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Author Topic: [SNSD] BabyxBaby (YoonHyun)  (Read 20733 times)

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[SNSD] BabyxBaby (YoonHyun)
« on: January 29, 2009, 07:58:36 PM »
It was 2 a.m in the morning and Yoona, who had been seated quietly at the apartment's kitchen table diligently reviewing the script for tomorrow's filming, was now fighting back the urge to scream loud enough to wake the whole apartment. She settled for throwing her inch-thick script down on the table and crossing her arms. The young actress sulked to herself as the kitchen refrigerator hummed quietly like a Zen Buddhist monk.

Fortunately, there were no males in the area as they would have all been driven crazy by seeing the face of So Nyuh Shi Dae in silk boxers and a flimsy tank top, with her bottom lip puffed out in a picture-perfect pout. Even at her most flustered the aspiring actress couldn't help but be photogenic and utterly desirable.

The reason for Yoona's foul mood was simple, yet profound: the scriptwriters behind "You Are My Destiny" wanted Yoona to film a kissing scene with the actor who played Ho Se. This was a problem for the second-youngest So Nyuh as she had absolutely NO experience with relationships, let alone kissing. Contrary to conventional wisdom, Yoona was not nicknamed "Deer" just for her doe-eyes, slender limbs and long lashes. The teen idol had long developed a reputation at her high school for being incredibly skittish around the opposite sex; quite like a fawn in the wild. True to her woodland namesake, Yoona constantly demonstrated deer-like instincts that allowed her to gracefully evade all the boys that hunted her down in the hallways, hungry for the chance to ask the beautiful student on a date. Rumor has it that one of her male classmates came up with the Bambi-esque nickname after failing to corner Yoona during an entire month of dogged effort.

But in this case, there was no way for the Deer to escape this trap. Yoona leaned back tiredly into her chair as she mentally reviewed the sequence of events that had led up to her current state of distress. Like usual, after a long day of rehearsing and filming for "You Are My Destiny", Yoona was sent home with a copy of tomorrow's script to review before the next day of shooting. Most of the actors didn't look over the script until a few hours before arriving on set, but Yoona, a newbie to the industry, made it a habit to skim over her parts right before sleeping and then practice more thoroughly after breakfast the next day. So while glancing over the last page of the script a few minutes ago, Yoona was shocked to see the words "KISS", "HOSE", and "SAEBYUK" and quickly came to the panicked realization that she was utterly, royally, screwed.

"M-maybe I can get them to change the script?" Yoona nervously muttered to herself as she continued chewing on her lower-lip.

"I mean they can't really expect me to do a kiss scene right?! I'm a part of So Nyuh Shi Dae, an IDOL group! For the sake of our fans and our careers we're not even allowed to have boyfriends... I mean, WHY do they think Umma developed her butt fetish and Yuri-unnie her molesting fetish?! AHHHHH!"

And with that final outburst (which was actually still whispered, in order to not wake her eight groupmates) Yoona flung herself onto the kitchen table and buried her face into her disheveled papers. Her head was aching as she started to mull over possible courses of action.

Okay, it's obviously much too late to talk to the scriptwriter-unnies about this. Secondly, even though I am the lead actress I'm still a newbie and the youngest on set... So I don't think I could complain to my sunbaes even if I wanted. What if I talk to our manager-oppa? Maybe he could get them to reconsider?

At this thought Yoona's head shot up and her eyes momentarily flashed with relief. But after a few seconds of elation Yoona's head sunk back to the table as her practical side kicked in.

Wait: even IF he talks to them, there's my contract to consider. It's a drama with ROMANCE; how can there not be a kiss scene? SM Entertainment probably expected that this will happen and they must be okay with it if the scriptwriter-unnies wrote it in. So if our manager-oppa complains... They'll know it's because of me anyway and NOT our management.

Yoona groaned out loud and began to muss her hair vigorously as her frustration grew. Suddenly, her hands stopped their frantic motion and she raised her face excitedly, now with a look of conviction.

Hold it! Didn't I tell the world I wanted to catch two rabbits at the same time? Yes, I am a So Nyuh and I have to keep a pure and innocent image... But I'm also an actress, and if I can't even express a basic emotion like love I'm no better than an amateur! And what is love without kisses? It's like... kimchi without chili peppers! Just sourness without any spice!  I need to do this; no, I WANT to do this.

With a triumphant smile on her face Yoona jumped to her feet, fixed her hair, and began turning around to head to her bedroom. "ASA! Now all I need to do is practice kissing so I don't get nervous tomorrow. Ah, maybe I can borrow one of Seohyun's Keroro dolls and train  tomorrow mor...ning"

Yoona's voice trailed off as she finally noticed Seohyun's frightened face peeking out at her from just above the living room sofa. Since Yoona had sat at the chair which faced INTO the kitchen, she had no way of noticing the shy baby of the group until she had turned around. They both stared at each other, unable to say one word; Yoona next to her kitchen chair and Seohyun half-hiding behind the plush sofa that the girls sat on when they watched TV.

Oh my god! I totally forgot that maknae's favorite show is on this morning! She ALWAYS falls asleep on that sofa unless one of us unnies come and wake her up. Did she hear me talking to myself? Ahhhh, this is so embarassing! Why does our stupid apartment have the kitchen and living room as one open space?! And didn't I promise to never sit with my back facing the living room ever since Yuri's Tushie Terrorist incident in the summer of 2008?!

Surprisingly, the shy maknae broke the silence first, her voice trembling. "U-unnie, do you feel okay? I fell asleep watching Keroro, but I woke up when I heard you talking at the table even though nobody was sitting there, a-and then you threw your papers down, and you got REALLY mad, then REALLY sad, and now you're happy, and it reminded me of that time Jessica-unnie made us watch that scary American movie The Exorcist and the girl started talking to herself with her head spinning around and around until she got sick and had to throw-"

Yoona hastily broke out of her frozen state with awkward, forced laughter, trying to reassure Seohyun and cut her off at the same time. "Ahh Seohyun, stop being so silly! I was... just...uhhh... practicing! Yeah, I was practicing for tomorrow and I was getting really into it, hehe. Yeahhh... You know that darn Ho Se, he can be so frustrating sometimes..."

Despite Yoona's efforts, Seohyun's face still looked incredibly concerned and Yoona was just too tired and frazzled to keep up the charade. The actress released the fake smile she had been trying to force and she heaved a long sigh. Long, coltish legs swept across the floor as Yoona moved to plop herself down on the sofa. She hugged one of the nearby sofa pillows to her chest as she began to confide in the maknae.

"Seohyunnie, to be honest I'm having problems with one of the scenes tomorrow. They... they want me to do a KISSING scene with Hose!"

"WHAT?!" Seohyun squealed out loud while Yoona quickly tried to shush her. Seohyun blushed cutely as she tried to regain her composure, "Oh, sorry unnie. But how can they make you kiss him! I haven't even... I mean we haven't even... umm, I mean of course I haven't actually because I'm not pretty, but I don't know about Yoona-unnie because she's so beautiful-".

Seohyun's voice was cut-off suddenly as delicate fingers flew into motion and pinched the maknae's mouth painfully shut. The maknae, totally caught off guard by the action, began to tear slightly from the sharp pain.

"Shut. Up."

There was a chilly look of annoyance on Yoona's face that somehow managed to be frightening and sexy at the same time. If Jessica had been present, she would have most definitely approved of the icy, regal gaze that Yoona had fixed onto Seohyun. Satisfied that Seohyun had got the message to stop her rambling, Yoona released the captive pair of lips and continued staring at Seohyun coldly despite the tears that were slowly beginning to gather in the maknae's eyes. Overwhelmed by Yoona's intensity, Seohyun desperately averted her eyes downwards with a blush. Moments passed in silence as a lump grew in Seohyun's throat and her heart began to beat faster and faster.

Normally, Yoona was a very patient, cheerful girl. But something about Seohyun brought out an aggressive side of Yoona that even the rest of So Nyuh Shi Dae usually didn't see. In the past, Yoona had even tearfully admitted on TV that she wasn't as good of an unnie to Seohyun as she should have been. At first Yoona believed it was because she simply didn't like the girl. Seohyun is too meek and mild for showbiz, or her pale skin and round face makes her look like a full moon, or even Maknae's body is TOO developed for her age, what is that tramp doing with those things on her chest!; those were the type of excuses Yoona made to herself as she struggled to figure out the dark tangle of feelings in her gut when she watched Seohyun.

But those thoughts were far from the truth. As the girls began living together Yoona began to make some observations. That as irritated as she got when Seohyun felt unconfident and put herself down, she was made FURIOUS if anyone else ever tried to say a harsh thing about the maknae. That as much as Yoona felt upset at Seohyun when she was spoiled by the other girls, she was ten times more upset at whichever unnie decided to give the maknae an extra helping of food or let her take over the TV to watch weird things like space frogs and pirates with buckets of mascara on.

Yoona had slowly realized that deep inside she really wanted to keep Seohyun all to herself.

But that was quite difficult given the fact that both girls were now in a very active, huge 9-girl group and had to spend almost all their time with other bandmates, management, production crews, and fans. And with the new drama filming daily, it was becoming nearly impossible for Yoona to keep the rest of the world from getting closer to Seohyun.

So Yoona compensated in perhaps the most childish way possible. Whenever there was no one else around, Yoona would boss Seohyun around utterly. Without actually saying so, she tried to show Seohyun that in the end the maknae belonged to HER and her alone. Taking Seohyun's possessions without asking, blatantly stealing food from the maknae's plate, and forcing Seohyun to "help" Yoona with her homework; they were all methods that the actress used to assert her dominance over the youngest So Nyuh. Cutting off Seohyun as she spoke... that was completely par for the course when the two were together.

Yoona took a deep breath in order to quell the storm of feelings that had caused her to snap at Seohyun. Amazingly the maknae had not actually cried, though her eyes still glimmered in the dim lighting of the mostly-sleeping apartment. With a softening expression, Yoona began to pat Seohyun on the head tentatively at first, and more confidently as she began to gently stroke the younger girl from the crown of her head to her graceful neck.

"Shush. Earlier I told you to quiet down since you were just too loud, but this time I'm telling you to shush because you're littering my ears with garbage. I'm really tired so I'm not going to repeat myself: you are NOT ugly... The only thing wrong with you is that you fall asleep watching your silly TV shows and let your hair get like this..."

Yoona held up a lock of long, gorgeous raven-colored hair that was currently mussed in a state of disarray from Seohyun's nap on the couch. Using her slender fingers, Yoona began slowly combing out the lazy tangles nestled in Seohyun's hair. The shy young pianist could only stare at Yoona, wide-eyed, mute, and trembling. But Yoona kept her focus on combing Seohyun's long hair with her right hand, heedless of the confused expression on the maknae's pale face. Bewildered by the pounding of her heart in her eardrums, the trembling throughout her body, and the blush rising in her cheeks, Seohyun squeezed her eyes shut and tried to imagine that she was watching her favorite episode of Keroro, instead of being caressed by the unnie that she secretly feared and adored above all others. Yoona smirked amusedly as she noticed Seohyun's silent struggle to contain her overflowing emotions. An evil thought suddenly came to Yoona, and she smiled devilishly as she began to learn in closer to Seohyun.

"You know... our coodi-unnies spend hours fixing and treating your hair every week..." Frightened by Yoona's sultry voice and burning body heat, Seohyun instinctively tried to curl inwards despite still being seated with her eyes closed. But Yoona had one hand on the maknae's shoulder and the other clutching Seohyun's hair tightly near the scalp, preventing Seohyun from retreating into the fetal position. Eager to torment the younger girl even further, Yoona began to speak in a breathier, huskier tone of voice as her grip on Seohyun's hair tightened.

"Hmmmm... I wonder what would happen if I told them how naughty you are... that you mess up your beautiful hair because you sleep in all sorts of indecent places unlike a good girl..."

Seohyun's eyes shot open in panic as she began to whimper helplessly, her cheeks flushed and a sheen of sweat appearing on her forehead. "U-unnie, p-please don't say that. I'm n-n-not like that! I'm, I'm a... I mean, I'm t-trying to be a good girl so please don't hurt our coodi-unnies f-feelings... I'm begging you..."

Yoona let out a haughty little laugh at Seohyun's frantic pleading.

"Hah. BEGGING me? People don't beg ME. If you want me to do you a favor, then you need to give me something in return... But oh... what can a good girl like Seohyun give me?"

Yoona released Seohyun's hair, and then lifted her chin so that the maknae was forced to look her directly in the eyes.
"I already own everything you own. Whether it's your clothes, your food, your money, or your time... Whatever I want, whenever I want it; you give it to me. Isn't that right, Seohyunnie?"

Yoona cooed at Seohyun in a way which was equal parts pity and condescension. Suddenly, Yoona shifted her positioning and cupped the maknae's moonstruck face between her slim fingers. While looming closer and closer to the tortured girl, Yoona smoothly bent over to whisper hotly into Seohyun's ear:

"Is there anything you have that isn't already mine?"

Seohyun shook visibly as Yoona's warm breath caressed her ear, and the room began to spin as she tried to think of something, ANYTHING to say to appease Yoona's hungry gaze.

//To be continued
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Re: [Fanfic] BabyxBaby (YoonHyun)
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2009, 03:28:07 AM »
Woo, that's a long first chap. But why would I expect it to be any shorter since it's yours. XD

I really like your writing style. It's beautiful but not too hard to understand for a non-English speaker like me.

May I request a comedy spinn-off "Yuri's Tushie Terrorist"? XD

Oh, and you better finish this!

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Re: [Fanfic] BabyxBaby (YoonHyun)
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2009, 05:20:56 AM »
i don't talk/post much, but this is def. worth praise. i absolutely love it. :heart:
i like your writing style; simple but detailed and descriptive.
i can imagine yoona's facial expressions and overall playing out the scene in my head. :inlove:

please please keep this up! :yep:

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Re: [Fanfic] BabyxBaby (YoonHyun)
« Reply #3 on: January 31, 2009, 12:37:41 AM »
:lol: good story. Like others have said, writing is good. You can tell you know the girls. But, some of the dialogue seemed a bit off, like maybe it was a bit too proper for teenage girls. But I'm a dialogue nazi so...

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Re: [Fanfic] BabyxBaby (YoonHyun)
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//Part II

Seohyun shook visibly as Yoona's warm breath caressed her ear, and the room began to spin as she tried to think of something, ANYTHING to say to appease Yoona's hungry gaze. But Seohyun’s poor brain was too stunned to come up with anything to offer the looming predator. Nervously, the maknae licked her drying lips as she tried to avoid locking gazes with Yoona.

Although Seohyun succeeded in avoiding eye contact with her tormentor, her attempt to wet her lips did not go unnoticed. An unreadable expression fell over Yoona's countenance as her doe-like eyes began to zoom in on the soft, pink pillows that the maknae's tongue had glided over just moments ago. Yoona hadn't noticed until now, but Seohyun had lips with the exact same color as watermelon. And it occurred to Yoona that she was desperately thirsty for something just as cool and sweet as watermelon. Unconsciously, Yoona began to let her lips drift towards Seohyun's as she moved to quench her parched throat.

Yoona felt as if she was falling headfirst down the rabbit hole, and Seohyun's lips were down while everything else in the universe was up.

Seohyun, sensing the impending danger approaching, quickly jerked her head upwards to see Yoona's emotionless face coming ever closer to her own. Surprisingly, the sensitive maknae didn't close her eyes in fear. Rather, she looked directly into Yoona's eyes in one last appeal to her unnie's heart; not to take this one thing away from the perpetually selfless and faithful maknae, not in this way.

Tears began to gather in Seohyun's wide, imploring eyes when she saw that Yoona's eyes were merely dark, smoldering coals, devoid of any empathy whatsoever. As Yoona drew close enough for Seohyun to feel the air from her unnie's heavy breathing, Seohyun resigned herself to her fate. The maknae finally closed her eyes as tears began to run down her cheeks.

Yoona stopped. Try as she might, she couldn't bridge the final centimeters between herself and the lips of the most frustratingly tantalizing creature she had ever laid eyes upon. Not while Seohyun had tears running down her face. Not while her eyelids were scrunched tight with pain.

Once again, Yoona felt as if she was falling headfirst down the rabbit hole. But this time, Seohyun was up, and down was simply a lonely, empty darkness where Yoona would only have her painful guilt to keep her company.

For agonizing seconds Yoona could only stare, transfixed, at Seohyun's painfully kissable lips. The conflicted teenager held completely still, neither advancing nor retreating from her position right at the doorstep of her darkest desire. Internally, however, Yoona had already given up on taking anything against Seohyun's will. Her aching heart and sinking stomach reminded her that no matter how much she could physically dominate Seohyun, emotionally she was at the mercy of the baby of the group. And with this realization, the devilish energy that had powered Yoona earlier seemed to vanish almost instantly, leaving only a tired, lonely young girl in its wake. But Yoona's pride forbade her from displaying any of this conflict or resignation to her dongsaeng-- no, her object of affection.

Seohyun, feeling the sofa cushions shift and realizing that Yoona had stopped her advances, tentatively opened her eyes to see what was going on. Yoona had reclined back to a more distant position on the sofa. The previously aggressive unnie seemed to be deliberately looking away from Seohyun, and an almost... melancholy air seemed to shroud her now. An awkward silence began to mount, as neither knew what to do.

Frustrated, Yoona leapt up from the sofa, her shoulders hunched and her body tense. She whirled to her side to face Seohyun directly and looked the maknae directly in her eyes. Yoona's expression was stony and visibly upset, but in a way which was directed inwardly rather than towards anyone else.

"Seohyun... Forget what happened here. I'm s....... I'm sorry."

Although Yoona's voice had started off harshly, as she finished speaking her voice hitched and broke as her ability to keep her emotions in check was pushed past its limit. Not wanting to cry in front of Seohyun, Yoona violently spun around and muttered.

"... you know what, screw it. I'm going to bed."

But the tears had already begun to fall, and Yoona decided that she had to at least minimize her shame in front of Seohyun by retreating as quickly as possible. Yoona was just about to take her first step when a hand lightly grabbed her by the wrist to stop her. Yoona turned around immediately, surprise clearly written all over her tear-streaked face. Seohyun had never physically restrained her before. Ever. But Yoona quickly recovered from her shock, and bitterly spat out with a sneer on her face.

"Pathetic isn't it?! I'm supposed to be the one in control... I'm supposed to be the one making you cry! But today must be Backwards Day because Mistress Yoona is crying and her servant is laying hands on her. Funny isn't it? Go ahead and laugh Seohyun! I know you want to! It's so funny that I'm laughing even though the joke's on me... See?" 

Yoona managed to paste a half-hearted grin on her face but was unable to force a laugh past the lump in her throat. Through tears were blurring her vision, Yoona could still clearly see the genuine concern on Seohyun's face. Not only that, Yoona could feel a gentle warmth and tenderness radiating from the maknae's devoted gaze.  And she hated it. Yoona squirmed, wildly trying to whip her arm away from the maknae's grip. But Seohyun kept holding on to Yoona's wrist, refusing to let Yoona retreat into isolation.

"Don't look at me! Don't look at me like that! You're a slave whose only purpose is to entertain me... I haven't given you permission to, so stop looking at me"

-like you love me. Yoona's sobs cut off the remainder of her sentence. Seohyun, who had never particularly been good at speaking like Sooyoung, wordlessly pulled her crying unnie into a tight hug.

For an indeterminate amount of time, Yoona continued sobbing into Seohyun's flannel pajama top as the maknae tried to soothe the crying girl by gently stroking her back. Finally, after Yoona's tears had run dry, she hiccuped slightly as she lifted her face from the warm shoulder it had been nested in. With a level of vulnerability and sincerity Seohyun had never seen before, Yoona apologized.

"Seohyunnie... I'm so sorry. I-"

Seohyun shushed her unnie in gentle tones, while smiling warmly.

"Yoona-unnie, what are you talking about? You have nothing to be sorry about."

It occurred to Yoona then that Seohyun's expression was glowing at that moment with a radiance like the moon. Unlike the hot, blinding sun, Seohyun shone gently and quietly in her small portion of the horizon. And like the moon, Seohyun was at her most luminous during the deepest, darkest, still of the night.

Still wanting to assuage her guilt, Yoona continued.

"You know... for all that just happened."

Seohyun shook her head lightly, dismissing Yoona's words. Without even the slightest hesitation or artifice, Seohyun responded.

"For what? For having a bad day?"

Yoona couldn't help but feel teary once again at the endlessly forgiving, pure-hearted nature of her dongsaeng.

God, I don't deserve to touch even an inch of her, let alone her lips. How can she still be so devoted to me despite everything that I've done...

Smiling wistfully at this thought, the emotionally drained actress decided to just go along with Seohyun's words.

"...Yeah. I guess so. God this sounds so silly... I'm sorry for having a bad day and taking it out on you."

Seohyun giggled a bit while Yoona apologized for the final time, relieved that her unnie seemed to be slowly recovering from her emotional outburst.

"Well if it's silly, don't apologize then unnie! You can be so goofy sometimes..."

Seohyun paused a bit while looking into Yoona's eyes, still trying to comfort Yoona with her actions as well as her words. After a few moments, a decidedly naughty look came over the maknae's features as she continued in an odd tone of voice.

"You know... *cough* Ahem! *cough* Uhhh.... This all started because you were stressed about having your first k-k... kiss with Ho Se right?"

Suspicion started to mount in Yoona's mind as she tried to reconcile the maknae's strained voice and new line of thought. Nevertheless, she chalked up her mounting tension to the emotional nature of the night so far, and decided to keep playing along.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that. Why?"

It might've been a trick of the light, but Yoona could have sworn that the maknae had just licked her lips.

"Well.... Uhhh.. *cough* Maybe-you-should-practice-with-someone-you-know-before..."

Seohyun rattled off her words so quickly that Yoona could barely understand them. But Yoona had understood what Seohyun said; she just couldn't believe the direction that the maknae seemed to be headed towards. It also struck Yoona that she was still in Seohyun's embrace, which made the actress feel increasingly self-conscious.


"Unnie! Calm down! You're going to wake up all the other unnies and embarass us both!"

Realizing that it would be incredibly awkward if the other girls woke up (and incredibly scary if Sica was woken), Yoona took a moment to restrain herself. Oblivious to the blushing expression on Seohyun's face and the gleam in her eyes, Yoona let out a whispered rant.

"Okay, what are you trying to do here? First you don't want to let me apologize for nearly molesting you and then flipping out about it and now you want to-- mmph"

Before Yoona could continue further, Seohyun firmly held Yoona by the waist and swooped in to meld Yoona's wild lips to her own.

At first Yoona felt as if her body had completely frozen. Although her eyes were wide open, they were totally out of focus and the entire world seemed like a blur to the shocked girl. Her mind was simultaneously chaotic and blank, like snow on a TV screen without a signal.

But slowly, realization began to dawn on Yoona that the distance between the maknae's beautiful face and hers had finally reached zero centimeters. The dreams that had provided her so much sweet torment over the years were finally coming true. And the splendor of it all was so bright that she couldn't help but close her eyes as the kiss deepened.

Initially, Yoona could only feel the warmth and plush softness of Seohyun's moist pink lips. The sensation kindled a small blaze of emotions in Yoona's core, and a warmth began to spread from her tummy to the very tips of her fingers and toes. Wanting to further feed the fire, Yoona shyly dabbed her tongue at the entrance of Seohyun's chaste lips. As the younger girl parted her lips in response to let her unnie in deeper, Yoona became distinctly aware of the taste of the cherry lip gloss that she always borrowed from the maknae. Yoona tasted and explored Seohyun's warm, wet, and inviting mouth. It thrilled her to be kissing somebody this deeply during her very first time, and it downright sent shivers down her spine to know that here she was claiming Seohyun's virgin lips for her own. No matter what happened in the future, the first taste that Seohyun ever had of passion was her. And if all the girl-talk Yoona overheard at school was true, girls never forget their first.

In the midst of all this oral action, the girls didn't forget to keep their hands busy. Yoona ran her hands over and over through Seohyun's dark, lustrous hair and Seohyun used her deft pianist's fingers to caress up and down Yoona's delicate curves. As they hungrily explored each other, high-pitched, almost musical moaning drifted from Seohyun's busy lips and Yoona sweetly replied in slightly lower, more mellow tones. And between those beautiful sounds, the heavy breathing and panting of both girls punctuated the frantic rhythm of their movements.

But all good things have to come to an end, and the girls jumped apart from each other when a loud tumbling noise came from the kitchen. Hearts still pounding and breathing hard, both girls looked at each other in panic and then turned towards the kitchen to investigate the source of the noise. Yoona turned to Seohyun, confused, when she realized that there was nobody in sight. The kitchen, hallways, and living room were empty save for the couple that had been interrupted. All of a sudden, the refrigerator hummed once more, and Yoona let out a sigh of relief as she realized the refrigerator had made the noise earlier.

"Ugh. That darn icemaker! We really need to get our manager-oppa to fix it so it doesn't make that noise every night..."

Turning to look at Seohyun, Yoona blushed as her mind immediately replayed the steamy make-out session that the two girls had shared earlier. As for the maknae, she had her face angled towards the floor, with a hot blush bright enough to be seen in the dark. But despite Seohyun's attempts to tilt her face to the ground, Yoona could still the edges of a small smile tugging at her lips.

All of a sudden, it struck Yoona how late it was.

"Oh, shoot! The clock on the microwave says it's 4 in the morning. They expect me to be filming in a few hours and I still need to rehearse. And Seohyun you have a test today! You need to get some sleep."

Seohyun looked up at her unnie with clear disappointment on her face. Pouting cutely, she begged with her best aegyo voice.

"Unnie~~~, I don't want to go to bed. I'd rather stay up and help you practice some more for your drama."

Upon hearing the word "practice", Yoona's blush returned full force. And despite the bittersweet ache in her stomach that urged her to stoke her fires once more, Yoona firmly decided that as a responsible unnie she couldn't let Seohyun jeopardize her studies.

"Seohyun. Yoona-unnie is ordering you to go to bed. And since you're the maknae you need to do whatever your unnies tell you."

Seohyun's shoulders drooped as she heard the conviction in Yoona's voice, and with a hanging head she slowly started walking to her bedroom. Yoona watched the cute maknae carry out her command, and although she was disappointed herself that they had to put an end to their play, it was really for the best.

However, Seohyun stopped right at the doorway of the room. She turned around slowly and she called out to Yoona in tiny voice.

"Unnie... I might be everybody's maknae in So Nyuh Shi Dae... But I'm only Yoona-unnie's baby."

With this confession, Seohyun scampered into her bedroom and shut the door before Yoona could even respond.

With the blood rushing to her ears and her heart soaring, Yoona stood as still as a statue, staring at the closed door the maknae had entered a moment earlier.

"My baby huh... Well... I love you, baby. Sleep tight."

After whispering this to herself, Yoona smiled and returned to the kitchen table to prepare for another long day of acting. Although today would be another long day of filming, Yoona couldn't help but feel that being an actress was no longer as difficult as she felt it was just hours ago. She had her baby to practice with at night, after all.
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Re: [Fanfic] BabyxBaby (YoonHyun)
« Reply #5 on: February 01, 2009, 08:40:52 AM »
LOL Jessica picking the Exorcist, so typical.
I almost died when I read it was the ice maker. I'm gonna make a note to myself...

Goodness, I don't read many fanfictions from korean entertainment unless they're from pooltides at ssf and she doesn't get as detailed about the intimate stuff as you do. not only that, but during teh days when Seobaby was my least favorite, I NEVER EVER EVER pictured her with any of the other girls. Ever. And now I imagine this... it's too much! XD

@Tama unni... this was long? I wrote longer ones. I wanted this to be longer haha. ah i need to write again  :sweatdrop:

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Re: [Fanfic] BabyxBaby (YoonHyun)
« Reply #6 on: February 01, 2009, 09:21:15 AM »
Thanks to everybody who read so far (even those who didn't comment).

tama, I apologize if it was too long-winded in anyway. I've always had problems with being too verbose; I used to get marked down in my history classes for not being succinct enough. I'm glad that you were able to enjoy the story even though English is not your first language. I definitely have some ideas for a Tushie Terrorist comedic mini-series where Yuri methodically ambushes all 8 asses in SNSD (and NOT for the reasons you might think :P), but I'm thinking about putting up a poll to see what people would be interested in as I have several other story ideas.

ach0i, I'm glad that you thought enough about the first half to come out of hiding and reply! And I hope the second part also met your expectations. You should post more often and become a sub-forum regular  8)

sLaVe, I guess I should be flattered since I really enjoy pooltidesstuff as well. She's got snappy dialogue, good comedic sense, and a real sense of pacing. And can I help being detailed when it comes to those scenes :twisted:? I do have a Y chromosome you know. Of course it's basically just PG-13 stuff, clothes on and all.

And the reason why I picked the YoonHyun pairing was because it was a bit unconventional and because I've always felt there was more to Yoona and Seohyun's personality than what they let on TV. Although everyone seems to gush over Yoona as being this heavenly, delicate creature I always got the sense that there was a more boyish, aggressive side to her. And of course, as a guy I need to write at least one of the girls as being a bit more on the aggressive side because it's easier for me to relate to.

As for Seohyun, I think she naturally HAD to be a partner for a more aggressive Yoona. She's the only one in the group younger than Yoona and has a long history with her; hence, she'd be the most likely to know about any hidden side of Yoona, if there is. Plus, she makes a good complement to an aggressor as she's more of the shy, enduring type and I could see how her personality would both intoxicate and infuriate somebody who's more hotblooded. But at the same time, I didn't want to just make her a complete lamb as I feel like her unnies can lay it on a bit thick about Seohyun's innocence and naivete. Seohyun is a growing teenager, and NO teenager really likes to be treated like a baby. So that led to the decision to actually let the couple come together on Seohyun's terms and in a way which would be right by her.

Which reminds, there's actually a specific clip that inspired the idea for this kind of dynamic between Yoona and Seohyun. I think it was in the UCC interviews, Yoona mentioned that she had been a bad unnie to Seohyun and ended up getting teary about it. For some reason, that clip just clicked with other information I had read/heard about Yoona before (she's kind of tomboyish, is actually one of the physically stronger girls in the group) and gave rise to the heart of the story. The whole setup with YMAD was just there as background and to just root the story in reality as much as possible.

For those who didn't comment but did read the fanfic remember that I do take requests/ideas from readers who write back. So if you enjoyed what you read, leave a comment with any suggestions and ideas and I will definitely take them to heart. And even if you didn't enjoy it, feel free to leave (constructive) criticism and maybe I'll be able to cook up something you'll appreciate in the future.

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Re: [Fanfic] BabyxBaby (YoonHyun)
« Reply #7 on: February 01, 2009, 09:47:43 AM »
:lol: Fuck you for making me picture Seohyun's hot, pink, juicy, cherry flavored lips!!!

And also fuck you for making think about someone that I probably shouldn't be thinking of... >_>

But good story!!! The ending was a bit cheezy, I never liked the whole look back one more time thing. And it reminds of a friend who said he did that when he broke up with a GF. XD But I don't really take to strictly romance stuff anyways so maybe it works for other people.

Oh and personally, if there was one girl in the group I'd think is lesbian, it's Seohyun. A teenage girl not interested in boys? I've only heard that from lesbians telling their stories! And then she always acts so damn cute and friendly with the other girls. It's always the one you least suspect, but also the most obvious choice!

And excuse my harsh language. It's late and I had a huge helping of kalguksu earlier, and you got my adrenaline pumping. XD

I don't really read fanfics but I'm glad I read this one.

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Re: [Fanfic] BabyxBaby (YoonHyun)
« Reply #8 on: February 02, 2009, 06:44:17 AM »
sweet ending, 2nd part exceeded my expectations~
it's all really adorable and a right amount of kinky :lol:

i only wish there would be more. but if not, def. write another fanfic with another pairing!
you're a great writer :)

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Re: [SNSD] BabyxBaby (YoonHyun)
« Reply #9 on: March 16, 2010, 12:11:35 PM »

Thank you for the post.
Hi guys, Im a newbie. Nice to join this forum.

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Re: [SNSD] BabyxBaby (YoonHyun)
« Reply #10 on: March 14, 2011, 08:46:37 AM »
I'm a new Sone and you've just made me into a YoonHyun fan! It felt real, because you added a little of Soshi reality into it (e.g. Yoona's drama) and the characters were not out of boundary, you can almost imagine them saying it or at least something very similar. It was also very vividly described and I think that's what made it have an impact on the reader. Make more, more!! XD

Thank you!

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Re: [SNSD] BabyxBaby (YoonHyun)
« Reply #11 on: April 21, 2012, 06:33:23 PM »
Defenitely a great story...
Got me HOOKED on the after the first part!
Glad i read this!

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Re: [SNSD] BabyxBaby (YoonHyun)
« Reply #12 on: February 27, 2016, 12:56:16 PM »
Great story  :P

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