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Author Topic: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 11/26/14) [COMPLETE]  (Read 114209 times)

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 4/12)
« Reply #560 on: April 13, 2010, 05:31:38 AM »
Just wanted to comment again here, though I don't really have anything to say that wasn't said on H!O.


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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 4/12)
« Reply #561 on: April 13, 2010, 11:51:11 AM »
Oh goodie! An update! And Eri is not blind anymore :cow:

I vote HAPPY! Especially for TanaKame :D

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 4/12)
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I think you already know which one I voted for  :lol:

I should be studying for my finals too but I just couldn’t pass this update  XD

Reina and Eri with their hair down  :inlove:
 :w00t:  Eri can see again!  :pen_whirl:

“Have you been hanging out with Sayu too much?!”

“So...” I say. “Did you use protection?”
LOL nice payback  :mon thumb:

Thanks for the awesome distraction! :D
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TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 4/12)
« Reply #563 on: May 11, 2010, 02:02:47 AM »
OK, so the votes are in and well the happy ending won! It trampled the other ending. Some how...that makes me sad! XD That's only because I like to write sad stuff and put myself and my readers through emotional torture. XD Don't get mad at me for that!  The ending requested will be written and it's very close. For now, I have an update for everyone to enjoy!


I'm glad that final exams are over and school is going coming to a close, but when I came into school today I felt kind of sad. It's probably because this is the last day of school and a lot of the girls around me are saying their final goodbyes because this is their last year of high school. I still have a few more years to go. I'm only in my second year, but it's still sad to see the girls here hugging their friends goodbye and exchanging farewell gifts.

Unlike me, I'll still see my friends and we'll be back next year. Ai and Risa will be seniors next year though. That means next year will be their final year. I figured I would worry about that when it came, but for now I'm just glad to still have my friends. What would I do without them?


I turn around to see Eri rushing down the hall to reach me with my friends walking far behind, taking their time. Eri comes over and puts me into a tight hug. I nearly topple over at the impact of our collided bodies, but manage to balance myself before my head meets the lockers behind me. Boy is Eri strong! It must be that she's taller than me. It gives her the advantage to nearly trample me.

I hate being so small! Pushing aside my sudden anger to my lack of height, I wrap my arms around Eri's curvy waist and smile. I feel a lot more content now, holding her. 

“You two act like you haven't seen each other in weeks!” Risa shouts. “Didn't you two just see each other yesterday in school?”

I let go of Eri and face my friends who I'm just as glad to see again. I'm grateful to have friends that didn't betray me. I can trust these people with my life.

“Well yeah, but I like seeing Eri as much as I can. Isn't it like that with you and Ai-chan?” I reply.

Risa gives me a understanding smile then clutches on to Ai's hand. They give each other a happy smile. Risa understands me perfectly. I knew she would.

“I don't get why we're here anyway! I could have been home sleeping in, but Koharu wanted me to come in today.” Sayu complains.

I think I can pardon Sayu's whinny voice today. Honestly, I grew to like Sayu's complaining and her narcissists ways. This also includes her perverted side when she gropes Koharu in public. This doesn't mean I enjoy seeing it! I can go without seeing Sayu do things that should be in a private room. Sayu is still my friend after all.

“I wanted to come here because today is the last day to say goodbye to our senpais!” Koharu explains defensively. “I thought you would want to say goodbye to them with me too.”

Koharu puts on a pout that seems to win Sayu over. I grin. So Koharu has Sayu tied around her finger, huh? I kind of figured it would be Sayu's job on that. I look around me at my group of friends, realizing what has happened in just one school year.

All of us here have become such close friends. We've all been through struggles and problems together, but even through that we all found love at the end of this year. We've all found our own happiness.

Carefully, I watch Sayu and Koharu talk to each other with loving smiles. Ai and Risa are holding hands, enjoying each others' company. Then I turn to the amazing girl on my left and instantly smile. I don't know why I'm smiling, but just knowing that Eri is next to me I feel my whole body fill with peace and joy. Eri smiles back at me and puts her hand around my wrist.

“Are you going to miss anyone?” Eri ask.

“I still have two more years here so I don't feel as sad as everyone else.” I answer.

“So you don't have a senpai to thank?” Eri questions again.

Now that I think about it I think there is someone I should thank.


I jump back at the sudden outburst. Why does that voice sound so familiar? I look at my friends and they have on a terrified face to the person who's coming behind me. I spin around and push Eri back to see who it is that's coming up to me. When I see the face to that call I feel less worried though.

“Uh...Nakazawa-san.” I state. “Good morning!”

Nakazawa-san walks over to me and stares down at me then looks to my friends.

“Where are your manners?! Are you going to greet me!?” Nakazawa-san snaps.

I hear someone let out a squeak of fear then shakily and out of harmony, the girls give Nakazawa-san a  sloppy greeting. She isn't satisfied with her response, but she seems in a good mood to not say anything about it. Her attention goes back to me. I feel myself turn stiff and start to shrink with her intense stare focused only on me.

“Um...are you mad at something? Probably at me?” I stutter.

Nakazawa-san continues to stay silent and just looks at me. This is getting awkward.


I instantly crouch down and put my hands over my head to protective myself the second I see Nakazawa-san lift her hands.

“I'm not going to hit you! Stand up you idiot!” Nakazawa-san demands.

I peek through my hands and notice that she has her hands out with something inside them. It looks like a small box. I slowly stand to my feet not really believing her about the lack of violence. I stand in front of her and see the medium sized purpler colored box with a ribbon tied around it. She's giving me a gift? Someone this badass and mean has a heart? I must be dreaming!

“This is for you. I know how hard you studied this year. You've also kept out of trouble so I went and bought you a gift for your hard work.” Nakazawa-san explains.

She did that for me? I look at the gift in complete awe. So she isn't that mean after all.

“Will you stop staring and take the gift already!”

I jump and quickly snatch it from Nakazawa-san's hands. I shake it next to my ear and hear the thing inside shift around.

“What's in here?” I ask.

“It's poison!” Koharu shouts, pointing a finger to the box.

“What?!” Eri squeaks.

“There's a knife in there I bet.” Ai adds in.

“You really think she would put something like that in Reina's gift?” Risa pipes in, unsure.

“Why not? Everyone knows how mean Nakazawa-san is.” Sayu agrees. “I bet there's a bomb in there!”

“A bomb?!” Eri screams.

“She can't get something like that build so quickly.” Risa explains.

“Then it's poison.” Ai confirms.

The girls gasp and looks at each other then back at Nakazawa-san with a terrifying face.

“Will you all stop it! This is not poison or a bomb!” Nakazawa-san corrects.

“So then it IS a knife!” Koharu exclaims, proud about her guess. “I think we should take a vote!”

Nakazawa-san looks like she's about to beat someone over the head repeatedly. I don't think we should be guessing on what deadly package is inside the cardboard box anymore. Who knows how much more of this she can take.

“It isn't a knife either!” Nakazawa-san bellows. “Can't I for once be nice to one of my students?!”
There's a slight pause as everyone watches her face turn bright red from rage. Please no one say anything! No SAY anything!

“'re never nice.” Koharu pipes up.

Koharu you idiot! I cringe and close my eyes in case she decides to sock me a good one in the face. I am the closet one within fist range. I wait for a few seconds, but after about the sixth second I open my eyes. She didn't hit me.

Koharu's little statement seems to be enough to make Nakazawa-san not throw a fist at me. She curls her fist up and bites her bottom lip to stop herself from shouting again. She lets out a deep breathe then walks away before I can thank her. She looks pissed. I turn back to my friends and we stare at each other speechless.

Maybe they pushed her buttons too much. Into the awkward silence we start to laugh. This day just starts to get weirder.

“Are you going to open it and see if it's really a bomb?” Koharu ask, curiously.

“Maybe you shouldn't open it Reina.” Eri suggest, gripping on to my hand fearfully.

“Yeah throw it out before whatever is living in side that box jumps out at you.” Sayu agrees.

“No way! Nakazawa-san was nice enough to help me with my homework and then bough me this gift with her own money. The least I can do is open it to see what it is.” I reply, tearing at the ribbon.

“Reina, be careful!” Eri shrieks.

Everyone backs away when I take off the silk ribbon then put my hand over the lid. I quickly take the cover off and look inside. I peek inside then pull out what's inside when I see nothing jump in my face.

“Hey it's chocolate!” I yelp.

“Oh, really?! What type?!” Koharu questions, interested in the sweets.

I take the chocolate out of my box and take a part of the foil off then take a bite.

“Mmm, milk chocolate. It's not so bad.” I announce.

“Let me try!” Koharu begs.

“Koharu, that isn't your chocolate.” Sayu scolds, getting Koharu to remain quiet again.

I shrug, ignoring Koharu's pout and continue to eat. The chocolate is safe to eat so I might as well eat all of it.

“Yo! Reina.”

Who is it this time? I look at my friends' reaction for a hint on who I'm about to face. They aren't worried so I'm guessing I'm safe. I face the person who called my name. I didn't expect to be facing five people.

“Yossie? Hey!” I smile.

Yossie smiles at me with her arm wrapped around Rika's waist. Yossie has on this face like she's the luckiest girl in the world and Rika keeps staring at Yossie as if she's the best thing to happen to her. I have to admit this is really cute. They're the perfect match for each other.

“Tan, will you stop it!?” I hear Aya demand.

Miki lets out a small chuckle and grins at Aya. I don't even want to know what she's doing that's making Aya so flustered.

“Hey! Miki now isn't the time to grope your girlfriend's ass out in public in front of your kouhais!” Yossie shouts.

“Do they even realize I can see everything she does?!” Mari complains.

I lean over to my left to look between Aya and Miki. I almost didn't see Mari there since she's so small. She catches me looking at her and waves. I wave back.

Miki glares at Yossie and scoffs. “If they watch maybe they'll learn something.” she snaps back.

“As if I want to see what you do to Aya!” I yell.

Miki glares at me and I feel myself about to weaver from her intense stare. That is until Aya hits Miki on the shoulder, breaking our eye contact. I let out a deep breath in relief.

“Tan, we didn't come here to argue with Reina! You remember why we came here don't you?” Aya reminds her.

“Yeah, you're right. Fine I'll just go and get it over with.” Miki mumbles. “Reina I...we...I would like to...”

I stand here trying to understand what Miki is trying to say, but every time she gets passed I she gets stuck. What is wrong with her today? This is starting to get awkward and very uncomfortable. I blink, looking behind me to my friends to see if they know what's going on. They just shrug at me just as confused. Aya gives Miki a stern look then nudges her. Miki takes a deep breath then looks back at me. She looks angry as if it's my fault why she can't speak properly. What did I do?! Her hands, resting to her sides, turns into tight fist then she lets out a deep breath.


“You're hungry?!” Koharu ask.

“Koharu don't you think if she were hungry she wouldn't tell Reina that! What are you thinking?” Risa interrupts.

Koharu presses the tips of her fingers together, bashfully. “I just thought I could help her.”

There's a long pause of silence around us. Aya, fed up with Miki's pauses, lets out an annoyed groan then glares at Miki.

“How hard can it be Miki?!” she shouts. Miki cringes and ducks from Aya's glare. “What she was trying to say Reina is thank you. She's thankful that you got us together.”

Miki's scary glare disappears and turns to a much softer expression. I didn't think Miki had a soft and caring side like this. She must really love Aya.

“We came here to thank you too.” Yossie announces. “And if you need any help beating up someone just give me a call.”

I smile at Yossie and nod. I owe a lot to her. She really was a great senpai to me. I may not known her enough, but she still cared for me. She helped me save Eri and saved my life from that idiot that almost bashed my face in with a crowbar. I'll never forget that.

“How come you didn't help me?! Am I the only single one here?!” Mari complains.

“Yes you are, but didn't you tell me you wanted to focus on university first? That way when you graduate from fairy university you'll find yourself another small fairy to date. It makes things a lot easier with no height difference.” Yossie replies, with a smug grin in place.

Rika puts a hand to her mouth to hold in her laughter. I just start to laugh without holding back.

“Shut up Yossie!” Mari orders.

I really am going to miss Yossie and my other senpais.

“Takahashi-san, are you crying?!” Koharu shrieks.
Ai looks at the group of girls then turns away, tucking her head into Risa's neck to hide. I can hear a few sniffling sounds. Risa puts a hand to the back of Ai's head and holds her.

“It's's so sad!” Ai yells. “This will be the last time we see our senpais! They've graduated.”

“Ah, Ai-chan you're such a cry baby!” Risa chuckles. She smiles then places a kiss to Ai's temple. Ai wraps her arms around Risa's waist and continues to sob. “Don't mind her. She's just an emotional and sensitive person.”

It's a good thing Risa is there to take care of Ai when incidents like this happen. Ai has a good girlfriend. I look back to the group of seniors in front me and feel a small pang of sadness wash through me also. I have to admit it that this is kind of sad knowing that I won't see them in this school anymore. They've all moved on and grew up.

They're now ready for college and are going to be exposed to what the real world is like. I got so used to seeing them wander the halls of this high school. I brush a finger to my eye, wiping away a tear. Yossie looks back at me and smiles. She puts a hand to my shoulder.

“Do your best next year.” she encourages. “It was nice meeting you, Reina.”

“I will. I'll miss having you around Yossie.” I reply. “Take care of Ishikawa-san, OK?”

“Um...maybe we should go?” Sayu suggests. “Ai-chan's sobbing is only getting louder. I don't want to be caught with a girl who cries like a 2 year old with a tantrum!”

“I heard that!” Ai growls, then goes back to wailing.

“Are you coming to Ai-chan's pool party tomorrow?” Eri questions.

“I'm up for a party! Girls in bikinis!? I'm there!” Yossie confirms, then gets a smack on the arm. “Ow!”

“And by 'girls' exactly WHO will you be looking at, huh?!” Rika shouts.

“I meant you of course!” Yossie stutters.

Rika glares at her and folds her arms. “Uh-huh.”

I turn around to look for Eri and instantly hold her hand. Tomorrow's pool party sure will be something to remember. Eri sees me and smiles a special type of smile that's only for me. I feel my heart swell and my stomach flutters. Only she can cause this wave of emotions inside me.

She's someone special to me. I'm glad I met her. She made my life worth it. She made me want to become a better person.


“...Yes. I know, but...I understand. Goodbye.”

I step into the door way of the kitchen, catching the last of my uncle's conversation over the phone. He doesn't sound so happy. He's so bothered by whoever he was talking to  he doesn't notice that I'm here. This must be something serious! He puts his head down, clearly upset.

He lets out a heavy sigh then runs a tense hand through his short black hair. I've never seen him this frustrated. It makes me nervous. I feel my stomach start to ache and burn. I subconsciously put a hand over my painful stomach to try and calm myself.

“Uncle?” I squeak.

I watch him jump a little to the sound of my voice. He's obviously very edgy too. I don't like this. I don't like the thick tense atmosphere around us. He adverts his eyes to the side and puts a hand to the counter.

“What's wrong?” I fearfully ask. “Who was that on the phone?”

He looks back at me and the look in his eyes are even different. They are filled with...sadness? I feel myself start to shake. What's going on?!

“Reina...please have a seat.” He suggest.

“Uncle just tell me!” I yell.

His jaw tightens and he nods, understanding why I'm so eager to have my questions answered. He easily looks past my anger towards him. He should know me well enough by now. Just how I can tell when something is bothering him and not much seems to get him worried. He shouldn't hold anything back from me. We promised to have an honest relationship didn't we?!

“That was your father on the phone.” He responds.

I feel my body instantly turn to lead and start to sag. I think I already know what's going to happen. I didn't expect my dad to respond so soon. Why is he suddenly in a hurry to have me back in Fukuoka?'s my father after all.

He just probably wants to have me under his watch again and lock me up like some prisoner. I guess he didn't like the amount of freedom I had here with my uncle. After all, wasn't living here supposed to be a punishment for me?

“He told me he's going to pick you up. He'll be here in two days. Your year is up Reina. You're going back to Fukuoka. He'll pick you up after noon.” I can see my uncle's eyes shine with tears.

I let out a deep and painful chuckle. I don't know why I laugh. This whole situation isn't funny. Everything I've gained living here is going to be taken away from me, and yet...all I can do is laugh about it. My body feesl heavy and my stomach is burning inside as if its been lit on fire.

I no longer have control over my feelings or my bodily functions because then I let out another laugh and another until I'm laughing so much that I can't breathe. My vision turns blurry. When I stop I realize...I'm crying. I've been laughing, but this whole time I've been shedding tears. So much for masking my emotions! I've gone soft.

I shouldn't have stayed here anyway! It's ruined my image. I guess that's something I can work on again when I get back to Fukuoka.

“Reina it's, OK.” My uncle promises.

“DON'T SAY IT'S OK!” I scream, taking a step back. I'm surprised that I've even yelled at him. “Does it look like everything will be OK?! Does it?!”

“I know you're hurting Reina, but you knew this was going to happen.” He reminds me.

“Oh, so I suppose that means I shouldn't be angry or sad about leaving?!” I sneer.

“Of course not. I just...I'm worried about you Reina!” My uncle tires to hard to not cry himself. I gulp back the urge to sob. “I don't want you to close yourself off to the world again! If you do that what you were will be much worse.”

I stare to my frozen feet that feel like they've been glued to the ground, but the more I look at it the more I piece together that they aren't tied down. It only feels like that. My eyes scan the room. This whole room is even starting to feel small!

“I...uncle...what am I supposed to do?” I whimper. “W-what will I tell my friends. How can I tell Eri?!”

I hear his footsteps hit the floor as he hurries over to me then embraces me. The second his arms tie around me...that's when I cry. I don't laugh. I sob. I let out the river of tears I tried to hold in during this conversation and take comfort into the only person that can understand my predicament. I think my friends will get over me leaving, but Eri...that's a whole different problem. She needs me. She's already lost her mother and now...she'll lose me too.

“I don't want to leave.” I cry.

“I know. I know you don't.” my uncle mumbles.

“I don't want to leave!!!” I scream into his chest.

I repeat those words into my head over and over as I continue to cry. This isn't fair! It isn't fair how my dad has so much control over me and just wants to use it to bound me and take away what makes me happy! Is he really that heartless? Does he even care about what makes me happy?!


What will happen to Eri when I leave? What will happen to me?

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 5/10)
« Reply #564 on: May 11, 2010, 09:04:22 AM »
UPDATE!! Yay! Can't let this go by without a comment on both sites again. I wonder what Reina will do? Will she even be able to break the news or will she wait until her dad comes to get her, then say, "Oh btw I'm going back to Fukuoka. Bye!" *escape* No, I don't think she would be that cruel.

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 5/10)
« Reply #565 on: May 12, 2010, 12:21:04 PM »
Hmmm, I can't remember if I voted on the poll? :depressed: I would think that I would have chosen the sad option. But then again, my choice could also depend on my mood at the moment. This might seem rare but who knows I might have been in a happy mood and clicked on happy  :hehehe:

I know how you can resolve this. Why not write 2 endings? The sad one to satisfy yourself and me :on woohoo:

On to the fic :on gay:

Omgosh, after letting Eri see again, you just HAD to throw something in the works didn't you? :on speedy: If Reina must leave, what's gonna happen to the poor turtle? Long distance relationships aren't easy :mon cute:

What if Eri decides to kill herself??!!? :mon cry:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! :on blackhole:

Wait a sec... I'm rooting for the 2nd ending right? So I should go YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS~~~~ :mon pray2: Tee hee

Okay, enough with my senseless rambling. Update soon and :gmon nya: <--- A cute kitty to bribe for a faster update

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 5/10)
« Reply #566 on: May 18, 2010, 12:45:14 PM »
So Koharu has Sayu tied around her finger, huh? I kind of figured it would be Sayu's job on that.
Yeah, so this is fun to imagine.

LOL Nakazawa-san is  :heart:

“What?!” Eri squeaks.
“A bomb?!” Eri screams.

“I heard that!” Ai growls, then goes back to wailing.
So cute!

This chapter started funny, yet near the end trouble arise. The trouble I've been dreading for  -_-

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 5/10)
« Reply #567 on: May 24, 2010, 05:25:37 PM »
Damn you Mr Father! Why must you ruin TanaKame's blissful world! :angry: Fathers! Why do we even need them?!

I really really really want a happy ending. But...I kinda want to see a sad ending too lol. I agree with Hammy here. Maybe 2 endings?

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 5/10)
« Reply #568 on: June 26, 2010, 07:37:09 AM »
Notes: Hellz yes! I finally got me an update for TTCL! It took freakin long! >_< I hope it's still good though. I wrote this while I'm half a sleep and might have to check it over again later when my brain is working. lol Oh do you know what this chapter means?!! It means the next chapter of TTCL...IS THE FINAL CHAPTER!!! I can't wait!

One more thing! The perv chapter in here...everyone can access from my blog once I post the whole chapter in there that is. I'll post a link. Or you can check the perv thread. On with the fic!


My uncle suggested that I stay home today, but I just couldn't do that. I had made a promise to Eri to attend Ai's pool party and if I bail out now she'll be really upset. Then she'll obviously want an explanation to my choice, which would be complicated to tell. It was better to stick with the plan. After all, if this is the last day I'll be with my friends and most importantly, Eri, then I might as well come to this party to make the best of it and  have a memory I can cherish forever.

I stare at my reflection in the mirror, making sure everything my hair is neat and my make-up isn't smudged. As I stand here, my nerves suddenly kick in yet again, giving me a strong feeling of remorse. I press my palms against the top of the drawer and take a deep breath. I really don't want to leave Tokyo. This apartment has become my home.

My friends are my family and Eri is the love of my life. I'm going to leave all this because my father told me to. I hate him. I've never felt the rage in for my father ever build like this before. It seems that now I have gotten the chance to stay with my uncle this hatred has only doubled.

I'm not going to be happy once I'm back home in Fukuoka. I'm certain I never will be.

“Reina, Eri is here. She said Ai is downstairs in her car waiting for you.” My uncle announces.

“I'll be right out. Just let me check if I have everything before I leave.” I reply.

I go back to my bed and scan the items I've laid on my bed then gather them to place it into my bag. I've got all I need. I don't plan to spend the night over at Ai's place. I don't have a choice. I pick up my bag and put the strap over my shoulder then make a quick stop to the drawer mirror.

My left hand brushes through my bangs for a split second then ruffles my pigtails to make sure they stay curly. That doesn't really matter once I'm at the pool party since I'll get wet even if I don't jump into Ai's pool. Something tells me there will be water guns. I turn away from the mirror and open my room door. The second I step outside I see my uncle standing next to my door with this deeply concerned face on.

“Uncle, you don't have to be so unease about me.” I whisper.

“Are you sure you want to see your friends? I know how hard it will be to see them after yesterday.” He ask.

I smile at how caring he is about my current state of emotions. I'm going to miss that about him. How he always cared for me and wanted to hear my opinions when he was going to lay out some more ground rules. He was the only person to ever give me freedom. I'm going to miss that because I know once I'm back home I'll be locked in a cage until I'm legal to live on my own.

“Uncle, I'm fine. I want to go to this pool party. It will help me forget about tomorrow and let me just have a good time with my friends.” I explain.

“Alright.” My uncle agrees.

I walk pass him, making my way down the hall to meet Eri. I make sure to keep my emotions in check before I reach her and just focus on the good things from this party. Eri stands up from the couch when she sees me and grabs on to my hand. Then the next thing I know I'm in a binding hug. I put my free arm around Eri, while trying to keep my tears in check. I'll miss Eri most of all.

“Come on I don't know how long Ai-chan can wait!” Eri calls.

“Bye uncle!” I yell just before I'm yanked out the door.

“This is going to be so much fun!” Eri shrieks. “You know how to swim, right?”

“Yeah I can hold my own in the water.” I answer.

“Good because I just found out Ai-chan can't swim. It's weird, isn't it? She has a pool in her backyard and can't swim? You think she's afraid of the water?” Eri blurts.

“Wow, you're really talkative today! Are you that excited?” I laugh.

Eri gives me a goofy smile and nods. “Uh-huh! This is a great way to start off the summer!”

I feel a pang of sadness rip through me after those words. I only wish I can feel Eri's happiness and enthusiasm, but I really can't. She isn't the one that's going to be taken away from her friends and  family. I am. I suddenly feel more lonely than I was when I came to Tokyo the first day.

I think a part of me also feels guilty since Eri has no idea what's going to happen. I know she isn't going to like this and she'll probably hate me, but if she does then that's okay because I understand why. If she does hate me that will make being away from her a lot easier. I rather have her angry at me than sad that I'm gone. I'm not sure if that's really a good thing, but I'll take anything she feels towards my departure as long as it isn't sadness.

“Reina, what's wrong?” Eri gasp.

“Huh?!” I blink, realizing I was lost in my own thoughts of sorrow. “'s nothing. These allergies are really hurting my eyes today.”

Eri remains silent and continues to look at me as if trying to read my mind. Crap! She isn't buying my lie. I can't tell her what's going on right now! It's not a good time!

I know though that it will never be a good time, but telling her in public, while Ai is in her car waiting for us is not that best place to tell her.

“Reina is there something you have to-”

A car horn interrupts us and I'm relieved that for once we're interrupted. I look behind Eri and see Ai's head sticking out the window.

“Hurry up you two! I have Sayu and Koharu back at my place waiting for us.” she urges. “I'm a little worried they might do something to my house if I'm gone too long so just get in!”

I bolt towards the back seat and open the door to take a seat inside. That was a close one! Eri gets in after me and closes the door Ai drives on the road. I lean my head against the car window and sigh. I wonder if I'll be able to enjoy this party.

I close my eyes trying to wash my thoughts away. That is until I feel something rest on to my shoulder. I pick up my head and look to my right to see Eri laying on me with a happy smile in place. She looks up at me and loops her arms around my arm.

“I'm so glad you came! This is going to be the best summer ever!” she smiles. “It's even better because I get to spend it with you.”

Eri closes her eyes about ready to fall asleep on me during the car ride and I put my head back against the glass. I still can't feel Eri's happiness. I have nothing to smile about. I only want to cry and wallow in guilt for not being quick enough to tell her what's going to happen. I'm such an idiot.

I've been trying to protect her and from doing that I've only hurt her or I'm going to once I tell her I'm leaving. Okay Reina, just stop thinking. It's supposed to be a fun and good day today I might as well start acting like it is! I take a deep breath then slowly let it out. I'm supposed to be happy.


“Ah, Reina, Kamei-san you both made it!” Koharu yells, from across the pool.

She has a set of lungs on her! That shout sounded as if she were right next to me and she's across from me. Koharu smiles at me then waves. I walk further into the yard and place my bag on to a lawn chair to join everyone.

“Hey! Reina!”

I know that voice. I look towards the pool and see Yossie sitting at the edge of it with her feet in the water.

“You're finally here. Now our party is complete!” I smile at her and wave. “Now take off your clothes so I can see what you look like in a bikini!”

“WHAT?!” I shout.

Yossie chuckles and grins at me. “It's not like you have anything to hide. You don't have anything “extra” do you?”

“No. What is that even supposed to mean!? Are you hinting I'm not really a girl?!” I scream. “What is wrong with you?!”

Yossie lets out another laugh. “Awe, c'mon! It's not like I haven't seen girls in bikinis before. Everyone here is wearing one! Did you know Ai has a nice butt? No wonder Gaki-san is groping her so much.”

I wrap my arms around my chest. She's even worse than Miki! Yossie continues to look at me with this smug smile on her face and it makes me feel very uncomfortable! Can't she go look at someone else!? She goes to open her mouth to coaxes me again into undressing until a wave of water splashes on her face.

“And who were YOU looking at with that smirk on your face?!” Rika demands.

Yossie bends over having a coughing fit. After she calms down after a few more coughs she looks at Rika and frowns.

“Rika that wasn't funny! I swallowed some of that water.” she whimpers.

Rika glares and pushes up another wave of water at her girlfriend, but Yossie manages to dodge it this time.

“That serves you right! The only girl you should be looking at is me!” Rika clarifies.

“Awe come on Rika! Don't tell me you aren't at least curious!?” Yossie defends.

That seems to do it for Rika and she grabs Yossie by the arm, yanking her into the pool. I let out a laugh as I hear Yossie let out a girly scream before falling in. Rika read my mind. Satisfied with my revenge, I walk away to greet the other girls before I settle down.

“Koharu, what are you and Sayu doing?” I question.

“We're helping Takahashi-san cook on the grill, silly!” Koharu giggles. “If only we can figure out how it works.”

Koharu stares at the grill with her finger against her chin, carefully trying to think over how to get it to work. I walk over to the grill and look inside.

“You idiots! You didn't put any charcoal in it!” I shout.

Koharu blinks at me confused. “Charcoal?” she repeats.

“Yes every grill needs it!” I shout. “Why did Ai-chan let two idiots work on the grill?! You could blow this whole place up!”

Sayu glares at me. “I'll have you know I'm NOT stupid! I'm just not very good a cooking. Koharu brought me with her against my will!”

“Whatever! Just go get Ai-chan so she can tell you where the charcoal is.” I grumble.

The two of them scatter in search of Ai and I let out a heavy sigh out of annoyance. These two...they're perfect for each other since they're both stupid. I shouldn't let this get me angry though. I'm here to have fun and make one last memory of all my friends. I'll go get something to drink to calm down.

I look around the yard and spot a table with snacks and a cooler next to it that I'm sure is filled with drinks. I spot Eri over there, munching on a few chips.

“I hope you're having a better time than me right now.” I whisper, next to her ear.

She smiles and leans into me when I put my arm around her waist.

“What are you talking about?” she giggles.

I lift my head that rested on Eri's shoulder and look at her.

“Do you have any idea how annoying Koharu and Sayu can be?!” I whine.

Eri laughs again and pats the top of my head for needed affection and I lay my head back to her shoulder. I close my eyes and sigh. She always make me feel calm again, but she can also be one of my reasons that causes me to get worked up, but at least with her it's in a good way. I grin to myself at that though.

“Reina, there you are!”

I turn away from Eri at the sound of my name and see Risa running down towards me. I think I already know what she's going to say just from looking at her.

“What is it you need this time?” I question, once she's within distance to hear me.

Risa looks at me surprised. “How did you know?”

I let out a small chuckle. Her expression is priceless. That's one of the things I like about Risa, her reactions. That and she's such a caring and trustworthy friend. I'll have to thank her about the talk she had with me when everyone was busy with Eri since she was blind at the time.

“Gaki-san, I've been around you for quite some time. I think I know you well enough now.” I respond. “What do you need?”

Risa puts on a more serious face once she remembers that she's called me for a reason and gets over the shock of me reading her mind or more accurately her face.

“Ai didn't buy enough nice today and since it's such a hot day all the nice is melting. Can you run to the store and buy some more ice and a few drinks if you can?” Risa ask. “I have to try and help Ai prepare the food that's being made in the kitchen and we have to try and get that grill working still.”

“Yeah sure no problem.” I easily agree.

Risa smiles at me and hugs me. “Thank you!”

She fishes out a few bills from the pocket of her shorts and hands it over. It's a good thing I didn't decide to take off my clothes first. It would be sort of a pain to put my shirt and pants back on after taking them off. I stuff the bills into my pocket and Risa thanks me one last time before going back inside. I grab on to Eri's wrist to catch her attention again.

“Come with me to the store?” I request.

“Sure!” Eri easily agrees.

On our way out, Eri walks to her bag that's on the floor then puts on her shorts, but decides to keep her shirt off. I would feel a lot better that she put on the shirt since I don't want anyone on our way to the store looking at her in her bikini top. No one, but me of course. I feel that since I'm her girlfriend I have the right to see this! That seems fair to me!

I grab on to Eri's hand again when we leave and make our way to any nearby store. I just want to buy the bag of ice and drinks quickly so I can get into the pool. It's so hot today! I continue to walk through the heat with Eri behind me. I tighten my hold on her hand, afraid she'll get left back. She's walking a lot slower than she normally does.

It must be this heat causing it. I continue to walk, searching left and right to find a local store. When I find one I make sure to immediately rush inside.

“Why don't you wait here, Eri? I'll only be a minute probably even less.” I suggest, just before I walk inside.

“Okay.” she easily agrees.

I let go of Eri's hand and enter the store, searching for the back of the store for the drinks and ice. When I reach the cooler I realize that Risa didn't tell me how many drinks she wants or how many bags of ice she wanted either. I don't want to come back with too little. I'm probably better off having a lot with me. Ah, but I don't want to carry these bags back!

Whatever. I'll just get what I think is best! I pick out three packs of water and go up front to place them on to the counter. Then I go back to take out a few bags of ice too. This should be enough.

The man at the register looks over the items I chose and starts to round them up. I stand there, waiting for the price of everything and causally turn towards the front window to check on Eri. When I look out through the window I nearly have a heart attack. There is a guy near Eri! Now I'm not talking a foot away, but way too close!

He's smiling at her, trying to have a conversation with her. He's trying to hit on Eri! That idiot! Can't he tell Eri is mine?! I feel myself start to turn hot and my body seethes with rage.

He has a lot of nerves! He continues to talk to Eri and Eri just smiles at him politely, shaking her head to whatever he's trying to get her do. He puts on a small grin then places a hand to Eri's bare arm. That makes me lose it! I want to go right up to him and punch his lights out and show him he shouldn't be trying to mess with my girl!

I bet he only came up to her because how Eri is dressed. This is why I didn't want her to walk around like this! I'll be sure to tell her that next time.

“Miss?! Hello?” The clerk calls.

I turn around, realizing I've been staring at them the whole time and didn't hear the amount I had to pay when he was done. I turn back around, look at the price on the register and hand over the money. When I get over there I'll make that sleaze bag guy feel sorry to even lay eyes on Eri! I get back my change then march towards the door when I have it in my hands, carefully planning my steps to sock this guy a good one.

However, once the door opens, the bells attached to it on the back ding and Eri sees me. That ruins my whole idea to punch this guy's teeth out. Damn it! I really wanted to hit him! I can't if Eri's looking at me like that, like she's happy to see me and has on this love struck gaze.

“Reina, you're done?” she questions.

I nod. “I'll need your help with the bags.”

Just calm down Reina! Calm down. I know Eri wouldn't want me to end up in another fight with another guy. I'm sure she's traumatized about the gang of guys that tried to beat me and attempt to rape her. Okay, this isn't helping! I need to stop worry about the past and what happened.

I want to remember my last day with Eri as a fun and romantic one. Eri turns back to the guy who's been trying to hit on her and excuses herself.

“It was nice seeing you. I hope to see you around again.” He says just before Eri walks inside.

He looks back at me then scans me over and my hand closes tight into the shape of a fist on reflex.

“Listen here you stupid little shi-”

“Reina, let's go!” Eri yells at me.

She came back so soon? I wanted to at least threaten this guy before she came back! Eri must have knew I was going to do this then. Damn it! I thought I was being secretive about how pissed off am about this dirt bag touching Eri.

I turn around and notice she has all of the bags in her hands. I take half of them into my hand then latch my friend hand on to hers. This ought to show him she's mine! Eri will never be interested in him! I walk away with Eri in pride, but I still feel angry about him trying to flirt with her.

“Reina, he wasn't going to do anything.” Eri mumbles, on the way back to Ai's house. I remain silent. “I'm not interested you know that. He isn't my type. You're my type, Reina. So please stop being so angry.”

“He touched you!” I hissed in disgust.

“Reina let it go. He didn't grope me. It was just a brush against my arm.” Eri explains. “You know I only love you.”

I still remain silent and Eri gives up trying to get through me so the rest of the walk is silent. I'm so enraged. I haven't felt that way since the fight I got into because a group of guys decided to grope Eri. I can't get the image of that guy smiling at her and flirting with her.

I'm sure he tried to get her number! I'm only become more infuriated now!


“Here's your stuff.” I grumble, to Risa before dropping the bags in front of her.

I hand over her change and walk away before she can thank me. I think my whole day is ruined now. I don't know why I can't let the event at the store wash away. I'm just so angry right now. Maybe even a little...jealous?

I let out a heavy sigh and rub my temples. Breathe Reina! I came here to have a good time and I will have a good time! That's final.

“Reina you're back!” Ai shouts. “Quick come over here.”

I take a deep breath and slowly let it out before going over to my three friends. They're still working on the grill I see. They still haven't gotten it to work while I was away?!
Ai bends down to look into the grill like Koharu and Sayu and turns back to me.

“It isn't going on still. I put in the charcoal.” Ai explains. “I even put in a match. What's wrong with it?”

These three can never be trusted to cook or work a grill ever again! They might burn the house down.

“Are you all that stupid?!” I snap. “You need to put fuel in it!”

“You mean gasoline?” Koharu questions. “We have to get gas out of a car?!”

I slap my forehead. “No! There's fuel just for grills.” I correct.

“Oh I think I saw that!” Koharu announces. She goes to the table and comes back, holding up a white bottle with a picture of a grill on it. “Is this it?”

“Yes! Don't you know that you'll actually need this to start the fire?” I question.

The three girls look at me with blank expressions. I let out a heavy sigh.

“Don't ever use a grill again.” I demand.

“I think I know how this works now!” Sayu declares.

She takes the boxes of matches and lights one up then throws it into the lump of black rocks. Ai bends down to take a peek again.

“Nothing's happening again Sayu.” she complains.

“You have to put the gas on it now!” I scream.

Koharu jumps then opens the bottle and squirts out the clear fluid onto the rocks. She puts too much! Doesn't she remember fuel is flammable?!  A huge burst of fire comes out through the grill and Ait lets out one loud man scream. I don't think I'll ever get used to those screams.

“Koharu do you even have half a brain?!” I exclaim. “That's gas! For all I know now you could have just burned Ai's eyebrows off!”

Ai puts a hand to her head and gasps. “GAKI-SAN!!!” she whines, running off to search for her girlfriend.

I glare back to Koharu and Sayu. These two sure are something else and I mostly don't mean that in a good way! I'll be lucky to be alive when I'm around the both of them. They look at me with guilty faces. Koharu seems to anyway and Sayu is still shocked from the huge wall of fire that burst up from the small grill.

“ two...don't work on a grill again, or someone's hair might get singed off.” I warn.

Then I walk away. Oddly, I feel more irradiated than when I left the store. I don't want to go for a swim at the moment. If I stay outside though everyone will ask me why I'm not swimming then ask me what's wrong and I don't feel like talking about it right now. So my only option is inside.

I'll just use the bathroom and walk about out. Maybe the walk will help me relax better. I head towards the backyard door, putting my idea into action. I manage to easily slip pass everyone unnoticed and get inside silently. I remember where the bathroom so that makes things easier.

I walk inside then look my hair over in the mirror, including my make-up. Then I turn on the sink and let the water run until it turns ice cold and scoop some water into my hand. I take the water and rinse my face. This should help me calm down. I repeat this a few times on my face then put it on my neck since I'm starting to feel the summer heat again. Doesn't Ai have her AC on? Am I imagining things?

I put water around my neck a feel times and start to feel myself finally calm down. This was all I needed. I smile, now more relieved. I run my hand through my hair one last time and shut off the sink. Suddenly, I feel a pair of arms tie around my waist.

“Are you still mad?”

“Not as much anymore.” I answer.

I feel the pair of arms hug me.

“I love you and only you. You know that, right Reina?”

“Yes of course Eri. I love you too.” I admit.

I feel Eri smile against me skin and nuzzle her face against my shoulder blade. She's just so cute. I can't be angry with her if she's acting this cute an affectionate towards me. Then my smile changes when I feel her right hand start to wander. Her fingers slip under my top and rub at my stomach.

I feel ten times hotter! Her hand moves up and continues to travel until it reaches my breast. Her hand grabs the tender flesh and starts to fondle it through my bikini. I let out a sharp gasp and lean back, needing to feel her against me. I close my eyes and let out a slow and shallow sigh.

My breathing has gone heavy.

“E-Eri...” I whisper. “W-what are you doing?”

Eri's other hand glides up my body and cups my other breast. I release an even louder cry.  Eri kisses the back of my ear then scraps her teeth against the tender flesh and it makes my whole body shiver. My two hands grab on to the edge of the sink, to support my weight since my legs are becoming too weak to stand on my own.

“I didn't get to see you in your bikini yet.” Eri whispers, her hot breath brushing against my earlobe. I feel my body tremble again. “Take off your shirt.”

“Ah...Eri...” I yelp, finding it difficult to follow her order with her rubbing my breast in gentle circles.

“Now Reina!” she growls.

I feel my whole body tingle at the sound of her demanding voice. I've never seen her this demanding. It makes her look so hot. I grip the hems of my shirt and lift my arms up to quickly remove the unnecessary clothing. My concern for being caught has gone out the window. It's the last thing on my mind.


I brush the tip of my nose against hers.

“What is it with us and bathrooms?” I question.

Eri and I burst into laughter. It is kind of ironic that we end in a bathroom again. The only difference is that it isn't in my bathroom.


I look towards the closed door and back to Eri.

“Is that Sayu?” I whisper.

“Other people have to use the bathroom you know?!” Sayu snaps.

“We better get out of here.” Eri suggest.

I agree and go searching for my bikini. Eri helps me put on my top and I quickly pull up my shorts. I look myself over in the mirror and Eri does the same. Our hair isn't completely fixed, but it will have to do. Then I open the door to come face to face with Sayu who's glaring at me.

I can see Koharu behind her with a curious and confused face.

“Well?!” Sayu yells.

“Um...” I scratch the back of my head. If she wants an explanation I can't really give her one that's a lie.

“Are you going to get out of my way or what?! Koharu burned her finger trying to help Ai-chan cook. I need to get the band aids.”

I open the door fully and walk out with Eri behind me. As I pass Sayu I can see her angry expression shift to shock. I'm pretty sure she knew what happened in there with us. How embarrassing is that?! Koharu's face is as red as a tomato.

“What?! You...huh?!” Sayu stutters. “I hope you remembered to clean up in there!! Ah you two are so gross!”

I look at Sayu then walk away, giving Eri a sideways smile and we start to chuckle when we're out of range for Sayu to hear us. Her reaction was as amusing as Ai's when I got my chance to get my revenge on her from embarrassing me in public.

“Come on, let's go in the pool.” I offer.

Eri agrees and together we walk out to the backyard again. I hope no one will notice that we've been gone for too long.


After all the swimming, eating until our stomachs were content, and our tolerance  for bugs and misquotes disappeared everyone settled down into Ai's living room to watch a movie together. Yossie and Rika left early because they had to get ready for college. By the way, I never knew Eri was terrified of bugs. I guess that's something we have in common. She freaked out when a bug buzzed pass her ear.

Eri was the first to retreat into the house. Everyone just followed. Hence why we're all here, sitting on the floor and on the couch watching some dramatic movie. It's some American movie Ai suggested we watch. She's been interested in American movies lately.

Risa said she's currently studying English. It makes me wonder if she intends to use that for her future career since she's so interested in America. I don't really focus on that since I can't keep my mind off the fact that the day is finally ending. The sun set two hours ago and it's now dark.

This means that my blissful day has come to an end and tomorrow I'll be out of Tokyo and back with my parents in my hometown. I still haven't told anyone. I'm not really sure why. I guess because I'm scared. I know they'll be sad and well I don't want to cause them that.

It's just best that I never tell them. Like I have said before, I'm not good with goodbyes. Avoiding them is just much easier. I tie my arms around my bunched up knees and look down to my linked hands, leaning back against the couch. I can't enjoy this movie anymore.

I can't even enjoy my friends' company. My mind is set on when my uncle will arrive. He called me before, telling me he had to pick me up. I have to pack my things for tomorrow. I feel so guilty. I'm going to regret this later.

I continue to stare at my fingers, forcing myself to think about something else. I continue to stare, feeling myself slowly shift into a daze. Daydreaming however, isn't enough because questions still shoot out at me at the back of my head. What will happen to me in Fukuoka?

I feel a warm comforting hand around my wrist and my cloud of thoughts dissolve and I turn my head to the right of me. Eri stares at me. She's concerned. I can see it on her face.

I faintly smile at her and look back towards the floor, silently scowling to myself. So much for trying to act like nothing was wrong with me.

“Reina?” she whispers.

After she calls my name the doorbell rings and Ai gets up to answer it. Everyone's attention goes to the door. I scowl once again. Why didn't he just call me and tell me he's here instead of coming to the door?! It seems like I can't avoid this goodbye after all.

Ai looks at my uncle confused when she sees him standing in the door way. I forgot, no one other than Eri met my uncle.

“Um...I'm Reina's uncle I came to pick her and drive her back home.” he introduces.

“You didn't tell us you were leaving.” Eri says.

“Uh...I'm leaving?” I meekly reply.

I put my legs down and push myself off the floor to the safety of my uncle. He's the only one who can get me out of here without raising any questions. If I just hurry now I can get to him and out the door in no time. And of course, like always, my plan never goes how I like it.

Eri's hand grabs on to my wrist again and tugs me back. I glance over my shoulder at her.

“What's wrong?”

I can feel everyone's eyes on me again. This wasn't supposed to happen!  I look back to my uncle for some help. He has on an unsure expression and that makes me panic. He's never been unable to help me!

He always gives me advice or helps me with the trouble I'm in, but at this moment he has nothing! Nothing!

“I think they have the right to know Reina. You've hold this off long enough.” he instructs.

I slip my wrist out of Eri's hand and stand up to face everyone, having everyone's attention on me makes me very nervous. My stomach hurts again. I feel scared. I can feel my body start to tremble.

“'s something important I have to tell everyone.” I sigh, trying to gain any courage to talk some more. “This isn't easy to say, but...I'm going back to Fukuoka.”

“What?!” Risa shouts.

“Why?!” Koharu questions.

“So soon!?” Sayu yells.

“When?” Ai ask.

I cringe to her question. I really wished she never said that. That's a question I dreaded to answer or face. By now, I can feel my stomach burn from inside and my throat feels like I'm about to chuck up tonight's dinner. I look down to Eri who's remained quiet this whole time, but her stare on me hasn't moved.

She's watched me this whole time. When our gaze connects I immediately feel my eyes water and I want to cry. I gulp back my sorrow and notice my throat has gone tight.

“I'm...going to leave tomorrow.”

“WHAT?!” Everyone screams.

They stare at me wide-eyed, completely in shock, but that doesn't make me feel sad. The fact that Eri's quiet the whole time makes me not only feel sad, but worried.

“I-I'm sorry-”

Eri lets out a harsh laugh. I look back to her at her cruel tone and she stands up, glaring at me. Please don't act like this! She's going to make everything worse. She's going to make everything harder than it already is.

“You're sorry?!” she snaps. “Is that all you can say, Reina?!”

I flinch at her raised tone. The whole room remains silent. Even her friends are surprised at her anger. Is this the first time she's ever been angry? I stare at her at a lost for words and take in her angry words.

“You're going to be gone tomorrow! The least you could have done is tell us before hand! You can't just drop this on us and expect us to be okay with it! You can't expect...ME to be okay with it.” she quivers.

Her eyes start to water, but her frown doesn't go away. As I watch her, I feel something inside me ache. I'm in pain. I didn't meant to hurt her. I never did.

“Eri I was going to tell you!” I cry.

“When?! When you were already there and then just call me one day and say you want to break up because now you're no longer here? Why didn't you tell me?!” she bellows. “When was this decided?”

“It was something my parents decided when I was in the hospital. I was only supposed to stay here for a year! I didn't want to tell you because you already had enough things to deal with. You nearly died Eri! You lost your sight. You're mother recently died! I didn't want to make it worse by telling you this. I wanted to protect you.” I explain.

“You didn't protect me, Reina. You hurt me.” After that she just cries. Eri puts her hands to her face and sobs.

I bite my bottom lip as a single tear slips down my cheek and shortly after a bunch of tears follow. I took away her happiness. I gave her one more thing to suffer over.

“Eri, I'm sorry!” I blurt.

“Will you stop telling me that?!” she snaps. “Just...get out of here Reina! I want to break up with you.”

“What?” I croak, my bottom lip starts to shake.

“I said this relationship is over! Do you understand?! Can you get it now, Reina?! I don't want to see you ever again. Get out of here. Go back to Fukuoka!” Eri snarls, dropping her hands and giving me her most stern and angry glare.

I no longer hold back anymore and I sob too. It feels like a part of me just died at those words. I'm crushed. H-how can she be so cruel?! I rush over to her and hug her. I hang on to her and hold her, trying to win her over to forgive me, take me back, to love me again.

“No! N-n-o I...” I start to hiccup. “I love you. Eri I love you! I didn't mean to...please, d-don't end things like this!”

I can feel her struggling against my hug, desperately trying to get me off her. This breaks my heart even more. I don't want her to hate me! I didn't mean for this to happen! I kiss her and the second my lips touch hers, on her own, against her will she kisses me back.

Urgently, I kiss her as if my life depended on it. As if, this was my only hope to win her over again. I can feel everything in this kiss. Eri's angry, hurt, sad, and torn all at once. I flinch a little realizing, I've caused this.

I made her feel these awful emotions. I can't make it any better. I can't fix it. Eri struggles some more and gives me one hard push and before I know it I'm nearly knocked off my feet, stumbling backwards. She gives me one last hateful look and turns away. Risa comes over to hug her and Eri cries into her chest.

“I think you should leave.” Ai implores.

My uncle walks over to me and grabs on to my arm. He lightly tugs me towards him.

“Let's go Reina.” he calls.

“Eri please don't hate me! Don't hate me Eri!” I beg.

My uncle continues to pull me towards the door since I'm unable to think other than stare at Eri as her friends comfort her. I'm broken. I'm just as devastated as she is. When I'm out of the house and can no longer see Eri my mind shuts down.

I stare into space and don't say a word. I can feel my tears falling, but I don't let out a sound. I'm froze. Everything around me froze. Nothing feels real anymore. I can't figure out where I am.

“Uncle...” I whisper.

He looks at me from the driver seat, just before starting the car.


“Do you think I made the right decision Did I do the right thing?”

He puts his hands on the wheel and sighs, starting at the steering wheel in silent. His lips press together in a thin line and his eyebrows shift, sticking together as he thinks.

“I don't know Reina.” he admits.

And I cry. I lean over to him and bury my face into his chest. He sighs and holds me. He's the only one that I can console to. I no longer have anyone else.

I'm ruined everything. Just like I've done in Fukuoka. I guess I never have changed. Staying here was a waste and I no longer have anything to stay with anymore. I can move on with my life.…r-59-tanakamei/
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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 6/26)
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 :stoned: :scared:

 :gyaaah: so sad...Reina don't have any fault in this...

damn father of Reina  :on voodoo: , poor Eri...aww i am gonna a be emo now  :on cloudeye: :fainted:

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 6/26)
« Reply #570 on: June 27, 2010, 12:21:59 AM »
I started reading this from the beginning yesterday... and I just read through the night cuz I got hooked  :twothumbs

You promised a happy ending, you better keep that promise!!!   :fainted: :pleeease: :scolding:

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 6/26)
« Reply #571 on: June 29, 2010, 06:08:50 AM »


“Reina, it's time to get up and eat...”

I quickly look back to my uncle over my shoulder from my bed then turn back to the picture between my arms, as I lay face down propped on my elbows. I've been staring at this picture for hours since I got back here yesterday. It's the picture that Risa took when everyone went sledding during the winter. She was nice enough to get this developed for me and hand it to me. I've been debating with myself for quite some time if I should keep this picture or tear it up before throwing it into the trash.

I can never bring myself to move when ever I've made up my mind and every time I don't do anything I change my mind yet again. It's just a stupid picture! I wipe away a tear on my cheek and sniffle.

“Have you been awake this whole time?” my uncle ask.

“Yeah.” I mumble, my eyes still focused to the picture.

“Did you even get any sleep?”

“No.” I answer, emotionless. “I didn't go to bed last night, uncle.”

“You were up the whole night?!” He shouts, surprised. “Reina you shouldn't be doing this to yourself! Stop hurting yourself, Reina.”

“Why should I?!” I scream. “I don't care anymore. What I do here doesn't mean anything! I'm not going to eat breakfast with you either. You can just go back and eat by yourself.”


“I said no!!”

Can't he understand I don't care about anything here anymore?! I don't want to be here anymore. I don't want to deal with what needs to have loose ends meet. That isn't my concern anymore. I'm going to leave and stay at Fukuoka again.

That's the only place that matters to me now. I have to start getting my tough image back up if I want to keep my friends there and survive. That's all I need to work on. Eventually, my uncle gets tired of my silent treatment and he  walks out the door and I rest my head down onto my bed to cry again. I can't sleep. I can't eat.

Eri is all I can think about. I'm worried about her. A huge part me even has hope that she will come around today soon and come see me one last time before I leave. It's just wishful thinking. I pick up my head from my bed and notice I've stained the corner of the picture with my tears. I grab the photo and crush it into my hand.

I don't need this picture anymore! I don't want to carry painful memories. I don't need anymore pain. I hear meowing next to my near and turn to see Yuka looking at me with curious round eyes. I throw my photo to the floor and take Yuka into my hands.

I roll on to my back and place Yuka on to my chest. Slowly, I start to pet the top of her head and she curls into a ball against me.

“I don't know what to do anymore Yuka.” I whisper. “I have no one here now. I'm alone again. Just like when I was in Fukuoka. How can I make anything right?”

I let out a heavy sigh. I put my arms around Yuka and roll over to my side so that she's laying next to me. I stare at her as she goes back to sleep and watch her stomach move up and down at a steady pace as she breathes. She looks cute as she lays next to me. I put my hand on her small paw and lay my head back down.

Yuka was my first friend. I'm going to miss having her around. I close my eyes to push away the wave of sadness I  feel. With my eyes closed, I can hear Yuka purring next to me.

The noise she makes is soothing. That's something I haven't had since yesterday night. It's a relief to have it again for a little while. It's like I don't have anything to worry about. Then before I know it I'm finally asleep.


“Reina. Reina, wake up.”

“Huh?” I squint, peeking out through my blanket to my door way. “Uncle, what is it?”

“You have people who are here to see you.” he says.

People? Someone came to see me?! My eyes open wide in surprise. Eri! I sit up and scurry to my feet. She came?! Eri forgives me?

I hope so. I can't leave with her hating me. I need to make things okay with her again. I have to help the pain for her hurt less some how. I run pass my uncle and out to the living room, but I come to a complete stop when I see who it is.

They aren't Eri. They're only my friends. I'm a little disappointed that it isn't Eri. I guess...Eri never will forgive me, will she? She's never going to come here and say goodbye to me.

“Reina, we need to talk.” Ai explains.

“Uh...sure. Everyone take a seat.” I point to the couch. I join them.

I turn around to see my uncle standing in the kitchen, watching me. He doesn't have to watch over us. I don't think any of us are going to fight. I have no right to be angry at my friends. They have every right to yell at me.

“Uncle...please?” I beg.

He gets the hint and walks away towards his room to give my friends and I some privacy. I sit back into the couch and lock my hands together, nervously. I don't get it...if my friends hate me why are they here? What could they possibly say to me before I leave?

“We were really angry at you, Reina.” Risa starts. I nod, understanding their reason to be. “But we're not as mad or as hurt as Eri is right now. You hurt her the most, Reina.”

I can feel myself starting to cry again. I can never forgive myself for what I did to her, so what makes me think that Eri can forgive me instead? I messed up. There isn't anything I can do about it now.

“I-I know.” I admit. “And I'm sorry. It's just...there was no easy way telling her this. If I told her while she was mourning over her mother's death and possibly couldn't see again, how could I tell her?”

“We understand Reina.” Risa replies. “After we started to see things your way we knew why you took so long to tell us. We came here today tell you we forgive you.”

I look up from my hands in shock. They...forgive me? This quickly?! Did they all at least think about it properly before saying everything is okay again? If they can easily forgive me maybe...

“Do you think Eri will...will she show up?” I ask.

They look at each other with a dreaded expression. That's what I thought.

“We tried calling her, Reina. She wouldn't answer her phone.” Risa explains.

“We won't even take my calls and I'm her best friend!” Sayu grumbles. “We're sorry Reina. It will take longer for her to come around. I know you wanted to see her today before you left.”

“No it's okay. You all tried. Thank you.” I respond, grateful that my friends did try to get Eri into coming over.

At least I got the chance to say goodbye to everyone else. I have some sort of comfort or closure, but I know there will still be a gap in me because I didn't get to see Eri again. I know for me, facing Eri would be too hard anyway. I put my head back down and sulk. The room around us is filled with unease silence.

“I'm going to miss you Reina!” Koharu shouts, causing me to jump. “You were a great senpai to me. I wish you didn't have to go!”

Koharu grabs on to Sayu and cries. I smile sadly at her, not able to find the strength to tell her verbally I'll miss her too. I'll miss everyone here. They were my only true friends. That's something I lacked back in Fukuoka and I know I will no longer have when I get back there.

I'll have to hang out with my old group of friends again. It was just a gang that got me into trouble.

“Isn't there a way you can stay here longer?” Sayu questions.

“Not with how my dad is. I'm lucky to have not been taken home from the hospital once I recovered.” I inform.

“I'm going to miss you too!” Ai sobs. She get up from the couch and pulls me into a hug. “We all are.”

I stand up and put a hand on Ai's shoulder. “I'll miss everyone.”

Everyone else gets up from their seats and hugs me. I can hear their sobs and sniffling through the hug and it makes me want to cry too. They really do care for me. They were like my family too just like I was theirs.

I let them go so that I can wipe my eyes and try to calm myself. How much longer do I have until my parents come? I spent most of my time sleeping since I couldn't get any of it last night.

“One more thing.” Risa announces. “We all made something for you. It was kind of last minute, but we pitched in together to make you a gift. It was made kind of in a rush, sorry.”

Risa goes into her bag and pulls out a book. She hands it over to me and I open the cover to get a look inside. It's a photo album. They glued things like ribbons, buttons, and rules in the corners of the page.

I have to say, for something they did so soon, everyone did an amazing job on it. They have pictures of themselves and me in this book. The tears in my eyes start to form again and I quickly close the book so I won't get anything wet.

“T-thank you.” I stutter.

My friends smile at me and I try hard to smile back, but it's ruined by my tears and the need to cry. I'll keep this book with me forever.

“Reina.” my uncle interrupts, walking through the hall. “Your father called. He told me he's downstairs now. I'll go get your things.”

“Thanks.” I whisper. I turn back to my friends. “So...I guess this is goodbye.”

Ai is the first to cry again. I give out a small chuckle. I kind of figured she would be. Risa wasn't joking when she said Ai is a crybaby, but I think this just shows how caring and gentle her heart is.

“Don't forget to call us!” Sayu urges.

“Yeah send us a few emails too.” Koharu agrees, rubbing away a tear.

“We'll walk you downstairs, Reina.” Risa volunteers.

I steadily walk to the door and towards the stairs, ignoring the feeling I get as I go down ever single step. My stomach feels queasy and my hands are shaking, but I fight against my urges to run back inside and lock the door. I hate how my parents always make me do something against my will. I can never have a choice when I'm with them. I can never get the final say.

“Reina! I'm so glad to see you!” My mother greets.

She hugs me, but I stand stiff wrapped into her hug. Is it wrong for me to dislike my mom for doing this to me also? I know my father usually decides things and sticks with it, but I get the feeling that my mom could have prevented this if she tried harder to get my dad to see things my way.

My mom lets me go and puts her hands on my shoulder and looks me over.

“Reina, are you okay?” she ask. “Did you eat today? You look tired!”

“I'm fine mom.” I snap. Now she cares about me?

I bite my tongue to stop myself from lashing out at her for making me like this. It's her fault why I'm so sad! I feel awful. I can't fully blame her though. It's my dad who causes most of the suffering.

“C-can we just go?” I remind her.

“Of course honey, just as soon as your uncle brings your suitcase down.” she answers.

“Here are your things, Reina.” my uncle declares.

Before my uncle can put my suit case down, my dad comes over and takes it into his hand so it can automatically go into the trunk. He seems more than happy to take me away from here. I thought he would be. I look up to my uncle, seeing that the sadness in his eyes, reflects the ones in my eyes too. He's a lot better at keeping his emotions together. I know he's going to suffer too though once I'm gone.

“Uncle I'm-”

“I know you are Reina.” He halts. “You don't have to tell me you're sorry. You never planned to do this. We both saw this coming. I have to be honest though. It's going to be really lonely in the house with you gone. I'll miss you, Reina, but I'm glad I got to finally meet the real you.”

I immediately hug him. He's done so much for me! My uncle was the only one who fully trusted me the second we met.  I never had that before. He didn't judge me.

He wanted to know the real me. I can't ask anymore from him.

“Come on Reina. We have to hurry before we meet traffic.” my father barges.

“I'll be sure to keep in touch with you.” My uncle, whispers just before letting me go.

I walk over to the car and get inside. My dad closes the door and I put down the window to look back at my friends and uncle. I wave at them as my dad gets into the car.

“I'll be sure to call you all.” I promise.

“I hope to see you again Reina!” Koharu blurts.

Koharu was always cute in her weird and hyper way. I smile at her. My dad starts the car and I sit back. It's time to go back to my miserable life. I never looked forward to that, but that doesn't effect anything.

“Are you ready to go, Reina?” my dad ask me.

“Yeah, I'm done. Let's just go already.” I growl.


I look up from the back of my dad's seat. I stare out the window in shock. Eri! S-she came! What made her change her mind? That doesn't matter. I'm glad she's here! This is the wrong time! Why didn't she come sooner?! Eri rushes over to my car and bangs on the door.

“Eri what are you doing here?”

“Reina, please don't leave!” she screams, trying to catch her breath.  “I-I'm sorry I acted the way I did!”

“Eri, I can't. I have to go back now.” I explain.

“This isn't fair! I didn't get to say goodbye to you! I shouldn't have taken so long to think about coming here. I'm so sorry Reina!” Eri cries. “I was so mad. Why can't you stay here?! Don't you like it here better?”

“It doesn't matter if I like it here better or not Eri. This was my parents decision.” I say. “Please, just let me go.”

“No! I can't do that! Reina, I love you.” Eri states, she leans forward and kisses me. She just kissed me in front of my parents! I stare at her in a daze from her brief kiss. “Why can't you speak up to them for once?”

I snap out of my trance and frown. She doesn't understand! These are my parents. What they say I have to listen! They are in charge of me.

“It's hopeless Eri. I'm just a child. Our relationship means nothing to them. Just let me go Eri!” I demand.

“Reina, wait!”

I put the car window up and stare at the back of my dad's seat again. I ignore Eri completely. It hurts that I do that, but there is nothing I can do now. I'm in the car, my parents are ready to go, and my suit case is packed in the back. It's time to go now. It's time to go back to my life before I came to Tokyo.

“Drive dad.” I command.

My mom looks back at me from the passenger seat. “Reina are you-”

“Yes mom! Now just drive already!” I yell.

My dad puts the car into drive and pulls out to the road. I can see hear Eri yelling for me to stop, but I don't listen. The car starts to speed away and I turn around to look through the back window. I can see Eri running after me. What is she doing?!

She can get hurt! Eventually, Eri stops when the car enters a main street full of speeding cars. When she stops, Eri stands there with the same expression from yesterday and stares at me. I turn back around, trying to get the look on her face out of my head. I stare down to my hands and play with the ring around my finger.

I could never get rid of everything that reminded of me Eri. Especially this ring she gave me when she got sick. This has a special meaning to me. It's like a small piece of Eri is with me when I have it. It's too bad this ring holds a promise that can never be completed.

Stop thinking about it Reina! This ring doesn't matter to me anymore. I give out a low laugh at my declaration. If this ring doesn't matter anymore then why can't I get the guts to take off this ring? I feel the car shift to the right and slowly come to a stop.

The engine gets turned off. Did we just stop? We haven't been on the road for even an hour. I don't need a bathroom break yet.

“Do you love her?” My father ask.

I look up at him in shock. Did he just stop the car to ask me this? What is he trying to do? What does he want me to say?

“I isn't...we...” I stumble.

“Answer the question Reina.” My dad orders. “And be honest with me. Do her?”

“Yes, I do, very much.” I say.

My dad turns the car back on and pulls out from his parking spot, but instead of continuing on the road he makes...a u-turn? He speeds off through the street with ease and goes through an all too familiar block that I know. he...

I continue to stare out the side window at a lost for words. Then the car stops and I'm back where I started. I sit forward out of my seat. My hands press to the glass window. He brought me back to my uncle's house! What is he...

“Dad?” I cautiously say, hoping he's not messing with my head.

“Your mother and I have been doing a lot of talking since we came back from the hospital. I never intended to give in to her, but I did listen to her. Then when I came here and saw how sad you were. I started to think about the talk your uncle and I had. I've never seen you this sad Reina, not even when you were leaving Fukuoka. You're hometown! If staying here is what makes you so happy well then...I can't take that happiness away from you.” My dad elaborates. “You can finish your school here in Tokyo. sure to keep in contact with your mother and I.”

“Thank you!” I move forward to hug my dad.

For once, he understands me and he's letting me do something that I want. Maybe he isn't so heartless? Maybe he had a change of heart? It doesn't matter because now I'm back where I'm positive I belong! I can't thank my dad enough.

“Come on. I'll help you get your suit case.” My mother offers.

I hurry out the door  and quickly rush into my uncle's building. Everyone still has to be here, especially Eri! Please be here! I work my way up the stairs, ignoring the beads of sweat forming on my face. I come to the door and bang until the door opens.

“Reina?! What are you doing here?” my uncle ask.

I go pass my uncle and search for the only person I've had on my mind since yesterday. My friends see me as I enter the living room and stand up from their seats surprised that I'm back. It's like they just saw a ghost.

“Reina?!” They yell.

“Where's Eri?!” I ask.

“She's in the bathroom.” Risa replies.

I zip through the hall, feeling my heart race as I hurry. The bathroom door opens and I hug her the second I'm close enough to her. She stands there, still not sure who it is that's grabbing her. I hold her tight and kiss her.

It doesn't take long before she knows who I am and kisses me back. I feel more than happy to have her in my arm again. She's who I want to stay with. I want to be with Eri forever. I want to be able to hold her hand and hug her and kiss her. I want to go through my life with her by myself.

“R-Reina!?!” she yelps, when the kiss is over. “What are did you get here?”

“My dad changed his mind. He's letting me stay here. I'm going to finish school here Eri.” I retort.

Eri smiles. She finally smiles. It's sincere and it's lively, but most importantly it's a joyful smile. Eri's happy again and so am I. Eri kisses me this time and I'm more than happy to return it. I put my hands on to her waist and push her against the wall to get better contact with her.

“Um...Hello?!” I hear Risa say.

Oh...I forgot we weren't alone in this house. I turn around and see everyone looking at me like I've gone insane.

“Geez, right here in the hallway?!” Sayu complains. “You two are worse than me with Koharu. You just topped us when we...”

“Ah, senpai!!!” Koharu bellows, putting a hand over Sayu's mouth.

“Sayu, shut up.” Risa snaps. “So I'm guessing you're back here because you can stay?”

I keep  my arm around Eri and nod. “I can live here. I'll be finishing school here.”

“You mean I cried a lot for nothing?!” Ai nags.

Risa hits her over the head. “That's not what's important! We should all be happy Reina's back and here to stay. We should celebrate!”

“Yeah and order lots of pizza!” Koharu agrees. “Get some soda too!”

“Koharu, you're supposed to be cutting down on sugar.” Sayu reminds her.

“Well, how about I cook everyone a big dinner? You can all spend the night.” My uncle suggest.

“I like that idea better.” I advise.

“Let's go watch a movie!” Koharu screams, then dashes to the living room.

“Was she always this hyper?” I question.

“She was really down when you left.” Sayu informs. “She's glad you're back.”

“I can tell.” I chuckle.

“Come on Reina help me start cooking.” My uncle calls.

I follow him with Eri behind me. She's going to help cook too? She's the guest. I should be cooking for everyone else. I'm the host. When I get to the kitchen I turn back to her.

“You can sit down with everyone else.” I say.

“I'm going to stay here with you. Let me help you.” she answers.


“Reina, go get me some...” my uncle looks towards the door.

It's my father. Why did everything suddenly go so silent? Is there something my uncle has against my dad? Can't they talk about that another time? My dad looks around the room bashfully and clears his throat.

“I um...came to drop off Reina's suit case.” he notifies. He drops the heavy square bag to the floor in front of his feet. “Here you are Reina. I should get going. It's getting dark.”

“Stay.” My uncle insist. My dad turns around taken back from the command. “You can't drive on the road in the dark. You'll fall asleep behind the wheel. Spend the night here and you can leave in the morning.”

“I wouldn't want to ruin...your reunion.” my dad refuses.

“Don't worry about it. Come on. We're about to make dinner. What's a matter you don't want to talk to your brother for a change?” My uncle motions my dad to sit, which he agrees to.

My dad and uncle are getting along? This is something I've never seen. I don't know what their relationship with each other is as brothers, but I think this will help close any gaps they have that I don't know about. It seems like everything is going back to normal again. Maybe even my dad might change for the better. I'm just glad to be here with my friends, my uncle, and my girl. I feel myself grin.

“Hey you.” Eri hollers. “What are you thinking about?”

I look back at her and smile again. I put my arm around her.

“You.” I admit. I kiss her temple affectionately. “I love you.”

“I do too.” Eri giggles. “Let's not be part again? And don't hide anything from me again, okay?”

“From now on I'll be honest with you.” I vow.

“And about the let's not be apart again thing?” Eri rushes.

I laugh. “And we'll be together forever. I promise.”

This is my home. This is where I belong.

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 6/29) [COMPLETE]
« Reply #572 on: June 29, 2010, 06:26:48 AM »

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh such a relieving ending.... it just completed my day :twothumbs

love love love love love it~~~~  :heart: :heart: :heart: :wub: :wub:

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 6/29) [COMPLETE]
« Reply #573 on: June 29, 2010, 07:01:58 AM »
OMG!!! :w00t: this is real? :mon angel: finally the father of Reina acepted the feelings of his daughter :mon trudge:, i am so happy!! :mon roll: i want cry :mon cry:, scream :mon scare:, laughter!! :mon lol: you're amazing Writerjunkie, thanks for this history , i love you!!!!  :mon inluv: hahahaha

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 6/29) [COMPLETE]
« Reply #574 on: June 29, 2010, 12:49:42 PM »
I'm honestly surprised that it turned out this way, even though the overwhelming response was for the happy ending. What did you have in mind for the sad ending, if you don't mind my asking?

But still, happy harmony is beginning for the family and maybe now her parents will show more respect and trust towards Reina.

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 6/29) [COMPLETE]
« Reply #575 on: June 29, 2010, 03:50:13 PM »
^ lol You wanted the sad ending? A lot of readers wanted a happy. O.O So I wrote this. The sad ending well...I can't tell ya that. lol You'll just have to see.

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 6/29) [COMPLETE]
« Reply #576 on: June 29, 2010, 05:01:03 PM »
The sad ending well...I can't tell ya that. lol You'll just have to see.
does that mean you're going to write it out??  :)

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 6/29) [COMPLETE]
« Reply #577 on: June 29, 2010, 06:59:35 PM »
The sad ending well...I can't tell ya that. lol You'll just have to see.
does that mean you're going to write it out??  :)

ohhhhhh you should write XD

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 6/29) [COMPLETE]
« Reply #578 on: June 29, 2010, 07:30:35 PM »
Oh no, I wanted the happy ending, but I like to get multiple views on things. Omake? Please?

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 6/29) [COMPLETE]
« Reply #579 on: June 29, 2010, 08:12:04 PM »
Since we got the happy ending first I am happy (as a reader) to end the series as it is. Mostly because it is TanaKame :D It's just too painful to see them apart, especially that bit where Eri runs after Reina's family car and just stares as the car keeps driving away  :cry:
Though if you were to do an epilogue about how they're still happy after all those years I would be more than interested to stay tuned :D
(Having said that, I would probably still have a peek at the omake sad ending if it ever comes out, since it is written by 'writerjunkie'  :yep: )

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