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Author Topic: [SNSD] Amizade  (Read 10268 times)

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[SNSD] Amizade
« on: April 26, 2009, 05:54:49 PM »
So uh... o_o

For those who didn't know, I've been writing two stories aside from my H!P stuff~! The first one I wrote was Sirius featuring the Wonder Girls, and I came to enjoy the universe they were in so much that I wanted to make a Girls' Generation version as well! You got it! These two are crossover fics!

You don't have to read them both to understand what's going on, but in the case that these two amazing groups DO meet, we get both sides of the perspective, so it'll be really interesting to do xDDDD...

Amizade is the SNSD focused one~! I've already posted what I have in my Livejournal and Soshified (two chapters), so I might as well throw it over here too~! Enjoy~!


[ONE] The Proprietor
'cause we all know we gotta introduce the characters!

[TWO] The Cashier
Time to meet Seohyun, genius extraordinaire~!

[THREE] Gorgeous Stranger
Hwang Miyoung (or Stephanie) has had the worst luck after finally stepping foot in Korea after so many years... From having her hotel burnt to the ground to being kissed by a strange girl (twice might I add...), but nothing could prepare her for being held hostage!

[FOUR] The Devil in Miss Hwang
Ready or not, here she comes... Ready to break your despair and your insides, she'll tear... Indulging in the blood of it all... Not one bit ready to fall...

[FIVE] Hold my Hand
Seeing as Miyoung could no longer live a normal life thanks to the demon of a Muse living within her, Taeyeon thinks it's about time to educate her about the Writers' Guild.

Anywho, onward!


It’s Portuguese for “friendship.”

My favorite word.

In my dreams,

I hope for a lasting friendship

No lies

No possessiveness

No enemies

But most of all

No betrayals

But then again…

Maybe it’s all just a dream

A really long one…

But this is my dream

This is my story

Of Once Upon a Time…

ONE :: Proprietor

“That’ll be 50,000 won, please,” a soft-spoken voice smiled.

The nondescript customer felt like he won that much money instead of giving it. A sheepish grin graced his weathered lips as he fumbled around for the money. Feeling the adorable girl’s chocolate gaze on his being, he rushed even faster to find the correct amount of money. His plump fingers rummaged through his wallet and pulled out the bills through his index finger and middle finger, holding it up in the air.

The cashier smiled shyly as she brushed her hair behind her ears. The man just wanted to melt right there of the other’s unconscious aegyo! He wiped his wet lips with the back of his gloved hand and placed the cash on the scarlet countertop. He watched as slender and majestic fingers glided to the money and picked it up with just as much subtle grace going for it. Skilled fingers raked through the aged paper with a fluent poke between bills.

“So how long have you worked here…” the man squinted at the other’s name tag, “… Seohyun?”

The long-haired girl’s eyes looked up beneath her long lashes amidst counting the bills, sending yet another adorable image through the obviously older man’s being. She opened her mouth to reply, but he couldn’t hear a thing the other said. He leaned forward more, asking for a subtle repeat of what she had said. When he felt her breath on his ear, it gave him shivers all over his skin. That must have been she also leaned in…


“AHHH!!” the man jumped back in surprise. His hand shot up to his ringing ear in pain as his eyes looked like they were just about to pop out.

In front of Seohyun was someone a lot shorter. Although she was mostly hidden by the counter, the customer knew that the shorter woman had her hands on her hips and was currently staring rather dangerously at the other man.

“I was minding my own business, watering the daisies and petunias, and here I find you trying to hit on my Seohyun?!” a surprising deep and mid-pitched voice pierced the air, rattling the bones within the customer’s body.

“No…?” he waved both hands dismissively, “I just was curious. She has an odd way of counting money.”

“So you were raping her fingers with your eyes!?” a hand slammed onto the scarlet table, even making the gigantic bouquet of roses hop in surprise.

“I swear!” the customer bit back a laugh, not feeling very threatened by the petite woman, “What are you anyway? Her little sister?”

“She’s my boss,” Seohyun answered softly.

The man blinked incredulously.

“Your… boss?”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

He nearly stumbled and dropped his bouquet of roses as he ran out the glass door.

“Don’t you dare harass my employer, you sex fiend!” a tiny fist shook itself in the air. The man found himself daring to look back to find that the small boss was being restrained by the taller and apparently younger Seohyun.

What a crazy person! I’m not going to go to this flower shop ever again! And with that, the customer ran from sight, a trail of rose petals tracing his path.

“Unnie~! He wasn’t hitting on me~!” Seohyun grunted as she tried to lug the shorter back into the shop. The words coming out of the older came out as many different … ‘languages’ as one would say. As the younger eventually managed to pull the other back into the shop, her grip changed to that of a chokehold and with her other arm, she reached into her pants pocket and pulled out… a rice cake? Food item in hand, she shoved the item into the other’s cursing mouth and released her, backing off quickly.

“Ooh, thanks,” was all the mini boss could say before happily chewing.

“No problem, Unnie…” the long haired girl laughed nervously. She retreated behind the counter and sat on the off-white stool, twiddling her thumbs anxiously.

Such a day could only be considered normalcy for the employee and proprietor of Amizade. The forest of flowers and bouquets alike were their companions—friends as the name of the store suggested. As soon as the owner of the store finished chewing up her rice cake, she immediately returned to attending to the care of the flowers. Armed with a special spray and a caring hand, she caressed each flower with care and sprayed each with a dosage of love. A small but endearing smile graced the older’s lips.

Taeyeon-unnie…Seohyun watched from the corner of her eye. So adorable… Unbeknownst to the younger, a smile of her own tugged at her soft lips.

Despite the rather interesting happening earlier, the cashier knew that Taeyeon wasn’t like that all the time… Her boss was actually a really nice person. She was the type to squirm if she had to kill a bug. The episode with the male customer was actually out of character for a pacifist like Taeyeon…

She’s upset at something… the maknae concluded in her thoughts, still watching the boss with a cat’s curiosity. Maybe there was something that went wrong in the last mission?

The sound of a bell rang within the store. Both women looked up at the new customer who just came in. Pretty brown curls trailed behind the tall woman as she made her way across the store. Slender hands adorned by bracelets swayed side to side. Stiletto heels clicked loudly against the stone tiles of the floor. An extravagant dress of crimson clung to her body tightly, showing off the contours of her fine body.

Show-off. Both workers of the store said in their heads as they watched the woman approach the counter.

“I ordered a custom under the name of Park Haneul?”

Even her voice is all high and mighty!

“Ah yes,” Seohyun scratched the back of her head apologetically, “Please hold on,” and with that, she turned around and looked through the glass for the name. Expectantly, her eyes rested on the largest arrangement of assorted flowers at the center. The maknae felt frozen all over.

I can’t lift that…!

“The Romantic Tulip assortment, Ma’am?”

“The Romantic Tulip assortment.”

I REALLY can’t lift that…!

“Well the total will be—”

“I paid ahead of time.”

Seohyun looked at the madam and the huge assortment and back at the other again. She could feel the pressure building up in her chest with each passing glance.

“Do you have anyone with you? It is particularly heavy…” an almost inaudible voice escaped the maknae.

“Oh yes, my body guards,” the woman snapped her fingers twice in the air and all of a sudden, two tall men in black suits appeared. “Lift that one back into the car, will you?” At the sound of her order—demand, rather—the guards went on either side of the counter and opened the glass door, retrieving the huge arrangement.

“So uh… Do you know that the red tulips signify fame and trust?” Seohyun said out of randomness, hoping to strike a conversation with the older.

“Do they, now?” the woman yawned before muttering a good day and then following her men out the store.

They watched as the glass door swung back and forth, as if still fanning out the rich odors that the evidently snotty woman left.

“Maybe you should have told her the yellow tulips meant one-sided love,” Taeyeon smiled, eliciting a giggle on Seohyun’s part.

Now there’s the Taeyeon I know…

The bell rang again and they both looked up to find a fine young man, a high school student like Seohyun, no doubt.

His dark eyes wandered all about the room, looking confused.

“May we help you?” Taeyeon asked as she bent over and looked up at him almost endearingly.

“This… I don’t think this is the right place…” a low voice mused as he turned around to walk out of the store. Before he could, however, Taeyeon yanked on his wrist.

“What are you looking for?”

“I came in here looking for exterminators, not florists.”

Ah, here’s someone who’s not a customer…

He’s a client!

“You’re looking at one.”

“You?!” His eyes sprang open. “You’re just a kid!”

“For your information, I’ve already graduated high school,” Taeyeon crossed her arms, “so what is your query, young one?”

“Well…” the high school student blinked incredulously, “There’s this three-floor parking lot, you see?” After seeing Taeyeon nod, he continued, “I think there may be some sort of creature living there… I’ve seen it run around through my window… And I happened to be thinking about it when I saw your store sign.”

So he’s got that sixth sense if he’s able to see the advertisement written in blood…

“Well, if you’re not busy, lead the way! I’ll gladly dispose of it right now!” a grin etched its way on the older’s face. “Seohyun, watch the shop, will you?”

“Not like I can’t not watch the shop anyway… I live with you too, you know…” Seohyun muttered discretely as she watched the two leave Amizade.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“So what is that creature anyway?”

“First off, what’s your name so I don’t have to say ‘hey you’ all the time?” Almond eyes looked up curiously at the high school student.

“Erm… Min Dong Yul…”

“The creatures you see are called fiction. There’s different kinds of fiction out there and it’s my job to destroy them~! The term for someone like me wouldn’t be a hunter or exterminator, but a writer~!” Taeyeon pointed a finger in the air.

“So… fiction and writer, huh…” Dong Yul commented as he played with his black bangs.

“Yup!” the proprietor of Amizade smiled, “if you said it was a creature, then that must mean the fiction must be D class or C class. The higher classes of fiction would tend to look more human.”

 “I… I see…So how do they come to being?”

“They are manifestations born from the negative thoughts of humanity. Might I ask what the parking lot is used for?”

“Ah, it’s for a local business firm.”

“So I suppose that that fiction was born from the jealousy of lower socialites for the higher-ups from the company or something~!”

Before they knew it, they reached the building. It seemed rather daunting from where they stood… A cool autumn breeze blew across their faces. With that, the building seemed to have groaned, causing Dong Yul to gulp loudly.

“This is going to be fun,” Taeyeon’s chocolate eyes lit up with a sort of maniacal glint, frightening the poor boy even more. “Are you gonna come with?”

“No thanks… Too scary…” the student whimpered.

“Well too bad, you’re gonna have to be with me when I finish it off so I can collect my dues,” and with that, Taeyeon grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him into the parking lot.

It seemed like any normal parking lot, Taeyeon thought. Cars were perfectly aligned in perfect orders throughout the floor. Her eyes scanned the area for unnatural disturbances, suddenly looking serious all of a sudden. Behind her, Dong Yul timidly stuck his hands in his sweatshirt pockets and slouched along.

The more she walked around, the creepier the lot became. It was an even bigger case as she stepped out of the stairwell into the second level. Again, she was met with the perfect aligning of cars and another chill in the air. Their footsteps echoed within the building as their made their rounds around the lot. Again, nothing but the sound of the wind making the lots moan.

“Hnn… Nothing here either… Third floor~” Taeyeon pouted as she nearly pranced towards the stairwell once more.

“Well clearly it’s not here, we should leave…” he turned around and began to walk away…

“Silly, you’re not going to run off without paying me anything…” Taeyeon laughed as she grabbed him by the retreating hood and pulled him along the steps. “Hn… I finally sense its presence now. It’s very tiny…  Ah, the fiction’s hiding its aura from me, but it’s nothing I can’t handle…” a giggle worked its way up Taeyeon’s face once more. She kicked down the door and strutted outside, looking in a particular direction.

“Stay here. Don’t go away or I’ll come after you,” the proprietor commanded as she released his hood. Dong Yul nodded timidly as he silently leaned against the wall, watching the other.

As she walked towards the would-be location of the creature, she looked about its general location and attempted to pinpoint it before it could lunge at her. After bypassing a few more cars, she situated herself at the large gap between rows and stood there, staring down at a certain spot.


Her eyes steeled up coolly. She clenched her fists behind her back and bent low on one leg, allowing the other leg to stretch out towards the direction of the fiction.

Now it was time to wait.

Who would make the first strike?

Taeyeon felt silver eyes stalking her. She could sense the fiction pacing back and forth silently, watching her intently for any moves. Likewise, she did the same, her chocolate eyes prowled after the silver ones as if she was a predator eying prey. In fact, there was no such thing was prey here. They were two predators fighting each other to the death…

Another cool breeze blew through the scene. The proprietor’s dark brown hair drifted with the wind, though her eyes still locked with the fiction’s. While remaining hypersensitive to the area around her, she attempted to analyze the fiction she was facing. So far, she could only see two reddish human-like claws underneath the truck which the creature resided in.

Something like that is a B-class…

Just then, a blurry red object lunged at her from the back on the truck! She immediately launched her bent leg sky-wards, nearly doing a vertical split. She flinched when she felt the object collide with the back of her foot, but saw that the creature below the truck had already scurried out and lunged at her standing foot! Thinking quick, she immediately brought the heel of her foot down (along with the other object) and slammed it down on the fiction.

Afterwards, she jumped aside and slid into another kicking position, only this time, bending both of her knees slightly down and tensing her legs for added strength. Her hands were still behind her back, now clenching each other tightly.

It turned out that the other flying object that slammed into her foot was an identical fiction, a twin of it. Two pairs of silver eyes glared at her. Black fangs bared its frustration at the hunter. The creatures seemed to resemble small ghoulish goblins, with their hooked noses, pointed ears, and a wild silver mane.

Nope. I overestimated. It’s merely C-class.

The two lunged at her once more. Yet again, the proprietor predicted their moves easily and quickly kicked them both away from her with a well-placed foot in the face for the both of them. She then rested her foot on the ground and prepared to use her other foot for quick jabs should they return for more. This time, one of them jumped for her, and she easily kicked it aside with a half-spin. Seeing the other jumping in for a surprise attack, she simply continued revolving before knocking the fiction out of the air with a roundhouse kick.

That fiction crashed straight into a car, giving it one heck of a bad dent. Taeyeon’s eyes widened in fear (of the car alarm going off) but resumed her ‘fighting mode’ when the car didn’t do so much as let out a small whine when it was struck. Deciding that the fiction wasn’t really worth her time, she stamped her right foot down onto the ground.

A retractable blade shot out of the hidden slit in front of her foot. Another blade, in a general crescent shape befitting the contours of her shoe, also shot out at the right side of her foot. When the two double-teamed her again, she swung her foot at a half-arc, slicing both fiction across the face.

The twins jumped back and held their faces in pain, groaning loudly. The writer could only walk towards them, the redesigned axe-blade stained with fictional blood. Her left shoe also summoned twin blades of its own, only its crescent blade was on the left side.

Deciding not to hold back, both of the fiction began to roll around Taeyeon’s position. However, she still remained walking to keep herself ready. One of the goblin-like fiction attempted to attack from behind, only to miss as the woman side-stepped and swung her bladed foot at the enemy. With the aid of the momentum, the fiction used its claws to heave itself over Taeyeon’s foot and resume rolling in the circle around her.

Before she could curse, the other one attacked and aimed for her face. Taken aback, she bent backwards and planted her hands onto the ground and did a backflip kick which impaled the fiction straight through the chest by the blade on the front of her foot.

When she landed on her feet, she shot her foot out and threw the wounded fiction at the other. As they collided, she ran after and did an upwards launch, impaling the other fiction in the chest while sending it back against the other. While still in midair, she shook her leg slightly to allow the fiction to slide off of the blade and she immediately did a spinning kick in mid-air, slicing them at their throats. With the momentum at her advantage, she managed to add another extra spin and used the crescent blade of the same foot to fully decapitate their heads with another swing.

For a precautionary measure, she added another spin and sliced their bodies, causing them to gape open with their inner treasury spilling out and splashing the woman in the face with a vivid crimson. When she landed on her feet perfectly standing straight, the steel blades retracted within her shoes. Reaching into her black pockets, she took out a dirty red handkerchief and wiped her face.

“Only my fourth mission today and it’s already so dirty…” Taeyeon sighed as she inspected her once-white cloth.

You mean… it’s all blood!? Dong Yul gulped nervously as he watched the woman walk back towards him.

“I didn’t really break much sweat over it, so about fifty-thousand won should be fine,” Taeyeon said offhandedly while she walked towards the door, suggesting for the other to follow with the flick of her fingers.

“Oh… that sounds a little expensive… But I can pay it…”

“Well, fifty-thousand for each…”

Dong Yul gulped once more as he nervously reached into his wallet, wondering how much he had in there… Thankfully, he had cashed in his paycheck earlier so it was all good. He handed over the money with a shaky hand. “Thank you so much…”

“No problem.”

The rest of the walk to the entrance of the lot was silent. The student kept replaying the footage of that amazing nuna beating up the monsters with her bladed shoes inside of his head like an action movie. Her fighting style was a lot similar to the street fighter games he played—at least, the kicking moves. Except for that moment where she had to use her hands to do a back flip, Taeyeon kept her hands tied behind her back which impressed the high school student.

Maybe if he tried hard enough, he could ask her out…

“Erm…” He began, noticing that they were now on the first floor again, “Nuna?”

Taeyeon turned around and almost slapped her hand sideways on his face, covering his eyes. Calling up the energy within her, she felt a wave surge though her arm into the other’s head. When she released her hand from his face, he stumbled backwards and passed out right on the floor.

“Memory erased…”

Without bothering to look back, the writer continued on her way back to the shop, counting the bills happily while walking home.

TWO :: Cashier

“I really need to find someone…”

Seohyun looked up at the ever unreachable sky, using her hand to shield her eyes. With a sigh, she continued walking amidst the streets with the students exiting school. She sent an envious gaze towards the couple walking in front of her, chattering away excitedly and just well… being a couple.

If only I had a lover…

Before she could think any more of the matter, she felt something heavy throw itself onto her back—more specifically, a person wrapping an arm around her and leaning heavily on her.

“Seohyun ah~ Jealous of the summer love going around~?” a familiar classmate of her’s said in a singsong voice.

“A-ah… Yoona…” was all the younger could say, still stunned by the sudden attack. “I thought you h-had to go to rehearsal for the school play?”

“Nope! They canceled the cast rehearsal since there’s not enough of us that showed up. So there’s the understudy rehearsal going on right now,” the said dark-haired woman laughed as she rubbed her face against the taller’s, “So I can stick with you!”

“Aha…” the younger laughed nervously, brushing her hair out of her face, “But I’m busy…”

“Nonsense! You work at a flower shop~! You can’t be that busy~!” Yoona pouted as she purposely set more of her weight onto the shy girl, eliciting a squeak on the other’s behalf. “Let Unnie treat you to patbingsoo or something!”

“E-Eh!?” Seohyun’s eyes enlarged to the size of dinner plates, “You really don’t have to!!”

“If you don’t come, I’ll beat you up…” Yoona’s eyes narrowed and darkened rather dangerously.

“A-Ah…Wait…!” the taller’s brows arched upward, “U-Unnie!” A series of bewildered expressions played on her face like a four hour movie compressed into two minutes. Yoona could only laugh.

“Come now, it’s been a while since we got together~! Don’t be like that, Seohyun~!” the shorter’s mouth tugged downwards in a flatfish-like face, “Ever since you started working at that flower shop, I’ve been seeing you less and less…”


It was true though… Thanks to working with Taeyeon as a writer, she had been going out less and less with her friends. Of course, she expected something like this to happen. After all, the Writers’ Guild was a secretive society. At the cost of her social life, she protected humanity…

At least, her mind was absolutely prepared for leaving everything she knew behind. Her heart wasn’t, however.

Unnie… If only you were a writer like Taeyeon and I… We all could be working together…

“Just… I’m sorry…” downcast eyes stared at the road, Her grip on her school bag tightened.

The older knit her eyebrows together, “What do you have to do?” she released her hold on the other and crossed her arms.

“We have ten custom arrangements to do, and they’re due for today and tomorrow. Not only that, we have many…uh… walk-ins that we have to help frequently…. sorry…”

Her sheepish grin faded softly when she saw the disappointed look in her friend. If only Yoona was a writer… They could do all sorts of missions together. But she didn’t want to take her away from her passion of acting, that’d be too much to ask for… With a sigh, she revolved about her foot and walked onwards, leaving the other behind.

Unnie… I’m sorry…

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“Aww, why the sad face?” Taeyeon tilted her head in bemusement.

“Unnie… Why are you upside down?”

Seohyun blinked as she watched her upside-down boss giggle. Taeyeon’s legs were hooked around one of the suspended lights of the ceiling, hence being upside down over the counter with gravity tugging her hair downwards.

“Training~! There was fiction in the past that left me hanging like this, so I’m raising my endurance!”

“…By seeing how long you can last with blood rushing to your head?”



“You should be careful. What happens if you fall?”

“It’s fine! I’m over the counter so I’d just smash my head right into it!”

“…And that’s not …p-painful?”

“Instead of gawking, maybe you should go on patrol for a bit! I’ve done about 12 A+ missions while you were at school and I got rid of 38 small fries while I was patrolling. I’m already tired of all the woooork, you do the rest of the patrolling for today!” Taeyeon pouted as she crossed her arms—an adorable sight made cuter at the fact that she was upside-down.

“A-Ah!” the employee’s eyes widened at the rather busy day her boss had, “I-I’ll get right to it~!” and with that, she swerved around the counter and bolted past the door into the living quarters upstairs. She threw her backpack into her room and headed straight into the nondescript kitchen.

“Alright…” she let out a deep breath and opened the refrigerator. Ignoring the items inside, her eyes rested on the temperature dial at the top. Reaching out meekly, she twisted the dial: -13°C…-30°C …-17°C.

After she set the combination, she stood back and watched as the shelves began to vibrate before inevitably move aside, revealing another room at the other side of the refrigerator. She stepped through the “doors” and shut the refrigerator behind her, causing the shelves to reposition themselves.

Combating the darkness, she reached her hand out flicked the light switch on, immediately blinding her vision with a brief flash before the contents of the room revealed itself. With that, the fan inside of the room also turned on—after all, that was the only source of oxygen. The room was almost entirely white save for the black bulletin boards hanging in the back of the room. She majestically walked along the glassy floor to the other end of the hidden room, navigating around the square white table taking the majority space of the room. She reached the bulletin boards and briefly scrutinized the articles hanging on it.

It was mostly Taeyeon’s doing, really. Some of the items were news articles which seemed like any other murder case—only they, the writers, both knew that it was actually fiction behind it. Other articles were seemingly close calls of themselves being exposed. Seohyun laughed quietly to herself as she read over the ridiculous news headers such as “Mysterious ninja jumping across rooftops” or “Crime-fighters in our midst?” and her personal favorite: “Little boy inspired by Chun Li spotted chasing lingerie thief.”

It was the articles involving her that made Seohyun want to slap her knee in laughter, for the media ALWAYS seem to picture a big burly man instead of a shy schoolgirl such as her…

Well in truth, anyone would picture the said burly man, especially with the weapon Seohyun wielded. With a small giggle, she turned away from the boards and looked at the pair of familiar sneakers on the table.

“Hnn…” the young student pulled out a kit from the drawer beneath the table and set it next to her. She grabbed one of the shoes and grasped its bottom, twisting it around and then pulling it off, revealing a complex network of metal triggers and of course, the blades which were scrunched into the shape of the shoe.

“So far, it looks fine…” she tapped an area of the technology with her knuckles and the blades sprung out immediately. “Nothing wrong with the springs either…” she traced her nimble fingers over the said objects within the shoes. She set the shoe down and tested the other one, finding that it too, worked just as well as its mate.

“Perhaps I should replace the 18/10 stainless blades with AL-6XN blades…These are slowly wearing down…” A thoughtful pause, “Or would Duplex work better? There is the budget to consider…” the student scratched the back of her head. “Hnn…Upgrade to better blades or upgrade to superior blades… Unnie would say ‘go for the one that kicks most butt!’ so… Duplex it is…” she pulled out a nearby notepad and scribbled down her next item of buying interest.

Finishing up her inspection on Taeyeon’s shoes, the maknae brushed her long bangs out of her face once more. Her chocolate eyes rested upon the wall next to the only exit of the secret room. She briskly walked over and pressed her password on the white safe embedded onto the wall. With a beep, the safe opened upwards and Seohyun grabbed for the item within: her precious weapon.

A suitcase.

It didn’t look like any suitcase, however. This one was rather huge and chunky. There were many incisions and grooves on it, all in straight lines, giving the ash-colored suitcase a very complex square-based design as if it was some transformer artifact or something...

Oh, and for added impact… She had a Keroro strap on the handle of the suitcase. Silly, yes, but hey, a girl has to accessorize, you know?

Suitcase in hand, she climbed up the stairs and flicked off the switch, triggering the refrigerator to open for her as well. The resident cashier of Amizade stepped out of the makeshift secret room (or as she called it: the secret base) and shut the door behind her. She swung the suitcase back and forth whilst gliding down the steps into the ground floor, aka the shop. She blinked once more, seeing the still upside-down Taeyeon pressing buttons on the cash register with a bewildered customer looking on.

“Unnie, I’m… g-going out now…” she couldn’t help but mimic the look on the customer’s face.

“In that school uniform? You sure the perverts won’t attack you?” Taeyeon blinked as she completed the transaction.

“A-ah… Well I’m sure I’ll be fine… You know me,” a nervous laugh escaped the younger’s lips.

“Oh yeah, well, have fun~!” Taeyeon waved enthusiastically…despite being upside down…

The maknae walked out of the flower shop and looked at her watch, pressing a button on it. With that, the interface of the watch switched over to a black and green chart depicting the city—at least, a close-up of where she was. Her position was marked with a white dot. She tinkered with her watch some more, zooming out of her general location and catching some red dots in the midst…

If her actions before were any indication, Seohyun was clearly the mad scientist of the two. Her watch’s map was created based on the numerous robo-ticks she scattered around the city, sensing the fiction through their specific frequency and blood types. This was especially perfect for the A and S-level type fiction who blend in with the human crowd perfectly… The young student smiled softly to herself, proud of her invention.

After a further study of her map, she raised a brow at how Taeyeon seemingly left a single ward up for Seohyun to clean up. Of course, there were still fiction scattered about, but she assumed that they were newborn fiction since Taeyeon’s little ‘exterminating’ earlier. The only place that remained populated with fiction seemed to be the alleyways in the deep city…

Ah… So she left THAT area to me…Her face began to pale, figures why she asked if wearing a uniform was fine with me…

With a defeated sigh, she headed straight for the lion’s den…

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

She didn’t know what was worse, the perverted ahjussis leering at her or the perverted fiction leering at her… She only meant to attract the fiction to her, not the normal people! Thank goodness she didn’t draw out her real weapon from her suitcase just yet. She only had to swing it around and that was enough…

The writer glanced at her watch again, noting five fiction in a section of the alley maze she was very close to. Judging by the strength of the signal, they were all A types…

Oh dear… could this mean I could finally use my weapon? Anxiety began to grip at her veins. Even with the silencer… it’s pretty loud…

Swallowing her nervousness back, she walked around the maze of tiny space until she reached the intersection where she could see the group of fiction lazing about. They were in the form of five adolescent teenagers. Upon closer inspection, she saw that some of them were smoking—perhaps a common human habit they were trying to imitate.

Her nose twitched at the scent of the tobacco in the air. Unpleasant memories of her parents appeared in her head, eliciting a stern frown on her part. They were the reason why she left home carrying nothing but her school supplies and clothes. They were the ones who caused her to live in a tent hidden in an alleyway. If it weren’t for Taeyeon finding her and taking her under her wing, she might have lived the hobo way for the rest of her life…

Her reminiscence did not go unnoticed. The teenage fiction caught wind of her presence and were now checking her out with hungry eyes. Seohyun gulped anxiously at the sudden attention she was receiving. Remembering her plan all of a sudden, she moved out of their line of sight and attempted to go deeper into the alleys, far removed from people. She heard the footsteps behind her and she no longer felt confident of her plan. Instead, she felt even more nervous than usual and gripped her suitcase even tighter.

Eventually, she found herself at a dead end and rings of laughter echoed throughout the dark alley. She slowly turned around to find the same five boys sauntering around her, almost drooling at the mere sight of her…

Maybe leaving in a school uniform was a bad idea…

“So what’s a cutie like you doing all the way out here…?” One of the boys spoke out, licking his lips lecherously.

“Looking for some fun~?” another drawled, his now silver eyes scanning every fibre of her being. One by one, each fiction’s eyes began to gleam silver, clearly about to jump her and tear her to pieces…

“Eh… I’m sorry! So sorry!” Seohyun apologized profusely as she bowed multiple times.

The fiction looked at each other, confused.

She held her suitcase in front of her and traced a certain complicated path along the grooves. When her finger reached one end of the case to the other, it let out a ‘click’ sound and it began to tremble within her hand. The fiction watched wide-eyed as the suitcase began to collapse into itself and reform itself—almost like a real life transformer!

Before they knew it, Seohyun now had a long missile launcher in her hands. The back of the launcher curved comfortably against the contours of her shoulder. An eyepiece unfolded itself from the launcher, scanning each target within sight. A thick bayonet in the shape of a cutlass shot outwards at the bottom of the end of the missile launcher. What was once the handle of the suitcase became a handle for her left hand to hold while another handle shot out further from her being, making her right hand having to reach out further to grasp it firmly. That handle also happened to have a trigger…and her keroro strap still intact?

The five fictions felt like their jaws dropped to the ground.

“I’m sorry!” and with that, she pressed the upper trigger, causing an onslaught of bullets in a manner similar to an assault gun on the adolescent fiction. The two fiction that were hit kneeled over in pain while the other three lunged at her, dodging her line of fire. Seeing that, she apologized once more as she swung her skinny bazooka around, slicing them with the attached blade. As she swung her blade, she pressed the lower trigger, hitting each fiction with a silent, but deadly grenade that exploded as soon as it hit them. The three were literally blasted back with the other two as Seohyun spun with the momentum of her launcher swing before setting herself back to default firing position.

“I’m so sorry! I’m still rusty!” she apologized once more despite having the upper hand in battle. With that, she launched another silent grenade on them while they were still in a pile, causing an explosion of very messy proportions. The three wounded fiction were in a bloody eyeball-strewn mess, unable to take a second hit, while the other two were stunned.

“You …” one of the fiction growled as he wiped the blood from his lips.

Before she could apologize, the fiction teleported in front of her and kicked the launcher away. Seohyun screamed as she staggered backwards from the blow. Her precious weapon landed near the other fiction who smirked at the sudden advantage. The standing fiction slowly advanced upon her, flashing a fanged grin. She backed away, feeling the sweat drip down her brow.

Meanwhile, the other fiction crawled over to her launcher and attempted to pick it up, but to no avail… Just then, a dangerous thought entered his head. Alarmed, his frantic eyes saw that Seohyun was clenching her fist. “HEY!! Watch out! Don’t get close to her!!”

Before the other could heed the warning seriously, Seohyun punched at his face. At the last second, he managed to move his head out of the way. However, the fingernail of her thumb grazed his cheek as he dived out of the way… VERY severely, for it literally spurted out a profuse amount of blood.

“This thing weighs a ton! If she could lift it like a balloon dog, she’s got insane power!!” the fiction’s comrade shouted as he still attempted to lift the weapon.

“You think I don’t know that by now!?” the other fiction howled in pain in return, covering his excessively bleeding cheek.

“E-Eh!? I’m sorry, I meant to aim for your n-neck!!” A panicked look nestled itself at Seohyun’s face, “I didn’t mean to miss!”

“Why the hell are you apologizing for THAT?!” the fiction retorted at the poor(?) frantic student. Out of anger, he punched the writer in the face, only to have his fist caught by her hand. “What the!!?”

“Oh wait, you wanted to punch me?” Seohyun released his hand and kept her hands at her side, “Here you go!”

The fiction gritted his teeth and felt the red surge through his eyes. “YOU THINK THIS IS ALL A JOKE!?” he screamed before letting loose an uppercut at the other’s jaw. Seohyun’s eyes narrowed as she dodged it, grabbed onto his arm, and threw him over her shoulder at the wall. She then picked up the missile launcher with the kick of her foot and used its assault trigger to completely decapitate the sitting fiction’s legs before turning around and swung the bayonet at the lunging fiction, decapitating its head.

“Sorry,” the writer said coldly as she watched the remains slowly fade away like ash being whisked away by the wind. When she turned around, she saw the last fiction moaning in pain while he attempted to reattach his legs. She simply pointed the launcher at his face and waited for the moment where he looked up.

When he finally did, she pulled the trigger.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“Well that was a busy day…” Seohyun sighed as she swung her suitcase over her shoulder. “What was that… 30 overall…?” she looked at her watch to find new red dots sprouting one by one.

They were the maintenance crew, Taeyeon and her. No matter what happened, there will always be fiction. As long as humanity has its evil thoughts, the fiction would thrive. Even if the two took out a hundred in one day, a hundred and fifty more would show up the next. The writer sneezed when the breeze blew cold night air at her, eliciting a shiver right after.

“Maybe we should find more writers…” Seohyun wiped her nose with  the bottom of her sleeve. She managed to wander back into the closed Amizade shop and locked the shop behind her. The scent of flowers immediately filled within her nostrils, earning a content sigh on Seohyun’s part.

“Would you like to come with me?”

She weakly looked up, seeing a hand reached out for her. The sun unbearably shined down on them. Cold eyes looked up at the silhouette who almost looked like a god with the way the rays of the sun extended from her shadowy figure.

 And there she was, lying on the ground with flimsy thin skin stretched over her wretched skull. Her hair lay on the ground, oilier than the norm. The blood dripping from her lips pooled out in front of her, drenching part of her pale face crimson.

This was a dream, right?

This was one very long dream then…

Dreamt of going to school and back to this little tent hidden in the corner of the alleyway… Dreamt of finding this monster waiting to ambush her… Dreamt of struggling against the creature… Dreamt of this woman who rescued her from being devoured…

If she reached out for that hand, would she have woken up and relive that hell?

Too weak to move, she remained still; though, her eyes stayed with the earnest brown ones towering over her. She was no better than an inanimate corpse which beckoned for life.

Her eyes spoke everything, however.

“Take me away…” they had pleaded.

She stepped out of the secret base, having returned her blood-stained suitcase. She peeked into her boss’s room, finding her already asleep. However, her limbs were sprawled out everywhere and the covers were kicked off of the bed.

Softly smiling, Seohyun quietly glided over the floor, picked up the blanket and then noiselessly slid the covers over Taeyeon’s body.

“Hnn… Would you like fries with that?” the sleeping girl uttered aloud, causing the younger to giggle.

As she walked out the door, she took one more look back at the sleeping figure—her teacher and savior. She mouthed the words ‘thank you’ to the other before quietly shutting the door.

“Yaaah…That’ll be… 50,000 won…”

Again, Seohyun giggled silently at her vulnerable boss before retreating into the darkness of the night.

So ends that chapter~!

Don't fret at just the two here. The rest will join them later~!

This is just the intro! The real story will start in chapter three xDDDD
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Re: [SNSD] Amizade
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I've been reading this on Soshified and I really like it *_*

I just love your writing style *_* (and Our Cursed Gift is still one of the best fanfics I've read, all categories XD) and SNSD is my favourite group, so I'm looking forward to more chapters *_*  :heart:

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Re: [SNSD] Amizade
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Chapter 3.... Chapter 3....

>>LIFE ~is just another story~2008/12/26<<
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Re: [SNSD] Amizade
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This is ballin'. The plot is really interesting, haha.

I love Taeyeon so much. She makes me burst into giggle fits.

Oh, and Yoonhyun, huh? :wub:

Chapter 3!!

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Seagull: Thanks <3

Slave: It's here '_'

Black Velvet: Ain't it? <3 and it's here!!

THREE :: Gorgeous Stranger

“Haaa… It’s been forever!” she smiled brightly—even brighter than the joyous skies overhead. A content sigh escaped from her lips as she lifted her luggage from the taxi. She paid the driver her due and waved energetically at him as he left. Once the car sped from sight, the bistre haired woman pulled the handle of her wheeled luggage up and walked along the street.

Hwang Miyoung inhaled the air deeply, taking in the fresh scent of the food stands scattered throughout the streets.

“So this is the smell of Korea~!”

With a content sigh, the foreigner walked into the shop and soon came out with a bright pink scooter. Kicking off to a new start, she rode off into the streets. The pleasant breeze blew through her shoulder length hair as if it was a dark chocolate veil. Even her eyes smiled as she zoomed through the roads of Korea.

Every so often, she glanced down in the paper in her hand, checking out the directions to her hotel. As she drove nearer and nearer her destination, her smile grew wider and wider, anticipating her stay at the luscious Flare Dancer hotel. As she rounded the corner, a vivacious sight greeted her.

Well, it was supposed to greet her.

Enlarged eyes stared at the hotel she was supposedly staying in. Where a beautiful building should have been, a pile of rubble was at its place. Ashen bricks and paint were set ablaze in a dying orange, signifying that the building had just burnt down not too long ago.

Fire trucks and the like were already occupying the scene, calming down the fire with spurts of furious water. She found hotel residents standing by, watching the firemen put out the fire. Slowing down, she skidded to a stop near a resident, asking what had happened.

“Oh, there was some sort of gas leak which resulted in an explosion. At least, that’s what I think happened. There was a loud crashing sound so something must have fallen in.”

“I see, thank you!” Miyoung smiled before zooming off. When she was away from people and in the middle of a deserted street near the scene, she skidded to another stop.

“WHERE THE HECK AM I GOING TO STAY!?” hands shot up, grabbing her hair and pulling at it. “I already blew off a lot of money on this scooter and I need a freaking place to stay!! AIIIIIISH~!” Placing her hands on the handlebars again, she drove off slowly, as if in a daze.

“IneedaplacetogoIneedaplacetogoIneedaplacetogoIneedaplacetogo” Miyoung muttered under her breath, eyes completely zoning out. However, she found something odd out of the corner of her eye. Slowing down, she turned her head to look at the alley.

There was someone, a girl by the looks of it, staggering down the alley. As she watched the departing figure, she looked down to find… blood dripping a trail behind her? Immediately worried, Miyoung drove into the alley way. The woman seemed beaten and tattered, seeing as her outfit was dirty and scratches and tears all over.

Upon closer inspection, the woman’s leg seemed to be profusely bleeding, thus leaving the bleeding trail. There was even blood dripping down her arms, leaving stains all over the brick walls of the alley.

Miyoung wanted to throw up at the sight, but gulped and steadily drove behind the woman and kept a steady pace behind her.

“Hey… You really need a hospital!” Miyoung said aloud, watching as the woman continued to walk ahead of her.

She didn’t reply.

“I said…” Miyoung began once more, “You seriously need to go to a hospital!!”

Again, the woman didn’t hear her. Fed up with staring at the back of the other’s bronze-colored head, Miyoung parked her scooter and ran in front of the woman.

“I’m going to take you there!!”

The woman looked up at her, eyes glaring icily at the other. Miyoung stubbornly glared back, but grew worried when she saw the blood dripping down the other’s sharp and contoured face. Also, she noticed burned marks all over, now that she was close enough to see it.

“Were you involved in the fire?” Miyoung immediately asked, clenching her fists to make sure she didn’t move from her spot.

“It has nothing to do with you,” the woman replied in a soft spoken voice, attempting to stagger around the other.

Miyoung turned and grabbed her arm, and was about to retort back when something took her aback.

She was as cold as ice.

“Y-you…” at a loss of words, she could only stare at the other. “You REALLY need a hospital!!”

“Leave me be,” the mid-back length haired woman yanked her arm out of Miyoung’s grasp. “I already have help coming my way…” she hissed in pain as if a sudden ache hit.

“I can’t leave you here alone!” Miyoung exasperated as she ripped off her long sleeves and tied them to the other’s bleeding arm and leg. “I have to do something at least…”

The woman merely watched her curiously, soft eyes never leaving the other’s.

“Sheesh, you seriously need a hospital, stubborn girl…” Miyoung muttered in English as she tied up the wound on her arm.

You seriously need to get out of here, stubborn girl…” the woman replied in equally smooth english, eliciting shock from the short haired woman.

“You can speak English!?”

“You’re still not listening…” the icy woman growled, “You need to leave.”

“No way, I’m not going til your ‘rescuer’ comes here. That’s when I can leave you!” Miyoung crossed her arms with a ‘hmph!’

“Such an American…” The woman sighed as she began walking again.

“I’m not just an American! I’m Hwang Miyoung!!”

“Miyoung your Korean name, I’m assuming?” somehow, the conversation dived back into the Korean language.

“Well… Yes… It is…” Miyoung said, defeated.

“And your American name?”


The woman sneered.

“What’s so funny?”

“You’re just so American,” the woman replied in English.

“Well you must be too ‘cause you’re talking American English instead of British English! What’s your name?!”

The woman thought for a moment before finally saying “Jessica.”

“Well then Jessica, you’re quite American yourself!”

“I’m not loud like you,” Jessica deadpanned as she bent over and looked up at the other, poking her in the forehead. “Be obedient and leave me alone.”

“I refuse!! You already heard me before!”

“So you’re still going to stay even when someone’s stealing your scooter?” Jessica commented as she looked around Miyoung’s head.

Blinking, the said woman turned around to find that it was indeed being stolen! Some youthful brat had already kicked it to a start and was already driving off, causing her to immediately run after the stolen vehicle.

“YOU BUTTHEAD, THAT’S MIIIINE!” she screamed like a raging banshee before tackling the said person to the ground. Afterwards, she looked up to find her scooter continually driving ahead without a driver. She quickly got up and jumped onto the scooter and turned it around, zooming straight back into the alleyway for Jessica.

Passing the blood stains, she looked wildly about, searching for the wounded, cold woman. But to no avail, she couldn’t be found anywhere. Vanished without a trace. Frustrated, she turned her scooter around and continued driving. As she exited the alley, she couldn’t help but continue to stare at the blood Jessica left behind.

“She must have been involved… The person said something crashed into the building before it exploded in fire…” a thoughtful pause, “was that… Jessica’s doing?” the road seemed bleak to her at this point. Everything became a haze.

“She did smell a bit like gasoline… she really must’ve been involved…”

But there was one fact that really irked her about the gorgeous stranger she had met. When she had touched her, she really was ice cold…Despite the burn marks she had… Though, not quite cold as she implied with her words, but touching her felt like she touched a metal pole on a decent spring day. Although flesh, it had felt a bit too cool to be normal, like putting her fingers in a water-bottle just out of the fridge.

“The first twenty minutes I’m in Korea; I lost my home, got told off, nearly got robbed…”

Out of no where, something—someone rather—came flying out in front of her. Miyoung felt the scooter collide straight into the person!? However, this person seemed to engulf her view, blinding her momentarily. In that moment, she felt something soft brush against her lips before the person seemingly went over her head thanks to the momentum of her scooter bringing the mysterious person’s legs upwards.

“Then I friggin crash into someone and I get kissed upside down!?” Miyoung’s eyes went as large as dinner plates as she swerved around on her scooter, looking at the limp figure on the ground?!

“Oh god, the first twenty minutes I’m here, I kill someone!?” The American parked her scooter and came to the aid of the mysterious person she hit. “Please tell me you’re okay, oh god oh god what do I do I hit you you’re not gonna sue me or anything right? Oh god what will happen!?”

“Rawr~!” the person lifted her hands up high as she sat up. “Aish, can’t you watch where you’re going?”

“A girl!?” Miyoung’s eyes widened, “I am SO sorry are you alright?! That sounded like a really loud thud I heard when I hit y—”

She was silenced when she felt lips upon her own once more, completely stunned.

“You talk too much, lady,” the girl said as she sort of squatted down on the tar like a monkey before resting her knuckles on Miyoung's head, “You must be American, Koreans aren’t that fond of loud people.”

“OH MY GOD~!” Miyoung practically screamed into the world, her hands shooting up to her head for the umpteenth time, “First I get stopped by security because my friggin watch sets off the metal detectors, then I come to my hotel to find that it was completely obliterated, I try to help out some wounded chick only to be turned down and made fun of, then I almost get my scooter stolen, and I almost friggin killed someone, and now I’ve been kissed by a girl. TWICE!!”

“Would you like it to be three times, Miss American?” the woman tilted her head in bemusement, her large almond eyes blinking curiously.

“No thanks, Crazy!” Miyoung fell backwards on her posterior and backed up cautiously. “I practically saw my life flashin—”

She couldn’t continue the sentence, for the strange woman immediately clung to her and tumbled sideways, pushing her against the ground roughly.


“Schling?” Miyoung rolled her head over to find that the woman’s shoe somehow… sprung blades? She screamed when she saw that the blade was digging into… a goblin head?! She shoved the weird woman up and backed away but stopped when she backed into a body? The woman ahead of her jumped into an attacking feral position, almost growling at whatever was behind her.

Before she could turn around, she felt a tight choke hold against her neck and instantly, her hands clawed at the burly arm which grabbed her.

“Oooh, a snack~!” she heard a man’s voice whisper above her, coercing her to claw even more wildly at the arm.

“You let her go!” the woman snarled, the blades on her shoes glaring brightly under the sun light.

“I dunno, she looks mighty tasty…”

Yargh! Gross!!! Miyoung clenched her teeth as she continued to struggle under his grasp. She had even tried stamping his feet, but it had no effect on him whatsoever. A thought came to her, and she reached into her pockets for her keys and jabbed it straight into his face. She practically jumped out of his arms when she heard his estranged cry ring in the air.

“Beat him up!” the American whined as she hid behind the bladed woman.

“No need to tell me~!” the latter laughed as she did something out of a street fighter game and did multiple roundhouse kicks, scarring the man in the face each time.

“W-wait, you’re gonna kill him!?” a hand covered her mouth as she watched in horror.

“He’s a monster, girl~! You’ll see!” the other grunted as the man finally got back into the fighting groove and swung his arms in various arcs—as if he knew boxing.

Miyoung could have sworn she was watching some sort of amazing kung-fu flick before her eyes. Swings and blows exchanged evenly between the two powerful forces. The woman adhered to a kick-base fighting style, frequently using her knees to block moves and the blades on her shoes to attack the other. It almost made her inferior to think that this person was so… amazing

However, her gawk-eyed moment didn’t last for long, for the man somehow stretched his arm to grab her and pulled her back into him. She screamed a loud once more, trying her best to move the rubber arm away from her, but she didn’t have any luck. It was only when the woman managed to slice his arm clean off in front of her body—the blood spurting everywhere. Miyoung landed with a thud on the ground, looking up as the man towered over her, howling in pain with his missing arm.

Some of the blood managed to land on her face, even a blood drop found itself in her mouth…

Release me.

Miyoung grabbed her head, holding tightly onto it as a migraine pulsated through her brain.

All became quiet in the world around her.

Her heart beats pulsated loudly, threatening to pierce her ears.

And the rest was silence.

Natural Order governs all life.

Taeyeon grabbed the woman and pulled her away before the fiction could bring his fist down upon her head. A crater was formed right after he hit the ground, causing Taeyeon to bite her lip wondering what would have happened if she hadn’t saved the other in time.

She shook the person in her arms, “Hey, you alright?”

“I-It hurts…” was all the other could mumble, quivering in her embrace.

“What does?” before she could inquire further, she released her and ran over to do a full-on feet plant into the fiction’s face, causing him to stagger backwards and land backwards on the tar. Returning her attention to the woman, she found that she was standing perfectly straight—with her hands at her side… As if the pain had completely vanished.

Taeyeon didn’t know why, but she felt the creeps coming onto her skin… She hadn’t felt like that since she witnessed the power of her old partner’s terrifying ghost arm…

When the woman turned to face her, she gulped.

Her eyes were red

No matter how strong the being…

“The scent…” It was almost as if a new person came to possess Miyoung’s body. A deft tongue quickly licked her suddenly dry lips. “it’s calling me…” She walked past  the frozen Taeyeon, and would have gone off without a word if something hadn’t grabbed her foot.

“You… I’m not done with you yet…” the fiction growled, digging his nails into her ankle.

She wasn’t even fazed.

Instead, she simply bent over to pick up the fiction by his only arm, holding him high above her until he was able to stand up on his feet. With her other arm, she traced her fingers up his chest.

“Hnn…” a low voice unlike Miyoung escaped her throat. “I wonder… What are little boys made of?”

And with that, she swiped her nails down his chest, digging her fingers deep into his body. The fiction howled in pain as he felt her hand practically inside his chest, groping around for his insides. Taeyeon clasped a hand to her mouth, eyes enlarged and shocked.

“Snips …” The dark Miyoung began as she yanked out a bloody rib bone, “and snails…” she continued as she threw out his guts, “…and puppy dog tails~!” an amused grin appeared at her bloody face as she swiftly whipped out the fiction’s intestines, pulling it completely out in it’s entirety—as if it was some gorey new whip she had found.

She then dug her hand once more into the other’s chest, this time, pulling out what seemed to be a heart engulfed in black fire.

“That’s what little boys are made of…” a bloody smirk found itself on the twisted woman’s face before she brought the fiction’s soul to her lips and bit into it.

“Y-you…” Taeyeon stammered, unable to continue her sentence.

The being possessing Miyoung’s body didn’t even hear her. And man, Taeyeon was glad she didn’t. She watched in horror as the other consumed the fictional soul, taking in all its negative energy. When the black flames were gone, the heart was thrown aside, shattering the wall as if it had been a flimsy clay sculpture. When she looked down at the body—at least, what was left of it—it too, grayed and crumbled into dust.

“Now… Before I was interrupted…There was a scent calling me…”

And with that, she disappeared.

…There will always be a predator designed to kill it…

“Feh… What’s taking her so long?” Jessica sighed as she splashed the water onto her face. When she looked at the mirror, her eyes couldn’t help but draw themselves onto the makeshift bandage that the loud American made for her. Idle fingers soon began to caress the bandage, a small smile graced her lips.

When she heard a thud at the balcony, instinct warned her that it wasn’t the one she was waiting for. She clenched her fist, drawing her powers from within her to prepare herself. She walked out of the bathroom and into the hotel room, her icy eyes staring at whoever could have stopped by on her balcony door.

“Well well well…” Jessica mused as she met with a crimson stare, “Speak of the devil…”

The devilish person dashed into the glass, breaking it loudly as she stepped into the room. “Your scent… so delicious…”

“I didn’t know you were a muse, Miyoung…” Jessica smirked as she punched at the air with her uninjured arm. However, it wasn’t just a punch…

Ice consumed her arm as it quickly extended into spike which headed straight for the other’s head. Just before the extending spike reached her, the possessed Miyoung simply batted the icy pole with the back of her hand, shattering the tip off and then suddenly disappearing from view.

“Miyoung? Is that what this body’s name is?”

Jessica’s breath quickened when she heard the darker, lower voice whispering behind her, placing her hands on her shoulders softly.

“This isn’t Miyoung speaking… It’s Tiffany.”


Comments would be so hawt hawt. '_'

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Re: [SNSD] Amizade
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Hello there, shorty mod!

As soon as I knew you updated, I came here to read the chapter. SSF is ok, but I like this place better. Anyway... I think I'll have to read this new chapter a few more times in order to absorb all its awesomeness. There are many things going on at once, and I know there must be something I missed.  :P

Still, it was a nice way of making Stephanie go Sapphic creepy.  :lol:

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Re: [SNSD] Amizade
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 I'm so used to you telling me there's an update that I totally forgot to check for myself :'3

TaeYeon got her first kiss?! I actually thought it was Yuri at first hahah. And you lied! You said youknowwho was coming in the third chapter! hahah so you totally faked me out...

But now your drawing totally makes sense. I looked at it again before reading it and said to myself "Hmm... I wonder how she'll make Tiffany..." and now it totally makes sense! Kinda awesome :D But I hope TaeYeon tames her since she sorta witnessed it and I hope Jessica tames her (in more ways than one keekee).

Hmmm I wonder what happened to SunYe and Taeyeon...

>>LIFE ~is just another story~2008/12/26<<
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Re: [SNSD] Amizade
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[bad joke]I can't make a hot comment if Sica's being icy again.[/bad joke]

Poor scooter Miyoung. The Taeny kiss was funny, though, haha. I can see Taengoo's "Rawr~!"

And, oh snap... Tiffany's in control?!

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FOUR :: The Devil in Miss Hwang

Jessica felt the shivers all over her body, even feeling her spine shaking to the very core. Slender fingers caressed her cool shoulders almost tenderly, as if afraid to break her. However, the feeling didn’t last long, for Tiffany began to dig her nails into her skin. As a reflex, Jessica expanded her ice energy, causing the other to take her hands off of her. She jumped ahead and turned around, fists at the ready.

When she looked, she saw that Tiffany’s hands were frosty and shaking uncontrollably thanks to her lowering of her surface temperature earlier. A smirk followed, but despite that, Jessica’s mind still kept on guard, ready to react to every move.

She watched carefully as the other brushed off the ice crystals forming on her hands, seemingly not too affected by the cold anymore. However, remembering the stunt the other pulled with her balcony door, Jessica couldn’t risk another building destroyed by her fault. She kept glancing back and forth between the way out and at the demon of a muse standing before her. Calculating the distance and her ability, she decided to go for it and pushed against the floor with her foot, suddenly sliding across the ground as if it was an ice rink and that she was wearing invisible skates.

Tiffany immediately followed suit, dashing as though she was the very wind itself. The icy woman jumped out of the window and began running up the building opposite the one she temporarily stayed in, making ice ledges appear out of the wall thanks to the pipeline lined up behind the wall. In pursuit, Tiffany jumped back and forth between the narrow valley between the buildings to catch up.

Reaching the top first, Jessica tightened her fist and turned around, punching Tiffany square in the face as she made her final jump. As she staggered in the air, Jessica grabbed onto her ankle and slammed her onto the ground, letting loose a super ice cold punch into the other’s chest afterwards. Before she could pull her fist away after contact, Tiffany immediately grabbed onto her and flipped positions, making her on top.

Not allowing the advantage, Jessica rolled forward when the other did, causing her to be on top once more. She grabbed the muse by the neck and was about to let an ice spiked punch run into her face when she felt the other’s legs kick against her chest, throwing her off of her.

She struggled to scramble back on her feet, having the wind knocked out of her earlier. When she stood, Tiffany had grabbed the back of her head and slammed her face into the ground, eliciting a scream from the latter.

“Scream for me again…” Tiffany smiled lovingly before slamming Jessica’s head straight into the floor once more. As she brought her head back up, a trail of blood followed suit. As the muse lifted her up again, Jessica felt the blood dripping down her face once more. Crimson eyes scrutinized her bloodied face, almost smiling like the creepy grin she wore.

Jessica could have sworn she felt goose bumps threatening to jump from her skin when she felt Tiffany’s tongue trace the blood up her face.

“My, what delicious despair you have…” Tiffany drawled in a wistful voice. Jessica could only growl as she watched Tiffany licking her lips for any blood gone astray from her mouth. Gathering her energy once more, the icy woman attempted to force her powers into her feet. Feeling enough stored energy, she stamped the ground, causing several waves of ice spikes to protrude from the ground in a straight line.

Not one to easily fall for tricks, Tiffany easily backed up out of the way before ice spikes could impale her. She watched amusedly as the spikes melted quickly with Jessica panting—exhausted.

Tilting her head in a twisted smile, Tiffany used the essence of wind to suddenly appear in front of the other, stunning her with the outrageous speed. She brought her arm back and impaled her in the chest—or at least, attempted to.

Jessica had managed to grab onto her arm and pulled her in for the hardest head-butt she ever felt, enhanced with ice and all. As the devil of a person staggered backwards, Jessica came up with an ice-charged one-two punch before pulling back, and then returning once more for more quick jabs. After a series of furious jabs and quick feints, she pulled back one final time and then hastily returned with a fierce uppercut, sending Tiffany flying backwards.

She returned into her default position, keeping her fists up near her face and ready to show off more of her boxing moves.

Tiffany merely got up and brought her hand to the side of her face, cracking the bones in her neck. Jessica flinched slightly at the sounds of the other’s bones creaking like a floorboard. When the muse charged, the bronze-headed woman skated out of the way, planting her hand on the ground and then twirling around to kick Tiffany in the back with an icy arc following the trail her foot went.

The crimson-eyed woman grunted in pain as she nearly tripped forward, feeling the ice stinging in her wounds before dissipating into water. She turned around only to be met with a harsh uppercut to the jaw. However, as she flew upwards, she flipped and landed on her feet in a perfectly straight position, earning a glare from the other party.

“What are little girls made of?” Tiffany smiled as she walked towards the other. Jessica threw another long-distance ice punch only for it to be caught by the muse’s hand and crushed.


The taller threw another with her other hand, only to see Tiffany bat the ice spear away.


The bloodied woman was about to throw another when Tiffany reappeared in front of her and grabbed her fist.

“…And everything nice~!”

Jessica howled in pain when she felt the bones in her hand crack and splinter under Tiffany’s crushing grasp.

That’s my girl…” The short haired woman laughed, satisfied with the scream, “Now allow me to break your despair…”

“Not a chance!” Jessica grunted as her grabbed hand suddenly grew ice spikes as if it was a sea urchin, puncturing Tiffany’s hand a lot more than once. Despite the countless bleeding holes now present in the other’s hand, her grip held strong. The icy woman could only narrow her eyes once more, upset that the stunt didn’t work.

She didn’t have the strength to call upon her ice powers to do anything else either, so all she could do was grit her teeth and hope that her rescuer would come quick.

That late woman is getting closer though… If I stall Miyoung long enough, she’ll be able to arrive and do her in before I get TOO weak… Jessica thought methodically as she attempted to lower her hand’s temperature again, hoping that it could go low enough to freeze flesh like last time. To her surprise, Tiffany released her.

“How about a game of hide and seek?” the muse smirked as she licked her bloody hand.

Jessica kept her guard up, but listened.

“I will close my eyes and count to ten…and you will try to run as far as possible, how’s that for a fun game?” Tiffany brought her fingers together and tilted her head in an eye-smile. “I’ll start counting now…”

Before the muse could say ‘one,’ Jessica already turned around and skated away from the demonic woman. Using the ‘game’ to her advantage, she fled towards the general direction of her rescuer. With her skating across the rooftops, she felt the distance between her and her only hope for salvation become smaller and smaller. Despite the rapidly closing distance, Jessica knew it would still take a while until she met with the other person.

While she ran, she grabbed her pulverized hand with the other and braced herself. She cracked her bones into place, making her hand cold enough to not feel a thing as she corrected her bone structure. However, she couldn’t help but let out a dolphin-pitched squeal as she felt the vestiges of pain shoot up her arm while her internal icing receded back into her core.

She returned her inner ice’s attention towards her feet, creating the icy friction on the ground to skate on. Before she knew it, she found herself at a building still in the process of being constructed, for she landed on raw, wooden panels and found herself surrounded by plastic sections, probably indicating new rooms.

As she skated, she suddenly stopped when she heard a voice echoing throughout the maze-like corridors.

That voice…

Damn! She counted to ten and caught up with me already!? Jessica could feel herself sweating as the chilling voice ricocheted off cement and plastic walls.

Twinkle twinkle little star…” the low voice danced in the air, causing the former to shiver in goose bumps. Jessica quickly ducked low, slowly navigating through the maze without a sound.

How I wonder what you are…

She wasn’t sure if Tiffany was doing that on purpose so that she’d figure out her location, but whatever the case, she made sure to attempt to navigate away from the voice so as to avoid running into her.

Up above the world so high… Like a diamond in the sky…

She stopped at an intersection, heard the voice coming from the left, so she headed north, seeing that heading right would lead into a dead end.

When the blazing sun is gone… When there’s nothing shined upon…

Jessica nervously gulped, freaked out that the voice suddenly appeared closer, but yet, so muffled and far. She kept moving, though paranoid eyes still wandered about, watching for the shadows above her.

Then you show your little light… Twinkle Twinkle all the night….

All of a sudden, she saw the silhouette of Tiffany’s looming figure appear parallel to her position in another hallway, separated by obscure plastic. She kept very still and watched the shadow.

Then the traveler in the dark… Thanks you for your tiny spark…

The footsteps echoed louder and louder with each step that Tiffany took. Beads of sweat traveled down Jessica’s brow as she watched the shadow get closer and closer…

He could not see which way to go…

Jessica continued to stay as still as an opossum playing dead, not intending to move even when the shadow passed by in the other hallway.

If you did not twinkle so…

Jessica took a slow glance backwards, and to her relief, she saw that the shadow had disappeared—probably just turned a corner. With a triumphant smile, she turned her face forward once more…

…Only to be met with a smiling Tiffany. Jessica staggered backwards, falling on her butt at the sudden sight.

In the dark blue sky you keep…” a fanged grin appeared at Tiffany’s lips.

And often through my curtains peep…

Jessica backed up with her hands and feet, though her rear remained glued to the ground in fear.

For you never shut your eye…” Tiffany walked closer and closer, keeping her arm outstretched at her side, ready to use it to pierce through the other.

Til the sun is in the sky…

Jessica felt her rescuer’s presence within the building now, though given with the way it’s signaled, it seemed that it was coming from several floors below… She gritted her teeth, hoping that that woman would come just in time…

 “As your bright and tiny spark…Lights the traveler in the dark…

Her heartbeats pumped faster and faster, threatening to jump out of her chest any minute now. The distance between her presence and her help’s presence was closing faster and faster, but not fast enough!!

Though I know not what you are…” Tiffany pulled her hand back, ready to thrust it into Jessica’s chest… “Twinkle Twinkle, little star…

Ten thin wires shot through the floor surrounding Tiffany, then wrapped around her all of a sudden and dragged her down along with the floor which crumbled beneath her. Soon after, a tall, lean woman jumped onto Jessica’s floor from the new hole in the ground. Soft delicate features smiled serenely from seeing Jessica’s face, and she too found herself smiling at the new arrival.

“I’ve come,” an airy, low voice whispered in the fine air. Black raven hair hugged the woman’s honey-toned face, a dark alluring gaze invited a world of abyssal darkness in the form of black pearls.

Words couldn’t come out of Jessica. Instead, she ran forth and hugged the taller woman—though not without punching her in the gut first.

“Yuri, you’re late…” Jessica grumbled into the other’s chest, clinging tighter “As my servant, you are to never be this late again, you hear?”

Yuri could only chuckle as she ran her clawed gloves through Jessica’s long luscious curls, “As you wish, my mistress.”

Though their moment was short lived as Tiffany clapped aloud, causing the two to immediately turn around with Yuri’s arm pushing Jessica behind her protectively. Although glaring, Yuri’s gentle eyes remained delicate and muted. The muse sat with her feet dangling over the hole in the floor.

“So we have Bruce Wayne and Alfred… How touching~” the short haired woman laughed, clearly amused by it all.

Although frowning, Yuri’s face perpetuated the beautiful serene look. She flared her black and steel clawed gloves, ready for anything. As Tiffany disappeared, Yuri immediately swiped at the air, wires flying out from the tip of her fingers. Suddenly, Jessica saw Tiffany thrown aback, now with a scratch mark upon her cheek. The thin wires retracted back into Yuri’s gloves as quickly as they came out.

Jessica knew Yuri wouldn’t fail to protect her. After all, the guard was always stronger than the one being protected, and Yuri definitely did not fall short of that expectation. Hell, she knew Yuri’s skills surpassed her own by far. It didn’t surprise her that the taller’s eyes could keep up with Tiffany’s speed while her own couldn’t.

Even Tiffany was irked by strength of the newcomer. For once, her crimson eyes did not smile and instead, glared contemptuously at the servant. Jessica had to say though, a glaring Tiffany was far scarier than a smiling Tiffany.

“Mistress…” Yuri said cautiously, “Run away. I’ll find you after I subdue her…” she flared out her claws like an animal ready to strike. Jessica obliged and skated out of the area, leaving Yuri and Tiffany to stare down at each other.

Who made the first move, no one knew. Wired swipes and punches quickly exchanged in a furious onslaught of blows. Hell, most of the fight could hardly be processed in the eyes of normalcy. Yuri and Tiffany’s hands were mere blurs to the eyes of normal humans, yet to the trained eyes of writers and fiction alike, they would have seen a fury of blazing moves which almost blurred with each fast movement made. However, the winner of the bout seemed as clear as day.

Tiffany felt like she was facing a woman with ten arms. Each wire seemed to move with a mind of its own. The muse wasn’t sure if it was because they did have a mind of their own or Yuri’s slender fingers were that skilled, but she was definitely sure that she would have to use her full strength to combat the deft servant.

Firstly, she had to get close enough so that the darker woman couldn’t use her annoyingly distant wires. With the back of her hands as her price, Tiffany continued to parry the wires until she was close enough for hand-to-hand combat. The muse found herself in a situation more than what she bargained for, for despite the discontinued use of her wires, Yuri proved more than capable of holding her own in a fist fight. In fact, she was lethal in the exact same way Tiffany was, for those steel claws could definitely cut through flesh as easily as the muse’s hardened nails could.

Like Jessica, Yuri’s moves were easily reminiscent of a pro boxer, only her attacks were far more graceful and precise than her mistress’s. Not only that, Yuri’s hands weren’t curled into fists, but instead, her fingers were curled outwards so that the force punching wasn’t her knuckles, but her rather sharp pointy clawed gloves. Each piece of metal intricately hugged her slender fingers from the knuckles and up, but were long and pointy enough to be considered claws. At the base of each claw was a tiny enough spindle which could easily be mistaken for her knuckles, hiding her ultra thin but deadly strong wires within.

Punch after punch, kick after kick, there was a stalemate between the two opposing forces. They both grabbed each other by the neck. With their other hand, they batted the neck grasping hand away and had a mini scuffle before finding themselves grabbing each other by the throat with the same hand once more. They both attempted to move and they both switched places on the spot with the way they strafed using the same foot. Both pulled their hands back and simply just punched each other in the face, not bothering to block.

Afterwards, they grabbed the other by the shoulders and both attempted to knee each other, though to no avail as their choice of attack met symmetrically and simply canceled each other out. Fed up, Tiffany threw the taller against the plastic, only for Yuri to slash at it and land perfectly on all fours in the other hall. Allowing feral instincts to take over, the muse jumped in after, pulling in a punch and releasing it with all of her might. The servant managed to move her head just in time, though her eyes widened at the crater on the floor that resulted from meeting Tiffany’s fist.

She couldn’t get up just yet, for the devil of a muse had her trapped between her legs. Yuri kicked her legs out, doing a split which caused the shorter to do a pained split as well before she sat up and grabbed her neck with both claws. Tiffany’s hands shot up to Yuri’s, attempting to pry them off but to no avail.

For once in the fight so far, the gorgeous beauty seemed unnerved. Random strands of her dark hair flew in front of her face. The black button-up blouse she wore grew dusty and so did her matching black pants. She watched hesitantly as blood-red eyes slowly lost precious life.

“Willing…to kill an innocent…?” Tiffany rasped out, struggling to remove Yuri’s death-grip on her throat.

The servant’s eyes darkened, but she still kept at choking the other. “The deserving… The innocent… My mistress and I have killed them all,” the strangler admitted through a solemn voice. “You will be no different.”

“Heh…” Tiffany grinned amidst her struggle, “you two… the despair you both have… So tantalizing…

Yuri’s face did not change in the least, but her grip grew tighter and tighter. She could just see the loathsome crimson eyes rolling up in the back of Tiffany’s head…

She was caught off-guard when she felt a kick in the face. She was knocked backwards and could have sworn she could feel two shoe marks on the side of her face. She shakily grabbed her face in pain, but secretly was relieved to find that she really didn’t have shoe imprints on her face. She quickly glanced up at her attacker.

“Leave. I have her under control.”

She was almost stunned at the sight of what seemed to look like a kid, but closer inspection led her to believe that this woman had more years on her belt than she assumed. Her shoes seemed to have sprung blades at the side and when she looked around, she found that the hallways have been cut through.

In the woman’s hand was Tiffany’s wrist, now adorned in a long red and white bracelet which crossed about three times and was still hanging a bit loosely on her arm. Yuri acknowledged the sight and stood up, not fearing any danger that the muse posed now that the rosaries were placed.

“Thank you,” Yuri breathed out before fleeing the scene, leaving the woman with the now unconscious Tiffany.


Taeyeon looked down at the limp woman she was holding onto, staring at the bracelet which she had just placed on. If the muse was conscious, she would have seen those crimson eyes flicker back into smiling chocolate eyes. She would have seen the adorable woman hyperventilating that she had kissed her twice instead of the homicidal maniac she was nearly ripped to shred by.

“I’m definitely gonna have a lot to explain when she wakes up…”

What will the future bring?

FIVE :: Hold my Hand

“Mistress, hold still…” Yuri retorted as she attempted to keep Jessica’s body from wriggling too much. The two were in a dimly lit motel room. Outside, the silver moon hung high in the black canvas of a sky.

“Somehow… That Miyoung upsets me…” the icy woman exasperated as she wrapped her arm in a bandage.

“Miyoung… You’ve met the lady before?” the servant cocked her head sideways while she wrapped up her master’s abdomen in bandages as well.

“At first, I thought she was another one of his people, so I blew her off, but then I realized that she really was just a dumb outsider after conversing with her for a bit…” Jessica sighed as she leaned back into Yuri, resting her head backwards on her shoulder. “Her being a muse really surprised me though… It was the first time I saw one. We’ve only really heard about them from the other writers, right?” Weary brown eyes looked up at soft black pearls.

Yuri nodded in agreement, putting away the gauzes and other equipment in the first aid kit. “I almost thought she was some sort of S-class, but her eyes were red instead of silver, so that set me off.”

“Did you kill her?”

Yuri blinked. “Come again?”

“Did you kill her?” Jessica asked again.

“I didn’t. Someone came with the Muse Rosaries before I could strangle her.”

“That’s too bad…” Jessica sighed, “You should have.”

“Mistress?” Yuri looked at her worriedly.

“Being killed by us is better than being killed by him…”

Inspiration is the essence of Creation…

Miyoung felt like she jumped out of a forty story building—and survived. As the vestiges of sleep left her body, pain soon entered. First off, her hand was killing her and she felt like she had one of the biggest migraines to date. When she opened her eyes, she was greeted with the blurry world. She rubbed her eyes sleepily, but was surprised when she felt various clicks and clacks on her face.

When her vision cleared, she saw that her left hand had some weird red and white beaded bracelet. Scratch that, it actually looked like some sort of prayer beads or rosary beads wrapped around her wrist about three or four times.

She stared.

She looked around her and found herself in a very unfamiliar room.





Estranged eyes widened while her hands pulled the blanket up beneath her eyes. Last thing she remembered was being held hostage…

Release me…

That was the voice she heard before she remembered being consumed in some sort of pitch blackness… And that was it.

Just nothing.

She rolled her eyes upwards to find that there was a window behind the bed she was on. Outside, the moon hovered in the darkness, lighting the city in a silvery landscape. Before Miyoung could wonder how long she was out, the door opened and a scrawny teenager walked in. When enlarged timid eyes met with her own, the lanky girl turned around.

“Unnie! She’s awake!” and with that, the tall girl swiftly came by Miyoung’s side and placed a skinny hand on her forehead. “Good, your fever’s down…”

The Californian opened her mouth to speak, but all that came out was groans and garbled messes, definitely not what she wanted to say.

Soon after, a petite woman waltzed through the doorway and she immediately recognized her as that lady she crashed into on her scooter and kissed her tw—oh god, what happened to her scooter!?

She moaned in pain when she attempted to rise out of the bed, coercing the two strange women to push her back down.

“P-please!” the timid girl stuttered, “You were bleeding everywhere when U-Unnie b-brought you in and I t-thought you broke your ribs and your hand was just s-so badly disfigured and not to mention you lost so much blood…”

Miyoung just wanted to shut her up for talking too much, but the kid just looked too adorable for her to even think about harming her. But processing all the information she was spewing out, it was no wonder why she felt like she’d been hit by a speeding car.

But what in the world happened!?

Therefore, Inspiration could give birth to anything…

“Seohyun, calm down…” the smaller woman placed her hand on the said girl’s shoulder, “just sit back and relax…”

The skinny girl called Seohyun looked up at the other, almost about to tear up, before backing off and sitting on the bed opposite of Miyoung.

“Well uh… There’s going to be a lot of things I have to explain…” the woman clad in a white tank top and light blue pajama pants raised a hand to scratch her nose. “Firstly, can you talk now?”

Miyoung attempted to talk once more, but her voice still came out a garbled mess. However, as she kept going, she was able to form words and sentences.

“Alright, you’re good!” the woman let out a thumbs up, “My name is Kim Taeyeon. The girl with me is Seo Joohyun, but she seems to respond to mashing her name up like ‘Seohyun’ or even ‘Seo-delicious’ just fine, (“U-Unnie!!” Seohyun looked up in bewilderment.) so call her whatever.”

“Hwang Miyoung…or Stephanie…” Miyoung managed to say, though it sounded more like a mumble more than anything.

“Alright then, Miyoung, you’re about to hear things that will sound really crazy but—”

“Oh believe me girl, I’ve just seen crazy, so I’m just gonna believe everything you say,” Miyoung cut in, not caring if she was rude.

“Well then clear your mind out and listen carefully…” Taeyeon said steadily, unsure of the other’s reaction. Seohyun leaned back against the wall on her bed, holding tightly onto her Keroro plushie.

“The monsters you saw yesterday are called fiction. They are creatures born from the negative thoughts of people. There are five levels that they’re classified under: D-class, C-class, B-class, A-class, and S-class. The higher the rank, the stronger and more human they look. However, all of them are distinguished by their silver eyes, since they are made of negative emotions. Yesterday, that goblin thing I skewered was C-class and the guy that held you hostage was A-class. Do you understand so far?”

Miyoung nodded.

“Seohyun and I are a part of an organization called the Writers’ Guild. We are hunters—writers, rather—that hunt fiction and eliminate them. Our members are all over the world, hunting fiction behind the scenes.”

“Alright…” the American nodded slowly, taking in the information.

“The leader of the Writers’ Guild—the Poet—is José Mederos of Peru. Each country has a super strong writer that represents our country; their position is called a Novelist. Kwon BoA is our South Korean representative. Every so often, Mederos-oppa visits the countries and meets with the novelists to see how the writers are doing. You understand so far?”

“Uh… I guess… Why do I have to learn about your organization?”

“You’re joining it, silly!” Taeyeon waved her hand dismissively as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“You’re kidding!” Miyoung’s eyes widened, “I saw you earlier! You were like Bruce Lee on those fiction things! I can’t possibly do that!”

“Yes you can.”

“No I can’t!”

“Well, you’re a LOT stronger than me when you’re in Muse mode, so of course you can!” Taeyeon laughed, although a bit nervously.

“Muse?” Miyoung raised a brow, “Do continue…”

“Well uh… How to go on about this… The history of Muses…”

“You can start with World War II, Unnie…” Seohyun added in weakly.

“Ah, yeah!” Taeyeon looked like a lightbulb went off in her head, “Alright! Adolf Hitler was Germany’s Novelist back in the day. He was adamant on creating an army of writers and taking over the world with it. However, because of the war’s negative feelings and all that stuff, a lot of fiction rose and it was causing a huge fuss within the guild. So Hitler experimented on people to see if he can create the ultimate destroyer—the perfect predator—for fiction. He did all this under the guise of what was called the Holocaust. You understand?”

“Alright… Hitler was a power-hungry Novelist who used the Jewish people as his guinea pigs to find the best anti-Fiction fighters… Okay…”

“It took a while, but his research team managed to find the perfect weapon… and that’s when Muses were created.”

“I see…”

“I don’t know how the process is done, but as a result of that process, Muses were created. As Hitler wanted, they were the ideal predators for Fiction. They feed off of fiction and grow stronger with each fictional heart they devour. However, the weird thing about Muses is that they all… well… have a split personality… And their split personalities tend to be prone to violence and often can’t recognize friend or foe. I’ve heard that the split personality is built upon the person’s true emotions deep down inside, but I could be wrong. Also, since Hitler trained them to hunt for negative emotion, it’s built into their instincts. So as a result, Muses have been killing both fiction and normal people whose emotions run amok, so all of us had to do something about those crazy split personalities… So Hitler’s team of scientists created that…” Taeyeon pointed to the beads loosely restricting Miyoung’s wrist.

“So… if I take this off, I’ll become my other self?” Miyoung had to admit, the idea of her becoming some sort of deranged psychopathic maniac didn’t settle with her very well.

“As long as there’s the muse rosaries present, you should be able to fight fiction without a problem. Of course, you’re gonna have to have someone with you to put the beads back on before you go around attacking others, but it’s the best we can do so far…” Seohyun added timidly, clinging even tighter to her frog plushie.

“So in other words… the Fiction are bad guys… Writers are policemen… and Muses are attack dogs…?” Miyoung nodded slowly, still trying to process everything.

“When you put it that way, sure!” Taeyeon smiled. “So yes, welcome to the family!”

“… I can’t turn my back on this, can I?” For once, Miyoung frowned as she looked at the red and white beads on her arm. “Not with this… thing in me…”

Taeyeon’s expression grew sullen at the sudden downpour of the atmosphere. “…No… You can’t… When you’re a muse, I don’t think there’s any way you can go on living a normal life…”

Miyoung’s fingers idly played with the beads. “Um… I’m feeling better now… Will you two let me walk outside for a bit? I really need time to swallow all of this…”

The other two looked at each other before signaling a nod. “Um, your scooter is downstairs. I kept it safe for you,” Taeyeon quickly added when she saw Miyoung slowly get up. “Sorry, but we had to rummage through your luggage to see what you had. I added the store’s number to your phone.”

It took a while for Miyoung to get it, but she snapped out of her reverie soon after. She nodded clumsily before stepping out of the room. The sight of the nearly empty living room met her. She saw that there were various other rooms littered throughout the house, but paid no attention to them. There was a kitchen nearby with an island counter that separated it from the living room. There were windows present and suddenly, she had the feeling that she wasn’t on ground floor.

“The stairs are that-a-way~,” Taeyeon made a waving motion with her fingers, pointing to the corresponding door. The muse nodded warily and followed the direction down, holding onto the stairwell railing feebly as she walked down. The closer she was to the bottom, the stronger the scent became.

When she opened the door at the bottom, she was swept away.

Multitudes of flowers basked in the moonlight before her. Even the stars would be envious of the plethora of colors illuminating a silvery beautiful glow far beautiful than their own. A new aroma filled her nostrils with each step she took in the Eden-like garden. She felt like a little girl again, nearly wanting to prance in this field of wonder. Before she could even do so, she felt the door creak behind her and she turned around.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Taeyeon grinned goofily as she scratched the back of her head humbly.

“Y-yeah…” Miyoung was still at a loss of words. She turned her head and looked at all of the flowers once more, feeling invigorated just at the sight of them. She could even feel her strength come back to her.

“The name of this shop is Amizade,” the proprietor hopped over the counter and sat on top, dangling her legs above the ground. “It’s Portuguese for ‘Friendship,’ nifty, huh?”

“Friendship…” Miyoung repeated, letting the soft words escape her lips, “why’d you choose that for a title? Not that I think it’s lame or anything, but why?”

“Hnn…” Taeyeon imitated ‘the thinker’ statue from above the counter, earning a smile from the taller. “Personally, I think things like friendship and bonds are really important. Flowers can be used to help out friendships, relationships, anything! At least, that’s my intention for the store, haha…”

Miyoung wanted to hug the other for being so humbly adorable, but refrained since she wasn’t sure Koreans were apt to physical affections like Americans were.

“Honestly though, we’re really short-handed here. Our wages are extremely high thanks to…  both of our jobs… Not to mention we have PLENTY of room to live in upstairs, so we could really use your help and we could use more writers around here!”

“You sound like busy people, definitely,” the short-haired woman beamed, “actually, um, since you’re so busy… does that mean there’s a lot of… jobs?” She wasn’t sure if she could bring up the word ‘fiction’ so easily. She was still processing everything…

“BoA-unnie assigned me to this section of the city, and it’s a reeeeaaaaaally huge section too. This section has all of the business firms and factories and such, so the fictional jobs can get super hectic at times.”

“So there’s another writer in the other section?”

“Yup! This city’s huge, but definitely not something like say, Seoul. So this city’s divided into two sections under the decree of a Novelist before Boa-Unnie. I run this half of the city and a good friend of mine runs the other half! Our “bases” are situated in the center of our sections. So it’s actually a long walk and a long drive to get to each other,” at this point, Taeyeon was now swinging her feet back and forth. “But I think I’ll just stop here for today. I’ll tell you about Canvases and Instruments another time, that’s diving into Fiction affinities and elements, but I’ll wait til you get cozy with the business, kay?” the short kko kko ma owner waved a finger back and forth. “Now you should go on your walk, you said you needed one, right?”

“Uh…Yeah…” Miyoung totally forgot about that, but now she wasn’t sure if she wanted to anymore… Deciding to go with the spur of the moment, she turned towards the entrance.

“Yah! Miyoung!”

She turned around again.

“Fighting!” Taeyeon shook a fist in the air, smiling a bright silly grin to the other.

The American couldn’t help but laugh as she waved back and soon left the store. Breathing in the fresh air after the fresh flowers felt especially great! She couldn’t help but continue to beam and smile with her eyes at the support Taeyeon was giving her.

She really is a nice person… Miyoung stuck her hands in her pockets, hearing the faint clacks of her rosaries bumping into each other. Her thoughts were soon interrupted when she managed to pass by a store window, the glass showing her reflection clearly. She suddenly realized that she had a patch on her left cheek. She saw bits of a blue covered by her bangs and she lifted them up, finding one unsightly bruise on her forehead.

Come to think of it, she remembered seeing her left hand all bandaged up save for her fingers. She looked at her right hand to find that there was another mysterious bruise around her knuckles.

What in the world did I do while I was out…? She thought concernedly. Immediately, her mind went back to the voice inside her head before. With what Taeyeon said before, that must have been her inner muse speaking… Then the horrifying thoughts came. I went and transformed, didn’t I? I killed someone or something, didn’t I? Did I end up attacking Taeyeon?

But Inspiration could also lead to ruin…

Fear began to crawl up her veins. It prowled around her skin like a million spiders frisking along. At the thought of the creepy crawlers, she became immobilized—scared, unable to move.

“Hey. American girl. You should consider moving out of the way if you intend to daydream like that.”

She snapped her head right at the familiar voice. Her eyes brightened and smiled once more at the sight of another known face. What made her even happier was that the other had finally sought medical attention to her wounds!

“You’re all healed!” Miyoung cried out as she pranced over to bear-hug the unsuspecting woman. However, she got more than she bargained for; it felt like she ran over and tackled a statue on a freezing day. “Jeez! Do you have hypothermia or something!?” she said aloud as she backed her head from the hug.

“Y-you’re breaking things…” Jessica wheezed, causing the former to pull her arms away with an apologetic smile.

It was then she noticed someone standing behind the icy woman. The new woman was tall and well… drop-dead gorgeous. She wondered if the woman was a super-model, but the moment her staring was noticed, the tallest of the group glared daggers and maybe even swords at her.

“Whoa there, this is the first time we’ve met! What did I ever do to you!?” Miyoung raised a thick brow.

“……..The first time we’ve met……?” the woman’s face seemed to twitch a little, as if remembering the most traumatizing event to ever happen in her life.

“Um…” Jessica placed a hand on her hip, at a loss of what to do. She grabbed the taller’s shoulder with a hand and leaned into her, whispering something in the raven-haired woman’s ear. When she pulled away, all Miyoung could do was blink. But when she did, that glaring woman disappeared?

“What was that all about?” the American scratched her brow. “That was the first time I’ve seen her…”

“I’m sure it was,” Jessica simply replied, placing her hands in the pockets of her tan jacket.

“Who is she?”

“Sorry, that’s none of your business,” the bronze-haired woman smiled offhandedly, “are you always asking questions, Stephanie?”

“I only ask questions to annoy pricks,” the muse crossed her arms with a hmmph afterwards. Unknowingly on Miyoung’s part, the two somehow started to walk around the city again. She had no idea where the other woman was at, but she could have sworn that she felt those glaring daggers again piercing the back of her head. Instead, she paid no attention to that sinking feeling and continued to converse with the other.

“So why are you here in Korea?” Jessica asked as she fiddled with her bangs.

“Eh… Home was bad, so I wanted a new start here in Korea…” and what a new start it was… Miyoung thought nervously, remembering this whole… fiction business she was supposed to get in to… She looked at her walking companion. She didn’t look pale in the least, but didn’t she usually feel really cold whenever she touched her? She almost wanted to touch her again, just to test her skin once more. Sub-consciously, she started to fiddle with her own hands, debating on whether to touch the other or not…

Jessica seemed to notice the anxiousness out of the corner of her eye. “You have a bruise on your hand?” she asked, pointing to the said object of question.

“Eh?” the muse blinked before checking her hands again, suddenly remembering that visible bruise on her right hand, “Actually, it’s nothing to worry about…” though it actually was still aching a bit… But she didn’t want to impose on the other.

However, she felt her breath caught in her throat when she felt icy fingers brush down the side of her arm before grabbing her hand firmly. She looked at the other, confused.

“You’d need an icepack for these things, you know,” Jessica chided softly as she avoided looking Miyoung in the eye. “Since I’m the closest thing there is to an ice pack, you should… erm…hold onto me…” the last part was said nearly inaudibly, but she heard every single word.

A smile fought its way to Miyoung’s face when she saw Jessica’s face flush a bright red under the silvery luminescence.

“Um… I apologize if it’s too cold…” the icy woman mumbled aside, seemingly embarrassed by the whole situation.

On the contrary, the cool sensation on her hand felt just right.

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