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Author Topic: [Poll] Natalie Portman vs. Taylor Swift (the most gangsta poll ever!)  (Read 4832 times)

Offline Masa

Natalie Portman vs. Taylor Swift

Saturday Night Live - Natalie Raps

Natalie Portman - Natalie's Rap

Thug Story- Taylor Swift ft. T-pain

T-Swift - Thug Story feat. T-Pain

Vote, motherfuckers.

Offline a_P

i like taylor swift but if i see the two duel it out. hands down i think natalie portman will shit  :shakeit: on that pretty face lol. Natalie 1 taylor 0

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Nat eats wack MCs for a snack. No disrespect to T-Swift, but shes gonna get fucked up
I vote for TOZ as the most gangsta~  :otomerika:
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Offline Masa

It's Portman, motherfucker! :bangchair:

T-Swizzle's mah gurl and baking cookies at night is pretty fucking gangster but Natalie got this cause she makes cats pay for her dry-cleaning. That's OG status right there! :yep:

Offline Rickker708

nat kicks Taylors ass.
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Okay... so Natalie has more flow, is more fierce, definitely more hardcore. Def looked cooler.
T-Swift is funnier, dorky, and probably wrote her own rap so...and it's catchier... T-swift looked hotter.

Hmm... this is hard...

But if this were included:

I'd know my vote off the bat. BOOM MOTHA FUCKAZ, Nat's the shit (girl with no shades)

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Offline arun.yothin

Shit. I voted T-Swift but meant Natalie. She's fuckin' nuts. :lol:

Offline electric mole

Natalie will most likely rip taylor apart, but i voted for t swizzy cuz i'm going for the underdog haha.

Offline Odango

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I vote for TOZ as the most gangsta~  :otomerika:

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she isnt in this poll but I would like to make it known that I vote Odango for Ultimate Cutest  :theking

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Natalie gonna pop a cap up T-Swift's ass before she even sees it coming.

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