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Title: The Forbidden Dance Ch.21 (WMatsui) 03/23/2017
Post by: ainivel on January 06, 2015, 05:10:48 PM
author's note:
konbanwa! ainivel desu! my first time to write wmatsui :heart:
i'm both excited and nervous at the same time :sweatdrop:
excited because yay! i can finally post it! :grin:
i do have my own policy of 'no posting of new story if current is still left unfinished' LOL :lol:
and nervous because, i don't know if this will come out good :nervous
but anyway, please enjoy reading! :bow:

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 1

It looks like just another ordinary day in the mansion. Things are always in order, quiet and peaceful. Everything seems to be in the usual state. But maybe what they say is really true, about calm before the storm. I never thought today is the day that my life will turn upside down.

"Ojousama, your mother wants to see you." One of the housemaids approached me.

"Thank you. Please let her know that I'll be there in a moment." I answered.

My family is one of the most influential in Japan. I am the granddaughter of the Chairman of Matsui Corporation. My name is Matsui Rena. All my life I did nothing but live to my family's expectations. People says I'm like a walking doll, flawless and lifeless, without any feelings at all.

I was strictly raised by my mother alone, since father died just a year after I was born. I don't have any clear memories with him which I somehow envy with my older sister. Oneesama was adopted by my parents, because they thought they won't have a child on their own. But grandfather cannot accept a grandchild with no Matsui blood. Until Okaasama gave birth to me. As we grow up, Oneesama noticed how Grandfather never consider her as his grandchild. She then decided to live on her own outside the mansion, and Okaasama just let her.

That leaves all the pressure to me. All eyes are on me, watching my every move. I grew up a fine young lady whom everyone is looking up to. I have to prove them that I'm perfect without any weakness. I don't go to school like a normal girl does. I study privately at home, that's why I never had friends. And besides, Okaasama told me that I don't need one. I excel in many things and do my best in anything to make Okaasama proud of me. I want her to love me which I never felt from her. I've tried everything but still I was never good enough for her.

I reached her room and knocked the door.

"You called me, Okaasama?" I entered.

She's sitting beside the window, looking from afar.

"Rena, I wanted to discuss with you a very important matter." She answered in a serious tone.

It is a usual thing how Okaasama looks and sounds serious, but this time it's a bit different.

"The moment that I'm dreading for a very long time is already here." She continued.

"It has reached the Chairman that your father has another daughter outside the family." She calmly said it like she already knew from the start.

I was indeed surprised with what she said. But I'm surprised more with the fact that she never mentioned it to me. But I cannot show it to her. I composed myself.

"Okaasama, if she's an illegitimate child then she has no right in our family. I believe there's nothing to be afraid......"

"Silence!!!" She cuts me off.

"You know nothing!!!" She shouted at me angrily.

"Don't be so reckless, Rena! Remember, you are the sole heiress of the Matsui family! And that girl..... is the only person that can easily take away everything that you have now!"

"Okaasama, I'm sorry but I cannot understand what you mean..."

"You have witnessed how the Chairman treated Sakiko like trash. Do you want to end up like your sister and put all my accomplishments into waste?"

"But Okaasama, how can that possibly happen? I am your daughter..."

"You're not a true-blooded Matsui! Your real father is someone I just paid off!"

My world seems to collapse upon hearing those words.

"T-That's a lie!!!" I cried out.

"Listen to me. That time, I was so desperate to have a child with Hideki because his father, the Chairman, will throw me away if I can't immediately give him a grandchild!"

It's too painful to comprehend the things she's saying.

"Please tell me, you are only joking..." I begged her.

"Now, do you fully understand what will happen to us once the Chairman knows the truth?" My mother started to cry, she's shaking. "I cannot live in poverty, Rena..."

My heart seems to crash seeing my mother cry in pain.

"I will not let that happen, Okaasama. Please trust me, I will protect you and my name."


Days has passed and I knew something has changed in me. I realized that all I have was just a lie. I now understand how Oneesama felt before.

I passed by Grandfather's room and accidentally heard him talking to his secretary.

"Look for her. And bring her to me." He ordered.

He wanted to see that illegitimate girl. But why? I thought he's contented because he already has me as his grandchild!

The secretary went out of his room and saw me. I approached him immediately.

"I will come with you. I wanted to meet her." I said and he let me.

We traveled outside Tokyo and arrived in a simple town. The secretary gets off the car and heads to a small house infront. He rings the doorbell and the gate was opened by a lady.

"We meet again, Keiko." He greeted her like they already met before.

"What do you want from me?" The lady coldly answered.

I also get off the car and walked to them.

"Excuse me. My name is Matsui Rena. May we come in so that we can at least talk inside?" I asked the lady with respect.

She only nodded and let us in. Their house is too small, even my room is many times more spacious than it.

"I found you, again." He spoke. "I believe you already know why I'm here."

"Just tell me what you need then leave." The lady coldy answered him again.

"We come to take the child you stole."

"Stole? I didn't steal anyone from you. That child is my own daughter!!!" She yelled.

That's the first time I witnessed how a mother protects her child. I felt a sudden pang of jealousy.

"That girl carries her father's name. She belongs to Matsui." The secretary continues to speak.

"That's the only thing Hideki requested me before he died, that our child shall use his name. But there's nothing more to it." She explained.

"The Chairman wants to bring her back to where she really belongs."

"I do not accept. I will die if you take my daughter away from me!!!" The lady started to cry.


A short-haired girl in school uniform appeared and went to the lady. Her age probably isn't far from mine.

"Who are you!? How dare you make my mother cry!!" She shouted at us.

Then the girl stared at me with those fierce looking eyes. It was the first time our eyes met.

"I'm alright, Jurina. Please, just go to your room." The lady gently told her.

"Oh... Jurina, isn't it? Finally." The secretary said with a smile on his face.

"I don't know who you are! So please just leave my mother alone!" The girl yelled.

"If that's what you wish, Ojousama." He called her the way he calls me.

"But I will come back, Keiko. And by that time, you must make a decision. I believe you clearly know that the child can't escape from her destiny." He said to the lady before leaving the house.

I stayed inside a little more. The girl's eyes were locked on mine again. I can't explain what I'm suddenly feeling whenever our eyes meet.

"Please accept my apologies for his rudeness. We will now go ahead. I'm very glad to finally meet you. Please excuse us." I bid them farewell and left.

The secretary was waiting for me inside the car.

"Is she the girl?" I asked as I get inside.

"She is." He answered.

"I see."

That girl... is a true-blooded Matsui. And those eyes... they look exactly like Grandfather's eyes. I hate them.

We arrived back in the mansion and I went straight to Okaasama's room to talk to her.

"Okaasama, I met the girl today." I said.

"And?" She only responded.

"She doesn't seem to know anything about her real identity."

"You came to me just to say the things that I already knew?" Her voice is so cold.

"No, I came to ask a request." I answered.

"What is it then?"

"Let me transfer to her school."

She smiled upon hearing my request and said, "As expected of my daughter."

I have come so far to reach the place where I am now. I worked so hard for my achievements and for people to recognize me. That girl, Matsui Jurina, she is nothing but a nuissance to my family.

"I'm counting on you then, Rena."

If Okaasama bids me to... then I might as well... erase that girl's existence.


i was actually listening to two roses while writing this one!
so what do you think? (so nervous...) :cry:
thanks for reading! :)
Title: Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Chapter 1
Post by: eboo on January 06, 2015, 07:09:47 PM
 :welcome I think it's come out good ... i feel it would appear a lot of drama because the blood relationship story.  :inlove:
also I'm wondering why the title is The Forbidden Dance ? this surprise me .. at first i think the story would be SKE48 moment .. but it did not. hahaa
keep update  :)
I am waiting  :D
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I love drama. . .

Thank you.

Anyway,,I hate Rena's cold blood.
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Ooh~ WMatsui this time. :3

Wow, cold-blooded Rena is... scarier than Gekikara. XD

Can't wait to see more! Update soon~ :heart:
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this is so good!! please update soon!!
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OMG!! I feel excited for this story! many things could happen.. Im waiting
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Oh dun be nervous…it's a good start…chapter 1 has laid the path for an interesting drama between the Matsui sisters.

Thanks for the good work and hope to see more updates :)
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  :on GJ: winner..!
waiting for your next update... *gonna build my tent here*
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YAY! Finally, another wmatsui drama story that got me so interested~! :lol:

Somehow I'm interested in the cold-blooded Rena!

Can't wait for the next update~ :D

ps. I thought 'Forbidden Dance' has got to do with Kiss Datte Hidarikiki or something HAHA! I really wonder what's the true meaning behind the title ^^
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C-cold blood Rena?! :stoned:

I've got to admit it, ainivel-san, your story here is helping me to study! :mon thumb:

Plus, drama? :dunno: SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME~! :on gay:

Can't wait for the next update~~~~  :twothumbs

I wonder why the title is, The Forbidden Dance? :dunno:
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Being a ojou-sama is hard nee~~ so many pressure poor Rena find out the truth

Jurina is fierce just to imagine it *shiver*

Update soon
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hello minna! thank you for showing interest in my wmatsui story!!! :heart:
i'm so happy! i promise to do my best! :twothumbs
there might be times that my updates are slow... but assure you i'll finish this upto the end! :thumbsup
(because i won't be able to post my other drafts if i don't lol) :nervous

@eboo: you're right! even i myself can't see the connection of the title to the first chapter at all hehe :? but i think it's the best title to fit the whole story though
@lahika: gomen if i made rena a cold person... i just think the character suits her hehe
@Ruka Kikuchi: yes, it's wmatsui! i wanted to write a fanfic of them, too.. and try a little drama this time :P
@AKB48couples: it was such a relief that you think it's good.. i'll try to update faster
@Haruko: thank you for also reading my new fanfic! i'm very happy to see some of my old readers here..
@DC2805: thanks! i was really worried of how wmatsui readers will think of my story :cry: i'm still a newbie after all
@screechingsoul: oh my.. putting a tent here means pressure to me hehe :sweatdrop: but i'll try my best! thank you
@EMPRE33: oh i super like that song! that and kataomoi finally! :deco:
@ChibiRine: woah, i didn't expect to see you here (since i know that you're a solid kojiyuu fan) hehe! XD i don't think chapter 2 can already answer the question on the title.. but we'll get there ;)
@Kirozoro: hisashiburi! jurina being fierce is something she isn't aware of.. uh oh i just realize... this will be a long story.. good luck to me lol :nervous

and to all who gave thanks to my first chapter... (which i'm really overwhelmed!) :wub:
hontou ni arigatou gozaimashita!!! :bow:

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 2

Those people... who are they? I've never seen them before. I wonder what kind of people they are. And why do they know my mother?

On that day, I tried to ask Okaasan about those people and what they need from us. But she only told me to keep away from them. I have a feeling that they're from my father's family side. Because whenever I ask about my father, she always keeps on avoiding the topic. That's why we never talk about him, the only thing I knew is that he died on the day I was born.

But despite that I grew up without a father, Okaasan has able to raise me with so much love and care. Because of her, I've always had a positive view in life. We only have a simple life and live in a small town, but we're happy and contented of what we have.

My name is Matsui Jurina, I'm pretty much an ordinary girl. And just like any other normal girls, I do enjoy having fun with friends and also like the feeling of being in love. As a student, I also go to school to study and attend club activities. There's nothing so special about me.

"Jurina-chan! Ohayou~" A close friend suddenly hugged me from behind. I arrived in our classroom first.

"Spacing out again, eh?" She said. "I told you to get over that senpai already! Let me mend your broken heart with a morning ki-..."

I caught her face and pinched both sides of her cheeks. She's always like that to me, I'm already used to these things she says and does.

"And who told you I'm broken-hearted, huh?" I giggled and pulled her face a little.

"I-Itai! My face hurts..." She cutely complained and then I let go of her.

"Churi... instead of disturbing Juritan, why don't you just focus on how we can attract new club members?" Another close friend of mine arrived.

"Oh.. Ohayou, Airin!" I greeted her as she took the seat beside mine.

These two were my classmates since first year highschool. We even joined the same club together. And now, we're already senior students.

"If we fail to recruit another member this year, then we have no choice but to let them close our club." Airin said seriously.

The three of us are the only members left in the club. The old members have already graduated and there aren't new members who joined after us.

"We only need one more member then our club is safe, right? So relax, Airin..." Churi tried to calm her down.

"I can only relax if you can bring me some good news. Now, tell me.. do we already have a prospect?" Airin asked her.

"Well... I haven't heard of someone who wants to join the club yet... But I have a different news..."

"News? What is it?" I asked curiously.

"There's a rumor spreading that a new third year student will transfer to our school." Churi explained.

"Really? But I thought our school strictly doesn't accept third year transfer students?" I said.

"If the school allowed it this time, then it only means that the person might be a super VIP! Maybe a famous celebrity, a royalty, or some rich kid with huge donation in our school!"

"It doesn't make sense. Why will an important person transfer to our school during the end of first quarter? Isn't that odd?" Airin thought.

"I don't know the answer to that but... it really makes me excited! I hope that person will join our class!"

"It's still very unusual. Sounds suspicious to me."

"You really enjoy killing my good mood, don't you?" Churi started to get a little irritated, but Airin just ignored her.

Sometimes I loved watching how these two fight. That's actually a normal thing between them everyday.

Our teacher finally entered the classroom and started to speak to the class.

"Before we begin our lesson for today, I have an important announcement to make first." She paused. "A new student is transferring to your class."

Oh.. a transfer student in our class, just like what Churi mentioned earlier.

Sensei opened the front door and then a girl with long black hair walked inside. Her pale white skin is so noticeable, she looks fragile and delicate.

"KIREI.....", said my classmates.

Then I found myself staring at her. That girl... why does she look familiar? I think I already saw her somewhere...

"Matsui Rena desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu." She introduced herself in a soft-spoken voice.

I feel like I'm seeing a real princess infront of us. It amazes me how she look and speak with elegance.

WAIT. Did she just say Matsui?

"Hey, Jurina-chan... she's staring at you. Do you know her?" Churi suddenly whispered from behind my seat.

She's right, the girl is staring straight back at me. Those eyes... I knew I've seen them  before...

"Honestly... I'm not really sure..." I whispered back.

"Matsui Jurina." Sensei suddenly called my name.

"Hai!" I raised my hand.

"I'm expecting you to take care of your sister during her stay here in our school. She's your responsibility now." She told me infront of the class.

My... what? Eh~ what's going on?

I looked back at the girl confused. She only smiled at me. There's something in the way she looks at me.....

Ah! I remember her... she's the girl from before! The one who visited Okaasan last time. USO~ She's my sister? And why is she here?

The girl then took a seat and joined our class. I caught her looking at me for several times today since the class started. Unbelievable. What is she thinking? Does she really know me?

When the classes ended, she immediately stood up and took her things. She walked into my direction and approached me.

"Matsui-san." She called me by my family name. "The teacher said that you we're the one assigned in touring me around your school."

I am?

"I'll be waiting for you outside." She just left after she spoke to me.

"Jurina-chan!" Churi suddenly pulled me. "You owe us an explanation! How come you never told us you had a sister?!"

"Believe me... even I wasn't informed!" I answered her honestly.

"What did I just tell you... suspicious, right?" Airin again said and Churi just rolled her eyes.

"That's why I need to go after her. This is my chance to get answers." I then said goodbye to my friends and walked out the room.

The girl claiming as my sister is there waiting outside. She smiled at me again the moment she saw me. But I always noticed that there is something off with her smile. I wonder why...

"So... where do you want us to start off?" I asked her.

"Your decision." She answered with a soft voice.

Wow. She looks so pretty up close. I was totally mesmerized. I can't believe I have a sister as perfect as her. She also has beautiful eyes, but... why do they look so cold...

I started to tour her around the school and she just kept quiet the whole time I was talking. There are many things I wanted to ask her. I tried to open up a more personal conversation.

"Was your previous school far from here?" I asked.

"It's my first time to study in a school." She answered.

"E-Eh? What is that mean?"

"I've been in a private tutorial." She explained.

She's a rich girl, as expected.

"Oh... Then it might be hard for you to remember all the places."

"I can soon familiarize myself to all the areas here." She said confidently.

"If you never entered school before then why did you decide to transfer here now?"

She paused. She didn't answer me.

"I wanted to know... does it have to do with me?"

I took the courage to ask, but she remained quiet.

"Ano... I was just thinking... if we're sisters... then it means..."

"We have the same father." She finished what I was about to say.

So, it's true. She's my father's other daughter.

"And I'm here because... Grandfather wants to meet you." She continued.

I do have a grandfather?

"He's waiting for you. Will you come with me?" She asked.

It's all clear to me now. That's the reason why they tried to talk to my mother before.

"I'm sorry, I'm not sure if I can. I don't think Okaasan will allow me to." I told her.

"I'm already expecting that answer from you." She said calmly.

"Look, about last time... I hope you can forgive my actions towards you. I thought you're hurting my mother that's why..."

"I understand." She cuts me off. "That's only normal when you wanted to protect someone important to you."

She sounded like she really meant those words.

"I'm not forcing you to come with me. But I'll be staying here until I finally convince you."

"Is that the only reason why you're here?" I asked.

"Why do you ask?"

"I just thought... you came all the way here to spend time with me... we're sisters after all..."

"Oh... ofcourse. I do wanted to know more about you."

"Really? I wanted to get to know you better, too!" I felt so excited that I accidentally held her hands.

I saw how her eyes widened with my sudden actions and she immediately pulled her hands away. But why? Does she hate it?

"I-I'm sorry! It's just that... you make me so happy right now..." I apologized.

"I understand, please also accept my apology." She always sounds so formal.

"There are still many things I wanted to know! About father's family, how's our grandfather like, and most especially... the things about you."

She then looks at me and said, "No worries. As long as I'm here, you can ask me anything that you wanted to know about our family."

"I knew you're a nice person!" I appeared closer to her and we had another eye contact. This time it took longer than before.

Her eyes... why do I feel lonely just by looking at them...

"I believe I have to go." She looks away and puts a distance between us again. "The car is already waiting for me."

She started to walk away and I followed her. Her driver opens the door for her as she gets inside.

"Rena-chan!" I called her name before she closes the door.

"R-Rena...c-chan?" She repeated.

"Can I call you that way?" I asked for permission.

"If... you wished to..." She responded.

I gave her a big smile. And then she finally closes the door.

"I'll see you again tomorrow!" I waved her goodbye until her car left totally.


Wow... my heart is bursting with too much joy... Meeting her is the best gift ever! I'm so excited to see her again...

I know that this is the start of our wonderful relationship.... And I'm sure that the two of us we'll going to create lots of beautiful memories together.


oh my pure-hearted jurina :(
still listening to two roses while writing! :lol:
will update soon...

thanks for reading! :)
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Moshimo kimi ga bara nara~

Nante ne. ;p :note:

As always, Jurina LOVES Rena. :3

And soon, that cold inside Rena's heart will melt >w< *waku-waku*

So excited now! Please update soon! :bow:
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Yeah, I'm a solid KojiYuu fan.  :bigdeal:

But if it's something interesting, why not~?  :ding:

Plus it's totally obvious that Jurina loves Rena  :kekeke:

Cold hearted Rena is actually kind. (JUST YOU WAIT JURINA) :hehehe:

Em eggzoited too.  :scared:

Update soon~  :on hypto:
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Update soon~  :on hypto:

Are you trying to hypnotize her? XD
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ohhhhhh rena gonna cause trouble...
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Jurina and Rena start to get close now

Update soon
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*sigh... The truth behind those long, black hair, pale skin, princess figure, and those cold,lonely eyes... is fearful...

I'm waiting for the time when Rena's real intention is revealed, and can't wait to see how Jurina's reaction... Wait, did I just become too fast-forward XD

Good job! (๑'⌣'๑)づ
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aaw just just just..... next chapter please
i wanna see wmatsui, how jurina warm the cold rena
hehehehhe onegai
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Post by: ainivel on January 20, 2015, 04:45:23 PM
@Ruka Kikuchi: jurina loves everyone as well! gomen for the late update, looks like ChibiRine's hypnotism didn't have an effect on me :lol:
@ChibiRine: love alone is different from being in love... and hey, they're sisters!
@Haruko: trouble is way much better than heart breaking pain :cry:
@Kirozoro: them to be closer by heart... soon hopefully
@RenshuChan: yep! too fast-forward! still quite a long way to go :sweatdrop:
@sastio13: i suddenly remember a quote from the movie frozen... "only an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart."  XD maybe we'll get there

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 3

I arrived home. It felt like it's been a very long day today.

"Tadaima!" I said as I entered our humble home.

"Okaerinasai." My mother answered coming from the kitchen. She's preparing our dinner.

I put my things down and sat on the dining table. I was having second thoughts if I should tell her about Rena-chan.

"Okaasan... we have a new classmate who transferred in our school today." I told her.

"A third year transferee? Isn't that rare..." She answered as she puts the dishes on the table.

"Her name is Matsui Rena... the girl who went here last time." I said.

My mother paused, and then she went back to the kitchen sink.

"She said she's my sister." I continued.

"Your sister?" She sounded surprised. Does it mean, she doesn't know about it?

"Okaasan, those people who came here... are they my father's family?" I finally asked. I waited for her response.

"I know you told me that I should stay away from them... but may I know the reason why? So that I can understand..." I said.

"Jurina..." She answered and looked at me. "I know I don't have the right to stop you from learning things about your father... But please be careful... that's all I ask from you..."

I can see through my mother's eyes how she worries about me. I didn't speak anymore after hearing those words from her.

Dinner has finished, and then I went to my room right after. I laid on my bed, staring straight at the ceiling.

Be careful of Rena-chan? But she doesn't look like a dangerous person to me. I understand that Okaasan only wanted to protect me as her only daughter. But I also wanted to be closer with my own sister. What should I do now?

I pulled out my phone and started writing a message to someone.

Hey, how are you?
Lots of things happened to me today...
Hope to hear from you soon...

My heart felt empty as I stare at the message that I'm about to send.

Click. Sent.

If only you're still here... then maybe... I'd know what to do...


"What's this?" I asked as Airin puts a handmade designed leaflet on my desk. Our class for today hasn't started yet.

"The three of us will perform together on school stage." She answered. "School festival is coming and this will be our chance to attract new club members."

"A performance! Woah... it's been ages since the last time, ne!" Churi said excitedly.

"This means we should now start practicing every after classes." Airin said.

"Starting today?" I asked, I think I sound a bit disappointed.

"Is there a problem, Juritan?"

"Nothing..." I answered with low energy.

I was actually thinking of spending more time with Rena-chan. Club practice everyday means less chance to be with her. But I had no choice. How inconvenient.

"Thinking about your new sister?" Churi said it like she can read what's on my mind. Sometimes, I wonder if she has ESP.

"Your sister's amazing, isn't she? She's already this popular especially to underclassmen, even though she just started going to our school for less than a week." She added.

"Yeah, Rena-chan can easily excel in anything especially in class. Her body looks weak but surprisingly, she's good in sports as well." I said as I took a glimpse of her on her seat.

"Hmm... but I noticed that she hasn't made any friends yet." Churi said.

"I'm not surprised." Airin answered. "Her kind gives off an intimidating feeling to other people. She's like trying to prove herself even if she doesn't have to at all."

"Nah... Airin is just jealous because your sister is much cuter!"

"Who says I am?!" Airin defended.

"Ne~ Jurina-chan! Why don't we invite your sister to join our club?" Churi speaks to me again ignoring Airin.

"I don't think thats a good id-..."

"Matsui-san!" Churi cuts me off and called Rena-chan all of a sudden. "Do you plan to join a club?"

"A club?" Rena-chan answered. "I haven't thought of it yet."

"Join our club then! We only need one more member, and I'm sure Jurina-chan will be hap-.." I covered Churi's mouth.

"Gomen... don't mind her, Rena-chan..." I apologized.

When the classes ended, I immediately approached Rena-chan. I took the chance to spend a little time and walk with her outside before I proceed to our clubroom for practice.

"I already talked to Okaasan..." I told her. "I think I can't come with you yet."

"Don't worry, Matsui-san. I'll be patiently waiting until your mother allowed you to." She answered.

"Mou~ Didn't I tell you to call me Jurina..."

"Ah... Jurina-san..." She softly said my name.

"I preferred dropping the '-san' but... alright, calling me by my first name is more acceptable." I gave her a smile but she just faced away.

"I was thinking about what Takayanagi-san told me earlier..." She said.

"You mean, about our club?" I asked.

"Yes. And she said you only need one more member... why is that so?"

"Ah.. Because school clubs need at least four members to continue their activities. And since there's only three of us left in our club... they might forced close it soon if we can't recruit a new member." I explained.

"If I join your club then I can be able to solve your problem?"

"Sure, you will... but I just can't force anyone to join, so don't push yourself too hard on it." I assured her.

"By the way, what kind of club is it?" She asked again.

I paused with her question and gave her a laugh.

"Is there something wrong with I said?" She asked confused.

"Rena-chan kawaii~!!! You wanted to join our club eventhough you don't know what club it is! I think you're a little funny, too..." I giggled.

"Oh... I'm sorry... it's just that... I only wanted to help..." She said in a shy voice.

"Alright then. We will have a stage perfomance this coming school festival. Watch us perform first before you decide." I told her before we finally parted ways.

I arrived in our clubroom and Airin was already there doing some warm-ups.

"Airin, Rena-chan seems interested in joining our club." I told her.

"Does she have any idea what our club does?" She paused.

"Not yet, but I told her to watch us on our upcoming performance."

"Juritan..." Airin went closer to me. "I wanted to be honest with you..."


"About that girl... I don't know why but... it's hard for me to trust her... She claimed to be your sister, but you still barely know her... Aren't you wondering? You just woke up one day, then you have a sister."

When I come to think of it, Airin's actually right...

"Please don't get me wrong... I'm only concerned... And as your friend, I just want you to be careful." She said in a sincere voice and then she went back to her warm-ups.

Okaasan and Airin... why do they warn me about Rena-chan? But she seems to be a very nice person to me... And I do trust her even if I still don't know her... What should I really do?

I checked my phone. Still no message. I took a deep sigh.

"Jurina-chan!" Churi called. "I'm here now! Come on, let's start practice! The dance floor is waiting!"

"Coming!" I said.

Beep. Beep. New message received.

Sorry for the late response.
You know you can always tell me anything.
I'm just here to listen, Jurina.


yeah it was a short chapter hehe :nervous
will try to update soon!

thanks for reading! :)
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Do let us know who is the mysterious recipient of Jurina's message soon!

I hope Rena would not hurt Jurina too badly… whatever she is plotting...
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do you like frozen? wow yeah XD
Do let us know who is the mysterious recipient of Jurina's message soon!

I hope Rena would not hurt Jurina too badly… whatever she is plotting...
yes, which whom jurina text with? so mysterious...
and jurina's mom and airin, they can sense rena's motive...
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@DC2805: jurina already has a life even before rena came... so the recipient is most probably a part of her past :?
@sastio13: i love the elsanna sisters! hehe :deco: btw, i personally like how airin suspects rena :grin:

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 4

"Grandfather." I bowed after I entered the room.

I saw him sitting on his couch wearing a suit. His hair is all gray reflecting his old age. His words are important inside the mansion, that is why I immediately went to him when he called me this morning.

"Rena, I have heard from my secretary that you volunteered yourself to bring the girl here. Is that why you transferred to her school?" He spoke.

"Yes, Grandfather. I know you're having difficulties in getting her that's why I decided to help." I answered.

"So, how is she? When is she coming here?" He asked with excitement in his voice.

"I am still trying to convince her to come with me, but I believe we cannot just force people to do things against their will. Please give me more time."

"Well then. I'm entrusting this matter to you, Rena."

I was about to leave the room when I suddenly remember to ask him a more personal question.

"Grandfather, may I ask you about something?"

"Feel free to do so." He answered.

"With all due respect, I wanted to know why you should meet her. We cannot change the fact that she's still an illegitimate child. Won't that affect the image of our family?"

His facial expression has changed. He stood up and looked outside the window.

"That girl is also my grandchild. She is a Matsui. My blood runs into her veins. And I believe that the two of you, together, will continue the company I built for many years." He explained.

I clasped my fist. He's already thinking of letting a stranger handle his company! While he doesn't even care to give Oneesama a chance! He's so unfair!

"That is true." I answered calmly. "Jurina-san is my sister and I also wanted to be closer to her. I will teach her of how to be a proper Matsui, so that she'll be ready when the right time comes."

"Thank you, Rena." He faced my direction. "Please let her know that I'm longing to see her."

I left the room. I'm on my way back when I saw my mother waiting for me to pass by.

"Rena, I supposed you brought some good news." Okaasama greeted.

"Grandfather entrusted the girl to me." I said.

"Well done." She praised. "How about your progress with the girl?"

"She easily believed and trusted me. We're getting closer to each other now." I answered.

"Then why she isn't still here?" She asked.

"She's currently being occupied with school activities. Also, I still can't convince her to come with me because her mother doesn't allow her to."

"Then make her disobey her mother! We just can't wait for someone else's approval!" Her voice went high.

"I will try my best, Okaasama."

"Make that happen, Rena. Once the girl enters our territory, then that's the time we can able to control her and hold her on the neck." She ordered me.

"Wakarimashita... Okaasama."


I got off the car and entered the school gate. It's been weeks since I started going to this school. Today is the opening of the school festival. Since I never experienced this before, I'm somehow amazed of how the students made such preparations for this event.

"Rena-chan!" I'm surprised that it was Jurina-san who called me, I know she's been busy lately with their practices.

"Ohayou gozaimasu." I greeted her. "I didn't expect to still see you out here. Isn't today your club's performance?"

"Our number is scheduled in the afternoon, so I'm free for the whole morning today." She answered cheerfully. "I wanted to walk you around since I know this is your first time to experience school festival."

"You don't have to do that..." I said.

"Daijoubu! And besides, I needed to take a break first. Those practices didn't let me to see you lately, so I wanted to make it up to you for the lost time. Hehe~"

I don't know what I should feel towards this girl's sweetness. There's too much kindness in her eyes. She always gives me her genuine smile. If only we were born in a different situation, then maybe... just maybe... I can be allowed to be friends with her. But now, I can't. That is not possible to happen.

"Let's go!" She said excitedly.

She grabbed my hand and lead me the way. This time I let her hold mine. Her hand is so warm... and so is she.

We visited all the clubs' activities one by one. We checked the maid cafe, entered a horror room and tried those food stands outside. Everything is new to me. And what surprised me more is that... I'm beginning to enjoy every moment of it.

"You seem to have the knowledge of every club in here. I noticed that everyone we met knows you." I told her.

"Well, because... I was actually a part of the student council during my first and second year." She explained.

"Then why did you quit this year?" I asked.

She paused for a second. That was the first time I saw sadness in her eyes.

"There's no reason for me to stay there anymore." She simply answered.

"Jurina-chan! There you are!" Takayanagi-san suddenly appeared. "Airin and I were looking all over for you. Are you forgetting about our performance, huh?"

"Oh, shoot! I totally forgot the time!" She checked her watch.

"Rena-chan, I have to go. Be sure to watch me perform, okay?" I felt a little disappointed when she left me.

I walked alone and tried to find their stage venue by myself. Then I finally saw a flyer of their club posted on a bulletin board outside.

A dance club? I read.

I began to hear some music coming from inside. I wonder if their number has already started. I entered the venue and saw a large number of audience.

"Matsui-sama!" They're shouting Jurina-san's name.

She seems to be really popular here. If their group is this already famous, then why are they still having a hard time recruiting a new member to join them?

I tried to go further infront and saw the three of them already on stage. Jurina-san is on the center, Takayanagi-san and Furukawa-san were behind her. They are dancing. Their dance moves were synchronized with one another... Is this what they called street hiphop?

Jurina-san looks a bit different up there. Her sweet and cheerful image was nowhere. The kind of eyes she has now were... so fierce. Those were the ones I saw the first time I met her. It's like she has transformed into a different person when she's on the dance floor.

The way her body moves... both so intense and sensual. It gives me shivers. I cannot explain it into words. What is this unfamiliar feeling?

She finally saw me in the audience and locked her eyes on me. When she looks at me like that, everything else becomes invisible. She's all that I can see now. It feels like there is only the two of us here.

I cannot believe this... Everything about her suddenly became so tempting. Like there's a magnet with those movements of hers. It's dragging me.. pulling me into her... making me want to go up there and... share a dance rhythm with her alone.

The music stopped and the reality snapped back on me. Their dance number has finished and the audience gave them a loud cheer. I then realized, maybe I'm not the only one who felt that way while watching her. Maybe it was all the same feeling with everyone else here in the audience.

I went out the performance venue, trying to go back to myself. I have to focus on the mission I should accomplish. I'm not here to enjoy. I can't be distracted with other things. I need to compose myself.

"Rena-chan!" Jurina-san tapped me from behind.

Why did I suddenly feel excitement upon hearing her voice?

"What can you say about our performance?" She asked with that big smile on her face again.

"Your number was amazing." I complimented her.

"Really? So, have you made up your mind?"

"What do you mean?"

"Have you decided to join our club?" She looks at me waiting for an answer.

I remember I said I will help them. There are many things I still don't know about her. If I join her group then I can be able to get closer to her even more. This is my chance to completely enter her life. I will only do this because I have to, not because of my personal intentions.

But why do I feel like somehow I also wanted to?

"Rena-chan." She suddenly offered me her hand and said...

"Dance with me?"


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she changes her heart!
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Update soon author-san
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Slowly, and surely... :tama-laff:

Dance with her, Rena!!! :tama-apeshit:

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most of the times when i'm in the middle of my chapters, can't stop myself from thinking about my other drafts.. do you guys also experience that when writing? just like now, my mind is currently being entered by my 後篇 scenes haha :nervous

but still i was able to finish writing this chapter.. so please enjoy reading! :thumbsup

@RenshuChan: a bit change of the heart indeed... i just hope rena changes her mind too :P2
@blackcold: oh another writer! i appreciate it the most when a writer likes my story.. thanks! :bow:
@RukaKikuchi: ne... haven't you recognized jurina's character here yet? hehe :grin:

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 5

"Dance with me?"

Jurina-san's hand is still there waiting for me to take. What she asked was only a three-word question, but for me, I knew it is something much deeper. With those unfamiliar feelings I felt earlier by simply watching her, I don't know what's more to happen if I accept her invitation. Once I take her hand, everything might be over. I just can't let myself be distracted by these temptations. I won't lose myself to her.
"Do you want me to join?" I asked back instead of taking her hand.

"Ofcourse, I do!" She answered straight.

"Will that convince you to come with me?"

"Eh~ About that... uhm..." She puts down her hand and paused. "Maybe it will help a little..."

"Still considered a progress I suppose..." I smiled, I knew I'm almost getting there.

"How about you, Rena-chan? Do you really want me to come with you?" She asked me back.

"I do, since I promised Grandfather that I'll bring you to him. He's longing to meet you." I explained my answer.

"I wanted to meet him, too. It's just that... I'm worried about my mother. I don't want to hurt her feelings."

"I understand that. But what about Grandfather's feelings? How long will you let him wait for you?"

Jurina-san looked at me, seems like I successfully made her realize things.

"You're right, Rena-chan. I'm being unfair to him. I need to think about this..." She answered.

"Maybe if you give me your answer now, then I'll also give you mine." I showed her a smile.

"How pushy!" She gave me a cute pout in return.


"Alright! I'll meet him soon!" She finally agreed. "So will you join our club now?"

"I will." I answered. "But I have another condition..."


"A dummy member?!" Takayanagi-san and Furukawa-san both reacted.

It was right after class the following day when Jurina-san took me to their club room and told her co-members that I'm joining their club.

"Well, sort of like that." Jurina-san answered. "Rena-chan agreed to join because she only wanted to save our club from closing down."

"I'm sorry." I apologized to them. "I believe I can't dance the way everybody in your club does. But you can use my name to complete the required number of your members."

"Is that even allowed? A member that will not perform?" Takayanagi-san asked.

"I think that would be fine for the mean time." Furukawa-san answered.

"Airin, is that a yes?" We all saw a sudden spark in Jurina-san's eyes as she waits for confirmation.

"Well, we're about to conduct an audition anyway. With her as the fourth member, we can officially continue our activities without worrying anymore. When more members sign up, then she can help us backstage instead." She explained her idea.

"Cool! Thank you, Airin!" Jurina-san sounded so happy. "But wait... an audition you say?"

"Ah! Just right on time, Juritan. Please post these flyers on the bulletin boards outside. It's the club announcement of our dance audition for new members."

"Me again? Why not Churi instead?"

"Because students will get curious when they see you posting them, and I want you to start the campaign for it. You got a problem with that?" Furukawa-san raised an eyebrow.

"Boo... Fine..." She took the flyers and then turned to me. "Rena-chan, wait for me here, okay? I'll be right back."

Jurina-san went out the room and left me with her friends.

"Matsui-san." Furukawa-san called me. "Eventhough we're classmates, we haven't properly introduced ourselves yet. This girl beside me is Takayanagi Akane, but everyone calls her Churi. And I'm Furukawa Airi, the president of the dance club."

"Welcome to our club!" Takayanagi-san said warmly.

"Yoroshiku onegaishimasu." I bowed.

"Among the three of us, Juritan is obviously the most well-known. That is why we always make her the group's front to people. " Furukawa-san continue to speak.

"Jurina-chan's popular ever since she started. She's just a little in denial of that." Takayanagi-san added. "Look, she was even featured in our school newspaper when she was still a freshman because of her popularity."

Takayanagi-san showed me an old issue of their school newspaper. There is a photo and an article about Jurina-san. That girl doesn't fail to bring me more surprises. I knew there are still many things I need to know about her.

"I'm actually one of her fans back then." Takanayagi-san confessed. "I always see how she puts passion in everything she does. Especially, when she dances! It captures me everytime our innocent-looking Jurina-chan turns into a bad girl of the dance floor! Kyaaa~!"

"Churi, stop the squealing will ya?" Furukawa-san told her.

"Airin, admit it! I knew you we're also captivated!"

"Juritan's a very hardworking person. And that's what I admire about her. She always tries to balance everything." Furukawa-san said to me. "But last year, she hasn't performed with us much because she focused herself on helping the student council."

"About that, she did mention that she was a part of the student council before." I spoke.

"People find her a very honest and trustworthy person. She was supposed to be the next student council president but she declined the position."

"But why?" I curiously asked.

"Because Jurina-chan has her own priorities! She decided to quit since the former student council president already graduated." Takayanagi-san answered.

But I didn't understand what she said. She then noticed that I'm completely clueless.

"Oh! Hasn't she told you yet? That senpai was actually her....."

"Churi!" Airin interrupted her. "What did I say about big mouths?"

"Mou~ what's wrong with telling her? They're sisters anyway."

"Exactly the point. Let Juritan tell her own sister about those personal matters." She said in a lower voice.

"I'm back!" Jurina-chan arrived. "What did I miss?"

"Nah... we're just telling your sister about your school popularity history." Takayanagi-san smirked.

Jurina-san's eyes widened when she saw what my hands are currently holding.

"Rena-chan, please don't look at it! That's so embarassing!"

She then turned to Takayanagi-san and intentionally pinched her face both sides.

"Churi! How dare you show that super ancient newspaper to Rena-chan?!"

"O-Ouch... Airin, help! My soft cheeks are being harassed again..."

"By the way, Juritan. How did you get back so fast?" Furukawa-san asked ignoring Takayanagi-san's protest. "Did you finish all the postings?"

"The freshmen students helped me and took them all."

"Oh~ Used your deadly charm again huh, Jurina-chan?" Takayanagi-san teased.

"Are you saying something, Churi?" Jurina-san pulled Takayanagi-san's face more.

"O-Ow-Ouch! I-I'm just kidding! I beg you... my face badly hurts already..."

They look like they're really having fun. Jurina-san has friends, which is exactly my opposite. I can see how they admire and respect her. Sometimes, I wonder how it feels like to have friends, too. But I believe in what Okaasama always tells me, that I won't be needing one. I managed to grow up alone, that's why I learned how to not depend on anyone else.

"And since another popular student joined our club, this means higher chances of getting more new members." Furukawa-san said looking at me.

Another popular student? What does she mean by that?

"So, Matsui-san?" She called me again. "Will you help us then?"


I ended up helping Jurina-san's club and tried to invite students everyday to sign-up for the audition. I know that this thing is irrelevant to my mission here. But by doing this, I begin to gain their trust and get closer to them.

"Oh... What do we have here..."

Two young male students approached me. I cannot simply ignore them. I still handed them flyers and invited them to the audition.

"You're cute... will you go out with us?"

They didn't listen to me. They're so persistent. What should I do? I'm starting to feel discomfort around them.

"Hey, you two!" Then Jurina-san appeared behind me.

"M-Matsui-senpai??" They were both startled.

"Are you bugging my sister?" I was surprised when she puts her arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer to her.

"Y-Your sister?? S-Sumimasendeshita!!" And they immediately ran away.

"Rena-chan, are you alright?" She asked with a gentle voice.

I honestly don't know if I am, now that she's still touching me. Why does my chest feels weird whenever she touches me? But there's one thing that I'm sure of, she made me feel safe. I just nodded to answer her.

"The audition will start in less than an hour, so you can stop handing those already. Come on, let's go inside."

She took the flyers and held my empty hand, as she leads me the way to the audition venue.

Many students came and lined up for the audition. Most of them were freshmen. One by one, they performed their dance numbers. But Jurina-san and her friends seem unsatisfied as it went on. To be honest, the performers were not that good.

When the last one was done with her performance, she spoke to them before leaving the stage.

"Sorry, senpai! Honestly, I can't really dance well. I only went here because I really enjoyed watching you dance before." She then leaves with the others after she apologized.

The audition was finished and the four of us were the ones only left in the place.

"Still same old problem, some only wanted to watch us perform. Not to join us." Furukawa-san sounded disappointed.

"I knew that finding a real talent is not that easy. A person like Jurina-chan is one in a million." Takayanagi-san frowned.

"But they can still learn if we let them join, right?" Jurina-san tried to cheer up her friends.

They all looked exhausted and hopeless. It was written on Jurina-san's face that she was not so happy with the outcome. I'm used seeing her always smile. It bothers me to see her now like that. I can't take this anymore.

My feet walked on its own and brought me infront. Jurina-san and her friends looked surprised with my sudden action. I was surprised with myself, too. But there's no backing out now. I cleared my throat.

I closed my eyes and started to move. And even without music, I began to dance.

I did a ballet dance which I learned when I was a child. How nostalgic. I suddenly remember how I wanted my mother to watch me before. I was always excited to show her my dance, but she was never there. Despite that, I still practiced hard. Because I never lose hope that one day, she will see it and be proud of me.

When I finished my dance, I finally opened my eyes. Jurina-san and her friends have no reaction. I'm usually confident with myself, but this time I'm so nervous. What if they didn't like it? I knew they're really good dancers and I'm only a novice compared to them.

Jurina-san stood up from her seat and ran straight to me. She hugged me completely and I froze like a statue. We stayed like that for I don't know how long.

Then I heard clapping of hands from Takayanagi-san and Furukawa-san in the audience. They gave me a standing ovation.

"You were amazing!" Jurina-san said against my ear.

That was the very first time I felt I was truly appreciated. I know I always do my best, but it was never enough for my mother. But hearing those positive words from Jurina-san... makes my heart rejoice. To be appreciated by someone is indeed a very wonderful feeling.

"You said you can't dance! You liar!" She broke the hug.

"I said I can't dance the way you and your friends do. I only took a little ballet lessons during my home school." I explained.

"You dance so gracefully!" Takayanagi-san complimented me.

"Matsui-san, how about to become an official dance member of our group?" Furukawa-san suggested.

"But I don't really think I can dance like..."

"Then I will teach you!" Jurina-san offered. "I'll be your personal dance instructor and your dance partner as well!"

To dance with her? This is not good. How did I end up in this situation? I already ran out of excuses. And why is my heart beating so fast? Am I sick? That's right. Maybe, I'm just sick today. Everything will get back to normal once I cleared my mind.

"Don't you want to dance with me?" Jurina-san asked me in a sad tone.

"N-No... I-It's not like that..." I answered with a little hesitation.

"Everyone heard! Then, it's decided!" She gave me a wide smile.

What? I didn't say yes yet! She caught me off-guard. How can this girl easily win over me?

I'm not sure if this is still a part of my plans with her. But this shouldn't be a problem, right? I can just quit anytime since I won't be staying here for long.

I know I can get through this so I will just let myself go with the flow. And that's how I started out to be a part of their group.


i know the story is a bit slow haha :banghead:
hope i can do something to make it faster

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It's short it very nice story I want more wmatsui moment.

Ganbatte  love your writing
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@wmatsui fanfic.: sure there would be more wmatsui moments.. i wanted to develop their relationship first :D
@blackcold: gomen for the late update.. been busy for weeks.. the story is getting old already :sweatdrop:
@Haruko: putting aside drama for the mean time.. i always find wmatsui so cute together :deco:

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 6

I once had an ordinary life. But then I reached the point where things started to change.

I am standing infront of the nearest bus station from our house, waiting for Rena-chan to pick me up. We have a one-on-one dance practice today and she insisted that we do it at her place. I was also invited by her family over lunch today before we do our dance lessons. And since I had a deal with her to meet my grandfather, I took this opportunity to finally see him. Rena-chan hasn't arrived yet. Maybe, I went out too early.

I pulled out my phone and started to compose a message.

Today, I will meet my father's family...

I kept staring at the message I wrote, thinking if this is the only thing I should send for now. Because I know there are lot of things I wanted to say.

I took a deep sigh. Click. Sent.

"You look busy." It was Rena-chan's voice.

"R-Rena-chan!" I was startled. "H-How long have you been here?"

"A minute or less I think. I actually thought you'll immediately notice that I'm already here." She said looking suspiciously at my phone.

"I-I'm sorry." I slid my phone back into my pocket. "I'm ready now. Let's go?"

She led me inside the car waiting for us and we started to leave the town. The only thing I know about her house is that it's located somewhere in Tokyo. I had no idea how far Rena-chan travels everyday to our school. The car then later stopped infront of a large front gate. Just a few seconds after, it opened automatically for us. Behind that gate is a long and wide road entrance heading probably to the main house.

SUGOI~ Does she actually lives here? What I'm seeing right now isn't a house. It's a mansion! The place is even bigger than our school.

We get off the car and entered the huge structure infront of us. A long line of housemaids bowed and greeted us as we walked in. There's a red carpeted aisle inside and upon reaching the end of it awaits a beautiful woman standing before another door. By looking at her, I'm guessing that she's in her 40's, or maybe closer to my mother's age.

"Jurina-san, I'd like you to meet my mother, Matsui Naoko." Rena-chan spoke to me.

Her mother? No wonder why she's such a beauty despite her age.

"Matsui Jurina, isn't it?" The woman said smiling at me. "We meet at last. You see... my daughter, Rena, always talks about you."

"O-Okaasama!" Rena-chan blushed.

Rena-chan talks about me? I didn't expect that. I wonder what's that about.

"I am glad you finally accept our invitation. The chairman will shortly follow us at the dining table."

She opened the door behind her and guided us to the dining room. Woah.. their dining area is even larger than our whole house! The dining table is long, twelve or more persons can eat here together. But I can only see four plates placed on it.

Rena-chan's mother took the seat on one end of the table, Rena-chan sitting next to her. And then I just chose to sit right beside Rena-chan. We patiently wait for another person to arrive.

A few minutes later, a man in a black suit entered the dining room. He looks old and his hair is all white. Everyone stood up and bowed before him. He went to the seat on the other end of the table. Before he sat down, he looked at me first.

My grandfather in flesh.

"H-Hajimemashite! Matsui Jurina desu!" I nervously introduced myself.

"Please take your seat." He answered.

The servants then arrived putting the dishes one by one on the table. The food looks delicious but they're all unfamiliar to me. I stared at my table. I had no idea how to use these foreign utensils. We're still in Japan, aren't we? They should have chopsticks here...

"Start with the outer." Rena-chan whisphered, noticing that I'm totally clueless. "Watch me."

She used the most outer spoon and began to taste her soup without a sound. Even in eating, she moves with elegance. I can't move. I end up only watching her.

"Matsui Jurina." The chairman called me.

"H-Hai." I answered.

"Don't you like the food?" He asked.

"T-That's not it, Sir... I-It's just that... I'm used to chopsticks when eating." I answered him honestly.

"Hahaha!" He gave out a loud laugh.

CRAP. Now I look like an idiot infront of my own grandfather.

"You should have told us that earlier." He said and then he ordered one of the servants to give me a pair of chopsticks.

I started to eat, but still feeling uncomfortable. The atmosphere is too quiet and no one is talking. They always eat together like this?

"I heard that Rena and you are classmates." The chairman broke the silence. "How's Rena doing in your school?"

I took a glimpse of Rena-chan before I answered. "Rena-chan is doing very well, Sir. She excels in everything and gets along with everyone as well."

"That's good to hear. I assume your sister helped you to easily adapt the environment, Rena?" He asked her.

"Yes, Grandfather. She did." Rena-chan answered politely.

"Perfect. Since both of you seems to get along with each other very well, how about we discuss your future now?"

Our future? What does he meant by that?

"I wanted the two of you to work together at Matsui Corporation as soon as you both graduate highschool."

Matsui Corporation? Wait... I didn't expect this to happen...

"Rena is already aware of my decision. How about you, Matsui Jurina? What's your answer?" He asked me.

I can't...

"Thank you for the offer, Sir. But I already have plans for my future." I politely declined.

Silence covered the whole dining room again. Everyone inside looked surprised to hear my answer, especially Rena-chan. It's over. This is my first meeting with my father's family and I only messed up everything.

"Hahaha!" He only laughed at my answer.

Why is he laughing again? I disappointed him, he should be mad at me...

"You remind me of Hideki. Your father exactly answered those words to me before." He wiped his mouth and stood up from the table. "I can't stay long for today. I still have a business meeting to attend to."

Before he exited the door he speaks to me once more.

"That brat later on changed his mind. That's why I know, you will too, someday. Please remember that you're always welcome here, Matsui Jurina."

With those words, he left the dining room.

After we finished lunch, Rena-chan walked me around the mansion. Their place is really huge, a person can easily get lost in here. We paused infront of a door and then she opened it.

"I practice ballet here when I was a child." She said showing me what's inside.

I can see wall mirrors... You've got to be kidding me... It's a...

"Dance studio?! You have your own dance studio at home!? How cool is that!!!" I ran inside.

"Please wait for me here. I'll just change my clothes." She said before leaving.

So spacious... I looked around. I never imagined that my father's family is this wealthy... But why do I sense that empty kind of feeling from the people living here...

Rena-chan came back, her hair is all tied up, and she's wearing... ballet clothes?! So pretty... She looks like a doll in a music box. But I'm not sure if her clothes suit the kind of dance were going to practice today.

"W-Well uhm... Let's start?" I cleared my throat.

We begin the dance lesson and I teach her the moves that we usually do. She's seems a fast-learner as expected.

"Rena-chan, bend your body a little like this." I went closer and helped her on how to place her movements.

She has a perfect slim body. Again, I was captivated by her princess like beauty. But  this time, she's so much closer to me, I can feel the softness of her body against mine.

Red face? Why is Rena-chan blushing?

Her clothes are so fit and thin, it feels like I'm almost touching her bare naked. It's becoming a bit uncomfortable holding her like this. I find it a little awkward so I decided to move one step away from her.

"Rena-chan, do you have other clothes besides your ballet uniform?" I asked.

"I don't think I have anything else." She answered.

"A loose T-shirt is fine... and jogging pants, too..." I suggested.

"I will try to find one." She said and then she left the dance studio again.

Too bad... she's really pretty wearing that ballet uniform... Wait a second... Am I actually fantasizing my own sister? No... no... It can't be... Jurina you idiot! I faced palm.

"This is the closest one to what you described." She went back and startled me.

"R-Rena-chan... Y-You're back so fast..." I looked at her.

She changed her clothes into her PE uniform. Thinking of it, that's way more comfortable but...

"Well, yeah.. that can do..." I paused. "But will you going to wear PE uniform everytime we practice dance?"

Rena-chan just stood still there, staring back at me.

"I have an idea! How about we go out for shopping? That's right! There's a shopping district near your place."

"Shopping? But I never went shopping before." She answered. "We have our own family tailor and dressmaker."

This rich girl doesn't know what she's missing. I suddenly wanted her to experience the life outside this mansion.

"Come with me! I will choose clothes for you!" I held her hand and we ran heading out.

"Rena, where are you going?" But her mother caught us.

"O-Okaasama.. We'll uhm.."

"We'll go shopping!" I continue what she can't say. "Can I borrow Rena-chan?"

"Shopping? Is that so..." She paused. "Rena, come here."

Oh, no... Did I make Rena-chan's mother mad at her? This is my fault again.

"You can't go shopping without this. I'll tell the driver to drive you there." Her mother handed something on her and then she just left us.

Rena-chan went back to me and showed me what she's holding.

"That's a platinum credit card! Your mother is so sweet." I said in surprised.

"Sweet?" She repeated.

"I thought she won't allow you to come with me. But then, she gave you money to spend. I think I'm starting to like your mother now."

Rena-chan didn't respond. She remained quiet as we continue to walk to the car.

"My mother is strict." I spoke again. "She so much over-protective of me which sometimes I can't understand."

"Jurina-san, does you mother know that you're here?" She asked.

"She doesn't." I answered the truth. "Okaasan only knows that I'd be practicing dance at my friend's house today. I just don't want her to worry about me."

"I see." She only said, and then we get inside the car.


"Come out now, Rena-chan. Let me

We went at one of the many clothing shops in Tokyo. The clothes in this store are those of sporty type exactly suited for dancing, that's why we chose to look in here.

Rena-chan is still in the dressing room, trying out the clothes I chose for her.

"I'm not used to wear this kind of clothes. That's why I don't know if this suits me..." She said as she went out the dressing room.

"KAWAII!!!" I complimented.

My goodness, it's only a plain loose shirt but it went out to be super cute on her. With her white, pale skin and slim body, anything can definitely look good on her.

"How is it?" She asked shyly.

"Looks so good on you! Trust me." I told her. "Come on try these ones, too."

"O-Okay..." She took the next set of clothes with her inside the dressing room.

She tried out everything I chose for her. And I'm squealing inside of me everytime she comes out of the dressing room. She's really like a doll. My sister is incredibly so cute! I enjoy choosing clothes for her.

"So which ones should I pick now?" She asked me.

"Hmm.. It's hard to decide.. All looks so good on you!"

"Then... I'll buy all of these." She said to the sales lady.

"E-Eh?" I forgot, she's a rich girl. Choosing is not a problem since she can afford everything here.

As we leave the store, I noticed Rena-chan looking at another shop just across the street. But it wasn't a store for clothes,  it actually sells mobile phones instead.

"Come on! Let's look inside." I led her and we entered the shop.

"Irrashaimase!" The salesman welcomed us.

Rena-chan started to look at the phone models displayed.

"Are you looking for a new phone, Miss?" The salesman asked Rena-chan. "May I know what model you own before?"

"I never had one." She answered him.

I realized I never saw her holding a mobile phone. She's from homeschool before and never had friends to contact with. That clearly explains why.

"Oh, it's your first time to own one! Perfect, we have smartphone model new arrivals today." He recommended.

"Jurina-san, what's your phone model called?" She turned to me.

"Eh?" I pulled out my phone and showed her. "But mine is already an old model."

"Your friend is right, Miss. Flip phones are already faced-out nowadays." The salesman added.

"Rena-chan, I suggest you choose a smartphone. They're just pretty expensive, that's why I can't afford to buy even I wanted to." I told her.

"Then, why do you want one?" She asked.

"Hmm... because smartphones has a good camera quality."

"I see." She turned back to the salesman. "I want to buy the smartphone with the highest camera quality."

"Hai!" The salesman immediately answered.

Why does Rena-chan always depend her decisions in buying stuff on me? Alright I get it... it's her first shopping experience. Her innocence is just soo cute. Teehee~

We left the mobile phone shop and head back to the car.

"Let's try out your new phone! Let's take a picture together!" I borrowed Rena-chan's phone.

I hold it infront and focus it on us. "Hai... Chi~zu~!"

Click. Snap.

"Kawaii~! And then let's make it your wallpaper..." I gave her phone back and showed her the screen. "TADA~!!!"

"The photo came out nice." She smiled.

Wow, that smile. There was something different with it from her other smiles before. I saw how her eyes curved into a smile, too. Her expression felt so genuine and warm. I hope she's always truly happy like this.

"Here, let me save my number and my email." I stored my contact details in her phone. "You can reach me here whenever you feel like you need someone to talk to."

"Jurina-san..." She paused. "Would you mind if I ask you something personal?"

"Hmm? What is it?" I asked back.

"You mentioned to Grandfather earlier that you already have your future plans. Is that true?"

"That's true." I answered. "My future... it already belongs to someone who's waiting for me out there. Long time ago, I had a promise with a childhood friend that after I graduate highschool, we'll go to college together."

I cannot read the look Rena-chan is giving me after I said those. Before she says anything else, I continue to speak.

"Your grandfather has good intentions, but I don't think I belong there. I only wanted to know things about my father. I never expect myself to be a part of his world. I'm already happy and contented to meet his family... especially you, Rena-chan."

The car finally arrived back at the bus station where I waited this morning. After I get off, I turn around to face Rena-chan once more.

"See you at school, Rena-chan!" I waved her goodbye.


I was already preparing to sleep when I suddenly heard my phone beeping. I opened it and read the new message received.

Jurina-san. Thank you for today.

It's Rena-chan! I felt excited to respond on her message.

You're welcome. :3
I really had fun today.
Oyasumi. ^_^

Beep. Beep.


She replied. Ah, I feel so happy. We're now exchanging messages. It feels great to know that I'm getting closer and closer to my sister each day.

Beep. Beep.

Huh? My phone is beeping again. Did Rena-chan forget to say something? I checked it and opened the new message.

Just got home from my part time job.
Can I call you now?

I suddenly froze. It was.....

My phone started ringing.

"H-Hello?" I nervously picked up.

"We're you already asleep?" I thought I melted away upon hearing a familiar gentle voice.

That voice... God, I missed that voice...

"I-Im still wide awake..." My own voice went shaky as I answered.

"Why do you sound like crying?"

"N-No, I'm not!"

"Still same childish Jurina." She giggled.

"Baka." I said.

She always see me as a kid, eventhough she's only a year ahead of me.

"Sorry to disturb you this late at night. I'm really curious on what happened to your first meeting with your father's family."

She called because she wanted to know what happened to me today? I secretly smiled. She's the type of person who doesn't speak of her own feelings, but I know she cares.

"Maybe if you'll stay awake the whole night over the phone, then I'll tell you everything." I responded.

"Are you daring me? It's actually my day off tomorrow. I bet it's you who can't keep up tonight."

"I doubt that, it's only sunday tomorrow. There's still no classes."

"So, how about we talk until morning then?" She suggested.

"Hmm.. Is that your way of saying you missed me? You can just simply say it out, y'know.." I teased a little.

"What if I really do?"

She does? My chest suddenly felt so painful inside.

"Then that would be enough for me to hear. Because I do missed you, too... Mayu-chan."


i find the jurimayu past story a cute one, simple but also a real thing :love:
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Jurina , rena mother is not sweet she is DEVIL

Don't fall in their trap. Lol

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The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 7

I arrived back home and took a step inside. Something has changed. I've been living in this house for so long, but now I come home and it's not the same. No matter how big the mansion is, I never felt it empty and alone before. Suddenly my own home feels dark and hollow inside. It seems brighter when she's here. Her smile and laughter fills every empty space. I reached for the stairs and my footsteps get heavier as I climb up.

"You and that girl seems closer than I expected." I was surprised to hear Okaasama's voice from my behind.

I paused and looked back. She stood up from the sofa on our living area and went closer to where I am. She seems waiting for me to arrive. The lights are dim, I didn't notice that she was there.

"Okaasama.." I only said and bowed.

"I hope that kind of closeness is still a part of your plan on her." She said taking a glance on the shopping bags I'm carrying. "You seem distracted with other things."

"Does it still matter?" I bluntly answered her. "You already heard her answer. She's not even interested to become part of our family."

"Well, well. I'm surprised." She examined me closely and gave a cold smile. "My daughter sounds disappointed."

Eh? Did I?

"Don't take this lightly, Rena." Her voice went back to a serious tone. "I know the chairman very well and he will never accept that kind of answer from her. He always makes sure everything will act according to his plan."

She went upstairs passing me by without looking back. And then she spoke again.

"No matter how naive that girl is, in just a blink of an eye, she can take everything that you have. Put that in your mind, Rena."

Then my mother was gone.

What am I doing? Maybe she's right that I'm starting to lose focus. I don't know what I should feel anymore.

I continue to climb up carrying these shopping bags. I was about to go straight to my room when I saw our family butler on my way.

"Endou-san, do you have a moment?" I went to him.

Our family butler has been loyal to Grandfather for many years. He's very intelligent and has the knowledge of everything. And he seems to know Jurina-san's mother as well. I noticed it the first time we went together to their house.

"Good evening, Ojousama. Is there something I can help you?" He politely answered me.

"Yes, can you please teach me how to use this?" I showed him my new mobile phone.

He took the phone and opened it. I noticed him smiled as he saw my wallpaper, which is a photo of Jurina-san and me. I suddenly became embarassed.

"Uhm.. I-I bought it earlier.. and I just wanted to know how to use it.." I asked him shyly.

"You can create your email address right here." He instructed. "For the mean time you can send messages through our internet connection. Tomorrow, I will register your own mobile number so that you can do phone calls."

"Ah, thank you, Endou-san." I said as he returned the phone.

"The pleasure is mine, Ojousama." He bowed then left.

I finally entered my room. I put aside my things and laid down my bed. I pulled out my new phone and looked at my wallpaper. I touched her face on the screen for a moment.

"Jurina-san..." I whispered to myself while staring at her photo.

Then I browsed the phonebook and saw her email address and contact number.

You can reach me here whenever you feel like you need someone to talk to.

I smiled when I remembered those words she said earlier. I wanted to send her a message to thank her and say good night. I have to admit to myself... that I did enjoy today.

What is this strange feeling? I'm not familiar with these kind of feelings. The only thing I know is that... I feel happy whenever she's around... and now I feel lonely without her.


"Guys, I have news!" Jurina-san entered the club room with very high energy.

"Woah.. Genki ne, Jurina-chan.." Takayanagi-san greeted her.

"Look at this!" She showed us a printed announcement. "There's an upcoming national school dance competition! If we join this, we can able to meet the best dance groups from different schools around Japan."

"That looks interesting, Juritan. But do you think our group is already qualified to join such huge competition?" Furukawa-san said.

"Why not? It will be a great experience for the four of us before we graduate highschool." She then looked at me and gave a wide smile.

Four of us? Does she mean I'm also...

She went closer to me and put her arms around my shoulder.

"Rena-chan here is a fast-learner. In just a short period of time, she already improved her dancing skills. And ofcourse, she learned from the best!" She proudly said. "Together, the four of us will surely get in!"

"I think your idea is not bad at all." I saw Furukawa-san glance at me. "So, what's the catch again?"

"Besides the prize money involved, we can also get a chance to travel around Japan." Jurina-san explained.

"Hmm.. Why do you want to travel all of a sudden?" Takayanagi-san asked her.

"W-Well... what I mean is we can able to compete with other schools."

"But you were never interested in joining competitions before. Are you sure that's your only reason?" She asked her in a more suspicious tone. "Jurina-chan, there's something different with you today... Don't you agree, Airin?"

Furukawa-san only responded with a smile.

"That sudden spark in your eyes looks familiar..." Takayanagi-san look at her more closely. "Ooooh~! Don't tell me..."

"I don't have anything to tell you, Churi..." Jurina-san turned her back interrupting what she's about to say.

"Come on.. Spill it out already! It's obviously written all over your face!" Takayanagi-san teased her more.

I have no idea what they're talking about but I can see how it affects Jurina-san. Her face became so bright red as her friends cornered her.

"A-Ah! I-I'm thirsty... I'll just go outside and buy a drink from the vendo... I'll be right back for today's practice." Jurina-san excused herself and went out the club room.

"Eh~ Matte yo! I'm coming with you! Do you think you can escape from me..." Takayanagi-san followed her and then they're both gone.

I wonder what happened to her...

"Juritan looks happy today." Furukawa-san said as the two of us were left alone in the club room. "Maybe something good happened to her."

"She's always been a cheerful person. How can you tell?" I asked.

"We've been friends for three years, I just know the difference. Even Churi noticed it. There's only one person who can make her smile like that."

There's someone making her happy? Could it be...

"Uhm, ano... Furukawa-san..."

"I don't mind calling me by my first name." She said.

"Then... Airi-san." I continued. "Jurina-san mentioned me something about her childhood friend. So, I'm just wondering... Is it possible that it's the same person who's making her happy now?"

Airi-san looked back at me.

"If you're talking about Watanabe-san, then they're probably the same person." She answered.

"Jurina-san didn't mention any name. She only told me that she had this promise with her childhood friend."

"I'm not sure if I'm the right person to tell you things about her. Why don't you ask Juritan yourself?"

"I don't think I can ask her about that directly." I answered in a low voice.

"I see. Maybe it's okay to tell you what I only know then." She paused. "Those two came from the same middleschool, but Watanabe-san is one year ahead. Juritan entered highschool here only because she wanted to follow her."


"You seem surprised?"

So her childhood friend was a girl...

"The way how things sounded between them... I thought it was a boy." I said.

"Like a puppy love, ne?" She softly laughed. "Her name is Watanabe Mayu, the former student council president. Same reason why Juritan also joined the student council the last two years."

"That means... Jurina-san always follows her? The two of them... Is it possible that they were..."

"Lovers?" She continued. "They've been silent about it. But even if they really were, they knew they can't possibly go public. They're both role models of this school."

"About Watanabe-san, what does she feel for Jurina-san?"

"At first, I thought Watanabe-san doesn't care for her at all. But there are plenty of times that I caught her watching Juritan secretly. There's something with the way she watches her. She was always looking at her from a distance, with those eyes saying like she only wanted to protect her. I'm still not sure of what Watanabe-san really feels, but Juritan... she's obviously head over heels in love with her. Maybe even until now."

"Did Jurina-san say her own feelings?"

"She doesn't have to say anything for us to know. Her eyes clearly shows, especially whenever she talks about Watanabe-san."

"Her eyes?"

"Yes, those kind of eyes never lie. They reflect Juritan's true feelings. And I'm sure even you already saw them. Because if not, you wouldn't be asking me these things now. Right?"

"What do you mean?"

"The way you ask about her... If I didn't know that you're her sister, I might think that you feel something for Juritan..."

"E-Eh? What are you talking about?"

"That's only my opinion though. But since you're sisters... then there might be something else." She paused and faced me. "Since I answered your questions earlier, how about an exchange of a little information?"

"What is it that you want to know?" I asked her.

"About you, Matsui Rena, the sole heiress of Matsui Corporation." She grinned.

"H-How did you..."

"Royalties, politicians, celebrities and all other famous people... their information can be easily searched on the internet. You're now a part of our club and as the president, ofcourse I wanted to know the things about my members." She explained.

This girl... I knew she's clever but I didn't expect that she investigated my background.

"I admit, I got a little curious about you since your first day here. A rich kid who transferred during the third year, and then claimed to be Juritan's sister. Thinking about it... if Juritan is your sister then it makes you not the sole heiress anymore."

"What are you trying to point out?"

"Nothing. Your presence here is still a mystery to me. Sometimes I wonder what your real intentions are. Is there something you want from Juritan?"

"It's a family matter and I believe it's none of your business." I told her directly.

"You're right. I may not be her family, but I'm her friend."

Do all friends act that way? Or maybe this girl also likes Jurina-san...

"Stop that. I know what you're thinking. I do admire Juritan, but not in that kind of way. I never liked anyone." She answered.

Eh? Can she read my mind? She is really something...

"To tell you frankly, since you're her sister and now a part of our group... I had no choice but to accept you regardless of whatever it is that you're hiding from us." She's about to face away from me.

"Hiding?" I tried to reach her. "Don't talk like you know everything about me! I'm not hid-..."

"Rena-san! Look out!"

I think I stepped on something slippery and I started to lose my balance.


I fell down on something. I opened my eyes and noticed that I'm on top of Airi-san. She tried to catch and save me?

"I-Itai..." She cried out.

"Airi-san, are you okay?" I worriedly asked.

Her eyes were still closed, she's obviously in pain. When she opened them, she looked up on me. Looking at her this upclose... I notice that she's actually... a beauty. Her face is white and smooth. And she has lovely eyes, too. But the way she looks at mine, she was like looking through my soul.

This girl... Furukawa Airi. Why do I have a feeling that she's seeing the real me? With those eyes telling me like I can't hide myself from her. That she can see right through me...

"Is that a new dance step?" I heard a sharp tone from Takayanagi-san. "Are you practicing without us?"

I immediately stood up and saw Jurina-san and Takayanagi-san near the door.

"I slipped and Airi-san caught me from falling down." I explained what happened.

"Acting like her hero now huh, Airin?" Takayanagi-san said still in a sharp tone.

"You heard her, Churi. She slipped and I only helped her." Airi-san tried to stand up.

"Are you okay, Airin?" Jurina-san asked her with concern.

"I'm fine." She answered as she fixed her crumpled uniform.

"Are you sure? I can take you to the infirmary..." I offered her my help but...

"I said I'm fine!" She shouted out looking at me. And then she faced away. "I'm sorry. I'm just tired, let's just cancel today's practice."

"Tired? But we haven't started at all? You sure you didn't your head?" Takayanagi-san said.

Airi-san ignored her. She took her things with her and went out the club room.

"Why is everybody acting strange today!!!" Takayanagi-san yelled. Then she followed Airi-san and left.

What was that? Was Airi-san mad at me?

"Rena-chan... don't worry about Airin. She's a strong person, you know?" Jurina-san said trying to comfort me. "But her actions were a bit weird today. It's the first time she canceled a practice. Too bad, I actually thought we can already start our dance practice for the competition."

She's still thinking about the competition.



"Is there some other reason why you wanted to join the competition?" I asked.

"I can't believe this.. even you, Rena-chan?" She was surprised. "I guess, I've been found out."

She pulled out a chair and sat on it. Then I took the opposite side of the table facing her.

"Remember about the childhood friend I told you last time? She called that night after you sent me a message."

They talked that night? Wait...

"Things between us suddenly flash back on me and I can't wait to see her again."

There is something building up inside my chest...

"I tried to find a way of how I can visit her until I saw a competition ad posted on the internet. And I put my hopes high when I read that the final event will be held near her place."

My chest is starting to tighten up... Please stop...

"I'm sorry. Maybe, my reasons are selfish. I can't even tell this to Churi and Airin directly."

"But your friends seem to know already even without you telling them." I said in a weak voice.

"Yeah, they know me very well. I can't really hide anything from them." She admits.

"But somehow, I don't get it." I speak out.

"Get what?"

"Why is that person so important to you? That you even chose that person over our family..." I blurted.

"Rena-chan... have you ever fall in love?"

With her question, I accidentally look into her eyes.

Her eyes clearly shows, especially whenever she talks about Watanabe-san.

Airi-san was clearly right. I faced away and tried to avoid those eyes again.

"When you experience how to... then that's the time you'll understand..." She continues to speak.

Stop! I don't want to hear anymore!
"I have to go." I stood up. "The practice was canceled so there's nothing to do here anymore."

"Rena-chan? Wait!"

Before she says anything else, I immediately walked out fast. I wanted to escape from there. From her.

I couldn't stand it. WHY?

Why is it so painful to look at her eyes now? Why does it hurt when she speaks of that person?

Yes, I do wanted to know all the things about Jurina-san even upto her smallest details but... I never knew that there are also things... that I wished I didn't know.


i wonder when i can able to update again :cry:
still on ch 7!!! so far... so slow... :banghead:

thanks for reading! :)
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Yeah I love the drama, hehehe.

If there is jurimayu why didn't you make yukirena also. Xd

It will be fun.

Please update soon you are slow writer.

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Rena-chan, seriously? It's LUV, you LUV Jurina, duh! (¬˛  ¬ ”)
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I'm really waiting for your update author-san, Its been so long  :cry:
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What happen with Airin.. is she  in love with churi?
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@wmatsu fanfic: i love yukirena! it's one cute pairing! however i'm afraid yuki's character will not be mentioned on this arc, though there's a link connecting her and jurina. yuki has a major part on the whole story, it just happen that she's not the main character on this one :sweatdrop:
@RenshuChan: lots of drama to come! and yes jurina loves mayu and they're each other's first love :deco:
@Weird Panda: don't worry.. i promise to finish this story so i'll keep coming back no matter how long it takes :thumbsup
@Raizel: yuki is there ofcourse! actually her character is already existing somewhere and in the same timeline.. she has her own arc together with... uhm... well it will be revealed soon right after wmatsui story :grin:
@Haruko: airin has never been fallen in love yet.. she's clever but lacks personal experience hehe :lol:
@blackcold: oh hisashiburi! believe me i don't want to torture rena.. but it's still her decision if she wants to get hurt or get real with her feelings :cry:

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 8

"Osoi yo!"

Churi shouted as I hurriedly run towards them at the train station.

"This whole thing is your idea and yet you're the one who came late..." Airin complained as I finally arrived at the waiting area.

"Gomen.. gomen!" I gasped out. "I still had to fix things back home. You know this is the first time I'm leaving Okaasan alone."

It looks like everyone is on time. Even Rena-chan is already here. And wow.. she's wearing the clothes I chose for her the last time we went out shopping together. It really looks cute on her.

"Ah! Rena-chan, you're early!" I greeted her. But she only gave me a quick smile in return.

Tomorrow will start the dance preliminary competition and now we're off to go to the place where it will be held. The school principal approved our participation on the dance contest. She only has one condition, that we should have a club adviser to accompany us. Good thing there's a new teacher who accepted it. We still haven't met yet but I heard she's a music teacher.

"Is it only the four of us who will go? I thought a club adviser will be joining us." I asked.

"She already went ahead to early register our school participation and also to make hotel reservation." Airin answered.

"Too bad, I'm already excited to meet her."

We're about to ride the bullet train. Rena-chan chose the seat next to the window and then I sit beside her. Opposite facing me is Churi then Airin is next to her. The train started to move. This is the first time the four of us will go out together for a trip.

"So~ did you tell Watanabe-senpai that you're coming to see her soon?" Churi asked curiously.

Churi and Airin later found out the real reason why I wanted to join the competition. And they gave me their full support without having any second thought.

"Mayu-chan has still no idea about it. I actually wanted to give her a surprise visit." I answered. "And besides, we have to reach the finals first before that happens."

"And if we win, what do you plan next?"

"I'll give her my share on the prize money. It will somehow add to our college savings. I wanted to help her even in my own little way." I explained.

"That one lucky girl... to think that there's someone who's willing to follow her anywhere... maybe even upto the end of the world." Churi kept on babbling.

While we're having that conversation, I saw Rena-chan glanced at us. Airin looked at her and then Rena-chan faced the window again.

"Ne.. Jurina-chan.." Churi bent closer and whispered. "Is it only me or there's really something off between those two?"

Churi points out to Airin and Rena-chan. I only observed that they never talked to each other during practices, but I think it's just a normal thing since they're not really close.

"They seem fine to me. Haven't you gotten used to their deafening silence?" I whispered back.

"I can hear you both." Airin glared at us for a second and then she relaxed herself back on her seat. "After those tedious practices we've gone through, it's a wonder how the two of you still have energy."

"It's because I'm excited to meet new people and show them my dance moves!" Churi confidently said. "But Jurina-chan's case is different. Uh, what's  that term again? Yeah, the power of love!"

"Getting cheesy, Churi..." I playfully reached for her face.

"Yada yo! Not my cheeks again..." She protested and we all laughed.

Except for Rena-chan. She's still quietly looking outside the window. I wonder what she's thinking.


"Sugoi~ this is where we will stay?" I said out of surprise as I saw the huge hotel infront of us.

"I didn't expect our school can afford us to stay in such hotel.. It looks like five star!" Churi was also surprised.

"Come on. Let's go inside." Airin went ahead.

We checked for our reservation on the reception area. The receptionist looked for our names and confirmed that there are two separate rooms reserved for us. Rena-chan and I both looked at each other when we saw the room assignments.

I'll be sharing the same room with my sister alone?

"We all better rest now and save our energy for tomorrow. The start of the elimination round is early in the morning." Airin suggested.

After we received our room keys, we immediately went up to our assigned rooms.

"Our rooms are right next to each other then! Ja, oyasumi.." Churi bids us goodnight before we all part ways.

Rena-chan and I enter our room. She quietly unzips her baggages and properly arranged her clothes on her bed. I never heard her utter even a single word today. Why do I get the feeling that she's keeping her distance again?

"Ii ne! Look, we have our own bathroom inside." I tried to break the silence. "Do you want to use it first?"

She still didn't talk to me, she only nodded.

The quiet atmosphere between us is getting awkward. I sat on one side of my bed, my eyes still watching her fix up her things.

"Rena-chan." I called her name. "I wanted to thank you for coming with us."

She paused for a moment before she's finally spoken.

"You don't have to thank me." She sounded so cold just like before. "You know the only reason why I came."

"I understand..." I answered in a weak voice. "It's because you wanted me to think over about Grandfather's proposal."

I stood up and took a step closer to her.

"But even if that's the only reason, I'm still happy that you came." I sincerely told her.

But Rena-chan only turned her back on me and went inside the bathroom. Did I do anything wrong? I wanted to know her thoughts... what it is that's bothering her. By looking at our current situation, our relationship seems back at square one.

I tried not to think anymore and started to arrange my things while she's using the bathroom. I went inside right after she's finished. After I'm done freshening up, I went back to the room and saw Rena-chan already on her bed facing away my direction. I then turn off the lights and also went to my bed.

"Rena-chan. Are you already asleep?" I asked.

But I didn't hear any response from her. This is the first time we spend the night together and yet this is the atmosphere between us. All that I'm allowed now is to only stare at her back. She's so near me and yet I can't possibly reach out to her. I wanted to embrace her... to comfort her. Tell her I'm here for her. But she never lets me to.

*Suddenly hears music*

Huh? What's that sound?

*Piano playing*

A piano? Wait... That music sounds somehow familiar...

I immediately got up from my bed and went out the room. I follow where the music is coming from. Until I reached a door and opened its knob.

Why is it so dark in here?

I can now loudly hear someone playing the piano. I stepped inside and found myself amazed with the beautiful scene I'm witnessing.

AH... KIREI....

The darkness of the room emphasizes the bright moon shining from the window. And then I see a silhoutte of a lady... playing a piano under the moonlight reflection. The sight of these is so breath taking...

And then I suddenly remember that day, when I met Mayu-chan the first time.....

That time I was still in middleschool. I was about to go home, when I heard piano playing from the school music room. The door was left half-open so I tried to peek what's inside. The sun is setting outside the window and a shadow of a young girl is all I could see. The music is not perfect but I can clearly hear how she puts her feelings into it. When that girl finished her piece, I clapped my hands for her and then she looked at me.

"Mayu-chan..." I whispered her name as I remember the old days with her.

The music from the piano suddenly stopped. Oh, no! Did the lady hear me? I have to go back before I get caught.

"Did you like my music?" A calm voice spoke before I leave.

The lady noticed my presence. I had no choice but to show myself.

"Ah, I'm sorry for intruding... I heard a familiar music that's why I followed where it was coming from." I apologized and explained.

"Why are you still hiding there? Come inside." She invited.

I accepted her invitation. And as I went closer to where she is, I was stunned when I finally see her clearly right infront of me. Beauty and elegance are the perfect words to best describe her.

"Familiar music you say?" She smiled.

"Because that's the same piece a special friend of mine used to play when we we're kids." I told her.

"Really? It's a classical piece. I believe your friend at young age has a good taste in music." Her voice is so clear and calm.

"But there's some level difference. Your music sounded so professional. Hers I think was only a simplified one." I concluded.

"So which version do you like better then?" She asked me.

"W-Well..." But I hesitated to answer her.

I know that even if Mayu-chan's music was a bit childish and wasn't perfect, I'll still choose to listen to hers over and over again.

"You like that person, don't you?" She asked again without waiting for me to answer first.

"W-Why did you say so?"

"The beauty of music depends on whom or where the listeners are in favor with. Regardless of how perfect it is played by a person. Few of those unfair things in reality."

The way she said those words feels so big and heavy, like she pulled them from a very deep experience.

"Ano... sumimasen... maybe, I'm already disturbing you. I think I must go back to my room now." I tried to excuse myself.

"No. I don't mind at all. You can stay here as long as you want, Jurina-chan."

"E-Eh? You know me?"

"I'm sorry... I forgot to mention that I'm your club adviser. I actually plan to properly introduce myself to your group tomorrow, but it's good that we've met earlier than expected."


"Why look so surprised?"

"You're so young! I mean... when they said our club adviser is a music teacher, I instantly imagined an old and grumpy person." I talked rapidly.

"Kawaii~ You're an interesting girl, Jurina-chan." She then puts her face closer to mine, and I think I blushed hard.

"So, do you want me to play more?"

"O-Ofcourse, sensei!" I gladly answered.

She played the piano once more and I listened to her. She's a music teacher, no wonder why she can play so clean and perfect. It makes me calm and temporarily forget things.

"Jurina-san?" Rena-chan entered the room. "You left your bed and you're not still coming back. I was looking for y....."

Then the teacher stopped playing and turned to her direction.

"Rena-chan! Come here, I'd like you to meet our club adviser." I told her with excitement.

Rena-chan froze, her eyes widened as she saw the teacher. Her mouth slightly left opened. I noticed that she's shaking, but why?

"Rena-chan? Do you know her?" I asked.

She didn't respond, she only stared back at her like she's seeing a ghost.

"Oh~ Rena-chan... isn't it? Finally, I met you..." The teacher stood up from the piano stool and approached Rena-chan. She cheerfully smiled at her and said...

"Hajimemashite... Matsui Sakiko desu. Yoroshiku ne?"


uh-oh.. the big sis has arrived :panic:
and it took 8 chaps before she finally appears :nervous
i wonder what her motives are and what rena will do :?

thanks for reading! :)
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I wish if there will be yukirena .

Well I'm thinking what If yuki and Rena work together to make mayu and jurina fall for them hehehe.

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at first I wonder who's the music teacher, and then ta-da, it's big sis Matsui Sakiko! ofcourse she play piano perfectly, she's a pianist.
Matsui Jurina, Matsui Rena, Matsui Sakiko.
why sakiko come? what's her motive?
um, about airin, does she know rena's purpose? and will airin know about sakiko?
ah it's getting more more interesting!
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Rena loves Jurina, but Jurina loves Mayu T0T
It'll gonna be drama~
And Matsui Sakiko appeared><
I thought she was Yuki><

Good job, author-san. I'll wait your next chapter~
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@Raizel: we'll going to see if sakiko's character is a good one or a bad one :sweatdrop: but one thing is for sure... she will be part of this story until the end
@wmatsuifanfic.: that's a nice idea you have there for yukirena! i'll give it a shot once i write another new story :thumbsup
@Ruka Kikuchi: hi senpai! sakiko's name was already mentioned since chapter 1.. i'm just waiting for the right moment when to finally include her :nervous
@sastio13: oh i just noticed your picture's koixdao! i'm a fan lol. anyway about airin, she has a big supporting role in this story.. i like her tsundere character here :oops:
@yurin23mayuki: okay, here's more! haha honestly, this is the first story that i wrote with consistent drama.. jurimayu's quick story is even much fun to read than wmatsui story :lol:
@junchan48: ah new reader! yeah, complicated it is.. so here's the next chap! please enjoy :twothumbs

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 9

The music that can fill color in every space between walls of the mansion... was the sweet, calm music coming from her graceful fingers dancing across those monotone piano keys.

"Oneesama, sugoi desu ne!" I clapped my hands.

She put her lovely hands on her lap as she finished playing for me. She then looked at me with those gentle eyes and gave me a bright smile.

"You think so, my little Rena?" She asked with a soft voice.

"Un~! Oneesama is best pianist in the whole world!" I hugged her tightly.

Then she tapped my head like she used to do. Her warmth embraces all my senses. I really admire my Oneesama so much and I always look up to her. I wanted to be a lady like her when I grow up.

But then after that, our grandfather came home.

"Ah, Grandfather!" She immediately ran to him and called his attention.

"I wanted you to see this! I won this year's Europian piano competition." She excitedly showed her trophy. But Grandfather only ignored her and continued to walk away.

"Sakiko!" Our mother suddenly pulled her away. "Can't you see? The chairman is busy. I already told you not to bother him with unimportant matters!"

"But, Okaasama... I worked hard for this. Aren't you at least proud of me?" I could hear sadness in her tone.

"That piece of thing won't able to change your situation here in this family. So keep that away! And don't use the piano when the chairman is here. You know he doesn't want to hear any noise. You understand?"

Our mother left her with those hurtful words. I immediately went to Oneesama to comfort her.

"P-Piece of thing? T-This?" Her grip on her trophy tightened. I saw sudden drops of tears on her hands.

"She's right. No matter what I do, nothing will ever change." She told herself in a serious tone.

She ran upstairs straight to our room. When I entered inside, I saw her packing up her clothes.

"Oneesama, where are you going?" I asked her.

But she only ignored me and immediately went out our room after she's done. I ran after her.

"Oneesama!!!" I cried out.

"Stop calling me!" She shouted back at me. Her eyes were not as gentle as before, like they we're replaced with anger. "We're not even real sisters!"

"W-What are you talking about?" I tried to follow her. "W-Wait... Please..."

She continued to leave until she finally went out the gates of our mansion. I was left behind those rails and helplessly watched her slowly disappearing. And she never look back.



"Rena-chan... Rena-chan... wake up."

Ah... that familiar voice...


I opened my eyes then immediately sat up on my bed. It was only another nightmare of the past.

"Rena-chan, are you alright? You're crying." It was Jurina-san calling me. She's right beside me on my bed.

"I'm fine. I just had a nightmare." I said.

"I'm sorry. I don't know you're having nightmares. I shoudn't had left you alone here earlier." She apologized.

"I've always had nightmares like this since I was little, so this is just normal." I told her.

I look at the time. It's already 2:00 in the morning.

"Jurina-san... why are you still awake?" I asked.

"I can't sleep, maybe because of my excitement for tomorrow. I almost fell asleep earlier by hearing the lullaby sound of Sensei's music from here. But I can't hear her playing anymore. Maybe she's already sleeping, too."

Right. What happened earlier was real. I'm not dreaming anymore. I'm wide awake and I'm sure of who I saw in flesh. It's her... she's back. But why is she here?

"Rena-chan?" Jurina-san called me again. "You don't look fine. Do you want me to sleep here next to you?"


"To make sure you won't have nightmares anymore." She explained.

She wanted to share same bed with me?!

"I-I'm okay now... T-Thanks for the concern... You may go back to your bed. We're still early tomorrow." I answered.

"Are you sure? Okay, then. Oyasumi, Rena-chan." She went back to her bed.

I smiled. For a moment, my worries disappeared. This tiny room is filled with Jurina-san's presence. By simply knowing that she's near me, makes me already feel safe.


Today is the first day of the dance competition. Jurina-san and I arrived at the venue. The place is filled with different groups of students. Some consists of all-boys, some are all-girls, or combination. I can also see participants wearing cute costumes. I never thought joining a competition is this serious.

"Jurina-chan! Rena-san! Over here!" Akane-san called us.

Airi-san and Akane-san we're already there waiting for us. We saw another familiar person talking to them.

"The two of you almost didn't make it on time. You both overslept or something?" Airi-san scolded us.

"Gomen... actually, we slept a bit late last night." Jurina-san admitted.

"Ah, Sakippe-sensei here told us you already met last night" Akane-san said.

"S-Sakippe-sensei?" Jurina-san sounded confused and looked at her.

"Hehe~ I told them to call me whatever they want since we're outside the school. And besides, I'm only here as your group's official chaperon." She giggled.

By looking closely at her, she seemed didn't change at all. But something was off. Why do I feel that she's different person now?

"Your number is after few minutes. I'll be watching you from the audience." She told us. "If you win today, I'll treat you all to a special dinner later. So minna ganbatte, ne?"

"Hai! Sensei!"


We prepared ourselves backstage. What's this? It's getting harder to breathe, I'm starting to get nervous. This is my very first competition and I'm so afraid that I might mess up out there.

"Guys, we're next." Airi-san called.

"Rena-chan, are you ready?" Jurina-san asked.

Maybe she noticed that I'm not calming down. She grabbed my hand. Her hand felt cold and sweaty.

"We feel nervous, too. Like you, this is also our first time to compete with a large number of people. But we all prepared for this, remember? So, let's have fun dancing out there." She told me like she's saying no pressure.

"Come, I'll share you a little trick." She came closer and whispered to my ear. "Close your eyes. Remember how we practiced before? Imagine there are no audience. Then just like those practices, there's only music and us here alone. Now, open your eyes."

The stage curtain started to open. She's still not letting go of my hand.

"Let's go?"

And just like a casted magic spell, everything else became invisible. Jurina-san is all that I can see. The whole place suddenly belongs to us alone.

I was once her audience before, and now here I am, dancing with her on stage. With our movements synchronized with each other. The music we chose is a strong and heavy street type, giving off angst genre. And whenever I meet those fierce, aggressive eyes of hers, my desire to dance with her burns up like flames inside of me.

Me dancing with her isn't just a dance. For me, it is a battle between my family and her. Between my mind and my heart. I know I shouldn't be involving my feelings into this, it is wrong. But it keeps on making me feel like it's the only right thing that I've ever done in my life. And deep inside of me, even if I must not, I hoped that our dance never comes to an end.

And then, I heard loud applauses.

"They liked it!" Jurina-san sounded so happy.

She smiled at me and I smiled back at her.

Our dance number has finished. I can now finally see the audience infront of me. And then my eyes we're locked into one single person from the crowd. That person who I used to look up to.

Now, I understand how she felt before whenever she's joining competitions. I never thought how heavy the pressure she's gone through just to bring home her achievements. She's still there staring at me for long. I'm the one who's up here now. I wonder if she's proud of me. But I can't even tell if she's happy. She then walked away and disappeared from my sight.


"To our first victory! Kampai!"

We passed the elimination round and as promised, we were taken to a special dinner to celebrate. It was a high-class restaurant near our hotel.

"Minna, otsukaresama desu!" She praised us for our hardwork.

"Sensei... isn't it a little pricey here?" Jurina-san asked looking around.

"Daijoubu~ you guys deserve this! You did a great job there! So, let's eat!"

We started to have our dinner together and also had a few conversations while eating.

"Ne, Sakippe-sensei.. you're a Matsui too, right?" Akane-san asked. "By any chance, are you related to..."

"Rena-chan and Jurina-chan?" She continued.

"I would love to have such kawaii little sisters! But I don't find myself that cute like them. Can you even see a resemblance between us?" She giggled.

"Eh~ You don't have to be cute. You're already pretty! And also talented!" Jurina-chan complimented her.

"Arigatou~ Jurina-chan! Honestly, it is not my real surname. It is the family who adopted me who gave me their name, and that's how I ended up to be a Matsui." She explained.

"Naruhodo. I never thought that Matsui is now a common family name. I won't be surprised if I wake up one day and see everyone being ruled out under the Matsui dynasty." Airi-san added in a sarcastic tone.

I saw Airi-san glanced at me for a second there. Ever since that incident happened between us, I had no choice but to be extra careful around her.

"Ah, haha~ Don't mind her, Sakippe-sensei. Airin always sucks in delivering funny jokes." Akane-san said.

*Phone ringing*

"Ah, please excuse me. I think I have to leave now. But just stay here and enjoy your food. I'll see you all tomorrow." She stood up from the table and went out the restaurant.

I wonder who's that person calling her.

"I have to go to the restroom. I'll be right back." I excused myself.

I followed her outside and saw her talking to someone over the phone. I went few steps closer to where she is.

"Oneesama." I called her.

For the first time again in many years, I finally said that word.

I know she heard me. I saw her ended up her call and slid back the phone into her pocket.

"Tell me. Why are you here?" I asked her.

"How cold~" She turned around and faced me. "Was that really the very first thing you'll say to me for our little reunion?"

"I've never heard from you for years! I don't even know if you're already dead! What do you expect me to say?"

"But I'm back now. Haven't you missed me? I'm a little sad that you seem not so happy to see me at all."

"Then why? Why did you come back?"

She paused and smiled.

"Hehe~ Okaasama's right. Matsui Jurina is an interesting girl, isn't she?"

Jurina-san? Why was she suddenly talking about her?

"Spare her! I'm warning you, the girl's mine! I-I mean... Okaasama and Grandfather entrusted her to me."

"Hahaha~ Calm down. You're so intense. I'm just here to watch over you. Okaasama told me you're going out for a trip. So, I'm here to make sure my little Rena will get all her needs."

It means... the expensive hotel and the high-class restaurant are all her doings for me?

"Thank you. But you don't have to do that. I don't need anything else here."

"Sugoi~ my little sister is acting like a grown up kid now. Okay then, if that's what you wished."

She turned her back on me and started to leave. But before she took another step away, she talked to me once more.

"I saw how you look at her, Rena. But does she look at you in the same way? Remember, we're the original team first. I'm the real one who cares for you."

She left me with those serious words.

"Oneesama, huh?" A voice from my behind spoke.

I immediately turned around.

"Airi-san! Let me explai-..."

"You don't need to. I get it. Again, it's some family matter. Still none of my business, right?" She said cutting me off.

"Airi-san... Please...."

"People like you who keeps secrets, I hate them all. But there's something more that I hate about you. That's whenever I look at you, I always argue with myself. Because behind those cold eyes, I can see a good soul."

I'm speechless. I didn't expect that's how Airi-san sees me.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to spill out what I heard. I know you have reasons you don't want to tell. The truth is... a part of me wanted to trust you. Because I can feel that your care for Juritan is true. I know you won't do anything to hurt her."

She paused.

"I just hope... I'm not wrong."

She left me and went back to the restaurant.

I reached for the door and saw Jurina-san cheerfully talking with her friends. She always thinks of positive things that's why she seems to radiate like a sun. She wasn't even aware of what's happening around her... that the people she trusted intends to hurt her in the end.

I then asked myself. What is it that I really want from her?

I saw how you look at her, Rena. But does she look at you in the same way?

Because behind those cold eyes, I can see a good soul. I know you won't do anything to hurt her.

Those words uttered by two different persons kept howling inside my mind.

If she doesn't see me in the same way... if there's someone else better for her... then that only serves me right. Jurina-san is a good person, she deserves to be happy... even if it's not with me.

Because her happiness... is a thing that a liar like me... can't possibly give to her.


ne rena, i was just thinking... :?
you're the only one who knows you're not related by blood
but jurina... she believes you're her real sister! :O
so how can she possibly looks at you in another way? :doh:

thanks for reading! :)

(arigatou RenshuChan for correcting me! my bad haha!)
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Yeah that's right ainivel-san Jurina doesn't know a single thing..  :banghead:
So she wouldn't have grow a feeling toward Rena..  :smhid
So Sakiko character is still mystery,..   :shocked Why she want to become her mother pawn??  :banghead:
Its getting more complicated, I still cant figure Airi's true purpose.. Is she love Rena?  :panic:
Well gonna be patient for the next update.. :twothumbs
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i hope Rena can find happiness too
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Airi keeps two secrets now :O

Rena should find what her real intention to Jurina, quickly. Is it to bring her to the family, or to make Jurina become hers?

Author-san, you changed Churi's name into Ayane? It's Akane isn't it? XD
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I have read from chapter 1 to chapter 9 and.......
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ah it becomes more more more interesting
um, airin is tsundere? well, I think i like airin chara here, cool!
and sakiko, is still mysterious for me... she is bad or good? :?
I like it when rena call her with "oneesama"
I'm waiting your next update hehehehe :D
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@Raizel: maybe airin feels something for rena... i just don't know what exactly it is :?
@kuro_black29: hello there! rena's unrequited feelings will have to continue for the mean time :cry:
@wmatsui fanfic.: gomen not too much of sakiko and rena scenes this chapter.. you'll have plenty soon hehe :nervous
@RenshuChan: on jurina's pov, she calls her churi.. but on rena's pov, she calls her on her firstname.. and thank you very much for correcting me! i'm actually used to call her churi too that's why i got confused :lol:
@Renachii: hi there new reader! rena will have the perfect moment to say her feelings don't worry hehe :sweatdrop:
@sastio13: sakiko's true intentions will be revealed on the later chapters.. oh i can't wait :panic:
@yuuri14: another new reader yey! thanks for reading my story... so here's the next chapter! :thumbsup

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 10

Two seasons quickly passed by and before we know it, the cold winter already arrived. For the past few months, everyone has been consistently doing their best and trained so hard to be able to reach the top.

Together, the four of us faced different challenges and went through a lot of ups and downs. We met many great and talented dancers from different schools around Japan. We got scared and insecure, doubted ourselves if we can really make it. But despite of these thoughts, we still went on and pushed ourselves forward. Each of us has her own reason why we must keep on going. And along our way, we're slowly building this dream together.

I can say that hardwork really pays off and it brought us to where we are right now. Our group successfully reached the finals, and today we will go to Sapporo for the championship event.

Every month we travel to different cities around Japan to compete with other schools. After we won each battle, we return to our school in preparation for the next one. The school always warmly welcomes us back, everyone is very proud of our achievements particularly our classmates and Sakippe-sensei who's been there for us all through out. The popularity of our club suddenly rose and many students are now signing up to join us.

Eventhough our school is giving out their full support on our club, they still remind us not to neglect our studies, especially now that college entrance exams are near. We are all senior students and soon to graduate from highschool. When the competition is done, we know that the group needed to focus back on studying right after this.

"Jurina, have you prepared everything that you need?" My mother asked.

I was packing up my things when she entered my room.

"Almost, Okaasan." I answered.

"Ah... I really hope I can watch your final performance." Her voice sounded a little sad.

"Okaasan..." I went near her and hugged her tightly. "It's okay... I know Sapporo is very far from here."

"I'm not actually worried." She smiled. "Because eventhough I'm not there to watch you, I know you and your friends will show everyone your best."

My mother had always kept her hopes high for me. She always makes me feel that she believes in me.

"Speaking of Sapporo, isn't it where Mayu-san relocated? By any chance, are you going to see her?" She suddenly asked.

I was surprised with her question. I'm not aware that my mother knows where Mayu-chan stays.

"I-I'm planning to give her a surprise visit there." I said.

"Oh, that's good. I remember how the two of you used to spend time here together since you we're both younger."

"Okaasan, how did you know that Mayu-chan lives in Sapporo now?"

"We had a little talk before she left. I remember she told me that she'll be skipping one year to earn money enough to support her college. She also said that she plans to enter college as freshman together with you. She's worried about you going to a big university alone because you're always like a kid and never grows up." She giggled on the last part.

"Eh?? Mayu-chan told you that?!" I was embarassed.

"She's really a nice girl. Don't forget to say hi to her for me, okay?"

I smiled and nodded.

"After the competition, I know you'll study for your college entrance exams next. I never asked you this before but, what course will you take up in college?" She asked.

Now I that I think of it, I'm not really sure.
Mayu-chan and I haven't talked about this yet. It's also the reason why I wanted to see Mayu-chan, for us to personally discuss our plans.

"I'm not decided yet." I honestly answered. "But when I come back here, I'm sure I already know what I want to take."

"Naruhodo.. Oh! you must hurry up now or you'll miss the train!" She immediately reminded me.

I looked at the time and I'm going to be late again. I hurriedly took my bag with me and kissed my mother before leaving.

"I will be back soon, Okaasan."

"Take care of yourself there and do your best!" She told me.

"Un! Ittekimasu!" I waved her goodbye as I leave the house.

"Itterasshai!" She waved back.


After a few hours, the group finally arrived at the city where the final event will be held. Knowing that Mayu-chan is just somewhere nearby makes my heart beat out of control.

"Ngggghh~! It's so cold here!" Churi said as soon as we got off the train.

The temperature in this city is much lower than where we came from. We can already feel the winter atmosphere here.

"Ne Jurina-chan... please warm me up a little?" Churi suddenly grabbed my arm.

"Wait a second." I opened my bag and looked for something. "Okaasan prepared me an extra winter scarf. Here, I'll let you borrow it if you want."

"Hmph... Human warmth is always better you know." She took the scarf and wrapped it around her neck. "The scarf somehow helps, thanks. I understand you're reserving yourself for someone who lives here. That one lucky girl."

Eh? I knew she's talking about Mayu-chan again. But I only tried to hide my reaction. After that, we took a cab to our hotel. It was only the four of us, Sakippe-sensei already went ahead as usual.

"Now that we're finally here, when will you going to visit her?" Churi asked me again inside the cab.

"I don't know yet. I'm thinking maybe after the competition." I answered.

"Isn't it a better idea if you already tell her that you're here? If she knows that you're competing, then she'll come to watch and cheer for you."

Churi's right. Maybe I should inform Mayu-chan already that I'm staying here in Sapporo for few days.

"Do you know where she lives?" She asked again.

"Yes, I saved her address. I guess it's just near from our hotel." I opened my mobile phone and showed her. "So will you come with me then, Churi?"

"She can't come with you." Airin turned her head. She's sitting beside the taxi driver infront.

"Eh? Nande!?" Churi complained.

"Have you forgotten that you promised to study on your free hours? It's you who needed to catch up most. You wanted to graduate highschool, don't you?" Airin scolded her.

"Boo~ Fine." Churi sighed.

"Gomen ne, Juritan. I'll be helping Churi to study." Airin apologized. "Why don't you invite your sister instead? I know she wanted to meet Watanabe-san anyway. Right, Rena-san?"

Rena-chan instantly looked at Airin in surprise, and then she slowly faced my direction.

"Will you, Rena-chan?" I asked and waited for her answer.

She later nodded.

"Really? Yokatta! I'm sure you'll like her when you meet her!"

She only smiled on what I said and then faced back outside the window.


After Rena-chan and I unpacked our things in our hotel room, we went out to look for Mayu-chan's place. Luckily, we still have plenty of free time left today. It's not hard to find the place, it's just near as what I thought. We found the exact location of her address in less than an hour. I ring the doorbell when we reach the front door.

"Looks like nobody's home." I said as I wait for someone to answer. "But I'm sure this is the right address. Maybe Mayu-chan is still at work. And besides, no one else stays with her."


"Yes, Mayu-chan lives alone here. Can we wait a little longer?" I requested.

Rena-chan only nodded.

We waited standing outside Mayu-chan's apartment. Rena-chan is quietly looking faraway. I really hope she didn't force herself to come here with me. Does she really wanted to meet Mayu-chan?

"Rena-chan, can I ask you something?"

"What is it?" She answered.

"About Mayu-chan... You're probably surprised that I have that kind of relationship with a girl."

"I don't mind at all." She calmly said. "I don't have the right to interfere with your personal life. I'm only here because of Grandfather's request."

"I see. But eventhough, it's still such a relief that you don't think anything bad about it." I told her.

"There's only one thing I can't understand." She paused. "If you accept Grandfather's proposal, then you won't have any problems on how to support yourself after you graduate. But why you didn't?"

I looked at her and gave her a smile.

"Because I choose Mayu-chan." I simply answered. "Do you think Grandfather will approve of her if he knew about us? I'd rather take the long and hard way, the important thing is we're together."

Rena-chan looked down and didn't speak anymore. She went back to silence.

"How about you, Rena-chan?" I spoke again. "What do you plan to do after you graduate highschool?"

"Everything is already planned right from the start. I'll be the company's apprentice. I'll study how to run everything that Grandfather owns." She explained.

"So, you're going to handle everything alone?" I suddenly felt guilty. "I'm really sorry if I can't able to help you."

Rena-chan suddenly sat down on the floor tucking up her knees.

"Rena-chan, are you alright?"

Her hands were shaking. I noticed that she doesn't wear any gloves. We've been waiting here outside for an hour. Maybe she's already cold.

I sat down next to her. I removed my coat and put it around our back. My coat is big enough to cover two persons.

"W-What are you doing??" She asked.

"You're cold. Churi said human warmth is always better. So here... let me share mine with you." I told her.

From her behind, I wrapped my arms around her waist. I reached for her hands enclosing them both with mine. I put my face next to hers, leaning my head on her one shoulder. I hugged her tightly.

"Feel warmer now?" I asked.

She didn't answer but I felt that she leaned back on me. The feeling was so warm and comfortable. I realized that we're both actually tired since we just came from a long travel earlier. We stayed like that for I don't know how long, until we both fell asleep.



That voice... Why does it sound so familiar?

"Jurina? Is that really you?"

I slowly opened my eyes and looked up. I thought my heart skipped a beat when I saw the person standing right infront of me.

"MAYU-CHAN!!!" I immediately jumped to hug her.

"Jurina..." She hugged me back.

"Hisashiburi..." I said almost in tears. I break the hug to look at her closely.

Mayu-chan's still cute as always. Though her face looks a bit mature now. I can say that she grew more beautiful. She only look thinner...

"Mayu-chan, you looked tired. Have you been eating well?" I asked with concern.

"I'm okay... Just a little overworked. And you, still a crybaby!" She giggled. "You surprised me! What are you doing here?"

"Loooong story." I smiled at her.

Mayu-chan looks so happy to see me. She then remembered that she also saw someone else I brought with me.

"Oh! You must be... Rena-chan!" She figured it out by looking at her.

Rena-chan stood up and they finally see each other face to face.

"Jurina talks so much about you. I'm Watanabe Mayu! Jurina's mother." She softly laughed.

"Maaayu-chaaan?!" I called her.

"I'm just kidding! But I can't help it though. You see, whenever I'm with Jurina, I feel like I'm watching over a child. This kid brings nothing but trouble. Tehee~" She said taking a glance of me.

"Come, let's go inside! It's very cold out here." She invited us as she opened the door to her apartment.

Mayu-chan went ahead inside and I entered next. I noticed that Rena-chan didn't follow us.

"Rena-chan?" I went back to look for her outside.

She's there at the same place not moving at all.

"Is there something matter?" I asked.

She just looked back at me and said, "Nothing..."

I wonder why she's hesitating to come in. Maybe she's just shy because Mayu-chan's still a stranger to her. I have to make her feel that I'm just here.

"Let's go?" I hold her hand once again and tried to lead her inside.

This is like a dream come true for me. When two of the most important persons in my life finally meets each other. And there's nothing more I could ever wish for than to be with both of them... just like this one happy moment.


checking up rena, is your heart still intact?
jurina's a little insensitive i guess :?
still a long way to go so please bear with me :bow:

thanks for reading! :)
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Wow.. Finally Jurina meets Mayu.. :sweatdrop:
Poor Rena, I want to know how Rena's feeling about meeting with mayu.. :cry:
Ainivel-san in this chapter you only use Jurina's POV, hope you make Rena's POV also in the next chapter.. :bow:
And yes please make it a long story.. :twothumbs
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I WANT MOREEE SAKIKO AND RENA MOMENT IN NEXT CHAPTER *rofll author * yes i want their cold moment xd like before chapter hehehehe

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Are you okay, Rena-chan?
You should admit your feeling and tell Jurina.
She'll not aware about your feeling if you not tell her.
Poor Rena-chan T0T

Thanks for the update, author-san~
Gonna wait the next chapter^^
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I think she's going to be jealous anytime now.

so jurina loves them both but to her rena is her sister
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hisashiburi! it's been a while since my last update :bow:
what happened to tapatalk by the way? can't access jphip using it :huhuh
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@Raizel: well, ch 11-12 will be rena's pov then the rest mostly might be jurina's :nervous
@kuro_black29: i'm sorry but i think there will be more drama for rena :cry:
@wmatsui fanfic.: there's sakiko & rena scene here and more sakiko on the 2nd half :O2
@blackcold: jurina's so happy that she doesn't even notice rena's true feelings :wth
@Haruko: believe me i can feel rena's pain :banghead:
@sastio13: yes, this will be long because the major family conflict hasn't begun yet :sweatdrop:
@junchan48: if rena tells her feelings then she must reveal herself too.. so complicated :?
@yuuri14: you're right! i hate to torture rena but..... anyway here's the next chapter :thumbsup

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 11

She fell asleep on my shoulder.

Her arms are tightly wrapped around me, keeping me warm from this cold weather. Ah, she's so near me. I can feel her warm breathe against my cheek and it's not making my chest behave normally. Slowly, I turned my head to see her sleeping face. I smiled. She looks so calm, her chin still leaning on my shoulder. I wonder what she's dreaming of. It was my first time to stare at her face this close. I noticed she has long, beautiful eyelashes. Her cheeks seem so white and her lips were red, perhaps the color is because she also feels cold. My free hand suddenly moved on its own. I gently brushed her soft cheek with my thumb, and then slowly, it's aiming to reach for her lips. I wonder how it feels like to touch those.....

I stopped.

I immediately pulled my hand down. I faced away from her and shut my eyes off.

Why did I do that? What's happening to me?

For the past few months that I've spent with her, I knew that there are changes slowly going on inside me. And it scares me. But whenever I see her, the fear just disappears. I know that I'm lucky enough to be cared by someone like her. So, how can I possibly think of such things with her?

Ah, so warm... I should already be contented with this. I then felt my eyelids getting heavier. I know I'm tired but I have to fight this sleepiness. I won't sleep, I wanted to feel her more. And I wish this moment never ends.


Until I heard someone called her name. She woke up and in an instant our moment was gone. I felt her arms slowly being released from me. She stood up and hugged the girl infront of me.


So, this is how it feels like to see her together with the person she's in love with. That smile, I never saw that kind of smile from her before. With that, I already knew how truly happy she is right now.

The girl later called my name. I'm a little surprised that she knows me. I tried to stand up to properly greet her, but nothing came out from my mouth. I looked at her. She has a gentle face like an angel. I admit... she's lovely, and she also seems a good person. No wonder why Jurina-san fell for her.

The girl invited us to come in and Jurina-san followed her inside. But I only stayed where they left me. I ask myself, what am I doing here? If I'm only here to bring Jurina-san to her, then I guess I'm done.

My knees felt weak. My body can't move. I froze. And I knew it's not because of the cold weather. The pain I'm feeling is slowly getting me numb, maybe until I feel nothing anymore.


Jurina-san went back for me. I'm happy that she did. She asked me if there's something wrong, but I only answered her nothing. She reached for my hand and gently led me inside. I never knew I had a weakness. Because I always lose myself whenever she touches me.


"So tell me, what made you travel all the way here?" Watanabe-san asked as we sat down her table.

"Eh~ Won't you ask us first if we're hungry or something?" Jurina-san said in a childish way.

"Gomen, gomen.. have you guys eaten already? Wait, let me check if there's still food left in the fridge."

Watanabe-san walked to her kitchen. Her place is not so spacious, all areas can be easily reached. It's small and simple, but enough to keep people warm inside.

"I only have here spaghetti and some karaage." Watanabe-san said as she opened her fridge. "Though it might not be as good as Keiko-san's cooking. I know her spaghetti is your favorite."

"Daijoubu~ I'm really hungry I can eat anything you have there." Jurina-san answered. "Oh, speaking of Okaasan.. She told me to say hi. I think she missed you already."

"I missed her, too.. and her delicious home-made bento she used to make for me." Watanabe-san answered. "Please tell her that if I have a chance, I'm going to visit her one time."

The way they talked about Jurina's mother shows how Watanabe-san had also been close to her. She seemed to be part of their family already. That makes me feel a little more jealous.

"The food is ready." Watanabe-san said as she gets the reheated food from the microwave oven. "You can choose here which sauce you like for the karaage."

I picked one sauce then poured it onto a piece of karaage and offered it to Jurina-san first.

"Ano..." Watanabe-san said staring at me. "Jurina doesn't eat spicy foods."

"Oh..." I put the karaage back on my plate. "I'm sorry, I didn't know."

"Hehe, it's okay. I'll just have the tartar sauce please." Jurina-san requested. "Do you like spicy foods, Rena-chan?"

"I, uhm, can handle eating spicy." I answered.

"Is that so? You're really tougher than you look." Jurina-san smiled.

I felt ashamed to myself that I didn't even know such simple details about Jurina-san. What's her likes and dislikes. But Watanabe-san, she knows her very well. They've been together since childhood. Compared to her, I know nothing.

While we're still eating, Jurina-san started to speak about the reason why we are in the city.

"Our dance club joined a national competition. And the final event will be held here in Sapporo." She explained.

"If you traveled here for the final event, then it means..."

"We're qualified for the championship!" Jurina-san proudly said.

"Sugoi~ well, knowing your dance skills, I shouldn't be surprised at all." Watanabe-san told her.

"It's not a one man team. Everyone in the group worked hard for it. Including Rena-chan." Jurina-san said tapping my shoulder.

"You also dance, Rena-chan? Oh, I'm sorry but.. can I also call you in that way?" Watanabe-san asked. "That's how Jurina calls you whenever she talks about you."

"Douzo." I answered her politely. "I dance but not as good as Jurina-san and the others."

"I hope Jurina didn't force you or anything."

"Eh~ why would I force her??" Jurina-san defended.

"Be-cause... Rena-chan is pretty!" Watanabe-san answered. "She's exactly like how you described her. No wonder why you're so fond of your sister."

"W-What are you talking about??" Jurina-san blushed hard.

"You see, Rena-chan... Jurina has a soft side for pretty girls..." She whispered me.

"Mayu-chan!!!" Jurina-san shouted her name.

"Nande? I know you still remember how you involved yourself before with a pretty senpai to get rid of my classmate who took photos of her and her friends."

"I do but I only helped her because that creepy guy was stalking her." Jurina-san explained.

"So instead, you let him took photos of you and published them eventhough you don't like those kind of things. You hate publicity and yet you still allowed it to help that senpai." Watanabe-san continued.

What's going on? Are they fighting over what happened in their past?

"Rena-chan, maybe you already heard how popular Jurina has been since she entered highschool. She has a lot of fan girls squealing over her whenever she dances. And she used her popularity as an advantage to cover up for that senpai and her friends. She was my one big headache back then."

"Yeah right, I knew I was only a pain to you. And how can I forget? That's also the first time you denied us." Jurina-san answered in a sharp tone.

"Don't start that again, Jurina. You knew that telling about us wouldn't help to solve that issue before."

"Nah, you've always treated me like a kid. I bet no one will ever have an idea that we're dating that time."

Watanabe-san paused and looked at me.

"Don't worry, Mayu-chan. Rena-chan already knew about us." Jurina-san told her.

"Rena-chan..." Watanabe-san called me. "This might seem a real catfight but this is actually a normal thing between us. Right, Jurina?"

"Un! She's not Mayu-chan if she doesn't scold me." She giggled. "Oh! You still have that mini-keyboard I gave you."

Jurina-san noticed a small keyboard displayed inside Watanabe-san's room.

"Did you know that our club adviser is also pianist? And she really plays well. I actually remembered you the first time I heard her play."

I see. Now, I understand why Jurina-san loves to hear Oneesama play the piano. Again, all because of Watanabe-san.

"So... you play the piano, Watanabe-san?" I asked.

"I'm not really good at it. I'm better playing the euphonium instead, since I was in the wind instruments club before." She explained. "And please call me Mayu or Mayuyu if you like."

"Mayuyu?" Jurina-san repeated.

"Hehe~ that nickname came from a patient I met from the hospital where I work part time. And you know what, Jurina? I realized that the world is indeed bigger than we think. I even met people way crazier than you. And yet before, I really thought you're already the craziest one." She laughed hard like she remembered something really funny.

"How mean!" She pouted. "Ne Mayu-chan... I'll just check that keyboard in your room, okay?"

Jurina-san asked permission before she enters the room and Mayu-san allowed her to.

"Even before, Jurina always worries me." Mayu-san speaks watching Jurina-san from afar. "Not because I don't trust her, but because she easily trusts people around her. There's too much kindness in her heart that anyone might take advantage of."

Mayu-san's words hit me like bullseye. I remain silent and continue to listen to her.

"I remember there was a time a senior student got mad at her when she practice her dance at the rooftop. Dancing is her passion and she knew the rooftop was the only place she can dance freely. But when that senior claimed it was their territory, she only gave way without even defending herself." She paused. "I was in the student council back then. I was about to fight for her rights but she only said to consider it as that senior's graduation gift and she can wait for another year to use the rooftop."

Eventhough I knew how important dancing to Jurina-san is, she still sacrificed it for the sake of others. There are many amazing and good things yet that I didn't know about her. And Mayu-san, I can feel how she genuinely cares about Jurina-san. She's a beautiful person inside and out. I have to admit myself that they deserve each other.

"Are you guys talking about me?" Jurina-san came back.

"Who says so?" Mayu-san teased. "I'm just telling Rena-chan that it's already late and you guys can stay the night if you want."

I know Mayu-san only worries about us, but I don't think I can stay here any longer. I've heard too much and I'm about to reach my threshold of pain.

"I'm sorry. But I must go back to the hotel." I politely declined her invite. "You don't have to come with me, Jurina-san. I know you wanted to stay. I already told Sensei to pick me up, so you don't have to worry."

That was only a lie to excuse myself.

"Are you sure?" Jurina-san hesitated. "Then please let me know once you get back to the hotel, okay? I'll be back there tomorrow."

I nodded to respond.

"Rena-chan.." Watanabe-san held my hands. "Thank you for visiting me. I'm really glad to finally meet Jurina's sister. I hope we see each other again."

Those were the warm words she said before I go and left her place.


I walk around that unfamiliar place going nowhere. It's dark, cold and I'm all alone. I continue to walk until I saw a small park lightened by a single lamp post. I went there, no one's around. I never experienced playing in a park before even when I was a child. I sat on an empty swing and started to sway myself back and forth. I stayed like that for long.

I took a deep sigh. What will I do now?

"Why the sad face, little Rena?"

Someone familiar later sat on the other swing next to mine.

"O-Oneesama...! H-How did you know I'm here?" I was startled.

"Hmm, I wonder... This is what they called sister's instinct, perhaps?" She teased. "Your friends told me that you went out. It's already late and you're not yet coming back so I decided to look for you."

Oneesama came for me even without calling her. She really does care for me. I feel safe now that I'm not alone anymore.

"How nostalgic... Did you know that I've always wanted to bring you in a public park before? I wanted us to go out that mansion and play with other children." She said looking around.

"But see, it came true." I answered. "There's no other people here than us though."

And then we laughed together. This is just like the old times with her. For a brief moment, it made me forget the things bothering me.

"Oneesama..." My voice went low when I called her.


"Do you think Okaasama will able to forgive me if I fail my mission?" I asked staring down the ground.

"You're quitting already?" She asked back.

"I guess it's no longer possible to convince Jurina-san to come with me." I explained. "Everything should have been easy if there's no one else in the picture."

Oneesama looked at me seriously after I speak those words, and then she stood up.

"Do you want me to erase unnecessary people to make it picture perfect?"

"Huh?" I was shocked to hear what she said.

"Hahaha~ I'm just kidding! Loosen up a bit. You're too tense." She laughed. "Where's Matsui Jurina, by the way?"

"She said she'll come back tomorrow. She won't stay in the hotel tonight." I obviously sounded not so happy.

"I see... So, are you sure you'll just leave them alone tonight?" She asked.

"E-Eh? What do you mean by that?"

"I just think you should be worrying right now." She added.

"I don't understand. Why would I worry?"

"Because..." She came closer to me and whispered something to my ear. "There are things lovers do when they're alone together."

"I-I don't know what you're talking about..." I pulled away but she only grinned at me.

"I never knew my sister can this be cute when she's jealous." She teased again. "You wanted her, don't you?"

"T-That's..." I don't know what to answer.

"Daijoubu~" She cuts me off. "That is why Oneechan came back. I'm here to make sure my little Rena gets what she needs."

I'm not sure of what she really meant by what she just said. But the way she assures me sounded like she already had a plan. I wanted to trust her but why am I having a bad feeling about it?

" Come, let's go inside the car already." She invited. "It's getting colder out here. I'll drive us back to the hotel."


I went straight to my room when we arrived back in the hotel. The first thing my eyes saw the moment I get inside is Jurina-san's empty bed. Everything suddenly flashed back on me. I realized  that I'm sleeping alone tonight. Why does it feel so lonely here? Sleeping alone is not a new thing to me, this shouldn't bother me at all. I took a deep sigh and decided to open the door to our room's balcony.

"Can't sleep?" I suddenly heard a clear voice coming from my side.


I looked sideway and saw Airi-san standing on their room's balcony next to mine.

"Juritan stayed with her tonight, didn't she?" She asked to confirm.

I only nodded to answer.

The two of us only stood on our balconies for few more minutes without talking. I then decided to break the awkward silence between us.

"Airi-san, can I ask why you're here outside? It's freezing, you might get cold." I said.

"Then why are you also here?" She asked back.

I didn't respond. I also wonder myself why. Maybe, I'm really hoping that the coldness can help me get numb from these feelings I'm having right now.

"Churi's already sound asleep inside." She speaks again." She's exhausted from her study session. I'm only here to breathe some air."

"I see." I answered.

"So, did you realize something from meeting her?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Nothing." She only smiled. "We should get back inside now. We're early tomorrow for our final training. Sleep well tonight, Rena-san."

"Oyasuminasai.." I bid her goodnight before I closed the door.

I went back inside the room and leaned against the door behind me.

There are things lovers do when they're alone together.

Right, Jurina-san's probably happy in her arms right now.

I shook my head many times. These thoughts are making me insane. I have to stop thinking and imagining things.

I looked up and saw Jurina-san's clothes on her bed. I went to touch them and gently held them close to me. Her clothes smell like her. Thoughts of her suddenly began to flow my mind.


I lay myself down on the edge of her bed holding her clothes tightly against me.

"Come back... I need you."


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Sakiko Matsui Decides to Take a Solo: Announces Graduation from AKB48
I just want to relay this news since sakiko is one of the supporting characters here if you want to read the article here...
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wants to see rena happy or so it seems?

can't wait for more heartaching scenes while
they're in sapporo for the competition..

Sakiko Matsui Decides to Take a Solo: Announces Graduation from AKB48
I just want to relay this news since sakiko is one of the supporting characters here if you want to read the article here...

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The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 12

I opened my eyes. The room went brighter. Ah, it's morning already. I sat up on my bed and noticed that Jurina-san's things which she used yesterday were placed on her bed. I didn't expect that she'll be back so early. But where is she? I wanted to see her already but she's not here in our room.

I immediately fixed myself before I came down the hotel. And then I proceed to our group's dance rehearsal venue. I saw Jurina-san there already warming up on her own. Akane-san & Airi-san arrived after me.

"Jurina-chan! Ohayou~" Akane-san greeted her. "You're early!"

Jurina-san turned around.

"Minna... Ohayou." She greeted us with a smile on her face.

"So much energy this morning, ne? I bet you've been fully recharged last night. Tehee~" Akane-san teased.

I observed her reaction and it was just normal. She actually looked like she didn't have enough sleep last night. She saw me looking at her. I faced away and tried not to think of things.

"Just started to warm up myself for today." She stretched her arms. "This is our last practice so I have to give all my best."

She's not telling anything about her meeting with Mayu-san. Was she trying to avoid the topic?

"By the way, Juritan. If you're here early then you might have noticed Sensei around?" Airi-san asked. "I was knocking her room earlier but no one's answering."

"No, I haven't seen her yet. I've been all alone since I came here." Jurina-san answered.

Airi-san faced me and I knew she was about to ask me next, but she stopped herself. But even if she asks me, I also don't know where Oneesama went.

"Well, I guess we should start our final practice now even without her." She decided.

We spent the whole day practicing our dance finale. Everyone seems so focused especially Jurina-san. Her dance moves are flawless as usual. She's so serious about it that she can't even manage to waste time. I didn't see her rest herself a single second.

As for me, I can say that I was finally able to catch up with them. My dance moves were slowly polished as I went through a series of trainings with the group. They never made me feel that I'm neglected. They've always been there to support me and treated me as one of them. I won't ever regret joining this wonderful group. I enjoy every second I spend with them.

Everyone is aiming to perfect our dance to win tomorrow's championship. I can't help but think that Jurina-san's exerting her best effort all because of Mayu-san. And so I asked myself, to whom do I do this for?

"That's all for today." Airi-san said as we finished our last dance step.

"Eh~ Enough already?" Jurina-san complained gasping for air. "Let's practice some more, Airin."

"We also need to rest, Juritan." Airi-san told her. "We all have to be in good condition for tomorrow."

"Maybe she only wanted to make sure that she won't mess up infront of her precious senpai tomorrow. Right, Jurina-chan?" Akane-san teased her again.

It took a long silence before Jurina-san responded.

"She's not coming." She answered.

All of us were surprised of what we just heard.

"Not coming? What do you mean she's not coming?" Akane-san's voice went high.

"Airin, you're right. Maybe we should already take some rest." Jurina-san calmly said before she started to walk away.

"So, what now? You mean, we came all the way here for nothing?" Akane-san shouted at her.

"Churi, stop." Airi-san grabbed her arm. "Just let her. I already sensed that something is odd with her today."

I only watched Jurina-san's back as she leaves the place. I think I now understand. She intended to focus herself practicing only to keep her mind occupied.

"Rena-chan, what's going on? Did they have a fight or something?" Akane-san immediately asked me.

"She and Mayu-san seems in good terms last night before I left them." I answered honestly.

Then, Akane-san hurriedly grabbed her things with her.

"Churi! Where do you think you're going?" Airi-san stopped her.

"If no one will give me answers then I'll go directly to Watanabe-san and ask her myself." She said irritatedly.

"Are you insane? You're not going anywhere. That's their own problem!" Airi-san yelled at her. "And besides, you haven't finished studying all your lessons yet."

"Who are you?? My mother?! Arrrghhh... Whatever!!!" Akane-san ranaway pissed.

Airi-san and I were the only ones left in the place.

"So, you don't have an idea on what really happened between them?" Airi-san spoke to me. "I was actually about to congratulate you for a job well done, you know?"

"But I didn't do anythi-..."

"I know." She cuts me off. "I was only teasing you. And don't worry about Churi. I know her, she always listens to me. She's just mad because she's concern about Juritan."

The way how Akane-san reacted only shows that she is a real friend. She'll hate me someday. That's what I thought.

"Where's your Oneesama?" Airi-san finally asked me. "The last time I saw her was when the two of you went back the hotel together last night."

"I'm already expecting you to ask me that. But honestly, I don't know where she is." I answered straight.

"She didn't even say goodbye to her little sister? I see. You seem not so close to each other as I imagined."

"What do you mean?"

"I asked the receptionists earlier about her and they confirmed that she already checked out the hotel. I think she's not planning to come back anymore."

Oneesama already left? But why? Wasn't she going to watch us tomorrow on our championship event? Something is not right here.

I caught Airi-san staring at me. Maybe she noticed that I'm worrying.

"Rena-san..." She called my name. "It's hard to keep everything to yourself, isn't it?"

I looked back at her and our eyes met once again.

"I was just saying that everything has a limit." She then said to me.

Sometimes, it's really hard to understand what Airi-san is trying to say. It's like she's telling me to read between the lines.

"So, what are you still doing here?" She suddenly asked.


"Go after Juritan." She continued. "I know she badly needs someone now. And if there's one person who'd make her feel better again, it has to be you."

I don't know what I should feel upon hearing those words from Airi-san. Why does she entrust her friend to someone like me? She trusts me more than I trust myself. And I'm not sure if I deserve it.


I went back to our hotel room and opened the door. Jurina-san was there, sitting on her bed, staring blankly on the floor. I entered inside and quietly sat next to her.

"Mayu-chan said we're nothing alike." She spoke. "She can't even imagine how I had a princess-like sister."

Jurina-san laughed. She's obviously trying to show that she's fine.

"I broke up with her."

I instantly looked at her in surprise. What did she just say?

"I realized it's the best thing for us after we talked last night."

I can't understand. How can she easily say it out like it was nothing to her? I'm speechless. I don't know what I should say.

"She wanted to become a doctor." She speaks again.

"She met a patient in the hospital where she works part-time who she became so close with. Then one day, she painfully watched that patient slowly dying infront of her. She felt so desperate and helpless that she couldn't do anything to save her life."

Jurina-san took a deep breathe and then went on talking.

"That incident changed the way how she see life. And from that moment, she already knew what she really wanted."

I didn't utter a single word. I only stare at her while listening to what she's saying.

"Mayu-chan showed me an invitation letter from a medical university. I read what's written on it. And it said that she passed their entrance exam." Jurina-san then said smiling. "I'm proud of her! She's really a smart person, isn't she? There's no suprising about that."

She kept on showing me that painful smile on her face. I hate how Jurina-san fake her smile infront of me.

"Mayu-chan apologized to me. She said she's been trying to tell me about it, but she doesn't know how and when without hurting my feelings." Jurina-san continued. "She then later told me I shouldn't depend my own life decisions on her."

Jurina-san's voice becoming shaky. I'm worried, I don't want to hear her like this.

"I don't know what I should feel when Mayu-chan said that. I was being eaten up with mixed emotions. I feel happy for her, but at the same time, I also feel like my world is slowly falling apart."

Little by little, Jurina-san started to open up her feelings by describing me how she really felt.

"I don't hate her. I never did and I never will. Mayu-chan is right. Maybe it's time that I should stop following her around like a lost puppy. I've been blind with my own selfishness. I realized it was only me who build our so-called dream. I never asked her what she truly wanted."

She paused.

"And how can I possibly hate her when her eyes clearIy shows that she already found what will make her happy? I saw her determination and how she badly wanted it for herself. Who am I to hold her back?"

I have a feeling that Jurina-san's about to break anytime now. I kept quiet observing her.

"I told her I'm setting her free. Mayu-chan never intended to end our relationship, it's me who insisted. I said things are better off that way. Tell me, I only did the right thing, right?"

Was she really asking me or she's just trying to convince herself? How can I possibly know the answer?

"Mayu-chan has been my only direction in life. I'm scared, I can't see my future anymore. I wonder what I shall do from now on....."

After those words, heavy teardrops started to flow down from Jurina-san's eyes.

"Hahaha, I'm sorry... it's not stopping..." She laughed hard.

This the first time I saw her cry and hurt like this. I knew Jurina-san's suffering from pain but she's trying to be strong by holding back her tears.

"Ah, stupid tears..." She's smiling and kept on rubbing her eyes to wipe them off.

I can't believe that there is more painful than I previously felt. I thought I already knew how it feels like to see someone I love cry infront of me. But this is different from Okaasama's struggles. Words aren't enough to explain this pain I'm feeling for Jurina-san now. It hurts so bad that it felt like it would tear me apart.

"Mayu-chan's right, I'm such a crybaby..." She laughed again.

Please... Enough saying her name already! Forgive me, Jurina-san. I cannot control myself anymore. For this moment, I want you to share me your pain. Only for this moment, let me love you.

Without thinking twice, I reached for her and immediately locked my arms around her. I gently put her head near my chest and tightly hugged her without saying any word.

"R-Rena-chan!!!" She finally breaks out.

The cheerful Jurina-san was gone. She grabbed my shirt and started to cry harder.

"I love her!!! I really do that it hurts way too much..."

She finally cried out the pain she's been keeping inside. I can feel and hear her breathing becoming heavier and heavier. I looked up and suddenly felt warm tears flow my cheeks.

My own tears.

I don't want Jurina-san see me crying for her. I don't want her to know that it's me who's hurting more.

We stayed like that for I don't know how long. She never heard me speak. But I hope my feelings reached her, for I failed to find the words to make her feel better.


It took long before she finally calms down. We laid next to each other flatly on her bed, both of us facing upwards.

"Do you think Churi's still mad at me?" Jurina-san asked staring the room ceiling.

Her voice went a bit husky. But I can tell that she's somehow okay now.

"Akane-san was only concern about you. That's what Airi-san told me." I answered.

"Churi's probably the one most disappointed. Right from the start, she'd given me her support on my relationship with Mayu-chan."

"I know Akane-san will understand. You're important to her. She even once told me that she's been your fan."

"I know!" Jurina-san giggled. "That's why she's been treasuring that old newspaper with an article written about me."

"Oh, which reminds me..." I said out thinking.


"Was the newspaper Akane-san showed me before also the one Mayu-san mentioned about you helping a pretty senpai?"

"Ah, you figured it out." She answered. "It's true, I was a freshman back then. That senpai was really a beauty. I heard she went to Paris to become a model. But why do you ask?"

"I'm only curious..." I hesitantly said. "Was that mean that you prefer girls?"

"Haha~ I'm not sure!" She laughed. "You see, Mayu-chan was the only person I ever loved. She just happened to be a girl. Who knows what will be my next preference."

"Boys, you mean?" I faced her side asking.

"Possible... or maybe... a family member will do..."

She also turned herself to my direction and stared at me.

"Rena-chan is beautiful, smart, and kind. It's not hard for people to fall for you." She went closer and whispered. "And maybe... if we're not real sisters... I'd probably be one of them."

I immediately faced away. I thought my heart skipped a beat. I hope she can't hear the loud sound of my chest pounding.

"Hahaha~ I'm just teasing you!" She laughed. "Say, Rena-chan... If you like someone... let me know, okay? So, that I can immediately take a deep background check on that person. I can't afford to just let someone hurt my sister!"

I softly laughed. She has no idea that she already did and that she's actually talking about herself.

"Eh? Why are you laughing?" She pouted. "I'm serious!"

"Nothing." I giggled. "I didn't know you could be a little over-protective..."

The tears were then turned into laughter. The atmosphere now is a lot better than earlier. We spent the rest of the night talking only about good things. We almost didn't notice how much time has passed.

"Rena-chan, what time is it?" Jurina-san asked.

"It's past 12 in the midnight." I answered looking at the clock.

I realized that we haven't eat anything yet since lunch. But I don't feel hungry at all. Maybe, it's because my stomach is full of butterflies right now.

"Only few hours to go before the championship begins." She said. "Let's do our best!"

I smiled and nodded.

"Rena-chan..." She called me again.


"Thank you."

"For what?" I looked at her.

"For being there for me." She looked back.

Her eyes were so sincere, by gazing at them I felt like I was about to melt.

"Can you promise me one thing?" She asked.

"What is it?"

"That no matter what happens, we will never leave each other's side." She raised her smallest finger. "Pinky swear?"

I reached for her little finger and hooked it with mine.

"Pinky swear." I sealed with a smile.

After that, we both fell asleep together with our little fingers entwined to each other.


*Phone vibrating*

I was then awaken by a phone call. Someone's calling my number. I carefully reached for my phone without disturbing Jurina-san beside me. Without a sound, I stood up and left her bed to answer the call.

"Rena..." A familiar voice has spoken.


"Someone wants to talk to you." She said right after.

Before I could say a word, she immediately transferred the call to another person.

"Otsukare... Rena." Another familiar voice called my name.

"O-Okaasama!" I was surprised. I didn't expect to hear from her.

"Your mission is now done." She continued.

What does she mean?

"B-But I haven't..." I tried to protest.

"Listen to me carefully, Rena." She cuts me off. "I want you to do exactly as I tell you."

My mind went blank and my body shivers as they both reject every word trying to penetrate me. Things suddenly flashed back, like the reason why I'm here and who I really am. I hang up the phone after my mother gave me her instructions.

I went back beside Jurina-san and quietly watch her peacefully sleeping.

This is my punishment.

If we're not born this way, things might have been different for us. But everything is too late now. Nothing can be changed.


this will be rena's last pov for now :cry:
ch 13 is next! the first half of the story is about to end :panic:

thanks for reading! :)
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That WMatsui crying scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >____<

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reading this while remembering Rena's hurts me a lot more~~~~~ :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
btw,nice update.... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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 :cry: :cry: Rena.. Jurina...
Why there are so many thorn in their path..  :(
And what are they planning for Jurina? I really want to smash them.. :angry:
Please don't hurt Jurina and Rena anymore, now that Jurina is single... :banghead:
Well I think it won't go that smoothly right??  :lol:
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wahhh 😭😭
im gonna miss wmatsui momments in real life 😢

yeah would their be a chance for those two?
and dont you dare harm her (rena's mom)
"Rena-chan is beautiful, smart, and kind. It's not hard for people to fall for you." She went closer and whispered. "And maybe... if we're not real sisters... I'd probably be one of them."

I immediately faced away. I thought my heart skipped a beat. I hope she can't hear the loud sound of my chest pounding.

"Hahaha~ I'm just teasing you!" She laughed. "Say, Rena-chan... If you like someone... let me know, okay? So, that I can immediately take a deep background check on that person. I can't afford to just let someone hurt my sister!"
an overprotective puppy detected haha mou
she has fallin' for you jurina.
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Thank u so much..
At least reading this with the wmatsui moment in it mend my broken heart a bit..
Rena's graduation...
Hwaaa..... :'(
Nande?? I've just rewatch their delightful moment in juju's first ANN some nights ago, n then i heard her graduation announcement, in ANN too...! I'm so sad..
Ah! What am i blabbering about?! Just ignore my randomness..
Once again, thx 4 ur great work ainivel-san..
Please, don't separate the matsuis, at least in this fic.. >o<..
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Thanks for your update
I'm getting excited when you say Rena Mom's will appear soon :lol:

That scene!!!! I love that scene , the Wmatsui scene xD
Is Rena onee-san working under her mom or what?
What did they told Rena to do?
Is it something really bad?
Jurina is going to be okay right?
But i want some drama, so i'm quite sure the Wmatsui is not going to be really okay
But i still hope they will always be okay, i'm confused :nervous

Waiting for your next update author-san :twothumbs
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That tearsxcomfort scene
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What Rena punishment..what she gonna have to do..
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How promise are meant to be broken 'crying
Thanks for the update~
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yep, rena is good in acting, she nailed her role as gekikara in majisuka gakuen and gift. I'll also support her!

after wmatsui crying moment and pinky swear, why sakiko and okasama phoned rena suddenly, they ruined it.
what's the punishment? what will they do?
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it's been more than a month since my last update.. many things had happened lately that's why :(
hontou ni gomenasai minna-san :bow: but as promised I will keep on going back to finish the story :thumbsup

@Ruka Kikuchi: senpai, it's been a while ne.. hope you're doing good :grin:
@no-chan: august is too soon! rena's graduation is coming so fast.. i'm crying :cry:
@Raizel: there'd be more thorns in the second half.. believe me i do wanted to end this story already.. i even hoped to finish the story before she graduates this august.. but that's impossible for me :panic:
@yuuri14: the thought of having no wmatsui in ske48 anymore.. makes me want to cry a river :bleed eyes:
@niineechan: you're welcome dear reader.. i'm sorry if my update took long.. the other day was rena-chan's bday.. it reminded me that i have an unfinished story here :sweatdrop:
@blackcold: hi, hope you're not mad about my absence.. i'm going to try not to skip a month this time.. since the real drama now arrives.. i'm wishing that i can write it exactly the way how i imagined it :nervous
@kuro_black29: promises are made to be broken you say.. but sometimes that makes bond even stronger.. or perhaps the other way around :?
@sastio13: rena!!! i'm going to see her future movies and dramas!!! i'm still crying here :banghead:
@Archer1992: hi there.. it's funny that i'm already on going with my update when you posted a comment earlier.. thanks for the push! so here's the next chapter :twothumbs

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 13

Ugh... Where am I...

I tried to look around. This place is somewhat very familiar to me. Ah, I can see from this place that the sun is already setting...


I then realized that I'm standing right infront of our school gate... But how did I get here?

I suddenly heard someone coming.

"...please stop treating me like your younger sister!"

A girl from afar shouted. And she's running after another girl... that looks a lot like...

M-Mayu-chan?? Why is she still wearing our highschool uniform? And who is she running from?

"Mayu-chan, I suffered enough when you left me. So, please... I beg you... don't ever leave me behind again!!!" The girl said.

Eh??! Wait... is that... ME??? What's going on here...

"Baka... I'm one year ahead of you. Ofcourse, I'd still graduate first!"

"How about you flunk your subjects and repeat another year?"

Mayu-chan pinches both my cheeks hard.

"I-IIITAI!!!! I'm just joking!!!! Stop it... my face hurts..."

I remember now. This scenario actually happened two years ago when I was a freshman.

"If I leave you behind once more... will you come and follow me again?" Mayu-chan asked staring at me. "Because... I'm willing to pause my time and wait for you to catch up."

"I'll grow up fast! Just wait! I'll soon catch up and we'll be together!" I confidently answered.

"What if you stopped and get tired of coming after me?" She paused. "Then maybe... I'll turn around and come back for you. I wonder if you'll be able to wait for me."

"Mayu-chan... why do you always think of complicated things? You just have to trust in me. It's just as simple as that. I will wait for you no matter what..."

I smile looking back at our old selves. Then I realized that the past will now just remain as a mere happy memory.

"If you won't come back, then I'll hunt you down! I swear to find you wherever you are!" I warned her.

"I don't know if that sounds romantic or creepy..." Mayu-chan giggled.

"Ofcourse, it's romantic!" Then we both laughed while walking side by side.

As they're slowly approaching my direction, my old self then disappeared. The present me and Mayu-chan were only the ones left. She's now standing right infront of me and we're looking deeply at each other's eyes.

I already knew that this is only a dream and everything here is unreal. Except for the pain that still remains real inside of me. The truth is... I wanted to take my chance to feel her once more.

"Mayu-chan..." Tears started to flow down my cheeks again as I called her name. "Even for the last time..."

She then gently touches my face and wiped off my tears. The warmth and softness of her touch unbelievably seemed so real, too. And with that, I'm about to lose myself. I reached for her and held her, slowly closing the gaps between our lips.

I tried to open my eyes. I feel like I'm really holding someone next to me. And then...


Kyaaa~ Our faces were too close!!! I immediately jump out of my bed. She seems also startled. Her usual pale face looks bright red upto the tip of her ears.

Ah, right. I remember she stayed on my bed last night because she was comforting me. And yet now, I almost kissed her! This is so embarassing.

"I-I'm sorry! I-I didn't mean... uhm... to..." I sincerely apologized.

"No worries." She calmly answered. "You we're talking in your sleep."

I was probably calling Mayu-chan's name again. Now, I'm even more embarassed.

Rena-chan quietly gets up, took her personal things and went ahead to the bathroom.

I faced palm. This is so awkward. I hope she doesn't think that I'm doing weird things in my dream. I then noticed that my eyes are wet. Maybe I was also crying earlier while sleeping. But why are my cheeks dry?

Oh! What time is it already by the way?

I immediately checked the time. Today's our championship! I better hurry and prepare myself, too.


After Rena-chan and I were done fixing ourselves, we are now ready to go. I opened our hotel room's door and saw Churi and Airin already outside also about to leave.

"Churi!" I called. "Ano... about yesterday..."

"We'll talk later after the championship is done." She immediately told me. "I might not forgive you if we lose this, so make sure you do your best today."

She sounded a bit cold, but her words gave me a relief. I knew she already calmed down.

"Ofcourse!" I smiled answering her.

The four of us later then arrived at the final venue. So many people came to watch the final event. Unfortunately, Sakippe-sensei didn't come back. But she didn't actually neglect her responsibility as our club adviser, because she already set ahead everything for us here. Maybe she was called back to school, or something urgent happened.

While waiting for our group's turn to perform onstage, I noticed that Rena-chan is still quiet. Does she feel nervous? Or maybe she's still thinking about what happened this morning...

"Nani?" She caught me staring at her.

"N-Nothing... It's just that... you've been quiet since earlier... I was thinking maybe you're nervous or something..."

She didn't answer but instead she stared back at me with those eyes that I cannot read.

"Jurina-san." She said my name. "I wanted us to win, that's why I promise to do my best. I wanted to be remembered that I did something that made you happy. Even at least in this way."

"Mou.. why do you sound like this will be your last dance?" I asked. "Win or lose, what's important to me is that we're all in this together. You already made me happy right since you started to dance with me, and I'd be happier if we'll share a lot of more dances together."

I saw Rena-chan blushed. She faced away from me and looked down the ground.

"Juritan, don't forget that we're about to graduate soon. Maybe what Rena-san means is that she wanted to make good memories." Airin joined the conversation.

Memories. Good or bad, they always makes me sad. It feels like they only exist in the past and will never happen again.

"What's with those sad faces? We're next!" Churi tried to refresh the group's mood. "It's our turn now! Let's go and have fun out there!"

One by one we step on stage and positioned ourselves. The lights turned on and our music started to play. We move exactly the way how we practiced it. But there's something more to it. If there's one thing different in our group from the others, it's that we're all friends to begin with. That's why we always enjoy dancing together. No pressure at all.

Well yes, I once had a particular reason why we have to win this competition, but now that's irrelevant anymore. Because I knew that my friends always have been a big part of my reason. I wanted to win for them, to repay everyone's hardwork, and to see them all happy.

Oh, here comes the part where we go into pairs and where my partner is Rena-chan.


What was that?


Rena-chan... Her moves... Sugoi~

When did her dance becomes this so breath taking? Why does my heart reacts to her like this?

Her eyes are locked on mine. Then I remember how she looked at me last night. I saw in her eyes how she truly worried for me. She was only there, silently listening to me and I didn't hear her utter a single word. But when she held me tightly in her arms, I felt how she wanted to tell me that she cares for me. She was like a different person last night.

Maybe that explains why this dance between us seems so different from the previous ones we've had. Because after last night, I feel like our closeness have grown much deeper.

But I think there's something more to her dance now. Rena-chan has transformed into like the loveliest butterfly I have ever seen. She already amazed me the first time I saw her dance. I witnessed how she worked hard to catch up with the group. And now she's glowing... even more radiating.

Is this what she meant when she said she will do her best? She's putting everything to her dance like there's no tomorrow. She dances like it's her last dance with me.

But I don't want to think that this might be our last dance. I wanted to dance with her more. This is the first time I felt this way with my dance partner. When I dance with her, I feel like our souls are being connected together.

Is it even possible that sisters can also be soulmates? Ah, it doesn't matter. All I know is that I don't want our dance to end.

And then Rena-san stopped moving. W-Why did she stop??

Then a loud applause from the audience filled the whole place. It only means that our number has ended even before I knew it. It's weird that I felt a little disappointed because the time was not enough. My body is still craving to dance with her more.

After all the finalists' performance, it's now time to wait for the announcement of the winner. Everyone, ofcourse, was excited to know which dance group is the champion. Rena-chan suddenly held my hand. Woah, her hand is as cold as ice. I guess she's a lot more nervous now than earlier before we performed. I clasped my hand with her, entwining our fingers.

And then the judges finally called the name of the champion.

"T-They called our school!" Churi shouted.

"We won..." Airin said almost in tears of joy.

Me... I only stood still. Things are not yet sinking. I can't still believe it's happening. Then Rena-chan hugged me out of her excitement.

"We made it... Jurina-san..." She said near my ear, tightening her arms around me.

The four of us climbed up the stage together to receive the award. It's the fruit of our hardwork. The happiness on my friends' faces are priceless. Their smile is way much valuable than any gold medal or trophy that we can get. And then I thought, this is only the very first competition that we tried to join. If this is how good the feeling is everytime we can win together, then maybe, this is only the start for more to come.


Later after the event, we received a reservation invite from a fine-dining restaurant near the hotel. So, we decided to spend our dinner there to celebrate our victory.

"Too bad, Sakippe-sensei's not here to celebrate with us." Churi said.

"I admire her over-preparedness, though." Airin added. "She even expected the we'll going to be champions that she already reserved this restaurant in advance for our celebration."

We finished our dinner and went back to the hotel. As we reached the hotel's lobby, Rena-chan suddenly paused right before we enter the elevator.

"Airi-san, do you have a minute?" Rena-chan asked Airin and she only nodded.

"Jurina-san, please go ahead." She turned to me. "I'll go up later shortly."

"S-Sure... Take your time." I answered her.

Churi and I took the elevator alone. Rena-chan and Airin? I wonder what they will talk about.

"When did those two became close? They seem like they'll about to talk something serious." Churi curiously said.

Churi's right, they both sure look serious.

"I have no idea. But I think that's a good thing though, that Rena-chan's starting to open up herself to others." I answered.

"Rena-chan's a bit quiet earlier at the dinner, wasn't she?" Churi added. "I know she's the quiet type, but I just thought that maybe something's bothering her."

Bothering her? I suddenly remembered what happened this morning. I really hope it's not about that.

"Something happened, isn't it? It's written all over your face." Churi asked staring at me. "Come on, spill it."

"I-I'm not sure of this but... it might be possible that it's because of what happened earlier this morning." I started to explain. "Last night I had a dream about Mayu-chan... and when I was about to kiss her... I woke up and saw Rena-chan's face close to mine..."

"Hahaha!" Churi laughed at me. "That's funny! So, you almost kissed your own sister!"

"Hey... keep it down..." I said in an embarassed voice.

"Jurina-chan's a pervert! You probably creeped her out!" She kept on laughing.

The elevator opened and we both got off as we reached our floor.

"Then... dreaming of her only means you're still not over with Watanabe-san." Churi concluded. "Arghh!! I swear I'm going to break the neck of whoever will dare to hurt you again."

I gave her a smile. I knew Churi only worries for me.

"So, what do you plan to do next? Now that she's out of the picture?" She asked as we walk to our rooms.

"I... honestly still don't know yet..." I answered.

"I see. But I'm surprised that you look better now. I was expecting that you'll mourn for few more weeks!" She giggled.

"Thanks to Rena-chan, she helped me get better."

"Well, she should. You're sisters after all." She said reaching our doors. "Do you want me to keep you company tonight? You're free to take advantages if you want..."

"Nah... I'll just wait for Rena-chan to come back."

"Haha! I'm just kidding though. Oyasumi!" She bids goodnight.

"Oyasumi." We entered our own rooms and closed the doors behind us.

I laid on my bed straight. Geez, I'm so tired that I can't move anymore. I guess, I'll just fix my baggages first thing tomorrow before we come home.

I stared at the ceiling. Now that the competition is done, what will I do next? I'll probably go back to school, take final exams, graduate highschool... and then what?

How about I accept Grandfather's proposal? It will surely make Rena-chan happy. Then we can be together and will never be separated from each other. That's right! I'm decided! I'm going to tell her as soon as she comes back!

Ah, but I'm so sleepy. What's keeping her so long? I think I should go ahead and take a short nap.


I opened my eyes. It's a bit brighter now. Eh? It's morning already?

I searched for Rena-chan's bed. Her pillows and sheet are neatly placed. I can't see her personal things inside the room either.

"Rena-chan?" I called her but no one's answering.

I ran to the next room and knocked continuously.

"Airin, have you seen Rena-chan?" I immediately asked as she opened the door.

"She already left. Her family's private car came to pick her up earlier this morning." She answered.

"Oh... We didn't even had a chance to say goodbye. I dozed off too early last night. I guess, we'll just meet again on school." I said in a sad voice.


We're all now about to go home and leave Sapporo. Too many things had happened in this city. I know that a part of me will forever stay here, but I'll take my heart with me as I go.

"Goodbye, Mayu-chan." I softly whispered.

The moment I leave this place, I knew that a new beginning awaits for me.

We took a train for hours, going back to our hometown. Churi reached her station first and then mine is next. I get off the train as we arrived my station.

"See you at school!" I waved goodbye at Airin as she was left inside the train.


"Tadaima!" I excitedly greeted as I arrived home. "Okaasan, I'm back!"

I entered our house and continued to look for her inside.


No one's home? I wonder where my mother went...

*Phone ringing*

An unknown number is suddenly calling my mobile phone. I picked it up.

"Matsui Jurina." A deep voice spoke my name.

"Who's this?" I answered.

"If you want to see your mother safe. Come alone to the address that I will send you." The voice instructed.

"W-What did you do to Okaasan!!? WAIT!!!"

But the caller immediately hung up after speaking. Then I received a text message containing an address.


My body is shaking. I don't know what's going on. I've never been scared like this before, but I have to do what they wanted. I will go alone and save my mother... even if it costs my own life.


start of the second half finally :nervous
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OH MY GOD.. So ainivel-san the second half will full of trouble.. :banghead: But I love trouble.. :twisted:
And the start is Jurina's Mother got kidnapped..Argh..Nooo.. :shocked
Poor Jurina, she just come back from Sapporo.. :banghead:
But Jurina slowly develop a feelings toward Rena.. Wohoo.. :inlove:
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Author-San you know that I really want to murder you *evil smile * Nyahahahahaha don't I'm just joking beside love your fic please update soon and don't leave your fic I beg you
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OH MY GOD.. So ainivel-san the second half will full of trouble.. :banghead: But I love trouble.. :twisted:
And the start is Jurina's Mother got kidnapped..Argh..Nooo.. :shocked
Poor Jurina, she just come back from Sapporo.. :banghead:
But Jurina slowly develop a feelings toward Rena.. Wohoo.. :inlove:
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OH MY GOD.. So ainivel-san the second half will full of trouble.. :banghead: But I love trouble.. :twisted:
And the start is Jurina's Mother got kidnapped..Argh..Nooo.. :shocked
Poor Jurina, she just come back from Sapporo.. :banghead:
But Jurina slowly develop a feelings toward Rena.. Wohoo.. :inlove:
Can't wait to see next chapter.. And don't worry, Take your time cz I will waiting.. :twothumbs

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Quote from: Raizel link=topic=38631.msg1342123 #msg1342123 date=1438164905
OH MY GOD.. So ainivel-san the second half will full of trouble.. :banghead: But I love trouble.. :twisted:
And the start is Jurina's Mother got kidnapped..Argh..Nooo.. :shocked
Poor Jurina, she just come back from Sapporo.. :banghead:
But Jurina slowly develop a feelings toward Rena.. Wohoo.. :inlove:
Can't wait to see next chapter.. And don't worry, Take your time cz I will waiting.. :twothumbs

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Quote from: Raizel link=topic=38631.msg1342123 #msg1342123 date=1438164905
OH MY GOD.. So ainivel-san the second half will full of trouble.. :banghead: But I love trouble.. :twisted:
And the start is Jurina's Mother got kidnapped..Argh..Nooo.. :shocked
Poor Jurina, she just come back from Sapporo.. :banghead:
But Jurina slowly develop a feelings toward Rena.. Wohoo.. :inlove:
Can't wait to see next chapter.. And don't worry, Take your time cz I will waiting.. :twothumbs

Grrrrrrrrrrr as I was commenting you appear and kick me and comment before me I will murder you   :angry:
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The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 14

Without thinking twice, I went out the house and immediately took my bicycle. I didn't bring anything else with me, except for my mobile phone that contains the address.

The sky is getting dark and the sun is almost down. Each time I hit my pedals, the sharp coldness of the wind strikes directly my skin like needles, ignoring my thick coat that covers me.

The location of the address is not near our house, it's outside the town's vicinity. But I know I can reach the place by just bicycle. And I'm right, I arrived my destination in more than two hours ride.

The sun is now gone. It's so quiet and I can't see any people around. By describing the place, it looks like an old abandoned warehouse similar to those of in movies where hostage-taking and kidnapping takes place. But this is no movie at all, and I can't believe this can happen to me in real life.

I might get killed tonight in this creepy place. That's what I'm thinking right now.

I get off my bicycle and gathered all the courage I can get to enter the place. It's spacious inside but totally empty. I further went in and saw a single chair in the middle. Someone's sitting on it. When I went closer to check, I immediately recognized the woman on the chair.

"Okaasan!" I rushed to her.

She's tied up and her eyes are close. I tried to wake her up.

"Okaasan, please wake up!"

I checked her pulse and heart beat. Thank God, she's still breathing. But why is she not waking up?

"You're such an obedient girl." A voice coming from inside the place spoke to me.

"Who are you!? Show yourself!!" I shouted out, my eyes searching around.

Then a shadow of a lady slowly came out. She walks closer to my direction and shows herself.

"Jurina-chan, omedetou~" A familiar person greeted me. "I heard your group won. Sensei's very proud, y'know?"

"S-Sakippe-sensei....? W-Why are you here?" I asked confused.

"You're asking me that? I was the one you called you." She smiled at
me. "Oh, I see. Perhaps, this little thingy over here made you not recognize my voice earlier."

She's holding a strange microphone-like device connected to her phone.

"Y-You...?? W-What did you do to my mother!!"

"Relax, Jurina-chan~ I just gave her something to calm her down. See? She's peacefully sleeping."

"W-Why are you doing this... W-What do you want from us!!!"

"Hmm, I wonder..." She answered in a playful voice. "Actually, it's my mother who really wanted to see you."

"Your mother?"

"Yes and I believe you've already met before." She said after. "Isn't that right, Okaasama?"

From her back, another shadow then appeared.

"Y-You?" I was surprised to see the woman behind her. "B-But you're Rena-chan's mother!"

"I'm glad that you still recognize me, Jurina-san." She answered in a polite way.

I looked at both of them. What's going on? Things started to confuse me more...

"I-If she's your mother..." I turned to Sakippe-sensei. "Then Rena-chan..."

"Is my most precious little sister." She finished off my sentence.

"That means we're sisters, too?" I asked to confirm.

"Technically maybe?" Her answer was uncertain. "Remember, I told you that I was only adopted by a Matsui family. We're not related by blood."

"I don't get it... why didn't you tell me this from the start? And even Rena-chan kept silent about it..."

"Let Okaasama explain to you everything. I have to leave now, so that you can talk in private. Please excuse me." And then she left us.

What the hell is happening here...

"What is it that you want to know, Ojousama?" Rena's mother asked me. "It will be my pleasure to be able to serve you before you disappear."

"D-Disappear??" I answered. "I-I don't remember that we've done something against you. Why are you doing this to us!"

"Let's just say that... you're in the way." She calmly answered. "Thanks to my beloved daughter, I can finally erase your existence."

"I didn't know Sakippe-sensei hate me that much..." I said.

"Oh dear, I'm not pertaining to Sakiko..."

"W-What do you mean?"

Before she answers me, another shadow showed up. And then... I felt like my world suddenly stopped turning... when a very familiar person appeared before me.


I'm lost for words when I saw her right infront of me. Things get even harder to comprehend.

"W-What are you doing here..." I asked  her out of my shock.

"It was Rena I'm talking about." Her mother said giving me smile. "She's full of surprises, isn't she?"

"N-No... T-This is not happening!!! T-They only forced you... R-Right?? R-Rena-chan??"

"Oh my... no one forced her. In fact, she's the one who planned everything from the start. And she did it on her own will." Her mother answered for her.

"Rena-chan... tell me what she's saying is not true..." I looked at her. "I know you couldn't do such a thing... We're sisters... aren't we?"

But she couldn't look straight back at me. I'm waiting for her to deny the things her mother is saying about her. But she only kept silent about it.


I'm starting to lose my patience. I'm trying so hard not to think that she's guilty.

"Rena, sweetheart... Please don't be rude to our Ojousama... Go on and answer her..." Her mother told her in a gentle like voice.

I waited for Rena-chan to answer. I stared at her and felt her hesitation. The temperature in the place is very low, but I can see her sweating. She looks like almost as pale as ice.

"I'm..... not your sister..." She finally speaks up.

"N-Not your sister...?" I repeated in a question.

"Rena is my daughter from another man. Which makes you the only grandchild of the chairman. The real Matsui. The sole heiress." Her mother finally revealed the root of everything.

I thought I was about to lose my mind in that moment. I felt like my head is splitting into two. My body is rejecting the truth infront of me.

"So, it's true... isn't it?" I asked Rena-chan once more. "All because of wealth and power... you pretended to be my sister... Everything between us was a lie!!!"

"The truth about my daughter's identity will be kept hidden. And once we get rid of you, she remains on the throne, no one else can ever take it away from her." Her mother added.

"Rena-chan clearly knew that I don't care about those things! You can have it all! Spare me and my mother!" I answered back.

"It's too late now, Ojousama. The chairman already prepared his plans for you. It's hard to stop to him once he made up his mind. And we don't agree with his idea. My daughter doesn't have to share with anyone."

"Rena-chan... I believed in you... I trusted you... How could you do this to me!!!" Tears started to pile up my eyes.

"Rena, please help our Ojousama to calm herself down."

Her mother then pulls out something and hands it over her. It looks like a syringe.

"Don't you dare come near me!!!" I yelled at her.

She froze when our eyes met again. I glared at her. I despise her.

"Rena, do it now!" Her mother ordered her.

Suddenly, a number of men in black suits surrounded the place.

"Don't move!" One of them commanded.

I recognized that person. It's the same guy who went to our house before. He saw my mother and immediately ran to her.

"Keiko, are you alright? Wake up!"

He called my mother's name like they've already known each other. He checked her and I can feel in his voice that he's truly concern about her.

"Ojousama." He turned to me. "I'm Endou Kenichi. Matsui family's butler and the chairman's secretary. I'm here to keep you both safe."

I felt relieved and secured in his words. I think it is okay to trust him.

"Don't let them get away!" He commanded his men.

The men tried to capture Rena-chan and her mother.

"Don't touch me! Don't you even know me? I'm Matsui Naoko! The chairman's daughter-in-law!" Rena-chan's mother protested.

Then a fast car suddenly arrived and took Rena-chan.

"Rena! Get in! Hurry!" Sakippe-sensei opened the car's door.

"B-But...! How about Okaasama..." Rena-chan hesitated.

"There's no time! Just get in now!" She shouted at her.

Before Rena-chan get inside the car, she took a last glimpse of me. I only watch her escape, until she's out of my sight.

"Juritan! Are you alright?" Airin suddenly showed up and ran to me.

"Airin...? How did you..."

"No time for explanations. What important now is that you're safe!" She answered. "We need to get out of here."

"Rena..... Rena is getting away..." I said grabbing her arms.

Airin didn't speak. She only looked back at me with so much concern.

"Ojousama!" Endou-san called. "Your mother needs to be rushed to the hospital. I believe she was overdosed."

I turned back to my mother again and tried to wake her up.

"O-Okaasan? Okaasan!!! I beg you... please open your eyes..." I cried out holding her. "I'm so sorry... I should have listened to you..."

"Juritan... please get a hold of yourself." Airin was at my back, trying to calm me down.

But I can't calm down in this state. I'm so scared that my mother might not wake up again. She's the only family I have. And then anger slowly follows next, it's starting to swallow me up whole.

"It's her fault... I will never forgive her..." I angrily said. "That criminal will pay for this..."


"I swear I'd find you..." I clasped my fist and yelled out hard.



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Oh, here comes the part where we go into pairs and where my partner is Rena-chan.


What was that?


Rena-chan... Her moves... Sugoi~

When did her dance becomes this so breath taking? Why does my heart reacts to her like this?

My heart goes doki doki too.....dubdabdubdab *clutching the heart

But I don't want to think that this might be our last dance. I wanted to dance with her more. This is the first time I felt this way with my dance partner. When I dance with her, I feel like our souls are being connected together.

Is it even possible that sisters can also be soulmates? Ah, it doesn't matter. All I know is that I don't want our dance to end.

From my point of view..its a yeah~...goooogoooo~

I searched for Rena-chan's bed. Her pillows and sheet are neatly placed. I can't see her personal things inside the room either.

"Rena-chan?" I called her but no one's answering.


*Phone ringing*

An unknown number is suddenly calling my mobile phone. I picked it up.

"Matsui Jurina." A deep voice spoke my name.

"Who's this?" I answered.

"If you want to see your mother safe. Come alone to the address that I will send you." The voice instructed.

"W-What did you do to Okaasan!!? WAIT!!!"

No one dare lays hand on okaasan *pulled out bomb from my pocket

"Let's just say that... you're in the way." She calmly answered. "Thanks to my beloved daughter, I can finally erase your existence."

"I didn't know Sakippe-sensei hate me that much..." I said.

"Oh dear, I'm not pertaining to Sakiko..."

"W-What do you mean?"

Before she answers me, another shadow showed up. And then... I felt like my world suddenly stopped turning... when a very familiar person appeared before me.


I'm lost for words when I saw her right infront of me. Things get even harder to comprehend.

"W-What are you doing here..." I asked  her out of my shock.

"It was Rena I'm talking about." Her mother said giving me smile. "She's full of surprises, isn't she?"

"N-No... T-This is not happening!!! T-They only forced you... R-Right?? R-Rena-chan??"

"Oh my... no one forced her. In fact, she's the one who planned everything from the start. And she did it on her own will." Her mother answered for her.

"Rena-chan... tell me what she's saying is not true..." I looked at her. "I know you couldn't do such a thing... We're sisters... aren't we?"

But she couldn't look straight back at me. I'm waiting for her to deny the things her mother is saying about her. But she only kept silent about it.


I'm starting to lose my patience. I'm trying so hard not to think that she's guilty.


"Rena-chan... I believed in you... I trusted you... How could you do this to me!!!" Tears started to pile up my eyes.

Stay believe in meee~~

But I can't calm down in this state. I'm so scared that my mother might not wake up again. She's the only family I have. And then anger slowly follows next, it's starting to swallow me up whole.

"It's her fault... I will never forgive her..." I angrily said. "That criminal will pay for this..."


"I swear I'd find you..." I clasped my fist and yelled out hard.


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The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 15

My mother was rushed to the nearest hospital for her immediate treatment. After patiently waiting outside the emergency room, the doctors finally came out and said that her condition is now safe. But they can't tell when she will wake up.

When my grandfather heard what happened, he decided to transfer her to one of the top hospitals in Tokyo. He wanted to make sure that the best doctors in Japan can check her health. With that, my worries were lessened and I somehow felt relieved. I stayed by my mother's side and looked after her.

"Okaasan..." I held her hand while she's lying on her bed. "Did you know that our group won? We're the champions. I know you'd be proud of me."

But she didn't move. She still has no reaction. I don't even know if she can hear me.

"That doesn't matter anymore. I regret leaving for that long. I wasn't there to protect you. I shouldn't have left you all alone. This is all my fault." I cried out.

I know that crying wouldn't change anything. All I can only do now is to wait for her to wake up.

"Excuse me, Ojousama." Endou-san entered the room. "The Chairman wanted to speak with you. He's waiting for you in the mansion."

"B-But I can't leave my mother alone here." I hesitated to go.

"You don't have to worry. I'll stay here with her. I promise not to leave her side." He assured me.

I don't know why, but I can really feel this man's sincerity and his genuine concern for my mother.

"Endou-san." I called his name before I started to leave. "Thank you for saving us. And I also apologize for my attitude before. I knew our first meeting wasn't a very nice one."

He gave me a smile in return.

"You should also thank your friend. She called us for help and said that your life is in danger." He answered.

Oh, Airin. He's right. I wasn't able to thank her properly yet. She already went home after she assisted us to the hospital. I'm still wondering how she knew where I was.

"Your family car is waiting for you downstairs." Endou-san said.


I arrived at the mansion. This is only my second time here. I went inside and looked around. The place is filled with my memories with Rena-chan.


Don't think about her. Those memories are fake, as well as her. Remember, she only took advantage of you, Jurina. And she let your mother get hurt.

I was only talking to myself, trying to get Rena-chan out of my head. But I can't avoid it, this place was still her house.

I started to climb the wide stairs infront of me and reached for the second floor. The servants then lead me to my grandfather's room. I knocked and opened the door. The lights inside his room are dim. I saw my grandfather near the window quietly looking outside.

"Good evening, Sir." I politely greeted him. "Endou-san told me that you called me over."

"Jurina." He turned around. "I am glad that you're safe."

I knew in that moment that he's happy when he saw me. Eventhough the lights are low, I can still clearly see how his face brightened up.

"I'm very much ashamed for letting those horrible things happened to you and to your mother. I'm sorry, Jurina." He apologized.

"I believe it's not your fault, Sir." I answered him.

"It's my own negligence. I cannot imagine that I let those kind of people live inside this home for many years." He paused. "This is not the first time Naoko betrayed me."

He now started to talk about Rena's mother.

"Hideki, your father, is my only son. It was me who arranged his fixed marriage with Naoko, thinking that her family's business was still doing well. After their marriage, I found out that her family was broke and that's the only reason why she married my son. I was so angry at her and her family for lying at me, but Hideki only asked me to forgive them."

The way how he describes my father makes me think that he's a good man. If only I had a chance to meet him.

"That's when my patience started to get shorter and I easily lose temper on Naoko. And then I found out that she can't even give me a grandchild. They adopted Sakiko because they can't bear a child of their own. But I cannot accept a grandchild without Matsui blood, the reason why I gave the child an unfair treatment. I understand that's where Sakiko's hatred on me came from, even upto now."

Sakippe-sensei... she must have been so lonely for many years. It's not her fault that she's not born a real Matsui.

"Then Naoko gave birth to Rena. I never doubted that child's identity. She was a good kid." He took a deep sigh. "If I only knew Rena's true intentions, then I shouldn't have given her permission to transfer to your school."

"Rena-chan asked your permission?" I repeated.

"Rena insisted her transfer to your school. She said she wanted to get closer to you." He clasped his fist. "If I only knew that she's not my real granddaughter then none of this would happen."

So, it's really true. It is already my grandfather who said that it is Rena-chan who insisted from the start. I can see in his eyes that he's also hurt from what Rena-chan has done. I can tell that he did love her like his own granddaughter.

"Naoko is currently being hidden away from the public. I cannot send her to prison, she's still my daughter-in-law. She carries Matsui in her name and I will not let her ruin our family's reputation. However, Sakiko and Rena are still being searched." He added.

"That is why... Jurina, I wanted you to stay in this mansion. You're safer here. I can protect you." He requested me.

"B-But, Sir... I just can't stay here. I still need to go to school until I graduate. I also wanted to visit my mother in the hospital everyday." I answered.

"Hahaha! You don't have to be so formal with me. Please call me your Grandfather." He laughed. "What I mean is that I want you to live here from now on. You can still go outside, only if you'll let my men follow you to keep me at ease."

I tried to think of it over. What happened to my mother wasn't Grandfather's fault. He's also a victim of the truth. Now, he's all alone here in this huge mansion. He might be lonely and needs company. He's not a bad guy, I know he only wanted to keep me safe. And he also took care of my mother's hospital bills which we can't possibly afford. Maybe, this is my chance to get to know him better as my grandfather and to make up for our lost time.

"I'll stay, Grandfather." I finally gave him my decision. "But I only have one request."


I'm not sure if I turned myself into a real masochist. I'm now inside Rena-chan's room. I don't know what came into my mind and asked this from Grandfather. I requested to take her room and told them not to change anything here. Her room is so spacious, even more spacious than our whole small house. I wonder if she gets lonely here. I went to her bed and lay down myself. Ah, the bedsheet smells like her.


I still can't believe she did those things to me. I know I should be mad at her, but why am I still worrying about her. I wanted to understand why. But even if I try so hard to understand her, still what she has done was definitely wrong.

Okaasan got hurt because of her. I'm not sure if I can able to forgive her about that. And if ever our paths cross again one day... I won't even know how to feel for her anymore.

"I hate you... Rena-chan..." I uttered.

A single drop of tear flow my cheek. My mind, heart and body are already tired. I will just let myself fall to sleep for now.


"Jurina-chan!!!" Churi flew her arms around me. "I heard what happened from Airin. I'm glad that you're okay! How's your mom?"

I went back going to school as usual, but without missing a day to visit my mother in the hospital. Everything seems back to normal. Well, except for one thing.

"Okaasan is still in the hospital. She's still not waking up, but her doctors said her vital signs are getting better." I answered.

"Arrrghh! I said I'd break the neck of whoever will hurt you! I never thought Rena-chan can hurt you like that!" She angrily said.

It seems that Rena-chan didn't come back to school. I was hoping a little that I can still see her, eventhough I knew that's not possible.

"And, what's with those guys behind you?" Churi asked pointing at my bodyguards.

"Grandfather allowed me to continue highschool until I graduate, but he wanted to make sure that I'm safe at all times." I explained. "By the way, have you seen Airin?"

I wanted to talk to Airin and ask her how she found me that night. And ofcourse, I wanted to personally thank her for saving us. I owe her my mother's life, as well as mine.

"She's over there, talking to the principal. The school wanted to give us a welcome party. A lot of students are requesting our group to have a dance performance."

Dance? I see...

This is weird. I usually get excited whenever people wanted me to dance for them. But now, I don't feel like dancing anymore. It's like my soul has been stolen from me.

"But... we're not complete." I told her.

"You're still thinking about your fake sister? Oh, come on! We're already dancing as a group even before she came."

Churi's right. We can still dance even without Rena-chan. But why do I feel so weak now? The last dance I had with her was the best one I've ever had. Seems like I gave it all to her with that dance, and now my body doesn't feel like moving if it's not with her. I can't just go and pretend that I still can afterall.

"I'm just not in the mood. And besides, I don't want to show people a bad performance. So maybe, I'll just pass for now."


Months has passed and my mother finally woke up. She told us what happened on the day she was kidnapped. She said that a teacher of mine called and said that she can bring her to Sapporo on the day of the finals. But when she arrived at their meeting place, she passed out and can't remember a thing after that.

Make sense to me. I'm guessing that the teacher she's talking about was Sakippe-sensei, the reason why she didn't show up on the finals.

Our lives has changed and decisions have been made. I realized that without power, I cannot protect myself and my loved ones. I finally accepted my Grandfather's proposal. That I'll be inheriting everything under his name.

Highschool graduation arrived, but still I never heard from Rena-chan.

"Finally! Highschool is over!" Churi excitedly said.

"Congratulations to us!" I told ourselves. "So, what are your plans after?"

"I'm still waiting for my college entrance exams result to come out." She answered. "How about you, Jurina-chan? Are you really sure you won't go to college?"

"Grandfather said I don't need to anymore. And besides, tomorrow is already the start of my training in the company."

"Woah! My friend is big time now!" She teased. "Ne~ when I fail my exams, just hire me in your company, okay?"

"Nah~ With Airin as your personal tutor? I don't think that you will fail."

"Speaking of Airin... where is she again? She just disappeared after her graduation speech." Churi asked.

In the past few months, Airin has been focused on studying and busy on many other things. I didn't have the chance to talk to her about that night. I don't know why but sometimes, she makes me feel that she's been avoiding me.

"Airin told me earlier that she has to meet someone today." I answered her.

"Who can be more important to her than us? This is our last day in highschool and might be the last time the three of us can be together!"

"Oh! Do you think she already got a boyfriend?" I curiously asked.

"Airin?! A b-boyfriend?? N-No way..." Churi tried to deny.

"What? You think she can't have one? Airin's a beauty! Eventhough she's a bit cold sometimes."

"Yeah... well... I admit... she is..."

I saw Churi blushed for a moment, and at the same time, there was also a sad reaction on her face. I wonder if I said something wrong.

"Look, we're still not sure about that." I took back what I said to make her feel better. "Maybe, she immediately went out to meet her family."

"Her family, huh?"

And then Churi rushed to get her things and started to walk away.

"You're leaving, too? Where are you going?" I asked her.

"I'm going to find Airin! I'll stalk her and whoever her date is!" She shouted back then paused. "Speaking of family... Try to turn around! See ya!"

Turn around?

I did what Churi said, and then I was surprised to see my mother behind me.

"Okaasan!" I ran to her in my excitement.

"Congratulations on your graduation, Jurina." She gave me a warm smile.

She's sitting on the wheelchair, with Endou-san assisting her. Her legs are still weak since she's in coma for months.

"Okaasan, why are you here? You should be resting yourself."

"I wanted to surprise you, and I like to be present in my daughter's special day." She answered and I hugged her.

"Ojousama." Endou-san called me. "Her doctors said she's recovering fast. They finally allowed her to go home. But the Chairman insists that she also stays in the mansion, so that we can watch over her and she can rest better."

"I understand, Endou-san. I also believe it's better that way. She's safer in the mansion." I answered. "Please wait for me, I'll come home with you. I just have to get all my things still left here."

I went to back to our room to get my things under my desk and then head next to my shoe locker. As I open my locker, a letter fell to the ground. I picked it up to read.


Please meet me here at school later tonight.

- Rena


ch 16 is almost done! lol :P
i feel like writing it first before ch 15
maybe because it's longer :lol:

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Jurina.. You said that you hate Rena but to be truth you still have a soft spot for her.. :)
I really love this side of you..  :w00t:
And I think your dance soul was stolen by Rena.. hehe.. :lol:
Airin so suspicious... :smhid  I really can't read her mind or plan. Is she helping Jurina or Rena?
Arghh.. I can't think difficult stuff.. :banghead:
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Of course Rena talk to airin and tell her about her sister plan!.. maybe jurina can found a rena´s diary. with all the information about all this mess..
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it's a relieve to know that Ju hates Rena. it means that Rena has a very special place in Ju's heart. like people said, love and hatred are the opposite sides of the same coin. (what am i even saying??) :banghead:

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hmm, i curious, i wonder, what did rena talk seriously to airin that night? :?
did rena tell airin about kidnapping? and is it rena that airin meet secretly? :? :?
woah, a letter from rena! will they meet? more dramas? :smhid
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Airin is suspicious. I wonder what is she doing everytime she gone.
And Rena-san, I know you're not the one behind all of these ruckus. That was your mom faults. I trust you.

Thanks for the update, author-san. Gonna wait for the next~
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hello minna! some of my old readers here might already knew that i usually write special chapters for my side pairings.. surprisingly, it took me 16 chapters before i had the chance to write for the furuyanagi pair in this story :deco:

@ChrunchyCream: maybe you have to lower your voice next time so that your sister won't hear you, or tell her to read it too so that she understands.. haha just kidding :P
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@vickystar: ChrunchyCream was screaming while you are laughing.. now i wonder in what way my story affects everyone differently hehe :sweatdrop:
@Haruko: a diary! why haven't i thought about that? hmm :shocked
@niineechan: bite me if you can haha.. i suddenly remember when one of my fave writers here once commented that he really wished i never learned about cliffhangers lol :nervous
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@purnamazaki: here's the update now! :yep:
@junchan48: you will understand airin in this chapter.. so please enjoy reading! :bow:

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 16 FuruYanagi Special

I watch those petals dance with the wind as they fall down from the cherry blossom trees. I stand infront a number of students to deliver my graduation speech. I know that the piece of paper I'm holding isn't enough to let people know how highschool has been for me. When my eyes met Churi and Juritan seating among them, memories suddenly flow my mind, like those lovely petals continuously falling down.

This is the day when the three of us will start to take each our own individual path. We've been inseparable since freshman days and spent time together in the same club, our dance club. Who would have thought that our club can still have a next generation to pass on? I almost gave up and accepted that we might be the last members of it. But because of our success in the competition, our dance club have now became the most well-known club, not only in our school, but as well as with other schools. With that, the number of our club members has increased and many more students had interest in joining. And as the club president, I can say that I can graduate at ease, and leave the club in the most satisfied way.

I glanced at Churi and Juritan once more. I really thought that things among the three of us will go smoothly until we graduate. But things went a different way, and it never came to my mind that it's me who will betray them someday.

I still recall that night that we’re all still together. The night in Sapporo before Rena-san left us.


"Airi-san, do you have a minute?" Rena-san called me before we ride the hotel's elevator together with Churi and Juritan.

She started to walk and led me somewhere in private. The tone of her voice sounded serious and lonely. I already sensed that there's something bothering her since this morning, even before the championship started. I keep on watching her back as I followed her alone.

"I'm... not a real Matsui." She paused then turned around facing me. "Jurina-san and I... are not real sisters."

She said those words so straight forward. Not a real Matsui? Sure that I doubt her from the beginning, but that thing never came to my mind.

The first time I met Juritan's sister, the thing I most noticed on her was her eyes. There is something odd with those beautiful, cold, lonely eyes of hers. And I hate the feeling whenever I look at them, because those are kind of eyes that lie. I never felt this way before, that I already hate the person without even getting to know her first.

And before I knew it, I already found myself watching her. Was it because I don't trust her? Or was it because I wanted her to trust me and open herself? And now, Rena-san's revealing herself to me. This is what I'm waiting to happen, right? As much as I wanted to react with what she just said, I only listened and let her continue her talking.

"Jurina-san is the true heiress of the Matsui family. I transferred to your school because I planned to make her disappear. I did intend to hurt her from the beginning, Airi-san." She's looking straight to my eyes without any hesitation.

"Why are you telling these things to me now?" I asked her calmly.

"Because you once told me that everything has a limit, and I believe I already reached mine." She answered. "You're right, Airi-san. It's hard to keep everything to myself."

I think I already understand. She wanted to tell me that things between Juritan and her have changed. Even if she doesn't say her true feelings, they're already reflecting clearly through her eyes as I look at them now. Rena-san loves her... I already know that.

"I need your help, Airi-san. You're the only person who can save Jurina-san. We don't have much time left." She worriedly told me.

Then Rena-san started to explain everything. She told me that her mother and Sakippe-sensei are planning something against Juritan. She doesn't know the full details yet, but she has a feeling that it will happen as soon as we go home. She said she's forced to leave early in the morning tomorrow, that's why she's asking me to watch over Juritan once she's gone. She gave me a contact number, it says Endou Kenichi. She told me that if something happened to Juritan, I must call this person immediately. But I must not tell anyone else about this, it's only between the two of us.

That following morning, I quietly watched Rena-san ride her family car and leave. When Juritan tried to look for her, I only said that she already went home. I couldn't even look at her straight in the eye.

Juritan, Churi and I left Sapporo later that day. I was the last one who ride off the train. Juritan's house is one station away from mine. I only went home to place my baggages, after that I immediately left again. I rode my bicycle and headed to her place. When I arrived, she was exactly about to leave their house. I decided to follow her without her noticing me.

I saw her stopped by an old warehouse. I already sense that something not right was happening. I followed her and sneaked inside. Then I witnessed everything. Her mother was there, all tied up and has lost consciousness. When Sakippe-sensei appeared, that's the time I was sure that Juritan and her mother are both in danger.

I immediately called the number which Rena-san gave me. I told them the situation and instructed them how to reach our exact location. I begged them to hurry, since we don't have much time left. After I called out for help, all I can do next is wait and pray that they can make it on time.

I silently watched what's happening inside. Another person appeared, I believe it's Rena-san's mother. It was my first time to see her in person, I only saw her from internet photos when I did a little background research about Rena-san before. I listened to their conversation and started to understand the root of everything.

Finally, Rena-san showed up. I think I knew what will happen next, now that Juritan found out the truth. I'm not sure if I can still go on and watch them anymore.

Juritan despised her and Rena-san's already expecting that to happen. I can't imagine how much pain Rena-san is feeling right now. I started to pity her, I closed my eyes and tried to endure what's going on.

Finally, the rescue men came on time. They successfully captured Rena-san's mother, but Sakippe-sensei and Rena have escaped. I immediately go to Juritan's side to comfort her. But I can't tell her everything because I had a promise with Rena-san.


The graduation ceremony has ended. I know this is when friends spend their last remaining time at school with each other, because once we step out the gate, there's no coming back anymore. But I decided to just leave without saying goodbye to Churi and Juritan.

"Airin! You're leaving already?" Juritan caught me.

I didn't turn around. I'm afraid to look at her. I know I can no longer show myself to her without hiding anything.

"There is someone I have to meet today." I only answered, then I immediately walked away.

I ended up a coward. I lost all my courage to face my own friends. Because the truth is... I still have a contact with Rena-san. I knew how to find her, but I chose to keep this from them. It was my own choice to protect her.

I head next to a small restaurant near our school, where she's there waiting for me. I entered the place and saw her sitting at one of the tables alone. And then she immediately noticed me.

"Congratulations on your graduation, Airi-san." She greeted me with a smile.

"Thank you, Rena-san." I answered as I joined her table.

"I wished I had graduated with everyone, too." Her smile faded.

By looking at her, she got a bit thinner and paler than the last time I saw her.

"How are you now?" I asked with concern.

"Oneesama and I are still trying to live a normal life out there. We knew that Grandfa-... I mean the chairman, is still searching for us. It's not easy to hide ourselves everytime."

I can feel her, and the hardships she has gone through these past few months that she went missing. If only I can do something for her, even at least ease her suffering.

"How's her?" She then asked.

"You mean Juritan? She's still staying in the mansion. Her mother already woke up and on recovering. I heard she already accepted the proposal on taking over the company." I answered.

"I'm really glad that she's safe. I owe everything to you, Airi-san. She deserves the place where she is now." She smiled again.

"Rena-san, why can't we tell her the truth?" I asked.

"She already knows the truth." She answered.

"You know I'm not talking about that."

"She doesn't need to. There's no sense in telling her anymore."

"You know you can't hide forever. Juritan deserves to know."

"Have you seen her eyes that night? They were burning with anger and hatred because of me. Those were the same eyes I saw the first time I met her. She hates me now, Airi-san. Just serves me right."

"It is true that Juritan was deeply hurt. And it's only because the person who inflicted the pain is so much important to her. Talk to her and tell her your true feelings. I knew she'll understand."

I tried to encourage Rena-san but she just looked away. I knew she's afraid of hurting Juritan again, that's why she'd rather keep her distance from her.

"I think I already have to go." She excused. "I only had a chance to meet you today because Oneesama went out earlier. She might come home anytime now."

"I understand." I answered. "Rena-san, please do me a favor. I want you to always take care of yourself."

"Thank you, Airi-san." She smiled at me.

I walked Rena-san outside the restaurant and watched her leave the place. When I turned to my side, my suddenly eyes widened to see Churi right there.

"C-Churi? W-What are doing here?"

"Isn't it me who should be asking you that, Airin?"

The tone of her voice sounded so sharp, as well as the way how her eyes look at me. I can feel my cold sweat and my chest like being pierced.

"You disappeared right after our graduation ceremony. Jurina-chan said you're meeting someone important, so I searched for you to know who it is." She continued. "Why are you with that criminal?"

"Don't call her like that. You don't know a thing." I answered her.

"You're right, we don't know a single thing of what you're doing behind our back. All this time you knew how to find her? How could you do that to Jurina-chan!" She started to yell at me.

"Could you please at least let me explain myself first? What you think is totally wrong!"

"I'm wrong now, huh? I'm not the one who hurted Jurina-chan! That girl did and you knew that!"

Churi's emotions were filled with anger. In her state, I don't think she can able to understand now.

"This won't work. You're blinded with your feelings for Juritan. No matter how much I explain to you, I knew you wouldn't listen."

I turned my back on her and started to walk away.

"Is it really me who's blinded, Airin?" She asked and I stopped. "You're in love with Rena-chan, aren't you?"

Me? In love???

"W-What are you sayi-..."

"We've been friends for the longest time. I've been watching you every single day. You think I won't notice those sudden changes on you?"

It's true that Churi and I we're long friends even before Juritan. She was my very first friend in highschool. She's a loner the first time I met her. I assumed she doesn't have any friend because I never saw her with one. I even caught her talking to birds once. And then I thought, this girl is hopeless. So before anyone else thinks that she's crazy, I decided to be friends with her. And then sometime later that, after she watched Juritan's dance, she came to me and said, 'Let's join the dance club!' And that's how our friendship started.

I turned around to face Churi again and I was surprised to see her face and eyes both red.

"And you know what hurts more? With all those years that we're together, you never noticed me! But when that girl came into the picture, you shifted all your attention to her!"

"C-Churi, I don't understand..."

"I've always thought that the way how you don't care about the things around you is only a part of your cold personality. But Rena-chan proved it all wrong!"

"Rena-san is just a friend!" I blurted out.

"Is it really me who you're trying to convince with that lie? Look at you... I don't even know who you are anymore..."

I can't say if what she's saying is true. All I know is that, for me, Rena-san is different. I saw tears began falling down her cheeks. Churi is crying? But why...

"You're right... I do love Jurina-chan. But not much in the way I feel for you!" She cried out. "Airin, you baka!!!"

After she said those words, she ranaway fast.

What just happened? Did she just confess to me?

I thought I'm already good at reading people. How come I never saw it coming? Is that mean, Churi's even better in hiding her feelings? But everyone knows she's a loud person!

Aaargh!!! Now isn't the right time to be impressed with such matters. Things are happening so fast. My mind is slowing down, I can't easily comprehend. Then I remember that Churi might tell Juritan about what she saw today. I have no choice, but to tell everything to Juritan before she comes to her.

I decided to go to Juritan's place later that night. The very moment my bicycle reached their front gate, I saw her exactly about to leave the mansion.

"Juritan! I have to tell you something." I immediately said.

"Airin? Oh sorry, but not now please. I'm in a little hurry." She declined.

"It's late. Where are you going?" I asked.

And then she handed me a letter.

"What's this?" I asked again.

I read what's written on it. Rena-san wanted to meet her tonight?

"Juritan, wait! Are you sure you're going alone by yourself?"

"Airin, I've waited so long to hear from her again. I have too many questions to ask her." She answered.

I saw in her eyes pure excitement and how much she's longing to see Rena-san again. So, I only let her leave.

I still can't believe how fast Rena-san decided to meet Juritan, that she even missed telling me about it.

I looked up the night sky and sighed. No stars, huh? I wonder why I feel a bit empty now...


I know she loves Juritan. And even if Churi's right about my real feelings for her... I'm already contented by simply being able to protect her.

I grabbed my bicycle, then head back home. When I arrived and entered my room, my phone suddenly rang.

It's Rena-san calling. I picked up the phone.

"Hello, Airi-san." She greeted. "I was thinking about what you told me earlier... that I should talk to Jurina-san..."

"That's why you decided to finally see her." I continued. "I think that's a pretty quick decision you made there. But that's a good choice. Jurina's now on her way to meet you."

"Meet me?" She repeated.

"I saw the letter you sent her earlier. You said you'll wait for her tonight at school."

"Airi-san, what are you talking about? I never sent a letter." She said.

"Huh? If you didn't... then who?"

She didn't respond. Wait... Don't tell me...

"Rena-san, is Sakippe-sensei there?" I immediately asked.

But I still didn't get any response from her.

"Rena-san?" She hangs up. I tried calling her number again but she's not answering.

Did she follow them???

Oh, God. I don't feel good about this. I have to go where they are now. Please... let me reach them on time.


i was actually thinking... :?
did I really feature furuyanagi here?
it's more of like renairin! :lol:

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I knew Rena never have such plan to her Jurina-san. She loves her>w<
Airin, just go get Churi. She is the one who always care about you.
And now Jurina>o< The letter not from Rena>o<
Its from Sakippe>< Rena-san, go save Jurina. Its your chance>o<

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minna! hisashiburi! it took a while since my last update... i've been addicted to reading lately, like i almost forgot how to write anymore lol :nervous

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@Haruko: furuyanagi story to be continued, don't worry :thumbsup
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The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 17

My chest feels weird.

When I saw her note saying she wanted to meet me, my heart started not to beat any slower. She wanted to see me tonight, and that can't get out of my mind since earlier.

Am I too obvious that I'm excited to see her? Airin might have read it all over my face. I didn't even give her a chance to say what she has to say. I wonder what Airin needed to tell me... I guess that can wait, I can ask her when I come back. But for now, I have to hurry and see her already.


It's been months since the last time we saw each other, that's probably the reason of this excitement that is making my heart wants to pump out my chest. I'm supposed to hate her! She lied to me, pretended to be my sister and put my mother's life into danger. And despite all of that, I hate to admit it myself but... I do missed her. And I really want to see her now.

I speed up my bicycle, this waiting kills me, and I can't wait any much longer. There are many things I wanted to ask her. It's just too painful to simply accept that everything we've shared was just a lie. There must have been something real there... even just a little.

At last, I reached the school. Thinking about it, this is my first time to be here this late at night. I never let myself stay late at school even before. And who would have thought that I'll be back here so soon, just right after the graduation earlier today.

I sneaked inside and parked my bike near the school gate. I took few steps in, the night spring breeze softly blows my medium length hair, cherry blossom petals are falling down around me. I paused a second and admired how these cherry blossom trees maintain their mesmerizing beauty at night.

Now, I wonder where does Rena-chan wait around here...

Then I heard a small sound coming from the school building. That might be a sign of Rena-chan, so I followed the sound and entered inside. As I approach little by little where the sound is coming from, I notice that it is no longer just a sound. It is slowly turning into some kind of music.

I climb upstairs still tracing where the music is coming from, until I reach the school's music room. The music is now loud and clear as I stand right infront of the door. I knew the sound is a piano music, but it was different from what I used to listen before. In fact, I never heard such kind of music until now. Who would be playing the piano at school this late at night? I slowly grabbed the knob and pushed the door wide open.

Why am I not so surprised? Who else can possibly play the piano so perfectly? I feel a little disappointed that it's not Rena-chan I saw inside, but Sakippe-sensei.

She elegantly sits there, still playing the piano, like she's completely possessed by it. Her eyes remains closed, her long fingers are dancing gracefully across those ebony and ivory keys. It feels like dejavu, same scenario as the first time I met her. The room is dark, the only light is the bright moon illuminating from outside the window. Same old breath taking sight of the moonlight reflection shining upon her. The only different now is the kind of music she's playing, it's no longer the sweet sound I heard before. The tone is a bit deeper... darker.

She stopped, she didn't finish playing the music piece. Maybe she finally noticed my presence in the room.

"How do you like the music? " She slightly turned to me still sitting on the stool.

I moved myself a little inside, I can't completely see her face because it is dark.

"It's the first time I heard you play that kind of music." I answered calmly. "It's not that I don't like it. It's just a bit different."

By the sound of the music she played, I knew it was a classical piano piece. Others might find it creepy especially if it's played in the middle of the night. Surprisingly, for me it's not. I felt emotions... dark and deep ones.

"Different, you say? Did you know that this is the same composer as the first one you heard me play?"

Ah, she meant Grand Polonaise Brillante by Chopin. I'm not really familiar with classical music, I just happen to know that one particular piece because Mayu-chan used to play some simplified part of it back in middleschool.

"This is one of his etudes called Revolutionary." She informed me. "Perhaps we can conclude that Chopin has other different sides of him, too."

What is she trying to point out?

"Where's Rena-chan?" I finally asked. "I was supposed to meet her here tonight."

Sakippe-sensei then stood up and walked few steps towards me.

"What? You're not happy to see me instead, dear Jurina-chan?" She teased in a playful tone. "Obviously, I'm the one who sent you the letter."

I already had a hint about that, the second I found her here alone instead of her little sister. The letter sent to me wasn't handwritten, I was too excited to not even take time and doubt if it was genuinely came from Rena-chan. This person was way too clever... and that's what makes her more dangerous.

"I'm here now. So what do you want from me, Sakippe-sensei?" I whimpered, but I tried to speak bravely as possible.

She forwards even closer that I can now clearly see her face. She gave me her signature smile as she pulled something from her back.

"I want you to disappear, Matsui Jurina." She calmly answered, her one arm extended pointing a gun straight to me.

My eyes widened, nothing else but fear devoured me as I stare at the gun infront of me.

"Why do you hate me so much? I don't remember doing anything against you." My voice started to shake.

I don't know where I got the courage talking to a person who's holding a gun that is directly pointed to me. I just thought that if I die tonight, I wanted at least to know the reason behind my death.

"Oh, how convenient for you... innocent Jurina-chan." She retreated and swayed her gun sideways. "You just took away from me the two people I love most, and yet you still don't know. Everyone around you is being kind so enough for not telling you the truth."

"W-What truth? I-I don't understand what you're saying..."

Sakippe-sensei, still holding her gun, slowly turned her back on me. She walked near the grand piano and slightly leaned against it.

"You're the reason why Father died." She paused, then faced me again. "Oh, scratch that. I forgot that he's not my real father, but actually your own."

W-What did she just say? M-My father?

"You looked surprised. I assume no one has ever told you how he died."

She's right, I don't know anything about my father's death. In fact, Okaasan and I never talked about my father at all. Okaasan kept on avoiding the topic whenever I tried to ask her. All I knew is that he died on the same day I was born.

"Father was the only person in the family who appreciated my existence. He cared for me like I'm his own real daughter." She softly speaks. "He was a gentle, loving father to me."

I felt jealousy upon hearing those words from her. She's lucky she was able to spend time with him, which I will never experience in my entire existence on earth.

"But then one night, I heard him and Okaasama fighting, angrily shouting at each other." She continued, her tone changed. "I was there helplessly watching them. Of course, Rena doesn't recall anything since she was only a one-year old baby that time. But me? I clearly remember every detail of that night."

"Then he decided to leave us. I ran after him, begging, crying... trying to stop him. But he chose you over me. Over us... his family." She paused again. "He was killed in a car accident. He's on his way to the hospital on the night you were born."

I was completely speechless. I now understand where Sakippe-sensei's pure hatred on me came from.

"He would still be alive if you weren't born. You killed him, Jurina-chan. You killed your own father!"

No... No... Was it really my fault?

"And now you're trying to take away Rena-chan, too?" She hissed. "Like hell, I will never let that happen. That's why you should die!!!"

She pointed the gun again. My body can't move, perfect mixture of fear plus hearing the truth easily weakened my system. What does she mean about me taking Rena-chan away from her?

"After I kill you tonight... your beloved grandfather will be next in line. That old man who treated me like trash!"

I was alarmed and came back to my senses. She's getting the wrong idea, and I can't let her hurt anyone from my family.

"Sakippe-sensei, you're making a big mistake... Believe me... Grandfather didn't mean to hurt you..."

"LIAR!!! That old man never look at me!!!" She shouted, her eyes burning with fury.

Looking at such kind of eyes, I knew she already made up her mind. No one can stop her now.

"It's only me that you want, right? Go ahead! Kill me! But please spare my family!" I felt like sealing a deal with my own death.

"Family? Sorry, I never know the meaning of that word... But then as you wish....." She tightened her grip on the gun.

"Oneesama, please don't!!!"
*Sound of a gunshot*
And the rest of the seconds was a blur. My eyes were shut. Am I dead? I clearly heard a loud gunshot. I should be feeling extreme pain right now... but instead I felt warmth embracing me. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Rena-chan holding me close, her gentle eyes staring at me. She gave me a quick smile before she weakly leaned on me. I caught her and felt something wet on her shirt when I touched her back. My eyes widened as I saw my hand released from her behind. Thick liquid... Crimson color... Blood.

"RENA!!!!!" The whole quiet place was filled with Sakippe-sensei's scream.

She stood still there, her eyes wide open, letting the gun slipped out of her hand and dropped to the floor. And then I suddenly heard police car sirens coming near.

"R-Rena-san???" Airin arrived in the room, completely shocked. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!" She shouted at Sakippe-sensei.

But Sakippe-sensei started to escape, Airin immediately ran after her. Rena-chan and I was left alone in the room. I'm still holding her, my hand covered with her blood. She saved me? It's too painful for me to imagine how a bullet forcefully entered her fragile body like that. My heart is tearing apart, I'd rather be in her position.

"Rena-chan... please hold on... rescue is on their way." I assured her, assuming Airin brought rescue team with her.

I let myself fall on my knees gently, still securely supporting her. I saw her eyes getting weaker, I knew she's trying her best to keep her eyes open for me.

"Jurina-san... I'm sorry..." She softly speaks, barely sounds a whisper.

Then everything was erased. Betrayal, hatred... nothing else matter to me anymore but her.

"You're so stupid! That bullet is supposed to be mine! W-Why did you do that???" I cried out totally losing it.

She reached for me, her soft fingers gently wipes off the tears on my face. Slowly, she leaned closer and the little gap left between us is gone. I felt her cold but soft lips touched mine. It didn't last more than a second.

She answered me with a kiss? I was left confused. That was the least expected thing to happen in this kind of situation. But my confusion was quickly replaced by fear, as I watch her passed out on my arms.

"R-Rena-c-chan...?" My voice broke.

I felt cold sweat on my body. The fear now becomes more real and intense than earlier when my own life was at risk. I noticed too much blood continuously dripping from her. Oh God, the bleeding won't stop. It was still fresh how Sakippe-sensei tattooed on my mind that I'm the reason why my own father died. Now, it's happening again. Because of me, Rena-chan might possibly.....

"NO... NO... PLEASE!!! Don't do this to me..." I begged.

Airin came back to the room alone. Failure written on her face, that she didn't manage to capture Sakippe-sensei. She turned at Rena-chan, watching her lying without conciousness on my arms. She leans back on the door and puts her hand to cover her mouth as she tries to suppress her cry.

I looked back at Rena-chan. By seeing her calm face, all those questions that kept running inside my mind were answered even without asking her. For the past few months, nothing made more sense than to know that everything we've shared was real. And I never thought that the awaited answer, which I'm longing for... wishing for, can bring so much pain. This pain of losing her completely without having the chance to tell her how sorry I am for not trusting her.

She cared for me. She loved me. Though her kind of love was that one thing that she left unanswered. All I know is that... if I lose her tonight... my heart dies with her.


i really admire how sakippe plays the piano... it's real talent! :wub:
and rena... her kiss=confession! at least she can die happy now :P
well like they said there's a right time for everything :thumbup

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The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 18

I hear nothing but the deafening mixed sound of sirens from the ambulance and police vehicles. My vision's going blurred, seeing only lights of red and blue around. Rena-chan's pale hands felt so cold against mine as I securely held them, she's unconsciously lying down inside the ambulance. My senses were breaking down and my mind was going blank as we rushed her to the nearest hospital.

Everything felt like a very long, unwanted nightmare. I cannot believe that life and death situation could happen to two of my most important persons consecutively. I couldn't say that this was the same familiar fear I felt from my mother's incident. The fear of losing someone will always be a scary, new feeling. It is the feeling I will never get used to.

The medical team took her as we arrived the hospital and she was delivered to the emergency room immediately. I ran along her side, still not letting go of her hand. But upon reaching a door with an ER sign, the people in white clothes didn't let me pass through. I was forced to release
her hand even if I don't want to let go.

I was left alone standing behind that door motionless, feeling helpless. I knew there's nothing more I can do, but to wait and pray that she'll be fine. I look at my hands, then at my clothes... and saw Rena-chan's blood all over me. The scene happened earlier started to replay inside my mind.

"Jurina-chan!" Churi's voice suddenly broke in. "Thank goodness, you're alright!"

It was a good thing that Churi distracted my thoughts. Her worried eyes scanned me from head to foot, checking if I'm still in one piece. I'm sure that Airin called her over that's why she's here. Oh, speaking of Airin, I almost forgot that she's also with us the whole time.

"Airin..." Churi turned to her.

I noticed that Airin was standing quite a distance away from us. Her eyes are red and her lips are pale. She looks horrible, just like me. Churi only stared at her for a moment, she looked a bit hesitant to come near her. But then she still took a step forward and ran to Airin. I watched how Airin broke down into her tears as Churi holds her in a tight embrace.

"I-I... failed to protect her..." Airin said between her cries.

I didn't heard Churi speak anything, but she didn't let go of Airin either. She stayed on that position for few more minutes, comforting and consoling Airin. She later leads her to sit down, and I join them while patiently waiting for Rena-chan's status of condition.

When Airin calmed down, she started to explain everything that she knows. She admitted that she and Rena-chan still has communication those times she was missing. It all started when Rena-chan asked for her help to save me before she left us in Sapporo. It's clear to me now how Airin was able to follow me in my mother's kidnapping incident. Airin made a promise to her not to tell anyone and explained that she only did that to protect Rena-chan. She apologized for hiding these things from us and I see only good intentions from her. I'm not forgetting how she saved me twice. I knew she didn't mean to hurt us, but still I cannot simply just hide my disappointment.

Churi, on the other hand, remained calm and silent. She doesn't looked surprised at all, and that puzzled me a little. I honestly don't know what's going on between these two, but I feel how they are both hurting.

Airin added that she was about to tell me earlier that's why she went to the mansion, but I didn't stop and listen to her. I cannot blame Airin or anyone else for my own mistake. It's too late for that, and it won't even change a thing. All I wanted now is to have Rena-chan back and alive.

"Jurina?" Someone called my name. I looked up and saw a familiar person in white medical uniform standing before me.

"M-Mayu.....?" I was lost for words for the first seconds, then I immediately stood up crying to her like a child. "Mayu-chan!!!"

"Jurina... What happened?" She hugged me close, rubbing my back. "I saw Rena-chan inside the operating room."

"R-Rena-chan...." I repeated the name. "Please save her!!! I'm begging you..."

Mayu-chan looked at me and wiped off my tears. "I'm sorry, I'm only an intern student of this hospital. But the doctors are doing the best that they can. Rena-chan will going to be fine."

"I-It's all my fault, Mayu-chan. It should be me inside that room fighting for life... not her!"

"Look, Jurina. I may not know what happened, but I am sure no one wanted this. Please don't blame yourself." Mayu-chan softly said to me. "Believe me, I know exactly how you feel."

Then the ER door finally opened, a doctor came out calling for Rena-chan's family. I immediately went to him and my friends followed.

"The patient is stable now, we successfully extracted the bullet from her body. But she lost too
much blood, that is why she will need blood transfer as soon as possible." The doctor explained. "Most compatible blood donors are the patient's family. When the donor is readily available, then we'll have everything prepared immediately for her blood transfer procedure."

After done speaking, the doctor left us. Mayu-chan then suddenly grabbed my arm and dragged me all the way towards another room.

"Come with me, Jurina! You're her sister, you can save her." Mayu-chan hurried.

She leads me to where staff checks blood compatibility among patients and donors. But I paused and slowly released myself from her. Airin and Churi ran after us, we only glanced at one another. We knew that Mayu-chan has still no idea that I wasn't really related to Rena-chan.

"Mayu-chan, wait!" I stopped her. "The truth is... Rena-chan and I... aren't sisters."

She only stares back at me confused.

"But... I think I know the person who can help her." I immediately added.


Grandfather later arrived in the hospital. He actually came earlier to the incident place with Endou-san when he heard what happened, but he has to make some arrangements with the police authority to keep this private and out from media. Endou-san didn't follow him here, he went back to the mansion to watch over my mother. I'm not sure if Okaasan was already informed. She'll still weak, I don't want her to worry about me.

Grandfather has all the right to get mad at me for my foolish actions and recklessness. But he didn't scold me, instead he hugged me like he almost lost a loved one. He asked how's Rena-chan with concern in his eyes, and I explained to him her current condition. I requested him to call over the only person who can save her.

It's already morning and I haven't taken any sleep yet, though I did change my clothes. Airin and Churi both went home because I asked them to. I know they're already tired, they have to take a rest. Grandfather also has to leave the hospital to fulfill my request. I told him I wanted to stay with Rena-chan until I'm sure she's safe, and he understands.

Just after few more hours, Grandfather has finally came back. He's now with the person Rena-chan needs in order to survive. Her mother, Matsui Naoko.

She and I have made an eye contact, then she eventually faced away and went straight to the room where Rena-chan is. My hatred on the woman is visibly there, how can I forget the horrible things she has done to us? She almost killed my mother and I don't think I can able to forgive her.

But life's ironic, the woman I don't want to see the most is the only person I needed to be here. In my eyes, she's a killer, but now she's here to save someone's life.

The only thing I worry is that she and Rena-chan might not be in good terms. She may be her mother but based from what I heard, she never showed any love or care for her daughter. And if that's the case, I'm willing to swallow my pride whole. If I have to beg and kneel before this person I hated the most, I would, just to have her save Rena-chan's life.

Surprisingly, Grandfather told me she just accepted to be the donor without any conditions made. She's Rena-chan's mother after all, despite of her nature. I'm starting to believe that all mothers care the same, but maybe just in different ways.

Matsui Naoko quietly enters the room and lies on the other bed next to Rena-chan's. The blood transfer procedure has started. I stayed outside the room with Grandfather and watched them from the glass window.

When the doctor came out, he told us the result of the procedure done.

"The patient is now out from danger. The blood transfer is successful. She's lucky to have her mother here so soon. Their blood compatibility is unremarkable." He said with a smile.

"Thank you, Sensei." Grandfather thanked him and walked him to discuss more of Rena-chan's medical details.

Matsui Naoko came out next from the room and met my eyes again. I wanted to thank her for saving Rena-chan, but nothing came out from my mouth.

"Rena hated you as much as I did." She spoke to me. "But the tables turned unexpectedly and she has changed. The first time I saw you two together was also the first time I saw her truly happy. I may have lost everything now, but I will still give all what's left of me to not lose her. You're important to my daughter, Jurina-san."

And then she continue to walk away passing me by. She was accompanied by Grandfather's men as she leaves the hospital.


Rena-chan was brought back to her private room and I'm sitting next to her bed, not leaving her side. Her face remains lovely as I watched her peaceful sleep. I can finally smile again feeling relieved that she's already fine.

"Here." A hand suddenly appeared with melon bread extended to me.

I looked up and it's Mayu-chan again.

"I know you haven't eaten anything yet since last night. Now that Rena-chan's finally okay, I don't think she'll be happy if she knew you're not taking care of your own health."

"I'm sorry... and thank you for the food." I took the bread and started eating.

Mayu-chan is still Mayu-chan. Since our childhood, she's always looked after me. She's like my second mother, my big sister, my bestfriend and... well yes... she was also my lover once.



"When you said, you're not sisters, what do you mean?" She asked me looking at Rena-chan.

I forgot I still owe Mayu-chan some explanations. The last time we spoke to each other was back in Sapporo. Too many things had happened since then that I haven't told her yet.

"Looong story for you to catch up." I giggled.

"When it comes to you, Jurina, long stories don't exist. I always listen even if it takes the next morning." She softly laughed.

"You sure you're not busy, Miss soon-to-be-a-doctor?" I teased her a little just like I used to before.

"Well, that was one of the little changes. But I still have an hour break to spend. So make sure you cut your long story short." She gave me a wink.

So then, I started to explain her everything that had happened. I watched her mixed reactions as she listened to my story. She didn't utter any word until I finished what I had to say. But even if she doesn't speak for it, I can clearly see regret in her eyes. I know that if she was given a chance, she would have been there for me.

"She saved your life." Mayu-chan concluded. "Then you must be really important to her."



"That night before she passed out..." I paused shortly. "She kissed me... on my lips."

Mayu-chan gave me a questioning look.

"Well, what do you think that means?" I asked her.

"Is there a meaning that you are hoping for?" She asked back.

"I-I don't know... I..." I didn't continue speaking.

"Why do I get the feeling that you're holding yourself back?" Mayu-chan said.

"Jurina, there's something I also wanted to tell you about." Then she took a deep sigh. "Do you remember the patient I talked about before? That girl who gave me the reason to become a doctor?"

I nodded. "What happened to her?

"Her parents took her abroad for her heart surgery. And before she left, she gave me a goodbye kiss." She reminisced. "So just like you, I was also left confused and unanswered."

"Do you... love her?" I asked suddenly.

Ah, stupid question! Now, she'll know that I'm thinking of the same in my own situation.

"Would you believe me if I say I never knew that I do?" She softly laughed. "She was just a patient at first, who eventually became a good friend of mine. And then I lost her. I didn't expect that she could mean more to me, because I knew I already had you, Jurina."

Mayu-chan sincerely said those words looking straight to my eyes.

"Then you broke up with me and realization hits hard. It's too late for me now, I have nothing else left but this dream to become a doctor and save lives."

"How is she now?" I asked.

"I don't know, I never heard from her since she left. She said she'll come back, and I'm holding on to her words. Eventhough her chances of surviving the surgery approaches zero possibility."

Mayu-chan faced down, I can hear sadness from the tone of her voice.

"And I'm probably stuck from here, I don't even know if the person I'm waiting for is still alive. But you, Jurina..." She held my hands looking at me again with those gentle eyes. "You still have that chance to be happy. You just have to search your true feelings."

Mayu-chan peeked at her watch and stood up from her seat. "Guess, my time's up."

She was about to leave the room when I tried to catch up with her. "Mayu-chan!"

She turned around and I walked towards her. I put my arms around her, then whispered, "I love you."

"I do, too." She whispered back. "And no matter what happens, we'll always be each other's first love. No one can take that away from us."

We break the hug and smiled at each other.

"You'll be a great doctor someday." I told her.

"I will be." She confidently answered. Then, she took a glance of Rena-chan. "Be happy, Jurina."


Mayu-chan left the room and I returned to Rena-chan's side.

"Rena-chan..." I softly brushed her cheek with my thumb. "I'm waiting for you to wake up."

I slowly reached for her and gently kissed her on her forehead. "I missed you. Please come back to me."

I pulled away, closed my eyes and buried my face near the edge of her bed. I tried to suppress my tears from coming out. Then just a moment later, I felt a gentle hand touching my head.

"Jurina-san..." A weak voice called my name.

I put my head up and saw Rena-chan looking back at me. I can't believe my eyes, she's finally awake. My tears started to fall down as I can't hold them back anymore. I felt my heart so alive again and it's pounding so hard that my chest almost hurts. She then gave me a smile and softly said...

"I missed you, too."


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The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 19

I thought everything between us will go back to normal the moment she woke up... But.....

--- Three years later ---

"Ojousama, may I remind you that after you finish your magazine photoshoot and interview this morning, you'll proceed next to your lunch out meeting with the CEO of Kasai group." Churi informed me as she scans my list of schedules for today.

"Churi, will you please stop calling me that way?" I told her while keeping my voice low.

Churi didn't enter university after graduating highschool. She didn't pass a single college entrance exam she applied for. Churi may be a type of person who doesn't take things seriously, but it doesn't mean that she isn't smart. I knew something was bothering her before, because for some reason, she stopped Airin from tutoring her. So then, she went with her plan B. She reminded me of our old deal that if she fail her exams, I'll hire her in our company. And now, she's my secretary for more than two years already.

"Okay, Ma'am..." She answered politely again.

"That, too." I answered back.

"Hmm... Boss?"

I raised an eyebrow and glared at her.

"How many times will I tell you that nothing has changed? Call me by my name or I'll kick you out of my office." I teased her.

"J-Jurina-c-chan..." She tried awkwardly. "It's so difficult to call you the same way before, especially now that you'll officially become the chairwoman of the whole corporation in just a few days. It sounds so unprofessional!"

"It still doesn't sound right, I won't ever get used to it. And besides, our relationship is an exemption here since we're friends and we're the same age."

"We are, but at your age of 21, you are now one of the most powerful and richest people in Japan! And Endou-san might kill me if he heard me talking to you so casually." She explained.

I remember that Endou-san was the one who trained Churi. He was one of those in favor to the idea of making her my secretary. He believes that loyal friends can make good associates, but one should never forget where their place is.

"Fine, I get it." I finally agreed. "But whenever it's only the two of us left around, call me the usual."

"Sure, I have no problem with that! Shall we continue on your schedule now?" She smiled looking back to the list on her hand. "After your document reviews and signing in the afternoon, you have an appointment with the chairman's doctor. Well, even if I don't remind you, I know you're not forgetting that last one. Do you want me to come with you to the hospital later?"

"Thank you, Churi. But it's okay, I can handle that. It will probably be another long day today so just treat yourself a rest after work." I told her.

For three years, my everyday life has always been like this. From the time I accepted to become Grandfather's heiress, I focused myself mainly on managing our company. I underwent series of training to familiarize myself on our business and started traveling outside Japan to meet our partners and stockholders around the globe. I decided to choose this path, because people's lives depend on the company and I can't let them down. Especially my grandfather, I know how much he loves the company he built for many years.

When Grandfather suddenly fell ill, his body slowly weakened. His health was greatly affected by his old age. Doctors were saying that he doesn't have any much time left. But I'm not giving up hope, that is why from time to time, I meet up with his doctor to check if there's any positive result. But his condition only continues to worsen as each day passes by.

I arrived Grandfather's room and saw my mother sitting there beside his bed. Since he got sick, Okaasan voluntarily took care of him like a daughter to a father.

"Tadaima." I stepped inside his room.

"Okaerinasai, Jurina." He weakly called my name.

I went near him, he's lying flatly on his bed. I noticed his face became thinner than before.

"You look more tired that I am. How's your day?" He asked.

"Everything's well in the office. You don't have to worry, Grandfather." I softly answered.

"I never worry about that. I always know that you can handle anything. You're my grandchild after all." He gently looked at me. "Jurina, I already taught you everything that I can teach you. Everyone witnessed your hardwork and I'm very proud of you."

His hand reached for mine and held it.

"I am already old and weak. I might not stay any longer by your side. If there's one more thing I could ask of you, that is... I wanted you to be happy."

I cannot say any word as tears started to cloud my eyes.

"Go find her, Jurina." He said brushing off my tears. "Bring Rena home."

--- Three years ago ---

"Rena-chan here~! Have some fresh fruits, these will help your health recover faster." Churi offered Rena-chan as she peeled off one by one the fruits she brought for her .

"Hey! That's not for you!" Churi yelled at Airin when she suddenly snatched that one piece in her hand.

"It feels weird to see you acting so sweet around Rena." Airin said as she munched on the fruit. "Mmm... just poison checking."

"How dare you! Why on earth will I do that? I already realized that she hasn't done anything wrong and I did apologize to her." Churi spoke non-stop. "Wait, what did you call her again? Really, no honorifics?"

"Well... Rena kept on telling me before not to use any, so..."

"Yeah, yeah I get it." Churi cuts her off. "Why am I talking to you, anyway? I don't remember forgiving you."

"You don't have to restrict yourself, Churi. I know it's hard to resist me." Airin boldly answered.

Churi was silenced after hearing that from Airin, it's obvious that she didn't know how to react. We all heard Rena-chan gave out a soft laugh. She chuckled at the awkward yet funny atmosphere between those two. Her eye suddenly turns to my direction, then she gave me a quick smile.

I think her smile made my blood rushed upwards because my face felt hotter, I know I'm blushing hard so I immediately looked away. Why is my heart beating fast like this? I never felt so shy around her before. Luckily, we are distracted by a knock on the door. The assigned nurse together with Mayu-chan entered the room.

"Just a little check up on the patient." The nurse said as she went to Rena-chan.

We gave way to the nurse and Mayu-chan stood behind her to assist.

"Watanabe-san, I just can't help but notice how your medical uniform looks good on you." Airin complemented her.

"Yeah, and you've gotten even much prettier than before." Churi added. "Isn't she, Jurina-chan?"

"Eh?" My eyes scanned Mayu-chan from head to foot. "Well, that... I'm not so sure...."

Then Mayu-chan suddenly walked towards me.

"I-Itai! T-That hurts!" She pinched both my cheeks. "Alright, alright.. you already are!"

She released her hands off my face. "Just too scary for a doctor..." I whispered to myself.

"Do you want to get hurt more?" She warned reaching for me to attack again.

"Enough, enough! Gomenasai." I protected my cheeks. "But honestly speaking, the uniform does suit you."

The room was then covered with silence after I said those. Both of us turned to glance at Rena-chan at the same time. It seems that the nurse was already done checking up her condition.

"We are leaving now." The nurse said. "You children, behave. Don't let the patient get tired."

The nurse gently reminded us before she went out the room. Mayu-chan followed her shortly.

"I should go, too." Airin excused herself. "Sorry, I can't stay long. I have things to do, some university papers."

"Then, I'll come with you." Churi told Airin. "Jurina-chan, stay here and take care of Rena-chan, okay?"

The two went out the room and I was left with Rena-chan. Somehow deep inside, it made me a little happy to have her all alone with me. But the atmosphere between us is a bit different now than before. I knew something has changed.

"The room's peaceful when they're away, isn't it?" I tried to break the awkward silence between us.

"I don't really mind." She answered. "It's fun when everyone's around."

"So, you mean it's no fun if you're alone with me?"

OH CRAP. That doesn't sound right... right? There's no way I can take it back now... Think of something!

"I'm always happy when I'm with you, Jurina-san." She said before I opened my mouth.

I felt my face getting hotter again. I thought my heart almost melted with what she just said.

"Well... hmm... you can drop the -san part if you like to... I mean... I was just thinking if... I can also call you the same way as Airin..." I kept on stumbling over my words.

She smiled and just nodded.

"Then... R-Rena..." I nervously spoke her name.

"Yes... Jurina?" She looked at me.

Wow, I never thought my name can sound so perfectly good.

"C-Could you say it one more time?" I asked a bit shyly.

"Jurina." She softly repeated.

We both felt embarassed after quietly staring at each other for seconds. We laughed at ourselves realizing that sudden awkward moment we shared. I thought that was the start for things to slowly loosen up a bit between us.

Everyday, despite our busy schedules, we always find time to visit Rena at the hospital. Her wound was healing well and her health was recovering fast that is why her release from the hospital became earlier than expected. But when the day that she's about to be dismissed came, we heard from Mayu-chan that she just disappeared. All what is left on her bed was a letter she wrote for me.

Dear Jurina,

By the time you read this, I might have gone somewhere faraway. I decided to start off a new life.
Please don't go looking for me. Promise, I'll be fine. You don't have to worry for me anymore.

Thank you for everything,


Three years has passed and I have never been in touch with Rena. I thought everything between us will go back to normal the moment she woke up... But I guess I was completely wrong.

That day when she disappeared, I immediately asked the hospital staff to review their CCTV cameras. Even though she asked me not to look for her, that won't stop me from getting worried about her. We found out that she left the hospital with a help from someone. In the video, Rena was sitting still on her wheelchair while someone was carefully pushing it all the way out the hospital. I looked closely at the person and recognized that it was no other than Sakippe-sensei. Rena doesn't even looked like she's being forced. I don't understand why Rena went away with her.

And more importantly, she just left without giving me a chance to tell her my real feelings. I haven't asked her yet about the meaning of her kiss. I wanted to know what she feels for me. She said she's happy being with me, and now she wanted a life without me. I'm trying to understand her reasons, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't. Again, she just left with these questions unanswered.

I secretly tried to search where they are. I took advantage of my money and power. With the help of those people I hired to locate them, they were easily found. I personally went all the way to the small town they are currently living to check on them myself.

Rena and Sakippe-sensei started to live a new simple life in the country side.

I saw how they're peacefully living by themselves. And since I'm now sure that Rena is safe and sound, I decided not to disturb her anymore. But still I always come and visit their place once in a while. For three years, I was only there... watching her from afar.

Yes, all this time I knew how to find her. But no one else knows about that.

Now, I'm returning to that small town again. But I need to show myself this time. For the sake of my grandfather's request, I have to ask her to come home with me.

Sounds like dejavu, isn't it?

The only difference is that... it's now myself who will try to convince her to come with me. It's like we only switched places. Life is really funny and unpredictable.

I arrived at their town earlier than expected so I decided to stop first where Sakippe-sensei works. Her workplace is a children home center. Sakippe-sensei continued to be a music teacher. She started teaching small children how to play piano for a living. By observing her, she seems genuinely happy with her current job.

I should be hating her for the bad things she has done, but somehow deep inside me, I rather feel pity on her. Maybe because I know she was also a victim of circumstances. There is good in her, because if there wasn't, Rena wouldn't able to trust her again and gave her a second chance.

Few minutes later, Sakippe-sensei excused herself from her young students and walked out the center. I wonder if she's going home already. But it's only past 9 in the morning. Their house can be a walking distance from her workplace, but still it will take few minutes to get home by just walking.

I quietly followed her behind without her noticing my presence. I always feel like a creepy stalker whenever I do this. But I had no choice, I still don't have the courage to show myself.

"Tadaima." She opened the front door as she reached their house.

And there she appears... the person I'm always longing to see again and again. Rena. As much as I want to run straight to her and hold her tightly against me. I just kept my distance and hid myself from her.

"Oneechan? You're back so early!" Rena welcomed her.

"I forgot my pen." Sakippe-sensei told her. I can hear their conversation from here.

"You forgot... your pen?" Rena repeated.

"I cannot write music without a pen." Sakippe-sensei explained.

"I know that but... don't they have a pen for you to borrow?"

"Well, mine is like a magic pen, you know? I can easily compose music when I use that one." Sakippe-sensei further explained but Rena seems not very convinced. "Can you please just get it for me? It's right above my desk inside my room."

Without questioning her anymore, Rena went back inside to get the pen while Sakippe-sensei stayed at their front door waiting for her.

"So... how long do you plan to keep on hiding?" Sakippe-sensei speaks again.

Eh? Who is she talking to?

"I know you've been watching and following us all these years." She continues.

She already noticed me? But when and how?

"Oneechan, I found your pen!" Rena came back.

"Thank you, Rena. I might come home late today so you don't have to wait for me. I'm going back now."

"Take care, Oneechan." Rena then closed the door.

Sakippe-sensei took steps forward away from their house and stopped near where I hide.

"Even if she doesn't tell... I know she's always waiting for you." She said.

Is she saying that to me? I looked around and see no one else. I guess I've been already found out so there's no need for me to hide anymore. I finally show myself to her.

"Don't keep her waiting.. Jurina-chan." She gave me a quick smile before she went ahead and left.

Sometimes I don't really get what's running inside her mind. But one thing's for sure, she's still that clever and scary one person who deeply cares about Rena.

I wonder if what she said is true. Is Rena really waiting for me? But I thought she wanted to forget about me, that is why she decided to keep me out of her life. I nearly believe that she already forgotten everything about us and now she's happy living a life without me. All these years, I focused on distracting myself away from the pain of being not with her.

I tried to stop myself from thinking anymore, I carried my feet and took small steps towards their house. When I reached the front door, I gathered all the courage left in me just to push that tiny button infront. And when I did, the doorbell rings and the door finally opened for me...

"Oneechan, did you forget something agai-....."

Our eyes met. I felt like time froze right in that moment. My heart melts seeing those beautiful gentle eyes staring straight back at mine. I couldn't move. I couldn't speak. I only stayed like that standing infront of her like a statue. I'm a bit afraid to hear her say my name once more.....


I don't know if there's yet deeper ahead than to this... because she might only keep me on falling endlessly for her.


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The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 20


No... please, not this dream again. I've always been having the same dream of meeting her like a thousand times already. I'm afraid that if I touch her, she'll only disappear once more and I'd wake up alone in my empty room.

"Is it okay if I come in?" She asked.

Ahh.. I thought I'll never hear her voice this clear... this near. This dream seems a bit more realistic than the others, I wonder how much time left before I wake up. Her face also looks clearer this time. By looking closely, some of her features has changed, even her hair grew longer.

"Rena?" She called my name.

She suddenly shakes my arm and we touched. Her touch felt warm on my skin. Why am I not still waking up? My goodness... she is... real... isn't she? I can't believe this is actually happening... that she's really right here, right now... infront of me.

"I-I'm sorry... I-I... uhm... please come in." I answered, almost forgot how to respond.

She only gave me a smile and followed me inside. This is so embarassing, we meet again for the first time in three years and yet I acted strange infront of her. She caught me completely lost at the moment earlier and I can't even recall how long I stood there, only staring blankly at her. I tried to compose myself as I lead her the way in and then offered her a seat. I noticed her looking quietly around every corner of our house.

"Please excuse our place, I know the house is small and already old." I told her shyly as I realized how unprepared our place today is. "Also, we didn't expect anyone to visit us that is why I haven't finished the chores."

"Oh, don't mind me... I'll just sit right here. You can continue whatever you need to do." She answered smiling. "And... I actually think that your place is lovely."

I looked away, hiding my red face from her compliment. I turned to the kitchen which is just few steps away, half-pretending to wash the dishes in the sink. Unlike the mansion where I used to live before, our house has no division between the kitchen, dining and living room. That is why the atmosphere became more awkward, because although she's not saying anything, I can feel her eyes glued on me wherever I stand.

Finally, I'm done so I can go now and hang the laundry outside next. I exited through the back door connected to the kitchen. I breathe in and out heavily the moment I got out. I let a sigh of relief for my temporary escape. My face feels so hot and my heart is thumping so hard, this overwhelming sensation could possibly make me pass out anytime soon.

"It's peaceful out here." I suddenly heard Jurina's voice behind me.

"Ah!" I accidentally dropped the laundry basket I'm holding.

"I-I'm sorry, did I startle you?" She apologized, about to pick up the clothes on the ground. "Here, let me help you..."

"I-It's okay. You don't have to... you're our guest."

"I'm sorry if I followed you outside. I'm not doing anything there, so please let me help you..."

Our hands touched when she tried to grab the laundry basket, blood started to rush up my face again. I released my grip on the basket and faced away from her. I might get a heart attack if she keeps on doing this to me. I decided to pick up few clothes from the basket she's holding, and hang them up one by one to dry.

I'm trying so hard to avoid eye contact with her, but whenever I did, I always caught her smiling at me. Is she staring at me this whole time? Hours have already passed, but this fluttering feeling won't just fade away even a little.

"I hope you're not getting annoyed with me or something..." She speaks in a sadder tone.

"I admit I can't help myself but to admire and stare at you." She continued. "It suits you... being a country-side girl. I mean... I guess anything suits you, Rena."

And there it goes again, our eyes automatically locked on each other like opposite magnet poles. I missed her. I missed her so bad that I wanted to hug her tight and never let go. But reality snaps back on me. Looking at her now, she's not that Jurina she used to be. She became a one fine lady, seems very decent and educated. I'm glad I made the right decision back then, but at the same time, it felt a bit painful to know how she's been fine all those years without me.

"You look good yourself, too." I complimented her back. "I believe you're doing well."

She didn't say anything, but I saw a hint of loneliness in her eyes.

"I chose to live a simple normal life, Jurina." I bravely speak myself out. "This house might not be a mansion and only few people live
around here. But Oneechan and I already got used living in this place."

"Oneechan..." She repeated whispering to herself.

I know she's been wanting to ask the reason why I'm with her after all those terrible things she's done to us. But Oneechan is not a bad person, if only she can give her another chance like I did.

"I read your letter." She speaks again. "You told me that I shouldn't go and find you, so maybe you're wondering why I am here now."

Now that she mentioned, I realized I'm still not asking her yet why she's here. My mind is pre-occupied with her presence and with this overhelming happiness that whatever her reason doesn't matter anymore as long as she's with me now.

"Rena, it's been three years since you left that hospital. And there's never a day that I didn't think about you... worried about you."

I felt sincerity in her words, I wanted to tell her badly that I was the same. That I always think of her, and how I missed her everyday.

"I-I don't belong there, Jurina. You can be happier without me. You have your family, your friends, Mayu-san..."

"Mayu-chan?" She repeated in a confused tone.

Though I don't want to hear anything that happened between them since I left. I've already been through a hard time dealing with my ow imagination of a happy picture of them getting back together. During my long sleep back in the hospital, I heard them talking... saying I love you to each other, expressing their feelings for each other. And then I realized, I'm not needed there. I can only be a nuissance if I stayed.

"L-Look, the sun's going down. A-Are you hungry? I-I'm sorry, I forgot to offer you anything to eat." I switched the topic. "Let's go inside, I'll prepare some food."

I went back to the kitchen and said to cook dinner as an excuse for my cowardly escape. When she followed me inside, I immediately opened the fridge to look for some food.

"We haven't bought some grocery yet, so I hope you're okay with...-"


I froze. She suddenly wrapped her arms around me from behind, capturing me full.

"J-Jurina... W-What are you doing??"

She didn't answer, instead she tightened her embrace. I can feel her warm breathing against my bare neck. My knees are getting weak, it's impossible to fight off these feelings that I have for her. I didn't move a bit, because I know I've been wanting to feel her this close. And I don't want her to ever let go of me.

"Don't you really want me back in your life, Rena? Didn't you even miss me?" Her voice broke.

I felt her warm tears dropping on my skin.

"Because I do! I missed you so much that it hurts way so bad... and
it's been killing me since the day you left."

She slowly released her arms and turned me around facing her. Her
hands gripping on both my shoulders. I see her eyes red from tears.

"Look at me, Rena. Then tell me straight to my eyes that you don't want me."


I immediately stepped back from her and walked away. I notice I'm
already having this habit of making escapes. I went to open the door.

"Tadaima!" Oneechan greeted me.

"O-Okaeri..." I answered in a low voice.

"Ah, Jurina-chan! I knew you'd still be here." Oneechan instantly saw
her as she entered the house.

"Oneechan... you knew she's coming?" I asked confused.

"No, I only happened to see her earlier today." She answered. "So...
what's with the atmosphere here? Is there something happened?"

"N-Nothing, I was just about to cook dinner when you arrived." I partly lied.

"Oh, but I already bought food, since I knew we already ran out of
grocery items. You'll be joining us for dinner right, Jurina-chan?"

"Actually, Sakippe-sensei... I'm also about to leave." Jurina responded.

Her answer felt like a dagger piercing my heart. I don't really want her to leave.

"You're leaving? But it's already dark out there. Why don't you stay
for the night? Rena's room is spacious for two, you can share with
her." Oneechan kept on babbling.

"O-Oneechan?!" My voice went high.

"What? Oh, yes I forgot... we don't have an extra futon. But I believe
you don't mind sleeping on the same futon with Rena, right?"

"W-Wait... But..." Jurina tried to protest.

"No buts, okay?" Oneechan cuts her off. "Don't be stubborn, Jurina-chan. You're a guest of this house and I was still your sensei.
I can't let you travel alone in the dark specially that you're not familiar with this town. So, please sit down and have dinner with us."

I'm amazed how good my sister is on taking advantages over the
circumstances. Jurina finally agreed to stay and the three of us
quietly ate dinner together. I admit, deep inside me, I'm so happy
that Jurina will not leave.

"Gochisousamadeshita!" Oneechan finished her plate. "Ah, I'm tired... I don't feel like taking a bath tonight, but I'll go now and prepare yours. It's quite late so it's better if you just share bath together at the same time."

"O-Oneechan?!" I exclaimed again.

"What is it this time, Rena? You used to take a bath with me when we're little. And besides, you're both girls. Is there any problem with that?"

My sister is really good at this and I can't win against her. But why
do I feel like she's doing this on purpose?

After few minutes, Oneechan called when the bath is ready, so I first went in. Eventhough Oneechan said that we used to take a bath together before, the bath place we had back then was actually larger than a standard-sized swimming pool. But what we have right now is only a small bath tub.

"Rena, I'm coming in." Jurina knocked and the bathroom door slides open.

I immediately faced away from her. I realized that this is the first time that we're both bare naked together.

She sat down and started to take a shower. I watched how she applies soap and shampoo on her. I can only see her back though. But even if it's just merely her back, this is still the first time I admire someone's back like this. I can't help but stare at her smooth skin and beautiful curves. I suddenly gulped at the sight. What is happening to me?

"I'm done with the shower." She spoke and I came back to my senses. "I'm going in the tub now."

I turned to the other side of the bath tub, not looking at her. The water overflowed as she went in and the splash was the last sound I heard. The long silence between us is deafening so I decided to break it a little.

"Sorry about Oneechan." I said still not looking at her.

"I noticed that your sister has changed. She's acting like a different
person now." She answered.

"Honestly speaking... she didn't. She's only gone back to my real Oneechan."

"Even if what you say is the truth, it's still hard for me to forget that she's the reason behind..... this scar." She softly touched the scar on my back.

"P-Please don't...!" I panicked. I'm not aware that she's looking at my scar.

"Why?" She immediately retreated.

"I-It's ugly."

"You're wrong. For me, that scar is the most beautiful part of you. It reminds me of the second life you gave me."

She touches my scar again and gently brushed her fingers against it. Her warm touch lingers on my skin. I closed my eyes to savor the moment. Then suddenly I felt hot breath on my back and before I knew it, her pair of soft lips are already resting on my scar. A thousand electric sparks began scattering across my body. This new unfamiliar sensation is too much and it scares me.

"I-I should leave..." I stood up and immediately left the bathroom
without looking back.

After I put my clothes on, I went outside for some cold fresh air
hoping that it would help my body temperature to go down. Why do I
still feel hot and bothered? I feel like burning, but the feeling is
different from having a fever.

"There you are..." Jurina followed me outside.

"Ah, how pretty!" She said as she looked up the night sky. "I'm amazed
how the stars are clearly visible from here."

"Because there are no city lights around this place." I explained.

"Yeah, exactly... The view from this town might be different from the
city, but the sky above them is always the same." Then she looked at
me again. "That's how I've always thought those years that we're
apart, that we're just under the same sky."

I felt like my heart is melting whenever she says sweet things to me. I knew she's already a sweet person even from the time I first met her, but this kind of sweetness she's giving me is different. And even the way she looks at me isn't the same as before, though I only pretend not to notice. Those gentle eyes kept on staring mine is like gravity
pulling me deeper into her.


Jurina and I both faced away from each other when we suddenly heard
the sound coming from our house.

"Oneechan usually plays the piano everynight before she sleeps." I told her.

She then offered her hand and asked me, "Can I have this dance?"

I didn't expect that from her so I was a little surprised.

"Please?" She insisted.

I then took her hand and she smiled. She went closer and placed both my
hands on her shoulders, as she locked her arms around my waist. We
started to sway ourselves with the slow music, while looking deeply at
each other's eyes again.

"Did you know that the last time I danced... it was with you?" She
whispered, her eyes still locked on mine.

"Really? So am I." I softly chuckled.

"Since after that contest in Sapporo, I thought I already forgot how
to dance." She said.

"I don't think that's possible. You're the most talented dancer I've ever met. You can never forget how to dance."

"You think so? Well, thank you." She smiled again.

We shared a dance rhythm, we had no audience, it was just the two of
us alone. With pounding hearts and swelling emotions, no one sees us
but the bright stars above, watching and shining upon us. We stayed
like that, just holding each other under the beautiful night sky.

"I never expect I'd still get a chance to dance with you again... I missed this... and I..." There was a long pause. "I... missed you too, Jurina..."

She didn't say anything, but her reaction clearly shows how my words caught her off guard. Her face is slowly getting closer to mine until it's only an inch away. She moved forward almost closing the gap between our lips, and that's when the music suddenly ended.

"I-It's already late... W-We should take a rest." I said taking a step backward, and she only nodded.

I rushed back in the house and leaned my back on the wall. W-What was that? W-We almost kissed! She followed me inside shortly, so I quietly walked her to my room. I opened the door and show her where we'll sleep the night.

"You looked surprised, does my room seem too small for you?" I asked
in a little sarcastic tone.

"Well, your old room is indeed many times bigger, but it's just an empty room without you there. So, I must say... I like this one better. Because you're here." She answered directly.

She stepped inside my room and sit on the single futon placed on the floor.

"Do you know that I'm staying in your room in the mansion? And I made
it sure that nothing has changed there. Everything is exactly the same way how you left it."

She talks as her fingertips playfully touch the futon.

"That's because... I'm still hoping you'll come back... and I wanted you to see that nothing has changed once you return."


I'm speechless. I didn't know that she's waiting for me to come back.
I'm really happy to hear that from her.

"Hmm, Rena? Are you just going to stand there at the door all night?"
She softly chuckled.

I embarrassingly stepped inside and closed the door behind me. I went to her and lay myself beside her on the small futon. Ahh, she smells so nice. But that doesn't make any sense. I can't understand why I'm so captivated by her fragrance, she just used the same soap and shampoo I also used earlier. I turned my back on her and tried to ignore these weird feelings.

I'm not sure how much hours have passed. Maybe she's already asleep. I
wanted to see her sleeping face even just a bit. I carefully turned to
her side and was surprised to see that she's wide awake. Was she
staring at my back the whole time?

"You can't sleep, too?" She smiled.

"I-It's not that I can't sleep... I-I just don't want to." I admitted.

"Why?" She asked curiously.

"Many times, I've been having the same dream. In my dreams, you were
always there but whenever I tried to touch you, I wake up and you're
gone. I'm afraid that if I sleep tonight, you'll..."

"Sshh... This is not a dream, Rena." She took my one hand and rested
it on her cheek. "Do you feel it? I'm real."

Her face felt so warm and soft underneath my palm. I hope she can't
hear how loud my heart is thumping right now inside my chest.

"Come with me, Rena. I promise I'll never let you wake up alone again. I will be there by your side every single morning you open your eyes." She brushes my hair gently. "Grandfather will surely be happy when he sees you. He asked me to go here, he wants you back, Rena."

"Is he the reason why you came here?" I retreated my hand, trying to hide the sudden disappointment I felt.

"Obviously, I only used that as an excuse to see you." She answered looking to my eyes. "Rena, I've been wanting to ask you something for a long time now."

I only stared back at her with a questioning look.

"That night... before you passed out in my arms... you... well, uhm... kissed me... on my lips..."

My eyes widened upon hearing what she just said. I panicked, my heart started to pound hard. I think I already know the question that she will ask.

That night when I was shot, the pain my body felt was unbearable and I thought that was the end of me. Then my weak eyes saw her crying. The last thing that came to my mind is that... I wanted to show my real feelings for her. I was dying and I thought that was my last chance to let her know that I love her.

"You left me with unanswered questions running through my head like... why did you kiss me... and I was thinking like... that kiss must mean something..." She continues.

What should I answer? I'm scared of how she might react if I tell her the truth. Will she get disgusted? Will she hate me again?

"I believe that whatever my reason was... will not matter anymore." I
simply answered facing away.

"It does matter to me!"

Jurina caught me off-guard and suddenly climbed on top of me. Her eyes are raging. Why is she acting
like this? Is it even possible that...

"Rena... I-I love you!" She said aloud.

S-She loves me? It took long before my brain finally processed those words. Maybe, I'm just overthinking. Ofcourse, she loves me. She's a loving person. She probably loves me as a family or as a friend.

"I do love you too, Jurina. But I don't think our love is the same." I slowly confessed. "Since the beginning , I never thought of you as a sister, nor just an ordinary friend. I knew that even you find out that we're not real sisters, you'll probably still think of me the same old way. And I can no longer bear to only stay like...-"

I didn't manage to finish my sentence anymore. Her lips crushed mine. I blinked twice, thrice... My body is trembling underneath her. I felt a thousand electric sparks travelling on every fiber of my body. The weight of her lips slowly lightens up against mine, but she's not breaking the kiss. Her lips felt so soft and welcoming, that my eyelids started shutting to savor them. She moved and I just let her to deepen the kiss. My lips move on their own and began to dance with hers in a rhythm. The feeling in that moment is like embarking into an unfamiliar territory, but at the same time, it was warm... honest... and perfect. All my barriers were almost gone, when I realized this is wrong.

"J-Jurina... W-We can't..." I slightly pushed her away and sat up.

"Why?" She looked confused.

"Did you already forget how I planned to destroy your life? I lied to you! I almost killed you!"

"Rena, YOU saved my life. That's the only thing that I wanted to remember."

"Jurina, please... I don't want to ruin your life anymore. You have a
better future back there without me. And besides, you already have
Mayu-san... you will be much happier with her."

"Mayu-chan? I don't think you understand. Mayu-chan and I are good
friends. She knew I'm in love with you and she wanted me to be happy
with you. Please don't make any more excuses. Just tell me, if you don't want me..."

"I-I... do want you... You just don't know how much I waited for this to happen, Jurina. I've loved you for too long. I may not be aware of it, I think I've fallen for you since the very first day we met. I loved you even before I realized it myself. But my life did not make things easy for me. I hurt everyone... our family, our friends... I hurt you. Even I, can't still forgive myself for what I have done. A person like me doesn't deserve you. I will just keep on hurting everyone if I come back to your lives. So please, Jurina... don't make it harder for me anymore."

I saw how tears started to fall down her cheeks. Why do I always end up hurting her over and over again?

"This is so unfair, Rena..." She speaks between her cries.


"Then even just for tonight... can we pretend that there's nothing else existed but the two of us? If we own the world alone... will you then allow yourself to love me?"

She desperately pleads. The way she looks at me is digging holes in my heart. Tears escaped from my eyes, I nodded and reached for her.

I temporarily freed myself from the things that were holding me back from loving her. I stopped thinking and just let my heart do what it is longing. And that is to feel Jurina's warmth and let her hold me in her arms.


I slowly opened my eyes and saw the brightness of my room. It's morning already, that means I fell asleep?

"J-Jurina?" I immediately sat up.

She's not here next to me. Don't tell me it was all a dream again?

"Hey, I'm right here..." She walked from the door then went closer to me. She gave me a gentle smile.

"Ohayou, Rena..." She leaned to kiss my forehead, then down to my cheek.

"I-I thought you already left..." My tone sounded a bit relieved.

"I'm waiting for you to wake up before I leave." She answered.

I noticed she's already dressed up. Seeing her prepared to leave anytime makes my chest hurt.

"Okaasan just called. Grandfather needs me."

"How is he?" I worriedly asked.

"He's not in great shape. I should hurry back home. Will you come home with me, Rena?"

"I-I'm sorry... I don't think I...-"

"It's okay, I understand..." She softly touches my face. "You don't have to push yourself."

She stood up and turned her back on me. "Then I guess this is goodbye. Please take care of yourself, Rena."

And then she just left me after saying those words. I wanted to run after her but my body won't move. I just cried myself out. I felt so helpless, I don't want to be separated from her but this is the right thing to do. This is my own choice, I chose my own suffering.


"Why didn't you go with her?" Oneechan shortly came to my room.

I didn't answer, I only continue sobbing.

"Rena..." She went closer and hugged me. "If you're thinking about me, I'm fine by myself."

"Oneechan, I don't want to leave you alone here but it's not just it." My voice sounded broken. "I'm afraid that if I come back there, I'll hurt her again. I only brought misfortune to her life and I don't want that to happen anymore. Staying here... far away from her... is what's best for us."

My sister suddenly tapped my head then kissed it after.


"Your heart was never here, Rena. You're with me these years but it felt like you're not at all. I'd rather be alone than to see you empty like that. I don't want a hollow little sister anymore."

She held my hands and looked into my eyes sincerely.

"I am sorry, Rena. Everything is not your fault. Please forgive me for making you feel miserable. You're a good person. You deserve to be happy and to be loved."


"Always remember that I love you, my little Rena. Oneechan wants you to be happy. So, be brave... and go back to your happiness."


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The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 21 - FuruYanagi

It's Friday, the last day of the week, I pack my things and cleared up my desk. Work went smooth today unlike the previous days. I work as secretary of the next CEO of a big company in Japan, who also happens to be a close highschool friend of mine. It's pure luck for me to get a good job like this, I have the kindest boss plus a very nice salary. You can say that I'm only an average person, I don't excel in anything. I didn't reach college, I only took vocational for secretarial course. It's required at least to fit this job, though Jurina-chan says it's just for formality since she personally chose me.

"Takayanagi-san, you're leaving early." My co-worker noticed. "Do you have plans for tonight?"

"Just home, Noguchi-san." I answered him politely.

Noguchi-san is one of the best employees in the company, in fact, he already holds a high position despite his young age. Though he's still a lot older and more mature than I am.

"Great, then why don't we hang out? Just a few drinks. My treat."

"I-I don't think I'm in the mood for drinking tonight."

"Come on, you should loosen up a bit. You've been working too hard." He kept on insisting.

I admit he has a point, maybe I should change my monotonous routine and have fun sometimes. I nodded and decided to come with him.

I was expecting a usual karaoke place but no, he brought me to a decent restaurant. He ordered a bottle of some expensive drink and grilled dishes.

"Do you have a boyfriend, Takayanagi-san?" He casually asked.

"I-I don't."

"I figured. I never see you with anyone since the day you've started working in
the company. But how come you're still single? You're a lovely woman, Takayanagi-san."

Noguchi-san is quite a smooth talker. I bet he has broken plenty of hearts. He's attractively good-looking, intelligent and sexy. Girls tend to go crazy over mature guys like him. But me? I don't know, I only find him intimidating.

"T-Thank you for the compliment."

Our food and drinks have arrived. Noguchi-san went on talking about himself and about work. Funny, I used to be the one who's loud and talkative. But here I am, silently listening, trying to look interested in his stories. Maybe I just matured over these years. I wonder if Airin likes me better this way, she always get irritated with my immature and childish acts.

Wait, what? Why am I thinking about her now?

Three years, I haven't talked to her. Three freaking years and I'm a hundred percent sure I'm totally over her.

I took a gulp from the glass of sparkling wine infront of me, I just assumed it's wine since I'm not familiar with types of alcoholic drinks. I finished off one glass instantly, hoping it can shake my thoughts of her off my head.

"Woah, slow down. The night is still young." He flashes his sexy smile as he pours more to my glass.

"This drink tastes good. I like it." I sip a little more.

"It is, that's what makes it more dangerous." He smiled again. "As what I said, the night is still young. I'm glad you're relaxed now and you're enjoying my company."

Am I? I'm not so sure, but I really like this wine. I knew this is not a cheap one because I rarely like the taste of alcoholic drinks. I'll just savour the moment and enjoy drinking more than the company.

A moment later, the front door of the restaurant opened and my heart immediately recognized a familiar person who walked in. Her eyes were searching at first until they met mine and automatically locked.

Is my heart playing tricks on me? I blinked twice. Maybe I'm already drunk, my brain is not functioning well because of the alcohol. I'm being delusional here. I am seeing a person now, who I haven't seen for the longest time.

"Takayanagi-san? Are you alright? Your face seemed flushed." He snapped me back to reality.

"S-Sorry, what were you saying earlier again?"

"I was talking about Matsui-san's upcoming big event. I am sure everyone is excited about it. I believe Matsui-san will be a great leader just like her grandfather."

"Ofcourse, she will be." I assured him.

I looked back at the front door, she isn't there anymore. My eyes roamed around the place until I found her again. She's talking to a waiter. My eyes followed her as the waiter walks her to her table.

Is she alone? Is she waiting for someone? Even by merely looking at her from afar, I can see that she became more beautiful than before.

The waiter came back with a cup of coffee. She then caught me staring at her, I immediately looked away. After that, we shared few more stolen glances at each other.

"You're spacing out again, Takayanagi-san. Are you sure you're alright?" He asked with concern in his voice.

"Y-Yes, I'm absolutely fine."

"Seems like you really like our drink. You almost finished the bottle all by yourself." He sounded amused.

I surprisingly saw the bottle infront of me almost empty.

"S-Sorry, I totally didn't realize at all. This is so embarassing."

I suddenly felt dizzy. Things around me started to go in circles. I think the alcohol is finally sinking into my system.

"Takayanagi-san?" Noguchi-san called.

"I-I think I should go." I stood up and my vision turns into a roller coaster ride.

"Wait, you don't look well. Where do you live? I'll take you home." He offered.

"Y-You don't have to. I-I can go home on my own."

"But I can't just let you leave looking like that." He held my wrist to stop me.

I grew uncomfortable around him now.

"P-Please let go of me. I-I can handle myself."


"You heard the girl clearly, didn't you? She said let go."

And there it is. That familiar voice that I subconsciously long for.

"Excuse me, but who are you?" He asked trying to calm down. "Sorry, but I just wanted to bring her home safely."

"Sorry, too. But I have a pretty good sense in reading a person's intention very well. Come on, Churi. Let's go."

She grabbed my other hand and I felt Noguchi-san's grip slowly releasing my wrist in defeat. She dragged me along with her dashing all the way out of the restaurant without looking back.

"W-Wait, stop..." I said catching my breath.

But she continues to drag me outside along the streets.

"I-I said stop..."

She just ignored my protest, she kept on holding my hand tightly.

"AIRIN!!!" I shouted her name loudly.

"What now?" Finally, she stopped and turned around to face me.

"I-I was telling you to stop! L-Let me catch my breath first, it's been a long time since the last time I ran like that."

"Fine, won't you even thank me first from rescuing you from your douchebag boyfriend?"

"He's not my boyfriend. He's just a guy from work."

"And you let yourself get drunk with him? What happens if I didn't come?"

"And now, you're here to lecture me? Oh sorry, mother."

She raised an eyebrow then she let out a deep sigh.

"Churi, you looked wasted. You can't go home alone like that."

"You still haven't change your bossy attitude. I believe you clearly heard what I said earlier. I can perfectly handle myself."

Just a second after I said that confidently, my stomach suddenly betrayed me and I accidentally threw up on her.

"Yeah, I can see clearly that you can handle yourself very well." She said sarcastically.

Oh, anyone kill me now. I'd rather die right on that spot out of pure embarrassment. Three years we haven't seen each other, and now we meet in an awkward situation like this. But I can't help it, I still really feel sick. Everything goes on moving around me.

She gently rubbed my back and calmly said.

"You can stay at my place tonight."


After I kept on throwing up inside Airin's bathroom, my feeling finally got better. Alcohol flushed out of my system and I swear I won't chug down a whole bottle on my own again.

I washed myself and changed to sleeping clothes which Airin lent me. They smell nice, they smell like her.

I tried to compose myself and look a bit presentable before going out the bathroom, I still feel awfully embarrassed about throwing up on her earlier.

When I went out, I noticed how spacious her apartment is. Her place is surprisingly just a walking distance from the restaurant.

"Feel a lot better now?" She asked sitting on her couch.

"Yes, thank you for letting me stay."

"And thank you for being less stubborn."

I rolled my eyes on her.

"F-Fine. Sorry, about earlier." I shyly looked away. "Nice place you have here."

"Yeah, my parents bought this for me as their graduation gift." She uttered with accomplishment written on her face. "Finally done it, after few years studying law abroad."

I gave her a confused look. That means she weren't in Japan all these years? How come I didn't know?

"I just recently came back almost a week ago." She continues.



"N-Nothing. Well then, congratulations!"

"Thanks." Airin smiled and I was captivated all over again. She really looks beautiful when she smiles. Her face lightens up and her eyes are...

I broke my stare off her. This is bad. My heart is thumping hard. Why did I end up in this situation?

"How about you, where do you exactly live?"

"Ouch, that hurts. Now, you already forgot where your old friend lives." I giggled.

"Hey, stop twisting my words." She playfully hits my arm. "So you still live with your parents, but that's far from here."

"I like commuting, it refreshes my mind. But when it's late doing overtime work, I usually stay at Jurina-chan's mansion."

"I can't imagine what might happen if you stubbornly travel alone by yourself tonight looking wasted and all, and worst, if you let your douchebag boyfriend take you home."

"I already told you, Noguchi-san is not my boyfriend. And please stop accusing him, he's a decent guy."

She seemed both surprised and upset when I defended Noguchi-san. But I believe he did nothing wrong.

"Sorry. You're probably tired from earlier, you can take the guest room over there. I changed the bedsheets into new ones. Please feel at home."

"T-Thanks, Airin."

"If you need anything, my room is just right beside yours. Goodnight, Churi."

"Goodnight, too." I answered.


I can't sleep. I stared at the unfamiliar ceiling with wide awake eyes. Airin's probably already sleeping peacefully. I can't believe she's just in that room next to mine. She's so close that we breathe the same air now. She's near but... It's not enough for me.

My throat felt dry. Perhaps, it's because of dehydration from throwing up. I got up from bed and went to the kitchen looking for water.

I took a glass from the counter and opened the fridge. I saw a pitcher of water, so I filled my glass and drank all, then closes the fridge back. I saw Airin standing next to the fridge door.

"Y-You scared me!"

"S-Sorry, I heard some noise so I went out my room to check. Can't sleep?"

"A little. I was only getting some water."

"I can't sleep neither. Do you want to talk?"

I gave her a blank stare.

"I mean it's been a while since the last time we talked to each other. How about we catch things up?"

"Sounds good." I nodded.


"So, how's Juritan?" She asked.

We sat down on her couch taking both ends, facing each other. We're both wearing sleeping clothes.

"I heard about her succession as CEO of her family's company. It must have been very tough for her."

"Nah. We both know our Jurina-chan very well. She's a strong person."

"Yes, I'm not forgetting that. I'm just glad that you never left her side. I knew it's not just purely work that you chose to stay with her. You're a good friend, Churi."

I felt my face warmed up from her words. I feel my heart smiling whenever she says something nice about me.

Since she asked for Jurina-chan, then maybe it's not bad if I also ask about...

"S-So... how's Rena-chan?" There, I said it.

"Rena? I never heard from her since I left Japan." She paused. "She wanted to distance herself from us. And I respect her decision."

I thought they've always been in touched with each other. I knew from Jurina-chan that Rena-chan now lives in the countryside. I found out when she came back from that town to visit her, looking all dull and down.



"Did you ever love Rena-chan?"

Wow, where did I pull the courage to throw her that question?

"I was... not sure myself. If love means wanting to protect someone, then maybe it was love I felt for her. But it's the same feeling of how I wanted to protect Juritan... and you."

Airin looks intently at me like she's also searching for an answer.

"It's exactly how it felt like when I had to protect you from your douchebag boyfriend earlier." She suddenly changed the mood.

"Hey, how many times should I tell you that he's not my boyfriend. In fact, I never had a boyfriend!"

She smirked victoriously and went on teasing me.

"Having a fancy dinner in a fancy restaurant, even if you say that he's not your boyfriend, I'm pretty sure he's into you."

"And even if you say he's into me, I'm pretty sure I don't feel the same way for him." I mimicked her actions. "Why do you always bring him up whenever you have a chance to? If I haven't known you, I'd probably think that you're just jealous."

Oops, what's gotten into me? My mouth wouldn't shut up. But I'm already sober, aren't I?

"Who knows? Maybe, I am."

What is that supposed to mean?

"You know, you never changed. I still find you cute whenever you blushed like that."

She finds me what? She winked at me then stood up from the couch.

"By the way, do you want to sleep in my room instead?"

Is she asking me to sleep with her? No, it means only to sleep ofcourse. I quietly debated against myself.

"Is that a yes or a no?"

What was she thinking? How am I going to answer a question like that? Maybe, I'm just overreacting.

"Just come inside whenever you feel like to."

She went in her room. And I am still here, contemplating if I should follow her inside or better not. Why am I getting nervous? It's not like I've never been to sleepovers with her before.

I reached for her door knob and went inside her room. The first thing that captured my eyes is a huge painting hanging on her bedroom wall.

"It's lovely, isn't it?"

Airin joined me in admiring the beautiful painting infront of me. She stood beside me, looking up the wall.

"I knew you'll like it. It's called 'The Girl Who Loves Birds'."

I turned to face her, her eyes still glued on the painting.

"I got it from an art exhibit abroad. It reminded me of you when I first saw it, and without thinking twice I immediately bought it."

"And you hang it inside your bedroom?"

"Well, yeah." She softly chuckled. "In abroad, I learned to be all alone and realized few things about my life. I was faraway from home, it makes me feel lonely and homesick. But whenever I look at that painting, I feel warm."

She glances my way and the fuzzy feeling inside my stomach is getting worse. My heart is thumping hard again, how can she do that to me so naturally?

"Say, Churi."


"Did you mean it when you confessed your love for me back then?"

"How dare you to even think I didn't mean it! I know I was immature and childish, but I was dead serious when I said I was in love with you."

"So, how about now?"


"You said 'was', so it was all in the past. Now, I'm asking the present."

Her question caught me off guard. Do I still love her?

"Just never mind. Sorry for asking these things so suddenly."

"Can I kiss you, then?"


It's her turn to get confused with questions. We're even now.

"You're asking me of what I feel for you now, right? I don't know yet the answer, but maybe I'll find it out if you let me kiss you."

"Alright. Deal."

Deal? She just took it? Do I even know how to kiss? I've never kissed nor have been kissed before. But no backing out now.

She initially took a step towards me and I slowly close the gap between us, until my lips touches hers. Her lips were so soft against mine, this is dangerous, I have to pull myself back before I drown to this addicting sensation.

"So, did you get your answer?" She asked.

I looked everywhere except her eyes.

"I knew you didn't, did you?" She said confidently.

"What made you sure that I didn't?"

"Because what you did can't even be counted as a real kiss."

"What the heck do y-..."

Before I knew it, her lips fully captured mine. She gently pushed me and pinned me against her bedroom wall. My knees felt week as her kisses goes rough and deepens. She tries to lock my upper lip between hers. Then she slowly pulled away.

"Now, did you get your answer?" She whispered against my lips. "Still no?"

"Airin, wai-..."

She captured my mouth open, this time her tongue touches mine. I felt my entire body on heat. I like how her mouth tastes like. She's making me insane. And I was kissing her back.

She pulled away smiling and I was panting hard. I'm trying to catch my breath.

"Did you get your answer?" She whispered again, her forehead leans against mine.

"T-That's unfair..."

That's all I was able to say. Tears started to cloud my eyes. No matter how I tried to act mature, I still go back to my childish self when I'm with her.

"I-I'm sorry. I pushed you too far." She brushes my tear away with her thumb and then pulled me into a tight hug. "I won't insist anymore. Come on. Let's go to sleep."

She slowly led me to her bed, we face each other as we lay ourselves side by side. We stayed like that, only staring at each other's eyes quietly.

"Remember, I told you earlier that I realized few things when I was all alone back in abroad?"

She breaks the silence. I just nodded.

"I promise myself that once I come back and meet the people I love, I will never let go of them again."

She reached for me, she tucked a hair strand behind my ear. Then she gently touches my cheek.

"I'll never leave you again." She smiled. Her eyes deeply bored into mine.

"I missed you, Akane."


"Takayanagi-san, you've been staring hard at that poor little key since this morning." He flashes his signature smile again.

"Noguchi-san! I-I am very sorry about last week."

"It's okay, no biggies. I'm just glad you got home safely."

"I spent the night at my friend's place."

"Oh, with that girl who looked at me like she's going to kill me anytime."

"Haha! Yeah, you're probably talking about Airin."

"Wait, did I hear you right? Airin is back?" Jurina-chan joined the conversation.

"Matsui-san, so you're also friends with that beautiful yet scary girl."

Jurina-chan chuckled. "The three of us are childhood friends."

"I admire your friendship. It's rare to find a friend who's willing to protect you at all cost. You're both lucky to have her."

"Yes, we really are." I answered him.

"Well then, I have to go back to work now. Hope we can hang out again sometime, Takayanagi-san. See you around." He winked at me then left.

"So, you went out with him?" Jurina-chan intriguingly asked.

"No, we just hanged out as friends. It was a looong story. But to make it short, because of him, I happened to meet Airin again."


"And... she asked me if I wanted to live together with her."

Jurina-chan suddenly gets teary-eyed when I showed her the spare key to Airin's apartment.


"I-I'm sorry." She rubbed her eyes. "I'm just happy for the both of you."

"Eh? But I haven't accepted her offer yet."

"Just say yes to her, you dummy. You can never easily get a second chance like that in your life. If you really want to be with her then don't go waste it."

I felt her words. I knew she meant more to it, she's not just talking about Airin and I. Then I realized, we have to do something for her, too. We can never be contented if we cannot drag our friend along with our happiness.


I patiently waited for Airin inside her apartment. She's not yet home, I wanted to surprise her. I sat still on her couch just looking at the front door. Then finally, I heard the door went open.


The reaction on her face was priceless. She was really surprised. She wasn't expecting to see me.

"Okaeri." I simply smiled at her.

"What are you doing here?"

"I live here now, remember?"

"So, you mean..."

I stood up and wrapped my arms around her. I softly whispered.

"Yes, let's live together from now on."

She hugged me back tightly. I never imagined that this could happen even once in my whole life. I'm so happy that I would never exchange this moment for anything in this world. Then I remember, I still have to do something. I slowly pulled away from her.

"First things first. We need to discuss about our friends."

"What is it?"

"I have a plan."


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