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Author Topic: Rondo (Chapter Twenty-One: Gluttony)  (Read 11686 times)

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Re: Rondo (Chapter Twenty: Addiction)
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"Eri," Ai finally spoke, her breath vibrating against Ai's neck. "I'm hungry..." "Hungry?" Eri tried to pull away, but Ai's grip was tight. "Your blood is so rich, I want to taste it again." Ai bared her fangs.
Woot~! It's payback time!!! Last was Eri who tried to do something to Ai... so now.. It's Ai's turn... I hope nothing bad will happen to Ai. I hope that the tracker demon was FULLY removed from Eri's system... But the last sentence seemed to lead to something else...  :on bleed:

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Re: Rondo (Chapter Twenty-One: Gluttony)
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Merry Christmas!  :heart:
"Wait..." Eri murmured rigorously. "What is it Eri?" Ai growled, her face buried in Eri's shoulder. "Why are you toying with me?" "Eh?" Ai ogled Eri, whose facial expression was emotionless. "I'm not as slow as you think I am Ai," Eri explained. "Why did you come here?"

Ai's eyes darkened. Her lips were taut and slightly pale. Her grip on Eri's shoulders tightened, Eri's eyes widening in response to the sudden touch. "What did I just say Eri? I'm hungry." Ai replied, focusing on Eri's neck. "Also, you taste delicious." Eri stiffened as Ai bared her fangs again.

"Let go of me Ai." Eri demanded, her hands grabbing Ai's wrists. She was unable to jerk Ai's hands off of her shoulders, which made Ai chuckle. "You're silly Eri," she whispered. "A simple demand won't stop me from sucking your blood."

"Then what will?" Eri asked, squirming. "Nothing will stop me from hunger Eri." Eri's body grew fragile once Ai's fangs were in contact with her neck. However, an aggressive tug pulled Eri and Ai apart.

Eri landed on the wet and murky pavement, only to find someone grunting underneath her. She quickly stood up and turned around to see one of Ai's trainers.

"Ah, sorry about that." Eri helped the shorter trainer by offering her hand. The other thanked her. "You should watch Ai more often, she's different." "I know what you mean..." The trainer observed a scene between Ai and her other trainer arguing. "Reina! Let's go!" she shouted, waving her hand repeatedly. "Pretend like you don't remember this okay?" Reina warned, running towards the trainer. "Okay." Eri replied hesitantly, grabbing her purse and finding her keys.

She entered the house, thankful her parents weren't home to hear (or see) the chaotic event outside. She went upstairs (along with her shopping bags), and entered her room. "Maybe I should try on that necklace," Eri fumbled through the bags and found the necklace, putting it on. "Ah, it looks nice!" Eri took off the accessory.

A strange sound blared, scaring the turtle. She dropped the accessory, which fell with a loud clang on the floor. Eri picked it up, and placed on her dresser.

"Eri," An enigmatic girl sat on Eri's bed, grinning devilishly. "Where did you come from?" Eri questioned nervously.

The girl walked over to her main target, tucking a lock of hair behind Eri's ear.

"You don't need to know Eri, it's clearly none of your business." The girl replied sternly.

Eri's vision went black, and the last thing she could hear was her scream due to a painful bite.
Koharu patrolled the park like a watchdog. She had fully developed her tracker demon abilities, which left JunJun worried and Aika amused.

"Should we get her checked out?" Aika asked in a teasing tone. JunJun crossed her arms, perusing the newly transformed tracker demon. "Hmph." she grunted, shrugging her shoulders.

"Hmph?" Aika waved her hand in front of her trainer's face. "That's all you can say?" "I don't trust her." JunJun replied. "Then how about I talk to her?" Aika suggested. "No." JunJun demanded.

"Why not?" Aika whined, crossing her arms and pouting. "Fine go talk to her," JunJun rolled her eyes. "Just don't blame me when she calls you a mean name."

"What was that?" Aika stared at JunJun. "Nothing, just talk to her." JunJun continued focusing on the cluster of buildings.

Until she noticed someone walking towards her.

Koharu turned around, meeting Aika's gaze. "Hi." She immediately went back to her duty. Confused, Aika decided to use some of her tricks to get Koharu's attention.

"So, what are you doing? You've been acting like a watchdog for the past hour." Koharu ogled Aika, sighing. "I'm searching for Sayumi," she explained. "She tends to come here a lot, so that's why I'm...'on patrol'. Do you understand my point, Mittsi?"

"Mittsi?" Aika cringed at the new nickname she received from Koharu. She despised nicknames from the start, which was why everyone called her "Aika" or "Mitsui". No one ever called her "Mittsi".

"You don't like it?" Koharu was meticulous. "It's okay if you dislike it, it just slipped-" "No, you can call me that, but only you can use it a nickname. Don't use it around JunJun."

"Okay." Koharu smiled, revealing her fangs. Aika was about to speak, but she didn't say anything.

"We should search for Sayumi in a different area, shall we?" Aika asked instead. "Yeah, this is a pretty bland area." Koharu scratched her head. "Alright then, Jun...Jun?"

Aika couldn't spot her trainer. "Let's look for her-" "No, leave her alone, she's probably over at someone's house right now."

The comment left Koharu confused, but she shrugged her shoulders and sat on the bench along with Aika, and they both stared at the full moon together.

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Re: Rondo (Chapter Twenty-One: Gluttony)
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OMG what happened to Eri? Was that Sayumi who attacked her? Or Ai who escaped from her trainers?

"No, leave her alone, she's probably over at someone's house right now."
Hmm JunJun is with Linlin?

So many questions? Don't leave us hanging.......

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Re: Rondo (Chapter Twenty-One: Gluttony)
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More questions, more questions. Eri was saved from Ai and then got bitten anyway.

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