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Title: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter fifteen: The Truth?
Post by: ichikawa on May 25, 2012, 09:15:24 PM
After being busy by study~ finally, I can have my days to begin my fanfic again~
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~  :) :)

Please~ feel free to drop by and read  XD
Comments are welcome~  :) :)

Title: #Stories# - Black Cat - Intro
Post by: ichikawa on May 25, 2012, 09:16:33 PM
Intro (below)
Chapter One: Having a new pet (
Chapter Two: Taking care of a pet (
Chapter Three: Kiss from a cat (
Chapter Four: No44 (
Chapter Five: Stalked, Stalking, and Stalker (
Chapter Six: Walking with you, walking with memories (
Chapter Seven: Melon and Fish (
Chapter Eight: Living Seriously (
Chapter Nine: The Black Cat (
Chapter Ten: Shadow x Rules (
Chapter Eleven: Return (
Chapter Twelve: Broken (
Chapter Thirteen: Bonds (
Chapter Fourteen: The Matsui (
Chapter Fifteen: The Truth? (


Note: // ......... // is in thought

Black Cat

================   ================   ================

Deserted Island

“Let’s end this… Everything…”

A black figure is walking in messed building. Wall, machine, all things are broken into pieces. Bodies are laid down on the metal ground, bloody…and lifeless… This figure walks slowly in the middle of this bloody hell toward the centre of the building. She took out a tiny, flat microchip and put it into the shining object right before her, starts to press some code on the mechanical device.




[ Self destruction system active ]

“WHAT ARE DOING?!!!” a man in soldier suit come in and aiming his gun toward the black figure, ready to shot his gun. “Stay back or ––“


Giving no chance for the soldier to continue his words, the black figure throws a dagger and finished the soldier’s life. Within seconds, another bunches of soldier come in and shooting against the black figure. She has quite skills to move fast and dodges all the bullets. But still, fight alone can’t win against them. One of the bullets scratched her beauty face, blood began to appear slightly. She ignores the bullets that hit her arms and legs, running toward the machine device and pressed a red button.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” all the soldiers are panicking and drop their weapons. The black figure formed a smile on the edge of her mouth before a shimmer light spot on her, showing a pair of cold black eyes…


Within seconds… the deserted island broken into pieces… drowned into the deep ocean…


Present time: midnight in the city

A woman in white dress with shoulder-length black hair walking on the dark street, her hands are full with groceries which she just bought at supermarket. She looks satisfied with her groceries and thinking about what to eat once she’s at home. Her mind is full with daydreaming at now that she didn’t notice a body placedon the ground in front of her. She walks and walks and… tripped over with her face down on the ground, thus her groceries also rolling on the ground. She gets up angrily to shout at what makes her tripped.

“Hey! What are you doing there? Sleeping on the middle of the street?!”


Got no answer from the laying body before her, she went to grab the shirt collar and face her. Looking carefully at the figure she grabbed, her breath paused a while and shocked at what she saw. A girl with bloody state… her face and clothes stained by blood and smelly… more important, pale and lifeless…

// What am I bump into?? Is she dead?? // She immediately lets off both her hands and crawls a feet away from the body. // What if someone passing by and think that I am murdering her??!// She turns her head to the left and the right to look as if anyone there. // Good, no one is here. I better pick up my things and leave this place as soon as possible//

Just when she is picking up one of her bag near the body, suddenly a weak hand grabbed her leg.



As so the reflect, she hit the body with her bag directly and with full power, on the head. The person lifted up her head and looking at the white dressed woman, seconds later… fall back again on the ground, unmoving…

// Did I kill her???!!! // Once again, she looks at her surrounding to make sure no one see this.

“Good, no one see this. I better run away right now”

As when she want to leave, a police officer appeared in nowhere and approached her, “Miss, is that a person laying there?” the officer walks slowly toward the body to examine it, “Is she bleeding?” he took out flashlight and switch on the light.

“Wait!!” the white dressed woman switched off officer’s light immediately. “Umm… she is my friend. She got drunk and fall asleep, I actually come here to get her home.”

“Oh, I see… Let me help you carrying her back to home.” asked the officer.

“DON’T!! Ermm…. I mean, I have called my other friends for help” she lied.

“Okay then, I’m leaving. Be sure you take her home” said the officer.

The white dressed woman shows her warm smile to ensure the officer. // What have I gotten into???!!!//


Dou ??  :?
(the pairing will be my usual favorite pairing~)
Title: Re: #Stories# - Black Cat - Intro
Post by: Nakamii on May 26, 2012, 12:04:37 AM
First! xDDD This is gonna be Interesting. :grin:
The Bloody, Smelly, Pale and Lifeless Girl... must be Takamina. And, the White-dress Girl, You mention Shouder-Length Black Hair, So It must be Atsuko. Definitely!
Title: Re: #Stories# - Black Cat - Intro
Post by: Flean on May 26, 2012, 05:17:09 AM
As so the reflect, she hit the body with her bag directly and with full power, on the head. The person lifted up her head and looking at the white dressed woman, seconds later… fall back again on the ground, unmoving…

I was thinking the same as Usually Taka got hit by Acchna..lololol.. but dunno.. might be wrong here.. xD
I'm starting to read ff again, and you gave me a nice nice2.. :on lol:
Title: Re: #Stories# - Black Cat - Intro
Post by: sakura_drop_ on May 26, 2012, 05:49:08 PM
I so wanna read mo~~re *whines and pouts*
Title: Re: #Stories# - Black Cat - Intro
Post by: ichikawa on May 26, 2012, 07:16:40 PM
@ Nakamii : My MAIN pairing is easy to quess... Hehehe   :mon sweat:  White dressed girl is definitely Acchan =>> BINGO~~  :thumbup :thumbup
@ Flean : I am starting to wandering in this forum too... there're a lot of fics I haven't read  :mon scare: (and I'm still waiting for your TBC's stories  :mon misch: )  :P
@ sakura_drop_ : Chapter one is almost done, will update soon after I finished  :mon gamer: ~~~

Thanks to pen-pen-chii and Megumi too~  :heart: :heart:
Title: #Story-1# Black Cat - Chapter One: Having a new pet
Post by: ichikawa on May 26, 2012, 08:11:17 PM
Black Cat
Having A New Pet

================   ================   ================

“I’m going to work now. Be a good girl and stay home, okay?”

*nod nod*

“Jurina, come on. I don’t want you be late at school”

“Hai~!” Jurina runs toward me and holds my hand gently.

My name is Atsuko, 21 years old, currently work as a teacher in kindergarten and this little girl is my sister, well… not blood related. That was years ago, I found her being left at a small street near my work place. She was wrapped in a blanket with a letter inside. The letter contains her identity and a message left by her parents. They were pursuit by killers,they got no choice but to leave her behind to protect her life. I brought her home and adopted her as my little sister. With just a blink an eye, she is five years old now.

The other girl on the sofa seems to be around my age. She is the girl I met on the street. She has many wounds all over her body, is she met some accident or being robbed? I can’t find her wallet or anything which can show her identity. Feel pity on her, I decided to take care her wounds and wait until she wakes up. Finally, she opened her eyes yesterday, but… looks like she got amnesia.


“Acchan~ Acchan~ that person is moving” Jurina running excitedly and dragged me to the room. I saw she is moving, she slowly open her eyes and get up from the bed. The bandage on her head has loosen so I approached her to fix it.

“How are you feeling?” I asked but she didn’t answer.


“What’s is your name? How did you end up on the street?”


She didn’t answer but lift her head to look at me. I was caught at the moment by her black orbs. Looking at her cold eyes make me feels emptiness within me, sadness and lonely… I was like being drowned by her into the deep, dark place where no light can come through. For some reason, I feel that I can’t move away from her. She held my hand gently and smelled it and… licked it…

// LICK?!!! //

Before I can withdraw my hand away, she put it in her mouth… biting it… hard. Jurina came to help, she pinched this girl's cheek and tries her best to open this girl’s mouth. “Let go of Acchan! Leeeettttgoooooo”

“ARGGHHH!!! Let go off me!! What happened to y––”


We all paused right there hearing a weird sound coming from no where.


Once again, we heard it… and it is coming from this girl’s stomach… // I understand now…//

“Jurina, go bring anything here. I don’t want to lose my hand…”

Jurina ran fast to the kitchen and brought many things in, from the vegetables, fish to raw meat. This girl stops biting my hand and begin to loosen her bite. But her action is quite weird, she open her mouth wider and gonna bite my hand again. Lucky, Jurina threw a fish in good timing and fit perfectly in her mouth. She let go my hand and grab the fish, eating it. I am relief Jurina saved my hand but… the problem is… the fish is RAW!! How can she eat RAW FISH!!

“Stop! Don’t eat anymore. Stop!” I snatch the fish forcefully from her. I think this make her mad. She is growling and looking at me with fierce eyes. She grabbed my neck and threw me on the bed, choking me. She is stronger than me. I feel so weak against her. Once again, I looked at her black eyes, making me give up on struggling against her…

“SIT DOWN!!” I heard Jurina screamed at her, she is pointing at this girl, commanding her to sit down. Strangely, this girl loosen her hands from me and sit quietly on the floor… just like a… cat? Jurina approached her and patted her head.

“Be good and I give you eat” She just sit there, enjoying Jurina’s tiny hands stroked her head.

“Jurina? Why do you know how to make her stop?” I am confused by those reactions.

“Because she acts like cat~” Jurina showed her grins, “She fights over a fish just like cat, so I command her like cat”

// Dear, what have I brought to home? This girl is acting weird. Is she lost her memories??//

Flashback End

At the other place

Inside a submarine, a tall woman with long ponytail is scolding her subordinates. Her eyes are sharp, her face is fierce looking, and her voice is echoing which almost broke eardrum.
“WHAT?!! You haven’t found No.36?”

“We did our best, it’s already a month since the destruction. There’s no any signal from her”

“Get out! Find again! Don’t come back until you found her!”

“Yes, Chief!” those subordinates excuse themselves and get out from the room.

“Tsk, tsk… don’t be so mad at them. They did their best” a girl with long black hair appeared from the shadow and dancing on the desk.

“Don’t you think the No.36 is quite interesting, professor?” asked the tall woman.

“No.36 – The Black Cat~ she is my perfect experiment. She even has her own mind~” the little professor took out her phone and opened a picture of the No.36 they mentioned. She swipes the picture and stop at one which shows a mark No36'’ “Please make sure your subordinates to bring her back, a-l-i-v-e… I have to take all her data before destroying her into pieces”

The young professor jumps down from the desk but lose her balance. A tall figure with short browned hair appears from behind and catches her. “Be careful, my princess”

She giggles at her beloved assistant and lean into her shoulder, “Thanks, my perfect assistant”

“Just a ‘thanks’?” the assistant asked naughtily at her professor.

“How about a kiss?” the young professor leaned in to kiss her beloved assistant.

♫♪♫♫♪ (phone ringing)

“Stop doing that in front of me” the tall woman put an annoyed face at them. “I got a message from a friend in the city” with a smirk, the tall woman continue her words, “They say they saw a figure looks like No.36”


Atsuko’s House

Atsuko finished her teaching and bring Jurina back to home. Jurina let go of Atsuko’s hand and run excitedly into their home, “Cat nee-chan, I’m back~”

“Jurina, slow down” Atsuko smiled as she watches Jurina excitedly went into the house.

// Hmm… why do I feel like we’re having a new pet?//  Atsuko giggles at herself. // Is it count as a human pet?? //

“Tadaima~~” Jurina said as she open the door and run into the house. Not long after, Jurina runs back to Atsuko and hide behind her.

“What happened?” asked Atsuko.

Jurina stands still behind her and pointing the direction of her room…


What have happened? Who is that cat girl??
What is No.36? Who are those people?

Please continue to read the next chapter  :) :)
To be continue...
Title: Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter one: Having a new pet
Post by: Flean on May 26, 2012, 08:45:58 PM
Wowowowowo~  :on lol: new petto~ Is the pet Takamina? or not?  :dunno:
and 5 years old Jurina?? gah!!! she's so cute when I'm imagining it..  :nya:

update! update! soon~ nyahaha xD lol..
Title: Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter one: Having a new pet
Post by: sakura_drop_ on May 26, 2012, 10:29:48 PM
So, I'm guessing the professor is Kojiharu, the assistant is Yuko-sama  :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

I wonder, if the black haired is Yuki or Sayaka...

And I hope nothing bad happened to The Black Cat *cough*Takamina*cough*

Jurina little kid is kawaiii  XD XD

EDIT: I read it yesterday while being half asleep XD So today, after rereading it, i actually think that the professor and the assistant duo might really be MariHaru :)
Title: Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter one: Having a new pet
Post by: Nakamii on May 27, 2012, 02:14:26 AM
So, I'm guessing the professor is Kojiharu, the assistant is Yuko-sama  :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

Definitely! The How-About-A-Kiss sentence Really got me. It must be The-Pervert-Squirrel-soon-to-be-The-Skinship-Princess, Yuko. :peace:
Poor Jurina, Being left... But, It's for the sake of her Life anyway. So, It's the best for her. :thumbup
The-Black-Cat-soon-to-be-Minami [Based on my Guess] licked Atsuko's hand, I thought she was goin' to seduce Acchan, LOL. xDDDD
Title: Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter one: Having a new pet
Post by: aruka on May 27, 2012, 06:50:40 AM
Looking at the title... is this based on the manga with the same title, ichikawa-san?

sakura-san and Nakamii-san, about the professor and the assistant... aren't they Miichan and Mariko instead? :? Miichan with long black hair and Mariko as a tall woman with short browned hair..

meanwhile about the chief, a tall woman, long ponytail, sharp eyes, fierce looking face... I'm guessing it's Sayaka.

update more! :D
Title: Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter one: Having a new pet
Post by: pen-pen-chii on May 27, 2012, 07:00:22 AM
At first I thought that Jurina was the cat~ Because the first word that i saw was Jurina's name then I saw Acchan's name~ I suddenly thought that this is going to be a AtsuJuri fic~   :mon sweat: OTL

Jurina as a 5-year old girl~ kawaii~  :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff:
Acchan's hand going to get eaten by Takanyan~  :on lol:
Title: Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter one: Having a new pet
Post by: ichikawa on May 27, 2012, 07:04:20 AM
@ Flean: Who is the cat will be revealed in next chapter~  :whistle:
@ sakura_drop_ & Nakamii : hmm.... about the professor and assistant,  :hehehe: maybe it will surprise you~
@ aruka : No, this is different story (though the tittle is same). Black Cat is inspired by one of the main character because...  :hehehe: (i'll tell you in next chap). The prof and assistant will surprise you too~ (maybe...) :kekeke:
@ pen-pen-chii : Hehehe... thank you for reading.. please wait for the next chapter  :hee:
Title: Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter one: Having a new pet
Post by: XxRoByNxX78 on May 27, 2012, 01:20:16 PM
kya~~~~~~ o i love this !!!!! i cant wait till your next chapter an who are the people going after number 36 !!!
Title: Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter one: Having a new pet
Post by: chichay12 on May 27, 2012, 03:39:09 PM
wow!!nice story!!
Im so excted to the next chpter i want to know whose cat nee chan,i hope its minami!!!
Tnx for the nice story,i am very looking forwrd to the next chapter!! :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter one: Having a new pet
Post by: Haruko on May 27, 2012, 08:42:55 PM
of course the cat is MINAMI.. i tought that maybe miname have the "ranma´s trauma" you know ranam 1/2 character.. like when he fell in dangerous.. then he turn it in a cat.. and act like a cat.. and just akane can deal with him :D.. perhaps coulde be..

and the others.. the long black hair.. could be yukirin, miichan, rena,

see ya the next chapter gonna be awesome.. just one question.. my kojiyuu gonna appear in this fic?
Title: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter two: Taking care of a cat
Post by: ichikawa on May 29, 2012, 05:42:12 PM
@ XxRoByNxX78 : Thank you~ Please keep reading  :love:
@ Chichay12 : Who is the cat --> revealed here  :D (but I guess you already know =.=''')
@ Haruko :  :nervous sorry, I don't know 'ranma' >.< no one get the right answer for the long black hair woman~ hehe... (I have kojiyuu in this story too  :yep: )


Black Cat
Chapter Two – Taking Care of a Cat

================   ================   ================

“What happened?” asked Atsuko.

Jurina stands still behind her and pointing the direction of her room, “STINKY!”

They slowly approach their room, opened the door, and smell something stinky… that’s probably because… // She hasn’t get bath for days…??!!! //


Fifteen minutes later

“Acchan, the water is ready~”

“Okay, let’s get inside” Atsuko prepared change clothes for the girl and lead her to the bathroom.

She placed the clothes neatly and turned to look at the girl. The girl is strangely looking at the bathtub and playing the water with her finger. To her surprise, the girl stick out her tongue and drink the water just like a cat. Atsuko went to stop her from drinking the water. The girl pushed her away which make Atsuko fall back and her arm accidentally turn on the faucet. Water from the faucet squirt directly at the girl and make her panic.


Atsuko managed to grab the girl to make her calm but ended up falling into the bathtub together. Jurina comes inside and saw Atsuko and the girl was kinda like wrestling inside the bathtub.

“Stay!” Jurina commanded.

The girl stopped straightaway and sitting quietly in the bathtub. Her eyes are wet, looking at Jurina with sad expression. Jurina approaches her and saw her bruise arms. “Acchan, you are harsh at her” Jurina pouted.

“I accidentally turn on the faucet and she becomes panic. Not my fault” Atsuko tried to defense herself.

“Be obedient and I’ll give you many many fish” Jurina patted her head. The girl simply smiles and smells Jurina’s hand.

// She really takes care of her as a cat // thought Atsuko. // Somehow, she reminds me of Minami //

“Acchan, can I name her Minami?” asked Jurina.

“Eh? Why?” Atsuko surprised by Jurina’s question. // Did she just read my mind? //

“She is behaving like the little cat once we kept but she is missing. I miss her…”

Seeing Jurina’s sad expression, Atsuko just agree with her opinion, “Okay, let’s call her Minami from now on”

“Yeah~! Acchan is the best~!” Jurina began to jump and dance in the bathroom. Minami also jumping in the bathtub, copying what Jurina did.

“Jurina, tell her to remove her clothes and take bath properly. I putted new clothes right there” Atsuko walks out as she finished.

“Acchan, you don’t join?” asked Jurina.

“Umm… you two bath first. I’ll get change in room. I’m gonna prepare dinner” Atsuko blushed.

Once Atsuko get out from the bathroom, Jurina show a smirk at Minami then show off her innocent big smile “Okay~ I’m gonna wash your hair first~”

(random sounds coming from the bathroom)

“Minami! Sit down!!”



After done bathing

“Minami-chan~ don’t run! you’ll make the floor wet!” Jurina is bringing a towel and chase after Minami. While Minami keeps running around to avoid her (and of course with another towel wrapped on her body).

“No running inside the house” Atsuko is bringing the last dish from the kitchen.

Minami stopped running all of the sudden and looking at where Atsuko was. A pair of deep dimples appeared on her face as she shows a big smile at Atsuko. “Acchan~~”

“Eh? What? You can speak?” Atsuko surprised that the girl called her name all of the sudden. Her heart beats a bit faster seeing the lovely smile comes from Minami.

“Acchan~” Minami approached Atsuko dangerously then stole the fish from the plate. She ran to the sofa and watching her fish with big smiley face, full of happiness. “Acchan~ Acchan~” she open her mouth widely and ate the fish eagerly.

Atsuko got more surprise to see that girl called the fish Acchan and eat it eagerly. // She named the fish, Acchan??!! How can she compare me with the fish??!! // She dazed at her spot and dropped down the plate. Seeing the fish dropped down, Minami ran with extraordinary speed and lay down on the floor, waiting for the fish fall into her mouth. “Acchan~”

HAP” The fish fell perfectly into Minami’s mouth.

“How did you do… that?” Atsuko can’t believe her eyes,her speed is unusual for an ordinary people. // Who you really are? I begin to doubt, should I keep you in my house? //

“Not fair, Minami should calls my name too, call my name~” Jurina begins to nagging at Minami. “J-U-R-I-N-A, repeat me, J-U-R-I-N-A” she commands Minami to say her name. “Come on, say it. J-U-R-I-N-A”

“Juna” Minami says it with smile face.

Jurina shakes her head and repeat her name, “J-U-R-I-N-A”

“Rina” Minami says it again with smile face.

“J-U-R-I-N-AAAAAAAAAAAAAA”Jurina jumps and wave her hands, losing her patient.

“RINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Minami copied Jurina’s behavior.

“Hiks… Huwaaaa…huwaaa…” Jurina ran to Acchan and complained it, “She can’t say my name… hiks… she can’t say my name…”

“Ssshhh… don’t cry Jurina. Gives her some time to learn, okay?” Atsuko hugged Jurina and strokes her back to make her calm.

“Riiina??” Minami feels worried to Jurina, she approached them and sit obediently on the floor. But suddenly she is acting weird, “Ri… Re-na?”

ZZIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGG (an electric shock suddenly burst inside Minami’s head)

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” Minami screams and keeps hitting her head repeatedly.

Atsuko feels something is wrong with her. She hurriedly took Jurina inside her room and told her not to come out until she called. She closed the door and locked it. Minami is still acting weird and keeps growling out loud. Atsuko went to hug her in order to let her calm down but the result is completely opposite. Minami swing her arm at Atsuko and began attacking her. Minami’s nails suddenly an inch longer than before. Her facial expression changed completely, her eyes went red, her face shows only anger.

// No good, If she continue like this, I don’t think that I can handle it // Atsuko forms her fight position and ready to take Minami’s attack. Her right arm was scratched and bleeding. Minami dashed towards her with high speed, Atsuko launched a kick from right but not faster enough to hit Minami. She dodged and jump high, doing a somersault and hit Atsuko’s back. Atsuko’s body sliding on the floor and hit the wall. Minami didn’t give time for Atsuko to get up, she dashed at her, held her hand up high for another punch. Feels desperate, Atsuko closed her eyes while her hands didn’t stop moving to find something she can use to shield her attack.


Atsuko open her eyes and found out that Minami is staring at the fish in her hand. “Want to have it?” Atsuko threw the fish away. As expected, Minami went to chase after the fish. Taking this opportunity, Atsuko hit Minami’s head hardly from behind with a vase. Minami turned to face her with the fish still in her mouth, her red eyes went back to black and then she collapsed into Atsuko’s embrace.

// This girl is so dangerous. Should I send her away? // Atsuko dragged Minami to the sofa and slowly put her down. Noticed a black mark on her right shoulder, Atsuko move closer can’t stop herself from curiosity. She lowered the towel a bit and revealed a mark…NO36’


What happened to Minami?
Why is she change so suddenly over the name 'Rena'?
Who are the people going after No36 ?

To be continue.......

@ aruka: The reason I pick the tittle 'Black Cat' is because : (1) The main character will be Minami (2) Minami likes cat ^^ (3) I love see her wearing black training outfit with black jacket that have little wings... so I use 'Black Cat' ~~ (>.<)... why I use No.36 as Minami's number? because No36 looks like NO3B  :D

Title: Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter two: Taking care of a pet
Post by: Flean on May 29, 2012, 06:19:20 PM
LOL.. Jurina so awesome.. xD Minami even listen to her..  :w00t:

hahaha.. Minami totally loves 'Acchan'..  XD

why I use No.36 as Minami's number? because No36 looks like NO3B
and this just genius..  :twothumbs

Title: Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter two: Taking care of a pet
Post by: bochang on May 30, 2012, 01:17:20 AM
It's too fluffy!!!! I'm gona die! :3

Jurina is so cute!!! #lolicon

And Rena?! Hmmm there must be something behind it.
Is rena the one hwo create minami? Well, whatever is that, rena have something to do in this story. Kekekeke

Please update!! Faster! :3
Title: Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter two: Taking care of a pet
Post by: Haruko on May 30, 2012, 06:27:37 AM
good one!! :D poor minami..

and juribaby love it :D

my kojiyuu where is.. im kidding.. :D
Title: Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter two: Taking care of a pet
Post by: yukofan on May 30, 2012, 07:13:48 AM
i love interaction between jurina and minami..LOL..

update soon please.i want to know what happen next..
Title: Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter two: Taking care of a pet
Post by: ichikawa on May 30, 2012, 12:41:30 PM
@ Flean: Yeah, Minami is totally loves 'Acchan'  :lol: and thanks for the compliment  :heart: :heart:
@ bochang: Rena indeed have relationship with Minami,  :yep: but what kind of it? Please keep reading~ thank you  :heart: :heart:
@ Haruko:  :nervous kojiyuu will not appear soon... (until some criminal happen) sorry  :banghead:
@ yukofan: thank you for reading  :heart: :heart: Jurina and Minami were completely innocent  XD
Title: Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter two: Taking care of a pet
Post by: Megumi on May 31, 2012, 12:40:54 AM
When I read it I think of Elften Lied...
But  hopefully this fic will be less scary and more moe  :grin:

LoL Minami can't say Jurina...
I wonder how Rena got into this hrrm...

Thank you for your update
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
Title: Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter two: Taking care of a pet
Post by: Loveforever on May 31, 2012, 05:59:26 AM
This story is hilarious! I love it! And too kawaii!  :lol:
Title: Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter two: Taking care of a pet
Post by: kahem on May 31, 2012, 09:43:09 AM
I like this! Minami and Jurina are so funny^^
Poor Acchan, being always hurted lol
Title: Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter two: Taking care of a pet
Post by: Nakamii on May 31, 2012, 01:05:07 PM
I Like how the story goes on... I wonder what relationship between Rena and Minami. or That Chief was Rena? LOL. Minami can't spell Jurina's Name. Thanks 4 the Update.
Title: Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter two: Taking care of a cat
Post by: sakura_drop_ on May 31, 2012, 02:11:07 PM
why I use No.36 as Minami's number? because No36 looks like NO3B  :D

This...really is GENIUS... And the whole story is awesome. I'll be waiting for more  ;)
Title: #Story2# Aidoru Panic - Prologue
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 :banghead: Currently out of idea to continue Black Cat  :sweatdrop:
But flashes another idea for new fic~  XD

Lesson One (
Lesson Two (
Lesson Three (
Lesson Four (

===========   ===========   ===========


This is Majisuka Gakuen…
An all girl high school…

A mighty school with high class dorms in it
A place where the most famous band staying
A mighty school with fully equipped in all facilities for the band
It looks like a heaven for every single person in this world

But it is a place like hell for me
I have to survive in this school, in this band, in this circle… for a year…
I can’t get out of this place until the graduation day, until we graduate from high school

Click [Door opened]

Just when I opened the door, my roommate (also my oshimen) is standing there… right in front of me… changing her clothes…



BLAAMM [Door slammed]

Yeah, I got slapped and kicked out from the room again.
Why am I ended up in this school?


I am doing a window shopping after watching performance of my favorite band – Baby Blossom. They are soooo cool on the stage, especially my oshimen. She is soooo kawai and soooo kakoi on the stage. Walking around the store, I saw a unique jacket on display. A jacket with many little banana pattern on it. Just when I am approaching it, someone pressed my mouth and dragged me out from the store. They put me in a van and drive it away.

Once the van stopped, I arrived in a beautiful garden~ They guide me to an office… and this is the beginning of nightmare I ever had. A brown short-haired woman is sitting on there behind the desk, looking at me with sharp eyes behind her glasses. The truth is, she is the manager of Baby Blossom and I was blamed on making scandal with one of the member of Baby Blossom. When did I???

She forcefully grabbed my thumb and stamped it on a contract! A contract that change my whole life… a contract which trapped me inside this hell…

Flashback End

Sitting on the floor with my back leaned on the wall, “I guess I’ll sleep in the corridor again…sigh


Prologue end.

How is it? Interesting?
About the main character (I know you must know already... ahahaha... *laughing sheepishly*)
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HUAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I love the prologue!!  XD  you made excited by just reading :lol:

can't wait for the first chapter!!! :cow:

About the main character (I know you must know already... ahahaha... *laughing sheepishly*)
hahaha.. let me continue laughing with you.. hahahaha..  :lol:
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Ohoh it smells interesting and funny things ^^
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wow... the prologue seems good and looks interesting...

is it about acchan and takamina?

well, lets see for the chapter 1~
Title: Re: #Story2# Aidoru Panic - Prologue
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Ah! AtsuMina~ LOLL. This is Atsuko's POV, right? Seeing the Jacket with Banana Patterns, somehow remind me of Banana Parka. LOL. But, This fic is Takamina-centered, anyway.
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Hmm... I've been attached to drawing lately, but still... completely failed to draw something good  :nervous
I've been thinking to draw a picture for each chapter (Black Cat) hope you won't disturbed by my "failed" drawing  :sweatdrop:

Just passing by~

Intro : When Atsuko meet Minami ...

 :nervous failed drawing...

When Minami bite Atsuko's hand

 :nervous still failed...

When Minami getting out from bathroom~

 :nervous hhehehehe... Atsuko seems a bit fat here...

Then... for the next chapter (I haven't update)

What have made Acchan so mad that she throws a ladle to Minami???
I'll update chapter three once it done~

Title: Re: #Story1# Black Cat -- another nonsense talk by me >.<
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Great drawing ichikawa-san! :D
Title: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter three: Kiss from a cat
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Thank you for liking my drawing  :heart: :heart:

Here's the chapter three
The young professor and fierce woman revealed here^^
Please enjoy reading^^


Black Cat
Chapter Three – Kiss From a Cat

================   ================   ================

News on TV

Another victim found at the riverside by polices this evening. This is the 48th times happened within this month. One thing that polices assured is this serial killer aiming woman between 18 to 25 years old. Polices haven’t decide what is the motive of this serial killer and make an assumption that maybe the killer is a psychopath. All the victim’s body parts are being ripped apart by bare hands, according to the autopsy result. Warning for all residence, please enhance your alert to prevent this miserable matter happen to you, your family, your friends, or anyone you cherish.

---------------TV switched off----------------

“Why did you let her out of control?!!” scolded the fierce, tall woman.

“Easy easy, Sayaka” said the young professor.

“Professor Mayu, how can I be calm? Don’t you know how far is No.44 have done? 48 lives in one month! I don’t want to get any attention from polices” complained Sayaka.

“Okay, I get it” Mayu walked away to the exit.

“Where are you going?” asked Sayaka.

“Get No.44 back~~”

At the same time in Atsuko’s house




Atsuko sighed in desperation. “Minami, this is fish, not Acchan”

They are sitting on the floor, face to face. Minami tilt her head slightly to the right, confused but her eyes keep looking at the fried fish in Atsuko’s hand. “Acchan??” she makes a cute expression which makes Atsuko closed her eyes to avoid any eyes contact with her. Taking this chance, Minami move quietly and opened her mouth to eat the fish.

Ding Dong ♫♪♫ (door’s bell)

Atsuko opened her eyes and saw Minami almost got the fish. She launched her feet at Minami’s stomach to block her from getting any closer, while Minami keeps leaning forward and her hands reaching randomly, still trying to get the fish.

Ding Dong ♫♪♫ (door’s bell)
Ding Dong ♫♪♫ (door’s bell)
Ding Dong ♫♪♫ (door’s bell)
Ding Dong ♫♪♫ (door’s bell)
Ding Dong ♫♪♫ (door’s bell)

“Coming~” Jurina went to open the door.

“Good evening~ my little angel, how are you doing?” a not so tall brunette with shoulder-length brown hair handed Jurina a pack of food and coming inside the house. “Where is your sister?”

“There” Jurina lead the brunette where Atsuko is.


Minami managed to get away and jumped on top of Atsuko, grabbing the fish which landed beside Atsuko’s neck with her mouth. Atsuko is now trapped between her hands and Minami doesn’t hesitate in eating the fish in that position. Seeing this scene, the brunette immediately closed Jurina’s eyes with her hands.

“Yuko-chan, why you close my eyes!”Jurina complained.

Hearing Yuko’s name, Atsuko pushed Minami away with her full power. She gets up and fix her clothes, trying to explain what happened, “Yu-Yuuuko, it’s not what you think”

“Hmm? What am I thinking?” Yuko smirked at her and let go of Jurina. “Long time no see, Atsuko. It seems like you have changed a lot.” Yuko said as she keeps looking at Minami.

“What brings you here” Atsuko acts coldly toward her.

“Come on, let’s have a drink first” Yuko took out some beers from her bag and sat on the sofa. “Have you watch TV? News about a serial killer that killed 48 women within a month. That’s crazy, don’t you think?”

“That has nothing with me”

“I got a contract to bring that killer’s head as a gift for ¥ 1,000,000,000,000. Won’t you join?”

“Sorry, my current status is an ordinary teacher. If there’s no other thing, please leave” said Atsuko coldly.

“Nah~ Won’t you be warm and friendly to me? Just like what you did with that girl~” teased Yuko. She changed her attention toward Minami and Jurina. They are playing clay at the balcony. Minami is making many fish-shaped clay with different colors. “She looks innocent and cute, doesn’t she?”

// Yeah maybe she is…// Atsuko smiled a bit. Not long after, she frowned, // But she also dangerous… I have to find out her identity //

Watching Atsuko thinking the question she asked, Yuko form a smile on her face, “Wow, you’re smiling over that girl? Who is she?"

“She’s just someone I met on the street, seems like she lost her memories so I let her stay for a while”

“Hmm… it seems suspicious~ from what you did with here before, it’s hard to believe~” Yuko puts a suspicious face at her, “Is she related with Jurina? She is so close with her, I never see Jurina being so close with someone else”

“Whatever” Atsuko replied shortly, her face becomes gloomy.

She takes a sip of beer and continue, “Did you still feel guilty over Jurina?”

// After all, this is my own consequences… //

“I am the one who killed her parents. I have to take the responsibility” Atsuko said in low volume.

“…” Yuko is shaking her head disagree. “Your secret lover is~ I’m still curious at who is the one that teach you to have feelings. For a member from the honor assassin family to have feelings, is hilarious”

“Whatever you say, I won’t do killing anymore. I won’t go back to my old self again… never…” Atsuko gets up from the sofa and gestured Yuko to leave, politely.

Yuko sighed and gets up from the sofa, “I understand~” She approached Jurina and carried her, “I’m going home now, bye Jurina”

“Bye, Yuko-chan.” Jurina placed a kiss on Yuko’s cheek.

Yuko put Jurina down and walk to the exit, escorted by Atsuko. Meanwhile at the balcony, Minami is pouting her lips and looking at Jurina. She is interested at the action Jurina did to Yuko. Jurina smiled and explaining it to her, “That is kiss, K-I-S-S”

“Kiisss~” Minami repeated.

“Kiss means you like someone. I like Yuko-chan, I kiss her. I like Acchan, I kiss her. I like Minami-chan, I kiss you~” Jurina leaned forward and place a peck on Minami’s cheek. “Muuaacch”

Minami’s face is brighten and forms a big smile. Minami placed a peck on Jurina’s cheek like what she did on her. She went into the kitchen and brought a fish out from the fridge and kisses it. “I like Acchan, I kiss Acchan~”

“Minami-chan, that is fish not Acchan. Put that back, Acchan will get mad”

Jurina starts chasing Minami to get the fish. They begin to running around again inside the house. While running, Minami open her mouth readily to take a bite at the fish. To her bad luck, Atsuko just come back from escorting Yuko. She snatched the fish away before Minami bite it, because the fish is still RAW... Minami pouted and launched her right hand to reach the fish, Atsuko switched to her right hand, then Minami launched the left hand to grab the fish. Atsuko faster her speed to swipe the fish from hand to hand, preventing Minami to get the fish. Jurina stands aside and amazed by the speed of their hands are moving.


At the last movement, Atsuko accidentally slap Minami’s face with the fish. Minami shows her a sad expression with teary eyes, rubbing her red cheek. Atsuko ignores her and takes the fish back to the fridge. Minami grabbed Atsuko’s sleeve edge and follows her to the kitchen.

“Sourrieee” (Sorry)

Atsuko turned to face her, “When did you learn how to say sorry?”

Minami still pouting while playing the edge of Atsuko’s sleeve with her fingers. “Acchan…” she said while peeking at the fish in Atsuko’s hand.

“Okay, I’ll cook this fish for you. Get out and sit properly” Atsuko sighed in defeated.

“YEAY~Acchan~!” Minami grabs Atsuko’s shoulder and moved forward, giving a kiss on right cheek, left cheek, and the last… on her lips. Minami happily walked out from the kitchen and sat obediently on the sofa, waiting for her fish to be cooked by Atsuko.

// Did she just kissed me…? // Atsuko tighten her fist and trembling. // She kissed me??!!! What do you think you’re doing!! // She gets out from the kitchen, her body surrounds by a killer’s aura. Without hold back, she throws a ladle and hit perfectly at Minami’s forehead.

“Minami-chan?!” Jurina went to check if Minami is okay.



Atsuko was a killer??
Yuko seems close to Atsuko, who is she??
No. 44 seems to be a dangerous criminal, who is she?? is she after No.36??

To be continue…
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poor poor minami all she did was kiss her lol
Title: Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter three: Kiss from a cat
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Minami’s face is brighten and forms a big smile. Minami placed a peck on Jurina’s cheek like what she did on her. She went into the kitchen and brought a fish out from the fridge and kisses it. “I like Acchan, I kiss Acchan~”
OMG!! this is so funny..   :rofl: and Minami is a genius.. like Acchan, kiss Acchan.. totally genius..

and I love this.. Minami's innocent love of "Acchan" and Acchan's rough love.. ladle as the prove.. :lol:

jurina just so cute and smart here.. :wub:  sorry to know that Acchan killed her parents.. :doh:
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i wanna know more gaaaahhhhh its killing me.. update soon pls :peace:
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wow atsumina couple great.. the kiss :D love it!!
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Thank you for reading and the comment^^

@ haru9210 : sorry for not updating Aidoru Panic  :sweatdrop: because I often change the plot  :nervous but I will definitely continue it^^
@ XxRoByNxX78 : poor Minami~ kissing Acchan is a dangerous movement ~  XD
@ Flean : Acchan's rough love...  :lol: ... I will keep Minami's innocent love for more chapters~ before she reveal her true nature...
@ miayaka : I will try to update soon  :) :)
@ Haruko : thanks for liking my atsumina~  :D
Title: #Story2# Aidoru Panic - Lesson One : For the sake of my oshimen
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This is Majisuka Gakuen…
An all girl high school…

I have to survive until the graduation day…
Why am I ended up in this school?

Lesson One – For The Sake of My Oshimen

Acchan~ Acchan~ Acchan~

Yuko~ Yuko~ Yuko~

Mayuyu~ Mayuyu~ Mayuyu~

Jurina~ Jurina~ Jurina~

Oh… wonderful~ their performance is flawless~ awesome~ “ACCHAN~

I gave out my best voice to scream her name, my oshimen – Maeda Atsuko. She is really beautiful and cute. She is perfect! Yes, perfect! I can’t find another word to describe her. I’ve seriously fallen in love, her dazzling smile and appearance… I will always in the first row, cheering you with my best voice. It’s okay to be just one of your fans, but please look at me… I feel like fainting…

Let me introduce this most famous band – Baby Blossom. Even though they’re still high school students, their performance is flawless. The members consist of four high school student from Majisuka Gakuen. The guitarist, also the vocal – Maeda Atsuko, nickname Acchan. She is 3rd year student. Her appearance is like an angel~ she has a cute voice, pretty eyes, beautiful hair and flawless skin. Everytime I’m looking at her eyes, I feel electric shock over my body. Is this what they called, fallen in love? Hehe... >///<

Next is the bassist, Oshima Yuko, another 3rd year student. She is energetic and cheerful person. She has middle range brown hair and a pair of irresistible dimples. She is the second vocal of the group. Then the 1st year student who takes role on keyboard is Watanabe Mayu, we called her Mayuyu. She is very popular among teenagers and otakus (she is an otaku too~) and the last is the drummer – Matsui Jurina. She is the handsome girl in this group.



There she goes again with her famous wink. No one can resist her wink. Although I do like her too, but Acchan is always the best! “ACCHAN~~~”


After the performance

Ugghh… toilet… toilet… why is the toilet at the backstreet?

“Kyaaaa! Don’t touch me!”

I heard someone is crying at the backstreet. I run there and saw Acchan is getting harassed by two men. Why is Acchan being alone here? Where are the others members? I can’t think of anything else and run toward them. I use my bag to fight those men. They easily pushed me away and kicked me. I fell onto the ground.

“As a big fans of Acchan, I won’t let you hurt her!”

I stand up and posed like a wild bull and dashed toward them with full power. To my recklessness, I didn’t spot where my target are and dashed forward randomly. Finally, I hit someone. When I lift my head to see the person… it was… Acchan?! To my bad luck, I tripled and pushed her down to the ground, falling down on top of her. The worst is… my lips touch her cheek…


A light and a click, that is…

“CAMERA?!” both of us screamed in unison.

Unknown, a reporter was there and ran away after taking photo of that moment we fall. I stand up and ready to chase for that guy but… I can’t hold it anymore. “I forgot my natural calls!!!”


The next day…
As I thought, that guy published the photo of me kissed Acchan’s cheek… and worstly, I am on top of her. That picture makes a huge disaster for Baby Blossom. One of the big scandal in history. For you to know, members of Baby Blossom are forbid to have relationship… a love relationship. That #@$@//&**^@@$% reporter wrote NONSENSE FAKE REPORT that Acchan has boyfriend on newspaper, he even photoshop the background into another place. It’ll definitely drop down her fame. Fortunately I was wearing a hat on that day, so the reporter didn’t capture my face. I will be dead if my father knows that I am worshipping idol rather than studying hard in school. Everyone in my school starts rumoring about Acchan and that guy (me) on the photo. I feel really guilty about this matter.

As a big fans of Acchan, I decide to clear her name. I will surrender myself to the media and explain that incident. Yes, it is decided. Today will be the last day I’m coming to see their performance. Acchan, I will surrender myself to the media and clear your name after seeing today’s performance.


After the performance, I went to TV station. On my way going there, I walk past a mirror. Looking at myself from the mirror, I think I should at least have a proper outfit. I am wearing too casual… white shirt, black jacket and a pair of black trouser with a leather hat making me looks suspicious person (probably). Walking inside a store, I was looking for a proper outfit. Suddenly someone pressed my mouth and dragged me out from the store. They put me in a van and drive it away. Once the van stopped, I arrived in a beautiful garden~ They guide me to an office. A brown short-haired woman is sitting on there behind the desk, looking at me with sharp eyes behind her glasses.

I was pressed down to sit on the sofa by two black suit men. They looks like bodyguard in the movie or somehow like that. The glasses girl took a folder from her desk and approached me. She fixed her glasses and smile at me, “Relax, I won’t hurt you”

“Who are you?”

“My name is Mariko, I would prefer you call me Mariko-sama. I am the principal of Majisuka Gakuen, also the manager of Baby Blossom”

“Manager of Baby Blossom?” Great! I can use this chance to clear Acchan’s name!

I cleared my throat and confessed to her, “Em… I want to report! I want to tell you about that incident on newspaper, Acchan has no boyfriend. That guy on the photo was me. It was an accident, I can explain to media”

“I know…”

“Eh???” What did she mean by that? She knew what happened?

She claps her finger and gesture her bodyguard to leave us alone in the office. She began to flip the folder in her hands, then she starts reading my identity…

“Takahashi Minami, male, 17 years old, a well grades student of Akiba Gakuen. Height 145 cm, weight 50 kgs, ta–”

“Stop! There’s something I want to correct. My current height is 148,5 cm. You should revise your data” I complained a bit about my height. Well, I am really sensitive about this.

“That’s not really matter” She fixes her glasses again and throws the folder on the desk. “The only thing that matter is I want you to sign this contract” she handed me a paper with many words written on it. “If you sign it, Acchan will be clear from that scandal”

“Eh? Wait… I am confused…”

“No need to confuse, just sign it” she put her palms on the table in front of me, staring at me with deadly glare.

“I… let me read this contract first” When I was about to flip the paper, she stops me.

“No need to read. I prepared it perfectly, just sign it”

“I have to read it first, I’m not used to sign anything I haven’t read”

“I have no choice then” She grabbed my thumb and stamped it on a stamp pad, then moving to the contract.

“Wa-wait! I can’t…!!!”


I saw my thumb on the paper. I stamped my thumb on the paper… no, not me. She stamped my thumb on the paper. I just sitting on the sofa, dropping my mouth watching her took away the contract.

“You are now officially becomes member of Baby Blossom” Mariko gives me a victorious smirk, “Thanks for your cooperation”

Becomes member of Baby Blossom? Is that mean I can get near to Acchan~? I feel like floating in the air, flying through the clouds, feeling the wind breezes upon me… but suddenly something came inside my mind makes me falling down hard and back in reality.

“W…wait…wait… why I have to become member of Baby Blossom to clear Acchan’s name?”

“Do you think if you go to media and tell them the true, will they believe?” Mariko pissed, “You will only blow it more, they will start to spread that you are defending her as her boyfriend”

I begin to imagine what she said…


In the conference

“Acchan has no boyfriend! The guy on that picture is me, I was trying to save her from two bastard who harassing her but accidentally tripped on her. What I’m telling is 100% true! I can swear!” I raise my three fingers with left hand and put right fist on my chest.

The crowd starts mumbling to each others. Then someone in the middle of the crowd shouts, “He must be Acchan’s boyfriend. He is just defending her girlfriend!”

The crowd starts to take photo of me and pushed me in the edge, questioning me. The lights and their voices make my head dizzy. I can’t think of anything… I am surrounded by those busybody reporters. Suddenly Acchan comes out from the crowd and glaring at me. She raises her hand and slaps me several times.


Imagination End



Mariko hits my head hardly with her big paper fan. (anyone remember Mariko’s fan in ‘A Greatful Mistake’ fic of mine?)

“What are you shouting? It almost makes me deaf!”

“I do! I do! I am willingly to become member of Baby Blossom!” I kneel down at her with my hands on my chest, fingers entwined, looking at her with puppy eyes.
“Good, and also I have done your registration, transferring you into this school. To be a member of Baby Blossom, you have to attend this school. I informed your parent too, don’t need to worry about that. You are the student of Majisuka Gakuen starts from now. You don’t have to go to Akiba Gakuen anymore”

She walked to her desk and made a call, then bringing a bag to me while my mind still processing the words she said. I am transferred to Majisuka Gakuen… I am student of Majisuka Gakuen… Wow, it sounds cool. But wait a minute… isn’t that Majisuka Gakuen is an all girl high school??!!!!!!!!!

Mariko opened the bag and took out a wig and put it on me, “Hmm… it fits on you”

“Isn’t that Majisuka Gakuen in an all girl high school? What do you mean by transferring me?” I grabbed the wig and about to pull it off from my head.

“Never take off that wig” she commanded me with cruel tone. She took the contract and pointing some paragraph on it in front of me, “I hereby willingly to join Baby Blossom and disguise myself as a girl to attend Majisuka Gakuen … … … until I graduate from this school”

“What?! Me disguise as a girl?! No way, I won’t do that”

She flips the paper and pointing some paragraph on it again, “If I didn’t make it as what I state in above statement, I am willingly to pay the fee for cancelation of this contract” She moves again to the nominal amount of … “¥ 1,000,000,000,000.00!!!”

She moves her fingers to another statement, “or willingly to be jailed for 10 years…10 YEARS?!!!” I shouted in depression.


She hit me with her big paper fan, “DO NOT SHOUTING IN MY OFFICE!”

“Or do you want to go to the media? I’ll take you there right now and Baby Blossom will be surely dismissed, Acchan’s future will be ruined by you”

“Stop, don’t say it anymore. I’ll do it! I’ll do it! For the sake of my oshimen, for the sake of my Acchan, I am ready to take this deal… Yes, as the biggest fan of Acchan, I am willingly to do anything as long as it can protect her"

Mariko fixes her glasses and gives me a serious look, “There’s one more thing for you to know. You have to keep your identity as a secret. If there’s third person know that you are male, the Baby Blossom will be dismissed for sure.”

I pressed my mouth with both hands and nodded rapidly as okay.

Knock knock

The door opened, a long haired brunette comes in, “Mariko-sama, is she the new student you mentioned?”

“Yes, please take her to the dorm, Haruna-san”

“Hai~” she answered with cute voice. “But Mariko-sama, the rooms in dorm are all full. Where do I have to put her?” she tilts her head a bit to the right with her index fingers on her chin.

Mariko frowned and looked at me, then she turned to face Haruna, “How about sharing a room with other student?”

She thinks for a while, “Almost all room is shared by two student…” she paused and bend her head, looks like in deep thinking, “Ah~ there’s one room left… Acchan’s room!”

“Okay, just put her there. I’m counting on you, Haruna-san” Mariko walked away from us, back to her desk.

What? Sharing a room with Acchan… This makes my head dizzy.

“Takahashi Minami, right? Please follow me” Haruna started to walk but I can’t move my legs. I am lost in my mind of getting shared a room with Acchan… can you feel what I am feeling right now? It’s just……

“Takahashi Minami?” I heard that tall brunette is calling me but right now, my body still won’t move.

“Can I drag her?” she asked Mariko.

“Do whatever you want” Mariko replied.


To be continue…

Takamina (boy) and Acchan is gonna share a room~ What will 'she' gonna do~??
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OMG!! this is so interesting..  :mon dance:  Taka trapped inside all girls school and shared the same room with his oshi..

way to go Taka!!!  :mon misch:

wonder what will happen next.. can't wait..  :mon fyeah:
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Oh, TakAcchan oncoming  :wub: :wub: :wub:

And I hope for more Yuko-sama, and also for some Rena-sama appearances  :bow: :bow: :bow:
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@ Flean : Thank you for the comment  :heart: :heart: of course something will happen :mon evillaff:
@ sakura_drop_ : They are on my list~  :mon thumb:
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like your idea..
boy become girls
 :thumbup :thumbup
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 :wub: AtsuMina!

Oh Minami as a guy ---> girl

 :twothumbs Can't wait for another update!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
Title: #Story2# Aidoru Panic - Lesson Two: I am a girl!
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Thanks Minna-san  :heart: :heart: arigatou for the comment and thanks~
Here I present the update^^
I hope you don't get confuse because my poor english.
Please enjoy reading  :D


This is Majisuka Gakuen…
An all girl high school…

I have to survive until the graduation day…

For the sake of my oshimen, in order to protect her fame, I, Takahashi Minami disguise as a girl to attend this all girl high school. I will also take part in her band, Baby Blossom.
That is the contract I’ve made with the manager. Now shall be the beginning of being ‘New Minami’…

Lesson Two – I am a girl!

===========   ===========   ===========

“Keep walking like a girl” Mariko commanded.

“I’m tyring!” I growled at her quietly.

“I’m gonna give you a test to see if you pass as a girl. If you failed that means Baby Blossom will be dismissed” she said with mischievous smile. “Be careful to Yuko and Mayu”

“I won’t failed” I glared at her, “I won’t waste those hellish six hours training I’ve been through”

In the corridor

Haruna-sensei is Mariko’s assistant and is in charge as homeroom teacher of Baby Blossom members. As what she explain to me along the walk, Majisuka Gakuen has six area – the main hall where all formal events were hold, sport hall for sports events, the dorm, garden, refreshing area, and the main building. The main building was place in the center of the school, it consists of classrooms, library, canteen, and offices. The wide gorgeous garden is placed back of the main building, this place often used for their tea time break to have conversation either to take some outside photograph. Refreshing area is the smallest building among the other. Inside of it consists swimming pool, sauna, spa, massage center, karaoke rooms, studios, salon, and others beauty shops for the girls.

 “145… 146… 147… 148… 148! This will be your room~” Haruna stopped and pressed the doorbell. She pressed it for a minute and there’s no answer. “Looks like I have to use my master key. Hmm… where is it?”

She is searching for the master key inside her left pocket, right pocket, her mini purse. She didn’t find it and search again inside her pocket. When she takes something out from her left pocket, the master key fell on the ground. Is she really a homeroom teacher? I picked up the master key and gave it to her, “Is this what you searching for?”

“Wow, you’re so smart” she patted my head and took the key, “Where do you find it?”

“You dropped it on the floor just now” I answered reluctantly.

The door opened and she pushed me in, “My job done here. Just take it as your home~” and so she closed the door.

I am standing there, watching her closed the door. Sighing, I switch on the light to observe my surroundings. Design of the room is in simple white, there’s a mini coffee table in the center of the room. At the right corner, there’s a king size bed with some pillows and dolls on the edge. Next to it was a study table filled with books and other stationary. Next from the right, there’s wardrobe with a mirror hanging down to the floor. I walked to the right and found the bathroom, it was clean and neat, equipped with a big bathtub. Walking out from the bathroom, I move straight to the left side of this room and found mini kitchen. The kitchen was simple build with fully equipped utensils.

I went back to the center of the room and spotted myself in the mirror, long browned hair tied half in a ponytail. “Hmm… I look quite like a girl with this wig”

“Good afternoon everyone, I am a girl~” I began smiling at the mirror and pouted my mouth like what the girls always do. I can also do this~ then I continue to make some cute poses, masculine posses, and sexy poses. I lift my head up a bit and pouted my lips, my right hand is placed back at my head and left hand straight down placed on my knees with my knees bend down a bit lower. “Sexy~~~”

“Are you enjoying for being a girl?” I heard Mariko’s voice comes out from nowhere.

I turned back and found Mariko-sama is sitting there, having a sip of tea. Startled by her sudden presence inside the room, I tripped and fell down on the floor. She saw what I’m doing? Oh no, this is so embarrassing >//<

“W-When have you been there? Don’t scare me like that, I almost get heartattack”

KLIK  (shutter’s sound from Mariko’s camera)

“Hohoho… your blushing face is quite cute as a girl too~” teased Mariko.

“D-did you just take a picture?”

“If you don’t want it appeared in google, you must do what I said” another wicked smile showed on her face. “Tomorrow we will have a conference to clear that rumor. I need your cooperation, please make sure you memorize your new identity” she took out a paper and gave it to me.

“Takahashi Minami, 17 years old, 3rd year transfer student from Chiba and soon to be member of Baby Blossom. Me and Maeda Atsuko were cousin, I was so excited to see her and jumped on her. Out of my thought, the reporter has mistaken me as her secret boyfriend…” I read as what it said on the paper.

“Be sure you memorize it. Now, follow me” Mariko walked out from the room and I followed her.

“Where are we going?”

“Build your new image”

15 minutes later

“Wow~ this is cool” We ended in a room with many mirrors on the wall and some instruments placed neatly at the corner, “Is this where they do practice?”

“Can you play instrument?” asked Mariko.

“Heh… I am a genius in music~ I can play anything” I answered enthusiastically.

“Let’s see how well can you play it?” Mariko handed me the electric guitar.

I grinned at her and grabbed the guitar, placing the belt on my shoulder and testing the sound. Another grin shows on my face and I started playing it. Just for some minutes, I saw Mariko smiling face. She told me to stop the guitar and I do so.

“I think I can put you as the lead guitarist”

“Eh? What about Acchan?”

“She’ll be playing rhythm guitar, it’ll be much better for her to concentrate as main vocal” Mariko said as she pulled the guitar away from me, “Oh, can you bring me the box over there?”

“Okay” I went to where the box she’s pointing at and bring it back to Mariko, “What is this?”

She opened the box and it revealed many small boxes and wigs, “This is make-up tools. You need to learn this since you’re gonna be a girl” she brings me a chair and told me to sit down. She cupped my face with right hand and smirking at me with the most devilish smile I ever see.

This is the beginning of my special training, I named it as ‘The special training of hell in order to have girly idol-like postures within 6 hours!’ Start from the make-up skills, sitting postures, talking, smiling, fingers poses, walking, etc. This whole 6 hours, I’ve been hit by her several times…


“Sit with your legs closed!”



“This is not how you use it!”



“Pick up the cup with lifting your pinkie finger!”



“Walk properly like a girl!”


Flashback End

Everyone is having dinner in dining room. The room is quite large with sets of tables and chairs. All the students were eating and chatting with each others. Mariko guides me pass along the path and ended in another room. The room is smaller and private. I saw Yuko, Mayu, Jurina, and Acchan were having their meal. Jurina is crying because Mayu snatches her food. Yuko is talking to Acchan with foods full in her mouth while Acchan just stay silent enjoying her food.

Somehow, their aura is different with ‘them’ on the stage. The cool Jurina is now crying over her food been taken by Mayu. The shy Mayu seems to be an arrogant girl here and the sweet Acchan, why is my sweet Acchan been so cold? Among them, Yuko is the only one with the same Yuko I know.

“Ehem…” Mariko-sama cleared her throat. “This is the new member I told you”

“Takahashi Minami desu, 17 years old, a student transfer from Chiba and soon to be member of Baby Blossom, also as cousin with Maeda Atsuko-san. Nice to meet you, please take care of me” I introduce myself and bowed at them.

“Cousin?” Acchan stopped eating and glaring at Mariko.

“It supposed to clear your scandal. Start from now, you are cousin with her” Mariko clap her hands and there’s a whiteboard coming down from above, showing some writing on it.

“We’ll have a conference tomorrow with the reporter. Minami will confess that she is the person in that newspaper. She is Acchan’s cousin and excited to meet her and unintentionally jumped on her then this picture captured by unknown reporter” Mariko clap her hands once more and the whiteboard back to above. “I want you to see her as a teammate and know her as Acchan’s cousin, understand?”

“Roger!” Yuko and Jurina answered.

“Fake cousin” Mayu nodded while Acchan ignore her.

Yuko swallowed her food and wipe her mouth. She walked around me in a circle then stop right behind me, smiling and she groped my chest?! I froze at the moment then free myself from her and placed my hands crossed to cover my chest. I thought the rumor in fan forum is just a rumor, I can’t believe the Oshima Yuko is real pervert!

“Your chest is almost flat!” she said unbelief. “And finally, there’s someone shorter than me!” she said enthusiastically followed by Mayu and Jurina laughing at me.

I heard Mariko is laughing secretly at the corner, I frowned and gave her a death glare. Yuko comes over and pinch my cheek to from a smiling face, “What’s with that frowned face? Show me a smile~” Yuko moved beside me and put an arm around my neck, “Her face is quite kawaii too”

Mayu comes closer too and staring at me, “Masculine”

“Ma…masculine?” I laugh sheepishly and act girly, “I am girl~ I am kawaii~ I am weak–”

She comes closer again and our nose almost touched. I gulp and afraid to move. Her eyes were staring at me like I am a criminal. A sweat drop from my forehead and my heart starts to beat faster. Ugghh… this is awkward. What should I do? Is she know that I am male?

“She has masculine face line” She said coldly and walked away, “My face is more kawaii than her”

Fiuuuhh… I let out a sigh of relief.

“Okay, keep enjoying your meal. I’m gonna take her away” Mariko released me from Yuko and pushed me out of the room. Before Mariko closed the door, she said to Acchan, “By the way, she will share the room with you, Acchan”

“Don’t make decision by yourself” Acchan gets up to face Mariko. “I won’t share my room”

Heck?! That was the expression I can tell from Yuko, Mayu, and Jurina face.

“I am full. I’m going back to my room” said Yuko.

“Wait for me” Mayu followed.

“I’m gonna do my homework now” Jurina also walked out from the room.

“Is Acchan mad?” I asked Mariko.

Mariko closed the door and told me go back to the dorm first, “She like being quiet. Silent but deadly” She handed me a key and a luggage before she went back into the room. “It’s late now. I think you should take bath first before she goes back to the dorm. Ganbatte to be a girl, see you tomorrow”

As when I get into the dorm, I hurriedly take bath and fixed my wig, get dressed well, and waiting for Acchan to come back. The room is so quietly that I can hear my own heartbeat. Listening to my own heartbeat, my head gets heavy and slowly my head fall onto the coffee table and fell asleep.

“Minami, why don’t you sleep on bed?”

I saw Acchan coming into the room. She holds my arms and gently pulled me up to the bed. Now, we’re sitting on the bed. She pushed me down gently and pulled the blanket over me. No, I shouldn’t sleep on the bed!

“Umm… Acchan, I think I just sleep on the floor”

“Why? My bed is big. We can share it” she climbed on the bed and crawled over my body to the other side of bed. “Why is your face red? Are you having fever?” I can’t move my body as it seems like a ton of weight. I saw Acchan’s face coming closer to me and finally our forehead touched. I can feel her hot breath on my face.


“Ssstt, Mariko has told me everything. I’m very touched by your action. You’re willing to disguise as a girl to clear my name” she is staring at me with passion eyes.

“That’s nothing. I am proud to be your fans. I am willingly to do anything for you. Even if you want my life” I touched her cheek with right hand and caressing her.

“Can I kiss you?” she said seductively.


She curved her lips and so do I. We both leaned in kiss each other passionately.

(Note: color words is dream)

At the same time while Minami is dreaming, Acchan comes back. She saw Minami fell asleep on the floor, drooling, and laughing sheepishly at herself.

“Weird” was the only thing Acchan said at her. Then she went to sleep.

The next morning…


To be continue...

Nosebleed? What happened in the next morning?
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Post by: Flean on July 05, 2012, 02:44:01 PM
At the same time while Minami is dreaming, Acchan comes back. She saw Minami fell asleep on the floor, drooling, and laughing sheepishly at herself.

“Weird” was the only thing Acchan said at her. Then she went to sleep.

This got me laughing so hard..  :mon lmao: omg!! he's dreaming pervert stuff!!  :mon lol:
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@ Flean :  :mon evillaff: That's what Takaboy does~
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Post by: chibi-nyao-chan on July 05, 2012, 03:19:55 PM
I laughed so hard ! This story is so funny 
Mari-chan is so mean with Takamina xD
And Takamina "I'm a girl~ I'm Kawaii~ !!! Very natural  :tama-laff:

Takamina make a pervert dream *facepalm* Good luck Acchan  :k-great:

Please continue, this is so good and "Black Cat" too if you can, this story is just too cute  :k-wink:

Matta ne~
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 :mon lurk:

UwO!! Aidoru Panic is really great!! a cross-dressing fic!! Kya~ Minami as a guy is cute #ermm  :mon dunno:

I mean i can imagine it. #don'tmindthat

it really reminds me of AKB49 :3 Kya~ so Jurina will  take Yukirin place as the drummer? hmmm..

and the most epic scene is when he like the banana parka.. ==" GOD! You're a boy minami!! That's just so wrong! LOL you should polish your fashion sense.. seriously..

i wonder what will happened later. fufufu :3

Minami, can you control your lust over Acchan?  :mon misch:
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@ chibi-nyao-chan : Thanks for reading^^ since Taka is takaboy here, I think more aggressive character match 'him' XD and I'll try to update Black cat
@ bochang : The banana jacket is inspired by an episode from AKBINGO where Takamina wear a jacket with banana pattern on it, then she wears it too in AKB0048  :lol: I think she likes that jacket  :lol: yeah, Taka should polish her fashion sense  XD
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 :on spit: HAAAHAHHA! I was suspicious why the text turned to blue LOLOLOL all that was a dream!
 Minami is a pervert!

Hrrm nosebleed? Maybe she she saw Acchan nakked or something

Thank you for your update!
ArìgatoU! :kneelbow:
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Lol, being made to join the group as a way to make up for the scandal?

Won't that lead to more scandals? LOL

This is like the opposite of Mendol, when Ray came to visit Kai's pinky finger was sticking out LOL

Mendol is from so long ago but Persona is so handsome!!

Takaboy dreaming of pervy stuff already? XD

Title: #Story2# Aidoru Panic - Lesson 3: Identity Revealed! NO! and Cockroach Attack!
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@ Megumi : thanks for reading, hehehe... about the nosebleed~ the answer is below~
@ haru9210 : thanks for the comment^^ hope you enjoy reading^^
@ epiclulz : thanks for the comment and yeah, that pinkie finger reminded me for the mendol  :P


This is Majisuka Gakuen…
An all girl high school…

For the sake of my oshimen, in order to protect her fame, I, Takahashi Minami disguise as a girl to attend this all girl high school. That is the contract I’ve made with the manager. If there’s third party knowing this contract, Baby Blossom will be dismissed. Unfortunately, my identity revealed…

Lesson Three – Identity Revealed! NO! and Cockroach Attack?

===========   ===========   ===========

“Hoaaamm…” I sit up and rub my eyes, “Am I falling asleep on the floor?”

“Hurry up, you’ll be late for the conference” I heard Acchan’s voice.

I turned my head and saw my Acchan was pulling up her skirt. My eyes widen and jaw dropped at the moment, my eyes unintentionally keep watching as she fixes her uniform. Is she wearing pink color underwear? GAH! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!!  I slap myself and turn my back at her, shut my eyes off.

“Where’s your uniform?” she asked.

Oh no, my nose is bleeding…

I heard her foot steps coming closer, “Are you okay?”

“OKAY! I’M VERY OKAY!” I put my hands to cover my face and run into the bathroom, “I need to go toilet”

Just when I was about get into bathroom, my head bumped at the door because I forget to open my eyes. I fell on the ground unmoving.
“You are bleeding?!” she took a tissue and helped me clean my nosebleed, “Did you just knock yourself at the door? Baka”

I smiled because this is the first time I get scolded by my oshimen. So, this is the feeling of getting scolded by Acchan. Still smiling, I took the tissue from her and wipe my nose, “Umm… you should go first. I’ll be there soon”

She paused there for a while then gets her things and went out from the room. I walked to the door and pressed my ear on it, make sure that she’s away. Her footsteps are getting far and farther. Yosh, I should get change now. I immediately open my luggage and took out the uniform, hurriedly change into it.

“This wig is troublesome” I decide to take off the wig then continue changing.

Suddenly the door opened…

Oh no, I forgot to lock the door!!

I turned my head and saw Acchan… Acchan saw me… She saw me… I just put on my skirt and haven’t buttoned my shirt revealing my flat chest. Her eyes staring at my chest then to my black short hair, then go on to the wig which placed on the ground.

“KYAAAAAAA” I shouted girly, hurriedly put on the wig and fix my uniform.

“Who are you?!” she shouted at the same time in front of the door and dash toward me. She grabbed my left arm and placed it on my back, pressing my shoulder down to the coffee table. “Pervert! What’s your motive? Why do you disguise yourself as girl?”

“Itai… itai!” I yelled.

This really surprise me, I mean Acchan know how to fight? She is quite strong as a girl but I’m stronger. I turn my body twist my arm a bit, grabbed her wrist, reverse our position. Now she is the one pressed on the coffee table. “Let me explain”

“Get off!” she growled.

She raised her foot upward between my legs. I release my hands on her to prevent her foot coming up. “That was close…”

She starts launching her fist and kicks at me. I don’t want to fight her and keep dodging her attacks. At the last movement, she grabbed my wrist and slammed me down with Judo-style but I hold her wrist tightly as she slammed me, dragging her down with me and we both rolling out from the room, bumped on the corridor.

Hearing the loud tug, other members coming out from their room. Yuko and Mayu come out from the same room. Yuko were brushing her teeth while Mayu holding a mirror and looking at us. At the other room, Jurina sneaked her head out to see what happened, there’s someone stands beside her.

“What’s going on?” asked the person beside Jurina.

“He–” I pressed Acchan’s mouth as she was about to speak.

“Cockroach! There, there… Acchan chase it!” I hurriedly pushed Acchan back into the room and closed the door, locked it.

As we get into the room, she raised her left hand to hit me but stopped by me, she raised another hand and the result is same. I grabbed both her wrist and pushed her on the wall, looking straight to her eyes seriously, “Please, listen to me”


“This is all because of that contract” I explain all the things from the beginning to Acchan, “Please don’t tell Mariko you know this, Baby Blossom will be dismissed. I love Baby Blossom, I don’t want it to be dismissed, I will do anything to protect you… umm… Baby Blossom. I believe you don’t want to see your fans brokenhearted, right? Please…” I concentrate all my feelings at my eyes, looking at her deeply.

We’re sitting face on face in the center of this room. She is staring at me coldly makes me feel uneasy in this room. I bend my head down to look at the floor, desperately.

“Ne…” she speaked, I lift up my head and put a smile on my face, “Did you see me changing this morning?”

“S-see what?” I act innocently, pretending that I didn’t see it this morning.

“You saw it” She narrowed her eyes.

“No” I rolled my eyes to prevent any eye contact with her, “Cockroach!” I jumped and hid behind her as a cockroach showing itself a few steps from my left.

“Don’t change the topic”

“It’s real! Cockroach, big cockroach!”

“You’re a boy and you’re afraid of a cockroach?” she mocked at me. I frowned and nodded, begging her to get rid that animal. She sighed and picked up her sandal, approaching the cockroach. On the next seconds, I saw it opens its wings, buzz buzz.

“It’s flying!!” I yelled and run behind Acchan as the cockroach flying around the room. “Stop pestering me, go away”

Suddenly the cockroach appeared in front of me. Within flash, I saw Acchan’s sandal coming and hit right on my face.


Inside Baby Blossom Van

“Why is your nose bleeding?” Mariko asked as I get into the van. She is sitting next to the driver. Acchan is sitting alone on first row, Mayu and Oshima on second row and Jurina next to me.

“There’s a cockroach flying and land on me, Acchan hit it with sandal” I explained.

“Hmmpphh…. Hahahahahaha…..” Yuko, Mayu, Jurina and Mariko burst out laughing at me.

“I saw it, I saw it. They were rolling out from the room because of a cockroach” Yuko recalled what happened this morning.

“It must be really hurt, since the one who hit you is Acchan” Jurina said with low voice beside me, watching my bleeding nose. Mayu and Yuko nodded rapidly, agree with Jurina.

“We’re going to be late” Mariko said as she looking at her watch, “Let’s get going, Sae”

“Okay, hold on your seat” driver started the engine.

The conference went smoothly with no one suspicious about me. Gladly, Acchan decide to keep quiet about my identity. Seeing how Acchan acts differently between in front of camera and inside the dorm makes me wanna know her more. Today, I see the cold Acchan and I want to see more different side of her.

My 2nd day ended, 363 more days to go.

Gambatte Minami! You can do it!

Unknown by them, there’s a figure followed them until the gate of the school.

“This smells suspicious, sudden cousin, sudden new member, all come in so suddenly. I have to investigate Takahashi Minami more detail”


To be continue...

How is it?  :)
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gosh! Taka got nosebleed bcuz of smexy Assan~   :w00t: and yeah! yeah! perv Taka!! me like!!  :deco:

but Taka afraid of cockroach?? LOL.. :rofl: and bullseye Acchan!! you got him on the face..  :rofl:

This is hilarious..  :lol: :lol:
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This is just HILARIOUS!!!   :mon lmao: :mon lmao:

Love cockroach scene, this is too much. I love this chapter and I can't wait for the next one.

Somebody is starting to get suspicious about Takamina now. :hehehe:

Please update soon!!!
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SUGOIIII!!!! :on GJ: :on GJ:

 :farofflook: this is so cool!!! :farofflook:
The cockroach scene is so awesome, :on lol:
thank you for updating!!!
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it's only one day.. and the disguise already fail.. minami failing at everything.. LOL :3

oooo.. i want to see it tooo.. #openbukiyou

it's not fear i guess.. it's disgust.. LOL

even i found cockroaches disgusting.. yuck!

i won't kill it with my barefeet or hands.

but if i wear sandals/shoes.

Bye2 pest.. you're dead. LOL

hoo.. who is this mysterious person at the end of the chapter? miichan? :3 haruna? :3 or that lucky guy from persona? :3
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Ishikawa-san it was soooo hilarious !!
I can't stop laughing all the time !! I like "I saw Acchan... Acchan saw me..."

And Takaboy affraid by a cockroach *facepalm* are you really a boy ??
But Takamina's secret is already discovered by Acchan so... possibility of more Atsumina moment  :k-wink:

Please continue and make us laugh even more  :luvuluvu:
Matta ne~
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Lol I was wondering how would Takamina manage to hide the boy things every morning xD
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a boy whose afraid of cocroach??? :? never seen one before.....

Lol I was wondering how would Takamina manage to hide the boy things every morning xD

i wondered about that too hahahaha :lol:

MORE ATSUMINA MOMENTS!!! FTW!!! :twothumbs :twothumbs
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--- Actor (Takamina) replies to readers ---
Thanks Ichikawa-san, now everyone thinks I am perv  :mon wtfmm:

@ Flean : I am innocent girl  :mon innocent: it was ichikawa who made the character. It was hurt when I got hit by Acchan, but you guys like it so.. I'm pleased~
@ RJay :  Thanks for reading~ :mon look: I am curious too, wonder who is that stalker
@ Chichay12 : Looks like everyone like me got hit by Acchan  :mon ouch:
@ bochang : Yeah, cockroach is disgusting  :mon runcry:
@ chibi-nyao-chan : more Atsumina moment?  :mon mischief:
@ kahem & axel0048 : ehemm... about that... It's a secret~  :mon dance:

Ichikawa : "Cockroach!"
Takamina : "Heck!" *runs away*
Ichikawa : do you mind if I let Takamina take replies instead of me?  :mon sweat: if you don't like I will stop  :mon whimper: Thanks for reading minna~
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Ichikawa!!! You turned my innocent oshi into a perv!! yah! yah!  :mon zoom: but I really like it..  :mon lol: LOLOLOL...

maybe you can change the character every time replying to the comments.. :mon psst: depends on the so we can have Acchan's opinion as well..  :mon dance:
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maybe you can change the character every time replying to the comments.. :mon psst: depends on the so we can have Acchan's opinion as well..  :mon dance:

Takamina :  Thank you, Flean-san :mon determined:
Acchan : Yes! I can take the part too~  :gmon sing:

*Yuko, Jurina, Mayu, and Mariko sneak out behind the wall and throw Atsumina out of scene* : "We too~"
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Jurina seems lika a quiet girl here not so hyper...  :dunno:

But cockroach! Hahahahha  :wahaha: funny!

Thank you for your update!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
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continue your fanfic..

i really like it...

Title: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter four: No.44
Post by: ichikawa on July 22, 2012, 09:04:47 PM
Finally, there's time for me to finish chapter four^^
There're some characters show up, hope you enjoy reading^^
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Black Cat
Chapter Four – No.44

================   ================   ================

There’s this beautiful moonlight spotted a couple on the port. A mini speedboat was parked next to the port. Those two were planning to leave this place, to another place where no one recognizes them… to begin a whole new life.

“Acchan~” a girl is dancing on the edge of port. She stretched out her hands to another girl, waiting for her to response, “Let’s go, the another place where no one recognizes us”

Atsuko smiled and walked to the shorter girl. Before the she could reach her, there’s a man showed up behind her, launching a shot on the shorter girl and hit directly at her heart.


The shorter girl takes a look at her chest. Red liquid starting to stain her shirt, she faced Atsuko and gave her a weak smile, “Looks like I got shot”


Atsuko cried. She couldn’t believe what she saw just now. Before her hands reach the other girl, that girl fell backward and drowned into the sea.


Atsuko was ready to jump down from the port but there’re many men in black suit show up to hold her. She is strong enough to take ten men down in ten seconds but suddenly a needle stuck at her neck, her vision becomes blurred and blank out.

Atsuko’s house


Atsuko wakes up from her sleep and cried Minami’s name. Minami surprised by her voice and jumped out from her bed which is next to Atsuko’s. She walked and sat on Atsuko’s bed and wiped the tears on her face. When Atsuko saw Minami, she pulled her into a hug and buried her face on Minami’s shoulder. They keep the position like that until Atsuko falls back to sleep. Minami can clearly hear Atsuko whisper something before she fell asleep.

“Don’t leave me…”

The next morning

Atsuko opened her eyes and found Minami was sleeping beside her, snuggling against her body.

“Acchan~” Minami is currently dreaming of eating fish.

Atsuko can’t help but smile at Minami’s innocent sleeping face, thinking of what dream is Minami having… until there’s a wet, soft thing, travelled at her neckline and that was… Minami is licking her neck.

“W-What are you doing?!!” as reflect, Atsuko throws Minami out of the room.

Minami is rolling out from the room and stopped at the living room, with her head faced down and her legs were attached on the wall. Jurina comes out from her room, rubbing her eyes. She is wearing yellow pajama with cat pattern on it and is hugging her pillow.

“Minami-chan, are you doing naughty thing to Acchan again?”

“Get ready Jurina, we’re late for school” Atsuko ignored Minami and pushed Jurina back to the room to get change.

// Why am I dreaming about the past? //

Atsuko asked herself. She takes a quick glance at Minami who was rubbing her head and remembered the face of her partner.

// She does resemble her so much… But, Minami is dead. She is just someone who looks like her… //

At the other place


Pistols sound is echoing inside the warehouse. The police were chasing after Yuko and keep shooting at her. Yuko is fast enough to dodge all the bullets. But her wounded leg burdened her.

// Ughh… I can’t move any faster or my leg will wound badly. I have to find a way to escape //


Waves sounding… Two figures were fighting in the warehouse on a port. One of them is Yuko, she is using a metal rod as her weapon. Another girl who wears dark blue leather jacket is her opponent, the serial killer which she is pursuing. She has pale skin, big dark eyes and long raven hair. There’re some scars can be shown on her smooth arm and face. The bruises on her face were certainly received from Yuko. The girl uses her bare hands to attack Yuko. A sudden movement from Yuko managed to hit the girl but she just laughing at Yuko as it doesn’t hurt at all.

“Ne, it’s tickle” she said while biting her nail, the other hand was holding Yuko’s rod tightly.

The girl used both hands and folded Yuko’s metal rod in half. Yuko paused at her spot watching the incredible strength this girl has. Now the girl was standing one step in front of Yuko, she placed her fingers travelling Yuko’s hair, faceline, and stopped at her neck.

“Ne, can I rip your body into pieces?”

“As if I would” Yuko gave her a grin before she launched her kicks and immediately distant herself from the girl.

But the girl is faster than Yuko. She grabbed Yuko’s leg and slammed her down to the ground. The pressured at her back makes her growled in pain but Yuko didn’t stop, she quickly moved around and swirls her legs in circle to attack that girl’s legs. That girl can’t avoid it and fell on the ground. They both stand up and dash toward each other for another attack but sounds of gun shooting stopped them.

“Geez, how dare you interfere my fight!” Yuko shouted at bunch of police who rush in.

One of the police managed to shoot the upper arm of the raven girl causing her act weird and laughing toward the police, “Ne, are you mad?”

She dashed toward the police and ripped his arm apart. The police officer growled in pain and passed out, her action makes the other officer trigger the gun on her. Yuko immediately dragged her back behind the big wooden craft beside them. The girl tried to run back outside but Yuko stopped her.

“They have guns, you’ll definitely die if you get out from here” Yuko scolded.

“None of your business” the girl shook off Yuko’s hands.

“You’re mine. I’ll take you down by myself” Yuko grabbed her wrist, “Our fight hasn’t end”

Yuko smirked at her and hold her hand. They ran upstairs and went to the window for escape because the police already surrounded the gate. Shooting sounds echoing all over the warehouse. Unfortunately, Yuko got hit on her left legs. That makes Yuko tripled and that girl slipped down from the roof. Before the girl fall down to the sea beneath them, Yuko managed to hold her wrist.

“Let go or you’ll fall” the raven girl said.

“No, I won’t let you die. Our fight hasn’t end and I need your head to get the reward

“I won’t die” the raven girl removed Yuko’s grip on her and fell down to the sea, “Let’s fight again another time” and so, she disappeared into the shadow.

“Stop right there!” the officers showed up on the roof and pointing the gun at Yuko.

“Well, catch me if you can~” Yuko said playfully to the officers and start running.

Flashback end

♫♪♫♫♪♫ (phone’s ringing)

“Hello, Kojima Haruna here” a tall brunette is answering the phone at one of the narrow side street.

[Haruna, it’s me Mariko. Be on guard, the killer is moving to your way. Gather some men to block the street] the voice commanded from the other side of phone.

“Roger” Haruna replied and put her phone back to pocket.

Not long after Haruna put her phone, there’s a short figure bumped into her… it was Yuko.

“Are you okay?” Haruna asked as she helped Yuko to get up.

Yuko wants to run away but somehow Haruna didn’t let go of Yuko’s hand. Hearing the footsteps of officers who are pursuing her becomes nearer, she can’t think another way but to take off Haruna’s long coat. Yuko put the coat on herself and pushed Haruna until her back touch the wall. She whispered a sorry before her hands stopped behind Haruna’s head and pulled her close for a kiss. Haruna’s eyes widen as she was shocked by the sudden happen. Another seconds passed, she regain her consciousness and pushed Yuko away but she can’t because Yuko is stronger. The more struggles Haruna made, the wilder the kiss Yuko gives her.

“Ow, young kids nowadays are bold” the officers run pass behind Yuko without knowing her.

Makes sure that she is safe, Yuko break away and wipe her lips. “Thank you my lady, I owe you one” she return the coat to Haruna and ran away. Haruna was shocked and her mind was blank out there.

Somewhere in the city

“No.44, what are you doing in the sea?” the young professor is typing something on her gadget. “Rena, stop playing with the shark and find me”

She is currently sitting inside a cafe, with a glass of hot milk on the table. Bored of waiting the arriving of her pet, she looked outside the window for some view and there’s something catch her attention. There’s a long black haired woman carrying a baby on the street, looking for some help but no one stop to pay attention on that woman. It was raining hard outside, that woman uses her jacket to cover the baby from getting soaked.

Mayu takes a picture of that woman and search her identity through the gadget. Her gadget shows that woman identity in no time. “Kashiwagi Yuki, 22 years old, single parent”

She swiped the screen to track another photos of that woman and the child. Mayu feels curious at what the woman doing in the middle of the rain and went out with an umbrella. She stood next to that woman and staring at her.

The women looked at Mayu with teary eyes, “Please, please help my son. He is having high fever”

“Then go to hospital. What are you doing here?”

“My shop got robbed few days ago and I don’t have enough money. The hospital won’t cure him” she kneeled down and begged Mayu, “Please, help my son. I’ll do anything you want, anything!”

“What if… I want your life?” Mayu asked her with cold eyes.

The woman was silent hearing what Mayu said, she looked at her son and turn to face Mayu, “You can take it. But you have to take care of my son” she said firmly.

“Baka…” Mayu mumbled at herself.

“Master~” the raven girl, Rena appeared behind Mayu, holding a shark fin and smiled. She throws way the shark fin and takes one step closer to look at the woman and her son, “Is that my new toy?”

“No, they are mine” Mayu slightly pulled Rena away from them. “Hold this umbrella for me” she handed her umbrella to Rena then took out a small bottle with blue liquid inside it. She took off the cap and put some drops into the baby’s mouth.

“You owe me one life” Mayu took her umbrella from Rena, leaving it for that woman and walked away.

“It’s rare that you are soaking yourself in the rain” Rena said as she followed Mayu.

Mayu pulled Rena’s shirt collar lower which revealed a mark No44’ at her right shoulder. She tucked a tiny chip at Rena’s shoulder, exactly at where her number marked and begin to operate her gadget, she looked at the happy smile on Rena face and wonders what happen to her, “Your mood is good today”

Rena nodded, “I find new toy~”

“What kind of toy? Is it strong?” Mayu asked as she busy checking the condition of Rena on her gadget.

“No36 is stronger but she is slightly taller than No36” Rena biting her nails and grinning crazily.

“Don’t waste your time playing here. Hurry and find No36” Mayu said without looking at Rena.

“I smelled No36’s scent from this…” Rena took out a yoyo and playing it.

“Where did you get that?” asked Mayu as she takes a quick glance on the yoyo, then back to concentrate at her gadget.

“From my new toy~” Rena smirked wickedly, “See you soon, No36”

Atsuko’s House

“Hachiuuu!” Minami sneezed.

Minami and Jurina are playing yoyo in living room. Atsuko is happy that Minami found her new interest other than fish. She is glad that Yuko taught them playing yoyo few days ago. She remembered how Minami bite Yuko’s yoyo when she saw it for the first time. Yuko was having a hard time to have her yoyo back and taught them how to play. Minami’s skill in playing yoyo is amazing, she can manage to swing the yoyo all the way she wants and Jurina was watching her playing. Suddenly, her yoyo fly toward Atsuko, she thought it was gonna hit her but the truth is… Minami snatched a fish from the plate on Atsuko’s hands, using her yoyo.


[Hope you don't mind my poor drawing  XD]


Eh? current Minami shares the same face with past Minami???
Who exactly is No36?
What really happened in Atsuko's past???
Why the professor is searching for No36?

To be continue...
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Black Cat
Chapter Five – Stalked, Stalking, and Stalker

================   ================   ================

“Yo~ Mii-chan, two bloody mary” Yuko step into a cafe and sat in front of the bartender.

“You’re being stalked” whispered the bartender. She has big eyes and bucked tooth which makes her looks like a gachapin. She is working as a bartender and also works as information giver, the one who exchange information with money. She’s been friend with Yuko for years.

“Yeah, I know~” Yuko winked at the bartender, “She is not dangerous~”

Mii-chan pretended to have a usual chat with the customer then went back to Yuko, bringing her the drink she wanted. Bottom of the glass, she slipped a piece of paper which contains the information of the next target that Yuko pursuing. Yuko took the piece of paper and put it inside her pocket then she took out an envelope and gave it to Mii-chan.

“By the way, is Acchan back to her old job?” asked Mii-chan.

“No, she isn’t. I asked her to do a job with me but she refused. What’s wrong?”

Mii-chan took out two photos from her pocket and handed it to Yuko. “She came few days ago, asking me to find information about this girl and this tattoo. You better told her not to mess with this girl”

“Is that something dangerous?” Yuko asked, but Mii-chan keeps silent. Yuko takes a look on the photos and startled when she saw it… it was Minami. The other one showed a closed up photo of No36’ mark, somehow this mark is familiar to Yuko. She stared at the photo and thinking hard, trying to remember where she saw this kind of mark.

// I saw this kind of tattoo when I was… fighting that serial killer?!! // Yuko remembered the mark on the right shoulder of Rena. She accidentally pulled that girl’s shirt when fighting her and saw the same mark with Minami, but it showed No44’ // Is Minami have some kind of relationship with that girl? Is that mean Acchan is in danger?! //

“Yuko, did you know something?” asked Mii-chan. Yuko put a smile on her face and returned the photos to Mii-chan. She thinks that she had to confirm the matter before doing anything reckless.

“I’ll drop by again” She took two glasses of bloody mary and walked away. She went to greet the stalker who is sitting at one of the seat in the cafe, offering one of the drinks in her hands.

The stalker is apparently the officer Haruna, the brunette which is kissed by Yuko two days ago. When she saw Yuko is walking toward her, she panicky grabs the newspaper on the table and flips the page randomly. What she doesn’t know is… the newspaper which she’s holding is upside down.

// Did she found out that I’m stalking her? // Haruna tensed up as she feels Yuko is taking a seat right before her.

Yuko chuckled as she sees how panic Haruna is, “Did you miss me that much?” she paused a while to have her drink and continue, “Officer Haruna”

Haruna was shocked that her identity being exposed, although this is the first time she is assigned in stalking criminal but this is too fast. “How did you kn–”

Before she can continue, Yuko interrupted, “Kojima Haruna, 23 years old. Failed in officer exam for 50th times and finally passed the exam end of last month. Got her first task two days ago to trap a criminal but failed… and passed out on the street” Yuko take a look on Haruna’s face. “Hmm… Is it because of the kiss?”

“H-How did you know about me?” Haruna was shocked for the second times, “And why do I feel that your face is familiar…”

// Did she forget what happened two days ago? // Yuko pressed her mouth to hold her laugh while Haruna looks confused.

// This officer is so funny, I like her // Yuko got up from her seat and stopped beside Haruna, put her arm around Haruna’s shoulder.

“Let me remind you something”

Without warning, Yuko leaned in and kissed Haruna on the lips. Haruna’s eyes widen in seconds, she feels familiar with this scene and finally remembered what happened two days ago. The day where Yuko kissed her suddenly and left as soon as wind. Haruna snapped out and pushed Yuko away.

“You’re the one who kissed me all of the sudden!”

“Yes?” Yuko smirked at her.

Haruna startled and dropped the photo on the table. She picked the photo and look at Yuko, “Ah, You’re the criminal I’ve been stalking”

Yuko is laughing out loud at this airhead officer, “Hahaha… you’re funny, I like you” she leaned in again and gives Haruna a peck on her cheek, “Catch me if you can~” she whispered behind Haruna’s ear.

Haruna instantly took out handcuffs to cuff Yuko but she missed and cuffed the armrest instead. While Haruna is busy to unlock the handcuffs, Yuko ran out from the cafe. Not long after, Haruna managed to chase after Yuko outside the cafe.

“Eh?! She is so fast!” Yuko surprised by Haruna’s speed running toward her and pace up the speed.

“You are under arrest!” Haruna shouted from behind.

Unknown to her, the police have been waiting for her across the street. Now, she is being trapped in the middle of the street. Yuko examines her surrounding to see if there’s any escape route and found a narrow path, two shops ahead from her current position. She turned left and sees a dead end, while Haruna stopped behind her and catching her breath, walking to Yuko step by step.

“You have no where to run” Haruna said.

Yuko looked around and smirked, “Not yet~”

She jumped to the left wall and bounced to the right, then to the upper left, and grabbed the edge of the wall and climbed up to the top. Haruna immediately grabbed the random rusty ladder near the rubbish bin and climbed up to chase after Yuko. Unfortunately, the ladder she used is broken before she managed to reach the top and she is falling down. Before she hit the ground, a pair of hands holds her wrist. It was Yuko.

“I’ve never seen a clumsy officer like y–”


Haruna put the handcuff on Yuko’s hand and the other on her own hand so that she can’t get away. “You are under arrest”

“Uso…” Yuko gives herself a facepalm in mind.


Somewhere on the street

Professor Mayu is sitting on a bench, playing her gadget while watching someone from across the street. There’s a flower shop across the street where a single mother works. She is carrying her son while doing her job. The professor has been watching for her all day sitting on the bench, from before the sunrise till now which is almost sunset. Somehow she finds her attractive, somehow she feels jealous over that baby boy, somehow she feels that she wants to be cared by that woman, she wants to know the feeling to be in mother’s embrace.

Mayu was grown up in orphanage. Since child, she often sees the other kids have their parents caring for them, she is longing for that too. Seeing how Yuki worried about her son and pleaded in the middle of rain, seeking for help to cure her son. That makes Mayu longing for that kind of love too. She wants to be cared by someone like her. Mayu let out a sigh as she thinks it’s impossible to ask that girl of becoming her mother? She let out another sigh and was about to leave but there’re two guys come closer and harassing Yuki.

One of the guys is touching Yuki’s butt while the other was messing with her flowers. Yuki is begging those guys to stop but they didn’t. Mayu stands up from her seat angrily and was about to approach them but she stopped in the middle of the way, thinking that she won’t win against them. Those two guys are tall, huge and got some muscles.

“Master~” Rena called as she walked approach Mayu.

Rena is coming at the right time. In a second, Mayu smiled and narrowed her eyes toward those two guys, “Rena, you see those guys in front of us? I don’t like them”

“Roger~” Rena walked across the street, playing her yoyo.

“Don’t touch my son!” Yuki is yelling at the man who took her baby away. She is being held by another man.

“Come, play with us for a while~” the guy smirking and throws her baby away like a trash.

“NO!” Yuki screamed in horror as she saw them threw her baby away. But those guys didn’t stop. They forced Yuki to follow them. Yuki screams for help but the people there were scared and they just passing by like nothing happened.



Something hit the head of those bad guys. They got mad and looked behind, it was Rena playing her yoyo. She is walking toward those two guys with her crazy smile on her face.

“Ne, will you play with me?”

Rena went to grab those men’s head and pulled them backward. Those men automatically removed their hands on Yuki and try to remove Rena’s grip on their head. They growled in pain and trying to remove Rena’s hand on their head. Rena is grinning crazily and pushed their head down three times as apologize for Yuki.

“They apologized” Rena removed her grip on their head and put her arms on those guys’ shoulder. “They’re going to play with me~ ne?” she said as she is dragging those guys and disappeared into next cross road.

“My son…” Yuki was panicked after they left. She turned back and searches for her son.

“Here” Mayu appeared behind her with the baby in her embrace. Yuki’s eyes were filled with tears. She hurriedly took her son from Mayu and caressing him.

“Can you keep your baby away from me? I was reading my magazine and he suddenly landed from the sky on my lap, disturbing me and is annoying” Mayu lied.

Actually, when those guys throw the baby, she ran to catch him. Don’t know why, Mayu is mad because Yuki ignored her and only cares about her son. She didn’t even look at Mayu for once. Mayu folded her arms and looked at her with angry face. She wants to scold Yuki but she just can’t do it, she feels that her blood vessel is going to explode. Mayu let out a heavy sigh and decided to walk away since she looks like an invisible thing at there. When she turned to leave, Yuki tapped her shoulder.

“Thank you for saving my son twice” Yuki bowed.

“Eherm…” Mayu cleared her throat, “I was just passing by”

Yuki smiled at her and bowed again, then went into her flower shop. When Mayu saw Yuki’s smile for the first time, she feels something warm was dancing in the center of her heart. Her lips were trembling because she tried to stop her lips from forming smile. Mayu doesn’t want to leave and keep watching Yuki from outside. The shop was in mess, all flowers, pots, vase, were scattered on the floor and Yuki is cleaning it. Her baby is still crying on her back. That makes Yuki can’t concentrate on picking up the broken pieces of vases and scratch her fingers. Blood were visible and a line scar is forming. Seeing the blood nonstop flowing out from her finger, Yuki opened her mouth to suck the blood.

“Stop!” Mayu rushed in and hold Yuki’s hands. She took out a tiny bottle with blue liquid inside from her pocket and dropped few drops on the wound. As soon as the liquid touched the wound, it stopped bleeding and the scar is gone. “Do not lick wounds as you like, it may contains virus or bacteria which impact health. Stupid commoners always do this”

Yuki was surprised by the sudden move of this young professor and stay quiet. There’s an awkward silent between them and Mayu cleared her throat again, “I’m just passing by”

Yuki patted Mayu’s head and smiled. She knows that Mayu is watching her from outside, “You’re such a good girl. By the way, what is that blue liquid? Is that the same liquid you gave to my son?”

“That’s my masterpiece in medical science. This liquid will cure any wounds and sickness depends on its portion” Mayu explained in professional tone.

“You are young and already made such good achievement in your life, not like me…” Yuki let out a heavy breath as she remembered her awful past. Being dumped by her boyfriend, pregnant, being kicked out from house by her parents, and got bullied so many times, “I can’t even runs this shop. This is the fifth times in this month, my shop got in mess. How am I supposed to pay the rent and my baby’s daily expenses…”

“Live with me” Mayu said out of sudden, holding Yuki’s hands and staring directly at her eyes. Yuki didn’t know how to response and mute there.

“You owe me your life when I saved your son the other day, then I saved him again just now. You have to be my maid for a lifetime, taking care of me” Mayu take a closer look at Yuki with more serious eyes, “I’ll be taking care of your living fees. Let’s move into my home”


Back to police station


Someone slammed Yuko’s head on the table and spotted the light on her face. The person has slim figure and tall. If she weren’t wearing police badge, people would have mistaken her as model.

“I told you! I’m not that serial killer!!!” Yuko yelled at her.

The door opened and Haruna walked in with two cups of coffee in her hands. She sat on the chair face to face with Yuko then handed Yuko one of the coffees in her hands. “Have a drink”

Mariko facepalmed and growled at Haruna, “What are you doing?”

“You told me to bring some coffee and I did” Haruna tilted her head a bit to the right.

“That’s for me, not for her” Mariko pissed, “Did you ever hear that cops offer coffee to criminal?”

Yuko starts laughing at them. Mariko is mad and spilled the coffee at Yuko’s face. “Funny is it?!”

Not long after, the door opened again, an officer came in and giving report to Mariko, “Inspector, the serial killer showed up in 48th akiba street. People saw her ripping two muscle men’s arms apart with bare hands”

“I told you! I’m not the serial killer!” Yuko shouted.

“Shut up!” Mariko grabbed Yuko’s head and slammed it again on the table, “Even so, you’re still a killer. I have your records in my hands”

“I’m just an innocent citizen” Yuko looked at Mariko with innocent, teary eyes. “How could you do this to me?”

“I’ll deal with you later. Haruna, watch her!” Mariko fixed her clothes and went out from the interrogation room.

Yuko bend her head down and grinning as she knows that they left Haruna and her alone in the interrogation room. Actually, she had unlocked the handcuff and waiting for the right time to flee. Just when Haruna was taking another sip of her drink, Yuko moved in flash movement and knocked down the officer.

// I have some business to go.  I’ll visit you again, officer Haruna //

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I just caught up with what I missed and here are my thoughts..

Regarding the story about Baby Blossom, I laughed so hard at Minami's actions  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: He's afraif of cockroaches!!!  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: And Yuko-sama as perverted as always!!  :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

Regarding black cat, I like kakkoi people (Yuko-sama and Rena-sama) the most, but also I have a guess about Minami.. That she somehow is not dead, but changed into "Mayu's killing machine" with that microchip... Dunno if I made myself clear... I also loved KojiYuu and Mayuki moments here.. Mayu can be so sweet and Tsundere at the same time   :roll: XD XD

Rena-sama tearing those men arms and Yuko-sama kissing Haruna/NyanNyan was the best parts for me.

Keep this up!  :bow: :bow:
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wahhhhh!!!! I love the Mayuki moments in here!!!!!!

If I beg you will you put the same amount of Mayuki scenes in the rest of the chapters of this story?! :w00t:

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okay.......and one more..

Please update soon!!!! I mean as soon as you can!! please? pretty please?
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Waaaahhh Yuko so cool  :luvluv1:

And... Rena tooo she is so cool :luvluv1:

Mayuki moment subarashi!!!! :luvluv1:

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OMG!! yuuchan kiss her again :D
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KOJIYUU pairing is so funny!!  :lol:

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hello I love your story is funny when you minami she calls Acchan fish. :lol:

I want to know what is happening has Jurina? if it has to do with Minami and rena?

update stp can not wait 
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I'm having fever... and now, I am updating my story~  :lol:
*secretly turn on my laptop and updating*

Really thanks for the comment minna~  :wub: for the thanks giver and readers~  :wub:
Since the main lead of this story is Atsumina, the other pairings will have less amount... but I will try to put some scenes of them in each chapter  :nervous
As I said before, chapter six will be whole Atsumina moments~  :D :D
The other pairings will be in the next chapter. Hope you enjoy reading this chapter  :)
You can find index is here (

Black Cat
Chapter Six – Walking With You, Walking With Memories

================   ================   ================

Acchan POV

“Acchan, she is dangerous. I saw the same mark on her shoulder, it’s the same mark with that serial killer who ripped 48 people and now the victim is still on going. You should leave her”

“She has unordinary agility and strength, I know that. But I think she is not the same with that killer. Minami has kind personality”

“Acchan… why you insists to keep her by your side? Even thought you know she is dangerous”

“Did Mii-chan told you something about Minami?”

“No, she keeps silent when I ask. She just said that you should not mess with Minami”

Yuko came and told me to stay away from Minami. Maybe she lost her memories and looks innocent, harmless person but maybe when her memories back… she will be dangerous for me and Jurina. Even so, I still want her by my side. Is it because her look resembles to Minami? The Minami I loved… but killed… by me…

Five years ago, I am still an assassin. I spent all day to kill, I was born to kill, I live to kill… that’s what my parents told me. Yes, I was born in great mighty assassin family. Each of us has to serve a master. I am trained to be cold… forbid to have feelings. I am trained to kill and they say I am very talented in this family circle, I will be the successor of this family. Stealing, killing, assassinate, I can master it all perfectly in 10 years old, can’t count how many lives falls into my hands… I spent all another six years to serve a spoiled-rich kid. He often commanded me to kill all the women he has raped to protect his own reputation. Staring at the eyes of each lives I killed make me feels so empty. What is the meaning of life? Someday, will I die like this? But…

I was born to kill… I have nothing to do but kill… I can’t have feelings.

In order to survive in my family circle, I have to fight desperately and devour those they defeated. Must one kill other in order to survive? The wounded in turn wound and torment those weaker than themselves… there are only killers and killed… the sinners who are judged, and the victims that do the judging. What meaning is there to such a world?

Until… My world seems changed until I met someone, a dummy thief.

================   ================   ================

Flashback #1

The first time we met is when I killed a famous businessman and she is in the wrong time, stealing his valuable items. She jumped in from the window and saw me killed the man, she then pretended that she can’t see anything and took all valuable things in that room into her bag. In usual, I will kill her instantly but this time… for some reason, I feel don’t want to kill. This is the first time I don’t want to kill.

Suddenly the door opened and many people come in to get me. That thief immediately runs away from the window. Just when I want to get out of this place, I realized that my feet are stick on the floor, can’t move. They have trapped me, will this the end of my life? I prepared myself to receive those bullets from them but then there’re smoke appeared fills the room. I feel someone’s arm wrapped around my waist.

PLANK (sounds of broken windows)

I am flying…

That person came back and pulled me out from that room. We jumped out from the window… and now, we are falling down from the 48th floor because the rope she uses is broke off. We will die… I am dying now…

“What?!!! The rope is broken??!!! I don’t wanna die now!! I don’t wanna die!!”

This girl keeps screaming that she doesn’t want to die. Why you don’t want to die? What is good for living… I am bored… so bored… so tired…

40th floor…

30th floor…

20th floor…

10th floor…

She keeps screaming that she doesn’t want to die. She keeps apologize to me that she has pulled me to die with her. Her tears flowing up, some touch my face then she reached her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly. For some reason, I hate those tears… for some reason, I like this hug. Since she doesn’t want to die, I took out my tiny pen (actually is a weapon) and shoot the metal string at the building. We land safely on the ground.

She opened her eyes and blink for seconds then she landed a light punch at my left shoulder, “Why didn’t you take out that thing earlier? My heart is gonna stop beating~” Her legs become weak and she falls forward at me for support. “Thank you for saving my life”

“It’s you who saved my life” I act cold, pushed her away and walked away.

“Hey, my name is Minami. What’s yours? Let’s be friend” she called me from afar, but I ignored her and disappeared into the shadow.

Since that incident, I can’t help myself but following her secretly. Knowing more about her makes me feel better, my world isn’t black and white anymore.

Thank you for saving me… thanks for pulling me out from that room… into your life…

Flashback End

================   ================   ================

“Acchan~ I’m ready. Let’s go~” Jurina ran to the door and motioned me to go after her. Minami is standing right next to her. She is wearing my old outfit – blue short jeans and white, no sleeves shirt printed the word ‘I love fish’ with a hood. She looks cute with that outfit, at least she looks like a normal person.

“Hai, hai~ just a minute” increasing my speed, I put all the bento and drinks into my backpack.

“Acchan is soooooo slow” then I saw Jurina is whispering something to Minami and runs away. From the window, I can see her running into the car.

Today is last week of the summer holiday and I have made a promise to take them to amusement park. We actually planed to depart on 10 a.m. and now the clock shows 2.30 p.m. That’s all Minami’s fault because she made a mess in bathroom and I have to clean it. Broken bathtub, broken faucet, all wet floor… and the floor in living room is also wet. She really hates water.

“I help~” said Minami as she walks toward me.

She’s been living here for a month but still, I haven’t found out her identity, though I have asked many professional information giver. Whenever she didn’t berserk like the other day, I’m fine to let her stay. These days, me and Jurina teach her many things in how to behave like a normal person. She is quite a fast learner, but there is one thing she never understood. That is…

“Many Acchan inside??” she asked me with her usual innocent face.

“Hai, hai. I have put many ‘Acchan’ inside”

Without any warning, she snatched my backpack and carried it, and with fast speed, she carried me in bridal style and runs toward the car parked outside, open the car door and put me in, then she sat in the back seat next to Jurina.

“Is this your idea?” I asked Jurina.

She laughed sheepishly, “Because you are sooooo slow, so I told Minami-chan to bring you here faster. Let’s go to amusement park now~”

“Hold on, I have to locked the door first”

“Minami-chan!” Jurina said as she gives Minami the keys.

“Hai~” Minami gets out from the car and runs to the house, in ten seconds she comes back and sits neatly in the back seat.

“Yeay~ Minami-chan is the fastest!” Jurina said as she hugged Minami and Minami hugged her back. I can’t help but smile to see those two behaviors. I know I made the right decision to leave that home, that family. But… looking at the current Minami reminds me of the past Minami.

I’m sorry… I’m sorry that… I am the one who killed you…

“Acchan? Cry?” a drop of tear rolling down on my face and Minami noticed me.

“No, I’m not crying. It just that there’s dust went into my eyes” I hurriedly wipe my tears, “I’m okay now” I show a fake smile to ensure them I am okay, “Today, we’re gonna have fun ALL DAY~”


Amusement Park

“Minami-chan, slow down” Jurina is chasing Minami again. This is the first time Minami went here. She is running around just like a kid. Everything here is new to her, she asks Jurina all the things she interested. Today will be a happy day~

================   ================   ================

“Acchan, I want to play that” Jurina is pointing at the roller coaster.

“I want that~ I want that~” Minami is copying what Jurina does.

On the ride


Jurina is screaming out loud and enjoying the ride while Minami is struggling on her seat ………..

After the ride

“BLUEK” Minami is throwing up at the side of road. I can see her face went all pale.

“Let’s play that again~!” Jurina suggested.

Minami turned back to look at us for a moment, then she runs away.

“Minami!!” Jurina and I go after her, afraid that she will get lost.

================   ================   ================

We stopped at a stall.

“Acchan~ Acchan~ Acchan~” Minami is happily looking at a small pool of goldfish. She is grinning, reached her hands to catch the fish and I grabbed her hands before it touch the water.

“Here, take this” I handed them a bowl of water and bucket of paper scoopers. “You must use this to catch the fish”

This is Kingyo Sukui (Goldfish Scooping), a traditional game in which player scoops goldfish with a paper scooper.The amount of fish you get can change with various prizes. I go first to show them how to catch the fish. I took a paper scoops from the bucket, watch carefully the fish movement, SCOOP with high speed and put the fish in the bowl. They give me applause with shining, glittering eyes. Minami is energetically grabs some paper scoops from the bucket and watching the fish excitedly.

Jurina goes first, she copied what I did.Within a minute she used all the paper scoopers but got no fish. She reaches her hands to ask more paper scoopers from Minami, but Minami ignored her. She holds her paper scoopers tightly and shaking her head. Jurina pouted and step aside. This time is Minami’s turn. She grins while looking at the fish, Scoop Scoop Scoop Scoop Scoop ……

She is really has an amazing speed. With just five paper scoops in her hands, she scooped ten or more fish. Jurina is jumping and clapping her hands nonstop. Somehow, Minami’s smiley face is now turning into dangerous face. I immediately snatched the bowl and gesture her to stay. She pouted as she watches me handed the bowl to the stall owner.

“The fish is not for eat” I said to her.

“Here is the prize, ojou-chan” the owner handed me a doll, a big doll… a big fish shaped doll.

“Minami~ do you want this?” I swing the doll in my hand to tease her. She instantly runs to me to get the doll, before she approached, I throw the doll to Jurina. She runs back with high speed and grabbed the doll with her mouth, showing a satisfied, big smile.

================   ================   ================

We were walking around and suddenly Minami stopped in front of a stall. She is staring at the ribbons on that stall. “What is this?”

“Ribbon!” Jurina answered. She took the ribbon with yellow butterfly pattern on it and put it on her head. “Cute on me?” she asked Minami.

“Cute!” Minami answered.

Then she took blue colored ribbon with many small fish pattern on it and put it on her fish doll, “Cuter!”

Then she took white colored ribbon with many small fish pattern on it and put it on me, “Cuuutteeer!”

She took one again in pink color with a black cat printed on it and put on her own head, “Cutest~!!”


Flashback #2

“Tada~” Minami tapped my back suddenly from no where.

Gasp!” I was so surprise. How can I not notice her presence? And how could she sneak behind me and I don’t even know?

“As I thought, you looks good with that ribbon~”

Ribbon?! I touched my head and took the ribbon. When did she put this on me?

“Ne, why are you keeps following me?” she asked.

“Since when you knew it?”

“When? Hmm…” she touches her chin and thinking, then she gave me a shock answer, “I don’t remember the date and time, but I noticed you since you follow me for the first time” she answered me with her bright smile.

What… did she say? I’ve been stalking people for 16 years perfectly and she noticed me from the start?! I was screaming inside my head. Plus, this ribbon… how could I didn’t feel her presence when she put it on me?

“H-how…?” I can’t believe this. This is the first time I failed in stalking someone.

“Are you thinking how can I move without your notice?” She stands on a wooden box and shows her deep dimple, grinning proudly, “I am The Black Cat, the professional thief, the most and very very top wanted thief in the world~”

“Never heard about it”

“What? You didn’t know about me?” she shocked.

I make a suspicious look on her, “Are you a swindler or something?”

“You don’t believe me?” she jumps down and approaches me. “Tonight, a billion worth ancient pendant will be delivered from Akiba harbor to the museum. Let’s do a race, who can steal that pendant will be the winner”

“Bring it on” of course I can get it easily. I do stealing since 10 years old.

“On one condition” she continue, “The loser have to be attendant for the winner, about one month~”

Flashback End

“I am cutest!” Jurina complained.

“I am more more more cutest~” Minami said and walked away. Jurina and I followed her.

“Sorry miss, you haven’t paid… for the ribbons” the seller called me.

“Oh, I’m sorry. How much is it?”

================   ================   ================

“What is that? What is that?” Minami asked curiously like a child.

“Cotton candy, it’s sweet and delicious~” answered Jurina.

“Please give me three, thank you” I said to the seller.Whenever I saw their smile face, I feel happy. Just like the feelings of this cotton candy melt inside my mouth, soft and sweet…

Flashback #3

“Here, take it.” Minami handed me a fluffy pink cotton liked thing.

“What is this?”

“Cotton candy, it’s delicious. Come on, grab a bite”

“No, I don’t want” I pushed her hand away.

“It’s delicious, just take a bit. You’ll like it” she insisted on giving it to me.

“I said nooooo”

“Come on, it tastes good”

“Noooooooo” I pushed her hand a little bit too hard which make the candy sticks on her face. The cotton candy forms a beard around her lips. She stood there dumbfounded. Looking at her dumbfounded face, I can’t help but leaned forward. I bite some of the cotton candy on her face.

“Hmm… sweet~” I give her a wink.

Her face becomes all red, red face with pink beard…

Pfft” I try to hold my laugh.

“Are you laughing me? Let’s put some on your face too~” she picked up the left candy and chasing me.

Flashback End

“Minami-chan, that’s mine!!” Jurina is chasing Minami for her cotton candy. Looks like Minami has finished her candy and took Jurina’s.

“Acchan!” Jurina shouts my name then I saw Minami fall back against me. I use my hand to block her and…


We fell to the ground and the cotton candy in my hand sticks on my face…

“Hahaha… Acchan has beard” Jurina is laughing at me.

Minami took some from my face and ate it. I saw her smiling face and knew what will happen next, but my body freeze like a stone. She put her hands on my shoulder and leaned forward, licked the left cotton candy that stick on my face. “Sweeet~”

I can feel my temperature boiled up…

“Acchan, you’re burning?” asked Jurina as she saw some smoke appeared on my head.

“I… I’ll go to wash my face… you two wait here” slightly pushed Minami away, I fixed my shirt and start walking.

“I’ll go with you” Jurina followed me.

“I’ll go with you” Minami imitated Jurina.

Suddenly a firework appeared in the sky. We stopped there to watch the fireworks.

“Hanabi! Hanabi!” Jurina jumps happily to see the fireworks.

While Minami is kneeling on the ground, covering her ears, looks terrified.

“ARGHHH!!!” She runs away from us to nowhere.


Drawing for this chapter will be a bit special~ because I colored it~!  :D :D

What happened between Atsumina in the past?
 :panic: :panic: Minami went berserk again!!  :panic: :panic:
What will happen to her?

To be continue…….
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what will happen now?!  :? XD

please dont forget about Mayuki in the next chapter~!!!!!!!! XD
I'm really obsesed..... :P I love Mayuki..... :wub:

Please update soon!! XD
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PLANK (sounds of broken windows)

I am flying…

That person came back and pulled me out from that room. We jumped out from the window… and now, we are falling down from the 48th floor because the rope she uses is broke off. We will die… I am dying now…

“What?!!! The rope is broken??!!! I don’t wanna die now!! I don’t wanna die!!”

This girl keeps screaming that she doesn’t want to die. Why you don’t want to die? What is good for living… I am bored… so bored… so tired…

^ :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: this part so hilarious  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I want to know why 'Minami went berserk again!?'  :panic:

I can't wait for the next part, oh and your drawing is so cute :gmon sing:

 :heart: this chapter!  :thumbsup

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I guess fireworks reminded her of things she had to do as a black cat No. 36?.. Sorry, if I forgot her number..  :nervous :nervous :nervous *too lazy and tired to check the right one*

Acchan sure has a sad past, and a tough one too... I still hold onto my theory that this Minami is the same as in Acchan's past.

Take care of yourself, please! Drink lots of fluids, eat lots of vegetables and meat, don't forget to eat soups and cover yourself with a blanket. I hope you get well soon!!  :deco:
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I want to know what happens next so update soon!  :pleeease:

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aww many flashbacks happen.. but i think that minami and this takaneko are the same person.... thanx for updated :D
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Please update your AIDOURO PANIC

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ichi-nyan so much Atsumina's moment  :k-inlove:
Minami is soooooo cute ! And Acchan too !
I don't want Minami die so I hope Cat Minami is the same than old Minami  :luvuluvu:

Please update soon and more Atsumina  :k-wink:
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Please update soon...

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im realy addict with your fanfic ahahahaha

More power on your fanfic..
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I'm really sorry for not updating this story soon, Minna-san  :kneelbow:
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@ yuukimoko : sorry I didn't make any Mayuki scenes here, because it doesn't suit on how the story flow...  :cry: :cry: but if you don't mind, please read until the last of this chapter  :) :) they have some role in it...
@ Sese : thanks for the compliment  :) :) why Minami is berserk explained here~
@ sakura_drop_ : Ughh... I think I can't hide it anymore... (Past Minami and Present Minami is same person~  :P ) hope you enjoy how the story flow :) :) Minami's identity will be revealed soon in more chapters~
@ miyumi : thanks for reading and concern about me.. thank you  :) :)
@ Haruko : Minami and Takaneko is the same person~  :P but... why happened?? please continue reading :) :) many flashbacks will be revealed soon in more chapters~
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About this chapter's tittle "Melon and Fish" what happened between Melon and Fish??
I am curious what do you guys guess when you read the tittle... and after you finished reading this story  XD because the pairing....

== Previous chapter is talked about Atsuko's flashbacks when she is with Minami... but suddenly Minami went berserk because ]the sounds of fireworks... What will happen to her? Will she be fine or got into some mess?? Let's begin the chapter seven..... ==

Black Cat
Chapter Seven – Melon and Fish

================   ================   ================


Minami is running blindly into bushes, her head hurts from hearing the fireworks. She accidentally runs out from the amusement park into abandoned church not far from the park. It was all dark there with shimmering moonlight went through the gap between broken windows. Minami hurriedly went to hide below the bench and keeps covering her ears.

Quote from Prologue

Deserted Island

“Let’s end this… Everything…”




[ Self destruction system active ]


Minami tighten her grip on her head as she remembered something exploded which resembles the sound of fireworks. She burst out which make the bench above her broken into pieces. She gets up and running crazily inside the church, breaking all the things around her. Blood vessels become visible on her forehead as she keeps bumping her head on the wall. Suddenly, a yoyo swings toward her from behind, the string is wrapping around her neck. Someone pulled the string which makes Minami slides backward and her neck begins bleeding.

The person is standing on the altar. Moonlight went through the gap of the broken window, shadowing the figure of raven haired girl. The reflection fell on the silver cross necklace in front of that person’s chest. Minami breaks the string around her neck and growled toward the person. She looks back and revealing that raven haired girl. It was Rena standing on the altar. She is grinning crazily at Minami.

“Ne, you like my necklace?” she touches her necklace and acts shy all of the sudden, “Yuki gave me as my birthday present”

Minami growled and dashed toward Rena with high speed. Her eyes went red and her nails become an inch longer and sharp like a knife, she is in her berserk mode. Minami launched right punch to Rena and she dodged it easily, then she grabbed Minami’s wrist, swinging her in circle and threw her away like a flying plate. Minami’s body is flying in the air before landing down, crushing the benches all over.

“You have become weaker” Rena said with sad expression like she was about to cry.

Minami gets up and wipe the blood on her eyebrow, there’s a scratch a centimeters above her left eyebrow because of the crash toward benches. Her eyes widen when she saw something belongs to her is in Rena’s hands. The ribbon from earlier that Atsuko bought for her. She saw Rena is playing with the ribbon. Rena takes a look on the ribbon curiously, wondering what accessories it is. She pinched and rubbed the ribbon and then put on her head. She giggled, looking at the reflection from the window.

“Ne, I’ll take this”

Minami growled and rushed toward Rena, launching attacks at her. Rena could easily dodge all Minami’s attacks. As Minami’s attacks become faster, Rena bites her nails and grinning crazily. “Ne, are you mad now?”

Rena grabbed Minami’s wrist and swinging it again like the movements she done before, but this time it doesn’t work on Minami. When Rena was going to throw her, she grabbed Rena’s shirt, pulling her down and reversed their position. Minami harshly kicked on Rena’s stomach that sent her flying few feet away. Unknown to Rena, Minami pulled her necklace before sending her the kick. Now, Minami is holding Rena’s necklace for revenge. She is twirling her necklace with index finger and smirking wickedly at her.

Minami smelled her necklace and opened her mouth, taking a bite on it. As soon as she bites the necklace, she felt an electric shock went through her spine. She immediately throws the necklace to the ground and trampling the necklace until it lost its original form. After satisfied with the terrible state of that necklace, she rubs her teeth which hurt because of her silly act (biting the necklace). Meanwhile Rena is frozen at the scene where Minami trampling her precious necklace into terrible form. She threw a bench toward Minami to get her attention. Minami block the bench and gives her a deadly stare.

“I will kill you!” Rena said as she ripped Minami’s ribbon into pieces as revenge for her necklace.

Both of them are now on the peak of fire. Each mark on their shoulder starts to glow. Rena’s was glowing in dark blue color while Minami’s was in bright red. The glows spread into their blood vessels and let out an invisible aura like a barrier. The real fight between them begins. Crash and slash can be heard clearly outside the building. Windows broken and walls collapse along the fight. They launch kicks and punches rapidly toward each others. They managed to block each movement from hitting them until Rena finally hit Minami’s cheek, leaving an opened wound right at the corner of her lips and Minami scratch Rena’s neck, leaving three line scars on it.

Rena slides behind Minami and put her arm around Minami’s neck, strangling her. Minami tried to release Rena’s hands on her and strikes her elbow at Rena’s stomach until she cough of blood. Rena let go of Minami and let Minami launched attacks on her. Minami is punching Rena rapidly and sent her a flying kick. Rena falls back and rolling on the ground but Minami didn’t stop, she dashed forward at Rena and ready to beat her. Rena blocked her punch and grabbed Minami’s head, slamming it on the wall. The third times Rena slammed Minami’s head on the wall, she fainted. Rena removed her grip on Minami and let her body fell to the ground.

“These wounds will be enough to show master” Rena kneeled down beside Minami. She gently caressing Minami’s face, “It’s been a while since we had a fight last time. It’s good to see you again, NO36”

Rena leaned on the wall and look up at the ceiling, “Master said if you’re not willingly go back to headquarter, I’ll have to kill you and bringing back your dead body” she smiled and placing a light punch at Minami’s shoulder, “When will you stop creating trouble? Don’t force me to kill you… I wouldn’t want to tear your body with my hands”

Rena sighed at unconscious Minami, “You really create huge disaster, the day when you blast the whole island. Master was very mad at you. Everyone knows that you like to act on your own and often ignore master’s instruction but why did you do that? Is that you discover something you shouldn’t know?”

Bzzt bzzt

NO44, can you hear me? Answer me now!

“Master is calling me again, NO36”

Rena took off her earphone and tiny microphone behind her jacket. She looked at it for a while and crashed it into pieces between her thumb and index finger. She took out a smashed tortoise-shaped melonpan and put it in Minami’s hand, taking the last gaze on her, “These wounds should be enough to show master I was badly beaten by you. I let you go today… don’t let me found you again”

Mayu’s Residence

“Yukirin, I need your help!” Mayu shouted as she tried to bring Rena’s body out from her car.

Yuki ran toward the door and gasped at Rena’s bloody state, “What happened to her?”

“I found her on the side way, hurry and bring her into my lab” Mayu commanded, she can’t hold the weight of Rena’s body since she is smaller and shorter than her. She handed Rena to Yuki and walked ahead.

Once they entered Mayu’s private room, Mayu touched some button on her gadget. Some table with full equipment placed on it and a surgery-like bed moved by itself neatly in front of Mayu, then a big metal capsule raise from below the ground. Mayu told Yuki to put Rena on the bed and cleaning her wounds with antiseptic while she’s preparing her equipment to check on Rena’s condition.

“No ribs broken, no vital wounds, only internal bleeding… scratches and bruises” Mayu done checking on Rena and bringing some bottles of liquid. She handed some bottles to Yuki and told her to put the liquid on Rena’s wounds. She takes a look on the scratches at Rena’s neck, “She didn’t go easy on you, huh? I thought she wouldn’t hurt you”

================   ================   ================

Rena’s flashback

I opened my eyes and saw a short figure was walking around me in circle. I tried to move but I can’t, my body was trapped inside this glass capsule. The size of this capsule fits my body perfectly that there’s no space for me to move. She began knocking the capsule and all I can do is watching her. She stopped right before me and stuck her face on the glass, smiling at me. It was a weird and funny face she made there, I want to laugh but I can’t. Why can’t I remember how to laugh… I don’t know how to laugh…

“NO36! What are you doing there?” another girl comes into this room. She is taller than this short girl with long black hair. Her face is cute and younger. She is wearing a long white coat.

“Can you hear me?” she said from outside. I nodded at her as response.

“Good, listen. My name is Mayu, the professor who is in charge here and also your master. You have to obey me, understand?” this girl called master is glaring at me with cold eyes.

I just have to obey her, that’s all.

I nodded again. Then she pressed a red button on the left side of this capsule, the glass is rolling horizontally to the side and I was released. Master turned me around and touched my right shoulder, “Welcome, NO44”

================   ================   ================

“NO44~~” This short ponytailed girl tapped my shoulder and sat next to me. She is my only friend in here, we are both under command from Master Mayu. Her name is NO36, I wonder where is NO37, 38, till 43. I never see anyone else beside her. I was wondering…

“Ne, are you wondering something?” she asked.

“Yes. I was wondering why I am NO44? Why am I not become NO37? Since I never see anyone else except you”

“They’re dead” she answered shortly. She leaned her back on the floor ad looked at the blue sky, “Have you ever wondering who are you? The real you before you came here… I was wondering…”

“Aren’t we born from that capsule?”

“Yeah, Mayu told me I was born from that capsule. But don’t know why, I always dream of something… something that feels so real to me” she sat up again and looked at me, “Wanna do some explore with me?”

I looked at her with blank expression, straight face. She hid her hands behind her back and took out two tortoise-shaped melonpan, my favorite food. When I was about to get it, she pulled back, “Don’t you have expression? At least please smile and say thank you”

“Thank you” I said with blank expression.

“Can’t you smile?”

“I don’t know how to smile”

“Then, follow what I’m doing!” She gets up and standing in front of me, makes a grinning face. Her fists were put beside her cheek and she is making some sound like ‘hihihihi…’

I was nervous and start biting my nails. With all my best, I imitate how she grins and make some sound like ‘hihihihi…’ I don’t believe I can actually laughing like this. I know how to laugh now, “Ne, arigatou~” I said while laughing as what she taught me.

(please imagine how Geki laugh~)

“Umm… that’s just… great… hehe…” She is laughing sheepishly and scratch her head, don’t dare to look at me. “Let’s forget about the laugh, I know you like melonpan so I brought you one” she handed the melonpan for me.

She is giving me my favorite food, in return I have to give her the same. I get up and walked to the edge of the boat and looking at the sea below us. As my eyes catch the fish movements, I jump down and catch the fish with both my hand then jump back to the deck. “For you”

Heck! Umm… ano, 44-chan. I don’t eat raw fish”

I concentrate my power on both hands to make fire and within seconds the fish were well-cooked. She happily runs at me and took one of the fish. She put the fish in the middle of the melonpan and takes a bite on it. “Delicious~~”

I followed what she did on the melonpan and take a bite on it. It tastes delicious… melonpan and fish could taste well together…

“Ne, NO44. Did you know why you always lose to me in fight?” she said at me playfully and I shake my head. She smirked mischievously at me and said, “Because I am cat and you are fish~~”

“I am NO44, the black shark, not fish” I stared at her.

“Shark is also a fish~”

“Shark is not a fish!”

“Okay, shark is a big fish~”

“Shark is not fish, shark is bigger than cat, cat is afraid of water. I will not lose”

“Do you forget? I am the black cat” she folded her arms and lifted her head up high, “Let’s have a fight to prove it. I will always win~”

Flashback End

Back to Mayu’s Lab

Rena opened her eyes and found herself on the bed inside Mayu’s lab. Recalled the flashback she had dreamt, Rena smiled at the ceiling, imagine NO36’s face, “I win…”

“Win what?” Yuki is walking into the lab, bringing some medicine for Rena.

Rena smiled and watching at her with soft eyes, until she spotted Yuki’s cross necklace which is hanging at her chest. She remembered how Minami trampling her necklace and began to cry. Yuki was panic and went to hug Rena to calm her down. “What’s wrong Rena?”

“The necklace... I lost it…” Rena said between her sob, “My birthday present…”

Yuki gently patted Rena’s head, “It’s okay, I’ll buy you a new one”

Rena smiled and hugged Yuki tightly. Without them knowing, Mayu was watching from behind with dark aura. Rena could feel the aura and immediately withdrew herself from Yuki. She saw Mayu walking in with some bottles of liquid in her hands. She softly pulled Yuki away and told her to clean the living room because she unintentionally pouring some juices on the floor. When Yuki got out from the lab, Mayu is staring at Rena with cold eyes.

“She is not your toy, she is mine” Mayu put some drops of liquid inside Rena’s drink and handed it to Rena, “It’s time to take your medicine”

Rena gulped and do not dare to take the drink. She covered herself with blanket and pretended to sleep, “I am sleeping, Master”


Rena was so kind for not kill Minami...
But still, Minami is wounded badly and still unconscious on the ground... will she be alright?
Will Acchan found her?
To be continue...

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Black Cat
Chapter Eight – Living Seriously

================   ================   ================


Jurina murmured Minami’s name while sleeping on Atsuko’s lap. Atsuko smiled and gently caressing Jurina’s hair. She smiled gently, remembering the past between them – baby Jurina, Minami, and herself. It was five years ago when they decided to raise Jurina.


Atsuko is walking slowly to the crying baby on her bed, “You are the last of Matsui family” she stopped right before the baby and raising her sharp dagger, ready to slice the baby. She swung down her dagger but stopped by something… the smile… the smile of this baby. She didn’t cry when she saw Atsuko’s face. Her smile, her laugh somehow stopped Atsuko’s dagger from going further.

“Acchan! Don’t!” Minami came in from the window and ran to her girlfriend’s side, “She is just a baby, don’t kill her”

“My mission is to wipe out Matsui family. She is the last member” Atsuko said coldly.

“Who’s there!” Minami shouted to the direction behind Atsuko, as reflex, Atsuko turned her head back. Taking this opportunity, Minami hurriedly snatched Atsuko’s dagger and carried the baby in her arms.

“You tricked me” Atsuko glared at her short girlfriend.

“I couldn’t bear to see her die in such young age. She is just a baby, can’t you let her live?” Minami said while keeping safe distance from Atsuko.

“This is my last mission. This mission will be completed when she died, and they will set me free, I will no longer live under their control and we can be together” Atsuko said with anger voice.

“We can run together…” Minami is looking straight at Atsuko’s eyes, “Let’s just run away from them, from your family and you will never have to kill again. Let’s run away together”

“No” Atsuko shakes her head in disagreement, “They will find us, they won’t let me go easily. They will find us and kill us”

“Tck..” Minami chuckled, “Who will gonna kill us? You are the most talented assassin, no one could lay a finger at you. Then, who am I? I am the legendary thief who can go anywhere without being notice, I am also a fast runner~ no one can catch up my speed. Together, we can run away from this place and go to another place where no one recognizes us” Minami said as she squeezes the baby in her arms.

“Let’s run away together” Minami raised her right hand and caressing Atsuko’s cheek. She gently pulled Atsuko’s face closer and leaned to kiss her.

“WUAAAA WUAAAA” suddenly the baby is crying in Minami’s arm.

“What happened?” Atsuko panicked and pressed her hand on the baby’s mouth.

“What are you doing?” Minami pulled Atsuko’s hand away from the baby, “You’re going to kill her”

“I… I just want to make her silent” Atsuko complained at Minami and pointed the baby with her index finger, “I hate hearing baby’s cry!!”

Unknowingly, the baby grabbed Atsuko’s finger and put it inside her mouth. Atsuko is having goosebumps and stood there like a statue, not moving an inch. Minami realized what happened and smirked at Atsuko.

“Mama~ baby-chan is hungry~” Minami said with sing song.

“So what?!” Atsuko snapped out and pulled back her finger from the baby’s mouth. Once she pulled it out, the baby starts crying again.

Minami narrowing her eyes and staring at Atsuko’s oppai, making a pervert look, “You know what to do~”

“Eh?!” Atsuko crossed her hands to cover her chest and shake her head, “Why me? You can do it!”

“Ara~ ara~ well…” Minami looked at her own chest than looked at Atsuko’s, “Your oppai are bigger than mine. Baby wants yours~”

Minami held the baby in front of Atsuko, facing her. Atsuko can see the big hunger eyes of the baby were staring at her chest, drooling….

“……………” That leaves Atsuko in silence.

A moment later, Atsuko ended up feeding the baby. Minami was leaning her back against Atsuko’s and humming a song, waiting for her to finish feeding the baby.

“Ne, Atsuko… Let’s raise her” Minami is staring at the ceiling and smile, “I believe you can be a great mother, three of us will live happily ever after”

“……………” Atsuko said nothing but inside her mind, she is smiling and very happy to hear those words from Minami. It’s been months since their first meeting. Atsuko often secretly leave her mansion every night and goes to Minami’s house just to see her face or listening her nagging and telling some funny stories from her past.

At the beginning, Atsuko is only interesting at Minami’s professionalism as thief and always challenge her to steal valuable things from museum or auction. Her interest on Minami is now grown into love. She can feel pain everytime she killed people, her heart is hurting to see blood stained in her hands and the dying face of her targets. Minami always trying to stop Atsuko from killing people but little that she knows what Atsuko will get if she didn’t finish her mission.

Jailed in the dark room for three days without drink and food, wiped by torn-electric whip all over her body, and being thrown into a pool of snakes for one day. This happened to Atsuko once when she listened to Minami and let her target get away. After that, Atsuko forces against her will and keep going to clear all the missions she has given. Until one day, she told her father that she wants to quit, she doesn’t want to become assassin, she wants to live a normal life. Her father gave her this last mission – clearing out all the family of Matsui, the sworn rival of Maeda family.

She managed to stealth into Matsui’s mansion and poisoned the food and water source. She took her chance to attack after the poison is reacting. All the Matsui can’t use their potential fully because of the poison so that Atsuko can kill them without having vital wounds. She killed all the family members but one… and this last survivor is currently feed by Atsuko.

“Tck…” Minami chuckled and tried to hold her laugh, “Seriously, I can’t believe you really feed her with your…” Minami is looking at Atsuko’s oppai and blushed, smiling sheepishly. “You can just go to kitchen and bring her milk bottle” She took out a small bottle with milk from inside her coat and laughing at Atsuko.

“I can’t believe a fearless, cruel assassin like you will give–” before Minami can continue, a bunch of daggers are flying toward her, going through her clothes and pinned her on the wall, two feet from the ground. The milk bottle slips from Minami’s hand and flying in the air.

Atsuko got up to catch the bottle and gave it to baby. She turned back to fix her clothes then sending a death glare to Minami while playing a dagger with her left hand, and carrying the baby with right hand. Minami gulped as she can feel the dark aura behind her girlfriend…

“I told you I’m living my life seriously” Atsuko smirked at Minami, “If I want to kill a person, I’ll do it seriously!!!”


Two daggers stabbed on the wall right beside Minami’s neck. Her soul almost flying out from her body…

Flashback End

Atsuko’s smile disappeared as she remembered something. She took out two photos which she got from Mii-chan who used to be her loyal informant. She is staring at it seriously, each of the photos is showing Minami’s face. The left photo is Minami in her rebellious smile with victorious sign. She is wearing black outfit and holding a beautiful pendant in her right hand. This photo is taken by a reporter five years ago where Minami is having a race with Atsuko to steal the ancient pendant from museum. She even got time to stop in front the reporter to take a picture before fleeing away. She is really the legendary thief at that time.

The second photo at right side is Minami with blank expression. This photo is taken from secret file. She is wearing black tank top with ‘NO36’ mark on the left. Everything seems unusual in this photo, especially the glowing red line which likes blood vessels form around her body. That red line formed weird mark at her left hand and half of her left neck.

Atsuko is staring at these photos and thinking about the probability that two of them are the same person. The same person she met five years ago. The one who gave her colorful life, the one who took her out from the prison home. The one she misses the most at this moment.

“If it’s true, what have happened to you Minami?”

Atsuko clenched her shirt and dropped a tear, “I saw you die in front of me… If you are alive, why don’t you come and looking for me? Where are you, Minami… I want to know what have happened…”

Atsuko clenched her fist, remembering the most painful memories to see Minami died in front of her.


“Acchan~” Minami stretched out her hands to Atsuko, waiting for her to response, “Let’s go, the another place where no one recognizes us”

Atsuko smiled and walked to the shorter girl. Before the she could reach her, there’s a man showed up behind her, launching a shot on the shorter girl and hit directly at her heart.


The shorter girl takes a look at her chest. Red liquid starting to stain her shirt, she faced Atsuko and gave her a weak smile, “Looks like I got shot”


Atsuko cried. She couldn’t believe what she saw just now. Before her hands reach the other girl, that girl fell backward and drowned into the sea.


Atsuko was ready to jump down from the port but there’re many men in black suit show up to hold her. She is strong enough to take ten men down in ten seconds but suddenly a needle stuck at her neck, her vision becomes blurred and blank out.

When she woke up, she found herself being tied by chain on the wall. In front of her were her brother and some men in black. Her brother took one step closer and looking at her sharply, “Apologize to father and say you know you’re wrong. He’ll spare you”

Atsuko growled and struggling against the chain, “You murders! I’ll kill you!! All of you!!!”


Her brother gave her a slap, her face was swollen and a slight scar appeared on her cheek, “You are the one who killed her!” Her brother grabbed her neck and pinned her back to the wall, “I told you to stay away from her. I told you to not develop feelings toward her. If you stay away from her, she wouldn’t have to die. You are the one who killed her, do not blame on anyone else!”

Hearing her brother’s words, Atsuko felt so down. She gave up struggling. Her eyes were so dark and emotionless. She has lost in her own world and locked her heart. She looked like a doll without soul, no matter how they whipped the electric whip on her, she felt nothing. No matter how they beat her, she felt nothing. She kept her head down and murmured something over and over again.

“I killed you, Minami… I killed you… I killed you…”

Days after days, Atsuko kept blaming herself for Minami’s dead. Until one day…

She heard baby’s crying…

Atsuko lifted her head, “Jurina…” she turned her head slowly to the right and turned to the left and let out a sigh when she realized she was in underground jail, “Tck… I began to hallucinating on things”

“You are not” a voice came out from nowhere and Atsuko heard baby’s voice again.

Atsuko turned her head to the corner and saw a short black figure showing itself. It was Yuko, her mentor, the only person she can trust in this dark world. Her eyes became wider when she saw Jurina was hidden behind Yuko’s coat. Yuko charged in and kicked at her stomach merciless.

“How long will you expect me to taking care of her?” Yuko sent another punch at her face, “You left her in my place and disappeared to be nowhere than this place”

Yuko cut off all the chain to free Atsuko and leave the baby in her arms, “You are the one who responsible at her, not me! Didn’t you say that you’re going to leave this place and live a peaceful life? It’s just because she died and you’re becoming useless like this? Majide? How can she be proud on you, she must regret that she ever met you! Coward! Can you ever live your life seriously?”

“Can you live your life seriously?” Minami’s voice suddenly echoed inside her mind.

“I’m living seriously!” Acchan shouted. “I’m living seriously!!!” Acchan launched a kick right on Yuko’s stomach. Yuko growled in pain and bend down, holding the pain.

“Great. Now, let’s get out of here before someone comes in” Yuko thumbs up and smiled at Atsuko with big grin. “I’ll take care of them, Minami” Yuko said in her mind.

“I will raise Jurina with my own hands, you’ll be proud of me, Minami…” Atsuko marked her words in her mind.

Flashback End

To be continue...

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Black Cat
Chapter Nine – The Black Cat

================   ================   ================

Inside the church

Minami opened her eyes after three days unconscious inside the abandoned church. She gets up and leaned her body on the wall for support. Her eyes are hurt from the sun light which went through the building and spotted her. She uses her hand to cover the light and noticed there’s something in her hand, she takes a look at it. It’s a smashed tortoise-shaped melonpan. She just smiles at it and wonders what’s going on. She starts to look at her surroundings and trying to remember what have happened.

“What am I doing here? I was supposed to be at the port with Atsu–”

Suddenly, her head is in extreme pain. Blood vessels are visible on her forehead as the pain increasing. Her body temperature is increasing like hell. She screamed but no sound coming out from her mouth. Her heart is starting to beat like crazy and her head feels like it gonna explode. With the increasing headache and hot temperature, she began to have breathing problem. She feels like all the oxygen is drawn out from her. She dropped on the ground and struggling to breath. Her vision is starting to blur... until some scenes flash inside her head.



Minami got shot and drowned into the sea. She can hear Atsuko’s voice crying over her but her body was paralyzed. Her left chest felt so hurt, her heartbeat was weaken. As she drowned deeper in the sea, oxygen was drained away from her, her vision was blurred, she heard no more Atsuko’s voice. Desperately closing her eyes, she knows this is the end of her life.

There’s a brightening light fell on her face. Did she arrive in heaven? She thought she gonna end up in hell. She tried to open her heavy eyes and saw many figures whispering against each other. This is stranger place for her, she never been in here before. Another shocked went over her body and she fainted for sure.

“This will be the best of my masterpiece” said a young professor while injected something into Minami’s body, “The strongest fighter I ever had”

“Are you sure? Prof. Mayu…” a fierce figure opened her mouth-mask, revealing her face. She walked around the Minami’s body that placed on a surgery bed with many wire attached to her body.

“Believe her, Sayaka. I have no doubt in Mayu-chan’s skill” an ikemen girl clinging her arms around prof. Mayu and kissed her cheek.

“Sae, move your hands away from me” Mayu glared at the ikemen girl, “I need to concentrate”

“Government ordered me to send the vaccine within this month. Are you sure it will success this time?” asked Sayaka.

“I need a week to check on this girl after the injection. I’m sure I will hand it to you before the end of this month.

One week has passed since Minami got injected by the vaccine. It supposed to re-set the body systems and control the victim’s mind. The victim will have stronger physical strength and use the energy to 150%, compared to a normal people will only can use 70% of their physical strength. The victim will also lose their memories like their brain got formatted and will only obey to their master from the program set on computer. This project is used by government to use on their military army in order to fight against enemy without losing huge amount of their people and it will be dangerous if these vaccines fall into wrong hands.

To Mayu’s failure, Minami seems like to have her own will. She doesn’t listen to all Mayu’s order and being rebellious sometimes. But she is really the strongest fighters amongst the others. There’s once Mayu ordered all her victims to take down Minami and all get killed. Even so, Minami still has her own consciousness and won’t go berserk. It will be really bad if Minami went berserk.

Mayu redoing her research on the vaccine and searched for new victim to test on. More than forty people died in her experiment and lastly, there’s a survivor. Victim number 44, Matsui Rena. she has the same family name with the sworn enemy of Maeda’s family. Though not blood-related, actually she is the trustworthy assistant of the chief of Matsui family. She was adopted by Sir Matsui as personal butler and also takes job as Jurina’s babysitter.

Rena is very obedient to Mayu, maybe because she was once live under a master. But she is not stronger than Minami. There’s a time where Rena and Minami had a fierce fight because Mayu ordered Rena to break Minami. She lost but Minami smiled at her and taking care of her until her wound healed. At that time, Rena secretly took note in her heart that she will not kill this person anymore.

Mayu redoing her research again to get someone stronger than Minami. What she doesn’t know is, the punches Rena hit on Minami’s head in the fight caused a serious injured inside. The vaccine has slowly left from her brain and Minami got her memories back.

In the middle of the night, there’re two figures walking secretly into the narrow street.

“This is all I got” Minami said as she handed an envelope to the officer Mariko, “There’s one question I need to know”

“What do you want to know?” asked Mariko.

“Is that true, this project is ordered by government?”

“This is top secret, I can’t make sure of that” Mariko said as she kept the envelope inside her coat, “But I am secretly investigated about it too”

“Did government know how far they made us suffer? This project killed hundreds people already just for experiment! Nine of ten people died from the injection. Even so, the survivors live a life like zombie… being controlled like machine, like robot! This is cruel! This is evil!”

“First of all, thank you for becoming spy to investigate this case. I know you have suffered but this is to save the people. I am suspicious that this project is not for government, there’s someone behind the mask of this matter. If this vaccine fell into wrong hands, the world will be in chaos”

“Blame to my righteous sickness, I can’t let this happen” Minami said while posing her victorious pose and smirked at Mariko.

“You were once the commander officer, why do you leave and changed into phantom thief?”

“Did you forget the nickname they give me?” Minami turned her back at Mariko, “The black cat… fights in speed and unpredictable skills… I am a stray cat, I don’t live under command and disciplinary. All I want is to be free and do anything I want. Government things, military things are annoying me. I don't want to be ordered and doing things they want. I live under freedom… this is me, the black cat”

Minami looked over her shoulder and glared at Mariko, "I stole black money and corrupt things from rich and help the poor because government ignored them. You guys are useless people. I will fight those bastard with my own hands"

"Don't do anything reckless. Contact me if you found something matter" Mariko said while walking away out of the street.

"As if I would" Minami whispered in silent. She swayed her long black coat and disappeared into the dark.

After secret meeting with the officer Mariko, Minami sneaked inside the main laboratory where Mayu does all her stuffs. She pretended that she’s still under her control and get to know where the main program that controls their mind. Finally, she found it and destroyed it. The isolated island where she lives, break into pieces and drown to the sea. Later than… she lost her memories again and met with Atsuko, her lover…

(The continuation start in chapter 1 as Minami lost her memories and bumped into Atsuko)

Flashback End

Minami finally managed herself to breath and staring at the ceiling. She has her memories back. She recalled her gained memories and smiling when the image of Atsuko and Jurina’s smiling faces flashes in.

“Jurina has grown up, heh?” Minami is grinning and thumb up for Atsuko, “You managed to run from your family and raise Jurina, I’m so proud of you, Acchan” she paused and then smile again, “Thanks Yuko, protecting Acchan for me when I’m not around”

Minami get up and clean her clothes, “I guess I have to continue the things I left undone…”

To be continue...

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Next will be Yuko-sama POV~
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Black Cat
Chapter Ten – Shadow x Rules

================   ================   ================

Outside at the balcony, Yuko is watching Atsuko and Jurina fell asleep on the couch. She is watching them behind the shadow, in silent… she simply smiled at herself and looking up to the bright moon, hanging in the night sky.

“Rules number six, never break your promises…” she closed her eyes and whispered, “I will never break this rule, shorty”

Yuko POV

How long has it been?

Ten years? Twelve years… I’ve been around you for twelve years…

You were nine when we first met. Your emotionless face and your eyes were cold as ice. They said your talent surpassed everyone older than you. When you finished your first assault mission, you took over my place as the most talented assassin. I went from first place to second. I was so mad and took a glance at you. You were standing beside me, in the centre, receiving the pledge of honor. I can accomplish that mission too, but why people judged her so highly.

I was really annoying that everyone took their attention on Maeda Atsuko. I know she is talented and she is the child of Chief Maeda clan but I still can’t acknowledge her skill. I am older than her, I accomplish many missions better than her but why… why do people judge her better than me? Simple… because she is the heir of Maeda Clan and I was just a kid adopted by your clan.

Not only that, I was assigned to be her mentor. What a great idea… I can make fun of her and tell her to do meaningless jobs. At the first day, I told her to stand still with one foot. She had to keep that position for eight hours and she did. Second day, I told her to mop the floor of six dojos and she did it. Third day, I told her to clean all the roof of this mansion and she did it well. Even it’s just a simple task, she did it perfectly… without thinking if I was just playing around and had no mean to teach her assassins’ skills, she did it all perfectly.

“Don’t you have questions to ask me? Don’t you curious why I told you to do those simple houseworks?”

“I believe Senpai has your own reason. Maybe you are testing my patience or something else”

She answered with very calm voice. It pissed me more. I was really just playing around with you, but you made a mistake… a big mistake. I grabbed my wooden sword and swayed it right on her head. The wooden sword broke in two and her head is bleeding. She didn’t move a bit, she is standing there and welcomed my attack.

“Why don’t you move?” I asked.

“I believe Senpai won’t hurt me badly” she said as she wiped the blood on her eyebrow.

“Do you know why I hit you?” I asked and she stayed silent, “Because you made a big mistake. Rules number five, Never believe in anyone else beside you, yourself”

“I am sorry” she bowed.

Days by days I told her to do houseworks but she never complains about it. Her emotionless face is bothering me. Standing in front of this big tree, in the middle of backyard, I imagined her face on this tree. I am really annoying and raised my fist to punch it. After punching it for several times, a cat jumped out from behind the tree, her face told me she is surprised and scared.

“Good timing, I need some fun” I glance at the scared kitty and smirked, “Don’t worry kitty, I won’t use any weapons at you. I give you ten seconds to run… better hurry~ 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…0…”

The cat is running aimlessly while I started counting, it was really funny and I am amused. “Time’s up, I’m coming now!” I picked up a stone and started running toward the poor kitten, “Where should I aim? Head? Eyes?”

My eyes narrowed to target the cat and launched the stone in my hand. It was about to hit the kitty’s head then someone grabbed the stone and crashed it into dust. This annoying person, Maeda Atsuko came to save the kitten. She held the cat in her arms and patted its head.

“Why you hurt her?” she asked, with the same emotionless face.

“Feel pity for the cat?” I laughed before launching forward and kicked her at her head, snatching the kitty from her hands. She reached out her hands to get back the cat and stopped by me before she can even touch it. I jumped up high and put the kitty on the tree branch.

“Wanna get it? Fight me” I grinned at her, “If you win, I’ll let that kitty alive”

I saw she clenched her fist tightly and the other seconds, she already stood in front of me, launching her fist. I was surprised by her speed but I can still dodge her attacks. Her punches and kicks were strong but not fast. When she punched my stomach and I didn’t move, she thought that she got me but sorry… I smirked at her and locked her left arm, whipped her down to the ground with Judo-style.

“Rules number four, never loosen your guard”

I sent another punch at her face but she stopped it with left hand and sending a powerful punch with her right hand, on my face. I moved away and rubbed my swollen cheek. It’s been a long time that someone can lay her fist on my cheek. This is getting interesting. I moved forward with fast pace and launched my fist without holding back at her stomach. She slide backward a few steps and bend down to hold her stomach. She paused in her current position, without moving.

“The most talented assassin… cih!” I mocked at her, “You down with just one punch from me? Are you kidding me?” I walked to beside her and touched the pledge on her shirt, “You don’t suit this tittle” I said as I pulled the pledge away from her shirt.

But then, she grabbed my hands and whipped me down with the Judo-style I used before. I can’t believe she copied my moves. I managed to get away under her and she launched her attacks that were mine. Her movements and the pace were all the same as me, no… she even faster… so this is why she can get that pledge. I can’t believe she can manage to learn skills in one sight. She managed to punch my face once again and knocked me down to the ground. If she continues to launch that fist, I’ll definitely lose… then I have to use my ultimate skill!

*Puppy eyes with tears flowing at the edge of eyes*
She hesitated for a while and this becomes my chance to attack. I rolled over and pinched her arms down to ground. “Rules number three, never being hesitant in your attack!” I launched my last attack and she fainted.

When she woke up, the first thing come to her mind is about the kitty. I smiled and pointed the moving object under her blanket. She opened it and smiled. I was so captive by her smile… this is the first time I saw such a beautiful smile.

You only smile when you’re with that little kitty and I want to keep that smile. I let you to keep the kitty secretly and watching you from behind the shadow. Everytime I saw your smile, my heart is at ease… far away from this dark world of assassins. Good times don’t last forever… one day, she found her kitty dead in the backyard, its body is break apart. That time, I saw her cry for the first time and her voice tear up my heart.

“Rules number two, never have feelings in your heart, it will make you weak” I tapped on her shoulder. “We assassins must not break the rules. Rules were made to protect us from being weakling and train us to be strong. You already break four rules from the big five. Don’t ever break the rules number one”

You cried so hard on that day… and I swear to protect her smile… but you never smiled again… Until one day… you back from your mission with a small smile forming on your lips.

“Something good happened?” I asked and you smiled. You said nothing and go to your room.

I followed you for many days and found out you’re being with another person… short, clumsy, and stupid person… I was hiding far behind to avoid being exposed by you. I can’t see that midget’s face clearly… I can’t hear what you talking about… if only I heard it, you won’t be suffered.

I won’t let you elope with that midget… I won’t let you being jailed like this…

Am I failed for being a mentor? I was assigned to train you become stronger. You were assigned under me yet I’ve let you break the big five rules… the worse, you’ve broke the most important rule… “Rules number one, never fallen in love”

“Love will make you weak, will make you lost, will make you lose your life…”

That day I’m doing my mission to kill a commander officer from government. Unfortunately, I am being arrested and kept behind the bar. Out of the sudden in the middle of the night, a person in black with mask covered half of her face came into the jail to free me.

“Panda-girl come to rescue~” said this panda masked-man.
(her mask resembles to panda eyes plus panda ears)

“Who are you!” I formed my fighting position, “Is the organization sent you here?”

“You like this mask?” this masked-man smiled sheepishly, “I stole this from my underling~ she has such a weird habit~”

I glared at her and raised my fist.

“W-wait wait wait…” She waved her hands and stepped back, “I know you, Oshima Yuko, adopted by Maeda Clan and serve as paid killer for the family. Currently has an underling called Maeda Atsuko. Height 160cm, Bust 76cm, Waist 55cm, Hips 80cm–”

“W-wait! How did you know about her size?!” I clenched her shirt and pushing her until her back touched the wall, “Who are you?!”

“Eh?! How did you know her size too? Who are you?!!!” this girl copied my questions and movements, pushed me back to the wall.

“You bastard!!”

Sssssttt… lower your voice” she pressed my mouth and looking around to ensure no one is coming. Suddenly, I can feel the seriousness in her eyes, “I know you’re here to kill the commander and get the name list of Maeda clan. You all will be slaughtered if the name list sent government’s hand”

She slowly retreat and moved backward from me, “I help you steal the name list and get you out of here, but you have to do one thing for me”

“Who exactly you are?” I dashed toward her, trying to pull her mask. She has very fast reflex and dodged my attacks easily. “Talk to me face to face!”

“The time is almost up, stay quit and listen to me!” she sent a powerful fist on my stomach, sending shivers over my backbone. “I know you care for Acchan. I know you were stalking her all the time and watching her behind the shadow”

“How did you kn–” I know her, she must be… “You are that midget thief who stole her heart!”

“Yes, I am the legendary phantom thief who can steal anything in this world~!” This midget said it proudly, “Oh yeah, you can call me Minami instead of ‘midget’, Yuko-san”

I want to launch another attack at her arrogant face but the last fist from her made me weak to do attack. I just stayed silent, not moving from my spot.

“Let’s get serious…” she cleared her throat and I can feel seriousness in her voice, “Me and Acchan decided to elope tonight. If there’s something happen, please take care of Acchan for me. You are the only one we can trust with. Can I have your promise?”

I stayed silent, still thinking about the offer. If I agree, Maeda clan name list will be safe, it can prevent them to be slaughtered by government. I will be free from this jail… and Atsuko… if she managed to flee with her, will she happy? If something happened I can still stay beside her and take care of her…

“Rules number six, never break your promises” I put my right palm on my chest “You can have my promise”

That night, I followed Atsuko all day to the place where she promised to meet with that thief. As she thought, they’re abused by Chief Maeda’s men. Chief knows her daughter break family rules and fallen in love with this thief. He sent people to kill her and bring Atsuko back to secret mansion. Inside there, Atsuko was being punished and tortured until she is willingly to acknowledge her fault. But Atsuko is stubborn and never admitted her fault. Her brother used some words to insult her, making her believe the death of that thief is Atsuko’s fault.

“I told you to stay away from her. I told you to not develop feelings toward her. If you stay away from her, she wouldn’t have to die. You are the one who killed her, do not blame on anyone else!”

“I killed you, Minami… I killed you… I killed you…”

I can’t stand to look her being like this. I need to save her… I won’t break my promise to you. I’ll take good care of her. I sneaked into the mansion and save her. We manage to escape from that mansion along with little Jurina, I took them to the house you told me. You bought a simple house in other town and plan to live with them, but it’s a pity that you left.


Staring at the moon, Yuko smiled, “Did you know, Minami? Acchan is really popular with her beauty. I have to following her everyday to make sure no perv stalkers around her and no one could hitting on her. I earn money from stealing and assaulting as living fee for her! I wonder will Jurina see me as her dad? *laugh* Don’t worry~ I won’t fall for her. I look at her as my sister. Besides, I am more interesting at beauty woman who has big boobs~ just like this”

Yuko took out a photo from her pocket and staring at it with big grin, then she smiled gently…

Because I know there’s no place for me in her heart… I am just a mentor, a big sister for her…

Yuko sighed and took out another two photos from her pocket. Those two photos are the same as what Atsuko holds in her hands. Two Minami… “I should investigate this. If these two is the same person, I’ll beat you bad badly as revenge for Atsuko, Jurina, and me!”

“The black cat, Takahashi Minami!” Yuko took out a marker and draw mustache on the photos.

To be continue...

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Black Cat

Chapter Eleven – Return
================   ================   ================

Another sunny day in the city…

The young professor is lying lazily on her chair inside her room, staring at the ceiling. She turned her chair and facing the window.

“Hot… I wish I can freeze the sun…” Mayu raised her hands and formed like a gun, aiming the sun outside, “Bang!”

Chuckle… childish” a mature woman walked in with a glass of orange juice in her hand and earned a glare from Mayu.

“Where’s your son?” asked Mayu.

“I told Rena to play with my son while I make you this orange juice”

“Don’t you afraid Rena will break apart his arms?” Mayu grinned.

“I believe she won’t” Yuki replied with confidence and made Mayu pissed.

RIING RIING RIING [Phone ringing]

“From the lab?” Mayu looked at the screen and picked up the call, “Yes?”

[Prof. Mayu, suddenly NO36’s signal is working again. Currently we spotted her location in Akiba City]

“NO36’s signal is working again…? This is weird” Mayu hurriedly back to her chair and operate her gadget on her desk, “Keep watching on it” without long explanation, Mayu hanged up the phone and preparing some of her belongings into suitcase.

“Are you going somewhere?” asked Yuki.

“Yes, I won’t be home for some days” Mayu hurriedly walked out from her room and called Rena to go with her, “Rena! Come with me!”

“Where are we going?” asked Rena as she walked out from Yuki’s room, hugging Yuki’s son in her arms.

“Just throw away that kid and follow me” Mayu replied.

“Throw away?!” Yuki’s eyes widen and stared at Mayu. Rena gulped and stayed silent like a statue, busy arguing inside her mind, should she throw away Yuki’s son?

“I mean… put down…” Mayu corrected her words. Rena nodded and was about to put down Yuki’s son on the floor but then Yuki raised her voice a bit at Mayu.

“Put down?! On the floor?!”

“I mean… Rena, give back that boy to Yuki, nicely, kindly, politely” Mayu corrected her words again.

“Okay!” Rena smiled and gave the boy to Yuki nicely, kindly, and politely.

“I’m going~” said Rena and placed a kiss on Yuki’s cheek and the kid’s cheek and then skipped her way to the door.

“Be careful” Yuki said with a gentle smile.

Mayu annoyed by their moment and kicked Rena’s butt from behind, “Move quickly!”

Rena pouted with teary eyes and walked outside, “Master is mad”

Before Mayu reached the door, Yuki grabbed her shoulder, “Why you kick Rena’s butt? That’s not a good behavior, Mayu”

“So what?” Mayu said without looking at Yuki.

“She is still older than you, even you’re her master. Show some respect” Yuki lectured.

“So now you are lecturing your master? Show me some respect!” Mayu fight back, “I am your master, I do what I want, I do what I like”

“Why you so mad today?” Yuki said and gently cupped Mayu’s right cheek. She smiled and placed a peck on Mayu’s left cheek, “Be careful on your way”

Mayu cleared her throat, “I’m not your kid… don’t treat me like a kid”

“Well, since the day you let me stay here, I see you all as my kid” Yuki patted Mayu’s head.

“I’m not your kid” Mayu raised her head and looked directly to Yuki’s eyes. “I… You are my maid not my mum. You… take care of this house while I’m away!”

Before Yuki could reply, Mayu hurriedly turned her back and closed the door, running to the car where Rena is waiting at the back seat. She sat into the driver seat and took a deep breath to calm down. She slightly touched her left cheek where Yuki kissed her.

“Baka!!!” Mayu shouted and pressed the horn so loud that made Rena surprised and bit her lips instead of the melon pan in her hands.

Somewhere in the city

Minami was sitting on the roof, caressing a black cat which sat on her lap. She attached a necklace on the cat. “Go, Kitty. Don’t let them catch you” Minami said as she let go the cat. Then she opened a map and put on some red marker on it, “From my experience last time.. it’s dangerous to start from here, I should start from here then. It will make my route smoother”

“I’m back” Minami smirked. She put on her hood and grabbed her belonging, “I’m gonna destroy all your toys, Mayu”

Minami was about to jump off from the building, but then she stepped back, “Atsuko… Jurina…” She took a moment to enjoy the night view of the city. “I don’t know if I will come back alive this time…”

She stood there thinking for a while and let out a sigh, “Let me visit you before I’m going to start the war”

At Mayu’s secret Lab

“How’s thing going on?” asked Mayu.

“The signal stopped at this place for about fifteen minutes and not moving”

“Keep observing it” Mayu commanded. “Let’s go Rena”

“Don’t you want to bring more men?” Sae walked into the room and stopped Mayu from leaving.

“Rena is enough” Mayu answered shortly.

“Your target this time is NO36, don’t underestimate her” Sae concerned.

“I agree with Sae” Sayaka said as she walked into the room, “I let you borrow some of my subordinates”

“Don’t underestimate Rena” Mayu pushed Sae and Sayaka out of her way.

“Mayu!” Sae grabbed Mayu’s wrist, “Don’t be stubborn!!”

“Rena!” Mayu called.

Rena immediately grabbed Sae’s hand and pulled it away from Mayu. She grabbed Sae’s hand so hard that Sae growled in pain, “Itai! Itai!! Itaaaaiiii!!!”

“Let go of her, Rena!” Sayaka shouted and pointed her gun on Rena’s head, but that only gained Rena’s creepy laugh.

“Let’s not waste time, Rena” Mayu walked out from the room and followed by Rena.

“Mayu!!” Sae wanted to chase after her but stopped by Sayaka.

“I already sent some of my men to follow her from behind”

“You should have told me before” Sae forgot her hand is hurt and raised it to punch Sayaka but only worsen the injury, “Ah.. Itai! Itaii!! Itaaiiii!!”

Atsuko’s house

“Kitty~ Kitty~”

“Stop playing with the cat Jurina, come eat dinner” Atsuko called.

“Meow~” the kitty followed Jurina to the dining table and hopped on to one of the chair.


Jurina and Atsuko were walking home after buying some groceries.

“Meow~” a black cat appeared from behind the bush and walked to Jurina. She sniffed the smell of fishes in the shopping bag Atsuko is holding and walking in circle around Atsuko.

“Kitty!” Jurina lifted up the kitty and holding in her arms, “She is hungry, can I take her home?”

“No” Atsuko crossed her arms.

“Please~~” Jurina said with puppy eyes and stared at Atsuko.

“Okay… just one night. Let her go tomorrow morning, I don’t want to keep a cat inside house anymore”

“YEAY~” Jurina happily bringing the cat to their house.

Flashback End

Atsuko was about to give a fish for that cat but something catch her eyes. She looked at the necklace on the cat’s neck and found it suspicious. She picked up the cat and carefully observing the necklace. There’s something like a device attached on the necklace. She don’t know what it is but she got a bad feeling about it.

“What is this…?” Atsuko tried to remove the device. Suddenly, the doorbell’s ringing.

Ding dong Ding dong Ding dong (door bell)

“It must be Yuko-chan!” Jurina jumped off her chair and ran to the door, “Yuko-chan!!”

For her disappointment, the person in front of her is not Yuko. That person walked into the house and looking around. A smaller figure followed behind, playing her gadget. The next second, a red light appeared from the gadget, aiming at the necklace which wore by the cat in Atsuko’s hands. Those two persons appeared to be Prof. Mayu and Rena.

Mayu started laughing when she saw the light hit on the cat’s necklace, “I got tricked… nice one, NO36... You put tracker device on that cat and…” Mayu paused for a while and hurriedly called the headquarter, “Beware of NO36 appear in the HQ, close all the gates and put more security around”

“Who are you?” Atsuko put down the cat and walked closer to get Jurina to her side.

Before Atsuko could approach Jurina, Rena dashed forward and kicked Atsuko hard at her stomach. Atsuko couldn’t able to defend that attack and got thrown few steps backward. Rena keeps attacking Atsuko rapidly. Atsuko still surprise by the sudden attack and now is dodging all Rena’s attack as she could. Rena is attacking in fast speed that Atsuko need to adjust with Rena’s movements before she strikes back.

“Acchan!!” Jurina ran toward where Atsuko and Rena was fighting.

“Kid…” Mayu pulled Jurina back and gave her a slap. Jurina fell on the ground and started crying, red mark was visible on her cheek and the edge of her lips was bleeding, “Don’t move” Mayu commanded.

“Jurina!” Atsuko got distracted and Rena attacked her from behind. She hit Atsuko hard on behind her neck that made Atsuko’s head dizzy. Atsuko shook her head to stay conscious but then another attack from Rena made her completely fell down to the ground.

“Acchan!!” Jurina cried and ran toward Atsuko.

Mayu raised her hand and was ready to give Jurina another slap but Rena stopped it. Rena held Mayu’s hand unconsciously and then she let go of it and apologized to Mayu.

// Is Rena begin to move on her own mind? // Asked Mayu in to herself, // This will be bad.. //

“What to do with her?” asked Rena while pointing where Atsuko was.

Mayu scanned Atsuko’s face with her gadget. Not long after, Atsuko’s information where shown on the screen. Mayu’s eyes widen to see what she got here. “Maeda Atsuko, the successor of Maeda Clan, the biggest hired assassin’s family in this country. I heard she went missing for years…” Mayu smirked as she thinks of something, “She will be good use for me. Rena, bring her back to HQ. She is the best weapon to kill NO36”

“What about the kid?” asked Rena.

“Kill her” Mayu turned to leave without looking back.

To be continue...
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Hopefully Jurina will be okay, and curious to see how Atsuko is intended to be used against Minami. Very interesting development!

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Black Cat

Chapter Twelve – Broken
================   ================   ================

Minami is standing behind a tree, watching Atsuko’s house from afar.

“Should I go in or not? Should I meet them or not? What should I do when I meet them? Will they happy to see me?” Minami banged her head on the tree, “Be brave, Minami”

Minami walked straight to the front door and shocked by the scene she saw. The door was opened… she took a look inside and saw the messy room with broken glasses, vases and broken furniture. She hurriedly went inside and saw something she can’t believe. The black cat which supposed to send Mayu for a wild goose chase was lying on the ground in bloody state. She gasped and stepped backward, thinking the worst thing happened to Atsuko and Jurina.

Suddenly a shadow appeared behind Minami and attacked her with katana sword. She managed to dodge but still got a scratch on her back. That person kept attacking Minami nonstop and all Minami can do is step back to dodge the fierce attack. The katana slashed and missed, Minami slide behind and locked the attacker’s arms. The attacker’s growled and dashed backward until they bumped on the wall. She leaned back forcefully to trap Minami between her and the wall. Minami slide to the right side and grabbed that person’s right wrist tightly until that person dropped the katana.

That person launched a kick on Minami’s head, she raised her arm to block it while the other arm punched on the attackers face. In a fast movement, Minami kicked hard on that person’s stomach which made that person flying outside. Under the moonlight, Minami can see that person’s face clearly. Also the attacker, can see Minami’s face clearly.

“Mi-minami?!” said the attacker, shocked.


Yuko stood up and took out a dagger from her boot, “Which Minami are you?”

“What’s happened here? Where’s Atsuko and Jurina?”

“Why you here?!” Yuko shouted.

“What’s happened here?!!” Minami shouted back. Both of them refused to answer each other’s question. They’re staring at each other with angered eyes.

Yuko dashed forward and thrust her dagger toward Minami. The dagger slide passed, leaving a tiny scar on Minami’s neck, “Why didn’t you dodge?”

“I know you won’t kill me” Minami answered in confidence.

“I’ll kill you!” Yuko gave Minami a hard punch on her pretty face and grabbed her shirt, “Where did you go?! Do you know how worried they are when you gone?!!”

“I… just regained my memories, Yuko” Minami explained, “I thought they’d be safe if I don’t go near them… I never thought the cat that I sent for a mission ended up in here, with them…” Minami felt terrible inside, don’t know what to do. She is the cause of all this, she should take the blame. Minami grabbed Yuko’s shoulders tightly, “What happened with them? Tell me!!”

Yuko gave her another punch on face and the knee kick on her stomach, then an upper punch below her chin. She grabbed Minami’s shirt and threw her back into the house. “They already gone when I got here!”

Yuko took out a thin, round metal thing and threw it to Minami, “This is the only thing I found suspicious here”

“Hologram…” Minami wiped the blood on her lips and looked at the metal thing seriously. She pushed a button on the hologram and a blue light screen appeared, showing Mayu’s face.

[Nice to know you’re still alive, NO36. Meet me at port 748, I have something you want]

“Who is that?” Yuko asked, “What’s all of this?”

“Yuko…” Minami tried to control her anger, “Actually…”

*Minami explained her story to Yuko. Who is she from the start, how she dropped her job and turned into phantom thief, how Mayu implemented an experiment on her, and what she gonna do now*


“This is the main material which I stole from Mayu before I blew up one of her laboratories” Minami took out a metal bottle and handed it to Yuko, “If I can’t manage to bring back Atsuko and Jurina, take that thing, go find this person” Minami handed a photo to Yuko, “She will tell you what to do”

“Chief Mariko?” Yuko surprised to see the face on that photo.

“You know her?” asked Minami.

“I’ve been caught several times by her underling” Yuko smirked, “A cute girl, tall, and Wooo!”

“Wooo?” Minami confused.

“But… can we rely on this woman? I’ve been escaped from her so many times. Is she capable?”

“She is the one I trusted” Minami answered.

“We can go together to save Acchan and Jurina. If we combine our strength, it’s enoug–“

“If I couldn’t come back…” Minami stopped Yuko before she can finish her words, “Make sure you go find Mariko”

“I’ll go with you!” Yuko insisted.

“No! You’re not their opponent!” Minami yelled.

“I’m stronger than you!” Yuko shouted back, “You said I’m their not opponent? Cih!”

“I am more stronger than you” Minami said coldly.

Without warning, Yuko stepped forward and launching a punch at Minami. Minami easily caught Yuko’s arm and slammed her down on the floor. A loud crash can be heard clearly inside the house, the floor was cracked. Yuko stayed on the ground, can’t move. The attack was way more stronger than what she thought, she has underestimated Minami because of the earlier fight, Minami didn’t fight back. Yuko tightened her fist to hold the pain on her back.

“You stay here and rest” Minami walked away. She stopped at the front door and turned her head, “Thank you, for saving Acchan and guarding her all these years”

Two hours later, at port 748

The port was silent in the night, sound of the waves accompanied. Not a single person showed on the street. That place full of containers and others boxes and stuffs. Minami walked alone carefully pick on her steps, set her eyes around the place.

“I’ve been waiting” a shadow appeared on the container few blocks of Minami.

“Rena…” Minami jumped high and landed on top of the container.

“I’m not your opponent” Rena grinned at Minami, “Master told me not to fight you”

“Where’s Mayu?” asked Minami coldly.

“Follow me~~” Rena jumped down and disappeared in the dark.

“Stop playing hide and seek with me” Minami growled and chased after Rena. Minami has sharp eyes to see in the dark, she managed to run next to Rena within minutes. Rena grinned and giggled to see Minami beside her.

“Let’s speed up!” Rena was excited to have a race with Minami.

“Stop playing with me!!” Minami angered and tackled down Rena. She got on top of Rena and grabbed her shirt, “Tell me where’s your master now!”

Rena grinned and raised her finger, pointing a small wooden house not far from them, “You’re probably late. That girl is done”

Minami’s eyes got widen to think about the worst thing might happened to Atsuko. She got up and ran toward the wooden house with a speed of light. She smashed the door with her powerful kick and got inside the house. There, a human-sized capsule was in the middle of the house. That human-sized capsule completely showing Atsuko was inside of it. She was in there with closed eyes, inside the capsule, just like how she saw Rena for the first time.

“If you’re thinking about breaking this capsule and bring her out, I can guarantee she will absolutely die” Mayu’s voice came out from a speaker beside the capsule.

“Show yourself!!” Minami shouted.

“Nah~ it won’t be fun if I show myself. Have fun, No36… This might be your last night with her” Mayu laughed wickedly to see Minami’s angered face.


The sound of the capsule opening, following by the white, cold gas spread out from it. Minami sensed a killer’s aura surrounding inside the house. Atsuko opened her eyes with blank stare and looked straight at where Minami was. The long lost of Atsuko’s assassin aura was awake once again in front of Minami. That cold emotionless face, those cold dark eyes, that cold aura surrounding her is frightening.

“Kill her, No 100” Mayu commanded.

“Yes, Master” Acchan dashed forward to attack Minami.

Minami startled and slipped backward, fortunately she recovered her balance fast enough to dodge a deadly punch from Atsuko. Minami kept dodging Atsuko’s attack without desire to fight back. She kept calling Atsuko’s name, in hope that Atsuko could hear her voice and wake up from Mayu’s control.

“Acchan! It’s me! Look at me, Acchan!” Minami called.

Atsuko kept attacking mercilessly, she won’t stop until she finished her task, she won’t stop until she managed to kill Minami. At the same time, while on the other place, Mayu was watching from a far through her gadget. Not long after, Rena joined Mayu.

“What do you think, who will be the winner?” Mayu asked.

“If No36 kept dodging without thinking to fight back, she’ll definitely lose” Rena answered.

Mayu smirked and switched on her mic to speak through the speaker inside that wooden house, “Listen well, Takahashi Minami. Let’s do a trade”

“Shut up!!!” Minami shouted randomly in the house. Got distracted by Mayu’s words, Minami didn’t saw the next kick coming from Atsuko. She got kicked hard on the stomach twice and another right on her head. Minami was fallen and sliding back on the ground, coughing blood. Her vision blurred as the impact of the attack she got on her head.

“Give back my material and I’ll give you a chance to bring her back” said Mayu.

Minami managed to stand up but her head still dizzy. Without her knowing, Atsuko already stood close in front of her… can’t even know what’s going on, all Minami could feel is a pain in her chest. Minami looked down and saw a dagger stabbed into her chest, left side of her chest… at the place where heart normally beating. All she can do now is looking at Atsuko’s face, her body felt so cold, her eyelids were heavy, her breathing was hard… Minami tried to raise her hand to hold Atsuko’s hand but before she could ever touched it… Atsuko pulled out the dagger and stabbed into it once more, this time… deeper.

Minami coughed blood right at the moment Atsuko stabbed her. She has no more strength to hold on her own body weight and fell onto the ground. Atsuko stood there with the same emotionless face. While Mayu pissed that Atsuko killed Minami faster than she thought, but also happy that her new creation killed the rebellious Minami.

“It’s a pity, no36 didn’t get a chance to trade” Mayu stood up and calling for Atsuko, “No 100, come with me to your new home”

To be continue...

A/N: Atsuko is No 100 inspired by her twitter account Atsuko_100   :D

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Mayu erased Atsuko's memory or hypnotised her to become her assassin self again...

Would Minami survive from the stabbing on her chest...? (Minami's heart was on the opposite side right?)

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Would Minami be able to save Atsuko later?

Would Minami be able to destroy Mayu's experiment?

Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next

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I'm so sorry for my absence these months and didn't have time to continue all my fics :mon cry:

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The next day of the incident

“Sir, confirmed that Takahashi Minami is dead”

“Well done, Watanabe Mayu” said a man in the dark, “Throw the body into the sea, let the sharks finish it”

“Yes, Sir!” The soldiers began to carry Minami’s body out of the building.

“Let’s head to Watanabe’s Laboratory” said the man in the dark.

“Yes, Sir”

Mayu’s Laboratory

“Your limit is done, I’m here to claim your masterpiece” said the man in the dark.

“Before I gave you, can you please take off your mask?” Mayu replied. “It’s inappropriate that I don’t know who I was working for”

“You are working under government, for the future of our country. There’s no need to reveal my face”

“If you’re not willingly to take off your mask, our deal is cancelled” Mayu replied, “Sayaka, send the quests home”

The man in the dark smirked, “I guess you misunderstood what I mean. I said I’m here to claim, not to negotiate with you” He took out a small device which look alike with Mayu’s belongings. He pressed a button and started to command the Bio troops, “All troops gather!”

In an instant, all the Bio troops of Mayu’s walked out of their capsule and gathered neatly behind them. Mayu was shocked to see this, “No way! Why you have the master device!?”

“Seize them!!” commanded the man.

“Rena!” Mayu called.

“Yes, Master” Rena dashed forward to snatch the device from the masked man but failed.

“Is he one of my creations?” Mayu confused to see the bio’s mark shining in that man’s right arm when he dodged Rena’s attack, that’s the same bio’s mark appeared on Minami’s body when she fought with Rena.

“Sayaka!” Sae shouted as one of Mayu’s bio troops hit Sayaka badly.

“Run for yourself, Sae!” Sayaka shouted while holding on the attacks from the troops.

“I won’t leave you!” Sae took whatever near him to attack the troops, made himself a way to where Sayaka was. It’s too late when he arrived, “Sayaka! Sayaka!” Sae held Sayaka’s lifeless body in her arms and closed her eyes while another wave of troops was going to attack them.

“No. 100, destroy all who attack me!” Mayu commanded. But Atsuko didn’t move at all, “Who the hell are you?!” Mayu took out her light saber to fight her own bio troops, “I will make you pay for making me destroying my own creation!”

On the other side, Rena was attacking the man furiously to snatch the master device. The man could dodge all the attacks easily, “Why you are not under my control?” asked the masked man.

“Mayu is my master!!!” Rena shouted and dashed forward to the masked man. Both of them crashed into the walls and stopped in one of the rooms. The masked man laid a punch on Rena which made her fell backwards. Unfortunately, it’s the room where Mayu arrested Jurina.

“Rena!” a tiny shadow shouted behind the ash. It appeared as Jurina. She was holding a teddy bear and running to where Rena was. “Rena!” she called again.

“Don’t…” Rena tried to move her body, “Don’t come here”

The masked man smirked and dashed toward Jurina. “You shouldn’t be here, little girl” He held up Jurina from the ground, “Time to say goodbye?” on the next seconds, he threw Jurina out of the windows.


“Jurina!!” Rena used up all her strength to ran toward the fallen Jurina. She reached out her hand to grab the unconscious Jurina and brought her into her arms. “I don’t know why, but I want to protect you” said Rena before they both fell into the wide sea, “I’m sorry, master”

“Rena!!” Mayu was a step too late. She groaned and ran toward the masked man, "I'll kill you!!" She swung her saber randomly in rage and cut off the mask of that masked man. The mask fallen down, revealed the beautiful face of that long black haired woman. Mayu was shocked to see the person in front of her.

"Yuki..." Mayu said, unbelievable.


Yuki stabbed a dagger at Mayu, "I am actually the spy from neighborhood country, here to stole your bio troops and bring them to my country" She pulled out the dagger and launched a kick at Mayu, sending her fallen backward. Mayu felt so hopeless to see the one who messed up her lab, her troops, her home, her family is the one she cares the most.. Kashiwagi Yuki.

Yuki walked to Mayu and put something into her mouth, forced her to swallow that tiny thing, "That's a bomb. It's in your stomach right now, good luck" Yuki smirked and walked away, leaving the helpless Mayu on the ground.


Yuki was successfully moved out all Mayu's bio troops into her submarine. When she got to some distance away from the island, she pressed a red button on a small device. All it done is...


"This is the end of everything"


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Everything was so screw up...

What's going to happen to Mayu?

Who is the government guy?

Is he really controlled by gov. Or other criminals?

Was Minami really die?

How about Atsuko?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Omg why Yuki kill Mayu  :bleed eyes:

Is Mayu really dead??

What happen to Minami???

I cant wait to read next ch

Please update soon :bow:
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Ah... there is some modification

Eh... Yuki was a spy and she killed Mayu

What a heartless person....

Well would everything be over?

Was Mayu really not survived that blast or the bomb in her stomach?

What about Minami, Atsuko, Jurina and Rena?

Lots of Mysteries....


Please... make a sequel or a continuous of this story please...

Thank you for the update

Can't wait to see the next story

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didn't see the 'THE END' words!!!  :banghead:
I really hope it was just a troll~~~~~
you trolled us right?!
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What the heck happen here??? I don't want ending like this...
I wanna know more?
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Gomenasai minna.. I was just trolling for this update  :on lol:

The actual chapter 13 of Black Cat is still in process.
I will update it after I'm done with chapter 4 of Aidoru Panic, since someone requested me on facebook :hee:
:kneelbow: feel so sorry for not being able to update it within time that I promised. Chapter 4 will be updated soon today (hopefully)  :prayers:

If minna-chan not yet read my "Aidoru Panic" you can click here ( for the Index, or you can click on the link below my signature  :hee:

For all my readers, thank you for reading my stories  :luvluv2:
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Title: ✰Story 2✰ Aidoru Panic - Lesson 4: A Day around School
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This is Majisuka Gakuen…
An all girl high school…

In order to clear the scandal of my oshimen, I, Takahashi Minami disguise as a girl to attend this school and join Baby Blossom. That is the contract I’ve made with the manager. Unfortunately, my identity revealed by Acchan, my oshimen and also my roommate. Gladly, she agreed to keep quiet about my identity. I have to increase my awareness from now on…

Lesson Four – A Day around School

===========   ===========   ===========

I walk carefully to not cross the line which drew on the floor. Why do I have to live this miserable life? “Sigh… Acchan is so mean to me…” I take a long breath and relax myself after get out from her room.


Acchan’s room

Acchan is setting up the curtain barrier around her bed area. She said that is to prevent me from getting near her. I’m not a pervert Acchan, why don’t you believe me? After setting up the curtain, she pushed me into the kitchen. Then she took the red color tape, making line in the room. She put the line on the entrance of kitchen.

“Acchan, what’s this line?”

“Forbidden line, you are not allowed to cross the line. You are only allowed to be here, the rest area is my territory”

“No exception?” I asked.


“What if I have to go toilet?”

She thought for a while and removed the tape, remake the line with a route to bathroom. “Done” she put the tape on table then bringing a futon to the kitchen. “Good night” She walked back to her bed and drew the curtain closed.

Don’t look at me like I am a pervert ojisan. Duh… how can I gain her trust on me? I don’t want to be hate by my oshimen o(T^T)o

Flashback End

“Wait a minute…” Something on my mind as I got out of my room, “Acchan is not around, why should I be careful with those lines?” I went back to the room, across all the lines and get out of the room, “Satisfied” grinned.

Acchan has been away for a week from school because of her assignments. Her schedule is so full that she needs to stay in her work place until her jobs done; photo sessions, filming, advertisements, etc. She don’t even have time to practice with Baby Blossoms for our new songs. I am so empty here in this school without her. I volunteered myself to protect Baby Blossom. She is the reason why I got here, why I signed the contract, why I disguised… Without her, it’s like a phone without battery… She is my energy to stay strong against hellish idol lessons everyday that provided by hellish principal - Shinoda Mariko.

“I wish I can see you soon” sighed.

Outside there still dark, the sun hasn’t come out. Yeah, everyday I woke up earlier at 5 a.m. to get change and ready to school. Too early? It won’t, believe me. The school starts 7 a.m., I have to walk for an hour to get to school building from here and another an hour to have breakfast. No other way? If you want to rent a mini car, it’s expensive, believe me, all the things here are expensive.


“Money~ money~ money~” Mariko is sitting on her desk with dark background behind her. Her eyes were shining sharp, wicked grin shows on her face with her sharp teeth shining, and many money surroundings her. “Hohohohoho…..”

Imagination End

Cih, greedy principle”

“What?” a voice coming from behind.

Mariko-sama?! I instantly kneel down, clap my hands together and apologize, “I’m sorry!”

“………………” There was a silent.

I opened one eye to look around and saw nothing, no one were in the corridor. Weird, where is that voice coming from? Maybe it’s just my imagination, wonder…

Then the door from room 147 opened, and a figure walking out. She is tall and skinny, wearing a white kimono and blue hakama neatly pressed on her body. Her hair is long in shiny black. She is bringing a small bag on her back.

“Rena, your bento” Jurina comes out and give her a bento.

Ah, I know her. She is the famous archery champion, Matsui Rena! She is the famous archery who won the championship six years respectively. Lucky, I can meet her in this school but… why is Jurina giving her a bento? Is that because she is her roommate? Wait… Matsui Rena… Matsui Jurina... are they siblings?

Rena takes the bento and gives Jurina a peck on her cheek before she walked away to my direction. But wait… their aura is kinda… lovely? They don’t seem like siblings. OMG, she is walking to my direction. What should I do? There’s no place I can hide, did I see something I shouldn’t see?

“Good morning” she said as she walked pass me, to downstairs. She has a beautiful face with calm expression. Her face looked cold but somehow I can feel her kindness.

“Eh? Takahashi-san?” Jurina saw me, her face turned a bit red.

“Morning, Jurina” I greeted her. She just bowed at me and closed the door.

Yappari, I saw something I shouldn’t see…?

Break time

Although this is an unordinary school with unordinary students (idols) but the classes are ordinary, everything same with my old school, Akiba Gakuen. But everything goes ordinary only in the classroom. Outside of it, everything is different. After the classes, the girls hang out with their team to go shopping or Karaoke-ing, even to have beauty care. Did I tell you about refreshing area in this school? It consist swimming pool, sauna, spa, massage center, karaoke rooms, studios, salon, and others beauty shops for the girls to be used in break time either after schools.

Walking in the corridor, I stopped in front of the guide board, in the center of the school building. Pointing my finger on the board, I began to study the whole area. “I don’t want to get lost in this incredibly huge miserable hell. I wonder will there be some wild animals inside the woods”. My eyes were focused on the drawing of trees at every side of the road.

At the south, there’s the entrance gate, after a long straight road it reached the fountain. Ten miles after, there’s this school building. The one on the center is for third year students, on the left is for 1st year students, and on the right is for 2nd year students. The building has 5 floors, each classes has 20 seats. Behind the school buildings, there is a huge sport hall for all kinds of indoor activities. Beside of the sport hall, there’s a football stadium.

Ten miles to the north, right in the center of the whole Majisuka territory, there is the five stars hotel which is the residential for all Majisuka Gakuen’s staffs, included some rooms for the special quests to stay in. Mariko-sama’s office is on the top of the building. Side by side of the buildings around there are what they called “refreshing area”, shopping mall, cafés, studios, beauty care shops, etc. The next are behind the hotel is the dorms where the students live. All of Majisuka’s students are forbid to go outside unless they have the approval from Mariko-sama.

“This woman… freaky fearsome…”


“Money~ money~ money~” Mariko is sitting on her desk with dark background behind her. Her eyes were shining sharp, wicked grin shows on her face with her sharp teeth shining, and many money surroundings her. “Hohohohoho…..”

Imagination End

“Watch out!!!” I heard Yuko shouted. Just when I turned back, there’s a black thing hit my face so hard that I fell to the ground.

“Baka” I heard Mayu shouted at me.

“Takahashi! Daijoubu!?” I heard Yuko’s voice beside me. She is shaking my shoulders.

“Yuko! How many times I said, do not play your basketball in the corridor?” I heard Haruna-sensei’s voice scolding Yuko from afar.

I shook my head and opened my eyes, “I’m…” I was paused to see what I saw just now. Yuko’s shirt, she didn’t button up the top of her shirt, revealing a bit of her white bare flesh. “I… am… fine…” I gulped.

“Hey, Takahashi! Your nose is bleeding!” Yuko was panic.

“Hurry, take her to infirmary” Haruna took my left arm and wrapped on her shoulder while Yuko took my right arm. They carry me in an awful position, you know, the height between them. I can tell you that I was walking with one foot.. but leaning on Yuko’s shoulder quite nice too. She smells good. smirk


“You two, follow me” Haruna scolded at Yuko and Mayu.

“I won’t do that again” Yuko pleaded.

“Yukirin, that’s not my fault. I was just walking and Yuko threw her ball toward me” Mayu explained to her senpai, in order to flee from the punishment.

Kashiwagi Yuki, often called Yukirin is the third year student major in medical care. She has been given authority to take over school’s infirmary. Although she looks prestigious and silent, I heard she is good at pharmacologist, mixing this and that or something. Majisuka Gakuen has very wide range of education and being well-known to bring out many talented human resources.

“No, she is lying. She threw the ball at me first” Yuko waved her hands and stared at Yuki and Haruna with serious look.

“Whatever, you may explain to Haruna outside of this room” Yuki gently pushed them out to the door.

“Yukirin, you don’t believe me?” Mayu pouted.

Yuki patted Mayu’s head and smile, “Infirmary is a place for patient to rest. You can talk to me after school”

“Okay” Mayu replied sadly and walked out of the room.

I was sitting on the bed, watching them. That Mayu is usually mean to everyone but she acts kind and listen to Yuki very well. Somehow, I see them as mother and daughter (laugh). Is there any relationship between two of them?

“What’s your name?” asked Yuki as she walked toward me.

“Takahashi Minami, desu” I answered politely. She looks so mature that I can’t help but act politely in front of her.

“I see, you are that transfer student and the new member of Baby Blossom?” asked Yuki.

“Hai, yoroshiku onegaishimasu” I stood up and bowed at her.

“Don’t move” She put me back to sit on the bed and focused her eyes on my nose. Her face was so close to me that I don’t know where to put my eyes on. She tilted my head a bit to clean my nose, “Don’t move” she whispered.

My eyes were rolling up and down, left and right, trying not to look at her. It was so embarrassing for me in this kind of situation. Her hair is silky black, her eyes are big and mesmerizing, her nose is a little big but still cute, and her lips… gulped… Gosh, I was supposed to avoid my eyes looking at her.

“Relax” She giggled a bit, “I’m just cleaning your nose, I’m not gonna cut it off”

“Ha…ha…” I laughed awkwardly.

“Done” She wiped my nose with a handkerchief, “You can rest in here until the class is over”

I looked at the clock hanging on the wall, it left only 45 minutes until school is over, “Uhn, I guess I’ll be resting here”

“Have a nice sleep then” Yuki drew the curtain to cover my bed, “I’ll be here, just call me if you need something”

Curtain at the left side, windows at the right side, ceiling above me, the room is so silent that I can hear the clock ticking. It’s been a week since the last time I saw Acchan. She hasn’t come back to the dorm for a week now. That freaky Mariko, how many jobs and assignments she applied for Acchan? What if Acchan overworked and collapsed? I wish I could tag along wherever she goes. No need to be near her, within a distance where I can see her is enough. (Sigh)

“Excuse me”, I heard a knock and footsteps of someone coming in. This voice sounded familiar. Where did I hear it?

“Rena!?” Yuki’s voice sounded a bit panic, “Your fingers got hurt again? Come sit here”

I took a peek behind the curtain and saw Yuki taking care of Rena’s wounded finger.

“I’m sorry, I got hurt again” Rena apologized.

“Yeah, you should be” Yuki replied and tighten her grip on the wounded finger which made Rena groaned. “Matsui Rena, are you doing this on purpose so that, you can come visit me?”

Rena cleared her throat, “If I don’t get hurt, I don’t have any excuses to come and see you”

“Baka” Yuki said while smiling. Both of them were smiling at each other. For the rest of the time, they’re just holding hands, looking at each other, no words, no movements. They stayed like that for 20 minutes till the school bell is ringing.

[Bell ringing]

“I… need to go now” said Rena.

“Do not let your finger touch water” Yuki warned.

“See you tomorrow” Rena replied.

“Are you going to hurt your finger again?” Yuki giggled.

“Yeah, I still have nine fingers left” Rena laughed.

Still haven’t let go of their hands, they’re looking at each other again for five minutes. I wonder if they have telepathy superpower that they can communicate through eyes (laugh) But wait…! What’s their relationship? Isn’t that Rena is together with Jurina this morning? And now, she is here all dovey with Yuki? Masaka! Rena is dating both of them!?

“Bye” said Rena.

“Bye” Yuki replied.

I hurriedly go back to the bed and pretending to be asleep as Yuki closed the door.

“Takahashi, school time is over now” Yuki greeted.

“Ah, sou… hooaaam… I should go back to dorm. Thanks for today, Yuki-san”

“Just call me Yuki”

“Umm…Yu-” before I could finished my words, there’s this troublesome announcement calling me for another hellish idol lessons.

[♪♫♪♫ Announcement: Calling for Takahashi Minami, Takahashi Minami of 3A, please head to the studio hall within 30 minutes to start your private after school lessons ♪♫♪♫]

“You better go now, Mariko-sama won’t be easy on you” said Yuki.

“Umm... Nice to meet you” I bowed before rushing out of the infirmary.

“Wait!” Yuki called, “Bring this, it’s gonna rain soon” Yuki handed me an umbrella.

“The sun still shining bright there” I pointed outside of the window.

“Just take it” she smiled and closed the door.

I hurriedly ran down of the buildings to across toward another building where Mariko’s office is. Just when I stepped out of the building, suddenly a heavy rain pouring down from the sky. Guess you knew what happened next… I’m all wet…

“I forgot that Yuki is being well-known as Miss Weather, her prediction always right. That’s why she often appears in TV for weather news” facepalmed, I hurriedly opened the umbrella she gave me.

[♪♫♪♫ Announcement: Calling for Takahashi Minami, Takahashi Minami of 3A, you have 20 minutes left to be in studio hall, warning from Mariko-sama ♪♫♪♫]

When will you stop torturing me? You greedy wicked smelly principal!
356 days left to go… gambatte Minami!!

To be continue ...

I hope this update won't disappoint you all, since I've been stopped writing for a long time orz and lack of skills and grammars orz
Thanks for reading and feel free to comment  :D
Comments really help me to get idea for next chap  :D
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Getting interesting...

Takamina is in trouble all the time

What's Mariko had in store for her?

What kind of temptation takamina is going to come across next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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poor Minami got hit by the basketball.. the nose bleed is that from the ball or it from the pevert mind?

Rena is player?!? O_O

i wonder who will Rena chose? Jurina or Yuki

But what going happen to Mayu?
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Ichikawa-san, I'm happy that you finally update!  :farofflook:

Again, waiting for your update...  :prayers: :prayers:
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Post by: Tupi on November 25, 2013, 02:16:17 PM
Wow it's really interesting!!!
Hahahaa It's funny how Minami imagining Mariko sama as Mr. Krebs?

It's Mayuki or Renayuki???
I hope it's Mayuki...
Title: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter thirteen: Bonds
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It's been a long time again minna  :nya:
I'm not really good at speech but douzu! Hope y'all enjoy reading  :hee:
(ahh.. you can find the index on the very first page if some want to re-read the story  :sweat: )

Black Cat

Chapter Thirteen – Bonds
================   ================   ================

“Snow…” Rena looked at the snowflakes landing on her right hand. She simply smiled and amused. “Pure…” She closed her palm and looked at the evening sky.

“Hey!!” someone called Rena. She turned her back and…


A small snowball hit her face. In front of her, there standing the little Jurina fold her hands and pouted, “When can I go back home with Acchan? I don’t like to stay here”

“You don’t like it here?” asked Rena.

“No” Jurina answered shortly.

“You don’t like be with me?” asked Rena.

“Hmm…” Jurina walked closer to Rena, “Do you want to go home with us?” she grinned.

“I…” Rena can’t give her an answer. She wants to be with Jurina but she needs to serve her master, Mayu. Rena remained silent and disappointed Jurina.

“Fine” Jurina turned her back and walked away from Rena. Poor Rena still standing there, thinking of how to answer. Jurina waited for Rena to follow her but she did not. Jurina threw another snowball at Rena, right on her face.

Unaware of the attack of little Jurina, Rena got hit and slipped onto the ground. Jurina laughed so hard looking at the falling Rena, with brightest smile she smiled at Rena, “Come make many many snowmen with me~” she waved her hands at Rena.

Rena felt embarrassing slipped like that in front of Jurina, she hurriedly cleaned her clothes before running toward where Jurina’s standing. A mile away from them, two persons were sitting on a bench, eating sandwiches.

“Rena looks happier with that kid” said Yuki while taking out a sandwich from the lunch box.

“I don’t think so” Mayu replied reluctantly. She obviously didn’t like how Rena reacts when she is with Jurina. She quietly mumbling, “Damn Rena, who is your master? Look at yourself, following her everywhere like a puppy, she looks more like your master than me. Cih.. I am the one who created you” Mayu rolled her eyes and took another bite on her sandwich, she bit too hard that her finger got bitten too, by herself.

“Arghh!!” Mayu threw away her sandwich.

“How did you manage to bite your own finger?” Yuki stared at Mayu with big shocked eyes and earned Mayu’s death glare. Yuki started to laugh loud and louder and got chocked by the sandwich in her mouth.

“Oi!” Mayu hurriedly handed over a bottle of water to Yuki.

Yuki grabbed it and drank the whole water, “Puuaaahhh... (cough)... thank you”

“Hei…” Mayu laid her right hands on the bench behind Yuki and leaned closer, eyes kept staring at her, “How dare you laugh at me like that? Don’t you afraid that I’ll kill you”

“Since the day you saved my son, my life is yours” Yuki simply smiled, “You may take it whenever you want”

(Heartbeat)  Mayu felt her face hotter and hurriedly turned away, “I’m going home now. It’s bored here” She walked away without holding step, “Rena! Time to go home! Now!”

“Mou, I still want to make more snowmen” Jurina pouted.

“Rena!” Mayu called again. Rena has no choice but to carry Jurina on her back and chase after her master while Jurina kept whining on Rena’s back. Yuki also followed behind them.

“That kid… why is Rena so attached to that kid?” Mayu sighed.


“Maeda Atsuko… She will be good use for me. Rena, bring her back to HQ. She is the best weapon to kill NO36”

“What about the kid?” asked Rena.

“Kill her” Mayu turned to leave without looking back.

“Go away! Bad guy! Don’t touch Acchan! Go away!” Jurina shouted.

Rena grabbed Jurina’s throat and raised her in the air. Looking at the innocent face of Jurina, she began to hesitate. Rena wondered why her heart felt so heavy to kill Jurina. She slowly put Jurina back to the ground, and let go her grab.

“Bad guy! Bad guy!” Jurina threw her fist at Rena repeatedly, wishing that Rena could get out of this house. “Go away! Go away!”

“Rena, what are you doing?” Mayu came back and saw Rena let the little kid hit her. “She is troublesome” Mayu took out her gun and shot at Jurina. Unexpectedly Rena went to cover the kid and the bullet hit her left shoulder. “What are you doing!?” Mayu hit Rena with the back of her gun.

“I don’t want to kill her” Rena answered steadily, holding Jurina protectively in her arms.

This is the first time Mayu ever saw the seriousness in Rena’s eyes. “Fine, bring them both”

= = = = = = = = = =
Mayu’s Headquarter

Mayu approved to let Rena take over Jurina but she only allowed to be locked in Rena’s room.

Rena’s room is quite big with complete facilities, also many toys and dolls that Jurina will like. It’s been a week since that incident. It is also a week Jurina didn’t get to see Acchan. Everytime Rena came into the room to bring her food, Jurina always ask where is Acchan? And Rena will try to avoid the question.

“I want to see Acchan” Jurina said while playing with one of Rena’s dolls.

“She is… busy…” Rena lied. She can’t let Jurina know that Acchan has changed into another person. Not to mention, she will not remember about Jurina.

“I want to see Acchan” Jurina said once again.


“I want to see Acchan”

“Do you want some candies?” Rena handed out some candies from her pocket.

“I.WANT.ACCHAN!” Jurina shouted at Rena and threw away the candies.

Knock knock

The door opened and Yuki walked in, carried her son who is sleeping soundly in her arms. She gently smiled at Jurina. “What’s your name?”


“How old are you?” asked Yuki.

“Hmm…” Jurina seemed troubled with counting her fingers. Rena was curious and unconsciously leaning closer to Jurina.

“Five!” Jurina raised her palm confidently with full power and accidentally hit on Rena’s face. “Ooops” Jurina withdrew her hand and hid it behind her back. Rena didn’t mad but smile happily, amused.

Yuki giggled a bit, “Jurina-chan, did you know you were shouting loud at Rena just now?”

Jurina looked away and pout, “I just want to see Acchan”

Yuki gently patted Jurina’s head, “Jurina-chan, look, I have a baby with me and we are next to your room. If you keep shouting like that, the baby will be scared and cry. You don’t want to see the baby cry, right?”

Jurina took a peek at the baby sleeping face and felt guilty. She nodded and apologized to Yuki, “I’m sorry, I won’t shout again”

“Good girl” Yuki smiled and then looked at Rena, “Why don’t we go outside and have some fresh air today?”

“I have to ask Mast-“

“I asked for the permission already and she approved” Yuki answered before Rena finished her words.

Flashback End

“How’s Jurina?” asked Yuki as Rena came out from her room.

“Asleep” Rena answered.

“Can you help me put my baby in my room? I need to wash the lunch box first” asked Yuki.

“Sure” Rena agreed right away and carried the baby into the room.

She slowly put down the baby into the baby’s bed and put on the blanket. This is not the first time she put Yuki’s baby into the bed but everytime she does, this moment felt so familiar to her. She shook her head and turned away, walking toward the door. When she was about to open the door, her head suddenly hurt like it was going to explode. She held her head and fell onto the ground.

A familiar baby’s crying voice running inside her head. A familiar face, familiar mansion, familiar room, all messing around inside her head. Rena has no idea why those strangers yet familiar faces appeared inside her head.

“Go away, go away from my head… you are hurting me… my head hurts…” She gritted her teeth and no longer after, fainted.

To be continue...

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Look who's back :3
i love the chapter title  :thumbsup

“I want to see Acchan”

“Do you want some candies?” Rena handed out some candies from her pocket.

“I.WANT.ACCHAN!” Jurina shouted at Rena and threw away the candies.

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give acchan to her now!
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Is this the flash back from the previous 'THE END'...?

Erm... Nice...

Rena likes Jurina... what's her past life was? before being turned into Mayu's experiment?

What's going on with Atsumina?

What about Jurina, Mayu and Rena?

Can't wait to find out more

Thank you for the update

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Is Rena going to be back to her past self?
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Black Cat
Chapter Fourteen – The Matsui

================   ================   ================

“From now on, you are Matsui. From now on, you are Matsui Rena”

“Yes, Master”

A little girl with shoulder length silky black hair in white long dress followed the tall man into the mansion. All the furniture inside decorated in victorian style. The tall man so called master was guiding the little girl and having a little chat with her. On their way to upstairs, a noble woman came down to welcome her. That woman is this master’s wife.

“Is she the daughter of butler Reo?” asked the woman.

“She looks just like her father, doesn’t she?” the man laughed a bit while introduce to her wife. Butler Reo is one of Matsui’s favorite Butler. He is very capable. Unfortunately, he passed away from an incident two weeks ago to protect Mr. and Mrs. Matsui from an assassination by Maeda clan. Maeda family and Matsui family had been the bitter enemy since 40 years ago. Matsui is the second biggest assassin clan after Maeda. They have been secretly assassinating each other recently.

“She has no family other than her father but now…” Mr. Matsui took a long sigh and patted Rena’s head, “We’ll be taking care of you from now on”

“Welcome to Matsui, Rena-chan” said Mrs. Matsui.

Day by day, aside from their tight schedule, Mr. and Mrs. Matsui always find some time to accompany Rena. Mr. Matsui trained Rena so well and taught her fighting skill, not to make her an assassin, but in order to make sure she can protect herself. Rena is a diligent girl and work hard to be the best butler like his father. At the age of 12, she managed to be chief butler of the family. Although she lives as a butler in this family, Mrs. Matsui sees her as her own daughter. She really wants to have a daughter despite of being the mother of five sons.

Five years later

The peace of this family was broken within one night…

An assassination leading by Maeda Atsuko made her way into the main mansion of Matsui’s property. In order to free herself from Maeda family, Atsuko has to do this final mission, to wipe out whole Matsui members. Atsuko closed her eyes from seeing the tears of every single person she killed, closed her ears from hearing those sorrowful voices, closed her heart to be cruel, to be heartless.

“Make your way out from here through the secret tunnel” Mr. Matsui whispered to his wife. “I’ll buy you some time”

“No! We leave together!” Mrs. Matsui shouted back.

“Rena, bring mistress to the secret tunnel” Mr. Matsui commanded.


“This is an order” Mr. Matsui looked at Rena with cold eyes. The eyes she has never seen before, she felt the seriousness of her master and dragged her mistress away from the crowd.

Rena leaded the way for her mistress into the main house. Maeda clan hasn’t got there yet for the moment. Mrs. Matsui’s body is still weak after giving birth to her newborn baby a week ago. She is too weak to run for a long distance. She paused for a break below the staircase on the second floor. Heavily breath, she pushed Rena away, “Go and bring Jurina with you. Run as far as you can, please be safe”

“No, I can’t leave you behind” Rena disagreed.

“Rena…” Mrs. Matsui gently landed her palm on Rena’s face, looking at her with her usual smile. She reached out her hands and hugged Rena, gently patted the back of her head, “Rena, since you got here, I see you as my daughter. It’s fun to do some cooking with you, even though you always spoiled the dishes” Mrs. Matsui giggled.

She pulled back and looked at Rena, “Jurina, she were just born a week. I want to see her growing up like you” she paused for a while to hold her tears, “Yesterday I dreamed about Jurina, seemed about four or five in her age. You were standing beside her, protective like an older sister to her. She held your hand and waving at me… I guess I won’t have the chance for that day…”

“Don’t say that, Mistress, I’ll bring you both safely out from here” Tears in Rena’s eyes were slowly crawling out.


Violence noises were coming from the down floor. Mrs. Matsui pushed Rena away and shouted at her, “Go now! Take Jurina with you! Go!”

“I won’t!” Rena shouted back, “I’ll die with you, I’ll die with Matsui!”


Mrs. Matsui slapped Rena’s face, “We can not let the whole Matsui dismissed by Maeda. Stay alive, take good care of Jurina, revenge for us, revenge for Matsui”

Rena wiped her tears and hugged Mrs. Matsui so tight for the first time and the last time. She then ran upstairs to Jurina’s baby room. Before she landed her hand to open the door, she could hear Mrs. Matsui growling in pain downstairs. Out of her mind, she turned back and dashed to where her mistress was. There she saw Mrs. Matsui lying down, blood stained, and a katana, holding by a dark eyes girl. Those eyes were so dark and cold that Rena couldn’t stand to move forward. Her lungs felt so tight like it’s out of oxygen. With trembling hands, she took out her gun in stand-by pose. She tried to concentrate her mind, analyzing her enemies. From where her mistress laid on the floor, she moved her gaze to the sword that girl’s holding. On the blade collar, there were printed the name, Maeda Atsuko

Maeda Atsuko was holding katana in her left hand and handgun in her right hand. This is the first time Rena ever joined in real fight. Her hands were so trembling that she shot her bullet aimlessly toward Atsuko, which dodged by her easily.


First shot, Atsuko aimed Rena’s left leg. Rena kneeled down, gritted her teeth to bear the pain. Out of bullets, Rena threw her gun toward Atsuko, pulling out her double edge daggers and dashed toward her enemy. Rena was so fast that Atsuko didn’t manage to pull her trigger. In front of her, Rena swing her daggers at Atsuko’s right hand which made Atsuko dropped her gun. She then slashed her daggers on Atsuko’s stomach, nearly got it. Atsuko halted the daggers with her katana and kicked Rena away. Atsuko heartlessly threw her katana toward Rena’s shoulder, the sharp blade went through it, pinned down Rena on the floor.

Atsuko picked up her gun and pulled her trigger several times at Rena, only aimed her limbs. She walked beside Rena and whispered next to her ear, “Your master and mistress adore you so much. Thus, I honor you a revenge… revenge on me if you survived” Atsuko pulled out her katana from Rena’s shoulder and walked upstairs.

“S…stop… come back here…” Rena’s arms and legs were shot that she can’t move. Tears were flown out as Atsuko disappeared from her sight. “Jurina…” She closed her eyes and murmured an apologized to her mistress and master that she is incapable and had disappointed her master. The amount of blood bleeding out from her shoulder made her fell unconscious.

Few days later

Incredibly, Rena awake from her wound. Actually Atsuko didn’t wound her so badly. The first thing she did is to look for Jurina. She went upstairs and searched every single corner but there’s no trace of Jurina. “I’m sorry Jurina…” Rena cried in Jurina’s room, looking at her baby bed. “I should have listened to your mother and left with you earlier”

With the heavy burden of regret, she slowly walked downstairs. There she saw the lifeless body of her mistress lying on the ground, when the sunlight went into the house, she could clearly saw the bloody floor, her friends and brothers were there. She went to check one by one if there’re any person who still alive other than herself. No one…

She went back into the house and carried Mrs. Matsui to the backyard, gathered all the other Matsui. No eat, no sleep, no rest, no counting days, one by one she dig the ground and buried them, putting stones on their ground and do the praying for them. At the last, she made a grave for herself. Out of her limit, she finally broke down, lying on the grave she made for herself.

In front of Matsui’s entrance gate

“I heard a terrible homicide happened here two weeks ago” said the inspector Akimoto Sayaka.

“This is the best place to collect your guinea pig, ne? Mayu-san” Sae walked out of the car and wrapped her arms on Mayu’s shoulder. Prof. Mayu took out a tiny bag of powder and put in on Sae’s hand, making her screamed, “Ouch! That’s hurt!” Sae continuously rubs her hand, “What did you put on my hand?”

“Touch me again, I’ll cut your hand” Mayu said coldly but threw an antidote to Sae.

“I know you actually like me too~” Sae said playfully

“Ehemm…” Sayaka cleared her throat, can’t stand to see Sae acting narcissism like that.

“Let’s see…” Mayu stopped and looked around, “Sayaka, tell your man to bring every single dead bodies to my laboratory. “Sae, go see if there’re survivors. A living man is better than dead bodies to do experiment”

“Survivor? Impossible” said the ikemen girl.

“Mayu-san! Here!” Sayaka suddenly called.

Prof. Mayu walked to the direction where Sayaka called. Sae followed behind. Sayaka was standing in the grave where Rena laid. “Sae, give me your hand” She carried Rena from the ground and handed her to Sae. “I can’t believe we could found someone alive”

“Maybe…” Sae put Rena down on the ground and checked her pulse. “She is extremely weak by her condition right now. Blood loss, infected wounds, exhaustion…”

Mayu took out a bottle of blue liquid and injected it into Rena’s body. Sae was startled, “Mayu, isn’t that potion is still in research? Why you put it in her body? What if…. What if there will be body explosion?” Sae walked two meters away from them, hide behind a tree.

“Let’s see” Mayu looked at her watch, counting seconds, “Isn’t this is the best time to try out my experiment? This potion was made in order to heal any wounds and diseases faster than normal medicine, and of course, I want to see if it can bring this girl back to life”

“And to prove you are a genius?” said Sayaka while getting up to the ground.

“See…” Mayu wore her usual mischievous smile, “It works”

Both Sayaka and Sae moved closer to see the effect of the potion in Rena’s body. Her flesh wounds were slowly recovered. Sae put her fingers on Rena’s neck under the jaw to check her pulse. It was weak before but now it beats normally.

“This is fun… This is really fun” Mayu laughed, “I have more experiment to do”

“You can having fun doing your experiment hobby, but in limited time, you must done the project we promised” Sayaka reminded.

“I know the government sent you to spy on me” Mayu put a straight face, “I don’t like you watching me work”

“What? You’re watching her all the time?” Sae stood before Mayu, protectively. “How could you secretly watching my little cutie?”

“I’ll be waiting in the car, don’t make it too long” Mayu commanded.

“Hey, Mayu, don’t walked away like that” Sae glared, “Geez, did she peek at you showering? I’ll beat her!”

“Peek at someone showering? Only you could do that” Sayaka carried Rena and followed after Mayu, ignoring Sae.

Flashback End

At Present

Rena woke up, head still hurts. Her breathing was fast, thirst of revenge. She stood up and clenched her fist with dark aura surrounded her.

“I’ll kill you”

To be continue...

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But did Rena able to relate the Jurina as The Matsui's 'Jurina'?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out what's happening to Atsuko, Jurina, Rena and Mayu after the last attack from Yuki?

Thank you for the update

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Black Cat
Chapter Fifteen – The Truth?

================   ================   ================

Previous chapter:

“Can you help me put my baby in my room? I need to wash the lunch box first” asked Yuki.

“Sure” Rena agreed right away and carried the baby into the room.


“Rena, I’m done now. Thank you for–” before Yuki could finish here words, Rena suddenly dashed out from the room, bumped into Yuki.

Yuki fall onto the ground speechlessly to see the sudden rage of Rena. She has never seen that kind of look from Rena. Yuki could feel the thirst of blood from Rena’s eyes. Yuki was going to try to stop Rena but she already dashed out of the house and took Mayu’s car to nowhere. Yuki immediately went to report this to Mayu.

“Mayu! Rena went mad, she’s like going beserk. She drove your car away just now”

“What?” Mayu shocked. She hurriedly took her smartphone and traced the car, “I’ll take her back, don’t worry”

“I’ll go with you” said Yuki.

“No” Mayu rejected, “You stay here.” Without talking much, Mayu grabbed her coat and went out with her other car.


While tracing Rena, Mayu also analyzing where is the destination of Rena’s car. She was surprised to know the destination. It’s her secret laboratory where the crucial experiment project was held.

“Oh no, if Rena went berserk in my lab, that will be a real problem for me” Mayu immediately took an alternative route to get to her lab faster. “But why… Why is she going there? What made her going berserk?”

Mayu hurriedly make a call to the HQ of her lab, “This is Prof. Mayu, I want you to close all the gates. Right now! And don’t let anyone get into the lab”

At Mayu secret laboratory

“HYAAAAAAAA!!” Rena madly attacking the huge steel gate with her bare hands. “Come out and die!”

Mayu just arrived but decided to watch from afar. “She’s gonna break down the gate if I don’t stop her now. What made her went on rampage?” Mayu took a deep breath, thinking that she should focus on how to calm Rena rather than thinking what’s the reason of this sudden berserk. Mayu took out a small device and calling for No 100, Maeda Atsuko. Mayu commanded Atsuko to come out from the lab and take down Rena.

On the other side, there’s someone watching their every movement behind shadow. Mayu was too concentrated on protecting her lab from Rena’s rampage that she didn’t notice her surroundings.

From the top of the building, Atsuko jumped out, launched like a meteor toward Rena. It was a huge earthquake when Atsuko landed, leaving a huge hole on the ground. Rena fortunately dodged the attack and took out her daggers. She dashed forward mercilessly slashing Atsuko.

Atsuko had a hard time to dodged Rena’s attack but still managed to get no wound. Rena growled and threw the daggers at Atsuko and landed a kick on her stomach while Atsuko was busy handling those daggers. Atsuko were sent flying and hit a tree. A scratch visibly showed on her left cheek.

Rena jumped on Atsuko and chocked her without mercy with her left hand while taking out another dagger in her right hand. “Now is the time to pay for your sin!” Rena landed her dagger on Atsuko without any hesitation.

Atsuko managed to escape from Rena’s grip before the dagger landed on her chest. She ran backward to a safer distance, with no intention to fight back. Fortunately, Atsuko only got a scratch on her left shoulder from previous attack. Once again, all she did was dodging Rena’s attack.

“Is Rena this strong against Maeda?” Mayu questioned herself. She was standing behind a tree, aiming her sniper at Rena. All she could see from her point of view was Rena’s continuous attacks on powerless Maeda. Mayu stood there, waiting for the right chance and… with one pull, she managed to land a shot on Rena’s neck. “Got you” Mayu immediately stepped out behind the shadow. Rena was down because of the paralyze liquid that shot on her neck by Mayu.

Mayu hurriedly examined Rena’s wounds without bothering Maeda’s. After she put an injection on Rena, she took a quick glance at Maeda. “You seemed fine, go inside and asked Prof. Sae to cure your wounds now.” Mayu said coldly at Maeda. “Do not move without my order”

“Yes, Master” Atsuko answered shortly and went inside the lab.

Meanwhile in Minegishi’s club lounge

“Hell luck, I need to shut down my club again for today because of them” Mii-chan murmured to herself while preparing some drink for her honorable quest.

“I can’t wait any longer!” Yuko protested. “It’s been a week since they gone. Are we just gonna sit here and wait?”

“Calm down, Yuko” Mii-chan pulled her back onto her seat.

“You can trust us” said Haruna.

“Trust you? Police? Government?” Yuko glanced at Haruna, “You, government, is the mastermind in those so called iron army. An incredible wicked project to sacrifice human’s life into zombie army! For some unknown war? Shit”

“Hey! We’re still in investigation whether it’s government or another individual people or organization misusing the name of government to do that project. It is still unsure!” Haruna fought back.

“Yeah, still unsure! How long did you guys do the investigation? Over five years!” Yuko got angered, “My friends, all of them, include a six years old kid, have gone missing! Not sure they’re still alive or not! All you did was sitting here and drinking your juice!!” Yuko splashed Haruna’s drink on her face.

“Hey!!” Haruna stood up and grabbed Yuko’s shirt.

“Stop it!” Mariko walked into the club in the right moment. Both of them got back to their seat.

“There there” Mii-chan offered a towel and a new drink for Haruna.

“Here’s the report I got from my informant” Mariko threw an envelope on the table. Yuko opened it and looked at the photos and papers. “Acchan has been turned into one of those so called iron army. She is now looks like a robot who only listens to her master’s order” Mariko explained.

“That black-haired young lady in twintails is the one they called master. She created them. Her name is Watanabe Mayu. Where she got that kind of science is still unknown. That raven-haired girl biting her nails called No.44, Matsui Rena. I believe she is the one from the Matsui clan, an assassin clan which has been wiped off. She is now the right hand of Watanabe Mayu, as one of the iron army. According to my informant, Jurina is living in Watanabe house, not sure of the detail.”

“These two are the ones who gave message to Minami through something called hologram” Yuko said in anger, looking at the picture of Mayu and Rena. “There’s no sign about Minami?” asked Yuko, as she couldn’t find any report about Minami inside the envelope.


Flashback five days ago

Inside the police station

“Yo~” Yuko appeared from nowhere behind Haruna and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

“Kyaaaa!” Haruna jumped back and threw down Yuko in Judo style.

“Ouch, what a wild girl you are~” said Yuko playfully.

“What are you doing here?” Mariko came in the right moment, “Oshima Yuko”

“Well, I have something serious to discuss with you”

“I don’t have time to chat with a criminal” answered Mariko coldly, “Arrest her, Haruna”

“Yes, Mam!” Haruna took out her handcuffs but Yuko stopped her.

Yuko took out something familiar to Mariko, “It’s from Minami”

Several minutes later somewhere in the park

“It’s safer for us to talk here than in my office. Walls have ears” said Mariko.

Yuko took a glance at Haruna, her face saying what about her? Mariko said to ensure Yuko, “She is my right hand”

It took some time for Yuko to explain what happened in Atsuko’s house and what Minami told her to do. Although she didn’t trust this person, “I hope Minami didn’t trust the wrong person”

“How about Minami?” asked Mariko.

“It’s been three days, I went to the port and searched all the places, only found some blood stains on the floor. It was Minami’s.”

“Maybe she survived, maybe she was taken, and the worst… maybe she–”

“I don’t want to hear that” Yuko cut Mariko’s words.

“Minami was once worked for government” Mariko told the story to Yuko, “She was the chief commander, but she gave up her title and became a famous phantom thief, the Black Cat. Five years ago, I asked her help in this case, the iron army project. I believe someone has using the name of government to develop this project. She cooperated with me to find the truth but she was gone missing after she blew up the whole island. I couldn’t believe she’s alive.” Mariko sighed, “But now, she gone missing again, huh? Just how many lives she has.”

“No matter what, I want you to find her back, alive. Atsuko and Jurina have to come back sound and safe.” This is the first time Haruna saw Yuko said something with serious face, she kinda flustered.

“I will try my best” answered Mariko.

Flashback End

Somewhere in Mayu’s Research Laboratory

“Finally, I’ve collected all the data I need to control the iron army. Thanks for your hard work, Watanabe Mayu. You are no longer needed.” said someone in white long coat inside the lab. “How is your wound?”

“Just a scratch” answered Atsuko.

“Thanks for playing along” said the person.

To be continue...

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Erm... someone that able to ask Atsuko to play along...

Someone that Atsuko trusted and obeyed

Is this person... is Minami?

What's going to happen next?

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