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Author Topic: Cherry Blossom Weather [SakixMaasa]  (Read 1527 times)

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Cherry Blossom Weather [SakixMaasa]
« on: September 13, 2009, 05:52:10 AM »

Cherry Blossom Weather [SakixMaasa]
Chapter 1: Foolish Love

You're an Idiot. Always in trouble, always making a fool of yourself aren't you..Maasa?


Peering up from my current reading material; I saw the young Momoko running towards me in great pace.

Wait was she going to stop already!?

"Momo!! STOP!!" I felt my lips move as I made a flying dive for the next free chair.

"I'm sorry Captain; but but Maasa is being meann!" Momo wailed at me. You're kidding? What has she done now?

I gave a small sigh and patted the peach on her head.

"Tis alright now Momo~ I'll go talk to her again for you." My reassuring words for her; I only hope I CAN sort Maasa out.

Walking through the hall and reaching the garden I saw Maasa splashing water all over the other Berryz..Great. It's Winter and she's splashing them?! I can't afford to let them get sick!

"Maasa!" I yelled at her

She seemed to of stopped straight away and shy away from me.


"I swear I didn't mean it Saki!" She tried to plead with me, but why am I weak against those big puppy dog like eyes of hers?

"Er, well still. We can't everyone getting sick right before out concert tour in 4 weeks! Especially Momo! You splash her with freezing cold water in Winter too many times!" I was yelling at her, my face must of been red I didn't breath.

"Say Saki, why are you staring into my eyes? Like they're something you want? Are you hiding something?" She has the nerve to say that to me!?.. But she did have a point.

I looked around and saw RiRi and YuYu looking at me in a rather; shocked way.

"Wha-What? I always stare into peoples eyes like that! Don't get any wrong ideas! I like boys! Not a bone in me likes girls!" I felt myself tremble on my own words.

That..can't be a great sign can it? I mean, I don't like girls! I'm straight not..well yeah. I shook my head and left all three of them sitting there.

"Who..ever said about liking girls..?" I heard them whisper to each other then giggle a little with a slight "Whoooo~ Captain~"

A Week Later

"Fine! You can take her; but don't let her get drunk Maasa!" I felt myself getting a little anxious, she needs to be careful with my little sister.

"I will be! It's only a little fun, besides it's her 17th birthday Saki. Let her loose~" She..does really have the nerve to just act like she is the queen?!

I felt my anger ball up but let it go smiling sweetly.

"Well..please take care of her Maasa~" Yuck. I hate being sickly sweet towards her rebel attiude.

"Good~ Let's go Yuki-chan~!" I saw her pull at my little sisters arm and drag her out the door.

Please be safe! Was all I thought. But my gut told me; something bad was going to happen tonight.

And, I was right. Something bad DID happen..

Ta~dum~! <3

[Chapter 2 is Maasa's Point Of View]

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Re: Cherry Blossom Weather [SakixMaasa]
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Cherry Blossom Weather
Chapter 2: Judgement Time

What's the worse that can happen? Really Saki?

Sighing to myself I flicked my eyes over to the 17 year old Yuki Shimizu; Saki's youngest sister by one year. Her smile could of brightened the dance floor, her silk velvet balck hair has sat just above her shoulder, brown eyes that could reach deep into your soul; making your heart skip so suddenly.

She looked so much like Saki I could only tell myself. Before I shook my head to get the thought out I saw more middle aged disgusting men come over with shotglasses.

Okay enough was enough, I'd be smacked up my rear to oblivion if Saki had found I have Yuki this drunk already..Pulling the men away from her and dragging her sorry drunk arse out of here, I wasn't warmly welcomed from a senpai of mine.

"Niigaki-san! Evening!" I tried to avoid any kind of confrontation with her.

"Maa-chan!" She smiled at me before the clumsy arse Yuki fell on her butt. Giggling a little; you'd swear she'd had a whole bottle..

"Uh..I can explain!" I tried my hardest to cover my guilty as charged error. But she had only frowned at me and picked Yuki up in her arms. Craddling her like she was a princess.

"We'll drive around in the limo I have till she is a little sober. But Maasa, please! She is only 17!" Her smile gave me hope as I nodded and followed her to the car.

It felt like hours I sat there waiting for her to become at least sober. Though I do believe Niigaki-san; has a thing for her. Her eyes prowl her body and she ocassionally makes an excuse to be closer to her.

I couldn't help but smile mischievisly, I wonder if I could get Saki drunk and possibly get in her pan..I stopped myself in my tracks. I couldn't let my perverted side out! Not now at least...I need to get more tips from Niigaki-san's actions first! Focusing on the top I found the oddest thing happening..It was almost like that that that..I stumbled on my own thoughts.

Niigaki-san gets her moves from that American Tv Show!?!?! Eh!! What's it called again..'Gossip Girl airing 9pm tonight..' I heard on the raido.

I rolled my eyes and leaned my head against the cars window. That's right..Gossip Girl. So any second now it'll be what a whole make out scene?

Sitting forward I moved my eyes to them and found my jaw possibly on the car floor. I spoke to soon! It was what I said..make out scene.

I looked away slightly embarrassed but gave a small smile. I couldn't wait to do this to Saki..Observing my most wildest thoughts of my Captain..I do realise I'm a pervert aren't I? I chuckled to myself as the limo pulled up to her house.

Niigaki-san followed us out to make sure Yuki can walk straight. I looked at my feet walk on the dim lighten foot path before I looked up for a second to find a fuming Saki on the doorsteps.

"Saki..please.." I wanted to plead with her but I didn't even have a chance.

"YOU'RE LATE! LATE! AND LOOK! YOU GOT HER DRUNK! MAASA!" She was furious but I don't blame her I royaly did screw up.

I looked to the ground as her lectuare went on and on. Eventually I was pushed inside the house along with Niigaki-san.

"Risa, please look after her tonight. Thank you." Saki was speeding up her voice not allowing anyone to speak. Niigaki-san could only nod before leaving with Yuki to her bedroom.

I sat down on the sofa next to Saki. I kept my mouth shut to avoid any more outbursts. I was curious though so I moved my gaze to her and found her hands gripping at her jeans. At first I thought she was angry but look closer. She was crying..argh another one to Maasa! Kudos Kudos.. I sighed and sat infront of her lifting her chin up so she made eye contact with me.

"I'm sorry..Captain.." I managed before I was lost in her beauty. The way her eyes glittered with the tears, her fangs biting onto her lips..

"I hate you Maasa.." she whimpered out sobbing more. I gulped down and sucked it up replying simply back to her.

"I know, but why?" I couldn't help but allow the curiousity to come out and just see what the cat can bring in.

"You're always right.." About what? I thought to myself looking a little confused. She took a deep breath before standing up and pulling a large book from under a seat.


"This Maasa..I have your photobook. I look at it when I'm away from you..I do like girls, I tremble at your sight your smile..I thought I was stupid. But found out I am stupid!"

I looked a little shocked, Saki..likes girls? I was only teasing her...especially the night I asked if it was me. I looked at her eyes again. The whole truth was in them and nothing but the truth. My body took over wiping away her tears and giving her a small smile. I leaned to her ear and only whispered.

"It'll be okay. Just DON'T cry anymore okay? I'm here for you..always"

I wasn't sure if my words had won her over..let alone her heart. But I was going for it and I did. Taking her chin in my hand I leaned onto her lips pressing lightly on them.

The only thing I could feel then was. My heart racing, her last tears falling but most of all...Her lips pressing back onto mine

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