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Author Topic: [9/15/09] Da Xiao Jie (F&A) debut mini album "Wo Shi Da Xiao Jie" (我是大小姐)  (Read 2940 times)

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Frances & Aiko debut Mini-Album, "Wo Shi Dai Xiao Jie" ( 我是大小姐 - I Am The Big Missy??)
Their group name is "大小姐" - "Da Xiao Jie" - "Big Small Sister"

The album will be released September 15, 2009.
There are 5 songs, and each of them will have an MV.

jelly man at H!O:
Quote from: jelly man @ H!O

CD will be out on the 15 of Sep 2009.

01 大小姐 [Big Missy]
02 老師老師 [Teacher Teacher]
03 媽媽的話 [Mum's Word]
04 GO GO Girl
05 童話故事 [Fairy Tales]

DVD included:
1. 大小姐MV
2. 老師老師MV
3. 媽媽的話MV
4. GO GO Girl MV
5. 童話故事MV
6. 大小姐舞蹈字學帶
7. GO GO Girl 舞蹈自學帶
8. 童話故事舞蹈自學帶

GoGo Girl should be the same one as MM ~ but the description says that the lyrics will be more childish.

Mai17 at H!O:
Quote from: Mai17 @ H!O
- Their Official Group Name will be "大小姐" (Big Missy) . actually the "大" in "大小姐" doesn't really has anything to do with "age" or "size" , it's about "social status". .... (note: please don't call anyone "大小姐" with a negative tone coz she will think you're calling her a "spoiled brat" LOL).

- Their first album will be "我是大小姐" (I Am The Big Missy).

- Their debut is earlier than expected because of their performances at several TV shows are higher than expected. Aiko even had a cameo in a show called "終極三國".

- The album will be released in mid-September.

man man lo lo at H!O:
Quote from: man man lo lo @ H!O
7 years old aiko and 9 years old frances are going to be in the showbiz world, they both wishes to see Show Lo.
Last year 6 years old aiko and 8 years old frances joined "Hello Project New Star" show, their way of entertaining the audience has make a great image to the judge tsunku, and had invited them to do a performance in early this year's Hello Project Concert, 小燕姐(don't know who she is) thinks these two kids are so cute that she decided to immediately sign them to become a star/singer.

Their company was thinking about training them slowly to learn to dance and sing, but they learn them really quickly, this had lead them to go on show such as "Diamond Club" and aiko had been acting for a small scene for "K.O.3anguo". So 小燕姐had decided, push forward to put them in to a group called "Big missy", but when "Big Missy" being asked about do you wish to get a great sales in your single? Both of them didn't know what to say, because both of them only think of this "JOB" as playing around/game.


^ (Aiko's small part is in the beginning of that clip.)

An MV preview for the track:
大小姐 - 「大小姐」MV(60秒版)

The entire song:
大小姐 - 「大小姐」搶先聽

TV Schedule:


9/12 - Zhu Ge's Club (a TV show host by 豬哥亮 Zhu Ge Liang)
9/19 - 100% Entertainment

(Thanks to Mai17 at H!O)

A picture from an upcoming TV appearance:


The H!P site talks about Frances and Aiko's debut in Taiwan and their mini album release Sept 15th. There won't be a release in Japan. Their group name translates to "Ojousama" in Japanese.
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Weblog Totally Hello! Project reports that Hello! Project Taiwan duet Da Xiao Jie (大小姐)will re-release their debut album on February 3rd. See:

YesAsia has it on their site:

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