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Author Topic: The Lady of Darkness and Shadow  (Read 1501 times)

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The Lady of Darkness and Shadow
« on: April 30, 2008, 04:50:15 AM »
Strong thunders were falling down on the ground making her resound of the powerful sound that they were carrying out on them, blue and rapid snakes saw to fall down on the soil, and followed by them.
Towards a strong wind …
A wind so strong that sometimes it was taking with, big trees.

No person was meeting in the surroundings, they all were in his respective hearths making sure of the climate.
Since it was fatality.
In spite of the conditions of which the climate was, there was a person who walks along the streets, with the strong wind, was walking with difficulty but that was not preventing him from stopping, his long gabardine of skin of black colour was moving violently up and down, his long hair of black colour also was moving up and down.
Scarcely was it managing to see.
It kept on walking up to coming and being opposite to a big old and ruined building. All the glasses were broken. And it was seen that it was not working for years for the terrible state that was.
 Lift his sight and it gave a big jump that began to rise covering the walls of the building, up to coming to the roof.
There one was already finding a figure, it was the figure of a girl of low height and it possessed a beautiful long gabardine of skin of white colour.
- You are demorado, that is strange coming from you - it is she who says to him, even giving him the back and not showing his face.
- I feel it …-

A pretty angelical laugh sounded in this moment. - That is rare of you. -  said to him even smiling.
The young woman of long hair was looking at her with his deep and sad eyes.
- Please, you do not look at me this way.-
- You are imagining things that are not-
- Not …
I meet you perfectly, perhaps be the person who more meets you, it was not easy to me, at all of easy.-
- I feel it … - he turned to forgive.
- Again do you apologize?, you always know they said to me that you were someone hard, cold, insensitive, without feelings. It serious it is true, it reserved also, but …
You are the most kind person that I have met. After this mask, this appearance that samples there is a nobleman and cigar heart.-

This time the young woman penetrated the girl who made him know what was thinking about her and remained in silence.
- Today in the morning you quoted me in the park of the school, said that you would make me know something about which was not informed.-
- Direct to the point as always, because done to losing the moment …-
- Sorry. - Turns to forgive the young woman of the gabardine black.-
The girl of height goes down, black short hair him smile so angelically, And I place his eyes in those of another girl.
-I have always liked your eyes, your discreet, intense and melancholy look. Only I hope that some day you should give me your warm smile and a sheen in your look, with that he would be eternally happy, I was always waiting for it but …
Perhaps your past performs the darkest and full of sorrow that does not allow showing to this person who sleeps in a deep sleep in your conceal. - the young woman of low height approached more the girl of black gabardine, reclining to his breast and placed his hand in the heart of the young woman of high height.
None of the two did any movement; there both were remaining as petrified, as if the moment in this moment was freezing.
- Because you have concealed me the truth in all this long time? Why did not you say to me who truly you were? Why did you conceal it?-
- When did you discover it?-
- Today, I perceived to the strong quantity of the energy of the invocation. - it was answered by the girl of the long hair .. - And this energy was coming from this zone.-
Another young woman was remaining in the silence, without answering anything
- This is our farewell; this will be the last thefts that it sits the beats of his heart, and his recomfortable smell. When the permission of  I that you do not make you will see again for years and when we plough his agreeable surprise will take, our destinations will be complicated and ...-
- Then …
Have you seen it? From when? - Another girl interrupts him.
- for ages, from before meeting. It is the first time that I felt so much happiness, and he was waiting with avidity for your arrival, savant who would be short our relation but … I do not matter for myself and I wanted to be next to you, to be as well as I am so next to you.-
- I …
I get it I will never forgive.
I am never going to excuse it to you …-
- Do you hate me? - The girl of short hair asks him.
- If … - your voice sounded subdued and hollow, on having answered him.
Unexpectedly the rain began to fall down, ¡ so loudly!! That the drops were hurting him.
- Being this the case, there is nothing any more than to say.-
The young woman stopped being recharged in the breast of the girl and later …
The tall girl felt as the young woman of low height it was joining his lips with those of her, she felt the lips of her given to theirs.
- Tsugunaga …-
- it is my farewell. - She says to him smiling.
I take his hand to his eyes since tears began to slip of them.
Tsugunaga was not waiting what would happen in these moments, saw was trapped and surrounded by the arms of the young, and felt the agreeable and the soft smell of her and felt the beats of his heart again. For the second time she was reclining to his breast to the  of the  girl.
- Do you listen to it? Do you feel them? Earlier it had never beaten thus, earlier it was never listened so loudly …
 pum, pum, pum...
My heart hurts me …-
-Do you hate me?-
I hate you with all my forces; hate you for acting as so egoistic and not having the value to speak and to confess this, you...
You knew everything …
You knew everything, absolutely quite …
Now say to me …
What do I do? What do I do with this pain?
What do I do with this so annoying feeling? SO ANNOYING!!! That hurts me as you do not have idea, which makes me feel this immense rage, which destroys me … wears away me slowly …-
Tsugunaga not stand it any longer and ended in tears, crying like a little girl, towards which so many years was not in that state, which did not fall in that state, that person, that person that was so close to it, that person that embraced with strength…
She had become someone very important in your heart…
For her heart she was very important…
Not only the heart hurts me if not that I feel my so heavy soul, I have no forces to continue …
But, if I allow going the few ones that I have left, I will not be able to do what the destination has prepared …-
- Why do you believe in the absurd destination? I do not believe …-
- The destination led me to knowing each other, the destination said to me that this would happen, and even things are for happening …-
- it was not the destination what made us know each other, it was a coincidence, everything was coincidence.-
- do not deceive yourself, that you do not believe it …
Only you say it because you are annoying … -Tsugunaga says to she smiling and weeping for Tsugunaga.
-Never must know, neither you of my.-
The girl loose to Tsugunaga and gives the back, begins to walk and Momoko him shouts:
-DO YOU hate me? –
The young woman stops and answers him:
- If …-
- Give the face and give me the face: ME LOOK AT THE EYES!  DO NOT BE A COWARD! - It shouts her, with his eyes full of tears.
The young woman stops giving him the back, and is returned back to be near Tsugunaga the eyes of the girl of high stature penetrate with his sight to Tsugunuga directly to his eyes. They were like ice cold glacial and full of feeling, Momoko this time did not turn his sight away, kept on supporting there the strong look of the young woman and her defying it.
- Not …
And if … - A few tears slipped of the eyes of the young woman; they were falling down on his white and soft face.
- Are you crying? Do you cry for our farewell?-
- Not …
It is the rain, farewell Momoko …-
giving him the back, it begins to give his hurried steps and move away from Tsugunaga, this time did not listen to any scream, not called by her, this time did not stop it, she wanted to be stopped, wanted to be called, but …
There never listened to his scream anything that it was making her stop. It kept on walking and moving away from her up to coming to the end of the roof of the building and was dropped of the building, threw itself towards the soil.
Meanwhile it was falling down his tears they were rising towards the sky, were slipping magically without being detainees.
She was surprised on having seen in the state that came …
It was his second time that was crying in silence of that way …
The only thing that he was wishing in this moment was forgetting, to forget and only to forget …
" a look can say more than words" and " a look can even denude the heart"

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Re: The Lady of Darkness and Shadow
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2008, 06:25:49 AM »
This is angsty and interesting I wonder who the other girl Maimi?lolidk is hmm...very descriptive  :grin: Keep it up

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Re: The Lady of Darkness and Shadow
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2008, 01:54:13 AM »
Weather step ...
It was 3:00 of the dawn. And the lights of the tower of Tokyo were standing out in the dark and black night, accompanying to an enormous yellow moon. 
The air that was running fresh and agreeable it was turning out to be, A long black leather gabardina hit was moving smoothly.

his hair was agreeing with his clothing because she was a possessor of a presumable long hair of black color,the moonlight settled in the white face of the person who was in the top of the tower of Tokyo, admiring the surroundings of this city. The calmness was polished and showed. Any world was resting was too much late.
The serious eyes of the young woman showed serious  recalled melancholy perhaps she remembered some moment especially …
-- Are you sure you want back? - Asks a girl of small stature, his hair is a color of brown and wavy, her eyes were very alive, very awake paresis talk to them and be understood without difficulty, were to be expressive .
A comparison of the girl dressed in black the other another young woman was showing aparentaba excelled with a few years old.
- if …
Takahashi-san before she should to see Fujimoto-senpai said to me that the past returns and said to me that my destination, in my destination the past. is alive-
- it is cruel …-
-- Does your've seen what it does not? --
Maimi-chan-Want to know? Would you like to tell you what they look? Would you like you talk about it? --
- No…
I do not need to know anything, be what is I will confront it, it does not import if I die in the course of my life. The destination, although it exists or does not exist it is possible to change.
And that person knew that I would topar with her -
- She is a threat, what remains is just wait and act .-
- Niigaki-San .-
-- If? --
- Thanks .-
Niigaki  smile charismatically, Maimi, for Maimi the smile of  Niigaki was like a beam of light that was always giving hope and when it was she who was in an abyss it was holding her so that it was not falling down deeper. Simply she was feeling happiness, it is as if she was transmitting it and was encouraging her in his darkness.  His face, the face of Risa Niigaki was always offering an agreeable and brilliant smile.
-Thank you, thank you very much Niigaki-san.- Risa is approaching Maimi and so warmly embrace. - alone Maimi-chan is not, you will never be sola.-
The heart of Maimi gave a turnaround, those words…
Those words did remind one person in particular, that person was and will be very special for her. Neither the passing of time has erased from his heart, his memories and his mind. This person marked his life …
- Sorry .-
- It does not matter. Those words heard long ago. She was unable to fulfil them.
but you Niigaki are not left me alone for years and has accompanied me even moved, made his transfer from school for being next to me and accompany me in my mission .-
- you have changed Maimi-chan, to the end I see a change in you, ¡ I am happy!! - it exclaims Risa  Niigaki.

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" a look can say more than words" and " a look can even denude the heart"

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