, as it is letting me know that I need food.

I finish with my shower, and dried myself off. I put on my Wrath outfits, and combed my hair. I applied a little make-up on with some lip gloss, and I’m done. I twirl around, checking myself out with the full length mirror.

“I look good~” I chuckled.

I step out into the hallway, trying to find Minami, but I heard a ruckus outside. I walked towards the front door, and by the time I reached there, Minami was walking towards me and the others. I notice that her skin was glistening, and I just wanna… help her wipe it off…

“Something wrong, guys?” I heard her asked, but it seems she didn’t see me. I step forward, towards the center of the group, waiting for her. She looks surprised seeing me standing here.


“Minami~” I smiled at her. Now that I can see her close, I noticed she was sweating.

What was she doing?

“What are you doing here?”

“I heard a ruckus, so I came, but they were already here.” I pointed to the group behind me.

“Yeah, I’ve been noticing them for a while now.” She shrugs, smirking at my friends.

I turned around to look at them with my eyebrow raised. They opened their eyes wide, either in shock or in fear. I’m not sure.

“Why were you guys here?” I asked my friends. They all looked at each other.

“Just like you, we heard some loud noises, and saw her training.” Mariko spoke up, giving me her poker face.

“You were training?” I turned to Minami and asked her.

She looks down for some reason, and it took her a few moments before she looks back up at me. Is that a blush?

“Y-yeah, to not lose any strength or muscle… hehehe” She’s acting weird, and did I hear her whispered something?

“Ah sou? Hmmm okay~ Lets go have breakfast~” I took hold of one of her arms and pulled her inside.

“Mocchi!” Miichan yelled out.

“Hai, Minegishi-sama?” Asuka came and bows.

“We’re hungry, Mocchi, make us something with eggs, beacon, and pancakes~”

“Hai, it’ll be half an hour, please wait.” Mocchi then left to the kitchen.

We all went to our seat to have a chat. I was still holding on to Minami’s arm, and now laying my head on her shoulder. I’m so comfortable right now. She’s such a good pillow, and it’s only for me~

“Takamina, we want to ask you something again.” Mariko said. My ears perked up, hearing that she wanted to know something about Minami.

“Um, okay, what is it?”

“Can you train us?” Mariko’s face was so serious. I rarely get to see that.

“What do you mean?” I looked up at Minami with curiosity, then look back at Mariko.

“Why do you want her to train you guys?” I asked, feeling like I’ve missed something.

“You didn’t see her, Acchan, she was sooo kakkoii!” Mayuyu hyped up.

“We could have died, Acchan!” Miichan exaggerated.

“She’s a bakemono!” Yukirin said with one of her reactions.

“She’s… really strong…” Yuko seems deflated.

“Takamina is strong, and it would benefit us if she trains us.” Mariko kept a straight face.

“Minami~ what did you do?” I got off her shoulder to face her fully.

“I-I didn’t do anything… I was just working out…”

Before we could continue with our conversation, Mocchi brought us our breakfast. Wah, it looks sooo good, I want to quickly dive in.

“Thanks Mocchi.” All of us said as she retreated.

Everyone was enjoying their meal, but I notice Minami is not touching hers.

“Minami? Why won’t you eat?”

“I can’t, Atsuko, remember?” Minami pouted at me. Gah, she is sooo cute, but she has to eat something.

“Just a little bit, should be fine, right?” I encourage her.

“I guess…” She looks at the breakfast, and started cutting her pancakes. She took a small piece and placed it in her mouth. I watched her close to see her reaction.

“Hmmm, oishii.” She smiled at me. I’m glad she’s able to eat something. I continued on with my food, almost finishing, but still felt hungry.


Minami POV

Atsuko drag me inside to have breakfast with the others following us. We all sat down in the same place as yesterday, chatting with each other.

Suddenly, Mariko asked me to train them, but I wasn’t sure on what she was asking. She clarifies with the others input. I had to chuckle a bit at their reactions, but I don’t know if I could train them. Wouldn’t that betray my own people? I can’t help them defeat my friends…

Mocchi came in time to deliver us breakfast. I’m glad I don’t have to answer to her now, but I couldn’t even enjoy these good looking foods in front of me.

Seems Atsuko took notice and encouraged me to try some. I should really get used to eating hell’s food. I took a small bite of the pancakes, and I gotta admit, it taste really good.

I look over at Atsuko eating her food. She’s almost done with it, but there seems to be a little frown on her face. Is she still hungry? That was a lot of food though. I look at my own plate, knowing that I couldn’t eat a lot anyway; I put half of my pancake with bacon and eggs on her plate.

She turns to look at me with sparkly eyes, which I find very adorable. She kept looking back and forth between me and the food. I chuckled at her cuteness.

“Minami? Why are you giving me your food?” She asked confused.

“It seems you are still hungry, and I couldn’t finish them, so I gave it to you.” I smiled at her, but she pouted.

“Who said I was hungry? You trying to call me fat?” She turned her head to the side.

“You’re far from fat, Atsuko…” I leaned over to her ear, whispering, “You’re perfect.”

She turned over facing me.  Our face was an inch from each other. I blushed hard and pulled back, quickly looking up to see if any of the others noticed, but thank god they didn’t.

I side glance over at Atsuko and it seems she was also blushing. Images of her this morning ran through my mind again. I cupped my head trying to think of something else, but it was no use.

“Minami~ are you okay?” I heard her asked. I looked up to see everyone was looking at me. The roses on my cheeks increase by all the eyes.

“Y-yeah, I’m fine.” I gave her the best smile I could manage to ease her worries.

She then reaches her hand onto my forehead. I guess she was checking to see if I was really okay.

“Hontoo desu ka?”

“Hai, hontoo yo.”

“Takamina, you never answered my question.” Mariko spoke up.

Crap, I was hoping she’ll forget about it. Now, everyone was staring at me, and I didn’t know what to do.

“Minami, you don’t have to train us if you don’t want to.” Atsuko smiled at me. I can tell that she meant it.

I reach under the table to take hold of her left hand. I entwine our fingers together and gave it a squeeze, showing her my appreciation. I don’t think Atsuko has any intention in defeating the Shiroi’s Tenshi anymore, but I’m not sure about Mariko.

“If you can tell me why you want me to train you guys, then depending on your answer, I may or may not agree to it.” I thought that was a pretty fair trade. If it’s something against my kind then I won’t do it, but it’s just for strengthening them then that should be fine.

“I hate to admit it, but we are all weak…” She said while looking at each and every one of her friends.

“I’m supposed to be the older sister, the strongest of them all, but I couldn’t even lay a hand on you… Actually, Acchan is the strongest one of us all if she continues to stay in Sinner mode…”

I looked over at Atsuko, my beloved master, with wide eyes. I knew she was strong, considering I was the one to taste her transformation, but I guess she wasn’t completely in Sinner mode for me to fully experience her power.

“What I’m trying to say is, please help us get stronger to defend ourselves if anything were to happen… I promise you that it’s not to get revenge on the Shiroi’s or anything like that, but if they do attack us first then at least we’ll be on equal terms…” Mariko was really trying to choose her words carefully, and I didn’t sense any ill intent in her, so maybe I can train them.

“Okay…” I let out with a sigh.


“Yes, I’ll train you guys.”

“Yatta!” Everyone yelled out in joy.

“Se no… Arigatou Takamina~” They all said in unison, bringing a smile to my face.

I felt a squeeze on my hand, so I looked over at Atsuko. She was giving me one of those special smiles of her that I love to see. Her nose wrinkled smile is the best.

“When can you train us?”

I looked over at Atsuko so she can make the decision. Whenever is fine with me since I’m used to doing it all the time when I was up there.

“Why don’t we take Minami around down here to explore first before we start?”

“I guess that is fine.” Every else nodded in agreement. They all went back to finishing up their food so we can all leave.


Third POV

It’s been more than a week since Takamina, the only Pure rank Shiroi Tenshi, haven’t returned to them. Knowing that their leader is strong, it shouldn’t even take a day, half a day would have been the maximum.

Her underlings have been worried, as they didn’t know what to do. They are completely lost without their captain there guiding them.

There’s only so much a Saint rank can do. Sure, they can train the lower rank angels, but they can’t improve themselves without a leader. Tomochin and Sayaka have been working hard, filling in the position, while Haruna continues to be the airhead that she is.

“You guys, I’m really worried. Takamina hasn’t returned yet… and she didn’t tell us where she was going either…” Akimoto voiced out her frustration.

“Yeah, I know… what should we do?” Tomochin asked, but got many heads shaking in return.

“We could go ask our Queen, chiyuu.”

“If anyone were to know, it would definitely be her, but where can we find her?” Sae never really met the Queen besides for formal events.

“Maybe Haruna would know?” Tomochin said as the four of them turned to the girl who’s spacing out.

Sensing many eyes on her, she finally snapped out, and cocked her head over at them.


“Would you know where our Queen is at?” Sayaka step forward.

“I think the rose garden… Takamina usually go there and talk to her. Why?” By asking such a simple question, many glares were thrown at her.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed your best friend is gone for the whole week!” Tomochin was a little irritated with Nyan Nyan for being so careless.

“Tomochin, you can’t blame her, she’s always like that…” The older girl tries to calm her friend down.

“Ugh, let’s just go ask.” Itano took off with the others flying behind.

Once all four of them reach the gate to the garden, they stopped to see if their Queen was there. Sae was about to walk through the gate, but was quickly held back by her girlfriend.

“Stop, rules stated that we can’t go in.”

“How else are we gonna find her?”

“We could try calling for her, chiyuu.”

“Queen!” The moment her lover suggested in calling out, that’s what Tomochin did.



“Yes, yes, I’m coming.”

The girls heard her voice, looked at each other with relief. They were glad that the queen was really there.

“Oh… Tomochin, Sayaka, Sae, Tomo~mi, what’s wrong?” The fall girls bow down, but were quickly dismissed since Mai never really liking the bowing.

“Takamina has been missing for so long, we’re really worried… We thought that you might know something since she reports everything to you.” Sayaka said, concerned.

“I see… well…”

“Well?” Tomochin was impatient, but she quickly remembers her position.

“I’m sorry my queen.”

“I know you guys are worried… and it is really rare for Minami to be gone for so long, so I wonder what had happened too…”

“So… what did happen?” The question was thrown out, but Mai-Mai doesn’t know if she should disclose the information since Takamina had instructed her not to. The Queen had been waiting for her friend’s return, but there was no news, so she’s also concerned.

“Okay… a week ago, after she sparred with you guys, she came here to the rose garden. While we were having a chat… the bell had rung-“


“Minami said she’ll go check, so she flew down there, but that’s all I know…”

“Do you guys think Takamina has been defeated by a Kuroi?” Sae asked.

“Of course not, Takamina is the strongest out of all of us, even them. She’s fine. She has to be fine!” Tomochin was really emotional at the moment.

“Tomo…” Kasai rubs her girlfriend’s back, trying to soothe the girl.

“My Queen, is there a way to find her?” Akimoto immediately asked.

“You can try and track her aura, but only high power angels can do it…”

The four girls upset. They knew what the Queen had meant, and know that their not strong enough to initiate such technique. Even though the Queen has the power to do so, she can only guide the young ones to achieve their goals. She’s only the Queen in name. She can’t really get involve with the training.

“If the five of you can put all of your powers together, then it might be possible that you guys can feel her presence, and transfer there…”

“Five of us?” Sae was confused.

“You need Haruna too. Don’t forget, she’s also your comrade, even if she’s a bit…”

They understood what Mai had meant. They made eye contact with each other and agreed to the plan of finding their captain.

“My Queen… Please grant us permission to find our leader.” The four girls bow.

“Permission granted.”


As everyone stood up, getting ready to leave the castle, Mariko spoke up about Minami’s appearance.

“Takamina, do you think you can change into one of our clothing or at least change it to our colors?”

“U-um… I’m not comfortable wearing a Kuroi’s color when I’ve been a Shiroi for so long…”

“She could wear a hoody to cover up her face and white blouse.” Mayu suggested.

Minami immediately zapped a hoody on with a snap of her fingers, but the color isn’t exactly what they were hoping for either.

“It needs to be black or red or silver, Takamina…” Yuko commented.

“Come on, Minami, it’s just the hoody. You’ll still wear white inside.” Atsuko looks at her slave with puppy dog eyes, hoping that the shorter girl would agree to it.

“O-okay, I’ll try.” With another snap, the hoody changed from white to silver. That’s the closest color that Minami could manage since red and black was still too dark of a color for her.

“I guess that will do. Where should we go first?” Mariko asked.

“Shopping~” and with that, Acchan pulled the Shiroi out of her castle with her, spreading her wings to fly.

The leader let go of the hand and remained on the ground to watch her master in the air.

The others try to understand why the long hair girl was not following suit. They all watch her for a moment until realization came. She was, still is, a Shiroi Tenshi. Her wings would be white, and that would attract unwanted attention.

“I guess we just all have to walk there…” Miichan groans.

“No, it’s okay, I got this.” Acchan swoop down standing in front of Minami. She then wraps her arm around the girl’s waist and lifts both of them up.

Takamina was amazed by the strength Atsuko possessed. She held onto her master’s neck, not wanting to fall, but it would have been okay if she did.

“Wow, Acchan, when did you get so strong?” Yuko teased.

“I’ve always been. You just never get to see it.” The young girl sticks her tongue out at her friend as they all continue to fly into town.

Yes, up there and down here, have similar things to earth. If they don’t have a shopping mall or grocery outlet, where would they buy what they need?

As they reached the biggest and only shopping mall in the underworld, they slowed down, descending themselves.

The captain’s eyes wanders around, taking in the sight before her.  There are many things she hasn’t seen before, or maybe she has, but they’re just in different colors.

“See anything you like?” Atsuko whispered, observing the face that she misses last night, even though the face was sheltered by the hoody.

“It’s really amazing. There are so many people and so many things.”

“Come on, let’s go inside.” Acchan grabbed hold of Takamina’s hand as they walk into the sliding door of the mall, looking like a normal couple.

“What is this place?”

“Our shopping mall is placed exactly beneath Tokyo’s mall. This is the closest we can get to earth.” Maeda pointed upward, as both her and Takahashi looks up to see human walking on top. The mall is very tall so it reaches earth, but the humans can’t see them like they can.

“Aren’t they a bit too close?” Yuki wonders. The group heard the questions except for the two who just walked in. They left the question unanswered, as they don’t know what to think of it themselves.

“Oooh, I want a strawberry milkshake~” The young pointed towards the shop that sells ice cream and shakes.

“What kind of currency do they take down here?”

“Hmm? Dollars, just like earth… what about you?” The question was new to Acchan. She never had to wonder that before, and now she’s curious.


“We use dollars too. I guess that’s what the different races have in common.” Takamina walked with her master into the shop. She ordered what her master had wanted and paid for it as well.

“Here you go, Atsuko-sama.” Minami teased the girl by bending down slightly and offering the milkshake with both hands. She earned a playful slap from the girl, causing them both to laugh.

“We should get you some clothes.”

“Even though I won’t be wearing them?”

“It’s good to have when you want to wear them or if you want to try them or if we need to disguise you as one of us.” The Kuroi does have a good point, and so Takamina agrees to go shopping for her clothes.

“Okay, but not something too extravagant or dark…” The Shiroi would still prefer to wear lighter colors if she can, but if she can’t then she’ll try to adapt to it.


While Takamina is shopping with her newly made friends down there, her Shiroi comrade was combining their power to feel where she was at up here.

“Muri desu!” Itano was frustrated as there was no result shown.

“You need to calm down, Tomochin.” Akimoto advised.

“We’re not strong enough!”

“You need to believe. She’s still out there, I know it. Think of her, focus on her aura, and we’ll be able to find her.”

The five girls were sitting in a circle, hands holding each other as they try to concentrate on finding their leader.

“You guys felt that?”

“We’ll get a stronger vibe if we keep it up.”

Due to their hard work, they were able to sense a tiny aura. It wasn’t strong enough to pinpoint the exactly location, but it gives them hope in finding the girl.

While the girls were focusing on find their friend, the Queen was at a distance, watching them.

There was a look on her face that was mixed with emotions. She was worried and wanted to find Takamina, but she also doesn’t want to find her.

It’s not that the Mai didn’t want her trust worthy leader back, but as a Queen, she can feel that her friend was slipping away. She was slipping and falling in love with someone, and that is not a bad thing because everyone deserves a soul mate. It’s just the soul mate is not from their realm of Tenshis, but from a different set of Tenshis.

Mai-Mai can only hope for the best because she doesn’t really have much power to do anything. Queen she may be, but there is always a higher up.

She walks back to the rose garden where she last saw her friend, smelling the white roses as she sighs.

Minami, wherever you are, I hope you have fun…


Shopping was over after a few hours. Each and every one of the Kuroi Tenshi held a bag as Acchan was holding Takamina to bring them home.

“Welcome home minna-sama.” Kuramochi and Matsui was there to greet them.

“Make us some tea, and snacks guys.” Miichan told them as they went to fulfill their master’s friend’s wish.

“We’re gonna go put the stuff in the room.” The master said as she and her slave took the bags from their friends and went into the master bedroom.

“Minami~” The younger girl went behind to hug the other girl.

“Nani?” The Shiroi turned over to face the girl, wrapping her own arms around the Kuroi’s neck.

“Nothing. I just wanted to hug you.” Acchan grins widely.

“You’re really adorable, you know that?” Takamina pokes her master’s cheek, laughing at the girl’s reaction.

“Oi! We’re waiting on you, Takamina!” Yuko yelled out from the living room. Everyone was excited to be trained, to be stronger than they are now.

“I guess it’s time to train.” The Shiroi chuckles.

“Mou~ I want to spend more time with you.” The younger girl pouted.

“Well… I can give you special extra attention?” The shorter girl winked, making the other blush.

“I would like that very much.” A grin was adorned on the Kuroi’s face. She took hold of her slave’s hand and walked out to their friends.

Today should be a fun day full of touching and sweat glistening…


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Alright, jya ne.
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Re: [AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi Chapter 7 (12/8/14)
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One question Lezperv-san - You already have the ending of the story (Nisemono)? Or you still think about it?

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Re: [AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi Chapter 7 (12/8/14)
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One question Lezperv-san - You already have the ending of the story (Nisemono)? Or you still think about it?

Hm hm hm, I am waiting Nisemono to XD

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Re: [AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi Chapter 7 (12/8/14)
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 :heart:  :heart:  :heart: more atsumina pls
i love your fanfic
more acchan tsundere pls and takamina manly

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Re: [AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi Chapter 7 (12/8/14)
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Yay! Atsumina!!  XD XD
Is it just me or their relationship is like S&M? o.o
So anyway, I'm looking forward for your next update! :twothumbs
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Re: [AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi Chapter 7 (12/8/14)
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Ah... That's great that you load the story again...

I enjoyed reading them again... after so long

Mai already had feeling that Minami was changing...

Her Aura is silvering now... is that mean she is turning to Kuroi soon?

Would the other Shiroi angels able to track down Minami?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to see

Thank you for the updates

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi Chapter 7 (12/8/14)
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Gonna wait for the next chapter of Nisemono and Shiroi Kuroi Tenshi.
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Re: [AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi Chapter 7 (12/8/14)
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Yeah,atsumina always give me some spirit somehow  :on drink:

Yey! U do my wish to continue shiroi x kuroi tenshi  :fap
Arigatou ^^
Please keep updatong even u busy.
I will waiting.
Its better waiting ur fanfic than waiting the day that takamina graduated  :fainted: :badluck:


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[AtsuMina] Futari 1a (12/26/14)
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@jumpcx: Lol, are you complaining that it’s pervy? Though I wouldn’t use pervy to describe the funny/sexy scene. Don’t AtsuMina always have a special connection? Lmao and love will prevail… even though there may be some bumpy road ahead…
@black_maa: Ah, I’m glad you liked it and thought it was funny :D. Honestly I’m not very good a writing funny/comedy things, but glad the shower scene went through lol… I’ve already wrote that scene where they found Minami, but I have to writer other stuff that comes before that… gonna take time -_- and you used an avatar that was 6 years ago? You should put one of your Oshimen instead lmao.
@Drakon: Woh, what’s with the direct question? I’m still thinking about it… I don’t think I’ll reach the ending that soon to even have thought about it…
@ubulubulbilu: I would think people would be happy that I’ve updated the long awaited Shiroi/Kuroi, but I’m glad to know that Nisemono is still in demand. I’ll always working on one fic or the other, so please have patience for me :)
@triela: Ah thank you for liking my fics :) I can try writing more tsundere Atsuko, but that’s hard for me. I won’t make Minami manly at all, depending what you meant by manly, because I’ve never really like the fact that people keeps thinking of her as a boy.
@korin48: Lol how is there relationship S&M? I mean, sure Atsuko is the master, and Minami is the slave… but that’s pretty much it haha. Thanks for commenting :D
@cisda83: I will never give up, no matter how many years it’ll take for me to finish it lol. Ah! You’re the only one who noticed Minami’s aura changing ^_^ and I can’t really disclose any information until it’s written. Thanks for commenting.
@phoenix0i: Hi there ^_^ I’ve never seen you around here before, so welcome to the forum, and thank you for reading my fics.
@ryu201: Well, it’s not like I’ve dropped it Ryu lol. I’ve just been busy with other projects… No worries, I will continue to update even after Minami graduates… it’s really sad… I still couldn’t believe she did it. We only have 346 days left *sigh* Un, mata ne.

Hey, everyone. Merry Christmas.

I bet a lot of you didn't expect me to update, or maybe you did, but this isn't the update that you wanted lol

I have a few things to say, but I'll do that at the end...

Anyway, please go on and read and tell me what you think :D



Chapter 1a

“Kojima Haruna”

“Sato Yukari”

“Itano Tomomi”

“Urano Kazumi”

“Oshima Mai”

“Kawasaki Nozomi”

“Usami Yuki”

“Minegishi Minami”

“Orii Ayumi”

“Komatani Hitomi”

“Tojima Hana”

“Nakanishi Rina”

“Narita Risa”

“Hirajima Natsumi”

“Watanabe Shiho”

“Masuyama Kayano”

“Hoshino Michiru”

“Ohe Tomomi”

This is it… I didn’t make it… too many names have been called already…

“Takahashi Minami and Maeda Atsuko”

It was the last two names called. The two girls looked at each other and smiled. They both were happy to have made it in. They have passed the audition, the audition to join Akihabara48.

My dream will come true…

“The names that has been called, please, stay back for instructions. The others may leave. Thank you very much.”

Many girls have left the place with sad looks on their face. The people who made it in were all very delighted. They were chitchatting among themselves except for two girls.

It was the same two girls who were called last. They remained in their same spot, watching others communicate. They were both too shy to instigate a conversation, and they were fine being left alone.

Since both girls were in the same situation, again they found each other’s eyes, and a smile was formed between the two.

“Please quiet down.”

The other girls went back to their seat. All of the twenty girls that passed were listening intensely to their new instructions. They were told to bring a face mask, cooling patch, and a cold compress for their new training at the Akihabara Theater. Everyone was then dismissed and went home for the day to prepare for the next.

There are some people who already splits into groups as they made new friends, and there are some who just immediately wants to go home. The ones who want to go home was none other than the last two names being called.

They wanted to go home to tell their parents the good news, as they were one step closer to making their dream come true.




“Mama, guess what, guess what?!”

“Hehe, hai, nani?”

“I passed, Mama, I passed!”

“Omedetou, I knew you would make it~”

“Un~ I’m so happy, I can’t wait until tomorrow.”

“I’ll make you some favorite food to celebrate.”


“Now go wash up and do your homework.”


This conversation occurred in two household at the same time. The two household is none other than the last two girls. The funny thing that these girls didn’t realize was that they also go to the same middle school.

Fate was already played out for these two girls, and as they will start training together, they’ll see that there is more to this coincidence. They’ll find out that there will only be the two of them against everyone else.


People were already at the theater waiting for their dance instructor to come. A few girls came early, and a few girls who came a little late, but practice would start nonetheless.

Building physical endurance was the first step into dancing. If you get tired easily, then how will you be able to dance a three to four minutes song? The girls worked on doing push-ups and sit-ups, and will get reprimanded for slacking off.

Weeks of training their body, they were finally able to start a routine for their first song.

“Sakura no Hanabiratachi.”

“Such a pretty name for the song.”

“I know right! I wonder what our dance moves gonna be like.”

“I wonder how many songs we’re gonna perform.”

“I’m excited!”

Conversation can be heard around the room as the girls were excited to officially start their lesson. As Natsu Mayumi came in, everyone was quiet, and waiting in anticipation.

“Alright, girls, I have the soundtrack here. We can start now.”

Wah~ the song sounds really nice…

“Takahashi and Maeda, come to the front.” Natsu-sensei had instructed, calling out three more names with them.


“You five will stand in the front.”


“Why does those five get to be in front?” Whispered could be heard spreading through the crowd as glares was being thrown around.

Natsu-sensei disregards them, continued to spread the girls into the second and third row. There are 6 girls behind the main five and nine standing last, making a total of twenty girls. There were a lot of them who didn’t like their position, but nothing could be done about it.

“The steps are quite easy, and it goes like this… once you guys learn the lyrics, it’ll be easier to associate the dance move with the songs. Now let’s begin.”

Even though the steps are quite easy, and most girls got them down, only two who moves a tad bit slower than the others.

“Maeda, Takahashi, step it up. You’re behind!”


Snickers could be heard as the two girls lower their head. The movement is not complicated, but their body is just stiff. They’re not use to dancing, and it was their first time learning choreography. 

After a couple hours of practicing, the girls were instructed to go home and rest because they would go early in the morning to record their songs at the studio.

“Takahashi, Maeda, I want you guys to stay back and practice more.” Natsu-sensei commanded before leaving to do her other work.

The two girls looked at each other, drop their duffle bag, and do what the teacher had told them. The shorter of the two girls took the initiative to start the song as she sense the taller one to be quite shy.

For the whole entire hour of practicing, none of them really talk to each other and yet, they were able to communicate just fine. They didn’t realized that the older woman who had left, came back to watch them while smiling as she observe. The sensei found the two girls to be very interesting as she saw chemistry between them, and how hard they are working. She thinks these two will go very far later in life.

From this instance, Takahashi Minami and Maeda Atsuko, these two girls had become the teacher’s favorite students.


“Alright, you girls can go home now. Keep up the good work.” Natsu-sensei told the two girls, leaving them as soon as she gave permission.

They grabbed their bags and walked out of the practice to go outside. Fresh and cold air made them both feel good as they continue their way to the train station.

Again, there were no communication, and it was getting awkward not talking. The shorter of the two decided to befriend this shy girl, as they may again be partners in dancing, and will probably be the same two who will have to stay late to practice.


“Hmm?” Maeda answered, surprised that the other girl was trying to talk to her.

“W-watashi wa Takahashi Minami desu. You can call me Minami or Takamina.” The long hair girl didn’t really know how to start a conversation, and the best she could think of, is to introduce herself.


“Takamina is my nickname. My school friends call me that.” Somehow Minami felt a little embarrassed and scratches the back of her head.
“Maeda Atsuko desu. Atsuko or Acchan is fine. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”


“Hai, it is my nickname.” The short hair girl blushes slightly.

“I-it’s a cute nickname.” Complimenting somebody is also a good way to make friends.

“A-arigatou.” The redness on Acchan’s face increases.

Again there was silence between the two as they continue to walk towards the station. Takamina continues to think of something to say, but her talking skills isn’t really polished.


“H-hai!” The sudden outburst causes the girl to jump a little. She turns to look at her companion, but the other girl’s face was full of seriousness.

“P-please be my friend!” Takamina continues to speak in a loud voice even though it wasn’t as loud as you would think. She bows down at the girl she was trying to be friend with, hoping that said girl would accept it.


Laughter could be head instead of an answer, causes Takamina to look up. She then witnesses Maeda smiling and giggling in front of her.

She has such a pretty smile…

“W-why are you laughing?” The shorter girl pouted her lips, feeling rejected.

“Hehehe, you were so serious, but it turns out to be this. Hehehe~”

“Mou~ you can just say no instead of laughing at me.” Takamina was kind of upset, so she started to go ahead.

“Matte!” It was the first time where someone can cause such a reaction out of Acchan. She reached forward to grab onto the shorter girl’s arm to stop her from walking.

“Gomen ne, I wasn’t laughing at you, I was laughing at the situation.” Acchan waited to see if the girl would say anything, but she didn’t, and so she continued.

“I-I would love to be friends…” The taller girl blushed. She looked at Takamina and saw her smiling genuinely, causing her own lips to move.

“Yatta~ from now on we can talk to each other, hang out, and eat with each other during breaks. We’ll be good friends. I’m so happy.”

“H-how you know we’ll be good friends?”

“Because you’re my first friend in AKB and first friend will always be friends forever.” Takamina said it with such beliefs that it makes the shyer one pump too.

“Un~” Acchan walks closely to her new friend as they’re heading to the stop. They continue to chat animatedly, learning about each other. They found out that they were going to the same school, which they couldn’t believe.

“Have we seen each other before then?” Minami wonders.

“Maybe? I don’t know. I usually stick to myself…” The shorter of the two realized that her friend was not only shy, but seem to be afraid of strangers as well. She felt happy that she took initiative to befriend this girl, and that the girl was okay with it.

“Well, from now on, you have me. We’ll eat lunch together. Is that okay Maeda-san?”



“We’re friends now, so call me Atsuko or Acchan.”

“Ah… At… Atsuko…”

“Un~ I’ll call you Minami. “The long hair girl didn’t know why, but she felt a little embarrass to hear her first name.

“A-about lunch…”

“Thank you, Minami, I would like that a lot.” The blush never left Takamina’s face.

The girls finally reach their destination. They stood at the bottom of the platform, not sure of how to say bye to each other.

“I’m heading this way…”

“I’m heading this way…”

“Mata ne Minami.”

“Wait Maeda-san… could we… could we meet here tomorrow and walk to the theater together?”

Acchan stares at Takamina a minute. Never had she ever met anyone who spends the effort to know her or to really be with her. She felt that the girl in front of her will be very special to her. In fact, she’s already special to her.

“Un~ I’ll see you here tomorrow Minami… and stop calling me Maeda!” She laughs as she turned to go up the stairs.

Takamina watch her as she also go up to the platform, but on the opposite side. They both reach the top, and as their eyes reached each other, a smile was formed.  Coincidently, both of the train arrived. They wave at each other until they couldn’t see each other’s face anymore.

Sitting in the fast moving transportation, they playback the day’s event through their heads. First they got picked to stand in the front line, then they got scolded for being too slow, and had to stay back late to practice. Though, it was all okay because they were able to befriend each other. Smiles on their faces never dropped. It was a good day for them, and they can’t wait to see each other tomorrow.




“Mama, I have something to tell you.”

“Hai hai, go wash off first, and then tell me while we’re having dinner.”

“Okay~” The girl went to the bathroom to wash off. She also changes her clothes into something more comfortable.

As her family starts setting the dishes on the table, she was already in her seat, getting ready to say grace.


“Hmm~ Oishii~”

“So what did you want to tell me?”

“Oh oh, I made a new friend today in AKB, and they also go to the same school as me.”

“Yatta ne. Who is she?”

“Maeda Atsuko”
“Takahashi Minami”

“Well, the girl sounds nice and cute too.”

“Un~ I’m happy.”

“I’m glad you made friends. Make sure to bring her over sometimes. Mama wants to meet her.”

“Hai, I’ll ask her when I get the chance.”

This conversation occurred in two different household. Both girls were extreme excited to tell their mom’s about it, and now they can’t wait to invite each other over their house for dinner. Maybe they could spend the night too, since they never really had a sleepover before.

As they went to bed, still thinking about each other, one thing popped up into one of the girl’s mind.

I didn’t get her number…


A girl was waiting at the train station for another girl. She didn’t know why, but she wanted to come a little early, and it’s better than being late.

“Ah, Maeda-san, koko desu.” Takamina wave her hand as she saw Acchan descend the stairs.

“Mou~ Minami, call me Atsuko, and did you wait long?”

“Un, and no, I just came a few minutes ago.”

“Hontou?” Acchan squint her eyes at the other girl, not really believing her.

“Hontou, iku yo.” Both girls walked side by side as they tried to get to the theater.

Chit chats could be heard as they came closer, and once they entered, everyone stopped talking. People continue to stare at them, making them uncomfortable.

“Look, it’s those two.”

“Guess they would be friends.”

Others continue to whisper about Takamina and Acchan, making the two girls withdraw into a corner. They look at one another, not understanding why others are looking at them and whispering.

“A-are they talking bad about us?” The short hair girl looks scared and hurt.

“Don’t worry about them. Let’s just focus on our lyrics, okay?” The older girl tries to comfort the younger one.

“Un… Minami?”


“Thank you.”

“Hehe, for what?”

“For…” Acchan was not used to sharing about her feelings, so she couldn’t really express how she’s thankful for having Takamina as her friend.

The shorter girl can sense that her friend wasn’t a woman of many words, but she can somehow understand what the other was trying to say.

“It’s okay, Atsuko. I get it.” Smiles were shared between the two. They were going to continue a conversation, but recording had started.

“Alright, please step inside here to any mic you want except for these two.”


Takamina and Acchan waited until all of the other girls went in before they go in themselves, but as they reach inside, there were no other mic for them.

“Oh I forgot. Takahashi-san and Maeda-san, doko desu ka?”

“Ah hai, watashitachi desu.” Minami answered, and pointed to them two.

“Please stand at these two mics. Thank you.” Takamina and Acchan shared a look of confusion, but listened anyway.

Again, whispering could be heard spreading around, and it was clearer this time since the room was small.

“Why does those two get to stand there?”

“Why do they get special treatment when they suck?”

Minami pretends not to hear them, but she can see that Atsuko was affected by it. She reached over and squeezes the other girl’s hand, telling her that it was all okay, and to not worry about it. Acchan immediately smile at the girl, feeling better since she knows that the other girl was in this with her.

After recording for their song ‘Sakura no Hanabiratachi’ they went to the practice room to wait for Natsu-sensei. Takamina and Acchan were talking and giggling to themselves. They also practice together for the dance move so that they won’t be behind the others when the teacher comes.

Speaking of the devil, Natsu-sensei entered the room, and instructed the girls to get into their position. The five main girls from yesterday went to the front, as others followed behind, they repeated what they had learned yesterday.

“Still a bit slow Takahashi, Maeda, but better than yesterday.” A compliment from the teacher is like winning an award. The two girls smiled at each other, continuing to do their best. Though, with this acknowledgement from the sensei, they brought even more jealousy among others.

They continue to learn the entire dance move to the song. Since there are more to a stage performance, they have to move quickly, and be on a tight schedule.

“Alright, we’re done for the day, you girls may leave.” Everyone was excited to go home because they were all exhausted from the hard practice.

“Maeda and Takahashi stay back to perfect your moves.” The two girls got no choice, but to listen.

Again, snickering could be heard, making the two young girls feel like they’re at fault. Natsu-sensei knew that these two will have to endure these harsh treatments, but it’ll only make them stronger. She believes that if the two girls can get pass this, then they’ll be able to get pass everything else.

“Ne, Atsuko, I think we’ll be the most acquainted here than anyone else.” The shorter girl laughs.

“What do you mean?”

“If we continue to be the only two to stay late… this will be like our second home.”

“Mou~ I don’t want to always stay late. I want to be able to go out and all that stuff that people do with friends…” Acchan pouted.

Takamina heart skipped a beat, but it was too quick to make any sense of it. She knows that she also wants what her friend wants. She wants to spend time hanging out as well.

“Don’t worry. I promise you that we’ll be able to do that. We just need to work a little harder than the others, and do our best.” Even though Takamina is a shy girl, just like Acchan, she has the skills to motivate people.


“Let’s practice.”

Little did the two girls know that their sensei has been watching them. A smile was formed on the older woman’s face as she watches these two young girls pump each other up. Of course their way of doing so is different than one another.

Natsu-sensei really like these two girls. She can see that their future will be really bright. She can’t wait to see what will become of these two, but for now, she’ll just keep putting them together and making them better.


Two months after learning more songs and more dance moves, both Minami and Atsuko are super tired. There were a few girls who already gave up and left the group because their first stage performance wasn’t really a success, but there was an additional member. She was a special case because she didn’t have to audition. She used to work at the café, but due to fans’ request, she has become a member.

Who is this member? How will she affect AKB48? How will she affect Takamina and Acchan?

“Everyone, quiet please. We have a new member to our family.”

“Oh my god, its Akimoto-sensei, do I look okay?” Girls were nudging each other and fixing each other to make them look presentable.

Minami and Acchan on the other hand were full of sweat, and didn’t care as much. They stood next to each other, not too far away from the others, listening intently.

“Please introduce yourself.”

“Konnichiwa, Shinoda Mariko desu, jyuukyuu sai desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” The girl named Mariko bows, feeling uncomfortable with all the eyes staring at her.

“She’s older than us…”

“That’s kind of gross isn’t it?”

“She’s too old…”

Again, whispered can be heard, but it’s much more quiet because they didn’t want Akimoto-sensei to hear them. Of course both Takamina and Acchan over heard it, and they know what it feels like to be talked about, so they sympathize with the older girl.

“Well then, I hope you guys will get along well, I’ll take my leave now.”

As Akimoto-sensei took his leave, all the girls went back to chatting with each other, leaving the new girl alone.

Minami and Atsuko decided to approach the new member, as they know it is lonely being by themselves. They hope to befriend this older girl, and make her feel comfortable as they made each other feel comfortable.

“Hi there. Watashi wa Takahashi Minami, Takamina desu.”

“Konnichiwa, Maeda Atsuko, Acchan desu.”

“Shinoda Mariko.” The lady bows again, causing the girls to bow as well.

“Hmm, Mariko-sama?” Takamina wasn’t sure on how to address the girl, but adding sama definitely earn her some liking points with the older member.

“If you need help with anything, just come to us. Even though we may not be the best here, but we understood how you feel.” Acchan nodded to every word that her friend had said, agreeing to all of it.

“Thank you very much, Takamina, Acchan.” Mariko smiled at them, earning a cheerful smile back. She was glad that these two girls had approach her, trying to make her feel at ease. She really appreciates it.

“Alright, I heard we have a new member, don’t fall behind now.”

“Ganbatte~” Both Minami and Atsuko whispered before going to their front position.

“We’ll be learning a new dance move to your upcoming song ‘Skirt Hirari’.”

“Wah~ I hope I get to be the front girl this time.”

“Me too!”

“Me too!”

“Kojima Haruna, Itano Tomomi, Narita Risa, Oshima Mai, Nakanishi Rina, Takahashi and Maeda will be the front girls.” Natsu-sensei announced.


“Those two again?!”

“Why is it always those two?!”

Since Mariko was new to the group, she wasn’t really sure who the two girls the others were whispering about, but it seems that they don’t like the specific two the most.

I wonder who…

“The seven front girls will get to sing a few lines of their own in the song… anyway Takahashi and Maeda are double center, but Maeda stands in the middle... alright, let’s start.”

“Those two are always in the middle even though they don’t even deserve it!”

“We are much better than those two!”

“They can’t even learn the dance right!”

Now, Mariko knows who they were talking about and understands what Takamina meant when she said they understood how she felt. She didn’t expect the two nice ones that approached her to be the one that people isolate. They definitely earned her respect for being able to deal with this.

After practicing for hours, Natsu-sensei finally dismissed them, but told three people to stay behind. Those three people are the ones that other members don’t like, and doesn’t want to associate with.

“Mou~ Minami, I finally thought we could go out today…” Acchan pouted.

“I know, I know, but we can’t help it since it’s a new song…” Takamina was quite disappointed too because she, as well, thought that they could finally do what friends normally do after months of practicing hard.

Shinoda was watching the two girls interacting with each other, and the first word that came to her mind was…


“We’ve worked so hard though…” Acchan continues to whine.

“Atsuko, remember my promise to you?”

“Hmm… un~” A smile was brought to the girl’s face as she remembers that day.

“It will happen.  We’ll master the dance to this song, and when that happens, we’ll go out. I’ll treat you to sushi, and then you can come over to my house to stay the night. How does that sound?” Takamina tries to cheer her friend up, but also pumping herself up.



“Yay~ Minami~” Atsuko hugs her friend tightly, happy to hear such a promising date. She definitely looks forward to it.

Mariko thought Takamina was really sweet towards Acchan. It was so sweet that she think she might have got some cavities from watching them. Though, she wonders…

Are they a couple?

They can’t be, right? There is the no dating rule in AKB, but it didn’t really specifically state that members can’t date each other, so maybe they are? Though, they are quite too young to actually be dating, so maybe they are just really good friends.

“Mariko-sama?” Minami wave her hand in front of the older girl’s face.


“We like to practice with you on ‘Skirt Hirari’ and maybe help you catch up with the other songs too.” Atsuko, standing behind, nods her head in agreement.

“Ah, yes, please. I appreciate it.”

Since then, Mariko became close to Takamina and Acchan, and they were her only friends since others really didn’t want to talk to her. It really didn’t matter to Shinoda because having these two little ones were enough for her to enjoy her new AKB life.


Months came by after their second stage performance and ‘Skirt Hirari’ being released. This was the stage that Acchan gets her own solo song that she highly refuses to do so.

“Muri muri desu.” Atsuko left with tears down her face, trying to find her friend for comfort. Both her and Minami were already hated enough by other members for being the lead all the time that if she gets a solo song now, it’ll be even worse for her.

She searched everywhere, but her friend was nowhere to be seen. She needs her right now. She needs to know what she should do about this offer. Acchan continues to cry as she slips down the wall in the dressing room.

Minami, where are you…

Takamina on the other hand was being called in by Akimoto-sensei. He knew that she and Atsuko were close friends from Natsu-sensei, and that maybe she could convince the younger girl to take on the solo performance.

“It would really benefit her, Takahashi-san. It could be the rise of Maeda-san and AKB. She would be our center girl if this works out.”

“I’m sorry sir, but I am very confused…”

“I want Maeda-san to gain more fans so that we could put her in the center position… we got fan letters saying that there are way too many girls for them to remember, and that there isn’t a specific one to represent AKB.”

“So you want Atsuko to be that person?”

“Yes. Of course Maeda-san alone isn’t the only representative of AKB. You are definitely one too, since you’re popular with the fans as well.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Please try and convince her, Takahashi-san.”

“I’ll try my best, Akimoto-sensei.” Takamina stood up and bow. As she was ready to leave, half way through the door, Yasushi had said something that made her run immediately.

“Oh, and Takahashi-san… Maeda-san was crying.”

That alone was enough of a trigger for the shorter girl to run and find her friend. She doesn’t know why, but instinct tells her to go to the dressing room, and that’s where she found Acchan crying on the floor. The sight made her sad as well. She quickly ran over and kneels down next to the younger girl.


Hearing her name, Acchan looks up with tears stained eyes. She was happy to see that her friend was there to her rescue. She flings herself at the older girl, sobbing into the safe comfort of the girl’s arms.

“Minami, I was looking for you, but I couldn’t find you…”

“Shh, shh, it’s okay. I’m here now, Atsuko, I’m here.” Takamina rub Acchan’s back, calming the girl down as they both relaxes into each other’s embrace.

“Minami… Akimoto-sensei wants me to do a solo song… I don’t want to…” The taller girl starts to hiccup slightly, eyes red from crying.

“How come?” It was a simple question of trying to understand her friend better.

“I… we…” Acchan has a hard time expressing her feelings, but Takamina understood.

“Are you afraid that others might not like you even more?”

Bingo. The younger girl immediately looks up at her friend, surprised. She wonders if her friend could read her mind, and thinks that she’s weak for feeling so.

“It’s okay to be scared, Atsuko… but know that I’m always here to support you… I really think you should do it.”


“I’ll be there next to you, to watch over you. All you need to do is have fun and shine brightly. Just think of it as a step closer for reaching our dreams.”


“Think of it as a step closer to finally hang out and go over at each other’s house… Don’t be afraid because I’m here with you. I won’t leave you… Just focus on me when you doubt yourself, okay?”

Atsuko was speechless as she kept looking at her friend’s face, but she wasn’t the only one. Akimoto-sensei, Natsu-sensei, and Shinoda Mariko were present when the girls were having the conversation.

The girls weren’t aware of this, because they were too focused on each other to notice that the older member has been there from the start.

The senseis wanted to check on Acchan, to see how the girl was doing, but got a sight of this wonderful friendship instead. The two senseis looked at each other with twinkles in their eyes. These two girls will definitely become something in the future. A plan was already started in Yasushi’s head as he continues to smile.

Takahashi and Maeda huh…


Team A, the first generation members finally gets to meet up with the second generation members of Team K. The new team looks very intimating to them. They all seem to be very athletic, and their faces’ looks rough.

Scared or not scared, the two teams have to work together for their new single ‘Aitakatta’. Only a selected few members from each team were able to perform in the song.

Even though Team A have already started on their third stage performance and Team K starting their first. They still need to add this on top of those.

“Takahashi and Maeda double center.”


“I am getting tired of seeing them two getting front roles!”

The whispering is always there, but the two had gotten so used to it that it doesn’t bother them anymore. They were still talking and giggling with each other like it’s just the two of them in the room.

Mariko was really impressed. If she were to still be on the receiving end of those whispering, it would really affect her greatly. She doesn’t think she could withstand it like these two, and would have probably quit if it weren’t for them. She never understood why these two specifically get shunned by others when they are such nice girls.

Jealousy is such a scary thing…

Team K was near the members who were talking smack, so they heard mostly everything. They never thought that there was hate among the group, nonetheless towards the two girls who were younger or about the same age as them. In a sense of way, they felt bad for the two girls.

Even so, the competition between Team A and K is still there. They are still nothing yet, compared to their sempais. They will take this opportunity to shine as well.

Greetings were exchanged between the teams as they got into formation. There were many different scenes that will have the members from each other’s team interact. Hopefully, this will ease in, and helps them become a family.

Natsu Mayumi-sensei taught them the dance moves to the whole song. By now, she felt that they should be able to do something as simple as that in a short period of time.

A girl that the teacher had noticed had learned and memorized the dance more quickly than the others. This girl is Minegishi Minami. She seems to be a genius to the sensei.

Then there was another girl, Oshima Yuko who seems to be having fun, and showing a very athletic side of hers.

There is also Itano Tomomi who never seems to make a mistake, or never willing to make one.

Lastly, her two favorite students whom she has always been keeping an eye on, they’re Takahashi Minami and Maeda Atsuko. Both of them have really improved over the year.

Takamina isn’t fast at remembering like Minegishi, but her hard work pays off. Normally when you think of life, reaching level 10 would be the maximum effort a person would spent to achieve greatness because they are content with such quality, but it is different for this girl. She does way beyond the amount of a normal person, reaching level 100, reaching the level of perfection. A god if you would like to call it so.

Acchan, on the other hand, is a very normal girl. She has become bubblier, and shine more brightly as a star. She also gets frustrated when she doesn’t get something right, but Takamina would always be there to support her and help her.

Seeing these two working together is the best that Natsu-sensei have accomplished. She’s glad that she was able to convince Akimoto Yasushi to give Maeda a chance, and it just so happens that he likes Takahashi as well. Everything just works out perfectly.

After hours of practicing, everyone finally got a thirty minutes break.

Everyone went to their own group except for Minami and Atsuko. These two are always next to each other, so there was no need for them to find each other.  They went to their duffle bag to get their wet towel and water, but one girl seems to have forgotten them.

“Doushita?” Takamina notice the quietness from her friend.


“Here, take these.” The shorter girl offers her towel and water bottle.

“Minami… I can’t, what about you?” Acchan pouted her lips.

“Mommy packed two. She even made some extra food so we can share.” Takahashi smiled, remembering how her mom also worries about Atsuko even though they still haven’t met yet.

“Eh? Why? How?” Maeda was surprised by the kindness from Taka-mama.

“I… I, sorta, kinda talked about you…” Takamina grins sheepishly, scratching the side of her face.

“Ah, sou desu ka… Matte! What did you tell her?” Acchan was about to leave it until it occurred to her that her friend might of shared something embarrassing.


“Minami~” The younger girl squint her eyes dangerously at her companion.

“Okay, okay… I, sorta, kinda told her how you’re forgetful and that you eat a lot…”

“Hidoi~ Minami~” Maeda immediately hits her friend on the arms. Of course it was just playful slapping, which cause the older girl to laugh.

“Atsuko~ hahaha, stop… I’ve also told her that you’re adorable, cute, and that your smile is the prettiest thing in the world.” Acchan stops hitting, but started to blush instead. She lays her head on the other girl’s shoulder, hiding her red face.

“Come on, let’s eat. Wouldn’t want these to go to waste, right?” Takamina pulled out her bento box and opened it. There was definitely a lot of food.

The taller girl sits up to look at the box. The content inside is mouthwatering, making her want to eat them right away.

“Hehe, Atsuko, you’re drooling.” Acchan quickly checks, but there was nothing there. She glared at her friend, but said girl already held a piece of katsu near, trying to feed her. She bites the piece and chew on it.

“Oishii~” A smiled was formed on the girl’s face.

These two girls were too into their own world that they did not notice glares were being thrown at them.

“Someone seems happy.” Shinoda walked over with a girl in tow.

“Mariko~ Minami’s mom’s food is so delicious~” She then was feed with some tamagoyaki.

“You’re not eating some, Takamina?” The older woman asked.

“I am, but I’m also sharing with Atsuko.”

“Anyway, I want you guys to meet my new friend.”

“Hajimemashite, Itano Tomomi, Tomochin desu.”

“Oh, you’re in the same unit song with us…” Both Takahashi and Maeda were weary of this girl.

Even though Tomochin never participated in the whispering, she was still one of those people who never approached or tried talking to them.

It was very awkward staring at each other. Shinoda tries a different method, hoping everyone would get along.

“Tomochin is the same age as you guys..”

“Ah, sou?”

“She wants to be a soloist too. Like you, Takamina.”

“Well, we still have a long way, don’t we?” Minami looks over at Atsuko who nodded in agreement. She then looks at Itano, waiting for the girl’s answer.

“Y-yeah, but I hope our dreams will come true.” Smiles were formed and so is the new friendship.

Takahashi and Maeda may be easy and forgiving, but even if new friendship was formed, it was still only them two together that is important.

“Takahashi and Oshima Yuko.” Natsu-sensei called the two girls in the front.

“Hai?” They have met earlier when they introduced themselves, but other than that, there was really no relation between the two.

“You guys will be working together in the music video. Get to know each other, okay?” The teacher walks out of the room with reason unknown.

“Um… Takahashi Minami, Takamina desu…”

“Oshima Yuko, Yuu-chan desu…”

It was really awkward between the two because they don’t really know what to say to each other. The only things they have in common are height, and working hard.

“Um… well… I look forward to working with you.” The younger girl blushed, which Yuko finds cute.

“Same here too, Takamina.” The taller of the two smiled, surprising the other girl by using her nickname.

Meanwhile, not too far away from the two chibis, Acchan was watching closely. Mariko, Tomochin, and she were keeping their eyes on them.

“Why are they talking to each other?” Maeda asked with a flat voice, face not showing any kind of expressions.

“Jealous?” The older woman teased, causing Itano to chuckle.

No answer came from the girl. Mariko turns to look at her younger friend, but was shock to see Acchan’s eyes void of emotion, and just full of darkness.

“Minami~” The girl smiled, completely different from what Shinoda saw a second ago. She was now full of light and happiness.

“Atsuko~” Takamina came over, tackled by her best friend in a hug, causing her to laugh.

“Who was that?”

“Oh, it’s Yuko, we’re gonna be working together in the new music video.”

“I see…” Acchan continues to eye the girl who looks like a squirrel. For some reason, she doesn’t seem to be fond of the girl.

“Let’s finish Mommy’s bento.” The shorter girl dragged her companion back to their spot to eat, which said girl happily followed, and everything else was forgotten. 

Mariko and Tomochin leave the two girls alone as they went to chat with their other teammates, hoping to be closer with them, and would bring them closer to the isolated two as well.


I'm going to stop right there. It's actually a little more than half of my chapter 1, but oh well...

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